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After the purchase of the Impropriate Tithes by Bishop Barrow from Charles Earl of Derby, in 1666, there remained in his hands a surplus of £241. 8s. 4d., which, with other benefactions, amounted, according to Bishop Wilson, to £600. William Banks, of Winstanley, in the county of Lancaster, and Thomas Cholmondeley, of Vale Roval, in the county of Chester, Esquires, are stated to have been appointed Trustees by Bishop Barrow for the management of this Fund; but no appointment or deed to that effect can be discovered in the Island.

It would also appear that Peter Legh, of Lyme, Esquire, was appointed a Trustee on the death of Mr. Banks.

The only material papers which can at present be found on the Records of the Island, throwing light on the origin and management of this Fund, are here copied, or referred to.







Exchequer Book, 1668.

I hereby acknowledge to have had and received from the Right Rev. Dr. Isaac Barrow, the present Bishop of St. Asaph, by the hands of William Banks, of Winstanley, in Lancashire, Esquire, the sum of three hundred pounds of good money, and from the sayd Bpp. himself two hundred pounds, in all the sum of five hundred pounds. In conson of which sum, I doe hereby promise for myself, my heirs, exects. and admrs. that soe soone as I come next into Ireland, or within six months from the date hereof, I or my heirs will secure to the Trustees intended for the Academic Schoole in the Isle of Man, for the use of the sayd Schoole, for soe long time as I shall have the sayd five hundred pounds in my hands, fifty pounds yearly rent, to be paid half-yearly, and to be secured by, and to be issuing out of, certayne lands near Dublin, in Ireland, of one hundred pounds per annum value att ye least, of a good title, and free from incumbrances; and untill such settlement made, I will pay interest for the sayd five hundred pounds att Dublin aforesd. as is paid in Ireland, to the present Bpp. of St. Asaph and the Bpp. of the Isle of Man for the time being, and the Archdeacon of the sayd Isle for the time being, or to any person authorized under two of their hands to receive the same. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale this fifteenth day of May, in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand six hundred seventy and foure.


" Sealed and delivered WILLIAM ASSHETON, in the presence of H. GASCOIGNE."

Duke of Ormonde's Rect for £500, and obligation to repay the same with interest.

" To all Christian People to whom these Presents shall come, to be seene, read, heard, or understood, I Thomas Cholmondeley, of Vale Royal, in the county of Chester, Esquire, send greeting, &C.

Whereas the Right Noble James, Duke of Ormonde, by his deed in writing bearino, date the three and twentyth day of May, in the eighth and twenty year of his Maitie's raigne that now is, and in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred seaventysix, and made betweene him the said James, Duke of Ormonde, uppon the one parte, and mee the said Thomas Cholmondeley and one William Banks, of Wynstanley, in the County of Lancaster, Esqr. (since deceased) uppon the other parte, did, for good consideration therein mentioned, grant diverse messuages lands, and hereditaments, lying in the county of Meath and other places within the kingdome of Ireland, to have and to hold to them the said Thomas Cholmondeley and William Banks, their heires and assignes to and for severall uses, intents, and purposes in the said deed limited and declared, (That is to say,) that they the said Thomas Cholmondeley and William Banks should, for and during the continuance of the. said grant, receive, perceive, and take one annuity o yearly rent charg,e of sixty pounds of lawfull English money, payable at the feast dayes of St. Michaell the Archangell and the Annuntiation of the blessed Lady Mary the Virgin, by equall porcons, at and in the city of Dublin, in the said kingdome of Ireland, uppon trust and confidence, and to the intent and purpose that they the said Thomas Cholmondeley and Williani Banks, their heirs, executors, and assiomes, should from time to time, during the continuance of the said grant, and out of the said sixty pounds a yeare soe by them to be received, maintain and provide, or caus to be maintained and provided, a person of sufficient learning and ability to execute and discharge the place, imployment, and duty of a publique reader of logick, philosophy, and history, within the Isle and Dominion of Man, as by the said deed, amongst other trusts therein mentioned, relation being thereunto had, may more at laree appear. Now know yee, that I the said Thomas Cholmondeley, the surviving Trustee, in execution and performance of the said trust in mee reposed, beliric,, well satisfied of the ability of John Shaw, Clerke, Master of Arts, have granted unto, licenced, impowered, and authorized, and by these presents doe grant unto, licence, impower, and authorize the said John Shaw, Clerke, to teach, read, informe, and instruct, in the study and reading of logick, philosophy, and history, all and every person and persons within the said Isle of Man who shall, from time to time, and at all times hereafter, dureinothe naturall life of him the said John Shaw, bee willing or desirous to study, read, learn, be informed, or instructed in the same, to have, hold, use, exercise, and enjoy the same, in manner and form aforesaid, and to receive, have, and take unto him the said John Shaw, all and every such benefitts, fees, dues, duties, sallaries, wages, stipends, and other conveniences or payments, which shall or may from time to time, and at all times from and after the making hereof, and during the natural life of him the said John Shaw, become due, arise, or become payable, for such reading, teaching, informing, or instructing the said persons as aforesaid.

" In witness whereof I have hereunto putt my hand and seale, the twenty-fift day of March, in the two and twentyeth yeare of the Raigne of our said Soveraine Lord King, Charles the Second of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c., and in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and eighty.

(L. S.)


Sealed and delivered in presence of


In Ar. Epis. A. D. 1680.

Whereas wee the Trustees for the Salary belonging to the Academick Master in the Isle of Man have empowered our trusty friend Mr. William Quayle, of Dublin, to receive the sd moneys into his hands, and to dispose of it as we shall order. Wee do therefore direct and appoint the said Mr. Quayle to dispose of the sd moneys, both principal and interest, being one thousand two hundred twenty-five pounds, eighteen shillings, and ten-pence, as follows, (viz.)

In Ar. Epis. A. D. 1705

Authority to Mr. Quayle to recover the money laid out in Ireland.

Amount £1225 18s. 10d.

First, That six hundred and fifty pounds bee put out to interest upon as good security as may possibly be had in the kingdome of Ireland, for the use of the Academick Master.

£500 to be laid out qt I nterest in Ireland for Acadeinic Master.

" Secondly, That two hundred and fifty pounds bee put out to interest upon the like -good security, for the use of Grammar Schoole in the town of Douglas.

£250 for Grammar School in Douglas.

" Thirdly, That the present Academick Master shall receive sixty pounds for his own use for the time past, as soon.as he shall be legally admitted by the Bishop into the employment, and the proffitts of the six hundred and fifty pounds aforesaid ever after yearly.

£650. Interest of this sum for use of Academic Master.

" Fourthly, And whereas there are several claimesupon the arrears of the sd moneys not yet adjusted,made by Mr. Holt, the executor of the late Mr. Shaw, and Mr. Locay, we do desire the Governour or Deputy Governour and Bishop of Man to appoint fitt personsto adjust the said accounts and settle the claimes.And we do hereby authorize the sd Mr. Quayle to pay such summes to the persons above mentioned or their order as the said Governour and Bishop underhand and seal shall specify, which stall be his sufficient warrant for so doing.

" Fifthly, Wee do appoint the aforesaid Mr. Quayle to receive for his own proper use the sum of [blank] for his great paines about this matter.

" Sixthly, Whatever incident charge have or shall happen with relation to this affair, we do appoint the sd Mr. William Quayle to pay the same, and the Bishop's order for so doing shall be his discharge herein.

"Lastly, We do desire that the Bishop and the said Mr. Quayle will, as soon as may be, give an account what they have done in the several particulars above mentioned. Given under our hands and seals the 9th day of April, 1705.


Witness hereof'

Directions to settle claims of former Masters.

31 Jan., 1758.

"Know all men by these presents, that we Peter Legh, of Lyme, and Thomas Cholmondeley, of Vale Royal, both of the county of Chester, Esquires, Trustees or Feoffees in Trust for the management of the Charities of the Right Rev. Father in God Isaac Barrow, formerly Bishop of the Isle and Diocese of Man, do hereby nominate and appoint the Rev. Thos. Castley, A. M. of the University of Cambridge, to be Academic professor or teacher of philosophy in the Isle of Man, To have and to enjoy, from the Feast of St. Michael last past, all the issues and profits appropriated by the forementioned Father in God to the said station.



The principal money set apart for the use of the Masters, mentioned in the former resolution of the Trustees, ( 1705,) was invested in mortgage in Ireland; and Mr. Castley, soon after his appointment, appears to have been employed to obtain repayment of it; and havin 'g succeeded at a considerable expense, the sum of £622 8s. 9¼d. Manks was settled as a fund to bear interest for the Master, as appears by the following account.

Lib. Cancell. 1776.

"June 20th, 1775.

Examined the within written account, and allowed the same to be richt and true; and we do hereby, as far as in us lies, and we lawfully may or can, fully, absolutely, and for ever, acquit and discharge the within named Thomas Castley, Academic Master, from being accountable for, or rendering any other or further account of the Academic moneys therein mentioned, or that have past through his hands previous to the date hereof: more especially we do hereby acknowledge to have received the value due upon his accountable receipt and personal bond, as specified in the assionment of the 27th April, 1767, referred to in the within accounts, as also the balance due at the foot thereof, amounting in all to the sum of one hundred and fifty-three pounds, eleven shillings, and ten-pence farthing, Manks, from which he is therefore acquitted and discharged. And whereas, by the great expence of the law-suit against Lindsay, for recovery of part of the Academic fund in his hands, the sd fund is greatly reduced, we do hereby settle and fix the principal fund hereafter to bear interest for the use and benefit of the Academic Master, at the total sum of six hundred and twenty.. two pounds, eight shillings, and nine-pence farthing Manks currency. And whereas there still remains in the hands of the purchasers of Lindsay's concerns, the sum of thirty pounds Irish, or thereabouts, being so much rent due out of the sd concerns, from the time of the sd purchasers being put in possession thereof, till the payment of the purchase money, we do hereby allow the said arrears of thirty pounds Irish, be the same more or less, to the aforesaid Thomas Castley, Academic Master, as issues and profits, to which he is entitled by his appointment. In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands, the day and year above written.


Licence to Rev. Thomas Castley, A. M.

This appears to be the last appointment in writing of an Academic master, and the, following settlement to. Mr. Castley's accounts the last act of the Trustees relating to this Charity.


Account of how the money was laid out by Mr. Castley on mortgage in the Isle of Man.

After Mr. Castley recovered this money in Ireland, he laid the same out on securities in the Isle of Man in his own name; and after he had relinquished the situation of Academic Master, he did, by deed of assignment,. dated 12th April, 1808, after reciting that the tenement of Cooil Injil had been mortgaged to him for £160 Manks, That certain other lands called Billewin and Carran's Croft had been mortgaged to him for £150 Manks, That the said estate of Cooil Injil had been mortgaged to him for £70 Manks, That the estate of Creggan Ashin had been mortgaged to him for £100 British, That the estate of Ballavarkish had been mortaged to him for £40 British, and also reciting that the said several sums were part of the fund provided for the support of the Master of the Free Grammar School or Academic Master, and were placed out by him on the securities aforesaid, the the said Thomas Castley, transferred and assigned the said mortgages to Claudius, Lord Bishop, and Danl. Mylrea, Archdeacon of the said Isle, and their successors in office, on behalf of the Trustees of the said Free Grammar School or Academic School for the time being, for the use, intents, and purposes of the said trust.

Present State of the Fund.

£ s d.

Mortage from John Christian, Esq. to the Lord Bishop and Archdeacon, on lands in Lezayre, called Rheast Mooar, dated 27 Feb. 1808, £160 Manks,bearing int. at the rate of 6 per cent

137 2 11½

This sum is the amount of the Mortgage on Cooil Injil, assigned by Mr. Castley.

Note of hand from the Rev. Joseph Brown and Robert Quayle, Esq. to the Bishop and Archdeacon, dated 24 August, 1808, 6 per cent. int.

40 0 0

This sum is the amount of Mortgage on Ballavarkish.

Bond and Mortgage from John Lucas, Esq. on part of Knock Rushen, called Boiley Gowan, for £78 4s. 6d. Manks, dated 27 October, 1815, 6 percent. interest

67 0 0

Bond from the Rev. Joseph Brown

128 16 0

This sum is the amount of the Mortgage on Bilkwin and Carran's Crofl.

Mortgage from John Lucas, Esq. dated 13 Feb. 1819, 6 per cent. interest (not recorded)

100 0 0

This sum is the principal money of the Mortgage on Cregqan Ashin.

1808, May 4. Cash advanced to the Rev. Joseph Brown on his obligation to the Bishop and Archdeacon, on behalf of the Trustees of the Academical School

67 10 11

Balance paid in by Mr. Castley

Since Mr. Castley assigned over the before mentioned Mortgages to the Bishop and Archdeacon, no account of this fund has been kept distinct from the Academic Students' Fund.

The whole of Mr. Castley's salary, as Academic Master, was the interest of the foregoing Mortgages, and, as Master of the Free Grammar School, £60 a year out of the Impropriate Fund.



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