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Lib 3 tius Test A. Dni.

" A copy of part of the Deed of Settlement of certain Manors, Lands, and Tenements in Collingham, Shadwell, and Burton Salmon, in the West Riding of the County of York, by the Right Hon. Lady Elizabeth Hastings, of Ledstone, in the said County, for several charitable uses, so far as the same relates to the several Petty Schools in the Diocess of the Isle of Man therein mentioned, bearing date December 14, 1738, and enrolled in His Majesty's High Court of Chancery, April 14, 1739.

" The above named Lady Elizabeth Hastings being informed that several Petty Schools within the Diocess of the Isle of Man are very meanly provided for, the Masters and Mistresses having little or no encouragement to do their duty, insomuch that many of the people being poor, their children are destitute of instruction and such learning as is even necessary for the meanest Christian: and it having been also represented to the said Lady Elizabeth Hastings, that it would be a work of charity very acceptable to God to contribute towards remedying so great a calamity:- she therefore appoints the yearly sum of twenty pounds to be paid to the Bishop of the Isle of Man for the time being, in trust, to be by him distributed every year at Easter, (and during the vacancy of a Bishop, or for want of the Bishop's direction, by the two Vicars Genl.) to such Masters or Mistresses of Petty Schools there as do not receive the Royal Bounty, who shall produce certificates yearly, under the hands of the Vicar or Incumbent and Church Wardens of their Parish, of their diligence in discharge of 'their duties for the use of the Petty Schools of the said Isle hereinafter mentioned, (the others being provided for by the Royal Bounty,) namely, the Petty Schools of Kirk Michael, Jurby, Lazayre, Maughold, (the School to be kept near the Church,) Lonnan, Onchan, Braddan, (the School to be kept near the Church,) Marown, Santan, Malew, Arbory, Rushen, Patrick, and German, (the School to be kept in some convenient place remote from the Town of Peel,) on such conditions as are hereinafter mentioned and contained. And the charity herein before appointed for certain Schools in the Isle of Man is so appointed on these conditions, namely First,

The schools to be visited by
the Minister of the Parish

That the Masters or Mistresses of the said Schools do constantly do their duty, according to the purport of their Licenses granted by the Bishop of Mann or his substitutes; and that this may be known, every Master or Mistress shall yearly and every year, apply to the Vicar or Incumbent of their respective Parishes, (who are obliged to visit their Schools by first week in every quarter,) for a certificate in these words, or to this effect, namely, 'That such Vicars or Incumbents respectively have visited the said Schools in their respective Parishes, according to the laws and constitutions of 1703; and that the 'children there have been carefully taught, and do improve in learning and good manners, are taught to say their prayers and catechism, and do duly attend the public service of the Church,'-which certificate to be signed by such Vicar or Incumbent.

Certificate to be produced.

If such Masters and Mistresses shall not desire and obtain, and bring every year to the Bishop, or in his absence to the Vicars General, then the part of this' charily appointed for the Masters or Mistresses so neglecting to obtain and bring such certificate, shall be divided amongst such Masters and Mistresses as shad bring such certificates.

"Secondly, That this charity shall not, upon any pretence whatever, lessen the payment of the 40 shillings a year to the said Schools out of the Impropriations, whenever they or the value of them shall be recovered or restored to the Church. Nor shad this charity be understood to excuse such parents as are able, from paying such sums quarterly as the law appoints, or shall be agreed upon betwixt the Masters or Mistresses and parents of such children.,

"N.B. Collingham is situated near Whetherby, Shadwell near Leeds, and Burton Salmon near Ferry Bridge."

"Compared with the original by us,


The said Lady Elizabeth Hastings by her will devised the sum of twenty pounds annually, to be distributed to and amongst the said Schoolmasters or Schoolmistresses, on the terms and conditions specified in the foregoing instrument. See Convocation Book, in Arch. Epis. 1744 and 1755.

Distribution of Lady E. Hastings' Donation, from Martinmas 1825, to Martinmas 1826.

" We whose names are hereunto subscribed, being the Masters of the Petty Schools in this Isle intitled to Lady E. Hastings' Donation, do hereby acknowledge to have received the sums annexed to our respective names, being our annual proportion of said Donation, payable at Martinmas.

" Lady E. Hastings' Donation, up to Martimas 1826

39 0 0

Comn. to Edwd. D. Jones, Signet Office, Somerset Place,Agent,28s.Postage from Yorkshire ls.10d.

1 9 10

To be distributed amongst the several Recipients.

£37 10 2

" Parishes


2 13 7


2 13 7


2 13 7


2 13 7


2 13 7


2 13 7

Malew, Ballasalla

2 13 7


2 13 7


2 13 7


2 13 7


2 13 7


2 13 7


2 13 7

St Ann

2 13 7

£37 10 2


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