WHEN, nearly three years ago, the King William’s College Society asked me to undertake, with the assistance of Canon Kewley, to compile a Register of Old Boys, I felt that the time required for the work would be longer than was generally expected. This has proved to be the case.

A Register of Names in full, kept with much accuracy since the opening of the School, has been of immense value, but as no addresses were kept prior to 188o it has been quite impossible to trace a great number of Old Boys. It is hoped that this Book, incomplete as it necessarily must be, will bring in much additional information which may be used in a future Edition.

I have been able to acknowledge but few of the many kind letters I have received, and I gladly take this opportunity of expressing my warmest thanks to all those who have helped me so much in the matter.

A good many other interesting details have reached me which I have been reluctantly compelled to omit owing to limitations of space.

I offer my grateful thanks to Canon Kewley, who has cheerfully devoted much valuable time to collecting, arranging, and revising materials ; without his aid the Register could never have been published.

The late Sir James Gell, whose death, so deeply lamented by us all, occurred after most of the sheets had passed through the press, was also most kind in supplying information which he alone could give.

The thanks of all Old Boys are due to Mr. S. Douglas Jackson, a member of the firm of Messrs. James MacLehose & Sons, the publishers of this book, for the hearty interest he has taken in everything connected with it.

In conclusion I can only express my great regret that it is so far from complete, and ask forgiveness for the many mistakes it is almost impossible to avoid in the first Edition of a work of this kind.



May 27th, 1905.


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