[from Lex Scripta, 1819]

An ACT, for establishing of Wages to Artificers, Tradesmen, and other Workmen and Labourers.

Also it is enacted by the Right Honourable Lord of this Isle, the Governor, Officers, Deemsters, and twenty-four Keyes, That every Head Taylor working by the Day shall have for his Wages, with Meat and Drink, Fourpence; and every Apprentice Taylor Twopence (with Meat and Drink); and every Taylor working for Servants shall have with Meat and Drink by the Day, Twopence, and his Apprentice a Penny, and not above.

Also, every Woolen Weaver shall have for every Yard of Woollen Cloath for Blanketts sufficiently wrought an Halfpenny, for every four Great Hundred Breadth of Kear or Russett an Halfpenny Farthing, for every Yard of Medley or mixed Cloth, being five Hundred jd. ie, that for every Great Hundred a Farthing.

Also, that every Linnen Webster shall for every Yard of Linnen Cloath sufficiently wrought have according to the old Custome, viz. for every Great Hundred ijd. and so proportionable a Farthing for every Great Hundred according to the fineness or courseness of the Yarn.

Also, every Walker or Fuller of Cloath shall have for every Yard of Blankett Cloth sufficiently fulled an Halfpenny of the Great Hundred, for every Yard of Kear or Russett Cloth sufficiently wrought an Halfpenny Farthing, for every Yard of Medley or mixt Cloath a Penny Halfpenny, and for every Yard of white Cloath a Penny.

Also, every Mason, Carpenter, Shipwright, Hooper, Slater, Thatcher thatching after the English Manner, Joiner, and all other Tradesmen and Handycraftmen, shall have by the Day, with Meat and Drink, Fourpence; and without Meat and Drink, Eightpence, and not above, always provided that they be sufficient Workmen and Masters of their Trade.

Also, every Mower doing his Work sufficiently (and two to an Acre, or one to a. Daymoth) shall receive for his Day's Work) with sufficient Meat and Drink, Fourpence, and without Meat and Drink, Twelvepence, and no more; and that to be in the Farnier's Choice which to give.

Also, every Blacksmith shall have for laying of every Coulter a Penny, for making of every new Coulter Twopence, for making of every, new such Twopence, and for making and laying of every Wing an Halfpenny.

Also, that all common Labourers, as Gardeners, Hedgers, Reapers of Corn, Haymakers, and such like, shall have, with Meat and Drink, ijd. @ Day, and without Meat and Drink Fourpence @ day, and not above.

And it is further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all and every the foresaid Tradesmen or Handycraftmen and Labourers, labouring by the Day as befforesaid, shall from the xxvth Day of March commonly called Lady Day, in Lent, till the 29th Day of September in every Year, come to their Work by six of the Clock in the Morning, and not give over or leave off their Work till six of the Clock in the Afternoon; and from the 29th Day of September till the 25th Day of March, that they begin their Work at Sunrise, and not give over till Sunset, except it be Taylors and Shoemakers, who do work with Meat and Drink by the Day as aforesaid, that they be obliged to work till Eight of the Clock in the afternoon both Summer and Winter; and if any of the said Tradesmen, Handycraftmen, or Labourers, do refuse to work for the Rates and Wages above specifyed, and sett down, or do deny to come to work when they are sent for by the Farmers, or any other that have Occasion to use them, (except they be employed in another Man's Work,) and Complaint and due Proof thereof be made to the Governor or the Deemsters, or any of them, such Tradesmen or Labourers are thereupon to be immediately comitted into Prison, where they are to continue under close Confinement till they give in Bonds to yield due Obedience to this Act, and to be further fined and punished at the Governors and Officers discretion: And if any Farmer, or any other, having occasion to use any of the said Tradesmen or Labourers shall give any greater Wages than is above sett down, every such Person or Persons so offending contrary to the true Intent and Meaning of this Act shall forfeit for every Time so much to the Lord of this Isle as the whole Wages or Daye's Work cometh to; provided nevertheless, that for the Encouragement of such Artificers, Handycraftmen, or Labourers, as do come over here out of England, Ireland, and other Places from beyond Seas to reside and work in this Isle, shall, notwithstanding this Act, have and receive for their Work and Wages by the Day so much as the Governor and the Lord's Councell shall think fitt to sett down and allow.


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