Summary of Wills - Patrick 1750-1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.Some 99% [539/540] are here

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1750-2 A 34      QUIRK        William                  Ballachrink;son Paul;dau Margt,jane, jony sansbury,martha quane;wife jane exex;pledges Thos + Chas Quane
1750-3 E      w  GILL         Christian   KERMOD       d jun 1750;ch john,isabel creer (w/o john)exex
1750-3 E      d  QUANE        William                  perished by sea oct [1749?];bro charles + thos admrs;pledges edwd moore ballacallin + wm quirk weaver (both kk patk)
1751-1 A 19      DAWSON       Dollin                   d 16 feb 1750/1;bro wm;wife elinor exex;;witt state declared will xmas 1749;pledge wm quayle porter,wm cottier kk patrick
1751-2 E      w  KERMOD       Ann         CALLIN       d 26 apr;dau elizth sayle exex (w/o pat)
1751-1 E      d  QUIRK        Thomas                   d 6 months ago on coast guinea;bro Wm admr - see Wm Quirk jnr
1751-1 E      d  QUIRK        William, jn              d 6 yrs ago on coast of Guinea; had goods from mother (1740-2) + father (1742-3);only surviving bro Wm Quirk snr for goods by mother + jt with half sister Cath for those by father;pledges Wm + Patk Quirk
1751-2 E      w  MOORE        Catherine   CLAGUE       d 6 may;youngest ch robt,cath;dau isable;son john;husb john exor
1751-2 E      w  QUILLIAM     Alice       GELL         dated 14 oct;names isabel gell dauby,isable gell c'town + others;husb phi: [phill ?] exor then to fall to hen quilliam;bro john gell;
1752-1 A 17b     QUIRK        Ellinor                  [dup #]d.o.g dated 28 jul 1749;wm + ellin als sherlock (boreane + bal-ne-creggan dawby) to son nicholas (exor);dau ann
1752-2 A 46      COTTIER      Jane        SANSBURY     declrd 29 mar 1752;ch jane,ann,alice;gdau isabel caine;husb wm exor;
1752-2 E      d  KILLEY       William                  d 7 apr;ch wm,ann;wife alive
1752-3 E      d  QUIRK        William                  mariner perished by sea nr St Eustatia ? aug 1751;only sis cath ua uncle thos quirk supv;inv
1753-1 A 9       KEWN         Sarah       gell         mo-i-law eliza kelley widow;sis margt gell exec;elizth keone als kelly claims 10/6d for washed wool;
1753-1 E      d  CLUCAS       Ann         SHIMIN       d mid aug;ch hugh,ann;husb wm
1753-1 E      w  CORRIS       William                  d 8 oct 1751;son thos,silvester(2 ch), exorjohn(2 ch by a former wife),wm,patk;wife alive
1753-2 A 45      MARTIN       Joney       QUANE        d 24 mar 1753;husb thomas;two sisters;names silvester clark;parents execs;fa charles quane;
1753-2 E      d  CORRAS       Margaret    CRETNY       d 27 feb;only son thos
1753-2 E      d  COSNAHAN     Ann         KELLY als christian d 15 feb 1753;ch robt,cath(w/o john stevenson);ch step fa capt wm cosnahan;dispute between robt kelly rock marown + wm cosnahan
1753-2 E      w  QUIRK        John                     d 14 may 1753;father thomas exor
1754-1 E      d  COWLEY       Ann         KEY          d 14 oct 1753;ch ellinr,elizth + cath - all ua uncles John, Gilbt + thos key supv;husb wm;1774: elizth + cath ack from wm cowley son + exor of wm (husb of intestate Ann cowley - [?strange phrasing was he not their father]
1754-1 E      d  COWLEY       William                  d 17 feb 1752;orphan due goods by mo Bahee - only sis elizth cowley (ua) ;fa alive
1754-2 A 44      kerrOON      William                  d 1752;dau mary,ann;his cow to be sold to discharge funeral costs;
1755-2 A 42      COWIN        Jane        CAIN         d 4 apr 1755;son james(houses etc but after death of husb);dau Anne,Jony,Isable,Alice;unnamed gchild;husb thomas exor;witt John Moore x,Thos Cowile x;1763: Wm Skealy,boatman Peel, h/o Ann acks from Thomas
1754-2 E      d  CRELLIN      John                     d dec 1753 (+ buried Isle of Scilly) late a mariner out of liverpool;sibs thos, ann + alice(abroad);pledge John Kaighin snr scarisdale + wm cannell churchtown;
1754-2 E      w  QUILLIAM     Paul                     dated 15 apr 1754;ch henry(sheep on kerroodoo fostyll),anne(w/o john quirk),patk,philip,marjory,mary exex;wife joney;names john s/o phil quirk sleauwhallin;list of debtors;some ch ua Henry + john quirk supvs;
1754-3 E      w  KILLEY       Robert                   d 12 jun 1754;glenmoy;ch alice, caesar, john (they had mo's goods),wm(eldest son);wife exex;court notes 4 youngest ch unprovided for - alice(xd thru), charles,jane + grace [possibly a name lost from margin] - wm, thos,john + caesar killey uncles by father supv;inv + costs
1754-3 E      w  QUINE        Jane        QUAY         d 25 oct 1754;dau ann;niece margt halsall;only son thos exor;
1755-3 E      d  COSNAHAN     William                  d 10 jun 1755;capt wm C.;only ch ann - ua uncle john cosnahan supv;wife alive
1755-3 E      w  COWLEY       Thomas                   d 13 sep 1755;wife exex;witt + pledges sill radcliffe + james cain
1755-3 E      d  QUANE        Henry                    d 24 feb 1755;only dau isab admx - ua uncles+aunts Thos,alice(w/o patr shimin) + christian quane(w/o wm quirk);wife alive
1755-3 E      d  QUIRK        Richard                  d apr 1754, on coast of guinea;mariner on board Prince Eugene Liverpool(thos kewley cmnd);sibs john,wm,jane(w/o edwd corrin) + joney
1756-1 A 11      KERMOD       Alice       hutchin      d 18 nov 1755;widow now resident ballacallin;son john,gilbt;dau margt,isabel,joney
1756-1 A 12      QUAYLE       Catherine   clucas       neice cath clucas;husb thomas exor(houses etc in glanmoij)
1756-1 A 13      KEY          Philip                   d 26 nov 1755;ballachrink;wife alive;wife's bro john garret;uncles pat key + Jon Kneal; lands of dauby mountain to heir;cousin john kneal;child margery ua supv Wm Garret (?fa-i-law)+ Wm Watterson; pledges john kneal + gilbert key;1778 magery at la friend Wm quine + Patrick Quilliam step-fa;inv
1756-2 A 29      SHIMIN       mary                     d 4 apr 1756;cousin ann cosnahan als shimin exex
1756-2 A 30      CAIN         William                  d 19 mar 1756;dau jane;son Patrick (+ his 2 children) exor
1756-2 A 31      QUIRK        Thomas                   dated 23 feb 1756;kerroodoo;son john(lands + what was due by death of his uncles + money he lent them to pay for new intack,boat + limestones);gdau cath;gson john quirk;dau jane,joney(+ what was left to her by her step mo) - daus jt exexs
1756-2 A 32      CHRISTIAN    Catherine   RADCLIFFE    d 7 Nov 1756;w/o John;fa Henry Radcliffe
1756-2 E      d  KEWIN        Margaret    CLUCAS       d 17 mar 1756;dau alice(w/o wm kelly) + cath(w/o wm clague);
1756-3 E      w  COWLEY       Joney       WATERSON     d 13 may 1756;names isabel d/o wm bridson, john s/o thos cubon;sis margery;names margt + ann kelly (w/o wm bridson);ann bridson als kelly + margt scopphill [scofield] als quayle jt exexs
1756-3 E      w  GEYLL        Alice                    d beg aug 1756;dau jane exex(w/o wm quilliam)
1757-1 A 12      McHOOD       Ann         CAIN         [full]made 26 nov 1756;bro james (ch cath moore,ann + richd cain),thos;bro revd robt radcliffe [?half bro]
1757-1 E     w   CAINE        Mary        HARRISON     d 27 sep 1756;gson thos key;son thos cain exec
1757-2 E     d   GELL         Ann         CLAGUE       d 14 may 1757;only ch john ua unc john kenniagh;husb nichs;inv
1757-3 E     w   ARTHUR       John                     gmo elizth karran execx [?c/o john arthur + ann karran]
1757-3 E     w   QUANE        Alice                    d 23 jul 1757;bro thos;sis jane;sis's son thos kneal;bro-i-law henry kneal;sis isabel,anne
1757-3 E     d   QUIRK        William                  dated 1749;dawby wife ellin als sherlock;son nichs
1758-1 E     d   KEWAN        Thomas                   d 18 dec 1757;ch alice + cath;wm kelly h/o alice,wm clague h/o cath
1758-1 E     w   RADCLIFFE    Christian                d 25 apr 1757;gourdain;dau ellinr;gch ann quilliam;dau majery exex
1758-2 A 59      QUIRK        Jane                     21 feb 1758;dau joney sansbury,jane quirk (exex);son paul (to pay John Caine ballacaine 20s left by her hus Wm Quirk);son-i-law thos quane
1758-2 A 60      CAIN         Thomas                   d 2 Mar 1758 bro Rev  Robt radcliffe
1758-2 A 61      KERMOD       John                     d 9 mar 1758;sibs isabel callin als kermord(dau margt),gilbt(son john);sis's dau ellinor Corris;sisters jt exexs
1758-2 E     d   CORKAN       Esther      QUANE  als kneale d 17 jun 1758;ch wm,thos,christian + alice;wm quirk h/o christian, patr shimin h/o alice;husb robt
1758-2 E     w   karran       John                     d 25 apr 1758;ballacallin;son henry,thos exec;wife dead
1758-2 E     w   McLEECE      John                     ?can't find ?error
1758-3 E     w   COTTIER      William                  d 6 oct 1758;dau alice,ann cain (w/o james cain)
1759-1 E      d  KNICHAL      Margaret    QUAYLE       d 22 jan 1759;ch Jane + Elizth Knichal jt admxs - both at age but sick - father Robt Knickal sworn
1759-1 E     d   KNICKAL      Ann         QUILLIAM     [1st on film gl718];d 19 jan;5 ch john margt cath ann & patrick 4 latter ua;husb wm;eldest son john supv;wm dead (date not given); 1771 margt + ann + thos caine h/o cath ack from john;1778 pat + ann ack
1759-2 A 55      GAWN         Alice                    d 17 mar 1759;glen-moey;gdau jane clucas;son john clinton;dau cath starkey (house in glenmey jt with john - jt execs) [?= alice hutchin - had illeg ch John clinton by Henry Clinton bapt Ger 17301122][?jane clucas = d/o phil clucas in pat reg 1752]
1759-2 A 56      KERMOD       Joney                    d 21? mar 1759;sis margt exex; names many - margt callin, john callin, isable kermod w/o John Callin [m Pat 17370531],ellnr d/o john cowill,wm callin,john kermod [?d/o Finlo Kermod - younger sis margt]
1759-2 A 57      KILLEY       Henry                    d 20 feb 1759;ch john,james + ann,henry exor;wife ann
1759-2 A 58      RADCLIFFE    Ellinor     McYLCHREEST  [full];jt will Henry  and Ellinor Radcliffe of Gordan;sons Henry,Thomas,Charles;dau Marjery Quirk als Radcliffe,Cathrin, Margret, Ann radcliffe, MI age 54, anne w/o Charles Shimmin Ballaboey bur 1780
1759-2 A 59      QUIRK        Patrick                  d 28 Mar 1759;Knock Echistey;dau Mary Clucas als Quirk;gson Thomas Quirk;son John;(? other children)
1759-2 A 60      KNICKLE      Margaret    HIGGIN       d 18 mar 1759;dau ann [?bapt],margt,cath cowle,cath knicle exex [?2 caths]
1759-2 A 61      KILLEY       Margaret    QUILLIAM     d 12 feb 1759;son james;5 other ch unnamed  (eldest dau to have clothes)-?ua as husb has tuition;husb john exor;1766 ellinr? d/o margt acks 20s as half of clothes
1759-2 A 62      KARRAN       Margaret                 d 24 feb 1759;ballacaine;ch thos,patk + ann;husb wm exor
1759-2 A 63      MOORE        Mary                     d 27 mar 1759;maidservant with john caine ballacaine;sis ann moore;master's dau margt caine,cath caine;bro philip(+ wife in Lonan);mistress ann caine als kerran exex;pledges philip corrin knockaloe beg,thos key dalby
1759-2 A 64      McYLCHREEST  Matthew                  d 21 apr 1759;manservant with Wm Gell BallElby;bro thos,john exor;uncle + aunt (witt assumed Philip Mylchreest + wife);mistress cath gell als Mcylchreest;maidserv cath kneal
1759-2 A 65      CHRISTIAN    Philip                   d 27 feb 1759;cregl ay;dau elizth killey als christian;son-i-law wm killey(2 eldest + 1 youngest dau);names thos watterson(dau margt + son henry - was promised half goods as part of his m/c but had rcvd them);son thos exor;wife alive;witt john quirk x + ann caine als karran (dead by probate in nov);
                                                           son thomas mariner later impressed in H M Service - petn by Wm Killey re fa-i-law philip christian - names ch thos,isable(w/o thos watterson),elizth(w/o wm killey) - notes that witt went to clerk + dictated will - ann caine died of a fever - thos watterson petned that will set aside;annxed agreemt between Grace Christian (widow Philip) + Thomas Watterson;
1759-2 E     w   CAINE        Ann         KARRAN       d 4 may 1759;names wm moore,wm sayle,patk + thos karran;husb john;dau cath (not 16),margt execx
1759-2 E     d   CAINE        Elizabeth   COWLEY       d 24 feb 1759;2 children thomas & wm both underage; uncles philip wm cowley & wm corris [?m Margt Cowley Pat 14 Aug 1744];husb patr;fam 3014
1759-2 E     d   CLARKE       Silvester                d 7 apr 1759; 6 children john thos silv patr cath & eliz 
1759-2 E     d   GELL         Margaret    KARRAN       d 26 mar 1759; only dau sarah
1759-2 E     d   GELL         William                  of balleby d 4 apr 1759; 6 children wm cath thos hen john & james;esther eldest dau had dowry husb thos martin;wm at age 
1759-2 E      d  KEY          Thomas                   d 13 feb ;only ch margt execx ua - gfa patrick key;pledges wm knickall miller + john knickal;wife alive;christopher quay h/o margt key admr rcvd from thomas cowley h/o catherine key execr of pat key guardian of my wife [unclear date];inv [Christopher Quay m Margt Key Pat 17800624]
1759-2 E     d   MARTIN       Ellinor                  d 21 mar 1759; sib thos hen ann cath;john corris husb of ann; nich craine husb of cath
1759-2 E     w   SHIMIN       Alice       QUANE        d 13 may 1759;5 ch (unnamed);sis christian quirk als quane,bro's dau isabel quane;dau alice shimmin;bro thos quane;husb patk;ch simon,wm ,hugh,john + alice
1759-3 E      w  COWLEY       John                     d 1sep 1759;wife ellinor;parents wm + jane execs
1759-3 E     w   QUILLIAM     Patrick                  d 6 may 1759;bro john,thos,henry;sis margt,ann,esther;mo isabel als hutchin execx
1759-3 E      w  QUIRK        Ann         KINRY        d 15 jun 1759;son-i-law john corlet exor
1759-3 E      w  QUIRK        Patrick                  d 4 aug 1759;Reaby;son richd;dau margt,jane quirk,joney quirk,cath quirk exex;son-i-law paul quirk;gch jane bell,ammy bell
1760-1 A 24      KELLY        William                  knockmoar;d 15 jan 1760;wife isobel;5 ch eldest thos youngest not yet 14;one witt eleanor knale als key;1761 thos son of wm late of dalby at la chooses uncle thos kelly;
1760-1 A 25      QUAINE       Charles                  dalby;d 25 dec 1759;son john;dau alis;wife alive; witt ann killey als coole, joney gell als quirk;
1760-1 E     d   CALISTER     Mary        COWLEY       d 9 feb 1760; three children eliz, isabel mary - all of lawful years
1760-1 E     w   MOORE        Ellinor     BRIDSON      d 27 sep 1759; w/o charles moore;son wm;dau cath;son charles;son robt
1760-3 E    w    KEY          Isabel      [?kneal als dawson]  d 4 jul 1760;ballachroink;son henry kneal;named decd philip key;son john kneal
1760-3 E      w  SHIMIN       Elizabeth   QUIRK        dated 6 nov 1760;son philip,john;dau margt;son-i-law patk corlet + dau elizth execs;fa of ch decd as all get his share
1761-1 A 11      FARGHER      William                  d 3 feb 1761;4 ch philip isable wm thos;wife cath fargher als gell;ch ua - uncles & aunt thos, john richd & joney;wm christian husb eliz fargher,ann absent sister;
1761-1 A 47 dg   KILLEY       Ann         RADCLIFFE    widow;son john killey;dg dated 12 may 1759;
1761-1 A 48      RADCLIFFE    Ellinor                  [full];widow Capt Charles Radcliffe, Knockaloe;dau Jane Shimmin in Ramsey;dau Ellinor Moore;dau Margery Parr;dau Ann Karran; dau Cathrine Radcliffe;gdau Ellinor Christian;s-i-l Revd. Robert Radcliffe;son Thomas
1761-1 A 49      WATERSON     Henry                    d 12 feb 1761;dau margt;wife christian waterson als holdin
1761-1 E    d    CORLET       Mary        QUAYLE       d 2 dec 1760;son patrick exec; son wm survived 22 days 
1761-1 E    d    CORLET       William                  d 24 dec; only bro patrick; widow sworn;
1761-1 E    d    QUAY         Thomas                   d 27 nov 1760;2 dau ellinor & ann;son john had a dowry;one pledge is john quay of arbory;
1761-3 E      w  fargher      John                     d 30 aug 1761;ch john,richd,jony,elizth,ann,thos exor;gson thos fargher;1764 Wm christian h/o elizth,ann lately dead
1761-3 E      w  QUOERK       Margaret    CLARK        d 20 jul 1761;husb nicholas exor;ch paul,ann(ua) - no relns on mo's side appeared;1774: ann acks from fa nicholas
1762   E    w    QUIRK        Isabel      CREBBIN      d 28 Dec;w/o Nicholas;ch Wm John ,Thomas, Catharine;sis Margret;s-i-l Ann Cain & Alice Karran;Thomas ua & no relns on mother's side;
1762-1 E    w    KNICKAL      Robert                   2 dau jane eliz;;wife's dau isabel quane;son john;wife jony;uncle of ua ch william knickal; 1766 bessy knickal choose john crellin kk mic as guardian (note that bessy   dau to ro bapt 30 jun 1745); 1766 rcvd sacrament in kk mic thus no obj to marriage with jo kaighen
1762-2 A 52      CAINE        Paul                     4 ch of bro thos (there being no issue) - thos,wm john, paul;only surv thos & wm;wife jane cain als kelly acks thos cain of renshant kk malew
1762-2 A 53 dg   GELL         Alice                    to bro thos gell ballelby dated 1738;henry gell dance sworn 
1762-2 A 54      QUINE        Joney                    d 25 mar 1762;bro wm quine;bro's son wm;bro's dau christian;thos quine's son wm;anne quine blind;;thos corkan's dau margt;;bro's dau alice quine exectx
1762-2 E    w    CALLIN       William                  glanrushin;d 20 may 1762;3 ch wm anne margt;son john gets houses ;youngest dau 10 yrs to arrive at la during which wife eliz keeps it;1770 anne + margt at la ack from stepfa nichs quirk;
                                                       1771 anne chooses patr sayle uncle as guardian;1774 wm + margt callin + radcliffe quilliam h/o anne ack fro John eldest son
1762-2 E    w    QUAYLE       William                  d 30 may 1762;named syl clark;fa john quayle;bro thos hutchin part of houses at Dorlish Ard kk pat;
1762-2 E      w  QUIRK        Isabel      CREBBIN      d 28 Dec;w/o Nicholas;ch Wm John ,Thomas, Catharine;sis Margret;s-i-l Ann Cain & Alice Karran;Thomas ua & no relns on mother's side;[full]
1763-1 A 20      quirk        isabel      crebbin      d 28 nov 1762;w/o nicholas;son wm;other ch john, thos, cath;sis margt crebbin;s-i-l margt cowley;s-i-l anne caine;s-i-l alice karran;
1763-1 A 21      QUIRK        Thomas,jnr               reaby-beg;cast away & perished on coast of ireland 14 jan 1763;bro patrick;bro john, sis isabel elinor;elinor ua
1763-1 E    d    GELL         John                     perished at sea of coast of ireland 13 jan;4 children john thos wm henry all ua supv henry gell, john killy, wm quilliam, ellr gell;widow cooney gell;inv inc 1/4 yawl or small boat sold in ireland
1763-1 E      d  KNEAL        John                     perished at sea of coast of ireland 13 jan; 3 children isabel esther & thos kneal; all of lawful age
1763-1 E    d    RADCLIFFE    Henry                    perished at sea of coast of ireland 13 jan; native of kk malew but inhabitant kk pat; 2 children margt thos ua supv robt radcliffe; inv 'of glen moii; inv includes loom
1763-1 E    w    RADCLIFFE    Henry, jnr               younger of gourdon perished by sea of coast of ireland 13 jan 63;sibs thos chas marjery margt ann; ann under age thos abroad in hm service ;fa henry - inv sale + debts inc geo moore et al
1763-1 E    d    SHIMIN       Patrick                  perished at sea of coast of ireland 13 jan;6 children simon alice john wm & hugh b former wife, ann by latter simon & alice of lawful age but unable to procure lawful pledges - wm quirk of treljey uncle by mothers side ;
                                                        widow isabel; by 1774 simon dead; inv inc herring nets als in acct herring custom
1763-2 A 57 dg   QUILLIAM     Philip                   philip & alice quilliam land qtr caddoil 2/- rent; dg 1752 to nephew henry quilliam;henry's bro philip;hens son john if should come
1763-2 E    d    AUSTEN       William                  Gardener at Ballamoar (from Scotland) - inv + accts of some smuggling into Scotland
1763-2 E    d    KNICkAL      Isabel      QUANE        no issue with wm knickal sibs thos, jane & ann quane (w/o henry kneale) (no marr found)
1763-3 E      d  CUBBON       Thomas                   d 28 jul 1763;ch john,margt + Alice jt admrs - john at age supv;wife alive; inv balladda
1764-1 A 8       CHRISTIAN    William                  d 17 jan 1764;s/o wm caarn eghrei;sis mary + alice exexs
1764-2 A 47      CHRISTIAN    Margret     CLAGUE       d 8 mar 1764;w/o wm ;caarn eghreie;dau mary,alice,joney,joney,ellinor;son philip;gdau esther key;daus mary + alice exexs;gilbt key h/o joney
1764-2 E    w    CALLISTER    Elizabeth                d 6 jun 1764;son thos cretney;sis margt callin als callister;sis isabel callister
1764-2 E    w    MADDRELL     John                     d 20 may 1764;son john, dau cath
1764-3 E      w  CORLET       Elizabeth   SHIMIN       d 28 jun 1764;2 unnamed ch;bro john;husb patk exor;objections by ch uncle + aunt phil + margt shimin - patk to pay 3 ea to ch when they reach age - relns sworn supvs
1764-3 E      d  FARGHER      Ann                      d 11 jul 1764;spinster;sibs thos,john,richd,joney + elizth(w/o wm christian)
1764-3 E      w  QUILLIAM     John                     d 20 sep 1763;dau isable exex;wife alive
1764-3 E      d  QUIRK        Thomas                   perished by sea some time ago near Jamaica - mariner on board hm ship the Troy ?;sibs john,matthew(abroad) + richd jt admrs
1765-1 A 16      CLUCAS       Catherine   QUILLIAM     [full]
1765-1 A 17      QUIRK        John                     d 1 jan 1765;son john(not 21),wm;dau anne;wife ann als quilliam;wife had posthumous child uncles wm + thos quirk
1765-2 A 67      TAGGERT      Catherine                [full];w/o Robert;sons John,Robt;dau Margret;witt Joney Hutchin als McLeece.1765 Matthias Cannell husb of Margret
1765-2 A 68      KEY          Margaret                 d 14 mar 1765;w/o patrick (exec);dau jane,margt,cath
1765-2 A 69      COTTIER      John                     d 25 mar 1765;glenrushen;ch john(+ 3 ch),margt cubbon,cath,cooney Gell (exex - her mo dead)
1765-2 E    w    ?nowell,?cowell Elizabeth   KILEY     w/o john;bro's son james killey;cath christian her sis's dau;her sis daus eleanor & mary  + joney christian sis dau eliz execx; john christian husb of eliz
1765-2 E    w    QUINE        Ann         LOWEY        d 25 dec ;no rel appeared; principal creditor matths quine
1765-2 E    w    QUIRK        Ann                      bro john quirk;3 bros thos philip wm;sis christian;mo elinor quirk als callister; mentions flax;;henry quirk husb of elinor
1765-2 E    d    QUIRK        Margaret    CLUCAS       5 ch christian, john margt richd ellinr;4 latter ua; husb wm; house in peel mortgaged to john ceasar of malew has to be sold
1765-2 E    d    RADCLIFFE    Catherine   RADCLIFFE    gson robt christian (as yet no issue);maid servant majery christian;only dau ellinr cosnahan (w/o rev joseph);1775 margery christian acks from mrs ellinor oates als radcliffe
1765-3 E    w    KEOWIN       Thomas                   eldest son john;other unamed ch; uncle john keown;wife margt
1765-3 E    d    KNICKAL      William                  4 ch margt cath ann patr + eldest john already having dowry;
1765-3 E    w    QUIRK        Isabel                   bros wm thos;bro wm's dau anne;bro john's dau;mo anne quirk; sis anne gell als quirk
1766-1 E    d    GELL         John                     s/o nichs gell & ann gell als clague mo died 1757;perished by water in river in minory 4 aug last;aunts isabel margt alice; john kennaugh h/o isabel, thos callister h/o alice 
1766-2 A 58      CORRIN       Philip                   [full]d 1 mar 1762;Knockaloe beg;son patrick (money from Charles Wattleworth's exors),son james,Wm;bro Daniel;gson John Corrin;wife Jane;son Robt (exec)
1766-2 A 59      MOORE        Catherine   CLUCAS       d 9 dec 1765;husb edward exor;dau cath,margt boddagh,elinor,anne;son thos,john;1788 ann dawson als moore acks from cooney moore widow,thos moore ballacallin also acks
1766-2 A 60      KEY          Mary        ????         widow of BallaChroink, Patrick, died 20 Feb 1766: granddau Margt Moore; dau Ellinor Moore; dau Margret Key [John Moore md Ellin Key 4 May 1756 Patrick]
1767-1 A 10      CLUCAS       Ellinor                  dated 20 feb 1766;husb john;ch wm (intack adj mountain called Coan Jougog + another magher noa + his ch), elinor(w/o john crellin)+ ann(ann quirk in decree + petn - ch by prev marr to wm quirk) jt exexs;sibs Ann, wm, henry, philip + isabela
1767-1 A 11      COSNAHAN     Catherine                [full];d 17 feb 1767;w/o thomas;daus cath cannell (of Peel),joney tear w/o john tear(execx)
1767-1 E    d    cAINE        Patrick                  d 22 jan;4 ch thos + wm by 1st wife [?fam 3014];james + margt by 2nd [?fam 3905];all ua;henry kelly h/o jane cain aunt [?m Pat 17610530];1780 margt cain dau acks from jane kelly als caine her mother;inv
1767-2 A 40      QUAY         John                     d 20? apr 1767;ch thos(eldest son),john,robt,wm + joney (all ua ?);wife isable als sayle exex
1767-2 A 41      CARRAN       Ann                      d 12 apr 1767;husb thos exor;ballacallin dauby;ch cath,esther,isabel, ann;sis'dau cath shimmin
1767-2 A 42      CANNELL      Matthew                  d 26 mar 1767;mother cath cannel;father John;sibs hugh(quilting frame),margt,joney;wife margt exex
1767-2 E      d  KELLY        Isabel                   d 7 feb 1767;spinster;sibs john,margt (w/o Thos Quilliam)+ jane  (w/o john gill)jt admrs
1767-2 E      d  KILLEY       James                    d 6 mar 1767;sibs henry,john + anne Killey (ireland) jt admrs - inv 39s
1767-2 E      d  QUILLIAM     Cooney                   see john
1767-2 E      d  QUILLIAM     John                     dated 22 may 1767;john + cooney c/o ellinor quilliam als quirk having right under mother's will - john d 36yrs ago,cooney abt same time in her minority;surv sibs + legal representatives - wm,philip,ann, margt + ellinor;wm d intestate + other sibs admrs;philip dead(exex wife margt now w/o wm quilliam);ann m hen killey - son hen exor;margt dead - husb john killey exor;ellinor w/o john crellin absent;
1767-3 E    d    CALLIN       Henry                    batchelor;d 9 mar;sibs wm, robt eliz + janey - their fa danl
1767-3 E    w    LORD         Henry                    d 13 Aug 1767;wife margery;3 unnamed ch (Henry + John + ?Ellinor (mention in NSS May 1795 13 by margery as dau Elinor Christian - m John Christian And 17790213] )
1767-3 E    w    MOORE        Isabel      HOGG         d 2 july;2 daus mary + anne;son thos, philip;husb john [m Pat 17510713]
1768-1 A 20      KELLY        Isabel      QUAY als ??  d 6 dec 1767;w/o patrick;son charles,gilbert , john key;dau isabel kelly;son wm + silvester kelly;dau anne kelly execx
1768-1 A 21      CALLISTER    John                     d 2 feb 1768;gdau esther callister;nephew john quirk;son john,wm (both abroad);other unnamed ch;wife margt exex
1768-1 A 22      CAINE        John                     d 10 jan 1768;4 unnamed ch;wife joney als christian exex
1768-1 A 23      KEY          Cooney      COTTIER      d 7 nov 1767;widow;son gilbert;gson thomas key heir of Ballaglonney;gdaus Margt + isabel key;names wm gell (heir of balleby - piece of gold rcvd from his fa);son thomas exec
1768-1 E      w  QUIRK        Isabel      MOORE        d 24 oct  1767;husb thos exor;bro's son robt moore(house + croft in kk german after death husb);names margt sidleton(peel),jane howlin, margt cowley,margt quark;niece cath moore
1768-2 A 59      KINLEY       Mary                     d 17 mar 1768;sis's dau Jane Carran,Margt Key,Cath Key(exex);bro Thos Kinley;pledge Patk Key fa of Cath,Nich Kneale
1768-2 A 60      KELLY        Patrick                  d 23 mar 1768;son wm;gson patk kelly(s/o silvester);dau ann + isabel exexs
1768-2 A 61      COSNAHAN     Thomas                   d 1 apr 1768;friend john cosnahan kk german exor;
1768-2 A 62      CORRIN       Patrick                  cast away + perished on coast england on passage to liverpool 20 mar 1768;knockaloe beg;will made before his departure;bro's son thos corrin;bro robt exor
1768-2 A 63      CLUCAS       Richard                  [full]
1768-2 E      d  CUBBON       Alice                    d mid aug 1767;sibs john,margt cubbon
1768-2 E      d  HOWELL       John                     d 3 may 1768;only next of kin john howell admr
1768-3 E     w   COSNAHAN     Joseph                   d 20 sep 1768;vicar braddan;ch john_joseph,hugh + cath, julius,jane,ann,margt;wife ellinor; exexbro hugh
1768-3 E     d   GAWN         Joney       MADDRELL     d 20 dec 1767;ch john,thos,joney(w/o robt cubbon) + jane;no goods found to be appraised
1768-3 E     d   KEOWN        Elizabeth   KELLY        d 11 feb 1768;only ch john
1768-3 E     w   QUAYLE       John                     d 18 jun 1768;son john(6d),wm;dau margery quaye[?error for quayle],ann quayle,isable quayle,jony(6d);wife margery als costean exex;ch ua
1768-3 E     w   QUIRK        Ellinor     CALLISTR     d 9 jul 1768;son thos(eldest);husb henry exor;dau christian(+ dau);son philip,john,wm;1779: john kennah h/o christian
1769-1 A 12      RADCLIFFE    Silvester                [Full]
1769-1 A 13      RADCLIFFE    Catherine   QUAY         [Full]
1769-2 A 53      CORRIS       Catherine   callister    d 19 jan 1769;son john corris;dau amy corris;sister anne + bro john;names mary corris;eldest son wm corris;husb patrick exec
1769-2 E      d  CANNELL      William                  d 28 feb 1769;bro hen + patk (abroad) exors;pledges patk corris(+ son wm corris) both kk patk
1769-2 E      w  QUILLIAM     Philip                   d 7 oct 1768;declrd in house of john quilliam(kk patk) where lived to isable quilliam(w/o john) that she to have all for taking care of him;
1769-3 E      d  GELL         Isabel      KENNIAGH     dated 15 feb 1769;jt agreemnt nicholas + isable gell als kennagh;son thos,john,nicholas(eldest),james ;dau cath moore als gell
1769-3 E      w  KELLY        John                     d 19 jun 1769;dau elizth christian;gch ann,ellinr + margt knickle;son-i-law john knickle exor;wife alive
1769-3 E      d  MOORE        Ann         KNICHAL      d 30 jul 1769;ch wm,ann jt admrs
1769-3 E      w  RADCLIFFE    Robert                   dated 20 jul 1769;rev Robt radcliffe vg + vicar patk;wife cath;gson robt christian(pt of house etc in Castletown after decease of his mother + 100 inc in fa's goods when he reaches 24 - if he dies to 2bros + sis cath cosnahan);gson john joseph cosnahan (house in douglas),hugh cosnahan(40)
1770-1 A 17      KEY          Isabel      KELLY        w/o charles;d 1 nov 1769;bro's wife jane kelly;bro's son john kelly;sis dau isabel broiidson;sis margt cubbon;dau isabel key ua uncle henry kelly suprv
1770-2 A 44 jw   SAYLE        Henry                    henry + christian als callin;son patrick;margery kelly his sister's dau;gson john sayle;eliz sayle + her younger som wm callin;son philip exec
1770-2 A 45 jw   CORRIN       jane                     husb philip d 1 mar 1766;knockaloe beg;son patrick (inc money due from chas wattleworth's execrs);son james,wm,robert (exec);bro daniel;gson john corrin;poor of kk lonan;wife jane;jane died by 18 may 1770;
                                                       1771 wm hutchin h/o marjery kelly bequeathed 20s 2sheep + blanket in will henry sayle (can't see in will ?)
1770-2 A 46      KILLEY       Ellinor                  d 9 nov 1769;d/o john killey of reaby;sis cath killey;fa john
1770-2 A 47      QUILLIAM     Isabel                   widow ballahutchin;d 3 apr 1770;son thos ;dau esther kermod;dau margt quilliam,anne quilliam;son john + henry quilliam
1770-2 E     d   KELLY        Isabel                   d feb 1767;spinster;sibs john,jane (w/o john gell) + margt (w/o thos quilliam)
1770-3 E     w   QUIRK        Philip                   d 5 oct 1770;fa henry;bro thos,wm;sis christian;names joney cannell wdw;bro john exec;1779 john kennah h/o christian
1771-1 A 13      QUIRK        Catherine                reaby mooar; d 20 dec 1770;dau margt;dau cath;dau jane,ammey;gdau jane bell;son-i-l john kermod;son richard;son-i-l henry killey;dau joney,son richard;husb ? richard
1771-1 A 14      QUILLIAM     Patrick                  made 1 mar 1765;son wm;wife margery;dau joney;son radcliffe,robt;1771 son wm claims bequest from gmo joney knicle als kermode
1771-2 A 55      QUILLIAM     Joney                    d 26 mar 1771;dau anne,mary;son patrick;gdau ann quirk;dau margery qilliam execx
1771-2 A 56      CANNEL       Joney                    d 30 mar 1771;widow;son patrick,henry
1771-2 A 57      CALLIN       Ann         moore        d 9 apr 1771;w/o thos greeby ;john keowley + john shimmin execs
1771-2 E     w   KERMOD       Catherine                d 12 apr 1771;husb gilbt;dau jane;son john kelly;dau margt quilliam als kelly (w/o thos);inv
1771-3 E     w   BELL         Thomas                   d 18 aug 1771;ch elizth,anne,john,thos,wm;wife esther exex;some ch ua
1771-3 E     w   GELL         Elizabeth   CLARK        d 12 sep 1771;husb henry of rushen;son john quilliam exor ua;bros sylvester + thos clark;1780: jq ack'd from sylvester clark + thos clark;inv
1772-1 A 13      CUBBON       John                     d 4 feb 1772;ballacallin;son john (his part dauby mountain,intack talloo noa);dau anne;other ch wm,joney + isabel;wife margt exex
1772-1 E     d   QUIRK        Ann         KARRAN       d 7 jan 1772;ch john + wm ua gfa thos karran supr;husb wm;inv;1784 wm now at la
1772-2 A 55      KILLEY       Catherine                d 2 mar 1772;sis anne killey;step-mo jane killey;fa john killey exec
1772-2 A 56      KEY          Catherine                d 25 mar;w/o gilbert;dau margt tear,elizth corlet;names anne w/o thomas caine;gson thomas key;son thomas exec;pledges hugh shimmin, wm quirk (ball-aspick)
1772-2 A 57      COWLEY       William                  d 31 mar 1772;son john,thos,wm exec;dau margt;wife margt;excluding dau by former wife;john key h/o elinor dau by former wife + elizth + cath (also daus by former wife) guardians;1787 robt kewn h/o dau margt;agreement between guardians + widow margt als stevenson
1772-2 E     d   STEPHAN      Catherine   CRAINE als clark d 30 jan 1772;only dau cath craine(w/o wm quayle)
1772-3 E      w  CLARK        Margaret    KERMOD       d 16 jun 1772;husb silvester exor;dau margt (ua);son thos,henry,john;gilbert kermod gfa ch guardian
1773-1 A 12      MUGHTIN      Elizabeth   clague       d 5 nov 1772;w/o john exec;mo cath;sis jane,bros wm + philip
1773-1 A 13      FARGHER      John                     d 2 dec 1772;bro's dau elizth fargher;bro thos exec;p1801 philip quilliam h/o elizth acks
1773-1 A 14      QUIRK        Sarah       key          d 17 jan 1773;w/o wm exec;dau anne ua;sis eleanor;names esther kneale,margt d/o thos quirk
1773-1 E    w    QUIRK        Patrick                  d 10 sep 1772;4 bro wm thomas jonah + philip;child on wife bearing;wife cath quirk als gell;kock e christy ;posth son patrick;
1773-2 A 45      CORKAN       Jane        lace         daus margt,jane + isabel;husb thos;son john,thos exec;dau anne;a1796 ck rcvd from Mrs christian corkan peel by hands of  philip boyd being a legacy to my wife left by her mo;1786 daus mary knickle + margt kelly ack
1773-2 A 46      QUILLIAM     Catherine   castill      d 26 mar 1773;husb henry exec;sons john + thos;gch john + elizth quilliam;dau elizth
1773-2 A 47      QUAY         Henry                    d 6 apr 1773;4 youngest ch christopher,john,joney + hester;sons thos + henry;dau margt;wife cath exec
1773-2 A 48 ds   CUBBON       Philip                   dated 7 oct 1747;ballacallin dalby;wife cath als fargher;son john
1773-2 A 49      KILLIP       Margaret    kelly        d 30 dec 1772;names alice crow (her holy day clothes),mary kelly,margt w/o robt kelly;sis elizth quirk als kelly;husb philip exec
1773-3 E    w    COTTIMAN     Ann                      d 26 oct 1773; names mary quay;bro's dau margt cottiman;thos dawson of peel exec;inv + accnts inc attendance for 10 weeks
1773-3 E    w    KEWIN        John                     s/o thos;d 22 jul 1773;mo margt;bro thos,robt philip;
1773-3 E    d    MOORE        Charles                  d 21 mar;3 ch robert charles + cath;eldest son wm already provided for in marriage;
1773-3 E    w    QUIRK        Nicholas                 d 27 jul 1773;son john,dau cath;step son john callin;names wm callin;wife elizabeth;son thos,wm;gsons pat quirk + james cooil;gdau ann quirk
1773-3 E    d    QUIRK        Thomas                   d 29 jul;4 ch john,pat,isabel + elinor;pledges wm quine kionslieu + robt corrin knockaloe beg
1774-1 A 22      COWIL        Catherine   CLUCAS       d 29 nov 1773;daus anne (eldest - what was due by parents in Kione slean)+ cath;son wm (eldest);names elinor quilliam;husb thos exec ua ch - ann,richd,john + thos clucas,wm clucas; Uncles (mo side) Patrick kelly + wm Quirk
1774-1 A 23      HUTCHEN      Thomas                   d 30 dec 1773;ballahutchin;dau margt(ua);wife joney als gell exex;fa thos;bro wm,john;1790 margt hieress ballahutchen acks stepfa wm quirk;pledges henry gell fa wife joney;petn when margt reaches age that her gfa refuses goods etc chooses john quane ballaquane + wm quirk treljey
1774-1 A 24      CASHEN       Susannah                 d 17 jan 1774;husb wm exor;son thos,john;dau margt leece,(w/o wm)susanna mylrea(w/o edwd),jane comish
1774-1 A 25      KELLY        Alice       KEOIN        d 24 jan 1774;ch wm,robt,margt , ellinor(by 1778 w/o john cubbon),cath callin;husb wm exor
1774-1 E    se   KILLEY       Thomas                   jw+ setl  thos +elizth als kennagh;son james;dated 13 june 1773
1774-2 A 92      MOORE        Ellinor                  son philip ua unlcle + aunt thos radcliffe + margery parr supv - they committed to james caine peel + wm quine kk pat;inv + sale
1774-2 A 93      CORRIS       William                  d 7 mar 1774;son philip (loom),thos,patk,simon,wm;dau cath;wife margt
1774-2 A 94      KILLEY       Ann                      d/o john killey;d 11 mar 1774;bro richd,john;aunt ellinor crellin;cousin esther corris;aunt anne corris;sis-i-law ann killey;uncle thos corris
1774-2 A 95      COWLEY       Philip                   d 13 mar 1774;wife (house in glanmoiy);son-i-law henry cowley;son thos cowley;in notes henry cowley son of testator
1774-2 A 96      QUAYLE       Henry                    d 7 feb 1774;names thos s/o silvester clark;,john clinton 6d for making his grave;son john exec
1774-2 A 97      QUILLIAM     John                     d 30 mar 1774;son + heir henry,wm;wife alive
1774-2 A 98      KELLY        Ann                      widow ballnelaughey;d 30 oct 1774;dau elizth christian;son-i-law john knicle exec
1774-2 E    d    CLAGUE       William                  d 13 feb 1774;ch ellinr + margt (by former wife),isable,jane,ann,wm + phil (ua) (by latter wife);thos hampton h/o margt(braddan);wm black h/o elinor(santan);wife cath;inv
1774-2 E    w    CREER        Isable      GELL         d 1 may 1774;names joseph quirk;bro john gell;husb john exec
1774-2 E    d    KILLEY       Thomas                   departed isle 9 yrs ago no news;ramsey;wife margt;ch thos + wm ua uncles patk clucas,jas killey & jas crellin;thos choose 1774 john callister + thos clucas both jurby as guardian,1780 choses john callister + patrick stephen both jurby
1774-2 E    w    KNEAL        Henry                    d 28 apr 1774;dau joney;son nicholas exor
1774-2 E    w    QUAYLE       Elizabeth   bridson      made 5 mar 1774;widow of ballaquayle;bro christopher bridson,john bridson,joseph bridson;sis margret cuinney,isable karran,jane bridson;sis ellinor honton + friend john callin exors
1774-3 E     w   CALLIN       Thomas                   d end may 1774;wife alice exex;petn by philip gell states tc of kk arbory,died kk german bur pat that wife had not produced will - summner charges alice + isabel callin + phillip gell + wife cath
1774-3 E     w   COTTIER      Henry                    d 21 aug 1774;kk arbory;sis isabel caine exor
1774-3 E     w   KILLEY       William                  made 31 may 1774;peel;son robt;dau margt craine als killey;gson john craine;son-i-law john craine exor
1774-3 E     d   QUINE        Grace       woods        d 5 aug 1774;ch wm,christian(w/o wm shimin),ann;husb wm
1774-3 E     d   QUIRK        Ellinor     QUANE        d 11 sep 1774;husb john;kerrodoo;dau isabel exex;court decrees ch thos + isabel jt admrs;inv
1774-3 E     w   QUIRK        Thomas                   d 2 oct 1774;names isabel(d/o robt moore);friend robt moore exor
1775-1 A 19      KEY          John                     d 8 jan 1775;knock moar;son john,patrick,thos;daus anne,jane;son-i-law philip kinley;wife anne als carran;thos karran h/o jane,philip kinley h/o anne
1775-1 A 20      WOODS        Ann                      d 27 jan;spinster;bro james;names elizth d/o esther bell widow;fa anthony woods exor
1775-1 E    w    QUANE        Catherine   QUIRK        d 24 aug 1774;husb thos quane,jnr,ballahutchin exec;son john;serv anne quirk;unnamed sisters;diusputes thos quirk borraine + thos quane jnr re john quane s/o sf thos quane;thos quirk fa-i-law exec
1775-2 A 52      CORLETT      Margaret    quirk        made 24 jan 1775;ch henry,christian,ann,john exor;husb john
1775-2 A 53      QUIRK        John                     d 30 mar 1775;kerroodoo;son thos;man serv john kelly;dau isabel (to take tuition + care of thos) exex;sis son wm quirk overseer to see son well used + not abused;isable made choice of wm quirk treljah for guardian
1775-2 A 54      CUBBON       Margaret                 d 11 apr 1775;widow;ballacallin daby;ch younger wm,isabel,joney + ann,john(exor);sale;inv
1775-2 E      w  CANNELL      Christian                d 8 may 1775;husb wm exor;dau margt,cath;son john,wm - most ua supv (+pledges) thos + john hutchin
1776-1 A 27  jw  CALLISTER    Ann         quilliam     made 14 dec 1774;glenneedle;wm + ann;son wm,philip,david(exor dau ann,isable),henry,john (had contract),thos;dau isabel;gson wm callister;displaced ack wm + wife ann callister
1776-2 A 72      GARRET       William                  peel;d 4 mar 1776;bro thomas garrett;inv
1776-2 A 73      CORKAN       Isabel                   d/o john corkan glanrushen d []4 feb 1776;mo alive;sis ellinor;cousin cath quay (ua) d/o thos
1776-2 A 74      SAYLE        Patrick                  d 9 feb 1776;son philip;3 dau anne.eliz + mary;wife eliz;pledge son patr sayle
1776-2 E      w  FARGHER      Ann         SKEALLY      d 10 jun 1776;ch thos,wm,john(3 eldests 5s ea),philip,richd,robert(ua)(3 youngest 20s ea),ann,elizth (w/o philip quilliam);husb thos exor;1796 patk cubbon h/o ann
1776-2 E      d  QUIRK        Catherine   GELL         d 17 jun 1776;only ch patk ua - uncle(mo side) wm,henry,thos,john + james gell+ thos martin(h/o Hester gell);ch's goods then entrusted to gfa(fa's side) john quirk + pledges wm quirk(s/o gfa john + thos martin ;petn by gfa John (knock-y-chistey) that orphan c/o patk quirk + cath als gell - patk d 10 sep 1772[m Pat 17640505 - m/c may 1764] court allows gfa 5 pa for maintenance + clkothing
1777-1 E    w    CLAGUE       Ann                      d 20 sep 1776;fa wm;sibs wm,cath,jane,isabel,philip;names philip corris (wife);mo cath execx
1777-2 E    d    CALLIN       John                     d 4 jan 1777;ch wm + margt
1777-3 E     d   CLARKE       Mary                     d 7 oct 1777;spinster;fa john amdr
1777-3 E     w   CORRISS      William                  d 14 sep 1777;fa wm(decd);sibs patk,philip,simon,thos,cath(exex);mo margt
1777-3 E     w   KILLEY       James                    dated 13 sep 1777;reaby;bro richd,john;sons john,thos both ua;wife ann als kinread;1792: john + thos ack from adam cannell exor of mother;1777 ack by james killey reaby moar from fa john legacy from mo margt als quilliam - note that ann killey widow & exex is also residual legatee of above jas killry
1778-1 A 34      QUIRK        Henry                    dated 1 dec 1777;s-i-l john heany;son john ,thos;dau elizth;son wm exec
1778-1 A 35      QUILLIAM     Thomas                   d 2 feb 1778;bro henry,philip;sis ellinor;namesjohn clucas;mo margt quilliam als mylchreest exex (w/o wm)
1778-1 A 36      QUILLIAM     Ann         cottier      made 1 jan 1778;son john (intack slieu whallen),wm,philip;husb john;dau ann exex
1778-1 E     d   CUBBON       Ellinor     kelly        d 21 apr 1778;only ch ann ua;husb john;pledges wm callin + thos fargher his bro-i-law;mo side uncles robt kelly,wm kelly,wm callin + thos fargher;claims + costs inc reapers;inv
1778-1 E     d   GELL         Alice                    d 31 mar 1778;ch john,wm,james,isabel(w/o adam cain) + jane;
1778-1 E     d   KELLY        Henry                    d 1 mar 1778;ch john,henry,wm,thos + silvester (last 4 ua - wife jane guardian  + aunt margt cubon);inv
1778-1 E     d   QUIRK        Mary        PARR         d 17 jul 1777; ballavarkar;ch james,philip,john,joseph,nichs,ellinor + ann;husb philip;some ch ua;1786: elinor quirk als quirk acks;inv
1778-2 E     d   CORKAN       Thomas                   d granada on board ship Ann;bach;fa john
1778-2 E     w   KARRAN       Thomas                   d 28 jun 1778;ballacallin dauby;dau isabel,esther, cath;gson john quirk;son-i-law wm quirk
1778-2 E     d   KEY          Charles                  d 3 may 1778;only ch isabel key (tender yrs) uncle Gilbert key;
1778-2 E     d   QUAY         Ann         KEWN         d 1 may 1778;husb thos;dau joney (w/o nichs quirk)admx,ann corlet als quay had m/c
1778-2 E     d   QUIRK        Ann                      d 6 jul 1778;ch wm,thos + ann
1779-1 A 31      LEECE or McLeece Thomas               [full]
1779-1 A 32      MOORE        John                      ne Creggan, made 14 May 1778: son Robt, son Thomas, daus (mother dead) Cath, Mary +Ann ; stepson Thomas Fargher, wife Cath Moore [als Fargher] als Gell; dau md xxx Black by 178x
1779-1 A 33      GELL         Ellinor     knickle      d 27 mar 1779;husb john exor;son thos;mo anne knickle;ch ua unle john callin guardian
1779-1 A 34      STEPHEN      John                     dated 29 jun 1778;peel;dau cath(w/o henry dawson),jane(if she coms);wife jane als killey exex
1779-1 A 35      QUIRK        Catherine   KEWLEY       [full]
1779-1 E    d    CHRISTIAN    Grace                    widow;2 ch eliz + isable christian;wm killey h/o eliz, thos waterson h/o isabel 
1779-1 E    w    CLUCAS       Mary        CLUCAS       3 daus anne, isabel elinor,3 sons richd john thomas;patrick kelly h/o ann, wm quirk h/o isable, wm clucas h/o ellinor [?3599];
1779-1 E    d    GELL         John                     petn by jon gell,wm gell,jane gell + adam caine h/o isable gill ch of john
1779-1 E    w    QUAYLE       Thomas                   sons thomas, john henry wm;houses in glen maye;wife margt als quirk; [cannot find marr or bapts]
1779-1 E    w    STEPHEN      Robert                   2 ch john + jane;john out of isle;pledges john sayle of dalby mountain + wm duggan stepfather of jane [widow Mary Calcot m Pat 17790522]
1779-1 E    w    TAGGART      Robert                   dawby;only dau margt cannel husb matthew;d of gift;other sons john + robt;mathew cannel decd  [m 1766 bur 1767 no ch from marriage]+ margt married to philip quilliam [fam 3502];
1779-2 E    w    CALLISTER    Margaret    taylor       of kk german;son john quirk;dau elizabeth quirk als quirk (execx) w/o richard quirk;pledges gilbert cain kk german, john quirk booivane kk patrick;
1779-2 E    w    MADDRELL     Margaret    moore        d 6 jul 1779;w/o john;son john;mother ellinor moore;sis cath moore;witt Anne Knickle, Margret Cubbon;fa john moore;
1779-2 E    w    MOORE        John                     ballacallin;made 19 may 1777 being day he left his fa's house to go of from this isle - sometime since deceased supermarine;sis cath + margt,eliz;bro edward, thomas (his son edward),fa edward (herring nets etc);mo cooney moore;sis anne execx;cousin john gell;witt john knicle, ellinor kelly
1779-2 E    d    QUANE        Esther      Key          d 14 jul 1779;only ch charles (ua);husb thomas;pledges john corris + gilbert key (fa of esther);1798 charles acks 33;inv [full]
1779-2 E    w    QUILLIAM     Margaret    mylechreest  d 1 aug 1779;dau ellinor,anne;son philip,henry,james (if he came for same);gch cath quayle;gson john quayle;husb william(exec) 'if he would go out of her name (?remarry) to give her sd 3 ch viz the sd ellinor anne + philip 20 equally between them';will written 23 aug;
1779-2 E    w    QUIRK        Elizabeth   cottier      dated 29 may 1779;son john (eldest),richard;dau-i-law elizabeth quirk;gson john quirk;gdau margt quirk;gdau mary + margt quirk (d/o John) + margt quirk (d/o Richard);son Matthew ('that guinea on her part that was paid for redeeming his clothes');husb john (exec);witt William corris x, William Quine;john quirk dead by probate
1779-2 E    w    QUIRK        John                     d 11 oct 1779;son richd (loom + gears);son matthew;gsons matthw + wm quirk (c/o richard);son john (exec)
1780   A 41      KNEALE       Esther                   made 22 feb 1780;spinster;mo elinor;sis isabel skinner(exex);sis-i-law jane kneale;sis 2 sons radcliffe + hugh + patk skinner;hugh skinner h/o isabel
1780   A 42      CHRISTIAN    John                     d 7 mar 1780;wife lucy;son john(eldest) exor;other ch mathew,hugh,tho,esther some ua;
1780   A 43      QUILLIAM     John                     d 18 apr 1780;son john(eldest - land qtr + intack),wm,henry,philip;gson patk quilliam;dau ann quilliam exex
1780-1 E    d    CLUCAS       William                  d 15 apr 1780;kionshleau moar;6 ch Richard, John, Thomas, Ann, Isabel, and Ellinor Clucas + Wm, Ann, and Catharine Cowle ch of decd dau cath w/o thos cowle;patrick kelly h/o ann,wm quirk h/o isabel, wm clucas h/o elinor
1780-1 E    w    QUILLIAM     William                  d 18 jun 1780;son henry (eldest),philip,james;dau ellinor exex
1780-2 E 508 jw  CORRIS       Ann         killey       thomas + ann;son thos (eldest) ;other ch patk, esther;1785 john quilliam h/o esther
1780-2 E 510 d   HUTCHIN      John                     d 3 dec 1779;bach;fa thomas;pledges john quirk boarane + john quirk treiljey
1781   A 20      MYLCHREEST   Joney       bell         d 11 jan 1781;husb john;son robt;daus ellinor,cath exexs
1781   A 21      KARRAN       Patrick                  made 28 oct 1777;creg-lhea but now resident peel;son thos (heir - land purch from capt thos radcliffe, slew dalby);dau ellinor;child on wife's bearing;sibs wm,thos ann key,margt watterson;wants henry corlett + tenant thos waterson guardians;wife elinor exex;codicil 19 jan 1781 son patk was child - revokes bequests to sibs
1781   A 22      KNEALE       Ellinor     key          made 18 nov 1779;widow;dau esther;son thos;son-i-law hugh skinner exec;
1781   A 23      LEECE        Jane        kermode      dau joney hutchson;son thos (+ his 3 dau);dau mary quirk als leece;husb wm;wm quirk h/o mary;thos hutchen,wm cain + isabel leece ack;
1781   A 24  ag  GELL         Nicholas                 wife isable als kennaugh;sons thos john;eldest son nicolas + his dau alice;dau cath moore als gell;dau isable callister als gell;son james
1781-1 E    d    CLARK        Silvester                d 1 may 1781;ch thos (blind) ,henry,john + margt 3latter ua;uncles (fa side)) john + thos clark, thos + john kermod uncles by mo;inv
1781-1 E    w    CUBBON       Robert                   d 3 jun 1781;son wm (herring nets etc;dau margt;,cath,janeson-i-law thos caine (1/8 boat);names ann knickle maid servant  + others;wife joney als gawn
1781-1 E    d    MOORE        Margaret    [cottier]    d 9 jun 1781;formerly of kk german;4 ch edwd, philip,elizth + jane all ua;husb thomas;gfas philip cottier + edward moore;inv
1781-1 E    d    QUINE        John                     bach died 1765 in hm service;bro wm only surviving n of k;petn by wm quine foxdale states bro served time on eaten ? galley ? of liverpool but was impressed and perished with 39 other mariners in some part of the downs
1781-2 E    d    CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   d at sea abt 10 or 12 yrs ago;sis isabel + elizth;thos waterson h/o isabel;wm killey h/o elizth
1781-2 E    w    CORLETT      Margaret    caine        d 21 aug 1781;w/o john exec;sis ellinor corris (+her 2 sons + dau);mo joney caine;names joney shimin,thos corkan's pooer dau,saml keigg,philip corris's wife
1781-2 E    w    QUILLIAM     Margery     knickle      widow ballna caarkey;made 9 jun 1780;dau joney;son robt,wm,patk,john,radcliffe exec
1781-2 E    w    QUILLIAM     Phillip                  d 8 oct 1781;son wm;dau anne exex
1782   A 31      CLAGUE       Margaret                 d 25 jan 1782;spinster;names ellinor,isabel,james,thos kenniagh;sibs 'young cowle + alice'john kenniagh + wife isabel execs
1782   A 32      CLARK        Marriod     bridson      dated 11 nov 1782;dg to son-i-law thos clark(h/o ellinor);'sricken with age + lingering disease';widow john(his exex)
1782   A 33      CLARK        John                     jw john + mariod(died before probate);names dau of margt w/o john sennet c'town;dau cath(w/o thomas welch andreas);son-i-law thos clark(h/o ellinor);wife exex
1782   A 34      KILLEY       Ellinor     cannell      made 10 mar 1782;son charles;dau cath,grace,alice,jane madderel als killey(exex w/o john);1783 cath + wm quayle ack,gace + john graham ack
1782-1 E     d   CaLLIN       John                     Callin not crellin ?;perished by sea 6 nov;4 ch john wm margt + ellinr;wife ann;wm callin uncle by fa + henry callister uncle by mother;inv inc 1/8 part of a boat; mentions callin glan rushen's estate;petn by Henry Waterson stepfather
1782-1 E     d   CORRIS       John                     perished by sea 6 Nov; 2 ch (+ widow ellinor pregnant ?) ua;thos duggan + thos quirk uncles;funeral costs inc carriage from strand of kk german;inv;petn by widow - 3 small ch nothing to support her eldest 9, next 7 younger 5 being posthumous;had 10 clear
1782-1 E     d   CORRIS       Joney       callow       d 21 nov;4 ch philip john jane + eliz ;all ua;husb philip;inv;petn from widwr saying he has to hire + keep a woman to take care of them 'and keep them clean'
1782-1 E     d   KENNAGH      Catherine                spinster;d 27 dec;fa john kennagh who requested his son Thomas be sworn
1782-1 E     d   KILLEY       John                     bach;perished by sea 6 Nov; fa john killey
1782-1 E     d   KNICKALL     John                     perished by sea 6 Nov; only ch margt
1782-1 E     d   MOORE        Robert                   perished by sea 6 Nov; 3 ch wm christian + cath all ua;widow jane + Wm ? + charles more uncles;pledges Philip cowle gfa of ch + Wm moore uncle;inv
1782-1 E     d   QUAYLE       John                     bach;perished by sea 6 Nov; mo cath quayle
1782-1 E     d   QUAYLE       William                  bach;perished by sea 6 Nov;mo Margt Quayle;2 bros john + thomas
1782-1 E     d   QUILLIAM     Radcliffe                perished by sea 6 Nov; 3 ch john wm thomas;widow ann quiliam;uncles wm + pat by fa side guardians;inv (perished at sea at the herring fishery)
1782-1 E     d   SANSBURRY    Richard,jun              perished by sea 6 Nov; 2 ch richd + charles;widow ellinor;wm + thos sansbury uncles;inv
1782-1 E     d   SANSBURRY    Richard,snr              perished by sea 6 Nov; 4 ch wm thos pat + jane 
1782-1 E     d   SHIMMIN      William                  perished by sea 6 Nov; 4ch wm thos ann + richd;all ua;widow christian;uncles john shimmin;inv
1782-2 E     d   CAIN         Elizabeth   KELLY        complicated john cain m in 1759, had a child but marriage un happy;she went to ireland not heard off but seems married,bigamously, 
1782-2 E     w   CASHIN       William                  jw wm + isabel;made 1 jan 1779;dau anne;son wm
1782-2 E     d   COWLEY       Thomas                   perished by sea abt 6 nov 1781;ch henry,wm both ua;wife ellinor;pledge henry gell (bro of ellinor) also gaurdian;inv;expenses include coffin, carriage from the strand + wke in Peel
1782-2 E     d   GELL         Margaret    clark        d 26 june 1782;ch henry,ellinor + ann all ua john tear uncle by mo side jt supv;husb thos ;inv;petn states d in childbed - thos a poor cottler
1782-2 E     d   GELL         William                  d 31 jul 1782;only ch sarah(w/o john sayle)
1782-2 E     d   QUAYLE       Ellinor                  d 27 aug 1782;husb patk exor
1782-2 E     w   QUILLIAM     Henry                    d 16 jun 1782;son john,thomas(if they came);dau eliz exex
1783   A 20      MARTIN       Ann         killey       d 26 dec 1782;husb henry regaby beg;parents wm + elizth execs
1783   A 21      QUAYLE       Enry                     d 25 mar 1785;wife margt als quirk exex;dau amy
1783   A 22      KEY          Patrick                  d 2 nov 1782;dau margt bridson (new loom) (w/o wm),jane carran;son-i-law patrick carran;wife ellinor (2 armed chair);dau cath key execx
1783   A 23      CHRISTIAN    Jane        quay         d 15 dec 1782;dawby;ch jane,james,thos(eldest son),john;husb john exor
1783   A 24      CLUCAS       Ellinor     cowin        d 6 apr 1783;husb philip;dau cooney(hse),jane;son philip(ground to build a hse at south end of dwelling hse),cornelius;land 'the mountain';manservant patk waterson
1783-1 E     w   CAINE        John                     dated 26 may 1783;ballacaine;dau margt,cath(intack dalby mountain rent three halfpence) exex;1787: wm kewley h/o cath acks + also for legacy from her mo ann caine als karran
1783-1 E     d   EDMONDS      Robert                   d 20 mar 1783;no relns;prin creditor phil clucas;inv
1783-1 E     w   KERMOD       Esther      QUILLIAM     d 10 jun 1782;husb thos exor;ch john,jane (+other unnamed dau)
1783-1 E     d   QUILLIAM     Henry                    late of pat bach died in liverpool 12 mar;sibs thomas,john,margt,anne + ch of decd sis esther viz john jane + margt;evan kinread h/o ann,christopher quay h/o margt;letter from margt quilliam liverpool describing hard times lack of money
1784   A 65      CAINE        Thomas                   d 22 jan 1784;fa alive;2 unnamed brothers;wife margt exex;pledges henry quayle peel mason + wm leece patrick
1784   A 66      CORRIN       William                  dated 27 jan 1784;jane corron (nephew's dau);uncle's son;nephew robert corrin knockaloe beg exor;witt john gorry x + mary cain x
1784   A 67      HALSAL       Ellinor     quayle       dated 30 may 1784;dau margt craine als halsal,joaney halsal als clucas;gch ann craine,elinor halsal,margt halsal;,john halsal only son wm ;husb john exor;son-i-law nicholas craine;husb dead by probate son wm exor
1784   A 68      GELL         Esther      kneale       d 8 apr 1784;husb thomas exor;child on her bearing;sis elinor clark,isabel kneale;fa henry kneale;pledges wm cottier kk patk + john quirk clerk st marks chapel
1784   A 69      HALSAL       Joney       CLUCAS       d 16 Apr 1784;ch Wm(eldest),Thomas, Ellinor(at age), Margt, Cath + Ann - some ua;husb Wm(her title to purchased lands) exor[full]
1784   A 70      KILLEY       John                     d 22 apr 1784;wife martha als quain;son wm + edwd(2 youngest),james exor;mo ann;some ch ua;pledges by exor uncle henry killey (also supv),charles quane
1784-1 E 1194 d  KILLEY       Ann                      [1st in book B]d 29 apr 1784;son henry,john(decd - ch james,wm,edwd - wife martha),ann(had sett);inv
1784-1 E 1200 d  QUILLIAM     Henry                    d 15 may 1784;sibs philip,james(abroad),ellinor
1784-1 E 1202 w  HALSAL       John                     d 19 may 1784;only son wm exor;daus elinor,margt (two youngest ua)+ margt craine als halsal;[?2nd marr]
1784-1 E 1203 w  CORRIS       Margaret    cowley       d 29 sep 1783;widow;son philip(eldest),thos,patk,simon exor (a minor not capable);dau cath;1797 simon at age;inv
1784-1 E 1209 d  FARGHER      Esther      bell als qua d 24 may 1784;ch john,thos,wm,elizth(quilliam als bell) + ann bell;husb thos ballalarghey;quotes will thomas bell 1771
1784-1 E 1221 w  LEECE        John                     dated 24 apr 1784;formerly ballaleece german now knockaloe but about to depart for health;names ch sis margt clucas(250 in trust for her ch),elinor(120 in trust);friend mrs jane radcliffe(w/o thos radcliffe esq knockaloe) + her sis miss ann casement jt exexs;miss elinor leece peel charged;pledges thos radcliffe + hugh casement ireland 
1784-1 E 1235 d  CAIN         Philip                   d july 1784;only ch margt ua gfa james cain + uncle thomas boddagh guardians;wife ann;[?m Pat 17831030 - no ch found]
1784-1 E 1237 d  KERMOD       John                     d 1784;on board hm ship marlborough;bach;fa john
1784-2 E      d  CLUCAS       Christian   COWLL        d 27 oct 1784;husb thos;pledge thos clucas kk german, john corletrough churchtown kk michael;
1784-2 E      d  COWLE        Ann                      d jun 1784;spinster;decd mo cath als clucas;fa thomas admr;pledges john clucas, james cowle ballakilmoirrey
1784-2 E      d  QUILLIAM     Henry                    petn states pressed at sea 30yrs ago - no account rcvd -petn by john who is about to depart isle;ch john,elizth
1784-2 E     d   WHITE        Alice       QUILLIAM als ??? d dec 1783;4 ch robt quilliam,elinor Quilliam (w/o Robt John Kermode),Catharine Quilliam (w/o Patrick Sayle),and Ann Quilliam (w/o John cannell)+ eldest son John Quilliam (had mar set) + Wm White (mar set)(admr)
1785   A 44      CORRIS       Thomas                   d 3 dec 1784;dau esther quilliam;son patk(20s if he went to learn a trade),thos exor
1785   A 45 w    WHITE        Christian   QUILLIAM     d 30 jan 1785;Dalby;eldest dau jane;dau ann;son wm;husb wm;1801 jane cowley als white + wm Killey h/o Ann ack
1785   A 46      GILL         Henry                    d 20 apr 1785;doby;son henry(eldest - 2.5d rents dauby mountain),wm,johndau elinor + margery(w/o james gell),isabel(w/o john quayle);1791:elinor cowley als gell widow dau of henry + jony of ballalaghey acks (unable to travel to registry);acks misplaced
1785   A 47      CORKIN       John                     uttered 30 oct 1784;dau jane;son john,thos(eldest);wife christian exex;ch ua
1785   A 48      MOORE        Edward                   d 27 feb 1785;ballacallin;ch edward,elizth;wife cooney exex
1785   A 49 jw   CLARKE       Marriot                  glan rushen;john + mariod;dau magt w/o john sinnet castletown;son-i-law thos clarke(h/o elinor) exor after decease of longest liver;gson thos clarke;dau cath w/o thomas wlch(dowry paid)
1785   A 50 dg   QUAY         Thomas                   dated 7 dec 1784;son-i-law patk corlet(h/o ann);houses + land glenneedle
1785   A 51      CLUCAS       Christian   cowll        d 27 oct 1784;sis jane cannell als cowll exex (w/o edward),isabel shimmin als cowll;husb thos (1s);christian was eldest
1785-1 E      d  quay         thomas                   d dec 1784;ch [blank](w/o nicholas quirk) + ann(w/o pat corlet);annexed note john quay uncle thos quay minor s/o thos quay kk german late dec
1785-2 E     w   CRELLIN      Mary        killey       d 10sep 1785;eldest dau margt crellin;5 ch thomas margt anne elinor + jane;husb james
1786   A 33      GELL         Joney       knickle      d 8 nov 1785;husb thomas exor;ch thos - ua ;mo Jane Quane
1786   A 34      GELL         Joney       quirk        dated 18 oct 1785;widow;son henry(her pt dauby mountain),wm,john;names alice mcylchreest;dau isabel exex (+ her sis margery),elinor cowley;decd husb henry (1785)
1786   A 35      QUARK        Nicholas                 dated 13 feb 1786;wife jony als quay;dau jony(jt exex with wife);other dau jane,cath;
1786   A 37      KEY          Ellinor     MADDRELL     widow (of Kk Pat but now Peel);made 10 Feb 1784;dau Cath Clark;son John Maddrell (exec)
1786   A 38      WATERSON     William                  d 25 mar 1786;balnecashey;son thos,wm(boat or yawl);dau margt corris(pt glan mooar purchased from Ed Fletcher betyween thos + margt),isabel(all in mansion house);wife margt exex
1786-1 E     w   CORKAN       Ann                      d 23 may 1786;poor sis margt corkan, jane, mary knicle,margt kelly;sis-i-l christian corkan;bro john (dau jane);names wm knicle's dau cath;sis margts dau jane kelly;  names joney cannel + anne crellin peel;friend cath kermod exex;robt h/o margt kelly
1786-1 E     w   COWIN        Ann         kelley       d 4 may;dau ellinor,jane,cath,thos,alice,ann;son patrick mylechreest exec;husb thos; dispute inv john bridson,james cowin,john kaighen,thomas mylechreest,danl cowin + george osborne;
1786-1 E     se  COWIN        Thomas                   son james;wife's son patrick mylechreest;dau isable;ack from james cowin by philip clucas,thos key for 20s left to alice cown als key our mother
1786-1 E     d   KENNAUGH     Margaret    fargher      d 6 may;son thos admr;john + margt proved for;pledges john callister, thos fargher
1786-1 E     d   KERMOD       Thomas                   d 3 apr;2 ch john + jane
1786-1 E     w   KNEALE       Henry                    d 25 apr 1785;dau ellinor,isable execx
1786-1 E     d   MOORE        Catherine   [callan]     [1st on film] indenture pat callan re dau cath wife of george moore (only part of very long case on this film)
1786-1 E     w   QUAYLE       Marjery                  d 11 may 1786;dau mary,isable;fa john (decd);sis ann;dau ann execx
1786-1 E     w   QUILLIAM     Patrick,jnr              d 2 jun 1786;glan ne mrack;;sis ann, elizbth;bro henry (herring nets);sis ann ,esther;fa patrick
1786-1 E     d   QUIRK        Ann                      spinster c/o philip quirk + joney als gell;;sibs philip, eleanor quirk als gell + ch of decd bro john (john margt ellinor + joney)
1786-2 E     d   KEY          Gilbert                  d nov;child thomas admr as Esther Quane als Key already provided for by marr;
1786-2 E     w   KEY          Gilbert                  made 14 jul 1784;weaver;dau Elizabeth;son Thomas (exec)
1787   A 42      GELL         Ann         tear         d 1 dec 1786;husb thos exor;creggan mooar;mo margt tear
1787   A 43      CORKAN       Isabel                   (see john)
1787   A 44      CORKAN       John                     d 3 mar 1787;glanrushen;stepson thos quay;dau elinor clague als corkan w/o robert(execx) [?bapt];wife (als decd) isabel - petn by elinor that parents granted half goods in 1777 to paul quine in mc for dau margt [marr but ?no ch],in 1781 john kissack h/o ann corkan came to live among them 
1787   A 45      QUIRK        Philip                   [full];made 30 jan 1787;slewholan;dau cath,elizth bridson (w/o john ballachrink Malew),margt;son john (eldest),philip (if he comes),thos (houses in Peel that belonged to wm quayle porter) [bapt];wife isabel als quilliam;john kewley h/o cath ;john corran,tanner douglas h/o jane ; contested will - court case;silvester mylchreest h/o margt 
1787   A 46      HALSAL       William                  [full] made 3 mar 1787;son wm (eldest),thos;dau elinor,margt,cath [?bapt], ann;philip clucas uncle by mo's side guardian;
1787   A 47      RADCLIFFE    Henry                    [full];gordon;dau margery w/o john quirk (trelgrey);gdau ann shimmin d/o charles shimmin (ballabooy kk german) ;dau margt w/o thos quine (kynnaa kk german)
                                                       son charles (if he come),thos (exec);gch samuel + isabel radcliffe s/o thos radcliffe (gordon)
1787   A 48      CAINE        William                  d 18 mar 1787;mo ann caine exex
1787-1 E     d   CAINE        James                    d beg nov 1786;ch wm,ann + cath(w/o john corlett) + margt cain representative of philip cain;petn by thos boyd,john corlett + wm cain - widow ann cain als cottier is embezzling;inv;1792: ack by ann cain m/o margt
1787-1 E     d   KELLY        John                     d 31 jan 1787;ch john + jane quark als kelly (w/o james) (other ch elizth w/o john cubbon provided for by marr sett))
1787-1 E     w   MOORE        George                   petn re cottages in peel; deed of sale from hugh moore who purchased from john rainey + wife jane only surv ch + admx of henry mylvorrey formerly of peel (?d 1734) whose 4 daus eliz,dorothy,sd jane rainey + joney mylevorrey long since dead;
                                                         joney m died unmarried and without issue before the sd john rainy became entitled and sd rainey neglected to take out letters of admin this GM has no legal title.
1787-2 E    w    QUILLIAM     John                     d 8 sep 1787;son john(heir);other ch wm,charles,cath,ann,ellinor,betty(elizth), jane + isabel;wife cath;petn by widow that will nuncupative and later written account contradicts spoken
1788   A 24      CARROON      Thomas                   son richd,dau ellinor cowil als carroon [m nic cowle #3641],other dau elizth;dau margt execx;witt christian corkan als cowley,ann key;
1788   A 25      NOWELL       Jane                     bro john's dau sarah nowell;sis isabel;made 27 sep 1787
1788   A 26      SAYLE        Elizabeth   kermode      d 14 feb 1788;daus elizth, mary;son philip exec
1788   A 27      CALLIN       Daniel                   d 25 apr 1788;dau joney,elizth;son robt,wm (heir);wife alive
1788-1 E      d  CAIN         Mary        shimmin      d 1 feb 1788;dau isabella admxother dau had contract;petn by husb john(now of peel) two daus isabel + elizth(had marr sett)
1788-1 E      d  COWILL       Thomas                   d 6 jul 1788;ch thos,isabel + ann admrs - elizth + elinor had marr setts;wife ann;;petn by wife margt states d 6 jul  1788+ much strife between children she does not know what to do;
1788-2 E      d  QUAYLE       William                  d 29 jun 1788;5 ch wm,robt,nicholas,cath + ann (robt ,nic + ann ua);wife jane;inv (names john craine mercht,widow jane moore,philip christian taylor,philip callister shoemaker;
1789   A 36      CUBBON       Margaret                 d 13 dec 1788;widow;son john;gdau ellinor cubbon;dau margt quilliam (w/o john) execx
1789   A 37      KEY          Ann         karran       made 24 nov 1788;knockmoar;dau margt gell,jane karran,anne kinley,alice cashin,isabel watterson (execx) w/o patrick;gdau margt sansbury w/o thomas;wm gell + 
                                                        thos karran ack;petn by patk watterson re bro-in-law thomas key;1790 thomas sansbury h/o margt sansbury dau;
1789   A 38      KENNAGH      John,jnr                 d 24 dec 1788;kerroodoo foxdale;dau elinor,isabel;fa john;son john,thos,wm,philip + james;wife isabel
1789   A 39      CLUCAS       William                  d 29 jan 1789;ballacarney;2 youngest sons (unnamed), to herself (?wife);eldest son john exec;ack from son thomas
1789   A 40 jw   NOWELL       Margaret    bridson      john + margt;made 12 dec 1778;3 ch john,jane + isabel;dau jane
1789-1 E 804  w  RADCLIFFE    Thomas                   [see 848]d 11 june;knockaloe moar;long proceedings will made 11 june;wife jane;tenant wm radcliffe;nephew robt christian now a lodger + boarder with wm quine kk pat;;puchased lands of knockaloe beg;sister jane shimin;
                                                           nephew john shimin;niece margery crane als parr(+her ch);nephew robt moore peel;several named bequests;residium of personal fortune towards improvement of knockaloe by stone walls + planting trees;fiend ewan christian vic genl exor;dispute - evidence inc james thomas surgeon (who has resided on island 6 yrs prev surgeon in navy now on hp prev on iom station + kept family here since 1776 - on his return in 1793 seemed thomas radciffe had suffered a paralytic stroke - made 
                                                           will  + died same day - recounts how will read and agreed to) - one account is that wm quine tricked a sale of a black mule
1789-1 E 914  d  GORRY        William                  d 5 mar 1789;ch john,wm,ann,patk,elizth,margt,thomas,hugh,robt,cath + christian;wife ann pregnant;some ua ;inv
1789-1 E 922  w  KEY          Thomas                   made 14 apr 1789;ball elby;names philip kinley + wife,patrick waterson + wife,thos karran + wife,patrick corlett + wife,thos key knockmoar,thos key of the Butt,john key of broal (bolreny),wm gell jnr ballelby;friends wm gell snr +  margt of ballelby execrs
1789-2 E      w  CALLISTER    David                    dated 18 feb 1789;eary cushlin;son david,wm (estate thalloo cushlin) henry,john;wife isabel exex;sis isabel quilliam;dau anne (new intack land);
1789-2 E      w  CASHIN       Isabel      COTTIER      d 12 mar 1789;dau margt,ann;son james;some ch ua - wm comish + john cashin brothers by fa side sworn guardians
1789-2 E      w  MOORE        John                     dated 25 nov 1788;dau cath exex;gson john matherall;wife alive
1789-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Samuel                   d 20 oct 1788;sis margt quayle exex
1790   A 27      TEAR         John                     d 25 nov 1789;son edward,nicholas,thos;dau margery;wife joney exex
1790   A 28      KNICKLE      John                     d 30 jan 1790;cregneash;four daus (unnamed);wife joney als kneale exex
1790   A 29      QUORK        Joney       quay         made 1 feb 1790;dau joney exex
1790-1 E      w  KENNAGH      John,snr                 made 6 mar 1790;foxdale;dau margt cowle widow;son thos exec
1790-2 E      w  CAINE        Ann                      dated 26 aug 1790;son hugh;dau mary;husb thomas exor
1790-2 E      d  KELLY        Elinor                   d 10 jul 1790;ch robt,margt,cath ua;husb wm ;uncles patk callister + patk sayle appt guardians;inv
1790-2 E      w  KELLY        William                  dated 28 nov 1785;dau cath(bees in dauby),margt(husb thos);son robt,wm (exor)
1791   A 37      QUIRK        Ann         quilliam     made 11 oct 1785;widow;glanneedle;son wm,john(field reimm y killey);dau ann exex
1791   A 38      QUIRK        John                     made 5 sep 1790;ballacooil;son thos,wm,jonah,philip(if he came),john(to his ch);dau ann shimmin,mary + cath exexs
1791   A 39      KISSAG       Ann         corkan       d 16 feb 1791;son wm,richd,thos cubbon;names esther quay als cowin;husb john exor
1791   A 40      CAINe        James                    d 9 mar 1791;younger bro wm cashin;sis ann cashin,margt caine (7 money left him by mo's death) exex
1791   A 41      CLUCAS       Mary        QUIRK        [Full];son philip;dau isabel shimin als clucas;dau cath quine als quirk;names ann radcliffe als clucas (jt execx);thos quine h/o cath,thos radcliffe h/o ann;witt + pledges thos quine + hugh shimmin
1791-1 E     w   CAROON       Mary        KEG          d 11 may 1791;dau margt exex;other unnamed ch
1791-1 E     w   CLAGUE       William                  d 29 may 1791;wife ann als radcliffe exex;unnamed ch ua
1791-1 E     d   MOORE        Cooney      GELL als COTTIER d 23 feb 1791;ch by prev husb john,thomas + wm gell;ch elith + elinor moore  by  later venter;inv
1791-1 E     w   QUANE        Thomas                   d 3 may 1791;ballahutchin;son thos,henry,john exor;dau martha killey,elinor corris,isabel quirk
1791-1 E     w   QUIRK        Ann         QUILLIAM     ?not on film nor in index(marked + in defuncts)
1791-1 E     w   RADCLIFFE    William                  [543]d 3 may 1791;'old + frail'names wm clagues daus cath + jane;gson john boddagh;son sylvester exor
1792   A 30      SAYLE        Elizabeth                sis mary sayle;bro patrick's wife elizth sayle als cowle;bro philip;sis ann cowile als sayle w/o thomas execx;petn by thos cowle that eliz owed wages from wm callow esq decd;
1792   A 31      CUBBON       William                  ch wm,john,patience + cath,dau jane,margt;son richd;wife jane alive
1792   A 32      KNEALE       Ewan                     dated 5 mar 1792;wife esther 
1792   A 33      QUILLIAM     William,jnr              ballnecaarkey;d 15 apr 1792;8 vh inc john,isabel;wife isabel als kelly;supv john gell + john kelly jnr balladda
1792-1 E      w  CARRAN       Thomas                   made 21 feb 192;creggan moor;ch ann carran, margt carran, isable carran, alice carran, timothy carran + henry carran;wife alice exex
1792-1 E      d  GELLING      William                  d 13 apr 1791;ch john gelling, isabel freer als gelling, joney gell als gelling(w/o Wm),Christian sayle als gelling(decd - her ch john + elizth) jt admrs;pledges Thomas moore + Robert Kelly (both Patk)
1792-1 E      w  HUTCHIN      Joney                    d 30 sep 1791;made 2 nov 1789;husb thomas;ballahutchin;son patk, isaac exor;names john McLeece,wm caine(+ wife Cath), Patk Karran(+ wife Jane),Mary Cubbon,john ellison;petn by son patk that Isaac exor intends to leave Isle without paying legacies;
1792-1 E      w  KILLEY       Elizabeth                made 11 mar 1791;son james;dau margt clucas als killey exex (w/o Philip);decd husb thos
1792-1 E      w  QUIRK        Alice                    made 10 may 1792;ballacooil;son thos,jonah(+3 ch),philip(if he comes for it),john(+ 4 ch),patk, wm;dau ann shimin,mary waterson, cath quirk;gch philip quirk;john quirk,elizth quirk;ch wm + cath jt execs;1801:isabel quirk exex of jonah quirk
1792-2 E     w   QUIRK        John                     1st on mm;made 3 may 1792;treljey;sons philip,charles,richd;daus elinor,margery;wife magery als radcliffe
1793   A 45      COWLEY       Margaret                 d 27 nov 1792;widow;names thos, philip + elizth cowley c/o heny cowley;gson henry cowley(house in glenmoey) + sevl other names;friend john sayle exor
1793   A 46      CLINTON      Isabel      karran       dated 29 dec 1792;dau isabel;son wm;husb john exor + supv ua ch
1793   A 47      SAYLE        Elizabeth                d 22 mar 1793;7 unnamed ch;dau eleanor,elizth;husb patk exor + guardn ua ch
1793   A 48      quirk        emmey                    d 2 apr 1793;husb paul;son richd,patk;dau cath cubbon,elizth;patk+elizth jt execs;1796 patk quayle h/o elizth;
1793   A 49      QUILIAM      Margaret                 d 19 apr 1793;husb john exor ballacain dalby;dau ann,cath;ch ua
1793   A 50      QUAYLE       Margaret    QUIRK        widow of Glaneedle, Patrick: 2 dau Ammey & Cath
1793-1 E 246 d   CALLISTER    Henry                    d 13 feb 1793;ch john,thomas,richd,samuel + cath all ua;wife mary(als quilliam d/o henry);petn by sibs phillip callister,patk callister + john quirk that wife a poor simple woman;petns apptd guardians;petn by mary;inv
1793-1 E 257 w   KELLY        Joney       quilliam     d 10 may 1793;husb silvester; exor;son patk + 4other ch;dau joney + another dau;
1793-1 E 258 w   CARRAN       William                  d 27 apr 1793;wife (house in peel);dau margt(w/o john gill);son john exor;son-i-law john quilliam
1793-2 E     d   KILLEY       Thomas                   d 4 aug 1793;bach;fa john
1794   A 49      TAGGART      Elizabeth   quirk        d 28 dec 1793;ballacoole;husb john;son john(to school him);dau ann,betty,margt,abigail(last 3 exexs) ;ch uncle john quirk
1794   A 50      QUANE        Charles                  d 15 jan 1794;balla a chroink;5 ch John, Charles;,Ann,Margery + Elinor; wife margery als Key;charles Quane. of balla quane guardian;
1794-1 E     w   GELL         Isabel      KELLY        d 16 jul 1793;7 ch john,cooney,thos,wm,henry,ann + ellinor;husb john
1794-1 E     d   HUTCHIN      Thomas                   sons pat + isaac dispute;inv
1794-1 E     w   QUANE        Ann         RADCLIFFE    w/o john quane ballaquane;4 youngest daus esther,eliz elinor + margt;3 eldest ch charles judith ann;1796 james craine peel h/o esther;patrick quirk h/o eliz
1794-1 E     w   WOODS        Anthony                  the largey; uttered 18 may 1794;wife ann;dau ann + jane;son james (if he comes for it)
1794-2 E      w  QUIRK        Christian   QUANE        d 1 may 1794;husb wm(her part of boat + herring nets) ;ballachrink;ch wm(intack Dauby 1d rent),jane (w/o henry gell) exex;gdau jane quirk
1795   E     w   QUANE        Margery     KEY          d 11 oct 1795;ballachrink;son john (all his fa's shaped clothes),charles;dau anne,margery,elinor;ch ua relns + friends Charles Quane. John Quane, and James Killey ; charles was 4 at death of mother - petn by guardians that their costs should be covered by his share;
1795-1 E     w   CLUCAS       Thomas                   son thomas;names ann cain;wife jean; inv late of parish jurby
1795-1 E     w   COWLL        William                  d 27 apr 1795;wife cath als halsal;dau jane moore gdau christian;son wm
1795-2 E      w  QUANE        Margaret    key          d 11 oct 1795;widow + relict charles quane;ballachroink;son john,charles;dau ann,margery,elinor;last 4 jt execs ua relns + friends charles quane, john quane + james killy supv
1796   A 27      QUAYLE       amelia                   d 13 dec 1795;bro henry,paul(+ son john if he come home, of braddan),john (+ dau cath),wm (dau ann);sis cath (w/o thos quirk exec+ dau cath;)
1796   A 28      KARRAN       Patrick                  d 27 jan 1796;dau jane;son robt,patk,wm;wife jane exex
1796   A 29      QUILLIAM     Marjery                  d 8 feb 1796;sis mary quirk;bro patk,henry;neice ann + christian quilliam,cath + sarah quirk,ann cubbon als quirk,isabel quirk exex;nephew john quilliam
1796   A 30      CASHEN       Thomas                   d 10 mar 1796;younger ch john,jane + margt;son thos exec
1796   A 31      KEY          John                     d 13 dec 1794;Knockmoar;son thomas(heir ua);dau Anne;wife Anne als Carran;Richd Quirk uncle fa side;
1796   A 32      WHITE        Alice       ellison      d 2 jan 1795;dau ally ua;husb wm exor [missing off mm film]
1796-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     d 28 aug 1796;mo lucy quilliam als christian als caine(w/o patk);sibs matthias, hugh,thomas christian + esther kelly als christian;
1796-1 E      ds HUTCHIN      Thomas                   dated 6 jan 1792;ballahutchin;to son isaac;son patk;dispute between sons issac to pay patk 38;
1796-1 E      w  KENNAGH      Isabel      CLAGUE       d 11 jun 1796;son john,thos,wm,philip,james;gch isabel,wm;dau isabel + eleanor jt exexs;
1796-1 E      w  KILLEY       Joney       QUIRK        d 29 apr 1796;husb henry exor;son wm,henry;late serv patk skinner,jane gell maidserv;dispute 1797 dispute between henry + ellinor exex of henry who was exex joney killey als killey[sic]
1796-1 E      d  KNEAL        Jane        COTTIER      d 1783;petn thos kneale kk pat that she left 4 small ch one since dead, her fa robt cottier lately dead + that ch have claim on gfa estate;decree states ch ua or too tender yrs their fa thomas + uncle john crellin guardians
1796-1 E      d  TEAR         Margaret                 d 30 nov 1795;ch edwd,jane,ann,elinr,margt,isable + elizth;all too tender or ua;husb edwd;inv
1796-2 E      w  CALLIN       Margaret    killy        d 4 oct 1796;sis cath kinveg als quayle(arbory);ch wm.robt + judith callin;dau elizth cain exex(w/o wm cain)
1796-2 E      w  QUIRK        William                  d 20 aug 1796;wife isabel als kieg? exex;unnamed ch
1797   A 49      CLARK        Thomas                   d 10 dec 1796;glanrushin;son thos,henry;dau margt,eleanor,isabel quirk(w/o patk);wife eleanor exex
1797   A 50      HALSAL       Patrick                  d 4 jan 1797;dau margt quine(w/o wm), cath quilliam;gch christian,isabel,thomas + ann quine;wife alive(close meaddow kk german) exex;1802 james kennaugh h/o christian quine
1797   A 51      GELL         Jane        kneal        d 20 mar 1797;dau judith;gdau margt quilliam als hutchin;son thomas,henry;gdau ann gell;names thomas mylechreest,margt shimmin;husb alive;sons thomas + john exors
1797   A 52      TAGGART      John                     made 21 mar 1797;ballacoole;son john(herring nets);dau betty,ann(money to go to who takes care of her),margt + abigal(all dau except ann jt exexs)
1797   A 53      GELL         Henry                    d 25 mar 1797;son thomas,john(ballnegragen or erganmore);wife jane als kneale exex;dau judith;names thomas mylechreest,margt shimmin
1797   A 54      COTTIER      John                     dated 26 mar 1797;nephew ? elizth cottier,jane cottier,cath cottier,john cottier,wm cottier,john quirk;son wm cottier exor;dau elizth quirk als cottier;1803: john cannell ballacannell? kk mich guardian cath,cornelius quayle guardian john,philip killey gauardian wm,john quirk,philip quirk h/o elizth quirk als cottier ack
1797   A 55   jw MARTIN       Thomas                   thomas + esther als gell reaby beg;dec 5 apr 1797;son john(lives with them + has marr contract);dau isabel,ester(youngest),cath,ann;esther mentions her bro john gell;mutual exex
1797   A 56      QUIRK        Jonah                    d 2 apr 1797;charoo-doo;dau ellinor,ann +cath;son john(heir);wife isabel exex;1813: thomas quirk h/o elinor,john clark h/o ann
1797   A 57      KELLY        Isabel      mylvorrey    d 24 apr 1797;son thomas(house + money in ld bishops hands),robt;dau ann exex
1797-1 E      d  calliin      william                  d 22 30 mar 1797;ch wm,margt,ann jt admrs - robert,jony + cath had contracts;
1797-1 E     d   callister    john                     d 30 may 1797;shoannadle ?;son wm,philip,richard,patrick;dau amelia,cath (marr sett),mary (marr sett);wife jane als corlet execx
1797-1 E     w   CLARKE       Patrick                  d 8 june 1796;child being yet unborn;wife ellinor als cubbon;
1797-1 E     d   CORRIS       Philip                   d 20 Mar 1797;bach;fa Philip;
1797-1 E     w   JONES        Robert                   1st on film;d 6 jun 1797;wife jane als shimmin
1797-1 E      w  KARRAN       Isabel      clauge       d 2 ? apr 1797;dau margt(w/o john gell - half house in peel),cath,ann;son john exor;son-i-law john quilliam
1797-1 E      d  KELLY        Thomas                   d 17 feb 1797;cronkmoar;wife cath;ch wm,thos,john,ann + margt - last 3 ua;bro wm;inv 33 4s;petn by wife
1797-1 E     d   KEY          Joney                    d 1 mar 1797;widow;only ch thomas;pledges john mcleece + john quilliam
1797-1 E     w   KEY          Thomas                   balla glamey;d 19 may 1797;son john's 3 ch thos john + ann;dau ann quirk als key;sons patrick + james;richd quirk guardian of 3 ch + ann their mother ack
1797-1 E      w  QUANE        Charles                  d 12 aug 1797;sis eleanor,margt,ann gell,elizth quirk,judy graves(w/o henry) exex;names eleanor d/o wm cottier(glanrishen);fa john;mo Ann(decd);court held in house of henry graves;
1797-1 E     d   QUILLIAM     Isabel      KARRAN       d 23 mar 1797;3 ch isabel ellinor ann;husb john;john karran uncle on mothers side [?no bur except in 1791 - chk br]
1797-1 E     w   QUIRK        Isabel      clucas       d 19 may 1797;sons wm + john;dau isabel,cath,ann
1797-1 E      d  QUIRK        William                  d 22 apr 1797;ballacallin;only ch john
1797-1 E         TEAR         Joney                    d 8 may 1797;son edward,nicholas,thomas;dau margery
1797-2 E     w   CALLISTER    Margery     corlett      d 27 sep 1797;w/o henry glanrushen;gson henry callister;dau ann quilliam als callister;
1797-2 E     w   COWLL        Catherine   HALSAL       d 30 jun 1797;son wm;gdau cath cowell;dau jane moore als cowll;son thos + jane execs;pledges sibs simon + wm cowll;
1797-2 E     w   LEECE        William                  d 11 jun 1797;youngest daus margt,jane + ann leece;wife isable als kneale;uncle john leece guardian
1798   A  41     KILLEY       Henry                    treljey;made 28 nov 1797;wife pregnant;son wm (now in navy);wm acks 1798
1798   A  42     WATERSON     Thomas                   d 11 apr 1798;balne[];bro-i-law [th?] corris (h/o margt);bro' son silvester watterson;bro wm,patk (+ son patk, wm, daus margery,ann;wife bella);sis elizth w/o thos gell (+ son thos);mo execx
1798-1 E     w   CLARKE       Margaret    stephens     d 17 may 1798;son wm,thos;names elizth cowley;son-i-law robert keowin exec
1798-1 E     d   COWLEY       Elizabeth                d 1 feb 1798;spinster;sibs wm,thos,elinor + margt;john key h/o elinor,robt keowin h/o margt;
1798-1 E     ds  KNEALE       Mary                     [poor microfilm] names [?sis?] elizth radcliffe, cousins mary kelly w/o john,+ elizth radcliffe
1798-2 e 687 w   callister    henery                   made 30 sep 1787;glenrushen;d 21 aug 1798;son henry (concerns, houses etc);dau ann quilliam als callister w/o hen;gson henry callister,wm callister;gdau marjery callister,kath callister,deborah callister,isabel callister,margt callister,ann callister;son henry exec
1798-2 e 686 d   kelly        silvester                perished by sea 22 aug 1798;fa silvester
1799   A 43      QUANE        Martha      QUIRK        dated 22 dec 1790;son henry,john,thos,charles (+his son charles);dau isabel,martha,elinor (exex)
1799   A 44      QUoRK        William                  declrd 24 dec 1798;glanneedle;wife margt exex
1799   A 45      COTTIER      William                  dated 4 feb 1799;glanrushen;3 eldest daus elizth,ellinor,jane;son john(heir);wife jane als cain exex;ch ann,wm,cath + unborn child;1814 cath acks from john cannel late my guardian kk michael;
                                                         1803: thomas karran h/o elizth,cornelius quayle guardian john,philip quirk guardian ann,philip killey guardian wm,john cannel uncle + guardian of cath
1799   A 46      CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   dated 11 mar 1799;peel;names ann corkan (1 shilling),john boyds wife (to be satisfied for all her troubles);sis esther kelly als christian exex w/o john
1799   A 47      GELL         Margaret    key          d 5 mar 1799;beleby;gdau margt gell c/o thos;gson henry gell s/o wm;son wm;husb wm (1 guinea);serv ann key;sis alice cashin;sis jane carran;son thos exec
1799-1 E     d   CLUCAS       Margaret                 d 7 jan 1799;ch wm + john,ann + margt having had marr dowries;husb john clucas
1799-1 E     d   COMISH       Elizabeth   KILLEY       d nov 1798;w/o wm
1799-1 E     d   QUAY         Margaret                 d nov 1798;ch thos,robert + philip keowin;
1799-1 E     d   QUAYLE       William                  d feb 1799;fa cornelius
1799-1 E     w   QUILLIAM     Patrick                  d 11 jun 1799;glen-ny-merck;dau esther w/o henry callister (+ her dau ann);serv jane quayle;dau elizth w/o thos clark;son-i-law wm gell;agree henry + esther + thos + elizth;
1799-2 E      d  MOORE        William                  d sometime ago on coast of Africa;formerly Kk Patrick lately mariner onboard Guineaman  "Boulton" of Liverpool;bach;sibs(whole blood) John(of Ramsey), Elinor (w/o John Bridson malew), mary, cath + christian;sibs(half blood) ann(w/o thos quaggn),elizth + joney Moore;petn states "no issue" however claim 1800 by ann corlet(spinster) for maintenance of illeg child for 14yrs [?margt bapt Pat 17820328]
1799-2 E      ds QUANE        Elinor                   [poor copy]widow;deed of settlement dated 29 may 1793;Ballaquane;to son john who is to maintain her;dau alice key als quane(w/o thos);deed court Oct 1799;
1799-2 E      w  QUAY         Esther      cowen        d 14 aug 1799;ch cath martin als quay,wm;gch thos + esther martin,john quay;husb thomas exor;names elizth quirk;

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