[From IoM Charities, 1831]

[Third Part of Chapter dealing with Braddan & Douglas]


Salary from the Impropriate Fund

£5 10 0

from Lady Elizth. Hastings's Charity

2 13 7

£8 3 7

The average number of Scholars is from twenty to thirty.


Extract from Deed, dated 30 April, 1740.

" We, Thomas, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann, out of a zeal for the honour of God, and for the better support and maintenance of the Vicars of Kk. Braddan for ever, do hereby settle upon and endow that my Vicarage with the aforementioned lands of Ballacretney, and with the houses and appurtenances "hereunto belonging, as an augmentation of the living of the present and succeeding Vicars of Braddan; who are to read the service of the church, and catechize the youth of the parish, every Lord's Day, in the afternoon."




 Extract frown a Deed of Sale from John Cain, to the Rev. Jos. Cosnahan,Vicar; and to the Wardens of Braddan, dated 10 April, 1764.

"For the consideration of 1s. and chiefly on account of having :a School in the neighbourhood, he granted and sold a part of his estate, named the Claddagh, in length 131 yards, in the north end 33 yards, in the middle 21 yards, in the east end 24 yards, To hold for the use of the Schoolmaster," &c.

Extract from a Deed of Sale from Robt. Creer, to the same parties, of the same date.

For the same considerations and purposes he " granted and sold a part of his estate, called Magher-e-quain, adjoining the high road, on the east, 66 yards in length, and 14 yards in breadth," &c.

The School-house was built by subscription; and after the completion of it there remained £44 Brit.

Extract from the Will of Wm. Killey, Schoolmaster of the said School,

A.D. 1820.

" I leave and bequeath to the Vicar of Braddan and the Trustees of the School-house, situated in East Baldwin, in trust, the sum of ten pounds, to be by them put to interest, upon sufficient security, for the use and benefit of the Schoolmaster of the said School for ever."

The overplus of the said subscriptions, and the said legacy, are secured by Mortgage from Matts. Creer, to the Vicar and Wardens, and to Matt. Corran, Robt. Lewin, and Robt Kelly, Trustees appointed to secure a fund for the support of Baldwin School, for £54 Brit.; as appears by Deed, dated 26 Sept. 1821, bearing interest at the rate of 6 p. cent.

About fifty Scholars attend.

A Sunday School is also kept by the Vicar of this Parish and his family, in a convenient house, which has lately been built by subscription, on a piece of ground given by Colonel Wilks for the purpose. Qv. Deed of Sale.


The Rev. ROBT. :BROWN, Chaplain and Schoolmaster.

Extract from Book in Episcopal Registry, p. 39.

" To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come. Know ye, that, whereas in the late vacancy of the Academic School, within this Isle, the interest of the money laid out in Ireland for that end did amount to a considerable sum, and the Trustees and Feoffees in trust appointed for the same having thought fit to assign the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds of the said interest, which with the exchange of money from Ireland makes up the sum of two hundred and seventy pounds, for and towards the maintenance of a person to officiate as Chaplain and Schoolmaster in the town of Douglas; Therefore I, Thomas, Lord Bishop of the said Isle, do hereby nominate and appoint John Stephenson, of Balladoole Gent., Ewan Christian, of Lezayre, Gent., Mr. John Murray and Phil. Moore, of Douglas, Merchants, with the Vicar of Braddan for the time being, and the Chaplain or Schoolmaster of the said town of Douglas, to be Trustees for the well securing and laying out to interest the said sum of two hundred and seventy pounds for the use and purpose aforesaid; giving and hereby granting unto the said gentn., or a majority of them, full power and authority in the said concern, as also to elect and nominate, in case of any of their number decreasing, such person or persons as they shall think proper to supply his or their place or room, ratifying, confirming, and allowing all and whatsoever shall be done and concluded upon by the said persons in managing the said trust; reserving nevertheless to myself and successors, Bishops of this Isle, the right of election and nomination of the said Chaplain and Schoolmaster, unto whom the interest of the said sum of two hundred and seventy pounds will become due and payable. In testimony of all which I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal, the 20th day of January, 1706.

THOS. SODOR AND MANN L. S. " Signed, sealed, and delivered in presence of J. WOODS, WILLM. WALKER.,WILL. ROSS, WM. SEDDEN."


Extract from Register in St. Matthew's Chapel.

" An account of the money appropriated for the use and maintenance of the Chaplain and Schoolmaster of Douglas:

The Trustees of the Academic School gave

Irish 250 0 0

The exchange of it into Manks

20 0 0

Archdeaeon Kippax gave

30 0 0

£300 0 0

This £300 was laid out in Cattle, which made it £300 English, and was afterwards sent into Ireland: the exchange

30 0 0

Mr. Phil. Moore, Mercht. in Douglas, gave £100 Irish

100 0 0

Alderman Murray's Legacy, £20 Eng

22 0 0

Mrs. Murray's Legacy, £20 Mx

18 11 6

Mr. John Murray gave £29 8s. 6d. to make up £500 Irish

29 8 6


500 0 0

which sum of £500 was laid out in Ireland by Mr. Phil. Moore, on a Mortgage in Dublin, for the above uses, in Jany. 1733-4, at 6 p. cent interest."

The said Mortgage was assigned by Phil. Moore to the said Trustees appointed for managing the said Fund, the said Phil. Moore reserving to himself the power of applying the sum of £100, subscribed by him to the said Fund, in such manner as he should direct; as appears by Deed dated 30 Jany. 1735-6.

The said Phil. Moore, by Deed bearing equal date with the above assignment, directed that one-half of the interest of the said £100 should be paid to the Chaplain of Douglas for the time being, and the other half be paid yearly to a petty Schoolmaster, who should be obliged to teach eight poor scholars, the scholars to be nominated by the said Phil. Moore, or a Trustee by him to be appointed.

.The said sum of £500 Irish has been placed at interest, on certain lands, part of the estate of Liargey Dhoo, in German; as appears by Bond and Mortgage from John Moore to the Lord Bishop, the Vicar of Braddan, and Chaplain of Douglas, bearing date 8 Sept. 1821, for the principal money of £460 10s. 9d. Brit. bearing interest at the rate of 6 p. cent. p. ann.

Extract from the Will of Alderman Wm. Quayle, of Dublin, A. D. 1735

"I bequeath to Mr. John Murrey, of the Isle of Man, Mercht., in Douglas, fifty pounds, for the use of the School of Douglas, as the Lord Bishop of Mann and said Murrey shall think fit."

Mem. in Regy.-"The Bequest of £50, (being Irish currency, the advance of about £:3 5s. 1d. upon exchange of the money,) is to be applied to the use of the School-house, in plastering and finishing the same, as shall be found necessary, this 25 day of June, 1736.

Thos. Sodor and Mann, JOHN MURRAY."

In the year 1818, the Chapel was enlarged and improved; and the Lord Bishop directed that the said sum of £50, with interest in respect thereof, which had been recovered from the estate of the Rev. John Kewley, late Chaplain, should be laid out in completing eight pews for the perpetual use of the Chaplain; which pews now let for £12 Brit. p. ann


Extract from the Will of Jan. Murrey, A. D. 1756.

" And whereas there is an arrear of money due to me on the building, and finishing of the School-house and vault in the said town of Douglas, amounting to one hundred and fifty odd pounds; I do therefore altogether acquit and discharge the said arrear, and do order that the said vault now in my possession be given up into the hands of the Rev. Phil. Moore, Chaplain of the said town and his successors, for the uses and purposes mentioned in the original Deed of Gift," &c. "And whereas, there is a very great decay in the education of youth, for qualifying them to serve in the ministry and service of the church within the Island, I will and bequeath unto the Right Rev. the present Lord Bishop of this diocese, and to his successors, the sum of twenty-four pounds, Manks value, per annum, to be applied unto a Teacher, and to one, two, or three Scholars, as the Lord Bishop or his successors shall think most useful, for the purpose that the same is intended. And that the said Scholars, (if it may be found useful,) I would wish to have their education at Douglas, while a good school is continued there. But this I would not have to obstruct the Bishop, if greater motives should offer for the improving of this intention in the testator. And for the better security of the said annuity being punctually paid, and that it may be hereafter better secured, I do hereby bind and oblige my exor. (as many unforeseen accidents may happen,) that he shall secure the same in a real security of land or houses."

In a Codicil to this Will.

" It is my intention and desire, that the Wardens of Douglas for the time being, and my exor. within named, be assistant Trustees with the Right Rev. Lord Bishop of this Isle, for the donation to the School of Douglas, for the education of youth to serve the Church of Mann. I would not have above two youths on this foundation: and those to continue until they are provided for in the church, or in some curacy: and that the said youths be approved of for their morals and learning by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop, the Master or Teacher of the said School, the two Chapel Wardens, and my aforesaid exor., or a majority of them. And for the better security of the within-mentioned sum of twenty-four pounds per ann. to the said School, I charge my estate. in lands, houses, mills, and cottages, with the same, to be paid as follows, viz. the sum of six pounds per ann. to each of the two Scholars, and the sum of twelve pounds per ann. to the present Teacher, the Rev. Mr. Moore, as long as his health will permit him to attend to that charge, and the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop shall think proper to continue him here for the good of the place, and to the said Mr. Moore's successors, as Chaplain and Teacher, or to be otherwise altered as the said Lord Bishop and the said Trustees shall think most expedient, and answer the intention of the donation.


* By Deed, dated 20 Novr., 176b, the Lord Bishop and Chapel Wardens released all Mr. Murrey's lands from the payment of the said sum of £24, excepting the lands called the Great Hill, with the Meadows and Claddagh hereunto belonging, containing ninety acres, formerly part of Ballafletcher.

Mem. in the Epis. Regy.

" The School-house, where the Chaplain resides, the scite left by Alderman Dixon, a native of Douglas, to Bishop Wilson, for a Schoolhouse, and built mostly at the expence of Mr. William Murrey, Mercht., who in his Will left it free and debtless to the town. Title Deeds are in the temporal Records."

Extract from Deed from Wm. Dickson to Bishop Wilson, dated 9 April, 1714.-

"To all Christian people to whom these presents may come: Know ye that I, Wm. Dickson, Of the city of Dublin, Alderman, at the instance of the Right Rev. Father in God, Thomas, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann, do, out of the good inclination I have to promote any charitable and public good within the Isle of Man, and especially in the town of Douglas, the place of my nativity, have given,,, &c. unto the said Rt. Rev. Thomas, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann, and to such undertakers or trustees as his Lordship and I shall hereafter nominate and appoint, a certain dwelling-house and garden, situate, lying, and being in the town of Douglas aforesaid, commonly called Dickson's House, of the yearly chief or lord's rent of 14d., with all ways," &c. for the convenience of a School house, to be called Dickson's School-house, and an appartmt. for a Schoolmaster, to be built and erected there."


Interest of £460 10s. 9d

£27 12 6

Rent of Pews

12 0 0

Out of lands devised by Mr. Wm. Murrey, £12 Mx. p. and.

13 5 8

Royal Bounty

2 11 0

£52 9 2

The Rev. Jno. Cannell, who was educated in this School, on Mr. Murrey's foundation, having no provision in the Church, still receives one-half of the £142 disc., bequeathed by Mr. Murrey, for two Scholars. Perceval Stowell, who has lately been admitted on the foundation, receives the other half, i. e. £5 2s. 9d. Brit.

Mr. Brown has at present eight scholars.


In the year 1761, a Memorial was presented to Bishop Hildesley, representing the inadequacy of St. Matthew's Chapel to accommodate the inhabitants of Douglas, and the necessity of another place of worship. His Lordship thereupon appointed Trustees to raise subscriptions, and proceed with the erection of a commodious place of worship. Considerable sums were obtained, and the building was commenced and carried on, till the year 1765, when, the funds totally failing, it was left in an unfinished condition, after nearly £700 had been expended upon it, a considerable debt remaining due to several of the work people; From 1765 to 1776, nothing was done in the building. In the latter year the Lord Bishop issued a new commission to Trustees, appointed for the purpose of carrying on and finishing the building. Subscriptions to the amount of about £800 were obtained, and expended on the work, till the 24 Novr., 1780, when the interior body of the church was completely finished; a debt remaining due to the Trustees and others, of £183 9s. 33d.; as appears by the account of Trustees made up to that date. On the 29 Sept., 1781, the Chapel was consecrated. Subscriptions were afterwards obtained, partly on loan, and partly as an augmentation of the subscriptions of the contributors to the building, to qualify for renting pews, according to a mode of classification arranged by the Trustees, with the sanction of the Lord Bishop. With the sums thus obtained, an organ was purchased, and a part of the old debt was discharged. By the mode of classification adopted, contributors of 25 guineas were entitled to take the best pews; 15 guineas qualified for the second class; and so on. This system was continued till the year 1808, when it was abolished by an Act of Visitation of Claudius, Lord Bishop, dated 25 Augt. in that year.

The whole of the debts ascertained to be due, both on the early part of the building from 1761 to 1765, and on the expenditure by the Trustees appointed to carry on and to finish the building, amounted, on the 29th Sep., 1788, to £297 7s. 5d. Brit., upon which, interest at the rate of 6 p. cent. was paid up to the 29 March,1818, as directed by different acts of visitation, and resolutions of the Trustees. Debts to two persons, included in the above sum, amounting to £7 11s. 3d. have been altogether paid off, leaving the amount now due £290 7s. 2d.

In the year 1811, an extensive plot of ground was purchased from John Moore, Esq., of the Hills, for a Church-yard, two pews, rented at £9 3s. 0d. p. annum, being given him in exchange. In the same year, the Trustees of the Academic Students' Fund advanced a loan of £250 to the Chapel; for the payment of which sum the Chapel and Churchyard were rendered chargeable by the Trustees of the same, as fully as they could lawfully be so rendered chargeable by them. With the sum thus borrowed the Church-yard was substantially enclosed, and some repairs were made.

By the Act of Consecration of the said Chapel, dated 29 Sepr. 1781, the Lord Bishop reserved to himself and his successors the right of nominating and collating a proper and sufficient Clerk or Chaplain, and also of appointing and licensing an Organist for the said Chapel. In the same year, the Rev. Julius Cosnahan, who had been nominated Chaplain by the Rev. Thos. W. J. Woods, Vicar of Braddan, exhibited allegations in the Metropolitan Court of York, claiming to be the rightful Chaplain of the said Chapel; to which allegations the Bishop exhibited his answer; and witnesses were examined: but, by reason of the death of the Bishop and Vicar, the suit became abated, and the Lord Bishops have nominated the Chaplains ever since.

By an Act of Visitation, dated 3 Octr., 1818, George, Lord Bishop, made a new appointment of Trustees, five in number, and directed the appropriation of the funds of the Chapel, without any reservation for the payment of interest on the ascertained debts; which was followed up by a Resolution signed by the Bishop and Trustees, dated 7 July, 1819, " that if any of the creditors who have been accustomed to receive interest upon their claims against St. George's Chapel do apply for payment, such persons be told that the interest cannot be paid, without an Order from the Ecclesiastical Court be obtained by them." Another Resolution, dated 17 Octr., 1819, was signed by three of the Trustees,- "That the said Resolution be rescinded," and a Protest signed by one of the Trustees immediately following, against the Resolution last mentioned, "as having any effect, or affording any authority whatever, for the appropriation of any part of the revenue of St. George's in payment or discharge of any claims upon the said Chapel for debts contracted previous to the Consecration of the same."

By the Act of Visitation, dated 19 Feb., 1789 a reservation was made of four pews, viz., one to belong for ever to His Majesty King George and his successors, for the use of the resident Governor or Lieut. Governor of this Isle,-one for the Duke of Atholl " and the heirs of his rights in this Isle,"-one for the Bishop of this Isle and his successors,-and one for the Chaplain and his successors. Two pews have been sold or given in exchange for a plot of burial ground, as before mentioned. Exclusive of the above, the pews of the said Chapel let for about £200 Brit. per annum.


Extract from the Will of Sir Geo. Moore: Lip. lmo. Test. A. D. 1787.

"I leave and bequeath to my grandson, Phil. Moore, and Willm. Moore, son of Phil. Moore, my son, the following lands, houses, and denominations of property, namely, the estate of Ballabrooie, in Kk. Braddan, a part of Curragh Glass, and a part of the undivided Mountain of Arrassie, together with several houses and intacks specified in bill of sale to me by the late Mr. Chas. Killey and his wife Barbara the 4th December, 1767, and exemplified in the several entries of the premes. made in the Seneschal's Court, the 16th Oct., 1768, and the 5th and 6th Oct., 1769; also, an old house-stead or house that I purchased from Phil. Stephen in Feb.,1779: which sd. premes. and denominations of land and property I leave and bequeath to my grandsons Phil. Moore and Wm. Moore, above mentioned, or to the survivor of them, in right respectively, their heir or heirs; Reserving, as is here reserved, the yearly rent of the estate of Ballabrooie to the use and benefit of Willm: Maxwell, Esq., of Ardwell, during his natural life, in consideration of my agreement with him on his marriage with my late daughter Barbara, relict of the late Mr. Chs. Killey; And hereby reserving for the emolument of a Monthly Lecture against Popery to be preached in the New Chapel of Douglas, and for the emolument of a Reader of Morning Prayers in sd chapel, at six in the morning during the summer, and at eight in the winter months, every day in the year at said hours, Sundays and Holydays excepted, the Reader to be appointed by the Bishop, or in the vacancy of the See by the Vicars Gent., which emolument the donor, my late brother, the Rev. James Moore, of Dublin, by his Will dated 12 Jan. 1763, provided for, by leaving with me a sum of money to purchase the fee-simple of ten pounds a year annually for the said Reader of Morning Prayers, and to purchase the fee-simple of ten pounds a year annually for sd. Monthly Lecture; which purchases not having been effected, remain therefore a debt on me to exonerate this;-I therefore hereby subject the sd. lands, houses, and denominations of property for the respective payment of sd. annual sums, which leave as a rentcharge on the premes. for ever, or on such part of the premed. as may hereafter in equity be found adequate for that purpose.''

The Pews of the Chapel at present let for about £200 Brit. per ann.

The said sum of £200, according to the regulations previous to 1818, would be thus divided


£135 2 8

Organist, Clerk, and Sexton

45 0 0

For Repairs

5 0 0

And Interest of the old debt, amounting to £297. 7s. ad., at 5 per cent. .

14 17 4


200 0 0

Exclusive of the Interest of £250 due to the Trustees of the Academic Students, Fund

According to the regulations in the Act of visitation' dated 3 Oct., 1818, the said sum of £200 is thus divided


£139 0 0

Organist, Clerk, and Sexton

46 0 0


15 0 0

200 0 0


Rent of Pews, as above

£139 0 0

Endowment by the Rev. James Moore, as appears by the Will of Sir George Moore, (see p. 117,) for a Monthly Lecture against Popery, and For Early Morning Prayers, £20 Irish

18 9 3


£157 9 3

Qu. From sale of burial ground, a sum equal to two-thirds of the rent of two Pews, given in exchange for the Church-yard .............


This Institution was opened in the year 1810, in a hired room. The liberal patronage and support which it received induced the managers to undertake the erection of a building exclusively for the purpose; and John Moore, of the Hills, Esq., by Deed dated 23 May, 1811, granted a parcel of ground in Atholl-street, in consideration of sending twelve children to the School; and by Deed of the same date sold another parcel of ground to the Trustees of the Institution, in consideration of the annual ground rent of three pounds three shillings Brit. By the close of the year 1812, the present large and commodious School-house was erected, at the expense of £1118. 8s. 8d. Brit., leaving, however, a debt of £296. 19s. 9d. on the building, for which the Committee made themselves responsible. The debt was discharged by a sum raised by loans from several persons, for which promissory notes, bearing interest at six per cent, were passed by the Treasurer and Secretary on behalf of the Committee.

In the year 1818, Miss Jane Allen bequeathed £100 Brit. to the Institution. (See extract from her Will, p. 119.) Part of this sum was applied in the purchase of the ground rent incumbent on the property, and the remainder towards the liquidation of the loans. A further Legacy of £100 was bequeathed by Miss Margaret Craine, (see extract from her Will, p. 119,) which sum was advanced by the Chaplain and Wardens of St. Matthew's to the Trustees of the Institution, a security being given upon the property. With this sum, and a surplus from the subscriptions and donations, the amount remaining due on loans was paid off, and the building is now free from debt.

A Subscriber is entitled to send two children to the School for each guinea of his yearly subscription: a Life Member, (by donation of five guineas and upwards,) one child for each five guineas of his donation.

The School is supported by Annual Subscriptions and Donations, and an Annual Sermon in St. George's Chapel.

The mode of instruction is formed on a combination of the plans of Dr. Bell and Mr. Lancaster.

3,095 children have been educated in the School, and it contains at present 144 boys, and 136 girls.


Extract from the Will of Miss Jane Allen, A. D. 1818.

" I leave and bequeath to the Trustees or Committee for the time being, of the Daily and Sunday School established in Douglas in the year 1810, the sum of one hundred pounds Brit., to be by them laid out on security, and the interest thereof applied to the use and benefit of the sd. Institution."

Extract from the Will of Margaret Craine, of Douglas, A. D. 1819.

"I leave and bequeath unto the Managers and Committee of the Charity School of this town, the yearly interest of one hundred pounds, from and after my decease for ever, to be applied for the use and purpose of the sd. Charity, which interest the Chaplain and Wardens of St. Matthew's are to receive yearly from and out of a Mortgage which I have on that part of the lands of Ballabrooie, in the parish of Kk. Braddan, which belonged to the late Mr. Phil. Moore, deed., and to commence three months after my decease, and to pay the same regularly and punctually every year unto the Managers and Committee of the sd. School for the time being; which said principal money is to be placed at proper and sufficient security -for ever.~,

Extract from the Will of William Stole, A. D. 1824.

"And I give and bequeath unto the Daily and Sunday School, instituted in the town of Douglas, in the year 1810, the sum of one pound Brit. per annum: and I do desire that the three last mentioned yearly sums do continue to be paid and payable so long as the sd. Societies (refers to the Bible and Christian Knowledge Societies,) and Institution continue to exist; and that payment thereof be secured by my Exors." One hundred pounds left by Mrs. Deborah Doxon. See her Will, page 106-


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