[From Brown's Directory, 1894]



Cain Mrs, Belle Vue House, 30 Prospect-terrace
Cam Mrs, 29 Woodburn-road
Cain Mrs, 13 Rosemount
Cain & Clarke, joiners, builders, and contractors, Victoria-road
Cain Mrs Annie, 13 Mona-street
Cain Mrs Arm, 9 Dalton-street
Cain Henry, tailor and fancy dealer, 57 Strand-street
Cain James, joiner and cabinetmaker, 4 Castletown-road
Cain George, engineer; residence - 29 Brisbane-street
Cain Mrs Ann, 70 Buck's-road
Cam Mrs Ann Jane, Lorne House, 80 Loch Promenade
Cain Daniel, labourer, 13 Berkeley-street
Cain Edward, 8 Derby-square
Cain Edward Charles, baker, 1 Myrtle-street
Cain Mrs Catherine, general draper and hosier, 22 North-quay
Cain Mrs Elizabeth, tripe dresser, 7 Great George's-street
Cain Mrs Eliza, 80 Bucks-road
Cain Evan, blacksmith, 37 Allan-street
Cain Frank, plasterer, 10 Albany-street
Cain George, plasterer, 37 Allan-street
Cain George, 13 Oxford-street
Cain George, engineer, shipsmith, and machinist, Lake-road
Cain James Denson, bootmaker, 13 King-street
Cain James, builder, 1 Woodville-terrace, Victoria-road
Cain James, herbalist, 95 Strand-street
Cain John, 65 Derby-road
Cain Mrs Jane, Nottingham House, 24 Demesne-road
Cain John, coachman, 45 Allan-street
Cain John, police inspector, 24 Circular-road
Cain John, 72 Circular-road
Cain John, Laurel House, Mona-drive
Cain John, engineer and machinist, 37 Circular-road
Cain John, 10, The Esplanade
Cain Jonathan, cabinetmaker, Demesne-road
Cain Joseph, 18 Buck's-road
Cain Nelson, tailor, 8 Lauriston-terrace, Broadway
Cain Mrs M. A., 1 Cambridge-terrace
Cain Nelson, stonemason, 4 Hope-street
Chin Mrs Mary Alice, sugar boiler and confectioner, 5 Strand-street
Cain Philip, shoemaker, 11 Harris-terrace
Cain Robert Edward, builder, Hillcrest, Alexander-drive
Cam Mrs R. A., Alma House, 29 Loch. Promenade
Cain Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 32 Prospect-terrace
Cain Robert, stationer, bookseller, and sub-post office, 2 Athol-street
Cain Robert, joiner and builder, Circular-road ; residence - West view
Cain Robert, 7 Richmond-grove
Cain Robert, carter, 57, Castle Mona-avenue
Cain Robert Charles, draper, milliner, and mantle maker, 44 & 46 Duke. street
Cain Thomas, butcher, 64 Duke-street
Cain Thomas, gardener, 33 Falcon-street
Cain Thomas Henry, 6 Hutchinson-square
Cain Thomas H., coachbuilder, Wellington-square
Cain Thomas William, salesman, 17 Dalton-street
Cain Thomas, 16 Murray's-road
Cain Thomas, engineer and machinist, Bridge-road
Cain William, shopman, 3 Brunswick-road
Cain William John, sexton, 18 Woodburn-square
Cain William John, 14 Selborne-road
Caine Miss Margaret, Wesley House, Merton Bank, Buck's-road
Caine James, builder, joiner, and contractor, 14 Allan-street
Caine John, tanner, currier, and leather merchant, Well Road-hill residence, 3 Hutchinson-square
Caine William Charles, policeman, 2 Circular-road
Caldwell Mrs Fanny, licensed victualler, British Hotel, Market-place
Caley Andrew, 23 Circular-road
Caley Miss Eleanor, 3 Belmont-terrace
Caley John, Kensington-road
Caley Thomas, joiner, 9 Falcon-street
Caley Thomas, 5 Victoria-terrace, Victoria-road
Caley Thomas, mason, 21 Buck's-road
Caley William Henry, fish curer, 62 Duke-street
Caley William, locksmith, 19 Mona-street
Callin Mrs Catherine, 14 Kingswood-grove
Callister & Corlett, tailors, 69 & 71 Duke-street and Drumgold-street
Callister Mrs, .3 Sydney-street
Callister D., photographer, Prospect-hill; residence- 5 Murray's-road
Callister Daniel, plasterer, 10 Albany-street
Callister Daniel, 51 Derby-road
Callister John, car proprietor, Hutchinson-square
Callister John, Stafford House, Church-road
Callister William, photographer, 26 Finch-road
Callister William, 7 Castle Mona-avenue
Callister William, mason, 2 Peel-road
Callister H., boarding-house, 3 Castle-terrace
Callister William, general draper and clother, 41 Victoria-street and Peveril Buildings; residence-10 Princes-road
Callister William,Walmsley House, 5, Drury-terrace, Broadway
Callow the Misses, 9 Drury-terrace, Broadway
Callow Walter, 27 Derby-road
Callow Charles Thomas Cheslyn, advocate, secretary to the Highway Board, and clerk to the Assessment Board, 27 Athol-street; residence, 6 Derby-road
Callow Thos., & Sons, advocates, Athol-street
Callow Charles, mason, 88 Buck's-road
Callow Edward, joiner. 26 Princes-street
Callow Mrs Eleanor, 1 Summer-hill
Callow Miss Emily, 9 Windsor-road
Callow Frederick George, advocate, 31 Athol-street
Callow Frederick, 62 Circular-road
Callow Horatio Bollingbroke Cheslyn, advocate, 27 Athol-street; residence Ballabrooie
Callow James, bootmaker, Castle Mona-avenue
Callow John P., manager Derby Castle Hotel and Pleasure Grounds Co
Callow John Nelson, baker, 63 Castle Mona-avenue
Callow Joseph, mariner, 16 Oxford-street
Callow Thomas, builder, 63 Hutchinson-square
Callow Thomas, lodging-house, Circular-road
Callow William, machinist, Circular-road
Calvert Mrs Maria, 57 Derby-square
Campbell Alexander, 8 Belmont-terrace
Campbell Mrs H., Argyle House, 2 Christian-road
Campbell Thomas, fishmonger, Glen Falcon-road
Canepa Joseph, boatman, 7 Windsor-road
Canham Joseph L., Leicester Villa, Brunswick-road
Cannan Mrs D., board and lodging-house, 63 Athol-street
Cannan Daniel, gardener, 63 Athol-street
Cannan John James, poulterer and game dealer, 33 Prospect-hill
Canning Moses, journalist, 5 Brunswick-road
Cannon George, 79 Strand-street
Cannell The Misses, F. and G., Knowsley House, 41 Loch Promenade
Cannell The Misses, M. and S., 17 Christian-road
Cannell Mrs Catherine, 4 Woodside-terrace
Cannell Bros., watchmakers and jewellers, 41 Victoria-street
Cannell Claude, advocate, and commissioner for oaths, 30 Athol-street;:. residence-Selborne-road
Cannell Edwin, joiner, 3 Raphael-road
Cannell Edwin, 24 Mona-street
Cannell Mrs Elizabeth, fish curer, 18 Wellington-street
Cannell George, 20 Oxford-street
Cannell Henry, coachman, 26 Berkeley-street
Cannell Isaac, Brisbane-street
Cannell James, labourer, 47 Allan-street
Cannell Mrs Jane, 27 Lord-street
Cannell Mrs Jane, 35 Woodburn-square
Cannell John, clerk, 14 Primrose-avenue
Cannell John, labourer, 40 Tynwald-street
Cannell John C., 17 Hope-street
Cannell Joseph, joiner, 6 Grosvenor-road
Cannell Joseph, 12 Eastfield
Cannell Joseph James, 28 Murray's-road
Cannell Mrs Lizzie, 5 Upper Church-street
Cannell Miss Mary, confectioner, 40 Duke-street
Cannell Mrs Sarah, Yorkshire House, 104 Buck's-road
Cannell Thomas, Dovedale House, Merton Bank, Buck's-road
Cannell Thomas, blacksmith, 5 Mona-street
Cannell Thomas, joiner, 24 Castletown-road
Cannell William, engine-driver, 20 Princes-street
Cannell James, 1 Waverley-terrace, Broadway
Cannell William, turner, 8 Grosvenor-road
Carbury Mrs Esther, 2 Marion-terrace, Castle-Mona-avenue
Carberry Mrs Sophia, 89 Circular-road
Caren William mason, Pleasington House, Woodville-terrace, Victoria-road
Carine Mark, joiner, builder, and contractor, 8 Belgrave-terrace, Victoria-road
Carr Robert, tobacconist and cigar merchant, 11 Marina-road; residence 4 Victoria-terrace, Victoria-road
Cartwright J. L., surveyor, East Cliffe
Casement John, engineer 8 Kensington-road
Casey Mrs Jessie, umbrella maker, 13 Wellington-street
Cashen John, mason, 16 Victoria-road
Cattell Mrs Sarah, 13 Stanley-terrace, Broadway
Caugherty Mrs, 13 Albany-street
Caugherty James, 9 Albert-street
Caveen Miss, Stirlingshire House, 73 Buck's-road
Cavendish Thomas, potato dealer, 6 Chester-street
Cawte Mrs G., 4 Berkeley-street
Cawte G. R., ironmonger and gasfitter, 13 Strand-street
Cawte Mrs. Mary, 4 Berkeley-street
Central Hotel, Limited, J. L, Bromfield, manager, Broadway
Chadwick Miss and Miss Bridson, mantle and millinery showroom 14 West View
Chadwick Edward, builder, 1 Falcon-street
Chambres R. C., Tygwyn, Brunswick-road
Champion William James, clerk, 5 Grafton-street
Chappel Arthur, clerk, Patricroft House, Woodville-terrace, Victoria-road
Charlesworth Benjamin, insurance agent, 30 Derby-road
Charnley Robert, Shaftesbury House, Empress-terrace
Christian Mrs, 5 Raphael-road
Christian Mrs, 24 Tynwald-street
Christian John, gardener, Albany-street
Christian Mrs, Mount Havelock
Christian Miss, Young Women's Christian Association, 9 Mona-terace
Christian Mrs Annie, 3 Mona-terrace
Christian Mrs Catherine, 12 Mount Havelock
Christian Caesar, Compton House, 122 Buck's-road
Christian Mrs Isabella, licensed victualler, Alma Inn, King-street
Christian Edward, 11 Eastfield
Christian Edward Joseph, 3 Stanley-terrace, Broadway
Christian Frederick, engine driver, 21 Woodburn-road
Christian James, gasfitter, 24 Derby-road
Christian James, 76 Finch-road
Christian John, Laureston-road
Christian John, mariner, 45 Allan-street
Christian John, 22 Tynwald-street
Christian John F., plasterer, 4 Brisbane-street
Christian Mrs Margaret, 10 Rosemount
Christian Philip, Finch Hill House, Kensington-road
Christian Robert, shoemaker,15 Osborne-grove and Dalton-street
Christian Robert, engineer, 12 Windsor-road
Christian Robert, dairyman, Bigwell-street
Christian Robert, builder and contractor, 4 Duke-road
Christian Robert Quayle, 80, Circular-road.
Christian Silas, grocer and car proprietor, 26 Barrack-street
Christian T., joiner, 33 Murray's-road
Christian William, 5 Hope-street
Christian William, licensed victualler, Market Hotel, New Bond-street
Christian William, plasterer, 30 Princes-street
Christian William S., butcher, 1 Alexander-drive
Clague & Craine, corn, seed, manure, and agricultural implement dealers, 36 North-quay
Clague Mrs Catherine, 6 Hawarden-avenue
Clague David, joiner, 22 Castletown-road
Clague Edward, butcher, Athol-street
Clague Edward, clerk, 5 Alexander- terrace, Woodburn-road
Clague Mrs Elizabeth, Marine-view, Broadway
Clague George W., 72 Derby-square
Clague Henry F., clerk, 7 Myrtle-street
Clague Isaac, 14 Osborne-grove
Clague Mrs Jane, 22 Hope-street
Clague Mrs Jane, 5 Christian-road
Clague John, 70 Derby-square
Clague John, postman, 6 Goldie-terrace, Upper Church-street
Clague John, seedsman, grocer, and insurance agent, 23 Nelson-street
Clague John, car proprietor, Castle Mona-avenue
Clague Mrs Margaret, 9 Christian-road
Clague Matthew, 83 Circular-road
Clague Richard, draper, 71 Castle Mona-avenue
Clague Robert, police sergeant, 10 Demesne-road
Clague Robert George, corn merchant, 7 West-view
Clague Robert, grocer and provision dealer, 68 Athol-street
Clague Thomas, butcher, 15 Duke-street and at Falcon-street
Clague Thomas Henry, car proprietor, 11 Summer-hill
Clague William, car proprietor, 59 Derby-square
Clague William, car proprietor, 10 Brisbane-street
Clague William, bootmaker, 4 St. George's-street
Clare Edwin, dentist, 14a Strand-street
Clarke Mrs, St. Helen's House, 20 Castle-street
Clarke Archibald, 2 Osborne-terrace
Clarke David, Peveril Private Hotel, 58 Loch Promenade
Clarke Mrs Dina, 61 Buck's-road
Clarke George, 4 Falcon-terrace, Victoria-road
Clarke Mrs Hannah, 33 Peel-road
Clarke Henry Shortridge, advocate, 40 Athol-street
Clarke James, labourer, 26 Falcon-street
Clarke Mrs, 56 Buck's-road
Clarke John, H., Daisy Bank, 6 Alpine terrace, Summer-hill
Clarke John, Kensington-lane
Clarke John, coachman, 7 Falcon-street
Clarke John H., commission agent, agent for the Norwich Assurance, Athol street
Clarke John Henry, butcher, 25 Castle-street
Clarke Joseph, saddler and harness maker, 2a Athol-street ; residence 4, Mona-terrace
Clarke Mrs S., Brynwood, Laureston-road
Clarke Thomas, bootmaker, 41 Murray's-road
Clarke Walter, 21 Wellington-street
Clarke, Wm., outfitter and clothier, 4 Strand-street
Clague Wm. Joseph, family butcher, 29 Falcon-street
Claremont House Ltd., Mrs Williams, manageress, 18 Loch Promenade
Clayton J., 1 1, Victoria-place
Clayton Robt., 61 Circular-road
Cleator Mrs., Derby House, 36 Hope-street
Cleator Mrs. Ann, 7 Woodburn-road
Cleator Mrs. Margaret, Kensington House, Loch Promenade
Cleator Thomas P., 26 Buck's-road
Cleator Thomas, 9 Great Nelson-street
Cleator Wm., compositor, 35 Derby-road
Clegg Joseph Edwin, dentist, 52 Buck's-road
Clemisha Mrs Elizabeth, confectioner, 54 North-quay
Cliff Wm., Modwena Hotel, 39 and 40 Loch Promenade
Clinch John Wms., brewer, Lake Brewery, and Eastfield House, Eastfield
Clinton R. H., butcher, 21 Oxford-street
Clucas Alfred, poulterer and fruiterer, 56 and 58 Duke-street
Clucas Mrs Annie, 40 Princes-street
Clucas Mrs Ann, 13 Kingswood-grove
Clucas Edwd., bootmaker, 68 Finch-road
Clucas Mrs Eliza Rosina, 5 Woodburn-road
Clucas & Faragher, printers and stationers, " Mona's Herald" Office, Athol-street
Clucas Mrs George, Alexander-road
Clucas Henry, 50 Derby-square
Clucas James F., printer, 23 Hawarden-avenue
Clucas Mrs Martha, 5 Laureston-terrace, Broadway
Clucas Jane, 18 Murray's-road
Clucas John, joiner, 2o Douglas Head-road
Clucas John, carter, 37 Tynwald-street
Clucas John, cabinet-maker, 6 Alexander-drive
Clucas John, baker, 16 Woodburn-square
Clucas Mrs Louisa, Minerva House, 24 Prospect-terrace
Clucas Mrs Margaret, 11 Rosemount
Clucas Mrs Margaret, 17 Bay View
Clucas Mrs Margaret, 14 Peel-road
Clucas Mrs Margaret, grocer and spirit dealer, 15 Mona-street
Clucas Mrs Mary, 8 Athol-terrace, Peel-road
Clucas Robert, joiner, 49 Allan-street
Clucas Robert, tailor, 24 Princes-street
Clucas Robert, retired draper, 1 Eastfield
Clucas, Thomas, plumber and gasfitter, 41 Circular-road
Clucas Walter, Woodburn-square
Clucas Wm., family baker and confectioner, 53 Athol-street
Clucas Wm. Henry, moulder, 22 Nunnery-terrace, Peel-road
Clugston Mrs, 8 Harris-terrace
Cobb James Lucian, Rodney House, 45, Loch Promenade
Cockayne Mrs Elizabeth, 11 Primrose-avenue
Cockayne William N., accountant, 14 Duke-road
Cochrane Archibald, 6 Stanley-view, Broadway
Colebourne Mrs E. J., Z5 Burnside-terrace, Woodburn-road
Coldwell Charles, The Beach, Empress-terrace
Colebourne Edmund R., 10 Selborne-road
Collins Charles, marine store, Fancy-street
Collister Mrs, 6 Harris-terrace
Collister Edward, carter, 35 Princes-street
Collister Mrs Eleanor, 8 Mount Havelock
Collister Mrs Elizabeth, 44 Circular-road
Collister George, bootmaker, 24 Church-street
Collister J., cabinetmaker, Finch-road
Collister John, quarry owner, 27 Hill-street
Collister John, gardener, 6 Duke-road
Collister John, cabinetmaker, 32 Finch-road
Collister John, joiner, Little Switzerland
Collister Robert, smith, 19 Tynwald-street
Collister Robert, car proprietor, 9 St. George's-street
Collister Thomas, labourer, 6 St. Genrge's-street
Collister Thomas, draper, 2 Goldie-terrace, Upper Church-street
Collister William, managing director Douglas Steam Saw Mills, Belgrave terrace, Victoria-road
Colvin Mary, 25 Princes-street
Colquhoun Mrs Ellen, 8 Richmond-grove
Colquhoun Wm., tailor and habit-maker, 60 Athol-street
Comish James, car proprietor, 19 Hope-street
Comish, Thomas, constable, 13 Albany-street
Condliff Mrs Clara, greengrocer, 19 Falcon-street
Connall Mrs, 59 Circular-road
Connall Miss Jane, hairdresser and tobacconist, 52 North-quay
Connock Gilbert, 11 Derby-road
Convent of Mercy, Finch-road
Coole Chas. Wm., advocate, 48 Athol-street; residence-The Mount Mount Falcon
Coole James Maxwell, grocer, and wine merchant, 63 Victoria-street
Coole John, tailor, 18 Prince's-street
Coole John James, grocer and spirit dealer, 64 Athol-street
Coole Mrs Mary, 9 Myrtle-street
Cooling Mrs, Manchester and Sheffield House, Queen's Promenade
Coole Wm., car inspector, 13 AIbert-street
Cookson George Ridgeway, chief clerk, Rolls Office; residence Hillsdene, Alexander-drive
Cooper Mrs, Albion-terrace
Cooper Arthur, tobacco manufacturer, 69 Circular-road
Cooper & Deacon, herbalists, 46 North-quay
Cooper Mrs Elizabeth, 4 Duke's-road
Cooper Miss, dress and mantlemaker, 3 Albert-street
Cooper Mrs Hannah, 3 Marion-terrace, Castle Mona-avenue
Cooper James, joiner, 2 Spring Gardens
Cooper Mrs Jane, lodging-houre, 5 Circular-road
Cooper William, joiner and builder, 58 Allen-street
Cope George, Rose Villa, Queen's Promenade
Corkill's Victoria Palace Hotel and Dining-rooms. 8 Victoria-street
Corkill Mrs Ann, 12 Cambridge-terrace
Corkill Albert, clerk, 89 Castle Mona-avenue
Corkill Mrs Catherine, 26 Derby-road
Corkill Edward, family baker and grocer, 13 Church-street
Corkill Edward, policeman, 15 Allan-street
Corkill Edward, master mariner, 28 Hope-street
Corkill George, shoemaker, 7 Athol-terrace, Peel-road
Corkill John, clerk, 11 Oxford-street
Corkill John, coachman, Willaston-villas, Castle-Mona-avenue
Corkill John, car proprietor, 4 Senna-road
Corkill John James, mariner, 9 Sydney-street
Corkill John, ironmonger, North-quay
Corkill John, tailor and woollen draper, 19 Wellington-street
Corkill Louis, Primrose-avenue
Corkill L. R., Primrose-avenue
Corkill Mrs Margaret, 12 Osborne-grove
Corkill Peter, bootmaker, 64 Strand-street
Corkill Robert, car proprietor, 8 Senna-road
Corkill Mrs Sarah, 6 Selborne-road
Corkill Thomas, foreman tailor, 6 Grosvenor-road
Corkill Thomas, car proprietor, 4 Harris-terrace
Corkill William, accountant, 2 Hawarden-avenue
Corkill William, gardener, 3 Mount Havelock
Corkill William & Son, boat builders, The Tongue
Corkish William, Marina House, Church-road
Corkish Edward, policeman, 1 Hope-street
Corkish Mrs J., shopkeeper, 12 Barrack-street
Corkish John, mariner, 3 George's- terrace
Corkish Robert, bootmaker, 111 Castle-Mona-avenue
Corless Mrs, Acacia Cottage, Mount Bradda
Corlett The Misses, Edge-lane House, 28 Peel-road
Corlett Miss, Sea View, Broadway
Corlett Mrs Betsy, 26 Mona-street
Corlett Alfred E., car proprietor, 41 Peel-road
Corlett Caesar, car proprietor, Montague House, 9 Woodville-terrace,Victoria road
Corlett Charles A., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 5 Buck's-road
Corlett Edward, watchmaker, 9 Castle-street ; residence-5 Kingswood-grove
Corlett Edward, painter and decorator, 15 Princes-street
Corlett Mrs Elizabeth, 2, Marina-terrace, Castle Mona-avenue
Corlett George R., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, King-street
Corlett James, baker and grocer, 6 Windsor-road
Corlett James, baker and confectioner, 37 Castle-street
Corlett Mrs J. T., 7 Mount Havelock
Corlett 1. J., cabinetmaker, 35 Circular-road
Corlett John James, baker, 40 North-quay
Corlett John (Collister & Corlett), 2 Burnside-terrace, Woodburn road
Corlett John, tailor, 18 Bay-view
Corlett Joseph, cutter, 15 Princes-street
CorIlett Mrs R. E., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 51 Athol-srreet
Corlett Robert, stoker, 22 Castletown-road
Corlett Robert, 39 Peel-road
Corlett Robert, car proprietor, 5 Barrack-street and Fancy-street
Corlett Robert, builder, Ulverston House, 26 Prospect-terrace
Cotlett Stephen, car proprietor, 19 Rosemount
Corlett Thomas, Heckmondwyke House, 8 Clifton-terrace, Broadway
Corlett Thomas, butcher, 62 Buck's-road
Corlett Thomas, Rosemount
Corlett Thomas, stationer and post office, 61 Athol-street
Corlett Walter, coach-builder (late Phillips & Corlett), Lake-road
Corlett Wm., tailor, 6 Osborne-grove
Corlett Wm. John, general ironmonger, 21 Nelson-street; private address-Woodstock, Quarterbridge-road
Corlett Wm., joiner, 7 Albany-street
Corlett Wm,, car proprietor, 91 Castle Mona-avenue
Corlett William F., builder, 8 Auckland-grove
Cormode Mrs Eleana, 55 Derby-road
Corran Matthias William auctioneer, Bridge-road; residence Brighton-terrace, Rosemount
Corris Mrs, 3 Castle Mona-avenue
Corris John, joiner, 11 Victoria-road
Corris John, painter and decorator, 21 Church-street
Corris John, harbour master, 4 Belmont-terrace
Corris John, mariner, 34 Allan-street
Corris Robert, tailor, 6 Derby-road
Corrin Mrs Arm, confectioner and sugar boiler, 30 Strand-street
Corrin Miss E., 9 Alexander-drive
Corrin Miss Emily, Falcon Cliff-terrace, Victoria-road
Corrin Daniel, general draper, silk mercer, millinery and dressmaking. 28 Victoria-street
Corrin Edward, manufacturing confectioner, 31 Strand-street
Corrin Henry, butcher, 12 Albany-street
Corrin Mrs Isabella, dressmaker, 21a Princes-street
Corrin John, joiner, 2 Hope-street
Corrin John, mason, 3 Allan-street
Corrin John, 41 Derby-road
Corran Joseph, Castle Mona-avenue
Corrin Joseph, 21 Princes-street
Corrin Walter vanman, 13 Albany-street
C:orrin Williai, mariner, 13 Albany-street
Corrin Wm., 1 Harris-terrace, Christian-road
Corroon Mrs Isabella, marine store dealer. 29 Barrack-street
Corteen Edward, road surveyor, 7 Hawarden-avenue
Corteen John James, painter and decorater, 20 Bridge-road
Corteen Robert, compositor, 3 Berkeley-street
Cosnahan James, 11 Cambridge-terrace
Costain Charles, salesman, 21 Brisbane-street
Cottier the Misses Sarah and Christian, ladies' and children's outfitters, dressmakers and milliners, 6 Prospect-hill
Cottier the Misses M. and A., 43 Castle Mona-avenue
Cottier & Cubbon, drapers, silk mercers, milliners, &c., Duke-street and Victoria-street
Cottier Alfred, painter and decorator, 42 Circular-road
Cottier Edward, gardener, 15 Woodburn-road
Cottier Edwin, joiner, 5 Demense-road
Cottier John, blacksmith, Market-street
Cottier Robert, painter, 21 Castle-street
Cottier Robt., retired draper, Greffendale House, Brunswick-road
Cottier William Francis, painter and decorator, 21 Castle-street
Cottier William, sailmaker, 8 Windsor-road
Coupe Joseph, tobacconist and cigar merchant, 23 Victoria-street residence - 10 Hawarden-avenue
Coward John, Commercial Inn, 33 North-quay
Cowell Mrs, Somervilla, 36 Finch-road
Cowell Charles Thomas, watchmaker, 10 Prospect-hill
Cowell Charles Thomas, watchmaker and jeweller, 21 Victoria-street residence-10 Cambridge terrace
Cowell Edwd., Manchester and Liverpool Arms, 60 North-quay
Cowell Frederick, butcher, 2 Dalton-street
Cowell Mrs Isabella, 8 Mona-terrace
Cowel John, joiner, 9 Primrose-avenue
Cowell John, Sandyford House, Queen's Promenade
Cowell John, tailor, 24 Christian-road
Cowell Mrs Martha, provision dealer, 6 Bigwell-street
Cowell Mrs Mary, 2 Stanley View, Broadway
Cowell Mrs Margaret, Falcon Family and Commercial Hotel, 56 Loch Promenade
Cowell Robert, tobacconist 10 Victoria-street
Cowell Robert labourer, 23 Christian-road
Cowell Robert: joiner, 13 Brisbane-street
Cowell Mrs Sarah, dressmaker, 76 Strand-street
Cowell Thomas, 43 Circular-road
Cowell Thomas, Mona Villa, 4 Victoria-road
Cowell John Thomas, H.K., Rose Lodge, Mount Bradda
Cowell Thomas Al., agent to the Wesleyan and General Assurance Company 7 Dalton-street
Cowin Mis Clara, 19 Christian-road
Cowin Brothers, dyers and cleaners, Athol-street and Union Mills
Cowin John, dyer, 27 Prospect-hill, and 55 Strand-street
Cowin Elizabeth, Stanley-terrace, Broadway
Cowin Fred. J., commercial agent, Fancy.street
Cowin Henry, accountant, 13 Earle-terrace, Woodburn-road
Cowin John, ironfitter, 37 Princes-street
Cowin L. H.. licensed victualler, Laxey Inn, Chapel-lane
Cowin Mrs Margaret, 13 Windsor-road
Cowin Mrs Maria, 2 Drury-terrace, Broadway
Cowiti Robert Daniel, baker and confectioner, Prospect-hill
Cowin Mrs Sarah Jane, Clarendon House, 9 Loch Promenade
Cowin Thomas, Lansdowne House, 22 Loch Promenade
Cowin Thomas, Criterion Hotel, Parade-street
Cowin Thomas, builder, 57 Derby-road
Cowin Thomas, Edinburgh House, 13 Loch Promenade
Cowin William & Co., fancy and general draper, 6 Victoria-street, and at the Star Bazaar, Victoria Pier
Cowin William Daniel, 25 Woodburn-square
Cowin William, clerk, 58 Athol-street
Cowin William Henry, printer and stationer, 47 Strand-street
Cowle Mrs Elizabeth, 6 Hope-street
Cowle James, architect and builder, 20 St. George's-street residence- Windsor road
Cowley Mrs, 11 Alexandra-drive
Cowley Mrs, 1 Park-road
Cowley Mrs Anne L., Spring Gardens
Cowley Catherine, 9 Great George-street
Cowley Charles, plumber and gasfitter, 5 Castle-street
Cowley Edward, master mariner, 7 Castletown-road
Cowley Mrs Eleanor, milliner, 32 Castle-street
Cowley Henry Richard, joiner, 18 Windsor-road
Cowley Mrs Jane, 31 Woodburn-square .
Cowley John mariner, 91 Circular-road
Cowley John mariner, Mount Havelock
Cowley Joseph, 1 Demesne-road
Cowley Mrs Kate, 9 Queen's-avenue ,
Cowley Mrs Margaret, 10 Prospect-terrace, Woodburn-road
Cowley Stanley, mason, Fernleigh House, 27 Buck's-road
Cowley Thomas, blacksmith, 27 Demesne-road
Cowley Thomas, 9 Fort William
Cowley Thomas joiner, 34 Murray's-road
Cowley William, coachman, 64 Allan-street
Cox John, Laureston-road
Cox William Henry, electro-plater, 3 Wellington-street
Craig Mr, customs, Albany-street
Craig Mrs James, milliner and dressmaker, 24 Great Nelson-street
Craig James, joiner, 69 Derby-road
Craig James, tobacconist, 11 Prospect-hill
Craige William John, auctioneer, stock and share broker, 52 Athol-street ; residence-2 Taubman-terrace
Craine Miss, 23 Burnside-terrace, Woodburn-road
Craine Miss A., 7 Spring Gardens
Craine Andrew, 5 Woodburn-square
Craine Mrs Catherine, 1 Spring Gardens
Craine Mrs Catherine, 21 Windsor-road
Craine Charles, car driver, 7 North quay ,
Craine Mrs Esthe.r, 11 Murray's-road
Craine Miss E. A., 53 Castle Mona-avenue
Craine Mrs Elizabeth, 4 Woodburn-square
Craine Mrs Ellen, 10 Falcon-street
Craine Miss C., North-quay
Craine George, painter, 15 Dalton-street
Craine Henry, butcher, 1 Derby-road
Craine James, 9 Athol-terrace, Peel-road
Craine James, builder, 20 Murray's-road
Craine John, joiner, 7 Kensington-road
Craine John, grocer, Seneschal-lane
Craine John, grocer, 1 Chapel-lane
Craine John, 27 Murray's-road
Craine J. W., corn merchant, 51 Aexandra-terrace
Craine Joseph, Criterion House, 67 Buck's-road
Craine Mrs Margaret, 7 Christian-road
Craine Mrs Mary, 4 Myrtle-street
Craine Mrs Mary, 10 Princes-street
Craine Robert, builder, 10 Albion-terrace
Craine Stephen, tailor, 64 Strand-street
Craine Thomas, joiner, 6 Athol-terrace, Peel-road
Craine Thomas, clerk, 40 Demesne-road
Craine Thomas, sawyer, 18 St. George's-street
Craine William, cabinetmaker, 11 Allan-street
Craine William, car proprietor, 1 Mona-terrace
Crane Benjamin, insurance agent, 2 St. Thomas'-walk ,
Crawford Mrs Margaret, Lucknow House, 116 Buck's-road
Crea Mrs Elizabeth, grocer and provision dealer, 6 North-quay
Crebbin Miss, 3 Osborne-grove
Crebbin Mrs, 23 Buck's-road
Crebbin Mrs Elizabeth, 3 Kingswood-terrace, Windsor.road
Crebbin Thos., licensed victualler, Crescent Hotel, Queen's Promenade.
Creer Charles, gardener, 8 Tynwald-street
Creer Edwin, general grocer and wine and spirit merchant, Broadway
Creer Ellen, 2 Sydney-street
Creer Mrs Eliza, 11 Stanley-terrace, Broadway
Creer James, Sea Mount, 2 Fort William
Creer Mrs Jane, fancy draper, 87 Strand-street
Creer J., 7 Mona-street
Creer John & Co., seed, corn, flour and provision dealer, 12 North-quay
Creer John, The Towers, Douglas Head-road
Creer John Joseph, advocate, 29 Athol-street
Creer Joseph, mariner, 4 Oxford-street
Creer Marshall, mason, 14 Albert-street
Creer Matthias, mason, 7 Osborne-grove
Creer Robert, joiner, 8 Victoria-terrace, Victoria-road
Creer Robert, clerk, 3 West-view
Creer Robert Edward, grocer and spirit dealer, Market-place residence, Rose-mount
Creer E., grocer and provision dealer, 6 North-quay
Creer Charles, Palace-terrace, Crescent-road
Creer, Robert Wm., marble and monumental mason, 21a Athol-street
Creer Thomas, accountant, 29 North-quay
Creer Thomas, builder, 1 Hawarden-avenue
Creetch Henry, Netherfield Cottage, Belgrave-terrace, Victoria-road
Cregeen Daniel, civil engineer, Upper Church-street
Crellin Mrs, 33 Demesne-road
Crellin Miss, 1 Alexander-drive
Crellin Isaac, engine driver, 1 Drury-terrace, Broadway
Crellin James, builder, Avondale, Laureston-road
Crellin James, Eastbourne, Laureston-road
Crellin James Henry, overseer, 39 Castle Mona-avenue
Crellin Mrsjane, 3 Falcon-terrace, Victoria-road
Crellin Mrs, Woolton House, 2 Granville-street
Crellin John, grocer and spirit merchant, 47 Victoria-road
Crellin John, 14 Finch-road
Crellin John, 4 Brighton-terrace, Rosemount
Crellin John, gardener, 90 Buck's-road
Crellin John, coachman, Fort William
Crellin Richard, shopman, 2 Mona-street
Crellin Robert, 9 Belmont-terrace,, Circular-road
Crellin Mrs Sarah, dressmaker, 29 Demesne-road
Crellin Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, 2 Castle-street
Crellin Thomas, fish curer, 14 Strand-street
Crellin Thomas, Pickwick House, Hutchinson-square
Crellin William, car proprietor, 16 Buck's-road
Crennell Mrs, 57 Derby-road
Crennell James, Strawberry Gardens, 8 Laureston-terrace, Broadway
Crennell Richard, confectioner, 43 Buck's-road
Crennell William, labourer, 3 Alexander-drive
Cretney John, gardener, Princes-avenue, Murray's-road
Cretney Robert, smith, 4 Waverley-terrace, Broadway
Cretney Robert, 5 Fort William
Cretney William, car proprietor, 38 Hope-street
Crewe Samuel, 14 Brisbane-street
Cringle Frank, car proprietor, 1 Grafton-street
Cringle Louis, painter, 1 Allan-street
Cringle Mrs Louisa, 15 St. George's-street
Cringle Thomas, Mona House. 114 Bucks-road
Cringle 'fhoinas, miller, Princes-street
Cringle William, coach painter, Wellington-square
Crook John, licensed victualler, Saddle Inn, North-quay
Crookall Joseph, Grand View Boarding House and Restaurant Peveril-buildings
Crosbie Mrs Elizabeth, 23 Hope-street
Croughan the Misses, 16 Fort William
Croughan Mrs Arm Jane, 5 Howard-street
Crowe William, joiner, 5 St. George's-street
Cubbon & Bridson, general smiths, Cleator's-lane
Cubbon Edward, fruiterer, 31 Prospect-hill
Cubbon Mrs Elizabeth, 1 Peel-road
Cubbin Edward, rigger, ship chandler, and sailmaker, South-quay
Cubbon George W., 20 Hutchinson-square
Cubbon William Godfrey, corn, flour and seed merchant, 35 North-quay
Cubbon Henry, joiner, 4 Goldie-terrace, Upper Church-street
Cubbon James, blacksmith, 4 Castle Mona-avenue
Cubbon James, commission agent, Hutchinson-square
Cubbon John James, stationer and tobacconist, 28 North-quay
Cubbon Mrs Jane, fancy repository, 4 Athol-street
Cubbon J. C., 20 Derby-square
Cubbon John, car proprietor, 5 Back Stanley-terrace
Cubbon John, joiner, 23 Brisbane-street
Cubbon John, saddler, 15 Hawarden-avenue
Cubbon John, junr., saddler, 8 Albert-terrace
Cubbon John James, Glenroy-House, 8 Woodville-terrace, Victoria-road
Cubbon John Henry, plumber and gasfitter, Finch-road
Cubbon Joseph & Son, saddlers, Market-place
Cubbon Joseph, 31 Buck's-road
Cubbon Mrs Mary, boarding. house, Christian-road
Cubbon Richard, Strathallan Cliff, Strathallan-park
Cubbon Robert, 1 Castle-terrace
Cubbon Robert, baker, 14 Windsor-road
Cubbon & Sons, wholesale grocers, North-quay
Cubbon Mrs Sarah, 6 Mount Havelock
Cubbon Thomas, tailor, 17 Stanley-terrace, Broadway
Cubbon Thomas, policeman, 7 Auckland-grove
Cubbon Mrs T., The Priory, Peel-road
Cubbon Thomas, 10 Church-road
Cubbon Thomas, car proprietor, 7 Circular-road
Cubbon Walter, insurance agent, 14 Windsor-road
Cubbon William, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 40 Buck's-road
Cubbon William, 94 Buck's-road
Cubbon William Henry, grocer and spirit merchant, 14 Falcon-street, and 3 Victoria-road
Cubbon William Henry, plumber, 12 Sydney-street
Cubbon William, carter, 37 Peel-road
Cubbon Edward, sailmaker, 25 Brisbane-street
Cunningham Evan, grocer, 31 Chester-street
Cunningham David, Victoria-road
Cunningham James, Lezayre House, 5 Mona-terrace
Cunningham Robert, butcher, 65 Strand-street
Curphey Mrs Christian, 6 Rosemount ,
Curphey George, Erdlington House, Broadway
Curphey George, grocer, 1 Castle street
Curphey James, labourer, 47 Allan-street
Curphey John, senr., 4 Queen's-avenue
Curphey John, junr., 6 Queen's-avenue
Curphey John, carpenter, 12 St. George's-street
Curphey Mrs Margaret, 11 Hawarden-avenue
Curphey Peter, 40 Derby-square
Curphey Robert, Verona, Mount Bradda
Curphey Robert, fishmonger, Market-place
Curphey William, boat owner, Wellington-street
Curphey William Francis, plumber and gasfitter, 27 Castle-street
Curphey Thomas, fishmonger, Market-place


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