Summary of Wills - Patrick 1700-1749

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not always made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.Some 98% [429/438] summarised here

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1700-1 A 39      QUILLIAM     Madge       KELLEY       d 16 mar last;stepson philip quilliam,son phinlo clucas;gson wm clucas;eldest dau ann quilliam;son john;husb john;4 ch john ann issable madge;1715 madge acks;1727 john keggeen h/o isable acks, same day philip acks
1700-1 A 40      CHRISTIAN    Charles                  d 18 apr;6ch patrick john thomas, anne isabell jane;next of kin patrick christian, anne leece als moor, ann woods als christian suprv;supv patrick christian wm leece john woods in behalf of sd anne  & anne;1723 john & patrick ack to stepfa jon kneal
1700-1 E      d  CUBBON       Margaret    GELL         d 26 oct [?1699];ch john,thos + edmond;husb alive
1700-2 E      w  CAIN         Anne                     d 4 feb 1699;son john(youngest),wm,richd,donold - jt exors(rich + don at age);husb alive
1700-2 E      d  HUTCHIN      Joney       CLARK        d 16 apr;ch alice,jo + dorothy;husb alive
1700-2 E      d  MOORE        Ellin       Kewley       d 6 sep;only ch margt gell - next of kin Jo + Marriod Kewley supv;husb alive
1700-3 E 536  d  QUIRK        Alice       VINCH        d 26 Nov;ch Isable, Joney + Marjorey jt admxs - Anne + Isabel at age sworn supvs; [dau Anne had m/c];husb alive;goods of isabel in her own hands, 2 youngest in hands John Callister who pledges John Callister his father + Wm Bridson;Nov 1712: Jony Quirk now at age, Nov 1715 Margery acks Jo: Callister
1701-1 E      d  COSNAHAN     Anne        Corris       d 31 mar;ch john(in england),anne + wm
1701-1 E      w  GELL         Ellin                    d 30 jun 1700?;unnamed step-mother;fa exor
1701-1 E      d  RADCLIFF     John                     d 7 apr;ch margt,wm + ellinor - next of kin Henry,Thos + Ellinr Ratcliffe supvs;wife jane callister;1714: Margt Clucas als radcliffe + ellinr Radcliffe ack from Thos Radcliffe
1701-1 E      d  SHIMMIN      John                     d 29 jan;ch dorothy (w/o Wm Quirk) margt, mary, isabel, Radcliffe + jony;wife alive
1701-2 E      w  HUTCHIN      John                     d 17 oct 1701;ch john(houses etc),alice,dolly jt execs;
1701-2 E      d  QUAILE       Margaret    KEY          d 20 jul;ch henry,wm,jane (?ua as tho + jo Key + wm quaile supv);1723 jane dead
1702   A 12      QUIRK        Bessie                   d 28 feb 1699;sis jony,ellinr;father john exor;inv inc in mother's will
1702   A 13      SHIMIN       John                     [v faint] d 12 sep 1702;sibs isable;only ch exec ua;testator's  uncle Robt shimmin + broi-law john shimmin to be overseers;wife alive
1702   A 14      RATCLIFFE    Thomas                   [full];made 30 dec 1701;knockaloe (+lands in lezayre);son james;gson charles ratcliffe;dau Ann w/o William Harrison;
1702   A 15      RATCLIFFE    Henry                    [full]made 3 Mar 1701/2;raby;eldest dau Ellinor,marjery,margaret;wife Mariod pregnant;sis Ellin;wife also died mar 1701/2 ;1732 ewan clucas h/o margery
1702   A 16      RATCLIFFE    Mariot      KERMOT       [full]d 9 mar 1701/2;2 ch margery + margaret;next of kin John Quirk h/o isabel kermot, robert quirk + isabel quirk jnr;
1702   A 17      COTTER       Gilbert                  d 30 dec 1701;dau ann exex
1702   A 18      KELLEY       Oates                    d 9 jan 1701/2;ch thos, john + bessy jt execs all ua;wife alive
1702   A 19      LEECE        Thomas                   d 5 apr 1702;ch john,mary;wife jony exex
1702   A 20      GELL         Margaret    quirk        dated 30 aug 1701;dau christian(w/o john quirk) had m/c, Coony(w/o john quilliam)
1702-1 E 056     Kelley       Phillip                  [part of page lost] d 14 apr;4 ch silv,john,margt + patk jt admrs;wife alive;john at age some ch ua
1703-2 E      w  COTTER       Isabel      RADCLIFF     d 10 Oct 1703;names Ann Radcliffe als Billings,Emma Radcliffe als quay,tho radcliffe(2 ch),john radcliffe,will quirk,richd quirk;only ch ann cottier exex;pledges tho ratcliffe + Thomas Cotter;
1703-2 E      d  CRAINE       Hugh                     d 5 sep 1703;unmarried ch Mally + Wm admrs;Mally dead by probate + Wm not able;son-i-law Silv Moor obo wife (named erased) as prin creditor;wife alive
1703-2 E      c  RADCLIFF     Thomas                   m/c dated 29 Oct 1698;Thomas radcliffe + Emma Quay;son Thomas admr
1704   A 8       [Carran]     Ellin       LEWN         d 15 jan 1704/5;[note names reversed in index];ch jony + john execs - ua uncle Henry Lewin;bro's dau Nelly;husb Wm Carran;inv  £2 17s;pledges Thos Moore + Phinlo Carran
1704   A 9       QUAIL        Ann         GAWN         [full]dated Nov 1704;to be buried St Peters(Peel) in husb's grave;gch elinor christian,Elizth,ann + Cath Quail(knock rushen),thomas Christian (if he comes), nicholas Christian,margt Wattleworth
1704-2 E      w  CLUCAS       Margaret    WATERSON     d 27 apr 1705;husb jon(20s + all instruments or tools related to his trade);son thos martin,john martin exor;stepch margt,thos,john waterson;June 1705Mr David Young confirms that John Martin paid £3 to bro Thomas at his last being in Island.
1704-3 E      w  QUIRK        John                     d sep 1704;gch jony quirk, nelly quirk, isable;son wm(now in ireland - 1s if he came),john exor
1705   A 38      KILLEY       Thomas                   d 30 jan 1704;son henry exor
1705   A 39      CRAIN        Ann                      d 10 mar 1705;bro wm crain ;sis joney,nelly,margt;ch jane,caesar + sillvr jt execs;husb recently dead;
1705   A 40      CLAGUE       Jony        cotter       d 8 nov;dau bahee ua exex - uncle philip clague supv;husb henry;names jony mcylvorry (wearing apparel)
1705   A 41      QUIRK        William                  d 3 nov ;sis-i-law mary shimmin;bro phillip;wife dorothy shimin ? exex;bro philip + wm clark to be overseers of ch;court notes wife sick + ch ua
1705   A 42      COTTER       Jony        quirk        d 29 oct;ch wm,henry,nelly(sheep + goats),john,cooney,thos exor;gson john cotter,philip cubbon, john + finlo cotter
1705-1 E      w  cain         Mary        quayle       d 11 jul 1705;ch mabel[?=match elsewhere], cath(a cow between them), alice, bessy(another cow between them), patk, robt, wm exor;bro wm (had done with him for father's goods);in acks robt, cath + elizth cain ack from bro wm re mother Mary cain als quaile [name partly missing from will and misread as quay]
1705-1 E      d  CANNAN       Thomas                   d 9 oct 1705;ch thos, patk, jane + isabel jt admrs - all ua uncles john + wm Kanan supv;wife alive
1705-1 E      w  KNICKEL      Ann         KILLEY       d 15 sep 1705;gch margery Knickle;ch silvester + robt Knickle +  ellin jt execs;
1705-1 E      w  QUILLIAM     Philip                   d 18 oct 1705;gch nelly quilliam;ch nelly, harry exor;names paul quilliam;
1705-1 E      w  QUINE        Mariot      KELLY        d 7 Oct 1705;dau nelly(eldest),ann,jony;son John(land named the kew ?, purchased land called Kelley's land),thomas,christopher +wm exors;husb John;exors ua Husb  + son john overseers;1712: husb states 12s only due to exrs
1705-1 E      w  WATERSON     Thomas                   d beg aug 1705;sibs;father exor;names michel martyn; john,margt
1706   A 2       CLUCAS       John                     d 10 dec 1706;ch john,margt + mary jt exors;wife alive;other unnamed ch inc eldest son sworn supv with margt + mother (other execs ua)
1706   A 3       QUANE        Alice       gell         d 3 dec 1706; ch alice,nicholas,john,henry (1st 3 jt execs);sis' dau alice quane;gson charles quane
1706   A 31      FARGHER      Laurence                 d abt candlemas;son thos exor(good due by mother's death) - ua wants john fargher + thomas clucas supv;wife alive
1706-1 E      d  KELLY        Jane        MOORE        d 20 jun 1706;3 ch john, silvr + jony jt admrs - next of kin (mo's side) john, thos, thos, robt + alice moor supv;husb silvr;father Gilbert Moor - annexed agreement dated 6 nov 1706 between Gilbert Moor (Dawby) + his ch;Gilbt Moor + son-i-law Silvr Kelly  to keep + maintain the 3 ch that silvr had by Jane Moor, if children die ua goods to fall to Gilbt + silvr - silvr to pay 10s to his own ch Jo, tho, tho (repeated) , robt + issa moor + ch here mentioned to keep female child the first qtr
1706-1 E      w  Killey       Elinor      RADCLIFFE    [indexed as Radcliffe]d end apr 1706;son wm killey(her half lands etc belonging to husb in Glen Moij after his death);ch wm, john, harry, richard + thomas jt exors;husb john killey (sworn with eldest son);bro's ch Nelly + margt radcliffe;dau-i-law ann radcliffe als killey;names coony cowl als quirk, jane higgins, anne billins, jon radcliffe;servt Wm Mcylvorrey, molly mcylvorrey;
1706-1 E      d  McLEESE      John                     d 9 feb ;unmar dau ellin admx;inv £3 11s
1707   A 8       COOIL        Patrick                  d 11 apr 1707;names Capt Thos Radcliffe (knockaloe) + son Charles (any sheep etc left in Knockaloe),ann crellin, tho quirk + many others;names several godch;Tho + wm Cooil execs
1707   A 33      Corras       Silvester                d 6 nov 1707;son-i-law patk quirk;wife bahee clague;son wm exor
1708   A 14      KARRAN       Margaret    callin       d 18 feb 1707;dau jane kermod,mally?;husb wm  exor;inv £1 12s;ch very young - jane reliquishes most of her legacy ; husb obliges himself to maintain ch during their minority
1708   A 15      QUIRK        John                     d 24 Mar 1707/8;Ballanaspit;son Patk(eldest),jon (+ also John mentioned ? same),thos;dau ann,joney,nelly;gch margt karran;niece isable quirk;wife alive;ch patk,ann,jon + thos jt execs - all ua
1708   A 16      CLAUGE       William                  d 25 feb 1707/8;dau cath(eldest) + bahee exexs;names ann kelly (due 10s from him in her mo's will);wife alive
1708   A 50a     kennaugh     John                     [note under defuncts]d about 3 yrs ago;2 small ch john + margt maintained  by charity of neighberhood;no next of kin sworn supv;neighbours harry quilliam + wm clucas; neighbours prevent farm from falling into ye setting quests hands until heir at age;
1708   A 51      BRIDSON      John                     art marr jo bridson + ellinor curlot;jo bridson ch by previous marr  to have 6d legacy + goods to fall to their issue;dated 22 apr 1702;agreemnt between wm + isable bridson by prev marr + widow (+ three small children who petns that step son + dau are able to provide some subsistance)
1708-1 E      w  KILLEY       William                  d 18 sep 1707;no goods to leave to his own ch - what goods there were due to wife's ch by former husb;widow + several neighbours attest to this
1708-2 E      w  FARGHER      John                     made 6 jun 1708;wife margt;stepdau isable bridson;names cath bridson,finlo quirk(+ ch)bro philip + sis Nelly(w/o Finlo Quirk) execs
1709-2 E 222  w  KEAY         Gilbert                  d beg aug;wife margt;ch thos,ann + christian
1709-2 E 223  w  KNEALE       Elinor                   d 9 jun 1709;son tho + wm cooile;husb thos
1710   A 29      WATERSON     Nelly                    d 23 apr 1711;ch john,jony - jt execs;husb thos;1735: philip key h/o jony
1710-1 E      w  QUIRK        Elinor      WATERSON     dated 30 oct 1707;son-i-law Robt Moor Pulroish;ch jane vicnch als quirk,john exor,philip;gson philip + john quirk
1710-1 E      d  QUIRK        John                     d 5 may 1710;ballavargher;ch john (disclosed what small effects fa had),mary
1711   A 23      CAIN         William                  d 19 dec 1711;wife jane(sick);only ch john - ua - fa-i-law thos quirk;wants wife to see aunt anne decently buried;bro-i-law robt quilliam;
1711   A 24      QUILLIAM     John                     d 7 dec 1711;sibs ann,margery,isable,philip(share of 3 millstones),finlo clucas;nephew john callister;father john quilliam(share of tenemt called Curnlea recently purchasedd);1737: wm callister h/o ann quilliam tries to sue for a possibly unpaid legacy but court dimisses it as out of term
1711-3 E      d  CALLISTER    anne        QUIRK        d 10 jan ;ch isabel + ellin - next relns Isabel,Joney + Marjery Quirk overseers + gfa john Quirk;husb john;Tho Bell (c'town) claims 19s lent 7yrs ago by his wife out of goods of her ch by former husb hugh Moor;
1711-3 E      d  CLAGUE       John                     d 21 dec;ch john + dollin 
1711-3 E         Crellin      Margaret    cubon        pauper;'nihil habet'
1711-3 E      d  KILLEY       Alice       CAIN         d 2 dec;ch eliz + ellinr - next relns Patr + Wm ain overseers;husb Tho;1731: Ellinr dead,Wm Quaile h/o Elizth acks Patk + Wm Cain
1711-3 E 548  w  QUIRK        Margaret    KERMOD       d 8 aug 1711;husb tho(her pt of boat + nets);ch isable,joney quirk als gell,margt + alice(jt exexs);dau-i-law jony gell als ratcliffe;appointed tho gell + joney quirk als gell as supvs of dau margt + alice gell;joney quirk since dead thus john quirk h/o isabel quirk half-aunt to sd [?] sworn supv;inv als incs deducted rent due to heir by a former wife
1711-3 E 549  w  MARTIN       John                     d 15 oct 1711;ch margt,alice,michael exor;wife alive
1711-3 E 550  d  WATERSON     Thomas                   d 14 dec ;2 unmarried ch jon + joney jt admrs - ua - elder bro sylvester overseer (also has mother's part of goods)
1711-3 E 553  d  Keon         John                     d 26 jan;6 ch tho,cath,alice,margt,mary + ann jt admrs;wife alive
1712   A 8       COOILE       -           crellin      [corner lost]d 9 feb 1712;nephew richard cubbon,thos callin;niece margt callin;names thos kneale(+ dau);sis-i-law cooney cooile;husb wm exor
1712   A 9       KERMOD       Isabella                 [bottom rh corner missing];d 20 apr 1712;sibs margt kermod.john kermod snr,christian,wm;niece isabel gell exex (ua - her mo sworn),kath kermod;sis-i-law margt kermod als comish;
1712   A 10      QUILLIAM     [male]                   [top rh corner missing] d 19 [] 1710;ch henry,cath(at age),jony,margt + isable (last 4 execs - some ua);wife jony
1712-1 E 623  w  CLAGUE       Alice       QUINE        d 3 may 1712;son wm,philip,john + dollin jt exors;
1712-1 E 624  w  KARRAN       Isabel      KELLY        d 3 sep 1711;husb wm;unnamed ch;
1712-1 E 625  w  QUIRK        John                     d 7 may 1711?;unnamed ch by 1st wife;ch john,alice,margt,jony - wants john quilliam + philip quirk supvs;wife alive;gilbt quirk? + phinlo quirk sworn supvs;john + jony dead as funeral costs in acct;1718: alice acks phinlo cottier (exor wm cottier decd);1719 margt acks from silvr halsall
1712-1 E 625  w  Quirk        mabel                    [copy not v readable] d 11 may 1712;bro john;niece jony quirk, isabel halsal;sis-i-law christian quirk;bro-i-law wm cottier exor;
1713-1 E      d  CANNEL       Isabel      KINNISH      see Wm
1713-1 E      w  CANNELL      William                  d 29 may 1713;son john exor - ua;sis jony cowley als kneen;wife isabel als kinish d 30 Oct 1712 - ch by former husb tho, ellin + isabel quay + john Cannel by latter - john ua overseers aunt Jony Cowley ;annexed note + order to prisers that William Cannel moar of Patrick + not yet known what is due to Lord
1713-1 E      d  CUBON        Philip                   damaged corners missing;fell down a precipice 24 mar [1712/3]; 3 ch admrs but presumed debts exceed inventory; eliz cubon in her own behalf, uncle edond cubon + gfa Jo Cubon obo other 2 admrs Philip + Richd Cubon;Thos Mcylcreest prin creditor - james crellin obo philip (eldest son) jointly concerned with Thos Mcylxt;
1713-3 E      d  WATERSON     Margaret    BeLL         d 12 oct 1713;only ch thomas - next relns jo,chr,wm + tho bell + john martin supv;husb remarries ellin als quay;thos dead - dec bk3 1714/5
1714   A 14      COTEEN       William                  d 17 feb 1713/4;wife bahee als higgin exex;pledges Mr Charles radcliffe + rich higgin;
1714-2 E      w  KERMOD       Jon                      d 21 sep 1714;dau cath;wife marg als clark exex;wants Jon Kermo (marown) + Jno Harrison(malew) as supvs [poor copy]
1714-3 E      d  WATERSON     Thomas                   d 21 jul 1714;orphan;uncles john,christopher,Wm + Tho Bell + aunt Ann Martin als Bell jt admrs; - inv in mother Ann Waterson als Bell 1713/4;inv £4 13 1d - funeral costs 17s;1716: Silvr Waterson + wife (Ellin) oblige themselves that the admrs not liable to pay debts due from sd Silvr to his brothers + sisters;1717: John Martin acks from Silv Waterson;1722: John Bell acks from bro-i-law Silv Waterson;agreement dated 16 mar 1714/5 between admrs + Silv Waterson
                                                            states  that Margt Waterson als Bell w/o Silvr died considerable time ago + he has lately married Ellin Quay who wishes to buy their share of crop - cost 45s 9d
1715   A 19      QUILLIAM     Catherine                d 8 mar 1714/5;gch john kewley,margery fargher;ch robert fargher,john fargher,cath,isable exex
1715-1 E      w  QUIRK        John                     d 20 dec 1714;gson thos quirk;son wm(looms) exor;wife alive
1715-2 E      w  CLUCAS       Thomas                   d 27 sep 1715;son thos,wm exor;son--i-law radcliffe shimmin;gch thos clucas(baroole),ann shimmin,nelly clucas,wm clucas,isable clucas
1715-2 E      d  HUTCHIN      John                     perished by sea by falling off a rock abt 4 Jun;ch isabel,margt + joney - next of kin Alice Kermod (w/o Finlo)supv;wife alive
1716   A 30      SHIMMIN      Radcliffe                d 2 mar 1715/6;wife joney als clucas;sis joney (w/o wm bell);dau anne - ua;john cottier supv of child;1727: john Shimin h/o ann;
1716   A 31      MOOR         Thomas                   d 16 apr;ch charles,wm,cath,margt,isable + bahy jt execs;wife alive;inv £6;
1716   A 31b     CLUCAS       John                     d 17 apr 1716;bro Richard;sis Mary,marg;mo Mary exex
1716   A 31c     CLUCAS       Mary                     will on same sheet as son John - dau mary,margt;dau-i-law cath quilliam;gch alice keon(w/o thos),isable clucas;son richd exor
1716   A 32      COTTIER      Margaret    shimin       sis dorody,isable,jony,mary;son john(ua);husb john exex
1716   A 33      QUILLIAM     Philip                   d 11 mar 1715;ch john,jane exex;
1716   A 34      KARRAN       William                  d 12 mar 1715/6;ch richd,gilbt;wife's son by prev husband;sibs john;his ch by prev wife ua - overseer john karran
1716-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Mariod      COWN         dated 28 aug 1716;ch marjory + john - uncle tho cown supv;husb alive;1733; tho cown + Jo Knickell obo their uncle Wm Cown recd from Christian Boddaugh relict John Christian £1 11s other 4s expended on funeral marjery
1716-2 E      w  QUIRK        Ann         QUILLIAM     d 29 jul 1716;ch richd, hen + nelly jt exors;husb alive
1716-3 E      d  CRY          Thomas                   d 26 decr? 1716;ch wm,margt + john - ua uncle Wm Cry;wife alive
1717   A 28      KEON         Catherine   fargher      d 25 mar 1716;ch thomas, alice, margt + mary,cath,anne (exex);son thos;bro john fargher;gdau alice keon;
1717   A 29      KARRAN       Phinlo                   d 19 apr 1717;gch isable(+ 2 unnamed sis), tho kerran, margt kerran, john kerran;son thomas,wm;dau ann
1717   A 30      COTTER       Jony        quark        dated 26 mar 1716;ch john(heir),henry, finlo, thomas + anne (last 4 jt execs);husb wm
1717   A 65      Hutchin      Elinor      CRAIN        [names revd in index]d 5 jan 1717/8;ch isable,elinor,thomas;husb patk hutchin exor
1717-1 E      w  CLUCAS       Elinor      KEY          dated 12 mar 1716;husb richd;isabel gellin als moor obo bro patk moor claims his wages
1717-1 E      d  QUiRK        William                  d 18 mar 1716/7;ch john,ellin;wife alive
1717-2 E      w  COTTIER      William                  d 21 jun 1717;son john(heir),phinlo,thos,ann,hen;bro henry
1718   A 18      CLAIGUE      John                     [full]d 22 nov 1718;dau majery (w/o wm clerk kk malew),isable colvin als clague,margt,cath (margt + cath reach lawful yrs 1721);son john exor
1719   A 33      GELL         Thomas                   d 23 nov 1719;ch isable, margt + john;wife exex (3 uncles supv);1742 margt w/o wm killey acks;1743 isabel acks
1719-1 E      d  COWLEY       John                     perished by water nr peel bridge abt 13 nov;sibs wm,tho + cath(w/o philip kelly)
1719-1 E      d  HUTCHIN      Patrick                  d 5 may 1719;tho,isabel,ellin
1719-2 E      w  CLARK        Isabel      WATERson     d 4 sep 1719;husb patt;son Silvr;gch Jony Quane,isable quay;dau Isable (jt exec with Syl)
1719-3 E      d  CLAGUE       Alice       KELLY        d 10 jan 1719;ch john, margt + cath jt admrs - all at age
1720-1 E      d  KNEAL        Thomas                   d 11 may 1720;expected goods short of debts;ch cath john + henry;
1721   A 14      GELLIN       Jane        CAIN         d 8 mar;dau margt(no right to house as per tho cubbon's contract),marriod cubbon als  gellin exex;gch(c/o tho cubbon)
1721   A 15      QUILLIAM     John                     dated 5 dec 1720;son patk,robt + henry jt exors;dau nelly;wife alive
1722-2 E      w  COWN         Thomas                   d 24 sep 1722;unnanded wife, eldest + youngest sons - other ch ?
1723   A 34      KEAY         Margaret                 d 6 mar;son thomas;gson thomas hachin (cashin);dau christian (execx)
1723-1 A 10      RATCLIFFE    William                  d near warrington lancs;sis margt,ellinr admxs;
1723-1 E      d  COSNAHAN     William                  d 3 may 1723;only dau Ann admx - ua uncle Thomas Cosnahan;wife alive;net inc 18s 2d;wife pledges bro John Christian
1723-2 A 95      RADCLIFFE    Henry                    d 7 nov 1723;son Henry(heir);dau margery,elinr;wife christian;ch execs - henry harrison to be overseer
1723-2 A 96      QUAY         Emmy        radcliffe    d 6 jun 1723;son patk quirk exor;husb tho; agremnt to division
1723-2 A 98a     christian    john                     [on same sheet as ellinor comish]d 10 dec 1723; 2 unnamed children + those by a former wife;wife alive
1723-2 E      d  COTTEEN      Bahee       Higgin       d aug ;sibs rich + jane higgin jt admrs;
1723-2 E      d  KEY          Ellin       KNICKEL      d 23 oct;ch thos,sarah jt execs both ua - their uncles Robt + Silv Knickel supv;husb alive
1723-2 E      d  McYLVORREY   Isabel                   d 16 oct;ch john + wm - next relns on mo's side John,wm + bahee mcylvorrey supvs;husb alive
1723-2 E      d  SAILE        Patrick                  d 20 sep;ch henry, philip,isabel;wife alive
1723-2 E         THORNHILL    Thomas                   d 11 oct - miner, perished by water near foxdale;pauper
1723-2 E      d  WATERSON     Margaret    CORLETT      d 26 mar 1723;ch henry,margt,cath (last 2 ua);husb john;ch aunt ellinor corlet als clague satisfied with annexed agreement;
1723-3 E      d  KILLEY       Coony       GELL         d 10 nov [?1722];ch tho, john + Phinlo jt admrs - next of kin on mo's side John Gell + Philip Quilliam supvs
1723-3 E      d  QUIALE       Robert                   d 10 Nov;son wm + robt jt admrs - next of kin (fa side)Cath(young) + Alice(in ireland) supv their fa Park Quaile sworn;wife alive + has custody of ch;1737: Wm Quayle(Kk Patk) acks Christopher Cowle(Kk Santan)£7 15s due from fa's effects ;annexed agreemnt dated 2 nov 1719 for Robt to pay parents for a m/c
1724-1 A 30      KILLEY       Henry                    d 18 dec 1723;son henry(his pt of house + garden in glenmoy + loom );wife(house in peel);bro's sons henry + wm killey;ch jane,emmy + john execs(last 2 ua);1745: youngest ch john acks from mother
1724-1 A 31      HALSAL       Isabel      QUIRK        [full]
1724-1 A 32      QUANE        Thomas                   d 8 feb 1723 [?1723/4];gson charles(+ heir), thos;4ch henry,nicholas,john + eles[alice] jt execs ;
1724-1 A 33      KEAY         Thomas                   d 1 apr 1724;son john (eldest),gilbt + thomas;daus margt,ann;bro john;wife alive
1724-1 A 34      COSNAHAN     Jony        NOWELL       gchild Anne Cosnahan;d-i-l Jane Cosnahan als Christian;son Thomas
1724-1 A 35      QUILLIAM     John                     d 19 feb 1723;ch john(crop, gears etc),jony,paul,james;last 3 ch jt execs - all ua - uncle thos quine (+ their sib john) supv;names Wm Cool foxtor ? (a stroat modly ? coat);inv names wife as cooney als kelly;1740: james acks from John £1 11s 1d due by death of fa & mo.1745: Tho Cubbon h/o Joney acks for goods due his wife  inc those due by death bro Paul
1724-1 A 36      QUILLIAM     Coonery     [kelly]      d 12 feb 1723/4;dau joney;husb john;son john;ch jony,paul + james jt execs;[see #35]
1724-1 A 37      CANNELL      William                  jw Wm + wife Joney dated 13 feb 1721/2;mutual execs
1724-1 E      d  HUTCHIN      Thomas                   d 20 dec 1723;only son thos admr - ua aunt eleanor hutchin;wife christian;1729: supv refered to as ellinr kelly als hutchin;inv - some goods in hands john kelly;1741: thos hutchin admr of fa thos hutchin acks to have paid nelly kelly als hutchin  [thos hachin m christian keay Pat 17190526 - bapt of thomas not found]
1724-1 E      d  JICK         Thomas                   d 30 jan 1723/4;only son thos admr;wife alive
1724-1 E      d  QUANE        Elinor      COTTIER      d beg feb 1723/4;ch charles,thomas,alice,henry,isabel + wm jt admrs - charles + thomas at age;husb alive;
1724-1 E      d  QUILLIAM     Elin        QUIRK        d 7 feb 1723/4;ch ann,wm,john,margt,elinor,philip + cooney jt admrs - ann+ wm at age;husb philip;ua ch - aunt Joney Karran supv;inv noted as transcribed from archideaconal reg is £18;
1724-2 A 127     MOORE        Ann         [kelly]      d 5 jan 1724;ch sil(+ daus),patk,margt,john;husb gilbt;ch sil + margt jt execs;
1724-2 A 128     QUILLIAM     Jony        BREW         [full]d 1 feb 1724/5;gch ann quilliam,margt clucas;son-i-law Paul quilliam;dau jony,margt + isable jt exexs;son henry
1724-2 A 129     COOIL        William                  d 5 feb 1724;sibs patrick,phillip,coony;bro-i-law wm key;niece cath cooile;mo-i-law margt cowley;'his boy'hugh cown;sis-i-law margt samsbury;wife bahee als cannel exex
1724-2 A 130     HARRISON     Bahey       shimmin      d 20 feb 1724;ch patrick, thomas, john,ann fargher;dau-i-law ann quirk;niece d/o Jon Fargher;gson thos quirk;names isable mclvorrey;sons john + thos exors
1724-2 E      d  KELLY        Ann         COTTIER      d mid may 1724;ch bessy, margt, ann,wm + wm jnr [note 2 wms!] - all ua - next relns on mo's side margery(w/o john cannel),margt + jony supv;husb silv;1734: margt + ann at age + acquit overseers + impower uncle John Cannell to sue for goods wch were lodged in hands of father Sill Kelly deceased
1724-2 E      w  MOORE        gilbt                    d 24 sep 1724;wife's son patk kelly;gch jony kelly, john kelly;step-dau margt killey als kelly;son robt moore, 2 unnamed sons in kk lonan(6d);sons robt moore + thos moore caliam
1724-2 E      d  QUILLIAM     Patrick                  d 14 jul 1724;sibs john,gilbt,jony + jane jt admrs;wife alive
1724-3 E      d  Corras       Amy         QUIRK        d 25 jan 1724/5;ch john,wm,silvr + patk jt admrs - next reln John Quirk supv;husb wm;annexed agreement re ch fa to maintain 3, uncle John quirk to maintain silv;
1724-3 E      d  CRETNEY      Patrick                  d 6 dec 1724;wife ann als kewley admr by consent next relns Richd + margt kewley
1725-1 A 24      HALSAL       William                  d 21 jan 1724/5;son john,silvester;dau jony,cath;bro richd;sis cath;bro silvester + thomas quirkkerrowdow supervisors;all ch except heir execs ann,patk,jony + cath ua;1746 cath cowle als halsal acks
1725-1 A 25      CRETTNEY     Ann         kewley       [poor copy]d 2? mar 1724;names several;master charles radcliffe;john moore + jane kewley jt execs;
1725-1 A 26      CALLISTER    cath                     dog dated 20 Apr 1714;jt John Callister snr(foxdale) wife Cath als taggart to son Wm (he to maintain them);other ch thos,ellinr + cath?;accepted as will of cath callister + son wm exor - [cath als tagart bur Mal 17250308]
1725-1 A 27      KARRAN       Thomas                   dated 17 oct 1724;ch thomas(tenement of houses)(ua),margt(eldest dau),elinr;mentions boat + nets to be sold to pay debts;mo alive;bro john,wm - these are supvs;wife ann als cooile;two daus jt exexs;one witt Wm Cannell of Ireland absent when will exhibited at court in Peel is noted in June as ready to return to Ireland and the will in custody of official at Kk Andreas (Wm Cannell attests to words);1737: margt acks from supv john + wm Karran
1725-1 E      w  GICK         Thomas                   d 26 apr ;dau isable (goods due by death mo);mother alive
1725-1 E      d  KNEALE       Isabel      QUAYLE       d 22 jan 1723/4;only dau esther quane als kneale admr
1725-1 E      c  RATCLIFF     Thomas                   m/c thos ratcliff + margt cowin dated 20 feb 1724;to marry within a fortnight;if no issue survivor to have all goods + 6d to next of kindred;witt Willm Shimmin, matths Curgey - accepted as will thos ratcliffe + widow exex
1725-2 A108      KEAY         Thomas                   d 28 nov 1725;4 ch;all ua aunt + uncle christian + jon keay supv;wife alive
1725-2 A109      KELLEY       Ann         KEAY         d 6 jan 1725;son wm,sill,henry;husb jon;witt wm quirk,christian hutchin als keay
1725-2 E      w  CAIN         Mark                     d 15 aug;names margt cannel,son of thos gell(lezayre),silvester kelly(2 sons);unnamed stepfather;mother exex
1725-2 E      w  CLUCAS       Elizabeth   QUILLIAM     d 4 oct;husb henry;sibs mary, cath, jony?;parents richard clucas + margt crellin execs;
1726   A 19      KAIGAN       Margaret    moor         d 17 jan 1726;gdau margt karran;son john
1726-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Grace       CORKAN       ?=w/o wm grace shimmin als corkan
1726-1 E      w  CLUCAS       Richard                  d 29 may 1726;ch cath, jony (both ua),mary;wife jony als fargher(all bought lands) exex;pledges jon + phinlo quirk
1726-1 E      w  KELLY        jony                     d 13 jul 1725;bro John(+wife);other unnamed sibs;names catrin hine, joney waterson, isable kermod, margt kermod;father sillvester Keley exor;
1726-1 E      d  Kewley       margt       corkan       d 15 aug 1726?;ch jane,patk + edwd - all ua uncles wm,robt + thos corkan supv
1726-2 E      d  AUDLEY       Margaret    CORKAN       d 18 aug ;ch jane,patk + edward jt admrs all ua uncles(on mo's side) Wm,Robt + Thos Corkan supvs;husb patk; 1741: all ch ack thos corkan
1726-2 E      w  COWLEY       Margaret                 d 9 aug 1726;sis jony;names mary quay als Lowney;son John Mcylvorrey exor;bro Thomas + Patrick Cowley - park to be supv of child;witt mary quay als lewney, Patk cowley + tho cowley - pledge henry cowley
1726-2 E      c  CUBBON       John                     perished by falling off a rock into sea at Dauby; only son Robt consents to m/c as will thus wife sworn exor - robt to get 10s, fa's clothes + what remains in house of his mo's goods; m/c john cubbon + anne carran als quirk [m Pat 17250627]
1727   A 8       SANSBERY     John                     d 25 jan 1726/7;unnamed wife + child(ua) exors;inv 29s
1727   A 9       SHIMMIN      Hugh                     d 6 mar 1726;3 youngest ch(15s ea), 3 eldest ch(6d ea)wife margt exex;1742:thos acks(15s) from sis-i-law jane shimin, Patk also acks 15s and discharges step-fa richd killey,  Patk acks obo sis isabel - annexed letter from Isabel dated 14 aug 1742 Ballasalla to step-fa Richd Killey of Douglas;
1727   A 37      QUIRK        Philip                   d 3 feb 1727;dau margt;son wm+thomas jt exors;wife alive
1727   A 38      QUAYLE       Catherine   cain         d 20 feb 1727;bro philip woods;husb john exor
1728   A 53      CLUCAS       Richard                  d 10 jan 1728;ch thos(if he came),philip(if he came),ellinr,wm;dau-i-law jony clucas als fargher exex
1728   A 54      CAINE        Catherine                [?German]dated 12 mar 1725/6;peel;ch john,jony,nich,esther,cath,averick exex;gch gilbt Mcylrey;
1727-2 E      d  KILLEY       Isabel      CLARK        d 3 oct;died in childbed leaving twins(both alive);ch charles + jane;husb henry,fa wm clark;;jon clark uncle mo's side
1727-2 E      w  QUILLIAM     Ann         MOORE        d 8 jun 1727;son henry,robt - jt exors;gdau esther quilliam;dau-i-law isabel quilliam;
1728   A 9       QUAYLE       Catherine   gell         d 31 mar 1728;husb john;son henry;dau margt exex
1728   A 10      KARRAN       Joney       quirk        d 7 apr 1728;dau margt;sons john + henry(younger),unnamed eldest son;husb john exor
1728   A 52      FARGHER      Catherine   [creer]      d 3 nov 1728;names Rich Crellin;husb John
1728-3 E      d  KILLEY       Jane                     d 23 dec 1728?;orphan;bro charles admr - ua - goods in mo's will epis 1722-2
1728-3 E      w  QUILLIAM     Margaret    KELLY        d 20 jul 1728;eldest son(gears etc, + purchased meadow called Michaels close),thos,philip;dau jane;husb gilbt toi be overseer
1729-1 A 42      QUINE        Jane        [quilliam]   jt will john + jane als quilliam;wife's nephew john quine,james quilliam,robt quine;her bro john quilliam;he left to his dau jony quine;mutual execs - wife dead
1729-1 A 43      COTTER       Bahee                    d 25 mar 1728;fa henry cotter exor;
1729-1 A 44      KARRAN       Thomas                   d 23 mar 1729;creglea,dauby[dalby];son patk(heir),wm,thomas;dau jane,margt,anne(married);wife alive[full]
1729-1 A 45      QUAYLE       Patrick                  d 13 apr 1729;wife ellinor;dau alice;son robt exor? [part of lh margin missing on film]james Taubman + philip crain supv of John Cain's ch claim £3 5s;
1729-1 A 46      CURGHEY      Isabel                   d 17feb 1728/9;bro john quayle (who took care of her) exor; - john d 17 mar 1728/9 - half bro John Kegeen admr; cousins gernan john + wm quayle surrendered all rights to sd John Kegeen (annexed agreement)
1729-1 E      w  CAIN         Margaret    COTTIER      d 10 may 1729;sibs wm,bahee;husb wm exor;witt ann killey als radcliffe, ann radcliffe als karran
1729-2 A 110     QUIRK        William                  d 2 apr 1729;sis margt quayle;mo counney quirk + bro thos quirk execs
1729-2 A 111     KERMOD       Alice       [callin]     d 12 jan 1728;husb robt;dau margt exex
1729-2 A 112     FARGHER      Isabel                   d 24 nov 1729;dau joney(due from fa's goods),isabel exex;son thos
1729-2 E      d  MOORE        John                     d 6 sep 1729;ch john(eldest),ann,isabl, eliz + thomas;wife alive
1729-2 E      d  QUIRK        Jane        HIGGIN       d beg may 1729;son john,thos
1729-3 E     w   QUAY         Mary        SKILLICORN   d may;son wm,john,henry (coat of russet in the walk miln);dau isabel,joney;husb john exec
1730   A 11      KILLEY       John                     d 10 apr 1730;ch henry(house + lands), richard(6s)other ch(6d);owed 10s from Hen Killey's widow;wife exex
1730   A 12      QUANE        Henry                    ch charles(heir),  thos, wm + alice  jt execs + last 2 ua) ;later note that charles + thos appt supv of bro Wm + note added sum due to child by death of mother ;[poor copy]
1730   A 35      QUIRK        Margaret    cowl         d 25 jan 1730;dau joney craine(her fa's goods);ch wm quirk + ann quirk jt execs - ua;hub wm overseer 14s inv
1730-1 E      w  CANNELL      William                  d 25 oct;wife cath als fargherexex;;ch named in decree cath + joney
1730-1 E      d  HIGGINS      Richard                  d 28 jan;ch rich,cath,margt + jane - all at age;wife alive
1731-1 A 9       QUIRK        Richard                  d 15 dec 1730;bro's son john;names john quirk's son;ch bahee + ann jt exexs;wife alive;inv £2
1731-1 E      d  HALSAL       Sylvester                d 24 feb 1731;ch james,eliz,margt,jo,ann + tho;next of kin Jo,Cath + Conny Halsall supvs;wife alive;
1731-1 E      d  QUIRK        Margaret    KAY          d 22 mar 1730/1;only son John - Jo+Gilbt Key sworn;husb Thos agrees with supvs
1731-2 A 43      RADCLIFFE    Silvester                Knockaloe;son John;dau Ellinor Cowel,Leonora Callister,Ann Radcliffe;wife alive; Philip Corlet Brooghjarg +wife Grace Corlet als Radcliffe claim;
1731-2 E      w  CARRAN       Margaret    QUILLIAM     d 24? aug 1731;ch wm,thos,jane + margt;son + heir Patk exor;ch fa dead ?
1731-2 E      d  CORKAN       Margaret    RATCLIFF     d 21 jun 1731;only ch margt aunts ellin(?w/o thos postle) + margery radcliffe(w/o ewan clucas marown);husb tho;
1731-2 E      d  KILLEY       Margaret    BRIDSON      d 25 sep 1731;6 ch by former husb;jo,hugh,patk,tho,margt + isabel shimin;
1732-1 A 28      COTTIER      Ellinor     [Nichol/knickle] d 7 apr 1732;husb hen exor
1732-1 E     d   FARGHER      Thomas                   d 15 may 1732;son john,dau margt kenniagh als fargher w/o john
1732-1 E     d   GELL         Elinor                   d beg march;2 ch isabel jony;uncles robt gell & philip quirk;;1735 jony died last winter;1743 isabel acks from mother ellinor
1732-1 E     d   KELLY        Sylvester                d 7 apr 7 ch john margt anne wm willm (!) isabel henry;later 4 ua;wife alive
1732-2 A 62      FARGHER      John                     d 12 feb 1730;bro's sons john + hen fargher;sis sons wm + john quirk;sis elin;philip quirk sis eldest son exor;
1732-2 A 63      CAIN         Patrick                  d 15 mar 1732;son thos(youngest),wm(decd by probate) + thos jt exors;son-i-law thos killey;exor consents step? grandch wm + john killey have a legacy as sworn by witness
1732-2 A 65      MOORE        Elinor      craine       d 20 sep;ch edwd + wm;pledge wm cooper + john cain peel;
1733-1 A 31      RADCLIFFE    Charles                  [full]Capt Knockaloe;son (heir) Thomas Radcliffe;wife Ellinor Radcliffe als Christian;dau  Margery;unmarried daus Ellinor, Jane
1733-1 A 32      KNICKLE      Jony        kermode      dated 18 dec 1732;husb wm;gch wm(crop etc),henry,john,ann;dau margery exex;1740 ann knickle als quilliam acks;1745 john quilliam acks;1757 wm quilliam acks + discharges father Patk + mother(crop + gears still to be ackd),henry quilliam acks
1733-1 A 33      CALLIN       Thomas                   d 27 nov 1732;son gilbert(heir),tho;wife elizth jt exec with tho;
1733-1 E     d   GELL         Margaret                 d 6 jan sibs tho, isabel quirk, alice gell;1733 thos gell acks from isable re mother margt quirk als kermott;
1733-1 E     d   KERMOD       Phinlo                   d 5 apr; 5 ch isabel, gilbt jo jony margt
1733-1 E     d   KNICKELL     John                     d 3 nov 2 ch jo & anne;next rels anne margt knickle of dalby; wife margt als carran alive
1733-1 E     d   KNICKELL     Margaret    CORRIN       d 12 jan;4 ch wm snr, robt jon wm jnr
1733-1 E     d   QUIRK        Isabel      KERMOD       d 12 may 1733; 2 daus mary jane, john gell h/o mary;husb alive
1733-2 A 78      QUAYLE       William                  d 18? jan 1733;ch thos,henry,wm;gson wm;wife exex
1733-2 A 79      KEY          Joney       WATERSON     w/o philip;male child;names christian clague;ann cottier godmother;supv silvester watterson
1733-2 E     d   KILLEY       Thomas                   d 12 jan;3 ch john wm margt  ua uncle gilbt & wm killey
1733-2 E     d   KILLEY       William                  d 30 mar;2 sons wm gilbt
1733-2 E     d   QUILLIAM     Henry                    chk - posthumous son - no mention;only ch isabel aunts ellinr dawson,isabel kennagh margt dawson, uncle paul qulliam;cath clucas aunt later sworn;inv
1733-3 E     d   CHRISTIAN    John                     s/o john;d feast of all saints ;only bro by father philip exec of goods due by decease of father;next rels on mothers side wm cown the uncle those goods which came from mothers side;wm cown out of island next rels thos cowin kk pat john knickel kk malew;1737 wm cowin of dublin
1733-3 E     d   KNEAL        Gilbert                  d 2 feb 1733;only dau esther quane als kneal
1733-3 E     d   QUANE        John                     d 6 oct 1733;5 ch wm alice harry christian thos;eldest of lawful years but not capable, no rels appeared
1734-1 A 18      CHRISTIAN    Ann                      d 27 feb 1733;names ellin cowll(w/o Wm quay).grace christian,richd higgin;unnamed sister;wm corras exor
1734-1 A 19      HARRISON     Thomas                   d 9 mar 1733/4;gch jony,john + margt quirk,thos quirk;son-i-law Wm Mcylvorrey, patk quirk exor;dau isabel;mentions crop on Ballageraij
1734-2 A 57      KILLEY       Isabel      KERMODE      d 12 mar 1733/4;son wm,henry (youngest exor);names many
1734-2 A 58      GELL         William                  d 23 apr 1732;son john;wife alive exex;dau isabel(+ items due by aunnts decease)
1734-2 A 59      QUIRK        Elizabeth   HARRISON     d 26 jan 1734;gson richd gell;,unnamed gdau;husb john exor;dau elizth shimmin;
1734-2 E      d  COWLE        William                  d 16 oct 1734;ch wm.ann,richd,margt + cath - only wm at age;wife alive
1734-3 E      w  MOORE        Jony        CRAIN        d 13 jul 1734;son wm,charles;dau-i-law elinor moore;dau elizth,margt,cath,isabel quirk exex(w/o thomas)
1734-3 E      d  THOMPSON     Richard                  d 1 feb 1734;gunner peel castle;ch john thomson,ellin hinley (w/o edward)+ eubonia jick
1735-1 A 23      QUINE        Thomas                   d 19 mar 1734;ch john,ann,joney;wife exex
1735-1 A 24      QUINE        John                     d 14 mar 1734/5;gch henry,ann;son john exor
1735-1 A 25      KILLEY       Alice       QUIRK        d 25 feb 1734;sis ann;mo alive;child on her bearing;husb alive;ch ua uncle wm quine + isabl quirk supv
1735-1 E      w  QUAYLE       Sarah       KEY          d 4 may 1735;sibs elinor key,jno key;names isabel quirk, elinor kelly,margt karran,elizth cowley,joney hutchin;husb wm exor
1735-1 E      d  QUIRK        Ann         GELL         d beg May 1733;bro thos, wm + henry gell;father thos
1735-2 E 054 d   CORRIN       Christian   QUALTROUGH   d beg sep;2 daus (unendowed) Ann (w/o Wm Kelly) + Cath (w/o John Kelly); Thos Huddlestone & Christian his wife to give a just acct ?
1735-2 E 055 w   QUANE        Margaret    knickal als KARRAN Dalby;;dau ann knickal by former husband;son john knickal,henry quane (by present husb) ;husb thomas;her bro john carran overseer of both ch;inv (see 1736 lib 1 #4)
1735-2 E 056  d  KILLEY       Margaret    KELLY        d mid apr 1735;ch john,robt,caesar + silvester - all ua next relns john + patk kelly supv;husb alive
1735-2 E 058  w  Quilliam     Gilbt                    d 21 sep 1735;son philip(goods due him by mo's death);unnamed dau jt exec with philip
1735-3 E 151  w  CUBON        Edmund                   dated 23 may 1735;ch steven,ellinr killey, john,patk (ua)+ joney(last 3 jt execs);master thos radcliffe(knockaloe);wants thos Cubbon + patk kelly of jurby to take care of goods;wife alive;robt quay claims obo himself + bro-i-law stephen cubbon - half a house and a new enlargement in street in peel;
1736-1 E 237  d  QUANE        Henry                    d 14 feb;orphan;sibs of half blood  john + ann knickel; uncle thos carran supv of john + ann;[chk]
1736-1 E 238  w  HALSAL       Richard                  d 3 may 1736;nephew john halsal,patrk halsal;niece cath halsal;wife ann als kneal(house + little croft during life) exex
1736-2 A 41      FARGHER      Catherine   QUINNEY      d 18 jan 1736/7;son John Fargher of Ballargey;dau Margt Kennagh als Fargher;husb john
1736-2 A 42      CLUCAS       Jony        FARGHER      d 23 dec 1736;son-i-law wm clucas(h/o mary);dau jony(purchased lands) exex,mary,cath;gch jony moore,jon clucas,anne clucas
1736-3 E      w  KNICKLE      Margaret    MARTIN       d 18 aug;ch wm,silvester, joney + other unnamed ch(6d ea) some ua;husb robt  exor;pledges Slivester knickle (bro of robt) + silvester ellison
1737-1 A 20      CUBBON       Mary        KELLY        d 24 apr 1737;ch jony,patk,john;bro-i-law thos cubbon;robt quay + wife elizth to have her pt of house in town;ch jt execs;1740 patk acks sis jony;inv
1737-1 A 21   mc KNICKEL      Alice       KARRAN       m/c wm moor/ann knicle; dated 25 Sep 1736;Wm Knickle + wife Ann als Karran obo dau Ann;Wm Moore obo himself;to marry within one month;Kickles to settle half estate - Wm Moore to labour along with fa-i-law;witt Thomas Radcliffe, Sivester Radcliffe, Patrick Carran x
1737-1 E      w  HALSAL       Ann         KNEAL        d 30 may 1737;bro wm kneal;sis cath;names john halsal exor
1737-1 E      d  KELLY        Jony        CAMAISH      d 21 mar 1736/7;only son john mcleece admr;
1737-2 A 62      HUTCHIN      Dorothy                  d 17 mar 1736;nephew john kermod exor;
1737-2 A 63      COTTIER      John                     made 9 nov 1737;only ch margt;wife ellinr als kenniagh exex;debts considerable;inv;1739 gfa wm cottier ackd
1737-2 A 64      KEWIN        John                     d 1 dec 1737;dau ann(by former wife - houses in balleysalley but no right to houses in kk patk);two eldest sons by latter wife;wife exex;
1737-2 A 65      QUIRK        Margaret    LEECE        d 10? dec 1737;husb thos;sis dorethy + ann leece;parents alive + to see her buried kk german
1737-2 A 66      QUIRK        Philip                   declrd 12 jan 1737;intack slew whellian purchased by him + partners;wife Mary consented provided any of her ch be heir (?2nd wife);other 3 ch philip(heir),ann,cath;john moore ballyhow overseer;wife exex (her fa patrick quirk pledge + phinloe quirk vulgo fouer);1752 philip acks stepfa wm clucas re death sis ann
1737-2 E      w  MYLVORREY    William                  d 3 jun 1737;ch john, wm (40s ea from mother's will)+ other ch ua;wife christian exex;1749 Christian pays her son Thos senr;1752: christian pays her sons philip + Thos junr
1737-2 E      w  QUINE        John                     d 9 jun 1737;ch thomas(houses + land etc), ann(little croft), jane + isabel(ua) (daus jt exexs);wife jane als quay
1737-2 E      w  QUIRK        Thomas                   d 11 oct 1737;wife alive + declines admin;unnamed ch;bro Wm Quirk admr;claims etc inc one ch John's funeral - noted that Wm Quirk(dalby) + Robt Quirk (instead of bro Wm Quirk? of foxdale decd) are accountable to the chil [part lost in fold on film - last page of acks omitted on copy]
1737-3 E      d  KELLY        John                     [rh margin lost in binding on film] d 28 [];2 ch ellizth + john(ua ) - elizth  pledges uncle Phillip Corrin + half uncle William Carrooin;inv includes son's part of Mother's cloaths;1746: john kelly acks from guardian Phillip Corrin, Elizth also acks
1737-3 E      d  QUIRK        John                     d 4 nov 1736;ballavargher;ch richd + elizth(married but husb unnamed) jt admrs;pledges john leese senr + john quirk Treljey;
1738-1 A 41      QUIRK        Coonie      HALSAL       d 21 feb 1737;son thos;dau mary quaile als quirk exex(w/o henry)
1738-1 A 42      SAYLE        Marjery     giCK         d 15 apr 1738;son patk(eldest),john(youngest),philip;dau isabeel;husb philip exor;
1738-2 A 85      MARTIN       Michael                  d 1 nov 1738;son john(heir);5 other ch ann,cath,henry nelly, thos ;wife nelly;serv john clark;henry radcliffe glanmoij + henry killey might be supv;inv,claims;1745 ann acks from stepfa thos bell;1746/7 ellinor bell als martin widow agreed with exes of thos bell for their share crop raby;
1738-2 E      w  KNEAL        William                  d beg aug 1738;wife margery als creer exex
1738-3 E     w   CUBBON       Thomas                   d 14 oct 1738;house garden in peel;son thos +four bros & sisters;wife alive;witt cath moore als clucas, margt knicle als higin;dau leonora
1738-3 E     d   KILLEY       William                  s/o jo & ellin killey als ratcliffe died abt 1708;bros hen rich killy; mo's inventory lib 1 1706
1739-1 A 16      SHIMIN       Thomas                   d 28 feb 1738;claddagh booy;dau mary;son silvester,john exor
1739-1 A 17  jw  QUIRK        Ellinor                  jt will finlo + ellinor;son philip(heir), wm, john
1739-1 A 18      CARRAN       Margaret    KELLY        d 10 apr 1739;dauby;dau ann;son thos exor; gdau margt caine;
1739-1 E     d   CARRAN       John                     d 6 yrs ago;2 bros thos hen;bro-i-l henry carran
1739-1 E     w   RADCLIFFE    Ann         CARRAN       glenmoij;dau joney;dau isabel, margt
1739-2 A 55      CARRAN       Ann         LOONEY       d 17 nov 1739;bro tho looney(expenses in recovering land);sis nelly;niece nelly cain(w/o thos);names richd higgin + many more inc several godchildren inc sylvester clarks blind girl;husb wm exor;
1739-2 E     w   QUIRK        John                     slewhellan;d 9 aug;dau mary gell als quirk,her 3 ch wm philip isabel;dau jane;witt john quirk bane, john quirk
1740-1 A 21      QUAYLE       William                  d 20 apr 1739;ch john,matthew,isabel,cath;wife exex;1740: john killey h/o of Elizth relict ;ch ua - uncles nichs quayle, jon crellin together with james + thos Crellin sworn
1740-1 E     d   QUIRK        Mary        KEWIN        d 14 apr;2 ch ua thos john uncles thos kewn thos quay aunt alice kewin;1749n thos quirk sole admr
1740-1 E 45  d   QUAYLE       William                  ch mark isable cath ua uncles nicholas quayle john crellin, james crellin thos crellin;wife alive
1740-1 E 46  w   COWLE        Ann                      d 13 may;dau nelly quirk;gdaus margt quirk, anne quirk;ann quay als cooil;gson nicholas quirk exec
1740-1 E 47  d   MOORE        William                  d 28 april 1740ch wm ann;ua uncle edwd moore;wife alive
1740-2 A101      QUAYLE       Ellinor     CORRIS       d 3 jan 1740;son philip;d-i-l of her son's excrs ;dau cathrine,alice
1740-2 A102      QUAYLE       William                  d 25 dec 1740;uncle philip,aunt alice kath;mo alive;wife (? if be with childs - no other children); ? m Joney Quirk Pat  21 Nov 1738
1740-2 A103      QUIRK        Bahee       CANNELL      d 7 dec 1740;husbs dau joney quirk & her sis jane;sis margret kermoad;her husbs two gsons patrick & john quirk;;husb thomas;
1740-2 A104      SHIMIN       John                     d 10 dec 1740;eldest dau isabel (a grey sheep); dau isabel nelly;wife alive;sis margt kennagh als shimin
1740-2 A105      QUIRK        John                     chk as posthumous dau;d end dec;bro henry quirk;wife margt extrx;9 jul 1741 margt died before probate;2 ch ua;jony halsal mother of exectrx + john & nicholas halsal uncles;pledge john quayle ballamoda + son henry;land inshaig
1740-2 A106      QUIRK        Thomas                   d 4 feb 1740;nephew thomas quirk;bro john;s-i-l eliz quirk;neice margt quirk;neice joney quayle als quirk;sis Ann fargher;bros patrick & john;
1740-2 E     w   CORKAN       Joney                    d 2 jun 1740;w/o robt;ch jon ann ellin eliz Kalby & Margrett;youngest son charles; husb alive;?fam 3057
1740-2 E     w   HITCHIN      Elinor                   d 9 jun;friend isabel quirk;cousin alice gawn
1740-2 E     w   KELLY        Elenor                   d 25 may 1740;dau ester margery her bro wm and sis anne;son thos, wm dau isabel; husb alive
1740-2 E     w   KEY          Philip                   d 18 jul 1741;wife alive;youngest son john,eldest philip;3 ch (one un named) ua patr key & jon kneal husb of ellinr aunt 
1740-2 E     d   KILLeY       Ellinor     QUILLIAM     d beg aug ;unendowed ch wm ann  ua uncles henry robt quilliam;husb wm alive;1752 ann acks from stepmother christian killey
1740-2 E     d   MARTIN       John                     d beg aug;sibs thos harry anne cath ellinr;thos harry ellinr ua 
1740-2 E     w   QUIRK        Catherine                w/o john quirk weaver;eldest son william;youngest dau bridget, ch wm snr, thomas, wm jnr  bridget;sis betty; 1749 thomas quirk apprentice on board the Lancashire of Liverpool ;1751 wm snr acks appears thomas dead, bridget dead
1740-3 E     d   CORRIS       Margaret                 cousins german [ch of aunt/uncle] John ,Wm Isabel corris
1740-3 E     d   KNICKLE      William                  d 23 dec only dau margt quilliam als knicle
1740-3 E     w   QUAYLE       Isabel      COTTIER      son thos quayle;step son henry quayle;son john
1740-3 E     d   QUIRK        Ann                      died xmas last; d/o philip goods left by fa;sibs philip cath
1741-1 A 61      QUAYLE       Henry                    d 25 mar 1741; son wm;dau sarah;excrs of cath cubin kk arb owe him 25/-;wife alive
1741-1 A 62      KILLEY       Henry                    wife margt & 2 ch ua;one wit patrick corras in ireland(returns by 1742);margt widow;overseer of ch[? Margaret Cottier m Mal 30 Nov 1732]; [?is there a posthumous child]
1741-1 A 63      KEY          John                     dau ellin (+ 2 ch);gson philip key;wife alive
1741-1 A 64      KELLEY       William                  d 10 mar 1741;stepmother elinr kelly als hutchin;;2 sis margt anne;bro henry,john;john dead by probate
1741-1 A 65      WATERSON     Ellinor     QUAY         d 9 mar 1740/1;son thomas;sis jane,isabel;3 ch wm thos isabel extrs; isabel dead by probate;husb silv waterson;1771 acks
1741-1 A 66  m   BELL         Joney                    ? no will but mortgage for pledge
1741-1 A 66      BELL         William                  d 21 apr 1741;son Richard; dau Joney (+other ch);wife alive
1741-1 A 66      BRIDSON      Nicholas                 ?no will - pledges
1741-1 A 66      TAGGART      William                  ?no will - pledges
1741-1 A 67      QUIRK        Margaret    HALSAL       sis-i-l elinor quirk;isable w/o john quilliam moolane ny chlig;sis jane;fa & mo alive;bro john nicholas halsal;jony halsal mother;1741 hen quirk appointed overseer to children of john & margret (john dead) john quirk of balnahanough ?
1741-1 E     w   KELLY        John                     d 22 apr 1741;dau jony,jane,margt + cath;wife cath exex; wanted patk corran + wife as oversrs;cath states pregnant;inv
1741-1 E     d   QUIRK        Philip                   d 10 feb ;5 ch ann philip ellinr john jane; ua; uncles wm john quirk;wife alive
1741-1 E     d   SHIMMIN      Jony        CLUCAS       only dau ann;husb john
1741-1 E     d   WATERSON     Isabel                   d 10 mar 1740/1;d/o sylvester goods by mo ellinr watterson als quay;bro wm + thos
1741-1 E     d   WATERSON     Silvester                d 5 mar 1740/1;wife jane exex;strangely worded will;wm + bro thos (syl described as fa-i-law);
1741-2 A 126     QUILLIAM     Henry                    lands cronk moar;son john + his 5 bros & sister;wife alice quilliam als clark;robt & patrick quilliam uncles on fa side superv.
1741-2 A 127     KARRAN       Thomas                   fa thomas; sis' dau margt;aunt elinor's son philip moore;bro in law john cain + anne his wife exec
1741-2 A 128     KELLY        Catherine   COWLEY       d 25 nov 1741;husb philip;s-i-l philip quirk;sibs wm, tho & jony cowley,d-i-l margt quirk execx w/o philip; (? son in law & dau in law ?)
1741-2 E     d   QUILLIAM     William                  sibs philip ann margt ellinor
1741-3 E     jd  KILLEY       Charles                  children henry killey & isabel clark; jane died about 13 yrs ago; 
1741-3 E     jd  KILLEY       Jane                     see chas
1741-3 E     jd  KILLEY       John                     fa thos;both died about 8 yrs ago;uncles gilbt wm
1741-3 E     jd  KILLEY       William                  see john
1742-1 A 31      CLAGUE       Dollin                   dau eliz;bro john;son wm;2 youngest daus isabel + ann;cousin wm clague
1742-1 A 32      CLAGUE       Christian                d 15 mar 1741/2;sister's son thomas mcleece,her dau joney + mary mcleece;her sister jane mcleece exectx w/o john
1742-2 A 78      CLAGUE       John                     d 27 dec 1742;4 ch wife alive;ballamoar; son + heir wm
1742-2 E     d   CALLIN       John                     perished by sea  sun 3 oct; 3 ch anne cath jony;eldest danl having had a contract;wife alive
1742-2 E      w  GELL         Henry                    dalby;son john,dau jane,joney,nelly,son henry;wife  alice 1764 wm quilliam husb jane
1742-2 E     w   KELLY        Ellinor     HUTCHINSON   bro-i-l patrick & john kelly;dau isabel;son henry
1742-2 E     d   KERMOD       John                     ch thos eliz
1742-2 E     w   QUILLIAM     Catherine   CALLISTER    fa wm;sis isable, mo alive
1742-3 E     d   QUIRK        John                     5 children wm snr, wm jnr, thos ricd bahee; child on wifes bearing;uncle thomas quirk;1759 cath quirk la
1743-1 A 29      LACE         Leecy Eliza MILLaN       d 20 dec;husb wm;son wm;dau isable overseer of other ch who are jt execs;inv
1743-1 A 30      QUIRK        William                  dated 18 jan 1742;dau elinor,ann;son wm;wife ellinr exex;petn by ellinr 3 small ch complains  their uncle ohn quirk attempting to control half smal maintenance;ann quirk acks from john clucas + wife eleanor clucas als quirk
1743-1 A 32      SHIMIN       John                     d 26 mar 1743;dau ann;son hugh;names sil corris,mary shimin;wife exex - wants Wm Clucas (appntd by court)+ phil Quirk as supvs
1743-1 A 33      CARRAN       Jane                     dated 13 nov 1749;serv geo moore;names cath,isable;two youngest bros wm,thos;youngest sis margt;bro patk;sis an w/o john key exex
1743-1 A 34      QUIRK        William                  d end jan 1742;son john(land),wm;dau isable exex;other ch thos,ann,jony;wife alive
1743-1 A 40      CRAINE       Ellinor                  d 15 feb 1742/3;sis alice,margery,jane exex;niece ann crain,ellinr cottier
1743-1 E     d   CALLIN       Margaret    CALLIN       3 ch jony cath isobel; ua uncle daniel callin;husb gilbt
1743-1 E     d   CALLISTER    Ann         QUIRK        3 ch thos wm eliz ;ua uncle john quirk;husb john;1767 ewan harrison husb isabel;fam 3023
1743-1 E     w   COWLE        Mary        CALEY        sis cath caley ;bro john caley ?caley as cau:ley ;husb wm; infant cath forgotten in will !pledge thos cubbon cooper
1743-1 E      d  QUAY         William                  mariner d on board Angola of liverpool off coast antigua west indies michealmas 1741;only son thos;wife isabel quay als bell;;1755 thos at age ack stepfa john corkan;will  (? not accpt) has bro henry
1743-3 E      w  BELL         Ellinor     [Shimmin]    d 1 sep 1743;ch john(half john Clark's land),isabel(w/o john corkan - had m/c);husb thos;annexed agreement signed by Thos bell, Isable Bell als quayle(2nd wife) + john bell;petn that Thos Bell had married one of the witnesses which caused problems in land transfer [see NSS May 1745 2]
1743-3 E      w  CAIN         Ellinor     CLAGUE       d 20 may 1743;dau jane;son patk;husb exor;ch ua - john mcylease supv
1743-3 E      d  CANNON       Jane        KEWIN        d 20 jun 1743;only ch elinor cannon admx - ua;husb Wm; mary cannon a sister by the father [?half-sis] sworn overseer
1743-3 E      w  CLAGUE       Ann         KELLY        d 18 sep;dau ellin,margt(elder - exex) ua uncles thos + wm kelly;husb wm;mo alive;sis katty;1774 wm black h/o ellinr acks,thos hampton h/o margt;inv
1743-3 E      d  Cowle        Catharine                inf having legal right to goods by decease mother Mary Cowle als Caley (ep 1743-1) next relns from whence goods came John + Cath Caley sibs of Mary;John Caley acks Wm Cowle exor Mary
1743-3 E      w  COWLEY       William                  d 24 jun 1743;ch wm(Close called Ball:Renny),elizth(barn + qtr of garden whilst unmarried),margt, philip, john(if he came);wife exex
1743-3 E      w  KARRAN       Thomas                   d 12 may 1743;gch margt cain,john cain;ann karran exex;names robt killey,thos karran
1743-3 E      d  KEIG         Sarah       QUAYLE       d beg sep 1743;sibs wm,isable(w/o Thos Bell)  jt admrs
1743-3 E      d  KILLEY       Alice       KELLY        d 2 oct 1743;both sons wm + gilbt jt admrs;1747: John Christian h/o Margt Killey acks for crop,team + gears (due by removal of James Clague)  due by death Alice and of thos killey
1743-3 E      d  KILLEY       Ellinor                  d 20 jun 1743;orphan rights to houses from fa henry(bk1 1741)uncle richard killey admr;
1743-3 E      w  QUAY         John                     [poor copy]d 5 sep 1743;gdau Margt Sedden;ch robt, jane, thos; robt ,jane + gdau Margt jt execs;claims inc mary widow of Hen Craine;1753: Margt Sedden acks from Sarah Quay relict of Robt
1743-3 E      w  QUIRK        Finloe                   d 27 may 1743;gch Philip Quirk,wm quirk,elinor quirk;names Philip Quirk(Ballavargher);son john exor (inc 2 meadows purchased from Philip Craine in Kk German + 2d intack in Kion-droag + also intack adj Close-noa Kionsliew
1743-3 E      d  QUIRK        John                     d beg nov 1741;orphan s/o thomas + mary quirk asls kewn due goods by wills of fa + mo; only bro thos admr - goods in hands uncle wm quirk + john quirk exor of other uncle Wm quirk
1743-3 E      w  QUIRK        Philip                   d 29 may 1743;b:aspick;ch margt,philip, thos, patrick, john,hugh,wm(half land purchased from wm quine);sis joney;wife margt exex;fa-i-law thos goldsmith to be overseer [court appts eldest son wm + wife];1748: thos Quirk h/o dau Margt acks from Henry Gawn h/o exex;1753: philip,thos + patk ack from mother
1743-3 E      w  SAYLE        Philip                   d 13 apr 1743;ch patk,cath,isabel,ann + john(ua) jt admrs;
1744-1 A 14      QUIRK        John                     d 17 mar 1743/4 [dated at top 18 Apr 1744];son Phillip (land after wife's decease inc purchased land in Kk German);dau Elinr,cath (ua);wife Margt exex;1749: Robt Clark h/o elinor acks from Capt Wm Stevenson h/o of the exctrx
1744-1 A 15      QUIRK        Isabel                   d 1 apr last;gch Wm Quirk, Ellinr Quirk, Anne Quiggin;son Patk (h/o isabel);son-i-law Thos Quiggin (h/o Anne als quirk);son Hugh exor;witt hugh taubman x, Gilbt Kermod x
1744-1 A 16      BELL         Thomas                   Glanrushin;son John;bro John Bell;mother in law Isabel Quayle;wife Isabel Bell als Quayle + child upon her bearing pledge John Quayle, cooper;dau's husb John Corkan disputes;John Bell & John Corkan half-brothers;1765 elizabeth Bell  (?posthumous Bessie b 1744) acks from step father Thomas Leece
1744-1 E      d  COSNAHAN     Mary        CHRISTIAN    d 26 jul 1744;son robt admr(wants to go for england surrenders to fa) other ch had contracts
1744-1 E      w  Cottier      Elizabeth   KELLY        jt will dated 18bfeb 1740/1 with john;son john(loom - had contract);dau hester;dau-i-law ellinor cottier als creen;gson henry gell;gdau joney;son-i-law henry gell exor; henry gell dead abt 18mnths ago - son henry junr
1744-2 A 47      QUIRK        Isabel      HALSAL       d 27 dec 1744;ch james exor,  thos + john (two youngest);dau ann,margt, elizth;niece cath cannan
1744-2 E      w  CAIN         Isabel      MERCER       made 6 july 1744;husb robt exor;ch jane condrey als mercer(w/o john) agree robt cain to have tuition ch cath(no provision in will) - john cunrey uncle;inv
1744-2 E      w  CALLIN       Gilbert                  dau Cath,isabel exex - ua Danl Callin overseer on mo's side (eldest ch),gfa [?name] takes youngest ch;;mo alive;neighbour Patk Carran overseer
1744-2 E      w  QUILLIAM     Philip                   d 6 sep;son wm (ua);dau ann;sis eleanor,margt;wife margt als mcylchreest exex
1744-2 E      w  QUIRK        Isabel                   dau Mary;son John;gson Patk(purchased land Talloo Voole);gch wm,thos,ann + cath quirk;2 gda in Fleu;husb Patk [also on film is a 1753 copy ?why]
1744-3 E      d  CALLISTER    Isabel      CLUCAS       d 12 dec 1743;only ch emma admx - ua uncle + aunt wm clucas + margt clucas overseers;husb john surrenders tuition to his mother[?in law] cath clucas;john + philip clucas to be sworn overseers;1781:ack by Philip sayle h/o Emma from Wm clucas
1744-3 E         CLAGUE       William                  d mid fen 1743 in minority;s/o John Clague foxdale due goods by death father;sis isabel, ann,margt + alice jt admrs - only isable at age; mother isabelgoods half crop + team in ballamoar foxdale
1745-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    William                  d 16 yrs ago ua - eldest c/o John Christian decd (arch 1728-2)+ his 2nd wife Christian Chrisian als Boddaugh;only bro Philip Christian  admr;
1745-2 A 43      QUIRK        Thomas                   d 21 feb 1745/6;barrane;son thomas exor,wm;dau isable;names richard radcliffe's widow inPeel;john quirk treljeh recently decd ack'd his fa-i-law legacy [full]
1745-2 E      d  COWIN        John                     d beg aug 1745;perished in glen moij river;dau ellinr,margt + ann admrs
1745-2 E      mc WATERSON     Silvester                m/c wm watterson + Margt Carran - court may 1742;accepted as will - son Wm absent thus wife Margt sworn
1746-1 A 9       BELL         Thomas                   [full];Raby beg;Stepsons Thomas (Heir),Henry Martin;dau Ann Martin als Bell and Margaret Bell;son john
1746-1 E      w  MOORE        Ann         BREW         d 18 may 1745;names mary clucas, ann clucas, ann sayle, john sayle;son John + Thomas jt exors
1746-1 E      w  QUILLIAM     Philip                   d 6 jun 1746;ch ann(w/o henry killey - left them to recovery the several debts),margt(w/o John Killey - also to recover the several debts), eleanor (w/o John Crellin - exex);gch ann + ellinr Killey(d/o henry + john - all sheep had 
                                                           upon Sleauwhallen);bro Phillip;bro's son Thos Quine (20s in hands of his mother Jane Quine);witt Patrick Halsall x, Cath Clucas als Quilliam x
1746-2 A 38      KEAY         John                     [full]made 9 dec 1746;sis-i-l cooney key als cottier;sis elinor quayle als key;nephews john keay,gilbert keay;niece ann cowley als keay;nephew's son thomas keay;nephew thomas keay exec;isable quayle + execs of her husb henry;margt  quayle d/o ellinor key;
1746-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Christian   HUTCHIN      d 24 sep 1745;both sons Thomas Hutchin + Wm Quayle(ua) jt admrs;husb john
1746-2 E      w  QUIRK        Isabel                   husb Jon(boat);trelgey;ch john(eldest son),richd,joney,jane;john + richd jt exors
1746-2 E      d  QUIRK        Jony        sherlock als d beg aug 1746;only son thomas quirk admr
1746-3 E      w  CRAIN        William                  d beg may 1746;names edward moor,robt Nickle, Wm cowl + jane holdin(jt to recover 30s in hands of jane moor als gell widow), margt(d/o wm moore),jane(d/o richard higgins);richard higgins exor
1746-3 E      d  SHIMIN       hugh                     d 8yrs ago on board H M Ship the 'Victory';left island 18yrs ago; sibs thomas, patk, margt + isabel(w/o John Kneal0 jt admrs
1747-2 A 43      COTTIER      Robert                   d 3 dec 1747;nephews wm + philip cowley exors
1747-2 A 44      GELL         Thomas                   d 5 jan 1747;gch wm,cath + thos gell;son wm,hen(borrain) exor
1747-2 A 45      QUIRK        John                     d 14 feb 1747;son john(estate treljey + ballacoawill ? arbory),wm(loom);dau jane,jony;ch richd,wm + jane jt execs
1747-2 A 46      COWLEY       bessy[Eliza              d 16 jan 1747;gch philip corris,wm cowley(s/o philip),elinor cowley;dau elizth cain als cowley(w/o john),margt corris(w/o wm);son wm,philip exor;names ann cottier
1747-2 A 47      QUIRK        John                     d 16 jan 1747;nephew William Quirk ;nieces Ellinor Quirk,Ann Quirk;s-i-l Ellinor Quirk (who would appear to inherit house);bro  Philip’s three children, vizt., Philip, John & Ellinor;decd father Phinlo Quirk;
1747-2 A 48      QUIRK        Richard                  d 29 jan 1747;uncle thos(+ son john);step sis cath quirk;mistress alice gell(took care of him);sis bahe exex - ua (thos quirk uncle + guardian;unnamed bro's;accts name parents as john + cath - wills 5yrs prior
1747-2 A 49.1    kelly        ?margt                   d 29 jan 1747/8;kk german;dau jane quay(house + croft lately purchased from phil kelly - if she died a maid then to descend by her mo's side of the quirkes) exex; [?is jane illeg d/o thomas quay + margt kelly bapt Pat 17280722]
1747-2 A 49.2    STEON        Jane                     d 3 feb 1747;now resident knockaloe w/o john steon kk patk (exor);dau jane caine(off island),ann;isabel;names daniel skillicorn now living with her
1747-2 E      w  CORLETT      Margery     KNEAKLE      son-i-law john callister;gdau ann callister;dau jane;husb wm exor;son john
1747-2 E      d  COWLE        Isabel      CLAGUE als callister d beg sep 1747;ballamoar foxdale;ch isabel,ann,margt + alice by former husb john clague(there was another ch wm - heir ?dead), thomas by latter;isabel at la  ann incapable all others ua;husb john kennaugh h/o isable sworn overseer, Wm Christian (?h/o ann);husb thos;complicated account inc;inv;1756: richd gell h/o ann;agreement between John Kennaugh + Thos Cowle re rent of ram etc
1747-3 E     d   CORRIS       Joney       HUTCHEN      2 children john isabel ua husb john;m Pat 30 APR 1738; ch not found
1748-1 A 44      QUANE        Alice                    d 7 nov 1748;nephew thos quane,charles quane,wm quane;names ricd ellison (youngest son thos,eldest richd);niece alice
1748-1 A 45      QUILLIAM     Robert                   d 26 jan 1747;ch thos (eldest),esther,margt,ann,patk,john + henry;wife isabel exex
1748-1 A 46      QUIRK        Patrick                  [full];d 4 dec 1748;wife ann als harrison;son thos (eldest),jon;dau margt,joney (w/o jon crellin);gch john quirk;bro-i-law jon fargher
1748-1 A 47      KILLEY       Margaret    GELL         d 12 feb 1747;ch robt + margt;sis isabel gell;godson wm caine;maidserv margt cowle,mary moore (+ her sis ann callin als moore);husb wm exec
1748-1 A 48      KERMOD       Margaret    KILLEY       d 20 jan 1747;son john,thos,richd;dau margt;sis joney;husb gilbt exec
1748-1 A 49      QUANE        Isabel      CLARK        d 11 feb 1747;husb nich;son thos;daus jane,joney,isabel,ann,alice;
1748-1 A 50      KNEAL        Joney       QUANE        d 30 feb last;husb harry;son rich ?;ch thos + jony omitted uncle + aunt jane + thos quane
1748-1 A 51      QUAYLE       William                  d 3 mar 1747;son left 8/- to pay alienation fine;daus ann + cath exexs;wife elinr+ ua son;no relns of fa appear but they are very remote;inv + sale
1748-1 A 52      GELL         Joney       RADCLIFFE    d 18 mar 1747;son henry (borrain),wm (+4 ch)dau-i-law cath gell;gdau esther gell;names jane kneacle or kneal,cath clark
1748-1 A 53      QUANE        Nicholas                 d 11 apr 1747;son thos;dau jane,ann + alice;ch execs
1748-1 A 54      CALISTER     Isabel      KELLY        d 24 dec 1747;son wm (youngest),henry,thos;dau ann,margt;hus john;gch wm corras
1748-1 E     w   CRELIN       Ann         GELL         d 6 may 1748;eldest son richd;dau joney,ann,isabel;husb richd
1748-1 E     w   RADCLIFFE    Henry                    [of glen may]youngest dau joney;eldest dau ann;wife elizabeth alive;cornelius quayle husb of joney by 1772;land sold to henry killey 
1748-2 A 123     CLUCAS       Thomas                   d 1 dec 1749;only son tho exor;
1748-2 E     d   COSNAHAN     John                     ballamoar;sons john robt,eldest son wm having had a contract;robt abroad
1748-2 E     w   COWLEY       Bridget     QUIRK        mother alive, husb philip alive son & dau;sister ann;uncle by mothers side john cain ;1771 wm cowley dead
1748-2 E     w   KILLEY       Thomas                   now resident knoclaloe;dau eliz,son wm;wife alive
1748-2 E     w   KNEEN        Isabel      SHIMIN       d 31 jul 1748;children isabel, margaret patrick philip ann;husb philip
1748-2 E     w   LOONEY       Thomas                   niece emy cosnahan;neice margt quay;sis mary quay als looney;excluded other sisters;thos quay husb of margt
1748-2 E     d   QUIRK        Robert                   children john eliz
1749-1 A 15      KELLY        Thomas                   d 25 mar ;dawby;ch wm(eldest son),thos,margery,isabel + ann jt execs;
1749-1 A 16      BELL         Ellinor     MARTIN als Radcliffe [full];3 ch Cathrine, Henry, & Nelly;son & heir Thomas,s-i-l John Corris
1749-1 E     w   CALLIN       Elizabeth   CLUCAS       d may 1748;son thomas;gdau isabel callin exec;niece cath callin;extx ua neighbour patrick carran sworn;isab acks 1772
1749-2 A 39      RADCLIFF     Margery                  d 18 Jan 1749;Revnd. Robert Radcliffe Vicar of KK Patrick & his dau Ellinor Radcliffe;cousin Henry Radcliffe junior; cousin Catharine Radcliffe;exec nephew Henry Radcliffe;
1749-2 E      d  CORLETT      William                  d beg nov 1749;ch john + jane(w/o john callister)
1749-2 E      d  COTTIER      Ann         CUBON        d midsummer 1749;ch coony,cath + other ch had m/cs;husb john
1749-2 E      w  FARGHER      Ann         QUIRK        d 19 may 1749;ballargyph?;3 youngest ch - john,richd + ann;husb john exor;some ch ua - thomas + wm fargher sworn

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