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To all Christian people to whom this present writing shall come, to be heard, read, or understood, I, Isaac, Lord Bishop of the Isle of Man, send greeting in our Lord God everlasting,. Know ye that I, the Bishop, for divers good causes and considerations me moving, but especially for and in consideration of the good affection I bear to this whole Isle in generall, which I know no better way to express than in promoting and advancing learning therein, by which may grow able orthodox and pious ministers to serve in this church, to the glory of God and the good of this people, have given, granted, and assigned, and by these presents do give, grant, and assigne, the sum of twenty pounds by the year, due and arising unto me out of the profitts of Ballagilley and Hango Hill, (situate in the Parish of Kk. Malew, in the sd. Isle, from John Norris, Ensigne, of Castle Rushen, and his heyres, executors, administrators, and assignes, for ever, by virtue and force of a lease granted unto me of the sd. tenements, as by the sd. lease and the articles betwixt me and the sd. John Norris more at large appeareth,) unto, and towards the mantenance and education of two Scholars at the University or Colledge of Dublin: which two Scholars are to be appointed by myself during my life, from the Free School of Castletown, or wheresoever it shall be in the Island, who I resolve shall be of the ablest Scholars, and most capable of the service of the Ministry; reserving also to myself a liberty, during my life, of disposing of the sd. yearly rent of twenty pounds, to any other use in the Island. And after my decease, to be of the ablest Scholars likewise of that School approved of by my feoffees in trust, or trustees hereafter expressed: which sd. two Scholars, I hereby appoint to receive the sd. sum of twenty pounds equally betwixt them, (or for one ten pounds, when there is not another fitt,) towards their mantenance at the sd. University or Colledge, for the tearme and space of five years, supposing they continue civill, and studious, and industrious to fitt themselves for the service intended, and not otherwise: always provided that the two Scholars accepted of, either by myself, feoffees in trust, or trustees to the sd. University or Colledge, shall give in bonds, with security, that at the end of the five years, or when they leave the sd. Colledge or University, (unless they be called to supply the present necessitys of the Church of the Isle of Man in the mean time,) to return if required by the Bishop or trustees, to serve their own country; or in case of better preffermt. elsewhere they shall neglect to return, that then, and in such case, such as shall so fayle to make full satisfaction for so much money as by them received out of this guift during the sd. five years, unto myself, feofrees in trust, or trustees. after my decease: which said moneys so returned, shall be disposed of by the feoffees in trust, or trustees, towards the advance and promotion of more Schoolers at the like University, in manner as aforesaid, 'till the supply be thought sufficient for the Island, and then to what other publicke work or charity shall by my trustees be thought most profitable for the Island. And that this my guift may go on and succeed for all ages, I hereby nominate and appoint as feoffees in trust, or trustees, after my decease, the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop, the Archdeacon, or in their absence, the Vicars Genll. and the Official, and four more of the Chief Temporal Officers of this Isle, whereof the Govr. to be always one for the time being, and so to continue successively, as well to receive the sd twenty pound, from the sd. Ensigne, John Norris, his heyres, exors. admors. and assignee, for ever, as also to dispose of the same unto and towards the mantenance of the said two Schoolers, the nominacon, examinacon, and approbacon, of which two Schoolers, I leave to the Lord Bishop and Archdeacon, with the advice of the rest, or in their absence to such of the clergie or others in the Island as by my trustees shall be supposed most fitt and able to examine them, and desire that they may be without favour or atteccon approved of according to their abilities and progression in learning. And I do hereby further authorise my ad. trustees, or feoffees in trust, upon discovery of the disability or insufficiency of the sd. John, Norris, Ensigne, or his security, his or their heyres, executors, administrators, or assignes, to pay in the sd. sum of £20, and to do and performe all things or particulars menconed in the Lease or Articles, to call for and require other good and sufficient security, or in default thereof to re-enter into the possession of the. sd. Farmes of Ballagilley and Hango Hill, and receive again the sum of £30 menconed in the sd. articles, and to dispose thereof with the moneys returned by such Schoolers as shall fayle to come to serve in their own country, according to my good intention and appointment as herein before expressed, desireing the Almighty to give a blessing to the same, willing that this my act may be kept upon record for satisfaction to posterity.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seale, this 7th day of July, in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred sixty and eight. 1668.

ISAAC Sod. and Mann.

Signed, sealed, and delivered in presence of us:



"The aforewritten Deede is thus left upon Record at the appointment of the Lord Bishop, for its better safetie and preservation for the future.


Cler. Rotul"


In Arch. Epis.

Extracts from Bishop Barrow's Will, dated 14 Dec. 1679.

Being desired by the present Lord Bishop of the Isle of Man, Dr. Henry Bridgman, that instead of a Library I intended to leave for the use of the Clergy of that Island, I would give one hundred pounds, to purchase a rent charge of five or six pounds per annum, to buy such books yearly as should be more convenient for the clergy, I willingly consent to it, and therefore bequeath one hundred pounds for that purpose, to be paid upon security given that the rent charge (so purchased sufficiently in Law) shall be disposed of to that use.

Rent Charge on Ballagilley and Hango Hill,




for maintenance of three Boys, at the Academic School

"I give my Lease of twenty pounds per annum, which I purchased of Charles, late Earl of Derby and Lord of Man, known by the name of Ballagilley and Hango Hill, in the Isle of Man, and now in the occupation of John Norris, Constable of Peel Castle, in the said Island, towards the maintenance of three Boys at al the Academical School, when it shall be there settled; and in case there be no such School within twelve months after my death, then to go towards the maintenance of two boys of most pregnant parts at some University abroad: in the mean time to be employed as it is; and these boys to be chosen after my decease, by the Bishop and Archdeacon, pro tempore, the Governor or his Deputy, and the two senior Clergy. men (not in office) in the Island, or any four of them, whereof the Bishop to be always one if present: and my intention is that those boys be by their education settled for the supply of the Clergy in that Island Upon the vacancy of any living; and that therefore no boys shall be taken into any of these places till security be given by his friends, that upon the call of the Bishop, he shall immediately return to the Island, take Holy Orders, and supply the vacant living, or pay back such moneys as he hath received of their gift 'till that time; and those moneys to be employed for the benefit of the Church, as the persons nominated for the choice of the boys shall agree."

Resolution dated 24 August, 1686.




The two Scholars to be instructed by Mr. Gilbert Holt in the Isle of Man.

" Whereas there hath been an allowance made of twenty pounds per annum, for the maintenance of two Schoolers out of this Island, at the University of Dublin, and that to be raised and paid out of the profitts of the Tenements of Ballacilley and Hango Hill, which hath been for some years past been bestowed that way: And now that for wee, the Trustees appointed for the management of that concern, haveing taken into our considerations that it is not altogether so convenient to continue ye said allowance to send those of our Schoolers abroad, whiles they may now have the opportunity of attaining unto academical learning, under the Tuition of Mr. Gilbert Holt Schoolmaster in this Isle, whom wee have now obliged to the discharge of that duty: And therefore we have thought it very fitting, and accordingly wee doe hereby order, that the clear proffitts of the sd. Tenements shall goe towards the maintenance of two Schoolers, viz., Henery Halsall and John Woods. both of the Town of Castletown, who are hereby required to put themselves forthwith under the tuterage and instruction of the sd. Mr. Gilbert Holt, now Schoolemaster at the sd. Town, to be educated and instructed in academic learning, whereby they may be qualified and fitted for the service of the Island: and to that end they are to enter into Bonds before their admission to serve in the Island after they are so fitted and qualified, and this to begin and take commencement from and after the Feast of St. Michael, the Archangel, next ensuing the date hereof: and we further order and enjoin the sd. Schoolers, at and upon their sd. admission, to put themselves in that suitable and deacent equipage and apparell, as is proper unto them to distinguish them as students in this quality and condicon, alwea'ys providing, that the sd. Schoolers shall from time to time, during their continuance in this study, be of good behaviour and - - - - - and imploy their time studiously and carefully therein, otherwise upon their neglect therein, or, Upon any other just and reasonable occasion, that it shall or may be in the power of us or of as many of us as shall be then in the Island, to alter them or either of them, and to place in others in their stead according as we shall find just cause or reason for the same.

"Given under our hands at Castletown this 24 day of August, 1686.

B. Sodor and Mann, R. HEYWOOD, Govr.,


Arch. Dep., THO. NORRIS."

Liber Monaster, 1703.

Suit respecting the title to Ballagilley and Hango Hill.


Compromised by Bp. Wilson for the consideration of £161 15s. paid to Singen Lace.


Premises leased to John Taubman, Esq.

An action was brought by Ellen Lace against Bishop Wilson and the other Trustees for the tenement of Ballagilley and Hango Hill; and, from the various proceedings, opinions, and judgments on record in this cause, it would appear, that considerable doubts existed as to whether the Trustees were only entitled to a rent charge of £20 per annum on these lands. This long depending suit was finally compromised, as appears by a Deed of release from Singen Lace, to the Trustees, for the consideration money of £161 15s. 0d. Brit., recorded in the Seneschal's Office, May, 1728; and the lands were subsequently granted in lease to several tenants, at various rents.

By indenture of lease, bearing date 19 May, 1769 the same were granted to John Taubman, Esq., for the term of thirty-one years, at the annual reserved rent of £100 Manks.

On the expiry of this lease, in 1800, the lands were let to several tenants, at the yearly rent of

£341 15 0

and are now let for the annual rent (subject to deductions for repairs, &c. &c.) of.

489 1 1

The savings or rents unapplied have been placed to interest on the following, securities:

'A bond or obligation from the Trustees of St. George's Chapel, Douglas, for £250 Brit., bearing interest at 5 per cent., no part of which has been paid

£250 0 0

Bond and security from John Lucas, Esq. on his lands called Knock Rushen Scarlett, for £300 Manks, bearing interest at 6 per cent., £50 of which were paid in October. 1817, balance £250 Manks

214 5 9

Application of this Fund in 1826.

£. s. d.

To the Rev. Thomas Thimbleby, M.A., who has at present four Pupils

220 0 0

To Daniel Nelson and Robert Caley, two of the Students, £30 each

£60 0 0

To the Rev. Robert Grier, and the Rev. Samuel Gelling, £30 each

60 0 0


20 0 0

In Arch. Epis. Lib. 1761.

" Resolutions and orders of us the Trustees appointed by the late Right Rev. Bishop Barrow, for the management of the benefaction towards the support and education of Academic Scholars, &c., whose names are subscribed:

Provision for enabling one of the scholars to go to Oxford, Cambridge, or Dublin.

" Resolutions and orders of us the Trustees appointed by the late Right Rev. Bishop Barrow, for the management of the benefaction towards the support and education of Academic Scholars, &c., whose names are subscribed:

"First, That for the better enabling one of the said scholars or students, upon the foundation of the said Trust, to pursue his studies at Cambridge, Oxford, or Dublin, as we shall hereafter approve of, specify, and appoint for that purpose, We do hereby direct and order that the sum of thirty-five pounds be allowed such Student out of the rents of the Trust estate, which sum is to be advanced to him upon his setting out to the University or College, to be appointed by us or our successors, and annually paid to such student so long as he shall properly pursue his studies there, and be industrious in fitting himself for the service of the Ministry within this Isle, and demean himself becomingly at such University or College, or until we the sd. Trustees or our successors shall find it meet and necessary to give order to the contrary: He the said student being obliged to serve the Church in this Isle when required, according to the tenor of his bond and security given upon his admission to the sd. foundation: In default whereof such student is to refund the several mms already paid, or hereafter to be advanced to him, out of the said Trust estate.

" Secondly, That for the future fifteen pounds be annually allowed to the 2 other students upon the said foundation at the Academic School of this isle, that is to say, twelve pounds in money, and three pounds to be disbursed in books, in manner stipulated by order, dated 11 March, 1761.

"Thirdly, That the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of is Isle, be requested and empowered to purchase books and mathematical instruments for the use of the sd. Academic School, so that the same do not exceed m value the sum of fifty pounds.

" Fourthly, Forasmuch as by the late improved rents the said Trust estate there will be a surplus, after Payment of the said advanced stipends to the sd. scholars. and providing the books and mathematical instruments as aforesd., and it being represented to us that Mr. Richd. Wilson, Teacher of the Mathematical School, in Peeltown, has by his great care and pains instructed several youths in Mathematical knowledge, who have become great proficients therein: In consideration thereof, and by virtue of the powers vested in us, by the deed of Trust or Feoffment, we do hereby allow the said Teacher the annual sum of five pounds. And we do further think proper to allow the annual sum of five pounds to John, the son of Wm. Cannell of Kirk Michael, a very promising youth, whose father is not in circumstances to support him any longer at the sd. school, and perfect his education therein.

"Fifthly, That the sd. sums so allowed to the sd. Students, Mr. Wilson, and John Cannell, as aforesd., shall commence to be payable to them severally and respectively from Easter next, and continue according to the tenor of the sd. trust deed, or farther order to the contrary. As witness our subscriptions, this 15th day of March, 1771.


MARK, Sodor and Mann, JOHN QUAYLE,


Mr. Cosnahan sent to Trinity College, Cam.

15 March, 1771. "Julius Cosnahan allowed to go to Trinity College, Cambridge, to prosecute his studies there."

On the resignation of the Rev. Thos. Castley, Master of the Free Grammar School and Academic Professor, in the year 1807, the Rev. Jos. Brown was appointed Master of the said Grammar School, with a salary of £60 a year out of the Impropritte Fund, and was also allowed a salary of £100 a year out of the Academic Students' Fund. The Resolution to this effect does not appear to have been entered in the book of Resolutions.

On the resignation of Mr. Brown, in the year 1818, The Rev. Thos. Thimbleby was appointed Master of the said Free Grammar School, with a salary of £60 a year from the Impropriate Fund, and £2.20 from the Academic Students' Fund, as appears by the following Resolution, dated 25th Augt.1818.

" Resolved that it is expedient that the Academic Master may provide himself with a residence, and hold. or keep the Academy in the town of Castletown, or within a mile thereof, and that a sum of two hundred and twenty pounds Brit. be allowed out of the Academic Funds to the Academic Professor annually."

In the year 1823, Mr. Thimbleby resigned the Mastership of the Free Grammar School, retaining his situation of Teacher of the Academic Students, with a salary of £220:

And the Rev. Geo. Parsons was appointed Master of the Free Grammar School, salary £60.

By Resolution of the Trustees, dated 15th Augt. 1827, It is resolved, that the Rev. Benjamin Philpott having undertaken to educate the Academic Students, during the indisposition of the Master, at the rate of fifty pounds a year, payable out of the salary assigned to the Master, the said arrangement be sanctioned until further order to the contrary.

An Account of the Annual Rent of the Estates of Ballagilley and Hango Hill, and of the yearly interest money belonging to the Academic Students' Fund.

Richd. Clague, for Ballagilley

19 2 6

Robt. Cowell, Assignee of Wm. Cowell, do.

19 17 0

Widow Shimmin, do .

17 17 6

Peter Fargher, do .

75 13 4

John Quilliam, do .

46 12 0

Wm. Kelly, for Ballagilley and Hango Hill

45 19 6

Edwd. Lawson, Dan. Leyland, & John Cain, do. do.

136 16 3

Widow Sansbury, for Hango Hill

22 11 0

Widow Corkill, do .

6 7 6

John Kelly Esq. Assignee of Thos. Karran, do

11 13 6

William Kermode, Assignee of John Curphey

22 6 6

Henry Quilliam,

22 10 0

John Bridson, do .

12 1 6

Edwd. Lawson and Saml. Radcliffe

24 2 6

Widow Gelling, House Rent, Big Cellar

1 10 0

Widow Kneall, do. do.

1 10 0

Chs. Sansbury, do. do.

2 0 0

Richd. Cubbon, do. do .

0 10 6

4891 1

Interest on £250 Brit. secured on the Chapel and Burying Ground of St. George's, dated 23d July, 1811

15 0 0

Ditto on £250 Manks, balance of £300 Manks, secured on Knock Rushen Scarlett, dated 27th Octr. 1815

12 17 1¾


516 18 2¾

Annual Deductions.

High Road Labor of Ballagilley

£2 2 0

Assessment of Academic Pew in St. Mary's Chapel

0 5 8

Church Assessment of Ballagilley and Hango Hill

0 17 1

Prescription and Abbey Rent of Hango Hill and Ballagilley

3 2 10½

Agent's Salary

20 0 02

N. B. The above assessments are sometimes more and sometimes less, according to circumstances.

Fine of £10 Manks payable to the Lord every 7th year. . - ..


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