Episcopal Will 1738 book 2 Michael, of Anne Cain als Corlett

KK Michael, anno 1738 

The last Will of Anne Cain als Corlett who departed this life abut ye 12th of September, last being of perfect mind and Memory is the Manner following: 
First She committed her Soul to God Almighty and her body to a Christian buryal 
Itm. she left to her Daughter Elinor Cain a big chest and a fledge as Legacy. 
It. she left to ye sd Children a sheet for shifts for them as Legacy. 
Item she left to Daughter Margt Quiggin als Caine, a sheet and a pewter Dish as legacy. 
It. she left to ye sd Margt's son viz Wm Quiggin what would be a shirt of course cloth as Legacy. 
Item she left to her grand son John Cain a pewtr dish, and pewter candlestick as legacy; 
It she left to her grand son Pat Cain her share of the sheep that were between her, & Gill Corlett as legacy. 
Item she left to her grand daughter Joney Cain a red petty Coat, and the wool she had equally between her and her Daughter in Law viz Ann Cain Legacy, 
and lastly she appointed her son Patrick Cain sole Executor of all the rest of her goods, moveable & unmoveable whatsover and this in presence of us whose names are heare written October ye 23rd anno predicto. 

Mary Gelling als Quayle her mk x
The Exr. Sworn & gave pldges form of Law (signed) Quayle & Jas. Corkill 
Margt Kinerad her mk x 

Solvit __ Pr Probatm est 
Joh Cosnahan 


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