[From A Book of Manx Songs (for WW1 troops),1914]


Words, Stephen Keig. Music, Noah Moore.

THE British flag is flying
As proudly as of yore,
And our gallant boys are fighting
To guard their native shore.
They are spilling their blood for England,
Nobly they take their stand,
The trust our fathers left us
Is safe within their hand.


They're the. guardians of the Empire,
They're the men to keep us free;
They'll pass on the flag untarnished,
They'll sweep both land and sea.
They are true sons of Britain,
Fighting for You and for me,
They're the guardians of the Empire,
They're the men to keep us free.

In the front of the ranks you'll find them,
Those sturdy boys from Mann,
With the Vikings' old colours,
The Three Legs of Man.
To-day let us remember
The boys ' that are far away,
In the Navy and the trenche's,
God bless them, day by day.


In the quiet of the evening
Beneath a foreign sky,
The Motherland is calling,
And this her sons reply:
We'll keep the old flag flying,
The Union shall be free!
We're one in death or glory!
We're one in Victory!"


The music can be obtained at Blakemore's, Victoria-street, Douglas.


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