[From Brown's Directory, 1894]




Adams James, Finch-road
Blair John, 12 Selborne-road
Brainsby John, 14 Loch Promenade
Bridson Matthew M., Alexander-drive
Burman James, 11 Athol-street
Callow J. P., Derby Castle
Corkill William, Hawarden-avenue
Fleming Matthew, Holyrood House, Promenade
Grindley Thomas, Beach House, The Crescent
Hartley E. L., 11, Athol-street
Jackson A. M., 23 Athol-street
Kelly T. W., Gelling’s-court
Kerruish William Maltby (chartered), Athol-street
Maley Charles F., 29 Athol-street
Rogers Joseph Drake, Bank Chambers
Rogers Joseph Claude, Bank Chambers
Rowe Frederick R., 11, Athol-street
Walker & Co., Wm. H. (late Cochran and Walker), Athol-street
Windsor Frank, 5a Athol-street
Young W. E., Athol-street
Warhurst W. R., 28, Athol-street


Browne Frederick, Athol-street
Callow Charles T. Cheslyn, Athol-street
Callow Horatio Bollingbroke Cheslyn, Athol-street
Callow Frederick George, Athol-street
Cannell Claude, B.A., Athol-street
Clarke Henry Shortridge, Athol-street
Cookson George Ridgway, Rolls Office
Coole Charles William, Athol-street
Creer John Joseph, Athol-street
Dickinson William F. (Dickinson & Kneen), Athol-street
Fleming Frederick B., Athol-street
Goldsmith John Allan, 34 Athol-street
Hughes-Games Cyril, Athol-street
Kneale Llewellyn S., Athol-street
Kneen Thomas (Dickinson & Kneen), Athol-street
Lay William (Dickinson & Kneen), Athol-street
Mylrea John A., Athol-street
Quayle John, Athol-street
Ring George A., Athol-street
Spittall James, Athol-street
Stephen R. S., Athol street

Agricultural Implement Dealers.

Clague and Craine, North-quay
Faragher John Thomas, North-quay
Kelly Thomas W., Gelling’s-court
Lewin Joseph, Douglas-bridge
Sherwood & Co., Duke-street
Todhunter & Elliot, Duke-street


Cubbon T. W., The Priory
Cowle James, Windsor-road
Cregeen Daniel E., G.E., Upper Church-street
Forrest Edward, Victoria-road
Heslop Frank Laidman, 34 Athol-street
Kay George, Athol-street
Kewley Stephen, Castle-street
Rennison W. J., Victoria-road
Scott Mackay Hugh Bailie, 23 Athol-street


Bradshaw John Champion, Finch-road
Holden John, Cambridge-terrace
Holland John, Waverley-terrace
Knox A., Athol-street
Marsden William, Douglas Head
Nicholson John, Well Road-hill

Auctioneers and Valuers.

Corran Mathias W., Douglas Bridge
Craige William J., 52 Athol-street
Faragher J. T., North-quay
Kerruish William Maltby, Athol-street
Kelly Thomas, 46 Athol-street
Kelly Edward, Mona-terrace
Johnson Joseph, 51 Duke-street
Pine Joseph C., 12 Clifton-terrace
Thomson William, Upper Church-street


Bowling Mrs T., Victoria-street
Bell Charles, New Bond-street
Corlett James, 40 North-quay, 37 Castle-street, and 6 Windsor-road
Cowin Robert Daniel, 2, 35, and 38 Prospect-hill
Corkill Edward, 13 Church-street
Cubbon Robert, 14 Windsor-road
Clucas William, 53 Athol-street
Corrin Edward, 3! Strand-street
Crown Machine Bakery, Limited—J. C. Rogers, secretary
Dibb Charles, Market-hill and Nelson-street
Gale and Bridson, 5 Great George’s-street
Gill William, 53 Duke-street
Holmes Isaac, Fleetwood-corner, North-quay
Higgins Joseph, Brunswick-road
Kelly John, 53 Buck’s-road
Kneale Thomas, Buck’s-road
Kermode Thomas, 89 Bigwell-street
Murray Thomas, 18 Prospect-hill
Morrison Robert, Broadway
Quine Richard, 24 Buck’s-road
Quirk William, 34 Strand-street
Quiggin William, 85 Strand-street
Radcliffe John, 12 Strand-street
Sayle John, Broadway
Shippam Samuel, 25 Strand-street
Shimmin Philip, Strand-street and Windsor-road
Unsworth Thomas, Castle-street and Buck’s-road


Dumbell’s Banking Company, Limited. —Head Office, Douglas. General Manager, Alex. Bruce; Manager, John Shimmon
Isle of Man Banking Company, Limited. —Head Office, Athol-street Douglas. Manager, J. J. Karran
Manx Bank, Limited. —Head Office, Victoria-street, Douglas. Manager, J. M. Sutherland
Bank for Savings. —Office, Athol-street, Douglas. Secretary, James Spittall. Post Office Savings Bank. —Post Office, Regent-street. Postmaster, W. Isdale


Maden John, Mona Marine Baths, 19 Castle-street
Victoria Baths, Victoria-street—Captain Darling, Manager


Broadbent Samuel K., Victoria-street
Brown J. & Son, Isle of Man Times, Athol-street (on the premises)
Lewthwaite Alex., North-quay
Mylrea & Allen, 18 Duke-street
Parkinson M., Duke-street
Spencer & Hannay, Victoria-street
Taggart A., Cambrian-place

Booksellers and Stationers.

Broadbent Samuel E., Examiner Office,Victoria-street
Brown J. & Son, Isle of Man Times Office, Athol-street
Barcroft Joseph, 7 Castle-street
Cain Robert, Athol-street
Cowin William Henry, 27 Strand-street
Clucas & Fargher, Mona’s Herald Office, Athol-street
Cubbon John, North-quay
Gell Miss Jane, Buck’s-road
Hannay Louis G. Victoria-street
Johnson G. & R., Prospect-hill
Kneale William, Victoria-street
Lewthwaite Alexander, North-quay
McCann Mary, 65 Duke-street
McIver Miss Edith J., 47 Strand-street
Mylrea & Allen, Duke-street
Parkinson Mark, 47 Duke-street
Robinson Bros., Athol-street
Spencer and Hannay, Sun Office, Victoria-street
Stowell Patrick F., Strand-street

Boat Builders.

Corkill William, The Tongue
Qualtrough & Co., Castletown-road

Boot and Shoemakers.

Archer John, 10 Alexander-drive
Bostock Isaac M., 21 and 27 Duke-street
Bridson George, 55 Athol-street
Bridson John, 62 Strand-street
Bell William, 22 Wellington-street
Benbow & Co., 7 Strand-street
Boyde John, 12 Church-street
Cain James, 13 King-street
Cain Philip, 11 Harris-terrace
Clague William, 4 St. George-street
Clark Thomas, 41 Murray’s-road
Clucas Edward, 68 Finch-road
Christian Robert, Dalton-street
Collister George, 24 Church-street
Farrington John Thomas, 22 Duke-street
Groome John, Duke-street
Hudson Alfred, 23 North-quay
Kelly Miss, Athol-street
Kermode William, 3 Castle-street
Proctor William, 29 Castle-street
Quine and Shimmin, 54 Strand-street
Tyler Joshua, Strand-street and Victoria-street

Brass Founders.

Gelling’s Iron Foundry Company, South-quay
Todhunter and Elliot, Duke-street


Clinch John Williams, Lake Brewery, North-quay
Okell and Son, Falcon Brewery, Broadway
Woolf s Brewery and Mineral Water Company, Ballaughton

Brewers’ Agents

Bawden Thomas, Regent-street
Brearley H. and S. C., Drumgold-street
Bucknall Austin, Athol-street
Cowan Fred, Athol-street
Donaldson Robert J., Eastfield
Handley Thomas H., Laureston-road
Heron George C., Castle-street
Johns F. Raglan Hotel, Buck’s-road
Kewley Thomas, King-street
Kennedy James, Woodburn-square


Aitham John, Victoria-road and Buck’s-road
Aspell James, 28 Duke-street
Clague Edward, Athol-street
Christian William Joseph,1 Alexander-road
Craine Henry, Derby-road
Cain William Joseph, 29 Falcon-street
Cain Thomas, 64 Duke-street
Clague Thomas, 64 Duke-street and Derby-road
Clarke John, 25 Castle-street
Clinton R. H., 21 Oxford-street
Corlett Thomas, Buck’s-road
Corrin Henry, 12 Albany-street
Corrin Frederick, 2 Dalton-street
Cunningham Robert, 65 Strand-street
Faragher Thomas, 12 Oxford-street
Fleming Alfred. 4 Market-hill, and Broadway
Hardy John, Marina-road
Kennaugh Thomas, 4 Prospect-terrace
Kelly Thomas, 27 Mona-street
Shimmin Louisa, 10 Victoria-place
Parkes Samuel, Buck’s-road
Rooth & Co., Victoria-street and Castle Mona-avenue
Sugden Abraham, Christian-road
Taggart Joseph, Head-road
Ward William, Wellington-square

Cabinetmakers and Furniture Dealers.

Bell James, 1 Marina-road
Collister John, 29 and 31 Finch-road
Corlett Charles, Buck’s-road
Corlett Mrs R. E., Athol-street
Corlett John J., 35 Circular-road
Corlett C. R., 4 King-street
Latham Albert, North-quay and Strand-street
Proctor Leonard S., Athol -street
Quayle Edward, 1 Nutford-place, Castle Mona-avenue
Radcliffe T. E., Victoria-street
Radcliffe W., Athol-street
Spence Brothers, Athol-street

Car Proprietors and Livery Stables.

Black George, 20 Chester-street
Barnett Eliot, Tynwald-street
Barwell Thomas, Belgrave-terrace, Victoria-road
Bell Henry Edward, 3 Tynwald-Street
Binns —, 16 Clifton-terrace, Broadway
Bridson John, Derby-square
Bridson John, Tynwald-Street -
Bridson J., Derby-square
Callister John, Hutchinson-square
Clague William, 59 Derby-square
Clague William, 10 Brisbane-street
Clague Thomas Henry, 11, Summer-hill
Clague John, Castle Mona-avenue
Collister Robert H., 9 St. George’s-street
Comish James, 19 Hope-street
Corkill John, 4 Senna-road
Corkill Thomas, Harris-terrace
Corkill Robert. 8 Senna-road
Corlett Alfred Peel-road
Corlett Caesar, Woodville-terrace
Corlett Robert, 5 Barrack-street
Corlett Robert, Fancy-street
Corlett William, 91 Castle Mona-avenue
Corlett Stephen,19 Rosemount
Cubbon Thomas, 7 Circular-road
Cubbon John, Back Stanley-terrace
Crellin William, m6 Buck’s-road
Craine William, 1 Mona-terrace
Cringle Frank, Grafton-street
Cretney William, 38 Hope-street
Delaney Robert G., 27 Bigwell-street
Donaldson Robert J., Finch-road
Dunkin —, 16 Market-street
Garrett Thomas, 25 Demesne-road
Gawne W. J., Circular-road
Gawne Joseph, 28 Hope-street
Gill Robert, 5 Castletown-road
Graham William, Peel-road
Gribbin James, Strand-street
Hotchkiss John, Victoria-road
Hughes John, 20 Market-street
Jones Thomas, 36 Circular-road
Jones Henry, 84 Buck’s-road
Kaneen David, 21 Wellington-street
Kaneen Daniel, Mount Havelock
Kaneen John,14 Mona-street
Karran William; 8 Mona-street
William David, 39 Market-street
Kearney Peter, 8 North-quay
Kelly & Gawne, 47 Athol-street
Kelly David, 2 Alexander terrace
Kelly Edward, 12 Mona-terrace
Kewley Benjamin, Fort-street
Kneen James, 6 Victoria-place
McFarlane William, 17 Windsor-road
McLinden Frank, Chester-street
Morfitt Claude, Back Berkeley-street
Moore John, 43 Tynwald-street
Moore Robert, Buck’s-road
Murray Eliza,13 Drumgold-street
Quayle Caesar, 31 Derby-road
Quine Robert, 6 Richmond-grove
Quirk Evan, South-quay
Reid Henry, 5 Fort-street
Scarf John James, 18 Demesne-road
Shimmin John, Queen’s Promenade.
Shimmin Thomas, 47 Buck’s-road
Shimmin William Henry, 16 Berkeley-street
Stephen Samuel, 25 Strand-street
Stewart Michael. Market-street
Ward William, Wellington-square
Watterson William, South-quay
Wood & Yoxall, 58 North-quay

Carvers and Gliders. .

Allan Andrew, Upper Church-street
Bregazzi John, 22 Duke-street
Burrows William, Regent-street

Chemists and Druggists.

Aspell Stanley. Buck’s-road
Brearey Arthur W., Prospect-hill and Prospect-terrace
Fraser Campbell, 4 Prospect-hill
Frowde John James, 2 Windsor-road
Gelling John Alexander, Victoria-street
Greensill & Son, Marina-road
Halton & Son, 6a Duke-street
Hemensley Albert, Broadway
Home George Henry, Strand street
Paterson Alexander C., Victoria-street
Qualtrough Thomas, Buck’s-road
Radcliffe John C., 36 Victoria-street, and Iron Pier
Whitehorse George Lowe, Victoria-street
Vincent William, 34 Strand-street
Young John, Post-office, Market-hill

Civil Engineers and Surveyors.

Cartwright John L, East Cliff .
Cubbon T. W., The Priory
Cregeen Daniel E., Upper Church-street
Hunter Alexander H., 25 Derby-square
Saunderson Frederick, Athol-street
Taylor Thomas G., Town Commissioners’ Office
Walker James E., Harbour Office, Athol-street

Coach Builders.

Cain Thomas, Wellington-square
Corlett Walter, Lake-road
Kelly & Lewthwaite, Circular-road
Kirwan & Mullin, 26 Athol-street

Coal Merchants.

Drennan William, 25 Tynwald-street
Eastham William D., South-quay
Johnson Charles Fryer, Market-street
Joughin William, Parade-street
Kermode Wm. K., Bridge-road
McNeill George, 37 Hope-street
Mates Charles Henry, Bridge-road
Robinson Thomas, 2 Well-road hill
Sharp Joseph & Co., Fort-street
Waid William, Burnside-terrace
Wigan Coal & Iron Co., Soutn-quay—W. Roughley, manager

Commission Agents.

Bamber Charles, ~ Athol-street
Bawden A. W., Brunswick-road
Bawden Thomas, Regent Chambers
Beck William, North-quay
Clarke & Son, Athol-street
Corlett John Robert, Villiers Chambers
Cowan F. J., Athol-street
Cubbon James, Hutchinson-square
Faragher John T., North-quay
Fleming Matthew, Holyrood House, Promenade
Hogg Thomas, Lord-street
Jackson A. M., Athol-street
Johnson Charles Fryer, Market-street
Maley Charles F., 29 Athol-street
Stroud-Smith E., Derby-square
Sutherland Alfred D., 22 Berkeley-street
Whiteside Robert, Athol-street
Windsor Frank, 5a Athol-street
Wood & Son, Fleetwood-corner


Braithwaite 28 Strand-street
Bowling Mrs T., Victoria-street
Bray Arthur Wright, 26 Strand-street
Cannell Miss Mary, 40 Duke-street
Clague Mrs Eliza, 37 Strand-street
Clemesha Mrs Elizabeth, 54 North-quay
Coffee Palace Company, North-quay
Connall Miss Jane, 54 North-quay
Corkill Mrs, Coffee Palace, Victoria-street
Corrin Edward, 31 Strand-street
Corrin Mrs Ann, 30 Strand-street
Crennell Richard, 43 Buck’s-road
Forrester M. & T., Victoria Pier
Girling John, Queen’s -promenade
Hawnt Edmund Duke-street and Peveril Buildings
Latham Mrs Martha, 62 Athol-street
Kelly John 5., 69 Strand-street and Victoria-street
Kneale Thomas, 82 Buck’s-road
Central Restaurant 45, Duke-street

Mylchreest George, 7 Wellington-street
O’Hanlon Mary, 57 North-quay
Shimmin Philip, Strand-street and Windsor-road
Shippam Samuel, 25 Strand-street -
Skillicorn Mrs, 89 Strand-street
Taylor Thomas, 3 Upper Church-street
Unsworth Thomas A., Castle-street and Buck s-road

Corn, Flour, and Meal Merchants

Beck William, mo North-quay
Clague John, 23 Nelson-street
Clague & Craine, North-quay
Creer & Co., 12 North-quay
Cubbon Thomas (Trustees of), North-quay.
Cubbon William Godfrey, 35 North-quay
Faragher John T., North-quay
Gawne James, King-street
Hogg Theophilus, Lord-street
Kelly Thomas, North-quay
Shimmin Philip, Strand-street
Wood & Son, Fleetwood-corner, North-quay


Cawte Thomas, 13 Strand-street
Cannell, Bros., Victoria-street
Douglas & Rylands, Strand-street
Lea William, 12 Duke-street
Lewis J. R., Duke-street
Sharp Matthew, 24 Prospect-hill
Sherwood & Co., Duke-street
Todhunter & Elliot, Duke-street


Clare Edwin M., r~a Strand-street
Clegg Joseph Edwin, 52 Buck’s-road
Home George H., Finch-road
James John, West View
Karran James, Finch-road
Royston Joseph, Belmont-terrace
Smedley J., 72, Buck’s-road
Woodward Albert Edward, i Derby-terrace
Wylde James, 32 Finch-road
Young J., Market-hill

Dining and Refreshment Rooms.

Bowling Mrs T., Victoria-street
Coffee Palace Company, North-quay
Corkhill Mrs, Coffee Palace, Victoria-street
Forrester M. & T., Victoria Pier
Goldschmidt E.. 67 Strand-street
Grand View Restaurant—J. Crookhall
Hawnt Edward, Duke-street
Latham Mrs, Athot-street
Central Restaurant, 45 Duke-street
McKibbin James, 1 Strand-street
Stone John William, 1~ Victoria-street and Douglas-head
Strand Dining Rooms, Strand-street
Shippam Samuel, Strand-street
Wilson Matthew, Victoria-street .


Archer & Evans, Victoria-street and Duke-street
Browne Harry J., Strand-street
Cain Robert Charles, 44 & 46 Duke-street
Callister William, Victoria-street and Peveril-buildings
Corrin Daniel, Victoria-street
Cottier and Cubbon, Victoria-street
Gell John James, "Bee Hive," Victoria-street
Cowen William & Co., "Star" Bazaar, Victoria-street and Victoria-road
Falkner Frederick W., Victoria-street
Halsall Walter, Duke-street
Kerruish John, Buck’s-road
Moore and Burr, Victoria-st., Windsor-road, and Victoria-pier
Qualtrough W. G., Strand-street
Thornborough Miss, Marina-road
Symth Martin, Strand-street


Chadwick & Bridson, West-view
Cowell Mrs Sarah, 76 Strand-street
Corrin Mrs Isabella, 21a Princes-street
Crellin Miss Sarah, 29 Demesne-road
Cooper Miss, 3 Albert-street
Cowley Mrs, Primrose-avenue
Cretney Mrs Murray’s-road
Duff Mrs, Hope-street
Gelling Miss E. 18 Brisbane-street
Johnson Mrs H. J., 17 Selborne-road
Kaighin Mrs Ann, 8 Oxford-street
Karran Mrs, and Miss Dormer, 8 Mount Pleasant
Kewley Misses, 7 Brisbane-street
McArdle Miss Jessie, 48 Buck’s road
Moore Mrs, 11 Berkeley-street
Murden Miss, Broadway
Oates Miss Susan, 17 Kensington-road
Riley Miss, 14 Hope-street
Stout Misses, 20 Hope-street
West Mrs, Athol-street


Cottier Misses C. & S., Prospect-hill—Agent for P. & P.
Cowen John, 27 Prospect-hill Campbell, Perth
Cowen Brothers, Athol-street
Cubbon Miss, 4 Athol-street - Agent for Puller’s, Perth

Earthenware Dealers.

Broughton William, 20 Duke-street
Clague James, Strand-street
Holmes Philip, Strand-street
Isherwood, J., Strand-street
Kearney Mrs, King-street
Wilding George, Market-place
Wilson Catherine, 41 Strand-street

Engineers and Machinists.

Cain George, The Lake Works, Douglas-bridge
Cain John & Co., Circular-road
Cain Thomas, Douglas-bridge
Knox William, Douglas-bridge

Fishmongers. .

Bridson William, 10 Albert-street
Caley William Henry, 62 Duke-street
Campbell Thomas, Strand-street and Glen Falcon-road
Cannell J., 20 Wellington-street and Finch-road
Cannell H., Strand-street
Curtis Thomas, Market-place
Crellin Thomas, 14 Strand-street
Curphey Robert, Market-place and Derby-road
Devereau George, 47 Circular-road
Fitzpatrick Henry, Market-place
Isaac & Tighe, Duke-street
Keig Thomas, 10 Osborne-grove
Latham Stephen, Buck’s-road
Poole William, Castle Mona-avenue
Stowell Mrs, Market-place
Stowell and Keenan, Market-place
Stowell James, Market-place
Stowell John, Market-place

Fruiterers and Greengrocers.

Ennett Edward, 69 Strand-street
Brew John, 42 Nelson-street
Condliff Miss Clara, 19 Falcon-street
Cubbon R., Prospect-hill
Halsall Gilbert, Athol-street
Hill Joseph, 35 Castle-street
Higgins Thomas, Windsor-road
Irvine Robert, Windsor-road
Joyce William, 17 King-street, Buck’s-road, and Derby-road
Lace Charles, 36 Buck’s-road
Laughlin John, Circular-road
McEvoy William, 19 Duke-street
Pollard William, Prospect-hill
Quinney Robert, 35 Strand-street
Roberts Thomas Henry, 7 Prospect-terrace
Robinson Thomas, Well Road-hill
Simpson Joseph, 18 Castle-stree
Scott Alexander, Iron-pier
Webster George, 91 Strand-street
White Mrs Francis E., 45 Athol-street

Fancy Goods Dealers.

Barcroft C. Wellington Bazaar, Duke-street
Barcroft Joseph, 7 Castle-street
Broadbent Samuel K., Victoria-street
Brown James & Son, The Isle of Man Times, Athol-street
Cain Henry, Strand-street
Clucas & Fargher, Athol-street
Cowin W. & Co., Victoria-street and Victoria Pier
Creer Mrs Jane, 87 Strand-street
Dungworth Charles, 42 Strand-street
Eaton Mrs Priscilla, Grand Buildings
Gallimore Charles, Strand-street
Gale Mrs Jane, 96 Strand-street
Hannay Louis G., Victoria-street
Hodson Miss, 3 Marina-road
Holmes Philip, Strand-street
Johnson G., Prospect-hill hnson Fred, 42 Buck’s-road
Johnson Samuel, Peveril Buildings, and the Bazaar, Strand-street
Kneale William, Victoria-street
Lewthwaite Alexander, North-quay
McIver Miss E. J., 47 Strand-street
Metcalf& Co., 60 Duke-street
Parkinson Mark, Duke-street
Shortland Richard William, Victoria-street
Slaby B., Walpole-avenue
Spencer & Hannay, Victoria-street
Webb Samuel, The Louvre, 18 and 20 Strand-street

Game and Poultry Dealers.

Aspell James Duke-street
Cain Thomas, 64 Duke-street
Cannan J. J., Prospect-hill
Clucas, Alfred. 56 and 8 Duke-street
Dyson John, Strand-street
Fleming Alfred, Market-hill
Isaac & Tighe, Duke-street
Kaighen J., Windsor-road
Latham Stephen, Buck’s-road
Rooth & Co., Victoria-street
Ruddy Catherine, 6 Castle-street
Watson Robert, Strand-street

Grocers and Provision Dealers.

Allen William & Co., Duke-street
Bell Alfred, 16 Dalton-street
Browne Amelia, 1 Duke-terrace, Back-lawn
Bucknall Austin, 17 Prospect-hill
Cain Robert, Prospect-terrace
Christian Silas, 26 Barrack-street
Clague Ellen, 15 New Bond-street
Clague John, 23 Nelson-street
Clague R. J., Athol-street
Clemesha H., Danish Stores, Strand-street
Clucas John Henry, 15 Mona-street
Coole James M.. Victoria-street
Coole J. J., 64 Athol-street
Corkill E., 1 Church-street
Crea E., 5 North-quay
Cmaine John, 1 Chapel-lane
Creem Robert E., Market-place
Cmeer Edwin, Broadway
Crellin John, Victoria-street
Crellin Mrs, 2 Castle-street
Cubbon. Thomas (Trustees of), North Quay
Cubbon William, 40 Buck’s-road
Cubbon W. H., 14 Falcon-street and Victoria-road
Curphey George, 1 Castle-street
Cunningham Evan, 21 Chester-street
Dibb Charles, Market-hill and Nelson-street
Dick Andrew. Prospect-hill
Dobson J., Duke-street
Dunn Caroline, 3 Drumgold-street
Gell James & Co., 55 Victoria-street, King-street, Church-street, Falcon-road and Glen
Gell James & Co., Market-hill
Hampton John, 33 Bigwell-street
Hampton Moses, ôo South-quay
Harraghy M., Peveril-street and Athol-street
Harraghy Michael, 11 Wellington-square
Harwood George, 1 and 3 Farrant-street
Hough Thomas, 45 Strand-street
Holroyd ~., 1 Brisbane-street
Hunter Mrs, Brunswick-road
Kelly Jacob, Market-place
Kelly Ann, 17 Allan-street
Kelly John, 53 Buck’s-road
Kelly Thomas, Castle-lawn and Broadway
Kelly William, 74 Strand-street
Keig Mrs Ann, 74 Strand-street
Kermode William J.,Victoria-street
Kewley Robert J., Peel-road
Kewley Thomas, King street, and Finch-road
Kiddie R., Buck’s-road
Kissack James and William, Prospect-hill
Kneale Mrs W. H., Street-street
Kneale W. H., Buck’s-road
Macdonald A., 7 Lord-street
Magee William, 10 Bridge-road
Maley Eleanor Jane, 41 Athol-street
McClure Albert, Murray’s-road
McCutcheon John, Strand-street
Miller James, 15 Victoria-road
Moore W. C., 21 Strand-street
Morrison, R. Broadway
Nichols William, Windsor-road
Postlethwaite James. 1 Bigwell-street
Quine Richard, 24 Buck’s-road
Quinney Matthew and James, 26 Strand-street
Quayle Mrs Ann, 55 Castle Mona-avenue
Pickard A., Buck’s-road
Roach C. T., Windsor-road
Roney Richard, 14 Duke-street
Savage John, 15 Church-street
Senogles W., 4 Grafton-lane
Smith Ellen, 20 Hanover-street
Stephen F. and W., 18 Lord-street
Stephenson W., 6 Marina-road
Stringer Mrs Ann, 5 Auckland-terrace
Teare John, Athol-street
Torrance G. & Co., 24 North-quay
Thorburn Miss A., i Berkeley-street
Waid William, 26 Duke-street and Queen’s-promenade
Watson William Thompson, 20 Prospect-terrace
Williamson Robert, Prospect-hill and Broadway (also Laxey)


Caley William, Mona-street
Lewis J. R., 3 Duke-street


Beach George,Villiers Buildings, Victoria-street
Bridson J. J., 2 Howard-street
Brew John, 4 Nelson-street
Broughton William, 48 Duke-street
Bower Alfred, 65 Strand-street
Connall Miss Jane, 52 North-quay
Dickinson Joseph, 16 Great Nelson-street
Fielding James R., 38, North-quay
Goodwin Michael, 37 Strand-street
Hortiguela L., Prospect-hill
Jones Mrs W. H., 35 Victoria-street
Jolley John, Athol-street
Keighley & Sloan, 26 Great Nelson-street
Mates William, 32 Buck’s-road
Morris William, 1 Drumgold-street
Morton Charles Joseph, 14 Prospect-terrace
Roberts Frederick William, 31 North-quay
Russell J., 88 Strand-street
Shortland R. W., Victoria-street
Tobin James, 57 North-quay


Browne Harry J., Strand-street
Emett Edward, 22 Duke-street
Fayle Albert H., Victoria-street
Gray John Richard, Villiers Buildings
Kelly William, Victoria-street

Hosiers and Outfltters.

Browne Harry J.,Strand-street
Callister & Corlett, 69 and 71 Duke-street
Callister William, Victoria-street and Victoria Pier
Clarke William, Strand-street
Emett Edward, 22 Duke-street
Fayle Albert H., Victoria-street
Gray John Richard, Villiers Buildings
Halsall J., Victoria-street
Lay & Hough, 9 and 11 Duke-street

Hotels and Public Houses.

Adelphi Hotel, Church-street—Roger Thompson
Albert Hotel, Market-place—Charles Holland
Alma Hotel, King-street—Mrs Isabella Christian
Athol Hotel Loch Promenade—Manager, R. B. Brierley
Black Lion Hotel, North-quay--Joseph Rushworth
Bowling Green Hotel Co., Derby-road--—Manager,Thomas Eastwood
Bridge Inn, North-quay—J. Shepherd
British Hotel, Market-place—Mrs Caldwell
Butterworth’s Hotel, Prospect-hill—Harry Rushworth
Castle Mona Hotel, Crescent—Thomas Armstrong
Cattle Market Hotel, 14 Heywood-place
Central Hotel Co., Ltd., Broadway—Manager, J. L. Bromfield
Cheshire Inn, North-quay—Charles Holland
Clarendon Hotel, Market-place, 50 North-quay—Edward Bedford
Commercial Hotel, North-quay—John Coward
Crescent Hotel, Crescent— Thomas Crebbin
Criterion Hotel Co., Ltd., Parade-street-—Tom C. Cowin, manager
Cross Keys Inn, Church-street—Richard Plimbley
Crown Inn, Muckle’s-gate-—Isaac R. Hodgson
Cumberland House, Quayle’s-Lane—James Gell
Cumberland Tavern, James’-street---James Reynolds
Derby Hotel, 16 Castle-street— -Robert John Smith
Derby Castle Hotel and Pleasure Grounds Co., Ltd.—Manager, J. P. Callow
Douglas Hotel, Market-place—Herbert Hambleton
Ellan Vannin Arms, Fairy-ground--Benjamin Atkinson
Falcon Cliff Hotel and Pleasure Grounds Co., Ltd. —F. R. Rowe, Secretary
Foresters’ Arms, 18 St. George’s-street—Mrs J. F. Hale
Fort Anne Hotel, Head-road—J. Adams, Secretary
Globe Hotel, 6o Strand-street—James Jones
Grand Hotel, Victoria-street—R. Tweedale, manager
Granville Hotel, Promenade—Mrs Josef Nattan
Greyhound Hotel, North-quay—Mrs Edward Bell
Grosvenor Hotel, Athol-street—John Elton
Head Hotel, Douglas Head—Arthur Henry Marsden
Imperial Vaults, 15 Lord-street—Henry McCluskey
Lancashire House, 51 North-quay—Richard Graham
Laxey Inn, Market-place—Louis Hogarth Cowin
Lofthouse George Muddirnan, 77 Strand-street
Manchester Hotel, Harris-lane, North-quay —Mrs Thompson
Manchester and Liverpool Arms, 6o North-quay—M. Clague
Marks Hotel, 1 New Bond-street—William Christian
Masonic Hotel, North-quay—Thomas Sharp
New Strand Inn, 28 Strand-street—Francis Quinn
Oddfellows’ Arms, 59 North-quay—George Dyson
Old Market Inn, 1 Chapel-row—Mrs Christian Fielding
Old Strand Inn, Strand-street—Alfred Cain Kelly
Peveril Hotel Co., Ltd., Victoria-pier—Manageress, Miss Mason
Plough Inn, James'-street—William Wallace
Queen’s Hotel, Crescent—Captain Metcalf
Raglan Hotel, Circular-road—Frederick Peter Johns
Railway Hotel, Bridge-road— Miss Annie O’Neil
Railway Restaurant, Railway-station—John Aked
Regent Hotel Co., Ltd., Promenade—Manager, W. Welden
Rosemount Hotel, 1 Adelaide-terrace—Thomas U. Livesey
Royal Hotel, North-quay—Mrs Annie Lomas
Saddle Inn, North-quay—John Crook
Salisbury Hotel, Victoria-street—John Parkes
Sefton Hotel, Harris-promenade—James Quayle
Shakespeare Hotel, Victoria-street—Arthur Shepherd
Sheffield Hotel, Parade-street—Henry Brearley, licensee
Star Hotel, Prospect-hill and Nelson-street—John Parkes
Talbot Hotel, Athol-street—Thomas Weston
Theatre Royal Hotel, 12 Wellington-street—Wm. H.Dowson .
Trafalgar Inn. 33 South-quay—Mrs Mary Ann Holden
Victoria Hotel, Prospect-hill—Jeremiah Murphy
Victoria Tavern, 12 Drumgold-street-.James Berry
Villiers Hotel Co., Ltd., Promenade and Victoria-street—Manager, John Crofts


Chatsworth Hotel, 3 Promenade—Henry Mew
Ivenhoe Hotel, Promenade—Mrs Dick
Rothesay House, 15 Promenade—Robert Hendry
The Modwena, 39 Promenade—William Murfin Cliff
Tower View, Promenade—Mrs W. C. Banks
The Albany, Promenade—Captain Moughtin
Walpole Hotel, Walpole-avenue-— Richard Ewan Parkinson
Windermere House, Promenade


Temperance Hotel Co., Ltd., Promenade—Manager Mr Rogers
Coffee Palace, Vicioria-street— Mrs Corkill
Douglas Coffee Palace Co., Ltd., North-quay—Manageress, Miss Curphey
Temperance Hotel, North-quay—Miss Kelly


Cawte George,13 Strand-street
Corkill John, North-quay
Corlett William R., Great Nelson-st
Curphey W. F., Castle-street
Douglas & Ryland, 3 Strand-street
Fleming Thomas H., Duke.street
Gell Thomas Robert, ç3 Strand-st
Lea William T., Strand-street
Lewin Joseph, Bridge road
Milburn & Co., 52 Strand-street
Sharp Matthew, 24 Prospect-hill
Sherwood G. & Co., 59 Duke-street
Shimmin Joseph, Jo Castle-street
Todhunter & Elliot, Duke-street

Iron Merchants.

Iron Foundry, Limited, South-quay
Todhunter & Elliot, Duke-street
Torrance Gilbert & Co.

Jewellery Dealers.

Barcroft Charles, Wellington Bazaar, Duke-street
Cannell Brothers, Victoria-street
Cowell Charles T., Victoria-street and Prospect-hill
Fenelon Thomas, Victoria -street
Gold smith Brothers, Victoria-street
Heath H. W., Walpole-avenue
Holmes Philip, 23 Strand-street
Kingston T. S., Great George’s-street
Johnson Joseph, Duke-street
Johnson Mrs, 18 Strand-street
Johnson Samuel, Victoria Pier
Muncaster Misses, 15 Strand-street
Midland Watch Company, Victoria-street, J. J. Davidson, manager
Shortland R. W. Victoria-street

Joiners and Builders

Archer Robert, Alexander-drive
Bell William, Alexander-drive
Cain & Clarke, Victoria-road
Cain James, 14 Allan-street
Cain Robert Edward, Alexander-drive
Cain Robert sen., 16 and 18 Circular-road
Callow Thomas, Hutchinson-Square
Carine Mark, Belgrave-terrace
Chadwick Edwin, 1 Falcon-street
Christian Robert, 4 Duke-road
Cooper William, 58 Allan-street
Cowell Robert, 13 Brisbane-street
Cowle James, Windsor-road
Corlett William F., 8 Auckland-grove
Corlett Robert, 26 Prospect-terrace
Crellin James, Woodbourne road
Craine ames, 20 Murray’s-road
Douglas John, Woodbourne-Square
Douglas Joseph, Woodbourne-square
Douglas Robert, Brunswick-road
Faragher William James, 4 Dalton-street
Faragher, Joseph, ~ Alexander-terrace
Gell Robert, Pleasingiton Villa, Circular-road
Gelling Henry, 3 Oxford-street
Gelling James, Circular-road
Gregson John, Empress-drive
Gill Alexander, Little Switzerland
Kelly Louis, Princes-road
Kelly John, Laureston-terrace
Kelly Philip. 5 Oxford-street
Kelly Robert. Grosvenor-road
Kelly & Preston, South-quay
Kelly William, Douglas Bridge
Kewley Brothers, Castle-street
Kewley William. 28 Brisbane-Street
McAdam & Moore, Upper Church-street
May Edwin. 19 Farrant-street
Moughtin William, Goldie-terrace, Circular-road
Skillicorn Louis, 7 Summer-hill
Stephen John, Hawarden-avenue
Tear & Cooper, Allan-street

Mantle Makers

Archer & Evans, Victoria-street
Chadwick & Bridson Misses, 9 West-view
Corrin Miss, 21 Princes-Street
Cringle Misses, 114 Buck’s-road
Gick Mrs, Berkeley-street
Kermode Miss A., Demesfle-road
Murden Miss, Broadway
Oates Mrs, 17 Kensington-road
Stout Miss, 20 Hope-street
Warner Mrs, Peel-road

Marine Stores

Corooin Mrs, Barrack-street
Collins Charles, Fancy-street
Reynolds James, Fort-street
Stewart Michael, South-quay


Archer & Evans, Victoria-street
Cain Miss C., 20 North-quay
Cain Robert C., 44 and 46 Duke-street
Callister William, Victoria Bazaar
Chadwick & Bridson Misses, 9, West-view
Corrin Daniel, Victoria-street
Cottier & Cubbon, Victoria-street and Duke-street
Cottier Misses S. & C., Prospect-hill
Cowin William & Co., Victoria-street
Cowley Miss Eleanor, 32 Castle-street
Craig Mrs, Nelson-street
Creer Miss Jane, 87 Strand-street
Davis Miss, Prospect-hill
Falkner Frederick W., Victoria.street
Gell J. J.,- Beehive, Victoria-street
Henry Mrs, 36 Strand-street
Moore & Burr, Victoria-street
Moore Mrs R., 62 Strand-street

Music and Musical Instruments and Tuners.

Blakemore James, Victoria-street
Lea William, Regent-street
Lifford Henry, 17 Athol-street
Smith Mrs, 24 Castle-street

Music Teachers.

Arnfleld H., Empress-terrace
Cannell Miss 12 west view
Fielding Mrs H., Brighton-terrace
Hoyles Albert, Laureston-terrace
Kay R. H., 4 Alexander-terrace
Looney J. D., Myrtle-street
Montagne William, Sunny Bank, Princes-road
Poulter F. C., 38 Woodburne-square
Rushworth Harry, and Mrs Rushworth, Prospect-hill
Reeve David, 15 Kensington-road
Reeve Miss, 15 Kensington-road
Whalley L. W., West-view
Wood Miss, Osborne-terrace
Wood Miss E., Oakley House, Derby-road
Wood Harry, 17 Albert-street

Mineral Water Manufacturers

Dixon J. C., Back Berkeley-street
Marsden & Co., Drumgold-street
Moore Thomas, Brunswick-road
Qualtrough & Co., Castletown-road
Manx Mineral Water Co.
Williamson Robert, Laxey Glen
Woolf’s Brewery Co., Limited, Spring Valley


"The Isle of Man Times," Tuesday, 1d; Saturday 2d—. James Brown & Son, Athol-street
"Isle of Man Examiner and General Advertiser," Saturday, Price 1d— Samuel K. Broadbent & Co., Victoria-street
"Manx Sun," Saturday, Price 1d—F. W. Spencer and Louis Hannay, Victoria-street.
"Mona’s Herald," Wednesday, Price 1d—Clucas & Faragher, Athol-street.

Oil and Colour Merchants.

Douglas Steam Saw and Timber Company, Lake-road
Gell William, Athol-street
Kewley T. W.,
Quiggan E. T. & Co., The Lake
Quilleish William, jun., 7 Duke-street

Paper Bag Makers and Dealers.

Douglas Industrial Home, Strathallen
Lewthwaite Alexander, North-quay


Bridson Thomas Arthur, 1 Finch-road
Bruton John E., 10 Finch-road
Bradshaw J. Champion, 40 Finch-road
Callister William, 26 Finch-road
Callister D., Prospect-hill
Dean George A., 4 Finch-road
Hulme Arthur, 6 Finch-road and Iron Pier
Lees Spence, Regent-street
Johnson Frederick, Fort Anne-road
Johnson Mrs J., Strand-street
Johnson Percival, 42 Buck’s-road
Keig Thomas, 6 Prospect-hill
Shipsides Thomas, 36 Fort-street
Warburton W. H., Marina-road
Woodcock Francis, Douglas Head

Painters, Glaziers, and Decorators,

Askew William,10 Dalton-street
Butterworth Henry, 1 St. George’s-walk
Corteen J. J., Douglas
Corlett Edward, 15 Princes-street
Corlett R. 5., 3 Frederick-street
Cottier William Francis, 21 Castle-street
Day Rihard, Orry-street
Gell William, Athol-street
Henry E., Buck’s-road
Kay Richard, Bridge-road
Kermode James, ra Tynwald-street
Kermode Brothers, a Windsor-road Strand-street
Kewley Thomas W., 93
Kneale Evan, 41 Castle Mona-avenue
Moughtin John Joseph, Circular-road
Nicholson Brothers, Well Road-hill
Radcliffe Alexander, Finch-road
Sansbury John, Tynwald-street
Stafford James, 11 Finch-road
Teare William, 44 Athol-street


Braid Frank, 16 Bay-view
Callister Daniel, J0 Albany-street
Christian John, Chester-street
Christian John F., 4 Brisbane-street
Christian William, 30 Princes-street
Eason H., Cambridge-terrace
Faragher Caesar, 20 Albert-street
Henry John, 16 Drumgold-street
Kenna James, 5 Victoria-place
Kelly Louis, Princes-road
Kermode Casar, 3 Kingswood-grove
Moore Brothers, Allan-street
O’Hara Richard, Queen-street
Quirk James, 16 Kingswood-grove
Riley John, 9 Murray’s-road
Sayle Henry, 8 Victoria-place
Taggart Edward, 16 Demesne-road
Watterson William, 8 Circular-road

Plumbers, Gas, and Steam

Caley William, Mona-street
Cawte George, 13 Strand-street
Clucas Thomas, 41 Circular-road
Cubbon John Henry, 27 Finch-road
Curphey William F., 27 Castle-street
Dunn, George,
Kelly John
Kneale James, 20 Dalton-street
Lea W. T., 12 Duke-street
Milburn Mrs, 52 Strand-street Fitters.
Milburn J. J., Castle-street
Morrison S., 11 Drumgold-street
Sharp M., 24, Prospect-hill
Sherwood G. & Co., Duke-street
Todhunter & Elliot, Duke-street

Pork Butchers.

Mrs Cain, Great George’s-street
Gray David, Strand-street
Luft Mrs, Strand-street and Buck’s-road


Cannan J. J., Prospect-hill
Clucas A., 58 Duke-street
Dyson John, 71 Strand-street
Isaac & Tighe, Duke-street
Watson R., 78 Strand-street


Broadbent S. K. & Co., Victoria-street
Brown & Son, Athol-street
Clucas & Fargher, Athol-street
Cowin W. H., 47 Strand-street
Johnson G. H. & R., Prospect-hill
Parkinson M., Duke-street
Robinson Brothers, Athol-street
Spencer & Hannay, Victoria-street

Saddlers and Harness Makers.

Ashman J. F., 47 North-quay
Clarke Joseph, Athol-street
Cubbon & Son, Market-place
Gill, William Henry, Howard-street
Kneale R., 23 Castle-street


Barnes & Bartlett Misses, Woodburn-square
Clarke Mrs, Brynwood, Woodburn-road
Calvert Mrs, 57 Derby-square
Douglas Grammar School—Rev John Quine, M.A., master
Douglas High School for Girls, Derby-square—The Misses Green
Gelling and Robinson Misses, Southlands, Derby-road
Green Miss, Derby-square
Kelly Mrs, 6 Windsor-road
Oldham Miss, 1 Hutchinson-square
Kinder-Garten School—Misses Stroud-Smith
Macauley the Misses, Chester House, Broadway
Rowe the Misses, 16 Kensington-road .
Todd Miss, Albany Villa .
Woolnoth the Misses. 1 West-view

Seed and Manure Merchants.

Beck William, North-quay
Clague and Craine, North-quay
Clague John, Nelson-street
Creer John, North-quay
Faragher John T., Quine’s-corner, North-quay
Kelly T. W., Gelling’s-court
Kelly Thomas, North-quay

Steamship Agents.

Ellison Thomas P.—Isle of Man Steampacket Co., Ltd. Office. Imperial Buildings
Goldsmith John James—Barrow Steam Navigation Co., Ltd. Office: Parade-street; also, Australasian Line (Gracie, Beazley, & Co.)
Johnson Allan, 45 North-quay—Mona Steamship Co., Ltd.; also, Douglas Steam Navigation Co., Ltd.
Young W. E. Athol-street—Ardrossan Shipping Co.
Torrance G. & Co., North-quay—Isle of Man Trading Co. (Prince Edward)
Maley C. F., Athol-street —Douglas and Port Soderic Steamship Co., Ltd.
Faragher John T., North-quay—Cunard Line to New York
Windsor Frank, Athol-street--—White Star and American Line to New York; Castle Line to South Africa
Jackson A. M., Athol-street----Orient Line to Australia; American Line to New York; Union Line to South Africa; New Zealand Shipping Co.; Dominion Line to Canada
Johnson C. F., Market-street—Allan Line to Canada and United States
Sutherland J. F., Nelson-street--Allan Line to Canada and New York; White Star Line
Hogg T. Lord-street—Donald Currie’s Castle Line to South Africa

Stock and Share Brokers

Atkins George, Athol-street
Craige William J., 52 Athol-street
Hartley E. Llewellyn, Athol-street
Maley Charles, Athol-street
Sutherland Alfred, Nelson-street
Thomson William, Upper Church-street
Windsor Frank, 5a Athol-street


Creer Robert, Athol-street
Quayle Thomas, 7 St. George’s-street
Royston Joseph, 12 Peel-road


Dearden J. A., Finch-road
Friend Frederick W., 24 Finch-road
Greville Frank A., Earle-terrace
Hoops Samuel E. Mostyn, Derby-road
Lupton Henry, Woodburn-square
Mackenzie Thomas, Sydney-mount
Mathieson Roderick Murdock, Noble’s Hospital
O’Malley David, M.D., 38 Finch-road
Rose Dr., 16 Finch-road
Wood Thomas A., Albert-terrace
Woods Thomas A., 22 Finch-road

Tallow Chandlers.

Quilleish William, Market-place

Tanners and Curriers.

Cain John, Well Road-hill
Killey Philip & Son, Cattle Market-street
Litt Brothers, Cattle Market-street

Tailors and Woollen Drapers.

Bell William Henry, 86 Strand-street
Cain Henry, 57 Strand-sfreet
Cain Nelson, 8 Laureston-terrace
Callister & Corlett, 69 and 71 Duke-street
Callister William Henry, 8 King-street
Clarke William, 4 Strand-street
Colquhoun William T.,
Corkill John, 19 Wellington-street
Grebbin Edward, 99 Strand-street
Hales James, 6 Athol-street
Halsall Robert, Strand-street
Halsall Thomas J., Victoria-street
Holmes Robert, 29 King-street
Kewley William Henry, Duke-street
Kermode W. C., Hill-street
Kissack William, 50 Strand-street
Lay & Hough, 9 & 11 Duke-street
Phillips J., Great George’s-street
Quayle John, 9 Strand-street
Quayle Robert, 26 Church-street
Sansbury William & 26

Tea Merchants.

Aylen & Co., 59 Victoria-street and Duke-street, Douglas; and Parliament-street, Ramsey.
Higgins Henry, Brunswick-road
Kewley Thomas, King-street and Finch-road
Waid William, 26 Duke-street and Queen’s Promenade

Teachers of Dancing and Calisthenics.

Du Val Miss, 11 Brunswick-road
Clucas Richard, Clarke-street
Harrison Livingstone, Christian-road
Shaw Mrs Elizabeth, Windsor road


Cawte George, 13 Strand-street
Dawson Joseph, 5 Drumgold-street
Duff James, 20 Lord-street
Huntley Thomas, 22 Lord-street
Joughin William, 17 Fort-street
Lea William T., 12 Duke-street
Sharp Matthew, 24 Prospect-hill
Sherwood & Co., 57 Duke-street
Todhunter & Elliot, Duke-street

Tobacco Manufacturers.

Cooper & Sons, 71, Circular-road
Gelling Daniel, Victoria-street
Halsall William. 5 Heywood-place
Holmes Mrs, 6 North-quay
Kermode William J., Victoria-street
Manx Tobacco Manufacturing Co., Limited, Finch-road
Sutherland James, Chapel-lane


Bower A., 67 Strand-street
Bridson John Marshall, Peel-road
Broughton William, 48 Duke-street
Burgess John Thomas, 33 Strand-street
Carr Robert, 11 Marina road
Cooper & Sons, 71 Circular-road
Corlett Thomas Sub-Post Office, Athol-street
Coupe Joseph, 23 Victoria-street
Cowell Edward, Victoria Pier
Cubbon John, 28 North-quay
Craig James, Prospect-hill
Dalrymple William, 10 Villiers Buildings and Duke-street
Davie Jane, Tramway Station
Fayot Charles Leon, 14 Victoria-street and Peveril Buildings
Fielding James R, North-quay
Gallimore Charles, Strand-street
Higginbottom F. C., Castle-street
Kent Mrs, Queen’s Promenade
McCann Mary, Duke-street
Newson G. S., 4 Castle-street and Finch-road
Russell Edward, 88 Strand-street
Shaw George, 4 Walpole-avenue
Stowell Patrick F., 22 Strand-street
Warburton Henry, 20 Prospect-hill

Tool Dealers.

Douglas & Rylands, 3 Strand-street
Lea William, Duke-street
Lewis J. R., 3 Duke-street
Sharp Matthew, 24 Prospect-hill

Veterinary Surgeon.

Atkinson Thomas, 28 Finch-road


Burgess John Thomas, 33, Strand-street
Cannell Brothers, Victoria-street
Corlett Edward, 9 Castle-street
Cowell Charles T., Victoria-street and Prospect-hill
Bridson Joseph, 38 Athol-street
Fenelon Thomas, Victoria-street
Goldsmith Brothers, Victoria-street
Heath H. W., Walpole-avenue
Kingston Thomas S., Great George’s-street
Langley Samuel, 81 Strand-street
Midland Watch Co., Victoria-street, J. J. Davidson
Muncaster Miss E., 1, Strand-street
Taylor Walter, 3 Upper church-street
Wallace Charles, 2 Athol-street

Wine and Spirit Merchants.


Brearley H. & J. C., Royal Stores, Drumgold street
Bucknall Austin, 33 Athol-street and Prospect-hill
Heron G. C., Castle-street
Marsden Samuel H., Duke-street
Stephen Frank and William, Lord-street
Torrance Gilbert & Co., North-quay


Allen Walter & Co., 16 Duke-street
Aylen Thomas Samuel, 59 Victoria-street, 61 Duke-street and Wellington Stores, Wellington-street
Baron George William, Crescent
Boote William, 2 Granville-street
Bucknall Austin, 33 Athol-street and 17 Prospect-hill
Clucas John Henry, 15 Mona-street
Coole James M., Victoria-street
Creer Edwin, Broadway
Crellin John, 47 Victoria-street
Creer Robert Edward, Market-place
Cubbon William, 40 Buck’s-road
Cubbon William Henry, 14 Falcon-street and 3 Victoria-road
Curphey George, 1 Castle-street
Gell James, 55 Victoria-street, 5 Church-street.and Glen Falcon-road
Harris Thomas, 39 Strand-street
Harraghey Michael, 11 Wellington-square
Harraghey Michael, jun., Tynwald-street, Peveril-street and Athol-street
Harvey John, 24 Drumgold-street
Harwood George William, 2 Prince’s-avenue
Holroyd James, 1 Brisbane-street
Kelly Jacob, Market-place
Kelly Thomas, Broadway and Castle-lawn
Kelly William, 74 Strand-street
Kermode John Kneale, Melbourne-street
Kewley Thomas, King-street and Finch-road
Kiddie Robert, 62 Buck’s-road
Kissack J. & W., Prospect-hill
Kneale Anna Maria, 20 Strand-street
Kneale John Leece, 14 Sydney-street
McClure Albert John, Murray’s-road
McCutcheon, John Wright, 29 Strand-street
Magee William, 10 Bridge-road
Pickard Albert, 64 Buck’s-road
Quiggin William Francis, 19 Drinkwater.street
Quinney Brothers, 26 Strand-street
Roach Charles Thomas, Windsor-road
Roney Richard, 14 Duke-street
Savage John, 15 Church-street
Stringer Ann, 5 Aukland-terrace
Teare John James, 64 Athol-street
Watson William Thompson, 20 Prospect-terrace
Whittaker Allen Ashton, Brunswick-road

Wood Carvers.

Prebble Henry, ro Eastfleld

Wood Turners

Douglas Steam Saw Mills, the Lake
Skinner John, Hope-street

Woollen Manufacturers.

Moore Thomas, King-street and St. John’s St. George’s Mills. Laxey


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