[From Lex Scripta, 1819]

An ACT, that Cotlers and Intackholders shall not keep any more Cattle, Horses, Sheep, &c. than what they, have sufficient Grass and Winter Provision for.

WHEREAS it is observed, that there are a certain Sort of People, as Cotlers, Intackholders, and Cottageholders, and such like, as well in the Markett Towns as in several other Places of this Isle, that, out of.a covetous and unconscionable Desire to prejudice their Neighbours, and to procure to themselves an unjust and unlawful Livelihood, do keep more Cattle Horses, Sheep, and other Goods, than they have Grass for in the Summer or other Provision in the Winter Season, whereby they do not only become Trespassers on the Farmers in the Summer, but also betake themgelves to dishonest and unlawful Courses, by purloyning of Hay and other Fodder for their said Goods in the Winter Season; for Prevention of which Abuses for the future, it is therefore enacted by the Right Honourable Lord of this Isle, the Governor, Officers, Deemsters, and twenty-four Keyes, That no Cotler, Intackholder, or Cottageholder, or any other, either in the Markett Towns, or any othet Place of the Isle, shall hereafter presume to keep any inore Goods, viz. Horses, Cows, Oxen, Sheep, or any other such Cattle, than what they have sufficient Pasturage for in the Summer Season, and a Sufficiency of Hay or other Fodder in the Winter Season, so as that they may not be troublesome or offensive to their Neighbours by trespassing or purloynings asafforesaid: And to the End that this Law may be the better observed, be it further enacted by the Authority afforesaid., That the severall Coroners of the respective Sheadinggs of this Isle doe impannel and swear four honest and judicious Men (three of them at least to be Farmers) in every Parish upon the 25th Day of March in every Year to be a Standing Jury, to enquire and make Inspection into what Provision of Grass or Fodder the said Cotlers, Cottageholders, Intackholders, or such like. Persons do make for their said Horses, Cows, Sheep, or other such Cattle, as well in the Summer as in the Winter Season, and to make true Report thereof in Writing under their Hands to the Governor and Officers at the first Courts that are holden after the 25th Day of March and the 29th September in every Year, or at any other Court or Courts when they are required to do the same, that so the Court may judge -,vhether such Cottlers, Cottageholders, Intackholders, or such like Persons its afforesaid, have made sufficient Provision for the said Horses, Cattle, Sheep, and such like Goods in the Summer as well as in the Winter Season, and if the Court do find (upon the Report of the said four Men as afforesaid) any Cotlers, Cottageholders, Intackliolders, or the like, that hath or doth keep any more Horses, Cows, Sheep, &c. than what he hath made sufficient Provision for as afforesaid, Order is to be granted out from the said Court, directed to the Coronor of the Sheading where such Cotlers, Cottageholders, or Intackholders do live and reside, to make saile of such Horses, Cows, Sheep, &c. as are not provided for as aforesaid, according, to the Price current or Market Rates at that Time, and to deliver the Price to the Owner of the said Goods rebating and allowing out of every Beast so sold xij . @ Pound to the Coroner for his Paines and Trouble therein; and if the said Standing Jury be found to be any way remiss or partiall in their Duty and Proceeding. herein, upon Complaint and Proofe thereof made at any Court they are to be fined and punished at the Discretion of the Governor and the rest of the Officers.


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