[from Manx Carols, 1891]


(Seruit ayns yn vlein 1721.)

My chairjyn graiagh ayns y Chiarn
Myr nee shiu geastagh rym,
Soilsh'ms dieu neaghtyn gerjoil
Je'n graih ta soilsit dooin.

Son corrym rish yn imbagh tayn
Rug Yeesey Chreest nyn Jaiarn ;
As yow E ey yn dooghys ain,
Dy chionagh shin d'an Chiarn.

Son va shin ooilley fagit mooie,
As ooslley feanish Yee;
Agh Chreest hug slane livreys dooin,
Lesh gerjagh mooar as shee.

Dy smoosnagh er yn treiys ain
Tra haink eshyn nyn guail.
Ass ainlyn Yee goayl yindys jeh
Dy ren eh shin hauale ;

Dy jinnagh Chreest fagail y Ayr,
Dy chur shoilshey er cheesslys Yee,.
By youyl er hsne[sic] ?hene] cumey sharvaynt,
Dy cosney dooinyn shee.

E va Fer-coirley yindiagh,
Yn Ooilley-niartal Jee.
Yhow'n reiltys er y yheoiltyn,
Dy ve dooin Prince y Chee.

Nagh moar dy Yraih hug Yeesey dooin,
Tra va shin noidyn daa,
Dy vaagagh E oghrcish Ayr
Dy chur dooin fysley braa.

Dy jinnagh Eh syn annid ayn
Yn cherraghey va cair,
Y yoal er Hene dy nyn livrey,
Dy voddagh shin ve seyr.

Nagh moar dy graih eisht lisagh shin
Dagh laa y chort da'n Eayn
Ren focley magh as soilshaghey
Yn raad gys yn vea vean ?

Myr nee mayd agh arrys y yoal,
As chyndaa gys y Chiarn,
Bee myghin meigh kingagh nyn gour,
Choud as vis mayn er mayrn.

Myr ver mayd bialys da'n Chiarn
Bee ainyn gerjaagh moar,
Nyn greeghyn as nyh anminyn
Vis lheent lesh shee dy looar.

Nagh niaire doin eish be vie leedeile,
As freal E anaghyn,
Smaghtagh nyn cyrp as ainaghyn,
Curt geil da y latysin.

Lhig dooinyn geek Nyn ammys daa,
Beaghey ayns shee as graie,
Freal arrey kingagh orrin hene,
Still shool ayns raadyn mie.

Scoillyn y Chiarn ta er nyn skin,
Ta er E cloan reiht hene,
E cleash curt geil da'n aghyn oc
M'tadsyn huggey geam.

Agh corree Yee vis soilsit magh,
Lesh farg as eulys neesht,
Noi ocsyn ooilley ta teeigeil
Leighyn mie Yeesey Chreest,

Haink stiagh sy theill dy hauail shin
Vei peccah as vei baase,
Dy chur shin ayns foayr rish Gee,
Dy hebbal dooinyn graase,

Quoi ren E Rene yn oural, neesht,
Dy liashaghey cairys Yee,
Dy cosney dooin eiraht ayns gloyr
Marish ny fluunysee.

Cre ren shin, my vraraghyn,
Dy heill shin leid y graase,
Dy jenagh Chreest surance ayns sho
Dy hauail shin vei baase?

Lhig dooin eisht kingagh boise y churt
Da Chreest Fer-oolit Yee,
Troggal nyn gorraa seose dy ard
Lesh molley ayns nyn gree,

As cha nee ynrican lesh nyn cree,
Agh bea vie neesht leeidail,
Curt seose shin hene gys Y shirveish,
Dy bragh ayns Chreest treistail.

Nish myr ta graase as myghyn seyr
Chebbal da slune sheelnaue,
Lhig dooinyn strue dy yoddin foayr
As muynrys beayn ayn niau.

Lhig dooin, neesht, chit lesh dunnallys
Gys stoayl reeoil yn Eayn,
Dy vod mayd cosney myghyn braa,
As eiragh sy vea vean.

As lhig dooin my ren ainlyn Yee,
Dy gonnal goayl arrane
Ec cheet nyn Saualtagh Bannee
Qui taa ny Ree as Chiarn

Ard Gloayr da Jee sy n'rrjey heose,
Shee er y thalloo neesht,
Aidney mie Yoe da slune seelnaue,
Cur molley daue ayns Chreest.-AMEN.


(Written in the year 1721.)

My dearest friends in the Lord,
If you will listen to me
I'll explain to you the happy news
Of the love revealed to us.

For it was at this season
That Jesus Christ our Lord was born;
And he took upon himself our nature,
To ransom us for the Lord.

For we were all outcasts,
All deprived of God's presence ;
But Christ gave us complete deliverance,
With great joy and peace.

Just think what our misery was
When he came to us.
God's angels were astonished
That he would save us ;

That Christ would leave His Father,
To put off the likeness of God,
And take the form of a servant,
To gain peace for us!

He was the wonderful Counsellor,
The Almighty God,
He took the rule upon His shoulders,
To be for us the Prince of Peace.

Did it not show the great love Jesus had for us ?
When we were His enemies,
That He left His Father's bosom
To give us relief for ever.

That he exacted on our behalf
The vengeance that was just.
That he took on himself to deliver us,
That we might be free.

Should we not show each day
The.great love we bear to the Lamb,
Who pointed out and made clear to us
The road to everlasting life.

If we would but repent,
And turn unto the Lord,
We should receive great mercies
As long as we live here.

If we are obedient to the Lord
we shall have great consolation,
Our hearts and our souls
Will be filled with bounteous peace.

It is better for us then to lead a good life,
And keep His commandments,
Restraining our bodies and souls,
And giving heed to His statutes.

Let us pay Him our obedience,
Living in peace and love,
Keeping watch upon ourselves,
And still walking in good ways.

The Lord's eyes are above us,.
They watch His own chosen children,
His ear gives heed to their complaint
If they call upon Him.

But God's vengeance will be shown,
With anger and fury, too,
Against all those who forsake
Jesus Christ's good laws,

Who came into the world to save us
From sin and from death,
To put us in favour with God,
To offer grace unto as,

Who made himself an offering, too,
To satisfy God's justice,
To gain for ns an inheritance in glory
With the inhabitants of heaven.

What did we do, my friends,
To deserve such grace,
That Christ should suffer here
To save us from death ?

Let us then constantly give thanks
To Christ, God's annointed one,
Raising our voices on high
With the best praises of our hearts.

And let us not only give praise with our hearts,
But let us lead a good life also,
Giving ourselves up to His service,
Trusting for ever in Christ.

Now, if grace and mercy is freely
Offered to all mankind,
Let us strive to obtain favour
And eternal happiness in heaven.

Let us come, too, with boldness
To the throne of the Lamb,
That we may gain everlasting mercy,
And an heritage in everlasting life.

And let us, as did God's angels,
So cheerfully sing a hymn
At the coming of our Blessed Saviour,
Who is our King and Lord.

Great glory to God above,
Peace on the earth also,
God's goodwill to all mankind,
Giving peace to them in Christ.-AMEN.


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