Summary of Wills - Lezayre post1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1800   A 67      CORLETT      John,jnr                 of the Cleanagh, Lezayre: only child Jane Christian Corlett, wife Christian Corlett als Caley
1800   A 69   dg CLAGUE       Paul                     dated 26 jan 1790;dau alice (w/o john corlet - croft, house etc + intack 2d rent nr garrets mill
1800-1 E      d  CROW         John                     petn by John Kneale + Wm Garrett(both Lezayre) John Crow senr(Aust) d summer last + by will appt dau Margt exex + gave as pledges the petitioners - she afterwards [Lez 18000715] married John Lace who were greatly indebted to sundry persons - executions granted  agt them but no part of debts yet paid - decree dated 16 Jan 1801 that coroner be involved + consistory court granted petitioners personal estate of John Crow
1800-2 E      w  KINREAD      Ewan                     dated 5 oct 1800;knockgarroo;son ewan exec ;un-named dau had 20 marr settlmnt
1800   E      d  RADCLIFFE    Henry                    perished at sea sunday 8 oct 1800 [day + date clash - decree has 19]in Mersey whilst  on way to see son [?charles as he was absent from court] then on board a vessell lying at anchor + bound for africa;4 ch 2 ua charles,joseph,john + margt;wife cath
1800   E      d  RADCLIFFE    Thomas                   bach died at calabar jan 1800 ; sibs joseph, john + margt;pledges robt christian wine mercht peel + thos quine patrick;petn by mo cath that he on board ship Charlotta of Liverpool previous to his decease commanded by Wm Crowe formerly of Ramsey; chk as alse decree for same ? thos d mar calaba fa henry radcliffe with pledges wm nelson douglas + jan lleweyllyn kk michael
1803   A 79      KNEALE       Edmond                   dated 15 jan 1802;glan oldin;son ewan,john;dau isable + ellinor jt exexsgson ewan,edmond kneale
1804   A 65      QUAYLE       William, sn              made 1 nov 1788;blockairy;dau cath,joney (w/o wm kewish),jane,mary;son john,nicholas exec;gson patrick caley;
1805-1 E         CROW         William als Charles      bach;d 30 may 1798 on board hm ship Dolphin;bro edmund
1806   A 63      COWLEY       Alice       quayle       dog dated 30 apr 1798;crammag;relict john to son john
1806   A 76      CROW         John                     dated 29 Dec 1795;John Crow + wife Elinor; ch Isabel + Dorothy(parcel known as Close-yn-ard Joughen, Andreas jt between them + exexs), Thos, Edmond; Isabel sworn as Dorothy absent - annexed to decree of Elinor dated  23 Jun 1795 is that John died by 8 Mar 1806 - Patk Cannell(h/o Dorothy) relinquished right, John Corlett(h/o Isabel) sworn + gives pledges bro Thos Corlett(Lezayre) + James Kermod(Andreas)
1806-2 E         GARRETT      Elizabeth                made 18 nov 1796;dau isabel quark exex;
1806-2 E         KINREAD      Anne        quilliam     dated 10 may 1806;KnockGarrow;son ewan(heir);son-i-law ewan kneen exor
1807   A 68      KERMODE      Catharine   quirk        dated 11 nov 1806;husb john exor;ch wm,thos,joseph,margt;
1807   A 69      KNICKAL      Jane                     dated 28 jan 1807;corody;sibs mary quayle(+ dau cath),wm knickal(son wm);names philip quayle jnr (s/o philip - lezayre),judy quayle(d/o philip,judy kneen,alice cowley(w/o wm cowley close);bro-i-law philip quayle exor
1807   A 70      GARRETT      John                     d 30 mar 1807;lagagh;nephew matthias corlet;dau ann garrett exex
1807   A 73      KEWNEY       Elizabeth                dated 14 May 1806;husb Paul exor;ch Cath(w/o John Kneale lezayre), Jane, Anne, John, Thomas;
1807   A 77      CALLISTER    Robert                   dated 11 Jul 1799;formerly of Liverpool but now in Lezayre;Nephew Wm Vondy(dau Margery - she to have money in Collwill and Smythes bank) exor;witt Edward Callow x, John Callow ser[?snr];Edward callow dead by probate [in Gore's directory 1790 Robt collister carpenter 13 Charlotte st, south dock, 1796:69 Pitt St Cleveland Sq, ]
1807-1 E         GARRETT      Catherine   cally        d 18 Jan 1807;widow Robrt glenmoar;ch Robt, John, Wm, Ewan, Jane (w/o John Ailsbee?), Ann (w/o Wm Kinread)  + cath jt admrs;inv
1807-1 E         GARRETT      William                  d Feb 1807;Ballacurberry;ch John, Elinor (w/o James Kelly), Mary (w/o Henry Kelly)+ Elizth(w/o Robt Moore) jt admrs
1808   A 14      BREW         James                    dated 31 Dec 1807;kella;son thomas(bleach mill ballamannagh + considerable other property),wm;dau elizth (w/o wm corkill),jane brew,margt (w/o john clucas + dau elizth,margt,esther),esther(w/o john coultard);serv john cowley;names poor old jane garrett;
1808   A 70      GARRETT      John                     made 16 jun 1807;ballnaghennee;dau mary(legacy due her from mo),ann martin;son john,thomas;youngest ch thomas,cath,elinor;wife elinor als howland exex
1808-1 E         LAWSON       Thomas                   d 18 feb 1808;ch thomas,wm,john,danl,christian,elizth + jane all ua;wife elizth;pledges david + patrick lawson (both jurby);uncles Patrk + wm lawson guardians
1809-1 E         KEWISH       Judith      quayle       d 26 oct 1808;ch wm,thos,john (resign rights in agreemnt with fa);husb wm
1810-1 E      w  Lace         William                  [last on mm film]dated 19 jun 1809;ch John, Robert (sheep on commons between them) - ua;wife Jane exex
1811-1 E         CRENILL      John                     dated 22 Jun 1811;ch Thomas(30),Wm(if he comes to Island), Ann Garret(w/o Robt Garrett), Robt - jt exors;wife Christian als Quayle (20, ?= 2nd wife JC prev Isabel Johnson)
1811-1 E         GARRETT      John                     d 25 apr 1811;ch john,charles + ann  ua gfa ewan moore;pledges pat looney kk maughold + john garret andreas;inv + petn
1812   A 15   w  CORLETT      Thomas                   dated 7 Mar 1812;Dreem-ny-cleanagh(Lezayre)unnamed 6 ch;wife Isabel exex
1814   A 86      LORD         Christian   kneale       dated 27 Jan 1814;husb Wm exor;ch Hugh, Wm, Thomas,Ann(w/o Thos Clague),Margt, Esther (w/o John Corlett - m Lez 18090708, John Corlett wdr), Isabella;
1816   A 66      WATTLEWORTH  Margaret                 [full]dated 12 oct 1815;widow;dau esther,cath,margt + elizth exexs;son john
1816   A 70      CORLETT      Christian                dated 30 oct 1816;niece ann tear (legacy left her by fa + m);names cath quayle;bro charles corlett;niece cath kneale(w/o wm [?#18594]) exex
1817   A 76      KNEALE       Catharine                dated 27 jan 1817;widow;son edmund;neice cath kneale;dau isabella exex
1817   A 80      KNEALE       Margaret                 dated 21 aug 1815;spinster glanoldin;bro edmund kneale;neice cath kneale;sis isabel exex
1817   A 82      GARRETT      Alice       [crow]       son joseph,daus dorothy, mary + jane [?bapt] (will declared 1806)
1818   A 55      CORKILL      Patrick                  made 31 Jan 1818;wife Elinor exex;pledges John Shimmin + Patk Corkill (both Lezayre)
1819-2 E         GARRETT      Judith                   d 14 Jan 1819;ch Wm, John + Esther(absent) - other sworn + to be coadmrs in the division of the residuum - pledges John Wade + John Kewney (both Lezayre)
1818-1 E         CORLETT      John                     Glen Oldyn;ch Richd, Robt (5 ea if they come),Cath, Judy(w/o John Kinreade), Margt(w/o Wm Quayle), John(eldest son + exor); gdau Judy Clague;names Leonora(w/o Wm Lord);names Robt Kneale junr, Ann (w/o Robt Kneale)
1820-2 E         KELLY        Robert                   dated 29 Jan 1813;lately kk braddan but now Lezayre;decd wife Jane;ch Robt(flax miln Braddan), Wm, Jane(w/o Wm Kneale) exex;
1820-2 E         LAWSON       Catharine   STEPHEN      made 26 jul 1820;w/o david;son thos (+ wife margt mason),james exec;names ann christian (widow of john christian, ramsey)
1821   A 58      CORLETT      Thomas                   petn by Christian Corlett(Glenalden) that Thos d 5 Apr 1821; will dated 13 Apr 1814;ch John(eldest son) + unnamed others;wife Christian exex
1821-2 E         CALEY        Alice       GARRETT      decree dated 22 Feb 1821 - Ballacaly, d abt 5 yrs ago;ch Wm, Cath, Ann (w/o Robert Kewley), Alice, Jane (w/o Thomas Cowley), Elizth(w/o Wm Boyde) + Mary - decrees Wm Caley, Cath Caley, Robert Kewley, Thomas Cowley, Wm Boyde + Mary jt admrs - all relinquish to Wm Boyde + Mary Caley;pledges Robert Kewley (Ballachrink, braddan) + Robert Cottier (Arradale, Lezayre) - however there appears to be some problem in that Wm Boyde was also executor of fa-i-law John Caley and had been slow in handling the estate - there was an inv 1819 of goods which were sold at public auction - however Wm's accounts of his costs in administering the estate (which were some 50% of estate - much of trouble appeared to be with Wm Caley) were queried and some  set aside
1822-1 E         QUAYLE       Philip,jnr               petn by phillip quayle,snr re son philip (decd 23 may 1822 without issue);philip snr about 87yrs old asks friend john cowley to act; lezayre sumner charges philip , judith + cath quayle 
1822-2 E         GILL         William                  d May 1822 in Workington;sibs John Gill, Jane Corris als Gill, Margt Christian als Gill(decd - her ch Daniel + Edmund), Edmund(decd - his ch Jane Corkill als Gill, Margt Gill) co-admrs
1823   A 50      GARRETT      William                  d 22 dec 1822;made 27 nov 1820;wife jane als casement execx [?m Lez 17901021 ?no ch]
1825-1 E         CORLETT      Thomas                   petn by widow Margt - d Tues 12 inst (undated petn);decree states d 12 Apr - John Corlet junr + Wm Kelly admrs-in-trust
1826-1 E         GARRETT      Daniel                   d 24 apr 1826;ch wm,nathaniel [?bapt],margt,elizth + mary_ann (only wm at age);wife Margt; pledge her son wm + wm Cowell (Grest)
1828   A 42      MYLECARANE   John                     dated 29 dec 1827;corday;ch thos,esther + isabel (land equally close-quayle,court pharick,kewleys croft + jt execs but ua uncle thos mylrcharane admr in trust),ann(w/o andrew teare),cath(w/o wm fargher), elizth(w/o james cleator),margt(w/o hen corkill)
1828-1 E         LORD         William                  dated 9 Sep 1827;ch Ann(w/o Thomas Clague), Esther(widow John Corlet), Isabella, Margt, Wm, Ewan, Thos (exor); gson John Lord(15s to send him to school), Robert Lord
1828-1 E         VONDY        Margery     christian    dated 26 July 1826;relict Wm Vondy;ch Thomas, Elizth exex;gdau Marjey (w/o Thomas Quayle), Jane Christian(d/o Wm Christian)
1828-1 E         WORTHEN      Richard                  dated 21 Jul 1826;sevant Esther Bridson(feather bed etc);son Pryce Worthen exor; petn states d 8 May 1827;
1829-2 E         CORKILL      William                  d Jun [1829];wife Rebecca petns + appt admx;7 ch - 6 ua - Wm, Robert, James, Maria, Sarah, MaryAnne, Christian; [note Wm m Jane Crow  Lez 18120822 (4 of ch by this marr - ?if 2 married daus)  there is a m Rebecca Crow  Bra 18261028 appears Jane + rebecca sisters - Rebecca m Wm Christian 1833]
1830   A 30      COTTIER      Jane                     dated 24 nov 1824;widow wm cottier narradale;dau cath exex;john kissack williamson h/o cath als cottier [m Lez 18300116 ?no ch]
1830-1 E         CORLETT      Thomas                   claddagh;creditor thomas kanan peel;admin granted to danl craine(ballaugh)
1830-1 E         KILLIP       William                  jw wm + cath;son john,wm(dau cath,ann,elizth ?#1821);dau elizth (w/o thos kewney [?m Lez 17951212 as elizth kelly ?wdw gilbert kelly),jane(w/o john fayle),ann(w/o ewan caley),cath (w/o james callister,ballaugh ?m Lez 18281004)exex;gdau jane (w/o hugh kneal ?#17420);legacy to sulby methodist chapel(trustee patk caley);both parties dead
1831   A 27      CORLETT      Thomas                   dated 30 Mar 1825;ch Robert, James, Edward(house where John Corkill lives), Elizabeth, Margret, Ann, Jane, william, John + Thomas; wife Ann als Corkan? exex(parcel of intack meadow known as Close Noa in Lezayre)  TC m Ann Corkan Lez 18091220(no ch from this)
1831   A 28      CLARKE       Elizabeth                dated 17 Jan 1831;Glentrammon;ch Jane_Elizabeth(w/o John Tear,junr Ballaugh - 500 in trust interest to her own use) exex;gch John_James Tear(eldest s/o Jane), Jane Tear, Richard Tear;Witt John Corlett, Hugh Joughin
1831-2 E         CROWE        Isabella                 dated 21 sep 1831;ch cath,wm,ann,elizth [?bapt];gch hugh sayle[?c/o patk sayle + cath crow],elizth lord [?c/o james lord + ann crow],john crowe,john kelly;husb ewan exor
1832   A 46      KINREAD      William                  dated 1 sep 1830;son wm,robt;dau elizth_jane,cath;wife ann exex
1832-2 E         CRAINE       Charles                  wife jane admr
1832-2 E         CRETNEY      Elizabeth                d 3 sep 1832;matthew moneypenny h/o elizth dau;son thomas(ua) [chk this as ?]
1833   A 42      KNEEN        Ann                      dated 19 mar 1833;names patrk quayle,ann quayle who is now with me exex
1833   A 43      HARRISON     Thomas Lace              dg dated 15 mar 1833;cooilbane;john corlet senr? kella(capt john corlett);son thomas;john thomas brew s/o thomas brew late decd to have interest until age 24;long dispute (involving ch he had by elizth corlett)
1833   A 44      CORLETT      Thomas                   dated 13 oct 1832;the garey but now ramsey;dau margt(for her education);wife isabella exex;friend robert corlett(quaney wolleragh),wm corlet(same place);sis's som wm corri;other bequests;
1833-2 E         KINREADE     Margaret                 dated 30 mar 1832;husb ewan exor;cronk garroo;son hugh,wm,patk,john;dau mary,alice,margt,jane
1836-1 E  .      QUAYLE       Mary        caley        dated 2 feb 1835;widow;relict wm quayle blockairy;son wm,john,patk,thomas (close bought from thos radcliffe) exor;dau mary;,cath;gch jane kneen,wm cowley
1836-2 E         CORLETT      Margaret                 widow;ch matthias, john, robt(bolton lancs),ann(w/o james curphy), elizth, margt + esther_christian(liverpool) jt admrs
1838-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Edmund                   d 17 Mar 1837;only suviving dau Margt(w/o John Corlett) admx

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