[from Browns 1881 directory


Raby, Charles R., auctioneer, valuer, stock & share broker, Athol-st. ; res., Auckland-ter.
Race, Elizabeth, board & lodging-house, Derby Castle Grounds
Radcliffe, Alexander (Radcliffe & Kermode), Kingswood-grove
Radcliffe, Miss E., dressmaker, Drinkwater-st.
Radcliffe, James, board & lodging-house, 26 Hope-st.
Radcliffe, John, miner, 1 5 Hanover-st.
Radcliffe & Kermode (Alex. R. & Evan K.), painters, decorators, paperhangers, & glaziers, 33 Finch-rd. (See advt., p. 451.)
Radcliffe, Robert, tailor, 11 New Bond-st.
Radcliffe, Mrs. Sarah, widow, Drinkwater-st.
Radcliffe, T. E. (Thos. E. & Wm.) , cabinetmakers, Victoria-st.
Radcliffe, Thomas, 30 Woodbourne-grove
Radcliffe, Wm. (T. E. & W.), cabinetmakers, Victoria-st.
Rae, Robert K., 1 Victoria-ter.
Railway & Commercial Hotel (Thos. H. Starkey, propr.), top end North-quay. (See inset opposite name.)
Raisback, Mrs. Margaret, shopkeeper, 29 Bigwell-st.
Randall, Thomas, hairdresser, &c., 1 Athol-street. (See advt., p. 452.)
Reddington, Michael, ship & custom-house broker, North-quay. (See advt., p. 451.)
Redfern’s Hotel, George Starkey, James-st. (See advt. opposite name.)
Reeve, Rev. Arthur, Wesleyan Minister, 2 Kingswood-grove
Reeve, David, professor of music, Ashville House, 6 Derby-rd.
Reid, Alexander, mariner, 17 North-quay
Reid, David, labourer, 21 Hanover-st.
Reid, Henry, cardriver, 5 Fort-st.
Reid, John, boatman, 8 King-st.
Reid, John, shopkeeper, Fancy-st.
Reynolds, Charles, labourer, 13 St. George’s-walk.
Rice, Mrs. Catherine, widow, 7 Water-lane
Rice, Hugh, boatman, 2 Noble’s-court
Rice, John, mariner, 20 South-quay
Richards, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging-house, 118 Circular-rd.
Rennison, William John, architect, surveyor, and valuer, 11 Hill-st. (See advt., p. 453.)
Richards, Miss Martha, lodging-house, 35 Woodbourne-sq.
Richardson, Miss Mary, lodgings, 3 Tynwald-st.
Riley, Wm., propr. Broadway Inn, 2 Broadway
Ring, Dr. Cornelius Percy, 8 Buck’s-rd.
Ring, George A., advocate, 22 Athol-st. ; res., 8 Buck’s-rd.
Ritchie, Miss Isabella, widow, 1 Ropewalk-rd.
Rivers, George, Marina Boarding-house, Marina-rd.
Roach, Edward, lodging-house, 18 Castletown-rd.
Roberts, Esther, corset maker, 28 North-quay
Roberts, George, hairdresser, 42 North-quay
Roberts, George, mariner, 11 New Bond-st.
Roberts, George H., confectionery, 45 Duke-st.
Roberts, Robert, tailor, 3 6 Athol-st.
Roberts, Thomas, auctioneer & valuer, 25 Derby-road
Roberts, William, mariner, 2 St. Barnabas-square
Robertson, Alexander, Seaforth Boarding House, Loch Promenade. (See advt. p. 453.)
Robertson, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 9 Broadway
Robertson, Mrs. Ellen, widow, 7 Water-lane
Robertson, John, lodgings, 25 Christian-rd.
Robertson, Thomas, greengrocer, 18 Back Strand-st.
Robinson, Miss A., 8 Clarence-ter.
Robinson, Andrew, mariner, 5 Bigwell-st.
Robinson, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodgings, 9 Harris-ter.
Robinson, Mrs. Ellen, trimmer, 3 Muckles-gate
Robinson, Mrs. Gerard, Anfield Hey, 24 Victoria-rd.
Robinson, Henry, architect & builder, 78 Finch-rd.
Robinson, James, mariner, 11 Fancy-st.
Robinson, John, chemist, 1 Broadway
Robinson, John, 2 Victoria-ter.
Robinson, Mrs. Jemima, widow, 14 Oxford-st.
Robinson, Mrs. Rebecca, widow, 7 Oxford-st.
Robinson, Thomas, lodging-house, 77 Circular-rd.
Robinson, Thomas, coal merchant, 2 Wellroad-hill
Rodgers, Hugh, labourer, 1 8 Wellington-square
Rodgers, Joseph D., sec. Great Laxey Mining Co., Bank Chambers, Prospect-hill ; res., Millmount, Braddan
Rodgers, Patrick, cardriver, 23 Cattle Market-st.
Rogan, Patrick, Springvilla Cottage, Crescent
Rogan, Thomas, labourer, 3 Quine’s-corner
Rogers, Bernard, labourer, 9 Water-lane
Rogers, Hugh, cardriver, 6 Queen’s-place
Rogers, Hugh, mariner, 1 6 New Bond-st.
Rogers, Mrs. Margretta, widow, 2 Stephen-ter.
Rogers, Miss. Martha, lodging-house, 4 Broadway
Rogers, Mrs. Mary, widow, 16 New Bond-st.
Rogers, William, fruiterer, 1 6 New Bond-st.
Honey, Arthur, labourer, 6 Fairy-ground
Roney, Daniel, labourer, 22 Bigwell-st.
Roney, Daniel, labourer, 5 Quayle’s-lane
Roney, John, horse dealer, 6 Hanover-st~
Roney, Margaret, 15 Shaw’s-brow
Roney, Richard, grocer, wine & spirit merchant 14 Duke-st.
Roney, Richard, mariner, 22 Lord-st.
Roney, William, labourer, 22 Drumgold-st~
Rooth, John, butcher, 4 Duke-st.
Rosemount Hotel, John Livesey, propr., 1 Adelaide-ter. (See advt., p. 413.)
Roskell, Joseph, 6 Taubman-ter.
Ross, Charles, mariner, 6 Drumgold-st.
Ross, James, engineer, 10 North-quay
Rothwell, Hugh, traveller, lodging-house, 8 Sidney-st.
Rothwell, Mrs. Mary A., lodging-house, 6 Hill-st.
Rourke, Patrick, labourer, 9 Fort-st.
Rowe, Patrick, labourer, 1 Drury-lane
Rowe, Richard, propr. Laxey Glen Mill Stores, dealer in meal & flour, tea & coffee warehouse, 27 North-quay; res., Min-y-don. (See advt., p. 414.)
Rowlandson, Thomas, shipwright, 8 Seneschal-lane Rowley, Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 Strathallan-crescent Royal Hotel, Sam Lomas, propr., Parade, cor. North-quay.
(See advt., p. 412.)
Royston, Joseph, monumental stone cutter, corner Peel-rd. & Hope-st. ; res., 69 Athol-st. (See advt., p. 451.)
Ruler, John, engineman, 11 Hanover-st.
Rushton, Thomas, currier, 3 Frederick-st. Russell. Charles, boatman, 4 James-st.
Ruthven, Capt. Wm., captain steamer Douglas, lodging-house, 38 Peel-rd.
Ryan, Thomas, lamplighter, 3 Duke-lane


Saddle Inn, Mrs. Mary Ann Cooper, Queen-st.
Sale, George, plasterer, 3 Back Stanley-ter.
Salmon, Mrs. Isabella, lodging-house, 12 Brisbane-st.
Salt & Co., brewers, Burton-on-Trent. Thomas Bawden, agent 3 office, 39 North-quay. (See advt., p. 283.)
Sansbury, William, tailor, 27 Church-st.
Saqui, Joseph, cigars & tobacco, 19 Nelson-st.
Savage, Henry, cardriver, 4 Heywood-place
Savage, John, grocer & provision dealer, 15 Church-st.
Savage, Robert, car driver &c., Chadwick-place, Victoria-rd.
Sawyer, Samuel, hawker, 3 Wellington-sq.
Sayle, Alexander, joiner, 18 Barrack-st.
Sayle, Henry, plasterer, 2 Barrack-st.
Sayle, Mrs. Jane, widow, 5 Duke-lane
Sayle, John, customs officer, Custom-house, North-quay
Sayle, John, board & lodging-house, 3 Myrtle-st.
Sayle, John, mariner, 31 Hope-st.
Sayle, John, tailor, 7 Woodhouse-ter., South-quay
Sayle, John Lace, hairdresser, wigmaker, & perfumer, and dealer in all kinds of toilet articles, 14 Athol-st. (See advt., p. 460.)
Sayle, Mrs. Margaret, laundress, 31 Bigwell-st.
Sayle, Miss M., seamstress, 16 Nelson-st.
Sayle, The Misses, dressmakers, 20 Athol-st.
Sayle, Philip, car proprietor & cart owner, 38 Hope-st.
Sayle, Robert, carter, 2 Bigwell-st.
Sayle, Robert, labourer, 3 Queen-st.
Sayle, Robert, porter, 7 Clarke-st.
Sayle, Thomas, carter, 3 Queen-st.
Sayle, Thomas, carter & car owner, 3 Hanover-st.
Sayle, William, labourer, 22 Barrack-st.
Sayle, William, carter, 22 Barrack~st.
Sayle, William, earthenware dealer, 11 Lord-st.
Sayle, William, 19 Strand-st.
Sayle, William A., joiner, 1 Caley’s-court, Barrack-st.
Scarff, William, labourer, 10 Great George’sst.
Scarff, William, stonemason, lodging-house, Grafton-st.
Schmidt, John, lodging-house, 86 Buck’s-rd.
Schofield, Mrs. C., Westview
Schwartz, Charles, 14 Oxford-st.
Seamen’s Bethel, 30 North-quay
Seccombe, Mrs. Margaret
Senna House, Wm. Fairbourn, lodging-house, 40 Castle-st.
Seaforth Boarding House. (See advt., p. 453.)
Senogles, Thomas, lodging-house, 1 Spring Gardens
Sewell, John, Woodville, Prince’s-rd.
Sewell, Mrs., lodging-house, 9 Stanley-ter.
Seymour, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 2 Water-lane
Shakespeare Hotel, Wm. H. Jones, propr., Victoriast. (See advt~ p. 388.)’
Sharlock, Michael, gardener, lodgings, 15 Derby-rd.
Sharp, Catherine, widow, 23 Wellington st.
Sharp, George, Masonic Hotel, 61 North-quay
Sharp, James Atkinson, Erin Brae, Crescent
Sharp, Robert, superannuated postman, 10 Hope-st.
Sharp, Matthew, general furnishing & builders’ ironmonger, plumber, gas, & steam fitting blacksmith, tinsmith, &c., 24 Prospect-hill ; res., 23 Brisbanest. (See advt., p. 464.)
Sharpe, Mrs. Cecilia, widow, 13 Oxford-st.
Shaw, Benjamin, tobacco manufacturer, is Finch-rd. ; res., 37 Allen-st.
Shaw, Charles Wright, 3 Windsor-ter.
Shaw, Mrs. M., 10 Victoria-ter.
Sheard, James, labourer, 3 Bigwell-st.
Sheffield Hotel, Wm. Ewbank, propr., 13 Parade
Sheffield House, board & lodgings, John Oldale, Queen’s-ter., 50 Circular-rd. (See advt., p. 432.)
Sheldon, Edwin, Westview
Shepherd Inn, James Harding, propr., Great Nelson-st. (See advt., p. 384.)
Sherlock, Daniel, porter, 14 Frederick-st.
Sherlock, John, 15 Mount Havelock
Sherwood & Co. (John T. Cowell, Eastfield ; & Richard M. Broadbent, Belhaven, Broadway), general & furnishing iron-mongers, 59 Duke-st. (See advt. opposite name in classified list.)
Sherwood, Richard, advocate ; office, 13 Athol-st. ; res., Glencrutchery-house
Shimmin, Mrs. Bridget, board & lodging-house, 4 Belmont-ter.
Shimmin, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Thornhill
Shimmin, Daniel, carter, 8 Wesley-ter.
Shimmin, Evan, general ironmonger, ropemaker, 10 Castle-st.
Shimmin, Henry, poulterer, 33 Prospect-hill
Shimmin, James, labourer, Falcon-cliff-lane, Victoria-rd.
Shimmin, Mrs. Jane, lodging-house, 5 Myrtle-st.
Shimmin, Jane, 16 Queen-st.
Shimmin, John, gardener, lodgings, 29 Christian-rd.
Shimmin, John, labourer, 9 Great George’s-st.
Shimmin, John, labourer, 61 South-quay
Shimmin, John, labourer, Thornhill
Shimmin, John, livery stables, Crescent
Shimmin, Jos., ironmonger, 40 North-qy. ; res., 31 Circular-rd.
Shimmin, Margaret, 3 Quine’s-corner
Shimmin, Mrs. Mary A., widow, 13 Drinkwater-st.
Shimmin, Philip, baker, corn & flour dealer, confectioner, 82 Strand-st. (See advt., p. 462.)
Shimmin, Thomas, Adelphi Cottage
Shimmin, Thomas, livery stables ; yards, 45 Buck’s-road & Stanley-mount ; res., Stanley-mount. (See advt. p. 461.)
Shimmin, Thomas, roper, 21 South-quay
Shimmin, Mrs. W., 6 Oxford-st.
Shimmin, William, boot & shoemaker, lodgings, 18 Buck’s-rd.
Shimmin, Wm., car proprietor, coal & manure merchant, 14 & 15 Castle-st. ; lodging-house, 22 Castle-st.
Shimmin, William, mariner, 6 Hanover-st.
Shimmin, William, wood carver, Clarke-st.
Siddon, James, 1 Nutford-place
Silcock, Thomas, railway inspector, 18 St. George’s-street
Simpson, Andrew, cooper, 12 Fort-st.
Simpson, Catherine, 12 Nelson-st.
Simpson, John & Co., • coal merchants, Victoria Wharf, Bath-place. (See advt., p. 469.)
Simpson, Joseph, fruiterer, 4 Seneschal-lane
Simpson, Philip R lodging-house, 4 Hill-st.
Simpson, Samuel, fish shipper, 8 Heywood-place
Simpson, Thomas, labourer, 12 Queen-st.
Simpson, Thos., gardener, also refreshment-house, Douglas Hd.
Sinclair, Mrs. H., lace dresser, board & lodging-house, 9 Belmont-ter., 116 Circular-rd. (See advt., p. 463.)
Sinclair, The Misses, teachers of music, 9 Belmont-ter.
Skelly, Mrs. Ann, grocer, &c., 41 Hope-st.
Skelly, Mrs. Ann, charwoman, 8 Church-st.
Skelly, Edward, mason, lodging-house, 34 Buck’s-rd.
Skelly, John, tailor, 1 Quine’s-corner
Skelly, Margaret, 15 Fancy-st.
Skelly, Thomas, mariner, 9 Water-lane
Skillicorn, Mrs. Annie, lodgings, 9 Derby-rd.
Skillicorn, Edward, joiner, 18 Wellington-sq.
Skillicorn, Edward, mariner, 5 Drinkwater-st.
Skillicorn, Mrs. Isabella, widow, 15 South-quay
Skillicorn, James, confectioner, 89 Strand-st.
Skillieorn, James, mason, 11 Heywood-place
Skillicorn, John, blacksmith, 7 St. George’s-walk
Skillicorn, John, warehouseman, 58 Callow-place, Finch-rd.
Skillicorn, John, coachbuilder, 2 Wellington-sq. ; res., 3 Richmond-grove
Skillicorn, John, mason, 10 Lord-st.
Skillicorn, L., mason, 7 Burntmill-hill
Skillicorn, Miss, lodgings, 3 Mona-ter.
Skillicorn, Thomas, mason & builder, 1 Bond-lane
Skillicorn, Thomas, mason, 11 Heywood-place
Skillixrn, William, labourer, 3 Barrack-st.
Skinner, Mrs. Ellen, widow, 1 South John-st.
Skinner, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 29 Hope-st.
Skinner, John, turner, 1 Great George’s-st.
Skottowe, William, 28 Finch-rd.
Skottowe, John (Whiteside & Co.) , Victoria-rd.
Sloane, Arthur, labourer, 8 Hanover-st.
Smith, Mrs. Ellen, widow, 2 Drury-lane
Smith, James, labourer, 16 James-st.
Smith, James, labourer, Thornhill
Smith, John, car driver, 10 Frederick-st.
Smith, Rev. John, Wesleyan minister, 5 Westview
Smith, Joseph, confectionery & dining-rooms, 25 Strand-st.
Smith, Miss Mary, 4 Frederick-st.
Smith, Mrs., shopkeeper, 30 Allen-st.
Smith, Mrs. M., widow 1 Mount William, 19 Burntmill-hill
Smith, Richard, accountant, agent, & boarding-house, 32 Derby-sq.
Smith, Richard, pianoforte & harmonium depot, 37 Finch-rd; res., 34 Finch-rd. (See advt. p. 463.)
Smith, Robert Henry, book finisher, 6 Wellroad-hill
Smith, Thomas, car driver, 9 Frederick-st.
Smith, William, compositor, 31 Princes-street
Smith, William, gas engineer, 4 Fort Anne-rd.
Smith, William, labourer, Lake
Smith, William, painter, lodging-house, 23 Chester-st.
Southwell, Daniel, teacher, lodging-house, 72 Buck’s-i:d.
Southall, Mrs. Judith, widow, 16 Athol-ter., Peel-rd.
Sowden, Joseph, flour & provision dealer, 1 Postoffice-place; res., 5 Albert-st.
Spence, Mrs. E. J., fancy drapery, baby linen warehouse, 9 Strand-st. (See advt., p. 460.)
Spence, John J., cabinet~maker, 16 Hope-st.
Spence, William, cabinetmaker & furniture dealer, 43 Atholst.
Spence, William, cabinetmaker, St. George’s-st.
Spittall, James, advocate, 24 Athol-st. ; res., Laureston
Spittall, A. J., commission agent ; office, 46 Athol-st. ; res., 8 Oxford-st.
Spring, Miss Amy, Erin Brae, Crescent
Springthorpe, Henry, labourer, 8 Tynwald-ter.
Sproat, Joseph, engineer, 19 Derby-rd.
Stack, Mrs., widow, 6 Shaw’s-brow
Stafford, James (Kelly & Stafford) , painters, 36 Athol-st.
Stafford, William, painter, Barrack-st.
Stanley Hall, 48 Circular-rd.
Stanley House, Francis Woodcock, propr., Douglas Head. (See advt. opposite name.)
Star Hotel, John Parkes, propr., Prospect-hill & 20 Great Nelson-st. (See advt. p. 437.)
Starkey, Edward, Theatre Royal Hotel, 12 Wellingtonst.
Starkey, George, Redfern’s Hotel, James-st. (See advt., p. 465.)
Starkey, Robert, labourer, 22 Shaw’s-brow
Starkey, Thomas Hand, propr. Railway & Commercial Hotel, top end of North-quay. (See inset opposite name.)
Steele, Dr. Alexander, academy, Strathallan-park
Steele, Alexander Johnstone, B.A., advocate, agent for the Scottish Provident Institution ; office, 29 Athol-st. ; res.,
4 Strathallan-crescent. (See advt., p. 462.)
Steele, Mrs. Ellen, lodgings, 15 Albert-st.
Steele, Rev. James, 1 Alpine-ter.
Steele, Robert, boatman, 2 Fairy Ground
Steele, Thomas, joiner, 6 Strand-st.
Steen, Mrs. Isabella, widow, 18 Bigwell-st.
Steen, Mrs. Jane, widow, 18 Bigwell-st.
Stephen, Frank (F. & W. Stephen), 3 Stephen-ter.
Stephen, F; & W. (Frank & Wm.), wholesale grocers, wine & spirit merchants, 28 Lord-st.
Stephen, Miss Jane, Athol-st.
Stephen, Miss Margaret, 3 Stephen-ter.
Stephen, Robert, labourer, 22 St. George’s-walk
Stephen, Robert Swan, M.A., advocate (member of English bar) ; office, 16 Athol-st. ; res., 4 Belmont~ter.
Stephen, Wm. (F. & W. Stephen), 1 Stephenter.
Stephenson, David, 1 Woodside-ter.
Stephenson, William, 19 Church-st.
Steven, John, labourer, 53 Athol-st.
Stevenson, Edward, labourer, 20 Cattle Market-st.
Stevenson, Mrs. Mary, fancy repository, jewellery, leather goods, cabinet goods, &e., 56 North-quay and Victoria-st. (See advt., p. 467.)
Stevenson, William, mason, 14 Cattle Market-st.
Stewart, Mrs . Ann, hawker, 16 Cattle Market-st.
Stewart, Christopher, lodging-house, 12 Stanley-ter.
Stewart, Mrs. Martha, widow, 8 Eastview
Stewart, Samuel, car proprietor, 21 Cattle Market-st.
Stewart, Wm. M., advocate ; office, 23 Athol-st. ; res., 69 Derby-sq.
St. James’ Hall, 1 St. George’s-st. & Athol-st.
Stocker, Mrs. Sibbella, Monaville-house, Victoria-rd.
Stokes, Isaac, manufacturer & dealer in watches, clocks, & jewellery, 92 Buck’s-rd. (See advt., p. 467.)
Stokes, John, Victoria Tower, 3 Strathallan-park. (See advt. p. 468.)
Stone, H. J., professor of music, 6 Rosemount
Story, Anthony Browne Herbert, see. to his Excellency the Governor ; office, Athol-st. ; res., 16 Victoria-rd.
Stout, Isabella, 6 St. George’s-street
Stowell, Miss Catherine, milliner, Queen’s-place
Stowell, Mrs. Elizabeth, charwoman, 9 Barrack-st.
Stowell, Helen, widow, 14 Lord-street
Stowell, John, boatman, 13 New Bond-st.
Stowell, Thomas, joiner, lodging-house, 90 Buck’s-rd.
Stowell, William, mariner, 3 Muckles-gate
Strains, Misses E. & F. (Elizabeth & Frances A.) , fancy goods, 21 Castle-st.
Stuart, James, boatman, 5 Almshouse-lane
Stubbersfield, Miss Rosamond, lodging-house, 2 Westview
Stuttle, William, ironfounder, 15 Fort William
Summer-hill House, Miss Elizabeth Mclver, Burntmill-hill
Sun Hotel, Emily Parkes, Victoria-street. (See advt., p.436.)
Surbet, Capt. (retired) , 11 Fort William
Sutcliffe, Mrs. Grace B., board & lodging-house, 106 Circular-rd. (See advt., p. 469.)
Suter, Henry, 7 Auckland-ter.
Sutherland & Co., stock & share brokers, general commission agents ; office, Bank Chambers ; res., 12 Finch-rd.
Sutherland, The Misses (Forbes, Bessie, & Alice) , private academy, Albert-ter.
Sutherland, Patrick, 12 Finch-rd.
Sutliff, John, 10 Cambridge-ter.
Sweeney, John, tailor, 24 Castletown-rd.
Sweetman, Samuel, labourer, 10 Bigwell-st.
Swift, John Howard, lodging-house, 98 Buck’s-rd.
Swift, Thomas, Queen’s Hotel, Crescent. (See advt.,p. 466.)
Swindles, Robert, labourer, 28 Barrack-st.
Swinnerton, Charles, Victoria-st.
Swinnerton, Robert (The Illuminated Automaton Clock), practical watchmaker & manufacturing jeweller, Victoria-st. (See advt. p. 466.)


Taggart, Edward, boot and shoe maker, 4 Well-road-hill
Taggart, Edward, plasterer, 6 St. George’s-street
Taggart, Henry, shoemaker, 8 Seneschal-lane
Taggart, Mrs. James, lodging-house, 24 Hope-street
Taggart, James, boarding-house, 5 Mount Havelock
Taggart, John, accountant, 6 Oxford-street
Taggart, John, auctioneer and valuer, 70 Athol-street
Taggart, Mrs., 11 Great Nelson-street
Taggart, Samuel, lessee Skating Rink, Auckland-grove
Taggart, Mrs., professor of music, Auckland-giove
Taggart, Miss Sarah, board and lodgings, 9 Well-road-hill
Taggart, Rev. T. A., chaplain of St. Matthew’s, 47 Derby-sq.
Taggart, Thomas, brewery man, 7 South-quay Arch
Taggart, William, 38 Athol-street
Taggart, William, retired, 11 Cambrian-place
Taggart, William, wool and stocking mart, also agent for Prudential Assurance Co., 2 Castle-street. (See advt., p. 473.)
Tait, Mrs. Margaret, 18 Victoria-road
Tallan, Miss Elizabeth, 3 Rosemount
Tallan, Lawrence, 3 East-view, Woodbourne-square
Talbot Hotel (Mrs. H. Weston, proprietress), 18 Athol-st.
Talbot, Rev. Theophilus, 4 Osborne-terrace
Tallot, Mrs. Jane, widow, 26 Wellington-square
Tanner, James, labourer, 7 Church-street
Tarbet, John, master mariner, lodgings, 34 Princes-street
Taubman, Edward, basket maker, 50 Strand-street
Taubman, Major John Senhouse Goldie, Speaker of the House of Keys, The Nunnery
Taubrnan, John, mason, 57 Athol-street
Taylor, Edward, waiter, 4 Bath-place
Taylor, James, Clarendon Hotel, 50 North-quay
Taylor, John, labourer, 7 Hanover-street
Taylor, John, schoolmaster, 4 Oxford-street
Taylor, Peter, veterinary surgeon, 42 Peel-road
Taylor, Thomas, mariner, 20 New Bond-street
Taylor, Walter H., jeweller and watchmaker, 34 Prospect-hill
Tear, Miss Catherine, lodgings, 118, Buck’s-road
Teare, Mrs Maria, lodging-house, 47 Derby-road
Teare, Robert, Edward-terrace, 48 Finch-road
Teare, William, clerk, Ballaquane-road
Teare, Mrs., widow, 5 King-street
Teare, James, labourer, 20 Shaw’s-brow
Teare, James, painter, 28 Barrack-street
Teare, James, whitesmith, 10 Bigwell-street
Teare, John, manager Gelling’s foundry, 15 Drinkwater-st.
Teare, Miss M. A., grocer & provision dealer, 4 St George’s-st.
Teare, Philip, shoemaker, 15 Hanover-street
Teare, Robert, engineer, lodging-house, 39 Athol-street
Teare, Mrs Sarah, widow, 30 Barrack-street
Teare, Thomas, dealer in boots & shoes, 18 Wellington-street
Teare, Thomas, labourer, 6 King-street
Teare, Thomas, painter, 10 James-street
Teare, Thomas R., coachbuilder, 10 Parade-street
Teare, William, labourer, Postoffice-lane
Teare, William, painter and paperhanger, 44 Athol-street
Temperance Hotel (Joseph Smith, proprietor) , 25 Strand-street
Templar Hall, St. George’s-street (R. Collister, proprietor)
Terry, John Francis, inspector under the Adulteration Acts, 8 Cambridge-terrace
Terry, William, Thistle Hotel, 5 Parade
Theatre Royal, operatic and dramatic theatre, Wellington~st.
Theatre Royal Hotel (E. Starkey, proprietor), Wellington-st.
Thistle Hotel (W. Terry, proprietor) , Parade
Thomas, Edward, lodging-house, 3 Woodbourne-terrace
Thomas, Mrs H . , lodging-house, 10 Melbourne-street
Thomas, Reeves, agent, Miss Craine’s, Kingswood-grove
Thomas, Thomas, grocer and tea and coffee merchant, 16 Duke-street. (See advt., p. 475.)
Thom as, Thomas, lodging-house, 5 Mona-terrace Thomson, William, agricultural and commercial auctioneer; office, Curphey’s Seed Warehouse, Market-place. (See advt., p. 476.)
Thompson, Mrs Ann, Hawthorn Villa, Woodbourne-road
Thompson, Charles, plumber, &c., 27 Strand street
Thompson, Mrs. Jane, lodging-house, 32 Derby-road
Thompson, Miss Margaret, assistant, Oxford-street
Thompson, Miss Margaret, 14 Finch-road
Todd, Elizabeth, 10 Hope-street
Todd, John, gardener,~Athol Cottage, off Victoria-road
Todd, John, mariner, 7 Heywood-place
Todd, Margt., strawberry gardens, Rose Cottage, Victoria-rd.
Todd, Miss R., ladies’ boarding and day school, 57 Derby-sq.
Todd, Thomas, cardriver, 4 Wellington-square
Todhunter & Elliot, ironmongers, plumbers, gas and steam fitters, tinsmiths, blacksmiths, brass founders, &e., Market-place and 20, Duke-street. (See inset opposite name.)
Todhunter, William (Todhunter & Elliot) , 39 Derby-square
Tomlinson, Thomas J., 27 Christian-road
Tooms, William, labourer, 13 Fancy-street
Topliss, James, 3 Almshouse-lane
Torrance, G. & Co. (Gilbert and Joseph A. Torrance), whole-sale and retail grocers ; wine, spirit, and iron merchants; shipowners, and Glasgow traders, 24 North-quay ; stores, 5 Queen-street. (See advt., p. 473.)
Torrance, Gilbert (G. Torrance & Co.), 24 North-quay
Torrance, Captain Joseph A. (G. Torrance & Co.), Allan Bank, Circular-road
Townsend, William, labourer, 20 Fort-street
Trafalgar Inn, John Holden, proprietor, South-quay
Trainer, Edwd., asst. clerk to Town Commissioners, 7 Mona-st.
Trainer, Sarah, lodging-house, 7 Mona-street
Travis, John, gentleman, Strathallan Park
Turner, Mary Ann, lodging-house, 5 St. Barnabas-square
Turner, Robert C. (The Medical Hall), manufacturer of the celebrated " Manx Fairy Perfume," and dispensing and family chemist, Victoria-street. (See advt. on top lines, also p. 474.)
Turner, Septimus Edwd., veterinary surgeon, 9 Auckland-ter.
Tuton, Richard, advocate, 10 Stanley-terrace
Tynwald Boarding-house (Robert Ferguson, proprietor), Loch Promenade
Tyson, James, police-sergeant, 11 Athol-street
Tyson, William, manager, No. 2 Branch Douglas Co-operative Society, lodging-house, 11 Hill-street


Valantine, Mrs. J., 12 Rosemount
Veal, William, 14 Windsor-road, lodging-house,
Vick, John, carpenter, 14 Hanover-street
Vick, John, carter, 10 Shaw’s-brow
Vick, Robert, mariner, 7 Church-street
Vick, Thomas, blacksmith, lodging-house, 28 Hope-street
Vick, Thomas, roper, 14 Hanover-street
Victoria Hall, Prospect-hill
Victoria Hotel, Wm. Welden, manager, 22 Prospect-hill. (See advt., p. 484.)
Victoria House, D. S. McDonald, propr., 12 Drumgold-street
Victoria Tavern, Wm. J. Cragg, propr., 88 Strand-street
Villiers Hotel, Charles Udali, manager, cor. Loch Promenade & Victoria-street. (See advt. on outside back cover, also inset opposite this page.)
Vondy, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 30 Barrack-street
Vondy, Isaac, mariner, 1 South-quay
Vondy, Robert, ear proprietor, Loch Promenade ; res., Fort-st. ( See inset opposite name.)
Vose, John, tobacco spinner, 32 Athol-street


Waddington, Joseph, hydropathie baths, Castle-street
Wade, Edward, plasterer, 8 Wesley-terrace
Wade, Thomas, labourer, Hardy’s cottage
Waid, Elizabeth Ann, Mount Pleasant
Waid, William, grocer & tea merchant, 26 Duke-street
Wainman, Miss Frances H., lodging-house, 6 Esplanade
Wait, Mrs. Sarah, lodgings, 6 Harris-terrace
Wales, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 19 Wellington-square
Wales, James, porter, 19 Wellington-square
Walker, Eli, 5 Marathon-terrace, Crescent
Walsh, Annie, confectioner, &c., 5 Duke-street
Walker, George, 3 Falcon-street
Walker, Nathaniel W., 11 Victoria-terrace
Wall, Mrs. Ellen, greengrocer, 10 King-street
Wallace, Henry, 12 Burntmill-hill
Wallace, John, 11 Falcon-st.
Watterson, William, junr. , cartowner, 10 James-street
Watterson, William, labourer, 28 Fort Anne-road
Wattleworth, Miss Jane, board and lodgings, 8 Christian-rd.
Watts, E. L., 12 Victoria-terrace
Webb, Robert, 7 Cambridge-terrace
Webb, Samuel, propr. Webb’s Public Lounge, British & foreign fancy merchandise, gold & silver watches & chains, & fancy goods of every description, 18 & 20 Strand-st. (See inset opposite name.)
Webster, Miss Sarah, lodging-house, 4 Taubman-terrace. (Sec advt. p. 487.)
Weekly Advertising Circular, Mrs. Isabella Johnson, propr., Prospect-hill. (See inset opposite name.)
Welden, Mrs. Maria, Victoria Hotel, Prospect-hill. (See advt. p. 484.)
Welden, Wm., Victoria~ hotel, 20 Prospect-hill. (See advt. p. 484.)
Welden, William, 14 Prospect-terrace
Wellington Bazaar, M. Doyle, propr., fancy goods, china, glass, & earthenware, 61 Duke-street. (See inset opposite name.)
Wellington Stores, H. & J. C. Brearley, proprs., Wellington-street. (See advt., p. 295.)
Weston, Mrs. Hannah, Talbot Hotel, 18 Athol-street
Wheelan, Mrs. Ellen, charwoman, 13 Fancy-street
Whidborne, Mrs. H. E., proprietress Clarence Boarding-house, 9 Clarence-terrace. (See advt., p. 485.)
Whipp, Wm., dyer & cleaner, 55 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 486.)
White, Mrs. Eliza, 1 Derby-terrace
White, I. M., dispensing & family chemist, 34 Strand-street
White, Miss Jane, shirtrnaker, 24 Wellington-square
White, Lawren cc, mason, also grocery, 67 Duke-street
White, Thomas, shoemaker, 17 New Bond-street
White, William, stonecutter ; yard, Buck’s-road ; res., 17 New Bond-street
White, William, picture framer & looking-glass maker, 81 Strand-street
Whiteside, Henry, Nunnery-cottage
Whiteside, Robert (W. & Co.) , 5 Eastview, Woodbourne
Whiteside, Robert & Co. (Robert W. & John Skottowe), manure agents & stores, 34 North-quay
Whitney, Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 Esplanade
Whittaker, Robert, Fuschia Cottage, Crescent
Whittock, Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper, 16 Shaw’s-brow
Whorrall, Charles B., leather case manufacturer, 49 Strand-st.
Wiggins, William, confectionery establishment, 28 Prospect-hill. (See inset opposite name.)
Wilkins, Mrs. Ann, widows’ house, Mtickles-gate
Williams, Mrs . Catherine, widow, 17 Back Strand-street
Williams, Morgan, lodgings, 5 Harris-terrace
Williams, W., master mariner, 22 Melbourne-street
Williams, W.J., 27 Derby-road
Williamson, Henry, hawker, 1 Great Nelson-street
Williamson, Mrs. Mary Ann, lodgings, 8 Hill-street
Willis, John E., 8 Stanley-terrace
Willison, Thomas, Mona Villa, Strathallan-park
Wilson, Mrs. Agnes (Wm. Norman Wilson, manager), dispensing chemist, 97 Strand-street
Wilson, Charles R. Matthews, lodging-house, 7 Esplanade
Wilson, Ivinson, chemist & druggist, 49 Duke-street
Wilson, James, tailor, lodgings, 37 Princes-street
Wilson, John, 7 Back-lawn
Wilson, Matthew, dining-rooms, &c., 4 Victoria-street
Wilson, Miss S., apartments, Lawn House, Castle-terrace
Wilson, Thomas, horse shoer, 13 Drumgold-street
Wilison, Col. James K., 5 Osborne-terrace
Wiltshire, Jane, lodging-house, 18 Drumgold-street
Winder, William, fruiterer, 56 Duke-street
Windle, Isabella, widow, 15 Egerton-terrace
Windsor, Miss E ., boarding-house, 9 Nunnery-view-terrace
Windsor, John, lodging-house, 8 Leigh-terrace
Wingrave, John, 7 Woodside-terrace
Witherspoon, Thomas, confectioner and sugar boiler, 40 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 485.)
Witton, Mrs. Isabella, widows’ house, Muckles-gate
Woff, William, grocer & provision dealer, 4 James-street
Wood, Mrs. Christian, widow, 4 James-street
Wood, George Henry, general superintendent and secretary I.O.M. Railway Co. ; res., Oakley House, Derby-road
Wood, Henry, compositor, 21 Allen-street
Wood, H. C., agent, 40 Athol-street ; res., 11 Westview. (See advt. p. 488.)
Wood, John Doyle, 31 Woodbourne-square
Wood, Joseph, tinsmith, 4 James-street
Wood, Mrs. Lydia, widow, 11 Westview
Wood, Miss M. L., 1 Osborne-terrace
Wood, Rowland, gardener, 9 Cyprus-terrace, Allen-street
Wood, Mrs. Sarah, lodging-house, 23 Buck’s-road
Woodbourne Works, Mona Aerated Water Co., proprietors, Ropewalk-road. (See advt. 424)
Woodcock, Francis, photographer & artist, Stanley House, Douglas Head. (See advt. p. 487.)
Woodhead, Miss Elizabeth A., lodgings, Osborne-grove. (See advt., p. 487.)
Woodruff, James N., Aquarium Bowling Saloon, Victoria-st.
Woodruff, John, propr. Old Strand Inn, 72 Strand-street. (See inset opposite name.)
Woods, James, blacksmith, 11 Drinkwater-street
Woods, James, joiner, 3 Bigwell-street
Woods, Mrs. Jane, widow, 4 Shaw’s-brow
Woods, John, blacksmith, 12 Queen-street
Woods, John , gardener, 7 Woodhouse-terrace, 70 South -quay
Woods, shoemaker, 9 Water-lane
Woods, Thomas Arthur, physician, 222 Finch-road
Woods, William, mariner, 4 Clarke-street
Woodward, John, lodging-house , 94 Buck’s-road
Woodworth, John, labourer, Almshouse-lane
Woolnough, John, photographer, 59 South-quay
Wooton, Robert, fireman, 1 Lord-street
Worrall, Mrs. Ann, tobacconist, 5 Marina-road
Worrall, Jason, lodging-house, 51 Derby-square
Wright, Thomas Sunnyside Cottage, Glenerutchery-road
Wright, William, whitesmith, 15 Drumgold-street


York Hotel, George W. Foxley, Parade
Yorkshire Lodging House, Titus Barlow, 21 Bond-street
Young, Mrs. M. J., lodging-house, 14 Stanley-terrace
Young, Wm. Edwin, agent Ardrossan Shipping Co. ; sec. Great Snaefell Mining Co., Limited ; see. Hills’ Estate Co. ; sec. Villiers Hotel Company, Limited ; also agent for Lancashire Insurance Co. & Accident Insurance Co. ; office, 3 Athol-hall, Athol-street ; res., 9 Esplanade


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