Summary of Wills - Michael 1700-1749

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not always made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.I think all [453] are summarised here.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1700-1 A 41      KNAKLE       John                     d 5 apr 1700;dau cath,mary,margt;unnamed son(+ heir);wife alive;4 youngest ch ewan,alice,mary + jony jt execs - all ua mother + two eldest daus sworn;inv inc pair looms;goods of youngest ch with mother, other childs is in hands Cath Kneal;
1700-1 A 42      CAINE        John                     died last day of January 1700/1: sister Ellinor; brother James; only dau Ann (md Wm Quayle by 1726); wife remd John Gawne by 1716 or 1718, & remd again John Boddaugh by 1727
1700-1 A 43      CASEMENT     Thomas                   d 25yrs ago;s/o thos casement with whom 10 was held;next relns Grace,margt + exrs of Wm Casement - inv with fa's will;
1700-1 A 44      CANNON       Margaret    QUAYLE       d 3 jan ;dau averick,jony;son robt,wm,john exor;inv 10s
1700-1 E      w  QUAYLE       William                  d 24 jul 1700;sis mary lace als quayle(w/o dan),ellinr kelly,christian + jane exexs (both ua);mo alive
1700-2 E      w  CANNELL      Ellin       MC YLREA     d sep 1700;dau cath,bahy,margt;son nichs,gilbt(exor) ;inv 2 7s
1700-2 E      w  CORLETT      John                     [damaged date lost]unnamed son,dau - both ua exors - uncle Philip supv; unnamed wife
1701   A 48      WOODS        Margaret    thompson     d 22 apr;husb(her part fishing boat);dau jony,margt;3 ch wm,phill + margt (equally her interest in Ballyrey) jt exexs
1701   A 49      NORRIS       Ann         radcliffe    [full] son hen norris exor ;dau ann,elinor,elizth;gch Henry, Frances  norris;names John Watterson(C'town ),george harrison,Ann Walker,cath Fox(last 3 connected with sheep)
1701   A 50      CALLISTER    Ann                      right margin lost on film] d 8 dec 1700;dau margt(her pt of land);son adam ?;son-i-law hugh callister;ch mary,ann,robt + john jt execs - ua adam + [?marg ..lost] sworn;
1701   A 51      COWLEY       John                     d 2 oct 1701;son john;dau cath exex
1701   A 52      CRELLIN      Thomas                   d 2 apr 1702?;son thos exor,sam,john;dau bahee
1701   A 53      KAIGHIN      John                     [Full]dated 20 Nov 1701;dau Ellinor Kaighin;gch John Lace;son Charles;s-i-l Daniel Lace;d-i-l Mary Kaighin;wife alive
1701   A 53a     Cannell      Hugh                     [not numbered] d 24 apr;2 ch charles + cath jt admrs; - next of kin john cannon obo wife christian als cannell supv;wife alive
1701   A 54      CORJEAGE     Margaret    quay         dau marriod;son john (crop + team according to husb's will);ch jt execs;wm quayle obo sam quayle(of Ireland) agt execrs of Hugh Cannel + margt his wife
1701-3 E      w  CAIN         Joney       STEONE       d 17 feb;dau margt,jony,cath;son thos cry, wm Cry [?all by prev marr ];stepch john + ellinr caine;dau ann caine exex - ua;husb alive
1701-3 E      w  CANNEL       Catherine   CORLETT      d 15 Oct 1700;son john(hubandry gears etc + piece of ground in curragh),phil exor;dau christian;names ann corlet(Ballaugh),mariod tear,cath,margt + mally cannell;inv 3
1701-3 E      d  McBOOY       Margaret    TEAR         d easter last;ch adam,cath + alice - next of kin Jo, Eliz  + Leonore tear supvs;husb alive;1729: Adam McBooy ackss from Wm Kelly s/o Eliz Tear supv;
1701-3 E      d  QUAY         Mary                     d 17 nov;ch henry, eliz, jo,wm,patrk,robt + cath;husb + eldest ch sworn
1701-3 E      d  SHIMMIN      Margaret    GELL         d 16 mar;3 unnamrried sons John,philip + robt admrs;husb alive
1701-3 E      w  TEAR         William                  d lammas last;list of debts;gch ffd McBooy,cath mcbooy;ch pat,jo,bessy,margt + leonore execs;'if wm kelly shud withstand this his will' cutoff with 6d;
1702   A 32      CORLETT      Ellinor     caine        d 30 nov;ch john + others execs ua uncles john + wm caine;husb alive;sis cath
1702   A 32a     Cordeage     william                  [rh margin lost + not numbered]date ?;near relns John Quail,charles + cath cannell jt admrs - john quiail at age - goods in inv of Margt Cannell als Cordige [?is this the husb of Margt cordeage als cannell als quail als ?;]
1702   A 33   w  CANNELL      Margaret    cordeage     [lh margin lost] d jan 1702/3;son john quayle(land of Baragarrow),chas cannell;dau cath cannell;names cath kaighen, ellinr cannell,[]cannon + others;3 ch execs;
1702   A 34      CROUGHEN     Catherine                d 21 mar 1702/3;son john,tho(his fa dead) + wm jt exors;maid ellinr cubon;names margt,cath caine,jane quayle
1702-1 E 057     Callister    Bahee       Clerk        d 20 apr ;next relns john + Cath clark admrs;husb alive
1702-1 E 057     Looney       Anne                     [note states bur in Peel but decree in Michael]John + Margt loony ack from uncle Gilbt Cown + cousin-german Dorothy Cown for money due by death sis Anne Loony
1702-1 E 059     Quayle       Ellinr      Karran       [damaged]d 15 may 1702;dau margt,jony;bro gilbt
1702-1 E 059     Tear         Ann         Corlet       d 5 may 1702;dau jony(ch john,margt  thos clark) exex,cath;gch jony shittleton
1702-1 E 060     Corkan       Ellinr      Quail        d 23 mar;6 ch wm,[bahee],patk,john,jane + gilbert;bahee+patk at age + sworn;husb robt
1702-2 E101   c  QUAYLE       John                     m/c of john + bahee quayle als cannon obo son wm ;
1702-2 E103   d  CANNON       Jane        PATERSON     perished by sea about candlemas last - 7 children wm tho john mary anne margt & henry; husb alive, no relations  on mothers side in this Island
1702-2 E104   d  CANNON       William                  died Aug 1704 bros & sisters abroad; father alive note 'add this to decree of Jane Cannon als paterson' - also added is a
1703   A 26      Corlett      Jony        quayle       dated 25 feb 1703/4;d 7 feb;sis dau jony quayle;bro-i-law tho quayle;mo exex;dispouted stepfa john cannell;mo w/o john quayle;
1703   A 27      CROUGHAN     John                     d 8 feb 1703/4;bro Thomas exor,wm;names cath caine, ellinor cubben,margt caine;
1703   A 28      CORLETT      Elizabeth   []d          d 11 mar 1703/4;?stepdau mall,christian corlet;own dau cath,esther;son wm,robt(eldest);husb john exor;adam corlet to be supv;
1703-1 E      d  CAIN         John                     d 30 mar last;ch wm + cath admrs - next of kin Hugh Cain supv;wife alive
1704   A 11      kelly        John                     d 12 mar 1703/4;ne Ary;son John kelley,snr?, Wm kelley, patt kelley,john kelley(youngest) exor;gch d/o Wm Quaile;gdau alice kelley,jane kelley;dau jony;pledge Thos Quayle uncle of exor + Wm Kelley bro;petn by Wm Kelly that mother has insanity of mind and son Pastk has some effects;
1704-2 E      d  CANNON       Margaret    CORKILL      d [lost] Jul 1704;sibs Kath, Ann, James + Paul jt admrs; fa Christo Corkill sworn; [noted buried in Lezayre]
1704-2 E      d  CORLETT      Anne        KILLIP       d 1 jul 1704;ch john,thomas - ua next of kin Robt,Wm + Emmy Killip supv - gmo Cath Cannell also sworn as only Robt appears;husb alive;inv 19 
1704-2 E      w  CANNELL      Daniel                   d 31 Aug;dau ellinr,margery,margt;son john,wm exor;4 unnamed gch;wife alive;1705 John cannon h/o margt;
1704-2 E      d  CORLETT      Anne        KILLIP       d 1 jul 1704;ch john,thomas - ua next of kin Robt,Wm + Emmy Killip supv - gmo Cath Cannell also sworn as only Robt appears;husb alive;inv 19 
1704-2 E      w  KELLEY       Thomas                   'antient and feeble';names joney keeley als Harrison for taking care of me almost a whole yr;dau-i-law marryiod killey als cormoad(6d);dau margt margt killey als taggart (6d -she would have had all if had taken care of him but deny'd);son john (wife joney exex)
1705-1 E      w  CORLETT      Joney       CAIN         d 19 jul 1705;mo alive;son john;dau cath - ch ua next of kin John + Bahy Cain
1705-1 E      d  KNEALE       Alice                    d 6 aug 1705;5 sisters Cath,Mally, Mary,Jony + Margt jt admxs - cath + margt at age
1706   A 34      CAINE        Patrick                  d 28 mar;3 unnamed daus;son hugh(away from home);wife exex;pledges Wm + Jon caine;
1706-3 E      d  Cowley       jony        Cry          d 1 sep 1706;ch wm,richd - both ua uncle Wm Cry;husb alive
1706-3 E      d  Gawn         Wm                       d 3 apr 1706;ch john,dollin,cath(at bishops service)
1706-3 E      w  Gremsher     Anne        CAIN         d 18 jul 1705;dau issable(w/o John Curlet);son john;
1707   A 35      WOODS        Hugh                     d 22 nov 1707;son Hen (heir tho fa worried might be a spendthrift),john;dau cath;stepson Wm Quayle ;wife to keep house + lands for 10yrs + exex;bro hen woods(balleyrey),wm woods;names wm shittleton, Jo stoen;
1707   A 36      CAINE        Dollin                   d 4 dec;dau ann caine,elinor,son john exor;gson wm sayle;bro's son patt cain
1707   A 37      TEARE        John                     d 20 apr 1705?;mo margt tear exor;left 3sheep to nurse child he had - nurse Margt Jick?;
1707   A 38      TEAR         John                     d 4 jan 1707/8;son wm;dau cath,jony (exex);a lamb to wm clague + son for making his grave
1707   A 39      STEONE       Robert                   dated 28 jan  1707/8;mariner;d on way from Virginia;sibs thos,john,philip,joney + Isable jt admrs
1707-3 E      d  CANNELL      Bahy                     d 15 aug 1707;ch john,ellin, margt,joney, ann,wm,christian + jane jt execs - john+ellin at age sworn;husb alive;inv 1 17s,debts 1 7s - crop to be added;
1707-3 E      w  CORLETT      John                     d 15 oct 1707;son adam;dau-i-law jony corlet als kelly;debts due from Jo Stean senr, Jane Callister als tear,robt kerrad;dau Ann exex
1708   A 20a     QUAYLE       Jane        cannon       d 29 dec 1706;ch wm,jony,margt + jane
1708   A 21      QUAYLE       John                     d 14 nov 1707;son wm;dau margt,jane (exex),joney(in dublin)
1708   A 56      CAIN         Jony        christian    d 22 jan 1708;only dau margt curlet als cain(w/o wm) exex;thos curlet bro to wm
1708-1 E      d  NAYLER       William                  d on board HM ship the Breda;only sis Dorothy
1708-2 E      d  KELLY        John                     d 24 jan 1707/8;ch wm,john,jony + pat;wife alive
1708-2 E      d  McBOOY       James                    d 17 mar 1707/8;ch jony,averick,richd,tho,isabel + james - all ua (except jony) - wife alive;inv 6 1s 0d
1709   A 7       KAIGHIN      Jane        quayle       d 1 jan 1709;only ch jane admr - ua uncle + aunt wm + Margt quayle supvs;1738: david clague h/o jane acks Margt Callister + thos clague execs of Wm Quayle + Margt Quayle
1709   A 8       COTTIER      Joney       cowley       d beg apr 1710;[dated at top 29 jul 1710];husb john;son [name lost at edge ?Wm];son-i-law philip boddagh + gdau joney boddagh jt execs with husb;
1709-3 E      w  CANNELL      William                  dated 1 sep 1709;son wm(lands decended from father),john,phill (bought lands + sheep in mountains between john+phill );dau jane;unnamed gch;ch john,phill + jony (due goods from her gmo's will)jt execs;wife alive
1710   A 10      QUAY         John                     dated 19 sep 1710;stokel [stockfield];ch patt,wm,robt,cath,thos(youngest);son henry exor;dau elizth;names john caine;wife alive; bur 26 dec 1710/11 at bottom margin!;
1710   A 31      CANNELL      William                  made 1 may 1710, d 8 apr 1711;balnshullaige;son wm;dau margt(jt exex with wife);wife alive,mother alive;note that will made whilst on visit to father-i-law Santan;1725 margt at la + wm ack from mother
1710   A 32      COWLEY       Patrick                  d 26 jan 1710;bro's son's wife Esther Kaighin;bro's son Jon Cowley;bro hugh shimmin;names mary killey (d/o of wife by her 1st husb);unnamed bros (6d);bro's son Thos cowley exor but gave? to wife;
1710-1 E      d  CAIN         William                  mariner,d on board HM ship Shoram;sibs Jane(w/o Wm Cain),cath(w/o john kewley),ann(w/o gilbt Killey);Court held at Ballure Chappel fri 3 Mar 1709/10
1711   A 27      QUAYLE       John                     dated 24 dec 1711;son wm;ch john,hugh + jony jt execs;sibs patk,margt (+ch);unnamed gch at cammell;names margt quay;
1711   A 28      GELL         Alice       kelly        d 28 Oct 1711;dau margt;son Pat,wm;ddau isabel gell;husb exor (note that blind and sons sworn in place)
1711   A 29      KAIGHIN      Margaret    callister    d 2 aug 1711;sis jane(exex - w/o hugh callister),mary,ann;younger bros;husb alive;fa alive;fa-i-law alive;
1711   A 30      CALLOW       John                     d 22 jul 1711;dau joney cotter + Margt Cotter exexs
1711   A 31      CANNELL      Elinor      quayle       d 10 dec 1711;husb(boilly galdary)ch jo,ann,mary,allinr,thos execs - father-i-law + husb supvs;Adam Mcbooy obo elinor's sis Jony Quaile (dublin) claims for her right in coolshellagh + Boiley Galderagh due her by death of fa Wm Quayle;
1711-2 E      d  CANNON       Jony                     d 29 sep 1711;sibs john,wm,robt + averick admrs;
1711-2 E      d  KELLY        Jane        TEAR         d 30 jun 1711;sis cath nelson als tear admr;husb john
1711-2 E      d  tear         cath        cannel       d end jul 1711;dau cath nelson als tear admr;husb alive;[m/o jane kelly als tear as John kelly claims agt both]
1711-3 E      d  CANNELL      Isabel      CAIN         d 20 Nov ?;only ch Jane Cannell - ua uncles Wm,Dollin,Jo  + Mary ? Cain supvs;husb alive
1711-3 E      w  McBOOY       Isabel      grimsey      d 13 oct 1711;ch jony,averick,richd,tho,isabel + james exrs (1st 2 at age + sworn);husb james dead (1708-2);son james also dead by 1719 when richd,tho + isabel ack from bro-i-law Wm Cannell(Ballafadjeen)
1711-3 E      d  QUAYLE       Catherine   CORLETT      d 18 nov;ch jane (sworn),john,cath,wm + marriod - some ua uncle John Curlet overseer;husb thomas;note that part of parcel called Knockan in Ballaugh(purchased by Thos + wife) agreed to be sold to sd John Curlett and 33 of 8 rcvd but not perfected on wife's part before her decease [see entry in lib vas];pledges Wm Grimshey + John Curlet;[also note dated 1747 Robt Kissack h/o Jane [Cannell m Lez 17460120] admr of Isabel cannell paid satisfaction in full from fa-i-law philip cannell for goods due to Jane ...]
1712-1 E 637  d  CANNELL      Jane                     d 14 nov;ch jony,mary, jane + wm christian by former husb - jt execs all ua next relns mo side wm + john cannell;husb john;
1712-2 E      w  CRY          William                  d 19 aug 1712;gch wm + rich cowley;ch mary cry, wm exor; witt Wm Cowley x, Margt gick x;1715: mary exonerates widow + admx of bro wm late decd;
1712-3 E      w  KINLEY       Thomas                   d 17 jan 1712/3;son john(eldest - croft in ballasalla), wm (2 pars of looms between sons);dau christian(in ireland), isabel, jane;names mary kneale als ratcliff (owes him 11s 6d);wife ellin als corrin exex
1713-3 E      d  CANNELL      John                     d 20 dec 1712?;ch jony,mary + jane - uncle philip cannell supv;inv
1714   A 15      CANNELL      Madge       cubbon       d 10 mar 1713/4;ch john, elinr, isabel + madge[marjery] cannell, margt cannan als cannell (exex);gch john cannan (jt exor with margt); witt joney kneen + philip cowley;Thomas crellin h/o margery Cannell disputes claiming one of witnesses too close related
1714   A 16      CLEARK       Bahee       quilliam als gawn [full]d 24 mar 1713/4;[bur Mic 24 mar 1713/4]made 3 may 1714;son philip quilliam,john quilliam;dau-i-law joney quilliam als cain;husb sylvester;stepson gilbert cleark;Philip,henry + david quilliam exors
1714   A 17      GELL         Thomas                   dated last dec 1714;ch wm, margt, pat exor;gson wm gell + unnamed gson in kk german
1714   A 18      TEAR         William                  dated 21 feb 1714;d 19 inst ?;left 20s to be spent in Kk Michael town on day of burial - wm corlet,chas kaighin, edw tear + jo Caine left sheep to see it happens;names bahy corlet, jo steen(in fourtowns),rich cannell;uncle's son John tear;son-i-law Wm Nelson;kinsman Edw Tear;unnamed dau(6d)sis jony + Cath tear exexs;inv 3 12s
1714-1 E      w  CAIN         William                  headed 29 May 1714;poorly expressed verbal will - Hen Norris vicar states intention to leave house + croft to eldest son wm - court refuses + names 'other ch' jane,cath,elizth, ann + john cain jt admrs - anne + john ua - uncle John Caine - wife alive
1714-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Bahee       CORKAN       d 16 jun 1714;ch wm snr, wm jnr [Note 2 wms!] , jane + cath  (all paid due goods by death fa John thus 6d ea), john (eldest - houses etc) exor
1714-1 E      d  SAYLE        John                     d 27 may 1714;ch john,jony + alice jt execs(daus defer to bro John)
1714-1 E      d  WOODS        Catherine   CLAGUE       d 27 mar;only son thomas;husb alive;funeral costs 15s;henry woods claims 2 6s
1714-2 E      w  COWIN        Ann                      illeg child fa Henry Lace sworn to bring inv;Ann desired that Dorothy take care of child which should have all her linens; [see also will mother margt als quay]
1714-2 E      w  COWIN        Margaret    QUAY         dated 24 Jan [?jun] 1714;recites that in her will nominated 3 dau mary,dorothy + ann jt exexs - ann d before mother and alledged by other 2 that mo altered will;one wiit states that heard husb Gilbt say there were but 2 execs and margt to reply that was even so and there were but 2;son gilbt confirms;Wm Walker asks how usual proportion applied in Treen of Scarsdale - Jo Kaighin, Jo Cowley + tho cowley state always divided equally betwixt man + wife as on the southside of Island (except 2 instances within these 15 yrs) - court accepts this.
1715   A 22      SAYLE        Ellinor     caine        d 27 nov 1715;ch Jo,ellinr + Ann(3 youngest) execs;husb alive;bro john cain;inv;1733: john,nelly + ann ack from John Cain
1715-2 E      d  CRY          William                  d 18 jun 1715;only ch mary - next of kin Mary Cry supv;wife alive
1716   A 35   w  KAIGHEN      Jane        CANNELL      [Full];deed + will;son Charles;dau Jony;gch Jojn Leece's childen;names Christian Cannon als Cannell;witt Thomas Quayle, Henry Norris;other witts John Mcylvorey, John Cannon, Mary Callister; in 1715 Wm Cannon then a servant (now sick) claimed as witness to deed;
1716   A 36      CAINE        William                  date 18 [too faint];ch Jo,Margt + Jony exors;wife (to have his half of purchased houses etc during life); ch ua - uncles Jon Caine + Wm Cannel;inv;note bur 16 apr 1716 1731:Margt Cain acks from Jon cain uncle;1732 John cain acks stepfa Jon Corlet;1727: Dollin + John Cain for themselves + obo sis Mary Cannel als Cain + half-bro John Dawson supvs of bro Wm (Glio y gaie) ch have paid sum 2 6s 5d being 3/4ths goods of Wm Cannel heir of Ballachrink that was in hands of Wm Cain as overseer of sd heir to the other overseer vizt his uncle John Cannel joiner - pledge Wm Cain miller + sd John Cain
1716   A 37      CANNON       William                  dated 9 mar 1715;wife(as widowright land adj highway Cannel's + Quiggin's land + 3 to build her a little house and to slate it - or 20s if she objects)son john(heir to pay to his sibs as yet unsatisfied 5s in consideration of their mo's part of new inclosure + other intacks bought in her lifetime);other ch hen,mary,margt,ann(husb prsnt at making this will) + wm;names 6 ch tho,margt,christian,mary,jony + margt;bro john;wife + son john jt execs;witt Jo: cannon x,Jo Cannell x,hen norris;widow refuses + expects benefit of law re widowright;[?wife 2nd marriage with John,hen,margt + anne c/o 1st]
1716   A 38      CANNELL      William                  d 21 nov 1715;uncle Hugh Cannell;sibs John,mary (left his books to son of John or Mary 'or wch of the two shud first come to learning);serv Jo Callister;son wm exor - bro John Cannell + bro-i-law Wm Cain supvs and to keep him at school;wife alive
1716   A 39      CANNELL      Frances/a   NORRIS       [full]
1716-1 E      wd Cannell      Averick     CURLETT      d 8 mar 1715/6;3 ch Wm, Philip, John  ( john inserted + menmtioned in will) + jony(w/o Wm Quayle) - decree suspended + annexed will(only 1 wittness) accpt - Jony left chest that came from Brooghjearge as legacy - dau jaine's ch
1716-2 E      w  DAWSON       Mary        QUAILE       d 13 oct 1716;ch wm,dollin + john cain admrs;husb alive [untidy hand with interlinings + difficult to make out in parts] - note from court 'upon further consideration admn comitted to general sumner';
1717   A 69   d  CAINE        John                     decree issued at Bps Court 17 jul 1717: john cain native of this island perished by sea near Bristol abt Michaelmas last;only sis margt kewley als caine(w/o john)
1717   A 70      NORRIS       Henry                    dated 17 jan 1717/8;1st wife bur in kk michael church;son henry (largybreck + silver bowl bequeathed by his gmo);dau mary;wife mary;witt inc bishop wilson,wm walker;1718 ack by thos cannel (fa) + henry norris (uncle) of Christian cannell extrx of Frances cannell als norris decd [dau of rev henry]
1717-1 E      w  CANNELL      Margaret    BROWN        d 29 apr 1717;gch (of son wm);dau kath(+ child);dau-i-law jane cannell;dau mary exor
1717-1 E      d  COWLEY       John                     d 24 apr 1717;son john,tho + margt had m/cs;wife margt killey als cowley
1717-2 E      w  CAINE        John                     d 29 jun 1717;ch margt,kath;son adam,jon,danl;gch jo caine barnagearg;bro dau margt corjeage;son-i-law jo grimsey;dau ann grimsey exex
1717-2 E      d  QUAILE       Catherine   BOOY         d 19 oct 1717;only ch anne (blind) uncle adam booy supv;husb alive;1746: ann discharges jane callister als quayle (her sis jane) exex of fa (?half blood sibs)
1717-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      Philip                   d 30 may;ch ua uncles jo shimin + pat corjaig;1738: jo shimmin acks stepfa wm garrett, his sis alice (w/o gilbt callister) also rcvd
1717-3 E      c  steon        john                     m/c wm creer + cath staine accepted as will;son-law wm creer admr;wm creer + wife jane als gelling obo son wm (braddan to give half estate ballawilling);john staine + wife alice kinread(kk michael) obo dau cath (gave 5 + whatever they had at latter day);dated 12 may 1709;witt Jon Gelling x,paul gellin;attested 30 jan 1709;court oct 1710
1718   A 21      CURGHY       Dorothy     quine        dated 21 nov 1718;dau alice,other unnamed daus;husb nicholas exor;son ewan,robt
1718-2 E      d  BRADFORD     Gustavus                 d 9 jun 1718;ch john,jane,robt,wm,tho,gustavus + margt;wife alive no relns on island;in inv of the whitehouse
1718-2 E      w  CANNoN       Christian   COWLE        d last day May 1718;dau Christian (goods to be with Charles Cowle Peel),Mary(goods with Hen Quay),Margt(goods with Jon Cannon),Jony(goods with Jony Christian als Cannon kk bride);son Wm(goods to be with her bro Christopher Cowle);sis Margt Quay als Cowle;names ann caine;serv James Corkill;stepson Jon Cannon (but her half of grass,potatoes + whatever to her ch);ch ua - those named supvs - Mary 3rd child to be with Wm Christian,Margt with Hen Quay,John Cannon(heir) to take youngest jony;;note see decree Wm Cannon (exor) lib2 1724;1726: Mary Cannon recd from Jo Faile, who is married to Jo: Cannon of the Airy's relict;1726: Thos Cannon rcvd from hands Jo: Fail kk braddan for use of my sister Mary
1718-2 E      d  COTTIER      John                     d 12 aug;tenant bp demense;ch john + jony - supv philip,tho + ewan cottier(bros);wife jony als quayle - her fa tho quayle;1738: john + jony cottier ack from stepfa john cain;
1718-2 E      w  CURLETT      Gilbert                  d 11 sep 1718;sibs cath + esther,mally,christian(dau mary cry, Wm);fa john jt exor with Wm
1718-2 E      d  QUAILE       William                  d 20 jul 1718;ballaskir;ch wm,jony(w/o Patk Cain),tho;wife jony als cannell;ch supv Wm Quaile(cammal),jo+hugh quaile,patk cain
1718-2 E      d  QUAY         Robert                   d 23 sept 1718;bro wm,heny + patk + sis cath quay
1718-3 E      w  CAINE        Margaret                 d 1 jan 1718;d/o wm caine;bro jon;4 sis averick,jony,cath esther;mo cath caine exex
1718-3 E      w  CAINE        William                  dated + d10 oct 1718;son nicholas;dau margt,hester,cath,averick,jony(her 2 ch);gson gilbt mcyleroy;wife cath caine
1718-3 E      d  siTTLETON    John                     d 8 nov;ch mary,robt;wife alive
1719   A 10      KELLY        William                  d 10 apr;cammal;to wife + eldest son(tho at la) a little house in kk michael town- they are also jt execs;dau margt;
1719   A 11      SHIMMIN      John                     dated 5 jun 1717;son john,robt,phill(lately decd - dau-i-law + 3 ch jt execs);dau mabell,margt;the husb of the dau-i-law sworn + ch uncle jon shimmin
1719   A 12      CAIN         margt                    d 3 jan 1718;d/o john cain kk michael;aunt cath cain;states adam cain owed her + her sis cath 14s, half a cow + 4th part calf;sis ann(w/o jon grimshaw)
1719   A 34   dg TEAR         Margaret                 dated 4 may 1714;to dau leonora (house etc)
1719-2 E      w  CALISTER     Adam                     d 17 aug 1719;ch mary,ann(+her dau ann),jane(+ son john),robt(6d)adam exor;unnamed dau-i-law;exor states frearss debts exceed inventory
1719-2 E      d  QUAY         Jane                     d 13 oct 1719;sis margt + ellinr jt exexs - consented to give 10s to jane kelly (viz 8s left her in a will of decedants not produced in court + 2s for her care during her death sickness) + that will + another produced by John Kelly declrd void
1720   A 21      CORJEAG      Catherine   quayle       dated 22 feb 1719;ch john(eldest son),ellin,jane,patk(youngest ch - 12s towards upbringing) - last 3 execs - ua john quayle + margt quayle supvs ;husb john;father john quayle;sis margt quayle;midwife jony cowley;inv 4 19s;
1720-1 E      d  DAWSON       James                    d 12 jan 1720;ch anne, henry + john;claims inc for 11 for 3.5yrs of diet etc by Dollin, John + mary Cain, Wm cannell claims 8 6s mortgage on woods close
1720-1 E      w  GARRET       Isabel      SHIMMIN      dated 10 may 1720;husb wm;ch by prev husb - alice, wm + john shimmin (+ mentions their overseers);names joney cowley midwife;youngest child patk garrett jt exor with husb;wants Wm Cain (Kk German) to keep friendly eye on usage of children (+ court appts him supv);1748: patk garrett acks from fa
1720-1 E      d  THOMPSON     Nicholas                 d 20Nov 1719;Ballamoaney, Ballaugh;court notes that annexed instrument dated 4 Aug 1718 [Old Bal **** 73] settled estate on nephew John Thompson - the will mentioned has however been lost by fire but witnesses agree that John Thompson is exor - he agrees in court to surrender mountain sheep to the widow;
                                                           will noted legacies to poor of Ballaugh 6 to be laid aside until some such time as a poor man lost a cow (or some such) by fire;sibs Thomas(the elder) in Ireland, Thomas (the younger 3), [step-bro]Wm Craine, Anne(in Ireland if living);names Rev Mr Walker 5, Deemster Mcylrea his half of flagstones at Ballakinney; Wm Thompson acks re legacy left by uncle;widow Joney Thompson als Sayle acks re argreement [Joney sayle m And 17140708]
1720-2 E      w  COWLEY       Gilbert                  d 16 jun 1720;son jthos(eldest house + garden),john,patk,phillip;wife mary exex
1720-2 E      w  CURLETT      Joney       BYrrag       d 28 may 1720;
1720-2 E      d  CURLETT      Jony        KELLY        d 9 aug 1720;dau jony quaile by former husb,mary + bahee by latter husb;husb adam corlet;wm quaile lezayre claims for a 3rd part of decds goods;wm cowle kk maughold claims obo wife by decease of mother
1720-2 E      d  KELLY        Jony        [quayle] als HARRISON  d 21 oct [?1719];dau mary quayle(w/o john gelling)+ christian quayle (w/o gilbert clerk)jt admxs;dispute John kelly jnr states omitted in decree & shld have 1/3rd(?=son + husb = john)
1720-2 E      w  SAILE        Catherine   CALLISTER    jw john sayle + cath als callister;cath dead;legacies to margt callister,deborah curghy,to her stepmo a hood she brought from ballacurn;
1720-2 E      w  SAILE        John                     see cath
1720-3 E      w  GRIMSHAW     William                  d 13 nov 1720;dispute with bro john + jon curlet + jon gawn bros in law settled without examining 'pretended will' - widow to pay legacies to several  + 11 each to disptees + also to ch of sis isabel;;wife ann als cannell;1728: rich mcbooy + sis averick's husb dollin corris ack jon curlet,jon gawn +john grimshaw;
1720-3 E      w  KERRAN       Anne        MYLVORRY     dated 18 jan 1720;dau margt,alice,bahey;son wm (jt exec with bahy + alice);husb thomas;
1721   A 19      KELLY        Margaret                 dated 22 mar 1720;husb john;son jhn;bro dau ann kelly;bro dau marg;ch jony(ua? 'incapable of helping herself'  uncle jon kelly) + john jt execs;bahee fargher als kelly obo dau jane quayle claims ;
1721   A 20      SHIMMIN      John                     d 27 mar 1721;bro phinlo;wife grace als corkan;witt patt gell,jony shimmin als killip;
1721   A 51      Grimstey     Ann         cannell      dated 27 jan ;[edge decayed];names alice d/o nephew wm cannell;niece jony cannell;bro rich cannell + nephew wm cannell jt exors
1721   A 52      QUAYLE       Thomas                   dated 3 dec 1721;bal[?ballaliey];dau jane,jony cain(2 ch by john cottier);son wm
1721   A 53      CORLETT      Margaret    cain         d 9 feb 1721;names gilbt corlet(ch ellinr,margt,patk - his wife's cousin margt cain),elinor cain widow;husb tho exor
1721-1 E      w  CAIN         John                     d 29 may;son wm;dau margt;wife ellinr exex
1721-1 E      d  CANNON       Catherine   KNEAL        d 15 mar 1720;dau jony,margt
1721-1 E      d  CORJEAG      Patrick                  d 14 feb 1720;dau jony(w/o wm garrett),jane,dorothy;son john had m/c;
1721-2 E      w  CANNELL      mary                     dated 14 jul 1721;ballacrenane;dau mary,jony quayle,leonora exex;son-i-law john cannell;husb phillip;1722 john + philip cannel claim exrs of mother-i-law,patr claims agt execs of mother
1721-2 E      w  CoRLETT      Margaret                 dated 3 sep 1721; d same day;names cath corlett,rich corlett's dumb girl,wm cowleys 2 daus,mable corjeage;uncle jon cannon,mo exex
1721-2 E      w  KELLY        John                     d 4 jul 1721;gch margt kermad;bro ch thos + john kelly;sis margt taggart;son john(wife jane) exor;names nich kelly raby
1721-3 E      d  CALLISTER    Gilbert                  d 28 sep 1721;ch gilbt,john,cath,+ jony
1722   A 35      QUAYLE       Jony        kaighin      dated 25 nov 1722;ballachoan;names philip cowley weaver;godchild jony cowley;sibs wm,ann,elizth;husb wm exor;witt john woods curate, isabel kelly x
1722   A 36      COWLEY       Thomas                   d 8 jan 1722;stepdau margery quayle;dau joney cowley exex;
1722   A 37      CARRET[garre Robert                   dated 5 feb 1722;wife margt;sis Isable (+ her 3 dau jane(20s to be paid her above others), margt + isable) all jt residuary exexs after death of wife;1722: noted that 20s left to Jane Taggart paid;margt garrett als christian in consideration of the bed, chest etc has surrended execship of husband robt to next relns mentioned viz john kewley h/o mary cowle, isable taggart als garrett + her dau jane, margt + isabel taggart
1722   A 38      GARRET       Margaret    christian    see husb robt - this is agreement with his relns
1723   A      d  CHRISTIAN    Nicholas                 d week before easter; ch thomas,Philip, Ewan, John, Catherine, and Margaret;
1723-1 A 11      QUAYLE       Jane        cowley       d 9 feb 1723;bro john cowley(son gilbt);husb thos(english spade + a manxks spade);gilbt,mary,jane + margt cowley jt execs;(will written 24 nov 1724) [?m Bal 17220410 - she was a widow]
1723-1 A 12      QUAYLE       Elinor      corjeage     d 4 mar 1722;son john,hugh exor;dau cath,jony;dau-i-law jony;gch joney,wm + thos  quayle;maid christian quayle
1723-1 A 13      GRIMSHAW     Ann         caine        d 4 Apr 1723: sis Cath Caine; aunt Cath Caine; daus Hesther & Mgt Grimshaw; eldest son Tho & youngest son Jn Grimshaw; husband alive;  witnesses: Joney Cannell als Booy Jane Gawn als Grimshaw; Cath Caine
1723-2 A 99      GARRET       Margaret    christian    dated 11 aug 1718;dau margt ruckorn als sherridan exex;husb alive;(exex give PoA to Thos Curlet genl sumner)
1723-2 A 100     CORKAN       Robert                   d 6 jan 1724;son gilbt (half a cow ? if wife already dead);dau jane exex
1723-2 A 101     QUAYLE       William                  d 10 jan 1723;the airy;dau elinr,margt,cath;margt+elinr jt exexs
1723-2 A 102     CLAGUE       Margaret    quayle       dated 13 feb 1723;gave m/c dated 7 jul 1722 to son wm (now exor) [see NSS Oct 1723 4]
1723-2 A 103     TEAR         Alice       CHRISTIAN    [full];
1723-2 E      w  CANNELL      John                     declrd 21 aug 1723;ballachruink;dau cath(had m/c with john calister);wife alive;unnamed gch;son john + dau mary cain als cannell execs
1723-2 E      w  CANNON       John                     declrd 6 nov 1723;the airy;dau isabel(eldest),jane both ua;sibs anne,thos,mary,margt;fa-i-law tho corlet ballnakaig to be overseer;wife mary exex;ellin boddagh claims wages;inv;1724: christian cannon acks to have had 4 from bro john,anne cannell als cannon acks wdow,john cannon coolshellagh acks having had money from cousin john, thos cannon acks from bro john(thos als exor of bro wm cannon dead in ireland
1723-2 E      d  KELLY        Jony                     d beg aug;fa john,her mo margt decd(arch 1721-1)
1723-3 E      d  CANNELL      Mary        McYLREA      d 20 apr 1723;ch thos, john, cath + jane Cannell jt admrs;pledges edwd + gilbt tear
1723-3 E      d  McYLREA      Catherine                d 9 apr 1723;next relns - ch of sis mary cannell als Mylrea (thos, john, cath + jane Cannell) jt admrs
1723-3 E         QUAYLE       William                  [?will displaced] - agreement with supys + mention of mo due to ch by death of grandmother;wife jony als cannell
1724-1 A 48      CANNELL      Margery     kaighin      d 14 mar 1723/4;son john(dau cath + isabel),philip exor;son-i-law dollin caine;husb alive;
1724-1 A 49      SAILE        Ann         tear         d 14 feb 1723;gch mary+bahee garret,anne + ellinr saile,wm saile,john cain,ellinr saile,margt cain;dau joney cain,alice garret jt exexs
1724-1 A 50      QUIGIN       Elinor                   d mid mar 1723/4;shylchaig;sons patk,wm,robt,john (to share money out of england - death of son thomas),philip exor;husb john ;gdau margt cannell;son thos mariner has money in hands john stevenson balladoole (+ effects in Liverpool) - give sureties that thos is dead - john cain ballacain + john cain ball-ny-killey both kk michael - bond for money with Henry Anyon Liverpool - recpt for 27 15s 5d + prev rcvd 6;
1724-1 E      w  CAIN         William                  dated 18 apr 1724;glon e gy;ch john,tho,mary;wife mary caine;bro dollin to be overseer(court adds john cain uncle,mary cannel als cain aunt to ch,john dawson later added;);wife alive;inv;1740: acks involve widow cannell(of wm)
1724-1 E      w  woods        William                  d 30 apr 1724;bro hen;wife bahie exex
1724-2 A 137     KELLY        Jane        QUAYLE       ?german or Michael;dated Kk Michael 1 dec 1724;moanymollagh;servt john cannel, patk cowley;sis christian(+3 ch),mary(son wm gellin);nephew + niece Patk + Jane Lace execs;
1724-2 A 138     CAIN         Jony        quayle       d 23 jan 1724;sis-i-law elinor;mo-i-law alive;bro-i-law wm;husb patk;unnamed ch ua uncles John + hugh Quayle;witt Tho Corlet x + Wm Quayle x both sick + dangerously ill by probate in Feb;
1724-2 A 139     CORLET       Thomas                   d 16 feb 1724;ballacurleode;bro patk(2 ch);nephew wm corlet,gilbt corlet exor(+ wife + son gilbt (ua)+ 3 other ch);niece isabel quayle als corlet (her mother sick);names poor widow Quayle [?wdwr of margt cain]
1724-2 A 140     COWLEY       Ann                      d 10 feb 1724;the close;dau elizth mcnameer(her fa dead);son john(h/o cath),henry (jt exec with Elizth);gson wm cowley(heir of estate);husb wm
1724-2 A 141     QUAYLE       William                  d 21 feb;ballachoan;son wm;dau christian exex,elinr(in Ireland),margt;dau-i-law isabel quayle;wife dead(left 6d to her sibs as yet unpaid);robt cannel(tromode owed 1s 9d)
1724-2 E      d  CAIN         Thomas                   d 14 apr 1724;son thos(only child unmarried) admr;wife alive
1724-2 E      w  CANNELL      Margaret    GELL         d 7 feb 1723/4;son wm(heir);dau joney
1724-2 E      d  CANNON       William                  d midsummer 1724;sis of whole blood mary,margt + joney;sibs by fa side henry,thos,margt cannon + ann cannel als cannon;hen + margt out of island,margt junr + jony ua;bro henry;;inv states lately deceased in ireland;wm was apprentice to bro tho
1725-1 A 36      COWLEY       Joney       crain        d mar 1724;dau margery (sickly + married), joney;son-i-law robt quaile;son Thos key;
1725-1 A 37      CHRISTIAN    Mary        QUAYLE       fa wm cammal (late decd);son wm(ua);dau ann;names wn kewley 'the apprentice';sis-i-law cath christian;?sister esther;husb wm,smith;supv wm,john+ pat kelly;1749 john cannell h/o cath
1725-1 A 38      QUAYLE       Catherine                dated 12 apr 1724;widow,cammal;son John,Wm(2nd son - bought land Cronk Athin),Thomas;dau Bahee;Thos + Bahee youngest ch jt execs - ua uncles hugh + John Quayle;bro Hugh;
1725-1 A 39      QUAYLE       William                  declrd 13 feb;cammal;son wm (2nd son - cronk attin),thomas;wife cath dead by probate ;execs thos + bahee quayle;1737:bahee pd by uncle hugh quayle; to john(as bahee sd to be not very sensible + not  capable of manageing her own concerns);pledges thos cannel + wm christian smith
1725-1 A 40      CRELLIN      Thomas                   d 23 feb 1724;Ballaley;son Patt(eldest);wife margery exex;other ch John,robt,henry + wm;
1725-1 A 41      CANNON       Christian                dated 28 Jan 1724/5;Cooilshellaugh;son john(+wife + child),wm,charles,hugh;husb alive;[full]
1725-1 E      d  CANNELL      Gilbert                  d 19 feb;ch danl,john,gilbert;next relns of fa side supv nich cannel,margt + cath cannel,phinlo craine h/o bahe cannell);wife alive
1725-2 A 119     KEWLEY       Catherine   caine        d 6 feb 1725/6;dau margt(youngest),cath,mary;son wm,john,henry;husb john exor
1725-2 A 120     QUAY         Margaret                 dated 24 apr 1725;names wm + jane quayle (bark), christian clark als quayle,joney clark,gilbt clark,john syle jun + many othersr;cousin ann costeane;sis ellinr quay exex;witt robt caine x,mary fayle als corlett x
1725-2 E      d  BODAUGH      Jane        COWLEY       d 30 mar 1724;2 dau unmarried alice + ellinr;john corjeag claims agt execs mo-i-law jane bodagh
1725-2 E      d  CAIN         Ann                      d/o margt;next relns mo side danl + alice clague
1725-2 E      d  CAIN         Catherine                d 15 jan 1724/5;ch ann,nelly;gilbt cowley + wife margt als cain dau satisfied with m/c
1725-2 E      d  cain         Elinor      comish       d 9 jan 1724/5;ch thos,john cain ua henry comish, wm kegg,cath comish [note names rev in index]
1725-2 E      w  CAINE        Margaret    CLAIGe       d 6 aug 1725;sis alice caige;mo-i-law jane caine;husb wm;dau ann exex;child dead by probate
1725-2 E      d  CANNELL      Catherine   QUAYLE       d 5 nov 1725;only ch james ua robt quiggin + ellin quayle (u + aunt) supv;husb john inv
1725-2 E      w  Sayle        William                  d 13 aug 1725;names jony quayle als canell;sis ellinr,ann;father john exor
1726   A 23      CORLET       Catherine   kelly        d 23 dec;bro wm kelly;names cath kaighin;step son jon corlet(his dau cath);husb dollin exor
1726-1 E      d  BODAUGH      John                     d 18 mar 1726[?1725/6] ch alice + ellinr jt admrs but surrender to their bro-i-law john corjeag together with what may be due by death of mother - he paying all debts as well as those of fa + mo;pledges danl + thos cain;inv 7 50;
1726-1 E      w  COWLEY       William                  d 8 may 1726;The Close; ch Henry(remitted to him the 11s he had paid for him to the Lord Bishop + what was due by death of mother + sheep at Glion-ny-muck),john;step-dau bessy Mcnameer;directed 7s expense of funeral at home, 7s at church;
                                                        gson wm cowley (or wch shall be heir from son john's ch);eliz mcnameer claims 8;margt cowley + son tho cowley claim 1 9s + a chest;annexed agreement headed Balnemooney in Ballaugh John Cowley states strife with Henry re goods by death of mother - he + sis Eliz Mcnameer agree to pay Henry.
1726-1 E      d  QUAYLE       Marjery     Keij[key]    d 3 dec ;bro patk key + half sis Jony Cowley jt admrs but Patk defers to husb Robt Quayle
1726-3 E      w  COTTIER      Adam                     d 23 may 1726;son philip,thomas,patrick,Huan(ewan);wife bahee exex
1727-1 E      w  CANNELL      Philip                   dated mar 1727;fa alive;bro-i-law dollin cain; nephew + neice jon + isabel cannel;bro john;sis cath cain als cannel;codicil gave 20s towards a bridge over glen willin
1727-1 E      w  CANNELL      Richard                  d 5 may;ballnyrenny;ch danl,thos,john,cath,jane;gson danl cannel
1727-2 E      w  CANNELL      Jony        MC YVOY      [?m Mic 16980528]d 29 jul 1727;son thomas(heir);husb wm exor;dau alice;sis isabel,averick(+ her dau);bro thomas,richd(dau mary);aunts w/o john gawn,w/o john corlet;names others;ch ua
1727-2 E      d  KELLY        Elizabeth   TEAR         d 6 nov 1727;6 ch margt,wm,cath,ann,cath(2nd!) + john all at age;pledge john kelly uncle + john kelly ballachoan
1727-2 E      d  NELSON       Daniel                   d 11 may 1727;ch danl,michael,mary all ua uncles wm nelson + wm croughan;wife alive;inv;1743 danl + mary ack from step-fa john goldsmith;1751 wm acks + share from dead sister
1727-2 E      d  siddleton    Christian   CAIN         d 27 jul 1727;ch wm quaile,jony woods + cath sittleton(ua);husb wm;pledges wm + dollin cain;inv
1728   A 14      TEAR         Leonora                  d 17 apr 1728;niece cath kelly exex
1728   A 58      CANNON       John                     d 22 dec 1728'son John(eldest - team etc)exor,thos;dau margt,joney;wife margt als cannell;sis averick cannon;some ch ua 1739: thos acks from bro bro John
1728-1 E      d  WOODS        Henry                    d 25 jan 1727/8;balleirey;ch john,henry,wm,hugh (ua) + grace
1728-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Bahee       CANNELL      dated 21 feb 1727;gch john quayle,wm quayle, bahee quayle;sis averick killey als cannell;isabel quayle good wife of house;names alice garrett + bahee garrett for kindness during her long sickness;sert ellinr kelly (in custody Hugh Quayle who occupies Cammal)
1728-2 E      w  QUIGGIN      John                     d 28 jun 1728;shylchaig;son john,philip,patk(dau margt),wm;gson john quiggin(s/o wm + jt exor with Wm);court declares witt margt cannell to near a reln + philip to be exor in place of bro wm;
1728-2 E      d  SAILE        Jony        CANNELL      d 5 sep 1728; only ch john - ua uncles john + wm cannell;husb john;inv; 4 3s 6d1748 john acks to be pd by Thos Cannell obo overseers
1728-3 E      d  CANNAL       Margaret    COTTIMAN     d 17 jan 1728/9;son wm admr,john(had m/c)
1728-3 E      d  CORJEAGE     Mable       SHIMMIN      d 7 jan 1728;dau jony,jane,dorothy(w/o wm cowley);son john had m/c
1728-3 E      d  CORLETT      Catherine                d 1 jan 1728;bro john asmr
1728-3 E      w  HOOPER       Philip                   dated 22 dec 1728;friend of Bp Wilson resided Bps Court upwards of 20yrs - several godchildren leonora redfern,isabella ross, henry allen, thos cannell + philip cannell;bps servants john riddiard, thomas cannel + jane cubon;wants handsome gravestone;has annuity out of 8 houses at cow cross London - arrears to be put to charitable use;witt paul crebbin, john rydyard + thos cannell
1728-3 E      d  McBOOY       Thomas                   d 13 nov 1728;sibs richd,averick(w/o dollin corris) + isabel
1729-1 A 48      CAINE        Catherine                d xmas last;names margt quigin als caine;dau mary calister exex
1729-1 A 49      CANNEL       Jane        mcylrea      d end jul 1724;dau mary cain(+ her dau),cath calister;gch unnamed(c/o john + dau mary);son john exor
1729-1 A 50      CURLETT      john                     d 24 mar 1728/9;son wm;dau cath,christian quayle,esther,mary nelson;gson gilbt curlet;gdau margt curlet;gson wm nelson,adam mcboy(s/o esther);gdau mary cry
1729-1 A 51      CAIN         Jony        croughan     d 17 apr 1729;son Dollin(+ wife),danl,thos;dau-in-law  margt;gsons John + James caine;names widow Cannon;witt John Cannon x,Jane Cain x - declared invalid in law - court appoints 3 ch Danl,thos + dollin jt admrs;Danl had contract;agreement between Danl + Thos - danl to pay 20s to thos,10s to danl;husb thos(named in agreement)
1729-1 A 52      KELLY        John                     dated 19 apr 1729;son patk;dau cath;unnamed gch;wife cath + ch john(out of island),jane,wm + thos(ua) jt execs;Jane sells exex to Patk for 12s + what is due from bro John 'who is abroad when it is known that he is dead'
1729-1 A 53      CHRISTIAN    Mary        garret       d 23 apr 1729;husb wm;son wm(her pt of bought land of both east + west Ballnyrenny + parcel intack in curragh - husb consented to leave his pt also) exor;dau margt corlet als christian (+ son)
1729-1 E      w  cain         William                  d 3 jun 1729;bro patk(carpenters tools + ch),john(?tailor);sis nelly(benfit of john's garden in michael gill),margt + ellinr jt exexs with his mother;kinsman john quiggin
1729-1 E      w  STEPHAN      William                  d 10 may 1729;son john,phinlo(help during apprenticeship);dau ellinr exex;wife averick(share of roof of house)
1729-2 A 114     CALISTER     John                     made 20 dec 1729;Kiondroghad;only ch cath exex - ua uncle + aunt wm + anne callister;wife alive - pledge San Xtian her fa (+ tho clark); 1737:some problems with childs estate as 'corn in farm not kept in good order' - in hands Hu Callister(gfa) and the ch now at age does not accept 1/4 crop for the 2 18s estate.inv + costs;
1729-2 A 115     GARRETT      Alice       sayle        d 23 jan 1729;husb john;dau bahee(eldest),mary + margt - jt exexs;bro's son john sayle;names christian cubbon,elinr sayle,jony + margt caine,margt knickle +others;
1729-3 E      w  CROUGHEN     Mary        CLUCAS       d 3 apr 1729;dau-i-law christian croughen;gch dan croughen;decd son dan nelson;dau christian nelson;son wm croughen exor
1729-3 E      d  GAWN         Thomas                   d 16 sep 1729(in kk german);only dau mary gawn admx;inv
1730   A 14      COWEL        Margaret    christian    d 7 feb 1729;gch wm christian(20s),mary + john cottier;son-i-law john woods(h/o cath) exor [John woods m cath cowl Bri 17280526]
1730   A 15      STEPHAN      Averick     cannel       d 11 mar 1724;ch john, phinlo, cath coteman, ellinr (exex)
1730-2 E      d  CORLETT      Jony        iny tere     d beg aug 1730;ch gilbt,ellin,margt;husb gilbt;1744 margt dead
1730-2 E      d  COWLEY       Esther      KAIGHIN      d 15 aug 1730;ch patk,cath,john,wm,richd + thomas;husb alive
1730-2 E      w  QUIGGIN      Philip                   d 18 july 1730;ch john,cath,margt;mo alive;wife cath als quayle exex;1770 only surv ch john + cath ack from stepfa ralph cannell
1730-3 E      d  CANNELL      William                  d 17 jan 1730/1;ballachrink;next relns fa side uncle John Cannel, aunt Mary Cain + Cath Calister(w/o john) admrs of goods by decease of fa;halfsibs gilbt,ann,joney + James Kelly admrs of all other goods (all ua - their fa Wm Kelly);wife alive (?pregnant)
1730-3 E      d  CROGHAN      Daniel                   d 21 jan 1730;only son wm
1731-1 A 16      NORRIS       Henry                    made 10 dec 1728;liargybreck;wife (gold ring);son henry(heir),john,robt(born since date of will);dau christian,margt;fa-i-law john cannell;ch ua supv rev mr woods;pledge mr woods + john kewley clerk;wife alive;[full]
1731-2 A 47      TEAR         Mabel                    dated apr 1730;gch wm tear(money fa left),cath fox, ann radcliffe, ann cannon, hannah cowel, ellinr woods, christian cannon;dau margt woods;husb edwd;note john wood declares that testatrix left her new common prayer book to his wife
1731-2 A 48      COWLEY       Isabel      cannell      d 12 jan 1730/31;knockbane;son patk(eldest),john,philip;lad[?farm serv] wm caley;dau joney,margt (jt exexs);husb john
1731-2 E      w  CAIN         Catherine                d 8 oct 1731;bro wm caine,john caine;aunt cath killip;half bro tho caine;kinswoman joney woods;halfsis mary caine;fa john exor
1731-2 E      d  CANNELL      Philip                   d 14 jan 1730/1;son john,philip jt admrs;dau leonora surrnded admr;
1731-2 E      w  KAIGHIN      Charles                  [Full];d 15 Oct;gson John Kaighin (Scarsdale);son John + other un-named ch; wife Mary;
1731-3 E      d  GARRET       John                     d 22 dec 1731;the airy;3 dau by former wife bahee,mary + margt + son John by latter wife jt admrs - all ua except Bahee (not capable) - next relns Wm garret + john cain;wife margt als quayle
1732-1 A 32      KERRAN       Margaret                 d 30 may 1732;bro wm,thos;sis alice + bahee exexs;aunt mary kerran als cannell;bahee dead by probate
1732-1 A 33      KERRAN       Bahee                    d 13 apr 1732;sis alice;bro wm  jt execs
1732-1 A 34      KAIGHIN      John                     Skarsdale;d beg Feb 1731/2;dau Jony Cannell;dau Alice;gson John Kaighin;bro Thos Kaighin;son + heir John; son Thos + dau Ellinor (execs)
1732-1 A 35      CAINE        John                     d 18 feb 1731;fa adam caine;bro patk;bro-i-law wm christian;sis mary + joney,elinor(exex) w/o wm kelly;witt thos cannell (also pledge with wm christian smith)
1732-1 A 36      KAIGHIN      Gilbert                  d 2 jan 1731;wife exex
1732-1 A 37      QUIGGIN      Margaret    moore        d 26 mar 1732;husb wm;dau margt cannell,joney,elizth;son wm cannell;3 dau joney,elizth + isable jt exexs all ua ;1737 jony + elizth ack from fa wm;1740 goods of isable youngest paid by margt widow jwm quiggin to john quiggin eldest bro;inv;charges inc to a tombstone for her father ? 2s 6d;one dau margt gell als cannell;1753 john quaggin h/o isabel quaggin acks bro-i-law john quaggin due by decease of parents
1732-1 A 38      CANNELL      Ellin       gawn         d 8 mar;neice ellin skeally;names wm skeally(+ his ch);husb adam cannell jt exor with ellin;sis christian
1732-1 E      d  CANNELL      Philip                   d 24 dec 1731;son john;son-i-law dollin cain jt admrs
1732-1 E      w  KERRAN       Thomas                   d 14 may 1732;son wm(4 due in wages),thos(6d);dau alice jt exec with wm;bro Gilbt;thos claims for qtr + half of team
1732-2 E      d  CAIN         Charles                  s/o robt left island 40 years ago not heard of for 26;only sis ellin cannell als cain
1732-2 E      w  CAIN         Thomas                   barnajag;only ch isabel;wife alive
1732-2 E      w  QUAYLE       John                     undated but indicated as decd;gch john corjeag,ellen + jane corjeag;son-i-law jon corjeag;dau margt + her child ua execs;wife alive
1732-3 E      w  CALLISTER    Jane                     d 2 oct 1732;Kiondroghad;son thos,adam,wm;dau ann,jane;husb hugh;ch jt execs
1733-1 A 34      KEIG         John                     d 4 mar;bro-i-law john cowley;ch wm,cath,margt,philip,john,mary + jane (jt exexs with wife but ua)
1733-1 A 35      QUIGGIN      Patrick                  son john;wife margt als cain;dau margt,joney + christian exexs all ua uncles john,wm,robt ;inv;1733 wm knickel stepfa of ch appt supv
1733-1 A 36      COWLEY       John                     dated 10 mar 1732;the close;youngest ch john,ann,margt (all share close - e callow);son john,wm exor;serv pat cowley;fa wm e close (decd);edmund kneal h/o ann;inc 1726 agrrement between john + bro henry following death of mother, mentions sister eliz mcnameer
1733-1 A 37      CAINE        Ann         craine       m/c thos caine + ellinor steven [m Mic 17300516] ellinor cain als steven, widow, exex of her husb surrenders to bro-i-law john cain;pledges danl cain + thos cain
1733-1 A 38      CANNON       Isabella    cowley       d nov last;bro gil cowley (his dau joney);names ann caine,joney cottier;husb wm
1733-1 E      d  KELLY        William                  perished by water in a river 24 nov 1732;of the Airy;ch john,tho jt admrswife alive
1733-1 E      w  QUAYLE       Thomas                   d 24 may 1733;dau margt,jane,ann,cath jt exexs;witt danl boddaugh x, ellinr cain als stephen x
1733-2 A 83      CAIN         Adam                     d 3 nov;dau elinor,joney,mary;son patt;sis cath caine;wm kelly h/o ellinor [mic 17330112];wife alive;pledges thos cain balllei? + thos key tailor
1733-2 A 84      CAIN         Margaret    McBOY        d 14 Nov 1733;Ballana;son wm (in West Indies),john(+his 2 sons), james exor,dau-i-law jane cain als lace;sis joney cain(+dau);husb danl;names Alice Croghan[full]
1733-2 A 85      CORLETT      Adam                     declrd 3 jan 1733;wife ann;dau cath cannel als corlett,mary + bahee exexs;john cannel + gilbt callister husbands of exexs;wife alive;pledges john curlett dellin + wm cain miller
1733-2 A 86      KAIGHIN      Catherine   CAINE        d last day jan 1733;dau jane key als kaighin,leonora;son john exor;gch jane kaighin;names thos caine
1733-2 A 87      CROUGHAN     Thomas                   d last day dec 1732;dau cath,ann;son wm,john - ch jt execs;1743 cath cubon als croughan
1733-2 E      w  QUAYLE       William                  d 22 sep 1733;nephew thos clark;wife alice als finch exex;note that was sumnr Kk Michael + dollin caine sworn in his place; also Wm quayle s/o Wm Quayle(kk Mich) owed to be pd all fa's goods (abt 1698) from stepfa Wm Sittleton;
1733-3 E      d  CORKAN       Ann                      d 20 jun 1733;only (unnamed) bro admr - he surrenders to husb Wm;
1734-1 A 23      QUIGGIN      Philip                   nephew john quiggin(s/o bro wm);nieces elizth + isabel quiggin, christian + joney quiggin (+ bro john s/o patrick);nephew thos quiggin;sis-i-law margt quiggin als taylor;bro robt (son robt);bros wm,robt  + john exec
1734-1 E      w  CAIN         Elinor                   dau margt quayle als cain;gdau elinor cain;?gdau's sis margt;dau-i-law jony cain;son wm + dau margt quayle (w/o wm) excrs
1734-1 E      w  WOODS        Bahee       KILLEY       d 6 may 1734;dau easter cowley als cannell (all her goods - exex);son philip;husb philip;Tho Cowley(h/o esther) surrenders half to bro-i-law philip on cond that he pays debts
1734-2 A 64      SITTLETON    Catherine   GARRET       d 5 jan 1734;son robt(+ his ch);dau mary corlett als siddleton exex;(w/o john)gson john corlett;pledges john kewley clerk michael,john bridson clerk ballaugh
1734-2 A 65      KEIG         Margaret    COWLEY       d 23 jan 1734;dau cath cannel als keig ,margt,mary,jane;son wm;ch at age john,wm,cath,margt + philip jt execs
1734-2 E      w  CALLISTER    John                     declrd 4 sep 1734;son john(croft),gilbt;the lower croft to be sold if creditor pushes;wife cath als cannel exex - also tuition of ch pledges her bro John Cannell + adam McBoy junr
1734-2 E      w  CORJEAG      Elenor                   d 26 jul 1734;sibs john corjeage, jane corjeage (exex);names cath kerran
1734-2 E      w  COWLEY       Gilbert                  d 15 oct 1734;sibs cath cowley,wm cowley(+ 2 sons john + wm) - jt execs
1734-2 E      w  KERRAN       Thomas                   d 8 jun 1734;sis Alice Kerran jt exor with James Corkil
1735-1 E      w  CANNON       Averick                  [v faint + not easy to read]d 25 may 1735;bro wm cannon(who took care of her in infirmity) exor;sis-i-law grace? cannon als corlett[m wm cannon Mic 17330630]
1735-2 E 071  w  COTTIER      Bahee       CORLETT      d 18 jun 1735;son philip,ewan,thos(exor),patk;gdau isabel cottier,ellinr cottier(d/o philip),joney cottier;names mally goldsmith als cottier;inv
1735-2 E 073  w  ALLEN        John                     dated 11 may 1735;vicar kk michael;wants to be buried nr chancel door;son thos(eldest - houses ramsey),edwd,john;bro robt;wife jane als corlet exex - wants mr edwd christian, mr wm christian + fa-i-law mr edwd corlet as supvs;1733 john allen curate lonan acks edwd christian of ramsey
1736-1 A 15      CANNON       Grace       CURLET       d 1 jan 1735;husb wm exor;pledges wm sittleton, john corlet dollin
1736-1 E 251  d  CANNEL       William                  d 10 mar 1735/6;ballaluig;sibs john, philip + jony quayle als cannell jt admrs;wife alive and allowed 3
1736-1 E 252  d  CANNEL       Margaret    CASEMENT     d 15 mar 1735/6;ch tho,margt,wm,john + charles - all ua no relns on mo side appaered;husb Tho sworn;pledges adam callister + danl cain
1736-2 A 46      CORKAN       Jane                     d 17 feb 1736;bro gilbt corkan;sis bahee corlet als corkan exexniece margt kelly(her dau jane),joney cain,cath corlet;nephew john caine;witt john kaighin, ellinr corlet als cannell, margt quayle als caine;
1736-2 E      w  CALLISTER    Elinor      QUAY         bur 15 oct 1736;ch cath(youngest), jane + dollin jt exors + suit of linens to daus Margt clark + esther kelly;husb gilbt;inv 2 8s
1736-2 E      w  CANNELL      Richard                  d 20 jun 1736;wife exex;ch all at age - he declared 'but very little goods and nothing could come to their share';son john(eldest) had m/c - other ch Patr + Mary declrd happy with will
1736-3 E      d  COWLE        William                  d 29 oct 1736;ch ann,danl + robt jt admrs - last 2 ua ann surrenders admin to eldest bro Wm (with ann sworn supv)
1736-3 E      w  KELLY        Catherine   CAIN         d mid nov 1736;ch patk, wm,thos + jane jt admrs 1st 3 + patk crellin obo jane sworn - john faile h/o jane surrenders to bro-i-law patk crellin
1737-1 A 22      QUAYLE       Isabel      CORLET       dated 5 mar 1736;dau ann exex;other unnamed ch;  gilbt corlet supv;1737 wm corlet other uncle now sworn;1746 ann acks stepmo cath creer als quayle;1754: ann acks from john corlet exor gilbt for money her uncle gilbt was accountable for
1737-1 A 23      CORKAN       Margaret    CORKILL      d 21 mar 1736;dau ellinr(w/o henry kewley),joney croughan als corkan,cath;husb pat;sis ann,joney;bro dau margt corkill;ch patk + cath jt execs
1737-1 A 24      CAINE        John,junr                bur 9 apr 1737;ballnakilley;son + heir john ;dau elinr;fa alive and empowered to sell or dispose of land for more convenience;fa john caine  + fa-i-law john caine overseers;wife alive
1737-1 A 25      CAINE        Ellinor                  bur 24 apr 1737;sis margt (+her son philip,thos);names margt w/o danl boddagh,jony w/o john cain,ralph cannell(wife);sis ann boddagh als cain exex (w/o danl)
1737-1 E      d  CANNELL      Daniel                   d 16 mar;sibs john + gilbt  jt admrs
1737-1 E      d  CANNELL      Philip                   d 29 apr 1737;sibs john cannel + jony quayle jt admrs
1737-1 E      d  CORLETT      Philip                   d 27 dec 1736 in Island of St Christopher; ship carpenter late liverpool s/o Capt Willm Corlet;sibs wm,edwd,robt, john, margt young(w/o james) + jony corlet jt admrs - fa capt Wm sworn
1737-2 A 69      CALLISTER    Dollin                   ?chk #;;d 30 nov 1736;ch john,gilbt,cath,adam,thos exor;1738 cath bell als callister claims agt fa's exor
1737-2 A 70      KELLY        Isabel      QUAYLE       d 8 dec 1737;stepson john kelly;son wm(eldest),matth,patk,thos(youngest);husb john;inv
1737-2 A 71      KELLY        William                  d mid dec 1737;bro john,matth,patk,thos;fa john exor
1737-2 A 72      CANNELL      Esther      CAINE        d 12 dec 1737;son gilbt(youngest);unnamed other ch;husb wm exor;ch uncle nichs caine + cath caine suprv (later uncles john caine + joney caine sworn as is averick the aunt)
1737-2 A 73      CANNELL      Joney                    d jan 1736/7;son john(eldest),gilbt jt exors;names margt gremshaw;bro's dau alice cannell;
1737-2 E      w  CANNELL      William                  d 30 jul 1737;Ballacrinane;gson henry + john  kaighin;ch thomas(ua),bahee jt exexs;wife mary alive;inv
1737-3 E      w  CORLETT      Ann         CLAGUE       d 20? oct 1737;son wm,gilbt (exor);gch ellinr corlett;witt john kelly, cath corlet als kelly;
1737-3 E      d  QUAILE       Margaret    CREER        d 23 oct 1736;bro john + thos;husb alive;pledges patk creer kk braddan + john corjeag b'killey
1737-3 E      d  QUAYLE       Jony                     d 27 nov;sis cath dawson als quail admx;wm clague (with whom she lived and where she died) to bring in inv.
1737-3 E      d  WOODS        John                     d 3 nov 1736?;ch john, henry + margt jt admrs -  henry,hugh,wm + grace woods overseers;wife alive;mother Mary Woods claims 4;widow has tuition eldest, 2nd in hands of Henry + youngest to be maintained jt by widow + by relns on fa's side
1738-1 A 48      QUAYLE       Alice       VINCH        d beg feb;4 gdau margt,cath,alice + christian;only dau margt callister als quayle exex;husb david
1738-2 A 89      QUAYLE       Jony        CANNEL       d 15 dec 1738;nephew wm cannell (all right + title ballameanagh as became due by death of her bro phillip cannell);bro jon(ch);maid jane cannell;,ann kelly;niece jane cain,joney quayle,mary cannell (now in liverpool if she comes);dau jane quayle(her (?is this joney quayle's dau)eldest);gdau ellinr,margt quayle;son wm exor
1738-2 A 90      CANNEL       John                     d 12 feb 1738;ballameanagh;ch patk + joney(two youngest),wm(eldest heir + share crop ballaluig);son hugh exor;wife alive;1731 grace shimin(ary shimin) + joney cannell ballameanagh ack paid by hugh cannell re legacys left to wm wm cannell + joney cannell
1738-2 A 91      QUIGGIN      William                  bur 1 mar 1738;shylcaig;3 dau by first wife (?one elizth);2 sons (youngest wm + thos ) by present wife;son john(had m/c);serv john cain;wife margt als taylor exex;leaves 2s for a stone to be put upon his grave;1753 john quaggin h/o isabel acks from bro-i-law  john quiggin + also legacy from mother margt;1739 thos cain obo his son-i-law the heir +the widow + exex of wm agreement - widow to do half work (vizt folds + hedges) heir to reap 3/4 crop at his own charge
1738-2 A 92      CANNEL       John                     d beg mar 1738;kerrowglass;gdau ellinr cain;son john;dau isabel exex;wife alive;names ann croughan;
1738-2 A 93      CANNEL       Margaret    KILLEY       d 12 jan;dau mary,cath;gch john + mary cannell,wm cannell,margt cannell;dau-i-law cath cannell als christian;son john,pat + dau mary jt execs
1738-2 E      w  CAIN         Ann         CORLET       d 12 sep;dau elinor cain,margt quiggin als cain (son wm) [m Ger 17371006] ;gch john cain,pat cain,joney cain;dau-i-law ann cain;son patk cain exec;[full]
1738-2 E      d  KAIGHIN      Alice                    d 18 May;sibs Jo, Thos, Philip,Wm, Jony, and Ellin Kaighin ;Jo + Ph abs, Wm abroad;Charles Cannell h/o Jony;Henry Killey h/o Ellinor; pledges Jo Canon and Adam Callister
1738-2 E      d  KELLY        Patrick                  d 9 oct 1738;ch wm,esther + margt(ua);wife alive
1738-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Margaret    SHIMMIN      (1st on film gl705) d 23 sep 1738;dau elinor(eldest),margt quayle exex - ch ua;husb wm;;sis grace shimmin;bros hugh + john shimmin;inv inc qtr crop by decease of ch gmo jony quauil als cannell;1764 margt at age
1739-1 A 19      QUAY         Margaret    COWLE        dated 3 nov 1738;son wm(yougest - to be sent to some good school for a year + be cloated as befits as becometh a sailor lad),hen(heir);dau mary + alice exexs;husb henry
1739-2 A 58      CANNELL      Joney       COWLE        made end may 1737;gdau margt,joney,isable,arthur,charles moore;only dau joney cowle exex(w/o dan cowle);nichs quine h/o margt;1740 james lawson h/o isabel;john quine h/o joney;1742 cha moore acks danl cowle his step fa
1739-2 A 59      KAIGHIN      Bahee       CORJEAG      sons John,Philip, Thos,Wm;dau Ellinor,Jony;niece Alice cannell;dau Alice;nephew John Kaighin;d-i-l Ellinor Kaighin;son Philip abs;pledges John Cain lockman,Richard McBoyd
1739-2 A 60   dg CANNELL      Ellinor     CAINE        dog dated 26 may 1732;john + elinor als caine to only son thomas;estate (unspecified)
1739-2 A 61      Cannell      Jane        Cain         d 5 jan 1739;son gilbert(in ireland),thomas(yougest);dau-i-law joney cannell als woods;husb wm exec;
1739-2 A 62      Caine        John                     son robt caine exec, g-child john mylvorrey
1739-2 A 63      Kerran       Mary        Cannel       son gilbert, daus margt cath ellinr, husb alive
1739-2 A 64      Cannon       Margt       Cannel       son thos cannon abroad, dau margaret marjery
1739-2 A 65      COWLEY       John                     of knockbane;d 7 jan;son patt(eldest),philip,john;dau madge cowley als cain,wm + joney (execs);unnamed gch;;bro pat cowley;little girl averick kelly;
1739-2 A 66      Cannon       John                     dau margt jane anne, wife with child, margt + majery aunts sworn overseers; paul knight weaver of douglas husb of dau margt cannon 1763 rcvd legacy
1739-3 E      d  CAINE        Dollin                   d 23 dec 1739;shylcaig;ch john,jony,ann all ua; uncles john cain h/o margt, Wm cannel h/o jony;wife margery;1760: elinor relict of John (admr) caine late decdacks from John Caine supv, Philip Killey h/o Anne also acks
1739-3 E      d  CALLISTER    Alice       SHIMMIN      d 4 jan 1739;only ch christian ua uncles wm,john shimin,half uncle patr garrett;inv
1739-3 E      w  HASTINGS     Elizabeth                setting up lady hastings charity
1740-1 A 29      COWLEY       Catherine   CUBBON       d latter end apr 1740;ch gilbt, charles(exor - but if he should die of this flux or mortal sickness now amongst us);gson Wm caine
1740-1 A 30      CALLISTER    Mary        CORLET       d 1 or 2nd Mar 1739/40;ch joney,wm, gilbt + adam;sis cath cannel als corlet;sis-i-law joney callister;sis' dau anne cannel;left dau joney + sis-i-law joney callister ye childs aunt a piece of fine linen cloath;husb gilbt exor;some ch ua
1740-1 A 31      QUAYLE       Mary        KELLY        d 13 mar 1739;husb john;sis alice;parents alive;sis-i-law bahee quayle;only ch wm dead by probate
1740-1 A 32      CAINE        Catherine   SIDDLETON    [m john cain Mic 17360219 m/c NSS May 1738 24]
1740-1 A 33      QUAYLE       Ellinor                  d 10 apr 1740;nephew john quiggin,robt quiggin,thos quiggin;neice margt shimmin;sis margt quiggin exex (dead by probate - her exors robt + thos quiggin(ua);names many
1740-1 A 34      CANNELL      Charles                  d beg april;wife joney als kaighin;son charles(eldest),thomas,john;dau alice,cath(youngest)
1740-1 A 35      KERRAN       William                  d mid mar;only ch wm;wife ann als caine (dead by probate - her exors sons wm + john quayle b former husb)+ sis alice kerran jt exexs
1740-1 A 35.1    Quiggin      Margaret    Quayle       d beg apr;husb robt;ch thos(youngest),robt -sons  jt execs;son-i-law jon shimmin
1740-1 A 36      KERRAN       Ann         quayle als CAINE d 9 apr 1740;ch jony,isabel(her fa wm dead),john + wm jt execs;annexed is dispute between Wm Quayle + John Callin with John Quayle dated July 1772: Wm Quayle s/o Ann kerran als quayle als cain paid sister sister Isabel now wife John Callin all due by death of father Wm + mother Ann prior to marriage with John Callin - confirmed by John Gawn (Ballaugh)
1740-1 A 36.1    Quiggin      Robert                   d end apr;son thos,robt(purchased lands) exor;nephew thos shimin;john corjeag named as possible heir in case of lack of issue by sons + nephew
1740-1 A 38      Shimmin      Margaret    Quiggin      d mid april;m/c ;will
1740-1 A 39      QUIGGEN      John                     d. mid apr;bro thos,robt(purchased lands agreable to mother's will + parcell of intack lately taken by testator - to see him decently buried)
1740-1 A 40      CANNON       William                  d mid feb 1739/40;Wm Siddleton exor (to see him decently buried)
1740-1 A 41      Stephan      Cath        Cain         d 5 Feb [1739/40];dau Mary (parcel in Laegargauh ? called the Breckan betwixt Wm Siddleton & Wm Quayle;gson john cannel;gdau mary stephan;ch thos + Margt jt execs - surrender to father John;witts Cath siddleton als callister, Margt Cowley als cain
1740-1 E      d  CANNELL      Jony        CORLET       d 26 apr 1740;sons john,wm,patk;
1740-2 A 108     KNICKEL      Ellinor                  d 11 jan 1740;sis margt corkan als knickal (w/o Gilbt)exex;witt adam McBooy, Ellinr Quayle als Caine
1740-2 A 109     QUAYLE       William                  d 26 dec 1740;[full];wife joney als kerruish;(land left them by Wm Clark andreas);unnamed ch;;1746 jony cannell als quayle als kerruish acks from thomas cannell h/o isobel quayle hieress of Bark;
1740-2 A 110     CHRISTIAN    John                     d 10 dec 1740;smith;dau jane, esther, cath;wife alive + jt exex with 1st 2 daus;wife lame + infirm
1740-2 A 111     CANNELL      Gilbert                  d 27 nov 1740;bro john cannell;names ralph cannell;uncle wm cannell exor
1740-2 E      w  CALLISTER    David                    d 15 jul 1740;wife Margt als quayle exex;son David;ch cath,alice,christian + one unborn;nephew phil gell;1748: cath callister aunt of David with Wm Callow her husband ack from Richd Kelly (h/o Margt) for 6 being her part of legacy left by gmo alice quayle.1748: alice Callister d/o david decd acks from stepfa richd killey;declaration by Thos Cannell who wrote the two mortgage deeds that David secured the 24 left to his ch by their gmo Alice Quayle als vinch
                                                            - and should not be included in his inventory.1759: Thomas Cowley h/o alice callister acks from bro-i-law david callister re gmo legacy + also portion due by death sister Jane;1763: margt callister + christian w/o philip bodaugh re legacy from father David;1764 Wm Callow h/o cath callister acks from bro-i-law david callister;
1740-2 E      d  CANNELL      John                     being at herring fishery driven of Island by violent storm perished on coast of scotland 5 aug 1740;ch john,jane,ann + Tho admrs;some ch ua - widow Ann claims John had a bragain but not yet appeared to court - court alters decree on sight thereof [contract bargain not readable]
1740-2 E      d  CANNELL      Philip                   ballacrenane;d 5 aug 1740;at herring fishery cast off island by violent storm to scotish coast;ch john,joney,phillip all ua;uncles john Cannell + Wm cannell h/o anne, thos key h/o mary cannell overseers;philip d in minority;wife alice dead by 1760;
1740-2 E      d  CORLETT      William                  being at herring fishery driven of Island by violent storm perished on coast of scotland 5 aug 1740;ch margt,gilbt,philip,adam + simon;margt incapable rest ua - mother sworn
1740-2 E      d  COTTIER      John                     being at herring fishery driven of Island by violent storm perished on coast of scotland 5 aug 1740;only sis jony Cottier + half sibs John,wm + ann Cain;Cath to admr goods from his fa,all to admr goods made by him;stepfa John Cain
1740-2 E      w  GOLDSMITH    Mary        NELSON       d 6 jul 1740;husb john;son michael,wm, danl nelson (exor);dau mary nelson;sis esther,christian;witt jony cain als quayle,cath cannell
1740-2 E      w  KAIGHIN      John                     d 9 jun 1740;wife alice als Boddaugh;son John(heir),Henry;dau Margt,Cath; ch other than heir jt execs;henry+margt ua;1753 henry + margt at age,cath w/o Thos Fayle Cannell [?name ]
1740-2 E      w  SAYLE        Ann         QUIRK        d 15 may 1740;ch wm (youngest),patk - jt execs;sis Jane Quirk;niece Christian quirk;husb alive;ch ua - John Sayle bro to execs by fa overseer;
1740-3 E      w  KELLY        Elinor      CORLET       d 18 oct 1740;sis margt;stepmo cath corlet;only dau ellinor kelly ua uncle gilbt corlet (jnr)supv;husb john exor;1743 john dead his widow mary maths kelly overseer orphan;1758 gilbt corlet pays thos kelly h/o elinor
1740-3 E      d  QUAYLE       Robert                   d 10 nov;ch robt,margt,elinr + anne all ua uncles john quayle glass + dollin cain supv;wife alive
1741-1 A 81      CAINE        Robert                   d 22 apr 1741;written 19 may 1741;sis's son John Mcylvory;wife jane als cannell;ch john,christian execs - uncle John Cain + Wm, aunt Ann Cain supvs;1757 john at age co-exec with mo Jane Kerran als Cain(w/o Thos?) & christian acks from uncles John + Wm Cain;[Jane cain als cannell m thos carran mic 17411024]
1741-1 A 82      BOYDE        Christian                [bur 11 Apr 1741 as Mcawee]d 8 apr;ch wm(abroad),thos + john exors;dau Ann;husb alive;pledges Danl Cain, John Corlett Dollin both kk Michael;
1741-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    William                  d 24 may 1741;ch wm,robt,john + margt;wife alice exex;1742 wife husb now ewan nelson ;pledges changed to wm croughan miller;1744 robt dead;1755 two surviving ch  wm + john (margt d 1746)
1741-1 E      w  CORLET       Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d 16 may 1741;3, ch margt(eldest),adam + ?[?simon]  two ua;fa wm ;bro wm; John Corlet Dollin? (a relation on father's side) + Wm Quayle h/o Christian (aunt on Mo's side) sworn overseers;1748 Margt d/o Wm + Margt both dec  acks from Wm Quayle goods due from ;1748 + 1749 margt, wm + adam ack from John Caine (cooper), + also acks in 1754 + 1755;
1741-1 E      d  KAIGHIN      Charles                  d 19 jan 1740/1 on coast of england;mariner;sibs john,wm,thomas,james,leonora,jane,ellinor + mary - wm kewish, john kaighin skarrasdale + john quayle h/o other admrs
1741-1 E      d  KAIGHIN      William                  Taylor;perished upon the coast of England on or about the 19th of January; sibs John, Thomas, Philip, Jony and Ellinor Kaighin; pledges John Kaighin  Balna Cregg and John Quayle Peel;
1741-2 A 134     McBOOY       Adam                     d 3 feb 1741;son adam;son john, thomas (if he should come to island);daus cath anne;names anne quayle blind girl
1741-2 A 135     KELLY        John                     d 21 dec 1741;son thomas,john(heir),patk,matth(exor - young + not able);dau-i-law mary kelly
1742-1 E      d  CORLETT      John                     d 26 mar 1742;dollin;only dau cath w/o john caine admx;wife alive
1742-1 E      d  COWLEY       Catherine   McYLECARAINE d 26 dec;the close;ch wm,john,ann + margt;
1741-2 E      w  CAIN         Jony        QUAYLE       d 16 oct 1741;son john(eldest),wm(youngest);dau joney cottier,ann cain;sis jane quayle;husb john
1741-2 E      w  CALLISTER    Gilbert                  d 2 oct 1741;son wm(eldest),gilbt(youngest);dau joney;names debtors margt calister als kewen, ann crellin als calister,hugh calister;witt jane cannel als calister x,ann quayle x;ch ua uncle wm sittleton + other uncle Danl s/o danl cannell supv;pledges wm corlet ballabwoi ? + patr cain Norrisdale
1741-2 E      d  CALLISTER    Jony                     d 11 june 1741;court decreed ch of bro gilbt (who survived her),sis Cath w/o Wm sittleton jt admrs
1741-2 E      w  CANNELL      Catherine   CLARK        dated 7 jul 1741;step-dau margt cannel;unnamed sibs inc sis Mary;dau grace exex but ua - thos,patk + wm overseers;husb thos;
1741-2 E      w  McBOOY       Esther      CORLETT      [McAwee in will];d 14 june1741; ch ann,john,elizth,margt + adam(youngest);witt ellinr quayle x,Cath Cain als cannel x;;ch ua aunts cath corlet + christian w/o Wm Quayle;husb alive;left infirm child called Adam - aunt Cath to maintain child uncle Wm Quayle to pay 7s;husb Adam McAwee to pay 7s towards
1741-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    William, sn              d 12 jun 1741;dau-i-law alice christian exex;unnamed gch;by probate Alice w/o Ewan Nelson;
1742-2 A 83      COWLEY       Gilbert                  d 15 nov 1742;son philip(eldest - crott balltruan),thos(by 1763 churchtown kk michael);wife margt als caine
1742-2 A 84      KAIGHIN      John                     Furt;d 24 Dec;eldest son John;wife Cath;youngest son Thomas;3 dau Mary, Cath and Leonora Kaighin;first wife's dau Jane Clague als Kaighin;
1742-2 E         CAINE        Ellinor                  d 4 yrs ago in minority;orphan due goods from fa john;goods in hands her gfa john caine;
1742-2 E      d  CANNELL      Daniel                   d 25 mar 1742;ch danl,cath,jony + mary(ua);wife alive
1742-2 E      w  KELLY        Isabel      CHRISTIAN    d 20 jun 1742;son wm;dau margt,esther exex
1743-1 A 42      KAUGHIN      Mary        CHRISTIAN    d 3 Mar 1742;son + heir John Kaighin;dau Mary Quayle als Kaighin;gson Silvester Kewish (being then sick);d-i-l Isabel Kaighin ;sis Christian Brew ;gch Jane Kaighin and Christian Kewish ;s-i-l John Kaighin;dau Leonora Kewish als Kaighin (exec);witt Willm Crain  + joney quayle; Leonora is sworn ? if her husb dead
1743-1 A 43      QUIGGEN      Elizabeth                d beg mar 1742;sibs wm cannell,margt gell als cannell,isabel quiggin(w/o john quaggin),joney quiggin,thos + wm quiggin,john (+wife margt - her m margt also  dead by 1753) quiigin execs
1743-1 A 44      CAIN         Jane        LACE         d 8 feb 1742/3;ballanaahusb john;pledge uncle (?of children) thos cain + richd Mcybooy;1771: robt kelly h/o mary;[full]
1743-1 E      d  CORLET       Catherine   KELLY        d 4 apr 1743;ch john,wm,thos - all ua - uncles + aunt John Kinread, Nicholas Craine + Margt kelly;husb alive;pledges John Cain B:Nahe + John Cain Bahee;
1743-1 E      d  GAWN         Jane        GRIMSHAW     d 25 jan 1742/3;ch john,,jane corlet als gawn(w/o Thos - he accepts 20s from John in lieu);pledges John Caine (Bishops Demesne) + John Corris Slieu:churn;
1743-1 E      w  KAIGHIN      Thomas                   d 16 nov 1741 in West Indies;native Kk Michael but late mariner on board HM ship the Augusta (Capt Dennison then commander);bequeathed all to mother Mary since died 3 Mar 1742/3 - apptd dau Leonora Kewish als Kaighin (w/o Wm);Wm Kewish acks 18 14s 6d from Bishop in 1745 rcvd from Mr edwad Jasper London
1743-2 A 79      QUAYLE       Joney       CANNELL      d beg feb 1743/4;husb John;to the heiress her part of the crop + team;dau margt(6 when reaches 16);heir in law Thos Kelly + wife Jane exeors
1743-3 E      w  CALLISTER    Jane                     d 14 Aug [1743];dau jony nelson;son robt callister;husb adam exor;kinswoman jane cowin
1743-3 E      d  COWLEY       Patrick                  d 9 jun 1743;next of kin ch of decd sibs John(Patrick, Philip, John, Wm, Jony + margery cowley w/o thos callin),margt(ann callin,alice,margt + cath callin), Jony(john + wm)
1743-3 E      w  CRY          Mary                     d beg may 1743;names christian + margt norris, mrs cath norris,jane kelly,ann cowley als croghan (big hood who said no use for it - reply 'it as good thing as I have do as you please with it);bro's dau margt quayle als cry;sis son Richd Cowley exor; [?richd s/o wm Cowley + jony cry m mic 16951214]
1743-3 E      w  KELLY        John                     d 6 aug 1743;bro matt,patt (to be maintained in farme with meat + drink during natural; life)+ thos;only dau ellinr exex ua - overseer Matt;wife mary;pledges john corjeage, john cain balnakilley, john quayle cammell;
1743-3 E      w  KEWLEY       William                  d 20 may 1743;sibs johnhen + cath(jt execs);bro son Wm;step-mo Margt Kewley;father john
1743-3 E      d  Knichel      William                  d 1 aug 1743;ch hugh,mary - ua uncles John Knickel + Philip quayle;wife alive;pledges John Cannon Cooil-shellagh, John Corjeage Ballioanneh
1743-3 E      d  sITTLETON    Catherine   CAIN         d 8 nov 1743;ch cath,jobt,robt,jane (2 eldest at age but incapable) - uncles wm,john,+ thos cain;husb robt;1752: wm calow h/o cath sittleton
1744-1 A 17      CAINE        Dollin                   d 2 feb 1743;dau cath,isable(2 youngest),alice(eldest - purchased lands liarby breck,ballagilkey);wife cath als cannel exex;ch ua uncle john cain overseer;pledge thos caine b'lhei
1744-1 A 18      McBOoy       Thomas                   d end apr 1744;late ramsey;going off island;bro wm exor;bro adam,john mcboyd
1744-1 A 19      QUAYLE       Margaret    GELL         d end jan 1744;unnamed daus;son henry exor
1744-1 A 20      CORJEAG      Christian   BODAGH       d beg feb 1744;son john(eldest);dau Margt;other unnamed ch ua;sis alice kelly;husb john exor;witt cha cowley;margt knickel als caine;pledges John Corjeag junr, Charles Cowley
1744-1 A 21      COWLEY       William                  d end feb 1744;son gilbt,richd,charles exor;gch john caine,wm cowley,christian cowley
1744-1 E      d  QUACKIN      John                     d 26 mar 1744;john quackin downe;only dau isabel corrin als quackin(w/o richd) exex
1744-2 A 50      CANNEL       Patrick                  d 8 feb 1744;ch thos,john,patk,wm;bro's son george cannel;gch wm,john cannel,thomas + charlrs cannel;names patk cain;'clark a sheep for cutting his gravestone';
1744-2 A 51      GELLIN       Mary        lace als QUAYLE d 12 mar 1744/5;baregarroo;son patrick lace(peel),wm(exor);dau margt_jane cain;husb john decd;sis christian clark;gson patk lace,john cain;gch mary,danl,margt + danl cain overseen by phillip lace[full]
1744-2 A 52      CAIN         Margaret    QUAYLE       d beg nov 1744;son john,robt;serv maid cath kneen;husb robt;names many
1744-2 E      d  Caesar       Robert                   d 25 jul 1744;ballahick;4 children john james robt margt
1744-2 E      d  CANNELL      William                  d 14 may 1744;ballaluig;only ch mary ua uncle hugh cannell + sis jony - wife grace als shimin - her fa john shimin;inv;dispute re leasing of farm to Wm dawson + others at too low a rent, hugh shimin + john cannel relinquish their portions to Wm Dawson who pays a higher rent  - wm shimin stepfa orphan
1744-3 E         AGNEW        William                  d may 1733;Donaghada Ireland;only son andrew;
1744-3 E      d  NELSON       Mary                     d beg dec 1744;due goods by decease fa daniel + mother mary als corlett;sibs danl,wm + michael;pledges John Kewley parish clerk, Jon Caine sumner
1744-3 E      d  QUAY         William                  native Castletown but late London (decree quoted by court dated 20 Mar 1739) with property in various places - mo Elizth Quay,widow, (henry Corrin acting for her) - no other relns appear
1745-1 A 17      KAIGHIN      William                  d 13 apr 1745;scarristal;gson henry kaighin;son henry,thos;dau cath;wife cath exex
1745-1 A 18      NORRIS       Catherine   CANNELL      d 24 mar 1745;largybreck;dau christian,margt;son john,henry;john + christian jt execs [full]
1745-1 E      d  CANNELL      Jany                     d 10 apr 1745;relns john cannon,john norris + christian norris
1745-1 E      d  SlaTER       Ellinor     GIBBONS      d 23 feb 1745?;ch isabel,wm + nicholas;husb capt john;inv
1745-1 E      d  TEAR         John                     perished by sea 3 apr 1745;ch ellinr,david,margt + thos;wife alive
1745-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    William                  smith;son john(eldest - croft balleyr 18d rent);wife cath;other unnamed ch;1755 james craine h/o dau mary,wm cannell h/o dau cath;1761 ch wm + ann christian ack
1745-2 E      w  CORJEAGE     Ellinro     CORLET       d 4 jun 1745;nieces mary + margt corlet;bro richd corlet;names margt corkan als knickle;nephew jon corlet;husb richd exor;
1745-2 E      dg TAYLOR       Margery     CAIN         dated 12 nov 1743;to son-i-law john dawson + dau cath any right to voaney woar;other daus isable + margt excluded with 6d; - couple to maintain her;
1746-1 A 11      QUAYLE       John                     d 15 mar 1745;dau margt(not 18)son-i-law thos kelly + wife jane execs
1746-2 E      d  McAwEE       Mary        CORLETT      witt John Corjeage + Alice Kelly to will objected to as too close rels - court upholds and appts sibs John + Margt corlet jt admrs;orig will had unborn child exor if it lives otherwise niece jony corlet
1747-1 E      w  McBOOY       John                     d 10 jun 1747;sis jane McBooy;parents richard + alice exors
1747-1 E      w  SIDDLETON    William                  dated 27 mar 1747;wife cath als calister exex
1747-2 A 63      CLARK        Gilbert                  [bur Mic 17471119]son-i-law john sayle + wife jony;goddau joney sayle (other ch of sayle jon,hen,christian,thos);son-i-law john quayle h/o margt (land balla-lhey);gch john + thos quayle;names patt caine;dau margt quayle als clark exex (w/o john);1766:henry killey h/o christian
1747-2 A 64      QUAYLE       Hugh                     [bur Mic 17480108]dated 4 jan 1747/8;wife isabel exex;son wm(lands rent 5s 10d);six dau christian,isabel,mary,elinor,cath + joney;1760 tho mcylvorrey h/o widow isabel;1768: cath w/o john cunnery(malew);1783: john quiggin h/o christian,isabel corlett als quayle, john cubon h/o mary ack;
1747-2 A 65      QUAYLE       John                     [bur Mic 17480124];d abt 24 jan 1747;son wm,john ua;dau ellinor;wife joney;1757 ellinor kneale als quayle
1747-2 A 66      CANNELL      Ann         CANON        [bur Mic 17471223];son thos(not 22 + an apprentice),john;dau jane,ann (land lds rent 3s 4d) exex;goddau anne cannell;husb dead
1747-2 A 67      NELSON       William                  d 1 mar 1748;son john,ewan(ch ewan + cath).patt exor;sis christian nelson;witt wm quayle x,cath cannel als corlet; x
1747-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Ann         KEWLEY       d mid jul 1747;dau cath,esther + jane jt exexs;witt ann corlet als oates, esther cowley als cannell;;pledge john cain sumner
1747-2 E      w  CORLETT      William                  inc agreement Wm Corlett + wife Margt als Caine re contract of dau Joney + intended husb Wm Clucas (kk Marown) - dated 15 jan 1738;
1747-2 E      d  KERRAN       Gilbert                  d 17 mar 1746/7;ch gilbt, margt, cath + ellinr;
1747-3 E      d  CANNELL      Catherine   WOODS        d beg feb 1747/8;ch mary,jane + alice - ua their half bro john quayle sworn overseer;inv
1747-3 E      d  GELL         Patrick                  d 9 nov 1747;only son thos - rest of ch had m/cs;son wm;
1747-3 E      d  NELSON       Catherine   TEAR         d 30 jan 1747/8;son patk,john + ewan;husb decd wm
1748-1 A 62      COWLEY       Thomas                   d 24 apr 1748;wife esther als cannell(house below or last house);niece mary cowley (house here he lived);bro john cowley;nephew patt cowley;wife's bro's son john cannel;
1748-1 A 63      COWLEY       Joney       CAIN         d 18 feb 1747;dau mary;sis ellinr;niece alice corlet;husb patt exex;other ua ch supv david cain uncle;1767: mary acks from margt cowley relict patk cowley exor of mo;patk cowley + john cowley also ch
1748-1 A 64      CORKAN       Patrick                  d 18 mar last;son patk;gch john croghan,thos croghan,ann croghan;names christian caine;dau elinor kewley als corkan exex w/o henry
1748-1 A 65      COWLEY       Mary        COWIN        d 13 apr 1748;dau-i-law esther cowley;gdau mary cowley,susan cowley;sons thos + john execs;both dead by probate esther + mary cowley exes of thos + mary cowley als crain one of exrs of john (son patk other exec sick)
1748-1 A 66      COWLEY       Thomas                   knockbane;son thos,richd,patk (exec);dau cath;names joney castil;various gch;
1748-1 A 67      QUIGGIN      Ann         KELLY        d 12 mar last;son patk (eldest),john;husb robt;mo alive + wish she would look after child;uncle james kelly + aunts margt + mary kelly overseers;1770 john quiggan acks
1748-1 E      w  McBOOY       Alice       CURGHEY      d 30 apr 1748;dau mary, jane;?other ch (5s ea  except right heir) - husb also supv of ua ch;dau-i-law cath McBooy;husb richd exor
1748-2 A 126     GARRET       Margaret    CANNELL      d 5 feb 1748;sis jane;bro thos,james,john (+wife);sis-i-law margt garrett;mo-in-law;sis-in-law joney + cath;ch chris garrett;fa philip cannell;husb thos;
1748-2 E      w  CANNEL       Joney       KAIGHIN      d 10 jun last [10 jun 1748] ;son charles (exec) ,thos,john;daus alice,cath (ua)
1748-2 E      w  CORLETT      Dollin                   d 1 aug 1748;dau jony quayle als corlet;gson Wm quayle;wife elinor als cannell exex;pledges Robt siddleton + John Cain (also wittnesses)
1748-2 E      d  CROSSWAITE   William                  d 7 jan 1741/2;of Dublin but late Kk Michael;admin given to John cain sumner
1748-3 E      d  CORJEAGE     Richard                  d 20 jan;ch of bro Patk - john corjeage, dorothy cowley, jane corjeage + joney (w/o Wm garret) admrs
1749-1 A 18      CANNELL      Catherine   CORLET       d 20 apr 1749;husb john;neice averick craine (execx w/o wm);names wmc annell;names Ellinr Kulley als Cannel (paid her mo's part of the goods)
1749-1 A 19      SHIMIN       Margaret    TAYLOR       husb Hugh Shimmin; sister Isabel; niece Anne Dawson; son Thomas; former husband Wm Quiggin; children Tho & Wm Quiggin (both underage); a half bro of Tho & Wm is John Quiggin
1749-1 A 20      MOORE        Mary        GILL         [full]w/o Rev Ed Moore vg;
1749-1 E      w  CORLETT      Ann         OATES        son robt corlet her pt of miln called mullen hary;son rjohn;husb philip;gson john clucas;dau ann
1749-1 E      d  CORLETT      John                     blacksmith s/o capt wm corlett; died about 2 years ago in port royal jamaica;sibs wm robt margt jony
1749-1 E      w  CORLETT      Richard                  d end may 1748;wife margt als quayle exex;pledges john corjeag + john cain sumner
1749-1 E      d  GRIMSHAW     Cooney      creer als cannell sons john creer, thos creer;husb john grimshaw (has children by prev wife)
1749-2 A 42      CORLETT      John                     dated 26 feb 1749;kk michael town;son john(eldest - houses etc),robt;wife mary;dau joney exex
1749-3 E      d  McNAMEER     Elizabeth                nephews on fa side john moore; nephews on mo side wm, john, ann cowley together with nich cowley - ann cowley - mary cowley - alice cowley - margt & isab cowley

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