[From A Book of Manx Songs (for WW1 troops),1914]


This little book is published partly at the instance of and at the cost of Mr. Walter W. Gill, of Prenton, near Birkenhead (now on active service), who gave to The Manx Society the gross proceeds of the sales of his newly-published book, " Juan-y-Pherick's journey, and other Poems," to be applied for the benefit of Manxmen serving with His Majesty's Forces; and partly at the instance of and at the cost of the World Manx Association.

The committee who have compiled the book desire to thank Mr. W. H. Gill, of Angmering, Sussex, for permission to use the words of many items in the " Manx National Songs," which are reproduced in this volume; Mr. F. E. Weatherley, of Bristol, for permission to use the words of the song " Mona "; and all others who have facilitated the work of publication.

The two organisations who are responsible for the appearance of this book assure all Manxmen with the colours of their gratitude to them for having undergone unimaginable privations and perils for the sake of their native land, and of their earnest desire that, by the blessing of God, all their brave fellow-countrymen may right soon return unharmed. In the meantime, they trust that this little volume, imperfect as they know it to be, may on many occassions be the means of refreshing a Manx lad's jaded mind and lonely spirit with sweet and tender recollections of loved scenes and loved faces in the Island home.


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