[King William's College Register]



Colonel John Ready, 1832-1845.
The Honourable Charles Hope, 1845-1860.
Francis Pigott, Esq., 1860-1863 (afterwards Pigott Stainsby Conant).
Henry Brougham Loch, Esq., C.B., 1863-1882 (afterwards a Commissioner of Woods and Forests, Governor of Victoria, Australia, Governor of the Cape Colony and High Commissioner for South Africa ; created Lord Loch, 1895).
Spencer Walpole, Esq., 1882-1893 (afterwards Secretary to the Post Office ; created K.CB., 1898).
The Right Honourable Sir Joseph West Ridgeway, K.C.B., K.C.S.L, 1893-1896 (afterwards Governor of Ceylon).
The Right Honourable John Major Henniker-Major, Baron Henniker and Baron Hartismere, 1896-1902.
The Right Honourable George Fitzroy Somerset, Baron Raglan, 1902.


W. Ward, D.D., 1827-1838.
James Bowstead, D.D., 1838-1839.
Henry Pepys, D.D., 1840-1841 (afterwards Bishop of Worcester).
Thomas Vowler Short, D.D., 1841-1846 (afterwards Bishop of St. Asaph).
Walter Augustus Shirley, D.D., 1847.
Robert John Eden, 1847-1854 (afterwards Baron Auckland, and Bishop of Bath and Wells).
Horatio Powys, D.D., 1854-1877.
Rowley Hill, D.D., 1877-1887.
John Wareing Bardsley, D.D., 1887-1892 (afterwards Bishop of Carlisle).
Norman Dumeml John Straton, D.D., 1892.


John MacHutchin, Esq., 1821-1847.
Mark Hildesley Quayle, Esq., 1847-1879.
Alfred Walter Adams, Esq., 1879-1883.
Alured Dumbell, Esq. (afterwards Sir Alured Dumbell, Kt.), 1883-1900.
Sir James Gell, Kt., 1900.


John Christian, 1823-1847.
John Joseph Heywood, Esq., 1847-1855.
William Leece Drinkwater, Esq. (afterwards Sir William Leece Drinkwater, Kt.)., 1855-1898
Sir James Gell, Kt. (afterwards C.V.O.), 1898-1900.
Thomas Kneen, Esq., 1900.


James Clarke, Esq., 1817-1844.
Charles Richard Ogden, Esq., 1844-1866.
James Gell, Esq. (afterwards Sir James Gell, Kt., C.V.O.) 1866-1898.
G.A. Ring, Esq., 1898.


Benjamin Philpot, AM., 1832-1839.
John Cecil Hall, B.C.L., 1839-1844.
Joseph Christian Moore, MA., 1844-1886.
Joshua Hughes-Games, D.C.L., 1886-1895.
Hugh Stowell Gill, M.A., 1895.

(Names of persons holding merely temporary appointments to the above offices are not included.)


1833-1838. Wilson, Rev. Edward, M.A. Sometime Fellow of St. John’s College, Cambridge and Curate of St. Michael’s, Bath. Rector of Weston-super-Mare, 1838 ; subsequently Vicar of Whit-church Canonicorum, Dorset, Vicar of Nocton, Lincolnshire, 1846.

1838-1841. Phillips, Rev. Alfred, M.A. Jesus College, Cambridge. Previously . Head Master of Crewkerne Grammar School and Vicar of Kilmersden, Somersetshire. Principal of Cheltenham College, 1841. D.D. of T.C.D., 1841. Resigned Principalship of Cheltenham, 1844, and opened a Private School at Worcester, 1845.

1841-1865. Dixon, Rev. Robert, M.A. Catherine Hall, Cambridge. Vice-Principal of K.W.C. from 1833-1841. D.D., 1852. Exam. Chaplain to Bishop of Sodor and Man, 1854. Hon. Canon of Worcester. Vicar of St. Matthew’s, Rugby, 1865. Died January 8th, 1892.

1866-1886. Hughes-Games, Rev. Joshua, M.A. Lincoln College, Oxford. BA., 1852. 1st Class Mathematics. 3rd. Class Classics. Johnson Mathematical Scholar, 1853. Senior Mathematical Scholar, 1854. MA., 1856. D.C.L., 1866. Deacon, 1854. Priest, 1855. Previously curate of Dodleston, Cheshire, 1854-55. Curate of Holy Trinity, Hulme, Manchester, 1856-57. Vice-Principal of Training College, York, 1859-61. Head Master of the Liverpool Institute, 1862-65. Exam. Chaplain to Bishop of Sodor and Man, 1877-1894. Principal. of Sodor and Man Theological School in connection with King William’s College, 1879. Appointed Archdeacon of Man and Rector of Andreas, 1886. Vicar of Holy Trinity, Hull, 1894. Died March 25th, 1904.

1886-1899. Walters, Rev. Frank Bridgman, M.A. Queens’ College, Cambridge. 8th Wrangler, 1877. Deacon, 1882. Priest, 1886. Fellow of Queens’ College, Cambridge, 1877. Previously Assistant Master at Dover College, 1882-1886. Exam. Chaplain to Bishop of Sodor and Man. Died August 7th, 1899.

1900. Kempson, Rev. Edwin Hone, MA. Elected 1899. Christ Church, Oxford. B.A., 1885. 1st Class Mathematics. M.A., 1888. Deacon, 1886. Priest, 1890. Previously Curate of St. Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford, 1886- 1887. Assistant Master, Clifton College, 1887-1888. Assistant Master Harrow School, 1888-1899.Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Liverpool, 1900.


1833-1841. Dixon, Rev. Robert. Appointed Principal, 1841.

1841-1855. Cumming, Rev. Joseph George, MA. Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Previously Classical and Mathematical Master, Wake-field. Fellow of Geological Society, 1846. Head Master of Grammar School, Lichfield, 1855. Warden of Queen’s College, Birmingham, 1858. Rector of Mellis, Suffolk, 1862.

1855-1861. Brown, Thomas Edward, B.A. Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. Boulter Exhibitioner, Christ Church. 1st Class Classics. 1st Class Law and Modern History, 1853. Previously pupil, K.W.C. Head Master Crypt Grammar School, Gloucester, 1861. 2nd Master, Clifton College, 1863.

1861-1864. Turnbull, Rev. John, BA. Trinity College, Cambridge.

1864-1886. Heaton, Rev. William, M.A. V. of Ditton Priors, 1886. R. of Morville, 1893. Died Dec. 26th, 1899. No successor appointed.


1833-1839. Stowell, Rev. John Lamothe, BA. Queen’s College, Oxford. Vicar of St. Germans, Isle of Man, 1839. Died May, 1884.

1833-1865. Harvey, Rev. Gilmour. Bursar, Vicar of Santan, Isle of Man, 1865. Vicar of Maughold, 1877. Died May 7th, 1878.

1839-1841. Skinner, John, MA., Durham. Curate of Barton Agnes, Yorkshire, 1841.

1866-1877. Scott, Rev. Edward, MA. Trinity College, Dublin. Previously 2nd Master, Commercial School, Liverpool Institute. Bursar. Died December, 1877.
1877-1887. Trafford, Rev. W., M.A., Christ’s College, Cambridge. Bursar. C. of St. John Bapt., Bedford, 1887-89. R. of Newland St. Lawrence, 1889. Died May 16th, 1901.

1880. Christopher, Henry Seton, Secretary to the Trustees, took over duties of Bursar in 1886.

The following were some of the Assistant Masters prior to 1880:

Barton, Rev. J.
Brown, W. H. .
Carpenter, R. S.
Costin, C.
Delamotte, E.
Drury, Rev. T. W.
Grissell, F. U.
Harris, E.
Hoilis, R. P..
Hopkins, F. L.
Hornby, H.
Howard, J.Kiddie, J. I.
James, S
Lemon, A.
Marshall, F. C.
Metcalfe, G.
Naylor, C.
Pattisson, J. J
.Prothero, D.
Smyth, F. C
Stoker, H. E.
Van Laun, H.

In 1880 the staff of Assistant Masters was as follows:

1845-1883. Davidson, Rev. H. C. Died January 8th, 1897.
1860- . Pleignier, Victor.
1866-1886. Edwards, R. J., M.A., Lincoln College, Oxford.
1869-1895. Garside, R.
1869-1881. Copas, E. C., B.A., F.S.C., Balliol College, Oxford.
1869-1881. Statham, S. P. H., BA., Queens’ College, Cambridge.
1869-1885. Read, H.
1876-1886. Jenkins, Rev. D. D., M.A., St. Peter’s College, Cambridge.
1881-1884. Tracy, Rev. F. W., B.A., St. John’s College, Cambridge.
1881-1883. Forster, W., B.A., Keble College, Oxford.
1883-1885. Pilkington, A. H., B.A., St. Peter’s College, Cambridge.
1883-1892. Lewis, W. E.
1884-1885. Hindle, W. R., BA., St. Peter’s College, Cambridge.
1884-1885. Cox, A. P., B.A., Oxford.
1885-1888. Brown, Rev. R. P., B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge.
1885-1886. Atkinson, R. L., Oxford.
1885-1899. Pyne, H. S., BA., B.Sc., Dublin.
1886. Colbourne, G. L., M.A., Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.
1886-1888. Richardson, E. L., B.A., Do., do.
1886-1887. Freeman, Rev. H. F., Do., do.
1886-1889. Hayter, A. G. K., BA., Queens’ College, Cambridge.
1886-1889. Calcott, R. B., Worcester College, Oxford.
1886-1887. Mills, J. S., B.A., St. John’s College, Cambridge.
1887-1890. Penfold, Rev. J. B. V., Trinity College, Dublin.
1887-1890. Broad, F., F.C.O.
1888-1892. Davies, Rev. J. ‘F., M.A., Wadham College, Oxford.
1888. Dickson, H. H. W., M.A., Corpus Christi College,Cambridge.
1888-1889. Bonnal, A., B. és L.
1889-1893. Lloyd, H. J., M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge.
1889-1890. Prior, C. E.
1890-1890. Lummis, E. W., B.A., Worcester College, Oxford.
1890-1891. Mitchell, C. A., B.A., Exeter College, Oxford.
1890-1892. Burnet, E., B.A., London.
1890-1891. Dinwoody, L. M., BA., Queens’ College, Cambridge.
1890-1892. Lonsdale, W. H., A.C.O.
1891-1892. Keatinge, M. W., 13.A., Exeter College, Oxford.
1891. Hemingway, Rev. F., M.A., Jesus College, Cambridge.
1892-1895. Swift, Rev. G., MA., Emmanuel College, Cambridge.
1892-1893. Fyffe, R. S., BA., Emmanuel College, Cambridge.
1892-1896. Baker, Rev. W., B.A., Christ’s College, Cambridge.
1892-1893. Kerr, W.
1892-1899. Elsee, A., MA., St. John’s College, Cambridge.
1892. M’Knight, Miss E. L., F.R.C.O.
1893-1898. White, M., Jesus College, Cambridge.
1893-1896. Davies, Rev. J. Li., B.A., Christ’s College, Cambridge.
1895-1898. Doherty, A. H., BA., Magdalen College, Oxford.
1895-1898. Hill, Rev. H. C., B.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge.
1895-1904. Hughes-Games, H. G. W., M.A., Worcester College, Oxford.
1896-1899. Wharton, A. H.
1897-1898. Lester, A. S., BA., Caius College, Cambridge.
1897-1900. Edwards, W., BA., Pembroke College, Cambridge.
1898. Wilson, W. G., MA., Worcester College, Oxford.
1898-1899. Biggs, J. G., BA., London.
1898-1899. Hunt, H. E.
1899. Leech, Rev. A., M.A., Trinity College, Dublin.
1899-1901. Deakin, H. F., Oriel College, Oxford.
1899-1900. Edwards, H. J., B.Sc., London.
1899-1904. Tubbs, W. E., A.R.C.Sc., London.
1899. Hunt, A. P., BA., London.
1900-1902. Cape, F. W., BA., Pembroke College, Cambridge.
1900-1901. Cartwright, B. 0., B.A., King’s College, Cambridge.
1901-1902. Chadwick, A. J., BA., Corpus Christi College, Oxford.
1901-1902. Hornby, R., MA., Queen’s College, Oxford.
1902-1904. Lumsden, J. A., BA., Trinity College, Cambridge.
1902-1902. Hewlett, C., BA., Wadham College, Oxford.
1902. Kewley, J., MA., F.C.S., King’s College, Cambridge.
1903. Wood, Miss F. A.
1903-1904. Bond, D., BA., Magdalene College, Cambridge.
1904. M’Neile, J. D., BA., Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.
1904. Byrde, 0. R. A., BA., Queen’s College, Oxford.
1904. Bates, R. \\T, BA., Lic. és L., Pembroke College, Cambridge.


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