[From Lex Scripta, 1819]

An ACT, for proportioning of Rents on bought Lands and Mortgages.

WHEREAS it hath been observed that severall Tennants within this Isle do frequently sell and mortgage some Parts and Parcells of their Lands and Tenements, and do sett out but a small Patrt of the reserved Rent due to, the Right Honourable Lord of this Isle -along with the same, and keep a greater Part thereof upon themselves, which in Process of Time draws them into Poverty, and forceth them or their Heires (being overburthened with Rent) to, sell of or mortgage that Part of their Lands and Tenements which remains in their Hands in Parts or Piecemeils, by which meanes good Estates have been embezzled, and his Honour's Rents and Services not so duly and intirely paid as formerly, or as it ought to be, be it therefore enacted by the Right Honourable Lord of this Isle the Governor, Officers, Deemsters, and 24 Keyes, That no Person or Persons whatsover, for the future shall either sell or mortgage any Part or Parcell of his lands or Tenements, but shall also sett out a proportionable Part of the reserved Rent along with the same, at the Sight or Estimation of the Setting, Quest of the Parish where such Lands and Tenements ,are situate or do lye, and that to be done and certifyed under the Hands of the Setting Quest upon Oath before the Sayle or Mortgage made of such Lands and Tenements be allowed of and confirmed by the Court; and such Purchaser or Mortgagee is to pay the said Proportion of Rent so set upon him as afforesaid, unto the Moar of the Parish (in Presence of the Chief Tennant) yearly when the same is due and demanded: And if any Person or Persons whatsoever shall presume hereatfter to make Sayle or Mortgage of any Part of his Estate contrary to this Act, be or they so offending are to be fined and punished at the Discretion of the Governor at every Sheading Court as oft as any such happens, and the said Sayle or Mortgage to be void in Law, to all Intents and Purposes whatsoever,


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