[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]


Abbot, Thomas, labourer, 22 Wellington-square
Abram, Miss Ellen, 9 Cambridge-terrace
Adair, Dr, James Jackson, B.A., M.D., M.R.C.S., Eng., 1 Lawn-terrace, Crescent
Adams, George, bird-stuffer, 10 Barrack-street
Adams, James (retired), 82 Buck’s-road
Adams, Mrs., 3, Belmont-terrace, 128 Circular-road
Adelphi Hotel, Mrs. Harriet Chapman, proprietress, 23 Church-street. (See advt., p. 277.)
Adelphi Stables, William Dunkin, proprietor, Church-street
Agnew. Thomas. labourer, 9 Back Strand-street
Aitkin, John, chief clerk Government-office, 25 Brisbane-st.
Aitkin, Richard (retired), 25 Brisbane-street
Albert Hotel, Henry King, proprietor, Market-place
Aldcroft, Abraham, gardener, 52 Derby-square
Allan, Andrew, carver and gilder, 9 Marina-road
Allen, Robert (Mylrea and Allen), 18 Duke-street
Allen, William, brewer, wine and spirit merchant, groceries, &c.; shop, 2, Strand-street; brewery, 1, Cattle Market-street; res., 1 Harris-terrace. (See advt., p. 279.)
Alexandra Hotel (John Currie, proprietor), 28 Duke-street
Anderson, Mrs. Janet, widow, 1 Rosemount
Anderson, John, greengrocer, 7 Well-road hill
Anderson, Samuel, porter, 34 South-quay
Anderton, Mrs. Ann, board and lodging-house, 4, Mount Havelock. (See advt., p. 278.)
Anderton, Dr. 0. L., 56 Derby-square
Andrew, John, lodging-house, 22 Brisbane-street
Andrew, John (retired), 6 Woodside-terrace
Annett, Edward, labourer, 4 Kelly’s-court
Antrobus, Thomas, Manchester House, North-quay.
Archard David, gardener, Ravenscliffe, Douglas Head.
Archer, Edward, carter, lodging-house, 4 Tynwald-street
Archer, Robert, linen and woollen draper, silk mercer, millinery and furnishing goods, &c., corner Victoria and Duke-streets; res., 6 Finch-road. (See advt., p. 5.)
Archer, Robert, joiner and builder; also lodging-house, 19 Mona-street
Archer, Thomas, mason, 5 Grafton-street
Ardrossan Shipping Company, W. E. Young, agent. Office, 3 Athol-hall, Athol-street. (See advt., p. 278.)
Armroyd, Frederick Augustus, cutler, gunsmith, fishing tackle dept, 26 Church-street. (See advt., p. ~8O.)
Armroyd, George, cutler, &c., 55 North-quay
Armroyd, John, practical cutler and gunsmith, spring truss-maker, and dealer in fishing tackle, 4 Castle-street
Armstrong, Mrs. Alice, widow, 8 Spring Gardens
Armstrong, John, tailor, and lodging-house, 1 Victoria-place
Armstrong, Thomas, boarding-house, 5 Lawn-terrace. (See advt., p. 281.)
Ashburner, Robert, 5 Strathallan-crescent
Ashe, Thomas, travelling salesman for J. W. Clinch, Lake Brewery. Office, North-quay
Ashman, John F., saddler, &c., 47 North-quay ; res., 1 Quayle’s-lane
Askew, Mrs . Maria, tobacconist, 9 Wellington-street
Askin, Mrs. Mary, widow, Athol-cottage, Shaw’s-brow
Aspell, James, butcher and cattle-dealer ; also game dealer, 2 and 4 Wellington-street; res., 10 Prospect-terrace. (See advt., p. 282.)
Athol Hall—C. R. Raby’s Auction Rooms, Mona’s Herald Office, J.H. Cain’s hairdressing establishment, and Office of W. E. Young, agent for the Ardrossan Shipping Company, and the Lancashire Insurance Company, between 14 and 16 Athol-st.
Athol House, Mrs. Doughty, proprietress, apartments, Crescent
Atkin, Edward, Edward-terrace, 52 Finch-road
Atkins, George, junr., foreign merchant, 5 Esplanade
Atlas Fire and Life Insurance Company, Thomas Bawden, agent. Office, 39 North-quay. (See advt., p. 284.)
Austin, Patrick, shoemaker, 1 Kewley’s-lane


Bagshaw, William, 9 Strathallan-crescent
Bailey, Thomas, painter, 25 King-street
Ball, Henry, 4 Eastview, Woodbourne-square
Ball, Miss, Bible woman, 24 Athol-street
Ball, Robert, 3 Quine’s-corner
Bamber, S. J., teacher of music, 7 Auckland-grove
Bancroft, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging-house, 19 Fort-street
Barber, George, 14 Albert-street
Barclay, Mrs. Esther, charwoman, 8 James-street
Barker, Fanny, 30 Finch-road
Barker, Samuel, old curiosity shop, second-hand books, &c., 46 North-quay ; residence, 15 Leigh-terrace, Castletown-rd.
Barlow, Miss Alice, dressmaker, 30 Finch-road
Barlow, Titus, fish curer, 27 and 28 South-quay ; also Yorkshire-house, board and lodgings, 21 New Bond-street
Barnes, Mrs. Annie, widow, 11 Cambridge-terrace
Barnes, Miss Nancy (retired), 2 Eastfield
Barrett, Samuel J., photographer and artist, 56 North-quay
Barrie, Mrs. Dolores, The Cliffe, Crescent
Barron, Miss Jane, lodging-house and grocer, 5 South-quay
Barron, Mrs. G., 2 Mount William, 20 Burntmill-hill
Barwell, William, compositor, 6 Drinkwater-street
Baston, Mary, 3 Nutford-place
Bates, Mrs. Jane, widow, 18 Bigwell-street
Bawden, Thomas, general commission agent ; agent for Salt and Co., brewers, Burton-on-Trent ; and the Atlas Insurance Company, &c. Office, 39 North-quay ; residence, Fort William. (See Salt and Co.’s advt. on p. 283, and The Atlas Insurance Company on p. 284.)
Bean, Henry, dealer in fruits and vegetables, 10 Wellington-street. (See advt., p. 287.)
Beard, John, labourer, 5 Athol-square
Beck, William, flour dealer, Harris-lane ; res., 3 Auckland-grove. (See advt., p. 286.)
Beckwith, William, gentleman, 15 Prospect-terrace
Beckwith, Charles W., advocate. Office, Gelling’s Court; res., 15 Derby-square
Beehive, P. Walsh, proprietor ; jewellery and general fancy warehouse, 53 Duke-street
Bell, Alfred, mason, and lodging-house, 15 Dalton-street
Bell, Arthur, labourer, 4 Fairy Ground
Bell’s board and lodging-house, 15 Mount Havelock. (See advt., p. 287.)
Bell, Edward, Greyhound Inn, car proprietor, 38 North-quay
Bell, Miss E ., school teacher, 16 Melbourne-street
Bell, Frederick, painter, and lodging-house, 2 Myrtle-street
Bell, Henry Wesley, car proprietor, 7 Tynwald-street
Bell, Miss Isabella, lodging-house, 7 Marina-road
Bell, James, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 1 Marina-road
Bell, James, livery stables, 5 queen-st. ; res., 33 North-quay
Bell, James, policeman, 1 Back St. George’s-terrace
Bell, John, ferryman, 6 Fort Anne-road
Bell, Joseph, mason, 22 Church-street
Bell, Mrs . Martha, dressmaker, also lodging-house, 9 Castle-st.
Bell, Mrs. Mary, widow, Hardy’s-yard
Bell, Robert, 38 Finch-road
Bell, William, builder. Yard, Circular-road ; residence, Allen-street
Bell, William, cooper, Chadwick-place, Victoria-road
Bell, William, painter, 1 Kelly’s-court, Barrack-street
Bell, William H., tailor and cutter ; also board and lodging-house, 9 Circular-road
Bellhouse, Arthur, 4 Woodside-terrace
Bellshaw, Richard, fireman, 6 Queen’s-place
Benson, Francis, cabinet maker and furniture dealer, 19 Athol-street
Berrill, John, 2 0 Melbourne-street
Berrisford, Mrs. Mary Ann, widow, 4 Quilliam’s-court
Berry, Miss Ellen, charwoman, 2 Bigwell-street
Biggan, Miss Cecilia, grocer, 5 Wellroad-hill
Binney, Edwd. Wm., gentleman, Ravenscliffe, Douglas Head
Birchall, Edwin, gentleman, 64 Derby-square
Birks, Charles, poultry and egg merchant, 4a James-street
Birks, Thomas, assistant, 4a James-street
Birley, Mrs . Ann, 4 Albert-terrace
Black, Mrs. Ann, charwoman, 6 Shaw’s Brow
Black, Benjamin, storekeeper, Allen-street
Black, George, gardener, 6 Arch-lane
Black, Mrs. James, lodging-house, 3 Lawn-terrace, Crescent
Black Lion Hotel, William Gearey, North-quay
Black, Miss Mary A., lodging-house, 7 Clarence-terrace
Black, Robert, labourer, 13 Drinkwater-street
Black, William, butcher, 10 Great Nelson-street
Blair, John, accountant, Lily Bank, Woodbourne-road
Blaney, Mrs. Margaret, stewardess, 4 Barnabas-square
Blore, William, labourer, 8 Cattle Market-street
Blore, William, tobacconist, &c., 63 North-quay; res., Parade
Boardman, Matthew, mariner, and lodgings, 11 Mona-street
Bon Marche, Robert Clucas, proprietor ; general drapery, mantle, robe, costume, and boot and shoe establishment, Victoria-street. (See inset, opposite this page.)
Bonner, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodgings, 3 Albert-street
Booth, John, gentleman, Woodville House, Victoria-road
Boston, John, 3 Nutford-place
Boulter, Henry, foreman, Lake Brewery ; also lodging-house, 3 North-quay
Bourke, Robert, joiner, 6 Church-street
Bourne, Henry, retired tradesman, Loch Promenade
Bowel, Mrs. Jane, widow, 10 Barrack-street
Bowers, John, Sunnyside, Falcon Cliff Road
Bowker, Mrs . Margaret, lodging-house, 66 Buck’s-road
Bowman, Edward J., dispensing and family chemist, and manufacturer of The Isle of Man bouquet, Victoria-street. (See inset, opposite p. 288.)
Boyd, George, labourer, 6 Hanover-street
Boyd, George, shoemaker, 5 Athol-square
Boyd, George William, 12 Derby-square
Boyd, James, labourer, 33 Barrack-street
Boyd, James, weaver (retired), 1 South John-street
Boyd, John, gentleman, Ballaquayle Cottage, Princes-road, Victoria-road
Boyd, John, shoemaker, 68 Finch-road
Boyd, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 19 Hanover-street
Boyd, Thomas, labourer, 23 Wellington-square
Boyd, William, inspector of police, chief-constable of Douglas; res . , Court-house, Athol-street
Boyd, William, lodging-house, 19 Buck’s-road
Boyd, William, painter, Strand-street
Boyd, William H., chief telegraph clerk, 19 Buck’s-road
Brack & Richards, Trade Protection Society, and General Estate Agency, 58 Athol-street. (See advt., p. 294.)
Braddock, Alfred, proprietor Marina Lawn Hotel, Promenade. (See inset, opposite p. 290.)
Bradley, Mrs. Caroline, 10 Strathallan-crescent
Bradley, Mrs. Catherine, innkeeper, 9 Heywood-place
Bradshaw, James, music teacher, 9 Victoria-road
Brady, Patrick, labourer, Cleator’s-lane
Braid, Archibald, coachmaker, 2 5 Chester-street
Braid, Francis, plasterer, 1 Great George-street
Braid, Louis, tailor, and lodging-house, 21 Brisbane-street
Braid, William Henry, cigars and tobacco ; also stationery, 6 Buck’s-road. (See inset, opposite Johnson.)
Branney, John, cardriver, 8 Lord-street Bray, Henry, plumber, South-quay
Brearley, H. & J. C. (Henry and James C. Brearley), Wellington Stores, wholesale wine and spirit merchants, ale and porter bottlers, 6 Wellington-st. (See advt., p. 295.)
Brearley, Henry (H. and J. C. Brearley), residence, 4 Stanley-terrace.)
Brearley, James C. (H. and J. C. Brearley), residence, 16 Oxford-street
Brearley, Mrs. Mary Ann, wine and spirit stores, 35 Finch-road ; residence, 4 Stanley-terrace
Brearey, W. A., pharmaceutical chemist, and manufacturer of The Tynwald bouquet, 10 Prospect-hill ; res., 5 Belmont-terrace, 124 Circular-road. (See advt., p. 296)
Brearey, Arthur W., pharmaceutical chemist ; res., 5 Belmont-terrace, 124 Circular-road
Bregazzi, Felix, Seaside Villa, Crescent
Bregazzi, John, carver, gilder, and cabinet manufacturer, 8 Athol-street. (See advt., p. 294.)
Bregazzi, Sebastian, lodging-house, 50 Buck’s-road
Brew, Edward, fishbuyer, 1 Lord-street
Brew, Captain James, steamer Mona, Richmond-grove
Brew, James, joiner and builder, Loch Promenade
Brew, John, farmer, 7 Grafton-street
Brew, John, carter and lodging-house, 28 Fort Anne-road
Brew, John James, mariner, 7 Postoffice-lane
Brew, Mary Ann, 10 James-street
Brew, Thomas, brass moulder, 4 Hanover-street
Brew, Thomas, butcher, 26 Strand-street
Brew, Thomas, provision dealer, 24 Drumgold-street
Bridge Inn, Thomas Hoult, proprietor, North-quay
Bridson, Charles, carpenter, 12 Great Nelson-street
Bridson, Christopher, joiner, 9 Athol-terrace, Peel-road
Bridson, George, shoemaker, 20 Shaw’s Brow
Bridson, Geoige, joiner, 23 King-street
Bridson, Miss Isabella (retired), 64 Buck’s-road
Bridson, James, 2 Marion-terrace
Bridson, John, Sea Mount, Crescent
Bridson, John, fireman, gas works, 23 South-quay
Bridson, John, labourer, also ; lodging-house, 21 Hope-street
Bridson, John, police-sergt. ; also lodging-hs., 7 Upr. Church-st.
Bridson, John, shoemaker and lodging-house, 6 Bath-place
Bridson, John K., boot and shoemaker, 3 George’s-terrace
Bridson, John Philip, agent, 3 Cambridge-terrace
Bridson, Joseph, watchmaker, 4 Cambrian-place
Bridson, Mrs. Margaret, charwoman, 4 Lord-street
Bridson, Mrs. Eleanor, Hills’ House, Circular-road
Bridson, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 7 South John-street
Bridson, Mrs. Mary Ann, charwoman, 9 James-street
Bridson, Matthew, clerk, 3 Eastfield
Bridson, Paul, boatman, 4 Queen’s-place
Bridson, Robt., car propr. and lodging-hs. keeper, 18 James-st.
Bridson, Robert, labourer, Thorn-hill
Bridson, Robert, compositor, 12 Barrack-street
Bridson, Robert, shoemaker, 33 Barrack-street
Bridson, Thomas, 2 Kingswood-terrace
Bridson, Thomas, car proprietor, 2 Derby-square
Bridson, Thomas, labourer, 8 Wesley-terrace
Bridson, Mrs., widow, 21 Shaw’s-brow
Bridson, William, 10 Albert-street
Bridson, Wm, blacksmith &horse-shoer, Lake ; res. 12 Dalton-st
Bridson, William, labourer, 4 Duke-lane
Bridson, William, boot and shoe maker, 26 Church-street
Bridson, William, fish curer, 57 South-quay
Bridson, William, labourer , 1 1 Fancy-street
Bridson, William, mariner, 16 Shaw’s-brow
Bridson, William, roper, 24 Bigwell-street
Briers, Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer and provision dealer, wine and spirit stores, also board and lodging house, 1, Wellroad-hill
British Hotel, James Clarke, proprietor, Market-place. (See advt., p. 330.)
British Workman Hotel, British Workman Hotel Company (Limited), proprietors, Victoria-street. (See advt., p. 297.)
Broadbent, George T., commission agent, Lough Ned Cottage, Castletown-road
Broadbent, Samuel (retired), 5 Albert-terrace
Broadbent, Samuel E., Eden Villa, Crescent
Broadbent, Samuel K., book and job printer, stationer and bookseller, Victoria-street ; res., 18 Mount Havelock. (See advt. p. 298.)
Broadway Inn, William Riley, proprietor, 2 Broadway
Broughton, Hugh, boarding-house, 17 Mount Havelock
Broughton Samuel, china, glass, and earthenware dealer, 48 Duke-street ; res., 7 Eastfield. (See advt. p. 297.)
Brown,. Alexander, Crescent Hotel, Crescent
Brown, Charles, tinsmith, 38 Castle-street; res., 2 Marina-rd.
Brown, Cornelius, storekeeper, also lodging-house, 15 North-qy.
Brown, George, 43 Circular-road
Brown, James, and Son, book and job printers and stationers; printers, publishers, and proprietors of The Isle of Man Times and General Advertiser; lithographers, bookbinders, and stereotypers ; publishers of " Brown’s Isle of Man Directory," and " Brown’s Popular Guide " ; offices, Times Buildings, Athol-street. (See advt. p. 299.)
Brown, James (retired), 18, Prospect-terrace
Brown, Jane, Brown’s Shore Inn, 2 Marina-road
Brown, John A., The Isle of Man Times, 20 Prospect-terrace
Brown, John, Castle-hill Brewery, Victoria-road. (See advt., p. 300.)
Brown, Richard, professor of music, 3 Falcon-ter., Victoria-rd.
Brown, Walter, shorthand writer, The Isle of Man Times office
Browne, Mrs. Frances, widow, Frances Villa, Woodbourne..rd.
Browne, Frederick, advocate, 46 Athol-street ; residence, 23 Derby-square
Browne, Mrs. Mary, teacher, School, 1 Woodbourne-square
Browne, Walter, pianist, 1 8, Fort-street
Brown’s Isle of Man Directory, James Brown & Son, Times Buildings, Athol-street
Brown’s Popular Guide, Brown & Son, Times Buildings
Bruce, Alexander, manager, Dumbell’s Bank, Ballaquayle Cottage, Prince’s-road
Bruce, Robert, 1 Prince’s Villa, Prince’s-road
Brunt, William, mariner, Queen-street
Bryan, James, Mount Falcon, Victoria-road
Bryan, Michael, labourer, 6 Wellington-square
Bryan, Nicholas, carter, 10 Bigwell-street
Buckett, Frank, station-master, 3 Adelaide-terrace
Buckley, Peter, blacksmith, Thorn-hill
Bucknall, Austin (Albert Stores), family grocer, wine and spirit merchant, provision dealer, importer of foreign cigars, &c., 17 Prospect-hill. (See advt., p. 301.)
Bucknall, Joseph John, 5 Falcon Cliff-terrace, Victoria-road
Bully, Frederick F. , master mariner, 16 Princes-street
Burgess, William, lodging-house, 100 Buck’s-road
Burden, Samuel, 64 Strand-street
Burr, George A. J. (Moore & Burr), Victoria-street
Burrows, William, carver and gilder, 27 Castle-street. (See advt. p. 302.)
Butcher, Miss S. A., millinery, dressmaking, and ladies’ out-fitting, Victoria-street. See advt., p. 302.)
Butcher, Thomas, Wesleyan minister, 8 Harris-terrace
Butler, Hannah, widow, 6 Albert-terrace
Butterfield, Edwin, greengrocer, 91 Strand-street
Butterfield, Miss Grace, lodging-house, 2 Shipyard-court
Butterfield, Robert, grocer and provision dealer, also lodging-house, 25 Hope-street
Butterworth’s Hotel, S. Butterworth proprietress, 23 and 25 Prospect-hill
Butterworth, Henry, painter, paperhanger, and decorator, 1 St. George’s-walk, and at Lower Market-street, Peel. (See advt., p. 303.)


Cain, Miss Ann, charwoman, 32 Athol-street
Cain, Mrs Ann, 20 Athol-street
Cain, Miss Ann, lodging-house, 7 Myrtle-street
Cain, Miss Catherine, dressmaker, 53 Athol-street
Cain, Mrs Catherine, widow, 9 Senna-road
Cain, Charles, carter, 21 Bigwell-street
Cain & Corlett, carpenters, 47½ Athol-street
Cain, Mrs Eleanor, charwoman, 7 Barrack-street
Cain, Mrs Elizabeth, cook shop, 7 Great George-street
Cain, Miss Elizabeth, lodging-house, 9 Burntmill-hill
Cain, Mrs Elizabeth, widow, 4 Shaw’s-brow
Cain, Henry, tailor, draper, and outfitter, 57 Strand-street. (See advt., p. 329.)
Cain, James, boatman, Almshouse-lane
Cain, James, joiner, 1 St. Thomas’s-walk
Cain, James, joiner, 14 Cattlemarket-street
Cain, James, joiner and lodging-house keeper
Cain, James, labourer, 19 South-quay
Cain, Mrs Jane, widow, Thornhill
Cain, John, 8 South-quay
Cain, John, farmer (retired), 63 Athol-street
Cain, John, gardener, 6 Church-street
Cain, John, labourer, 31 Bigwell-street
Cain, John, labourer, 1 7 King-street
Cain, John, labourer, 1 3, Frederick-street
Cain, John, labourer, 4 Cattlemarket-street
Cain, John, shoemaker, 2 Hanover. street
Cain, John, police sergeant, 10 Great Nelson-street
Cain J. H. (Jonathan Herbert), Victoria-street, and Athol Hall (opposite The Isle of Man Times office) , hairdresser, wigmaker, hair-dyer, and perfumer ; also dealer in toilet articles, portmanteaus, travelling bags, &c. (See inset, opposite this page.)
Cain, John Nelson, currier, also lodging-house, 132 Buck’s-rd.
Cain, Jonathan, cabinetmaker, 4 Barrack-street
Cain, Jonathan, master joiner and builder, also lodging-house, 9 Mona-street
Cain, Jonathan, merchant tailor, 40 Athol-street. (See advt., p. 329)
Cain, Mrs. M., widows’ house, Muckle’s-gate
Cain, Mrs. Mary, laundress, 10 South-quay
Cain, Mrs. Matthew, bakery, 4 New Bond-street
Cain, Matthias, joiner, 17 South-quay. (See advt., p. 329.)
Cain, Nelson, stonecutter, 22 Shaw’s-brow
Cain, Nelson, tailor, 29 Athol-street
Cain, Philip, bootmaker, 1 1 Postoffice-lane
Cain, Richard Alma, ship and custom-house broker, ship chandler ; also, Lloyd’s office for Douglas, and agent for Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society, office, 45, North-quay; grocery and ship stores, 66, Athol-street. (See advt., p. 330.)
Cain, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 66 Duke-street Cain, Robert, master builder and architect, 79 Derby-road
Cain, Robert, tailor and draper, also books and stationery, 2 Athol-street
Cain, Robert, tailor, 12 Barrack-street
Cain, Mrs. Selina, charwoman, 6 Athol-square
Cain, Thomas, confectioner, 3 1 Prospect-hill
Cain, Thomas, baker, 9 King-street
Cain, Thomas, butcher, 64 Duke-street
Cain, Thomas, cardriver and lodging-house, 21 Falcon-street
Cain, Thomas, farmer, 61 Athol-street
Cain, Thomas, millwright and engineer, Lake-road ; res., Lake. (See advt., p. 331.)
Cain, Thomas, plasterer, 15 Church-street
Cain, Thomas, shoemaker, 2 Hanover-street
Cain, Thomas, woolstapler, boarding-house, 3 Stanley-mount
Cain, Thomas H., coachsmith, 18 Hope-street
Cain, William, boatman, 7 Postoffice-lane
Cain, William, butcher, 30 Barrack-street
Cain, William, gardener, Castle Mona Gardens, Victoria-road. (See advt., p. 330.)
Cain, William, labourer, 2 Shaw’s-brow
Cain, William, policeman, 13 Fort-street
Cain, William, porter, 9 Shaw’s-brow
Cain, William, tailor and draper, 28 Strand-street
Cain, William, tobacco spinner, Cambrian-place
Caine, Miss Ann, lodging-house, 36 Buck’s-road
Caine, Mrs. Ann, lodging-house, 16 Egerton-terrace
Caine, Mrs. Ann Jane, widow, 30 Buck’s-road
Caine, Charles, dispensing and family chemist, ~ Duke-street
Caine, Mrs. E., widow, ~4 Oxford-street
Caine, Edward, 17 Lord-street
Caine, Miss Eleanor, boards 51 Athol-street
Caine, Elizabeth, 35 Hope-street. (See advt., p. 330.)
Caine, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging-house, 3 Spring-gardens
Caine, Henry, leather currier, and lodging-house, 1~ Buck’s-rd.
Caine, James, coachman, 2 Victoria-place, Victoria-road
Caine, Miss Jane, lodging-house, 7 Mount Havelock
Caine, Misses Jane & Margaret, mantle makers, 9 Albert-st.
Caine, John, 14 Victoria-terrace, Victoria-road
Caine, John 9, Victoria.place, Victoria-road
Caine, John, 9 Dalton-street
Caine, John, fireman, and lodging-house, 4 Auckland-grove
Caine, John James, gardener, Woodside Cottage
Caine, Miss Margaret, 39 Derby-road
Caine, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 18 Shaw’s-brow
Caine, Philip, tailor, 58 Callow-place, Finch-road
Caine, Robert, joiner and builder, 13 Ropewalk-road
Caine, Thomas, tanner, Well-road-hill ; res., 40 Finch-road
Caine, William Joseph (retired), ~ East-view, Woodbourne-scj.
Cairns, Francis Robertson, Caledonian Hotel, Castle-street. (See advt., p. 332.)
Caldwell, Alexander Benjamin, professor of pyrotechnics, Strathallan Lodge, Strathallan-crescent.
Caley, Andrew (retired), 23 Circular-road
Caley, Charles, dairy and car proprietor, Queen’s-place; res., 9, Parade-street
Caley, Miss Eleanor, lodging-house, 3 Belmont-terrace, 128 Circular-road
Caley, Thomas, 5 Victoria-terrace, Victoria-road
Caley, Thomas, labourer, 1 Athol-square
Caley, Thomas, stonemason, and lodging-house, 21 Buck’s-rd.
Caley, William, master plasterer, lodgings, 17 Mona-street
Callin, Mrs. Catherine, Windsor-road
Callister, Daniel, deputy-clerk and inspector to the Douglas Town Commissioners, 30 Windsor-road
Callister, Miss Isabella, lodging-house, 2 Esplanade
Callister, Wm., artist and photographer, 26 Finch-road. (See inset opposite name.)
Callister and Kermode, linen and woollen drapers, silk mercers, shawls, mantles, millinery, &c., Victoria Bazaar, 4 and 5, Victoria-street. (See advt. p. 332.)
Callow, Mrs. Ann, widow, 1 Tynwald-terrace
Callow, Charles, shoemaker, 3 Frederick-street
Callow, Edward J., sailor, 2, Athol-square
Callow, James, boot and shoe maker ;also lodging-house, 14, Kingswood-grove
Callow, James, carter, lodgings, 21 Princes’-street
Callow, James, shoemaker, 33 Barrack-street ; also lodging-house, 9 Myrtle-street
Callow, James, Crescent-road
Callow, John, coachman, board and lodging-house, 79 Circular-road
Callow, John, labourer, 4 Church-street
Callow, Mrs. Kate, widow, 21 Hanover-street
Callow, N. & L. (Nelson and Louis), bakers, grocers, and provision dealers, corner of Fancy-street
Callow, Thomas, mariner, 87 Circular-road
Callow, Thomas C. & Son, advocates, office, 27 Athol-street; res., Victoria-road
Callow, William, 17 Shaw’s-brow
Callow, William, labourer, 23 Shaw’s-brow
Callow, Wm., labourer, 8 Well-road-hill
Callow, William, lodging-house, 32 Hope-street
Cameen, Thomas, 2 5 Wellington-street
Campbell, James, labourer, 5 Postoffice-place
Campbell, Thomas, fish buyer, 12 Water-lane
Campbell, —, book canvasser, 10 Back Hope-street
Canepa, John, mariner, 23 New Bond-street
Canepa, Joseph, mariner, 3 Cambrian-place
Canepa, Mrs. Martha, widow, 6 Tynwald-terrace
Cannell, Abraham, joiner, 3 Quilliam’s-court
Cannell, Mrs. Annie, lodging-house, 11 Leigh-terrace, Castletown-road
Cannell, Claude, advocate, registrar of births and deaths for Douglas district, and commissioner to administer oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature in England, 30 Athol-st.
Cannell, Edward, boatman, 4 Queen’s-place
Cannell, Edward, coach builder, office—.Drumgold-street ; res., 6 Back-lawn
Cannell, Edward, fish curer, 4 Parade-street
Cannell, Mrs. Hannah Sophia, 6 Auckland-terrace
Cannell, James (Cannell and Quayle), Church-street
Cannell, James, tailor, 1 6 Melbourne-street
Cannell, James, ship carpenter, Harris-lane
Cannell, Mrs. Jane, registry office for servants, 7 South John-st.
Cannell, Mrs. Jane, lodging-house, 50 Athol-street
Cannell, Mrs. Jane, widow, 29 Woodbourne-square
Cannell, John, machine-man, S ca-peep Cottage, Albion-terrace
Cannell, John, blacksmith, and lodging-house, 45 Athol-street
Cannell, John, gardener, Lord-street
Cannell, John, mariner, 20 Fort Anne-road
Cannell, John, roper, 10 Heywood-place
Cannell, John, porter, 6 Shaw’s-brow
Cannell, John, provision dealer and fish curer, 20 Wellington-street, and 36 Prospect-hill. (See advt., p. 333.)
Cannell, John E., secretary of Waterworks Company, 17 Hope-street
Cannell, John T., farmer (retired), 12 Hope-street
Cannell, Joseph, cabinetmaker, Edward-terrace, 50 Finch-road
Cannell, Joseph, tailor and draper, 2 Auckland-terrace. (See advt., p. 333.)
Cannell, Mrs. Katherine, widow, 1 Hope-street
Cannell, The Misses (Kate, Margaret, and Sarah), board and lodging house, 41 Circular-road
Cannell, Mrs. Mary, widow, 13 Shaw’s-brow
Cannell, Mrs. Mary Ann, widow, 10 Barrack-street
Cannell, Miss Mary Ann, dealer in fruits and vegetables, also, china, glass, and earthenware, 59 Strand-street
Cannell, Mrs., widow, 16 Queen-street
Cannell and Quayle (James Cannell and Robert Quayle), tailors, 21 Church-street
Cannell, Robert, hatter, 13 King-street
Cannell, Robert, lodging house, 1 Myrtle-street
Cannell, Robert, mariner, 3 Woodhouse-terrace, 66 South-qy.
Cannell, Thomas, coachman, 14 Back Strand-street
Cannell, Thomas, coachsmith, 59 Strand-street
Cannell, Thomas, joiner, 3 Queen-street
Cannell, Thomas, mariner, 5 Woodhouse-terrace, 68 South-qy.
Cannell, William, blacksmith, 11 Lord-street
Cannell, William, ship’s chandler, painter, glazier, and paper-hanging, 34 Castle-street; res., 10 Christian-road
Cannell, William, labourer, 21 Hanover-street
Canning, Edward, painter, 11 Cattle Market-street
Canning, Moses, shorthand writer, 6 Brisbane-street
Canning, Thomas, mariner, 8 Barrack-street
Cannon, Charles J., labourer, 19 St. George’s-walk
Cannon, George, tripe dresser ;also, dairy, 7 Strand-street
Cannon, Philip, labourer, 6 Quilliam’s-court
Carbery, John, groom, 5 Frederick-street
Carbery, John, labourer, 20 Bigwell-street
Carbinach, Walter, labourer, 11 New Bond-street
Careful, Miss Jane, spinster, 6 Athol-square
Caren, James, boatman, 1 Drury-lane
Caren, John, labourer, 5 Wellington-square
Caren, William, mason, 7 Great George-street
Carine, Barnard, labourer, 11 Fort-street
Carine, Lawrence, earthenware dealer, 1 Duke-lane
Carine, William, mason, 3 Shaw’s-brow
Carkeland, Samuel, labourer, 20 Wellington-square
Carkeland, Thomas, labourer, 1 7 Wellington-square
Carmichael, Mrs. Ann, Sydney-street
Carr, Thomas, porter, 23 South-quay
Carren, John, labourer, 4 Postoffice-place
Cartmail, Major J. (retired), 13 Derby-square
Carvel, Mrs. Rose, widow, 8 Hanover-street
Casement, John, engineer, 2 Princes-street
Casement, John, mariner, 8 Postoffice-lane
Casey, Mrs. Jessie, cutler and umbrella maker, 68 Duke-street
Castell, Daniel, mariner, 7 Bath-place
Castle Hill Brewery, John Brown, proprietor, Victoria-road. (See advt., p. 300.)
Castle Mona Hotel, John A. Hinton, manager, Crescent. (See advt., p. 334.)
Castle Mona Stores, Geo. C. Heron, proprietor, wine and spirits, 28 Castle-street. (See advt. in H.’s)
Caugherty, James, 21 Athol-street
Caulfield, Carren, joiner, 15 Church-street
Cavendish, Hugh, labourer, 18 Church-street
Cavendish, John, labourer, 30 Barrack-street
Cavendish, Richard, labourer, 1 Shaw’s-brow
Cavendish, Thomas, car-driver, 3 Drinkwater-street
Cavendish, Thomas, mariner, 6 Back St. George’s-terrace
Cawte, Isaac M., ironmonger, 13 Strand-street
Chadwick, Edmund, builder, 1 Falcon-street
Chair, Mrs. M., 7, Adelaide-terrace
Chalmers, Miss Mary, lodgings, 42 Princes-street
Chapman, Mrs. Harriet, proprietress Adelphi Hotel, 23
Church-street. (See advt., p. 277.)
Chapman, John, labourer, 3 Corrin’s-court
Charlesworth, Benjamin, board and lodging-house, 29 Castle-st.
Cheshire Inn, Charles Holland, proprietor, 44 North-quay
Chesterman, Miss Margaret, lodging-house, 51 Athol-street
Christian, The Misses, board and lodging-house, 25 Circular-road. (See advt., p. 333.)
Christian, Alfred, labourer, 23 Bigwell-street
Christian, Caesar, innkeeper, 27 King-street
Christian, Edward, clerk, 11 Eastfield
Christian, James, 76 Finch-road
Christian, James, builder, Poplar-terrace, Falcon Cliff-road
Christian, James, earthenware dealer, 6 King-street
Christian, James, labourer, lodging-house, 16 Melbourne-street
Christian, J., labourer, 4 Duke-lane
Christian, John, gardener, 1 Tynwald-terrace
Christian, John, joiner and builder (retired), 25 Circular-road
Christian, John, mariner, 5 Quine’s-corner
Christian, John, plasterer, 2 Barnabas-square
Christian, John, shoemaker, 8 Postoffice-lane
Christian, John H ., blacksmith, 7 South-quay
Christian, Mrs. Margaret, 10 Rosemount. (See advt., p. 330.)
Christian, Mrs. Margaret, butcher, 2 Barrack-street
Christian, Mrs. Margaret, lodging, 5 Mount-pleasant
Christian, Philip, Finch-hill House, Buck’s-road
Christian, Robert, grocer and provision dealer, 26 Barrack-st.
Christian, Robert, labourer, 3 Postoffice-place
Christian, Robert, mason, Victoria-terrace, Victoria-road
Christian, Robert, shoemaker, 6 6 Finch-road
Christian, Robert E., ship and Custom-house broker. Office and residence, 6, Quayle’s-lane. (See advt., p. 335)
Christian, Robert Quayle, manager Co-operative Society, also board and lodging-house, 80 Circular-road
Christian, Thomas, joiner, North John-street
Christian, Thomas, labourer, 6 Heywood-place
Christian, Thomas, mariner, 8 Bigwell-street
Christian, Thomas, wood-turner ; yard, Kelly’s-court ; res., Peveril Cottage, off Allen-street
Christian, William, mariner, 6 Back Hope-street
Christian, William , car-proprietor, 19 James-street
Christian, William, ironmon ger, 21 Nelson-street
Christian, William, plasterer, 2 Barnabas-square
Christopher, Henry Seton, clerk to school committee, 15 Stanley-terrace
Clague, Mrs. Ann, lodging-house, 9 Hope-street
Clague, Mrs. Ann, widow, Almshouse-lane
Clague, Mrs . Catherine, Cambrian-place
Clague, Daniel, cabinet maker, also lodging-house, 15 Hope-st.
Clague, Edward, mason, 4 Church-street
Clague, Edward, roper, 2 Drumgold-street
Clague, Edward, tailor, 1 Athol-square
Clague, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, 2 Bigwell-street
Clague, Mrs. Eliza, grocer and confectioner, 37 Strand-street
Clague, Miss Elizabeth (retired), 72 Derby-square
Clague, George, 72 Derby-square
Clague, George, mariner, 5 Athol-square
Clague, Henry (Market-hill House), woollen and linen draper, silk mercer, dresses, mantles, jackets, and millinery goods; 7 Duke-street. (See advt. near end of book.)
Clague, Henry, 2 Duke-lane ;business place, 8 Duke-street
Clague, James, coach trimmer, also lodging-house, 5 Circular-rd.
Clague, James, glass, china, and earthenware, 12 Strand-street. (See advt., p. 335.)
Clague, James Thomas, mason, 14 Fort Anne-road
Clague, Mrs. Jane, lodging-house, 47 Athol-street
Clague, Mrs. Jane, lodging-house, 22 Hope-street
Clague, Mrs. Jane, widow, 4 Postoffice-lane
Clague, John, family grocer, tea, coffee, and provision dealer, seed merchant, &c., 23 Nelson-street. (See advt., p. 336)
Clague, John, joiner, and lodging-house, 5 Christian-road
Clague, John, lodging-house, 3 Goldie-terrace
Clague, John, mariner, 18 Great Nelson-street
Clague, John, mariner, 11 New Bond-street
Olague, Joseph, 1 Fancy-street
Clague, Joseph, butcher, lodgings, 16 Mona-street
Clague, Mrs. Margaret, charwoman, 2 Barrack-street
Clague, Matthias, innkeeper, 3 Chapel-lane
Clague, Mrs., widow, 3 Cambrian-place
Clague, Mrs., boarding-house, 19 Prospect-hill
Clague, Norris, shoemaker, 12 Hanover-street
Clague, Philip, mason, 2 Cattle Market-street
Clague, Richard, assistant, 62 South Quay
Clague, Richard, boatman, 11 Seneschal-lane
Clague, Robert, labourer, 4 Athol-square
Clague, Robert, policeman, St. George’s-terrace
Clague, Thomas, bootmaker, 18 Lord-street
Clague, Thomas, butcher, 9 Duke-lane
Clague, Thomas, livery stables, Burnt Mill-hill ; residence, Waterwork Cottage, Burnt Mill-hill. (See advt., p. 335.)
Clague, Thomas, labourer, Callow-place
Clague, Thomas, saddler, 4 Muckle’s-gate
Clague, Thomas Alfred, accountant, 12 Sidney-street
Clague, Thomas E., cooper, 18 Fort-street
Clague, William, blacksmith, and refreshment house, 16 Fort Anne-road
Clague, William, boot and shoemaker, 18 Fancy-street
Clague, William, car proprietor, Rose Cottage, Back Lawn
Clague, William, mariner, 20 New Bond-street
Clague, William, mariner, 2 St. George’s-terrace
Clague, William (retired), 36 Woodbourne-square
Clague, William, shoemaker, also lodging-house, Goldie-ter.
Clare, Edwin M., dentist, 1 Mount Pleasant, Finch-road
Clarence Boarding House, Mrs H. E. Whidborne, proprietress 9 Clarence-terrace. (See advt. in W.’s)
Clarendon Hotel, James Taylor, proprietor, North Quay
Clarke, Miss Ann Jane, teacher, andlodging-house, 10 Sidney-st.
Clarke, Archibald, cashier, &c., Isle of Man Banking Co., Limited ; residence, 15 Athol-street
Clarke David, joiner, and lodging-house, 23 Christian-road
Clarke Edward, photographer, Loch Parade ; residence, Marina Cottage
Clarke, George, painter, glazier, and paper-hanger, 21 Wel lington-street
Clarke, George, overseer, The Isle of Man Times office ; also lodging-house, 13 Christian-road
Clarke, James, British Hotel, Market-place. (See advt. p. 337)
Clarke, Mrs. Jane, 1 Woodhouse-terrace, 64 South Quay
Clarke, John, boatman, 11 Seneschal-lane
Clarke, John, butcher, 3 Prospect-hill ;residence, 7 Great Nelson-street
Clarke, John Henry, butcher, Great Nelson-street
Clarke, Robert J., saddler, and lodging-house, 8 Hope-street
Clarke, Thomas, carter, Hardy’s-yard
Clarke, Thomas, grocer’s assistant, 11 Great Nelson-street
Clarke, Thomas, shoemaker, residence, 1 7 Wellington-street
Clarke, William, coachman, lodgings, 46 Princes-st.
Clarke, William, dyer, 22 Fort Anne-road
Clarke, William, insurance and commission agent, office, 35 Athol-street ; residence, 10 Harris-terrace
Clarke, William Levett, managing clerk to Mr Sherwood, advocate, 13 Athol-street
Clarke, Mrs., Rose Villa, 20 Victoria-road
Clarke, Mrs., ladies’ school, 10 Harris-terrace
Cleator, Miss Elizabeth, 14 Shaw’s Brow
Cleator, Mrs . Jane, provision dealer, 20 Drumgold-street
Cleator, Robert, labourer, Spittall's-court
Clegg, John, glazier, lodgings, 9 Christian-road
Cleveland, John, car proprietor, 5 Wellington-square
Clinch, John Williams, proprietor Lake Brewery, wholesale and retail dealer and manufacturer ;office and brewery, 1 North Quay. Residence, 5 Windsor-terrace. (See advt. on outside front cover, and inset opposite name.)
Clinton, Mrs Margaret, widow, 4 Upper Church-street
Clucas, Alfred, poulterer, 58 Duke-street
Clucas, Mrs Ann, 12 Princes-street
Clucas, Mrs. Ann, 21 South-quay
Clucas, Mrs. Ann, charwoman, 12 St. George’s-street
Clucas, Mrs. Ann, widow, Almshouse-lane
Clucas, George, dairy, 17 Drinkwater-street
Clucas, Geo. Henry, grocer and provision dealer, wine and spirit merchant, 67 Strand-street. (See inset opposite name.)
Clucas, Henry, joiner, 6 St. George’s-walk
Clucas, Henry, painter, 21 South-quay
Clucas, James, labourer, 1 Caley’s-court
Clucas, Miss Jane, 1 1 Daltou-street
Clucas, Jane, Thornhill
Clucas, Mrs . Jane, widow, 18 Wellington-street
Clucas, John, 32, Princes-street
Clucas, John, cabinet maker, lodgings, 36 Princes-street
Clucas, John, joiner and builder, 3 Dalton-street
Clucas, John, mason, Derby Cottage, Castle Lawn
Clucas, John Thomas, carter, 28 Fort Anne-road
Clucas, Louis, drapery assistant ;also lodging-house ; resi dence, 14 Mount Havelock. (See advt., p. 337.)
Clucas, Mrs. Margaret, grocer, 15 Mona-street
Clucas, Mrs. Mary, lodging-house, 8 Athol-terrace, Peel-road
Clucas, Richard, mariner, 3 6 Barrack-street
Clucas, Richard P., 12 Melbourne-street
Clucas, Robert (" Bon Marché"), liner and woollen draper, silk mercer, haberdasher, hosier, outfitter, &c. ; mantles, robes, costumes, ware rooms ;also dealer in boots and shoes, &c. ; Victoria-street. (See inset opposite name.)
Clucas, Robert, greengrocer, 16 Back Strand-street
Clucas, Robert, labourer, 16 James’-street
Clucas, Robert, shoemaker, 2 Corran’s-court
Clucas, Thomas, cabinetmaker ;also lodging-house, 68 Athol-st.
Clucas, Thomas, joiner, 21 South-quay
Clucas, Thomas, plumber and gasfittei, 41 Circular-road
Clucas, Thomas (retired), 8 Brisbane-street
Clucas, Thomas William, 6 Church-street
Clucas, William Henry, iron moulder ;also board and lodging-house ; 4 Nunnery View, 22 Peel-road
Clucas, William, mason, 25 Wellington-square
Clucas, William, plasterer, Frederick-street
Clucas, William, shoemaker, 9 Shaw’s Brow
Clucas, William, tailor, 6 Great George-street
Cockayne, John, boarding-house, Loch Promenade
Cole, James, blacksmith, Queen-street
Colebourn, Edmund J., importer of French and Spanish corks and cork wood ;cork and brush manufacturer, and dealer in fancy goods, ladies and gents.’ satchels, jewellery, &c. ; Victoria-street. (See inset opposite name.)
Coleman, William, j oiner, 4 Wellington-square
Collin, Peter, 13 Stanley-terrace
Collins, Charles, marine stores, 7 Fancy-st. ;res. Senna-place
Collins, Daniel, porter, 11 Fancy-street
Collins, Thomas, car driver, 2 Edward-lane
Collins, Thomas, general dealer, 3 Drury-lane
Collister, Caesar, labourer, Back-lawn
Collister, Mrs. Catherine, provision dealer, 11 Great George-st.
Collister, David, photographer, 4 Brisbane-street
Collister, Daniel, plasterer, Allen-street
Collister, Edward, labourer, 1 2 Hanover-street
Collister, Mrs. Eleanor, board and lodging-house, 8 Mount Havelock. (See advt., p. 338.)
Collister, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 3 Athol-square
Collister, Mrs. Isabella, charwoman, 12 Bigwell-street
Collister, James, labourer, 10, Cattle Market-street
Collister, Miss Jane, dressmaker, 3 Wellington-street
Collister, John, butcher, 23 Shaw’s Brow
Collister, John, cabinet maker, 29 & 31 Finch-road ; residence, 32 Finch-road
Coflister, John, gardener, and lodging-house, 20 Brisbane-st.
Collister, John, grocery, 7 1 Circular-road
Collister, Joseph, joiner, 3, Drinkwater-street
Collister, Mark, railway guard, Allen-street
Collister, Philip, tanner, 24 Chester-street
Collister, Robert, carter, Chester-street
Collister, Robert, livery, bait, and posting establishment, 13 St. George’s-street and south end of Derby-square ; res., 44 Circular-road. (See advt., p. 339)
Collister, Robert H., 9 St. George’s-street
Collister, Simeon, mariner, 1 7 James’-street
Collister, Mrs. Thomas, charwoman, 3 Gelling’s-court, Lord-st.
Coflister, William, baker and provision dealer, Church-street; residence, Kingswood-terrace
Collister, Wm., baker, also lodging-house, 4 Kingswood-ter.
Collister, William, labourer, 4, Drury-lane
Collister, William, tailor, 4 Hanover-street
Colquohoun, Miss Helen, 74 Finch-road
Colvin, William, coal merchant, 8 Hanover-street
Comey, Richard, dairy keeper, 15 Back Strand-street
Comish, Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 17 North-quay
Comish, Charles, mariner, 1 0 Hanover-street
Comish, Mrs Elizabeth, widow, 7 Duke-lane
Comish, William, labourer, 10 Fancy-street
Comley, George, lodging, 11 Mona-terrace
Comma, John, labourer, 5 Quilliam’s-court
Commercial Inn, James Bell, proprietor, 33 North-quay
Condliffe, Mrs. Matilda, tobacconist, Prospect-hill
Connall, Mrs. Catherine, lodging-house, 59 Circular-road. (See advt., p. 329.)
Connall, Hiram, mason, 1 Drinkwater-street
Connall, Thomas, mariner, 12 Seneschal-lane
Connell, John, hairdresser and tobacconist ; also refreshment house ; 54 and 55 North-quay.
Connell, Patrick, licensed hawker, 2 Edward-lane
Connell, Peter, fireman, 3 Edward-lane
Connor, Thomas, chimney sweeper, 35 Cattle Market-street
Connor, John, umbrella-maker, 5 Kewley’s-lane
Conroy, Peter, steward, Ben-my-Chree, 27 Mona-street
Convil, Patrick, shoemaker, 13 Cattle Market-street
Conway Michael, hawker, 4 Quilliam’s-court
Cookson, Mrs. Catherine Josephine, widow, 5 Woodside-terrace
Conway, J., labourer, 10 Tynwald-terrace
Cookson, George Ridgway, advocate, 46 Athol-street
Coole, Charles William, (member, London University) advocate ; office, 48 Athol-street
Coole, James, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, corner of Victoria and Great George’s-streets
Coole, James, 12 Circular-road
Coole, James, jun., grocer, 4 Great George’s-street
Coole, John J., Fleetwood House, wholesale and retail grocer and provision dealer, wine and spirit merchant, 31 North-qy. (See advt., p. 340.)
Coole, Thomas, cigar dealer, 4 Strand-street ; also bakery, 9 Bigwell-street
Coole, William, shopkeeper, 1 Bigwell-street
Cooper, Mrs. Hannah, 3 Marion-terrace
Cooper, James, joiner, 6 Drinkwater-street
Cooper, Mrs. Jane, widow, 23 Athol-street
Cooper, Mrs. Mary Ann, car proprietress, Saddle Inn, 2 Queen-street
Cooper, William, j oiner, 1 5 Drinkwater-street
Corgeen, John, mariner, 5 Quayle’s-lane, North-quay
Corkhill, Mrs. Ann, board and lodging house, 1 Stanley-mount (See advt., p. 338)
Corkhill, Mrs. Ann, widow, 12 Cambridge-terrace
Corkhill, Mrs. Catherine, 17 King-street
Corkill, Mrs. Catherine, lodging-house, 26 Derby-road
Corkhill, Mrs. Catherine, widow, 4 St. George’s-terrace
Corkhill, Edward, carter, 4 Athol-square
Corkhill, Edward, mariner, 6 St. George’s-street
Corkhill, George, shoemaker, and lodging-house, 7 Athol-ter.
Corkhill, Mrs. Jane, lodging-house, 8 Myrtle-street
Corkhill, John, carter, 6 Senna-road
Corkhill, John E., shoemaker, lodgings, 3 Christian-road
Corkhill and Leece, Misses, 52 Buck’s-road
Corkhill, Mrs. Margaret, provision dealer, 2 Fancy-street
Corkhill, Misses (The Mona Coffee House), confectionery, restaurant, and lodging house, 74 Strand-street
Corkhill, Peter, boot and shoe maker, 64 Strand-street; res., 74 Strand-street
Corkhill, Robert, mason, and lodging-house, 15 Christian-road
Corkhill, Thomas, mariner, 14 Lord-street
Corkhill, Thomas, mason, 23 Wellington-street
Corkhill, William, breweryman, 34 Bigwell-street
Corkhill, William, carpenter, 6, Drury-lane
Corkhill, William, custom house officer, 62 Buck’s-road
Corkhill, William, joiner and builder, 1 Stanley-mount
Corkhill, William, mariner, 9, James-street
Corkhill, William, milk dealer, 22 Drumgold-street
Corkhill, William, policeman, 33 Circular-road
Corkill, Robert, lodging-house, 10 St. George’s-street
Corkill, Robert, compositor, boardandlodging-house, 10 Hill-st.
Corkill, —, mason, Church-street
Corkish, Henry, labourer, 1 7 Hanover-street
Corkish, Mrs. Jane, charwoman, 15 Hanover-street
Corkish, John, gardener, Back West-view
Corkish, John, innkeeper, 10 New Bond-street
Corkish, William, engine-driver, 46 South-quay
Corlett, Mrs. A., widow, 4 Almshouse-lane
Corlett, Mrs. Bridget, widow, 6 Fairy Ground
Corlett, Edward and Charles, furniture dealers, cabinet-makers, and upholsterers, 51 Bucks-road. (See advt. on outside of book, and inset on opposite page)
Corlett, Edward, lodging-house, 5 Kingswood-grove
Corlett, Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Marion Terrace
Corlett, George R., cabinet-maker, North-quay
Corlett, Henry, mariner, 34 Athol-street
Corlett, Isaac, joiner ; also board and lodging house, 4 Myrtle-street
Corlett, James, fancy bread and biscuit baker, grocer, and provision dealer, ship stores, &c., 43 North-quay. (See advL, p. 341.)
Corlett, James, tailor and clothier, 13 Castle-street ; residence, 1 Esplanade. (See advt. p. 330.)
Corlett, John, mariner, 32 Bigwell-street
Corlett, John, mariner, 1 Fort-street
Corlett, John, tailor, lodgings, 1 Mona-street
Corlett, John Joseph, upholsterer and cabinet-maker, 35 Circular-road. (See advt., p. 342.)
Corlett, Miss Margaret, lodging-house, 3 Stanley-terrace
Corlett, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 4 Muckles-gate
Corlett, Mrs. Mary, widow, 32 Bigwell-street
Corlett, Robert, baker, 26 Derby-road
Corlett, Robert, labourer, 12 Bigwell-street
Corlett, Robert, carpenter, 6 Fort-street
Corlett, Robert, car proprietor, 1 3 Mona-street
Corlett, Mrs. Susan Anna, lodging-house, 5 Victoria-road
Corlett, Thomas, butcher, 14 Prospect-hill
Corlett, Thomas, car proprietor, 1 1 Frederick-street
Corlett, Thomas, labourer, 66 South-quay
Corlett, Captain Thomas, lodging-house, 7 Taubman-terrace, Fort Anne-road
Corlett, Thomas, mason, 10 Hanover-street
Corlett, Thomas, shoemaker, at G. Lay’s, Duke-street
Corlett, William, boatman, Fairy Ground
Corlett, William, cabinet-maker, 8 Shaw’s-brow
Corlett, William, joiner, 2 Kelly’s-court
Corlett, Mrs. William, 3 Drinkwater-street
Corlett, William, mariner, 19 Queen-street
Corlett, William, mariner, 28 Athol-street
Corlett, William, mason, lodgings, 3 Kingswood-grove
Corlett, William, shoemaker, 6 Great Nelson-street
Corlett, William Henry, tailor, 8 King-street
Corran, Matthias IV., agricultural and general auctioneer, seed and manure agent. Office and residence, 2 Tynwald street. (See advt., p. 343.)
Corrin, Mrs. Ann, charwoman, 9 James-street
Corrin, Miss Charlotte, 58 Derby-square
Corrin, Daniel, Cloth Hall, draper, Market-place
Corrin, Edward, joiner, Strand-street
Corrin, Edward, painter, 30 Strand-street
Corrin, Edward, wholesale and retail confectioner and sugar boiler, 31 Strand-street, and 20 Great Nelson-street. (See advt., p. 341.)
Corrin, Flaxney, confectionery, Kewley’s-lane
Corrin, Frederick, labourer, 20 Bigwell-street
Corrin, George, mariner, 12 Queen-street
Corrin, Henry, butcher and cattle dealer, 25 Castle-street
Corrin, Henry, labourer, 1 5 Barrack-street
Corrin, H. W., Peel House, dealer in confectioneries, bakery, restaurant, boarding-house, &c., Victoria-st. (See inset opposite name.)
Corrin, Captain James, King-street ‘
Corrin, James, mariner, 25 Fort-street
Corrin, Mrs. Jane, 32 Athol-street
Corrin, Mrs. Janet, monthly nurse, 3 Queen-street
Corrin, John, fancy bread and biscuit baker, 1 Strand-street
Corrin, John, painter, 8 King-street
Corrin, Joseph, boatman, 3 Duke-lane
Corrin, Matthias, mariner, 7 Fort-street
Corrin, Paul, labourer, 1 7 James-street
Corrin, Richard, mariner, 25 Fort-street
Corrin, Robert, carter, Bond-lane
Corrin, Mrs. Sophia, widow, 3 Duke-lane
Corrin, William, lodging-house, Osborne-grove
Corrin, William, mariner, 34 Athol-street
Corrin, William, mariner, 94 Strand-street
Corrin, William, mason, 5 Athol-square
Corris, John Henry, 35 Princes-street
Corris, Philip, labourer, and lodging-house, 20 Melbourne-st.
Corteen, Henry, cabinet maker, 20 South-quay
Corroon, James, marine stores, 11 Queen-street
Cottier and Cubbon, (John T. H. C. and Robert H. C.,) linen and woollen drapers, silk mercers, shawls, mantles, millinery, and gentleman’s outfitting, corner Victoria and Duke-streets. (See advt., p. 3 44.)
Cottier, Edward, carpenter, 14 Chester-street
Cottier, Edward, coach painter, 3 Church-street
Cottier, Edward, gardener, 10 Wesley-terrace
Cottier, Mrs. Jane, widow, Drumgold~street
Cottier, James, labourer, Thornhill
Cottier, James, scavenger, 14 Fort-street
Cottier, John J., horse shoer, 49 Athol-street
Cottier, Miss Martha, 12 Hanover-street
Cottier, J. T. H. (firm of Cottier and Cubbon), drapers, Victoria and Duke-streets
Cottier, Mrs. Mary Ann, lodgings, 5 Mona-street
Cottier, Philip, labourer, Thornhill
Cottier, Robert, cordwainer, 14 Seneschal-lane
Cottier, Robert G., draper and clothier, The Beehive, Victoria-st.
Cottier, S. & C. (Misses Sarah and Christian), fancy drapers, baby linen warerooms, 26 Great Nelson-street
Cottier, William, master mason, lodgings, 28 Princes-st.
Cottle, Miss Mary Ann, 65 Derby-road
Cosnahan, Mrs. Jane, 33 Derby-road
Costain, Mrs. Ann, widow, 14 Shaw’s Brow
Costain, Thomas, boatman, 1 Drury-lane
Costain, Thomas, labourer, 6 Drumgold street
Costain, William, mason, 5, South John-street
Costrove, Patrick, labourer, 1 7, Cattle Market~street
Couch, Mrs Isabella, widow, 13 Fancy-street
Coupe, Joseph, importer of foreign and other cigars, and tobacconist, 64 Duke-street ; residence, 44 Buck’s-road
Court House (Law Courts ; also High-Bailiff’s office), Athol-st.
Cowan, Mrs. Ellen, widow, 2 Muckle’s-gate
Cowan, Mrs. Isabella, widow, 5 South John-street
Cowan, James, mariner, 5 Muckle’s-gate
Cowan, Joseph, labourer, 8 Hanover-street
Cowell, Alexander, car proprietor, 3 Back Lawn
Cowell, Miss Ann, dressmaker, 34 Athol-street
Cowefl, Mrs. Catherine, widow, 5 Shaw’s Brow
Cowefl, Charles, labourer, 18 Barrack-street
Cowell, Miss Eliza, seamstress, S Bigwvell-street
Cowell, Mrs . Elizabeth, Widows’ House, Muckle’s-gate
Cowell, Ellen, poultry dealer, 26 Wellington-street. (See advt., p. 345.)
Cowell, George, ropemaker, lodgings, 2 1 Mona-street
Cowell, Miss Jane, spinster, 2 Kelly’s-court
Cowefl, John, labourer, 2 3 Bigwell-street
Cowell, John, mariner, 3 St. George’s-terrace
Cowell, John, porter, 19 Hanover-street
Cowell, John T., (Geo. Sherwood and Co.) ; residence, 14 Eastfield (See advt., near Sherwood & Co.’s name.)
Cowell, Mrs. Margaret, Foresters’ Arms Hotel, 17 St. George’s-street. (See advt., p. 345.)
Cowell, Margaret, Mona Ville lodging-house, 4 Victoria-rd.
Cowell, Robert, joiner, and lodging-house, 2 6 Princes-street
Cowell, Robert, labourer, 2 Back Stanley-terrace, Victoria-rd.
Cowell, Robt., Manchester and Liverpool Arms, 60 North-quay
Cowell, Robert, plasterer and lodging-house, 6 Dalton-street
Cowell, Samuel, labourer, 1 7 Shaw’s Brow
Cowell, Thomas, joiner ; also lodging-house, 43 Circular-road
Cowell, Thomas, labourer, 1 Bigwell-street
Cowell, Thomas, mariner, 26 Wellington-street
Cowell, Mrs. Thomas, poultry dressing, &c., 26 Wellington-street. (See advt., p. 345.)
Cowell, Thomas, shoemaker, Imperial Stables
Cowell, William, carpenter) Queen-street
Cowell, William, coachman, and lodging-house, 24 Falcon-st.
Cowell, William, labourer, 20 Drumgold-street
Cowell, William, mariner, 1 Noble’s-court
Cowell, William, mason, 8 Postofllce-lane
Cowen, Daniel, labourer, 24 Athol-street
Cowen, John, cigar and tobacco (lealer, 22 Strand-street. (See advt., p. 345.)
Cowen, John, dyer and French cleaner 27 Prospect-hill. (See advt., p. 346.)
Cowen, Mrs. Margaret, charwoman, 6 Quayle’s-lane
Cowen, Miss Margaret, charwoman, 5 Wellington-square
Cowen, Thomas, carter, 24 Shaw’s-brow
Cowen, William, painter, 1 2 Barrack-street
Cowen, Mrs Ann, 4 Clarence-terrace
Cowin, Mrs Ann, greengrocer, 7 Prospect-hill
Cowin, Miss Annie, lodgings, 3 Mount-pleasant
Cowin, Mrs Catherine, widow, Thornhill
Cowin, Miss Eleanor, lodging-house, Peveril House, Peveril-st.
Cowin, James, labourer, 14 Barrack-street
Cowin, Miss Jane, uphoistress, &c., 59 Athol-street. (See advt., p. 347.)
Cowin, Miss Jane, charwoman, 16 Back Strand-street
Cowin, Mrs Jane, widow, 4 Rosemount
Cowin, John, car proprietor, 26 Cattle Market-street
Cowin, John, carter, 57 Athol-street
Cowin, John, labourer, Thornhill
Cowin, Captain John, lodging-house, 27 Hope-street
Cowin, John, Windsor-road
Cowin, Joseph, porter, 12 Postoffice-lane
Cowin, Mrs. Maria, lodging-house, 61 Circular-road
Cowin, Mrs Mary, grocery and provision, 29 Circular-road
Cowin, Norris (retired), 15 Rosemount
Cowin, Robert D., baker, confectioner, flour dealer, &c., S.W. corner Prospect-hill and Hill-street. (See advt., p. 347.)
Cowin, Mrs Sarah J. (retired), 1 Castle-terrace
Cowin & Co., drapers and milliners, 13, Duke-street. (See advt., p. 348.)
Cowin, Tom, bread and biscuit baker, 34 Strand-street. (See advt., p. 349.)
Cowin, Thomas, carter and shopkeeper, 1 1 North-quay
Cowin, Thomas, lodging-house, 1 1 2 Buck’s-road
Cowin, Thomas, lodgings, 38 Princes-street
Cowin, Thomas, upholsterer, 26 Bigwell-street
Cowin, William, clerk, Athol-street Cowin, Wm. (Cowin & Co.), 13 Duke-street Cowin, William, mariner, 22 Barrack-street
Cowin, William D., builder, &c., 1 Castle-terrace
Cowin, Wm. Henry, printer, North-quay ; also lodgings
Cowle, Charles, 9 Back Hope-street
Cowle, Daniel, labourer, 23 South-quay
Cowle, James, architect, joiner, and builder, 18 St. George’s-street ; residence I 2 Circular-road
Cowle, Robert, labourer, and lodging-house, 40 Princes-street
Cowley, Mrs. Ann, lodging-house, 2 Spring-gardens
Cowley, Miss Ann, 3 Postoffice-place
Cowley, Miss Catherine, boarding-house, 2 Stanley-mount
Cowley, Mrs. Catherine, milk dealer, 15 Bigwell-street
Cowley, Christopher, ship carpenter, 2 St. Barnabas’-square
Cowley, Daniel, merchant tailor, 12 Strand-street
Cowley, Edward, labourer, 12 Shaw’s-brow
Cowley, Mrs. Eleanor, grocery, 1 Back Strand-street
Cowley, Henry, carter, 10 Fancy-street
Cowley, Henry Richard, grocer, &c., 5 New Bond-street
Cowley, James, labourer, 14 Lord-street
Cowley, John, labourer, 13 Seneschal-lane
Cowley, John, mariner, 19 Drinkwater-street
Cowley, John, mariner, 4 Muckle’s-gate
Cowley, John, oysterman, 10 James-street
Cowley, Joseph, shoemaker, Barrack-street
Cowley, the Misses, boarding-house 2, Stanley-mount
Cowley, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 23 Bigwell-street
Cowley, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 11 Ropewalk-road
Cowley, Mrs. Nancy, widow, 4 Caley’s-court
Cowley, Philip, mariner, 9 Postoffice-lane
Cowley, Robert, joiner, 4 Postoffice-place
Cowley, Robert, mariner, 6 Quayle’s-lane
Cowley, Thomas, blacksmith, 6 Hanover-street
Cowley, Thomas, 3 Caley’s-court
Cowley, Thomas, joiner, lodgings, 20 Mona-street
Cowley, Thomas, master mariner, 13 Drinkwater-street
Cowley, William, joiner and builder, and lodging-house, 20 Buck’s-road
Cowley, William, mariner, 18 South-quay
Cox, Aldmon, labourer, 4 Athol-square
Cox, John B., 36 Finch-road
Coyne, Miss Eleanor, lodging-house, 28 Buck’s-road
Coyne, Philes, shoemaker, 14 Frederick-street
Cragg, William J., Victoria Tavern, 88 Strand.street
Craige, John, mariner, 13 Barrack-street
Craige, John, mariner, 1 Fort-street
Craige, Mrs . Sarah, widow, 9 Shaw’s-brow
Craige, Thomas, mariner, 28 Church-street
Craige, William, mariner, 6 King-street
Craige, William J., auctioneer, valuer, stock and share broker ; office—12 Prospect-hill ; residence—3 Taubman terrace, Fort Anne-road. (See inset, opposite name.)
Craine, Andrew, baker, 13 Church-street
Craine, Ann, 36 Buck’s-road
Craine, Charles, mason, 1 Edward-lane
Craine, Edward, labourer, Lord-street
Craine, Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, &c., 19 Drinkwater-sti-eet
Craine, Miss Ellen, 4 Cambrian-place
Craine, Mrs Isabella, lodging-house, 7 Leigh-terrace
Craine, James, joiner, 12 Falcon-street
Craine, James, labourer, 5 Barrack-street
Craine, John, labourer, 30 Barrack-street
Craine, John, labourer, 20 Bigwell-street
Craine, John, Ramsey coach driver, 8 Fort-street
Craine, John, shoemaker, 64 Strand-street
Craine, Joseph, lodging-house, 116 Buck’s-road
Craine, Joseph, watchmaker, lodging-house, 6 Osborne-grove
Craine, Miss Margaret, lodgings, 8 Burnt Mill-hill
Craine, Mrs. Margaret, lodgings, 7 Christian-road
Craine, The Misses Margaret and Marian C., lodging-house, Kings wood-terrace
Craine, Miss Mary Ann, lodgings, 10 Princes-street
Craine, Robert, labourer, 2 Barrack-street
Craine, Robert, shoemaker, 19 Wellington_street
Craine, stephen, tailor, also letter carrier, 64 Strand-street
Craine, Thomas, cartwright, 6 Athol-terrace, Peel-road
Craine, Thomas, labourer, 1 2 Tynwald-terrace
Craine, Thomas, mariner, 19 Drinkwaterstreet
Craine, Thomas, tailor and lodging-house, 58 Athol-street
Craine, William, 27 Woodbourne-terrace
Craine, William, cabinetmaker, 19 Queen-street
Craine, William, joiner and lodging-house, 10 Falcon-street
Crawford, Mrs. Margaret, lodging-house, 114 Buck’s-road
Crawford, Michael, gardener, 2 Frederick-street
Crea, Thomas, police clerk, 27 Circular-road
Crebbin, Miss Mary Ann, charwoman, 11 Fancy-street
Creer, Caesar, labourer, 6 Athol-square
Creer, Charles, labourer, 23 Barrack-street
Creer, Mrs. Eliza Christian, Market Hotel, Market-place
Creer, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 13 Drinkwater-street
Creer, George, cardriver, 1 1 Drurngold-street
Creer, Mrs. Jane, 8 Church-street
Creer, Mrs. Jane, millinery establishment, 87 Strand-street
Creer, Mrs. Jane, widow, 21 Fort-street
Creer, John, agricultural seeds, corn, flour, grain, and patent manure merchant, 12 North-quay
Creer, John (retired), 17 Ropewolk-road
Creer, John Joseph, advocate, office and residence—25 Athol-st.
Creer, Joseph, mariner, Allen-street
Creer, Robert, carpenter, 21 Dmumgold-street
Creer, Robert Edward, grocer, Market-place
Creer, RobertWm., stonecutter, 39 Hope-st.; res.,91 Circular-rd
Creer, Thomas, lodging-house, 5 Stanley-terrace
Creer, Thomas, mason, 9 Falcon-street
Creetch, Henry, mariner and lodging-house, 5 Osborne-grove
Creetch, John, painter, 13 Heywood-place
Cregeen, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 2 Hanover-street
Crellin, Mrs. Catherine, straw trimimmner, 4 Muckle’s-gate
Crellin, Mrs . Eleanor, widow, 7 Shaw's-brow
Crellin, James, builder, 1 Belmont-terrace
Crellin, Mrs. J., widow, 2 4 Wellington-square
Crellin, John, fruiterer, 2 5 Drumgold-street
Crellin, John, gardener and lodge keeper, Villa Marina
Crellin, John, grocer, Victoria-street
Crellin, John, labourer, 4 Muckle's-gate
Crellin, John, lodging-house, Bay View House, 19 Mount Havelock
Crellin, John, miller, 25 Shaw's-brow
Crellin, John Henry (Hortiguela and Crellin), 15 Prospect-hill
Crellin, Joseph, mariner, 2 George’s-terrace
Crellin, Mrs. M., widow, 21 Bigwell-street
Crellin, Mrs., shopkeeper, 15 Wellington-square
Crellin, Robert, mariner, 12 New Bond-street
Crellin, Robert, salesman, 5 Heywood-place
Crellin, Thomas, 17 Hanover-street
Crellin, Thomas, carter, 21 Oxford-street
Crellin, Thomas, labourer, 13 Shaw’s Brow
Crellin, Thomas, fish curer, 14 Strand-street
Orellin, William, grocer and lodgings, 7 Derby-road
Crellin, William, labourer, 6 Queen’s-place
Crellin, William, lodging-house, 16 Buck’s-road
Crennell, James, labourer, Ballaquayle Cottage, Princes-road
Crennell, Richard, horse keeper, 45 Buck’s-road
Crennell, William, cooper, 10 Queen-street
Crennell, William, engineer, lodgings, 20 Princes-street
Crescent Rotel, Alexander Brown, proprietor, Crescent
Creteen, Miss Eliza, charwoman, 14 Queen-street
Cretney, Mrs Catherine, 5 Post Office-lane
Cretney, Henry E., carter, 5 Hope-street
Cretney, Robert, mariner, 15 St. George’s-walk
Crewe, Samuel, lodging-house, 14 Brisbane-street
Cringle, Frank, Mariner, 2 Almshouse-lane
Cringle, George, lodgings, Richmond Grove
Cringle, James, labourer, 8 Post Office-lane
Cringle, John, sailor, 4 Heywood place
Cringle, William, coach painter, 1 Wellington square ; residence, 22 Chester-street
Cromel, John, carter, 5 Fort-street
Crosby, William, 1 7 Victoria-terrace, Victoria..road
Crosley, Mrs, Elizabeth, tailor and dressmaker, also lodging-house, 23 Hope-street
Crouch, Mrs. Jane, second-hand clothes dealer, 16 Church-st.
Croughan, Miss Sarah, 16 Fort William
Crowe, John, agent Baldwin Mines, board and lodgings, 36 (Loch-terrace), Circular-road. (See advt., p. 347.)
Crowe, William, joiner, Wellington square
Crummell, Miss Mary, shirt maker, 13 Wellington square
Cubbon, Mrs Anne, widow, 4 Athol-square
Cubbon, Edward, greengrocer, 38, Prospect-hill
Cubbon, Mrs. Eliza, (Pig and Whistle) public house, 60 Strand-street
Cubbon, Miss Elizabeth, lodgings, and dressmaker, 1 Albert-st.
Cubbon, George Henry, joiner, 58 Callow-place, Finch-road
Cubbon, Henry, joiner, Finch-hill, Bucks-road
Cubbon, Henry, mason, 3 Great Nelson-street
Cubbon, Miss Isabella, dressmaker, 4 Peel-road
Cubbon, Miss J., fancy repository, 4 Athol-street
Cubbon, James, general furnishing and builders’ ironmonger, plumber, gas-fitter, hot-water engineer, blacksmith, tin-smith, &c., and cabinet brass founder, Victoria-street, corner of Thomas-street. (See advt., p. 350)
Cubbon, Mrs. Jane, lodging-house, 3 Hill-street
Cubbon, John, car proprietor, 5 Back Stanley-terrace,Victoria-rd
Cubbon, John, estate agent and share broker, 3 St. George’s-pl.
Cubbon, John, joiner, 15 Hanover-street
Cubbon, John (Joseph Cubbon and Son) 8 Albert-terrace
Cubbon, John, labourer, 19 Bigwell-street
Cubbon, John, provision dealer, 10 Hanover-street
Cubbon, John Henry, machinist, 3 Fairy Ground
Cubbon, Joseph and Son (Joseph and John Cubbon) saddle, harness, trunk, and portmanteau manufacturers, Market-place. (See advt., p. 351.)
Cubbon, Joseph (Joseph Cubbon and Son) Sydney Mount, Bucks-road
Cubbon, Miss, Strathallan Park, Burnt Mill-hill
Cubbon, Mrs. , lodging-house, 32 Princes-street
Cubbon, Mrs. Matilda, widow, 3 Shaw’s-brow
Cubbon, Robert, baker, 53 Athol-street
Cubbon, Robert, lodging-house, 32 Bucks-road
Cubbon, Robert, tallow chandler, 17 James-street
Cubbon, Robert, compositor, 15 Drinkwater-street
Cubbon, Robert H. (Cottier & Cubbon), corner Victoria and Duke-streets
Cubbon, Miss Sarah, lodging house, 6 Mount Havelock
Cubbon, Thomas, corn, flour, and provision merchant, 26 North-quay ; res., The Priory, Braddan
Cubbon, Thomas, lodgings, 4 Mona-terrace
Cubbon, Thomas, tailor, 1 2 Great Nelson-street
Cubbon, Thomas Stephen, lodging-house, 80 Strand-street
Cubbon, William, wood turner, also grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 40 Buck’s-road. (See advt., p. 353.)
Cubbon, William, hostler, 4 Peel-road
Cubbon, William, labourer, 14 Lord-street
Cullan, Miss Mary Jane, mangle, 14 Cattle Market-street
Cumberland Tavern, Richard Quirk, proprietor, James-street
Cummings, Miss Jane, dressmaker, 55 Athol-street. (See advt., p. 348.)
Cunningham, James, labourer, 5 Back Strand-street
Cunningham, John, fruiterer and lodging-house, 1 New Bond-st.
Cunningham, Robert, butcher, 1 4 Queen-street
Curphey, Misses A. & H. (Miss Annie and Miss Henrietta C.), confectionery, 11 Strand-street. (See advt., p. 348.)
Curphey, Mrs. Celia, widow’s house
Curphey, Mrs . Christiana, lodging-house, 6 Rosemount
Curphey, Mrs. Harriet, Manx Sun newspaper, Victoria-street; residence, 40 Derby-square
Curphey, John, clerk, 5 Auckland-grove
Curphey, John, grocer, and wine and spirit merchant, 1 Castle-st.
Curphey, John, ship-carpenter, 1 St. George’s-street
Curphey, Mrs. Margaret, board and lodging-house, 11 Richmond-grove
Curphey, Peter, 40 Derby-square
Curphey, Robert, boatman and fishbuyer, 1 Shipyard-court
Curphey, Robert, seedsman, corn merchant, and implement warehouse, Market-place
Curphey, Mrs. William, lodgings, Stanley-mount
Curphey, William, boatman , Harris-lane
Curphey, William, shipwright and boat-builder, and lodging-house, 20 Bridge-road
Curphey, William, cart owner, Drumgold-street ; residence, 4 Kewley’s-lane
Curphey, William F., plumber, 62 Strand-street ; residence, 18 Mona-street
Cuthbertson, David P., tailor, draper, and gentlemen’s mercer, 17 Strand-street. (See advt., p. 352.)
Currie, John, proprietor Alexandra Hotel, 28, Duke-street
Curry, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 3 Edward-lane
Curtis, John, stonemason, 3 Quine’s-corner
Curtis, Thomas, labourer, Harris-lane
Custom House, 19 North-quay


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