[From Brown's Directory, 1894]




Bell James, public offices
Boyde John, North Shore-road
Chrystal Bros., Bowring-road
Kitto A., 9 Mona-street


Craine John, 4 Waterloo-road
Cruickshank James Murray, Masonic-buildings
Kermode Philip P. M. C., Masonic Buildings
La Mothe Frederick Malcom,Victoria chambers, Parliament-street
La Mothe John C., Court-row
Nelson Charles Banks, Notary Public


Boyde John Thomas, North Shore-road
Kay George, Victoria-chambers, Parliament-street


Chrystal Brothers, Bowring-road
Kneen Alfred, Court-square


Dumbell’s Banking Co.—E. C. Kerr, manager, Peel-street
Isle of Man Banking Co.—Thomas Corkill, manager, Parliament-st.
Manx Bank, Ltd.—John C. Looney, manager, 52 Parliament-street

Bakers and Confectioners.

Caley Elizabeth, 6 The Old Cross
Craine, Mrs Mary, 2 East-street
Clucas & Harrison, 34 Church-street
Cormode John, 60 Parliament-street
Corkill Mrs Wm., Victoria-buildings
Cowell Mary Ann, 58 Parliament-street
Corkill Thomas W. K., Waterloo-road
Crowe John Charles, 10 Dale-street
Darbyshire Richard, South Promenade
Ellison Daniel, 9 King-street
Ellison F., Church-street
Howland Bros., 30 Parliament-street
Kneale Thomas, 56 Parliament street
Looney James, 64 Parliament-street
McMurtrie Robt. J., 19 Church-street
Miller Robert, 33 Parliament-street
Purcell Miss Euphemia, 14 Dale-street
Quayle Mrs Charles 3 Bourne-place
Quayle Robert E., Bowring-road
Radcliffe Heaton, 14 Maughold-street
Skillicorn Mrs Edward, 18 Church-st.
Stevenson John, Market-place
Wattleworth Robert, 1 Dale-street

Bicycle Depots.

Cosnahan William, Parliament-square
Story William, The Arcade


Heyes Charles B., "Courier" Office, Parliament-street •


Heyes Charles B., 19 Parliament-st.
Lynn Samuel W., 13 Parliament-street
Strickett Miss, Parliament-street
Taggart Elizabeth, 35 Parliament-st.


Callow Thomas, 2 College-street
Cannell William, 4 the Quay
Clague William Henry, East-street
Corlett Wm., 24 West-quay and 6 Victoria Buildings, Parliament-street
Kneale John, 75 Parliament-street
Kneen Henry, 2 Victoria Buildings, Parliament-street
Mills George Fredk., 6 Market-place
Moore William, 40 Church-street
Skillicorn Bros., 21 West-quay
Teare John, 1 the Quay


Royal Albert Brewery Co.—Alfred Wall, managing director, West-st

Brick and Tile Manufacturers.

Kay George, Port Lewaigue


Boyde William, Bowring-road
Callow James and Sons, the Quay
Callow William, Waverley-terrace, Waterloo-road
Callow Daniel Charles, Gladstone House, Gladstone-road
Corkill Robert, West-quay
Corlett Henry, 6 Waterloo-road
Corlett Thomas, May Hill
Corrin Richard, Woodbine Villa, the Crescent
Cowle Daniel, Church-street
Fairnington John, Ballure Mount
Kneale John, Waterloo-soad
Nelson Stephen A., Stanley-Mount
Radcliffe Thomas C., Christian-road
Quine Edward, Hanley Villas

Builders’ Merchants.

Cowell and Wattleworth, the Bridge
Cowley Robert, ~ Victoria Buildings, Parliament-street
Parr Joseph, the Bridge


Bosley Wm.,Market place and King-St
Brew John and William, Bourne-place
Christian John, Old Cross
Clark William D., Bowring-road
Corlett Philip, Market-place
Connall William, Approach-road
Collins Charles, 62 Parliament-street
Cubbon Edward, 12 Church-street
Gelling James, 44 Church-street
Kewin Charles, Peel-street
Kneale John S., Queen’s-drive
Kneen Hugh, 20 Church-street
McCormick Joseph, 16 King-street
Wade Fanny, 1 Bourne-place


Corkill Robert, West-quay
Corlett John J., 1 Auckland-terrace, Parliament-Street
Storey, W. & J., 71 Parliament-street

Car Proprietors.

Atchieson James, Promenade
Crellin Robert, 15 Water-street
Dawson Edward H., Parliament-street
Kennedy John, Water-street
Kneale John S., Brookhill-road
Lindsay John, 44 Parliament-street ~
Turridge William H., Swan Hotel yard
Twigg Frederick, Auckland House South Promenade


Arkle John, 81 Parliament-street
Laughlin Bros., 12 Parliament-street
Palethorpe A. J., 2 Saddle Buildings, Parliament-street
Pallister John, 17 Parliament-street
Priestland A., 38 Parliament-street
Swales Thomas, Market-place

Civil Engineers.

Kay Geo., Victoria Buildings, Parliament-street
Saunderson Fredk., Albert-street; and Athol-street, Douglas

Coach Builders.

Corlett Thomas, Dale-street
Radcliffe Thomas and Sons, Water-st

Coach Painter.

Crowe John, 29 Church-street


Brown Alexander, West-quay
Callow Thomas, West-quay
Cleator Daniel, 42 Waterloo-Road
Cowley Robert, 5 Victoria Buildings, Parliament-street
Joughin William, Parliament-street

Corn and Seed Merchants.

Cowell John Robert, the Quay
Cowley Robert, Victoria Buildings, Parliament-street
Henderson James, the Quay
McWhannell James, the Quay
Vondy Daniel, Parliament~Street

Corn Miller.

McWhannell James, the Quay


Horne G. H., 17 Waterloo-Road, at Douglas
Taylor F., 4 Auckland-terrace, Parliament-street
Boyde Philip, 50 Parliament-street
Dagley Edward, Market-place
Kermode & Callow, 2 Athol Buildings, Parliament-street
Lockett John, 36 Parliament-street
Shimmin W,, 27 Parliament-street
Stowell & Kelly, 20 Parliament-street
Teare T. & Co., 24 Parliament-street


Callow Emma, 9 Lezayre-terrace
Clague Miss A. J., 4 West-street
Clercy Mrs Ann, 12 Waterloo-road
Craine Mrs and Miss, 2 Albert-street
Corlett Miss Kate, Bowring-road
Farrington the Misses, Parliament-st
Garrett the Misses C. & E., 3 Church-street
Harper Mrs. Jane, Town-road
Nelson Miss Louisa, 5 Church-street
Quayle Miss M. & A., 28 Parliament- street
Teare T. & Co 24 Parliament-street

Engineers and Millwrights.

Clague’s Foundry (exors. of), the Quay
Kinnish Henry, Church-street

Estate Agents.

Boyde John, North Shore-road
Chrystal Bros., Bowring-road
Kay George, Parliament-street
Kneen Alfred, Court-row

Estate Companies and Syndicates.

Ballastole Company—Messrs C. B Nelson & Cruickshank, solicitors
Brookfield Estate Company—J. R.Cowell
Claugbane Estate—P. M. C. Kermode proprietor
Lloyd Estate Company—George Kay
Milntown Estate—George Kay
Mooragh Estate—The Ramsey Town Commissioners
Port Lewaigue Estate Company—G Kay
Westfield Estate—J. J. Corlett

Fancy Goods Dealers.

Lynn Samuel W., 13 Parliament-st
Broughton Joshua, 4 Dale-street
Cain Sarah, 2 Bourne-place Parliament-street
Crellin John H., 69 Parliament-street ~
Carrington Misses E. & A., Parliament-street
Heyes Charles B., "Courier" office
Kermeen Mary, 10 Bowring-road
Kermode M. A., 23 Parliament-street
Kissack Henry, Market-place
Midwood Thomas H., South Parade
Southward Mrs M. C., 79 Parliament-street
Taggart Elizabeth, 35 Parliament-st

Fishing Tackle Manufacturers

Brown A., the Quay
Cubbon William, 8 Parliament-street
Kelly Edmund, Market-place


Alldritt Bros., Market-place and South Promenade
Cummings Ellen, Market-place
Corkish William, 70 Parliament-street
Corlett Mrs Margaret, Bowring-road
Kermode James, 6 Maughold-street
Peat John, 32 Church-street
Richmond Alfred, Peel-street and Market-place
Shepherd Geo. Law, Saddle Buildings, Parliament-street
Teare Robert, 11 Parliament-street Walmsley Thomas, 33 Church-street

Glass and China Dealers.

Broughton Joshua, 4 Dale-street
Cain Sarah, 2 Bourne-place
Christian Eleanor, 4 Strand-street
Kermeen Mary, 10 Bowring-road
Kermode Mary A., 23 Parliament-st
Kissack Henry, Market-place


Allan & Taubman, 37 Parliament-st. 10 Bowring-road
Brew Robert, The Quay
Caley Thomas, 27 Church-street
Corkill Edward, Waterloo-road
Corkill William, 8 Dale-street
Corlett John, 72 Parliament-street
Corlett rhomas A., 26 Parliament-st.
Cowell John Robert, Mona-street
Crennell William, 15 Parliament-street
Cowley & Joughin, Parliament-street
Crowe William Francis, Church-street
Ellison Frederick, ~ Dale-street
Fargher Joseph, Approach-road
Fargher Thomas A., Queen’s-drive
Gill Henry, Parliament-street
Gill Robert, 29 Parliament-street
Kee James Edward, West-quay
Keig John William, 40 Parliament-st.
Kennish Robert, Church-street
Kinrade Robert, 2 Queen-street
Kerruish Henry C., Peel-street
Kneen Catherine, 32 Bowring-road
Lindsay John, 3 Parliament-street
Quayle Philip, Old Cross
Quayle Edward, Market-place
Sharpe Robert, Parliament-street
Stevenson Market-place


Clarke Mrs Margaret, The Mitre, Parliament-street
Holmes Miss Elizabeth, Royal, Market-place
Purcell James, Central, 1 Bowring-road
Nelson John, The Albion private hotel, Ballure-road
Porter Frank, Saddle, Market-place
Prince of Wales Hotel, South Promenade; Miss Rutledge manageress
Wild Mrs, Queen’s Hotel, Iron Pier
Wood Lavina, Albert, South Promenade

Iron Founder.

Clague John (exors), The Quay

Ironmongers and Tin-plate Workers.

Clague John and Son (exors of)
Dawson Thomas, 54 Parliament-st.
Joughin Victor Charles, Parliament-st.
McEwan Matthew, The Quay

Leather Dealers.

Callow Thomas, 2 College-street
Corlett William, 24 West-quay
Lloyd John, the Tannery, Bark-lane

Licensed Victuallers.

Corteen Robert, Plough Inn, Parliament-street
Forshaw Wm. Henry, Victoria Hotel, Tower-street
George Mrs Jane, Trafalgar Inn, Quay
Holden William Henry, Commercial,
Limna, Mrs Elizabeth Friendship Inn, Quay
Kermeen Edward, Stanley Inn, Quay
Pilkington Wm., The Market. place
Purcell James, Central, Parliament-st.
Sawrey Mrs Esther, Swan, Old Cross
Smith Mrs Elizabeth, Crown, Parliament-street
Surridge Wm., Bridge Inn, Bowring-rd

Mineral Water Manufacturers

Qualtrough and Co., Shipyard, and at the Bridge, Douglas
Wylde Thomas P., Christian-street

Monumental Mason.

Christian Edward, Parliament-street


"Courier," published on Saturdays, by Chas. B. Heyes, Parliament-street
"The Isle of Man Times," branch office, Peel-street
"Weekly News," published onWednesdays, by Samuel W. Lynn

Oil Merchants.

Peace J. R. and C., the Quay

Painters and Plumbers.

Bates John, 48 Church-street
Brown Alexander, Parliament-street
Criggal John, 68 Parliament-street
Lavery & Sons, 21 Parliament-street
Miller J., Bark-lane
Mills Walter, Market-place
Skillicorn & Co., 73 Parliament-street


Cowen George B., Waterloo-road
Hadley Arthur, 4 South Promenade
Midwood Thomas Horsfall, South Promenade
Moore Alfred, 23 Waterloo-road


Brown Alexander, Parliament-street
Clague John and Son (exors of), 39 Parliament-street
Joughin Victor, Parliament-street
Lavery and Sons, 21 Parliament-street
McEwan Matthew, The Quay


Heyes Charles, B. "Courier" Office, Parliament-street
Lynn Samuel William, 13 Parliament-street

Retail Liquor Licences.

Aylen Thomas S., 10 Parliament-st.
Allan Thomas, Parliament-street
Corkill William, 8 Dale-street
Faragher Joseph, Approach-road
Gill Henry C., Parliament-street
Gill Robert E., Parliament-street
Keig John William, Parliament-street
Kerruish Henry C., Peel-street
Quayle Edward, Market-place
Vondy Daniel, 14 Parliament-street


Corlett Philip, Parliament-street
Pitts James Thomas, East-street
Radcliffe John, Peel-street


Corkish John, East-quay
Cubbon John, East-quay
Hughes,Walter, East-quay


Bridson Ellen, Albion-place
Hattersley Elizabeth, Waterloo-road
Newton Rev. Alfred Seton, BA., Grammar School, Waterloo-road
Radcliffe Eliza, 7 Lezayre terrace
Teare Mrs and Miss Clucas, Albert square
Westbrook Miss Ada, Claremont House, Bowring-road

Ship Chandler.

Brown Alexander, The Quay


Corkill William, I’ower-street
Kewley John, the Quay Teare
Robert, Bowring-road


Bridson George, r6 Church-street
Brown Miss M. A., 12 Dale-street
Clague Miss Emily, Parliament street
Heyes Charles B., Courier office, Parliament street
Kermode Mary Ann, 23 Parliament Street
Lynn Samuel William, 13 Parliament. Street
Taggart Elizabeth, Parliament st
Strickett Miss, Parliament-street


Davies Charles Augustus, L.S.A.,South Promenade
McWhannell Llewellyn, 10 Auckland-terrace
Tillet Frederick Stevenson, Auburn House, Lezayre-road
Wilson Fredk., M.D., Waterloo-road


Lloyd John, Bark-lane

Temperance Hotels.

Caine Wm. Alexander, East-quay
Garrett Mrs C., Church-street
Matthews Thomas, 25 Church-street

Timber Merchants.

Cowell and Wattleworth, the Bridge
Cowley Robert, 5 Victoria Buildings, Parliament-street


Cannell John E., 34 Parliament-street
Christian F., Station-road
Clarke Thomas, 77 Parliament-street
Corkill John, 5 Market-lane
Kneale Wm. Hardie, 22 Parliament-st
Lawton Joseph, 9 Victoria Buildings, Parliament-street
Quayle George,9 Parliament-street
Radcliffe John, 50 Church-street
Skillicorn James S., Parliament-street
Taggart John, 24 Church-street

Tea Merchants.

Aylen & Co.,66 Parliament-street, and at Douglas
Davenport & Co., Parliament-street


—See also Grocers.
Bridson George, 16 Church-street
Clague Miss Emily, Parliament-street
Cubbon William, 8 Parliament-street
Lambert James, South Promenade
Lindsay John, 44 Parliament-street


Callow James, 2 Parliament-street
Corlett William, 1 Victoria Buildings
Kee Daniel and Charles, 1 East-street
Kissack Henry, Market-place
Sayle Daniel, 48 Parliament-street

Woollen Manufacturers.

Lawton Thomas, Glenauldyn
Southward Bros, Water-street ; and at Sulby Glen Mills


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