Summary of Wills - Lezayre 1750-1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made some 75% [585/738] summarised here - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1750-1 A 20      KEWLEY       William                  d 17 mar last;dau isable (pt of a boat);mo exex
1750-1 A 21      KNEEN        Elizabeth   CALOW        d 8 apr;w/o philip;husb's bro wm kneen;dau mary callow;dau cath kneen exex;1758:john skillicorn h/o mary
1750-1 A 22      CORLETT      Henry                    d 16 apr;clenagh;son john;dau magt;ch ua;wife ann exex;witt thos corlett objected to as married to aunt of execx, also witt philip cottier objected to by a judgement of the 24keys 'which does not appear to us';1781: john corlett ballaugh h/o margt;note of witts depositions margt mylrea serv 
1750-1 E      d  KISSACK      Catherine   CORLETT      Curraugh;son robt corlett(mariner liverpool - apts John Caly as agent - witt Charles Lace + Thomas Vandee) - jt admr with Thomas Corlett
1750-2 A 40      COTTIER      William                  1st on film;d 19 nov 1750;dau margt,bahee,joney;son wm exec;gson wm cottier;1776:gson wm acks from fa wm
1751-1 A 28      GARRET       Joney                     sister Ann (husb Ewan Corlet), sister Margt, nephew Ewan Corlet's daughter, John Kewney's daughters; sister's son Paul Kewney & Paul's sister Ann; Wm Corlet 
1751-2 E      w  CALEY        Christian   Kneale       dated 22 Oct 1751;w/o Ewan;d before probate - ch Ewan,Mary,Cath.John,Thos + Patk jt admrs - Ewan sworn + Ewan Kneale (uncle by mo's side) supv
1751-2 E      w  CALEY        Ewan                     d 29 May 1751;ch Ewan(eldest),john, mary,cath, Thos, Pat;wife Christian als Kneale exex but d before probate
1751-2 E      d  QUARK        Christian   KNEALE       d 24 Jan 1750/1;ch Wm, Cath Quark jt admrs;
1751-2 E      w  KNEALE       William                  d 12 feb;mariner;uncle patk kneale,robt kneale;sis esther,isabel,cath;mo margery exex;inv
1752-1 A 25      Kelley       Margaret    CROW         d 20 nov 1751;sis barbera(all apperall);only son john ua;husb john;witt philip quayle x, jane knickel als kelly x;;uncles wm + john crow + john crebbin h/o barbara crow supvs;inv;in acc john kelly a minor s/o wm kelly of Corraddy in Lezayre;1767: john kelly acks from fa;
1752-1 A 27      COTTIER      John                     d 22 jan 1751;dau malley;names kath + henry (? ch);wife alive;inv;dispute between james clark (h/o joney cottier)+ esther cottier als cowill relict of john cottier - agreement re cutting of turf in Drim + grazing of cow etc
1752-1 A 28      KINREAD      John                     dated 5 sep 1751;close chiarn;son ewan,thos(exor);claims by Mrs Dorothy Stevenson obo Conol Jon Stevenson
1752-1 A 29      KNEAL        Mitchel                  dated 7 nov 1751;gdau bahee (d/o Michael)+ elinr kneale, eliz kneale;gson john kneale;unnamed dau-i-law;wife(parcel of land in mortgage from Michael Kneal Andreas called Knock ne Hea);wife's bro ewan crow;son Danl Kneale exor;wife christian;Exor to make good to his step-mother the defficiency of 17 in mortgage on Knock-ny ha.
1752-2 A 68      CROW         John,snr                 d 27 feb;neary;gch john + isable crow (jt execs + sworn),wm crow,bahee crow;witt Ewan kneale, Margt Kneale als Corlet
1752-2 E      d  ELLISON      John                     d beg mar 1752;ch john,esther,philip + christopher - all ua uncles richd ellison + henry colvin;wife alive
1752-3 E      d  CALEY        Catherine   CORLET       petn by john caley s/o Ewan + Cath Corlet as copy of marr settlement lost;john's sis jane west als caley;John + fa Ewan apparently didn't get on and Ewan vowed John would not benefit from his third of land (inc osier garden); in statements to court edward corlett bro of cath,
1752-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    John                     dated 15 Oct 1752;Major John Christian;son James (London - houses + land where he lived called the Garey + purchased lands both after decease of wife);sis  Corris, Davis, Ann Forbes;wife Sarah;bro-i-law + sister Fine;nephew John Joseh Bacon, Thos moore(10 + chaise he bought of Drake for his troubles);neice Sarah Clark, Jane Hinds, Christian Smith, Ann + Elizth Fine - daus to sis Fine, Sarah Hare ?,Jane Davis; 10s pa to School in Churchtown, Lezayre to be paid out of purchased known as Poors Close. Noted he had a mortgage on Dan Qualtrough's land but if Qualtrough unable to redeem not to be turned out during his life as he was a poor man 'and had to put his head in';wife Sarah exex
1752-3 E      w  CORLET       Thomas                   dated 1 jun [yr lost];wants burial in wife's grave in Lezayre church yard;son-i-law Nicholas Corlet(6d to debar him on acct of his extravagancies and bad way of living + gt ill use he has given my dau);dau Margt (w/o sd Nicholas 6d - however all interest on my lands during her life to be paid by supervisor);gson Thos Corlet (6d + lands after decease of mo Margt) but not to be sold/mortgaee but fall to his lawfull issue);names ath Corlet(widow John Corlet Balnahowin - 20s of mortgage held on Cleanaugh's curraugh);Cousin Wm Tear;appts John Caly(curraugh), Charles Corlet + John Corlet Rory both of curraugh supvs of dau Margt
1752-3 E      w  CROW         Charles                  long inv miln;glenduff
1752-3 E      d  HAMILTON     Jane                     d 8 Aug [1752];late Co Down, Ireland;sis Margt + Mary Hamilton jt admxs (neither in Isle) Mr James Watts sworn
1753-1 A 17      KERMOD       Joney       FREeR        d 14 jan 1753;son wm (+ 4 ch);dau-i-law margt kermod;2 un-named step-daus;gson john kermod;cousin jony freer;son robt exec
1753-1 A 18      CORLET       Edmund                   d 30 dec 1752;glenoldin;only ch john corlet;wife hannah als kneale exex;many creditors;ewan,john + wm corlet uncles supv;ewan,jon + wm corlet + wm mcnameer obo wife joney claim effects of decd bro danl in effects of edmd; in one claim john corlet claims money due by death of mo cath;
1753-2 A 57      GILL         Jane        GILL         d beg feb ;w/o dan gill churchtown;sons edwd,danl,ewan;son-i-law robt cottier;husb (miln mullin e killey + her part of pann);dau cath exex;son john already provided for'if he would get the paper that was in the chest'; claim by edward kissag obo himself + wife margt kissag als garret als cannell re speciality of 30 betwixt danl gill & john gill;1757 james joughin h/o cath gill
1753-2 A 58      CORLET       Margery     STEVENSON    w/o john;claddagh;son wm,john;dau margt,magery,mary (exex);goddau elizth stevenson;husb john (pledge + phillip cottier);john cottier h/o mary;1771:robt boddagh h/o magery
1753-2 A 59      CALEY        Isabel      CORLET       d 4 apr 1753;w/o john in curragh;son patk,john (to put him to trade);dau joney;bro's dau cath corlet;husb john exec + supv of minor as no mo's relns appeared
1753-2 E      d  CALLOW       Edmond                   perished river sulby 17 mar 1753;sibs john,ewan(now in dublin),joney cottier als callow(w/o david);stepson philip mcylcarane
1752-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    John                     dated 15 Oct 1752;Major John Christian;son James (London - houses + land where he lived called the Garey + purchased lands both after decease of wife);sis  Corris, Davis, Ann Forbes;wife Sarah;bro-i-law + sister Fine;nephew John Joseph Bacon, Thos moore(10 + chaise he bought of Drake for his troubles);neice Sarah Clark, Jane Hinds, Christian Smith, Ann + Elizth Fine - daus to sis Fine, Sarah Hare ?,Jane Davis; 10s pa to School in Churchtown, Lezayre to be paid out of purchased known as Poors Close. Noted he had a mortgage on Dan Qualtrough's land but if Qualtrough unable to redeem not to be turned out during his life as he was a poor man 'and had to put his head in';wife Sarah exex
1754-2 A 55      CALEY        Catherine   CORLET       of the Curraugh, Lezayre: husb Wm Cally, son John Cally, son Wm, dau Mary (md Jn Kneal by 1794)
1754-2 A 56   dg KISSAG       Esther                   ewan + hester kissag;to friend + neighbour john corlett of the claddagh;john corlet h/o margt (decd by will -> dau margt)
1754-2 A 57      GARRET       Mary                     d March 1754: Ewan Corlett (children Catharine & Christian, wife Isabel who is Executrix), Thomas Corlet & wife Catharine; goddau Cath Corteen; Cath Kneen (dau of Jn Kneen); Jane Garret
1754-2 A 58      CORLET       Robert                   d 1 apr 1754;churchtown;son robt;thos,john,james;dau dorothy,elizth,margt,mary,jane;sis-i-law mrs mary corlett;list of debtors + claims;1762: elizth andrews als corlet dau acks from bro thomas arthur corlett;;1768: dau mary dead;1776: james clarke h/o jane
1754-2 A 59      CORLET       Joney       kneale       d 19 Feb 1754: husband alive; 3 children Wm, Mary Cath, son John exec & of age
1754-2 A 60      GILL         Christian   christian als  cubon   d 6 apr 1754;w/o john gill smith;son standish [christian];1771: standish christian petns that john gill now decd but didn't pay 1 crown leg - his exex jane skillicorn;
1754-2 A 61      CROW         William                  d 30 mar;dau margt (eldest),mary (exex)
1754-2 A 70      CHRISTIAN    Ewan                     d 20 mar;un-named ch + wife exex
1754-3 E      d  COTTER       Margaret    KILLEY       d 15 Sep 1754;ch Wm, Philip, Robt , John + Jane jt admrs - all ua - uncle + aunt by mo's side John Gill + Cath Gill supvs; husb Robt Cottier(has tuition + goods by agreement) - pledges Thos Corlet(churchtown) + John Corlet (rory?); annexed inv by Anne exex + widow of John Gill decd; annexzed note 1755 by John Gill states Cottier of Nardale and that supvs accept goods worth no more than 15 which Robt Cottier agrees to hold for children
1754-3 E      d  COWLE        James                    d 4 Sep 1754;sibs Edmund, Charles(abroad) + Cath Cowle(w/o John Cleator) jt admrs but refused admin - Thos Garrett sumner of Lezayre apptd;inv
1754-2 E      d  CURGHEY      John                     d 8 yrs ago on coast guinea;due goods by will fa Ewan bk 1 1734;only sis elizth curghey admx
1754-3 E      d  GARRETT      John                     d Sep 1753;ch John, Wm, Edmond, Cath + Ann jt admrs - only John present(+ sworn) - pledges John Gill(Churchtown) + John Corlet(rory) of the Curragh ;
1754-3 E      w  GILL         John                     dated 14 Oct [1754?];joiner;Chruch-town;nephew John Gill(to be put to trade), Patk Gill(3 to put him to trade), Edm Gill, James Gill;niece Jane Gill,Esther Gill, Cath Gill;(money in mortgage in Balnacarky meadow);wife Ann Gill exex;sis Isable Gill (Ballaganea);1771: Chas Casement h/o Esther Gill, Wm Radcliffe h/o Jane Gill, Ewan Kneal h/o Cath Gill;1774: John Skillicorn h/o Jane Gill (d/o Isable Gill s/o John Gill the testator) 
                                                           - refers to will of Isable arch reg 1758 bk 2 + that of John Gill  arch reg 1770 bk 2;1775: John Crow(Ballacottier, Lezayre) now h/o Dorothy Gill formerly w/o Edmund Gill(Ballagarrow) acks [Dorothy Tear m Edmund Gill Mic 17341206;1775: John Gill (now Maughold but formerly Lezayre) acks all due from uncle John Gill(moar [senr]);
1755-1 A 20      MOLLECHARANE William                  d 7 feb 1755;unnam ch;son thomas;cousin edwd mylecarane;wife exex;ch ua bro-i-law philip steven ballaugh + steven kneale to be overseers
1755-1 A 21      CORTEEN      Robert                   d beg nov 1754;son john,thomas;dau margt,cath;wife Mabel + dau cath jt exexs [m Mabel Kneen Lez 17270302]
1755-1 E         CALLOW       Elizabeth   cannel       d 31 mar 1710;no decree found;sons wm + robt who authorised their nephew thos garret to act;
1755-1 E      d  SILK         Abraham                  doctor;dept isle some 30yrs ago;no person appeared;gnl sumner acted upon request of abbey setting quest sulby grange (sold james wilson 22)
1755-2 E      d  Cowley       Ellinor     Cowley       d 20 Apr 1755;ch Alice(w/o Paul Clague) + Margt(w/o John Cottiman) jt admrs - John(eldest son having had a m/c)
1755-2 E      w  KEWN         Robert                   d 12 May 1755;ch Wm(eldest son), Mary (only dau) + other unnamed ch; wife Margt als Quayle;noted that debts abt 7 and that son to mortgage 1 or 2 daymoth to cover;wants bro-in-law? Wm Garret + Thos Quayle as supovs of children;widow notes debts more extensive + most debts due to purchased lands + need mortgage 14
1755-3 E      w  CROW         Margaret                 made 2 yrs ago;ch Margt Crow(eldest dau - houses + land), Mary Crow(youngest dau - exex);husb Wm
1755-3 E      d  CRY          Edward                   d 14 Oct 1755;only bro Wm Cry admr
1755-3 E      d  CURGHEY      John                     d 12 Oct 1755;ch Wm, Alice(w/o Philip Tear), Cath, Mary, Margt + Isabel - all at age - jt admrs
1755-3 E      w  KNEALE       Isabel                   d end of sept last;Glenoldyn;ch Mary, Robt, Ewn, Margt, Isable, Jane + Cath - eldest son Edmd already provided for;husb Ewn exor; - pledges Patr + John Kneale
1756-1 A 20      CURGHEY      Margaret    LOWCAY       [full]dated 8 Aug 1754;Ballakillinghan;ch Quayle Curghey;gch John Curghey, Edwd, Alice + Jane Curghey,John Stevenson, Margaret Curlet(d/o Capt Thos Corlet(Glentramman), Eleanor Stevenson, Jane Stevenson(exex)(by 1761 w/o Matthias TaggartCastletown);ggch Margt Curlet(Glentraman);
1756-1 E      d  GARRET       John                     perished by sea coast of scotland  23 oct 1755;ch margt,ellinor - both ua uncles chas,wm + paul garret;wife alive
1756-1 E      w  GELL         Thomas                   perished by sea coast of scotland  23 oct 1755;ch cath,john,thos,charles + mary - all ua uncles thos gell;wife cath als kaighin;pledges thos gell(malew),gilbt Kaighin(douglas)
1756-2 A 45      CAIN         Catherine   STEPHenson   d 10 mar ;son patrick(now out of this isle - if he comes),john + james (jt exors with isable);dau margt,isabel;
1756-2 A 46      KINREAD      Thomas,snr               d 18 feb 1756;dau ann(eldest),esther;son Ewan,wm,philip,thos (eldest);wife mary;1765: mathias caven h/o ann
1756-2 A 48      crowe        William                  d beg may 1756;nappin;son math crowe exor
1756-2 E      w  CORLET       Robert,snr               d 7 May 1756;declared Jul 1755;Nappin;ch Robt, Christian +  Elinor(jt exexs - 2 dau out of Island - Robt to pay 12 to them within 6 yrs); wife Margt
1756-2 E      w  KNEALE       Catherine   KILLIP       d May 1756;Glenoldin;ch Cath, Jane, Margt(sheep in Cronk-ne-mona) + Mary (other sheep) - jt exexs; dau-i-law Elinor(w/o John Kneal);gch Danl Kneale
1756-2 E      d  RADCLIFFE    Stephen                  d 17 apr 1756;only ch mary ua kindred on fa side Patr Cowle, John Cleator, Dan Tear, Phil Kneale, Ro Cannell + Alice Kaneen;wife cath later married john garret (andreas)
1756-3 E      w  GARRETT      Ellinor                  d july last;son charles,wm,paul;husb john exor;names christian crow,joney garrett,margt garrett,joney garrett (clothes),joney crinnell,jane quark
1756-3 E      w  GARRETT      William                  d aug past [bur lez 17560811];son wm,thomas,john;wife isable exex;ch ua uncles thos garrett + ro calcott [h/o joney garrett m Mau 17440522] [full]
1757-1 A 20      CORMODE      Daniel                   [full]d 30 jan 1757;sis esther (ch),jane (son),cath wattleworth;names patk cormode;godson danl cormode;sis son thos castyle;names thos + cath castyle;names margt cowle,danl howland,ewan corkill,cath crow (w/o danl);john castyl h/o  esther;philip brew h/o jane;john wattleworth h/o cath;
1757-1 A 22      ANDREWS      Edward                   wife Elizth Andrews als Corlet,sis grace smith [m Lez 17561112 ?no ch]
1757-1 A 24      CROW         John                     of the Nary, Lezayre, died 9 Feb: son John Crow, son William, dau Isabel, grandson William Corlet, wife Margt Crow, dau Bahee Crow
1757-1 E      d  SKILLICORN   Ellinor     CORLET       d 22 feb 1757;3ch john,thos + wm ua unc + aunt arthur lace,wm lace + bahee corlett;husb ewan;inv
1757-2 A 49      KINREAD      Ewan                     d 23 apr 1757;son thos,ewan;dau mary (w/o john kneen + ch in son john john);wife alive
1757-2 E         GARRET       Ewan                     dated 20 feb 1757 hexam;mo mary als taylor;witt edwd christian + anne corteen
1757-2 E      d  GILL         Daniel                   d 27 jan 1757;churchtown;ch john,edwd,danl,ewan + cath;edw,danl + ewan abroad,cath's husb absent;
1757-2 E      d  KEGG         Margaret    QUAYLE       d 24 apr 1757;ch ann,john + wm all ua uncles john quayle,thos stephan + james cain;pledges mr arthur cowle lez + thos cannell kk michl;inv,sale
1757-2 E      w  WATTLEWORTH  Margaret    QUAYLE       d 23 may 1757;made 1 feb 1757;son john wattleworth;dau jane,margt,mary,dorothy (youngest);husb john;no relns on mo's side appeared
1757-3 E      d  GELL         Catherine   CASHIN       d apr 1757;only son thos (his dau ann gell)
1757-3 E      dg GILL         Daniel                   dau cath joughin als gill;
1757-3 E      d  KILLIP       William                  perished by sea 20 sept 1757;sibs john + mary
1758-1 E      d  CORKIL       Margaret    CALOW        d 30 jan 1758;only dau margt of la;
1758-2 A 76      CROW         Margaret    CORLET       made 19 Dec 1755: bro Rbt Corlet, nephew Robt Corlet, Esther Corlet, Margt Cowle, Ellinor and Cath Corlet, bro Nicholas Corlet of the Kelly (he is left the meadow at the Clennagh), husb Wm Crow exec
1758-2 E      d  CASTYL       Ann         GOLDSMITH    d 10 Nov 1757;ch Wm, John + Thos - jt admrs;pledges Ewan Crow sumner+ John Gill both Lezayre
1758-2 E      d  NIDDERAGH    Dollin                   d easter day [26 Mar] 1758 suddenly in church;ch Thos (ua) + Cath jt admrs - cath relinquishes to Wm Camaish (stepson of Dollin) but with some condittions - both sworn;wife Joney;inv;
1758-3 E      d  GARRET       Ann                      d/o philip + elizth sutcliffe;d 27 dec 1756;sibs whole blood philip,wm,ewan,elizth,margt + alice;alice ua;
1758-3 E      w  GARRET       John                     ballabroy;son philip (eldest - house in spotland (yorks);long will (wide + diff to read on microfilm);bro philip dead by probate;some ch ua 1764: dau jane at la;philip cannon peel h/o dau margt;philip's wife elizt als sutcliffe;son wm;dau ann (dead by 1760);clement wear h/o dau elizth (douglas)
1758-3 E      d  GARRETT      Mary        CALEY        d 12 aug;ch thos,phil,john,ellr,wm,jane;wm john ua;ann had marr settl;pledges john kneale thos teare sulby
1759-1 A 27      KNEEN        Eleanor     KINREAD      d dec 1758;widow;bro's sons ewan + thos kinread (knock-garrow);cousin margt kewney als garret (w/o thos) execx
1759-1 E      d  CALEY        Catherine   CARIN        d 10 dec 1758;7 ch john,cath,mary (abroad),elizth,ewan,philip + isable;husb john;inv
1759-1 E      d  CALEY        Ewan                     d 4yrs ago in jamaica ;commonly called hugh;sibs john + ann (abroad)
1759-1 E      d  CROW         Catherine   QUARK        d 21 dec 1758;ch wm + john both ua uncle wm radcliffe supv;husb ewan;inv
1759-1 E      d  LORD         Esther      KNICKAL      d 4 mar 1759;ch wm,john,esther + henry (3 last ua);admr thos garret uncle by fa side + wm knickal uncle mo's side;1766 wm + john sworn supv; 1776 john,hen + esther ack from wm knickal + hugh martin h/o jane garrett widow of thos garret their uncle;inv
1759-1 E      d  LORD         John                     h/o esther;d 10 mar 1759
1759-1 E      d  MOORE        Nicholas                 d 22 oct 1756 in dublin;only son emanuel
1759-2 E      d  CORLET       William                  d 22 nov 1758;only son john
1759-2 E      d  COTTIER      Isabel      QUARK        d 22 Nov 1768;ch Jane, Cath + Christian (lat 2 ua + Jane incapable) - uncles + aunt by mo's side Thos Fargher, James Kermod + Mary Mccylroij supvs; husb Ro Cottier; pledges John Corrin + Patr Killip both Kk Lonan;inv
1759-2 E      w  CROW         John                     dated 19 mar 1749/50;mariner;to cross the seas in a short time;mo isabel crow;bro charles
1759-2 E      w  KNEALE       Elizabeth   SAYLE        d 9 Jun 1759;Glenoldyn;unnamed ch(some had m/cs);gch Elizth Quayle;husb Robt Kneale exor;
1759-2 E      w  KNEALE       Ewan                     d 17 May [1759];ch Ann, Robt, John, Wm, Mary, Ewan(exor),Wm(eldest son - if dispute lands with Ewan + wins then to pay 10 ); 1759: Ewan Kneale of Sulby acks indebted to sibs;1769: Ewan acks 10 from Wm, Robt + Ann ack goods from Ewan
1759-2 E      d  KNEEN        Elizabeth   GARRET       d 14 feb 1759;3 ch john,margt + edmd (ua);husb edmd
1759-2 E      w  TEARE        John                     d 3 May 1759;Sleue Mainagh;ch John(land + qtr of crop), Anne, Margt, Jane, Isabel, Joney - some ua; wife Margt jt exec with John;1771: Philip Garrett h/o Margt acks, Edward Quayle h/o Ann acks;
1759-3 E      a  Kena         John                     agreement [NSS May 1757 29] dated 20? Mar 1753; John Kena agrees to settle all goods on wife Mary if he predeceases reserving 30?s to his sis Bahee Kneen als Kena;Mary settles all on John if predeaces reserving 30s to sis  Ann Lace als Nidderagh + Catherine Christian als Nidderagh; Witt Tho Callow x, Edmd Kneen senr - accepted as will Mary sworn pledges Tho Cannell junr (fourtowns Kk Michael) + Wm Lace(vitchell, Lezayre)
1760-1 E      d  McNAMEER     William                  d 23 feb 1759;ch wm,john,edmd,james(ua);wife alive;pledges John Gill smith.john Giill wheelwright both lezayre
1760-2 E      d  KERMEEN      Catherine   mchood       d 18 Apr 1760;ch John, Margt + Cath jt amrs - all ua - Margt Venables(sis by mo's side) + Wm Martin + Thos Vondy (next of kin by fa's side within this Isle) sworn supvs;at Court Robt Cottier(Lezayre) sued Margt Venables etc for supvs for maintenance of Cath (the youngest), John is maintained by a charitable neighbour, Margt by Vondy + Martin who also helpeldest child - Margt Venable poor and unable tomaintain ch as at service - others agree that 30s be paid
1761-1 A 64      CLAGUE       Joney       STEPHEN      declared 12 Jan 1761;d 21 Mar 1761;husb Arthur;stepch Arthur Clague, Esther Clague;only son Wm Cross (jt exor with husb Arthur)
1761-1 A 65      CORLET       William                   made 27 Dec 1759: dau Joney, son Wm, son Tho, wife Mary Corlet
1761-1 E      d  CORLET       Margaret    CROW         d 6 feb 1761;ch esther,christian,ellinr + cath;son robt had mar set;john qualtrough h/o esther,john mcylevorrey h/o christian;pledges robt + thos corlet (both lezayre)
1761-1 E      d  Gill         John        Killey       d about 20 years on return from Virginia;mariner s/o John + joney Gill decd;lands by decease mo Arch 1720-2;bros Ewan + James decd who survived him;sis jane now w/o Edwd Corlet;ch of Ewan ellinor,cath + dorothy - widow margt(ch have 1/3 share);c/o james ua - uncle Hen + john kneale;
1761-1 E      d  KILLIP       John                     d some time last summer on voyage returning from virginia;only sis mary (w/o patk kewn) - reliquish admn to mo Mary;
1761-1 E      d  KISSACK      William                  s/o ewan + mary kissack als kinread;mariner;bros whole blood michael + mark kissack;sibs half blood john,robt,thos,ann,joney,margt + christian kissack; admrs declare no goods on island excpt some lands which descend as inheritance
1761-2 E      w  GARRETT      Isabel      KNEAL        sons wm, john;dau isabel exec;henry inch h/o isabel ;pledges philip cottier + arthur lace both ramsey;
1761-3 E      w  CROW         Thomas                   dau alce,margt exex(w/o john quine)
1761-3 E      w  GArret       Mary        KEWN         d aug 1761;widow;ch , Mary, William (Husbandry Gears ), Elizabeth, Robert, exec 
1762-1 A 23      GOLDSMITH    William                  d 8 Nov 1761;Balladooile?;[will dated 3 Nov 1759];ch Isable(eldest dau), Mary, Cath, Ann, Wm, John(heir) - some ua;wife Christian als Kneale exex;pledges Wm Kneale(Curraugh beg Kk Bride)+ Wm Kneale(Ballacowle, Lezayre); 1766:John Caley(Carpinter) h/o Mary acks;
1762-1 A 24      CALEY        Philip                   d 13 Feb 1762;sibs Patt exor, Cath;
1762-1 A 26      KNEALE       Robert                   [=NSS May 1756 47];deed of gift dated 16 Oct 1754;Robt Kneal (Ramsey)+ wife Margt give to daus Margt (Martin als Kneale)+ Joney(w/o Wm Joughin) house in Ramsey on Moaraugh? where our son-i-law Wm Martin + Alexr Johnston now live + cellar adj sd house + the [] or Apartment where our son Ewan lives;ch Ewan + Elizth excluded [?had m/cs];accepted as will Robt +Wm Joughin + Margt Kneale execs;1766: Ewan acks Wm Joughin  re legacy from fa + mo decd;Timothy Lillin(Ramsey) h/o Elizth acks + states both her parents dead
1762-1 A 27      LOONEY       Mary        CLARK        d17 Mar 1761;ch Ann Looney(if alive),Jane(w/o Wm Kneale), Mary Looney,Cath (w/o Thos McGown) exex;gch Jane Looney;[m Lez 17000107]
1762-1 E      w  CORLET       Jane        CLAGUE       d end Aug 1761;husb Thos Corlett;ch Patt, Robt + Thos jt exors
1762-1 E      d  CROW         Margaret    CORLET       d 18 Nov  1761;ch Margt, Elizth, Ellr, Edmnd, Ann, James + Ewan jt admrs (last 3 ua  + another an idiot - 3 eldest + uncle Thos Corlet supvs); husb Ewan; - pledges John Gill(als Quirk) [sic ] + Wm Kneale(Ballacowle) both Lezayre
1762-2 A 73      GARRET       Bahee       JOUGHEN      d 24 Feb 1762;ch Ann Corkil, John, Joney,Mary Garrett - all ua;husb John exor;claims
1762-2 A 74      CALEY        Ewan,junr                d 15 Apr 1762;Ballacally?;sibs John,Edmund,Thos,Wm(looms),Matthias,Patk, Edward, Margt,Jane;parents Ewan + Bridget execs;acks (some dates lost on film) Thos Killey h/o Margt,1766: Wm, Matthias,Thos Garrett(h/o Jane);
1762-2 A 75      CORLET       John                     d 8 Feb 1762: sons Wm & Jn, dau Ellinor, dau Alice exec
1762-2 A 76      CALEY        Catherine                d 14 Nov 1762;sibs Wm Caley, John(+ dau Mary, Patrick(+wife Margery + ch Ewan, Philip + Margt - last 2 jt execs);names Margt Stephen;half bro Patk(some goods she kept for the linen she gave on her half brother to the grave) - will contested but not continued with - Philip + Margt ua their fa Patk sworn;inv;1776: Mo + Philip + Margt d 1764 - Margt sues for her share of Cath's legacy + that of her mo.
1762-2 E      w  CALEY        Mary                     d 2? Jul 1762;sibs Thomas, Margt, Cath exex; mother alive
1762-2 E      w  CORLET       Thomas                   d 15 Jun 1762;names Thos Corlet(s/o Nicholas Corlet), Christian Corlet(d/o Ewan Corlet); bro Wm(+ son Nicholas); wife Cath als Caine als Cottier exex
1762-3 E      w  CALEY        Ann         KILLIP       undated - headed 1762, decree Nov 1763;ch Wm, Cath Caley exex;niece Isable Shimin;gch John Caley; names Margt, Jane Cath Caley d/o son-i-law John Caley [?ch by a prev marr?]
1762-3 E      d  CORLET       Margaret                 d Oct 1761;spinster;sibs John, Elizth, Jane, Thos, Cath, Isabel, Edmond + Ann jt admrs - only John + Elizth at age
1762-3 E      d  CROW         Patrick                  d May 1761;ch Patk + Wm Crow jt admrs - both ua - uncle Thos Crow supv;wife Cath;pledges Wm Caley + John Caley (both Lezayre) - John Caley asks for release + Thos(s/o Nicholas Corlet entered;inv
1762-3 E      w  GARRET       Ewan                     d 8? Oct 1762;ch John, Joseph;gch Joseph Garret; wife Christian als Goldsmith exex; Witt Wm Cottier x, Mariat Curghey als Garet x
1762-3 E      w  GARRET       Margaret    TEARE        d 13 Oct 1762;husb Philip Garret;sibs Philip Tear, Elinor Stevenson als Killip;maidserv Margt Tear;niece Margt Tear, Mary Costean, Ann Tear; nephew Gilbt Tear, Daniel Tear, John Tear(Ballaugh,+ ch John, Ann) exor;sis-i-law Cath Tear;names Mary Crain als Quilliam
1762-3 E      dg KILLIP       Grace       KILLEY       Deed of Gift [=NSS May 1761 32] dated 6 Jan 1760 ;Thos Killip(Glan More, Lezayre) + wife Grace als Killey gift to son Jon Killip all our estate - half now + rest at decease of longest liver; John to stay with parents, maintain them+ see decently buried;Witt Wm Kewley;accepted as will - son John sworn exor
1763-1 A 29      COWLE        Averick     COWLEY       ch Danl(2 daymoth in Dry Close - to repay loans from Charles Lace + Cath Tear), Charles(if he comes), Esther + Margt jt exexs; gch Charles Cowle
1763-1 A 30      WATTLEWORTH  Margaret                 [Full]
1763-2 A 73      RADCLIFFE    John                     d 26 dec 1762;fa wm
1763-2 A 74      CORLET       Ann         COWIN        d 31 Jan 1763: son Robt Corlet, dau in law Mary Corlet als Sayle, cousin Jane Kneen, granddau Ann Corlet, husb Thomas Corlet exec 
1763-2 A 75      RADCLIFFE    Isabel      CURGHEY      d 1 mar 1763;only ch margt;fa john exor;witt cath crow als lace,margt christian
1763-2 A 76      CORLET       John                     of the Claddagh, Lezayre: son John Corlet, dau Mary Cottier, dau Margaret Corlet, son William Corlet, dau Marjery Corlet (exec; md Rbt Boddaugh by Mar 1764), & in addendum dated xxxxx: Wm Tear junr of Ballaugh got a legacy  from Uncle Wm Corlet of Ballaugh who died in 1788 by Wm Tear's gfa Rbt Corlet & Aunt Mary Boddaugh als Corlet exec of gma Ann Corlet;       also named are John Cottier & wife of John Corlett & Wm Corlet & Margt
1763-2 A 77      CROW         Edward                   [full]d 2 mar 1763;nappin;dau cath (not 21),ann;son john (ua);ewan crow sumner + next of kin supv;wife ellinor;1779 danl taggart h/o cath;
1763-2 E      d  CROW         Isabel      CLARK        d 12 Apr 1763;BallaCottier;ch Edmd, Wm, Margt, Mary + Anne jt admrs - all at age; husb John Crow;pledges Wm Crow(Glanduff) + Christorpher Corkill(Ramsey); annexed agreement by ch with father John to pay them 10ea as a quit claim; 1773: Matthias Cowle h/o Margt; inv
1763-2 E      w  KILLIP       Mary        CALEY        d 12 May 1763;ch Wm + Thos(youngest sons - ua), John(eldest son);names Joney Quayle(in house with her);husb Nicholas Killip exor;
1763-2 E      d  RADCLIFFE    Thomas                   d 1 Jun 1762;(d in Kk Andreas); only dau Margt Radcliffe admx - ua - next of kin fa's side John + Richd Radcliffe supvs - tuition to John Curghey gfa by mo's side; pledges John Curghey(Ewan, Lezayre) + Christopher Corkill(Ramsey);addl James + Jane Radcliffe Kk Arbory to be sworn supvs
1763-2 E      w  TEARE        Thomas                   d 27 Apr 1763;Sulby;wife Cath als Curghy exex( agrees  that parcel of Curragh called Cleany veg be mortgaged to pay debts); ch Cath(lands but wife duuring lifetime);bro Wm(2nd son John to have lands if testatotr's dau dies ua); names George Broadfoot; claims
1763-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Charles                  d 17 Jun 1763;ch Joney(younger dau - ground called Croitt(xd thru)-ne-Laggagh in lieu of what due from mo), Wm(Jony's bro otherwise unnamed son), Margt;son-i-law John Curghey; names severl who owe money;dau Jony + Margt jt exexs - neighbour John Crowe to be guardian for Jony
1763-3 E      d  GARRET       Ann         CORLET       d 3 Nov 1763;only ch John Garrett admr - ua - mo's side uncles Richd Corlet, Thos Corlet, Thos Christian + James Christian; husb Wm Garret; 1790: John acks + discharges Wm
1763-3 E      d  KINREAD      Mary        GARRET       d 4 oct 1763;only ch ewan ua uncles wm + robt garret supv;husb thos;pledges Robt cottier snr + john cottier jnr both lezayre;dispute between supv - mary kinread als madrel  of  Cronk Garow(widow by marr settlmnt) mo of ewan + thos; inv
1763-3 E      d  KINREAD      Thomas                   d may 1763;dau ann admx;son wm had marr settl;
1764-1 A 15      CASEMENT     Esther      CURGHEY      d 9 jul 1763;widow;grange;dau esther(w/o john quayle),leonora casement,mary (w/o patk davidson);son john,thos(heir);gch thos,robt ann casement;serv maid cath kissag;leonora + mary exexs(?leonora widow)
1764-1 A 16      CANNELL      Thomas                   d feb 1763;closechiarn;sis cath cannell,jane kinread als cannell exex(w/o gilbert);bro danl(ch jony,cath,mary)
1764-1 A 17   dg CASEMENT     Charles                  Charles Casement of Lezayre & wife Catherine Casement als Corlet, deed made 1762: son Thomas Casement.  Charles died abt 1764.   son John Casement
1764-1 A 18      CROW         Isabel      CORLET       Glanduff, Lezayre, Deed of Settlement made 175x; died 1764: son William Crow of Glanduff ('her only child living of so many which she had');  John Corlet and Eliz: Corlet als Crow als Casement his wife enter a claimant against executors of Isabel Crow.  Dispute between Wm Crow of Glanduff, Lezayre and John Corlet & wife Elizabeth (who formerly dwelt at Glanduff) + Wm Corlet of the Claddaugh & wife Isabel 
1764-1 E      d  CALEY        Marjery     QUAYLE       d 10 Aug 1763;ch Philip, Patrk + Margt - all ua - uncles by mo's side John Quayle, Wm Quayle + Danl Curghey supvs;husb Patr (goods + ch committed to him) - pledges John Cowle + Robt Curghey (both Lezayre)
1764-1 E      dg GARRET       William                  =dog  NSS May 1760 23; dated 3 Mar 1759; Wm Garrett(Andreas) gives to friends Daniel Cowll + wife Caterin als Garrett a parcel of intack part of Killip's Close rent 4.75d;Witt Jon Radcliffe x, Philip Radcliff - as will Danl Cowll sworn admr
1764-1 E      d  KNEAL        Robert                   d 23 Jan 1764;ch Cath (w/o John Caine)+ Mary(w/o John Quay) jt admrs - husbs sworn; wife alive
1764-1 E      d  TEARE        Catherine                d in minority 25 dec 1763; right via will fa thos 1763;falls to  john teare s/o wm teare (jt ua thus fa wm has effects)
1764-2 A 56      KNEEN        Ann                      d 23 feb 1764;nephew john kneen exor(dau cath);niece cath kneen
1764-2 E      w  COTTIER      Ann         KEWNEY       d 2 jun 1764;husb john kerrow more;son john(eldest),thos,wm(ua needs support during natural life);dau ester,jane,margt,ann(w/o wm corlet)
1764-2 E      d  KNEALE       James                    left 20 yrs ago; s/o mitchell kneale only sis margt 
1765-1 E      d  CORLET       Ann                      sisters - sibs john thos edmund cath isabel; john at age
1765-1 E      d  CORLET       Elizabeth                see ann
1765-1 E      d  CORLET       Jane                     see ann
1765-1 E      d  CURGHEY      Ewan                     perished at sea off coast of scotland 25 mar;sibs wm john edmund, cath margt ann alice eliz;edm eliz ua, cath out of isle;
1765-1 E      d  KILLIP       John                     d 30 apr; 2 ch margt esther;wife margt killip als cannell;uncles  thos cottier h/o esther 
1765-2 A 92      CORLET       Ewan,snr                 Ardale, Lezayre: wife Ann (she is left all their spinning manufactory, called graise in Manks), son John, son Wm, grandson Ewan the son of son Ewan
1765-2 A 94      CORLET       Isabel      MCYLCARANE   d feb 1765;niece margt cowley;son john exor;names alice,john + cath cleater + others;
1765-2 E      d  CALEY        Mary                     Mary + Thomas c/o John Caly having goods by will Arch 1758 bk 2  - Mary d 5 Jul 1763, Thos 12 Feb 1765; - sis Cath (sworn)+ Margt (ua) jt admxs
1765-2 E      d  CALEY        Thomas                   see Mary
1765-2 E      d  CORLET       Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d 1 Nov [];Glentramman;ch John, Thos, Cath, Isabel + Edmd jt admrs - John at age + supv, Thos infirm others ua; admin to prin creditor John Cowle; husb Capt Thos Corlet; claims ;pledges John Cottier junr + Wm Crow (both Lez) petn agst John Cowle + request to be released - debts exceed effects, John Cowle petitions that there is a small intack whereon a little house erected wch should be sold + also claims other goods concealed + asks for a jury;inv
1765-2 E      d  COWLE        Christian   KNEEN        d 12 Feb 1763;only dau Isabel admx
1765-2 E      w  COWLE        Arthur                   dated 27 apr 1765;kella;dau ann,cath(w/o wm starr in ireland - shannon grove co limerick appts mrs isabella connor dublin atty as he is so remote),isabel,mary (w/o wm cowll grenaby,leonora - archdeacon's close),jane(w/o standish christian),eliz;son john heir;son-i-law john brew of gilcagh;sis mary;son john disputes but agrees to pay ann 25;1770 ann now mrs ann corlet w/o john,john kelvin h/o leonora;much further papers
1765-2 E      d  KILLIP       Esther                   d 9 jun 1765;orphan d/o john killip (1765-1 epis);only sis margt ua uncles thos killip + thos cottier (by fa side);pledge wm cannel dead by 1774;
1765-2 E      d  QUILLIAM     Jane        CORLET       d 28 apr 1765;only son john
1765-3 E      w  CALEY        John                     John Caley(Rule);d beg Aug last;ch Patt(his testament book, sheep in money voar known as Cearey-Jone-doo?), John(his pt Gubon's croft) exor, Joney; mentions limestones at home + rest at the Strand;
1765-3 E      w  COTTIER      Robert                   d 14 Sep 1765;ch Wm, Thos, John, Isable, Margt (6d ea), Robt exor;gch Jane Cottier, Wm Cottier
1765-3 E      d  DAVIDSON     Mary        CASEMENT     d 30 Aug 1765;only child James Davidson ua - uncle (mo's side) John Quayle supv;husb Patr Davidson(schoolmaster);inv
1765-3 E      d  GARRET       John                     d 5 jun 1758 in minority;due goods death fa wm (ep 1756-3);only lawful bro thos admr - ua uncle robt garrett
1765-3 E      w  QUARK        William                  d May 1765;ch Ellinor, Jane, Bahee, Catherine(all lands + his pt of gears);sis Cath Quark(during life - little house called the Shaimer + as much ground as necessary for sowing a quart of flax seed);wife jane als Kneale exex
1766-1 A 37      LACE         William                  [full];dau mary;gch wm + ann tear;son-i-law danl tear (h/o mary);dau ann;wife alive;friend wm lace kerroodoo exec
1766-1 E      d  KILLEY       John                     d 29 Jan 1766;sibs James, Ewan, Wm + Ellinor jt admrs - only James at age; goods secured under decree of mother Ellinor bk 3 1755 + father Ja Gill(als Killey) bk-2 1756;
1766-2 A 77      KINREAD      Mary                     d 25 nov 1766;ballnamannaugh;son thomas,ewan,wm (if he come);dau ann cabenn (w/o nathaniel caveen),esther kelly (w/o Robt);son philip (still in apprenticeship)
1766-2 A 78      KNEEN        Catherine   KNICKLE      d beg Apr;ch Christian(eldest dau),cath(exex);gdau Cath Wade;1786?: Thos Kinread h/o cath wade legatee;
1766-2 E      w  CALEY        Catherine   KEWLEY       d 10 Apr 1764;ch John, Wm, Patk, Margt, Cath, Anne;husb Wm exor; Wm+Patk ua - ch at age to be supv;pledges Ewan Skillicorn + John Kewley(also witnesses)
1766-2 E      d  CORLET       John                     d 4 Apr 1766;ch Mary + Cath (two youngest - others had m/cs) jt admxs;pledg John Corlet (their bro) + Thos Corlet(Druin)
1766-2 E      w  KEWLEY       William                  d 2 May 1766;'old + feeble';ch Charles, Wm, Joseph, Ann, John, Thomas, Daniel , Ellinor exex;wife alive;pledges + wiits Gilbt Christian + Dan Lace(both Andreas)
1766-3 E      w  CALEY        Joney                    d mid Aug 1766;names Cath Christian, Joney Quayle, Margt Stephan (+ others all clothes);bro Patk Caley, John Caley exor
1767-1 A 20      CURGHEY      John                     d 5 January 1767: daus Joney & Ann Curphey, dau Esther, dau Bridget Curphey, wife Isabel Curphey, son & heir John Curphey.    dau Ann had married Luke Wate of Whitehaven, Cumberland by Sep 1767
1767-1 E      w  CORLET       Isabel      FAYLE        d jun ;son thos,patk jt exors;
1767-1 E      w  COTTIER      William                  d 23 Oct 1766;son-i-law Robt Kelley;wife Joney(crop etc - also the lowest room );ch Cath (his part of the loft or room above - w/o Robt Kelly)exex, Mary(w/o Thos Bridson), Patk
1767-1 E      d  GARRET       William                  d 9 Mar 1766;ch Thos, Philip, Wm, John, Elinor, Anne + Jane(w/o Wm Corlet) jt admrs - a will later found (in Arch Reg) the decree declard void
1767-1 E      d  KILLIP       Thomas                   d May 1766;ch Wm + Ann jt admrs - Ann ua but Wm incapable + unwilling - prin creditor John Caly admr;claims;inv + sale
1767-2 A 59      GARRET       William                  d Mar 1766;ch Thos, Philip, Ann, Joney, Ellinor, Wm + John (youngest sons) jt exors;names Ann Kermod;inv; there was a petn by John alledging that Wm + Wm Corlett had attempted to gain admin but John had the will proved
1767-2 E      d  KNEALE       Edmond                   d 24 jan 1767;sibs john,robt,leonora (w/o john knickel)+ isabel(w/o john corlet);fa wm
1767-2 E      d  QUILLIAM     Robert                   d 25 may 1767;ch john,thos + isabel refused to act - prin creditor sarah christian admr
1767-3 E      w  CALEY        Margery                  d 26 May 1767;ch Wm(houses + lands),Jane(w/o Ewan Caley) exex;gch eldest in Killibricki (name Mary xd thru);
1767-3 E      w  KNEALE       William                  d 17 Jul 1767;Glan-aldin;names Mary Cowin;wife Anne exex;mentions house in Douglas;
1767-3 E      w  RADCLIFFE    William                  d 15 jun 1767;bro's son wm radcliffe(Maughold);sis cath kneen;wife ann exex;witt edmond crow x,john crow - both pledges + of lezayre
1768-1 A 35      CHRISTIAN    John                     d 28 dec 1767;bro danl;nephew thos garrett + his sis Isabel + fa daniel;nephew john garrett exec
1768-1 A 36      CROW         Joney       COTTIER      d 20 dec 1767;will made 21 nov;nappin;son wm (abbey land - west hill pt of nappin);dau isabel exex,margt(+ her ch)
1768-1 A 37      KELLY        Joney       COTTIER      d 8 mar 1767;son john,wm exor;dau jane(w/o thomas kaughin)
1768-1 A 38      McYLCHARANE  Thomas                   d Apr 1767;ch Wm(eldest son), Thos, Joney - some ua;wifeJoney(? pregnant) exex(+ purchased lands);wants Gilbt Christian + his sis Isabel Mylecharane overseers
1768-1 E      w  CORLET       Jane                     d 3 Jun 1767;sis-i-law Mary Little;namesEwan Kneale(Robert + h/o Margt), Ewan + Wm Corlet(in the gill);niece Joney Corlet exex;witt Anne Knickel als Kermad, Joney Corlet als Crebbin
1768-2 A 69      ADDISON      Christian                widow: Articles of Marriage dated 23 Oct 1754: heir Robert Corlett (parents Robert Corlett & Margaret) is to wed Esther Addison (mother Christian Addison) by first of November 1754
1768-2 E      w  CALEY        Mary                     d mid may 1768;bro john caley;names wm caley(+ dau cath);husb john caley exor
1768-2 E      w  CLARK        Margaret    QUARK        d 11 jun 1768;glentramman;ch robt,patk,wm, + isabella clarke;gdau mary clarke,ann clarke;dau ann;dau-i-law joney;son edmund;gson james clarke;dau margt clark exex;inv
1768-2 E      w  CORLET       Mary                     d 24 sep 1765;d/o robt corlett churchtown;mo elizth;bro thos (to be applyed to so she can be buried in lezayre churchyard);witt mrs margery parr + (dau-i-law of margery) elizth parr (now decd late wife capt ceasar parr)both peel;sis elizth hurley als corlet now out of island
1768-2 E      d  KEWIN        Patrick                  d 26 may 1768;ch wm,alice,isabel,mary (wm + mary ua);wife mary;inv (displaced)
1768-2 E      d  KINREAD      Mary        MADDRELL     d 9 jan 1768;son ewan(eldest) admor;other ch thos + mary already provided for
1768-2 E      d  QUALTROUGH   Esther      CORLET       d 4 apr 1768;4 ch john,danl,thos + margt ua;robt corlet uncle;husb john;inv
1768-3 E      w  CORKILL      John                     d 2 aug 1768;son john;dau elizth,isabel;other ch 6d;wife elizth exex
1768-3 E      w  QUAYLE       Dollin                   uttered 2 yrs ago;dau mary;wife cath jt exex with mary;son wm(excluded with 6d);petn by wife + dau as to why delay
1769-1 A 26      KILLIP       Thomas                   d 20 Dec 1768;names Pat Kelley + John Killip(crofts called Croft-y-lough between them) jt exors; sibs Mary, Margt(daymoth of hay in Christian's Close), John (right heir after decease of Margt), Nichs(+sons Wm, Thos);names Cath Caley
1769-1 E      d  KNEALE       Ellinor     STEPHAN      d 4 Dec 1768;ch John, Wm, Thos + James - all at age jt admrs;pledges John Gill(wright) + John Knickal(the Glion) both Lezayre;husb alive (allowed an in-calf cpw as legacy)
1769-2 A 59      CORLETT      Catherine   caley        d mid April 1769: Catharine Caley the wife of Wm Caley, Harby[?]; Catherine Caley dau of her nephew Wm Caley; bro John Caley; sister Margret Crow (son John Crow)
1769-2 A 60      KILLIP       Margaret    QUAY         d 7 apr 1768;dau margt w/o ewan kneale;son john;dau christian w/o wm craine
1769-2 A 61      KNEALE       Ewan                     d 9 apr 1769;gson ewan caley; wife isable als [?]
1770-1 A 23      KEWN         Ewan                     d 29 nov 1769;son danl (ua);bro robt,joseph;mo cath;fa john;wife bridget als curghey 
1770-1 A 24      CALEy        Ewan                     d 16 jan 1770;ballacaley;son wm,patk,matths,edmond,thos,edward;dau margt gill;gdau margt gill;gch thos + jane garret;wife bridget + son john execs
1770-1 A 25      QUAYLE       William                  d 25 jan 1770;blockeaney;son john;gson john quayle,wm quayle (house block bwee);gdau jane quayle;names dal curghy;wife margt exex
1770-1 A 26      KNEEN        Joney                    d saturday last [cout dated 26 feb 170];glan-moar;son john kneen;gson ewan kneen,wm kneen;dau ann kneen,cath garrett;gdau esther kneen;daus ann kneen + mary garrett als kneen exexs
1770-1 E      d  CORLET       Robert                   perished by water nr ramsey quay 6 aug 1769;bros pat + thos
1770-1 E      w  COWLE        John                     d 15 july 1769;sis margt w/o john brew execx;names cath crow ?[?cowin],wm cowll grenaby, + standish christian;nephew arthur connor child at ramsey ;disputed willack ch of standish christian left money by john cowle;john cowle late of the killa;long court case,inv + costs;witts in court nicholas corlet yeoman age 30yrs,thos casement clothier age 32;michael kissack miller age 48;wm sayle (andreas) labourer age 45,john gill aged 55;;rev john gill aged 58; mary kneen w/o john kneen aged 40 (husband shepherd for john cowle);wm teare clothier aged 50;robt siddleton taylor + sadler age 38;claims + costs + inv;john kelly sulby smith + long dispute re goods
1770-1 E      d  QUAYLE       John                     d 6 oct 1769;2 ch mary + jane ua uncle robt quayle;wife jane
1770-2 A 59      GILL         John                     d 23 mar;smith churchtown;bro james;names john gill balagarrow, isable w/o john crow nary;sis jane w/o john skillicorn exex
1770-2 A 60      CRAINE       Christian   KILLIP       d 7 mar;son patrick,wm,john;sis margt killip;bro john killip;husb wm;guardian uncle john killip;
1770-2 A 61      KNEALE       Isabel      gill         d 5 apr 1770;w/o wm;dau leonora w/o john knickal,isabel w/o john corlet;gsons john,wm corlet;gdau isabel kneale;son robt exec
1770-2 E      d  CASHIN       Christian   SAYLE        d 26 dec 1769;5ch wm,thos,joney,james + david;husb alive (?wm)
1770-2 E      d  CORLET       Ann         FAYLE        d 14 apr 1770;only ch thomas ua uncles thos,john + wm;inv
1770-2 E      d  QUALTROUGH   Daniel                   d 6 jan 1770;3ch john,isabel + mary
1770-3 E      w  CASKIL       Daniel                   d beg jul [?1770];wife cath als kneale;son wm,thos,john exec
1770-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   left island 16 yrs ago;d jamaica abt 8 yrs ago;only sis isabel w/o david corkill
1770-3 E      w  CORLET       Robert                   d 1 aug [1770];ballamannaugh;sis mary,cath;bro john,wm exec; at house of cath casement als corlet widow near ballamannaugh lez;witt thos casement very indisposed + confined to bed deposition taken by vicar john gill;
1770-3 E      w  COTTIER      John                     cooper;bro thos;wife mary als corlet;disputed will court case + testimony;wiit court wm keig,48,weaver lez;robt cottier,53,yeoman lez;john quay,38,weaver lez;john corlet,43,weaver + fisherman formerly ramsey;wm crow,60,yeoman lez;margt tear,60,widow ramsey;henry inch,40,cooper ramsey [?#27400];grace kewley,60,widow lezayre;alice w/o paul clague,40,lez;michael kissag,40,miller
1770-3 E      w  COWLL        Jane        MOOrE        d 2 jan 1768;w/o john cowll kella;fa arthur moore (unpaid dowry);bro robt,arthur,wm;sis margt,ann,christian;mo alive;names jane crain als moore w/o danl crain decd ramsey; john cowll took case to york where case dismissed but he died having appointed sis margt brew exex who prayed for execship granted - pledges john harrison lezayre + james brew andreas;arthur moore beyond seas,christian + wm ua
1770-3 E      w  GILL         Margaret    CORTEEN      d 10 oct 1770;son john,james;dau isabel,mary;gson john callow;sons out of island 6d;james + isabel execs
1771-1 A 23      QUAYLE       Margaret    crow als cleator made mar 1770;son wm;dau-i-law cath crow als credgen;son robt quayle (gloan moar due by death of fa thomas);son thos crow exec
1771-1 E      d  CALEY        Matthias                 left island 30 yrs ago d shortly after in antigua;mariner;left goods by jane crow als gill  ep 1727-3;only bro john caley
1771-1 E      w  CROW         Isabel                   w/o wm glanduff;dau cath,isable burton;son wm;4 sis;son [?in law]thos burton abroad;
1771-1 E      d  CURGHEY      Marriot     GARRET       d 31 oct 1770;2ch wm + ann (w/o robt casement)
1771-1 E      dg GILL         Ann         corlett      dated 1763;churchtown;to esther d/o edmund gill late ballagarrow decd a near reln of my former husb;chas casement h/o esther
1771-1 E      d  KEGG         William                  d 6months ago liverpool,mariner;only ch wm ua uncles philip kegg (balaugh) + john kegg (lezayre);wife jane;inv;costs (5/- passage to liv)
1771-1 e619   d  cowley       catharine                d 28 dec 1770;spinster;sibs john,ellinr,mary(w/o ewan kissag) + isabel
1771-2 A 73      CHRISTIAN    Catherine                (noe);d 20 feb 1771;bro wm christian,bro john;nephew john christian,wm christian;niece cath c. ch of john;bro edmond c.,sis elizabeth,margt c. (execx);john quark h/o elizabeth
1771-2 A 74   w  corlett      wm                       dated 4 feb 1771;balamannagh;bro john;fa john;sis cath + mary (jt execx);niece cath corlet;
1771-2 A 75      CROW         John                     d 5 mar 1771;bro wm,philip (left his taylor's working tools),sis joney;fa wm,mo elizabeth;bro ewan exec;acks 1786 wm kneale h/o joney
1771-2 A 76      KNEAL        Ewan                     glioin oldyn;d 15 apr;eldest dau mary;son robt;gson ewan kneale;dau cath,isabel,margt,jane (execx);eldest son edmund
1771-2 A 77      KEWN         John                     d 30 dec 1770;dau mary kewne (her mo's goods in his hands),isabel corlet als kewn;son wm,dau jane;wife joney;robt kissage h/o jane
1771-2 E 764   d GARRET       Mary        TAYLOR       d 4 aug 1770;ramsey;prin creditor john sayle;inv
1771-2 E 769   d KNEEN        Philip                   d 28 dec 1770;only dau cath w/o john kneale
1771-3 E       d CORLET       Esther      ADDISON      d 11 jun 1771;9 ch wm,john,thos,matths,robt,edmond,margt,cath + christian all ua except wm;husb robt;inv
1771-3 E       w KELLY        Joney       LACE         d 22 aug 1771;husb gilbert ;son john exor,wm;dau alice(w/o john woods by 1781),ann,margt,isabel,joney (joney kelly widow by 1781)
1771-3 E       d KINREAD      Philip                   d xmas 1769 at calabar coast of africa onboard ship king edgar of liverpool capt hery madden commander;sibs thos + ewan kinread,esther w/o robt kelly,ann w/o matth caveen
1771-3 E       d KNEALE       William                  d 18 aug 1771;only son robt;dau leonora(w/o john knickal) + isab (w/o john corlet) had setts
1772-1 A 28      CORKIL       Elizabeth   crow         d 27 dec 1771;son john,wm (+ his child),robt exec;dau elizth,isabel,cath
1772-1 A 29      CALEY        John                     d jan 1772;joiner sulby;names 4 daus of wm calley coolbane;cath caley w/o wm exex
1772-1 A 30      KNEEN        Margaret    morrison     d jan 1772;sons thos + patk;dau jane,margt,elinor;husb edmond exec;ch ua;1776 thos acks
1772-1 A 31      QUAYLE       Eleanor     killip       d 26 jan 1772;made 12 dec 1769;john killip + dau ellinor;son john quayle;dau margt,joney;husb thos;names thos kewin,elinor d/o john stephen,esther kelly;son thos quayle exec
1772-1 A 32      QUAYLE       Joney       kneale       d 31 jan 1772;son patk,robt (wife esther);names jane wattleworth + mary kneale;husb john exec
1772-1 E      d  GARRET       Ewan                     d 20 nov 1771;sibs whole blood philip,wm,elizth,margt + alice garrett for effect due decease moth elizth als sutcliffe; + half bllod jane + cath garrett;claims;inv 128 inc much spirits;sale;arbitration by geo savage between pat lace peel + philip+wm garrett of douglas;claims come to 1132 (half jas oates + jno caesars)
1772-1 E      w  KEWISH       William                  d 17 oct;son wm,michael,john;son-i-law danl kaneen;dau mary,alice;wife alice exex
1772-1 E      d  KNEAL        Margaret    KELLY        d 17 sep? last;ch wm,cath(w/o john kewn),elizth(w/o tho corlett) + mary
1772-2 A 73      NIDERAGH     Joney       tear         d 12 mar 1772;son wm camaish,thos nideraugh;
1772-2 A 74      HOGG         Mary        casement     d 13 March 1772: Nicholas Corlet of the Kella; niece Mary the wife of Ewan Corlett; niece Esther the wife of John Quayle (their dau Esther); Mary the wife of Ewan Kissag (their dau Mary); stepgranddau Cath Hogg; Isabel Cowley; husb Edward Hogg
1772-2 A 75      CORLETT      Edmond                   sons Richard & Thomas, daus Catharine & Grace; granddau Dorothy Christian, wife alive
1772-2 E      d  KNEALE       Patrick                  d 2 may 1772;ch hannah,margt +jane,john eldest had m/c;richd taylor h/o margt,john corlet h/o hannah
1772-3 E      w  CORLET       Ann         GARRETT      d whitsunday 1772;widow;aerdale;son ewan,john,wm exor
1772-3 E      w  CORLET       Robert                   dated 6 sep 1772;balnamoney;ch john,thos,robt,edmund,mathias,margt,cath + christian;names christian kneen (a daymoth of ground + little house while she stays in sd house);son wm exor
1772-3 E      w  MOORE        Christian   KNEAL        dated 14 jan 1770?;names christian clucas als howland (for care taken of her);husb robt exor;1781 thos howland exor christian clucas als howland acks
1773-1 E      w  GILL         John                     d 26 oct 1772;revd jg vcr lezayre;unnamed ch 5/- ea;wife mary exex but she declines ch wm,john,danl,ann + elizth
1773-1 E      d  KISSAG       Thomas                   d 22 oct 1772;ch joney,margt esther (last 2 reliquish rights to joney for 20ea);danl cry h/o margt;patk caine h/o joney
1773-2 E      dg CORLET       Catherine   CASEMENT     deed of gift dated 7 dec 1770;kella;widow;after several tryals + experiments returning to eldest son + heir nicholas(to whom given);son thos
1773-2 E      d  CROWE        Edmond                   d 27 mar 1773;bach;danl joughin h/o mary crow + john kneale h/o ann crow (2 sis) refused to admr;wm garret h/o sis jane crow admr;claims;inv
1773-2 E      d  GARRET       John                     d 27 mar 1772;bros danl,wm,joseph,thos
1773-2 E      d  KILLEY       Ellinor                  d 31 dec 1772 in andreas;spinster;bro james.ewan,wm(beyond seas)
1773-2 E      w  SAYLE        Ann         KNEALE       d 28 apr 1773;dau isabel,jane(w/o james quayle);gson john + thomas quayle(s/o james);husb michael exor
1773-3 E      d  CAMAISH      Margaret    CORKISH      d 23 jul 1773;dau margt camaish admr;son wm had marriage portion
1773-3 E      w  KEWLEY       Grace       CASHIN       d oct last [1773];son john,danl;dau elinor exex
1773-3 E      w  KNEEN        Ann                      d 24 jun 1773;names esther kneen,jane garrett;bro john kneen;sis mary garret exex(w/o thomas)
1773-3 E      w  QUAYLE       Ann         KELLY        d michaelmas 1773;dau joney;husb john;son wm exor;names ann knickal;
1774-1 A 48      KISSAGE      Catherine   KEWLEY       undated;husb michael exor but dead (20 feb) before probate appts cath exex;dau cath,jane(to school);son philip,john,wm;land at kewleys house to be sold to pay debts
1774-1 A 49      KISSAGE      Michael                  see cath;son john to have lands if he came to isle;dau cath exex
1774-1 A 50      KNEALE       Mary                     d 12 nov 1773;spinster;bro edmunds(dau isable + elinor) exor
1774-1 A 51      CALEY        John                     d dec 1773;sulby;sis margt;nephew wm caley + wife execs
1774-1 A 52      CROW         Christian   COTTIER      d 23 jan 1774;son john,ewan exor;dau-i-law christian crow;
1774-1 E      d  CAINE        Catherine   KNEALE       d 4 dec 1773;ch ohn,elizth
1774-1 E      se CURPHEY      Ewan                     to son-i-law thomas tear + wife, only ch, cath;dated 16 dec 1760
1774-1 E      d  HOWLAND      John                     perished by sea 6 sep 1773;ch wm,patk,cath,ellinr,margt (ua)+ isabel;inv
1774-1 E      w  QUAYLE       Philip                   d 9 jun 1773;dau cath(jurby),mary(w/o james caine);son john;wife mary exex
1774-2 A 130     KNEEN        Isabel                   d feb;names cath w/o wm corlett;dau cath(w/o wm kinnish?)son john;2 ch abroad (if they came);husb john exor
1774-2 A 131     GARRETT      Mary        KNEEN        d 8 mar 1774;w/o thos;dau cath(eld),jane,ann;son thos
1774-2 A 132     CALEY        Ann         killip       d 15 mar 1774;husb wm;ballacaley;dau jane(cow called glassag),mary;gson wm caley,john fayle;husb wm exor
1774-2 A 133     KINREAD      Jane        cannell      d 20 mar 1774;husb gilbert exec;sis cath corjeig (kk michael);black gown as covering for coffin
1774-2 A 134     CRYE         James       christian    d beg feb 1773;widow;son daniel(3.5d rent claddaugh);dau mary(w/o thos kneen) exex
1774-2 A 135     KILLIP       Thomas,snr               dog gson james (s/o thos killip jnr) dated 24 jun 1769; (concerns at rentry puchased from coronor)-thru court may 1771;inv inc 2 due from thos cottier miller;
1774-2 A 136     CORLETT      Catherine   cottier      d april;sis isabel(w/o ewan corlet);names thomas corlet,jane d/o wm keig;christian corlet exex - a bintch stone she had to be brought to her grave;
1774-2 E      d  CASHIN       William                  d 10 jun 1774;ch wm,thos,james,david + joney all la;petn + agreement that the ch allow wm cashin eldest son to take care as they are all in other people service;
1774-2 E      d  CORLETT      Catherine   crow         d 25 mar 1774;husb wm;sons wm(too young + inexperienced to be admr),matthias;inv
1774-2 E      w  COTTIER      David                    d 31 may 1774;sis isabel cowley,cath + margery;bro wm,thomas (exor);niece mary cottier(jt exex with thos - wm kelly carrody guardian - petn states she is infirm & 'not of such a capacity as the generally of people are');names robt s/o robt kissag;several debtors named;petn by mary that thos her uncle and that she was not a weak person as alledged, a hired servant now upwards of 40yrs of age only impediment is in speech - court finds she is neither deaf nor lunatick but of capacity
1774-2 E      w  KEWNEY       Ann                      d 20 apr 1774;gdau mary kneal;husb john;son wm;dau jane,cath exex
1774-2 E      d  QUAYLE       Elizabeth   KNEAL        d 15 feb 1774;husb wm;sis isabel(w/o john kneal),margt (widow appoints only son wm)exexs;
1774-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Thomas                   d 7 may 1774;son-i-law john stephen(dau elinor);son john, thomas;dau margt kewin als quayle;names patk kelley,danl + margt kneen,thomas kewin,ann kelley,john killip
1774-3 E      w  CALEY        Patrick                  d beg may 1774;names esther kneene who lived with him and took care durin his sickness;bro john exor
1774-3 E      w  CORLET       Margaret    crow         d 12 jun 1774 (in childbed);3 young ch acc to petn - one a boy 15 but infirm;names mally mcnemeer widow;husb thos exor;wm garret uncle to ch;inv;2nd petn to allow sale of land intack loaney veg lez lds rent 1s;
1774-3 E      w  GILL         William                  d 12 aug 1774;naradale;7 ch margt,isabel,mary,wm,cath,joney + dorothy;wife alice exex;ch ua
1774-3 E      se KILLIP       Robert                   RK curragh + wife jane als corkill to son + heir Wm;robt bedrid many yrs;other ch Robt,john,thos,jane,ann (w/o thos corlett); jane corteen als killip ack
1775-1 A 32      KILLIP       Margaret                 d 13 nov 1774;sis mary killip,margt craine;patk skelly + john killip exors;others named - mostly killips)
1775-1 A 33      MOORE        Christian   corkill      d 10 Feb 1775: son John Moore, son Willliam Moore, 2 dau Christian & Mary Moore
1775-1 A 34      QUAYLE       William                  dated 27 aug 1774;nephew michael corlet exor (his sis isabel)
1775-2 A 62      CALLOW       Catherine   kneen        d 17 apr 1775;husb wm;ballachrink;son wm,ewan;gdau ann callow;dau cath exex
1775-3 E      d  KILLIP       William                  d 30 jun 1775;moar,ch john + mary (w/o thos kinread);pledges jas wilson schoolmaster, wm keig both lezayre
1775-3 E      w  CROW         William,snr              d 23 sep 1775;nary;son philip,ewan,wm exec;dau joney;wife (the tool and what manufactory for greese is in the house);wm kneale h/o joney
1775-3 E      w  KNICKAL      Ann         kermad       d 4 aug 1775;husb wm (of glandoh);dau christian,ann (now w/o robt kneale + abroad),cath exex
1775-3 E      w  QUALE        Catherine   CORLETT      d 5 nov 1775;widow;son patk,david(+ dau jane),robt,thos,wm exec;names jane corlet;son john abroad not known if still alive;petn by sons states that she resided with wm who will no surrender goods
1775-3 E      w  QUAYLE       John                     d 3 aug 1775;son patk,robt exec;gson john
1776-1 A 41      KILLIP       Nicholas                 d 15 octr 1775;son wm,thos,john;wm+thos jt exors
1776-1 A 42      CORLETT      Joney       CREBBIN      [full]
1776-1 A 43      Cottier      Jane        kelly        d easter eve 1775;dau ann,cath,mary;son-i-law edmund christian;husb wm exor
1776-1 E      d  FAYLE        James                    d 28 Jan 1776;no relns took out admin - genl sumner Thos Allen apptd
1776-1 E      w  SKILLICORN   John                     d 12 oct;nadadalin;son john (eldest),danl,edmd,edward (+others abroad);dau ann;wife execx
1776-2 A 93      CORLETT      Ewan                     d Jan 1776:Naradal, Lezayre,  son Ewan, daus Joney & Ann & Mary & Cath; Catharine is underage; wife Ann (exec)
1776-2 A 94      CROW         Margaret    caley        d 31 jan 1776; of the Nary, Lezayre: son John Crow; dau Isabel wife of Ewan Corlet; Isabel her dau in law; dau Bahee Crowe
1776-2 E      w  CROW         Edmund                   d 30 May 1776;ch Ewan(loom), John(loom) jt exors;
1776-3 E      w  BREW         Charles                  made 13 sep 1773;kella;do design to sail abroad;unnm sibs;mo margt brew execx
1776-3 E      w  CALLOW       William                  Reyntrey;dau cath;son ewan (loom),wm (heir) exec
1776-3 E      d  GARRETT      Mary        quayle       d 1 jun 1776;only ch cath ua uncles mo side wm + john quayle;husb wm;pledges john kneal,john gill wright both lez;inv
1777-1 A 32      KNEALE       William                  d 24 jan 1776;ballacowle;son john;6 ch danl,cath,elizabeth,jane, christian + mary;names debtors + creditors;wife jane
1777-1 A 33      VONDY        Patrick,jnr              d 13 jan 1777;3ch wm,thos + margt;eldest son john exec;supv john kneen + wm vondy;
1777-1 A 34      GARRET       Thomas                   d 13 feb 1777;son thos;daus jane ,ann + cath exec;
1777-1 E      d  KNEALE       Catherine   christian    d 19 jan 1777;ch hannah,margt + jane (a john xd thru as provided for);john corlett h/o hannah
1777-2 A 41      QUaRK        Catherine                d end feb 1777;sis-i-law jane quark exex;dau jane quark + her sis ellinor quark + her sis bahee w/o john cannell;names ewan gill,stephan christian,cath w/o john kneale,margt kneale,cath cannell;richard kneale + john cannell ack obo respective wives elinor + bahee;
1777-2 A 42      CORLETT      Isabel      Crowe        w/o Ewan Corlet of Glen-olden, Lezayre: 4 children Wm(of age, made supervisor of others), Tho(md Ann; he is dead by Oct 1808), Ewan, Gilbert, Cath(md John Corlett by 1809), Mgt(md Thomas Radcliffe by 1809, Isabel.
1777-2 A 43      COTTIER      Robert                   son danl,john;dau elizth,mary;wife elizth als mchood (the cow etc);son wm exec;will disputed as one wiit illiterate + claimed other witt dead, court confirms handwriting;john garret h/o mary
1777-2 A 44      WILSON       Mary        Curghey      son john (insane);sis margt + her husb john holsal guardians;inv
1777-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Sarah       huddleston   garey relict major john christian
1777-2 E      w  CORLETT      John                     d 24 may 1777;mariner wife elizth;
1777-2 E      d  GILL         Charles                  [full]
1778-1 A 67      MOORE        Robert                   [full]Sulby;wife Elizth Kelley, ch: Jn, Phil, Jane, Elizth (ua); sister Margaret Moore
1778-1 A 68      KNEEN        Dorothy     Corlett als  husb Edmond Kneen, son Richd Corlett, son Thomas Corlett, dau Grace Christian, son in law James Christian h/o Cath
1778-1 A 69      SKILLICORN   William                  d 24 apr 1778;names ann corlet als skillicorn  + her sis margt cottier als skillicorn;ewan skillicorn;niece cath cottier als skillicorn exex w/o wm
1778-1 E      se LACE         Ann         nidderagh    dog to son-i-law danl tear(h/o mary) dated 15 apr 1776;widow relict wm lace vitchell;
1778-1 E      d  VONDY        Margaret    kneal        d 21 mar 1778;widow;only ch wm;
1778-2 E      jw KISSACK      ewan                     ewan + margt als corkish
1778-2 E      w  QUAYLE       John                     declrd 29 may 1778;son john,wm,thos;sis isabel;wife margt als honnal ? exex
1779-1 A 53      KNEALE       Isabel                   d 17 apr 1779;husb john;ch john,isabel,margt,elizth,anne(exex)
1779-1 A 54      CROW         William                  dated 14 apr 1779;now of lezayre;bro charles;bro-i-law wm corlett(h/o isabel);mo elizth(milns etc)
1779-1 A 55      CORLETT      Ewan                     of the Nary, Lezayre, died 6 Mar 1779: son Ewan, children John & Thomas & Margt & Christian; wife alive & exec
1779-1 e      w  christian    james                    long will + large sums of money ;late of Islington near London;execrs Arthur george Kerr + James Christian, sugarbroker, of London;nephew deemster Moore
1779-1 E      d  Corlett      Alice       [?key]       d 30 apr;4 ch wm nicholas,mary, ellinor [microfilm unreadable in part]
1779-1 E      d  KILLIP       John                     rock, lezayre;petn by mary killip sis;only suviving sib;nephews john wm + thos killip ch of bro nichs killip decd; patrick wm, cath kelly + isabel myleananey ? ch of sis cath decd; john thos alice joney isabel and margret crane ch of sis isabel decd; wm + cath caley ch of sister ann decd; pat hugh cath isabel + mary shimmin ch of sis esther decd;john qualtrough h/o cath kelly;daniel cannon h/o jony crane;john caley h/o cath caley; also later petn that a will was found dating from 1765
1779-1 e      d  kneale       daniel                   bachelor + mariner;d 28 feb last in french gaol;mo jane, sibs john cath eliz jane christian + mary [?bapt] ;john killey [gill] h/o cath ;maxwell douglas h/o jane 
1779-1 E      d  QUAY         John                     d 5 nov;4 ch henry wm james cath
1779-1 E      d  QUINE        Margaret    crow         d 27 mar 2 daus margt joughin als quine [m 17580810 h/o wm joughin ?no ch], ann corlett als quine;thomas corlett h/o ann [m Lez 17751230 ?no ch]
1779-2 E      d  SAYLE        michael                  d 6 july 1779;dau jane sayle w/o james quayle;another dau isobel having had marr set;
1780   A 62      CORLETT      William                  d 26 oct 1779;son thos exec,wm,robt;dau ann,isabel
1780   A 63      QUAYLE       Catherine   garrett      d 10 dec 1779;widow;son wm quayle (6d),john exec;dau mary
1780   A 64      CORLETT      Mary        kermad       dated 24 may 1779;gdau ann gill;son wm + dau joney corlett execs
1780   A 65      CALEY        Esther      ellison      d 11 feb 1780;son john (to be kept at school + put to trade);mo alive;husb patk exec
1780   A 66      curphey      quayle                   capt quayle curphy; dated 1 feb 1780;names dau jane's children  Q[?quayle] xtian,jenny,quayle,betty;son jon curphy exec ;wants to be buried in plantation [full]
1780   A 67   w  KISSAGE      Christian                dated 21 jan 1780;bro john kissag exec;fa dead;mo alive;sis mary,ellinor;ann d/o cousin john kissag;
1780-1 E 859  d  CRELLIN      Philip                   d 16 nov 1779;ch john,margt,cath + ary ua wife margt;pledges wm + nicholas crellin uncles also appt guardians;inv
1780-1 E 862  w  KERMOD       Ann         STEPHAN      declrd 5 nov 1777;largyrenney;names james caine (dau anne);ann keig exex;petn of bro john stephen ballaugh + ann keig lezayre;court depositions re her possible revocation of will (ann keig didn't tke good care of her,bro john when he comes to isle was to be exec) one wii was john garret h/o cath quayle whose ch visited their great aunt  (ann kermot); petn by john stephan many yrs resident in dublin sis was married to john kermode but no child of her own - petn dismissed
1780-1 E 870  d  Crow         William                  d 24 dec 1779;ch wm,cath,jony;inv
1780-1 E 877  d  HOWLAND      Catherine                d 26 feb 1780;ch wm,patk,cath,ellinor,margt + isabel;henry radcliffe h/o cath
1780-1 E 878  w  CAIN         Mary        QUAYLE       d 28 may 1780;daus ann + margt;son james;husb james
1780-2 E 697  d  KELLY        Gilbert                  d 3 aug;ch john,w,alice,ann,margt,joney + isabel;thos tear h/o ann;wm quine h/o margt
1780-2 E 698  w  GOLDSMITH    Christian   kn...[kneale] dau isabel (legacy from isabel's fa),ann w/o john kneale,mary + cath;son edmund;gdau mary caley,anne kneale;gson john kneale;son john goldsmith exec
1780-2 E 701  w  CRYE         Daniel                   d 12 nov 1779;youngest son john;eldest son thomas;wife margt;petn from margt ch are minors
1781   A 44      QUAYLE       Philip                   craggain;wife mary;son wm(+heir),thomas,patk, michael;son ? philip exec;dau alice,mary;son-i-law philip quayle;ohn cowley h/o dau alice;thos kewn kk michael  h/o ?;michael quayle mason kk marown;
1781   A 45      STEVENSON    Nicholas                 parents thomas + margt;sibs thomas,robt;wife's dau mary tear;wife exex
1781   A 46      CHRISTIAN    John                     d 20 feb 1781;ewan kinread lezayre exec
1781   A 47      CORLETT      Ellinor                  spinster;ramsey;sis alice;ann corlett my uncles dau;mary corlett d/o bro wm;bro john,wm;names mary strachan d/o george;peggy strachan;my mistress mary strachan als wilson exex
1781-1 E      d  CURPHEY      Esther                   d 13 mar 1781;ch mary,esther;james kneal h/o mary
1781-1 E      d  KISSAGE      Jane                     d 10 jun 1781;ch robt,john,wm + jane all ua;husb robert (sworn guardian) inv
1781-2 E      w  KISSAGE      Catherine                w/o ewan kerrowmoar;dau esther,isabel,cath,elizth;names margt wattleworth,charles crow;son-i-law philip garret;daus esther + isabel exex
1782   A 62      QUAY         Ellinor     corlett      dated 5 apr 1782;ramsey;son philip,john;dau ellinor;husb philip exor
1782   A 63      CROW         Isabel                   dated 26 dec 1781;late of andreas;nephew wm castill junr,john castil,thos castill;sis margt castill als crow exex(w/o wm)
1782   A 64      CORLETT      William                  d 11 jul 1779;son wm + elinor;dau elinor exex
1782   A 65      KELLY        John                     made 12 nov 1782;corady;sis ann kelly,alice kelly,bro gilbt;fa wm exor;1795: fa wm dead  apptd son gilbt who also died before lagcy pd - gilbts mo jony kelly;elizth widow gilbt,wm cowley h/o alice
1782   A 66      KNEALE       Catherine   nidraugh     d 17 may 1782;husb robt exor;son james,john,thomas;dau ellinor
1782-1 E      w  CASEMENT     Catherine                d 5 aug 1781;names margt w/o thomas stevenson jnr;only ch john cottier exec
1782-1 E      d  CLARKE       Patrick                  bach;perished at sea dec 1780;fa james
1782-1 E      d  crow         Robert                   perished at sea 1777;s/o charles;mo elizth corlet als crow admx + sibs charles(absent) + isabel  (w/o wm corlett relinquished);pledges john crow + wm corlett both lezayre
1782-1 E      d  KNEALE       Thomas                   d 5 jan 1782;ch john,ann + jony (ann at la but too young);wife ann admr;pledges bro john kneale + nephew john kneale (both + ann supv)
1782-1 E      d  MOORE        Joney       cleator      d 4 apr 1782;husb robt admr
1782-1 E      d  QUAYLE       Margaret                 d 20 feb 1782;only ch isable w/o danl curghey;
1782-1 E      d  QUAYLE       Margaret                 d 20 feb 1782;only ch isable w/o danl curghey;
1782-2 E      w  CORLETT      Catherine   kewney       d 30 aug 1782;husb john ballamanaugh;son john;dau cath(pt ballahowin curragh) exex,mary;gson john corlet
1782-2 E      w  KNEALE       Robert                   d 4 jul 1782;dau mary,margt;son wm;wife jane als kewney exex;some ch ua
1783   A 42      KNEALE       Catherine   kneen        d 31 jan 1784;w/o john;eldest son john(loom wch he used to work with),thomas(extra 10s to help him buy a new loom), dau mary; 
1783   A 43   ds CROW         William                  (finlo) weaver; to wife jane als fletcher dated 1 jul 1778
1783   A 44   dg cowle        wm                       grest;wife cath als garrett;only dau margt;son richard (+ his son wm),son john (his son wm ?)
1783-1 E      w  CORLET       John                     snr ballamaniagh;d 30 may;son + heir john;dau mary w/o john skillicorn;gson john corlet;dau cath
1783-1 E      w  CURGHEY      Alice       KNEAL        w/o wm;3 sons wm john + edwd;4 dau cath, margt,ann + alice;margt + alice had settlements
1783-1 E      se QUINE        John                     ballacree;dau ann corlet als quine w/o thomas corlet c'town;
1783-2 E      d  MOORE        Robert                   departed isle 16yrs ago;bro john d 3yrs at sick quarters plymouth(13 nov of the flux);sibs wm, christian and mary;petn by wm now malew that robt shipped himself & proceeded to coast of africa ship left him ill in west indies not heard of since;parents john + christian long since dead
1784   A 137     WILSON       James                    made 28 January 1784, written 7 Feb 1784: nephew John Wilson, niece Mary Mutt (her brother is John Wilson); brother in law John Qualtrough
1784   A 138     CORLETT      John                     d 6 feb 1784;kerrowmoar;dau jane;wife exex
1784   A 139     CALEY        John                     d 8 feb 1784;ballacooper;dau mary(w/o philip corlet),jane,margt (exex) ;gsons wm + john cowll;
1784   A 140     QUAYLE       Henry                    d 9 feb 1784;son-i-law ewan callan (?callow as in ack);dau ann;son james exor;gson john quayle;step-dau cath crow;wife alive
1784   A 141     KILLIP       Jane        caley        dated 21 jan 1784;two daus ann+ mary(both ua);husb john;ch uncles john caley, thomas fayle supv
1784   A 142     KINREAD      Gilbert                  made 13 feb 1784;bro John;nephew john kinread;sis Anne kinread;niece Margt Brew als Kinread;bro Wm Kinread;wife Isabel als Gill excx;wife dead by 23 Jun 1784 appointed sis Mary Gill (w/o Peter Quirk)
1784   A 143     KINREAD      Isabel      gill         widow (of gilbert)d 23 Feb;bros Edmund + James Gill (both abroad);john kinread bro-i-law's son;bros thos + John;sis Margt Gill,mary gill (execx); Wm kinread + his sis Margt Brew (w/o Philip Brew)
1784   A 144     CASEMENT     Thomas                   dated 3 jan 1784;cloather or tucker;wife margt (als clark)exex;mo + sibs alive but unnamed;sumner(balluagh) charges philip killip + wife cath,cath casement;sumner(andreas) charges rev wm clucas(kk bride) + jane clucas;sumner(lez) charges wm kewney + wife margt;sumner(braddan) charges mr richd clague;malew charges thos casement;t a corlet (sum genl) charges chas casement,jas sayle(lez),jon casement(ramsey);court evidence re that tuck mill to fall to his bro charles after margts death;witt gives bro charles(gannagh) + bro-i-law wm kewney(daanay)
1784   A 145     CLARK        Judy                     dated 25 feb 1782;husb [lost except ..s - james given as fa of ch] glantramman;sone james,robt,patk,wm;dau mary killip;ch of dau-i-law(james + peter clark);dau ann + isabel jt exexs;1786: james clark,thos clark + david corteen(h/o her sis molly)
1784   A 146     KNEALE       John                     made 23 feb 1784;donaghey;son wm,thos(both abroad),john(exor);gdau elinor(d/o wm);gson john,wm;gdau elinor(d/o john)
1784   A 147     KELLY        Elizabeth   baily        dated 20 feb 1784;gch elizth looney;son john,thos;husb patk;daus jane(w/o patk quayle),elinor [corlett],els[?alice kelly] + margt [kelly] jt exexs;1785 margt corlett w/o son  thos ;another margt corlet w/o son john;petn
1784   A 148     MYLECHARANE  Joney       CHRISTIAN    declared 23 feb 1784;widow (thomas some years decd);3ch thomas (exec) ,joney + cath;son wm 6d
1784   A 149     QUAYLE       Elizabeth   kneale       made 14 feb 1784;dau cath(w/o ewan crow),ann(w/o ewan callow),elinor(w/o thomas martin);dau-i-law jane(w/o james);gdau jane quayle;son james exor
1784   A 150     KNEALE       Ann         canlon ?     made 17 jun 1783;names elinor quay,mary caley,robt curphy (exor);claims by robt + margt corteen
1784   A 151     KISSAGE      Elizabeth   crow         dated 27 mar 1784;nappin;dau margrt (acks a margt cry),easte (w/o wm corissr,joney(exex w/o patrick cain)
1784   A 152     CORLETT      Margaret                 made 21 Mar 1784: brother Charles Corlett; Jane Kneal; Esther Kneale
1784   A 153     WATTLEWORTH  John                     made 3 apr 1784;daus margt (w/o edwd cudd),Mary (w/o john lord);only son john
1784   A 154     KNICKAL      Jane        keley        d apr 1784;dau mary(w/o thos quayle),christian(w/o philip quayle),ann,jane;son wm(jt exec with jane);gdau cath quayle
1784   A 155     COTTIER      Mary        corlett       sister Margaret Corlet; sister Margery Boddaugh of Ballaugh widow, nieces Margaaret Corlet daughter of brother John Corlett; John Corlett son of brother Wm Corlett; Jane Corlett dau of bro John Corlett; nephew Charles Corlett son of bro John Corlett; Charles & William & Jane & Isabel Corlet children of bro Wm Corlett; sis Margaret Corlett;  said brother William Corlett of the Cleddaugh
1784   A 156     CROWE        Elizabeth   SKILLICORN   d 23 Apr;son Wm,Ewan,Philip;dau Joney (w/o Wm Kneale) exec
1784-1 E      w  CORKILL      Margaret                 d 26 may 1784;son wm(eldest),john,robt,mark;husb john
1784-1 E      w  CORLETT      Elizabeth   kneale       dated 26 june 1783;husb thos exor;sulby;dau mary,margaret (castletown),jane,elizth;son thos
1784-1 E      d  CORLETT      Jane        killey       d 30 mar 1784;ch ewan,thomas,margt,jane
1784-1 E      w  CROW         Catherine   lease[?leece] d 4 may 1784;cath chrow elias lease;son ewan;dau ann vondy exex
1784-1 E      d  FAYLE        Mary        CRY          d 1 dec 1783;6ch John, William, Daniel, james,Paul and Mary 
1784-1 E      d  FISHER       Alexander                d 28 mar 1784;ch john,elizth
1784-1 E      w  KEWLEY       John                     declrd 26 apr 1784;3 unnamed ch;wife margt exex
1784-1 E      w  KILLIP       Mary                     declrd 26 apr 1784;names cath caley who resides with her,margt craine,patk kelly exor;nephew john killip;witt daniel stephen clerk of ballaugh
1784-2 E      d  CALEY        Jane        COTTIER      d may 1784;husb Matthias (shoemaker);ch philip,john,matths,margt + jane caly - all ua - uncle Philip (clothier) ,wm(yeoman) + John Cottier (millwright)supv;estate 11;inv;Jane's bro Robt died abroad,will registered in london, petn 
                                                           by Matthias that cannot give ch mo's goods due by Robt's will as hadn't got a copy - annexed note Robt Cottier master of HM frigate the Fox d coast jamaica 25 jan 1783 sis jane exex (estate was 325 her part 50%) - janes bro's give
                                                            PoA to Matthias to go to Liverpool to sort out Robt's affairs.  1807: ack by Philip + matthias jnr to father mathias re goods of mothet,robt Cottier of Narrisdale decd + robt cottier mariner decd;1797: margt acks 50 4s from father; [some account of Robt in Manx Worthies p133]
1784-2 E      w  COTTIER      Elizabeth                d 25 Jun 1784;ch Mary, Elizth (both daus married), Danl, John, Wm(exor);
1785   A 69      CURPHEY      Isabel                   dated 1 jan 1785;ballaih;dau esther,jony,bridget,ann;son john exor
1785   A 70      CORLET       Silvester                d 2 feb 1785;wife ann als quayle exex;dau isable,esther,jane,ann;son john,michael(heir);gdau jane cowley;gson john quayle
1785   A 71      CALEY        Jane                     d beg feb [1785];husb ewan exor;dau christian,judy,margt,jane;son thos
1785   A 72      CORLETT      Nicholas                 made 3 may 1784;Kella;wife alive + ?pregnant;son john,ewan;daus cath,margt,anne,elizth + esther;parents dead;bro john deemed infirm and has been maintained by Nich without help from other sibs;sumner charges Wm Callow ballachreggan + wife Cath,Thos Corlet ,Robt Corlet + wife,John corlet,margt corlet,ann corlett, margt corlet + Nich's widow Cath corlett als crain;
1785-1 E      d  KINREAD      John jnr                 d May;Bauley;2 ch John + Thomas (ua);wife Jane;pledgesJohn Kinread + Danl corlett gfa's of ch;petn alledging deeply in debt by Wm Corlett late Lez but now Ramsey
1786   A 60      CHRISTIAN    Margaret                 declared 14 Nov 1785;exec to put a decent stone on their graves in Lezayre churchyard;sibs Edmd Christian, Elizth Quark, Wm Christian(+ dau Margt), John (+ son Wm, John) exor;names Cath Christian
1786   A 61      KNICKEL      William                  d 23 Dec 1785;ch John, Christian, Anne(w/o Robt Kneal), Cath (exex)
1786   A 62      KILLIP       Joney       caley        dated Jan 1786;husb Thomas exor;ch Wm, Thomas - ua ;witt John Caley (also a pledge), Ewan Kneal
1786   A 63      COWLEY       Margaret                 dated 10 Jan 1786;cousin John Corlet (with whom I reside - exor - all my lands in Kk Braddan - Ballawellin Clague and Ballachrink (pruchased from Wm Kelly));niece Cath Cowley (d/o of my bro Wm Cowley)
1786   A 64      KNEALE       William                  declared 14 Mar 1786;Austain;ch Wm, Christian(w/o Wm Lord), Margt (5s if she comes), Ann (w/o Wm Garrett) exex;gch Cath Crow, Cath Garret;names John Gellin; Wm Garret sworn
1786   A 65      KNEALE       Catherine                made 11 Feb 1786;husb Wm;dau Ann(w/o Wm Garrett)  exex;gdau Cath Garrett;;names "Christian the Lords wife" (?= dau Christian w/o Wm Lord who acks the 10s legacy)
1786   A 66      CORLETT      Margaret                 dated 12 Dec 1783;d 2 Nov 1786 after a long illness;sibs Margery(widow Robt Boddagh, Ballaugh + 3 ch), Wm(Claddagh - exor, daus Jane + Issabel), John(decd - his son Charles + dau Margt + Jane), Mary Cottier(widow - my part of Killip's close during life)
1786-1 E      d  CALEY        John                     d dec 1785;5 ch john,philip,mary,cath + isble;son john caley petns from Belfast ireland,sumner serves john gill,wm corlett [e?] cry
1786-1 E      w  CALEY        William                  d 30 jun 1786;east balla caley;dau mary (w/o thos fayle);gch c/o john killip (2 ch);son john;gson wm caley;names jane creetch;petn by gsons wm caley + john fayle, other legatees ua;
1786-1 E      d  GIBSON       Margaret    garrett      d 26 jan 1786;sis ann bean als garrat,barbara kermod,jane caley (w/o edmund);also philip garrett,wm garrett,margt cannon als garrett,alice caley als garrett (w/o john),jane mckenzie als garrett ch of bro john garrett decd + also philip,saml,wm,john + elizth garrett c/o bro samuel garret decd;inv
1786-1 E      d  KISSACK      Mary                     d 30 aug 1785;spinster;sibs john + elinor
1786-2 E      d  CALEY        Jane        garrett      d 21 mar 1786;husb edmund
1786-2 E      w  CORLETT      Isabel      Cottier      son ewan,john;dau margt w/o james cain,christian corlett exex
1786-2 E      w  COWLEY       Mary        Curghy       made 10? jun 1786;w/o john cowley PC;dau elizth w/o patk quayle;son george (curghy's croft) exec
1786-2 E      w  GARRETT      Paul                     son wm,patk;dau mary,ellinor;wife mary exex
1786-2 E      d  KINREAD      John snr                 d jul;Bwooley Glaish;no next of kin appear; ?insolvent;inv
1787   A 65      COTTIER      Margaret                 dated 27 Sper 1786;Laggagh;husb Danl Cottier(my part of land called Archdeacon's Close during life then to son Robt) exor; ch Robt(to pay 10 to bros), Wm, Daniel, Dorothy;
1787   A 66      CASHEN       Margaret                 of Maughold d in Lezayre 18 Jan 1787;cousin Ewan Caley, Elinor Caley (h/o Patk Caley)exex;friend Patrick Gill
1787   A 67      STEPHEN      Margaret                 dated 30 Jan 1787;names John Caley(Rule) s/o John Caley decd (left her 10s + his son Patk Caley 14s which sums she never rcvd - now left to dau Elizth + Isabel d/o John Caley(rule); names Elinor Corkill als Christian (w/o John Kermod) relinquishes exex+ Esther Kelly(Ballaugh) jt exexs;names several inc Thos Stephen + Elinor Stephen(w/o Thos Corlet)
1787   A 68      GILL         Ewan                     d 29 Jan? 1786;wife Jane (land called the Reast) exex; bro James Gill;nephew John Gill
1787-1 E      w  CORLETT      William                  petn by margt kneen mo;wm a sea fareing man in isle june 1786 made will naming her as sole legatee;wm died jamaica  end jan;margt widow of ramsey;will only one witt cath corlett
1787-1 E      w  CURGHEY      Mary        CHRISTIAN    d 23 may 1787;don danl(younger),john,charles;dau cath,margt,joney;husb john exor;some ch ua;
1787-1 E      ag KNEAL        Margaret    garrett      ag dated 15 apr 1778 between john kneale snr oast  lezayre + wife margt als garrett 
1787-2 E      d  CAINE        James,snr                d 21 jul 1787;ch james,ann + margt
1787-2 E      w  CORLETT      Ann         quayle       d 29 sep 1787;son michael;dau anne,cath,jane(w/o wm cowley);gdau jane cowley;
1787-2 E      d  CORLETT      William                  d 6 aug 1787;bach;fa thomas admor
1788   A 52   ds CLAGUE       Alice       COWLEY       paul + alice his wife;mutual
1788   A 53      GARRET       Philip                   made 14 apr 1788;dau ann,margt,mary;young ch john + elizth;wife margt execx;philip quayle h/o elizth;john oates h/o mary
1788   A 54      CASEMENT     Thomas,snr               of the Grange, Lezayre: sons Thomas, John, William, James, & Charles; son Philip Castment, sons Ewan & Edward Casement; 6 daus Ann, Elizth, Jane, Margt, Esther & Catharine.  Wife Ann Casement als Corlet. At least one child ua
1788-2 E 061  d  GARRET       William                  d 22 dec 1787;3 ch john ua,margt + elizth; wife elizth
1788-2 E 062  d  CORLETT      Margaret                 d 1 jun 1788;spinster;sibs wm,john,thomas,mathias,robert,cath + christian
1788-2 E 063  d  CURPHEY      Robert                   d 28 jan 1788;dau mary kneale als curphey;john fisher h/o another dau ester reliquinshed rights;
1788-2 E 069  d  KINREAD      Jane        CORLETT      d 22 sep 1788;2 ch john + thomas ua gfa danl corlett,philip brew uncle by fa's side,john kelly cousin german by mo's side;petn by dal states john kinread bwoilley glas d may 1785;1796 john kinrade arrves at la chooses john curghey lezayre as guardian;inv + some accts
1789   A 79      cowle        Margaret                 d 16 nov 1788;sibs danl + esther (execx)
1789   A 80      QUAYLE       Mary        Knicle       relict philip quayle creggan lez;son patrick;ch wm,philip,thos + michael, cath w/o philip quayle tholte-will,alice cowley w/o john cowley cammag + mary kewn w/o thos kewn;
1789   A 81      CALEY        John                     made 20 mar 1789;bro edmund,wm (exec);edward caley acks;sumner charged patk caley,mathias caley,wm cowle + robert killip (last 2 witts) re petn by wm caley
1789-1 E 1017 w  SKILLICORN   Mary        callow       d jul 1788;husb ewan; ?als callow;[m Lez 17571231 ?no ch]
1789-1 E 1020 d  GARRETT      Ann         kneale       d 25 may 1789;ch wm,cath ua;husb wm;uncles wm lord + wm kneale guardians
1789-1 E 1029 d  KNICKLE      William                  d 27 jan 1789;ch Thomas, Patrick,Isabel, Ann, and Margaret ;
1789-1 E 1031 w  KISSAGE      Mary        KEWNEY als NIDDERAGH expressed 21 oct 1788;w/o wm;names edmund skillicorn (kk michael),wm cannell (kk michael + his dau m. at c''town);sister's son john christian,smith kk michael;mary corlet w/o john skillicorn;elizabeth w/o robert corlett churchtown lezayre;mary tear,wm tear;wife of john corlett (gill),margt w/o thos corlett,cath w/o wm keig,cath corlett d/o jo corlett (ballamannagh);dau betty;mrs brew of gilcaugh;
1789-1 E 1035 d  CANNELL      Thomas                   d 20 may 1788 on coast africa;bach;fa james;pledges paul cain liverpool + wm sayle marown
1789-2 E      w  CORLETT      Thomas                   dated 20 nov 1788;glentramman;son edmond;dau cath cannell als corlet;serv sheela clinton;40s to parish school at the church;gch john,margt + ann corlet,margt,thos + wm cannell;son+ heir john exor
1789-2 E      se COTTIER      Margaret                 jw/set wm + margt;bal-ne-glagh; dated 27 jun 1782 to dau ann cottier who resides with us;dau mary (w/o mathias christian);son wm;john kermeen h/o ann
1789-2 E      w  CROW         Alice                    d 27 sep 1789;bro thos crow exor
1789-2 E      w  VANDY        Ann         CROW         d 21 oct 1789;son wm,thomas;dau margt exex
1790   A 42      WEST         Jane        caley        Ramsey, widow: Mrs. Ann Bridson the wife of the Revd Mr. John Bridson; Miss Margaret Corlett & her father Mr. John Corlett of Ramsey; Mary Morrison of Ramsey; cousin Grace Christian als Corlett; Mrs. Ann Corlett the wife of Mr. John Corlett of Ramsey executrix
1790-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    John                     dated 10 mar 1786;ellenbane;mariner;resolved to go abroad;sibs wm (abroad),elizth;names mrs brew w/o cousin james brew gilcaugh kk andreas;witt chas crow,dan cowll;alledged wm christian dead abroad;mrs eliz brew;
1790-1 E      w  CURPHEY      Alice                    dated 2 jun 1787;ballakillangan widow;gson quayle christian;gdau jane;dau jane ...
1790-1 E      d  CURPHEY      Ewan                     perished by sea 4 jan 1790;fa john curphey esq;
1790-1 E      d  SKILLICORN   Edward                   perished by sea on coast of Bengal Aug 1789;mo Jane;sibs James, Edmond & Robert ,Ann (w/o John Cottier)
1790-1 E      d  STEVENSON    Thomas,jnr               d 23 mar 1790;ch robert,john,thomas (ua),jane + cath(ua),elizth + mary had contracts;wife margt
1790-2 E      d  CAIN         Margaret    CORLETT      d 24 aug 1790;only ch john caine;husb james
1790-2 E      d  CALEY        William                  d 19 apr 1790;son john;dau mary(w/o john kneale),joney(decd w/o thomas killip)
1790-2 E      w  Cowle        catherine   garrett      dg dated 19 feb 1782;grest;wm + wife cath als garrett;dg to dau margt;son richard,john,wm(?is this john's son);wm d 1783 cath d 1790;wm kewley h/o margt;
1790-2 E      w  GOLDSMITH    Isabel                   d 5 aug 1790;sis mary caley,cath,ann kneale;sis-i-law jane goldsmith;jane + ann kneale(sis's dau);ann + christian goldsmith (bro's dau);bro john goldsmith exor
1791   A 61      HARRISON     David                    petn by son John Harrison(Croillane? Lezayre) that fa David Harrison(late of Ballaglonna, Malew) d 30 Nov [?1790] in Lezayre;will dated 10 Feb 1789;late of Ballaglonna; Ch John(eldest son + heir) in trust son Wm who is looked upon as infirm;costs etc;sumner charges Mr Thos Casement(Derbyhaven) + wife Hanna, Tho Brew(Mullen-e-Cunney) + wife Cat, Wm Harrison;
1791   A 62      CURGHEY      Elizabeth   curghey      dated 22 Nov 1790;husb John Curghey(glasladow?, Sulby) exor;ch Jane, Elizth(her share of Curraugh)
1791   A 63      CORLETT      Mary                     d 2 jan 1790;ch Thomas;husb Ewan exor
1791   A 64      COCHRANE     Ann                      d 23 mar 1791;w/o john Sulby;dau sarah,ann
1792-1 E      d  BREW         Patrick                  jt will of brothers Philip Brew (Jurby) + Patrick Brew(Lezayre) dated 25 Apr 1791;mutual exors; - long sequence of petitions + court case despositions;petnby Philip that Robert Brew(Andreas) + others disputed - court judgement that will be set aside + next of kin admrs;depositions noted that widow Ann Brew d a few hours after her husb;deposition by James Clark that Patk + Philip had no issue and that had stated would make his bro exor, John Cowley also states same;court decrees Philip Brew, Robt Brew, Wm Lawson(h/o Christian brew) + Jane Kelly als Brew jt admrs;
1791-1 E      d  CAINE        James                    d 11 jun 1791;only ch john;
1791-1 E      w  CORLETT      Edward                   dated 9 jun 1791;sulby;son thos,ewan(exor);gdau margt ,janecowley
1791-1 E      d  CORLETT      John                     d 16 jan 1791;ballamoney;ch wm,thos,matthias,robt,cath(w/o john kneale) + christian;
1792-1 E      w  COWLL        Daniel                   dated 13 Aug 1791;names Wm? John Corlett(Glantramman House - all my books);sis Esther Cowell(land in Lezayre called Killip's close + the little Croft where we have lately dwelt);nephew Charles Cowll;sis-i-law Martha Cowll(widow) exex
1791-1 E      se CROW         William                  dated 4 oct 1783;the garey;wife mart als cammaish exex;wife's sis isabel;sis elizth,mary,elinor;1791 patrick cain h/o joney cain als crow execx elizth kissage als crow + wm kinley h/o elizth kinley als crow ack;margt cottier als kaighin + ellinor kaighin kk german (admrs of mo mary) ack from margt as legacy of mo mary kaighin ;
1791-1 E      d  GARRET       Philip                   d 3yrs ago in manchester;late ballabrowij;petn by thomas tear balnetear h/o elizth als cowll als garrett(philip her 'natural' father) only surv bro wm took possession of all papers - elith thinks a new will was there. Wm + others forceably entered apartment ballacowij + removed papers inc her marr contract;wm + son philip + son-i-law wm quirk defendants in case;(orig admin guards rights of john caley bro-i-law + margt cannon als garrett sis
1791-1 E      w  HARRISON     David                    [mr david harrison malew in defuncts]
1791-1 E      d  KISSAGE      John                     mariner d some time ago;wm hutchin h/o sis cath als kissage ;charles crow lezayre prin creditor;petn from charles crow states michael kissage d feb 1774 legacy inc 40s to son john + nominated dau cath exex;john went abroad;charles had bro wm crowe in liverpool;john resided + married in liverpool but died abroad.
1791-1 E      w  KNEALE       William,jnr              d 29 may 1791;sulby;unnamed ch;wife isable als quaggin;pledges john quaggin snr + junr malew
1792-1 E      d  QUAY         Mary        CORLETT      d 3 mar 1792;ch John, Robt + Elinor(w/o Patrick Corkill) jt admrs -John + Robt off island - Patk Corkill sworn - pledges Patk Corlett(lezayre), Thos Corlett(Maughold)
1791-2 E      d  KISSACK      Ewan                     d 17 nov 1790;ch esther,isabel + elizth + ch of cath garrett als kissack,john another ch had m/c
1792   A 52      QUAYLE       Joney       CALEY        made 1 nov 1788;w/o wm snr (blockary);dau cath,joney (w/o Wm Kewish),Mary (w/o wm killip);son john,nicholas;husb alive;
1792   A 53      GARRETT      Ewan                     dated 26 dec 1791;ballalargy;dau jane , mary,dorothy(w/o wm corlett);son joseph exor;wife alive
1792   A 54   dg CORLETT      John                     s/o john corlet ballnahowin decd but now resident with nephew john corlett of the kella
1792   A 55      COTTIER      Dorothy     als gill als teare dau isable w/o john crow;son john gill,edmund gill,james + wm gill;dau mary;loving husband john crow;dau margt w/o ewan christian ballacrink lezayre execx
1792   A 56      COTTIER      Catherine                d 3r of nov 1791 declared 23 may last;2 younger sons john + thos;husb wm;eldest son wm;names joney + margt crow;fun costs + inv + sale
1792   A 57      CHRISTIAN    Jane        cowle        long disputed;w/o standish christian;only son + heir charles christian (certain mountain known as carrin  + 2 close moors purchased from duke of athol);daus mary,margt w/o charles cowle (her son john),elizabeth, jane w/o thos kinread;large no of claims outweigh inv;petn by charles;inv
1792-2 E 61   w  WADE         Christian   KNEEN        [?bur]d beg spring 1792;6ch patk,john,james,cath (w/o thos kinread),mary + alice;son robert;husb robt exec
1792-2 E 63   w  CORLET       Elinor      KILLIP       declrd 17 jul 1792;dau cath, jane;sons robt,wm,thos + james,john;husb john exec
1792-2 E 65   w  STOLE        Catherine                d 10 aug 1792;son thos,wm;dau esther,ann;gdau isabel
1792-2 E 69   w  CROW         Edmond                   declrd 23 sep 1792;bro john,3 sisters;john cleator his sister's son;fa john exec
1792-2 E 70   d  GARRET       Robert                   d 2 mar 1792;ch robt,wm,john,ewan,jane,ann + cath;jane off isle;some ua;wife cath;inv 
1792-2 E 73   w  CASEMENT     Edward                   liverpool;mariner;mother ann 
1792-2 E 75   d  KNEEN        John                     d 27 jul 1792;ch thos,wm,patk,christian,margt,elizth + ann;thos corlet h/o christian,john gawne h/o margt
1793   A 72      KNEEN        Christian                d 27 nov 1792;sis cath(w/o stephen tear);friend matthias corlet lezayre exor;sumner served wm kneen,stephen tear as descendants
1793   A 73      SKILLICORN   Jane        GILL         made 2 mar 1791;d jan 1793;widow;sons james ,robt,edmond;dau ann cottier als skillicorn;gch robt skillicorn s/o john;john cottier, + john skillicorn s/o edmnd;?decd son edward
1793   A 74      CALEY        Catherine   caley        made 20 jan 1793;dau margery;,isabel,jane;gdau cath corlett;gch t eldest of edmund caly;gson john myclecarane;son john;husb john exor
1793   A 75      CORLETT      Ewan                     made 19 jun 1789;gob-ne-cree;gson john craine;gdau joney craine,cath craine;son-i-law john craine exor
1793   A 76      KELLY        William                  made 25 mar 1793;corady;dau anne(w/o john mylecharane),alice(w/o wm cowley);gdau ann + jane mylecharane;gson john cowley;sis jane kaighin(widow - son thos); wife joney ;son gilbt exor;1795 exor gilbt dead(widow elizth)
1793   A 77      KNICKEL      Leonora                  dated 17 apr 1793;husb john exor;son wm + robt abroad,john;dau margt,leonora
1793   A 78      QUAYLE       Margaret    KELLY        [full]
1793-1 E 343  d  GILL         John                     d 14 may 1793;ch ewan,jane,ann(w/o thos kneale) + elizth(w/o john christian);mo ann admr
1793-1 E 344  d  CORLETT      Thomas                   d 21 apr 1793;ch thomas,mary,margt,jane + elizth
1793-1 E 346  w  QUAYLE       Philip                   made 21 may 1793;creggan;son john,philip,thos,wm,james;names[reln blotted ?son] robt quayle ;dau elizth,sable;wife isabel exex
1793-2 E      w  KNEEN        John                     made 18 may 1793;glan-moar;son-i-law robt kissage(some disagreement between them);son wm,ewan(needs help) exor;wife alve
1794   A 67      KELLY        Gilbert                  made 2 dec 1793;corody;wife elizth als killip;names thomas kaighin jurby;sis ann w/o john mylecharane,alice (w/o wm cowley);mo joney kelley als kelley(right to purchased kewleys croft);some dispute
1794   A 68      TEAR         William sen              [Full];
1794   A 69      WATTLEWORTH  John                     [Full]
1794   A 70      COTTIER      Robert                   d beg nov 1794;wife elinor als quayle exex;#chk #71 missing - missing on film - nil in defuncts
1794-2 E      d  GARRETT      William                  d 9 oct  1794;ch wm, john + esther;pledges John Skillicorn + John Keanry
1794-2 E      d  KNEALE       Jane        SKILLICORN   d 26 mar 1794;ch James, Ann + Isabel ;pledges John kneale + John Skillicorn (both lez)
1795   A 78   jw CREBBIN      Charles                  made 1 aug 1792;charles + mary als crohan; 
1795   A 79      KILLIP       William                  made 5 jun 1792;wife jane;names ch of danl kewish as legatees if wife dead
1795   A 80      MARTIN       Elinor      Crow         made 6 [] 1794;gdau ann martin;sons wm,edmund,ewan + thos;dau jane,margt,cath (w/o thos kneen)
1795   A 81      CORLETT      Ewan                     made 11 nov 1794;naradall;son robt;dau isabel;wife margt exex;dispute between robt + margt
1795   A 82      GARRETT      Margaret    Christian    made 10 jul 1793;widow;sis-i-law elizth christian als corlet (w/o decd john christian of curragh);daus [?hers or her s-i-l's]  anne + mary;nephew john christian,neice jane radcliffe,margt + cath killip,an + mary christian,isabel quayle, elizth cannell, margary vondy exex (w/o wm);bro robt callister;acks: wm h/o margt lace,wm garrett h/o ann christian,wm quayle h/o isabel,john corlet obo wife + dau,wm cannell h/o elizth
1795   A 83   jw CROW         Elinor                   made 29 dec 1794;john + elinor;daus isabel + dorothy (close yn ard joughin) exexs;son thos
1795   A 84      KILLIP       Mary        CLARK        d 3 apr;w/o john, Nappin;4 dau margt,mary,christian + joney;
1795   A 85      CROW         John                     ballacottier;to friend james clark;gdau isabel + cath cowle ramsey (?d/o mathew cowle + M[] als crow);danl joughin h/o dau mary ;son edmund (+ dau)
1795-1 E      d  CAINE        Philip                   d 12 oct 1794;ch philip,thomas,margt,joney + jane (w/o john killip);wife jane;pledges philip cain kk bride + son-i-law john killip
1795-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Elizabeth   corlet       dated 5 dec 1793;dau margt lace(eldest)[?bapt wm lace],ann garrett,mary cowle ,elizth cannell,margery vondy [wm vondy Lez 17650822], cath killip , isabel quayle [wm quayle] , jane ratcliffe [?chas radcliffe And 17930521] ;son john christian (heir) exor;gch john,charles + jane cowle (all ch of wm cowle);
1795-1 E      d  CORLETT      Evan                     d 3 June 1796;bach;sibs Thon, Thomas, Christian Corlett;, Margt(decd - her son John Cain) admrs
1795-2 E      w  KINREAD      William                  declared 25 mar 1791;son thos (heir);dau margt (+ feather bed bequeathed by her mo []annell);son wm,john;daus ann quayle,cath crenilt
1796   A 61      GARRETT      William                  ballacottier;dau jane (w/o john caistell),isabel,margt [?bapt],cath,elizth,dorothy;sons john + daniel [?bapt];wife jane;wm wilson h/o cath garrett
1796   A 62      QUARK        Jane        kneale       dau bridget,jane exex,cath,ellinor;john vaundy h/o jane;john cannell h/o bridget
1796   A 63      CROW         Thomas                   dated 16 nov 1795;of moar?;2 nieces isabella + dorothy crow exexs;friend james clerk;pledges john crow (witt) + james clarke both lez
1796   A 64      BREW         Philip                   dated 27 jul 1792;bro robt,sis christian w/o wm lawson;nephew david lawson;Neighbour John Curghey senr ;friend James Clark senr of Aust ;wife margt
1796   A 65      CURGHEY      Jane                     d apr 1796;balnaglaughbane;son matthias (loom),robt exec;husb wm;
1796-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    William                  dated 29 Mar 1793;Reyn Frey + qtrland Ballachrink Lezayre; ch Mart Christian(spinster), Wm; wife Margt als Corkill exex
1796-1 E      d  CLAGUE       Elinor      [corlett]    d 18 Apr 1796;ch Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Catharine + Jony - all ua; bro John Corlett + Patrick Clague (h/o her sister Isabel) are sworn supvs; husb Thomas admr in trust - court agrees that Thomas give 10 to each child in lieu of goods [Thos Clague m Elinor Corlett Marown 17831021];inv inc 40 mortgage on Estate Ellen Bane; annexed deed of sett Mary Clague als Gell to Thomas Clague[ = NSS Oct 1792 27]
1796-1 E      d  CROW         Esther                   d 13 Jan 1796;ch Wm, Esther, Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret + Ann - all ua husb Wm Crow sworn supy
1796-1 E      d  KELLY        Patrick                  d 24 Nov 1796;ch Alice + Margt
1796-1 E      d  KILLIP       John                     d 28 feb 1796;4 ch Margt, Mary, Christian and Joney;
1796-1 E      d  KNEALE       Catherine                d 17 Feb 1796;sibs Edmund, Robert + Ewan Kneale + John, Ewan, Robert + Jane Corkill(c/o her sis Isabel deceased) + Ann + Isabel Martin (c/o deceased sister Margt)
1797   A 82      KINREAD      Ann                      dated 1 dec 1796;killabricke;niece ann w/o pat quayle (+ dau elizth,son pat);names margt moore poor woman;fiend + nephew thos kinread killabricke exec
1797   A 83      KELLY        Robert                   made 27 mar 1790;wife exex (if she survives him);wife jane dead - her exec son wm
1797   A 84      KELLY        Jane                     w/o robt [see above]
1797   A 85      WATTLEWORTH  Charles                  d 7 feb 1797;curragh;son john (eldest not 21),wm;dau cath,margt,esther,elizth;wife margt exex
1797   A 86   jw ALLEN        Catherine                rich + cath allen;son richard symons bilbaloe onchan;son henry allen (400 laid at interest for support + maint + 50 to whoever he resides with);dau cath,elizth,jane
1797   A 87      QUAYLE       John                     made 14 jul 1789;bala skella;dau joney;only son wm exec;gson john quayle;names anne knickel,john s/o philip quayle;john,ann,elizth + margt quayle ack from fa wm re gfa john
1797   A 88      CASEMENT     Catherine                headed ballaugh cc of sd parish d 4 apr 1797;dau cath killip als casement exex
1797   A 89      CREER        Elizabeth                declrd 31 mar 1797;gson john creer(s/o thomas + ann)(monery to be with john brockbank ramsey);son john,thos (exec);dau elizth;witt john kelvin,john garrett
1797   A 90      KILLIP       John                     made 25 apr 1797;the rock;dau anne,mary;son thos (eldest),wm;wife annexex;ch ua uncles thos + wm killip;pledges john caley + path caley of the particles lez
1797-1 E      w  CALEY        John                     (homy)made 13 may 1797;dau margery cally (money bequeathed by mo);son john;dau isable quayle als cally;dau jane + gdau cath corlett execx
1797-1 E      d  CORLETT      John                     pinner;d 4 sept 1796;ch wm, james,robt,hannah
1797-1 E      d  CROW         Catherine                spinster;d 14 feb 1797;sibs edmund,john + christian
1797-1 E      w  GARRETT      Philip                   d 3 nov 1790;ballabroie;gentleman;petn by john garrett douglas that pg had made a will making john exec;court had decreed pg died intestate with william garrett + philip caley execs; 1801 mary + ann garrett spinster daus of wm garrett late of ballabroij ack from M[ary?] widow;commisioners appointed inc george clewes manchester; long proceedings
1797-1 E      w  KILLIP       Jane        corkill      w/o robert;curragh; made 1784;son robt,thomas,wm;dau jane;gson john,thos, wm corlett;gdau margt corlett;gdau elizth, jane cath + ann killip;son john exec
1797-1 E      w  MARTIN       Jane                     made 15 june 1796;fa thomas;sibs ewan, thos, wm , edmund, cath (w/o thos kneen), margt (execx);names cath callow
1797-1 E      d  QUALTROUGH   Thomas                   d 1 may 1796;ch jane + cath;wife margt;fa john guardian of ch ua
1797-1 E      w  TEARE        Margaret                 written 26 jul 1797;sulby;widow;sis isable kindread w/o thos;2 sons of wm tear - wm + philip (their mo jane);wm h/o jane exec;petn of wm tear of andreas that inconvenient to take care due to harvest + prays next of kin sworn;john tear of douglas charged
1798   A 77      KEWLEY       William                  made 3 june 1797;cleannaugh;son john exec,thomas,wm,michael,philip (legacies to be paid once apprenticeships finished);dau ann,elizabeth,cath,christian,esther_elinor;?wife jane pregnant
1798   A 78      COWIN        Mary                     d 8 jan 1798;son ewan,danl;dau margt exex
1798   A 79      CORKIL       John                     d 13 may 1798;ballagorry;7 ch John, William, Thomas,Peter, Christopher, Jane and Margaret Corkill (5 ua)
1798   A 80      KNEALE       Jane                     dated 13 mar 1798;bro robt kneale exec,edmund kneale (3 ch ewan,bella + nelly);nephew ewan (eldest son),niece nelly's son
1798   A 81      CAMAISH      William                  made 16 mar ;wife isabel;un-named ch inc son John (pledge + john goldsmith);wiit john goldsmith + mary garrett
1798   A 82      COWLEY       John                     crammag;7 ch john exec,wm,philip,cath,ann,alice + jane;wife alice;1799 robt gelling h/o alice
1798   A 83      KNEALE       John                     d 14 apr 1798; john kneale (patrick);son john,patrick;dau cath;gson john kneale s/o james;other gch inc c/o wm corkill kk maughold,james kneale
1798-1 E      d  BREW         James,jnr                d 9 jul 1797;fa james refused to admin,prin credr richd worthen;inv (textiles ?draper shop) - admr claims great difficulty in settling accts between fa + son who appears to owe 585 or more;long accts;states james brew late of bolton 
1798-1 E      w  CROW         Margaret    camaish      d 9 may 1798;widow,the garey;mentions 5 ch of wm corlett ballaugh;sis ann ;names wm kewley + others;nieces margt + isable camaish c/o late decd bro michael; sis isable (w/o thos callister ballaugh) + elizth co-exexs;1798 wm corlett exor ann acks
1798-1 E      w  GARRETT      John                     d 25 jul 1797;ballabrooie;mo margt;unnamed sibs
1798-1 E      w  GILL         John                     d 30 may 1798;ballacowle;wife cath exex;ch james,danl,isabel,john(at sea);one ch ua
1798-1 E      d  KNEALE       Elinor      GARRET       d 13 apr 1798;ch john,cath both ua ;husb wm ;pledges john kneale fa-i-law,john kneale doaragh ?both lez;inv;john died shortly later mentions philip garrett ballaugh uncle to ch via mo side
1798-2 e825      corlet       christian   faile        widow;made 9 jun 1798;son james,ewan(exec
1798-2 e829   w  corlet       isabel      quilliam     made 7 nov 1796;sis elizth quilliam;husb thomas;bro thos exec
1798-2 e834      corlett      thomas                   d 31 jul 1798;only ch thomas ua; wife jane;
1798-2 e826      curphey      william                  d 27 jun 1798;nephew + nieces wm,elinor + mary casement co-admrs;john corkil h/o elinor
1798-2 e831      kneen        john                     d aug 1798;ch dorothy,elizabeth,joney,christian,margaret + ann;thomas colvin h/o joney;petn by thomas colvin,dorothy lace,christian + margt
1798-2 e827   w  qualtrough   dorothy                  d 30 jun 1798;widow;son john;dau isable wilson als Q,mary exex
1799   A 75      CROW         Edmund                   made 28 apr 1797;nephew edmond crow;sis christian (+ son thos gellin);neice isabel crow;neice dorothy w/o patrick cannell;bro john crow exec;inv
1799   A 76      CORLETT      Ann                      made 2 mar 1799;ballamanagh,sulby;niece jane cowley,cath + ann corlett;sis cath corlet,jane cowleybro michael corlet exor;;neighbour jane kneale;witt jane kneale als cally,ann cowley als kneen
1799   A 77      CORLETT      Isabel                   widow: son in law John Crow, grandson John Crow, 3 daus Margery wife of John Crow, Catharine wife of Philip Garret, Mary wife of James Skillicorn(exec); gdau Isabel Corlet; gdau Jane Cavendish; son John Corlet 
1799-1 E      d  CORLETT      Mary                     d mar 1799;sibs charles corlet,jane kneale als corlett(w/o john)
1799-1 E      w  GARRETT      William                  residing in rochdale ..relns wm newall townhouse,rochdale,thos + wm leech manchester cotton merchts;present wife mary garrett; son thos (brewery bellaugh),wm ... long wide will unreadable notes
1799-2 E      d  CAIN         Isabel                   d [blank but court 5 nov 1799];spinster;sibs john,james(decd - representative john cain);john cain(phinlo) admr
1799-2 E      d  CORLETT      William                  d 2 May 1799;named as William Corlett(Bane);ch Wm, Ewan, John, Thomas, Robert + Ann jt admrs

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