[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]



Bridson, M. M., Harbour Board office
Clague, Thomas A., 12 Sydney-street
Hardman, F. W., Mona-terrace
Jackson, F. S., 23 Athol-street. (See advt. p. 387.)
Johnson, Frank J., 13 Sydney-street
Mercer, J. M., 15 Clarke-street
Parkinson, Richard E., Loch Promenade. (See advt. p. 435.)
Rodgers, J. D., Great Laxey office, Prospect-hill
Taggart, John, 6 Oxford-street


Beckwith, Charles W., Gelling’s-court.
Browne, Frederick, 46 Athol-street
Callow, Thomas C. & Son, 27 Athol-street
Cannell, Claude, 30 Athol-street
Cookson, George Ridgway, 46 Athol-street
Coole, Charles Wm., 48 Athol-street
Creer, John Joseph, 25 Athol-street
Dickinson & Kneen, Athol-street
Harrison, Ridgway, 24 Athol-street
Kellett, Henry J., 4 Upper Church-street
Laughton, Alfred N., 4 Upper Church-street
Macdonald, George J., 52 Athol-street
Mylrea, John A., 22 Athol-street
Quayle, John, 21 Athol-street
Ring, George A., 22 Athol-street
Sherwood, Richard, 13 Athol-st. ; res., Glencrutchery-house
Spittall, James, 24 Athol-street ; res., Laureston
Steele, Alexander Johnstone, B.A., 20. Athol-street ; res., 4 Strathallan-crescent. (See advt. p. 462.)
Stephen, Robert Swan, M.A., 16 Athol-street
Stewart, William M., 23 Athol-street


Lloyd’s Office for Douglas, Richard A. Cain, 45 North-quay. (See advt. p. 330.)
Runcorn Bone Works Company’s Stores, Thos. Mylchreest, 53 and 54 South-quay (See advt. p. 428.)
Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society, Richard A. Cain, 45 North-quay. (See advt. p. 330.)
Clague, John, seeds, 23 Nelson-street. (See advt. p. 336.)
Corran, M W., seed and manure, North-quay, & 2 Tynwald street. (See advt. p. 343.)
Creer, John, agricultural seeds, 1 2 North-quay
Curphey, Robert, implements, Market-place
Kelly, John T., implements, 3 Gelling’s-court; res. 54 Circular-road
Kneen, Thomas, seeds, 16 Bridge-road ; res., 55 Buck’s-road
Lewin, Edward, implement dealer, Bridge-road. (See advt. p. 414.)
Magee, Nicholas, seeds, 56 Strand-street
Shimmin, Wm., manure, 14 and 15 Castle-street Whiteside and Co., li., manure, 34 North-quay Bawden, Thomas, Atlas Insurance Company ; Salt and Co.,
brewers, Burton-on-Trent. (See advt. pp. 283 and 284.) J. and J. Colman, London ; Peek Bros. and Co., London; office, 39 North-quay ; res., Fort William
Brearley, H. and J. C., wines, spirits, &c., 6 Wellington-street. (See advt. p. 295.)
Bridson, John Philip, 3 Cambridge-terrace

Agents (Commission)

Christian, Robert E., 6 Quayle’s-lane. (See advt. p. 335.)
Clague, John, Alliance Assurance Company,—office, 23 Neson-street. (See advt. p. 336.)
Clarke, William, 35 Athol-street ; res., 10, Harris-terrace
Cubbon, John, estate, 3 St. George’s-place
Evans, John, Prudential Life Assurance Society, 28 Brisbane-street
Finley, James, book, 28 Bigwell-street
Hardman, F. W., estate, Mona-terrace
Jackson, Frederick S., commission and estate, 23 Athol-st.; res. Back Lawn. (See advt. p. 387.)
Kelly, Thomas, office—" Manx Sun " Buildings, Victoria and King-streets. (See advt. p. 402) ; res., 1 Christian-rd.
Kewley, Charles, book, 10, North-quay
Kneen, Thomas, 16 Bridge-road ; res., 55, Buck’s-road
Lynam, Thomas, 4 Auckland-terrace
Marsden, Herbert John, 2 Taubman-terrace
Spittall, A. J., 46 Athol-street res., 8 Oxford-street
Steele, Alexander J., Scottish Provident Institution, 29 Athol street. (See advt. p. 462) ; res., 4 Strathallan-crescent
Taggart, John, London and Lancashire Fire Insurance, 70 Athol-street
Taggart, Wm., Prudential Life Insurance Company, 2 Castle-street. (See advt. p. 473.)
Torrance & Co., G., Alliance Fire and Life Assurance Company, 24 North-quay. (See advt. p. 473.)
Young, Wm. E., Ardi-ossan Shipping Company ; Great Sneafell Mining Company, &c. ; 3 Athol-hall, Athol-street
Washington, Henry, 51 Athol-street ; res. 31 Derby-square. (See advt. p. 483.)
Wood, H. C., insurance and estate, 40 Athol-street. (See advt. p. 488.)


Alexandra Concert Room, corner Duke-street & Victoria-street
Gaiety Theatre, Victoria Hall Prospect-hill
Kelly’s Concert Room, Hotel, Market-place. (See advt. p. 400.)
Old Pier Inn Music Hall
Star Music Hall, Prospect-hill. (See advt. p. 437.)
Theatre Royal, Wellington-street

Halls, Public Buildings, &c.

Masonic Hall, Loch Promenade
Stanley Hall, Circular-road
St. James’s Hall, 1 St. George’s-street
Templar Hall, St. George’s-street
Victoria Hall, Prospect-hill


Cain, Robert, 79, Derby-road (Westview)
Cowle, James, 18 St. Georges’-street ; res., 12 Circular-road
Kaye, Henry, 4 Prospect-terrace
Rennison, Wm. John, 11 Hill-street. (See advt. p. 453.)
Robinson, Henry, 78, Finch-road


(See Photographers and Artists.)

Auctioneers and Valuers.

Corran, Matthias W., 2 Tynwald-street. (See advt. p. 343.)
Craige, William J., 12 Prospect-hill ; res. 3 Taubman-ter., Fort Anne-road. (See inset opposite p. 324.)
Green, Henry, 16 Prospect-hill ; res. 3 Alpine-terrace, Summer-hill
Johnson, Joseph, Duke-street ; res. Derby-terrace. (See advt. p. 388.)
Kelly, Thomas, Manx Sun Buildings, Victoria and King-streets ; res. 1 Christian-road. (See advt. p. 402.)
Raby, Charles R., Athol-hall, Athol-st. ; res., Auckland-ter
Roberts, Thomas, 25 Derby-road
Taggart, John, 70 Athol-street
Thompson, Wm., Market-place. (See advt. p. 476.)


Cain, Mrs. Matthew, 4 New Bond-street
Cain, Thomas, 9 King-street
Callow, Louis, corner of Fancy-street
Collister, William, Lord-street and Church-street
Coole, John J., Fleetwood House, 31 North-quay. (See advt. p. 340.)
Coole, Mrs. Thomas, 9 Bigwell-street
Corlett, James, 43 North-quay. (See advt. p. 341.)
Corrin, H. W., Peel House, Victoria-street. (See inset opposite p. 319.)
Corrin, John, 1 Strand-street
Cowin, Robert D., corner Prospect-hill and Hill-street. (See advt. p. 347.)
Cowin, Tom, 34 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 349.)
Craine, Andrew, 13 Church-street
Douglas Co-operative Society, Limited, 9 Hill-street ; 36 Castle-street, and 5 James-street
Kelly, John, 25 Church-street
Moore, Thomas Arthur, 3 & 5 Great George-street
Murray, Thomas, 18 Prospect-hill. (See advt. p. 429.)
Mylrea, Joseph, 45 Strand-street
Oates, James, 85 Strand-street
Shimmin, Philip, 82 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 462.)
Quirk, Henry, 24 Buck’s-road. (See advt. p. 447.)
Quine, Richard, 9 New Bond-street
Unsworth, Thomas, 12 Castle-street. (See advt. p. 476.)


Dumbell’s Banking Company, Limited, Head office—1 Prospect-hill
Isle of Man Banking Company, Limited, Flead office— Athol-street
Bank for Savings, Athol-street
Post-office Savings Bank, Post-office, Athol-street


Doyle’s Wellington Bazaar, Duke-street. (See inset opposite 355.)
Taubman, Edward, 50 Strand-street

Bathing Van Proprietors.

Henry, Mrs Mary, Castle-street
Lawton, John, 5 Falcon-street
Parr, Thomas, res. Back Lawn


Lightfoot’s Aquarium Baths, Victoria-street
Waddington’s hydropathic baths, Castle-street

Berlin and Fancy Goods.

Cubbon, Miss Jane, 4 Athol-street
Taggart, Wm., 2 Castle-street. (See advt~. p. 473.)


Handley’s Bowling Green Hotel, Derby-road. (See advt. on outside front cover, and on page 381.)
Starkey, Thomas H., St. George’s Hall, Athol-street. (See inset opposite p. 458.)
Victoria Hotel, Prospect-hill. (See advt. p. 484.)
Villiers Hotel, corner Victoria-street and Promenade. (See advt. on outside back cover and inset opposite page 477.)
Peveril Hotel, Victoria-pier
Railway Hotel, Bridge. (See inset opposite p. 458.)
Castle Mona Hotel, Shore. (See advt. p. 334.)
Granville Hotel, Loch-promenade. (See advt. inside lining of back cover.)
Star Hotel, Prospect-hill. (See advt. p. 437.)
Royal Hotel, Quay. (See advt. p. 412.)
Marina Hotel, Castle-lawn. (See inset opposite p. 290.)
York Hotel, Parade
British Hotel, Market-place. (See advt. p. 337.)

Bill Posters.

Brown, James and Son, Isle of Man Times, nearly 100 private stations. (See advt. p. 299.)
Fargher, Charles, 14 Fancy-street
Looney, George, James-street

Bird Fanciers and Stuffers.

Adams, George, stuffer, 10 Barrack-street


Bridson, William, Lake ; res., 12, Dalton-street
Cole, James, Queen-street
Cubbon, James, Victoria-street. (See advt. p. 350.)
Hampton, John, Bridge smithy, North-quay
Kewley, Thomas, 8 Water-lane
Lewin, Edward, Bridge-road. (See aclvt. p. 414.)
Lewin and Hampton, Lake-road
Sharp, Matthew, 24 Prospect-hill. (See advt. p. 464.)
Todhunter and Elliott, Market-place. (See inset opposite p. 472.)
Wilson, Thomas, horseshoer, 13 Drumgold-street


Qualtrough & Co., Castletown-road

Boarding Houses.

(See Lodging and Boarding Houses.)

Boat Builders.

Curphey, William, 20 Bridge-road
Qualtrough and Co., Castletown-road
Cain & Corlett, 47½ Athol-street


Brown, James & Son, Office—Times Buildings, Athol-street. (See advt. p. 299.)
Lewthwaite, Alex., 44 North-quay ; res., 5; Taubman-ter.
Mylrea & Allen, 1 8 Duke-street
Parkinson, M., 47 Duke-street

Booksellers and Stationers.

Barker, Samuel, 46 North-quay ; res., Leigh-terrace
Braid, William Henry, 6 Buck’s-road. (See inset, opposite p. 386.)
Broadbent, Samuel K., Victoria-street. (See advt. p. 298.)
Brown, James & Son, Times Buildings. (See advt. p. 299.)
Cain, Robert, 2 Athol-street
Cowin, Wm. Henry, North-quay
Fargher, John Christian, Athol-hall, Athol-street
Hannay, Louis a, 54 Duke-street
Johnson, Mrs. Isabella, 12 Prospect-hill. (See inset opposite p. 386.).)
Kneale, William, cor. Victoria-street and Duke-street
Lewthwaite, Alex., 44 North-quay
Mylrea & Allen, 18 Duke-street Parkinson, M ., 4 7 Puke-street
Pendlebury, James, 27 Tynwald-street. (See advt. p. 438.)

Boot and Shoemakers.

Bridson, John K G
Bridson, William 26 C Church street
Cain, Philip, 11 Postoffice-lane
Cain, Robert, 66 Duke-street
Cain, Thomas, 2 Hanover-street
Callow, James, 33 Barrack-street
Clague, Norris, 12 Hanover-street
Clague, Thomas, 18 Lord-street
Clague, William, 18 Fancy-street
Clucas, Robert, Bon Marehé, Victoria-street. (See inset opposite p. 314, and at foot of each page.)
Corkhill, Peter, 64 Strand-street
Cowell, Thomas, near Imperial Stables
Einbry, John, 23 Castle-street. (See advt. p. 360.)
Gick, Mrs. Hannah, 3 Marina-road, end of Castle-street. (See advt. p. 370.)
Goldsmith, John J., 22 North-quay
Haslam, Wm., clog maker, 73 Strand-street
Hodson, John, 3 South John-street
Kelly, John B., 3 Strand-street
Kennaugh, Anne, 29 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 401.)
Kermode, William, 31 Chester-street
King, Mrs. Elizabeth, 27 Duke-street
Lay, George, 9 and 11 Duke-street
Mitchell, David, 3 6 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 427.)
Proctor, Wm., 29 Castle-street. (See inset opposite p. 434.)
Quiggin, James, 21 Duke-street. (See advt. p. 446.)
Quirk, William, 10 Parade
Shimmin, William, 18 Buck’s-road
Taggart, Edward, 4 Well-road-hill
Taggard, Henry, 8 Seneselial-laue
Teare, Thomas, 18 Wellington-street
Ward, Cuthbert R., 15 Strand-street. (See advt. p 482.)
White, Thomas, 17 New Bond-street
Woods, Robert, 9 Water lane

Bowling Green.

Handley’s Bowling Green Hotel, Derby-road. (See advt. on outside front cover, and on page 381.)
Head Hotel, Joseph Marsden, Douglas Head

Bowling Saloons.

Aquarium Bowling Saloon, Victoria-street
Broadway Inn, 2 Broadway
Lancashire House, North-quay
Victoria Hall, Prospect-hill

Brass Founders.

Gelling’s Iron Foundry Co., Limited, 36 South-quay. (See advt. p. 372.)
Todhunter & Elliot, Market-place. (See inset opposite p. 472.)


Allen, Wm., Mona Brewery, 1 Cattle Market-street. (See tc advt. p. 279.)
Brown, John, Castle-hill Brewery, Victoria-road. (See advt. p. 300.)
Clinch, J. W., Lake Brewery, 1 North-quay. (See advt. on outside front cover, also inset opposite p. 313.)
Okell, William, & Son, Falcon Brewery, Falcon-street. (See inset opposite p. 431.)
Roberts, Thomas, Back Strand-street

Brick and Tile Dealers.

Douglas Steam Saw Mills & Timber Co., Limited, Lake. See advt. p. 357.)
Forrest, F. W., North-quay
Quiggin & Co., Bridge-road. (See advt. p. 445.)


Cain, Richard Alma, ship & custom-house, 45 North-quay. (See advt. p. 330.)
Christian, Robert E., ship & custom-house, 6 North Quay. (See advt. p. 335.)
Craige, Wm. J., Prospect-hill. (See inset opposite p. 324.)
Cubbon, John, share, 3 St. George’s-place
Jackson, F. S., share, 23 Athol-street. (Sec advt. p. 387.)
Kellett, R. W., stock & share, Gt. George’s-street. See advt. p. 398.)
Kelly, Thomas, Manx Sun Buildings, Victoria-street ; res., 1 Christian-road. (See advt. p 402.)
Raby, Charles R., stock and share, Athol-hall, Athol-street; res ., Auckland-terrace
Reddington, Michael, ship & custom, North-quay. (See advt. p. 451.)
Sutherland & Co., stock & share, Bank Chambers Taggart, John, share, 70 Athol-street
Thomson, Wm., share, Market-place. (See advt. p. 476.)

Brush Manufacturers.

Colebourn, Edmund J., Victoria-street. (See inset opposite p. 314.)


(See Joiners & Builders.)

Butchers & Cattle Dealers.

Aspell, James, 2 & 4 Wellington-street. (See advt. p. 28Z.)
Brew, Thomas, 26 6 Strand-street
Cain, Thomas, 64 Duke-street
Clague, Thomas, 9 Duke-lane
Clarke, John, 3 Prospect-hill
Corlett, Thomas, 14 Prospect-hill
Corrin, Henry, 25 Castle-street
Dickinson, John, 21 King-street
Hampton, Mrs. Eliza, 65 Strand-street
Kennaugh, Thomas C, 38 Buck’s-road
Moore, Robert, 9 Water-lane
Rooth, John, 4 Duke-street

Cabinetmakers and Furniture Dealers.

Bell, Brothers, 1 Marina-road
Benson, Francis, 19 Athol-street
Bregazzi, John, 8 Athol-street. (See advt. p. 294)
Collister, John, 29 & 31 Finch-road
Corlett, Edward & Charles, 51 Buck’s-road. (See advt. on outside of book, and inset opposite p. 318.)
Corlett, John Joseph, 35 Circular-road. (See advt. p. 842.)
Corlett, George IR., Strand-street
Green, Henry, Prospect-hill
McNeil, George, 5 Drumgold-street
Proctor, Leonard, 30, Prospect-hill and 57 Circular-road. (See advt. p. 439.)
Raby, C. R., Athol-hall, Athol-street
Radcliffe, Thomas E. & William, Victoria-street
Spence, William, 43 Athol-street


(See Boat Builders.)

Car Proprietors & Livery Stables.

Adeiphi Stables, William Dunkin, propr., Church-street
Bell, Edward, 38 North-quay
Bell, Henry Wesley, 7 Tynwald-street
Bell, James, 33 North-quay
Bridson, Robert, 18 James-street
Bridson, Thomas, 2 Derby-square
Caley, Charles, 9 Parade-street
Christian, William, 19 James-street
Clague, Thomas, Burntmill-hill. (See advt. p. 335.)
Clague, William, Rose-cottage, Back Lawn
Cleveland, John, 5 Wellington-square
Collister, Robert, 13 St. George’s-street. (See advt. p. 339.)
Cooper, Mrs. Mary Ann, 2 Queen-street
Corlett, Robert, 13 Mona-street
Corlett, Thomas, 11 Frederick-street
Cowell, Alexander, 3 Back Lawn
Cowin, John, 26 Cattle Market-street
Creer, Robert, Drumgold-street
Cubbon, John, 5 Back Stanley-terrace
Donaldson, David, 1 7 Finch-road
Dunkin, John, 70 Buck’s-road
Dunkin, William (Adelphi Stables) , 11 Cyprus-ter., Allen-st.
Elliott, William, 4 Harris-terrace. (See advt. p. 359.)
Gelling, John, 11 Myrtle-street
Gelling, Thomas, 29 Tynwald-street
Graham, Wm., 9 Duke-lane. (See advt. p. 374.)
Gribbin, James, Senna-lane or Thomas’-walk
Hoult, Thomas, 8A North-Quay
Karran, William, 3 Barnabas-square
Kaye, William, West view-lane
Kelly, Edward) 10 Mona-terrace
Kelly, Robert, 9 Cattlemarket-street
Kneale, Thomas, 1 1, Circular-road.
Laughton, John, 10 Water-lane
Magee, Wm., 4 Back Strand-street
Magee, Wm., 4 Tynwald-terrace
Martin, Thomas, 32 Circular-road (See advt. p. 423.)
Moore, Thomas, 9 Fancy-street
Moore, William, Hope-street
Murray, John, 6 Nelson-street
McCranney, John (Stanley Mount Stables), Finch-road
McMullen, William, New Bond-street
Sayle, Philip, 38 Hope-street
Sayle, Thomas, 3 Hanover-street
Shimmin, John, Crescent
Shimmin, Thomas, 45 Buck’s-road & Stanley Mount. (See advt. p. 461.)
Shimmin, William, 14 & 15 Castle-street
Stewart, Samuel, 21 Cattle Market-street
Villiers Livery Stables, Loch Parade, foot Drumgold-street
Vondy, Robert, Loch Promenade. (See inset opposite p. 477.)

Cart Owners.

Caine, John, 14 Brisbane-street
Curphey, William, 4 Kewley’s-lane
Gelling, Mrs. Catherine, 30 Bigwell-street
Oates, John, 78 Buck’s-road
Sayle, Philip, 38 Hope-street
Watterson, William, jun., 10 James-street
Watterson, William, 16 James-street

Cart and Wheelwrights.

Craine, Thomas, 6 Athol-terrace, Peel-road
Kinnish, Christopher, 6 Barrack-street

Carvers and Gilders.

Allan, Andrew, 9 Marina-road
Bregazzi, John, 8 Athol-street. (See advt. p. 294.)
Burrows, William, 27 Castle-street. (See advt. p. 302.)

Cattle Dealers.

(See Butchers and Cattle Dealers.)

Chemists and Druggists.

Bowman, Edward J., Victoria-street. (See inset opposite p. 289.)
Brearey, W. A., 10 Prospect-hill. (See advt. p. 296.)
Caine, Charles, 2 Duke-street
Greensill, Thos. S., 78 Strand-street, & Marina-road. (See advt. gold card on outside cover and on front inside cover.)
Halton, R. and Son, 6 Duke-street
Robinson, John, 1 Broadway
Turner, Robert C., Victoria-street. (See advt., top line, and p. 474.)
White, Isaac M., 34 Strand-street
Wilson, Mrs. Agnes, 97 Strand-street

China, Glass, and Earthenware.

Clague, James, 12 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 335.)
Carine, Lawrence, 1 Duke-lane
Cannell, Miss Mary Ann, 59 Strand-street
Christian, James, 6 King-street
Broughton, Samuel, 48 Duke-street. (See advt. p. 297.)
Graham, William, 1 Duke-street. (See advt. p. 374.)
Hampton, John, Bank-hill
Doyle’s Wellington Bazaar, Duke-street. (See inset opposite p. 355.)
Sayle, William, 11 Lord-street

Cigar Manufacturers.

( See also Tobacconists.)

Dairymple, William, 52 Duke-street
Gelling, W. Paul, 2 Duke-lane
Halsall, William, 7 Seneschal-lane
Holmes, George, North-quay ; res., 75 Derby-road
Warburton, Henry, 7 Duke-street. (See advt: p. 487.)

Civil Engineers and Surveyors.

Hunt, J., Isle of Man Railway
Jefferson, John, 22 Derby-square
Rennison, William John, 11 Hill-street. (See advt. p. 43.)

Clothiers and Outfitters.

( See also Tailors and Drapers.)

Cain, Henry, 57 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 329.)
Clucas, Robert, Bon Marche, Victoria-street. (See inset op.. posite p. 314.)
Corrin, Daniel, Market-place
Cottier, Robert G., The Beehive, Victoria-street
Cuthbertson, David P., 17 Strand Street. (See advt. p. 352.)
Hales, James, Athol-street. (See advt. p. 8.)
Kinley, Mrs. Robert, 86 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 406.)
Kissack, William, 50 Strand-street
Lay, George, 9 & 11 Duke-street
Leece, Thomas, 44 Duke-street
Morgan & Morrison, 51 Duke-street. (See advt. p. 427.)

Coach Builders.

Cannell, Edward, Drumgold-street
Perry, Mrs. J., 54 to 56 Athol-street
Skillicorn, John, Wellington-square
Teare, Daniel, Bath-place

Coal and Salt Stores.

Colvin, William, 8 Hanover-street
Johnson, Charles Tryer, 4 Callow-slip
Joughin, William, Parade-street. (See advt. p. 387.)
Kermode, W. K., Bridge-road, North-quay. (See advt. p. 403.)
Moore, Thomas, 32 South-quay ; office, 8 Castle-street. (See advt. p. 425.)
McNeil, George, 31 South-quay
Robinson, Thomas, Wellroad-hill
Shimmin, William, Castle-street
Simpson, John & Co., Victoria Wharf, Bath-place. (See advt. p. 469.)

Commission Agents.

(See Agents.)


Cain, Esther Jane, Prospect-hill
Cannell, Miss C., 40 Duke-street
Clague, Mrs. Eliza, 37 Strand-street
Corkill, The Misses, Mona Coffee House, 74 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 425.)
Corrin, Edward, 31 Strand-street, also Nelson-street. (See advt. p. 341.)
Corrin, Flaxney, Kewley’s-lane
Corrin, H. W., Peel House, Victoria-street. (See inset opposite p. 319.)
Cowin, Robert D., corner Prospect-hill & Hill-street. (See advt. p. 347.)
Curphey, Misses A. & H., 11 Strand-street (See advt. p. 348.)
Kelly, John James, 69 Strand-street
Quiggm, William, 71 Strand-street
Roberts, Geo. H., 45 Duke-street
Shimmin, Philip, 82 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 462.)
Skillicorn, James, 89 Strand-street
Smith, Joseph, 2 5 Strand-street
Welch, Miss Annie, 5 Duke-street
Wiggins, William, 28 Prospect-hill. (See inset opposite p. 480.)


King, John, 11 James-street

Cork Merchants.

Colebourn, Edmund J., Victoria-street. (See inset opposite p. 314.)
Torrance & Co., North-quay. (See advt. p. 473.)

Corn, Flour, and Seed Merchants.

Beck, William, Harris-lane. (See advt. p. 286.)
Corlett, James, 43 North-quay. (See advt. p. 341.)
Corran, M. W., North-quay. (See advt. p. 343.)
Cowin, Robert D., cor. Prospect-hill & Hill-street. (See advt. p. 347.
Creer, John, 12 North-quay
Cubbon, Thomas, 26 North-quay
Curphey, Robert, Market-place
Kerruish, Robert, 25 North-quay
Rowe, Richard, 27 North-quay. (See advt. p. 414.)
Shimmin, Philip, 82 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 462.)
Sowden, Joseph, 1 Postoffice-place
Whiteside & Co., North-quay


Armroyd, Frederick Augustus, 26 Church-street. (See advt. p. 280.)
Armroyd, George, 55 North-quay
Armroyd, John, 4 Castle-street
Casey, Mrs. Jessie, 68 Duke-street


( See Painters and Glaziers.)


Clare, Edwin M., 1 Mount Pleasant, Finch-road
James, John F., 27 Buck’s-road
Karran, James, 8 Finch-road

Dining and Refreshment Rooms.

British Workman Hotel Company, Refreshment Rooms, Victoria-street. (See advt. p. 297.)
Cannell, Henry, Douglas Head
Clague, William, 16 Fort Anne-road
Connell, John, 55 North-quay
Corrin, H. W., Peel House, Victoria-street. (See inset op posite p. 319.)
Douglas Coffee Palace Company, 51 North-quay
Mona Coffee House, 74 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 425.)
Smith, Joseph, 25 Strand-street
Villiers Refreshment Rooms, corner Victoria-street & Promenade. (See advt. on outside back cover, also inset opposite p. 477.)
Wiggins, William, 28 Prospect-hill. (See inset opposite p. 480.)
Wilson, Matthew, Victoria-street


Dearden, Dr. J. A., 18 Finch-road
Elliott, Dr. P., 31 Athol-street
Fleming, Dr. Maxwell, 2 Victoria-road
Hobbs, William H., 26 Athol-street
Laird, Samuel, Buck’s-road
Lupton, Henry, 69 Derby-road
Montford, Dr. Henry, Union Mills
Nelson, Samuel C., Sydney Mount, Buck’s-road
Ring, Cornelius P., 8 Buck’s-road
Woods, Thomas Arthur, 22 Finch-road

Drapers and Silk Mercers.

Archer, Robert, corner Victoria & Duke-streets. (See advt. p. 5.)
Clague, Henry, Duke-street. (See advt.near end of book.)
Clucas, Robert, Bon Marche, Victoria-street. (See advt. on lower line, also inset opposite p. 314.)
Corrin, Daniel, Cloth Hall, Market-place
Cottier & Cubbon, corner Victoria and Duke-streets. (See advt. 344.)
Cottier, Robert G., The Beehive, Victoria-street
Cottier, Misses S. & C., fancy drapery and baby linen only, Great Nelson-street
Cowin & Co., 13 Duke-street. (See advt. p. 348.)
Falkner, Frederick, Imperial Buildings, Victoria-street, also 50 Duke-street. (See advt. p. 364.)
Gale, Miss, 96 Strand-street
Moore & Burr, Victoria-street. (See advt. p. 7.)
Mundey, Edward, 43 Duke-street
Spence, Mrs. E. J., fancy drapery and baby linen only, 9 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 460.)

Dressmakers and Seamstresses.

Barlow, Miss Alice, 30 Finch-road
Bell, Mrs Martha, 9 Castle-street
Butcher, Miss S. A., Victoria-street. (See advt. p. 302.)
Cain, Miss Catherine, 53 Athol-street
Caine, Miss Jane, 9 Albert-street
Christian, Miss Bathia, Finch-road
Collister, Miss Jane, 3 Wellington-street
Corkhill & Leece, Misses, 52 Buck’s-road
Corlett, Miss Margaret, 10 Wellington-street
Cottier, Misses S. & C., Nelson-street
Cowell, Miss Ann, 34 Athol-street
Cowin, Mrs. Alfred, Gt. George’s-lane
Cowley, Mrs. Catherine, 2 Great George-street
Crosby, Mrs. Elizabeth, 23 Hope-street
Cubbon, Miss Isabella, 4 Peel-road
Cubbon, Miss Elizabeth, 1 Albert-street
Cummings, Miss Jane, 55 Athol-street. (See advt. p. 348.)
Jones, Miss Jane, 2 Back-lawn
Karran, Mrs. Margaret, 8 Mount-pleasant
Kay, Miss Sarah, 18 Lord-street
Kelly, Miss Ellen, 4 Barnabas-square
Kelly, Miss Julia, 28 Church-street
Kneale, Miss Ann, 4 Hope-street
Quine, Miss Margaret Ann, 80 Finch-road
Radcliffe, Miss Emma, Drinkwater-street
Sayle, The Misses (Christian & Emily), 20 Athol-street
Watterson, Miss, 3 Mona-terrace


(See Chemists and Druggists.)

Dyers and Scourers.

Cowen, John, 27 Prospect-hill. (See advt. p. 346.)
Lewin, William, 10 Drumgold-street
Whipp, William, 55 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 486.)


Caine, Thomas, Lake. (See advt. p. 331.)
Hendrick, Edward, 45 South-quay
Knox, William, 30 South-quay
Smith, William, 4 Fort Anne-road

Fancy Goods and Toys.

Braid, William, 6 Buck’s-road. (See inset opposite p. 386.)
Cain, J. H., Athol-hall, Athol-street, and Victoria-street. (See inset opposite p. 304.)
Colebourn, Edmund J., Victoria-street. (See inset opposite p. 314.)
Doyle, Michael, Wellington Bazaar, 61 Duke-street. (See inset opposite page 355.)
Gallimore, Charles, 53 North-quay. (See advt. p. 369.)
Johnson, John, 68 Strand-street
Kneale, William, corner Victoria & Duke-streets
Sayle, John, 14 Athol-street. (See advt. p. 460.)
Stevenson, Mrs. Mary, 56 North-quay and Victoria-street. (See advt. p. 467.)
Strains, Misses E. & F., 21 Castle-street
Walsh, P., Beehive, 53 Duke-street
Webb, Samuel (Webb’s Public Lounge), 18 & 20 Strand-street. (See inset opposite p. 479.)

Fish Curers.

Barlow, Titus, 27 & 28 South-quay
Bridson, William, 57 South-quay
Cannell, Edward, 4 Parade-street
Cannell, John, 20 Wellington-street and 36 Prospect-hill. (See advt. p. 333.)
Crellin, Thomas, 14 Strand-street
Hannah, David, 7 Water-lane
Proctor, William, 18 Mona-street

Flour Dealers.

( See Corn, Flour, and Seed Merchants).

Fruiterers (Fruits and Vegetables.)

Anderson, John, 7 Well-road-hill
Bean, Henry, 10 (late 16) Wellington-street. (See advt. p. 287.)
Butterfield, Edwin, 91 Strand-street
Callow, William, 8 Well-road-hill
Cannell, Miss Mary Ann, 59 Strand-street
Clucas, Robert, 16 Back Strand-street
Cowin, Mrs. Ann, Prospect-hill
Crellin, John, 25 Drumgold-street
Cubbon, Edward, 38 Prospect-hill
Cunningham, John, 1 New Bond-street
Joyce, William, 15 King-street
Keays, John, 48 Strand-street
Kelly, Mrs. Ellen, 18 Wellington-square
Neil, Mrs. Ellen, 6, Back Strand-street
Piggott, Miss Margaret, 35 Castle-street
Quinney, Robert, 60 Duke-street. (See advt. p. 447.)
Robertson, Thomas, 18 Back Strand-street
Simpson, Joseph, 4 Senesehal-lane
Smith, Mrs. Thomas, 7 Castle-street
Winder, William, 56 Duke-street

Furniture Dealers.

(See Cabinetmakers.)

Game Dealers.

Aspell, James, 2 & 4 Wellington-street. (See advt., p. 282.)
Cain, Thomas, 64 Duke-street
Corrin, Henry, 25 Castle-street
Rooth, John, 4 Duke-street
Watson, Robert, 21 Strand-street & 5 Prospect-hill. (See advt. p. 483.)


( See also Fruiterers).

Cain, William, Castle Mona Gardens, Victoria-road. (See advt. p. 330.)
Cowin, Mrs. Ann, Prospect-hill
Harwood, John, Stanley Gardens, Stanley-terrace
Pollard, William, 6 Stanley-terrace
Todd, John, Athol Cottage, off Victoria-road
Todd, Margaret, Strawberry Gardens, Victoria-roads


( See Painters, Glaziers, and Decorators.)


( See Fruiterers, Fruits, and Vegetables.)


Allen, William, 2 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 279.)
Barron, Jane, Miss, 5 South-quay
Biggan, Miss Cecilia, 5 Wellroad-hill
Briers, Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 Wellroad-hill
Bucknell, Austin, 1 7 Prospect-hill. (See advt. p. 301.)
Butterfield, Robert, 25 Hope-street
Cain, Mrs. lEt., 66 Athol-street
Christian, Robert, 26 Barrack-street .
Clague, John, 23 Nelson-street. (See advt. p. 33 6.)
Clucas, Geo. Henry, 67 Strand-street. (See inset opposite. p. 313.)
Clucas, Margaret, 15 Mona-street
Coole, James, corner of Victoria and Great George’s-streets
Coole, John J., Fleetwood House, 31 North-quay. (See advt. p. 340.)
Coole, Thomas, 9 Bigwell-street
Cowley, Mrs. Eleanor, 1 Back Strand-street
Cowley, Henry Richard, 5 New Bond-street
Craine, Mrs. Elizabeth, 19 Drinkwater-street
Creer, Robert Edward, Market-place
Crellin, John, Victoria-street
Crellin, William, 7 Derby-road
Corlett, James, 43 North-qy. & Windsor-rd. (See advt. p. 341)
Corris, John Henry, 35 Princes-street
Cowin, Mrs. Mary, 29 Circular-road
Cubbon, William, 40 Buck’s-road. (See advt. p. 353.)
Curphey, John, 1 Castle-street
Dick, Andrew, 15 Prospect-hill
Douglas Co-operative Society, Limited, 9 Hill-street, also 36 Castle-street, and 5 James-street
Fargher, John, 8 James-street
Fargher, Robert, 10 Bridge-road
Gell, James, 27 Nelson-street. (See advt. p. 370.)
Gick, Edward, 6 North-quay. (See advt. p. 369.)
Gill, John, 9 TIpper Church-street
Hampton, Esther Jane, 6 Marina-road
Hampton, Moses, 60 South-quay
Harraghy, Michael, 11 Wellington-square
Haskell, William, 14 Sidney-street
Hindley, H. J., 17 Duke-street
Hines, Thomas, 1 Brisbane-street
Hirst, Frances E., 3 Victoria-road
Hussey, George, 6 Bigwell-street
Kelly, Miss Catherine, 7 Cattle Market-street
Kelly, Jacob, Market-place
Kelly, John, 23 Castle-street
Kermode and Kellett, 22 Duke-street
Kerruish, John, 16 Dalton-street
Kissack, James, Athol-street. (See advt. p. 405.)
Knèale & Son (John L. Kneale), 12 Duke-street
Kneale, W. H., 10 Strand-street. (See inset opposite p. 398.)
Miller, James, 46 Duke-street. (See advt. p. 426.)
Moor, Frederic, 42 Buck’s-road
Moore, Wm. C., 51 Strand-street
Mylroye, William E., 1 6 Hope-street
McCreanor, John, North-quay
McGuire, Wm., corner Senna-road and Edward-lane
Parsons, Mrs. Margaret, 12 Hanover-street
Pickard, John A. B., 1 Postoffice-lane
Quirk, Henry, 24 Buck’s-road. (See advt., p. 447.)
Roney, Richard, 14 Duke-street
Rowe, Richard, (Laxey Glen Mill Stores), 27 North-quay. (See advt. p. 414.)
Savage, John, 15 Church-street
Skelly, Mrs. Ann, 41 Hope-street
Stephen, F. & W., 28 Lord-street
Teare, Miss Mary A., 4 St. George’s-street
Thomas, Thomas, 16 Duke-street. (See advt. p. 475.)
Torrance, G. & Co., 24 North-quay. (See advt. p. 473.)
Waid, Wm., 26 Duke-street
White, Lawrence, 67 Duke-street
Wolf, William, 4 James-street


Armroyd, Frederick Augustus, 26 Church-street. (See advt. p. 280.)
Armroyd, George, 55 North-quay
Armroyd, John, 4 Castle-street

Gutta Percha Depots.

Mitchell, David, 36 Strand-street. (See advt. p. 427.)


Cain, J. H., Victoria-street, & Athol Hall. (See inset opposite p. 304.)
Connell, John, 54 North-quay
Fielding, James Rae, 39 North-quay
Fielding, W m. 0., 63 Strand-street
Hortiguela & Co., 16 Prospect-hill. (See advt. p. 383.)
Keighley, Wm., 4 Gt. George’s-street. (See advt. p. 404.)
Morris, William, 1 Drumgold-street
Randall, Thomas, 1 Athol-street. (See advt. p. 452.)
Roberts, George, 42 North-quay
Sayle, John L., 14 Athol-street. (See advt. p. 460.)

Harness Makers.

( See Saddlers & Harness Makers.)


Cannell, Robert, 13 King-street
Emett, Edward, 23 Duke-street
Kelly, William, 3 Duke-street


( See also Drapers.)

Taggart, William, 2 Castle-street. (See advt. p. 473.)
Ward, Edward, 32 Strand-street


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