[From IoM Charities, 1831]

Kirk Santan.

Extract from the Will of the Rev. William Crebbin, Vicar of Jurby, A. D. 1803.

"I leave the sum of ten pounds sterling to the Vicar and Wardens of Santan, in trust, to be laid out in building a School-house, in some convenient place nigh the church, and in sight thereof."

The Rev. John Nelson gave a piece of land, on which was built, in the year 1811, a convenient School-house, by subscription, together with the sum bequeathed by the Rev. Wm. Crebbin, as also a Dwelling-house for the Master.

The Deed conveying the said parcel of land was executed by Mr. Nelson, but it does not appear to have been recorded.


Extract from the Will of Wm. Leece, of Liverpool, Merchant, A. D. 1805.

" I give and bequeath to my Nephew, John Leece, of Knockfriey aforesaid, his Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, the sum of one hundred pounds, upon trust, to place out the same on interest on good security, and apply the yearly interest thereof, as the same shall arise and become due, to the payment of some person or persons residing in St. Anne's Parish aforesaid, for instructing poor children belonging to the said parish, and none other, in reading, writing, and arithmetic.

The said sum of one hundred pounds British was paid over to the Vicar and Wardens, as appears by their receipt, dated 16 March, 1812, and is now in the hands of the Rev. John Nelson, the present Vicar, who pays interest at the rate of 5 per cent. to the Master.

Various small sums of money have been from time to time bequeathed to the poor of this parish, amounting in the whole to the sum of £22 Manks, which sum is placed out at interest, as appears by Bond and Mortgage from John Kissack to the Vicar and Wardens, on certain lands called the Big Garey, in Kirk Santan, dated 12 July, 1823, bearing interest at the rate of 6 per cent. per annum.


The Rev. John Nelson, the Vicar, has one-third of the Tithes of this parish, in running thirds with the Bishop and Impropriator.

Valuation of the Vicarage in the year 1821.

Tithes .

£.50 0 0

Surplice Fees

1 17 3

Royal Bounty

7 8 2½


12 0 0

Impropriate Fund

18 14 6½


£90 0 0



From the Impropriate Fund

£5 10 0

From Lady Betty Hastings's Charity

2 13 7

Interest of William Leece's Legacy.

5 0 0


£13 3 7

In the summer months he has fifty, and sometimes sixty scholars, in the harvest and winter, not more than ten.



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