[Taken from Brown's Directory 1894]



Adams Augustus, Moneda House, 14 Windsor-terrace
Ainsworth Miss Louisa M., The House of Rest, Bay View
Allan Thomas, Parliament-street-private residence, Belle Vue, Maughold
Allan & Taubman, grocers and wine and spirit merchants, Parliament-s
Alldritt Bros., boatowners, Market-place and Promenade, 22 Waterloo-road
Alexander William, french polisher, 2 Cannell's-court
Antwis Miss Annie, ladies' school, May-hill, Hughenden
Archer Captain, Bowring-road
Archer William, grocer and provision dealer, 10 Bowring-road
Archer Mrs Mary A., apartments, Maughold-street
Arkle John, family and dispensing chemist, 81 Parliament-street
Atcheson James, car driver, 9 Maughold-street
Atkinson Mrs Ellen, 38 Church-street
Aylen & Co., tea merchants, wine and spirit merchants, 10 Parliament-street William S. Marshall, manager


Baird Thomas, engine cleaner, 40 Bowring-road
Baker William, coastguard, 29 Gladstone-terrace
Ball Mrs Catherine, 19 South Promenade
Barber Mr, Eaton House, Lezayre-road
Bates John, painter, paper-hanger, and decorator, 48 Church-street
Bean William, gardener, Bowring-road
Bell James, town clerk, Gladstone-terrace
Bell Robert, joiner, 29 Church-street
Benson Mrs Ellen, 37 Waterloo-road
Benson Mrs H., 7 Maughold-street
Bishop Henry, bank cashier, Jurby-road
Beswick John, gentleman, the Mount, May-hill
Blair William, foreman iron founder, the Quay
Blair Mrs Catherine Y., private apartments, St. Hilliers, Brook-hill
Boardman Mrs, 46 Waterloo-road
Boardman Peel, Blonden House, Walpole Drive
Bosley William, family butcher, 4 King-street
Boyde Edward, driver, 1 Cowell's-terrace
Boyde Mrs Jane, provision dealer, 8 Church-street
Boyde John, Snaefell House, Mooragh
Boyde Philip, draper, Parliament-street; residence-4 May-hill
Boyde William, joiner and builder, Bowring-road
Breedon Thomas, harbour master, 5 Windsor terrace
Bridson George, tobacconist, stationer, and newsagent, Church-street
Bridson Thomas, harbour master, Bowring-road
Bridson Mrs Ellen, Lezayre House, ladies' school, Milntown-road
Bridson John, joiner, I Maughold-street
Bridson John, labourer, 4 Teare's-terrace
Brew Bros., family butchers, Bourne-place
Brew Mrs, Bowring-road
Brew Mrs Ann, Quayle's Cottages, Waterloo-road
Brew Mrs Catherine, 8 Ballure-road
Brew Caesar, mariner, 3 Marsden-street
Brew Mrs Emily, 11 Lezayre-terrace
Brew Robert, grocer, provision, and ship store dealer, 3 West-quay; residence, 7 Ballure-road
Bridson Mrs T., 1 Maughold-street
Broughton Joshua, dealer in glass, china, earthenware, &c., 4 Dale-street
Brown Alexander, Brookfield
Brown Alexander, plumber, painter, glazier, and paperhanger, Parliament-street and West-street
Brown Alexander, junr., coal merchant and ship chandler, West-quay
Brown Mrs Alice, licensed victualler, Friendship Inn, West-quay
Brown Mrs Amelia, 6 Albion-terrace
Brown Mrs E. 71 Church-street
Brown George, upholsterer, Tower-road
Brown Miss Mary Alice, stationer and newsagent, 12 Dale-street
Brown Captain Robert, master mariner, 3 Auckland-terrace
Brown Rev. Thomas E., M.A., Windsor Mount
Bruce Robert, confectioner, Bowring-road
Buglass Rev. John B., primitive methodist minister, l ~-terrace, Lezaryre-road
Burden John, mariner, 50 College-street
Burns John, postman, 10 Albert-street
Burns Thomas, Bay View
Burrows George, steam ship owner, 21 Bowring-road
Butler Henry, 5 Riverside


Cain Misses, Burlington House, 20 South Promenade
Cain Mrs Charlotte, 22 College-street
Cain James, 3 Teare's-terrace
Cain Thomas, labourer, I Shipyard-road
Cain Mrs Jane, select private apartments, Melrose House, Bowring-road
Cain Miss Sarah, glass, china, earthenware, and fancy repository, and register office for servants, 7 Bourne-place
Cain William, foreman tailor, Melrose House, Bowring-road
Caine William, Alexander Temperance Hotel and Dining Rooms, East-quay
Caley Mrs Elizabeth, confectioner, 6 the Old Cross, and Refreshment Rooms Queen's Pier
Caley Thomas, family grocer, Church-street
Caley William, ~9 College-street
Caley William, clerk to the School Committee, Parliament-street
Callow Mrs E., dressmaker, 9 Lezayre-terrace
Callow Daniel, mason and builder, Gladstone-terrace
Callow Henry, builder, Maycroft
Callow James, jeweller, 55 Waterloo-road
Callow James, jun., Brookfield
Callow James, Maycroft
Callow James & Son, watchmakers, jewellers, and fancy goods dealers 2 Parliament-street '
Callow James & Sons, joiners and builders, contractors and general joinery works, West-quay
Callow John, joiner, Shipyard
Callow John, grocer, King-street
Callow Robert, mariner, 16 Templar-terrace
Callow Thomas, coal merchant, weighing machine, 29 West-quay
Callow Thomas, master mariner, 9 Lezayre-terrace
Callow Thomas, Ballure-road
Callow Thomas, family boot maker, town commissioner, member of the setting quest, collector of asylum rate and school rate of Maughold, issuer of dog and carriage licences, Bourne-place and 2 College-street
Callow William, builder, Cambridge House, Waterloo-road
Callow William, mason, 7 Marsden-street
Cannon Mrs, Taubman-street
Cameron Archibald, car driver, 15 Maughold-street
Cameron John, manager Manx Northern Railway, Pooldhooie House
Cannell Mrs Catherine, Tower-road
Cannell Mrs Catherine, 3 Cannell's-lane
Cannell Miss Elizabeth Christian, lodging-house, 13 South Promenade
Cannell John Edward, hatter, tailor, and clothier, 34 Parliament-street
Cannell J., Paynswick Villa, Brookneld
Cannell John, agent to the Refuge Assurance Co., 7 Loch Villas
Cannell John, lodging-house, Sea View, Windsor Mount
Cannell John, tailor, I Bark-lane
Cannell John, gas manager, 34 Parliament-street
Cannell John, inspector of police, Waterloo-road
Cannell Joseph, draper's assistant, 6 Hespera-terrace
Cannell Miss Margaret, Quayle's Cottages, Waterloo-road
Cannell Thomas, gardener, 6 Auckland-terrace
Cannell Wm., private apartments, Kingswood House, 27 Waterloo-road
Cannell William, bootmaker, the Quay
Carr Mrs Mary, Tower road
Carr Robert, stonemason, 12 College-street
Carter Charles, cooper, 20 West-quay
Casement Joseph, saw mills, West-street
Cathcart Rev. Wm. Atherton, Presbyterian Minister, Riverside
Cherry Mrs Harriett, Belgrave House, Coburg-road
Christian Miss, Albert House, Ballure Mount
Christian Miss Catherine, private apartment Mount Clair, Clybane road
Christian Daniel, builder, 4 College-street
Christian Daniel, joiner, 1 Templar-terrace
Christian Daniel, mariner, 4 Queen-street
Christian Miss Edith. confectioner, South Promenade
Christian Edwin, marble mason, Lezayre-road
Christian Eleanor, earthenware dealer, 4 Strand-street
Christian Mrs Elizabeth C., lodging-house, Orsett House, Ballure-road
Christian Francis, baker, 20 Maughold-street
Christian Fredk.,tailor and woollen draper, Bowring-road and Station-road
Christian Miss Jane, Windsor Cottage
Christian Miss Jane, T9 Maughold-street
Christian James, labourer, IS Templar-terrace
Christian John, lodging-house, Albert street
Christian John, fisherman, 16 Maughold-street
Christian John, labourer, 42 Maughold-street
Christian John, plasterer, 3 Loch Villas
Christian John, cardriver 16 Westbourne-road
Christian John, butcher and farmer, The Old Cross
Christian Mrs Margaret, 44 Maughold-street
Christian Mrs Mary, 46 Maughold-street
Christian Mrs Mary, Taubman-street
Christian Mrs R., 5 Auckland-lane
Christian Robert, driver, Maughold-street
Christian Thomas, master carter, furniture remover, 3 Barrack-yard
Christian Thomas, gentleman 67 Waterloo-road
Christian William, fisherman, Tower-road
Christian William. mason, 12 Marsden-street
Christian William; mariner, 12 Westbourne-road
Christian William Henry, retired grocer, In South Promenade
Chrystal Alfred Edward, auctioneer, residence: 1 Altdale tenace, Lezayre road
Chrystal Samuel and John, Lezayre-road
Clague A. J. & L.J fashionable dressmakers and mantle makers, 4 west street
Clague Mrs Catherine, 9 Water-street
Clague Mrs Emily, stationer and tobacconist, Parliament-street
Clague James. labourer, 6 Templar-terrace
Clague John & Son, Limited, ironfounders, iron merchants, and General ironmongers-Charles Wattleworth and William Henry Taubman, managers, 39 Parliament-street
Clague Mrs William, Beaumont-road
Clague William Henry, bootmaker, East-street
Clarke Mrs, 17 King-street
Clarke Misses Ann Jane & Eliza, Brookfield
Clarke Mrs Ann, 43 Waterloo-road
Clarke Mrs Margaret, Mitre family and commercial hotel, Parliament-street
Clarke Captain, Jurby-road
Clarke Caesar, mariner, 3 Gladstone-terrace
Clarke Mrs E. Tower-road
Clarke Henry, mariner, 4 Water-street
Clarke John, grocer, Ivy-lane
Clarke John, assistant harbour master, Mooragh
Clarke John Thomas, Hartshill, Hope-street, Mooragh
Clarke Mrs Margaret, apartments, z4 Radcliffe-terrace
Clarke Thomas, tailor and woollen draper, 77 Parliament-street
Clarke Walter, fisherman, 3 Queen-street
Clarke William, butcher, Lonsdale House, Bowring-road
Cleator Mrs Ann, Quayle's Cottages, Waterloo-road
Cleator Daniel, coal merchant, West-quay
Cleator Thomas, mariner, Taubman-street
Cleator George, labourer, 23 College-street
Clerey Mrs Ann, dressmaker, 12 Waterloo-road
Clerey John, mariner, 36 Maughold-street
Clerey William, ironworker, Taubman-street
Clews George, labourer, 23 College-street
Clucas and Duggan, shipwrights, boat and canoe builders, block and spar makers, shipyard
Clucas & Harrison, family grocers and confectioners, 34 Church-street
Clucas Leece, ~3 Water-street
Clucas Robert, painter, 8 Water-street
Clucas William, 1 River-side
Coffey Charles, fisherman, 6 Marsden-street
Coffey William, carter, ~ r Marsden-street
Cogeen Mrs Elizabeth, apartments, IS Bowring-road
Collins Charles, pork butcher, 62 Parliament-street
Collins Edward, Marine Store, King-street
Collins James, Excelsior Dining-rooms, East-quay
Collister John, storekeeper, 9 Windsor-terrace
Collister William, labourer, 7 Templar-terrace
Collister William, mariner, 9 King-street
Colquitt William, boots, I Cannell's-court
Colvin Cornelius, 2 Windsor-terrace
Comish John, fisherman, Barrack-yard
Connall William, butcher, Approach-road
Coole Mrs Catherine, Liverpool House, Waterloo-lane
Coole Edward, Windsor-mount
Coole John, carter, 17 South Promenade
Cooper Joseph, private apartments, Doncaster House, Waterloo-road
Corkill Miss Hester, apartments, 44 Waterloo~road
Corkill Charles, ropemaker, 14 College-street
Corkill John, tailor, Market-lane
Corkill John, blacksmith, 12 Bark-lane
Corkill John, 48 Maughold-street
Corkill Robert C., builder, cabinetmaker, and upholsterer, West-quay
Corkill Robert, Toxteth House, Mooragh
Corkill Robert George, Liverpool House, Mooragh
Corkill Edward, grocer and provision dealer, 25 Waterloo-road
Corkill Robert, coal porter, Taubman-street
Corkill Thomas, 10 Albion-terrace
Corkill Thomas, fisherman, Ivy-lane
Corkill Thomas, bank manager, 10 Albion-terrace
Corkill William, painter, Tower-road
Corkill William, select private apartments, 7 South Promenade
Corkill William, clerk, Riverside
Corkhill Mrs Wm., confectioner and restaurant, Victoria Buildings
Corkill William, butcher' 24 King-street
Corkill William, grocer and wine and spirit merchant, 8 Dale-street
Corkill William, shoeing and general smith, Tower~street
Corkish Mrs, New York House, Victoria-road
Corkish Mrs, 28 Waterloo-road
Corkish Mrs, 11 Gladstone-terrace
Corkish Amos, butcher, 5 College-street
Corkish Henry, sail maker, East Quay
Corkish Henry, fisherman, 9 Strand-street
Corkish John, tailor, King's-court
Corkish Thomas, mariner, ~7 Church-street
CorkishThomas senior, mariner, 15 Church-street
Corkisb Robert, fisherman, 6 Templar-terrace
Corkish William, fruiterer and greengrocer, 70 Parliament-stree
Corlett Mrs Ann, r Chapel-lane
Corlett Mrs Catherine, the Gladstone, Victoria-road
Corlett Mrs Catherine, 7 Albert-street
Corlett Edward, 8 Westbourne-road
Corlett Mrs Elizabeth, 41 Waterloo-road
Corlett Mrs Elizabeth, Tower-road
Corlett Mrs Elizabeth. Rochdale House, Mooragh
Corlett Miss Ellen, May-hill
Corlett Henry, joiner and builder, 6 Waterloo-road
Corlett Henry, mason, 23 Church-street
Corlett James, gardener, 11 Windsor-terrace
Corlett John James, Coburg-road
Corlett John, coachbuilder, Taubman-street
Corlett John, grocer, Parliament-street
Corlett John, 1 Teare's-terrace
Corlett John, mason, 27 College-street :
Corlett Joseph, mason, 5 Albert-street
Corlett John James, cabinetmaker and upholster, Parliament-street
Corlett Miss Lotte, dressmaker, Bowring-road
Corlett Mrs Lee, Milntown-road
Corlett Mrs Mary, 28 Bowring-road
Corlett Miss May, lodging-house, 12 Albert-street
Corlett Mrs Margaret, 3 Windsor-terrace
Corlett Oscar, lodging-house, 5 South Promenade
Corlett Philip, saddler, Parliament-street
Corlett Philip, butcher and poulterer, Market-square
Corlett Mrs Margaret, greengrocer, Bowring-road
Corlert Robert, builder, May-hill
Corlett Robert, mason, 8 South Promenade
Corlett Thomas, coachbuilder, Dale-street
Corlett Thomas Arthur, family grocer and provision merchant, 26 Parliament street
Corlett Thomas, Acacia House, 74 Waterloo-road
Corlett Thomas, Oban House, Ballure road
Corlett Thomas, gardener, Windsor-road
Corlett Thomas, miller, Elder Cottage, Bowring-road
Corlett Thomas, mariner, 2 Marsden-street
Corlett William, Brookfield
Corlett William, watch and clockmaker, jeweller and optician, 1 Victoria buildings, Parliament-street
Corlett William, retired, 6 Waterloo-road
Corlett William, shoemaker, Teare's-terrace
Corlett William, carpenter, Water-street
Corlett William, carter, 8 Queen-street
Corlett William, coachman, Mayfield, Bowring-road
Corlett William, boomaker, 7 Victoria-buildings, and 24 West-quay
Cormode John, confectioner, 60 Parliament-street
Cormode John, greengrocer, Maughold-street
Corrin Herbert, Holmleigh Boarding House, Brook-hill
Corrin Richard Edward, private apartments, Avon-mount, Brook-hill
Corrin Richard, builder, Woodbine Villa
Corris Thomas, 9 Bark-lane
Cosnahan William James, sheet metal worker, and repairer of all kinds of bicycles, Parliament-square
Cotterell William, Bay-view
Cottier Edward, gardener, 9 Albert-street
Cottier Edward. coal porter, Templar-terrace
Cottier John, Taubman-street
Cottier Robert, carter, I I Strand-street
Cottier Thomas, labourer! Taubman-terrace
Cottier William, 34 Waterloo-road
Coulthurst Mrs Agnes, retired, 38 Waterloo-road
Cowen George B., art photographer, Waterloo-road
Cowin William, railway guard, 6 North Shore-road
Cowell & Wattleworth, timber, cement and slate merchants, The Bridge
Cowell Charles, baker, 52 Maughold-street
Cowell James, mason, 32 Maughold-street
Cowell John, mason, Tower-road
Cowell John R., grocer and provision merchant, Mona-street
Cowell John Robert, H. K,, J. P., Milntown-road
Cowell John Thomas, tailor, 23 Maughold-street
Cowell Mary Ann, confectioner, 58 Parliament-street
Cowell Thomas, carpenter, 3I Church~street
Cowle Daniel, joiner, 3a Church-street
Cowell Mrs Kneale, board and lodging house, Waverley House, Waterloo-road
Cowle Kneale, dining rooms and restaurant, 26 Church-street
Cowle Mrs Margaret, refreshment rooms, Waverley House, Waterloo-road
Cowley & Joughin, grocers, bakers and provision merchants, Athol buildings, Parliament-street, and 2 Tower-street
Cowley Robert, The Mount
Cowley Robert, fisherman, 7 Stand-street
Cowley Robert' J.P., timber, corn, seed and manure merchant, Parliament street; residence-The Mount, May-hill
Cowley Thomas, grocer, Summerland
Cowley William, Belmont-terrace
Craine Mrs & Miss, dress and mantlemakers, 2 Albert-street
Craine Bernard Arthur, 32 Waterloo-road
Craine Miss Isabella, York House, Mooragh
Craine John, advocate, 4 Waterloo-road
Craine John, professor of music, 4 Waterloo-road
Craine Mrs Mary A., confectioner and restaurant, East~street
Craine William, Milntown-road
Craine William, builder, 2 Albert-street
Crebbin Henry, porter, 6 College-street
Crellin Ca sar, gardener, Tower-road
Crellin Mrs Jane, 1 Ballure-road
Crellin John, hairdesser, 69 Parliament-street
Crellin Robert, coach proprietor, 15 Water-street
Crellin William, coachman, 2 Cannell's-court
Crennell Mrs Alice, Summerland
Crennell Daniel, joiner, the Old Cross
Crennell Henry D., Shipyard-road
Crennell Thomas, cooper, 24 Maughold-street
Crennell Thomas, Lake-side, Shore-road
Crennell William Taubman, grocer and wholesale provision merchant, 15 Parliament-street; residence-Summerland
Cretney Henry, engine driver, Bowring-road
Cretney James, butcher, Bark-lane
Criggall John, painter and decorator, 68a Parliament-street
Criwgall Miss Sarah, apartments. 26 South Promenade
Crossley Mrs Joyce A., 26 Maughold-street
Crowe Edward, 4 Ivy-lane
Crowe Mrs Jane, 7 Water-street
Crowe John Charles, family bread and biscuit baker, and confectioner, 10 Dale-street
Crowe John Charles, coachpainter, 10 College-street
Crowe Robert, porter, Bark-lane
Crowe William Francis, family grocer and baker, and provision dealer, 3a Church-street
Cruickshank James Murray, advocate and notary public, Water-street; residence-Cronkbrae
Cry John C., Windsor-mount
Cummings Ellen, greengrocer, 2 King-street
Cubbon Andrew, private apartments, Ferndale House, North Shore-road
Cubbon James, butcher, 36 Waterloo-road
Cubbon John, sailmaker. 8 Strand-street, and East-quay
Cubbon Thomas, licened porter, North Shore-road
Cubbon Thomas, master carter, Shipyard-road
Cubbon William, lodging-house, Ballure-road
Crennell William Racheb, billposter and advertising agent, Ivy Castle, South Promenade
Cubbon William, tobacconist and fishing tackle maker, Parliament-street
Curphey Alexander, painter, 9 Queen-street
Curphey Edward, carter, 30 College-street
Curphey John Henry, gardener, 7 Waterloo-road
Curphey Mrs Maria, private apartments, Elfin House, May-hill
Curphey, William, private apartments, Coburg House, Bay-view


Dagley Edward, general draper, milliner and outfitter, Glasgow House,Market-place; residence-Sea Mount
Daugherty Charles, salesman, 8 West-street
Daugherty Edward, Canmar House, Brook-Hill
Daugherty Michael, labourer, 26 College-street
Davenport & Co., tea and coffee merchants, 66 Parliament-street
Davis Miss Alice, Stafford House, Ballure-terrace
Davis Grace, 18 Maughold-street
Davis Mrs J., Kensington House, South Promenade
Davies Dr. Charles Augustus, South Promenade, Ramsey
Dawes Thomas, coastguard, 27 Gladstone-terrace
Dawes Edmund, salesman, In Bowring-road
Dawson Edward H., 9 Auckland-terrace
Dawson Edwd. Hy., car proprietor, 75 Parhament-street
Dawson John, car driver, Taubman-street
Dawson Robert, car driver, Brookfield-crescent
Dawson Thomas, blacksmith, 48 College-street
Dawson Thomas, tinsmith and ironmonger, Parliament-street
Dawson William, Albion-terrace, 14 Lezayre-road
Dodd Peter, stonecutter, ro Strand-street
Dodgson Mrs Mary A., 45 Waterloo-road
Doran Mrs, 18 South Promenade
Doran William, labourer, 5 Maughold-street
Douglas Robert, private apartments, I Ballure-terrace
Dow David, Glen View House, Station-road
Dow Mrs Jane, 5 Loch Villas
Duffy Patrick, marine store and general dealer g e, Albert Cottages, Promenade
Dugdale Daniel, carter, 2 Teare's-terrace
Dugdale William, labourer, 18 College-street
Duggan James Cleator, boat builder, Shipyard
Dunwoodie John, butcher, 30 College.-street
Dumbell's Banking Co. (E. C. Kerr, manager), Peel-street, Waterloo-road


Edwards John F., chimney sweeper, Maughold-street
Ellison William, herbalist, 6 Church-street
Evans Fred., Windsor-mount


Faber Rev. Edward A., Lezayre Mount
Fairnington John, builder, Lancashire House, Ballure Mount
Fargher Mrs, Marlborough House, Ballure-road
Fargher Mrs, Highfield House Ballure Mount
Faragher John, labourer, 3 Coliege-street
Faragher John, 2 Water-street
Faragher Joseph, grocer and wine and spirit merchant, Approach-road
Faragher Mrs Margaret, 17 Maughold-street
Faragher Thomas A. tea and coffee merchant, grocer and provision dealer, South End Grocery Stores, Queen's-drive
Farrington The Misses E. & Ann, milliners and dressmakers, Parliament-st
Farr~ngton Mrs G. L., Athole House, Stanley Mount
Fayle Robert, mason, 24 Bowring-road
Feeny, Pellter Josepdh, wine and spirit merchant (of Liverpool), Beech Cottage,
Fennah Edward, schoolmaster, Waterloo-road -
Ferguson John Robert, lawyer's clerk, Albert-road
Flemmmg John, seaman, Hanley Villa, North Shore-road
Fletcher Mrs Christian, 8 Albion-terrace
Forshaw William Henry, Victoria Hotel, Tower-street


Gale Mrs Elizabeth, restaurant and dining-rooms, 8 Market-place
Gale John, 50 Maughold-street
Gale John, labourer, Chapel-lane ~
Gale Robert, labourer, 5 Marsden-street
Gale Thomas, baker, 20 Strand-street
Gale William, carter, Tower-road
Gallagher John Joseph, tin-smith, 22 Church-street
GandyFrederick, schoolmaster, Jurby-road
Garrett Ephraim, shoemaker, Tower-road
Garrett Mrs Catherine, dining and refreshment rooms, 3, Church-street
Garrett The Misses Catherine and Emily, milliners, &c., 3 Church street
Garrett Edward, master mariner, 14 Queen-street
Garrett William, seaman, 7 King-street
Garrett William, market gardener, Windsor-road
Gawne Mrs, 24 Waterloo-road
Gawne John, fisherman, 28 King-street
Gawne Keppel, lo Waterioo-road
Gawne John, labourer, 3 Waterloo-road
Gawne John select private apartments, Rushen House, 21 Waterloo-road
Gell John McHutchin, surgeon, 4 Auckland-terrace
Gelling James, butcher and farmer, 44 Church-street; and at 26 Waterloo road
George Mrs Jane, licensed victualler, Trafalgar Inn, The Quay
Gilder Mrs Harriett, St. Olave's Vicarage, 2 Jurby-road
Gill Mrs Eliza, North Shore-road
Gill Henry, Summerland
Gill Henry, grocer and spirit merchant, 36 Parliament-street
Gill Mrs Jane, Ivy-lane
Gill Robert Edward, grocer and Vine and spirit merchant, 29 Parliament street
Gill Thomas, confectioner, 54 Parliament-street
Gillett Frederick, The Arbour, Milntown-road
Gillow Dean, 50 Waterloo-road
Gilmoar Mrs Mary, retired, Maycroft, May Hill
Glossop Mrs Ann, Dovedale House, Ballure Mount
Goldsmith Miss, Frissel View, Waterloo-road
Goldsmith Mrs Eliza Jane, Coburg-road l
Goldsmith Mrs Jane, shopkeeper, [King-street
Goldsmith William, labourer, 21 Maughold-street
Goold J. S., gentleman, Ballure Cottage, Ballure-road
Graham Mrs Sarah, 14 Westbourne-road
Craves James, Royal Oak Dining-rooms, Market-place
Gray Miss Frances, 4.Altdale-terrace
Grigg Miss (Sister), Matron of the Children's Home, Ramsey Park
Grindley Walter, district reporter for The Isle of Man Times, Peel-street


Hadley Arthur, photographer, 4 South Promenade
Halsall Mrs Sarah, Teare's-terrace
Hall Henry, ironmonger and general dealer, tinsmith, &c., 46 Church-street
Hampton Mrs Margaret, postmistress, Brookfield
Harrison Mrs Annie, Dormer Housc, Walpole-drive
Harrison Rev. Stephen N. (retired), May Hill
Harrison Robert, nailmaker, Maughold-street
Harris George, apartments, 63 Waterloo-road
Harker George, draper's manager, 8 Waterloo-road
Harper Mrs Jane, dress and mantle maker, Tower-road
Harper William, seaman, Tower-road
Hattersley Miss Elizabeth, preparatory school, Waterloo-road
Healy William, Albert-square
Hempmstall Mrs Margaret, Neptune Cottage, 22 South Promenade
Henderson James, provender merchant, the Quay
Heywood Mrs Mary Ann, cowkeeper, Parliament-street
Heyes Charles B., printer, stationer, bookbinder, and fancy goods dealer, Ramsey Courter office, 19 Parliament-street; residence-Brookfield
Hicks Robert, seaman, I Loch Villas
Hilton Mrs, 9 Coburg-road
Hobson Mrs Isabella, 17 Waterloo-road
Hodgson John Albert, I Bowring-road
Holden William, licensed victualler, Commercial Hotel, Market-place
Holmes Elizabeth, "Royal" Family and Commercial Hotel, Market place
Horne James, engine driver, Milntown-road
Howland Miss Jane, Templar-terrace
Howland Daniel, stoker, Shipyard-road
Howland Brothers, bakers and confectioners, 30 Parliament-street
Howland Robert, mason, Teare's-terrace
Howland Robert, labourer, 8 Marsden-street
Hughes Walter, sailmaker, East-quay
Hunter Mrs Ann Jane, Teare's-terrace
Hunt Miss (sister), joint matron Children's Home, Ramsey Park
Hurcomb Henry, road contractor, Seacombe House, 15 South Promenade


Isherwood Mrs, 6 May-hill
Isle of Man Banking Company, Thomas Corkhill, manager, Parliament-street
"Isle of Man Times" Ramsey branch, Peel-street-Walter Grindley, representative.


Jackson Joseph, chemist, ~3 Windsor-terrace
Jackson Joseph, labourer, 11 College-street
Jackson Mrs J., apartments, 13 Windsor-terrace
Jacobson N., hatter, &c., 42 Parliament-street
Jelly William, road surveyor, 42 Church-street
Jennings Thomas, mariner, Taubman-street
Jepson Mrs Harriett, 28 Maughold-street
Jones Mrs Mary Ann, 25 Maughold-street
Joughin Mrs E:lleanor, 2 Waverley-terrace, Waterloo-road
Joughin Mrs Esther, select private apartments, 22 Bowring~road
Joughin John, luggage porter, Barrack-yard
Joughin Victor, Hawarden-terrace, May-hill
Joughin Victor Charles, ironmonger, plumber, gasfitter, and tinsmith, Parliament-street and Court-row
Joughin William, coal merchant, Parliament-street; and at Douglas


Kaighen Joseph, fisherman, 2 Queen street
Kaighin Mrs Judith C., lodging house, Trafalgar House, 23 South Parade
Kaighin Mrs Margaret, Tower View, Ballure-road
Kaneen Mrs Eleanor, Springfield House, 76 Waterloo-road
Karran John. cardriver, 54 Waterloo-road
Kay George, architect, Parliament-street; residence-Milntown-road
Kee Daniel and Charles, watchmakers and jewellers, 1 East-street
Kee Mrs Eliza, apartments, 40 East-street
Kee John, master mariner, May-hill
Kee James Edward, family grocer and provision merchant, 22 West quay; residence--26 Waterloo-road
Keig John William, grocer and wine and spirit merchant, 40 Parliament-street
Kelly Edmund, Thornleigh, Ballure-road
Kelly Edmund, fishing tackle manufacturer and hairdresser, Market-place
Kelly Mrs Emily, 2 Loch Villas
Kelly Henry, postman, Victoria House, Windsor-road
Kelly Miss Isabella, apartments, Taubman-street
Kelly John, mason, Washington House, Victoria-road
Kelly Thomas, builder, Lancashire House, Ballure-road
Kelly Thomas, joiner, In Queen-street
Kennedy John, car proprietor, 29 Waterloo-road
Kent Mrs, 43 Bowring-road
Kennion Daniel, tailor, Shipyard-road
Kermeen Edward, licensed victualler, Stanley Inn, the Quay
Kermeen Mrs Jane, licensed victualler, Bridge Inn, Bowring-road
Kermeen Mrs Margaret, 46 College-street
Kermeen Robert, foreman, Bowring-road
Kermode & Callow, general drapers, Athol Buildings, Parliament-street
Kermode Miss Annie, 18 Waterloo-road
Kermode Edward, mason, Ballure-road
Kermode Miss Eliza, Brookland House, Brook-hill
Kermode John, seaman, 61 Waterloo-road
Kermode Miss Mary Ann, The Bazaar and Servants' Registry, 23 Parliament-street
Kermode Philip Moore Callow, advocate, Water-street
Kermode Philip C., Hillside
Kermode William, Balmoral House, South Promenade
Kermode William, journeyman bootmaker, 14 Mona-street
Kerr Mrs, Washington Villa, Ballure-road
Kerr Edward Christian, manager Dumbell's Bank (local), Peel-street and Waterloo-road
Kerruish Edmund, 31 Bowring-road
Kerruish Henry C., grocer and spirit dealer, Peel-street
Kerruish John Robert, gentleman, May-hill
Kerruish William, apartments, 47 Waterloo-road
Kerruish William, cardriver, Approach-road
Kewin Charles, butcher, Peel-street
Kewish Mrs Jane, 5 Ballure-terrace
Kewley John, lodging house, Shore House, 14 South Promenade
Kewley John, ship and general smith, West-quay
Kewley Thomas, labourer, Ivy-lane
Kewley William Thomas, blacksmith, 43 Waterloo-road
Killey Mrs, 36 Bowring-road
Killey James, labourer, 2 Cannell's-lane
Killey John, seaman, 31 College-street
Killey William, driver, ~ Cowell's-terrace
King Mrs, 71 Waterloo-road
Kinnan William, fishmonger, Mona-street
Kinnish Henry, engineer, 29 Bowring-road
Kinnish Henry, engineer and millwright, iron and wood turner, 7 Church-street
Kinnish James W., compositor, 11 Albert-street
Kinnish John, porter, North Shore-road
Kinnish Robert, family grocer, seed, corn, and manure merchant, 2 Church-street
Kinnish Thomas, labourer, 3 Bark-lane
Kinrade Mrs Ann, ~ Cannell's-court
Kinrade Charles, boatowner, Warren House, South Promenade
Kinrade Henry, lodging-house, Walpole House, Stanley Mount
Kinrade James, labourer, 42 College-street
Kinrade John, 3 Chapel-lane
Kinrade Robert, grocer, 2 Queen-street
Kinrade Robert, painter, Tower-road
Kinrade Thomas, boatowner, Waterloo-road
Kinvig Richard Henry, Waterloo-road
Kirton Matthew, the Tower Boarding Establishment, Brook-hill
Kissack Charles, 42 Parliament-street
Kissack Mrs Eliza, shop manageress, 44 Parliament-street
Kissack Henry, watchmaker, jeweller, and fancy goods dealer, china and glass dealer, 2 Church-street
Kissack John, Belmont-terrace
Kissack John James, Taubman-street
Kissack John James, joiner, 20 Bowring-road
Kissack Mrs Margaret, milk dealer, 1 Taubman-street
Kissack Robert, Salisbury House, Brook-hill
Kitto Albert, ship and insurance broker. 9 Mona-street, residence-Maycroft
Kneale Charles, fisherman, 31, Gladstone-terrace
Kneale Mrs Elizabeth, lo Marsden-street
Kneale Mrs Jane, I Windsor-terrace
Kneale John S., butcher, Queen's-drive
Kneale John, builder, Rockside, Waterloo-road
Kneale John, engine driver, 4 Loch Villas
Kneale John S., Sea View Villa Boarding-house, Brook-hill
Kneale John Thomas, bootmaker, 28 Bowring-road
Kneale Thomas, confectioner, 56 Parliament-street
Kneale Thomas, joiner and builder, Coburg-road
Kneale Thomas, 69 Waterloo-road
Kneale William H., tailor, hatter, hosier, and gentleman's outfitter, 22 Parliament-street and 7 Quay
Kneale William (private), Hawarden-terrace, May-hill
Kneen Alfred, auctioneer, agent for the British Law Fire Insurance office, 2 Court-row
Kneen Mrs Ann, 5 Strand-street
Kneen Mrs Catherine, grocer and provision dealer, 32 Bowring-road
Kneen Henry, boot and shoe warehouse, 4 Victoria-buildings
Kneen John, farmer, 32 Bowring-road
Kneen Hugh butcher and farmer, 20 Church-street
Kneen John James, mariner, 3 Cowell's-terrace
Kneen Thomas, mariner, 30 King-street
Kneen Thomas, mariner, 53 Waterloo-road
Kneen William, builder, 16 Bowring-road
Knight William, fisherman, Hanley Villas, North Shore-road


Lace Mrs Catherine Eliza, select private apartments, Grenaby House, Coburg-road
Lace James, fisherman, 9 Marsden-street
Lace Mrs Mary A., Shipyard-road
Lace Thomas, saddler, Taubman-street
Lawman Thomas William, gardener, 19 Railway-terrace
Lambert James, Billiard and Bowling Saloon, South Promenade
LaMothe J C., High-Bailiff, 10 Coburg-road
LaMothe J. C., advocate and notary public, Agent for the Alliance Fire and Life, Court-row
LaMothe F. M., advocate, Parliament-street
Lang Joseph, head master, Wesleyan schools
Laughlin Mrs Elizabeth, Albion-terrace, ~6 Lezayre-road
Laughlin Bros. (Alfred and Edwin), chemists, 12 Parliament-street
Lavery Bros., painters, plumbers, and gasfitters, zI Parliament-street
Lavery Robert, Sea Mount, Brook Hill-road
Lowe Thomas, veterinary surgeon, Belmont-terrace
Lawton Josiah, tailor and woollen draper, 9 Victoria Buildings
Lewis Mrs Catherine, apartments, 26 Radcliffe-terrace
Leonard Mrs Edith B., Laurel House, the Crescent
Leadbeater Peter, fisherman, 5 Queen-street
Leadbeater Richard, fisherman, Malvern House, Albert-street
Lilley Thomas, plasterer, 5 Gladstone-terrace
Lindsay John, cardriver, 1 Market-place
Lindsay John, grocer and provision dealer, 3 Parliament-street
Lindsay John, tobacconist and car proprietor, 44 Parliament-street
Limna Thomas, Roddington House, Mooragh
Limna Mrs Elizabeth, Friendship Inn, the Quay
Lloyd John, fellmonger, tanner, Currier, and leather merchant, Bark-lane
Lockett John, general draper, 36 Parliament-street
Lockett John, Altdale-terrace, Lezayre-road
Longworth Joseph, coachman, Taubman-street
Lord John, mariner, 28 Church-street
Lord John, painter, Jurby-road
Lord Thomas, porter, Barrack-yard
Looney Mrs A., 24 College-street
Looney Edward, boatowner, May-hill
Looney James, 38 Maughold-street
Looney Mrs James, confectioner, 64 Parliament-street
Looney Mrs John, 40 Maughold-street
Looney John, 4 Ivy-lane
Looney John, mason, 4 Cannell's-lane
Looney John Callow, manager Manx Bank, Parliament-street
Looney Mrs Maria, 2,T Maughold-street
Looney, Joseph, mason, 62 Waterloo-road
Looney William, Customs officer, Waterloo-road
Lyall Robert, labourer, 7 Gladstone-terrace
Lynn Samuel Wm., printer and bookseller, Ramsey Weekly News office, 13 Parliament-street


Macartney Rev. Thomas James, Wesleyan minister, 16 Waterloo-road
McCormick Ann, 8 Templar-terrace
McConniclc Joseph, butcher, 16 King-street
McCormick Miss Mary, Armadale House, Shore-road, Mooragh
McCormick Thomas, labourer, 9 Gladstone-terrace
McDonald Alexander, joiner, 22 Westbourne-road
McEwan Matthew, ironmonger, the Quay
McGuinness Mrs Catherine, retired, 2 May-hill
McMurtrie Andrew, fireman, Clare House, Forth Shore-road
McMurtrie Robert John, stonemason, 19 Church-street
McMurtrie Mrs Robert John, confectioner, 19 Church-street
McNight J., fisherman, 8 North Shore-road
McNight Philip, Alpine House, Waterloo-road
McKnight William, fisherman,10 Queen-ctreet
McNeill Thomas, mason, Strand-street
McWhannell James, corn merchant, West-quay
McWhannell Llewellyn, M B., C.M., Surgeon and Physician, 10 Auckland terrace
Maltby Rev. J. B., 4 Albion-terrace
Manns Samuel, labourer, 9 College-street
Manx Bank, Limited, John Callow Looney, manager, Parliament-street
Marsh Mrs Jane, Milntown-road
Marshall Wm. S., manager for Aylen & Co., 10 Parliament-street
Martin Allan, labourer, S King-street
Martin Mrs Ann. 33 College-street
Martin Edward, Albion-terrace, 12 Lezayre-road
Martin Mrs Isabella, Tower-road
Martin William, boat owner, Barrack Yard
Matthews Mrs Jane Ann, Temperance Hotel and dining rooms, 27 Church-street
Mattie Mrs Mary and Isabella, Windsor Mount
Mawby Miss C. F., 2 Coburg-road
Mercer George, clerk, 13 Railway-terrace
Midgley Miss Annie J., Premier House, Mooragh
Midwood Thomas Horsfall, photographer and billiard-room proprietor, South Promenade
Miller Alfred, postman, 25 Gladstone-terrace
Miller Robert, baker and confectioner, 33 Parliament-street
Miller Robert, labourer, 8 Bark-lane
Mills Catherine, A Maughold-street
Mills George Frederick, family bootmaker, 6 Market-place
Mills Walter H., painter, decorator, and paperhanger, Market-place
Mills Walter, 34 Maughold-street
Miles William, gardener, 6 Strand-street
Moore Miss, 66 Waterloo-road
Moore Miss, Victoria House, Ballure Mount
Moore Alfred, art photographer, " Premier Studio," 23 Waterloo-road
Moore Mrs Clara, Westminster House, 19 Waterloo-road
Moore Mrs Jane, Queen's-drive
Moore John William, Abbey House, Walpole-drive
Moore Robert, sawyer, 3 Templar-terrace
Moore William, bootmaker, 40 Church-street
Morris Rev. William, M.A.,Vicar of St. Olave's, Sunny Mount
Morsison James, apartments, 48 Waterloo-road
Mortimer John, Sunnybank, Milntown-road
Mortimer Samuel, 2 Coburg-road
Moughton James, butcher, 27 Water-street
Moysey Edward Bangor, choir master, Summerland
Murray Miss Jane, lodging-house, 4 Ballure-terrace


Nelson Charles Banks, advocate and notary public, Albert-street; residence — St. Olives, Bowring-road
Nelson Miss Louisa, dressmaker, 5 Church-street
Nelson John, the Albion family and commercial Hotel, Stanley Mount
Newton Mr, 2 Altdale-terrace, Lezayre-road
Newton Rev. Alfred, M.A., Grammar School, Mooragh


Oates Mrs, Sea View, Windsor Mount
O'Halloran Michael, retired, (Customs) pensioner, Brookfield


Pain Mrs, Mona Ville Boarding-house, Ballure-road
Palethorpe A. J., chemist and dentist, 2 Saddle Buildings, Parliament-street
Pallister John, chemist and druggist, and tobacconist, 17 Parliament-street
Parkinson James William, foreman, 5 North Shore-road
Parr Joseph, builders merchant, Derby-road; and at Litherland-road, Bootle, James Sawyer, local manager
Partridge James, 15 King-street
Partridge J., fisherman, West-quay
Pass Richard, accountant, 1 Gladstone-terrace
Paterson James W., railway accountant, 5 Hespera-terrace
Paton Rev. George, Chaplain of Ramsey, the Parsonage
Patterson Mrs Alice, 39 Waterloo-road
Patterson George, gentleman, Ashville, the Crescent
Peace J. R. & C., oil merchants, the Quay
Pease Edward, lodging house, Beach View, Windsor Mount
Peat John, fruiterer and greengrocer, 32 Church-street
Peckham Henry, fishmonger and car proprietor, Market-place
Peckham Henry, original dining rooms, Market-place
Penfold Mrs Eleanor, St. Trinians, Bowring-road
Perry John, labourer, 13 College-street
Peterson Charles mariner, 16 Strand-street
Pilkington Wm., licensed victualler, Union Hotel, East Quay
Pinder Thomas, gentleman. Seafield, Ballure-road
Pitt John James, carter, 39 Maughold-street .
Pitt Mrs Jane, 12 Approach-road
Pitt James Thomas, saddler, East-street
Preston John, labourer, 33 College-street
Price Hamilton, Sunnyland, Coburg-road
Priestland Arthur, chemist and seedsman, 38 Parliament-street
Prince of Wales Family and Commercial Hotel, the Esplanade Miss Olive Rutledge, manageress
Pritchard Edward, labourer, 9 Templar-road
Pritchard Thomac William, agent, 3 Coburg-road
Pursell Miss Euphemia, confectionery and refreshment rooms, 14 Dale-street
Purcell James, Central Hotel, Station-road


Quayle M. & A., milliners and ladies and children's outfitters, 28 Parliament-street
Quayle Alexander, plasterer, 40 College-street
Quayle Mrs Charles, confectioner, 3 Bourne-place
Quayle George, tailor and woollen draper, 9 Parliament-street
Quayle George, Belgrave House, Ballure Mount
Quayle Edward, grocer and wine and spirit merchant, Market-place
Quayle Harry, baker and confectioner, Bowring-road
Quayle James, bootmaker, 8 Loch Villas
Quayle Mrs Jane, 7 King-street
Quayle John, mason, 10 Templar-terrace
Quayle John, shopkeeper, 32 West-quay
Quayle John, labourer, 26 King-street
Quayle John James, upholsterer and carriage trimmer, 58 Waterlon-road
Quayle John, labourer, r College-street
Quayle Mrs Margaret, 7 Marsden-street
Quayle Mrs Margaret, laundress, 10 Approach-road
Quayle Miss Nora, Altdale-terrace, Lezayre-road
Quayle Philip, grocer and baker, the Old Cross
Quayle Thomas, baker, 13 Maughold-street
Quayle.Thomas, mason, Shipyard-road
Quayle William, baker, 18 the Quay
Quayle William, fisherman, 44 College-street
Quayle Wiliiam, tailor, &c., Peel-street: residence-12 Mona-street
Qualtrough & Co., mineral water manufacturers, Shipyard-road
Quarrie William, labourer, 22 Maughold-street
Quilliam Mrs Betsy, 19 South Promenade
Quilliam James, porter. 8 College-street
Quilleish John, engineer, Belmont-terrace
Quine Mrs Ellen, Copeland House, 5 South Promenade
Quine William, Albion House, May-hill
Quine Edward, joiner and builder, Hanley Villas, North Shore-road
Quirk Caesar, mason, Taubman-street
Quirk John, labourer, 5 College-street
Quirk Robert, labourer, 17 College-street


Radcliffe Hester, confectioner, 14 Maughold-street
Radcliffe James, labourer, 28 College-street
Radcliffe John, Belmont Villas, Jurby-road
Radcliffe John, master tailor, 50 Church-street
Radcliffe Miss J., Rosslyn House, 16 South Promenade
Radcliffe John, saddler and harness maker, Peel-street
Radcliffe Louis, labourer, 5 Teare's-terrace
Radcliffe Richard, secretary of the Ramsey Water Works; agent for the " Sun " Fire and Life insurance Office, Water-street; residence-Beaumont-road
Radcliffe Thomas, joiner and builder, Christian-road
Radcliffe Thomas, labourer, 11 Templar-terrace
Radcliffe Thomas, labourer, 25 College-street
Radcliffe Thomas & Son, coach builders and wheelwrights, Water-st
Radcliffe Walter, Kingsley Walpole-drive
Radcliffe William, select private apartments, 26 Bowring-road
Ramsay James, Manchester warehouseman, 15 Windsor-terrace
Ramsey National School — Edward Fennah, head master, P. H. Fargher, assistant; Mrs Rawlinson, head mistress; Mrs Sempkin, mistress; Miss J. Mills, assistant
Ramsey Wesleyan School — Joseph Lang, head master; Albert Edward Crane, assistant, Miss M. Christian, infants
Rawlinson Mrs, Stanley Villas, North Shore-road
Raye Miss Annie, apartments, 41 Bowring-road
Redfern Mrs Anna, Fern Cliff, North Shore-road, Mooragh
Renton Mrs Henrietta, 4 Templar-terrace
Richardson Herbert, Belle Vue, North Shore-road
Richmond Edgar, fruiterer and greengrocer, Peel-street
Robinson Samuel, mason, Hanley Villas, North Shore-road
Rome Joseph, 48 Maughold-street
Roose William Daniel, gentleman, 6 Ballure-road
Ross Mrs Jane, 3 Strand-street
Rowe Mrs Margaret, Rothesay House, Brookhill
Rothwell Miss Jane, apartments, 8 Windsor-terrace
Rothwell Mrs Mary, 65 Waterloo-road


Saunderson Frederick, Civil engineer and surveyor, Albert-street
Sawrey Mrs Esther, Swan Hotel, Promenade
Sayle The Misses, select private apartments, lo South Promenade
Sayle Mrs Ann, Cleveland House, South Promenade
Sawyer James, manager for Messrs Joseph Parr, private apartments, 10 Westbourne-road
Sayle Daniel, watchmaker, 48 Parliament-street and 10 South Promenade
Sayle Thomas, labourer, Shipyard-road
Schofield Mrs Catherine, Hespera-terrace
Scott Robert, gentleman, Dunluce House, Ballure-road
Sharpe Andrew, engineer, 9 Loch Villas
Sharpe Robert James, grocer, baker, and provision dealer, Westend Bakery, Parliament-street
Shepherd Miss Rose, Seaforth House, Windsor-terrace
Shepherd George Law, fruiterer and greengrocer, Parliament-street
Shimmin William, general draper, milliner, linen and woollen draper, and general furnishing warehouse. 27 Parliament-street
Shimmin William, Hill Crest
Shore Thomas Maydew, boarding and lodging house, Rushen House, Queen's-drive
Sidebotham Henry, 46 Bowring-road
Simpkin Frederick, plumber, 23 Bowring-road
Simpkin Mrs Jane Oram, infant school teacher (St. Paul's), 23 Bowring-road
Singer Manufacturing Co., John Peat, local agent, 10 Church-street
Skillicorn Mrs Edward, confectioner, 18 Church-street
Skillicorn Miss Katie, Albany Boarding-House, Stanley-mount
Skillicorn Bros., bootmakers, 21 West-quay
Skillen George, labourer, 34 College-road
Skillicorn James Stephen, tailor and woollen draper, 11 Parliament street
Skillicorn John, labourer, 20 College-street
Skillicorn Philip, labourer, Brookfield-avenue
Skillicorn William H., local agent for the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co., East-Quay
Skillicorn William, painter and decorator, Parliament-street
Skrien Mrs, Windsor-mount
Smart & Co., general grocers and patent medicine vendors, 3 Market place
Smith Thomas, Brunswick House, Hope-stleet, Mooragh
Smith Mrs Elizabeth, Crown Hotel, Parliament-street
Southward Mrs Mary C., ladies'fancy repository, 79 Parliament-street
Southwood Bros., of Sulby Mill, woollen manufacturers and dyers, Water-street
Spencer Miss Louisa, Bowring-road
Spitty William, sailor, 6 Queen-street
Sprainger Mrs Annie, retired, 14 Waterloo-road
Starkey Mrs Ellen, shopkeeper, King-street
Starkey Edward, driver, Market-lane
Starkey William, porter, 18 Strand-street
Steele Mrs, Summerland
Stevenson John, grocer and baker, Market-place
Stephen Thomas, mariner, Taubman-street
Stewart Charles, labourer, 17 Railway-terrace
Stewart Robert, hostler, 8 Albert-street
Storey William, bicycles, tricycles, basinnettes, and mail carts for hire, the Arcade
Storey William, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 71 Parliament-street
Stowell Mrs Hannah, apartments, 30 Church-street
Stowell Misses Mary Ann and Elizabeth, 16 Windsor-terrace
Stowell John, tailor, Bark-lane
Stowell & Kelly, general drapers and milliners, 20 Parliament-street
Surplice Mrs Agnes, Milntown-road
Surridge John, baker, 3 Maughold-street
Surridge William, car proprietor and lodging-house, 6 South Promenade
Surridge William Henry, licensed victualler, Bridge Inn
Swales Thomas, chemist, Market-place


Taggart Miss Elizabeth, bookseller, stationer, newsagent, and fancy goods dealer, 35 Parliament-street
Taggart John, tailor, 24 Church-street
Taggart Stephen, insurance agent, Teare's-terrace
Tate John, Beulah House, Brookhill
Taubrnan C., 18 Westbourne-road
Taubman Mrs Catherine, Auburn Cottage, Lezayre-road
Taubman William Henry, shipping agent, East-quay
Taylor Francis, surgeon dentist, 5 Auckland-terrace
Taylor Frank, dental assistant, 30 Bowring-road
Taylor William, labourer, 30 Maughold-street
Teare Mrs, 52, Waterloo-road
Teare Mrs, and Mlss A. Clucas, ladies' school, Albert-square
Teare Mrs Isabella M., Albert-square
Teare John, practical family bootmaker, 1 West~quay
Teare Mrs Margaret A., 34 Bowring-road
Tease Mrs Maria, Lake Ville, Shore-road
Teare Robert, horse shoer and general smith, Bowring-road
Teare Robert, fruiterer, greengrocer, and confectioner, 11 Parliament-street
Teare Thomas, mariner, 45 Bowring-road
Teare Thomas, Summerland
Teare Thomas & Co., linen and woollen drapers, 24 Parliament-street
Teare William, 14 Bowring-road
Teare William, household stores, North Shore-road
Tellet Frederick Stevenson, C.P., physician and surgeon, Auburn House, Lezayre-road
Thellusson Colonel, Mount Auldyn, Jurby-road
Thomas Mrs, fish dealer, 13 Strand-street
Thompson James, gardener, Windsor Cottages
Thompson Mrs Mary, 12 King-street
Thompson Robert, railway guard, 23 Gladstone-terrace
Towle Mrs Mary, 6 Ballure-terrace
Tregalis Thomas, blacksmith, Taubman-street
Tupper Mrs Margaret, Arioso House, Victoria-road
Tuthill Mrs Elizabeth, 42 Bowring-road
Twigg Frederick, Auckland House, 21 South Promenade
Twitchett William R., superintendent of Customs, 2 Hespera-terrace
Tyas Mrs Mary, Brookfield


Vince Frederick, coastguard, 25 Gladstone-terrace
Vondy Daniel, grocer and spirit merchant, 14 Parliament-street, and 5 West-quay


Wade Miss, May Hill
Wade Miss Frances, family butcher, 1 Bourne-place
Wade John, farmer, 35 Bowring-road
Wade William, gardener, Mona House, Brook-hill
Waite Mrs Mary, lodging-house, Sheffield House, Stanley-road
Wall Alfred, brewer, May-hill
Walmsley Thomas, fruiterer and poulterer, 33 Church-street
Warran John, bricklayer and contractor, Brookfield Crescent
Watkins -, 4 Albert-street
Watson John, farmer, 22 Strand-street
Watterson John, joiner, Oakley House, Ballure-road
Watterson Thomas, tailor, 20 Westbourne-road
Wattleworth -, Parsonage-road
Wattleworth Charles, ironmonger, 60 Waterloo-road
Wattleworth Robert, confectioner, ~ Dale-street
Wattleworth William, porter, 19 College-street
Westbrook Miss Ada E., ladies' school, Claremont House, Bowring-road
Whitaker William, Sandringham boarding-house, Ballure Mount
White John, fisherman, East-quay
Wild Mrs Catherine, Queen's family and commercial Hotel, South
Williams Mrs A., 2 Queen-street
Willoughby John Thomas, stevedore and shipping agent, 10 Mona-st
Wimshurst John B., May-hill
Wilson Frederick, M.D., surgeon and physician, Peel-street, Waterloo
Wood Mrs Julia Sophia, Milntown-road
Wood Mrs Lavina Ann, Albert family and commercial Hotel, South
Wylde Thomas P., mineral water manufacturer, Christian-street and Riverside


Yeoward John, Brookfield; agent for Peace & Co., oil merchants


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