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THE parish of Andreas stretches from the Lhen Moar for four mites along the north-western coast, to within three miles of the Point of Ayre, and is bounded on the south by the parish of Lezayre. Towards the east it is separated from the parish of Bride by an irregular boundary line. It contains about 15 square miles. In appearance and character it is similar to the adjoining parishes, and in fact it forms a part of the great Sandy plain of the Curragh. Its northern parts are crossed by a range of low, rounded sandhills, which extend from Port Cranstal to Blue Head. It is a purely agricultural district, and contains a considerable scattered population.



Blakeney Rev., St. Jude's Glebe
Brew Catherine, dressmaker, Larivane
Brew Jane, farmer, Ballacallum
Brew Thomas, millwright, St Jude's
Brooke John Bernard, farmer, Ballakelly
Brown James, farmer, Regaby-bek


Callow Daniel Robert, farmer Ballathena
Callow John, farmer, Ballawanton
Callow John Joseph, farmer, Ballachurry
Callow Thomas, farmer, Ballacallum
Cannell William Joseph, farmer, Ballaseyre
Casement John, farmer, Ballacorey
Christian Alfred, farmer, and brick and tile manufacturer, Ballacorey
Christian John, farmer, Ballaslig
Christian John, farmer, Ballakeil
Christian John James, farmer, Braust
Christory Miss Jane, retired, Ballaquane
Clarke Thomas, farmer, Lhei-kerrow
Cleator Elizabeth, farmer, Balla-McSkilley
Cleator Mrs Marion, farmer, Ballakeil
Cleator William, farmer, Rhenwee
Corkill John, farmer, Ballaquane
Corlett John, farmer, and brick and tile manufacturer, West Craig
Corlett John James, farmer, John-Eioes
Corlett Robert, H.K., farmer, Craig
Corlett Thomas, farmer, Keil Thustag
Corlett William, farmer, Ballacomaish
Corlett William, farmer, BallagonnelI
Cormode Charles, farmer, Ballacottier
Cormode Daniel, H.K., farmer, Leodest
Cormode James, market gardener, Ballaseyre
Cormode John, farmer, Knock-en-Ean
Cormode John Caesar, farmer, Kiondroughed
Cormode Thomas, Joiner, Ballakinnig
Cormode Thomas, farmer, Ballabirragh
Cormode William, farmer, Dhowin
Cottier John, farmer, Ballavastyn
Cottier Thomas, butcher, Larivane
Cowle Charles Hamilton Edmunds, C.P., Ballaghaue
Cowle William, farmer, Ballachurry
Cowley John, farmer, Balleigh
Cowley Thomas, farmer, Ballavoddan
Craine Caesar, farmer, Ballayockey
Craine Thomas. mason, Ballaclucas
Crellin John Christian, H.K., Ballachurry
Crennell Thomas, Joiner and farmer, Ballayockey
Crennell William, farmer, Close-e-Cleator
Crye Arthur, farmer, Ballabane
Crye John Caesar, licensed victualler, Grosvenor Hotel
Cubbon James and Robert, farmers, Ballacleator
Cunningham Charles, farmer, Braust Cottage
Curphey Edward, farmer, West Craig
Curphey Edward Henry, farmer, Craig
Curphey Henry, farmer, Dhowin


Dugdale James, parochial surveyor, Andreas village
Dugdale Thomas, farmer, Ballayockey


Ellison Robert, farmer, Ballabeg


Faragher Alexander, farmer, Dhowin
Faragher Misses Catherine and Arm, farmers, Ballaquake
Faragher James, bootmaker, Andreas village


Gale James Henry, farmer, Ballacomaish
Gallowey William, shopkeeper, St. Jude"s
Garrett William, farmer, Ardinan
Garrett William, farmer, Ballakinnag
Gawne John, farmer, Ballalehn
Goldsmith Thoinas, labourer, the village


Harrison Mary, shopkeeper, St. Jude's
Harrison Walter, Joiner, Rhenwee
Harrison William, Joiner and farmer, Dhowin
Howland Mrs Jane, farmer, John-Eioes
Howland John, farmer, Ballaquane
Hughes-Games Joshua, Archdeacon, and Rector of Andreas, the Rectory


Jackson William, gentleman, Kinley's Cottage
Joughin John Joseph, Ballacrebbin


Kameen Daniel, farmer, Ballaseyre
Kee Walter Evan. farmer, Rye-hill
Kenyon Edward, Close-e-Cleator
Kermeen William, farmer, Greenhill
Kewin John James, farmer, Mullen-Lowin
Kewin Thomas, farmer, Close-Vark
Kelly John, farmer, Larivane
Kelly William, farmer, Ballakeil
Kelly Thomas, farmer, Dhowin
Killip Mrs Captain, farmer, Ballacallum
Killip John, tailor, Gatt-e-Whing
Killip Thomas, farmer, Ballakeil
King Thomas Edward, gentleman, Regaby-beg
Kinnish James, farmer, Ballacleator
Kinnish William, farmer. Ballakelly
Kinrade George, labourer, Regaby
Kinrade Henry, fisherman, Ballathena
Kinrade Thomas, farmer, Ballasteen
Kneale John, retired farmer, Dhowin
Knight John, farmer, Ballachurry
Kneale John, farmer, Ballaleaney
Kneale Robert, farmer, Ballakinnig
Kneale John Thomas, farmer, Kerrowmoor
Kneale Thornas, fisherman, Balladoughan
Kneale Thomas, sumner, Ballacrebbin
Kneale Margaret, farmer, Bar-ne-hara
Kneale William, postmaster, Andreas Village
Kneen Philip, miller, Lhen
Kneen Robert, farmer, Ballavarry


Lace Mrs Arm, farmer, ]3alla-McSkilley
Lace Mrs Catherine, farmer, Ballagonnell
Lace Mrs Margaret, farmer, Ballaclucas
Lace Philip Edward, farmer, Regaby-beg
Lace Thomas, weaver, Dhowin
Lace William, farmer, Dhowin


Martin James, farmer, Knock-e-Dooney
Martin James, farmer, Smeal
Mylecraine -, farmer, Close-e-Kee
Mylrea Mrs Mary, shoeing smith, Andreas Village


Pogson Mrs Jane, private apartments, Andreas Village
Priestland Arthur, Ash Villa, Andreas Village


Quayle John, brick-maker, Regaby-beg
Quayle John, farmer, Regaby
Quayle John Joseph, mason, Lhenmoar
Quayle Mrs Margaret, Lezayre View, Ballacrebbin
Quine Francis, retired farmer, Rose Cottage
Quirk Mrs John, retired, Andreas Village


Radcliffe Charles, mason, Andreas Village
Radcliffe Frederick, tailor, and parish clerk, Eden Villa
Radclilfe James, farmer, Ballachurry
Radcliffe John James, shopkeeper, Andreas Village
Radcliffe Maria, farmer, Ohio Cottage
Radcliffe Robert, farmer, Ballayockey
Radcliffe Thomas, farmer, Ballaradcliffe
Radcliffe Thomas, farmer, Rhenwee
Radcliffe William,.schoolmaster, Andreas Village
Radcliffe William Lace, saddler, Andreas Village


Sayle Elizabeth, retired, Andreas Village
Sayle Christopher, farmer, Close-e-Kewin
Sayle John, farmer, Ballavastyn
Sayle John, farmer, Ardonati
Sayle John James, farmer, Keilthustag
Sayle Mrs Maria, retired, Larivane
Sayle Thomas, farmer, Ballacottier
Sayle William, farmer' Ballathona


Teare Mrs, Oatland
Teare Charles, farmer, Ballaseyre
Teare Charles, blacksmith, Regaby
Teare Daniel, farmer, Ballacallum
Teare Captain John, farmer, Gatt-e-Whing
Teare John, farmer, Ballabane
Teare John, Joiner, the Village
Teare John and James, gentlemen, Dhowin
Teare Philip, farmer, Ballathona
Teare Robert., farmer, Ballacallum
Teare Thomas, farmer, Guilcaugh
Teare William, blacksmith, Andreas Village
Tearle Rev. Frederick, Curate of Andreas, Ash Villa, Andreas Village


Wilson George, gentleman, Ohio Cottage


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