[from Browns 1881 directory


Lace, Charles, mariner, Hardy’s Cottages
Lace, Grace, lodging-house, 5 Victoria-place
Lace, James, labourer, 4 Woodhouse-terrace
Lace, Mrs. Jane, lodging-house, 7 Sidney-street
Lace, John, drayman, 4 Back Stanley-terrace
Lace, John, labourer, 4 Woodhouse-terrace
Lace, Thomas, blacksmith, lodging-house, 22 Buck’s-road
Lace, Thomas, labourer, 20 Barrack-street
Lace, Thomas, labourer, 11 Seneschal-lane
Laird, Dr. Samuel, physician, 78 Buck’s-road
Lake Brewery (J. W. Clinch, propr.) ; office and brewery, 1 North-quay. (See advt. on outside front cover, also inset opposite name)
Lanaghan, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 11 Cattle Market-street
Lanaghan, James, labourer, 1 5 Fancy-street
Lanaghan, James, porter, 2 Guttery Gable
Lanaghan, John, labourer, 1 7. Nelson-street
Lanaghan, John, labourer, 8 Bigwell-street
Lanaghan, Mrs. Mary, Fort-street
Lancashire House, William Jervase Ford, propr., North-quay
Lancashire Insurance Co., W. B. Young, agent, Athol-st. (See advt., p. 409.)
Langlan, John, car-proprietor, 10 Water-lane
Langley, Samuel, watchmaker, 71½ Strand-street
Lark, Edward, builder (retired), 5 South-quay
Lark, Samuel, butcher, 10 Wellington-street
Latham, Stephen, boatowner, lodging-house, 28 Buck’s-road
Latham, Mrs. N., lodging-house, 62 Athol-street. (See advt., p. 410.)
Laughlan, Edward, labourer, 2 Water-lane
Laughlin, Miss Eleanor, 13 Shaw’s-brow
Laughlin, John, labourer, 2 Kewley’s-lane
Laughton, Alfred, Nelson, advocate ; office, 4 Upper Church-st. ; res., Eastfield
Laurie, Mrs. Mary Ann, Villa Bella Vista, Falcon-cliff-road
Lawrence, Mrs. L., 42 Athol-street
Lawson, Mrs. Isabella, lodging-house, 1 Cambridge-terrace
Lawson, James & Thomas, oyster depot, dealers in American and English oysters, 83 Strand-street. (See advt., p. 410.)
Lawson, Thomas, chimney sweep, 5 Senna-road
Lawson, Thomas, labourer, 1 Burntmill-hill lane
Lawton, John, lodgings, 5 Falcon-street
Laxey Mining Co., Douglas office, Bank Chambers, Prospect-hill ; 3. D. Rogers, secretary
Laxey Glen Stores, Richard Rowe, proprietor, corn and flour merchant, grocer, &c., 27 North-quay. (See advt., p. 414.)
Lay, George, clothing and outfitting, also boots and shoes, 9 and 11 Duke-street
Lea, William, tinsmith, 11 King-street
Leach, Mrs. Mary, lodging-house, 21 North-quay
Leadbeater, Henry, boarding-house, & agent, 11, Derby-road
Ledden, Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Marion-terrace
Leece, Mrs. Ann, 52 Buck’s-road
Leece, Mrs. Frances, widow, 2 Burntmill-hill
Leece, John, mariner, 2 Shaw’s-brow
Leece, Thomas, clothier and outfitter, 44 Duke-street
Legg, Alexander, labourer, 12 Drumgold-street
Leigh, Henry, labourer, 4 Water-lane
Leigh, Richard, labourer, 9 Fort-street
Lewin, Mrs. Ann, mangle, 9 Church-street
Lewin, Edward, general ironmonger, dealer in agricultural implements, nails, &c. ; shipsmith, blacksmith, &c. ; public weighing machines, Bridge-road. (See advt., p. 414.)
Lewin and Hampton (John Lewin and Joseph Hampton), blacksmiths, Lake-road
Lewin, James, joiner, and lodging-house, 17 Leigh-terrace
Lewin, John, engineer and turner, 69 Derby-road
Lewin, John, gardener, 4 Wesley-terrace
Lewin, John (Lewin & Hampton), 12 Bridge~road
Lewin, John, mariner, 19 New Bond-street
Lewin, Miss Margaret, lodging-house, 4 Wesley-terrace
Lewin, Robert, labourer, 9 Wesley-terrace
Lewin, Robert, mariner, 4 Bigwell-street
Lewin, Thomas J., master mariner, 3 Hope-street
Lewin, William, dyer, 10 Drumgold-street
Lewin, William, mariner, 2 0 Church-street
Lewin, William, superintendent, lodging-house, 58 Buck’s-rd.
Lewis, Abel, artist & photographer, 10 Finch-road & 29 Prospect-hill. (See advt., p. 411.)
Lewis, John Richard, pattern-maker, 6 South-quay
Lewney, Joseph, mariner, 19 Queen-street
Lewthwaite, Alex., paper warehouse, books, & stationery, 44 North-quay ; res., 5 Taubman-terrace
Lewthwaite, Mrs. Ann, lodgings, 13 Derby-road
Lifford Henry (Jackson & Lifford), 1 7 Athol-street
Lightfoot, Thomas, senr., proprietor of Douglas Bay Tram-way ; office, Crescent ; also Aquarium and Baths, Victoria-street ; res., Athol-house, Crescent
Lindsay, Mrs. Ellen, boards 51 Athol-street
Lindsay, William, tanner, 19 Cattle Market-street
Linsay, John, shopkeeper & baker, Peveril-street
Litt, Booth Henry, tanner and currier, Woodville
Little, Edward, watchmaker & jeweller, 20 Prospect-hill; res., 7 Harris-ter. (See advt., p. 413.)
Livesey, John, propr. Rosemount Hotel, 1 Adelaide-terrace. (See advt., p. 413.)
Liveston, Mrs. M., charwoman, 8 Church-street
Lloyd, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodgings, 18 Queen-street
Lloyd’s Office (Douglas branch office), 45 North-quay ; James Mylchreest, general agent for Island ; office, Castletown
Loch, Henry Brougham, C.B., his Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor, Government office, Douglas ; res., Government House
Lockwood, George Alexander, 7 Strathallan-crescent
Lofthouse, George M., wholesale and retail wine and spirit stores, 77 Strand-street
Lomas, Sam, proprietor Royal Hotel, 62 North-quay, and Parade. (See advt., p. 412.)
Looney, George, tailor, 10 James-street
Looney, George, bill poster, James-st.
Luney, William, labourer, 18 Wellington-square
Lupton, Dr. Henry, M.D., 41 Derby-road
Lupton, Miss Mary Ann, schoolteacher, 1 1 Oxford-street
Lynan, Thomas, lodging-house, 4 Auckland-terrace
Lynch, James, labourer, 1 3 Queen-street
Lynch, Philip, labourer, 8 Great Nelson-street
Lynchey, Andrew, marine stores, 1 Hanover-street ; res., 2 Drinkwater-street
Lyon, Mrs. Rose, 6 Victoria-place


Macaulay, Mrs. Mary, teacher, 3 Cambridge-terrace, Derby-sq.
Macdonald, George J., advocate ; office, 52 Athol-st. ; res., Marina-ter.
Macfie, Miss Flora, 3 Marina-ter.
Macgreggor, Mrs . Mary, Shaw’s-brow
Machoney, Mrs. Susan, widow, 5 Wellington-sq.
Mack, John Henry, 4 Wesley-ter.
Mackay, Mrs. Ceilie, widow, 48 Derby-sq.
McAdam, John, labourer, 5 Hanover-st.
McAleroy, Hugh, labourer, Wellington-sq.
McAllarney, Frank, boatman, 23 New Bond-st.
McAllister, Mark, railway guard, 28 Allen-street
McArdle, Francis, cardriver, Spittall’s-court
McArthur, Mrs. Kate, 52 Buck’s-rd.
McArtney, James, labourer, 22 Cattle Market-st.
McAvoy, Mrs. Eliza, 14 Church-st.
McAvoy, Mrs. Mary, widow, 2 Seneschal-lane
McAvoy, Matthew, boilermaker, 5 Quilliam’s-court
McAvoy, Thomas, labourer, 19 Hanover-st.
McAvoy, William, boatman, 3 Seneschal-lane
McCammon, George Augustus, collector’s first clerk, H.M.’s Customs, Cambridge-ter.
McCann, Richard, mariner, 13 St. George’s-walk
MeCarrol, Owen, mariner, 11 Fort-st.
McCarty, Anthony, tailor, 3 Guttery Gable
McCauley, Patrick, labourer, 11 Seneschal-lane
McClane, Charles, labourer, 11 Shaw’s-brow
McClane, Charles, labourer, 9 Tynwald-ter.
McClane, Thomas, mariner, 6 Shaw’s-brow
McClellan, James, Old Market Inn, Market-place
McClenin, George, cabinetmaker, Thornhill
McClure, James, labourer, 2 Tynwald-ter.
McCluskey, Joseph, painter, lodging-house, 31 Falcon-st.
McCluskey, Owen, labourer, 6 Wellington-sq.
McCombe, Edward, lodging-house, 7 Circular-rd.
McCombe, Robert, moulder, Fort Anne-road
McCombe, Wm., blacksmith, lodging-house, 11 Fort William
McCombe, J., 7 Athol-ter.
McCraney, John, car proprietor, Stanley-mt. stables, Finch-rd.
McCreauor, John, grocer & provision dealer, North-quay
McCredie, Mrs. Jane, lodgings, 4 Princes-st.
McCrellin, Mrs. Ann, widow, 14 Barrack-st.
McCrellin, Mrs. Sarah, widow, 2 Almshouse-lane
McCreney, William, labourer, 5 Wellington-sq.
McCreney, William, labourer, 6 Wellington-sq.
McDonald, David Stephenson, innkeeper, 12 Drumgold-st.
McDonald, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 7 Water-lane
McDonnell, George, accountant, 7 North-qy.
McDowel, James, mariner, 23 New Bond-st.
McFarline, William, lodging-house, 8 Auckland-ter.
McFee, Mrs. Kate, widow, 23 New Bond-st.
McGhie, John, lodgings, 8 Bath-place
McGlashen, James, manager livery stables, lodging-house, 14 St. George’s-st. (See advt., p. 422.)
McGosling, David, labourer, Thornhill
McGreevy, Hugh, mariner, 4 Quine’s-corner
McGregor, Mrs. Margaret, 70 South-quay
McGrey, Miss Ann, 7 Shaw’s-brow
McGuinness, Arthur, labourer, 25 Fort-st.
McGuinness, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 27 Barrack-st.
McGuire, William, cook, 1 5 Frederick-st.
McGuire, Win., grocery, &c., cor. Senna-rd. & Edward-lane
McIntyre, Patrick, Fleetwood Hotel, lodgings, 32 North-qy.
Mclver, Miss Elizabeth, Summer-hill House, Burntmill-hill
Mclver, Henry T., manager Douglas Steam Sawmill & Timber Co., Limited, 5 Upper Church-st. (See advt., p. 357.)
McKeating, William, poulterer, 70 Strand-st.
McKenzie, Kenneth, Princes Villa, Victoria-rd.
McKibbin, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Spittall’s-court
McKibbin, John, boatman, 13 New Bond-st.
McKnight, William, gardener, Edward-ter., 46 Finch-rd.
McLauchlin, William, labourer, 2 Shaw’s-brow
McLaughlin, Michael, fireman, 21 Wellington-sq.
McLeod, John (retired) , 4 Marina-ter.
McLevey, Bernard, boatman, 6 Queen’s-place
McMaster, S amuel, gardener, lodging-house, 5 6 Buck’s-rd.
McMullen, Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 27 Barrack-st.
McMullen, William, car proprietor, New Bond-st.
McMullen, William, labourer, 63 South-quay
McNay, David, lodgings, 14 Mona-st.
McNeil, George, coal merchant, 31 South-qy. ; res., 37 Hope-st.
McNeil, George, furniture dealer, 5 Drumgold-st.
McNeil, Mrs. Jane, widow, 5 Fort-st.
McNeil, Mrs. William, 59 Derby-rd.
McNeilly, Richard, boatman, 3 Lord-st.
McQueen, Alex., capt. steamer Ben-my-Chree, 1 Taubman-ter.
McQuhae, Miss Elizabeth, board & lodgings, Loch Promenade
McQuiggin, Felix, mariner, 1 1 Water-lane
McQuiggin, James, mariner, Postoffice-lane
McQuiggin, Patrick, fishmonger, 17 Postoffice-lane
McVay, Mrs. Elizabeth, 9 Drumgold-st.
McVay, James, boatman, 3 Lord-st.
McVay, John, labourer, 6 Cattle Market-st.
McVay, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 13 Back Strand-st.
Maddison, Rev. Charles John, minister, 6 Osborne-ter.
Maddrell, James, mariner, 14 North-qy.
Maddrell, John, lodging-house, 4 Cambridge-ter.
Maddrell, John, 24 Gt. Nelson-st.
Maddrell, Robert, telegraph wire fitter, 23 St. George’s-walk
Maddrell, Thomas, labourer, 20 Bigwefl-st.
Madeley, Thomas, board and lodging-house, 1 7 Castle-st.
Magee, Nicholas, dealer in seeds, 56 Strand-st.
Magee, Nicholas, labourer, 4 Postoffice-place
Magee, William, car-proprietor, 4 Back Strand-st ; res., 38 North John-st.
Magorien, Miss, laundry, 3 Grafton-st.
Maguire, Miss Rose, charwoman, 6 Wellington-sq.
Mahoney, Mrs. Rose, hawker, 6 Wellington-sq.
Mailia, Richard, pensioner, 6 Drury-lane
Maison, Thomas, mariner, 7 Quilliam’s-court
Maley, George, sec. Glen Helen Hotel Co. ; sec. Peveril Hotel Co. ; sec. Qualtrough & Co. ; res., 64 Athol-st.
Maley, Mrs. Susan, widow, 13 Seneschal-lane
Manchester & Liverpool Arms, Robt. Cowell, propr., North-qy.
Manx Northern Railway Co., Geo. Wood, supt. ; Martin Pearce, sec. ; office, Athol-st.
Manx Society ; office, 20 Athol-st.
Manx Sun, weekly newspaper, published every Saturday; Harriet Curphey, proprietress ; office, Victoria-st.
Marina Lawn Hotel, Alfred Braddock, propr., Promenade. ( See inset opposite name.)
Market Hotel, Mrs. Eliza Christian Creer, Market-place
Marlow, John, labourer, 2 Cattle Market-st.
Marsden, Herbert John, commission agent and accountant, 2 Taubman-ter.
Marsden, Joseph, propr. Head Hotel, Douglas Head
Marsden, S. H., propr. Granville Hotel, Loch Parade. (See advt. inside lining of back cover.)
Marsden, Thomas, Pier Inn, North-quay
Marsh, Joseph, Oddfellows’ Arms Hotel, lodgings, 59 North-qy.
Marshall, John (retired), 8 Taubman-ter.
Martin, Henry, car-driver, 26 St. George’s-walk
Martin, Miss Mary Ann, 2 Water-lane
Martin, Mrs. Sarah, ‘widow, 7 Shaw’s-brow
Martin, car-proprietor, board and lodging-house, 32 Circular-rd. (See advt., p. 423.)
Martin, Thomas, mariner, 1 Drury-lane
Martin, William, mariner, 18 New Bond-st.
Mason, Mrs . Elizabeth, widows’-house, Muckles-gate
Mason, George, labourer, Bond-lane
Mason, Jabez, Belgrave Boarding-house, Loch Promenade
Mason, John B., vocal teacher, 36 Finch-road
Mason, Mrs. Kate, widow, Edward-lane
Mason, Richard, painter, 1 New Bond-st.

Mason, R. G., schoolmaster, Canton-house School, 8 Mona-ter. (See advt., p. 429.)
Masonic Hotel, George Sharpe, propr., North-quay
Mates, Thomas, clerk to W. F. Moore & Son, Tromode
Mathews, Patrick, labourer, 28 Barrack-st.
Matthews, Miss Eliza, lodgings, 77 Derby-sq.
Matthews, George, Elsinore Hotel, Victoria-road
Matthews, John, 1 5 Ropewalk-rd.
Maxwell, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Thornhill
May, Edmund, lodging-house, 23 Mona-st.
Menedy, James, fireman, 2 Postoffice-place
Mercer, George M., auditor, 15 Clarke-st.
Merryfield, James, labourer, 5 Lord-st.
Metcalf, Giles, Sunnyside, Falcon-cliff_rd.
Meyer, George W., 128 Buck’s-rd. (See advt., p. 423.)
Mickley, James, labourer, Lord-st.
Milburn, Isaac, ironmongery, plumbing, &c., 52 Strand-st.
Milburn, John, lodging, 16 Kingswood-grove
Milburn, Philip, carpenter, 3 Muckles-gate
Milburn, William, baker, Duke-st.
Miller, James, grocer, tea, coffee, & provision merchant, 46 Duke-st. (See advt., p. 426.)
Miller, Mrs. Mary, laundress, 23 St. George’s-walk
Miller, Samuel, labourer, 2 Shaw’s-brow
Miller, William, painter, 18 Hope-st.
Mingins, Miss Jane, board & lodgings, 6 Goldie-ter.
Mitchell, Abraham, diver, 2 South-quay-arch
Mitchell, David, gutta percha boot & shoe depot, 36 Strand-st. (See advt. p. 427.)
Mitchell, Miss Eliza, charwoman, 11 Fancy-st.
Moffatt, Mrs. Anne, 20 Finch-rd. -
Moffatt, Mrs. Ellen, widow, 2 Drury-lane
Moffatt, Samuel, labourer, 5 Kewley’s-lane
Moffatt, Thomas, joiner, 2 Kelly’s-court
Mollard, Thomas, compositor, lodging-house, 14 Athol-ter.
Mona Aerated Water Co., Woodbourne-works, Ropewalk-rd. (See advt., p. 424.)
Mona Coffee House, The Misses Corkhill, proprs., confection-cry, restaurant, & lodging-house, 74 Strand-st. (See advt., p. 425.)
Mona Furniture Rooms, Geo. McNeil, propr., 5 Drumgold-st.
Mona’s Herald, weekly newspaper, John C. Fargher, propr.; office, Athol-hall, Athol-st.
Montford, Dr. Henry, Union Mills
Moor, Edward, 37 Derby-rd.
Moor, Frederic, grocer, wine & spirit merchant, 42 Buck’s-rd.
Moor, Henry W., photographer, 4 Marina-rd. ; res., 8 Falcon-st.
Moore, Misses A. C. & H. M. (retired), 67 Derby-sq.
Moore, Alfred, joiner, lodging-house, 5 Leigh-ter.
Moore, Mrs. Ann, Frederick-st.
Moore, Mrs. Anna, 35 Derby-road
Moore, Arthur W. (W. F. Moore & Son) ; res., Cronkbourne, Braddan
Moore & Burr (late W. Cannell), James Moore & Geo. A. J. Burr, linen, woollen, & furnishing drapers, milliners, &c., Victoria-st. (See advt., p. 7.)
Moore, Charles Walter, 4 Nutford-place
Moore, Mrs. Clara, 1 Marathon-ter.
Moore, Edward Wm., painter, 5 Cyprus-ter.
Moore, Elizabeth, 43 Derby-road
Moore, Miss Elizabeth, seamstress, 26 Shaw’s-brow
Moore, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 9 Fancy-st.
Moore, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 7 South John-st.
Moore, Mrs. Fanny, 53 Derby-rd.
Moore, Henry, labourer, 4 Athol-sq.
Moore, Mrs. Isabella, widow, 3 Queen-st.
Moore, James, coachpainter, lodging-house, 5 St. George’s-st.
Moore, James, gasman, lodgings, 22 Fort Anne-rd.
Moore, James, joiner, 1 South-quay
Moore, James, labourer, 27 Cattle Market-st.
Moore, James (Moore & Burr), Victoria-st.
Moore, James, plumber & gasfitter, 27 Finch-rd. ; res., 76 Buck’s-rd.
Moore, James, porter, 21 Barrack-st.
Moore, James, roper, 3 South-quay
Moore, John, cabinetmaker, 10 queen-st.
Moore, John, engineer, lodging-house, 5 Leigh-tce.
Moore, John, joiner, 19 Queen-st.
Moore, John, mariner, 7 Wellington-st.
Moore, John, mason, lodging-house, 1 Cyprus-ter.
Moore, John, plasterer, 7 Cyprus-ter.
Moore, John, stableman, 5 Back Hope-st.
Moore, John, porter, 7 Bigwell-st.
Moore, John (retired), 26 Brisbane-st.
Moore, Joseph, plasterer, 8 Queen-st.
Moore, Mrs. Margaret, charwoman, 3 Bigwell-st.
Moore, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 11 Hanover-st.
Moore, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 6 Bigwell-st.
Moore, Mrs., 43 Derby-rd.
Moore, N. S., grocer and provisions, 10 King-st.
Moore, Philip, board & lodging-house, 34 Circular-rd.
Moore, Robert, butcher, 9 Water-lane
Moore, Miss Susanna, 49 Derby-sq.
Moore, Thomas, car proprietor, 9 Fancy-st.
Moore, Thomas, coal store, 32 South-qy. ; office, 8 Castle-st. (See advt. p., 425.)
Moore, Thomas, joiner, 5 Fairy Ground
Moore, Thomas, labourer, 13 Shaw’s-brow
Moore, Thomas, roper, 4 St. George’s-ter.
Moore, Thomas Arthur, baker & provision dealer, 3 & St. George’s-St.
Moore, William, butcher, 1 Lord-street
Moore, William, butcher, Thornhill
Moore, William, car proprietor, Hope-st.
Moore, William , plasterer, 3 Caley’s-court
Moore, Wm. C., groceries & provisions, 51 Strand-St.
Moore, William Fine (Moore & Son) ; res., Cronkbourne, Braddan
Moore & Son (Wm. F. Moore & Arthur W. Moore), sailcloth manufacturers & general merchants ; works, Tromode
Moore, William Henry, mason, 14 Nelson-st.
Moore, Capt. Wm. H., master mariner, 7 Albert-ter.
Morfltt, Claude, lodging-house, Richmond~grove, Crellin’s-hill
Morgan, Lewis (Morgan & Morrison) , 51 Duke-st.
Morgan & Morrison (Lewis Morgan & John S . Morrison), tailors, drapers, & outfitters, 51 Duke-st. (See advt., p. 427.)
Morley, John, labourer, 20, Shaw’s-brow
Morris, William, hairdresser, 1 Drumgold-st.
Morrison, Mrs. Ann, widow, 2 Edward-lane
Morrison, George (retired), 9 Westview
Morrison, George, 1 5 Victoria-rd.
Morrison, John , cardriver, 21 Wellington-Sq.
Morrison, John, labourer, 33 Barrack-St.
Morrison, John, lodging~house, 6 Christianrd.
Morrison, John, 9 Strathallan-crescent
Morrison, John, roper, 25 Wellington-sq.
Morrison, John, 22 Wellington sq
Morrison, John S. (Morgan & Morrison) , 51 Duke-st.
Morrison, Samuel, plumber, 11 Drumgold-St.
Morrison, Thomas, lodging~house, 8 St. George’s-st.
Morrison, William, painter, 7 Postoffice-lane
Morrison, William, painter, 4 Edward-lane
Morriss, Hugh, tobacco spinner, 3 Barrack-st.
Moughtin, George, cabinetmaker, Back Princes-St.
Moughtin, Mrs. Jane, lodging-house, 5 Goldie-ter.
Moughtin, John Joseph, painter & decorator, Princes-St. ; res., 42 Finch-id.
Moughtin, Thomas, cardriver, Wellington-st.
Moughtin, Wm., joiner & builder, 20 Circular-rd ; res., 27 Bigwell-St.
Moughton, Robert, master mariner, 71 Derby-rd.
Mountgomery, Mrs. Catherine, lodging-house, 6 Quayle’s-lane
Mourgin, William, labourer, 27 Chester-st.
Mudie, James, labourer, 27 Cattle Market-st.
Mulhern, John J., compositor, board & lodgings, 60 Finch-rd.
Mullen, Thomas, mariner, 3 Heywood-place
Mulvey, Mrs. Ann, 3 Marathon-ter.
Muncaster, Mrs. Annie, lodging-house, 4 Goldie-ter.
Muncaster, Mrs. Elizabeth, 19 Church-st.
Mundell, Richard, 2 Melbourne-st.
Mundey, Edward, draper, 43 Duke-st.
Murchie, David, labourer, 28 Barrack-st.
Murphey, James, labourer, 4 Cattle Market-st.
Murphy, Peter, labourer, 12 Cattle Market-st.
Murphey, Richard, plasterer, 112 Cattle Market-st.
Murphey, Thomas, carter, 4 Heywood-place
Murphey, Thomas, mariner, 1 Lewthwaite’s-court
Murphey, William, hawker, 8 Cattle Market-st.
Murray, John, car proprietor, 6 Nelson-st.
Murray, Thomas, fancy bread & biscuit baker, 18 Prospect-hill ; res., Albert-st. (See advt., p. 429.)
Murray, William, horse-shoer, 15 Queen-st.
Mylchreest, Mrs. Ann, widow, 17 Brisbane-st.
Mylchreest, Jane, 19 Church-st.
Mylchreest, Miss Jane, 1 South John-street
Mylchreest, John, lodgings, Osborne-grove
Mylchreest, Jonah, labourer, 63 South-quay
Mylchreest, Thomas (Iron Pier Tea Warehouse), wholesale & retail grocer & provision dealer, wine & spirit merchant, opposite Iron Pier. (See advt. on outside front cover & p. 428.)
Mylechraine, Mary, 5 Dalton-st.
Mylrea & Allen (John M. & Robt. A.), books, stationery, & music sellers, 18 Duke-st.
Mylrea, John (Mylrea & Allen), 5 Derby-ter.
Mylrea, John A., advocate ; office, 22 ; res., Derby-ter.
Mylrea, Joseph, baker, 45 Strand-st.
Mylrea, Thomas, lodging-house, 3 Dalton-st.
Mylroie, William, lodging-house, Windsor-road


National Lifeboat Institution, Thos. Bawden, hon. sec. & treas., 39 North-quay ; lifeboat-house, Promenade ; and one afloat in the bay
Naylor, Joseph, 7 Osborne-ter.
Neil, Arthur, 8 Eastview, Woodbourne
Neil, Mrs. Ellen, greengrocer, 6 Back Strand-st.
Neil, William, founder, 61 South-quay
Nelson, Alfred, joiner, Victoria-rd.
Nelson, Mrs. Emma Oliver, 4 Marathon-ter., Crescent
Nelson, Hugh, gardener, 22 Barrack-st.
Nelson, James, labourer, 29 Bigwell-st.
Nelson, Dr. Samuel Christian, Sydney Mount, 29 Buck’s-rd.
Nelson, William, labourer, 3 Bond-lane
New Strand Inn, F. Quinn, 58 Strand-st.
Newton, Samuel R., 13 Fort William
Newton, Mrs. Susan, lodging-house, 13 Fort William
Nicholl, Edward, boatman, Granville-street
Nicholl, John, compositor, lodging-house, 35 Athol-st.
Nicholl, Robert, mariner, 30 Hope-st.
Nicholls, Henry, schoolmaster, 2 Harris-ter.
Nicholls, William, innkeeper, Imperial Vaults, 15 Lord-st.
Nicholson, Mrs. Ann, 17 Derby-rd.
Nicholson Bros. (John M. & James B.), painters & decorators, 3 Well-road-hill
Nicholson, James B., painter, 1 Auckland-grove
Nicholson, John M., painter, St. Thomas’ Walk
Nixon, Edward, coachbuilder, 2 Marina-rd ; res., 72 Finch-rd.
Noble, Henry B., Villa Marina
Norman, Mrs. Margaret, 73 Derby-square
Norris, Sarah Ann, 19 Derby-;d. (See advt., p. 430.)
Nugent, John, 30 Barrack-street
Nugent, William, rigger, 5 Duke-lane


Oakden, Mrs. Ann, lodging-house, 2 Woodbourne-sq.
Oates, Frederick, joiner, 6 Drury-lane
Oaths, James, fancy bread baker, 85 Strand-st.
Oates, James, greengrocer, 14 New Bond-st.
Oates, John, cart proprietor, lodging-house, 78 Buck’s-rd.
Oates, John, dairyman, 10 Church-st.
Oates, Mrs. Margaret, board & lodging-house, 12 Mt. Havelock
Oates, Mrs. Robert, widow, 1 George’s-ter.
Oates, Thomas, labourer, 1 Gelling’s-court, Lord-st.
Oates, William, miller, 23 Castletown-rd.
O’Brien, Michael, labourer, 22 Lord-st.
Oddfellows’ Arms Hotel, Joseph Marsh, North-quay
O’Halloran, Mrs. Maria, lodgings, 4 Albert-st.
O’Hara, Richard, plasterer, 8 queen-st.
Okell, Wm., junr. (Okell & Son), brewer, Falcon Brewery; res., Ballaquayle-rd.
Okell, William & Son (W. Okell, sen. & jun.), brewers, Falcon Brewery, Falcon-st. (See inset opposite name.)
O’Kneale, John, labourer, 6 Cambrian-place
Oldale, John (Sheffield House), board & lodging-house, Queen’s-ter., 50 Circular-rd. (See advt., p. 432.)
Oldham, George, surgeon, 3 Albert-ter.
Oldham, Thomas, spirit merchant, 2 Falcon-ter.
Old Market Inn, James McClellan, Market-place
Oldroyd, Mrs. Ann, boarding-house, 10 Mount Havelock
Old Strand Inn, John Woodruff, 72 Strand-st. (See inset opposite name.)
O’Neil, John, labourer, 6 Cambrian-place
O’Neil, Mrs. Mary, widow, 2 Water-lane
Omerod, Mrs. Mary, Falcon-cliff Cottage, Falcon-cliff-rd.
Orr, Capt. James, 4 Albert-st.
Orr, James, labourer, 4 Caley’s-court
Overton, Mrs. Ann, lodging-house, 2 Nutford-place
Owens, Henry, labourer, 1 Quilliam’s-court


Parfitt, John, mariner, 6 Postoffice-place
Parkes, Emily, Sun Hotel, Victoria-st. (See advt., p. 436.)
Parkes, John, propr. Star Hotel ; res., Pleasington-villa, Peel-road. (See advt., p. 437.)
Parkinson, M., printer, stationer, bookseller, & bookbinder, 47 Duke-st.
Parkinson, Richard E., accountant, lodging-house, agent for the United Assurance Society, Liverpool, Loch Promenade. (See advt., p. 435.)
Parks, Mrs . Margaret, midwife, 56 Callow-place, Finch-rd
Parr, Thomas, ladies’ bathing van propr., Back Lawn
Parry, Samuel, labourer, 5 Barrack-st.
Parsons, Mrs. Margaret, grocer, 12 Hanover-st.
Partridge, Mrs. Kate, 2 Castle-terrace
Pascoe, Robert, lodging-house, 114 Buck’s-rd.
Paton, Archibald, professor of dancing, 2 Castle-ter. (See advt., p. 435.)
Patterson, James, labourer, 21 Hanover-st.
Patterson, William, cabinetmaker, 5 Barrack-st.
Patterson, William, shoemaker, Fancy-st.
Patty, Thomas, labourer, 5 Quayle’s-lane
Paul, Col. William H., head constable ; office, Court-house, Athol-st. ; res., 14 Victoria-rd.
Pearce, Jno. Wm., ironmonger, 1 6 Falcon-st.
Pearce, Martin, sec. Manx Northern Railway Co., Limited; office, 49 Athol-street, Douglas ; res., 5 Brisbane-street
Pearson, George Watson, Hambleton Boarding House, Loch Promenade
Pedlar, John Burden, 3 Ropewalk-road
Peet, Rev. James, Primitive Methodist minister, Douglas 1st circuit, 3 Oxford-st.
Pendlebury, James, bookseller & picture framer, 27 Tynwald st. (See advt., p. 438.)
Percival, Mrs. Mary Ann, lodging-house, 8 Oxford-street
Perkins, Wm. Warran, sea captain, lodgings, 12 Mona-ter.
Perry, James, gardener, 17 Lord-st.
Perry, Mrs. J., coachbuilder & coachpainter, 54 to 56 Athol-st.
Perry, Robert D., lodging & boarding-house, 21 Christian-rd.
Perry, Wm. S., agent Royal Liver Burial Society ; office, 22 Strand-st. ; res., Loch Promenade
Pestell, Henry Hawes, shorthand writer, boards 5 Hill-st.
Peters, John, joiner, 7 South-quay
Peveril Hotel, Victoria-pier
Peveril House, Miss Eleanor Cowen, Peveril-st.
Phillips, Wm. James, coachbuilder, 16 Drumgold-st.
Pickard, John A. B., grocer & provision dealer, 1 Postoffice-lane
Pickup, John, lodging-house, 36 Peel-road. (See advt., p. 434.)
Pier Inn, Thomas Marsden, North-quay
Piggott, Miss Margaret, greengrocer, lodging-house, 35 Castle-street
Piggott, Joseph, gardener, Hardy’s-yard Pilkington, William (retired) , Eastview
Pimblott, Thos., gasfitter, brazier, & tin worker, lodgings, Mount Pleasant
Pine, Mrs. Mary, board & lodging-house, 11 Mount Havelock
Pitts, Thomas, mariner, 3 Barrack-st.
Pittar, William P. J., The Cliffe, Shore
Place, Isaac, ferryman, lodging-house, 74 South-quay
Place, Mrs. Elizabeth, 48 South-quay. (See advt., p. 434.)
Pointon, Wm, H., watchmaker & jeweller, 42 Duke-st.
Poland, James, gardener, Strand-street
Pollard, William, gardener, lodging-house, 6 Stanley-ter.
Pollock, Miss Anna Elizabeth, Mona Cottage, Crescent
Postlewaite, John, painter, Quine’s-corner
Post Office, William Isdale, postmaster ; J. B. Edgar, chief clerk, Athol-st.
Prebble, Henry, wood carver, 3 Cyprus-ter., Allen-st.
Preston, George (Kelly & Preston), builders, &c., South-quay; lodging-house, 19 Hope-st.
Preston, John, labourer, 8 Nelson-st.
Price, Colonel J. A., magistrate, 24 Finch-road
Price, William Thomas, mariner, 10 South-quay
Primitive Methodist School, 17 Drumgold-st.
Pritchard, Capt. John, mariner, 65 South-quay
Pritchard, John, boilermaker, 57 Athol-st.
Pritchard, Mrs. Mary, lodging-house, Loch Promenade
Proctor, Leonard, cabinetmaker, furniture dealer, & uphol sterer, lodging-house, 57 Circular-rd. (See advt., p. 439.)
Proctor, Wm., boot manufacturer ; shop, 29 Castle-st. ; factory, Senna-rd. (See inset opposite name.)
Proctor, William, fishdealer, lodgings, 18 Mona-st.
Proctor, Wm. Baxter, shoemaker, 5 Castle-st.
Pryor, John, silversmith & electro-plater, 53 Buck’s-rd. (See advt., p. 438.)
Purfield, Thomas, 5 Caley’s-court
Purnell, James, tailor, Chadwick’s Buildings, Victoria-rd.
Purdy, Mrs. Agnes, widow, 6 James-st.


Quaggan, Mrs. Christian, 3 Cambrian-place
Quaggan, Mrs. Elizabeth, charwoman, 16 James-st.
Quaggan, William, policeman, 3 Cambrian-place
Quaggin, Mrs. Jane, widow, H Cattle Market-st.
Quaile, Robert, carter, 1 1 Senua-rd.
Qualtrough & Co. (Mrs. Qualtrough, Geo. Maley, & Henry Qualtrough), ship & boatbuilders, block makers, & mineral water manufacturers, Castletown-rd.
Qualtrough, Mrs. Eleanor (Qualtrough & Co.), 13 Leigh-ter.
Qualtrough Henry Qualtrough & Co.), 9 Leigh-ter.
Qualtrough, Thomas, harbour-master, 3 Taubman-ter.
Quane, Cwsar Bacon, harbour master, 16 Prospect-ter.
Quaye, Miss Christian, charwoman, 15 Wellington-sq.
Quaye, James, marine store dealer, lodging-house, 13 Hill-st.
Quaye, Philip, labourer, 4 Lord-st.
Quaye, Mrs. T., private lodgings, Queen’s-ter., 42 Circular-rd. (See advt., p. 445.)
Quayle, Mrs. Ann, board & lodging-house, 63 Circular-rd.
Quayle, Mrs. Ann, widow, 17 Wellington-sq.
Quayle, Misses A. & J., dressmakers, 52 Hope-st. (2nd storey)
Quayle, Mrs. Anne, 3 Westview
Quayle, Annie, 6 Barrack-street
Quayle, Charles, labourer, Tynwalci-street
Quayle, Daniel, blacksmith, lodging-house, 14 Leigh-ter. (See advt., p. 444.)
Quayle, Daniel, butcher, 14 New Bond-st.
Quayle, Edward, labourer, 7 Grafton-st.
Quayle, Edward, railway porter, 4 Drumgold-st.
Quayle, Mrs. Eliza, widow, 3 Water-lane
Quayle, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 26 Bigwell-st.
Quayle, Mrs. Isabella, widow, 2 Burntmill-lane
Quayle, Jas., lodging & boarding, Sefton-house, Loch Parade
Quayle, James, painter, 31 Barrack-st.
Quayle, James, saddler, lodging-house, 83 Circular-rd.
Quayle, Miss Jane, lodging-house, 7 Parade-st.
Quayle, Miss Jane, seamstress, 10 South-quay
Quayle, Mrs. Jane, widow, 20 Wellington-sq.
Quayle, John, H.K., clerk to Deemster, Registrar-General, &c. ; office, 21 Athol-st. ; res., Windsor-ter.
Quayle, John, cardriver, 3 Edward-lane
Quayle, John, horse-shoer, 11 Hardy’s-yd.
Quayle, John, labourer, 15 Bigwell-st.
Quayle, John, marble mason; works, Lake; res., 21 North-qy.
Quayle, John, plumber, lodgings, 2Z Mona-st.•
Quayle, John, shoemaker, 20 Drumgold-st.
Quayle, John, shoemaker, 8 James-st.
Quayle, John, 22 South-quay
Quayle, John, tailor & draper, 11 Wellington-st. (See advt., p. 444.)
Quayle, Joseph, carter, lodging-house, 22 Castletown-rd.
Quayle, Mrs. Margaret, lodging-house, 7 Frederick-st.
Quayle, Robert, 4 Castletown-road. (See advt., p. 444W)
Quayle, Robert (Cannell & Quayle), 5 Goldie-ter.
Quayle, Robert, 20 Dalton-st.
Quayle, Robert, master mason, 44 Princes-st.
Quayle, Robert, shoemaker, 19 Wellington-sq.
Quayle, Richard, saddler, 1 Queen-st.
Quayle, Thomas, labourer, Muckles-gate
Quayle, Thom as, shoemaker, 16 Wellington-sq.
Quayle, Thomas, stonecutter, 7 St. George’s-st. ; res., 6 Princes-st. (See advt., p. 445.)
Quayle, Thomas H., plasterer, 1 Back Lawn
Quayle, William, labourer, Bond-lane
Quayle, William, labourer, 6 Drury-lane
Quayle, William, plasterer, 16 Wellington-sq.
Quayle, William, carter, 16 Wellington-sq.
Quayle, William, stonecutter, 8 Queen’s-place
Quayle, William, upholsterer, 25 King-st.
Quayle, Mrs. Wm., board & lodgings, Queen’s-ter., 40 Circular-rd. (See advt., p. 444.)
Queen’s Hotel, Thomas Swift, proprietor, Crescent. (See advt. opposite name in S.’s.)
Quiggin & Co., timber merchants, staple cordage manufacturers, slate & tile merchants, & ship chandlers, The Lake. (See advt. p. 445.)
Quiggin, Edward Todd (Quiggin & Co.) Loch Promenade
Quiggin, James, boot & shoemaker, 1 King-st.
Quiggin, James, boot & shoe manufacturer, 21 Duke-st. (See advt., p. 446.)
Quiggin, Mrs. Jane, widow, 5 Duke-lane
Quiggin, Mrs., 22 Athol-st.
Quiggin, Mrs., widow, 3 Shaw’s-brow
Quiggin, Robert, labourer, 6 Wellroad-hill
Quiggin, William, confectionery, 71 Strand-st.
Quiggin, William, 7 Spring Gardens
Quiggin, William, 3 Victoria-ter.
Quilleish, Mrs. Ann, widow, 14 Hope-st.
Quilleish, Geo., tallow chandler & oilman, dealer in lamps & lamp fixtures, 7 & 9 Lord-st. (See aclvt., p. 446.)
Quilleish, Miss Jane, bookbinder, 22 Drumgold-st.
Quilliam, Mrs. Ann, charwoman, 8 Lord-st.
Quilliam, Mrs. Betsy, widow, 8 Back Strand-st.
Quilliam, Henry, fireman, Postoffice-place
Quilliam, James, carter, 1 South-quay-arch
Quilliam, James, labourer, 11 Hanover-st.
Quilliam, John, labourer, 15 Nelson-st.
Quilliam, John, mariner, 29 Cattle Market-st.
Quilliam, Lewis, carter, St. George’s-place
Quilliam, Robert, labourer, 15 Bigwell-st.
Quilliam, Thomas, policeman, 3 Back St. George’s-ter.
Quilliam, Thomas, 26 Lord-street
Quilliam, William, labourer, Bigwell-st.
Quilliam, William, mariner, 13 Bigwell-st.
Quin, William, 5 Queen-st.
Quine, Caesar, joiner, 4 Back Hope-street
Quine, Mrs. Jane, lodgings, 11 Burntmill-hill
Quine, John, baker, 1 6 James-street
Quine, John, gardener, lodging-house, 5 Nunnery-view~ter.
Quine, John, lodgings, 63 Derby-sq.
Quine, John, mason, 1 Edward-lane
Quine, John, mason, 19 New Bond-st.
Quine, John, master builder, 5 Derby-rd.
Quine, John, roper, 19 New Bond-st.
Quine, Mrs. J. T., board & lodging-house, Osborne-grove
Quine, Miss Margaret, 3 Muckles-gate
Quine, Miss Margaret Ann, dressmaker, 80 Finch-road
Quine, Miss M. A., board & lodging-house, 4 Grove-view-ter.
Quine, Robert, lodging-house, 11 Parade-st.
Quine, Robert, malster, 1 Falcon Cottages
Quine, Robert, mason, 17 James-st.
Quine, Richard, baker & provision dealer, 9 New Bond-st.
Quine, Thomas, blacksmith, 21 St. George’s-walk
Quine, Thomas, joiner & builder, 44 Peel-rd.
Quine, Thomas, joiner & builder, lodgings, Richmond-grove
Quine, Thomas, mason, 24 Wellington-sq.
Quine, Thomas, 2 Auckland-ter.
Quine, Thomas, policeman, 8 Back Hope-st.
Quine, William, gardener, 80 Finch-rd.
Quine, Mrs. Wm., lodging-house, 13 Belmont-ter., 108 Circular-rd. (See advt., p. 445.)
Quine, Wm., railway porter, 108 Circular-rd.
Quinn, Francis (New Strand Inn), 58 Strand-st.
Quinney, John, secretary Gas Company, 10 Leigh-ter.
Quinney, Robert, fruiterer, 60 Duke-st. (See advt., p. 447.)
Quirk, Mrs. Elizabeth, board & lodging-house, 15 Belmont-ter., 104 Circular-rd. (See advt., p. 443.)
Quirk, Mrs. Catherine, lodging-house, 19 Dalton-st.
Quirk, Mrs. Catherine, 2 Marion-ter.
Quirk, Miss Catherine, 1 South John-st.
Quirk, Mrs. Christian, 19 Lord-st.
Quirk, Miss Ellen, 26 Buck’s-rd.
Quirk, Henry, baker, grocer, &c., 24 Buck’s-rd. (See advt., p. 447.)
Quirk, Mrs. Isabella, widow, 13 Hope-st.
Quirk, James, plumber, 1 Lord-st.
Quirk, Mrs. Jane, widow, 10 Senna-rd.
Quirk, John, labourer, 10 Bigwell-st.
Quirk, John, mariner, Mount Pleasant
Quirk, John, mariner, S Heywood-place
Quirk, John, mariner, 10 South-quay
Quirk, John, mason, 28 Church-st.
Quirk, John, painter, 1 Falcon-ter.
Quirk, Joseph, lodging-house, 25 Derby-rd.
Quirk, Joseph Richard, joiner, lodging-house, 5 Derby-road
Quirk, Miss Margaret, 2 King-st.
Quirk, Mrs., 16 Nelson-st.
Quirk, Mrs. Mary, widows’ house, Muckles-gate
Quirk, Richard, Cumberland Tavern, James-street
Quirk, Robert, sailmaker, 55 South-quay ; res., Grove Cottage, 27 Castletown-rd.
Quirk, Thomas, cardriver, 1 Nelson-st.
Quirk, Thomas, 4 Dalton-st.
Quirk, Thomas, mason, lodging-house, 5 Tynwald-st.
Quirk, Thomas, coachbuilder, 1 7 Shaw’s-brow
Quirk, William, joiner, 19 Drumgold-st.
Quirk, William, labourer, 16 Bigwell-st.
Quirk, William; labourer, 7 Tynwald-ter.
Quirk, William, mariner, 9 South-quay
Quirk, William, shoemaker, 10 Parade


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