[From A Book of Manx Songs (for WW1 troops),1914]


When the summer day is over,
And its busy cares have flown,
I sit beneath the starlight
With a weary heart alone
Then rises like a vision,
sparkling bright in nature's glee,
My own dear ELLAN VANNIN,
With its green hills by the sea.

Then mem'ries sweet and tender.
Come like music's plaintive flow,
Of the hearts in ELLAN VANNIN
That lov'd me long ago:

Then I hear the wavelets murmur,
As they kiss the fairy shore ;
Then beneath the em'rald waters
Sings the mermaid as of yore:
And the fair Isle shines with beauty,
As in youth it dawned on me--
My own dear ELLAN VANNIN;
With its green hills by the sea.

And I give, with tears and blessings,
My fondest thoughts to thee-
My own dear ELLAN VANNIN.
With its green hills by the sea.

[For an original harmonisation see Manx National Songs]


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