[from Manx Carols, 1891]


(Scruit agns y vlein 1721.)

Lhig niau as thalloo curt meetaile,
As msryms goaill arrane,
Dy rea corrym rish yn imbagh thayn
Rug Yeesey Creest nyn Jhiarn.

Ayns earish Csar, Imprher yn Raue,
Myr ta goo Yee dooin ginsh,
Tra dorrdee Herod cushtey goall
Dy stror eloan aegy neesh.

Ayns sarrey choan hie er cur magh,
Haink hucksyn veih yn Raue,
Foddey as gerrit ren ad troilt
Dy cort stiaght ansoor daue.

She ish yn Voidyn crauee vaa,
Bannyt erskyn dagh ben,
Gow journey liauyr as doggeragh,
Dys balley Bethlehem.

Trooid sniaghtey as roe ren adsyn troilt,
Er embagh doo ny bleaney,
Haink ad ny neesht myr balish Jee,
Phadeyres Niau coo lleeney.

She shoh va yn boayl hug Jee my-ner,
As chear ad e roa-laue,
Dy rea ayn ruggagh Prince y Chee-
Dy vannaghey sheelnaue.

Va'n balley beg shoh wheish ghoit seose
Lesh sleih ay troiltey whaagh,
Nagh dod yn Voidyn, ayns mooads y feam,
Ayns yn thie-oast goail stiagh.

Choaun lesh skeeys va raad shooyl ;
V'd ghee, as guce, as creaid,
Yn tra v'n Voidyn ayns mooads e feam,
My jeirkaghyn sy traid.

Toolit as skee varrad ny neesht,
Ghow ad nyn eaght ayns staabyl ;
She mastey maase rug Chiarn y Vea,
As she ny chouyr v'an phobble.

V'an ooir er gett ! V'an Voidyn er troilt !
As Jee va marree cooaney.
S'mooar va er amarkey yn Voidyn vie,
Chammey yn Chiarn as dooinney.

Moir as ben-rieaylt v'ad jees-unnane,
As varrad goayn ayns cooaney ;
Ayns anrit soill, as ayns manjoor,
Hug eish nyn Jhiarn dy cadley.

Eshen ren ard as injil croo,
Sy thoshaght, as er dy reu,
Cre'n eeshlit staid haink eshyn ayn
Dy chonnagh slane sheelnaue.

Kys oddys m'annyn, pecchey creoi,
Ve corree rish nyn groe,
As dy gooid-save lesh mac Yee hene
Ve ruggyt ayns leide y voayll?

Sy cheere va bochillyn moiy nyn soie.
Freayll arrey er nyn shoiltane
Shoillgey gloyroile haink ayns yn oie
Ren arroosyn sooiljean.

Cha dooar ad eh ayns moarn ny staid,
Myr Princyn t'er yn ooir
Lhannoo ny lhie ayns anrit shoilt,
Dy emley ayns manjure.

Sho rait, ayns tullagh sheshagh wooar
Dy ainlyn giall y Chiarn
Ren brishey magh ayns Kiaulleagh ard,
As myr sho ghooil arrane :-

" Ard Ghloyr da Jee syn irjey heose,
As veih shen dys yn thalloo shee,
Aigney mie Yee dy row dys deeiney ;"-
As shoh ren ny ainlyn guee-AMEN.

(Composed in the year 1721 )

Let heaven and earth meet together,
And sing a hymn with me;
It was on this season
ThatJesus Christ our Lord was born.

In Caesar, Emperor of Rome's time,
As the Word of God tells us,
When accursed Herod ordered
The destruction of young children.

In accordance with a hasty command
That was sent to him from Rome,
His minions travelled far and near
To carry them into execution.

The godly Virgin, who was
Blessed above other women,
Took a long and laborious journey
To the town of Bethlehem.

Through frost and snow they travelled,
In the dark season of the year,
They both came, as it pleased God,
To fulfil the prophecy of Heaven.

This was the place God did ordain,
As they understood beforehand;
There was born the Prince of Peace-
To give blessings to mankind.

This little town was much taken up
With strangers and weary people, that
The Virgin, in her great need
Could not lodge in the inn.

Weary and worn by walking;
Some were eating, drinking, and mocking,
When the Virgin was most in need,
Like beggars in the street.

Weary and tired they both were,
They both lodged in the stable;
Amongst the beasts was born the Lord of Life,
And the people were in his presence.

The hour had come! The Virgin in travail !
And God with her helping;
Great assistance had the good Virgin-
As well as the Lord and man.

Mother and midwife were both in one-
And they had little bell),
In swaddling clothes, and in a manger,
She put the Lord to sleep.

He that created high and low,
In the beginning, and for ever,
In what a lowly state he came
To ransom all mankind!

How can my soul, hardened sinner,
Be angry with their treatment,
If it pleased God's own Son
To be born in such a place

In the country were shepherds sitting,
Keeping watch o'er their flocks
A glorious light came in the night
Which shone upon them.

They did not find Him in pride and state,
As Princes on the earth:
A child lying in swaddling cloth,
Humbly in a manger.

This said, in an instant a great company
Of the Lord's shining angels
Broke out in loud Halleluias,
And thus they sang a hymn

" High Glory be to God above,
And to all peace on earth,
God's good-will to men."
This the angels were proclaiming, -AMEN.



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