[from Manx Carols


Roish my row flaunys, er ny chroo
Ny ainleyn sollys, kiaddit ayn,
Roish my row soit er-lheh yn stoo
Glen hug eh'n mirril, shoh gys kione,
Cre eicht v'ayn? Cre eicht v'ayn?
Na mooar feen ronsagh er y hon.

Roish my row soilshey, eayst ny ghrian,
Ny rollage hollys heose chyndaa
Ny whilleen pooar, ayns niau soilshean,
As ren towse kiart gys oie as las,
Cre eisht va? Cre eisht va?
'Cre v'ayn my row imbagh, ny traa.

Roish my hrog sleityn, seose nyn gione,
My daink y thalloo injil rish ;
Roish my row awinyn roie cha shlawin
Sheese trooid dagh glion, myr hee shin nish,
Cre v'ayn eisht? Cre v'ayn eisht?
My row'n mooir, mooar as traihyn mysh.

Dowin fegooish grunt, as ard gyn barr,
Lheau neesht gyn oirr, as liauyr, gyn kione
Ve follym feayn gyn ooir gyn aer,
As cha row aile, ny ushtey ayn,
Cha moo va-stoo ny staa-
Agh y Jee niartal ynrican.

She er dy rieau, va eshyn Jee,
As veih hene toshiaght ren eh goaill,
Cur toshiaght da dy chooilley nhee,
As undin shickyr, da dagh boayl
Roish va Ayrn-lhieent veih'n slane,
Lesh Jee, as lesh e phooayr gloyroil.

Veh ooilley niartal ayns E phooar,
As ooilley creeney ayns E schlei,
E vaynrys slane, va syns E gloyr,
As cha row nhee dy ghoaill shen veih.
Cha row seihll-cha row foill,
Ny oyr dy yannoo veg y leigh.

Ga nagh row riearr, ny niaughyn ayn;
Ny cretoor bio, gennat ayndoo,
Ga nagh row thalloo, aer, ny keayn,
Ny veg ny bioee er ny groo,
Cha row phooar-cha row gloyr,
Yn ooilley niarial, veg ny sloo.

Shoh yn Jee creeney chiaddey niau,
Marish ny ainleyn, bannee t'ayn,
As hug eh'n gioot spyrrydoil shoh daue,
Dy veagh oc bea lianyr fegooish kione,
Gloyr as phooar-as manrys vooar,
Va oc gyn lheamys ve er unnane.

Myr sy glen oie, ver shin my-ner,
Ny aileyn baney t'er nyn skyn,
Lossey dy gennal ayns yn ser
As lieh my lieh, cur soilshey hooin,
Dagh rollage-mooar as beg,
Talane jeh'n soilshey hee mayd ayn.

Earroo erskyn earroo va ayn jeu,
As va nyn eiraght cha roomoil,
Nyn aigney hene, va kiarit daue
My baillen ve, dy bragh gloyroil,
Sy stayd shoh-kinjagh bio,
Ayns fenish Jee nyn Ree graysoil,

Nyn gurrym aashagh ynsit va,
As va ad oarderit dy chur geill
Lesh kiaull, lesh bingys, oie as laa,
Cur moylley booise, da nyn fer reill
Veih nyn slane gree gys goan y veeal.

Yn ooilley niartal, ren coraa,
As dooyrt Eh " Roo she un Vac t'aym,
My ynrican Vac, my eirey braa,
My pooar, my niart, Eh shinney lhiam,
Shen y fa-cur jee da
Yn ooashley cair da Eirey yn Rheim.

Croym ad nyn ghing lesh biallys,
Myr booiagh jeh, ny ve dy ghra.
Ayns maynrys slane, as gennallys,
Cur bannaght booise, as moylley da
Goaill arrane-gys nyn Jiarn

Shoh ooilley yn currym as yn cheesh
Va cardit da ny flaunyssee,
She shoh va'n mayle as y shirveish,
Ooilley ny va dy eek da'n Ree
Ammysagh-son dy bragh
Nyn stayd gloyroil, ayns fenish Jee.

Foast yn ard-ainle, va roie goit stiagh
Ayns foayr rish Jee, harrish mooarane,
Trooid troo as moyrn, ren girree magh
Ayns caggey foshlit n'oi nyn Jiarn,
Veih yn laue yesh-hayrn E lesh
Jeh theay nyn maynrys, yn trass ayrn.

Sharroo as dewil va'n caggey v'ayn,
Cheen ooilley niartal plooghey neose
Veih stoyl-yreill, chaill cloan ny moyrn,
Yn Chiarn leeideilagh hoie Eh seose
Ayns E phooar-as E gloyr,
Ta ayns yn yrjey, erskyn towse.

Shoh raad va Miall, as ainleyn mie,
Er cheu ny cairys fo cullee Yee,
Shoh raad van dragon as y greie
Streeu mysh y reiltys, shirrey stroie,
Foast cha row saase-yirnagh baase,
Da spyrridyn aileagh, va lossey cooie.

Cha vel ny ainteyn myr sheelnaue
Fo pooar y vaase stroie as toyrt mow,
Cha vod greie caggee baase chur daue,
Ny'n dooghys ocsyn y chur mow,
Foast van caghey-v'ocsyn chea,
Lesh gahyn ailagh, er dagh cheu.

Agh yn Messias, Mac deyr Yee,
Coamrit lesh ooashley, niart, as pooar,
Haink magh ayns room ny flaunysee
As da harvaantyn chur Ee foayr,
Yn traitoor-as eh phooar,
His mow dy leah, lesh brishey mooar.

Hie ad er eebyrt magh as niau,
Veih maynrys vooar ny flaunyssee
Gys niurin vroghe rieau kiarit daue,
Raad nagh vel scaa dy vioys erbee
Gyn treishteil-dy scapail,
Agh dy bragh kianlt, fo corree Yee.

Shoh ny va ynsit jeh ny v'ayn,
Roish my row'n seihll shoh er ny chroo,
Cre'n erree hie er cloan ny moyrn,
Tra hoill ad Jee ve corree roo,
Ga va'd mooar-rish ayns foayr,
Trooid cairys Yiar eh yn eiragh jew.

Nish va'n trass ayrn, jeh reeriaght niau
Folmit jeh cummaltee gloyroil,
Shen-y-fa, chiaddee, Jee sheelnaue,
Giootit lesh anmeeyn spyrrydoil,
Lheid as veeagh-bio dy bragte,
Ayns ynnyd ainleyn hie er coayl.

Yn noidys vooar, shoh dinsh mee din,
Goaill toshiaght ec ny ainleyn glen,
Ta tannaghtyn sy laa tayn jiu,
Yn drogh-spyrrid troo, mysh doomney as ben
Dy voghe ad-lheid y stayd,
As va roie caillit, echey hene.

Cre'n saaseyn croutagh te goll mysh,
Dy hayrn nyn miallys voish Jee,
Dy choontey ny dy loayrt jeh nish
Dy beeagh aym traa as schlei, ve'n skee,
Gerjagh tain-foast er mayrn,
Dy vel E violaghyn fegooish bree.

Son y Messias niartal Chreest,
Hooar barriaght roie er y traitoor,
Trooid foayr te cbeet neose hooinyn nish
Dy obbragh ny saualtys mooar,
Chebbal grayse-dooin son saase,
Dy chosney eiraght veayn ayns gloyr.

Booisal eisht lhisagh, shin y ve,
Ammys as ooasteley feeu chur da,
Dy ren E shin nyn flaunyssee
As dy ve bio ayns niau dy braa.
Lhig dooin guee-dy jean Jee,
Earroo ny noogteyn lhieeney traa.-

Before the heavens created were,
Or shining angels lived therein,
Before this earthly sphere was formed-
When was this miracle performed?
What was there ther.? What was there then?
'T'were worth great searching to find out !.

Before the light of moon or sun,
Or star, or bright revolving ray,
Or yet the heavenly powers begun
To mete exact 'twixt night and day-
What was there then ? What was there then?
Before horizon was, or time.

Before the mountains reared their heads,
Or e'er the lowlands did appear;
Before the rivers in their beds
Flowed in their courses pure and clear-
What was there then ? What was there then,
Before the great seas had their bounds ?

Deep without ground, and high the point,
Wide, and long, and limitless,
Empty and void both earth and air,
No fire or water yet was there ;
Without foundation or a zone
But the Almighty God alone.

God, from eternity the same,
Did from His own volition move,
To give to all things their first cause,
That strong might each foundation prove,
Before a part was made, the whole
Was God's own work from pole to pole.

For though almighty in His power,
Co-equal also was in skill;
In glory above all supreme,
For there was none to thwart His will,
Nor any one His work to blame,
And none to scoff or moot the same.

Although the heavens were not yet made,
Nor living creature found therein,
No stormy winds or seas obeyed
As yet His word, nor demon sin;
God did His glorious power possess,
Nor were His attributes the less.

For this is He who afterward
For His blest angels had prepared
The heavenly mansion for their home,
Creating them therefore alone ;
Great in bliss, in glory bright,
Without blemish in His sight.

As we behold on a clear night
The myriad shining orbs above,
Proclaiming by their radiant light
Their maker God, a God of love,
Each rolling star, both great and small,
To light this dark terrestrial ball.

Expanse above expanse on high
Throughout the blue empyrean sky;
Of His free will He did intend
Their happiness shall never end;
But ever in His presence live,
With Him who did their being give ;

Their easy duties kindly given
(A willing mind is never driven),
But joyfully by-night and day
Their thanks and willing homage pay
To Him who reigns, in voices sweet,
Around His glorious throne and seat.

Anon the Almighty did proclaim,
And said, " I have an only son,
My only son and heir he is,
My power and might and love are His;
Henceforth due worship give to Him,
As rightful heir of My great realm."

They bowed their heads obediently,
To signify their willingness,
And lowly bending on the knee,
In full accord and cheerfulness,
Uniting their seraphic tongues,
In holy Alleluiah songs.

This was all the care and tribute
God assigned the heavenly host,
This alone their easy service,
A service next to naught, almost;
So that their fealty might last
In loyal love as in the past.

Yet the archangel chiefly chosen,
And high in favour with his God,
Through strife, and pride, and evil word,
Made open war against the Lord,
Drawing with arm and rebel heart
His vassal subjects the third part.

Bitter and fierce the war had raged,
When the Almighty cast it down,
With His right arm their host engaged,
And made His power and glory known;
From heights above all measure high
He drove the rebels from the sky.

There were Michael and his angels
For the Lord and for the right ;
And the Dragons and his cohorts,
Striving to gain the power by might,
Yet had no means wherewith to kill,
But living flaming spirits still.

For spirits are not like mankind
Under the wasting power of death;
No tool of war can them destroy,
Their nature kill, or quench their breath ;
Yet though they flee they cannot hide
From fiery whirlwinds on each side.

But now Messiah, God's dear Son,
Clothed with honour, power, and strength,
Comes as the Just and Holy One,
His servants to reward at length,
In final triumph o'er their foes,
And victors' crowns for all their woes.

Thus were the fallen angels driven
From the imperial joys of heaven,
Down to the pit of black despair,
To reap their dire confusion there,
Without a hope to escape the rod
And vengeance of an angry God.

So much we're taught of what was done.
Before this world had yet begun;
Of what befel the heirs of pride,
And fearful, awful doom beside;
Though once with God in favour great,
Compelled this justice to their fate.

Thus the third part of heaven's domain
Was emptied of its glorious train;
Repent, therefore, ye sons of men,
In lieu of them to dwell therein;
With souls redeemed at such a cost
To fill the place of angels lost.

For still God's enemies combine
Full many a poor soul to deceive,
And in united power conjoin
To make mankind their lies believe,
And rob them of that happy lot
And blessed state which they kept not.

What crafty snares do they invent
To turn our feet from the right road,
To draw our fealty and consent,
And faith, from him, the living God !
'Tis of His mercy God still spares
Our lives, and breaks the tempter's snares.

Almighty is Our Saviour Christ,
Who conquered the destroyer's power,
Our great salvation to effect,
Offers His grace and strength each hour,
His Spirit, too, to aid our prayer,
To gain a heavenly mansion there.

How thankful then we ought to be,
And ever love and worship Him,
For choosing us through grace divine
For heirs of immortality ;
And pray that God will still incline
To help His saints throughout all time.-


[Translated and versified by Mr Robert Christian, of Cleveland, Ohio.-Manx Corrected by Mr W. J. Cain.

From Mr A. W. Moore's Collection.]


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