[From Brown's Directory, 1894]



Acomley & Taylor, Whitford House, 3 Clifton-terrace, Broadway
Adams James, accountant, 16 Finch-road
Adams James, 82 Bucks-road
Agnew Peter, electrician, 112 Buck's-road
Aitken John, clerk to the Insular Government, 10 Mount Bradda
Aked John, licensed victualler, Railway Refreshment Rooms, Railway station ; Residence-Castletown-road
Aldworth J., 14 Strathallan-crescent
Allan Andrew, carver and gilder, Upper Church-street
Allan Mrs, 24 Castle-street
Allan Richard, Alpine Cottage, Strathallan-paik
Allen W. & Co., grocers and wine merchants, Duke-street
Allen Robert (Mylrea & Allen), bookseller and stationer, Duke-street
Allotson Mrs Peter, Littleboro' House, Woodville-terrace,Victoria-road
Altham John, Victoria-road and 74 Buck's-road
Amberry William ' 3 Swiss Villas, Strathallan -park
Anderson Mrs Janet, 3 Beigrave-terrace, Victoria-road
Anderson Peter. light-keeper, Douglas-head
Anderton Mr.,;, 56 Derby-square
Anderton Thomas, Albert-street
Andrew Charles, mariner, 63 Castle Mona-avenue
Andrew Mrs, Devonshire House, Walpole-avenue
Andrews Mrs Ann Maria, 6 Woodside-terrace
Andrew Mrs'-Margaret, 37 Woodburn- square
Annett Edward, greengrocer, 69 Strand-street
Anslow Mrs, 7 Brunswick-road
Appleby Joseph William, clerk, 15 Primrose-avenue
Appleyard J., Palace-terrace, Crescent-road
Arbuckle James, engineer, Victoria-terrace, Victoria-road
Archer & Evans, general drapers, milliners, silk mercers and house furnishers, 37 Victoria-street
Archer Edward, Victoria House, Broadway
Archer John, shoemaker, 10 Alexander-drive
Archer Robert, builder, 1 Queen's-avenue
Archer Robert, Holmefield, Laureston-road
Archibald Mrs Mary, 69 Athol-street
Arnfield Squire Owen, Belgravia, Empress-terrace
Armstrong Thomas, Castle Mona Hotel, Crescent-road
Arnold Mrs, 12 Mona-street
Arnold George, labourer, 12 Mona-street
Aronsberg Henry, Mosley House, 3 Empress-drive
Ashburner Mrs, 38 Loch Promenade
Ashburner Robert, 5 Strathallan-crescent
Ashburner William, Sunnyside, Victoria-road
Askew Mrs Maria, 10 Dalton-street
Ashman Mrs, 3 1 Princes-street
Ashman J. F., saddler, 47 North-quay .
Aspell James, butcher, 28 Duke-street
Aspell John Stanley, chemist, 34 Buck's-road
Aspell Mlilliam, butcher, 25 Mona-street
Ashworth John, 5 Castle Mona-avenue
Astbury Mrs, Victoria-road
Athol Hotel, Loch Promenade-Robert B. Brierley, manager
Atkins George, stock and share broker, Athol-street; residence 6 Eastfield
Atkinson Benjamin, car proprietor and licensed victualler, Ellan Vannin Arms, Fairy-ground
Atkinson Thomas A., veterinary surgeon, Barrack-street and 28 Finch-road
AyIen Mrs, Seabank House, Loch Promenade
Aylen Thomas Samuel, tea and wine merchant, 59 Victoria-street and Duke-street
Ayre Rev George, Wesleyan minister, 6 Primrose-avenue


Bagshaw Robert, 11 Belmont-terrace
Bailey Mrs J. C., 3 Queen's-terrace
Bailey Mrs J. C, 9 Strathallan-crescent
Bamber Charles, commission agent, Athol-street
Bamber Charles, Tennis-road
Bamber Mrs Elizabeth, 37 H arwarden -avenue
Bamber Henry, Hawarden-avenue
Bamford Mrs Sarah, Trafford House, Empress-drive
Banks Mrs W. C., Tower View (Private Hotel), 32 Loch Promenade
Barratta Mrs Mary, 2 Cambridge-terrace
Barber George, 6 Victoria-place
Barcroft J., 25 Murray's-road
Barcroft C., Wellington Bazaar, Duke-street
Barcroft Joseph, stationer and fancy goods dealer, 7 Castle-street
Barker Miss, Athol House, 6 Berkeley-street
Barnes George, customs officer, 2o Berkeley-street
Barnes Mrs Margaret and Miss Bartlett, ladies'school, 30 Woodburn-square
Barnett Eli, car proprietor, 10 Tynwald-street
Baron Rev Robert Benjamin, vicar of St. George's, Maycroft
Barron John, grocer and wine merchant, Queen's Promenade
Barrow Steam Navigation Co., Parade-street-J. J. Goldsmith, agent
Barton Mrs Elizabeth, The Midland, 35 Loch Promenade
Barton Mrs W., boarding.house, Duke-street
Barton William, joiner, Duke-street
Barwell Thomas, car proprietor, Belgrave-terrace, Victoria-road
Barwell William, Bury House, Peel-road
Bates Mrs, 3 Waverley-terrace, Broadway
Bates John H., commercial traveller, Little. Switzerland
Bawden Thomas, brewers traveller, Thornlea, Laureston-road; office Regent Chambers, Regent-street
Bawden A. W., commission agent, Brunswick-road
Baxter Richard, Compton House, Hutchinson-square
Bayley Mrs Georgina, 11 Windsor-road
Beach George, hairdresser, Villiers-buildings, Victoria-street ; residence, 59 Allan-street
Bean Mrs Betsy Arm, 37 Athol-street
Bean William, Form,by House, 2 Belmont-terrace
Beck J. W., jun., corn merchant, 6 Oxford-street
Beck William, corn, seed and provender merchant, 19 North-quay Residence- 11 Dalton-street
Beckerleg Charles, smith, 15 Circular-road
Beckwith Mrs Florence, Alexander-road
Bedford Edward, licensed victualler, CIarendon Hotel, 50 North-quay
Bell Alfred, grocer, ix Dalton-street
Bell Mrs Ann, 10 Windsor-road
Bell Edward, licensed victualler, Greyhound Hotel, North-quay
Bell Henry Edward, car proprietor, 3 Tynwald-street
Bell Mrs Elizabeth, 1 Kingswood-grove and Windsor-road
Bell Henry R., Dover House, 4 Mona-drive
Bell Mrs Isabella lodging house, Marina-road
Bell James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 1 Marina-road
Bell Mrs Lizzie, 58 Finch-road
Bell John, ferryman, 26 Douglas Head-road
Bell Robert, timekeeper, 48 Derby-square
Bell Thomas, 11 Albany-street
Bell William, builder, Alexander-drive
Bell William, bootmaker, 22 Wellington-street
Bell William Henry, tailor and draper, 86 Strand-street
Bell Mrs W. H., boarding house, 9 Circular-road
Belle Vue Gardens Co., Limited, Pulrose
Belvedere Temperance Hotel, 5 and 6 Loch Promenade-John Rogers, manager
Benbow & Co., bootmakers, 7 Strand-street
Bennett B., cork manufacturer, 1 Wellington-street
Bennett John, grocer, 59 Castle Mona-avenue
Benson Mrs Mary, Rhoda Villa, 22 Murray's-road
Benwell Mrs George, 38 Murray*s-road
Berry Charles, Little Switzerland
Best John, farmer, 19 Bay-view
Binns Robert, car proprietor, 10 Clifton-terrace, Broadway
Birley Mrs Harriet, Selborne Cottage. Eastfield
Bishop Joseph, Ivy Green, 4 Stanley-terrace
Black George, car proprietor, 20 Chester-street
Blackburn W. A., herbalist, 9 Walpole-avenue
Blair John, accountant, 12 Selbome-road
Blake Mrs Mary, 9 Stanley-view, Broadway
Blakemore James, pianoforte and music warehouse, 10 Victoria-street
Bloor Eli, blown glass dealer, 43 Murray's-road
Bodden Robert, carter, Murray's-road
Bonner Miss Alice, 1 Stanley-terrace, Broadway
Boote William, grocer, Granvill&street
Bostock Isaac, bootmaker, Duke-street ; Residence 10 Queen's-avenue
Boulter Henry, brewery foreman, 3 North-quay
Bower Albert, hairdresser and tobacconist, 65 Strand-street
Bower Mrs, 8 Strathallan-crescent
Bowers Mrs Jane, Rosemount
Bowerman Rev Alfred George, curate of St. George's, Brighton-terrace
Bowling George A., marine store dealer, 2 Church-street
Bowling Green Hotel Co., Limited, Derby-road-Thomas Eastwood manager
Bowling Mrs Jane, baker and confectioner, restaurant&c., 19 Victoria. street
Bowling Thomas, baker, 14 Albany-street
Boyde John, bootmaker, 12 Church-street
Boyd John, Ballaquayle Cottage, Prince's-road
Boyde John. labourer, 3 Victoria-place
Boyde Robert, Park-view
Boyde William, chief clerk to the post office, 8 Mount Bradda
Boyde William, superintendent of police, 56 Buck's-road
Bradley Miss Caroline, 10 Strathallan-crescent
Bradner William, upholsterel, 7 Richmond-grove
Bradshaw John Champion, artist and photographer, 40 Finch-road
Braid Archibald, 3 Spring-gardens
Braid Frank, plasterer, 16 Bay-view
Braid Louis, tailor, 28 Falcon-street
Brainsby John, accountant, Melrose House, 14 Loch Promenade
Braithwaite Miss, confectioner, 28 Strand-street
Bray Arthur Wright, baker and confectioner, 26 Strand-street
Brayshay Mrs, 2 Alexander-drive
Brearley Mrs, 19 Oxford-street
Brearey Arthur W., pharmaceutical chemist (by examination, London), 10 Prospect-hill and 22 Prospect-terrace ; residence 5. Windsor-road
Brearley Henry, wine merchant., (firm of H. & J. C. Brearley) 71 Derby-square
Brearley Jas. C., wine merchant (firm of H. & J. C. Brearley), 17 Earle-terrace Woodburn-road
Brearley H. & J. C., wine and spirit merchants, Drumgold-street
Brearley Mrs Mary, 9 Mount Bradda
Breeden Misses C. & E., stay and corsetmakers, 76 Strand-stmet
Bregazzi John, builder, carver and gilder, 22 Prospect-hill
Brett Mrs Mary, 13 Albion-terrace
Brew Edward, mariner, 3 Allan-street
Brew James, joiner, 4 Auckland-grove
Brew John, greengrocer, Brunswick-road
Brew John, boatowner, Wellington-street
Brew John, hairdresser, Great George's-street
Brew John, fruiterer, 4 Nelson-street
Bridge William, Mount William, Summer-hill
Bridson Mrs, 12 Princes-street
Bridson Mrs Annie, 39 Hawarden-avenue
Bridson Christopher, 14 Harris-terrace
Bridson George, bootmaker, 55 Athol-street
Bridson James, labourer, 9 Auckland-grove
Bridson James, clerk, 24 Woodburn-square
Bridson James, 45 Castle Mona-avenue
Bridson James, N.R., mariner, 15 Falcon-street
Bridson Mrs Jane, 61 Derby-road
Bridson Mrs Jane, 21 Hope-street
Bridson Mrs Jane, 27 Princes-street
Bridson John, postman, 12 Kensington-road
Bridson John R., 5 Dalton-street
Bridson John, Seamount, Queen's Promenade
Bridson J. J., hairdresser, 2 Howard-street
Bridson John Marshall, tobacconist and newsagent, Railway-station Cigar Depot, Peel-road
Bridson Thomas John, bank clerk, 20 Hawarden-avenue
Bridson John, car proprietor, 11 Tynwald-street
Bridson John, bootmaker, 62 Strand-street
Bridson J., car proprietor, Derby-square
Bridson Joseph, watchmaker, 38 Athol-street
Bridson Matthew Mathias clerk to the Harbour Commissioners, Alexander drive
Bridson Philip, mariner, 12 Circular-road
Bridson Robert, blacksmith, Falcon-street
Bridson Robert, 78 Buck's-road
Bridson Thomas Arthur, photographer, 1 Finch-road
Bridson Thomas car proprietor, Derby-square
Bridson Thomas, 2 Kingswood-terrace, Windsor-road
Bridson William, fish buyer, 10 Albert-street
Bridson William, farrier, 42 Tynwald-street
Bridson William, blacksmith, 11 Falcon-street
Bridson William, Belmont Cottage, Belmont
Brierley Benjamin, Fairfield House, 124 Buck's-road
Brierley Robert Bentley, managing director Granville and Athol Hotels Company, Athol Hotel, 11 Loch Promenade
Brinkmann Mrs, Sylvan House, Stanley-view, Broadway
Britton George W., engineer, 8 Kingswood-grove
Britain Joseph, Britannia House, 4 Clifton-terrace, Broadway
Broadbent David, carpet fitter, 4 Summer-hill
Broadbent George, draper, 2 Myrtle-street
Broadbent Samuel K., printer and publisher, " Examiner" Office. 39 Victoria-street; residence-3 Mount Bradda
Broe Miss Lizzie, 7 Albert-street
Brooks May, master mariner, 2 Back Hope-street
Bromfield J. L., manager, Central Hotel, Broadway
Broughton Mrs, 6 Raphael-road
Broughton Samuel, 7 Eastfield
Broughton William, tobacconist, fancy goods, and hairdressing establishment, 48 Duke-street
Broughton William, glass and china dealer, 50 Duke-street
Brown Mrs Amelia, school teacher, 7 Victoria-terrace, Victoria-road
Brown Mrs Isabella: Arm, 18 Prospect-terrace
Brown John Archibald (J. Brown & Son), printer, stationer, lithographer, bookbinder, bookseller, engraver, die sinker, paper-ruler, account book manufacturer, advertising agent, and publisher, "The Isle of Man Times". office, "Times " Buildings, Athol-street Brown John Archibald (firm of J. Brown & Son), Woodlands, Alexander drive
Brown Mrs Mary, 3 Woodburn-square
Brown R. H. L., probate clerk, 80 Buck's-road
Brown Walter i., journalist. 18.Alexander-drive
Browne Frederick, advocate, 20 Athol-street; residence-Alexander-road
Browne Henry, hosier and hatter, 19 Strand-street
Bruce Alexander, banker, Ballaquayle Villa, Princes-road
Bruton John, photographer, The Abel Lewis Studio, Finch-road
Buckley Mrs Arm. Empress House, Empress-drive
Bucknall Austin, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, 17 Prospect-hill and 35 Athol-street ; residence-Rosemount
Bucknall Joseph, 19 Hawarden-avenue
Burby Mrs, 66 Derby-square
Burgess John Thomas, watchmaker and tobacconist, 33 Strand-street
Burgess William, Ardwick House, 47 Loch Promenade
Burgess Edwin, commercial traveller, 8 Queen's-avenue
Burgess Sam, compositor, 9 Mount-pleasant
Burman Mrs Lizzie, Hawarden-avenue
Burman James, accountant, 11 Athol-street
Burrows William, gilder, 9 Summer-hill
Burtenshaw Henry, commission agent, Albany-street
Butler Mrs Hannah, 6 Albert-terrace
Butterfield Miss, lodging-house, 17 Circular-road
Butterfield Robert, grocer and spirit merchant, 25 Hope-street
Butterfield Robert, Empress-drive
Butterworth Henry, painter and decorator, St. George's-walk


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