Summary of Wills - Patrick post1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available. Some 318/430 of thos pre 1841 summarised here

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1800   A 44      TEARE        Margaret    killey       d feb 1800;ch wm,silvester,cath,margt,lenora,thomas(exor)
1800   A 45      KOINE[keowin Robert                   d 9 feb 1800;ch ellinor,ann,robert;wife margt als cowley exex;names wm cowley;some ch ua;1823: robt (of Peel) acks from James kermode (h/o ann als kewn], legatee in will Robt Kewn(kk Patk) + exex Margt Kewn als cowley;1825: James Goldsmith h/o eleanor als kewn acks James Kermode
1800   A 46      KILLEY       Henry                    d 22 feb 1800;crag-an-Aahin;wife grace als killey exex;[m Pat 17950502 ?no ch]
1800   A 47      QUILLIAM     Mary        shimin       dated 14 mar 1800;dau may callister als quilliam exex;husb henry [m pat 17581018]
1800-1 E         KARRAN       Jane        KEY          d 27 may 1800;only ch patrick karran
1800-1 E         KENNIAGH     Thomas                   d 26 dec;sister margt cannell als kenniah;john,thos,wm,james,philip,isabel + elinor ch of decd bro john kenniagh 
1800-1 E         QUILLIAM     William                  [bur Pat 18000612]made 15 sep 1785;jw Wm + jane als gell;BallneCaarkey;ch john,wm,patk;gdau ann white
1800-1 E         SAYLE        Patrick                  [bur Pat 18000702][very faint on film]dated 15 may 1800;ch ellinor, thos,patrick,wm,john;wife isabel
1800-2 E         CORLETT      Patrick                  d 12 jun 1800;ch thos(purchased lands),john,ann,cath;wife exex
1800-2 E         KARRAN       Isabella                 d 20? oct 1799;unnamed stepmo;fa alive;isabella shimmin exex(w/o john shimin)
1801   A 29      QUANE        Thomas                   undated;doolish chashin;sis jane exex;
1801   A 30      FARAGHER     Thomas                   dated 24 dec 1800;ballalargy;ch philip, robt, thos (exor)2 unnamed daus;gson john fargher(s/o Robt),clucas fargher;philip quilliam [?m elizth fargher Pat 17731204] + Patk Cubbon [?m ann fargher Pat 17831224] husbs of two daus ack
1801   A 31      GELL         Margaret    wattleworth  d 24 feb [1801];ch leonora.henry,caesar, john,wm - some ua;husb henry exor
1801   A 32      KILLEY       Elinor      quane        d 2 mar 1801;ch ann christian, thomas corris, john corris(?dyer Patrick);son-i-law hugh christian(kk patk) exor [1st husb John corris m Pat 17780303;2nd husb wdwr henry killey m Pat 17961025]
1801   A 33      WATERSON     Margaret                 m/c Thos Gell + Isabel Watterson dated 23 aug 1790 - see NSS Oct 1799 3
1801   A 34      QUORK        Margaret    quay         d 19 feb 1801;names John Quilliam(+wife), margt (w/o thomas)+ jane Corras,john quine;names Thos quine exor
1801-1 E         QUINE        William                  d 13 aug 1801;sis' dau jane cannell;dau christian shimmin als quine (croit-e-wooillen),ann exex;son wm
1801-1 E         WHITE        Elinor   [sansbury als] QUIRK d 6 sep 1799;dau cath;son richd,charles[sansbury];husb wm exor + supv of ua ch [elinor sansbury als quirk m wm white Pat 17950428]
1801-2 E         CALLISTER    Jane                     d 18 mar 1801;ch philip,patk,richard,cath + mary + ch of decd son henry
1801-2 E         COWLE        Richard                  d 22 jun 1801;wife jane als quork exex
1802   A 43      COTTIER      Jane        caine        dated 28 nov 1801;d 25 nov;widow;glan rushen;ch nancy (youngest dau), cath, jane, elinor, wm,john,elizth;elder daus elizth(w/o Thos karran) +elinor jt exexs;some ch ua - uncles (by fa's side) Philip Quirk + Cornelius quayle + uncle (mo side John Killey + Philip Killey(a reln by mo's side) supv;inv
1802   A 44      COWNE        Ann                      dated 5 jan 1802;husb james exor;gdau ann callin;ch eleanor callin, cath corkan,thos cowne, alice cowne
1802   A 45      CUBBON       John                     d 12 jan 1802;wife alice als kelley exex
1802   A 46      QUAYLE       Robert                   dated 23 mar 1802;wife ann exex
1802-1 E         CLUCAS       Philip                   d 13 dec 1801;ch philip,margt(h/o patk corris) jt admrs;
1802-1 E         CORRIN       Isabel      quirk        dated 25 oct 1800;jt Robert + Isabel als quirk;Knockaloe beg;dau cath,isabel;son wm(inc consideration money for purchased land from admrs of John Callin + from his relict Cath),thos(heir),john,robt;mutual execs;1809: john ramsey h/o Cath;
1802-1 E         COTTIER      Elizabeth   watterson    dated 20 jan 1802;gch jane, ellinor, ann ,cath+ wm cottier;dau judy,elizth;names cornelius quayle exor
1802-1 E         QUANE        Jane                     d 9 jul 1802;names john,jane(w/o john), jane + eleanor kneen;gson thos gell exor
1802-1 E         QUAYLE       Isabel   quilliam als kelly d 30 dec 1801;ch john,jane,isabella(w/o henry quayle),margt,cath,cath + margery quilliam, Ellin,joney + esther quayle (last 3 c/o john quayle) jt admrs;husb john [1st husb wm quilliam m Pat 17731207;2nd john quayle m Pat 17961015
1802-1 E         QUILLIAM     Henry                    [very faint on film] d jamaica 1 jul 1799;sibs elizth,ann(w/o wm gell) + esther(w/o thomas [name not readable]), + john quane s/o margery quane als key late decd(half sister) jt admrs
1802-1 E         QUILLIAM     William                  d jul 1801;,bach;mariner eastindiaman 'Bombay Castle'  (john Wamither? commdr);mother cath + sibs jane,elizth + cath jt admrs
1802-1 E         RADCLIFFE    John                     dated 29 may 1802;names cath kneen ala cotaman(peel),thos kaighin(shoemaker peel),john cummings(peel);son charles + gson thos radcliffe exors;
1802-2 E      jw QUAYLE       Margaret    TEARE        dated 1 oct 1800;jt will patk + margt ballaquayle;son wm,thos;dau ann;silvester tear uncle to ua ch
1803   A 41      CARRAN       Ann         quilliam     d 21 jan 1803;names ann d/o thos kelly, ann d/o john key, margt key;sis bella quilliam;husb john exor [m Pat 17960529 ?no ch]
1803   A 42      QUIRK        Ann         key          d 20 apr 1803;ch ann,margt; - ua;husb richd exor
1803   A 43      SKINNER      Radcliff                 [?bur]d 22 mar 1803;ch henry,ann;father hugh;bro john;wife jane als gill exex
1803   A 44      CUBBON       Patrick                  1st on film]d 21 apr 1803;ch  john,mary, wm,philip,thos,charles, patk,robt;wife ann als fargher exex
1803   A 45      QUIRK        Mary        lace         d 15 apr 1803;dau ann sayle,margt callin,eleanor quirk,cath radcliffe;son wm;husb wm exor
1803   A 46      SHIMIN       Philip                   dated 24 feb 1795;ch (1/- ea) john,hugh, philip, ann kewley, cath mcleece, elinor kewley,jane jones;wife exex
1803   A 47      GELL         Nicholas                 dated 4 feb 1803;ballnekinjeage;ch john,alice,elinor(naish woar);wife mary;ellinor + wife exexs
1803   A 48      GELL         Ann         kelly        d 15 apr ? made 12 apr 1803;husb thos;sis margt callow;names isabel quirk,isabella callow;dau margt cannel exex;quitclaim by margt to thos gell
1803-1 E         CORLETT      Elizabeth                d 21 apr 1803;father Patk admr
1803-1 E         KARRAN       Thomas                   d 31 jan 1803;only ch Patk admr;
1803-1 E         KELLY        Catharine                d may 1803;ch john, wm, margt + jane jt admrs - all ua;husb John sworn guardian + admr-in-trust
1803-1 E         Knickell     Ann         kelly        d 30 may 1803;dau margt gell, ann watterson als knickell exex (w/o henry);gch john callen, thomas watterson, ann watterson
1803-1 E         QUANE        Thomas                   d 14 nov 1802;ballahutchin;ch john + charles (by previous venters),thos,henry,jane + ann (last 3 ua)
1803-1 E         QUIRK        John                     dated 27 oct 1802;SlieuWhallan;friend Wm Mylevorrey + wife Margt (100);sis Margt (margt mylchreest, ballagarriiaughan, widow), jane(w/o john corran), cath (5s ea);20 for poor;wife sarah als callister exex;[ dispute re validity but court accepts it] dispute between sarah + margt mylchreest, john + jane corran, isable quirk + cath kewley - Wm clucas who drew up will + deed of sale gave evidence there was a deed of sale of slieuwhollan to John Quirk imm before will on 27th
1803-1 E         SHIMMIN      Christian                see hugh
1803-1 E         SHIMMIN      Hugh                     decree states Hugh + Christian shimin lately decd - 5 ch thos, hugh, charles, elinor (h/o philip clague)+ cath;petn by Hugh Shimmin that Hugh shimmin, wife Christian + son Wm died some time ago
1803-1 E         SHIMMIN      Radcliffe                d some time ago;mariner (royal navy)+ owed money from H M service;sibs thomas, hugh, chas, elinor clague als shimin(w/o philip), cath;
1803-2 E         CRELLIN      William                  d 2 jun 1803;threshaj ?;3 unnamed daus(3s ea);wife dorothy exex
1803-2 E         Morrison     Margaret    kneale ?     d 12 sep 1803;names ann(d./o Robt Colvin);husb thos exor
1804   A 36      GELL         Jane        kelly        d 7 dec 1803;cousin jane (w/o john martin + dau bella),ann quilliam;husb john exor
1804   A 37      CHRISTIAN    John                     d 14 feb 1804;dau jane,margt (w/o thos samsbury);son thomas,john,james (exor);wife alive
1804   A 38      QUILLIAM     John                     d 2 dec 1803;wife cath als halsal; exex ch jane,elizth,cath,thos, john,henry;1819 henry kelly h/o cath peel acks;1828 john kennaugh h/o jane acks;1822 thos quilliam states john of cronk e keil;1823 john gell kk rushen h/o elizth
1804   A 39      QUINE        William                  d 26 mar 1804;son-i-law john forsyth;son john(gears quarry work),thos,wm,philip;son-i-law james kennaugh,thos cowle;wife margt als halsal exex
1804-1 E         CHRISTIAN    Philip                   d jan 1804;only ch joney (w/o thomas tear) admx;
1804-1 E         CORRIN       Robert                   dated 11 apr 1803;knockaloe beg;ch isabella, cath, wm,robt, john, thos (jt exor with son-i-law thos crellin jnr) - some ua;late wife isabella als quirk (? confirms jt will);son-i-law john kelly(ballada, kk patk[h/o jane]), thos crellin(braka broom kk german [h/o margt]), james cain;1809: john ramsey h/o cath acks
1805   A 37      KILLEY       Philip                   d 21 nov 1804;son philip,james,thos;dau ann,elinor;wife ann als cain exex
1805   A 38      RADCLIFFE    Thomas                   dated 16 feb ? 1804;gordon;son thomas,samuel;dau isabel,eleanor crellin,ann moore,margt,cath;wife ann exex
1805   A 39      CORRIS       Patrick                  made 5 jan 1798;son wm,john;only dau emmy knnagh exex(w/o john);petn by emmy
1805   A 40      QUILLIAM     Thomas                   d 7 feb 1805;ballahutchin;son john,henry;dau cath martin;wife margt jt exec with henry;petn margt + hen
1805   A 41      FARAGHER     Thomas                   declared 16 feb 1805;son clucas,wm,charles;dau margt,ann quirk,elinor sayle;wife margt exex
1805   A 42      KILLEY       Ann         wite[white]  dau jane;son wm;sis jane;husb wm exor
1805-1 E         KELLY        Silvester                d 3 Jun 1805;ch John, Joney + Cath jt admrs - eldest son Patk had a m/c;
1805-1 E         shimmin      jane        kissag       d 28 apr 1805;dau Bella (w/o silvester Kelly) exex;
1806   A 44      CORRIN       Alice                    made 30 dec 1805;ch ann,jane + margt;husb thos + joseph cowle exors in trust for ch;son thos(5s) xd thro;ch ua - james cowle uncle (by mo's side) guardian;petn by thos corrin Knockaloe beg
1806   A 45      QUILLIAM     Elizabeth   fargher      dated 16 apr 1806;ch elinor,john,wm;dau-i-law isabella;husb philip exor
1806-1 E         SAYLE        Judith      CANNELL      d 21 nov 1805;lhean rushin;son philip(in england);ch Henry, Philip, Christian (w/o thomas cannell)+ Margaret(w/o john quane)
1807   A 47      QUAYLE       Margaret    quirk        d 18 mar 1807[?28 as 2 ?overwitten 1];widow;ch thos (house + gardens in Glen Moiey) exor,john;
1807   A 48      QUIRK        Philip                   Ballavaugher;ch James,Philip(2 eldest),elinor,ann,john(house in Peel called Hutchin's house + meadow in Kk German called Kenil Curragh),joseph,christian(part dwelling huse in castletown),cath (due to last 4 by death of mother ),thomas + charles(2 youngest) jt heirs;2 eldest sons +
                                                            Wm Clark Ballawillin + John Gell Kinna exors;petn by James Quirk(Knockaloe) + Philip Quirk(ship builder Liverpool) state that Wm Clark + John Gell decline role;claims inc 3  from Dr Joseph Tough;acks from Wm,John,Ann fayle als quirk,Elinor Fargher als quirk, cath sayle als quirk;inv/accts/sale;[1st wife Mary Parr;2nd wife christian duggan m Mal 17870816 - note also Philip Quirk in 1792 + 17988 gore's directory]]
1807-1 E      d  CORLETT      Ann                      d Apr 1806;Thomas, John, cath + Ann jt admrs
1807-1 E      d  KELLY        William                  d 1777 in Liverpool;bach; brother of late Ann Christian als Kelly (w/o Ewan Christian vicar Kk Patk) + paternal brother James Kelly + Christian Wattleworth als Kelly (w/o Thomas Wattleworth, Liverpool) both decd;ch of Ewan - Robt, Christian + Claudius, ch of Christian Wattleworth john,thomas, james + christian, ch of James Kelly - John + Christian;
1808   A 91      QUIRK        Richard                  d 10 nov 1807;(will dated 13 nov)wife margt als caine;gch ann clucas, cath clucas;ch eleanor clucas als quirk(h/o thomas), ann Cavendish als quirk (h/o wm corjeag), margt knickel als quirk(w/o Wm), john,richard;1869: Wm Radcliffe(h/o gch cath clucas)
1808   A 92      MYLCHREEST   Judy        fargher      dated 31 mar 1807;deed of gift to nephew Philip Fargher(Kk Patk);witt John Clucas, Wm Clucas
1808   A 93      CORRISS      Elinor                   dated 25 dec 1807;ch isabel, thos, patk, john, wm;husb wm exor
1808   A 94      KILLEY       John                     dated 12 mar 1803;Riabe;wife jane als quirk;ch paul, judy(w/o david duggan), margt(exex);
1808   A 95      CLUCAS       Anne                     dated 26 jan 1808;widow richd clucas(kioneshleau mooar);son wm,hugh;dau mary quirk als clucas,cath (exex w/o john clucas)
1808   A 96      CLUCAS       Eleanor     clucas?      d 16 feb 1808;widow;ch wm, thomas,john(heir) exor;dau-i-law Kath Clucas
1808   A 97      HALSAL       Isabel      quine        d 13 feb 1808;dau margt, cath quilliam exex;niece Isable Quine
1808   A 98      CALLIN       William                  d 25 feb 1808;wife cath exex;sumner also charges John Callin + witt charles radcliffe + Wm kenah;
1808   A 99      QUINE        John                     dated 6 sep 1807;Mullen-e-close;sis isabella(w/o john crellin kk patk), cath shimmin(5 youngest ch ann, thos, john, cath + wm),margt(w/o Wm clucas rushen);niece ann Mylechreest(w/o Thomas, kk german),sarah shimmin(d/o philip);bro wm(meadow kk german called shilling croft + house +
                                                            adj croft called croit alessey ? adj my father's outhouses in kk patk);father thomas exor (inc a lately furnished house (?purchased from Philip shimin) called croit robin jones) ;mother alive;claims etc;1831: Cath Creer als shimin(widow john creer serjeant kk german) acks cath quine (exex of John Quine)
1808   A 100     SKINNER      Hugh                     d 7 apr 1808;wife isable exex;servant John Kneale;
1808-1 E         SAYLE        Philip                   dated 19 apr 1808;lhoan rushin;ch henry (exor),philip,christian(w/o thos cannell) + margt(w/o john quane);
1808-2 E         KARRAN       Alice       quirk        d 11 aug 1808;ch thomas, henry, ann, margt, isabel + alice
1808-2 E      w  KILLEY       Grace                    d 10 Oct 1808;dated 17 Oct 1808;nephews Thomas + James Moore jt exors - both ua - their fa Thomas Moore sworn [c/o Thomas Moore + Margt Killey m 1786][ ?wdw Henry Killy d 1800 m Pat 17950502 Grace als killey - no ch] ;
1808-2 E      w  MOORE        Martha                   husb Philip Moore(Ballamoore) exor;ch Philip, Martha Redman,Wm;names John Kelly, Christian Kelly
1808-2 E      d  QUILLIAM     John Snr                 d 26 Jun 1808;ch John, Ann (w/o james cowll), Elizabeth Cleather als Quilliam, Christian Brew?? als quilliam, Judith, Thomas + Cath(w/o John Mylrea) jt execs;wife Christian + dau Judith (lifetime interest in purchased lands)
1808-2 E      w  WATERSON     Patrick                  dated 30 Jun 1808;declrd 20 May 1808;ch Thomas, Patk(gears of Balnakerkey), Silvester, Henry,margery (w/o Thomas corlett kk Patk), Ann(w/o John Quayle kk Patk), Isabella, Jane;gson Wm Watterson;nephew Wm Gell;wife Isabella exex
1809   A 39      GELL         John                     d 6 feb 1808;dalby;names margt christian(widow, peel),ales quirk,john moor(+ wife) exor
1809   A 40      COWN         James                    dated 14 mar 1809;ch elenor callow, cath corkan, tho exor;gch james? cown, wm cown
1809   A 41      TEAR         Edward                   made 16 jan 1809;ch edwrd, john,ann, ellin, margt, isabel, betty, jane(w/o john kelly), ann (w/o wm bridson);wife margt als cain;names cath gory;
1809   A 42      CHRISTIAN    James                    d 17 jan 1809;sis jane;half-sis margt(w/o Thos sansbury + dau ann);wife cath als quilliam(pregnant) exex;1846: james christian acks from mo Cath Corris re legacy from fa;
1809   A 43      CUBBON       William                  d 10 nov 1809;sibs philip, thomas, ann;father wm exor who relinquishes to widow;  wife ann
1809   A 44      COWIL        Jane        cubbon       dated 29 sept 1808;ch margt, ann, thos;husb simon exor;sis cath lord;1817?:john kelly h/o Margt, John Quayle h/o Ann (kk patk) ack from Simon Cowle
1809-1 E      w  CALLISTER    Catharine   gell         declrd 7 Sep 1808;ch Wm(estate Ballaniass?) (?bapt), Margt, Cath,  Isabel;husb Wm(estate before ch come to age) exor;sis Margt Gell, Jane callister als Gell
1809-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Ann                      d May 1803;court appoints James quirk (Knockaloe)
1809-2 E         CHRISTIAN    Robert                   dated 2 Feb 1809;nephew James Quirk(double barrelled gun), Philip Quirk(single barelled gun);sibs Susanna, Ann, Claudia;mother Ellin;bro-i-law James Quirk(Knockaloe) exor;claims ;sumner charges John Lucas(h/o Ann), Christian Christian) Claudia Christian(Malew)
1809-2 E         KILLEY       Margery     quirk        d 2 sep 1809;ch Philip, John, Edward, Cath + Ann jt admrs - all ua father sworn pledges Wm Killey + Hugh Christian;inv  5 10s
1809-2 E         QUAYLE       Ann         quirk        d 6 Oct 1809;ch John, Thos + Wm jt admrs - ua father sworn as is a John Quirk
1809-2 E         QUIRK        Susannah                 dated 23 Sep 1809;Knockaloe;ch James, Philip, Anne, Mary, Ellen, Susannah, Christian;husb James exor
1810   A 45      CLUCAS       Richard                  dated 19 may 1804;son hugh, wm (heir);dau cath(w/o john clucas Ballanicholas Marown),mary quirk als clucas;wife ann exex but dead by probate - her exex Cath;petn by Ann dated 19 Mar 1807 asking for probabte - Richd d 9 feb 1807
1810   A 46      CLUCAS       Ann                      dated 26 jan 1808;relict Richd Clucas Kionshleau;son wm,hugh;dau mary quirk als clucas,cath w/o john clucas (exex)
1810   A 47      FARGHER      Jane        woods        d 10 mar 1809;2 unnamed ch;mo alive;husb john exor;
1810   A 48      QUILLIAM     Philip                   [very faint on film]wife margt als taggart;dau margt;6 gch margt,mary,james, cath + Ann;petn by silvester quilliam f/o children to be appointed guardian of them (so can access legacy) - court grants him guardian over ua ch;1816: gch margt  + mary ack from gmo Margt;1825: ann quilliam (peel) acks from Margt keig als quilliam exex of Margt Quilliam (late kk Patrick)
1810   A 49      QUIRK        Ann                      [very faint on film];d 11 jan 1810;son wm,john,thos;dau ann creer,cath,margt;sis margt wade;?husb exor
1810   A 50      CLUCAS       Philip                   d 20 nov 1809;son thos;wife ann exex
1810   A 51      GORREY       Thomas                   d 26 apr 1810;[?bur 26 apr];sibs ann (her son thomas),john;wife jane clukish[clucas] exex [?marr ?ch - only marr is 1797 to eliz moore]
1810   A 52      QUIRK        William                  dated 29 dec 1806;ballawhilin;dau elinor (eldest w/o John Quirk),margt (w/o Richd Callin), Ann (w/o ahab sayle #19374 m 1790),cath (w/o thomas radcliffe Andreas);son wm,john (eldest - exor)
1810   A 53      QUILLIAM     Margaret    killey       d 17 apr 1810;bro-i-law john quilliam;son henry exor
1810   A 54      MOORE        Thomas                   dated 28 feb 1807;ballacallin;son edwd, philip, thomas, james;dau elizth,jane ;gson thos corris;james + jane jt execs;petn by execs James + jane Shimimin (resident Whitehaven)
1810   A 55      QUAYLE       Henry                    d 4 feb 1810;son wm,john;dau ann;wife exex;ch ua
1810-1 E      d  CORJEAGE     Ann         cannell      d 5 Apr 1810;only ch Catharine(w/o Henry Sayle) admx; 
1810-1 E      d  CORLETT      William                  d 8 Mar 1810;ch Wm, Elizth + Cath jt admrs - all ua - uncle Thomas Corlett guardian;wife Catharine
1810-1 E         KEWLEY       Catharine   cain         d 10 dec 1809;ch thos,ann,cath;
1810-1 E         KEY          Thomas                   dated 19 mar 1808;sis isabel w/o john bridson [#3510 isabel quine als key];names thos clucas s/o philip;sis cath clucas als key (w/o philip) [#3783]+ ann key execx;
1810-1 E      d  KILLEY       Ann         caine        [bur Pat 18090429];d may 1809;ch philip,james,cath,jane(w/o Patk Carran),margt(w/o Philip Garrett),ellinor + ann  + thos,john both decd (their ch philip,cath,ellinor ann all ua)
1810-1 E      d  KILLEY       Thomas                   d 30 Nov 1809;only ch Catharine admx - ua - uncle Philip Killey(German) guardian;wife Catharine
1810-1 E         KILLEY       William                  dated 4 jun 1810;gson James Moore(s/o thos moore ballacallin) exor;gson thos + james exor of crops
1810-2 E         QUAYLE       Cornelius                d 25 aug 1810;dau cath,ann;son thomas,philip,john exor;gson wm + john quayle;gdau ann quayle
1810-2 E         QUIRK        James                    Knockaloe;petn by bro Philip Quirk of Liverpool states d 28 Oct 1810 leaving 7 ch (5 ua) - court decrees Philuip Quirk + evan Gill(lezayre) admrs - ch james,philip,ann,mary,ellinor,susannah + christian;servs wages Mary Moore,ann gawne, Wm Holme,Isabel Leece(obo ann Leece),margt Cashen,margt kelly, thos quine (?serv as 22) + John Quirk(?not ind as serv but in list)
1811   A 38      MARTIN       Henry, snr               dated 4 sep 1810;son henry,thos,elenor,isabella + elizth;wife isabella als radcliffe
1811   A 39      QUIRK        Alice       quayle       dated 21 ? dec 1810;dau jane,isabella;husb john exor;ch ua
1811   A 40      CLINTON      John                     declared 6 jan 1811;glenmoii;wife elizth exex;gson wm clinton
1811   A 44      CALLIN       Margaret    callister    d 21? apr 1811;ch wm,esther;gdau elinor kimmeen;dau alice + margt jt exexs
1811-2 E         QUIRK        William                  DoSett dated 1 jun 1811;of Wm + Isabel als Killey to survivor;witt philip quirk,barbara quirk x;Isabel exex
1812   A 34   w  CALLISTER    William                  declared 25 Nov 1811;ch Wm(all the rest of his part of Ballaniass - qtrland + intack), Margt, Isabella(younger dau - not 16) + Cath jt exex - both ua umcles Phillip Collister + Richard Gill supvs; inv
1812   A 35   w  SHIMMIN      John                     petn states d 22 Jan 1812;will dated 22 Aug 1796; sibs Ann, Cath, MargtPhilip, Hugh(exor); father alive; Witt Thos Quine, Philip Clucas (dead by probate); summner Braddan charges Henry Kissack + wife as next of kin, sumner Kk Patricj charges Philip Shimin + John Lewney + wife, Ann Cowley also charged
1812   A 36   w  QUILLIAM     Philip                   dated 2 May 1812;ch John(eldest son), Wm(if he arriveth home), Isabel, Elinor; wife cath als Allen ; names Christian Burns als Quilliam(w/o John Burns) exex; 
1812   A 37   w  QUILLIAM     Christian   garrett      petn by John Burns that Christian Quilliam als Garrett(widow) d 7 Mar 1811 + she apptd her gdau Christian farragher + w/o sd John Burns exex - will 'cannot be found' (some text in petn xd thru) but noncupative + proveable by witnesses; Will - dau Judith, Cath, Ann(w/o James Cowll), Elizth Cleator(widow), John, Thomas, Christian(w/o John Burns) ; gch Thos Quilliam, Christian Faragher (jt exex with Christian w/o John Burns) - much court notes xd thru (prob confusion between 2 Christians) - John Burns exor in trust + supv of minor Christian Faragher with pledges Hugh Shimmin(Baraddan) + John Kermod(KK Patk);inv
1812-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Nicholas                 d Dec 1811;Rev Nicholas Christian, vicar general;ch John, Nicholas, Margaret, Catharine, Esther + Isabella jt admrs;wife Charlotte - surrenders admin to Mr Matthew Harrison(merchant, Castletown) - Charlotte + Harrison supvs;claims
1812-2 E      w  GELL         Ann         kelly        d 9 Jun 1812;ch Jane (eldest dau), Ann, John(if he comes), Henry, Margt;husb Henry (jt exec with Margt)
1812-2 E      w  KNEALE       Charles                  dated 8 Dec 1811;Raggard farm;mother(lands, houses etc in Kk Patk inc purchased Raggard farm [SSS Oct 1803 6] during life);sibs Ann(Raggard farm after mo's death, Close Beg in Kk German + field purchased from Charles Cooper [SSS May 1813 19]+ Cronk-e-Willn in Kk Patk purchased from late Wm Graves[SSS May 1802 2]), Cath, Philip (if living - Ballaterson Kk German purchased by me);half-sister Margt (now living in Scotland)names Charles Kneal(s/o Hugh Kneal decd), Alice Kneal(widow of Hugh);mother (?Mrs Cath Kneale)+ sis Ann(w/o Wm Bridson) jt exexs - Mr Philip Quirk(Liverpool) + Patk Carran(Peel) admrs in trust;codicil adds Cath Clark servant girl
1812-2 E      w  QUIRK        William                  dated 12 Jun 1812;ch Wm, Jane(w/o Henry Gell) exex;gch Jane Gell, Wm Gell
1814   A 51      QUIRK        Margaret    cain         [very faint on film]d 10 mar 1814;widow ;relict Richard Quirk raby moor;ch john,ann,elinor;richard(heir + exor)gch ellinor clucas,richd quirk
1814   A 52      QUAYLE       John                     d 9 apr 1814;wife ann exex
1814   A 53      MUGHTIN      Thomas                   d 10 apr 1814;ch thos,jane,ann,mary,wm.ellinor;wife exex
1814   A 54      QUIRK        Margery     ballife ?    made 11 jan 1813;treljey;ch philip(eldest son),charles(if he comes),Richd(if he comes),margery faragher als quirk(if she comes);gch richd sansbury(rushen),cath white,margery faragher (exex);[Margery quirk m Robert Fargher in 1792 with consent fa John]
1814   A 55      GELL         John                     d 23 mar 1814;ch cath,john(fishing lines) jt execs;petn by wm knickal + wm gell (uncles by mo + fa's side) states eleanor gell als knickal/cringal d 6 may 1813,husb wm d 22 mar 1814 - ua ch john + cath execs;inv
1814   A 56      CRIGAL       Patrick                  dated 29 oct 1813;ch wm(oldest son),john,thos + cath;wife eleanor als shimmin exex;
1815   A 35      GELL         William                  dated 12 nov 1814;Ballelby;gch Thomas gell(20 to put him to trade),ann gell(d/o thomas of Peel ?dec [loss of margin] ),henry gell,wm gell;son wm exor;1818: gson thos acks (accompanying party is thos + ann regan als gill [ ann caley m thos gell Ger 18030219, Thos bur Pat 18040411 + Ann m  Michael Regan/rogan Ger 18050517]
1815   A 36      KNOWAL       Isabella                 d 4 jan 1815;dau sarah exex;
1815   A 37      GELL         Jane                     made 20 nov? 1814;sibs isabella caine als gell, john,james;names elizth,jane, ellinor ,margt , thos, john c/o patk caine exor;names elizth quayle als caine,margt gell als caine
1815   A 38      KELLY        John                     d 22 mar 1815;carne groie ?;dau elinor + other unnamed ch;wife ann exex
1815   A 39      QUAYLE       Mary                     d 29 nov 1814;sis ann quayle,isabella quayle exex;names jane killey
1815-2 E         CALLIN       James                    d 30 may 1815;ch cath, margt;wife exex
1815-2 E         CUBBON       Elizabeth                d 5 feb 1816;ch john, thos, elizth(w/o richd costain), jane + judith
1815-2 E         LEWIS        Philip                   dated 25 sep 1813;glenmaye farm otherwise Creggan Ashen?;wife jane exex (after her death to her son David Harris Davidson in trust for his son);xd thru parragraph side note erased in consequence of marr 12 apr 1814;sis matilda, sarah;
1816   A 37      QUINE        Thomas                   dated 20 jan 1812;mullen-e-cloie;ch wm(field purchased from John Crellin called Roolushte pt of balaoates? - he to pay 25),margt(4),isabella(10);gch cath crellin(14),wm clucas(4),sarah moore als shimin(4);wife cath exex;john crellin acks obo wife 100 [?who is wife],Ann quine als shimin acks 20,thos + sarah moore ack 40,Wm dinwwody(castletown) acks obo wife  100;
1816   A 38      CRINGAL      Margaret    quirk        dated 15 nov 1815;ballacrink;ch ann,margt,john;husb wm exor;witt john cringal,elinor clucas als quirk;1840: ann bridson + john bridson ack;
1816   A 39      KELLEY       Ann         CREBBIN      [d 16 mar 1816;ballada;gch elizth quilliam;ch henry,elinor (w/o John kneale)exexfull]
1816-1 E         KNEALE       Catharine                dated 6 jun 1816;Ragged Farm [?Raggart];names Charles + Ann c/o late Hugh Kneale of Peel;dau ann (w/o Wm Bridson - lands inc ballaterson Kk german), philip(if alive), cath;gch cath, ann + margt (inf c/o Wm Bridson) jt exexs - Wm Bridson + ann execs in trust;
1816-2 E         CRELLIN      Margaret                 Ballaleaney;widow;gdau isable crellin;ch john,margt, isabel,cath, richd, ann exex
1816-2 E         QUIRK        Catharine                d sep? 1816;sibs john, thomas, patk, cath, margt, isabel + matthias halsal(by right of wife Hannah) + ch of ann quayle decd(john, thomas + wm);
1817   A 39   w  GAWN         William                  dated 3 oct 1816;ch thos(eldest son),wm(field Rushen Ballafeason adj mountain rd on east + john Cooill on south + north - called bwo lhiane? ),john;wife elinor als callin exex;petn by widow state d 25 nov + rent due from some tenants
1817   A 40   w  COOIL        Ann         [karran]     dated 2 feb 1815;widow;sibs henry,timothy,alice,isable,margt;names elizth carran (kk patk) exex;petn by elizth states ann cooil aunt d 18 nov 1816;sumner charges timothy carran,henry carran + alice;[?ann karran bapt pat 17341110 m henry cooil Pat 17850419 - no ch]
1817   A 41      CALLIN       Judith                   d 9 feb 1817;names elizth caine als callin,cath callin,margt callin, wm stowel;bro robt calling exor
1817   A 42      QUAYLE       Margaret                 dated 16 may 1817;names ann d/o john clinton;sis esther quane exex
1817   A 43      QUIRK        Judy        gell         d 17 jan 1817;husb wm exor;dau eliz(in Raby beg),jane + cath;[Jony hutchin als gell m Wm Quirk Pat 17821001]
1817   A 44      MARTIN       esther                   dated 12 dec 1815;widow(relict Thos Martin Raby beg);ch john,thos,henry(owes money for land - rengane  kk patk -settled on him), ann(w/o Thomas nelson),esther(w/o wm quine) exex;gdau isabell(eldest d/o son john')
1817   A 45      GELL         Mary                     undated but court 12 jun 1817;ch john(8 + rent of Ballahinjeage),alice,ellinor (exex);
1817   A 46      CALLISTER    William                  made 23 jan 1817;sibs john + isabella (4th pt of lands eary cushlin), henry,ann moore als callister;wife esther als callister - she to leave eary cushin to any male of his kindred and name after her decease - exex;names esther moore,philip moore,cath mylchreest(w/o salomon mylchreest),margt callister, esther(d/o thos clarke)
1817   A 47      CAIN         Thomas                   d 1 oct 1816;glanmore;wife(mill during her life);son patk(eldest exor),wm(youngest)
1817-1 E         CALLISTER    Isabell                  d 23 nov 1816;ch john, henry, anne + isabella jt admrs
1817-1 E         GELL         Ann                      d 24 nov 1816;husb john admr [?= ann cannell m wdwr John gell Pat 17971030]
1817-2 E         MOORE        William                  d 1816;petn states late captn in 13th regt native infantry East India Co Madras + admin granted in Madras to James Waddell who appts Robert George Stole atty;pledges james moore(mercht douglas) + J J Heywood(advocate)
1817-2 E         QUILLIAM     Thomas                   d 1 may 1817;ch thomas, eleanor - ua;wife cooney admx + supv;
1817-2 E         QUIRK        Richard                  decree states d dec 1816 but confused with Paul Quirk - Richard bur Pat 18170513 ;dau jane(w/o patk quayle), cath(w/o Wm cubbon malew) jt admxs; petn by Patk Quayle(lezayre) states that he + Richd quirk became entitled to property of Paul Quirk (decd dec 1816) but that Richard availed himself of the whole without taking out admin but himself died
1817-2 E         ROBERTS      Hugh                     dated 17 aug 1801;great colby arbory;wife isable roberts exex;petn notes late kk patk but formerly kk arbory;
1817-2 E         SHIMMIN      Margret                  [bur 31 may 1817]ch john, william, elinor, cath jt admrs (last 3 ua);husb thomas;
1818   A 31   w  QUINE        William                  dated 26 oct 1814;dau ann - ua;bro robtlwife esther als martin exex;petn by mother Margt quine,widow (kk patk)
1818   A 32      QUANE        John                     made 23 jan 1819;dau elizth qualtrough(w/o wm);gdau jane craine(1844: w/o john gell cronk more);dau judith salmon [#19774],ann gell(w/o wm),eleanor kelly (w/o thomas) + margt key(w/o thomas)(jt exexs)
1818   A 32   w  Quane        William                  made 23 jan 1817;ch elizth qualtrough(w/o Wm rushen), judith salmon,ann gell(w/o wm);gch jane craine,eleanor kelly(w/o thos - half house called Joseph Townsley's concerns);daus elinor + margt jt execs;1844: john gill h/o gch jane crain acks thos Key (surviving exor wm quane)
1818   A 33   w  QUIRK        Richard                  dated 14 feb 1818;ch john,mats, wm (to give Mat sufficient meat + clothing during his life - his ch wm + elizth) exor,margt(w/o henry gell)
1818   A 34   w  GELL         John                     made 4 aug 1816;cragan Mooar;wife jane als quay;ch jane,john(exor)
1818   A 35      KEY          John                     d 19 mar 1818;gordon;son thomas;dau mary;other unnamed ch
1818-2 E         CRINGALL     John                     d aug 1811 on board hm ship the Hero;noted as john cringell otherwise john thomas the second;father john admr
1818-2 E         KINREADE     Margaret                 d 5 dec 1817;only son john (admr);husb silvester;
1818-2 E         MARTIN       Henry                    d 11 jul 1818;ch esther, ann (his part of mill in glenmaye between them);wife cath exex
1818-2 E         MOORE        Jane        COWLE        d sep 1818;ch wm + christian(w/o Isac hutchin) jt admrs
1818-2 E         QUILLIAM     Eleanor     TAUBMAN      d 2 aug 1818;ch philip, samuel, wm, james (both wm + james left schooling + trade [?= money]), margt, ann, mary, elinor;husb philip exor
1818-2 E         QUIRK        Caesar                   jt decree court noted that both caesar + cath both dead - only dau elizth too tender years - uncle  on mo's side John Kennaugh sworn admr in trust + supv;
1818-2 E         QUIRK        Catharine                see caesar
1819   A 29   w  CORRIS       William                  ch Isabella Quirk,Patrick, Thos, Wm exor; gch Elenor Corris, Leonora Corris, Thos Corris, Matthew Quirk [Isabella Corris m Wm Quirk Pat 18091119]
1819   A 30   w  CLINTON      John                     d 3 Mar 1819;ch John, Patk, Robt, Anne, Wm;wife Joney als Quay exex[joney 2nd wife m Pat 17930209, 1st wife Isabel carran Pat 17811123 ; son-i-law John Skinner [m Isabella Skinner Pat 18110514]
1819-2 E         CLARKE       Thomas                   d Sep 1818;ch John, Henry, Elizth (w/o Thomas Cain by 1826)  + Esther (w/o Hugh Kinread) jt admrs - 1826: ack from all parties
1820   A 41   w  christian    john                     dated [blank] Dec 1819;formerly Kk Michael but now resident Kk Patrick;names 'Elizabeth Gordan infant d/o [blank] Geordan + Mary Cain' [?= illeg Elezth d/o Mary Cain bapt Mic 18140302]; niece Elizabeth Shurd als Corkill;nephew William Corkill + his mo Marg Corkill (my half sister) jt execs;petn by Wm Corkill(Kk Patk)
1820   A 42      CRELLIN      John                     dated 14 sep 1818;dau cath,margt quirk (eldest),isabella;nephews [?grandchildren] margt + cath quirk;wife isabella
1820   A 43   w  HUDGEON      Jane        stephen      d 29 Dec 1818;ch Esther Hutchin exex, 3 unnamed sons
1820-1 e      d  radcliffe    isabella                 d 1820 intestate; spinster, Gordon Kk patrick; court appt Daniel Christian sumner genl admr; noted that Isabell + sister Margt radcliffe  were entitled to a mortgage on land called Bwelshellan part of Ballalane (KK Andreas) property of Charles Moore(Ballacamaish) dated 24 Jul 1817; Sumner divides between Samuel radcliffe(1/7th in own right, 1/7th as admr of Thomas radcliffe decd), Edward Moore(Ballacallow), John Shimmin junr(guardian of idiot Margt radcliffe) - Charles Moore(1/7th  + 1/7th as admr of Ann radcliffe decd) + Wm Crellin(in right of wife)
1820-1 E         WHITE        William                  d 1 may 1820;croit moar;son wm;dau jane,ch of dau ann,alice,cathrine;names wm stephen;wife elizth exex
1820-2 E         CALLISTER    Simon                    d Oct 1819;ch Wm, John, Jane + Elizth - jt admrs - all relinquish to their mother Katherine; 1828: Elizth acks + notes that bro Wm is now dead but had rcvd his share;1832: John acks
1820-2 E         CRAINE       Anne        GELL         d 23 Aug 1820;ch Henry, Anne, Jane, Elizth + Margt - ua; husby Henry Craine sworn guardian + admr
1820-2 E         GELL         Henry                    d 20 Oct 1820;petn by James Cowin(Peel) + Caesar Gell(Kk Patk) prin creditors - appt admrs;sumner charged Wm Gell, Richd Callin + wife Leonora and Thomas Gell (all Kk Patk); displaced decree notes bro Caesar Gell  declining as do other next of kin - Caesar Gell absent + co-admr James Cowin sworn;
1820-2 E         KEY          Thomas                   d 29 nov 1819;wife cath + ch (some ua)
1820-2 E         LOWEY        Jane        gawne        d 25 Jul 1820;husb Wm admr
1820-2 E         QUAYLE       Catharine                m/c John Hogg + Elizth Quayle accepted as will of Cath;husb Nicholas admr
1821   A 23      CALLISTER    Thomas                   dated 16 Feb 1820;Glanneedle;ch Thos, Wm(?decd as to his ch), Cathrin(w/o Richard Gell - ? decd as her ch), Isabella(w/o Robt Moore) exex; John Morrison acks(from both Thomas + also from his wife Alice) that left to his wife Isabella; acks from  Richard, C[]ren, Elezabeth + Esther Gill; also Robt Moore + Isabel Moore als Callister from her gfa; 1822: Robt Caine acks legacy bequeathed by Isabella Moore als callister; Wm Kneen acks legacy to wife;Nicholas Halsal (h/o Cathrine Callister acks legacy from Thomas Callister 
1821   A 24      GELL         John                     d 11 Apr 1821;ch Wm(loom);gson John Gell(s/o John Gell his younger son), Isabella Radcliffe als Gell;wife Margt als Carran exex
1821   A 25      KELLY        Henry                    d 31 Mar 1821;Ballatha [?=Balladda]ch John(6d), Wm(6d),Anne;wife Margt als Callin exex; some ch ua Margt appt supv; [Margt was 2nd wife m Pat 18020220]
1821   A 26      COLLISTER    Henry                    d 28 Nov 1820;ch Henry(all sheep between him + Thos Quilliam), John(all sheep between him + Wm Callin), Thos(all sheep between him + Isaac Hutchin), Ann(all sheep between him + John Kelly + land called Glan-neMayrk after death of his wife), Eliz; Esther(all sheep between him + John Cubbon), Wm exor;wife alive
1821   A 27      Casin[Cashen Alice       quay         dated 9 Oct 1820;Dau Margt Quirk als Casin (w/o Hugh Quirk)exex;Husb Thos
1821   A 28      GELLING      John                     dated 10 Nov 1820;jw John Gelling + wife Ellinor als Sayle - mutal execs;ch Thomas, James, Robt, Paul, An, Cath + Margt;
1821   A 29      MYLECHREEST  Eleanor                  dated 19 Dec 1820;dau Margt Boid exex;
1825   A 33      BREW         Judith                   dated 5 dec 1824;ch robt, ann, charles, elizth exex;
1821-1 E         BREW         Ann                      d apr 1819 in Liverpool;ch elizth(w/o James McGahey), margt(w/o evan evans), ann(w/o Samuel quilliam);husb john - friend John Kelly of kk patk given PoA as all others of Liverpool
1821-1 E      d  GELL         Henry                    d some time ago;bro caesar + wm jt admrs
1821-1 E      w  GELL         Henry                    dated 6 feb 1821;ch henry, jane, ann + judy;son john decd(ch ann, john + cath);dau margt (w/o Wm quayle) exex
1821-1 E      d  KELLY        Isabella    KISSACK      d 19 dec 1820;ch john, wm, james, thomas, mary + margt jt admrs - paternal uncles Thos kelly + wm Kelly  sworn
1821-1 E      d  MYLECHREEST  Hesther                  d 9 mar 1821;husb wm admr
1821-1 E      d  QUAY         Thomas                   d 22 jun 1820;ch wm,cath jt admrs
1821-1 E      d  QUILLIAM     John                     d feb 1821;only dau cath admx;pledges john sayle (Ballameanagh kk michl) + Philip Quine(foxdale)
1821-1 E         RADCLIFFE    Mary        SAYLE        d feb 1820;ch charles, robt, john, thomas, william, isabella, elinor, ann + christian jt admrs;
1821-2 E         CRINGALL     Catharine                d 19 oct 1820;ch wm, john, patk, elinor(ch john,cath) + cath(ch john + elizth);john sworn admr
1822-2 E         QUAY         John                     d 5 apr 1821;bro wm;mo Margt;fa wm;
1822-2 E         QUAYLE       Judith      RATCLIFE     d 11 aug 1821;glen may(glione moie);son philip,john,thos,henry (decd - ch wm john + ann);gdau eliz + cath quayle(d/o john);dau cath,ann[full]
1823-1 E      d  CAINE        Ann         CUBBON       d 5 Jan 1823;ch Patk + Wm jt admrs
1823-1 E         HUTCHIN      Patrick                  d 5 Apr 1823; ch Thomas, John [?bapt], Wm,Margt(w/o Sylvester Waterson) - others relinquish admin to John
1823-1 E      w  JONES        Edward                   dated 28 May 1822;ch Paul, Edward, Cath, John;wife Cath exex
1823-1 E         QUIRK        Thomas                   d beyond seas;bro-i-law Samuel Moore Looney admr [m Christian Quirk Mal 18200817]
1823-2 E      w  COWLE        Thomas                   dated 11 Sep 123;ch Henry (clock now in his house) + Elizth jt execs;
1824   A 23      QUILLIAM     Margaret                 dated 4 jan 1823;gch mary quilliam(w/o Thomas elliot);ch silvester,unnamed dau(w/o Thomas Kegg) exex; [Margt Quilliam d/o Philip Quilliam m wdwr Thomas Kegg Pat 18120517]
1824   A 24      KELLY        Catharine                d 15 mar 1824; ch wm, thos , john, ann(eldest dau), margt(youngest dau w/o John Kneen) exex;gch cath sayle, ann kneen, cath kneen
1824   A 25      QUINE        Margaret                 dated 23 jul 1823;Caryde ?;ch isabella forise[?Forsythe], ann cowell,christian kennagh, thomas, philip exor;gdau cath quine;
1824   A 26      RADCLIFF     Ann                      dated 5 jun 1818;widow, gordon;ch thomas, isabella, samuel, eleanor crellin, ann moore, margt, cath moore;dau isabella, margt + cath jt exexs;petn by Charles Moore(h/o cath) + Margt radcliffe Andreas - ann radcliffe d 14 feb 1824;
                                                           dispute charles moore vs Wm crellin(h/o eleanor) + margt radcliffe - Christian Cowley states sent a few days before dating of will  to get will from John Creer, gave it to Ann who desired the defendent (Wm Crellin) to burn it but he kept it;new will was executed in presence of henry Kaighin(a tailor in peel working in another pt of house) and defendent who read it to Ann in english and then translated into Manks - Ann said it was all right - she appeared to be of sound mind but stated other ch did not deserve anything as not come to see her
1824-2 E      w  CASHEN       John                     dated 14 Sep 1824;wife Elenor als Clark(house in Peel) exex;ch John, Thomas [?bapt] + Wm
1824-2 E      d  FARGHER      Robert                   d 20 Jul 1824;only surv child Wm admr;
1825   A 30      CALLISTER    alice                    dated 16 jan 1821;glenneedle;husb thomas;ch cath(+ ch),thomas, isabella(w/o robert moore - ch Robert Moore, ann moore, eleanor moore) exex,wm(decd + ch
1825   A 31      QUINE        Catharine                dated 27 may 1820;mullen-e-chleij;widow thomas;ch wm, isabella crellin(purchased land from John Crellin called Coolushtey pt of Baloates Kk German + half of house adj that I live in - sd house purchased from Thomas Crellin + intack in Slieuwhallan purchased from Robt Quay Peel), margt dinwoody(w/o wm);gdau cath crellin (jt exex with Margt dinwoody);names cath moore d/o Thomas moore;
1825   A 32      FARGHER      Eleanor     quirk        dated 30 dec 1824;husb philip;ch wm, john, thomas, richard, philip, ann exex;
1825   A 33      BREW         Judith                   dated 5 dec 1824;ch robt, ann, charles, elizthexex;
1825-1 E         CAIN         William                  d abt 1 Sep 1824;wife ann admx
1825-1 E         COWELL       Simon                    petn of Thomas Cowll, Cath Key, John Kelly(+ wife Margt) + John Quayle(+ wife Ann) that Simon had some short prior to death made a noncupative will wch was however rejected by court - court appts Thomas admr
1825-1 E         THOMAS       Ann                      dated 30 Sep 1823;widow, Ballacosnahan;ch Sage_Ann Gelling(eldest dau + w/o John Gelling), Louisa, Ann, Maria + Sophia (last 4 to share what is due from Admiral John Thomas late of Llanvaughen decd + my dwelling house in Peel where John Llewellyn now resides) - Lousisa exex in trust;
1825-2 E         KELLY        Isabella                 d Jan  1825;husb John petns + appt admr; note guardian sworn vide lib secundus causarum 1830
1825-2 E         KENNAUGH     Isabella                 d 17 Jul 1825;John Kennagh admr-in-trust;
1825-2 E         QUIRK        Philip                   petn by Charles Quirk states d 1807, of Ballavargher + will names Thos Quirk(bro of Charles) + Charles exors - will states ch James + Philip (2 eldest sons), Elinor, Ann, John(Hutchin's house in Peel), Joseph, Christian(his part of a dwelling house in castletown)Cath (decd - her daus), John_Joseph (decd), Thomas + Charles(2 youngest sons jt exors) - son james + Wm Clark(Ballawillan) + John Gill(Kennaa) supvs - (Clark + Gell refused - court adds Philip)
1826-1 E         CALLISTER    William                  perished at sea [no date given] ;wife ann;claims
1826-1 E         QUILLIAM     Henry                    dated 10 mar 1826;names silvester tear(+ ch), mary radcliffe(chest that was in property of their uncle Wm Quilliam);son john(+ dau an crellin als quilliam) execs;petn by prin creditor Robt Oates that execs refused - court appoints him admr
1826-2 E         CALLIN       William                  dated 1 dec 1826;ch wm, margt, alice(eldest dau) exex;gch john shimmin, elinor corlet;ggdau elinor corlet
1826-2 E         KELLY        Thomas                   d 27 dec 1825;ch wm + ann(w/o wm fargher) jt admrs
1826-2 E         WATTERSON    Silvester                d 13 feb 1826;wife margt;5 ch all ua
1827   A 15      davidson     Ann         gell         d 10 jan 1827;husb david harris davison exor; 5 unnamed ch (inc 3 daus);father Wm Gell
1827   A 16      QUILLIAM     Patrick                  dated 29 apr 1826;jt will Patrick + Jane Quilliam;mutual exec;son patk, wm, henry,john;dau elizth(w/o philip garret), jane(w/o john Leece), ann, ellenor; land (Close-ne-leigh in Trelja qtrland purchased from Thos Martin Reaby beg)+ dwelling house to servivor;
1828   A 26      GELL         Thomas                   dated 26 feb 1828;Ballaquane;parents Thomas + Isabella als Watterson(Houses + gardens in Glenmoye to longest survivor);sibs Wm(house in present possession James Gelling), john(little house in possession Margt Kneale widow + 1/8th part boat called livey),patk(slate house + garden adj);fa thomas exor
1828   A 27      CLARK        Ann         quirk        dated 26 jan 1828;ch margt, ann, thomas(land bought from John Sayle), henry, wm,john, robt;husb john exor
1828-2 E         CALLIN       William                  d 7 apr 1828;only dau Ann (w/o Robert Cubbon(kk patk);robt cubbon admr
1828-2 E         GELLING      John                     dated 27 feb 1821;Castletown, comptroller h m customs;wants burial kk patk;wife sage ann(meadow adj ballacosnahan purchased from hen martin in deed dated 1 aug 1812) exex;
1828-2 E         GILL         Thomas                   d 23 aug 1828;wife margeret als nickal admx
1828-2 E         KEWLEY       John                     dated 7 feb 1823;ch elizth ward, ann cowin, john,james;wife ann exex but renounces in favour of john ward;
1828-2 E         QUAYLE       Thomas                   d 25 may 1828;son wm quayle + son-i-law thomas quane jt admrs;
1829   A 22      CALLIN       Robert                   dated 13 mar 1829;ch richard(land called Falley purchased from Wm Quine) exor, robert, john, wm joseph, James(decd - ch unnamed),cath(w/o wm cain), margt(w/o thos corlet), ellinr;
1829   A 23      CALLIN       Elinor      cowin        dated 24 jan 1829;doulishard;richard(land called Fulley) exor, elener, robt, wm, john, joseph, cath,margt;husb robert
1829   A 24      KELLY        Ann         quayle       dated 13 jan 1829;jt will Robert Kelly + ann als quayle - mutual execs;ballahaig;son james, philip, wm, john, robt(+ son john), ellen? (w/o john clucas peel), margt(w/o Robt quayle), ann(w/o john cannell peel), elizth(w/o wm mylechreest);
1829-1 E         KELLY        Jane                     dated 8 nov 1828;at present Douglas but late Ballntha  + relict late John Kelly;James Lawson(joiner, douglas) + wife Cath (my dau) execs;?;petn Thomas Corrin + Henry Watterson - Thomas Corrin sworn admr - debts exceed estate 4:1
1829-1 E         KELLY        William                  dated 4 oct 1828;ch wm(boat dover of peel),cath(w/o john cannell, kk michael),john(all my herring nets),ann,jane;wife ann als callin(dorlish bought from robt callin)exex
1829-2 E         CORRIS       Margaret    Watterson    d 4 Aug 1829;6 (3 daus)unnamed children(5s ea);dau Margt;gch Thos Gawne,Margt Gawne;husb Thomas exor
1829-2 E         QUIRK        John                     petn by Wm Quirk uncle to ch John, Philip, Margt, Cath + Ann Quirk - that fa John Quirk(Ballabenna) d 8 Aug;petn by Isabella Callow(widow Kk Patk) that son-in-law John Quirk left 5 ua ch and that uncle John Kelly has appropriated all the property
1830   A 13      SHIMMIN      Matthias                 dated 28 jan 1830;sibs john(+ son John), margt shimmin;niece ellinor(w/o john quilliam) jt exex with margt;
1830   A 14      GELL         James                    dated 9 mar 1830;dau ann(w/o wm callin) exex
1830   A 15      QUIRK        Thomas                   dated 28 sep 1828;ballanass;ch thomas, john, hannah(w/o matthias halsal), patk(land purchased from Emma Quirk), cath, margt, isabella (last 3 daus jt exexs);nephew thomas + wm Quayle, john quayle, wm halsal;gson thomas quirk(s/o patk - other half of Ballanss purchased from isabella quirk);1869: wm halsal acks from Thomas Quayle
1830   A 16      QUAYLE       Isabella                 dated 6 oct 1829;ch wm, thos, john, ann(w/o john corlet kk michael), margt(w/o patk key kk patk), cath (w/o thos quane) exex1831   A 8       LEECE        Elizabeth   clark        d 13 feb 1831;ch thos,wm,john,saml,james,cath;husb thos exor
1830-1 E         KENNAGH      William                  d Nov 1835;ch Wm + Margt jt admrs - Margt ua (or of too tender yrs) - Wm sworn; Pledges John + Wm Quilliam
1830-1 E         KENNAUGH     John                     petn by creditors Thomas Woods + Wm Clark(Kk Michael) that died some time ago; Thomas Corkan(sumner) appt admr but widow may produce will
1831   A 9       QUIRK        Elizabeth                Treljha;ch wm,cath(?als shimmin by 1835),elizth(gell ? by 1835),jane(als cubbon by 1835),john(+ch), philip(+ch),ann(+ch);gch philip killey,john + edwd killey,ann Killey (all c/o edward killey);gch jane cubbon,elizth cubbon;husb philip exor;
1831-1 E         BRIDSON      William                  d 28 mar 1831;raggartt farm;wife ann admx
1831-1 E         GELL         Margaret                 [bur 8 feb 1831];d feb 1831;dau jane gell admx
1831-2 E         COWLEY       Ann         quayle       dated 25 apr 1831;ch thomas,ann(house glenmaye where wm cowley lived);husb henry exor
1831-2 E         CRINGAL      Elizabeth                dated 8 sep 1831;dau elizth shimmin als crinkel,esther corlet als crinkel exex;other unnamed ch;
1832-1 E         QUAYLE       Margaret                 petn by Thomas Shimmin bro of Margt Quayle(Douglas) d without issue;John Quayle sworn;[john quayle m margt shimmin Bra 18190516]
1832   A 33      WATSON       David                    dated 17 jan 1832;Ballacallin;ch alexander,mary,hugh,saml,wm,david;wife Anne jt exex with saml;
1832-2 E      w  CAIN         Hugh                     ('the fish' noted against name in defuncts);dated 28 jul 1832;4 ch thomas, isabella (w/o john kneal), Ann(w/o thomas Kinley) + margt(w/o Dan Corlett);wife margt als cowin exex;
1832-2 E      d  KENNAUGH     Jane                     d 3 apr 1832;husb edward (admr in trust);ch ann + cath ua;cath Key maternal gmo to ch  also sworn guardian
1833   A 25      CALLIN       Catharine   kelly        dated 9 aug 1831;ch wm,judy(w/o thos cannell),cath(w/o wm quirk),margt(w/o Henry kelly), robt,ann(w/o Wm kelly decd) exex;gdau ann kelly(d/o wm kelly decd)
1833   A 26      CLARK        Henry                    [bur Pat 18330315];dated 4 jan 1832;jw wife judy als cubbon;dau margt(w/o john waterson),elizth(w/o john gell),judy(w/o john clark);gson john waterson(s/o john);only son henry exor
1833   A 26      CLARK        Judy        cubbon       [bur Pat 18330312];jw with henry
1833   A 27      WATSON       Hugh                     dated 1 feb 1833;ballacallin;mo alive;sibs mary,wm,samuel,david(bros jt exors);names samuel patty [bro samlborn ireland]
1833-1 E         CLAGUE       Mary                     d 24 mar 1833;ch wm,ann,elizth,cath + marcia;ch + court agree thomas cubbon admr
1833-2 E         CORRIS       Thomas                   petn by Thomas Corris, John Corris, Patk Corris, Thomas gawne, Cornelius Clucas + Patk Cubbon
1833-2 E         KEY          Thomas                   dated 27 nov 1830;gson thomas key;son patk exor
1834   A 14      CLARK        Eleanor     kneale       dated 1 dec 1831;son thos(dau elinor + cath),john,silvester;husb alive
1834-2 E       QUIRK          Jane                     see John
1834-2 E       QUIRK          John                     dated 5 May 1826;jw John + Jane Quirk;mutual exex - John survives wife + appts gson Robert Callister exor by codicil in 1831 - both dead by 1834;ch Cath Callister9eldest dau),Ann Sandesbury;gch Rrichd Callister, Elinor Sandsbury;
1836   A 20      FARGHER      Philip                   dated 20 jan 1836;son john,thos,richard,philip exor;gson wm hampton;heir-at-law wm fargher;richd acks from malew,thos from marown
1836   A 21      LEECE        Catharine   shimin       dated 11 apr 1834;relict john leece;son thos,john exor;gson john leece
1836   A 22      CORKILL      Elizabeth   mylchreest   dated 1 sep 1835;husb wm corkill exor;son john mylchreest(eldest);dau ann mylchreest,mary mylchreest,jane mylchreest;elizth corkill; [elizth corkill als mylchreest als kelly - 2nd to wm corkill Pat 18310724, 1st to wm mylechreest Pat 18140402]
1836   A 23      CLUCAS       Jane        quirk        dated 18 jan 1836;dau mary corlet,elinor  ?,cath clucas,ann clucas,eliza carran,harriet clucas,jane clucas;husb henry exor
1836   A 24      CRELLIN      Isabella                 dated 26 oct 1829;[page omitted in microfilm copy] dau isabella exex (w/o Robt taggart);john kelly h/o cath (john dead by 1861)
1837   A 39      HALSALL      William                  [1st on film]date 3 may 1836;dau ann(w/o david callister),cath(w/o thomas kelly);gson joshua callister(s/o david);son thomas(exor);witt thos halsal,john keown;
1837-1 E         Bridson      ann                      dated 11 mar 1837;raggart;ch cath,ann,margt (last 2 exexs); there is a deed of settlement on some of property which involves Cath;
1837-1 E         CLINTON      Isabella                 d 6 mar 1837;john clinton admr
1837-1 E         CORKILL      Elizabeth   mylechreest  husb wm;dau elizth (an infant also dead);petn by John + Ann Mylechreest + mary + jane Mylechreest(minors) - ch by prev husb;John Mylechreest appt admr;
1837-1 E         CORKILL      William                  see Elizth;petn by John Kelly that Wm died leaving an ifnat niece to sd John Kelly;John Kelly sworn admr in trust;claims;accts inc attendance of Dr Fayle + maintenance of child to her aunt Elizth Corkill;
1837-1 E         CORRIS       John                     dated 21 nov 1832;jt will John + cath als Cubbon als cowll;mutual exors (inc property called cronk moar purchased by John Corris from John Sayle decd) - john bur Pat 18370815
1837-1 E         FARGHER      William                  wife Jane admr;petn states infant dau
1837-1 E         QUIRK        Jane        SKINNER als  dated 18 jan 1837;ballachrink;ch ann skinner(w/o wm watterson), john + cath quirk jt execs
1837-1 E         RADCLIFFE    Samuel                   dated 8 dec 1836;gordon (property described as purchased  from Philip Quirk + wife Elizth Treljey 27 oct 1804 adj Paul Kermode on north,edwd teare,wm Clague + Robt Moore on east ,richd quirk + john Crellin on south + shore on east - rent 2 5s);wife hannah als christian exex;son henry
1838   A 22      QUILLIAM     Jane                     dated 23 aug 1834;ch patrick,wm,henry,john,elizth(w/o phillip Garrett),jane(w/o john leece),elinor(w/o wm quayle - exex);Edwd Corkill(h/o decd dau Ann);witt philip sayle, David H Davidson
1838   A 23      GELL         William                  dated 14 may 1831;ch margaret,cath,eliza (these 3 have had no mar portion),evan(exor)
1838   A 24      TAGGART      Isabella    CRELLIN      dated 19 Mar 1838;husb Robt exor(my title to Boiillee-ne-houghty in Kk German part of Kerrw Glass + Kerrow Coerd); ch Robt;nephew? Ann Quirk(money due by mo's death coming from Thos Mylechreest);nephew Philip Quirk[Full];
1838-2 E         Corris       Patrick                  dated 17 may 1838;ch charles,leonora killip als corris(w/o joseph),thos,wm,margt quirk als corris;wife margt exex
1838-2 E         Corris       William                  dated 10 aug 1838;fa thos;bro thos,philip,caesar,john(carpenter Liverpool);wife ann gell exex;pledges wm clague(witt),henry gell fisherman;[m ann gell Pat 18341222 - ?no ch]
1838-2 E         QUIRK        William                  died some time ago;wife isabella admx;ch wm,caesar,cath,elizth(w/o thomas lewney)
1839   A 23      CLARK        Thomas                   dated 17 jun 1838;ch silvester,john,thos;gdau ellin(d/o thos clark),cath clark
1839   A 24      CUBBON       Robert                   dated 11 jun 1838;dau ann,cath,mary(house lately purchased from wm stowell);son thos,wm(ua),robt;wife isabella exex
1839   A 25      KEGGIN       Margaret                 [poor copy 1st page]dated jan 1839;ch thos,wm,samuel,john,margt,ann;husb john exor
1839   A 26      KILLEY       Isabella    quayle als quilliam dated 26 feb 1839;balnaghragan?;dau cath killey;husb edwd exor [1st marr david quayle Mal 18060531;2nd edwd killey Pat 18110122 ]
1839   A 27      KENNAUGH     Isabella                 [poor copy 1st page]dated 13 oct 1838;dau margt;son wm kennagh exor
1839-1 E      d  CORLETT      Thomas                   d 7 May 1839;no issue; wife Ann admx for whom Thomas Quirk(kk patk) appt admr-in-trust
1839-1 E         GELL         Isabella                 d 17 Aug 1839;ch patk, wm + john;inv
1839-1 E         QUIRK        Thomas                   d 17 May 1839;Kerrodoo;wife Eleanor admx obo ch John , Wm, Thomas + Eleanor; pledges John Quirk(Kerrowdoo), Wm Quirk (Kerrodoo); annexed agreement by ch that sons get 7 ea + Eleanor 9;
1839-2 E         CARRAN       Thomas                   dated 11 dec 1838;glenrushen;ch patk, thos,jane,esther;wife esther als collister exex
1839-2 E         FELL         Joseph                   [bur Ger 18390915];died some time ago;petn by Mary Kelly that she is mo of illeg child affiliated on him;member Kk Patrick Friendly soc;fa thos fell;inv les than 10; [?ch bapt Pat 18380228]
1840   A 30      CLUCAS       John                     made 22 mar 1837;kionslieu;ch john,hugh,george,robt,margt, ann + charlotte;wife ann;wm lace h/o margt;
1840-1 E         QUIRK        Joseph                   d 25 mar 1840;petn by widow Mary of Ash Lodge;sumner charges S.M.Looney + wife, Wm Bridson, Wm ? Quiggin (Malew) & Margt Bell + Cath Kenley (last 2 Braddan) as next of kin
1840-1 E         QUIRK        Philip                   d 19 may 1840;treljai;court names ch of John Quirk -wm quirk,cath shimmin (w/o thos),elizth gell (w/o wm),jane clucas (w/o thos);Philip Quirk + ann w/o thos martin all deceased;margery Killey w/o edwd also decd;also a John Johnson h/o Ann;inv
1840-2 E         KELLY        Ann                      d 23 Aug 1840;ch James, Ann(w/o John Lace), Christian, Elizabeth, Esther(w/o James Christian), Margt(w/o John Quirk), Thomas ; sons Thomas + James jt exors
1840-2 E      d  KERMODE      Thomas                   d 16 Nov 1840;only son James admr
1840-2 E         KEY          Patrick                  d 3 jul 1840;wife margt;unnamed ch
1857   A 44      GARRETT      Philip                   dated 5 May 1855;ch Thomas(4), John(4), Caesar(20),Ann + Elizabeth(equal shares of all lands + houses etc); if Elizabeth will not come back from America then Ann is to get whole;Ann exex;;Witt John Cottier(Ballacottier - also pledge), John Gell;William Killey(Ballig) pledge
1860   A 31      RADCLIFFE    Henry                    dated 29 Aug 1859;Doarlish ard;wife Eleanor exex;ch Thomas, Mary_Anne + Eleanor(2s 6d ea - all 3 in America), Leonora_Jane + Cath(two younger daus - to share property after wife's decease; specifies property as 2 thatched dwelling houses, a garden in front, a a garden at east gable + a small field bounded on north by a field now in possession Thomas Barrat, on east Ballamoar, on south the meadow of John Morrison + on west old public road from Castletown to Peel - all part of Doarlish purchased from Patk Clark + wife [? SSS Oct 1838 1]

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