Summary of Wills - Michael pre1700

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful 276 of approx 630 post 1625 wills- [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1636   e 241     QUIGGIN      Anne        QUYNE        [rh margin lost on film] d 9 Apr 1637;ch Finlo Quiggin exor, Ales[Alice]
1637   A      w  cannell      Jony        McYLREA      [note names rev in index]d 25 jun 1637;ch john,ellin,match (all at la)jt execs;inv [full]
1639   e 159     KAGHAN       Katherin    CURGENY      d 23 jun 1643;no goods
1639   e 159     OUINE        Adam                     d 23 oct 1643;ballalough;bro(by father + mother) John Quine + sis by father? + mother isable quine als teare [?confusing is isable the mother ] - next of kin supv;inv includes house roofe(5s)
1639   e 159     Quayle       Willain                  d 6 aug 1643;only dau margt quayle admx - next of kindred supv;
1641   A      w  caine        Elizabeth   KENAIGH      [note in index names rev]d 2 jan 1640;gch wm,richd caine;names marie ca[] als caine;sons dollin + donnold Ca[];
1641   e 315     LOWNY        Mariad      CAYNE[cain]  [page 60] d 29 Jan 1640;unnamed sisters both by fa + mo jt admxs;husb alive; [?not in Mic bur]
1641   e 501     FREER        Jony        CARRETT/GARR d 20 Oct 1641;6 ch Robt Freer, Jo:, Ja:, Jo, Mally + Margt Freer jt exors - Margt + uncle Pat Clarke supvs;inv ;pledges Pat Caine + Pat Clarke
1641   e 501     QUAILE       Thos                     inv;[?no will]
1641   e 502     KEORAN       Xtian       FREERE       d 4 Jun 1641;ch Donald Cannell, Gilbt Crocan, Tho Crocan, Jo (named exor by court with consent of all other parties);names Margt Steane;
1641   e 503     QUAILE       Gilbt                    d 24 Aug 1641;jt decree with Match [Madge in bur reg] - their bro's ch admrs + the elder supv of younger ch;inv Gilbt 2s 3d of fa's goods, Match inv sheep + clothes - surety Donald Cordeig + admrs at lawful age
1641   e 503     QUAILE       Match                    d 24 Oct 1641;jt decree with Gilbt
1644   e 247     QUAI         Ellin       COWLEY       d 29 May 1644;ch (legitimate + unmarried) Jo:, Philip + Margt Quirk + Finlo Steane?;Ann Steane? is alledged to have had dowry
1645   e 488     CORKILL      Huan                     d 8 Aug 1645;'next both by father + mother of kin' Margt Calow (at age) admx;
1645   e 488     KERUISH      Bahee                    d 28 Jun 1645;bros (legitimate) Pat, Henry + Edmund admrs (the eldest at age supv);inv in mo's will in Archdeacon's books
1645   e 494     CLUCAS       Peter                    [?is this Jur] only dau legitimate admx - next of kin of fa's side supv;inv 4 6 10d;   claim by Tho Callister ;more added to inv + some in hands of Philip Brew + some debts, inc to exors Daniel Clucas  with a covering note dated June 1652 - names Patk Kewin supv;  [ see also Lib vas jurby 1679]  [+ unrecorded doneld cormoad]
1654   A      w  CALLISTER    Mally                    d 9 apr 1654;bro robt callister, gilbt callister(+ ch) jt exors;sis joney, margt;names mallie quayle, margt + jony quayle;witt ellin cowley, ann browne
1654   A      w  CORDEIG      Ann                      [?ann kaighin als cordeig];d 20 jan 1654;dau Cath Caighin(youngest),ann Caighin + her husb Hugh Cain exors
1654   A      w  [Corlett]    Jony        CANNEL       [note names reversed][diff to read]d 6 feb ? 1654;son [lost at margin] Corlet;dau jony corlett + margt corlett exex - ua uncle donold Cor[let] supv;husb alive;note Jony corlett at la + hath own goods, fa takes Margt
1654   A      w  Cotter       Daniel                   d 4? mar 1654;ch margt,mally,adam- john gawn + John cotter supvs
1654   A      w  McbOOY       james                    gch john caine;sis bahee mcbooy;dau margt,bahey;son-i-law John steane
1654   A      w  Teare        Alice       CUBON        [indexed as Alice cubbon]d 4 nov 1654;'Ayles cubbon';names ellinr cubbon;husb wm tear;ch wm + bahee teare jt execs with Wm - supvs Thos + Ellin cubbon;
1657   A      w  CAINE        Daniel                   d [21]jan 1656;son john;2 unnamed daus;wife alive;croft in croghans ground;[full]
1661   E      d  SHIMIN       John                     d 1 may 1662;only son (and admr) of John Shimine decd;unnamed next of kin  on fa's side to be appt;annexed note Thos Shimin supv had goods
1661/1 A 1161 w  cannell      Mally       KNEEL        (page 37)dated 2 jul 1662;husband Will Cannell;names Will Curlet(+ son John), Thos Curlet (her sis's son) + several other Curletts;John Curlet, Jony Curlett + husb Wm cannell jt execs;inv 9 5s
1662   E 513  d  CORLET       John                     d oct 1661;sibs by father + mother jt admrs - eldest Wm Corlet of age sworn - others ua
1663/1 A [2)  w  CORLETT      Daniel                   [loss of rh margin on film + untidy]d 14 mar 1663;ch don,[], j[? - dau] exex
1663/1 A [4)  d  CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   d 25 dec 1663;only son Pat Christian admr;wife alive;inv ;
1663/1 A [6)  w  CANNEL       Katherine                [untidy + diff to read];dated 23 [?] 1663;step-son's? wife Ellin Cannell;ch phillip cannell(her pt of crop),patr + John cannell jt exors - uncle Thos Cannell sworn supv (+ note one of ye 2 uncles);husb alive
1663/1 A [9)  w  TEAR         John                     dated 17 apr 1664;ch Wm(eldest son),Richard(youngest),John;bro Wm;has 20s of grandchild's money;names Ann Curlet (+ 3 ch) w/o son John;wife Catrine Kerren exex;Witt Will Tearex,Rob Freere x;inv 3 10s
1663/1 A [10) w  [?teare]     Catherine   KERRAN       dated 24 apr 1664;[?looks like 2 williams!]ch Wm(eldest son + wife), John(4th pt of crop + wife + ch),Wm(youngest),son Richard;names Ellin Cayn[Cain];[?indexed as Cath Kerran but looks like widow to John Tear]
1663/1 A [11) w  QUAIL        William                  d 4 Aug 1664;ch Wm(eldest son - all lands rent 4s - with consent of wife,Jon;names Katherin quaile(1 heffer betwixt her + son Jon));wife Margt exex;danll Cannell supv;inv 2 1s
1663/1 A 13   w  CORLET       Jony                     d 1 mar 1664;son Patrick Caine, wm + [?paterick] caine (pt of fishing boats,netts),wm quayle;dau cath Quarke,margret caine,bessie gouldsmith;;names jony fargher,cath + mariod corlett,jony gell;son patk caine exor
1663/1 A 14   w  FARGHER      Jony                     d apr 1661;son john caine,[?] caine, richard caine;husb gilbert croughan + ch margt (in ireland)+ jony(sick) execs
1663/1 A 15   w  COTTIAM      John                     [very untidy + diff to read] d 30 jan 1662/3;dau jony;gdau jony kinred;;so tho exor
1663/1 A [15) w  Gill         Ellin       CORKAN       d 21 jan 1663;sis Ann Corkan;husb Hugh Gill ;son Patk Gill, Tho Gill exor;names Adam Boy, Mary Boy, Ann Steane?,Janie Woods, Bahie Corkan;
1663/1 A [16) w  quayle       Christian   CANNEL       [indexed as christian cannell][diff to read on film]d mar 1664;son robt quayle, john quayle;husb gilbert quayle exor;dau margt, ellin;sister mabel;names jony gell, jane woods 
1663-4 E 605  w  CAIN         John                     headed 15 Aug 1664;d 21 Oct 1663;Son Patr Cain(25 ster);wife exex;names Hen Woods(10s left),;capt Tho Ashco obo Rich Kissag claims 1 15s debt;inv 40;
1664   A      w  CAINE        Daniel                   dated 16 jan 1664;son john exor;dau elinor,ann
1664   e 098     CALY         cath                     [lh margin lost]d hallowtide?[1 Nov]her 3 sons [], robt + wm [? ,,teane]
1664   e 098     KELLY        ...rett     TEARE        [lh margin lost]d michaelmas [29 sep];3 ch daniel, pat + cath kelly;inv 22s
1664   e 098     [?kelly]     ..y[ female CORLET       d 11 feb 1663;only son wm corlett admr [?is this maly [corlet als] kelly bur Mic 16630212]
1664   e 114     CORGEIGE     John                     [very faint ]d 30 oct 1663;wife jane quaile;ch margt exex[+ others]
1664   e 115     COTTAmAN     David                    unnamed sis(son + dau);fa alive (+ then to descend to his son thomas cottamen);mother dead;unnamed sibs residuary legatees;
1665   A      w  cAINE        Daniel                   dated 17 jan 1664;ch john exor, elinor, ann, 
1665   A      w  CANNEL       John                     d 18 nov 1665;ch don (heir + exor + had a m/contract), ellin, jony;names tho cannell(6d), christian teare;inv [but part too faint to read on film]
1665   A      w  CANNEL       William                  d 2 feb 1665;ch ellen, Philip + Patk jt exors - ua - bro John Cannell + neighbour John Kaighen overseers;+ posthumous child John added as exor;wife Margt Quaile;names Margt Browne, Kath Quaile;inv;goods in hands of john cannell;
1665   A      w  CRAUGHAN     John                     d 12 feb 1664[1664/5];2 unnamed daus;son John Craughan exor;inv 16s 
1665   A      w  quaile       margrett    ?caine       [page 6]d 4 jan 1664[1664/5];husb Wm Quaile;ch margt, ellin + jane exexs;inv;[there is a bur margt caine 4 jan 1665
1665   A 5    w  Mcylroy      Jony        CANNON       d 26 Mar 1665;husb Henry Mcylroy;dau Bahee + Christian jt exexs;inv
1665   A 6    w  quaile       Margaret    CAIN         d 4 Jan 1664 [?1664/5];husb Wm Quaile;ch Margt, Ellen + Jane jt exexs - ua - next of kin Will + Pat Cain supvs;inv
1665   e 369  w  COWLE        Ellin       CORKILL      d 13 may 1665;sibs margt corkill, gilbt corkill;husb wm cowle;names christian cannell;ch jane, margt + john cowle jt execs - uncle Gilbt overseer;1676: jane at age, margt in Ireland
1665   e 370  mc ?quark       ?ann                     [page 80]m/c dated 20 nov 1660  Adam Corlet + wife Alice Mcylrea obo son john corlet +  Ann Quarke obo dau ailes [alice] cannell to marry;Accepted as will of ? [?Ann quark bur Mic 16660411]
1665   e 372  w  KILLIP       J[ohn]                   [page 82]d 2 feb 1664;sibs wm, thos, cath, ?ewan, mallie corkill als killip;bro-i-law gilbt corkill;mother alive and is requested to bury him as near to his father as she can;names hugh Corkill
1665   e 425     CORDEIG      Bahy                     [page 130?]d 5nov 1665;husb alive;sibs John + Margt cordeige jt admrs;inv 1 1s? - husb's legacy 5s
1666   A      w  CANNEL       John                     dated 16 Feb 1666/7;bro-i-law Tho Clark;wife Margt als Boddaugh;sis' son John Kaighin exor;debts exceed effects
1666   A      w  CHRISTIAN    John                     headed at top 1661 'tho bought in 26 Feb 1666';ch Pat(smithy tools),Hugh, Henry, Margt + Ann (last 4 jt execs) - some ua;wife alive;inv 16s;
1666   A      w  CLAGUE       Christian                Court dated 26 Feb 1666;sis Bessy Cloag;names Will Cloag, Bessy Cloag + Kath Killy jt execs;names several Kath fayle, joney fayle,will faile, james faile + othrs;inv 12s
1666   A      w  CORLET       Catherine                d 10 Dec? 1666;ch Daniel Corlett exor, Jony;gch Wm Corlett;sis Katherin Corlett;inv 4s 6d
1666   e 223     QUAILE       Mallie      QUALTROUGH   d 6 Oct 1667;dau Kath exex (+ to be good to her father);husb alive
1666   e 224     CHRISTIAN    Jony        QUAYLE       dated 25 Mar 1667; gch Ann Christian;ch Wm Christian exor;inv 4s
1666   e 225     KELLIE       Tho                      [lh margin lost in binding]d 7 July 1667;wife []a als Cowley;ch Henry, John, Wm + Tho jt exors
1666   e 496     KAIGHIN      John                     dated 16 jul 1668;ch elin, patk, john, tho + wm jt exors;dau-i-law kath kenane?;gch john + jony kaighin;
1666   e 507     CORLETT      Wm                       d 10 may 1668;ch john, wm, jony + ann jt exexs;wife Kath als costeane
1666   e 707     CANELL       An          QUARKE       [page 38]dau Mally Cannell, Margt + Cath Cannell exexs;son Wm (half team promised him in handfasting bargain);gods don't exceed 5
1666   e 712     CANELL       John                     [page 39] deemster John Cannell - dyed in ye willers time + no will brought in no decree made; - long accounts - decree p43 died 1654
1666   e 732     KAIGHEN      Margrett                 [poor copy][page 47]d 24 apr 1666;ch Thomas,Wm, Robt?, Ellen Kaighen (exex);2 unnamed gch;inv 11s
1666   e 733     STEAN        Christian   CALLISTER    [page 48]d 16 apr 1666;only child Isable Stean exex;husband alive;wm callister enters a claim for 10s
1666   e 753     CAINE        Allice                   [some damage and lh margin lost on film]headed at top 27 June 1667;sis Margt Caine;names Pattericke Caine, Isable [?quaile],william quaile;'the husband [lost] caine'[?her husb ];names Thomas Grimsey[?little contrast on film] exor;witts [?th]o Cayne. [lost] Cayne, [lost]: Maclereah, inv 2 2s - exor at age + pledges John Caine + Tho Mcleyreah? 
1667   A      w  cordeige     Ellin       CALLISTER    d 14? Apr 1666;ch Patk(eldest son),Rich ?,Jony (exex)+ Ellin Cordeige;husb Tho Cordeige;inv
1667   A      w  McBOY        Phinlo                   d [blank] 9ber 1667;[bur Mic 16671025];ch mally[mary], james(gears etc), hugh, jony + tho jt execs - 2 ua James + mother sworn supv;wife alive;list of debtsors + creditors - leaves half a boat to pay debts
1669   A      w  kaighin      Madge       KELLY        d 1 jan 1669;husb john Kaighin exor;ch henry Kaighin(her pt crop + team),cath(5 of her portion pd 8 to pay), match Kaighin;names Tho Kaighin;
1669   A      w  KAIGHIN      Patrick                  d 5 Jan 1669;wife Ann;bro Tho, Wm;names Hugh Cayne, Bahy Kaughin;ch Jony + Match Kaighin jt exexs - Henry Kaighin overseer;mention parcel of land from John Teare + Tho Cannel (all payments except 14s paid)
1669   A      w  STEVEN       Bahy                     [pub IoMFHSoc v3n4]d 7 Nov;dau ellin cannon,alice.joney;ch alice,wm,jony + john cannon exors;husb wm cannon;names isable tobman[taubman],bahey steven,patk cowley,tho cannell;witt thos cannell,patk cowley
1669   e 193  mc Cordeige     thomas                   inv dated Michael 7 Nov 1669;annexed marriage contract dated 1 nov 1669;[some damage to top rh margin]Dollin quayle + wife Kath Cannell obo dau Ellin;Tho Cordiege + wife Christian Sayle obo son Thomas;to marry;Tho + wife to give (when it shall please them) half lands + crop etc and that Tho Cordeige to leave goods between son John + dau Margt;Quayle to give 5;Witt (loss in lh margin due to binding [?jon] Quayle x, [] Cordeige x;
1669   e 194     STEPHEN      John                     d 25 feb [1669/70?][faint + difficult to read] dau mally? stephen;son [unnamed] (eldest - the leaney ? + all gears belonging), [name lost lh margin in binding], john;wife alive;states father execors is bound to build him or his heirs a house of eight couples.;inv 3 3s;1673: Wm , john, dan + margt steane being at lawful years ack'd statified with goods due from fa + mother;1684: John steane s/o Fin steane ackd that he and other execrs fully paid
1669   e 195     GAWNE        Jo,jnr                   d 24 dec 1669;sibs ann,wm, jane,cath,margery;mother cath gawne als cotter exex;inv with father's will in this book
1669   e 196     GAWNE        John                     [lh margin lost in binding + text difficult to read on film] dated 15 mar 1669;;dau ann(croft called ballatere more?), jane(dozen sheep), cath(dozen sheep),margery;son wm,(parcel of land in curragh of 6.5d rent)  John (my part 'and no more' of miln we have in pawn ffor 10 from Hen Woods + his mother,my part of roofs of houses..);names Tho craine (ballaugh), phill? Corlett(ballaugh), john corlett(ballaugh);wife alive son john exor Gilbert Corlet + John Corlett to be supvs of children;inv incs 20s from water baliff, 6s from wm caine miller corn for sd water balliffs use
1669   e 199     cannell      cath                     note of goods due to Cath Cannel from John cannell by last will + test[mt] of Tho Cannell her father ? 10s;due in will of John Cannell her gfa 10s, in gmo marriod gell's will half + calfe + 2 hoggs;in her mo's will joney cannell a petticoat + 20s due from her fa's goods;morre due by decree of court 25s
1669   e 200     CORLETT      Will                     [lh margin lost in binding]d oct 1669;ch wm + baheyjt execs;wife alive;note that no goods only money due from creditors (who are to aoy in 14days) inv 12s
1669-7 E 301  d  cannel       Margaret    CORDEIG      d 24 feb 1669/1669/70];ch wm, john, isable + margt cannell admrs - next of kin mo's side supvs; husb alive;inv 3 5 0;supv John Cordige has goods + youngest child - father has other ch;1670: wm cannell at age + acquits father
1669-7 E 301  d  QUAYLE       Margaret                 d 9 nov 1669;sibs john, finlo, wm + jane quayle admrs being whole blood - john + finlo at age sworn (other 2 ua);husband alive;inv 3 + 1 in her father's hands
1669-7 E 301  d  QUAYLE       Thomas                   d 25 jan 69 [1669/70];orphan;sis margt quayle admr;aunts cath + ellin quayle to keep goods until others come to age;inv in mo's will
1670   A      w  Cannell      Bahy        BOIY         headed court Kk Bryde 18 Jan 1670;son [?] Cannell;gch Gilbt Moore;daus Margt + Mariod? Cannell + gch Margt Cannell jt exexs;inv 1s 6d
1670   A      w  Corlett      Ann         CORDEIGE     d 19 Apr 1670;bro's 2 daus Jony + Ellin Cordeige;sis-i-law's 2 daus Cath + Ann Cannell;dau Jony Corlett (her shaped clothes);husb John Corlet ;children exors - eldest son at age + sworn;inv;
1670   A      w  Corlett      Catherine   COSTEEN      d 19 Mar [?1669/70];ch Jony + john Corlett jt execs - Wm Costeen supv;names Margt Costean(her bro's dau), Ellin Quayle, Wm Corlett;
1670   A      w  Gawne?       Catherine   COTTER       d 10 Nov ;son Wm Gawne(houses etc),Ann Gawne, Jane + Cath Gawne jt exexs - wants deemster Edwd Christian overseer;ch's gmo Issable Kindred;
1670   A      w  Teare        Margaret    QUAYLE       d 13 May [?1670];husb Will Tear?;unnamed sibs(6d);ch John + Elizth Teare jt execs - tender yrs (+ sick) - Ann, Alice + Ellin Quayle supvs
1671   A      w  CAIN         Thomas                   [somewhat confusing will] dated 1 apr 1669;bro's ch Jo:, pat  + Joh: caine [?2 johns?] 6d ea;bro's ch Jony, Katr senior, margrett and Katr Caine 6d ea;names Hugh caine, Gilbt, don + Nicho Caine (6d ea), margtet Caine,Jony Caine(d/o Patr), Margt + Ellin quaile, john caighin;names thomas greenghan? exor;
1671   A      w  KAIGIN       Robert                   d 9 Apr 1671;wife Margrett;sibs John, Wm;son Gilbert exor - uncle John supv;owed 11s from exors of waterbaillif Cannell;inv
1672   A      w  CAIN         John                     d 13 dec 1672;wife margt brown;only child john jt execs;bro hugh;?father richd
1672   A      w  CLAGUE       Daniel                   d 1 dec 1672;dau joney;son wm exor;inv;cath woods als clague claims;
1672   A      w  CROUGHIN     Gilbert                  d 26 mar 1673;dau margt,ann,jony exex
1672   A      d  GAWN         Ann                      d 3 jan 1672;only child jane;inv;patk cannell father of child with consent relns wm gawn,jane gawn,john cotter;pledges adam caine, wm quayle
1672   E 058  w  Kneene       Isabel      CRAINE       dated 17 jun 1672;son john kneene, thomas kneene exor;sis margt
1672   E 059  w  Quayle       Catherine   CANNELL      d 29 may 1672;ch john quayle(eldest son), ellin, wm, robt, margt + cath quayle, phill quayle;husb dollin quayle exor;
1672   E 060  w  caine        Catherine   CORLET       d 25 mar 1672;husb john caine;ch wm caine, cath + margt caine jt exexs;gch jony caine;dau-i-law margt stephen;witt daniel corlett, margt caine;inc 16s
1672-2 E 126  i  KAIGHIN      Patrick                  [inv + decree]wife alive + has youngest child - pledge Dollin Caine + John Kaighin uncle of child;inv includes his pt of roofes iof houses [?=bps demesne]2 ch's goods in hands of supvs - John Kaighin, Thomas Kaighin, William Kaighin, Ellin Kaighin (last 2 dead by 1693);1693: [?son] Wm acks from John Kaighin s/o Wm Kaighin;1690: son Gilbt now at age acks from Thomas Kaighin
1674   A      w  CALLISTER    John                     d 2 mar 1674/5;son hugh?[part lost] exor - ua- testator's bro Gilbert to be overseeer;wife alive;deputy governor orders 125s 6d rent to be paid out of childs goods as Gilbt Callister fell into poverty - rest in hands of aunt cath callister
1674   A      w  Cannell      Jony        CORLET       [indexed as Jony corlet]d 7 apr 1675;bro's son adam curlett;dau cath (eldest)+ ann cannell;husb james cannel exor;inv 14s
1674   A      w  CURLET       William                  d 30 nov 1674;had no goods + appointed noe executor;goods due by death of mother in Robt Cannell's hand;admin refused by Patt corlett alledging the testaor died poor and is there left to general sumner
1674-1 E 320  d  WOODS        Margery                  d 10 feb 1663 - the same being until now concealed;sibs by whole blood admrs;inv in fa's will
1674-2 E 441     TEAR         Catherine   CURLET       [page 45]dated 16 may 1674;sis margt curlet?;unnamed woman who would nurse her child;husb wm;ch alice, john execs - ua;inv 1 10s
1674-2 E 445     STEWN        Christian                will [page 46]d 24 Oct 1674;next of kin John Kelly, Margt, Cath Steven, Mabel Steven, Margt + Ellin Steven jt admrs;some some family problems - petn by Averick Kinread that tho her relns had corn had none to share + she returned to her poor cottage weake + feeble - Averick(wife of Cramck) was her neighbour + only support - Christian left her curse unto her relations in Jurby; John Kneen deposes Christian stated that 'wife of Cramacke' was only person who preserved her life + her relations had altogether deserted her + that they should never have any part of her goods - the 'wife' was also cousin german by affinity;Sumner John Cannon affirms other witnesses will depose same; Court accepts + Averick Kinread sworn ;
1675   A      w  BOIY         Daniel                   d 25 feb [1675/6];bro wm exor;unnamed sister
1675   A      w  booy         Jony        CANNELL      [note indexed as joney cannell als booy]  dated 30 jan 1674/5;sis isable cannell;dau jane cannell;names philip cannell (Largey breck);husb wm mcbooy exor
1675   A      w  CARRET       John                     d 3 mar 1675/6;wife ellin als cannell;sibs henry(jt exec if returned from ireland), john + ellin carret jt execs;tenant of Mr christian(croft had some unexpired years);left wife ground (1d rent) during her lifetime she to build a house there if John Chiirey should put her out of house wherein she now dwells;inv 19s
1675   A      w  CORJEAG      Isabel                   d 30 jan 1675/6names ellin corjeag , ;john corjeag exor
1675   A      w  CORJEAGE     Thomas                   d 7 dec ;dated 9 feb 1674/5 son(heir) patk;dau jony (pt of ballakinney) exex;'for as much as he had consumed all his goods to maintain himself two years...being very infirm and had nothing to leave ye rest of his children'
1675   A      w  COWLE        William                  d 22 nov [1674?]ch jane,margt, thomas exor - ua wife sworn;his first wife's ch were fully satisfied for all goods due them;inv 18s; 1692: thomas son ack's fully paid from Wm Caine [?is he stepfa?]
1675   A      w  COWLEY       Gilbert                  d 23 feb 1675/6;ch margt, ellin, ann (3 youngest) + others inc 3 eldest john, danl + thos at age;wife margt als carret exex;inv 1 12s 8d
1675   A      w  cowley       Mable       CAIN         [note indexed as mabel cain] d 8 jan;gch isable cowley,jony cowley;son john cowley;husb wm cowley
1675   A      w  CURLET       William                  d 3 dec 1674;sis alice, margt, ann,bahie;aunt ellin curlet als quaile;uncle john curlet exor;inv 9s
1675   A      w  QUAILE       Jony        CURGHY       d 29 jan 1674/5;wants burial in ballaugh churchyard;husb john quayle;son wm exor;gch cath cannell - major stevenson to be overseer + also deemster christian;gch alice quaile;sis ann curghy; [tightly written will with many names]
1675   A      w  QUAILE       William                  d 2 dec 1675;bro john;sis margt;father dollin exor
1675   A      w  QUAY         Ellin       CRELLIN      d last of dec 1675;husb wm quay;ch margt(eldest dau), jony,wm,hen,ellin jt execs - uncle Tho Crellin supv;
1675   A      w  TEAR         John                     d 18 jan 1674/5;dau ann(half crop + whole gears etc if she would therewith be content  for all left her by mother(named as Coony Quiggin in acks) - otherwise a sheep),jony, ellin + issable (last 3 jt exexs)- hen kaighin + dollin cain to be overseers;wife alive; added note Jony + issable dead since will;inv 5 5s
1675   E      w  CALLISTER    Gilbert                  d 23 sep 1675;ch gilbt(eldest son),adam,dollin + joney jt execs;wife alive
1676   A      w  CANNEL       Daniel                   dated 20 jan 1676/7;son john(mother dead), hugh,richd, margt,ann;wife margt als gell exex;sis margt
1676   A      d  CANNON       Phinlo                   d 6 dec;ch jony, patk, john, wm + robt jt admrs - some ua;wife alive;inv 1 8s
1676-1 A      w  CAIN         Marriad     CHRISTIAN    d 1 feb;son patrick;husb hugh exor;dau margt;witt adam caine,will tear
1676-1 A      w  CAIN         Patrick                  [will damaged] dated 4 mar 1677 but date of death lost;son john(eldest - callows croft);wife cath;ch joney,bahee + patk execs - john kaighin + wm caine supv;bahee in hands wm caine other ch in mothers;1693 bahey at la
1676-1 A      w  CAINE        Richard                  d 6 apr 1677;son wm exor- other unnamed ch;
1676-1 A      w  CHRISTIAN    Bahy        BOOY         d 18 nov 1677;husb mark (looms);son henry,patk rxors
1676-1 A      w  Croughan     john                     d 8 jan 1677;son donold(eldest);wife cath quayle exex;inv
1676/1 A      w  QUAILE       William                  dated 10 nov 1677;father alive(+ wife);names finlo cannell(ch what was due by his mother's will), cath cannell(d/o John cannel the legacy due from her gmo);uncle danl quail;names john cain(4s 3d due to him as wages), margt caine(4s for wages);wife alive;dau ellin + jony jt exexs; [?there is a memo in 1678 epis that Wm Steane claims 3 2s 8d from exors of Wm Quayle due by death of fa Finlo Stean in 1663 - ?applies here]
1677-2 E 107     quyne        bahie       kelly        d 24 Aug 1677;gch john shittlton(all houses gardens etc - all in Kk Michael 2s 1d lords + some Bishops land yearly rent 18d - to inherit when 20), wm , jony shittleton(inc 5s left by her[jony's] gfa gilbt quyne), john shittleton;dau-i-law ellin shittleton als quayle;names John [?Cayne], Kath Croughan als Quayle,bahie cayne(her goddau),margt stean(poor), gch john, robt + wm shittleton jt exors - their sister Jony sworn;1690: Ro + wm shittleton at age and acks sister Jony, likewise Jon acks;
1677-2 E 109     cannell      jaine       crayne       dated 14 may 1677;ch john(her pt of crop etc);sis Barbary Crayne, alice crayne(+ dau bessy);husb philip cannell;ch wm, philip + jaine jt execs - wants Radcliffe Tubman + thomas cannell as supvs;
1678/1 A      w  KAIGHEN      William                  dated 5 nov 1678;ch john, philip exors;owed money from Kath Norris + john Cayne(Ballonney)
1678/1 A      w  QUAYLE       Jane                     d 13 mar 1678/9 ;son john cubbon exor;
1678-1 E 255  w  KAIGHIN      William                  d 24 Oct;uncle Will Kaighin;names Joney Kaighin;bro's son John Kaighin;bro John Kaighin, Patrick (decd as had goods of his ch), Thomas(jt exor with John);sis-i-law Kath keineen (to give him a winding sheet + see decently buried);witts Joney kaighin + Jony Kaighin not acceptable to court as one dau of one executor and other very young but notes that as both bros John + Thos exors accepts them as admrs;pledge for John - john Kaighin clarke, Thos sd John Kaighin
1679   A      w  SAYLE        Katherine   Kelly        [indexed as Kath Kelly]ch cath, jony, john, james?,wm exor;gch margt, john +  joney cowley
1679/1 A      w  CANNEL       Charles                  dated 24 nov 1679;ch patk(half crop, team etc), wm, john, averick, margt;wife Mally exex;inv 4 4s 4d
1679/1 A      w  FAYLE        John                     dated 10 feb 1679;sibs james, cath,wm,joney(+ch)exex;mother dead;inv 16s
1679/1 A      w  KELLEY       William                  dated 26 feb 1679/80;sibs john(sons wm + john, dau joney),danl exor, ellinri, Patk(ch), mary; cousin cath Mcnameer (unmarried); goddau jony cottiman;inv 3 14s 6d
1679-1 E 041  w  NAYLOR       Katherin    Cottier      [poor copy on film - will not 100% readable] dated at top 11 aug 1679;son wm;unnamed ch;husb wm exor;
1679-1 E 042  w  cannell      Elizabeth   BREW         dated 25 jul 1679;sibs james,alice, cath;names bahee cotter, kathrin killip, mary woods, philip cannel, tho mcavoy, rich cowle;aunt margt;son john exor - ua - her bro james + philip brew to be overseers;husb adam cannell;petn by adam cannell re bro-i-law james brew;inv - beehive 5s, feather bed + other necessaries 2 11s, also inc mortaged lands in Lezayre;claims
1680-1 A      w  CHRISTIAN    William                  dated 8 nov 1680;dau cath(new dwelling house),joney,margt jt execs;wife alive
1680-1 E 180  w  callister    Katrine     FARGHER      dated 8 sep 1680; ch adam callister, jane, gilbert, philip callister exor;dau-i-law ann kerrin?;
1680-2 E 228  d  cain         Margaret    STEAN        d 2 apr 1680;ch jony + ellin caine admrs - next of kindred(mo's side) John + Averick Stean supv;husb alive;inv 8s
1680-2 E 229  w  QUAYLE       John                     d 12 may 1680;ch john(+ son Sam,Wm),Finlo(+ son finlo),Wm exor;inv 2 7s
1681   A      w  CAIN         John                     dated 23 apr 1682;ch mabel, john, hugh, cath, malley, ann, wm (exor);wife alive
1681   A      w  Cannell      Jony        KNEEN        [indexed as joney kneen]dated 26 feb 1681/2;ch elinor, john cannell, joney, dorothy;husb james cannell exor;inv 12s
1681   A      w  QUAYLE       John                     dated 14 dec 1681;sis jane quayle;names sam moor, john moor, john cain, tho cannell;mother exor (sick - husb sworn - decent of lands left to 'common law'
1681   A      w  Quiggin      Christian   TEAR         [indexed as christian tear]dated 11 mar 1681/2; ch john quiggin, ann,philip quiggin exor;gch wm quiggin, robt quiggin, tho quayle;goddau christian cannell;dau-i-law ellen ineBoye;inv 19s
1681   A      w  TEAR         Christian                [?christian quiggin als tear]dated 11 mar 1681/2; ch john quiggin, ann,philip quiggin exor;gch wm quiggin, ront quiggin, tho quayle;goddau christian cannell;dau-i-law ellen ineBoye;inv 19s
1681-1 E 298  i  CURGIAGE     William                  [inv only dated 18 aug 1681]likewise perished by sea ;inv 5s - Rev Edwd nelson stated as inv very small no fees as wifes + several small children [refers to mohn Mcleray + Wm Curaige]
1681-1 E 298  w  McAVOY       Richard                  d 29 apr 1681;ch joney, christian, james(tenemt + crop etc + tools of his cooper's trade), mally exex;gch thos crellin;neice[nephey in text] Jony Curjeagg;bro-i-law john cayne(was owed 14s)
1681-1 E 298  i  McLERAY      John                     [inv only dated 18 aug 1681]perished by sea ;inv 19s
1681-2 E 385  w  QUAYLE       Robert                   d 5 nov [1681?]ch thos(to be put to ?school), cath,jony,margt(houses etc + purchd land in Bar[ jaha???])exex;inv
1681-2 E 386  w  CANNON       John                     d 28 sep 1681;ch cath, jane, margt(out chamber to dwell in or in great house with sister if they agree),bahee;wife [] christian(3s);gch wm quayle;robt quayle claims for himself + ye exrs? Phinlo Stean  for half of 2 cows
1681-2 E 387  w  QUAYLE       John                     dated 14 jul 1681;ch sam(his part of crop etc),wm + margt jt execs - uncles Wm + Phinlo quayle supv;wife;bro wm;1687: sam quayle at age;1696: heir Sam quayle acks from uncle Phinlo quayle;inv (in inv states dividable between heir + other child)1696 - both excrs are dead
1681-2 E 390  w  QUAYLE       Elener                   d 20 jul 1681;sibs john quayle, jane, margt quayle exex;stepmo cath cain;names wm cayne(milner + his dau cath),margt quayle,wm steane, finlo stean, cath cayne
1682 ? A      w  CANNEL       Thomas                   dated 2 nov 1682;ch john(his pt of crop, gears), rich(intack of 1d rent);wife elizth als gell;inv 3s 6d
1682 ? A      w  QUAILE       Elin                     dated 10 jan 1682/3;bro wm quayle (son thos), dollin quayle, robt;cousin ann, alice, will quayle;husb + cousin ann curlett jt execs
1682 ? A      w  STEPHEN      Ann                      dated 1 jan 1682/3;dau cath,margt exex;inv 19s
1683-1 A      w  Cain         elliner     QUAYLE       [indexed as ellinor quayle]dated 8 jan 1683;husb john cayne;nephew margt quayle;names cath quayle, john cain(milner);sis cath quayle;ch john, robt + sciddleton jt execs - eldest son at age - aunt cath quayle supv of ua;witt cath quayle snr, cath quayle junr;inv 7s 11d will not balance legacies on the husbs side nothing due to ch;
1683-1 A      w  COWLEY       William                  dated 19 jun 1684;bur 6 apr 1684;gch isable cowley;ch richd, cath,john exor;names donold curlett;witt will cayne snr, will cayne jnr;inv 1 4s 6d
1683-1 A      w  CREER        Alice                    dated 7 nov 1683;ch thos(croft + houses),bahee, margt exex;inv 19s;robt cannell claims 27s
1683-1 A      w  CURLET       John                     dated 4 dec 1683;sibs adam, ann curlett, patk exor;names john cain(owes 4d), patk cain(bro to john);sis-i-law cath quark;master Wm curlett;
1683-1 A      w  QUAIL        Margaret                 dated 16 mar 1684;sis jane quayle;names John Quayle(+ wife, ballakilley), jony croighan(her linens), ann calley;son Wm curjagg;names Wm Cayn(Ballanay - owes 1s), Ric Cannell(ballacooley 2s), john Cayne exor (and thought too little for him + charged him to see her son well used);inv 1 10s debts 1;Gilbt moore claims 10s 9d + whatever spiritual court will allow for bringing up an infant to sd Mart? Quaile she promising the satisfaction for soo doing as will be made to appaer;
1683-1 A      w  QUAYLE       Mally                    dated 24 jan 1683;ch hugh, john,margt, ann exex;inv 11s
1683-1 E 644  w  QUAYLE       Margret                  d 1 may 1683;dau margt browne her everyday clothes), cathtine quayle(holy day clothes);son john quayle exor;inv 2 1 2
1683-1 E 645  d  CHRISTIAN    John                     [loss to rh margin in binding] d 1 [?may] 1683;5 ch - [tho?],wm snr, wm jnr,hugh + jaine;wife pregnant;A[ann?] Christian supv;inv has John Christian smith;inv includes bellowes, total 17s 6d
1683-1 E 646  w  CURJEAGG     John                     d 20 may 1683;gch Wm,cath;goddau ann curlet;wife alive;dau elinor, bahie exex;names john curlet, margt quay;inv 1 9s
1683-2 E 704  d  CAIN         Jony        SYDDLETON    d 30 sep 1683;ch wm, john + jane jt admrs;husb alive;1712: wm cannell h/o jane acks fa-i-law john caine 1/3rd pt of inv.annexed agreement 1718: widow of wm cain(late kk michael) + supvs of sd wm's children  ack that sum due to Wm by death of mother was satisfied + discharge father of sd Wm vizt John cain - signed bahy cain als corkan, jon cain, wm cannell, john cain also acks[?m john mic 16750420]
1683-2 E 707  d  cain         Isabell     CLOAG        d 14 sep 1683 ;ch john + ellin caine jt admrs;husb alive inv 3 9s 4d
1683-2 E 707  i  woods        Mary        FARGHER      d [] jun 1683;only dau margt admx - next of kindred supv (court notes none applied);husb alive;inv 5
1683-2 E 709  w  CURJEAGG     John                     dated 20 sep 1683;sibs margt curjeag;sis' dau mary quayle(in england);son wm exor;wife alive;names wm + john cayne;1702: wm corjeag only surviving exr acks from John cannon + margt corjeag all the inv;annexed agreement dated jun 1684(in recognition of our gt poverty + maintenance of children)between sibs of John - gilbt, john, cath, margt snr + margt junr that their sis Marhgt [? snr as she signs 1st + ack has 'senior added]  to have effects
1684   A      w  CAIN         Robert                   dated 24 jan 1684;son charles(if he came);dau ellinor;wife margt browne exex;youngest dau omitted
1684   A      w  CAIN         William                  dated 14 feb 1684/5;bro john exor;mo alive(house between them);fa dead
1684   A      w  GELL         Margaret                 dated 2 jan 1684/5;son hugh,richd;dau margt,ann
1684-1 A      w  CAIN         Daniel                   d 24 mar 1684;2 unnamed ch john + wm cain to be overseers;wife alive;inv - includes roof of house;wife's pledge jon cain her bro + hugh Cannell;
1684-1 A      w  McYLREAh     Hugh                     [poor copy]unnamed wife exex [in Mic defuncts not Bal]
1684-1 E      d  CORJEAGE     John                     d 19 mar;orphan;bro Wm Corjeage admr;goods in inv of mother
1684-1 E 046  d  CROW         Margaret    Nelson       [? margt crow als nelson or nelson als crow] ;d 24 mar;son Mr Edwd Nelson admr - states never rcvd 6d or 6 from mother in dowry;inv inc mortgage due Mrs Black for house in Ramsey
1684-1 E 048  w  Kaighin      Margaret    SAVAGE       dated 4 may 1684;gch cath + margt Kaighin;son john cain, gilbt kaighin exor;witt John cayne + cath quayle;pledge Jon caine
1684-1 E 049  d  Booy         Jony        KERRAN       d 4 apr [1684?];ch tho, adam + margt booy jt admrs - next of kindred on mo's side Cath, ellinr (adam callister sworn in behalf of wife), Tho + Gilbt Kerran supvs;husb alive
1684-1 E 050  d  Carrett      John                     d 2 apr [1684?]ch thomas, issa, bahy = christian carrett jt admrs - all at age;inv
1685   A      w  CANNEL       Philip                   d 19 dec 1685;wife averick;nephew adam cannell;bro john;names christian cannell;fa dead;only ch cath exex;inv;1710 philip cottiman h/o philip cannel's exex acks re goods her fa + gfa
1685   A      w  QUAIL        John                     dated 24 feb 1685;dau jane quaile;names Donald Croughan? + John Chroughan, hugh caine(his share of house in Kk Michael);kath quaile exex;inv 10s
1685-1 A      c  QUAIL        William                  [full] inc mc/ Wm Caine + Mally Quaile
1685-1 E         CHRISTIAN    Catherine                dated 12 may 1685;names cath cain, margerie cain;sis joney, margt exex;unnamed dau;inv 6s
1685-1 E         Cowley       Catherine   QUAYLE       [indexed as cath quayle]son-i-law patk kelly (w/o jony cowley);dau issa;annexed m/c Patk Kelly  + Jony Cowley  - dated 4 jul 1685 (Wm Kelly (ballakewn?)obo son Patk;Cath quayle obo dau Jony Cowley;Kelly to give half team oxen;Cath to give all she had at latter day except 20s;witt (all x)James fayle, James Nowell,Wm Cluage, jon kelly;ack'd 4 jul 1685?
1685-1 E         COWLEY       Thomas                   dated 29 may 1685;ch philip + margt jt execs - wm cowley, philip cowley + gilbt callister supv;wife alive
1685-1 E 291     NELSON       Edward                   d 24 Oct [1685];late vicar Kk Michael;ch daniel, wm, edwd + margt + also the posthume if it lives;wife alive;1700: danl, edwd + margt Nelson ack  to be fully paid;
1685-2 E         CANELL       Jane                     orphan,,d ua - next of kin Wm, jane + cath gawn being uncle + aunts on mo's side jt admrs;goods in mo's inv
1685-2 E         CANNELL      Catherine   SEDDAN       d 11 oct ;ch edwd, charles + ellinr cannell jt admrs - all out of island - Hugh Cannel next of kindred on Island admr;jane cain claims 40s wages
1685-2 E         WOODS        Margaret                 orphan d ua; uncles + aunts on mo's side admrs;goods in mo's inv
1686-1 E         CAINE        Jane                     dated 23 jul 1686;left to? margret browne as her 2 duaghters one shilling a peece';names margt caine, henry woods, patk cannell + several other debtors;owed 20s from exors of cath sedden;bro John caine exor
1686-1 E         Woods        Margaret    Garret       d 13 feb ;2 unmar ch hugh + Tho jt admrs - hugh at age on island (other off island);pledges Hen woods + Wm woods (bros to admrs)
1686-2 E 505     Maddrell     Ellin       CANNELL      husb John Maddrell;ch Christian, Ellin, Henry + John jt execs - Wm Caine + Jo Kaighin? supvs;one witness Issa Corkan dead by probate
1686-2 E 506     Corcon       Jane        WOODS        d 6 aug 1686;ch bahy(+ ch), john, thos exor
1686-2 E 507     CANNELL      Jony        QUAYLE       d 1 jun [1686];2 ch Tho ? + Wm Cannel - next of kin(mo's side) Jon Curlett + Mathew ? Kelly supv;pledges adam Ca[] + Rich Cann[]
1686-2 E         MACKLEBOOY   Averick     karran       dated 26 Dec 1686;son Phin + tho (the 3 heiffers being father's share of goods);dau ellinr;husb exor;bro Hugh to be overseer;court names ch 3 ch Finlo, Thomas + Ellinr quirk with Hugh Carran supv;mary mcboy claims agst admrs Averick mcBoy als karran;1692: finlo + tho ack from uncle Hugh carran
1687-1 A      w  CANNEL       John                     dated 22 may 1687;ch adam(eldest son), cath, phill + jony(youngest ch);wife alive;all ch except adam jt execs;inv 6 12s 6d
1687-2 A      w  CAIN         William                  d 30 jan 1687;ballagawne;only dau margt(ua);bro Patt, adam;money due from Jo Cain glover;wife jony als christian exor;pledges Capt Tho Christian + Dan Mcylrea;1695: margt caine at age and acks to be satisfied with mother + with her part (half miln, half crop etc)
1688-1 A      w  CANNEL       William                  d 8 dec [?1687];fa-i-law john corlett [?= stepfather] ;sibs averick, cath, john, patk + margt(last 3 jt execs);Patk at age sworn others ua;inv in mo's will
1688-1 E         CASEMENT     Margaret                 d 18 nov 1688;son Wm killip admr
1688-2 A      w  CANNEL       Thomas                   d 18 nov 1688;wife margt als cowley;ch bahee + john jt execs; wants fa john(s/o phill), hugh shimmin + jo cowley  to be supy of youngest ch john;left bible to jo: cannell, fishing gear to henry kaighin;1712: john + bahie ack'd from gfa john cowley;
1688-2 A      w  CORKIL       Gilbert                  d 4 nov 1688;wife margt als caine;nephew john killip;neice Margt Killip;names margt cowle, gilbt caine, john cowley(+ dau), elinr gawn exex;inv 2;[m Mic 16800412 -?no ch]
1688-2 A      w  GRIMSEY      Thomas                   d 17 oct 1688;ch isable(+ dau),christian, jane,john,wm;wife exex;inv 3 16s
1688-2 E 815     COWLE        Margaret    MACLEVOREY   d 11 apr 1688;ch margt, alice + Cath jt admrs - ua uncles Philip, Robt, Tho + Wm Maclevory  + aunts Alice, Ann Maclevprey supv;inv 1 4s
1688-2 E 816     CAYNE        Christian                d 21 may 1688;husb john caine exor(house during his life);names Wm Caine (s/o Pattr Caine lezayre) residuary legatee;inv 5s
1688-2 E 817     BOOY         Hugh                     dated 8 jun 1688;bro james;dau jony;left his former wife's child to be bought up by present wife;wife exex
1689   A      w  BODAUGH      Elizabeth   SHIMIN       d 11 apr;son wm(+ his ch),jo(+ ch);gch wm kelly;2 unnamed dau;husb exor
1689-1 A      w  CANNEL       Richard                  d 9 mar;dau ellinr cannel;son hugh;wife exex
1689-1 E      w  STOEN        John                     d 24 Oct ;sis marriod,bahy;bro gilbt;other unnamed sibs(6d);son wm,John(croft ,house + garden);wife exex
1689-2 A      d  cain         Margaret    CRAUGHEN     d 13 novr;only dau margt cain - supv tho craughen + Tho Cowley;1717: margt acks from Gilbt Cowley the 30s 8d that was in hands of  Patrick Caine on acct of her mo's + father[?have inv phill caine + wife margt croughan]
1689-2 A      w  CAIN         Philip                   d 9 dec 1689;bro wm(to be overseer of child),dan;bro's son adam;sis jane(heifer in john kaighin's keeping);child margt exex;sibs jo,wm,kath + jane;inv states phil caine + wife margt croughan;1707: margt acks aunt kath (+ her dec husb patt caine);1717: margt acquits gilbt cowley for 38s 8d due from fa + mother that was in hands patk caine
1689-2 A      w  CANNEL       John                     [rh margin lost in places + sections very dark on film]dated 3 may? 1689;dau-i-law [] cannell als cowley (sheep in keeping of her fa John cowley);servant john boddagh;bro's son phill cannell(my half fishing boat);sis mabel cannell;
                                                           names john kaighin, margt quay, tho corlett, robt corkan;son adam cannell;gch john + bahy cannell jt execs -ua + left to tuition of  their mother margt cowley - john kaighin + phill cannel(kerrowglass) overseers;
                                                           1711: john + bahie petn that 40s in hands of gfa John cowley wich was promised to their parents, + 9 in hands of mother Margt cowley wch they ack;
1689-2 E      d  CANNELL      William                  d 18 apr last;orphan;bro jon + phil jt admrs;inv in mo's will
1689-2 E      mc QUAYLE       Kathrin     CANNELL      m/c Patt Quayle + cath Cannell;dated 18 jun 1687;patk quayle (kk michael) obo himself;John Cannel(Largy-breck) (+ with comfort wife Isabel als woods)obo dau Cath Cannel with approbation of overseer Mr Deemster Christian and gfa John Quayle(+ wife Margt als corjeag) of croteShill ?;Cannel to settle half e
                                                           state - young couple to give 3;deemster christian + wife of John Quaile each to give half a heiffer;if young couple redeem any part of Largybreck then Cannells to have half; Cath Quayle w/o Patk d 21 Apr 1689 - by m/c goods fall to her gfa Jon Quayle now decd - exex Margt  Cannell(w/o Hugh Cannel who is sworn admr);husb alive;inv 6
1690-1 A      w  McBOOY       Adam                     d 16 dec 1688;son adam(house + croft);dau cath;inv came to 3
1690-1 E      w  CORREAGE     Jane        CAINE        d 8 may 1690;sibs Phil,Cath;child dead;husb exor (she left all ye goods + crop of corn to her poor husband as a free gift')
1690-1 E      d  CURLET       John                     d 24 mar 1689/90;only dau jony admx;added note that Gilbt Cown marryed to his dau stated no goods other than those expended on funeral + a small mortgage on a meadow
1690-1 E      w  KAIGHIN      John                     d 30 apr 1690;ch john(eldest son),hester,gilbt,phill,tho,issable,wm,jony;,ellinor (jt exec with john);wife alive
1690-1 E      d  QUAY         William                  d 28 apr 1690;ch henry,wm, jony + ellin jt admrs;
1690-1 E      w  QUAYLE       William                  d 11 may 1690;names jon Cordeage, john Croughan;bro Pat, john;unnamed ch ua - Wm Harrison + John Quayle supvs;wife alive
1690-2 A      w  CANNEL       Catherine   NORRIS       d 13 apr 1691;son hugh(house),pat,jo exor;dau ann;gch cath mcbooy;dau mary;
1690-3 E      w  CAINE        Isable      STOEN        d 14 may;ch Tho,Jo,Adam,Dan + Ann jt execs;husb alive;inv 1 9s[?m john Mic 16640513]
1690-3 E      d  CAINE        William                  d 5 may;ch wm(eldest - to enjoy lands given to Wm senr in contract bargain by his father + fa-i-law Wm Quayle - major Cha Christian a subscribing wittness acks this before deemster - omitted in contract 
                                                           that land descend as inheritance - wife agrees),issable, averick, dollin + John jt admrs - eldest at age;wife alive
1690-3 E      d  CANNELL      Robert                   d 13? jun ;ch hugh,ann,margt,+ patk;wife alive;Gilbt Moore + stepdau Jane Quayle claim;
1690-3 E      w  COWLEY       Joney       QUAYLE       d 24 may;son wm,gilbt(youngest);dau isable(eldest),jony;husb exor
1690-3 E      w  COWLEY       Philip                   [rh margin lost] dated 11 oct 1690;bro wm,tho;bro-i-law Jo Loon[lost] in ireland - in regard that my practice is not throughly learnt in his trade and that he was assistant to me in the harvest leave him all my gears (except a diaper gear, a serge gear and a fine linen gear all left to wife);wife exex
1690-3 E      w  KERRAN       William                  [rh margin lost] d last day of [];ch wm,gilbt,jane,ellinr;gdau margt kerran;wife margt als lewn exex;
1691-1 A      d  CORLET       Catherine   COTTER       d 28 jan 1691;two ch admrs ua next of kin on mo's side Adam Cottier + Michael Caly + Phillip Boddaugh in behalf of their wives;husb John;inv 4 2s;1715: christian crie als corlet ack'd from her fa John Corlet
1691-1 A      w  QUAY         Samuel                   wife Margt als Christian;son wm,john exors;ch ua;inv total 2 11s
1691-1 A         KAIGHIN      Elizabeth   BARRY        dated 10 Dec 1691;husb Wm;fa dead, mo alive;sis Jony Lace als Kaighen;sisters Margt,Elln,Judith + jane Barry;has uncles on mo's side appointed execs;pregnant;Silvester Huddlestone is an exec
1691-1 A         [CLARK]      Alice       CORLET       [note names reversed in index] d 24 feb;husb sill clarke;ch gilbt + margt execs ua;30s ? due to her from Thos Crellin for nursing of his child;inv total 1 6s 3d
1691-2 A      w  CANNEL       Hugh                     d 26 jan 1691;dau christian(unpaid pt of portion);son patk,adam,wm;wife exex - died before probate her admrs adam + patk
1691-2 E 487  w  CAINE        Jony        McBOOY       d 1 nov;sibs james(+wife + ch),mally;old serv maid jony norris;names sam crelling, ellinr caine, bahy cannell;husb john exor
1691-2 E      w  CAINE        Jony        McBOOY       d 1 nov;sibs james,mally;old serv maid jony norris;husb john exor
1692-1 A      w  CANNELL      Charles                  [corner missing]son john;dau christian,jony(jt exec with john)
1692-1 A      w  KERRAN       Margaret    LEWN         d 4 apr 1692;son thos,gilbt,wm;dau cath,ellinor;inv 12s
1692-1 E      w  CANNELL      Ellinor     KARRAD       d 4 may 1692;dau christian(fa dead);dau-i-law averick cannell,elinor cannell;son adam,pat(half roof of houses - to give two couples riblefcas? to son adam  ye 1st house he would build),wm;pat+adam jt exors
1692-1 E      w  CROGHAN      Thomas                   dated 30 may 1692;list of debts + debtors inc john caine glover,john caine barnagarg;son thos,john,wm;wife cath  als cannon exex;names cath caine;inv 6 6s
1692-1 E      w  KAIghIN      William                  dated 25 may 1692;bro john,charles,gilbt;sis jony lace als kaighin,ellin;fa john (tenmt Largabraike wch he gave me) + mo Jane jt execs;witt john caine,adam cannell
1692-1 E      d  stephan      Mary        BOY          d 6 apr;sibs jame,jane + mally mcbooy;husb alive;inv 6s 6d
1692-2 A      w  CAIN         Hugh                     d 3 dec 1692;son pat;gson hugh caine;dau margt (and if Pat was too strict on account of m/c he was to return half wages he got from Tho Mcylrea for teaching him his trade) -exex
1692-2 A      w  CANNEL       Hugh                     dated 9 jun 1693;d 21 day of[?] ;son tho (houses if he would come to live in croft);wife exex;?other children as wife to bring inv'to satisfaction of court and children'
1692-2 A      w  [killip]     Christian   [COTTER]     bur 7 feb 1692;[cath cotter in index - referred to as christian cotter als killip in claims]; kinsman phil brew(andreas);names john cotter,philip bodaugh;husb thos killip + dau cath cannell + gch ann killip jt execs;philip bodaugh obo wife sworn along with thos killip
1692-2 A      w  WOODS        John                     d 7 nov ;wife dorithy;son henry(not 21);bo hugh;lands in curragh to be sold to pay fees etc - still owed 3 10s from Jony cain als christian for pt sold to her;wife + son henry jt execs;inc 1 10s
1692-2 E      w  CALLISTER    Mary        CALY         d 9 oct;unnamed husb;unnamed 3 ch execs;bro-i-law adam calister overseer;inv 13s;pledges john caine + adam caine?
1692-2 E      w  CORLETT      John                     [left margin lost on film]d 9 may;unnamed wife + 3 ch;brother john []t;names ann corlet;inv 5 4s 4d
1692-3 E 753  w  CANNELL      John                     d 26 oct 1692;2 unnamed ua daus;sibs richd + margt cannell;wife exex
1692-3 E 753  d  KELLY        Patrick                  d 30 nov [1692];ch wm, john, patrick + margt jt execs;wife alive;inv 5 14s
1692-3 E 755  d  QUAILE       Elinor      CANNELL      d 16 jan [1692/3];ch kath + thomas jt admrs - next of kin john + jony cannell;husb alive;[also a xd thru version with witt margt corjeag als quay which mentions unnamed bro + sis - husb was to be exor - ?only one witt?]
1693-1 E 025  w  CORLET       John                     d 20 mar;wife mary cloage;unnamed child - ua - wife supv;names bahy corlett 
1693-1 E 025  w  FAILE        William                  d 28 apr 1693;bro james(+ son);sis's ch margt cowley(she to see him handsomly buried),patk cowley;margt, jo + jony cowley jt execs
1693-2 A      w  CAIN         Catherine   COWLEY       d 22 mar [1693/4];son wm(cloth in walk miln),gilbt;dau ann exex;husb alive;inv 3
1693-2 A      w  CAIN         Daniel                   bur 27 mar 1693;2 ch jt execs - ua (mo to take youngest, his relns eldest);wife + uncle[of ch] wm caine sworn
1693-2 A      d  CRENEL       Catherine                d 9? mar;3 ch jony, cath + tho - ua uncles sworn supv
1693-2 A      w  MOOR         Catherine   [?quayle als] CAIN d 22 jan 1693;dau jane quayle;husb gilbt moor;had 50s in morgage land in Ballyray called Mon ni mollagh;3 ch Sam, john + jaine(owed from fa's share of goods) execs - jane sworn other ch ua
1693-2 A      w  TERE         Jony        KINDRED      d 15 apr 1694;dau jony,isabel;son john,michael.wm(jt exec with isable), tho;names cath macnameer,philip + cath carrett;
1694-1 A      w  CORLET       Alice       CANNEL       dated 22 feb 1684/5;d 11 nov;dau-i-law jony kelly;dau ann kelly als corlet;gch cath corlet;son john (jt exor with husb)
1694-2 A      w  CAIN         John                     d 17 apr 1694;son john;3 ch jt execs;wife alive;
1694-2 A      w  CANNON       Mariod      CHRISTIAN    dated 22 nov 1691;sis alice;son wm(+ wife);gch mary cannon;names jony cannon,marriod quine;husb wm exor;inv 3 2 6d
1694-3 e 197     CORLETT      Mariod      QUINE        d 27 apr 1695;ch sam;her 3 ch jt execs - jo caine overseer 'ye sd children shid nt be left or trusted one night with her son';names jony harrison, bahey corlet, tho corlett, john kelly;vide lib 1 1695;
1695-1 A      w  CAIN         William                  d 11 dec 1695;dau ellinr;stepson john cannon;wife alive exex;inv 1 10s
1695-1 A      w  CROGHAN      Catherine   QUAYLE       d 17 dec 1695;dau ann;son dan,john (jt exec with ann croaghan);names john caine,john shittleton junr,wm shittleton;
1695-1 A      w  Karrad[garre Isabel                   d 21 oct 1695;names jame quayle,ellinor kelly,john kelly,mary quayle;sis unnamed in ireland,bahey,christian;unnamed bro;jony kelly als harrison exex;court noted great charges in taking care of her;inv 15s
1695-2 A      w  KAIGHEN      John                     d 19 feb 1695/6;son hen(eldest);wife alive;bro hen;sis jony;names dan corlet;ch hen,john,cath (only one at age)+ jane jt execs;
1695-2 A      d  SHIMIN       William                  d 12 apr;4 ch john,thomas,cath + mary - ua next of kin fa's side supv - john shimmin bro of wm sworn supv
1695-3 E 303  d  KEY          John                     d 14 nov;ch wm, margery, ann + tho jt admrs;wife alive;father illeg thus wife taken tuition of ch
1696-1 A      w  CANNEL       Jony                     d 4 jan 1696;sis Ad: + christian;bro john,phil;mo exex
1696-1 A      w  KELLY        Bessy                    imperfect + disputed -  mariot relinquishes to sis cath kelly - young uncle wm killey supv 
1697-1 A      d  CANNEL       Jane        QUAIL        d 1 mar 1696;3 ch margt,alice + jane[in fa John named Cath] - ua uncle Richard(xd thro + overwritten) Wm Quail supv;inv states ch's goods in hand richd quaile;1726: cath Cannel (w/o John Quayle)acks from uncle Richd Quayle re goods of fa + mother;
1697-1 A      w  CANNEL       John                     d 11 jan 1697/8;sibs richd(the land),john;ch margt, alice + Cath jt exexs - bros to be overseers;lists debtors;
1697-2 A      w  Quayle       George                   d 12 mar 1697/8;wife exex + to keep youngest son at school + to put him to trade;son Thomas gives consent;inv 1 5s
1698-2 A         CORLETT      Isable      ALLEN        d 12 jul 1698;4 unnamed ch(inc a son + heir John, thos) supv to be her uncle Wm Corlet + bro Thos allen;niece esther christian;husb exor;next of kin mo's side Mr Saml Allen, Mr Robt Allen, Mr Robt Christian + Wm Curlett;[full] [check parish Bal or Mic]
1698-2 A      w  CORLET       Robert                   [?ballaugh as per heading]d 19 dec 1698;ch ellen, nichs + ann (10 ea),Robt(eldest - whole team + crop);wife Elizabeth als craine  initially refused to agree saying they could not bear it but he having used & uttered some words showing his great discontent gave her hand - exex;Mr Nicholas Thomson + Mr Thomas Curlet promised to perform duty of supvs towards children in their minority
1698-2 A      w  QUAYLE       Jane        KELLY        d 10 mar 1698/9;sis jony;unnamed bros;fa-i-law + mo-i-law alive;ch mary exex - ua gfa John Kelly to be supv;husb Wm;1723: Wm Christian + wife Mary als quayle ack from fa Wm Quayle of Cammal
1698-2 E      w  CALLISTER    Christian   COWLE        [CHECK as 1page poor]d 13 oct 1698;mother alive;sis ann,mally;husb exor;unnamed ch ua;inv 1 6s 
1698-2 E      d  CANNELL      Ellin       GAWN         d 9 may;only ch Adam exor - ua;husb alive;inv 5s 4d;1710 more added by father in half crop of croft + other land rented from Bishop + half roof of the houses [?tenant on Bps Demesne]
1698-2 E      w  CORJEAGE     John                     dated 21 jul 1698?;ch jony, jane(heiffer in lieu of mothers goods),john(crop, bought lands);wife margt quaye + ch john + mariod cordaige jt execs;inv 5 3s
1698-2 A         CORLETT      Isable      ALLEN        d 12 jul 1698;4 unnamed ch(inc a son + heir John, thos) supv to be her uncle Wm Corlet + bro Thos allen;niece esther christian;husb exor;next of kin mo's side Mr Saml Allen, Mr Robt Allen, Mr Robt Christian + Wm Curlett;[full] [? parish Bal or Mic]
1698-2 A      w  CORLET       Robert                   [?ballaugh as per heading]d 19 dec 1698;ch ellen, nichs + ann (10 ea),Robt(eldest - whole team + crop);wife Elizabeth als craine  initially refused to agree saying they could not bear it but he having used & uttered some words showing his great discontent gave her hand - exex;Mr Nicholas Thomson + Mr Thomas Curlet promised to perform duty of supvs towards children in their minority;1710: ann d/o Robt(late of Ballakinay) notwithstanding that uncle Wm Craine(glack) was named in will as having goods of Ann due by death of fa + mother + notwithithstanding that Wm Craine has given pledges that same were in hands of her bro-i-law Wm Curlet(who acks same) she acquits sd Wm Craine
1699   A      c  CAINE        Nicholas                 [damaged]1694 m/c John Cain + Ann Caine;dau Ann exex
1699   A      w  CANNEL       Adam                     d 11 feb 1699/1700;sibs john(crop + gears),phil,christian(2s 6d);wife(1s);bro-i-law john taggart;uncles dau xtian? cannell;mother exex
1699   A      w  CORLET       Gilbert                  d 25 dec 1699;son-i-law ad cotter;ch dollin,bahy,john(exor)
1699   A      w  GAWN         Mary        STEEN        d 5 dec 1699;ch john, cath, dollin;bro thos steen;husb wm exor;settle on son John the roof of the houses [? are they bishops demesne  tenants as they would not own the walls]
1699-1 E      d  CALLISTER    Philip                   d 5 apr;bro adam,gilbt admrs
1699-2 E      d  CAIN         Margaret    CANNEL       d sept;ch margt,cath - ua next of kin did not appear;husb alive
1699-2 E      w  CANNON       William                  [given in IoMFHSoc v3n4][bur Mic 16990827]d 25 aug;son wm(lands bought in arie),john exor;dau margt,joney,alice,ellin;witt John quayle,richd cowley;
1699-2 E      w  GAWN         Margery     Creer        d 20 aug;dau mary exex;husb alive + sworn
1699-2 E      w  HEYWOOD      Peter                    dated 12 oct 1699;[mix of latin + some english phrases - english on sep page;major heywood;whitehouse;english goods to be sold;unnamed ch;wife leonora  exex;signigicant claims;witt bishop wilson + robt fletcher;1703 Mrs leonora wood relict[m john wood aug 1700] threatened with prison as no inv;
1699-2 E      d  Quaile       Christian                d sept;ch jony, robt,jane + wm - all ua aunt Jony Quaile sworn;husb alive
1699-2 E      w  QUAYLE       William                  dated 18 sep 1699;bro davie;wifes bro john cain;son wm (ua)exor - uncles wm + david quaile supv;wife alive ;names others

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