[from Browns 1881 directory


Dailey, Joseph, labourer, 7 South-quay
Dam, Rev. J. B., Primitive Methodist Minister, 1st circuit, 20 Oxford-street
Dalby, James, Windsor Cottage, Windsor Pank
Dalgleish, Frank, labourer, 21 Shaw’s Brow
Dalrymple, William, cigar manufacturer, 52 Duke-street
Dalton, James, labourer, 4 Guttery Gable
Dalton, Thomas, butcher, 5 Great Nelson-street
Daly, Edward George, Woodbine Cottage, Victoria-road
Darbey, Mrs. Mary, widow, 5 Edward-lane
Davidson, Mrs. Esther, lodging-house, 10 Nunnery View-terrace, 34 Peel-road
Davidson, John, nailmaker, 25 Lord-street
Davidson, John J., watchmaker, jeweller, and optician, 24 Duke-street ; residence, 10 Nunnery View~terrace. (See advt., p. 6.)
Davidson, Miss Maria L., lodgings, 11 Kingswood-grove
Davidson, Mrs. Susannah, wholesale potato dealer, 6 Parade
Davis, George, miner, 15 Hanover-street
Davis, Mrs . Margaret, widows’ house, Muckle’s-gate
Davis, Miss Maria, lodging-house, 6 Westview
Davlin, Hugh, labourer, 11 Back Strand-street
Dawson, Mrs. Ann, ironmongery, &c., tinsmith, 53 Strand-st.
Dawson , Joseph, tinsmith, 2 Barnabas-square
Dawson, Robert, tinsmith, 20 Wellington-square
Dawson, William H., lodgings, 1 Kingswood-grove. (See advt., p. 356.)
Day, Mrs. Jane, mangle, 8 Queen’s-place
Day, Richard, painter and paperhanger, 13 Fancy-street
Deacon, Richard (retired), 15 Westview
Dean, Geo. A., photographer, 10, Athol-st. (See advt., p. 356)
Dearden, John, 1 Strathallan Crescent
Dearden, Dr. J. A., 18, Finch-road
Debber, George, mariner, 6, Shaw’s Brow
Deevel, Mrs. Eliza Ann, widow, 8 Oxford-street
Deginey, Joseph, labourer, 2 Hanover-street
Derby Castle Hotel and Pleasure Grounds Company, Limited; office—Upper Church-st.
Derby House, Mrs. Ann Hooper, proprietress, 25 Buck’s-road
Develin, Arthur, labourer, 9 Postoffice-lane
Deverick, Mrs. Ann, widow, 1 Drury-lane
Devine, Mrs. Ann, 17 Church-street
Devine, John, labourer, 21 Wellington-square
Devine, Michael, labourer, 8 Frederick-street
Devine, Richard, broker, 5 Duke-lane
Devine, Thomas, labourer, 12 Frederick-street
Dick, Andrew, grocer and provision dealer, 15 Prospect-hill
Dick, John, joiner, 8 Victoria-terrace, Victoria-road
Dickenson, John, butcher, 21 King-street
Dickinson, Joseph, hairdresser, 13 Wellington-street
Dickinson and Kneen (Wm. Fred. Dickinson & Thos. Kneen), advocates ; office—Athol street
Dixon, Mrs. Jane, 48 Athol-street
Donald, Alex., labourer, Thornhill
Donaldson, David, farmer, Sunnyside, Falcon Cliffe-road
Donaldson, David, livery stables proprietor, 17 Finch-road
Donnelly, Hugh, labourer, 11 Fancy-street
Dougherty, John, plasterer, 22 Shaw’s-brow
Dougherty, Thomas, tobacco spinner, Muckle’s-gate
Dougherty, William, boatman, Lord-street
Doughty, Mrs. Betsy, Athol House, Crescent
Douglas Bay Tramway, Thomas Lightfoot, proprietor, office and waiting room, Crescent
Douglas Coffee Palace Company, 51 North-quay
Douglas Co-operative Society, Limited, grocers, provision dealers, bakers, head office—9 Hill-street ; No. 1, Branch, 36 Castle-street ; No. 2 Branch, 5 James-street
Douglas Gas Light Company ; John Quinney, secretary; office—2 Fort Anne-road
Douglas Hotel, Mrs. Mary A. Kelly, proprietress, hotel and concert room, Market-place, North-quay. (See advt. in K.’s.)
Douglas, John, joiner & builder, lodging house, Woodbourne-sq.
Douglas Steam Saw Mills and Timber Company, Limited, ( H. T. McIver, manager), dealers in timber, bricks, tiles, slates, ship chandlers, paints, oils, &c., Lake. (See advt. p. 357.)
Douglas Town Commissioners, George Morrison, clerk ; office—1 St. Barnabas-square
Douglas Waterworks Company, John C. Cannell, secretary; office—21 Athol-street
Dougleish, Mrs. Martha, laundress, 19 Shaw’s-brow
Downward, Wm., farmer, 5 & 6 South-quay-arch, South-quay
Doyle, John, mariner, 7 Queen-street
Douglas Wellington Bazaar (M. Doyle, proprietor), toys and fancy goods emporium ; jewellery, china, glass, and earthenware, house furnishing goods, hardware and cutlery, baskets, &c., Duke-street. (See inset opposite name.)
Drennan, James, mariner, 16 Bigwell-street
Drennan, Thomas, mariner, 20 Shaw’s-brow
Drennan, William R., master mariner, 18 Hope-street
Drum, Samuel, painter, Allen-street
Duff, Miss Ellen, day school for boys and girls, 38 Derby-sq.
Duff, James, tinsmith, 20 Lord-street
Duff, Mrs. Margaret, 73, Derby-road
Dugdale, James, baker, Francis-street
Duggan, Mrs. Elizabeth, charwoman, 12 Hanover-street
Duggan, Mrs. Jane, widow, 18 Barrack-street
Duggan, John, labourer, 3 Muckle’s-gate
Duggan, Richard, labourer, 33 South-quay
Duggan, William, sailor, Queen-street
Duke, Mrs. Jane, 7 South-quay
Duke, Joseph, miller, 13 Seneschal-lane
Dumbell’s Banking Company, Limited, Douglas and Isle of Man Bank, head office—l Prospect-hill, Douglas ; branch offices—Ramsey, Peel, and Castletown ; G. W. Dumbell, Esq., managing director ; Alexander Bruce, general manager ; John Shimmon, manager, Douglas office
Dumergue, Capt. Edward, 4 Windsor-terrace
Duncan, Davis, cardriver, 14 Drumgold-street
Duncan, Mrs . Margaret, widow, 16 Cattle Market-street
Dunkin, John, cab proprietor, lodgings, 70 Buck’s-road
Dunkin, William, car proprietor (Adelphi stables), 11 Cyprus.. terrace, Allen-street
Dunn, George, cardriver, 4 Drinkwater-street
Dunn, Thomas, labourer, lodging house, Princes-street
Dyett, Captain (retired capt., army), 75 Derby-square


Eades, William, gardener, lodging-house, 21 Derby-road
Eason, Alexander, plasterer, 13 Cambridge-terrace
Eddison, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 6 Drury-lane
Edgar, J. B., chief clerk, postoffice, 26 Buck’s-road
Edgar, The Misses, lodging-house, 26 Buck’s-road
Edwards, Mrs. Elizabeth A., 4 Esplanade
Eggleston, Joseph, boarding-house, 9 Mount Havelock
Elliman & Co., watchmakers, 3 Castle-street
Elliot, George, boatman, 6 Queen’s-place
Elliot, George, labourer, 20 Barrack-street
Elliott, John G. (Todhunter and Elliott), Richmond-grove
Elliott, Dr. Philip, surgeon, 31 Athol-street
Elliott, Robert, hawker, 6 Wellington-square
Elliott, William, boarding-house, car proprietor, 3 Harris-terrace. (See advt., p. 359.)
Ellis, John Drury, lodging-house, 4 Prospect-terrace
Ellison, Mrs. Ann, widows’-house, Muckles-gate
Ellison, James, carter, 32 Barrack-street
Ellison, John, saddler and harness maker, Prospect-hill ; res. 6 Myrtle-street. (See advt. p. 359)
Ellison, Lewis, carter, 17 Lord-street
Ellison, Thomas P., agent Isle of Man Steampacket Company, 6 Myrtle street
Elsinore, George Matthews, proprietor, Victoria-road
Embry, John, boot and shoemaker, 23 Castle-street. (See advt., p. 360.)
Emett, Edward, hatter, 23 Duke-st. ; res. 5 Cambridge-ter.
Ennett, Robert, porter, 27 Lord-street
Etherington, Mrs. Sarah Ann, lodgings, 22 Albert-street
Evans, Charles, boarding-house, 9 Mona-ter. (See advt. p. 359)
Evans, David, draper, Eastfield
Evans, John, agent, 28 Brisbane-street
Evarard, Joseph, boarding-house, 21 Prospect-hill
Eves, Miss Ann, 3 Mount William, Burnt Mill-hill
Ewbank, Wm., proprietor Sheffield Hotel, 13 Parade


Fagan, 54, Strand-st., boot & shoemaker. (See advt., p. 363)
Fairbourne, Wm. (Senna House), lodging-house, 40 Castle-st.
Fairhurst, Thomas, umbrella maker, 75 Strand-street
Falkner, Frederick, general draper, silk mercer, millinery, &c., Imperial-buildings, Victoria-street, also, 50 Duke-st. res., Victoria-street. (See advt., p. 364)
Farcliffe, John, roper, 12 Barrack-street
Faragher, Charles, bill poster, 14 Fancy-street
Faragher, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 13, Fancy-street
Faragher, John, mason, 9 Hanover-street
Faragher, Mrs . Kate, widow, Bigwell-street
Faragher, Mrs. Margaret, 9 Great George-street
Fargher, Caesar, labourer, 5 Kelly’s-court
Fargher, Elizabeth, 41 Derby-road
Fargher, Mrs. Isabella, lodging-house, 24 Brisbane-street
Fargher, Henry S., lodgings, 6 Mona-terrace
Fargher, John, 23 Athol-street
Fargher, John, grocer and provision dealer, 8 James-street
Fargher, John, mariner, 18 Queen-street
Fargher, John, retired, 1 East-view, Woodbourne-square
Farghçr, John Christian, proprietor Mona’s Herald newspaper, printer and stationer, Athol-hall, Athol-street ; res., 1 East-view
Fargher, Joseph, joiner and builder, 120 Buck’s-road
Fargher, Joseph, labourer, 5 Caley’s-court
Fargher, Joseph, stonecutter, 25 Chester-street
Fargher, Mrs. Julia, widow, 5 Guttery-gable
Fargher, Paul, boot and shoemaker, 7 Back Hope-street; also, lodging-house, 65 Circular-road
Fargher, Philip, labourer, 3 Caley’s-court
Fargher, Robert, grocer, &c., 10 Bridge-road
Fargher, Thomas, lodging-house, 18 Brisbane-street
Fargher, Thomas, mariner, 20 Shaw’s-brow
Fargher, William, 2 Athol-square
Fargher, William, carter, 55 Athol-street
Fargher, William , stonecutter, 7 South-quay
Farrel, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow’s-house, Mucklesgate
Farrington, Walter J., Netherfield Cottage, Victoria-road
Farquhar, Mrs. Margaret, lodging-house, 18 Mount Havelock
Fayle, Angus, labourer, 1 Shaw’s-brow
Fayle, Mrs. Ann, widows’-house, Mucklesgate
Fayle, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging-house, 2 Derby-terrace
Fayle, George, blacksmith, 8 Wellington-square
Fayle, Mrs. Helen Jane, Verbena Cottage, Crescent
Fayle, John, labourer, 29 Chester-street
Fayle, John, painter, 16 Bigwell-street
Fayle, John J., policeman, 2 St. George’s-terrace
Fayle, Thomas, weaver, 2 St. George’s-terrace
Fayle, William, sub-inspector of police, 1 St. George’s-terrace
Fell, George, whitesmith, lodging-house, 51 Derby-road
Fell, William, 22 Princes-street
Fenelon, Thomas, watchmaker and jeweller, Victoria-street
Fenwick, Henry, lodging-house, 3 Victoria-place, Victoria-rd.
Ferguson, Robert, Tynwald boarding-house, Loch Parade
Ferrier, Rev. Edward, Government Chaplain, Castletown; secretary Education Board, Douglas office—11 Athol-street
Fick, John, carpenter, 34 Athol-street
Fielding, James Rae, hairdresser, and dealer in hair brushes, razors, sticks, &c., 39 North-quay ; res., 1 Heywood-place
Fielding, James, junr., 60 Strand-street
Fielding, Wm. C., hairdresser and tobacconist, 63 Strand-st.
Findlay, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 11 Fancy-street
Finley, James, book agent, 28 Bigwell-street
Finn, James, carter, 3 Kelly’s-court
Firth, Miss Mary Ann, Marina House, Church-road
Fisher, Mrs. Margaret, innkeeper, 8 New Bond-street
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Ann, charwoman, 61 South-quay
Fitzpatrick, Henry, mariner, 5 Postoffice-lane
Fitzpatrick, James, labourer, 15 Fancy-street
Fitzpatrick, Miss Sarah, charwoman, 15 Fancy-street
Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Eliza, charwoman, 1 Bigwell-street
Fitzsimons, Mrs. Sarah J., 3 Strathallan-crescent
Fitzsimmons, Patrick, labourer, 16 Queen-street
Fitzsimmons, Wm., printer, 16 Queen-st. ; res., Rink-cottage
Fleetwood Hotel, Patrick McIntyre, proprietor, North-quay
Fleetwood House, John J. Coole, proprietor, grocery, wines and spirits, &c., North-quay. (See advt., p. 340.)
Fleetwood, Miss, Woodville Cottage, Todd’s-lane
Fleming, Mrs. E., 2 St. George’s-street
Fleming, Mrs. Mary Jane, widow, 18 Cattle Market-street
Fleming, Dr. Maxwell, 2 Victoria-road
Fleming, board and lodging-house, 2 St. George’s-street
Foote, Captain Randall, retired, army, 55 Derby-square
Foresters’ Arms Hotel, Mrs. Margaret Cowell, proprietress, 17 St. George’s-street (corner Hope-st.). (See advt. p. 345)
Forster, George, sailor, 16 South-quay
Fort Anne Hotel, Mrs. Hodgson, proprietress, Fort Anne-rd.
Fothergill, Frances W., retired farmer, 13 Burnt Mill-hill
Foxdale Mine Stores, 71, 72, 73 South-quay
France, Edwd., joiner & builder, lodging-house, 38 Circular-rd.
Frances, Mrs . Isabella, lodging-house, 3 Wesley-terrace
Francis, James, master mariner, 8 Prospect-terrace
Frost, Mrs. Mary, widow, 8 Hanover-street
Frowde, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 1 Dalton-street
Fyfe, Mrs. Jane, lodging-house, Rose Villa, Crescent


Gail, Miss Margaret, draper, 96 Strand-street
Gale, Catharine, 14 Shaw’s-brow
Gale, Norman, tobacco spinner, 18 Fort-street
Gale, Thomas, labourer, 16 Cattle Market-street
Gale, Wm., labourer and lodging-house, 102 Buck’s-road
Gallagher, Patrick, cardriver, 6 Water-lane
Gallimore, Charles, fancy repository and tobacconist, 53 North-quay. (See advt., p. 369.)
Garratt, James, labourer, Lawn-terrace
Garrett, Miss E., grocer, 3 Fort-street
Garrett, Joseph, coachbuilder and lodging-house, 23 Fort-st.
Garrett, Philip Louis (retired), 2 Windsor-terrace
Garrett, Thomas, cardriver and lodging-house, 36 Hope-street
Garrett, William, labourer, 3 Quine’s-corner
Garrett, William, labourer, 15 Shaw’s-brow
Garrett, William, painter, 2 Queen’s-place
Gawne, Mrs . Catherine, lodging-house, 3 Nunnery-view-ter.
Gawne, Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 34 Barrack-street Gawne, James, carter, 15 Hanover-street
Gawne, James, carter, 26 Castletown-road
Gawne, James, draper’s assistant, 12 Peel-road
Gawne, James, labourer, 20 Shaw’s-brow
Gawne, James, labourer, 11 Frederick-street
Gawne, Joseph, labourer, 4 Lord-street
Gawne, Walter, mason and lodging-house, 10 Dalton-street
Gawne, William, draper, 5 Spring-gardens
Gawne, Wm., warehouseman and lodging-house, 53 Derby-sq.
Gawne, William, sailor, 4 James-street
Gell, Miss E. M., 50 Derby-square
Gell, James, wholesale and family grocer and provision dealer, wine and spirit merchant, 27 Nelson-st. (See advt., p. 370.)
Gel!, John, joiner, 13 Bigwell-street
Gell, Captain Philip (retired), merchant service, 50 Derby-sq.
Gell, William (retired), 11 Rosemount
Gell, William, house and sign painter, glazier, paper-hanger, and decorator, 12 Athol-street. (See advt. p. 371.)
Gell, William, moulder and lodging-house, 25 South-quay
Gell, William, painter, 13 Bigwell-street
Gell, William, sawyer, 12 Queen-street
Gelling, Mrs . Catherine, cartowner, 30 Bigwell-street
Gelling, Miss Catherine, 2 Shaw’s-brow
Gelling, Charlotte, lodging-house, 11 Brisbane-street
Gelling, D. E., tobacco manufacturer ; factory, Lord-street; res., 9 Rosemount
Gelling, Mrs. Eleanor Ann, widow, 4 Westview
Gelling, Emma, lodging-house, 80 Buck’s-road
Gelling, Mrs. Isabella, 27 Athol-street
Gelling, James, builder, 7 Rosemount
Gelling, Mrs. James, widow, 24 Circular-road
Gelling, Mrs. Jane, lodging-house, 6 Nunnery-view
Gelling, Mrs . Jane, widow, 11 Shaw’s-brow
Gelling, John, car-proprietor, 11 Myrtle-street
Gelling, John, eating-house, King-street
Gelling, John, shoemaker, 3 Queen-street
Gelling & Kaye (Thomas Gelling and Charles Kaye), joiners and builders, Circular-road. (See advt., p. 375.)
Gelling, Mrs. Mary Jane, lodging-house, 10 St. George’s-st. (See adyt. p. 374.)
Gelling, Mrs. Margaret, 13 Albert-street
Gelling, M. M., board and lodging-house, 13 Mount Havelock
Gelling, Richard (retired), 1 Windsor-terrace
Gelling, Robert, painter, paperhanger, and decorator, 6 Upper Church-street ; res., 12 Albert-street. (See advt., p. 368.)
Gelling, Miss Sarah, spinster, 7 Shaw’s-brow
Gelling, Thomas, car-proprietor and lodging-house, 29 Tynwald-street
Gelling, Thomas (Gelling and Kaye), joiners, 24 Princes-st. (See advt., p. 375.)
Gelling, William, butcher, 8 King-street
Gelling, William, labourer, 1 Wesley-terrace
Gelling, William, stone mason, 93 Circular-road
Gelling, W. Paul, tobacco manufacturer, 2 Duke-lane ; res., 11 Auckland-terrace
Gelling’s Iron Foundry Co., Limited (John Teare, manager; Henry Cowin, sec.), 36 South-quay. (See advt., p. 372.)
General Post Office (postal, money order, and telegraph office), W. Isdale, postmaster ; J. B. Edgar, chief clerk ; office, 7 Athol-street. (For particulars regarding post-office department, see under miscellaneous information.)
George, Rev. John Edward Beauchamp, incumbent of St. George’s Church
Gewling, John, fisherman, 2 Kewley’s-lane
Gibson, Andrew, mariner and lodging-house, 45 Derby-road
Gick, Edward, family grocer and provision dealer, 6 North-quay. (See advt., p. 369.)
Gick, Mrs. Hannah, boot and shoe establishment, 3 Marina-road. (See advt., p. 370.)
Gick, Robert, herring curer, 70 Finch-road
Gick, Thomas, works at Lake Brewery, lodging-house, 13 Circular-road. (See advt. p. 374.)
Gilbert, James J., 10 Victoria-road
Gilberthorp, George, lodging-house, 10 Buck’s-road
Gill, Alexander, mason and lodging-house, 18 Melbourne-st.
Gill, Miss Elizabeth, board and lodging-house, 16 Belmont-tei’.
Gill, Miss Elizabeth, 15 Drinkwater-street
Gill, James, Cumberland House, 7 Quayle’s-lane
Gill, John, board and lodging-house, 3 St. Thomas’ walk
Gill, John, fireman, 64 Strand-street (second story)
Gill, John, grocery and lodging-house, 9 Upper Church-street Gill, John, stone mason, 64 Finch-road
Gill, William, baker, 62 Finch-road
Gill, William, gatekeeper on I.O.M.Ry., 12 Heywood-place
Gill, William, mariner, 19 Hanover-street
Gill, William, mason, 10 Frederick-street
Gill, William, shoemaker, 8 James-street
Gillard, Mrs. Mary, widows’-house, Muckle’s-gate
Gillespie, Henry James, General, (retired) , Woodside-terrace
Gilmour, Miss Elizabeth, lodging-house, 7 Dalton-street
Gilmour, Mrs. Esther, lodging-house, 3 Sidney-street
Gillmore, Robert, carter, 24 Barrack-street
Gilrea, James Thomas, carter, 55 Athol-street
Girling, John, confectionery, Crescent
Gleaves, George Howe, lodging-house, 23 Buck’s-road
Gleneg, Mrs . Catherine, widow, 15 Back Strand-street
Glue, Mrs. Jane, charwoman, 17 Shaw’s-brow
Gold, Mrs. Jane, widow, 10 South-quay
Goldsmith Bros. (Josiah and William Goldsmith) , watch-makers, Victoria-street
Goldsmith, Daniel, stone mason, board and lodging-house, 52 (late 48) Queen’s-ter., Circular-road. (See advt., p. 373.)
Goldsmith, John J., agent Barrow Steam Navigation Co.; office, Parade ; res., 11 Derby-sq. (See inset opposite name.)
Goldsmith, John J., boot and shoemaker, also lodging-house, 22 North-quay
Goldsmith, Miss Sarah, lodging-house, 28 Mona-street
Goldsmith, William, watchmakerand jeweller, 19 Duke-st.
Goodwin, John, fisherman, 10 Post-office-lane
Goodwin, M . , umbrella manufacturer, 37 Strand-street
Goldsmith, Thomas, watchmaker, Laxey ; res., Victoria-st.
Gordon, James, sailor, 17 Queen-street
Gordon, Mrs. Mary, widow, 3 Back Strand-street
Gordon, William, mariner, 66 Strand-street Goss, Henry, general commission agent, 11 Harris-terrace;
office, Athol-street. (See advt., p. 373.)
Graham, Francis, porter, 16 Church-street
Graham, Thomas, car-driver, 6 Edward-lane
Graham, William, dealer in china, glass, and earthenware, 1, Duke-street ; res., 9 Duke-lane. (See advt., p. 374.)
Granville Hotel, S . H. Marsden, proprietor, Loch Parade. (See advt. inside lining of back cover.)
Graves, Henry, car-driver, 17 Barrack-street
Gray, Robert, labourer, Hardy’s-yard
Green, Mrs. A., widow, 18 Oxford-street
Green, Miss Elizabeth, 20 New Bond-street
Green, Henry, auctioneer and valuer, 16 Prospect-.hill ; res., 3 Alpine-terrace, Summer-hill
Green, Henry, 76 Derby-square
Green, Samuel, joiner and board and lodging-house, 2 Circular-road. (See advt., p. 373.)
Green, Thomas, schoolmaster, St. Barnabas School, 33 Derby-sq.
Green, Westropp, 3 Falcon-terrace, Victoria-road
Greensill, Thomas S., original inventor and present manufacturer of the celebrated Mona Bouquet ; dispensing and family chemist, 78 Strand-street. (See advt., gold card on outside cover, and on front inside cover.)
Gregory, Thomas, engineer, lodgings, 10 Mona-st.
Gribbin, Edward, tailor and draper, 90 Strand-street
Gribbin, James, car-proprietor, Senna-lane ; res ., 90 Strand-st.
Gribbin, John, blacksmith, 7 Guttery Gable
Grice, Mrs. Ellen, widow, Hawthorn-villa, Woodbourne-road
Grier, Mrs. Colonel, 13 West-view
Griffiths, Edward, coachman, 17 Burntmill-hill
Griffiths, Thomas, sailor, Howe Cottages
Griffiths, William, lodging-house, Kingswood-terrace
Griffiths, William, mariner, 1 Lord-street
Grindlay, Captain (retired) , merchant service, 54 Derby-sq.
Grose, Mrs. Matthew J., tobacconist, 61 Athol-street
Grosvenor Hotel (Cornelius Kay, proprietor), Athol-street. ( See inset opposite name.)
Gull, Edward (retired) , 10 Oxford-street


Haining, Miss A., 3 Clarenee-terrace
Hales, James, army and navy tailor and draper, Athol-street. (See advt., p.8.) .
Hall, Mrs. Catherine, tripe dealer, 19 Strand-street
Hall, Mrs. Cecil, 16 Finch-road :
Hall, John, lodging-house, 9 Fort William, Fort Anne-road
Hall, Joseph, Spring Villa, Crescent
Hall, Samuel, butcher, 7 Post-office-lane
Hall, Thomas, butcher, Back Lawn
Hallings,William, labourer, 8 Back Strand-street
Halsa, John, customs officer, lodgings, 4 Albert-street
Halsall, James, tailor, draper, and outfitter, 6 Lord-street
Halsall, William, tobacco manufacturer, 7 Senesehal-lane
Halton, H. & Son (Richard & Wm. H.), chemists, 6 Duke-st.
Hamilton, Mrs. Jane, lodging-house, 68 Buck’s-road
Hampton, Mrs. Catherine, provision dealer, 20 Hanover-st.
Hampton, Mrs. Eliza, butcher and cattle dealer, 65 Strand-st.
Hampton, James (retired), 4 Spring-gardens
Hampton, John, blacksmith, china & provision dealer, Bank-hi.
Hampton, John Thomas, postman, lodging-house, 13 Clarke-st.
Hampton Joseph, shipsmith, lodging-house, 30 Peel-road
Hampton, Mrs. Mary, 17 Back Strand-street
Hampton, Mrs. Mary, lodging-house, 21 Tynwald-street
Hampton, Moses, ship stores, provision dealer, &c., 60 South-qy.
Hampton, Mrs. Rebecca, lodging-house, 14 Rosemount
Hampton, Thomas, tanner, 16 Barrack-street
Hanby, Mrs. Jane, widow, 4 St. George’s-terrace
Handley’s Bowling Green Hotel and Skating Rink (Thos. Handley, proprietor) , Derby-road. See advt. on outside front cover, and on page 381.)
Hannah, David, fish-curer, 7 Water-lane
Hannah, William, carter, 14 Cattle Market-street
Hannay, James, coach-trimmer, 61 South-quay
Hannay, Louis G., bookseller & stationer, 54 Duke-street
Hannay, Matthew, labourer, 4 Water-lane
Hannow, Wm., car-driver, 7 Quilliam’s-court
Harbour Commissioners’ Office, M. M. Bridson, sec. ; 22 Athol-street
Harding, Brent, 2 Back Lawn
Harding, George, 2 Back Lawn
Harding, James, Shepherd Inn, 2 & 4 Nelson-st. (See advt. p. 384.)
Hardman, F. W., accountant and estate agent, Mona-terrace
Hardman, John, joiner, 16 Nelson-street
Hardy, John, cloth dealer ; stores, 10 Wellington-street. (See advt., p. 380.)
Hardy, Miss Elizabeth, lodgings, Stanley-villa, Derby-road
Harker, John Henry, agent, 19 Wellington-square
Harper, Henry, board and lodgings, 6 Christian-road
Harper, Samuel, gardener, 10 Nelson-street
Harraghy, Michael, grocer, &c., 11 Wellington-square
Harrald, John William (retired captain) , 4 Eastfield
Harraway, Miss Elizabeth, seamstress, 4 Lord-street
Harrell, Mrs. Susan, laundress, 11 Nelson-street
Harris, Henry, lodging-house, 17 Dalton-street
Harris, Samuel, J.P., High-Bailiff and chief Magistrate of Douglas, Registrar of Deeds and Joint Stock Companies, Episcopal Registrar, and Secretary to the Lord Bishop; office, Court-house, Athol-street ; res., Marathon
Harris, Samuel Joseph, deputy registrar of deeds, Francj8 Villa, Laureston-road
Harris, Thomas, joiner, 16 Shaw’s-brow
Harris, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, and tea dealer, 39 Strand-street. (See advt., p. 384.)
Harrison, Alexander, Birchfield-house, 3 Strathallan-park
Harrison, James, butcher, 11 Hanover-street
Harrison, Miss Mary A., 3 Derby-terrace, Crescent
Harrison, P., shoemaker, 67 Derby-road
Harrison, R. M., commission agent & collector of accounts, 16 Windsor-rd. (See advt., p. 385.)
Harrison, Ridgway, advocate, Water-Bailiff, Receiver-General, Tithe Agent, &c. ; office, 24 Athol-st. ; res., Woodside
Harrison, Thomas, mason, 1 Kelly’s-court
Harrison, William, boatbuilder, lodging-house, 17 Tynwald-st.
Harrison, William, joiner, lodging-house, 49 Buck’s-road
Hart, Colin, customs broker, 3 Burntmill-hill-lane
Hart, Mrs. Mary Anne, lodging-house, 67 Circular-road
Hartley, George, lodging-house, Shell Cottage, Crescent
Hartley, Jepson, lodgings, 4 Mount Pleasant
Hartley, Thomas, waiter, 20 Lord-street
Hartwell, Captain, 10 Esplanade
Harvey, James, oyster rooms, 38 Strand-street
Harwood, John, gardener, lodging-house, 1 Derby-square
Harwood, John, Stanley Gardens, lodging-house, Glenview house, Derby-road
Harwood, J. J., " The Nook," Quarter-bridge
Haskell, William, cabinetmaker, Spring Gardens
Haskell, William, grocer, &c., lodging-house, 14 Sidney-st.
Haslam, William, clog maker, 73 Strand-street
Hatch, C. W. (retired advocate), 21 Derby-square
Haugh, Alexander, tailor, lodgings, 24 Mona-street
Hayes, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, 23 New Bond-street
Hayward, Richard (retired), 33 Woodbourne-square
Head Hotel (Joseph Marsden, proprietor), Douglas Head
Healey, John, 4 Melbourne-street
Heaney, Michael, labourer, 3 Duke-lane
Hellawell, David, board and lodging-house, 3 King-street
Hemensley, Charles, board and lodgings, 17 Christian-road
Hendrick, Edward, engineer, 45 South-quay
Hennedy, Hugh, boatman, 5 Cambrian-place
Henry, Mrs. George, millinery and straw goods establish-ment, 20 North-quay. (See advt., p. 383.)
Henry, Isaac, joiner, lodgings, 8 Albert-street
Henry, Mrs. Mary, widow, 6 Castle-street
Heron, Geo. C. (Castle Mona Stores), wine & spirit merchant, and sole agent for Allsopp’s Ales and Guinness’s Stout, 28 Castle-street ; res., Parkfield. (See advt., p. 382.)
Herschfeld, Philip Charles (retired), 2 Albert-terrace
Hewitson, Capt. John, (retired merchant service), 66, Derby-sq.
Hewson, Joseph, eating-house, 6 New Bond-street
Hewson, William, labourer, 3 Athol-square
Hewson, J. A., 32 Finch-road
Hickman, Miss Annie, apartments, 3 Castle-terrace
Hickmott, William J., superintendent House of Industry
Higginbotham, Charles, lodging and boarding 13 Mona-ter.
Higgins, Thomas, mariner, 15 Fancy-street
Higgins, Thomas, mariner, 1 Shaw’s-brow
Higgins, William, mariner, 2 Woodhouse-terrace
Hill, John, capt. steamer Tynwald, 6 Albert-street
Hill, William, malster, Falcon-cliff-lane
Hillen, Mrs. E., widow, 2 Waterlane
Hindley, H. J., tea dealer, 17 Duke-st.
Hinds, Thomas, labourer, 7 Lord-street
Hines, Thomas, grocer, lodging-house, 1 Brisbane-street
Hinton, John A., manager Castle Mona Hotel. (See advt., p. 334.)
Hiuton, Joseph, gardener, 4 Victoria-place
Hirst, Frances E., grocer, wine & spirit merchant, 3 Victoria-rd.
Hobbs, Dr. William H., surgeon, 26 Athol-street
Hobson, Rev. William Thomas, 4 Christian-road
Hodges, Mrs. Sarah, 7 Back Lawn
Hodges, Mrs. W., 1 Mount William, 19 Burntmill-hill
Hodgson, Mrs. Alice, Fort Anne Hotel, Douglas Head-road
Hodgson, John, innkeeper, Crown Inn, 1 Muckle’s-gate
Hodgson, William, labourer, 17 Nelson-street
Hodson, Miss Agnes, lodgings, 25 Mona-street
Hodson, John, labourer, 9 Post-office-lane
Hodson, John, shoemaker, 3 South John-street
Hogg, Mrs. Eliza, 1 Westview
Hogg, Joseph, Hare and Hounds;Inn, 57 North-quay
Hogg, Theophilus (manager Rowe’s stores), lodgings, 13 North-quay
Hogg, Thomas Wm., cabinetmaker, 30 Allen-street
Hogg, William, whitesmith, 3 Cambrian-Place
Holden, John, joiner, 8 Bigwell-street
Holden, John, Trafalgar Hotel, 39 South-quay
Holden, Joseph, watchmaker, jeweller, &c., 61 Strand-street
Holland, Charles, Cheshire Inn, 44 North-quay
Hollingworth, Mrs., lodging-house, 9 Sidney-street
Holmes, George, tobacco manufacturer, 75 Derby-road
Holmes, Robert, tailor, 29 King-street
Holmes, Thomas, lodging-house, 5 Sidney-street
Holmes, William, tailor, 16 Fancy_street
Hont, George, eating-house, Loch Promenade ; res., 9 Victoria-terrace.
Hooper, Mrs. Ann, lodging-house (Derby-house) 25 Buck’s-rd
Hooper, Miss Mary, music teacher, 25 Buck’s-road
Horsley, Hudson, Victoria-place
Horsley, John S . , shells and curiosities, 69 Duke-street
Horsley, Mrs. Sarah J., 2 Clarence~terrace
Hortiguela & Co. (Liborio Hortigüela and John H. Crellin), hair-dressers, Prospect-hill. (See advt., p. 383.)
Hoult, Thomas, Bridge Inn, 9 North-quay
House of Industry, back of Harris-terrace
House of Keys, 11 Athol-street
Howard, Miss Kate, shirtmaker, 8 Cattle Market-street
Howard, Louis Geneste, Ea.stfield
Howard, Thomas, advocate, 10 St. George’s_street
Howe, Robert, mariner, 11 Hope_street
Howell, James A., boots, 11 James-street
Howland, John, board and lodging-house, 11 Athol-terrace. (See advt., p. 350.)
Howland, John, joiner and lodging house, Belmont-ter.
Hoyland, Joseph, lodgings, 10 Westview
Hughes, John, veterinary surgeon, 12 Paradest.
Hughes, Peter, sailor, Thornhill
Humble, Mrs. Catherine, lodging-house, 118 Buck’s-road
Humphrey, Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 25 Castletown-road
Hunt, John E., Woodbourne House, Woodbourne-road
Hunt, Rev. T. H., Primitive Methodist Minister, Douglas 2nd circuit, 1 Oxford-street
Hunter, Mrs., 58 Derby-square
Hunter, Lewis, labourer, 4 Athol-square
Hunter, Mrs., 1 St. George’s-street
Hussey, George, grocer & provision dealer, 6 Bigwell-street
Hussey, Mrs. John, widow, James-street
Hussey, John, labourer, Church-street
Hussey, Philip, labourer, 4 South John-street
Hutchinson, Mrs., lodgings, 8 Drinkwater-street
Hutchinson, Mrs., 14 Albion-terrace
Hydropathic Baths (Jos. Waddington, proprietor) , 13 Castle-st.


Imperial Hotel, Red Pier
Irving, Robert, superintendent steward I.O.M, packets, lodgings, 16 Mount Havelock
Isdale, William, postmaster (General Post Office) ; res., 1 Clarence-terrace
Isle of Man Banking Company, Limited, J. J. Karran, manager ; chief office, Athol-street, Douglas ; branch offices, Peel, Ramsey, Castletown, & Port St. Mary
Isle of Man Law Society, Athol-street
Isle of Man Railway Company, Limited, Mr. George Wood, secretary & manager ; office, St. George’s-street
Isle of Man Steampacket Company, Thomas P. Ellison, agent ; office, North-quay. (For particulars see pages 3 & 4.
Isle of Man Times and General Advertiser, John A. Brown (James Brown & Son), printer and publisher. The leading Manx journal, published every Saturday. Offices, Times Buildings, 9 Athol-street. (For further particulars seeadvt., p. 299.)


Jackson, Mrs. Alice, lodging-house, 84 Buck’s-road
Jackson, F. S., commission and estate agent, share broker, 23 Athol-street ; res., Back Lawn. (See advt., p. 387.)
Jackson, George, lodgings, 1 Mona-street
Jackson, Henry, labourer, 17 Shaw’s-brow
Jackson, Joseph, 1 Great George-street
Jackson & Lifford (Richard Jackson & Henry Lifford), music warehouse, 17 Athol-street
Jackson, Richard (Jackson & Lifford) ; res., 17 Athol-street
James, John F., surgeon dentist, 27 Buck’s-road
Jamieson, Capt. James (retired), 96th regiment, 68 Derby-sq.
Jefferson, John, surveyor, 22 Derby-square
Jelly, Mrs. Jane, widow, 15 Oxford-street
Jelly, Richard, 29 Derby-road
Jelly, Wm. H., upholsterer, lodging-house, Loch Promenade
Johnson, Mrs. Ann, widow, 3 Duke-lane
Johnson, Mrs. A. M., 74 Derby-square
Johnson, Charles Tryer, coal and salt merchant, 4 Callow-slip; res., Holly Cottage, Victoria-road
Johnson, Frank J., chief clerk Registry office), 13 Sydney-st.
Johnson, Frederick, photographer and artist, Fort William
Johnson, Mrs. Isabella, book and job printer, bookseller and stationer, and publisher and proprietor of the Isle of Man Weekly, Advertising Circular, published gratis every Tuesday ; office, 12 Prospect-hill. (See inset opposite name.)
Johnson, John, fancy goods, 68 Strand-street
Johnson, Joseph, auctioneer and valuer ; office, Duke-street; res., Derby-terrace. (See advt., p. 388.)
Johnson, William, lodgings, 18 Fort Anne-road
Johnson, William, brewer, Holly Cottage, Falcon-cliff-road
Joindon, Mrs. Catherine, widow, 32 Athol-street
Jones, Mrs. Ann, charwoman, 6 Lord-street
Jones, George, 6 Burnt-mill-hill
Jones, Wm. Henry, Shakespeare Hotel, Victoria-st. (See advt., p. 388.)
Jones, Miss Jane, dressmaker, 2 Back Lawn
Jones, J. C., compositor, 5 Hill-street
Jones, Miss Sarah, preparatory school for boys, 1 Marina-ter.
Joseph, Mrs. Cecil, 61 Derby-road
Joughan, Mrs. Charlotte, widow, 11 Seneschal-lane
Joughin, Mrs. Captain, 63 Derby-road
Joughin, Mrs. Margaret, dairy, 19 King-street
Joughin, Thomas, shoemaker, lodging-house, 16 Fort-street
Joughin, William, compositor, 4 Queen’s-place
Joughin, William, tinsmith, 17 Fort-street
Joughin, Wm., provision and coal merchant ; coal yard, Queen’s-yard, Parade ; res., Howe Farm. (See advt. p. 387.)
Joyce, William, fruiterer, 15 King-street


Kaighan, Miss Kate, milk dealer, 11 Shaw’s-brow
Kaighen, Thomas, labourer, 25 Bigwell-street
Kaighen, William, shoemaker, 6 King-street
Kaighen, Wm., dyer, King-st. (next to Emett’s)
Kaighin, Edward, weaver, 8 Wesley-terrace
Kaighin, Mrs. Jane, widow, 5 Hope-street
Kaighin, John, pensioner, lodging-house, 1 Victoria-road
Kaneen, John W., lodgings, 15 Kingswood-grove
Kaneen, John, butcher, 4 Hope-street
Karran, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 5 Shaw’s-brow
Karran, Mrs. Isabella, widow, Hardy’s-yard
Karran, James, dentist, 8 Finch-road
Karran, James, 4 Hanover-street
Karran, John, porter I.O.M.Ry., Back Stanley-ter.
Karran, John, shoemaker, 3 Kewley’s-lane
Karran, John J., tobacconist, 8 Mount-pleasant
Karran, J. J., manager of the Isle of Man Banking Co., Limited ; res., Thornton
Karran, Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker, 8 Mount Pleasant
Karran, William, car proprietor, 3 Barnabas-square
Kay, Charles, joiner (Gelling & Kay), 10 Leigh-ter. (See advt., p. 375.)
Kay, Cornelius, Grosvenor Hotel, 67 Athol-st. (See advt., p. 399.)
Kay, Mrs. Elizabeth, 14 Fort William
Kay, Francis, painter and picture framer, lodging-house, 16 North-quay
Kay, Mrs. H., charwoman, 6 Lord-street
Kay, Mrs. Jane, charwoman, 14 Barrack-street
Kay, Mrs. Jane M., painter, &c., lodging-house, 23 North-qy.
Kay, John, mariner, 1 Drury-lane
Kay, Mrs. Philip, lodging-house, 118 Buck’s-road
Kay, Robert, painter, paperhanger, lodging-house, 8 Bridge-rd.
Kay, Miss Sarah, dressmaker, 18 Lord-street
Kay, Mrs. Thomas, lodgings, 12 Christian-road
Kaye, Mrs. Ann, lodgings, 14 Princes-street
Kaye, Henry, commission agent, fire & life insurance, lodgings, 4 Prospect-ter.
Kaye, John C., chandler, 5 Seneschal-lane
Kaye, Joseph, tallow chandler, 9 Lord-st. ; res., 74 Buck’s-rd.
Kaye, Wm., car-proprietor & livery stables, Westview-lane
Kaye, William C., lodging-house, 14 Buck’s-road
Kaye, William, mason and builder, lodgings, 9 Kingswood grove. (See advt., p. 401.)
Kayll, Misses, 71 Derby-square
Keays, John, fruiterer, 48 Strand-street
Keddie, James, labourer, 5 Caley’s-court
Keefe, Thomas, mariner, 22 New Bond-street
Keegan, Mrs. Catherine, provision shop, Shaw’s-brow
Keenan, James, boatman, 24 New Bond-street
Keenan, Michael, labourer, 7 Church-street
Keig, John, tailor, 8 King-street
Keig, Thomas, artist and photographer ; studio, Prospect-hill ; res., 6 Mona-st, (See advt., p. 401.)
Keig, Thomas, 72 Finch-road
Keighley, William, hairdresser, 4 Gt. George’s-st. (See advt., p. 404.)
Kellett, Henry, 18 Stanley-terrace
Kellett, Henry J., advocate, St. George’s-place ; res., 17 Stanley-terrace
Kellett, John D. (Kermode & Kellett), 2 Sydney-street
Kellett, Robert W., stock and share broker, Gt. George’s-st. (See advt., p. 398.)
Kelly, Mrs. Agnes, 17 Lord-street
Kelly, Mrs. Catherine, shopkeeper, 19 Barrack-street
Kelly, Miss Catherine, grocer, 7 Cattle Market-street
Kelly, Caesar, joiner, lodging-house, 30 Hope-street
Kelly, Edward, car-proprietor, bellman, lodgings, 10 Mona-ter.
Kelly, Edward, master mason, lodgings, 33 Princes-street
Kelly, Miss Ellen, dressmaker, 4 St. Barnabas-square
Kelly, Mrs. Ellen, charwoman, 12 Hanover-street
Kelly, Mrs. Ellen, greengrocery, 18 Wellington_square
Kelly, Mrs. Ellen, widow, 3 Peel-road
Kelly, Miss Elizabeth, charwoman, 13 Bigwell-street
Kelly, Emily, 5 Fancy-street
Kelly, George, 16 St. George’s-street
Kelly, Mrs. Isabella, lodging-house, 10 Fort William. (See advt., p 404.)
Kelly, Jacob, grocer, wine & spirit merchant, provision dealer, Market-place ; res., 24 Fort Anne-road
Kelly, James, baker, 6 Kewley’s-lane
Kelly, James, blacksmith, 24 St. George’s-walk
Kelly, James, butcher, 11 Seneschal-lane
Kelly, James, lodging-house, 16 Stanley-terrace
Kelly, James, master mariner, lodging-house, 8 Wellroad-hill
Kelly, James, mariner, 67 South-quay
Kelly, James, shoemaker, 4 Frederick-street
Kelly, James, tailor, Cambrian-place
Kelly, James, tailor, 2 Drumgold-street
Kelly, Mrs. Jane, board and lodging-house, 7 Nunnery-view-terrace, 28 Peel-road. (See advt., p. 402.)
Kelly, Miss Jane, 25 Fort-street
Kelly, John, baker, 25 Church-street
Kelly, John, cardriver, 4 St. Barnabas-square
Kelly, John, ex-custom-house officer, 2 Lewthwaite’s-court
Kelly, John, grocer, board and lodging-house, 23 Castle-st.
Kelly, John, grocer, lodgings, 16 Christian-road
Kelly, John, herring curer, lodging-house, 10 Athol-terrace
Kelly, John, labourer, 3 Water-lane
Kelly, John, labourer, lodging-house, 23 Tynwald-street
Kelly, John, lodging-house, 60 Buck’s-road
Kelly, John, mariner, 16 Fancy-street
Kelly, John, mason, 9 Nelson-street
Kelly, John, master builder, lodgings, 11 Christian-road
Kelly, John, tailor, 9 Postoffice-lane
Kelly, John, 6 Victoria-terrace
Kelly, John, plumber & brazier, 5 Wesley-terrace
Kelly, John B., boot & shoe manufacturer, 3 Strand-street
Kelly, John Henry, fireman, lodging-house, 14 Circular-road
Kelly, John James, confectionery, 69 Strand-street
Kelly, John James, 5 Rosemount
Kelly, John Joseph, 9 Oxford-street
Kelly, John K. (Kelly & Preston) , Forest-view, Union Mills
Kelly, John T., seedsman, agricultural implement dealer; agent for James Gibbs & Co.’s chemical manures, & Atkin sons cattle and poultry spice; office, 3 Gelling’s-court ; res., 54 Circular-road
Kelly, Joseph, horse shoer, 12 St. George’s-street
Kelly, Joseph, joiner, lodging-house, 14 Dalton-street
Kelly, Joseph,labourer, 7 Quilliam’s-court
Kelly, Joseph, mariner, board and lodging-house, 81 Circular-road. (See advt., p. 402.)
Kelly, Joseph, mason, Church-street
Kelly, Joseph, plasterer, 17 Hanover-street
Kelly, Miss Julia, dressmaker, 28 Church-street
Kelly, Mark (Kelly & Stafford), painter, lodging-house, 30 Mona-street
Kelly, Miss Margaret, laundress, 8 Senna-road
Kelly, Mrs. Margaret, books and stationery, 22 Wellington_st.
Kelly, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 7 Heywood-place
Kelly, Mary, 10 Mona-terrace
Kelly, Mrs. Mary, widow, 16 St. George’s-street
Kelly, Mrs. Mary Ann, proprietress Douglas Hotel and concert room, Market-place. (See advt., p. 400.)
Kelly, The Misses, lodging-house, 11 Upper Church-street
Kelly, Mathias, labourer, 28 Bigwell-street
Kelly, Mrs. Matilda, widow, Harris-lane
Kelly, Philip, dyer, 10 Back Stanley-terrace, Victoria-road
Kelly & Preston (John Kermode Kelly & George Preston), joiners, builders, and undertakers, 31 South-quay
Kelly, Philip, mason, and lodging-house, 33 Falcon-street. (See advt., p. 404.)
Kelly, Rechab, cardriver, lodgings, 2 Mona-street
Kelly, Robert, car proprietor, stables, 5 Cattle Market-street; res., 9 Cattle Market-street
Kelly, Robert, carter, 17 Bigwell-street
Kelly, Robert, labourer, 15 Shaw’s-brow
Kelly, Robert, lodgings, Osborne-grove
Kelly, Robert, mason, 15 St. George’s-walk
Kelly, Robert, joiner & builder, 2 Brisbane-street
Kelly, Richard, fishcurer, lodging-house, 1 Bath-place
Kelly, Mrs. Sarah, charwoman, 9 Shaw’s-brow
Kelly, Miss Sarah, proprietress Temperance Hotel, 4 North..qy.
Kelly & Stafford (Mark Kelly & James Stafford), painters, paperhangers, and decorators, 11 Finch-road
Kelly, Thomas, butcher, lodgings, 9 Mount-pleasant
Kelly, Thomas, carpenter, 62 South-quay
Kelly, Thomas (late of Ballavitchal), auctioneer, commission agent and valuer ; office, Manx Sun buildings, Victoria & King-streets ; res., 1 Christian-rd. (See advt., p. 402.)
Kelly, Thomas, mariner, 4 Postoffice-lane
Kelly, Thomas, mariner, 14 Hope-street
Kelly, Thomas, mariner, 21 South-quay
Kelly, Thomas, porter, lodging-house, 114 Circular-road
Kelly, Thomas, provision dealer, 17 Circular-road
Kelly, Thomas, ropemaker, lodgings, 8 Princes-street
Kelly, Thomas, roper, 6 Athol-square
Kelly, Thomas, shoemaker, 59 South-quay
Kelly, Thomas, shoemaker, 14 New Bond-street
Kelly, Mrs. Thomas, 9 Church-street
Kelly’s Temperance Commercial Hotel, E. & S. Kelly, 4 North-quay
Kelly, William, blacksmith, 19 Hanover-street
Kelly, William, cabinetmaker, lodging-house, 134 Buck’s-rd.
Kelly, William, 10 Parade-street
Kelly, William, coachman, 9 Shaw’s-brow
Kelly, William, cookshop, 1 Seneschal-lane
Kelly, William, hats and caps, 3 Duke-street
Kelly, William, labourer, 4 Bigwell-street
Kelly, William, labourer, 6 Drury-lane
Kelly, William, lodging-house, 2 South-quay
Kelly, William, mariner, 2 Cambrian-place
Kemmell, John, labourer, 2 Quilliam’s-court
Kendal, Robert, engine driver, lodging-house, 6 Leigh-ter.
Kenna, James, salesman, lodging-house, 18 Bridge-road
Kenna, James, sawyer, 23 Barrack-street
Kennaugh, Anne (Chas. Kennaugh, manager), tanner, currier, leather cutter, & harness maker, 29 Strand-st. ; res., 7 West-view. (See advt., p. 401.)
Kennaugh, Charles (see preceding name)
Kennaugh, Edward, mariner, 1 Bigwell-street
Kennaugh, Edward, shoemaker, 5 Kewley’s-lane
Kennaugh, James, French polisher, 3 Quine’s-corner
Kennaugh, Robert, labourer, 3 Athol-square
Kennaugh, Robert, shoemaker, 10 Nelson-street
Kennaugh, Thomas C., butcher, 38 Buck’s-road
Kennaugh, William, tailor, 8 Gt. George’s-street
Kennaugh, Mrs. Margaret, lodgings, 8, Kingswood-grove
Kennedy, Miss Mary, charwoman, 19 Fort-street
Kennedy, Mrs. Mary, widow, 5 Oxford-street
Keown, Mrs. Esther, widow, 5 Fort-street
Keown, Mrs. Rosanna, 6 Postoffice-lane
Kermeen, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 2 Kelly’s-court
Kermeen, Thomas, tailor, servants’ registry, 25 Wellington-st.
Kermode, Benjamin, shoemaker, 25 Bigwell-street
Kermode, Caesar, shoemaker, lodgings, 18 Princes-street
Kermode, Evan (Radcliffe & Kermode), lodging-house, 10 Kingswood-grove
Kermode, James, joiner, 10 Frederick-street
Kermode, James, labourer, 11 Barrack-street
Kermode, James, painter, 15 Barrack-street
Kermode, John, tailor, 22 Wellington-square
Kermode, John Thomas, painter, 11 South-quay
Kermode & Kellett (Wm. J. Kermode & J. D. Kellet), grocers, 22 Duke-street
Kermode, Mrs. Margaret, 52 Athol-street. (See advt. p. 404)
Kermode, Mrs. Margaret, lodging-house, 13 Falcon-street
Kermode, Mrs . Margaret, widow, 27 Bigwell-street
Kermode, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 35 Strand-street
Kermode, Mrs. Mary, lodging-house, 88 Buck’s-road
Kermode, Robert, shoemaker, Falcon-terrace
Kermode, Thomas, joiner, 34 Athol-street
Kermode, William, labourer, 10 Victoria-place
Kermode, William, mason, 5 Barrack-street
Kermode, William, master builder, 24 Oxford-street
Kermode, William, shoemaker, 31 Chester-street
Kermode, Wm. J., (Kermode & Kellett), 8 Westview
Kermode, W. K. (propr. Bridge coal yards) , coal and salt merchant ; office, Bridge-road, top of North-quay ; res., 1 Eastfield. (See advt., p. 403.)
Kerruish, Mrs. A., widow, 12 Queen-street
Kerruish, D. J., 55, Derby-road
Kerruish, James, salesman, 19 Shaw’s-brow
Kerruish, Mrs . Jane, widow, 30 Barrack-street
Kerruish, John, grocer & provision dealer, 16 Dalton-street
Kerruish, John, tailor, 34 Barrack-street
Kerruish, Mrs . Margaret, shopkeeper, 17 Queen-street
Kerruish, Robert, flour dealer, 25 North-quay
Kerruish, Thomas, saddler, 18 North-quay
Kew, Henry, coachman, 13 Wellington-square
Kewin, James, boatman, 10 James’s-street
Kewin, John, policeman, 4 St. George’s-terrace
Kewin, Robert, mason, 8 Melbourne-street
Kewin, Robert, roper, 12 James-street
Kewin, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 23 Cattle Market-street
Kewley, Mrs. Ann, 2 St. George’s-terrace
Kewley, Mrs. Ann, lodging-house, 46 Buck’s-road
Kewley, Charles, book agent, 10 North-quay
Kewley, Daniel, baker, Tynwald-terrace
Kewley, David, boatman, 20 New Bond-street
Kewley, Edward, boatman, 14 New Bond-street
Kewley, Miss Elizabeth, bookbinder, 14 Shaw’s-brow
Kewley, Henry, joiner, 2 Queen-street
Kewley, Hugh, butcher, 1 Fort-street
Kewley, James, joiner & builder, Castle-st. ; res., 5 Clarence-terrace
Kewley, James, labourer, 6 Frederick-street
Kewley, Mrs. Jane, laundress, 59 South-quay
Kewley, Mrs. Jane, widow, 4 St. George’s-terrace
Kewley, Mrs. Jessie, lodgings, 28 Derby-road
Kewley John, labourer, 25 Cattle Market-street
Kewley, John, lodging-house, 1 Upper Church-street
Kewley, Mrs. Margaret, 11, Great George’s_street
Kewley, Mrs . Margaret, widow, Almshouse-lane
Kewley, Mrs. Mary, widow, 13 Wellington~square
Kewley, Robert, carpenter, lodgings, 4 Mona-street
Kewley, Robert, sailor, 18 North-quay
Kewley, Robert, labourer, Wellroad-hill
Kewley, Stephen, joiner and builder, Castle-street ; res., 57 Derby-road
Kewley, Thos., blacksmith, 8 Water-lane ; res., 1 Barrack-st.
Kewley, Thomas, labourer, 20 St. George’s-walk
Kewley, Thomas H . , baker, Peveril-street
Kewley, Thomas~Wm., painter & paperhanger, 93 Strand-st.
Kewley, William, baker, 3 Fancy-street
Kewley, William, labourer, 11 Drumgold-street
Kewley, William, builder, superintendent of fire brigade, 7 Hope-street
Kewley, William, fisherman, 2 Kewley’s-lane
Kewley, William, mariner, 5 John-street
Kewley, William, plumber, 2 Gelling’s-court (Lord-street)
Kewley, William, 10 Gt. George’s_street
Kewley, William, shipwright, 2 Wesley_terrace
Kewley, William, shoemaker, 26 Lord-street
Kewley, William, tailor & draper,62 Duke~street
Keown, Hugh, weighing machine, 2 Queen’s-place
Killen, George, labourer, 2 Back Strand-street
Killey, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging-house, 12 Hill-street
Killey, John, carter, 4 Corran’s-court
Killey, John, labourer, 8 Hanover-street
Killey, John, labourer, 15 Shaw’s-brow
Killey, Miss Margaret, 15 Shaw’s-brow
Killey, Philip, tanner, Cattle Market-st. ; res., 10 Derby-sq.
Killey, Robert, tailor, 1 Shaw’s-brow
Killey, Miss Susan, 65 Derby-square
Killey, Thomas, fishbuyer, 3 Lewthwaite’s..court
Killey, William, carter, 7 Hanover_street
Killip, Mrs. Ellen, widow, 13 Drinkwater_street
Killip, James, mariner, 26 Drumgold~street
Killip, John, joiner, 36 Athol-street
Killip, William, brewer, 1 Burntmill-hill
Killip, William, lodging-house, 3 Brisbane_street
King, Mrs. Elizabeth, boot and shoe shop, 27 Duke-street
King, Henry, proprietor Albert Hotel, Market-place
King, Henry, innkeeper, 3 Chapel-row
King, John, innkeeper, 1 Fairy-ground
King, J., cooper, &c., 11 James-st. ; res., Ellan Vannin Arms
King, Mrs. W. C., 24 Derby-square
King & Son (Frederick K. & Son) preserved potato works, 42 to 50 South-quay
King, Thomas, cardriver, and lodging-house, 5 Bath-place
Kinley, Mrs. Isabella, widow, 25 Bigwell-street
Kinley, John, agent Singer Sewing Machines, 5 Strand-st.
Kinley, John, 3 Drumgold-street
Kinley, Mrs. Matilda, widow, 2 Postoffice-place
Kinley, Robert, stone-cutter, 25 Bigwell-street
Kinley, Mrs. Robert, tailoring and gents’ furnishing goods, 86 Strand-street. (See advt., p. 406.)
Kinnish, Christopher, wheelwright & undertaker, 6 Barrack-st.
Kinnish, John, mariner, 14 Bigwell-street
Kinnish, Thomas, joiner, 4 Athol-square
Kinnish, Thomas, mason, 15 Hanover-street
Kinnish, William, cardriver, 1 Corran’s-court
Kinrade, Henry, cabinetmaker, 8 Back St. George’s-terrace
Kinrade, Miss, teacher, 5 Victoria-place
Kissack, Mrs. Eleanor Mary, widow, 19 Oxford-street
Kissack, James, flax dresser, 24 Church-street
Kissack, James, lodging-house, 48 Buck’s-road
Kissack, James (St. George’s stores), wine and spirit merchant, general grocer, &c., 3 Athol-st. (See advt., p. 405.)
Kissack, Miss Jane, 4 Caley’s-court
Kissack, Mrs. Jane, widow, Falcon-cliff-lane, Victoria-road
Kissack, Mrs., 17 Oxford-street
Kissack, William, labourer, 22 Barrack-street
Kissack, William, lodging-house, 1 Mona-terrace
Kissack, William, tailor, draper, & outfitter, 50 Strand-st.
Kivell, John, mariner, 18 North-quay
Kneale, Mrs. Ann, widow, 18 Bigwell-street
Kneale, Miss Anna, 9 Brisbane-street
Kneale, Miss Ann, dressmaker, 4 Hope-street
Kneale, Mrs. Catherine, widow, 11 Hanover-street
Kneale, David, shipwright, 4 St. Barnabas-square
Kneale, Mrs . Edward, West-view-terrace
Kneale, Henry, carter, 16 Hanover-street
Kneale, Hugh, sailor, lodgings, 30 Princes-street
Kneale, Isaac, labourer, 15 Shaw’s-brow
Kneale, James, joiner & builder, 9 Brisbane-street
Kneale, James, labourer, Thornhill
Kneale, James, plumber, 34 Athol-street
Kneale, Miss Jane (retired), 7 Senna-road
Kneale, John, flax dresser, 26 Shaw’s-brow
Kneale, John, lodging-house, 2 Goldie-terrace
Kneale, John, mariner, 9 James-street
Kneale, Mrs. Mary Anne, lodgings, 2 Mona-terrace
Kneale, Patrick, labourer, 12 Great Nelson-street
Kneale, Robert, nioulder, 4 Woodhouse-terrace, 67 South-quay
Kneale & Son, grocers, wine and spirit merchants, tobacco and cigars, 12 Duke-street
Kneale, Thos., car proprietor, Hills’ Estate; res., 11 Circular-rd.
Kneale, Thomas, roper, 19 Bigwell-street
Kneale, Thomas, ship carpenter, lodgings, 17 Albert-street
Kneale, Wm., bookseller, stationer, & dealer in fancy goods, corner Victoria-street and Duke-street
Kneale, William, gardener, 6 Cyprus-terrace, Allen-street
Kneale, William, labourer, Falcon Cliff-lane, Victoria-road
Kneale, William, mariner, 21 South-quay
Kneale, Wm. H., family grocer and provision dealer, wine and spirit merchant, agent for W. & A. Gilbey, 10 Strand-street. (See inset, opposite page.)
Kneen, Elizabeth, widow, 21 Wellington-street
Kneen, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging-house, 15, Hanover-street
Kneen, Mrs. Ellen, charwoman, 13, Barrack-street
Kneen, James, joiner, and lodging-house, 15 Circular-road
Kneen, John, postman, 15 Hanover-street
Kneen, Thomas, commission agent, seedsman, & manure store, 16 Bridge-road ; res., 55 Buck’s-road
Kneen, Thos. (Dickinson & Kneen) , advocate, 55 Buck’s-road
Kneen, Thomas, mariner, 6 St. George’s-street
Kneen, William, lodgings, 2 Albert-street
Knowlin, Miss Bridget, cook, 19 Cattle Market-street
Knox, William, engineer and net machine manufacturer, 29 and 30 South-quay ; res., 24 South-quay



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