Summary of Wills - Lezayre 1700-1749

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not always made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful abt 40% [363/803] - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1700-1 A 39      CASEMENT     Thomas                   d 27 yrs intestate;s/o thomas casement of kella;grace + margt + execs of bro wm casement admrs
1700-1 E      d  CAIN         William                  d 18 jan;sibs dollin,margt
1700-1 E 444  w  casement     Isabel                   [damaged]d 4 Oct last;sibs Ann[prcell of ground wch she gave Ann as per m/c), Mary; husb Wm(close in Curragh); unnamed child ua;
1700-1 E 445  w  KNEEN        Joney                    d 27 Jul ;ch Patrick(+ ch margerie, marie, Jony, Margt + jane), bridget, margt, isable, edmond (exor;husb alive;;dau-i-law Hester Kneale;names Jony Kneen
1700-1 E 447  d  LOONEY       Robert                   d 11 Feb;2 ch Robt + Alice (of la)
1700-1 E 449  d  CHRISTIAN    Edward                   Mr Edw Christian d in England;sibs Ewan, John, Wm, James, Valentine, Margt, Anne + Isabel jt admrs; Wm, James + Anne now in Island sworn
1700-1 E 450  w  KNEAL        Catherine   QUAILE       [damaged] husb?[her share of house + looms]; son Danl 
1700-1 E 451  w  KNEAL        Edmond                   [damaged rh edge with loss] d 29 Apr 1700;unnamed son + heir all that his his mother gave him in contraction bargaine; bro [Wm] Kneale his share of Ballamainah to keep until heir at age;wife alive + 2 youngest ch - all ch under age Wm Kneale + Patrick Kneale [also witt] sworn
1700-1 E 455  w  GARRETT      Pattone                  d 6 Sep 1700;ch Paul, Cath jt exors; inv 2 16s 8d
1700-1 E      d  STEVENSON    Katherine   SKILLICORN   d 20 oct;6 ch john,dan,wm,margt + ann ;john,james + margt at age;
1700-2 A 68      CROWE        Edmond                   d 29 Dec 1700;only dau Christian Crowe;son Ewan exor;gch Katrine Crowe;sibs Christian Crowe, Ewan
1700-2 A 69      COSTEN       Ann         WATERSON     d 20 Nov 1700;ch Wm Costem(houses in Ramsey), Kath, Margt, Ann, Marjory (all daus unmarried);husb Simon Costeen(her part of mortgaged land in Gary) exor
1700-2 A 70      CHRISTIAN    Catherine                d 8 Mar 1700/1;ch Elizabeth, Margrett, John(eldest son) exor; gch Edmd Crow, Kath Crow, John Kneale, Wm Kneale;dau-i-law Margt Quark;sevr Margt Christian als Kneale
1700-2 A 71      COWLEY       Joney                    [rh margin frayed + lost]d 24 Feb 1700/1;sis-i-law Alice Cowley;cousin Jon C[](sheep in glen attin), Wm Cowley, Henry Cowley, Isable Cowley, John Cowley(s/o John);bro Nicholas, Thomas, Wm + John jt exors
1700-2 A 72      FAYLE        Margaret                 d beg apr 1700;sis isable;dau margery,margt + unnamed (isable in pledges)eldest(houses);husb dead by probate next of kin thos bell,henry bell + patk friar(?freer);pledges next of kin + edmd faile for isable
1700-2 A 73      KNEEN        Joney       Quaile?      [loss of rh margin als Qua[]] d 2 May 1700;ch John Kneen, Wm Kneen, Ewan Kneen (exor);sis Ann Quaile;names Alice Kneen;
1700-2 A 74      Corkan       Jane        Corlett      d 7 Mar 1699/1700;husb Thos Corkan;unnamed ch - ua 
1700-2 A 75      CROW         John                     d 18 Mar 1699/1700;sibs Jane, Mary, Thomas (exor)
1700-2 A 76      CORLETT      Mary                     d 21 Mar 1699;sis-i-law Kathrin Kissag;sibs Jony, Anne, John, Philip, Donkan (jt exor with John Calley);
1700-2 A 77      CORLETT      William                  d 4 Feb las[1699/1700 - headed at top 9 May 1700];bro-i-law Phillip Curlett;father alive;names Joney Curlett;Will Kneal claims for what goods became due to Wm Curlett by death of his mother + states he is next of kin
1700-2 A 78      COWLE        Ann                      d 1 Nov 1699;ch Wm Crow(6d), Anne + Ba[?bahy as 2 daus]] - jt exexs (at age);husb alive; court accepts will even tho notes one of wittnesses (viz  Wm Keig, Wm Cottier) was married to decedent;
1700-2 A 79      Curghey      Bessy       QUARK        [names reversed in index]d 15 Apr 1700;ch Isable Curghey - 3 unnamed ch jt execs(land between them);
1700-2 A 80      COWLE        Isabel                   d 7 Apr 1699;mistress Eliz Cowle;sibs Daniel Cowle, Ann;names Wm Cowle(half of her sheep in Richd Kermode's custody);names Margt Cowle, Patrrick Kneale, Margery Kneale(exex - ua - Wm Cowle sworn);1708 Margery Kneale acks cousin Wm Cowle re goods left by aunt;
1700-2 A 81      GARRETT      Daniel                   d 25 Apr 1699;wife Alice;ch Ann, Ellin, Ewan, Wm ,eldest son [follows what is ? a xd thru Willm], John(half farme + gears etc) exor; also willed his eldest son Willm should have half of crop sown after his mothers decease;
1701   A 89      CORTEEN      Thomas                   d 22 jan 1701;son robt;dau alice exex  ua(bro robt sworn);wife isable kenish;robt joughin h/o alice exex of fa + mo acks robt corteen supv
1701   A 90      CORTEEN      Isabel                   d 24 jan 1701;son Robt;names Margt Keanish;only dau Ales Corteen
1701   A 92      CORTEEN      Gilbert                  d 9 jan 1701;son Wm (eldest), Jon,Robt,gilbert, Ewan + Margt;bro Wm + Arlis Brew;bro Thos;Ewan dead before probate, Thos dead .
1702-2 E 120  w  KERMOT       Mally       QUAILE       d 19 aug 1702;mo-i-law mally kermott;dau mary,ann;husb john;ch ua
1702-2 E 123  d  GARRETT      John                     d abt year ago;ch mary + ann ua aunt isabel garret;wife alive
1702-3 E      d  Crow         Edmond                   damaged will;ch margt,mary;sibs thos,john,jane crow;jony crain gmo has care eldest child
1702-3 E      d  Crow         Edmond                   damaged will;glentramman;ch edmond,robt,mary,wm,anne;some in england rest ua;wife alive
1702-3 E      d  crow         Mary        corkill      ch margt + mary crow supv margt + jony corkill;husb alive ;?displaced 1712 margt crow only surv admx acks uncle charles kewley + uncle tho crow;inv  inc looms; wife dead by 1710 margt acks herself + for sis;
1702-3 E      d  KNEAL        Mariot                   d 8 Nov last;ch Anne(eldest, by 1711 w/o John Cottier), John, Kath + Margt jt admrs (1st 3 at age + sworn);husb alive; [the 1711 ack states fa-in-law of John Cottier was Wm Cottier ?] pledges Ewan Corkill + John Cottier; 1702: Ewan Corkil obo mother Bessy Cottier clainms 1 2s due from her sett and husb
1702-3 E      d  LAWSON       Katherin                 d 21 dec;sibs richd,john,margt
1702-3 E      d  SCARFF       Catherine   CORLETT      d 10 jan;only son ewan;
1702-3 E      d  STEVENSON    nicho                    d 11 nov;sibs wm,thos,john + anne
1702-3 E 0159 d  CROW         Edmond                   d 28 sep;ch edmond,cath,esther,wm,john,ann all at age;wife alive;bro wm; [written on lower half another will - ?= damaged glentramman]
1703   A 41      CASEMENT     Elizabeth                d 1 Feb 1703;sis Grace Casement;unnamed sons (youngest exor) + daus - Robt Casement + Arthur Cowle to be supvs - Grace + her sis Margt + Arthur Cowl sworn ;[there follows some memo re Margt Quark (John Quark gives in pledges Thos + Wm Saile to give dau 8 or a portion within a year and that Wm Garrett should marry her or endow her - Margt acks 8 from Wm)
1703   A 42      CROW         Christian   christian    d 12 Jan 1704;sibs Wm Stole(an in calf cow - he to give John Crow 5s for her funeral), John Stole;names Ann Stole(a waistcoat that was her dau Amelia's);son-i-law Michel Kneen;unnamed gch; names many inc Ailes Carret als Kerrish, Patk Cottier(+ wife)Margt Crow, Joney Cottier;John Crow exor
1703   A 43      CURGHEY      Robert                   d 1? Dec 1703;ch Isabel, Robt, John + Elizabeth [?= Isable] - last 3 jt execs + at age;sis-i-law Elinor Quarke; mentions money in Corteen's ground [ie held a mortgage on it]
1703   A 44      STEAN        Catherine                d 14 Mar 1702;son Wm exor;son-i-law John Kneen(h/o Issble?);gch Joan Kneen; Euan? Kneen claims agt exors of his mother-i-law
1703   A 48      CHRISTIAN    Edward                   d 3 Dec? 1703;ch Edward, David(6d), Mary exex
1704-3 E      d  CASEMENT     Margaret                 d 10 Dec 1704;sibs Tho, John, Robt, Charles, Mary snr, Mary junr, Catherine jt admrs;pledges are Robt Corlet (their father) + Mr James Stevenson;inv;
1704-3 E      w  CORLETT      William                  d 30 Apr 1704;Glentrammman;sibs Thomas, Katherin Harrison als Corlet;nephew Edmund Corlet(bees, hives + his part of fruit of garden), Wm Corlett;wife Margt als Christian exex
1704-3 E      w  GARRET       Ann         COONELL      d 7 Jun 1704;husb Edm; unamed child;sis Jane
1705-3 E      w  CAIN         Margaret                 d 23 Oct 1705;left 6s 6d to be expended at her funeral charges (5s in hands of Ann Caly's w/o Wm, 18d with Will Kewish), all oats to Will Cotter? + a few other gifts to others - all other goods to Mary Curghey + Ann Caly - Robt Curghy + Wm Cotter eexors
1706-3 E      w  SKILLICORN   John                     d 1 May 1706;ch John(eldest son), Anne,James(exor), Dan, Wm;son-i-law Edm Kenney (s/o Jon Kenney from whom he held the close in mortgage - half to Edm);list of debtors inc Mally Kissag + her mo Ann;
1707   A 41      CALLISTER    John                     d 26 jan 1707/8;dau jane;son ewan exor
1707   A 43      CORLETT      Patrick                  d 7 feb 1707/8;john gill +  wife margt als corlett execs
1707   A 44      CAINE        Mary                     d 30 [lost];son charles (his fa dead),wm (exor);sis ellin;annexed agreement by wm + charles names decd father Patk;uncle Wm quayle - wm gives charles fourth pt of morgaged lands viz Bishop's Crans? land + 4d? in the curragh;
1707   A 45      KEWN         William                  soldier died in a foreign country;next of kin by father - cath + margery Kewn + Wm tear, Isable Cowle als Xtian + Letitia Crenilt als tear in behalf of ye [] Margt Maguire als Cal[lost on film];due from fa's side 6 9s 2d, from mo's willl 4
1707-3 E      w  FAILE        Margaret    STEPHEN      [loss of rh margin]d 29 Jul 1707;sis-in-law Mary faile;husb Thomas Faile;son Thomas exor - ua - husband sworn; other children
1707-3 E      w  KINDERED     Averick                  d 21 jun 1706;sibs Ewan,Margt(in Ireland),cath,john;mother exex;sis's son Henry Kermett;[chk reading]
1707-3 E      d  KINREAD      David                    d beg 1705;s/o ewan;sibs ewan,john,margt + cath
1707-3 E      w  KINRED       Ewan                     d 12 jun 1707;dau Cath,margt;gson Henry Kermod;son john;wife margt exex;pledges Tho Kewn + henry Carin both castletown;1725 Thos Kinread acks from Pat Cry 55s 6d, Ewan kinread acks pat cry;
1708   A 36      CARRET       Edward                   [full];d mar 1707;ch john (eldest croft drim-y-coule),charles,joney,edward(6d);eife exex
1708   A 37      QUAYLE       Alice       [kneale] als crinilt d 25 dec 1707;husb wm;son john kneal;dau-i-law joney kneal als tea,joney kneal als corkillr;dau cath quirk als kneal;gdau aline kneal;step-dau margt quayle;son philip kneal(carrett's croft),michl + philkneale jt exors;inv
1708   A 38      CHRISTIAN    Valentine                [full]many years out of island;sibs Ewan, John, William, James, Margret, Anne & Isabel
1708   A 70      CARRET       William                  [full]dated 23 mar 1705;son john;2 unnamed younger ch;wife exex
1708-1 E 093  d  Cotter       Catherine   CRICKHARD    d 20 jun 1706;ch wm, cath + mary - ua next of kin mo's side wm crickard;husb wm;john curlet (the Clanaugh) claims obo Wm Cottor of Dublin
1708-1 E 094  d  CASEMENT     Catherine   CORLETT      d 2 oct;only ch cath - ua uncle john corlet;husb alive
1710   A 22      COTTIER      Ann         holden       d 15 Feb last; [?1710/11]ch Robt(eldest son), Wm, Patk, Anne, Mary, Cath;sis Jony Holden;husb exor;
1710   A 36      KNEALE       Catherine   gill         d 12 Apr 1711;ch Edmond(eldest son), Cath, Robt, Ewan, Patk;  husb exor? (he to 'take care of children')
1710-3 E 388  w  CARRETT      Jony        KINREAD      d 22 Jun 1710;ch Anne, Cath, Paul Carrett exor
1711   A 50      garrett      Ann         COTTER       d 9 Nov 1711; of Lezayre; ch John Garrett (all houses + lands as her husb John Garrett had done), Margt Garrett - jt execs
1712   A 42      KINREAD      William                  dated 6 mar 1712;bro John Kinread;names Margt Cottier (?his wife);dau mary exex;names other debtors etc
1712   A 45      KNEALE       Robert                   d 15 Nov 1712;ch Ewan, Robt, Katheren(had m/c) - jt execs;wife alive;servt Mary neale
1712   A 46      CROWE        William                  d 25 Nov 1712;gch Ewan Crowe;ch Edmond, Danl, Wm, Mary, John(eldest - land);wife Ellin als Christian exex
1712   A 47      KNEALE       John                     dated 23 Feb  - noted d  7 Feb 1712;Gloanalding [Glen Aldyn?] ;bro-i-law Wm Cowle exor;names bro's ch  Patk Kneal , young Patk Kneal, Edmond Kneal, Margare + Isabel Kneal ;noted that Patk Kneal had a m/c;bro Wm Kneal
1712   A 48      PARR         Robert                   [full]declared 7 nov 1712;sibs Mr John Parr,mary Christian;dau mary;son Thomas,John;wife exex
1712   A 49      CURLETT      Philip                   undated;ch Wm(lands), Margt(w/o Thomas Corlet), Ann (w/o John Gill), Joney, Cath;wife (limed land during her life);son-i-law Thos Corlet (+ his 2 ch);dau Ann + Joney jt exexs;witt Robt Parr + Wm McNidderaugh(noted as 'mortuus')
1712-1 E 656  d  Crow         Mary                     d 2 Feb 1711/2;orphan, ua; only sis Margt Crow admx who is sworn; inv in fa's + mo's wills
1712-1 E 658  w  CROW         Jony        COTTIER      d 6 Jun 1712;gch Tho Crow;ch Ewan(6d), Margt exexdau-i-law (if she lived - noted as Dan Corlett's wife);names Alice Crebbin(w/o Robert Lowey);
1712-1 E 659  d  CALLISTER    Hugh                     d oct 1711 in hm ship the Faversham;sibs john callister(douglas) + margt callister(maughold) jt admrs
1712-1 E 660  d  CALOW        Nicholas                 d 30 Nov [1711];ch Margt, Christian, Mary + Ann (by prev wife), Wm senr, Wm junr + Robt by latter wife - jt admrs (Mary surrenders to Christian (+ Margt + Ann) sworn;inv is a small intack called Close-ny-moana;
1712-1 E 662  d  COWLEY       John                     d 27 apr 1712;ch John + Cath jt admrs - Cath ua - mother + bro sworn;inv 4 4s
1712-1 E 662  d  CURLETT      Daniel                   d 30 apr 1712;ch Tho, John + Joney - Tho (only one at age) sworn supv - claims agt admrs of Dan + exors of his wife
1712-1 E 663  d  COTTIER      Dorothy     KILLIP       d 29 apr 1712;ch Wm, Elizth + Robt (ua) jt admrs ;inv 2 14s + crop + mortgaged lands; annexed note that difference between Wm Cottier (Doll?) + stepfather re goods due by mother's decease + rest of her exors - discharges stepfa of forth part of mortgage that he had from Robt Casement in Primrose Hill; Wm Cottier(Doll) + Wm Cottier [?stepfa]made 'x'
1712-1 E 664  w  CoRLETT      Jony                     d 5 May 1712;2 youngest ch execs (linen to her dau)- aunt Margt Crow; eldest son sworn overseer of exers ua;inv in husb's [will?] - viz Daniel;
1712-1 E 667  d  CHRISTIAN    jony                     d 14 Aug [1711];sibs tho, Wm, Jane, Margt + Margery jt admrs - all absent - fa Robt Christian sworn;inv in mo's will (Grace Christian als Callister)
1712-1 E 667  d  CURLET       John                     d 24 Mar [1711/2];ch Dan, John, Robt + Tho jt admrs - uncle Doncan Curet, Jo Caly + Ann Caley supvs; wife alive;inv 6 4s + 3 2s 6d in mortgaged lands - wife's legacy 10s
1713   A 12      BLACK        James                    [full]
1713-2 E      d  CROW         Catherine   GARRETT      d 8 jul 1713;glenduff;dau marjery brew als crow (w/o wm brew - had m/c); son charles crow;John Creen[kneen] claims wages 4s;accts;decd husb wm (named in accts) - petn in 1725epis by margery brew that Charles had assumed exorship
1713-2 E      w  QUAY         Jane        CANNeLL      d 26 sep 1713;husb thomas;dau isable(douglas),isable(the youngest - note 2 isables!), jane(dublin),elizth(pt of hemp);gson robt moore;eliz + isable(the youngest) jt exexs
1713-3 E      c  CROW         Margaret                 m/c John Quayle + Margt Crow dated 5 Jan 1712/3;to marry within 10 days;if Quyale predeceases then she shall enjoy goods except he reserves 10s;if Crowe predeceases she can dispose of half goods;witt Ewan Kneale x, Tho Crowe x, Thomas Corlett;
1713-3 E      d  QUAILE       Margaret    CROW         d 30 nov;only ch margt - ua - next relns on mo's side neither appeared nor are capable to undertake charge - committed to father;edmund corlet claims rent for 2 small houses + piece of garden 12yrs at 1s 4d pa;inc m/c john quayle + margt crow dated 5 jan 1712/3;
1714   A 37      KINREAD      Daniel                   d 7 nov 1714;sibs ewan(ch euan,daus),margt(2 ch),philip exor;sis-i-law averick;;ann kneen his sis dau;
1714-1 E      d  GARRET       Ann         GOLDSMITH    d beg Jul 1713;ch Wm + Alice jt admrs - ua - mo's side uncles + aunts Robt, Danl, Kath, Margt + Mary Goldsmith supvs;husb alive - pledges Capt Wattleworth + Mr edmond Garrett;
1714-1 E      w  KEWISH       Philip                   d 10 jun 1714;ch elinor,ann,jane + philip;wife elinor als kaighin exex
1714-2 E      d  KINREAD      William                  d 28 oct [1713];bro john admr;david quayle claims wages 7s/yr for 7 yrs
1715   A 49      CALLOW       Isabel      CHRISTIAN    d 15 feb 1714;husb edward;ramsey;dau margt,jony,alice;son john;gdau margt callow
1715-1 E      w  KINREAD      Jony        KEIGG ?als Cashin d 25 Apr 1715;sibs Ann + Kathrin Cashin, Tho Cashin;ch Averick Kinred exex but if died husb to enjoy lands + pay her sisters Ann + Kath 14s between them;noted that child dead + husb sworn
1715-2 E      w  LEWN         Richard                  d 1 aug 1715;ch thos(sheep in cornah + tools of trade),jane, alice,robt (eldest) son, dorothy, john,margt - all except Margt jt execs;wife alive
1716-2 E      d  CORLETT      Averick     COTTIER      d 1 jul 1716;ch ann (in Dublin - inv includes a lamb left by father), robt + cath
1716-2 E      w  CURLETT      William                  dated 26 Oct 1716;ch Cath + Robt; jt execs, Ann(in Ireland), Peggy[Margt];mentions 23s mortgage in Nicholas Calonw's? croft called the Slacks croft by the Burne side;
1716-3 E      d  CURGHEY      eliz                     jt will Ewan + eliz accepted as will elizth curghy - ch ewan,elizth jt admrs (other 2 ch edwd + mary never appeared) 
1716-3 E      d  CURLETT      Jony                     d 29 jan 1716/7;sibs wm,margt + ann;illeg child edward curlett ua
1717   A 47      CHRISTIAN    William                  unnamed sibs;fa robt exor
1717   A 50      KARRETT[Garret] Elizabeth   caley        d 8 Apr 1717;husb Patrick Karrett glenalding (land for 20yrs;ch Easter?, John; Husb + son jt exors + both sworn; youngest child ua
1717   A 77      KINDRED      John                     dated 30 apr 1717;dau margt(mortgage in Kelly's close)averick;son wm,thomas,gilbt(had mo's goods + some by death of stepmo);gdau isable mcylcharane;dau margt mxylcharane als kindred exex (her sons wm + thomas);1718 dan quinney(arbory) h/o unspecified dau, John Tear also h/o unspecified dau;
1717-1 E      d  KISSAG       Jane        KINRED       d 10 may 1717;only ch jony
1717-2 E      d  KERMOD       Philip                   d 14 apr 1717 in ireland;ch philip,wm + hugh + posthume not yet born - next relns wm + cath kermod(w/o tho kneal);wife jane als kissag
1717-2 E      w  PARR         John                     d 2 jul 1717;sibs mary corlett(w/o john - whatever due from mrs ross of prifits ballagilley),yhomas(book press);sequestral profits hango hill to scholars;
1718-1 E      d  CLARK        James                    d 10 Jan 1717/8;ch James(eldest + has goods in his hands), Robt + Isable jt exors;wife alive; James gets half purchased lands but has to pay 11 10 each to other 2 execs; 1735: John Crow h/o Isable;in acct is note that James Clark + wife indebted to dau Maly 4 18s;inv;accts inc 20 paid for part of Edmd Crow's estate + a mortgages on  Wm Crow(Glenduff)
1718-2 E      w  CURGHEY      Jane                     d 13 May 1718;Colebane;wants burial in husbs grave;ch John(eldest son), Dorithy, Margt, Esther, Amelia, Jane, Wm (last 4 jt execs)
1718-2 E      w  GILL         Margaret                 d 27 Jun 1717;bro's dau Margt + Isable Corlett;cousin Mary Quayle;names Margret Caine;husb John Gill exor
1718-2 E      w  KNICKEL      Elinor                   d 26 Jul 1718;dau Cath, Isable, Margt, Ellinor + Hester;only son Wm  Knickle exor - ua - Cath + husb sworn supv of Wm, Elinor + Esther; 1740: Wm Knickle acks
1718-2 E      w  QUAILE       John                     dated 18 [Nov?] 1718;wife alive;step-dau? Ann + Margt Quale;own dau Jane Quale;son John exor -at age but very unfit to take goods - uncle Philip Quayle sworn;also lists several owing money for wool etc;John Sayle claims 6s 8d for wages;
1719   A 20      cottier      daniel                   dated 15 march(?overwritten may) 1719;sis ann cottier exex;names wm goldsmith for taking care of him leaves him the wages due from him
1719   A 21      cottier      william                  d 12 apr 1719;noas;dau cath exex,ann;son john
1719   A 45      CLEARK       Robert                   d 25 nov 1719;sis mary corlet (w/o tho);bro james + mo exexs
1719   A 46      KEWLEY       Catherine   curlet       d 17 Dec 1719;husb Nicholas Kewley ;unnamed ch - supv of ch Philip + John Curlet (these 2 are bro-i-law to husb)+ Philip Quayle ;1736: Jon + Cath Kewley ch at age
1719   A 47      CALEY        Robert                   [see also Old Lez Bun2 61]d 26 Dec 1718;ch Ewan(eldest son), Wm exor;wife Elizth; mentions an unnamed sister to whom he owes money but she is to be paid only when gives an account of the timbers + corn after father's death;ch supvs - Jon Caley + Patrick Cain
1719   A 48      CURGHEY      Ann         watterson    d [] Feb 1719;son John Curghey exor - ua - goods to be in fa's hands; names Mary Curghy, Averick Cashin, Anne Keig, Jony Thomson; Witt Danl Curghey x, Jony Thomson x
1719   A 49      QUARKE       -                        [edge lost]d 11 feb 1719;dau margt clerk(eldest), isable,mary;bro james
1719-1 E      d  ALDRIDGE     William                  [full]d 1 may 1719;ch wm,edwd,john,charles + elizth
1719-1 E      d  CASEMENT     Jane                     d 6 Nov 1718;ch Cath, jane + Elizth all ua;fa Mr Wm casement;next reln Mr John Curghy Coolebain;pledges Capt Wattleworth, Mr Jo Garrett;inv;claims;[full]
1719-1 E      d  GARRETT      Catherin    MOORE        d 6 May 1719;ch Danl, Philip, Wm + Mary jt admrs (last 2 ua);husb alive
1719-2 E      w  CROW         cath                     [some loss of lh margin]d 16 [] 1719;ch Dan Garrett;bro Edmd + Wm Crow(6d ea if they claimed any right);aunt margt crow exor (+ requested her aunt use her son as she thought fit at the last day')
1719-3 E      d  CURGHEY      Edward                   d 12 jan 1719;Baldromma;ch Wm, Margt + Cath jt admrs - ua their mother (Cath)+ gfa Wm Curghy sworn - als uncles + aunt Wm,Edmund + Mary Curghy later sworn;pledges Ewan Curghy, Edmund Crow;inv (+ 2 pages of agreemnts etc);1740: Wm Tear h/o Margt acks Wm Crow h/o widow of Edwd Curghy;1774: (at Kk Patk) Wm Curphey h/o Cath Curphey one of admxs acks Wm Crow
1720   A 31   mc COTTIER      Margaret                 m/c ew kissage + mary kinread; son-i-law ewan Kissack admr
1720   A 32      CROW         John                     dog dated 15 nov 1708 to son + heir john (pt qtr land ayrey moore 10s rent)
1720   A 63      CORKILL      James                    dispute over doctors bill[?can't find any #64]
1720   A 65      quay         thomas                   d 8 feb 1720/21;dau ann;wife margt exex
1720   A 67      MYLECHARANE  William                  d 3 nov 1720;only son thos;only dau isable exex;wife alive;names silvester kewne,cath sayle, john,thomas + wm mcylcarine;dwebtors inc mitchell mcylcaraine;fa-i-law thos killip to be supv (court also appoints syl kewn);inv;there is attached inv of mary qualtrough (powr atty by bro ewan qualtrough bro of mary mclcharane to his son-i-law john gawn) + her gch is isabel mcylcaraine;
                                                         1721 john kelly h/o cath kelly als killip re michael mcylcarane (john kelly present h/o widow of michael + mother of exex of wm mcylcarane);1739: john s/o thos killip pays isabel part of dowry promised her parents by thomas;1741: isabel acks from step fa john kelly;1744 ewan callow h/o isabel
1720-1 E      w  CURGHEY      Ewan                     [noted as proved 1719]d mid Aug 1717;ch Ewan(choice half feathers in house or cupboard), Mally,Elizth ;gch Esther Curghy(sulby), Eliz Curghy(Maughold), Jon Curghy, Edwd + Matthias Curghy
1720-2 E      w  GARETT       Jane        SAILE        [full]d 29 apr 1720;ballacottier;sibs Wm,margt,Margery;husb John;only ch Mary ua;uncles Wm + Thos saile (the Craig) guardians;inv;claims;Edmond Kneale (h/o cath Garrett) claims;
1720-2 E      d  KILLIP       Margaret    QUAYLE       d trinity sunday last;only son wm
1720-2 E      w  KISSAG       William                  dated 5 jun 1720;son edwd(abby land west side of danl cowle's house) exor,john,wm;wife mariod als gill;names elizth kewley
1720-3 E      d  KISSAG       Ann         ROBERTS      d 17 nov 1720;dau mary,jane,alice,christian ;husb philip
1722   A 50      QUAYLE       Philip                   d 1 nov 1722;creggan;son thos,john,philip (heir);dau ann,joney;wife alice + philip execs;philip near to age (goods in mo's hand 3 yrs);wm quayle balnekielly supv
1722-1 E ?       KISSAG       Mariodd     GILL         d 22 feb;son Ewan,Edw(younger) admr;some dispute in which referees John Garrett + Arthur Cowle awarded Ewan roof of houses in Close y Killip ? + 1/4 crop;
1722-2 E      d  FAYLE        Anne        KINRED       d 25 feb 1721;ch ann,mary,thos(heir),wm,margt,cath + isable jt admrs all at age but surrender to father;husb thos
1722-2 E      d  KINRED       John                     died in Ireland many years ago;Bolly Glass,enlisted as soldier under Earl James[ie in late1640's] - deposition by Wm Callow of Maughold aged 85+;sibs Thomas, Isabel (w/o Wm Stole Maughold she bur  22 nov 1681 was a serv maid in house of father of Thos Allen vicr)- her son Wm wants admin; [full list of descendants to be added]
1723-1 A 49      KINREAD      John                     d 4 nov;Ewan kissage exor to possess land + pay funeral costs;
1723-1 A 54      GARRETT      Thomas                   d 30 Jan 1723/4;wife Cath(goods either in Ireland or elsewhere) exex; unnamed ch - dau Ann claims; inv
1723-1 A 56      LORD         Richard                  unnamed ch(6d ea);wife Elizabeth als Howland exex;
1723-1 A 57      KNEEN        Isabel      cowley       d 23 Mar 1722;dau-i-law Jony Kneen als Crain;gch Wm Kneen;ch John(in Castletown). Tho, John(the younger) (last 2 jt exors);names Margt Cowley als Kissage, Wm Crow(Nappin), Jo Skillicorn;husb Wm Kneen;
1723-1 E      w  KILLIP       Catherine   KNEEN        d 30 Apr 1723;ch Edw + Pat Kneen, Margt exex;pledges Pat Kneen + Tho Kneen
1723-1 E      w  KNEEN        William                  d 7 May 1723;stepson John Kneen junr, Tho Kneen exor;sis Joney, Margt, Jane;late master Edm Corlett owes him 5s for work;
1723-2 E      d  CALLISTER    Elinor      RATCLIFF     d 23 Jan;ch Jane, margt, John + Elinr jt admrs - all at age but not present - husb John sworn;Husb + Margt state goods will scarce cover debts
1723-2 E      d  CALY         Catherine                d 10 Dec 1723;servant in Kk German;sibs John + Jane Caly(+ unnamed husb) jt admrs
1723-2 E      w  CASHEN       Bahee                    d 10 Oct 1723;ch bahee, Averick, Isabel, Grace;sis-i-law Richard's wife?;husb Wm exor;annexed m/c Tho Fayle + Bahee Cashin dated 2 Feb 1722; Wm Casement + Tho Christian depose she designed only 40s for dau Bahee but seeing her husb(Wm) had promised 8 she was willing it should be but excluded Bahee + Tho Fayle from any other part. Ewan Kissag states Bahee made her will abt a year before the m/c.
1723-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Edward                   dated 22 May 1723;only son Mathias exor;dau Ann, Margt(+ child);wife Mary(brewing pan during her life)
1723-2 E      w  CORLETT      Ewan                     d 29 Sep [?1723];ch Ewan, Jo, Isabel + Margt- ua next of kin Wm, Cath + Ann Corlet supvs;wife alive;1731: goods of ch with overseers John Skillicorn [?h/o Ann m lez 17070722]+ Cath Corlet - Ewan + Isabel at age + accept goods for younger sibs - pledge Jon Gill + Robt Kneal their stepfa
1723-2 E      w  CoRLETT      mary        LACE         d 10 Mar 1722/3;gch Nichs Kewley, Margt Kewley, Jane Kewley - Nich+Jane(half house + money in hands of Ewan Kissage);husb Wm Corlett(half land in Kk Bride)exor;cousin John Lace;names Christian Fayle, Christian Christian, Jony Ratcliff, Cath Corlet als Casement;objections by Nich Kewley that husb forced her to change will - long dispute (tba)
1723-2 E      w  COTTIER      Ann         CASEMENT     d 21 Sep 1723;ch Robt, Elizth, Christian(her pt of meadow) exex;sis Mary (w/o Dan Garrett);unnamed dau-i-law;names Garrett's wife, Cath Christian, Elnr Martin, Margt Quark + several debtors + creditors;mentions butts of land in BallaCowle;Wm Kneen (h/o Christian Cottier) surrenders to bro-i-law Robt Cottier a parcel of land in Ballacaottier called Shenvalley mortgaged to his fa Jo: Cottier + uncle Robt Cottier both decd in consideration of 50s;annexed statement that Robt + Christian agree on equal divn of goods Robt Cottier + Ann Cottier als Casement;[Wm Kneen + Christian Cottier - m/c NSS Oct 1724 19]
1723-2 E ?       COTTIER      Robert                   d 13 sep 1723;names Ann Casement + her dau Christian (his part of Ballacowle), Christian Cottier, Robt Cottier, Elizth Cottier(+ eldest dau Anne - his pt of house adj to his own croft);mentions 40s mortgage in Shenvalley (20s to Robt, 20s between Christian + Elizth);nephew Robt Cottier exor
1723-2 E      w  CROW         Elinor      COWLE        d 25 May 1723;stepch Edm, Margt + Cath Crow;names Cath Crowe;bro Dan Cowle;husb Wm Crowe exor
1723-2 E      w  GARRETT      Edmund                   d 8 Oct 1723;only dau Margt(exex);bro John Garrett;wife Ellinr(to have half lands during her life)
1723-2 E      d  KINLEY       Catherine   KISSAG       d 7 Dec 1723;sibs Ewan, John, Wm Isabel + Jane Kissack execs;
1723-2 E      w  KNEEN        Catherine   SHIMMIN      d 8 Sep 1723;husb John exor;ch Wm(eldest son - her pt of purchased lands wth obligation by husb to leave him other pt), Anne, Margt, Jony, John(to be set to trade);codicil that Ann is to have use of an out chamber during her life;claims; [?lands - Old Lez Bun1 21]
1723-2 E      w  QUILLIAM     Thomas                   d 17 Oct 1723;sibs Wm, John, Patt, Robt, Ann; father alive
1723-3 E      d  CROW         William                  d 18 Dec 1723;Glenduff;only son Chrales Crow admr as he never recvd a m/c) some obvious dispute  as Robt Curlet + Jo Gill (alledged by Wm Brew to be a witness) - depose that there were some proposals but no contract - Wm Casement + Wm Crow(Vase) depose that decedant often told them he had never given a m/c).Wife alive;Tho Corkan claims for wages (8d + 2 prs of shoes + 2 ewe lambs);inv;annexed dispute between Chas Crow + Wm Brew(Andreas h/o Margery Crow) that after decease of mo Cath Crow both Chas + Brews wife decrd jt admrs - the half crop of Glen Duff over 20ys as much as a considerable portion;
1723-3 E      w  KEWLEY       Catherine   CAIN         d 18 May 1723;ch John, Alice, Philip Corlet exor;sis dau Margt Cowley;gch John Kewley(land calledFreaigh on Long Close);dau-i-law  w/o Philip Curlett;serv Margt Cowley claims wages
1724-1 A 25      QUAYLE       William                  d 22 jan 1720[?] ;son john;gch john, wm + jane  quayle,patt caley;wife margt exex;pledge Thos Corlett Drueen,Wm Quayle(her son Blockearey)
1724-1 A 71      GARRETT      Ann                      dated 19 Jun 1724;money Phill Garrett owed her to her mother Ann Corlet and sister Mary Kneal (also jt exexs);
1724-1 A 72      CORLETT      Catherine   casement     d 10 mar 1723;husb thomas exor;son thomas(eldest),edmund;dau cath;bro wm,thos(if he came);maidserv Cath Nidderaugh;sis Elizth,Margt
1724-1 A 73      KNEEN        Jane        mcylchreest  d 3 mar 1723/4;dau Mary(ua) exex;bro thos to be supv;husb alive; Thos,Patt, John + Ann Mcylchreest appt supvs
1724-1 A 74      CROW         Paul                     d 3 apr 1724;son wm(eldest),robt,thos;dau cath;wife exex
1724-1 E      w  KINREAD      Euan                     son Euan;dau nelly kinred exex;unnamed gch;
1725-1 A 70      GARRETT      John                     dated 10 feb 1724;names john gill joiner + other creditors;sis joney w/o xpher taggart;fa alive;wife mary garrett;ch ua;wants wm christian 'nobby' overseer;pledges wm quark + wm cottier (?also witt);claims;inv
1725-1 A 71      KNEEN        Joney                    decld as made end of jan;sis margt corkan;margt corkill als crow exec
1725-1 A 72      CROW         Catherine   garrett      d 13 feb 1724;son robt,thos;dau cath;step son wm
1725-1 A 73      QUAILE       Jony        cry          son jon (eldest),robt;dau unnamed;
1725-1 A 74      KILLIP       Mary        cottier      dated july 25;gdau mary kneale;gson edm kneale;dau isable kneale als killip exex
1725-1 A 75      SKILLICORNE  Ann                      d 20 feb 1724;son jon (purchased land);husb wm exec;dau isable;ch ua;sister margt (?mary) skillicorn
1725-1 A 76      CASEMENT     Catherine   garrett      d 11 apr 1725;ch sarah,thomas,philip all ua;husb admr;sis ann;witt cha kermod,mary kinread als keig;
1725-1 A 77      CURGHEY      Ewan                     d 9 apr 1725;cousin wm curghy baldroma;only son john curghey;some criditors inc robt curghy (dead by probate wdw ann)
1725-1 A 78      MOOR         Michael                  d 5 feb 1724;only son robt;sis son philip garrett
1725-1 A 79      KNEEN        Isabel      garrett      d 20 jan 1724/5;ballacowle;bro wm;sis mariad kneen als garratt;husb john
1725-1 A 80      CROSHEA      Edward                   d 9 mar 1724;only dau margt
1725-1 A 81      GELL         John                     d 20 jan 1724;wife ann als corlett;sis jane crow als gill (son jon caley);nephew edwd gill,jon gill,dan gill;land to sis that she might build a small house;memo notes 5 ch of john caley john,philip,mary,cath + isabel;1725 henry allen + edmd corlett pledges being dead john gill smith + john gill otherwise quark appointed;1772 ack from rebecca gill wdw nephew john gill(jg's wife dead by now)
1725-1 A 82      CURLET       John,snr                 clonaugh;dated 8 jan 1724/5;son john(eldest),edmd,edwd,w;dau cath);wamts to be buried in wife's grave;gdau jane corlet;dau-i-law dorothy (all the flax);addendum gch jon curlett
1725-1 A 83      lennord      Thomas                   dated 7 aug 1725;glentraman;wife mary;;since my departure from great britain fallen to me in right of my wife 80;witt john christian,blacket burton (also pledge + capt edmund corlet);ornate script of will
1725-1 A 84      KNEEN        Ellin       christian    d 9 feb 1725;dau cath (in kk bride);son robt(in kk braddan);sis mary crear;gson (dau ellen's so);son-i-law john cowne;dau elln cowne als kneen;dau joney w/o john corlett
1725-2 A 140     CROWE        Ewan                     dated 24 Feb 1725;d 5 Feb last;ch ewan(eldest son)edmd, Wm, John, Christian + cath;Wife Catharine + son Ewan jt execs;court notes aal ch except John at age but allocated 1/6 pt of estate to John as his uncle John Crowe is one of witnesses
1726   A 32      PARR         Isabel                   [full]will damaged;will declrd feb 1720;d 3 jan 1726/7;son thos(if he come);names parson walker,john fox(+ sis margery)
1726   A 33      callow       Dorothy     BODDAUGH     [note entered as boddagh] d 13 apr 1726;husb will callow;dau margt callow
1726   A 34      MOORE        William                  made 20 apr;best bed of potatoes;bro john;only dau mary exex;wife ann (named in expenses) + bro john overseers;jane gill maidserv
1726   A 35      MYLECHARANE  Margaret    KINDRED      [will damaged]d 4 mar 1725/6;names esther sayle als mylecharane,alice sayle als lace;nephew wm corlet;son wm,thos,john ;dau cath,isabel
1726   A 36      CORLETT      William                  d apr last;son john,robt;gch thos corlet,isabel corlet;wife elinor
1726-2 E      d  CORLETT      John                     d 31 may;bro robt, thomas + daniel(if living);inv in fa's decree
1726-2 E      d  CROW         Edmund                   d 19 may;ch jon + ann(ua) jt admrs;wife alive;pledges wm christian + Wm Crow
1726-2 E      d  CURGHEY      Isabel                   perished on sea shore nr  burn foot ramsey 'by and savouring life' of wm Cother;bro robt admr
1726-2 E      w  KINRED       Catherine   SKILLICORNE  d 15 mar;son ewan;dau-i-law mary kinred;gch cath,mary kinred;only dau elinor exex
1727   A 13      CASEMENT     ?                        [name lost];ye grange;d feb 1726;wife alive;some unmarried ch inc charles
1727   A 29      KNEAL        Christian                m/c Joney Kneal + Thomas Cashin
1727   A 47      CASHEN       William                  d 12 feb 1727;dau isable (to pay 16 to henry inch + averick due in m/c),bahee,grace(to pay 4 to henry inch) exex;gdau christian fayle;son-i-law thos fayle;1732 grace cashin exec husb wm kewley;1735: thos fayle (arikelow lezayre) acks paid money due in m/c from fa wm cashin
1727-2 E      w  CANNELL      Jane        KINREAD      d 14 sep;sibs margt kinread,wm;fa gilbert kinread(slueneanagh) exor
1727-2 E      w  QUILLIAM     Robert                   dated 29 jun 1727;ch robt,ann(all her mo's clothes),john,pat;sons robt + wm exors
1727-3 E      d  CROW         Jane        GILL         d 7 feb 1727;sons john,mathias jt admrs
1727-3 E      d  KEWISH       John                     d jan 1727;the dumbman;next relns jony(w/o john stephan),margt(in scotland),wm,ellinr(w/o james mchood ) + cath kewish 
1727-3 E      d  KNEAL        Christian   CORLETT      d last michaelmas;son robt - other ch john,ewan,mary + jane
1727-3 E      w  MARTIN       John                     d harvest 1726;dau ann;son-i-law wm killip (working tools);gch edmd kneal(houses ramsey)
1728   A 70      RATCLIFFE    Thomas                   d 7 jan;wife cath als corlett;son steven (exor);pledges capt cha crow,jon corlet
1728-1 E      w  GILL         Margaret    TEAR         jw husb edwd;gch esther killip;son wm,jon;dau mary;dau grace killip als gill exex
1728-2 E      w  CORLETT      Ewan                     dated 24 Oct 1728;d 6 Aug ;ch Ann, Mary, Thomas, Cath;gch Tho Corlett, Cath Corlett
1728-2 E      d  COWEL        Mary        casement     d 4 oct 1728;dau esther;court notes right of margt corrin als cowel of peel is particularly reserved;wm cry + wife margery agree to accept 2 sheep in full of any right in admin of mother mary cowle als casemt.
1728-2 E      w  CROWE        Edmond                   d 5 jun 1728;bro wm;fa wm  aunt  elizth Crow jt execs;
1728-2 E      d  CURGHEY      Ewan                     d mid Aug [1732];ch Robt(had m/c), John (reliquishes admin in court) + Jony(decreed admx); various claims
1728-2 E      w  GARRETT      Margaret    Mazion       made 3 aug 1728;son john;bro's ch john,cath + dorothy mazion;husb john exor;
1729-1 E      d  CASEMENT     Thomas                   d 19 may 1729 in west indies(info from captn richard penkett);sibs wm,elizth,margt(w/o tho cannell);
1729-1 E      w  CROWE        Elizabeth   christian    d 20 May 1729;ch Ann exex, John; bro-in-law Wm Crowe + Wm Kneale supvs of Anne; ack dated 25 Jun 1735 Anne acks from uncle Wm Crowe(Maughold) the complete sum of 8 8s 9d due from my mother's inv;inv ; expenses by Wm Crow(Ballacottier, Lezayre) on neice Ann
1729-2 A123      CREECH       Elinor                   d 21 jan 1729;son philip;dau jane,ann;philip+jane execs
1729-2 E      w  CURGHEY      John                     dated 24 Apr 1729;Ballakillingan;ch Quayle Curchey(half team + crop in haggard), Isabel Stevenson(20 upaid of her dowry);wife exex - petn by widow Margt Curphy of Ballykillingan that she has right to half estate + that son Quayle has already pulled down several of best trees
1730-1 E      w  CROWE        William                  d 23 may;son edm;dau margt,cath exex
1730-1 E      d  HOGSON       John                     d 18 feb;no relns appear - mr wm thorne appt;inv;john hogson esq in will;claims 
1730-2 E    w    KINREAD      Gilbert                  d 14 oct 1730;gson john kinread;son wm;dau margt (exex with gson john);wife alive
1731-1 A 23      McHOOD       Edward                   d 2 mar 1730/1dau cath;other unnamed chwife isable gremster;witt ewan kneen,anne mchood als kneen
1731-1 A 24      CANNELL      Daniel                   d 24 apr;bro hugh cannell;sis ellinor;kinswoman mary quayle als cannel exex;list of those owing him money
1731-1 A 25      CAINE        Joney       camaish      d 30 nov;son john(eldest),james,wm;husb john exor
1731-1 A 26      CROW         Catherine                d 17 may;aunt christian garrett;fa ewan crow + bro ewan crow exors;names bessy scarffe,isabel gill,cath garrett,bahee gill;
1731-1 E      w  KILLIP       William                  d 1 may 1731;dau ann(w/o wm caley);son thomas,robt (exor);gson wm ratcliffe;names margt baly;
1732-1 A 50      KNEEN        Ewan                     dated 30 jun 1731,codicil 23 feb 131/2;of balleigh in the third beneath the burn;son edmond(eldest),john,wm;wife marriad;dau cath,margt,ann mchood;wm,cath + margt jt execs
1732-1 A 51      NIDDERAGH    John                     d 13 mar;son john,wm;dau bridget,ann,cath,mally;
1732-1 A 52      McENEDRAUGH[ Ann                      d 16 mar;dau mary,cath(+ch),ann,bahee jt exexs;son john,wm;wm lace,wm christian + thos curlet h/o of dau (except mary)
1732-1 A 53      KELLEY       Henry                    made 15 nov;dau cath exex;wife xtian(+ in codicil appt jt exex;names many who owe him small sums
1732-1 A 54      COTTIER      Ann                      d 3 feb;ch john,cath,isable;bro ewan;stepson tho cottier
1732-1 A 55      KEWLEY       John                     made end feb;son john;dau cath;wife exex;chh named as wife declines ann,john,margt,wm,jane,robt,wm + jony
1732-1 A 56      GILL         Edward                   d 4 apr;wife isabel als cowll exex
1732-1 E      d  KISSAG       Mary        KINREAD      d 2 nov 1731;ch wm,michael,mark,philip(dead by 1741) ua phil+wm cottier near relns supv;husb ewan;accts inc cost of lodging michael with john gill school;
1732-1 E      d  KNEAL        Christian   COSTEAN      d 22 feb 1731/2;ch john,wm;husb edmd
1732-2 A 75      McHOOD       John                     d 2 nov ;large black vest to stranger that was come to his mother;ch john,jane,margt;sisters + mo alive;ch ua his sis elizth,isabel joney + cath + mo sworn;cahristian mchood als crenilt claims;isabel mchood overseer ch of james claims agt exors of john;mo isabel submits a detailed claim;inv states john + ann his wife both decd
1732-2 A 76      McHOOD       Ann         kneen        d 20 oct 1732;ch john,ann,margt ua next relns edmund kneen,wm kneen, cath + margt kneen
1732-2 A 77      McHOOD       James                    d 14 aug ;ch edwd,john,cath all ua next reln his mother + sis elizth w/o robt cottier;'above ch being in tuition of decd upon his 1st wifes death now committed to their uncles wm kewish + john quayle;
1732-2 A 78      GARRETT      Philip                   d 16 apr 1732;names ch john,thos,phil,joney,margt + ann as execs all except joney ua wife ann
1732-2 A 79      COTTER       Ann         skillicorn   d 22 dec;son rob,john exor;husb alive
1732-2 A 80      CORLET       Richard                  d 29 nov 1732;of the gill;son ewan(eldest,john,dan,wm,edmond(3 youngst);wife cath exex;dau margt,joney
1732-2 A 81      CALLISTER    John                     d 12 nov 1732;sis margt + elinor,jane;ewan caly owed him 5s as legacy;bro thos;wife jane kewish exex - undated note states posthume d aged 2 + dispute re its part of exorship;inv;petn states wife but lately married 
1732-2 E      w  Callow       Bahee       CHRISTIAN    d 9 Jan [1731/2?];ch Ewan, Jon, Edmond, Joney (6d ea, Elizabeth exex;husb Ewan
1732-2 E      w  CROW         William                  d 11 Jul? 1732;ch Margt,Wm(heir), Edmd,Hugh, Elizth, Ann, Mary + Ellinr;names Cath Curghey (widow Balldrommy owes him 5),Danl Sayle(+ wife Mary , Andreas, owed 3), Margory Callow(quaker owed 17s);wife Margt exex;Margt Crow als Looney acks 5 from widow Curghey;1740: Luke Christian h/o Ann acks;1758: Thos Kissack h/o Eliz acks 
1732-2 E      w  CURGHEY      Robert                   d 14 Aug [1732];ch Wm, Eliz - wants supvs to be Edm Quark + Edm Crow; Wife Ann exex; Witt John Cottier x, Wm Cottier x [see also under 1733 epis]
1732-2 E      w  KEIG         William                  d 24 Oct 1732;ch Philip(money that was in close moare), John, Jane;wife Mary als Stole jt exec with Philipcourt notes that left nothing to son Wm was was abroad;;inc recpt by Wm Corlet smith douglas for 3 from Wm Keig of Sulby for teaching wm keig junr trade of smith;
1732-2 E      w  KNEEN        Richard                  d 9 May 1732;dau Anne(exex - lands included);unnamed gdau (jt exec with Anne - no other child that stayed with him
1733-1 A 58      CLAGUE       William                  d 15 dec 1732;dau joney (+ her ch);sons jon + thomas execs;wife alive
1733-1 A 60      CALOW        Ewan                     [full]
1733-1 E      w  CALOW        Elizabeth                d 6 may 1733;dau mary fletcher (fa gave money to buy her a little wheel - ?illeg - bapt of a mary to Eliz  Lez 17240830) - ua;sis Joney Calow;aunt cath kissag;bro john;sis-i-law cath callow als crowe;bro edmd + dau margt jt execs;witt dan cowllx, margt cowley als kissag x;
1733-1 E      w  CASEMENT     William                  dated 7 may 1733?;Kella;wife dorothy als humphrey (estate during life  if she remains unmarried);son Ewan(to be kept at school till he gets to be a good english scholar),george;dau esther(to be given sufficient learning + education till she is fit to go to service)cath + jane(had portions - 1s ea);witt Wm Henderson - wrote will, ed kissage (illeterate) - 
                                                           will disputed tho made 6wks before death;court makes ewan,george,elizth + esther jt admrs - all ua except eliz who with bros-i-law Wm Crow + Jo Queelin declrd overseers;Wm crow neglects to provide inv + is threatened with prison
1733-1 E      d  CURGHEY      Ann         GOLDSMITH    see Robt
1733-1 E      d  CURGHEY      Robert                   dated 12 Mar 1732 [?1732/3]decree notes that Robert Curghy + wife Ann als Goldsmith both lately departed leaving a boy + a girl ua - Ewan Garret, Ewan Kneale + Mark Camaish being supvs on mo's side + Ewan Curghey, John Cotter, Edm Quark + Edm Crow on fa's side - agree that son to Wm Cotter of Ballnaclaughbane for 5yrs (for wch Cotter to half benefits of land of decd Robt), youngest child (the dau) to Ewan Garret where she now is until age of 14 - Garret to have other half of nefit of lands
1733-1 E      d  CROW         Charles                  d apr 1733;capt charles crow;ch robt(in england), charles + john;wife isable - agreement with son robt that he was fully paid by 4 + would pay his own proportion of fine of Ballnalonay
1733-1 E      d  QUARK        Edmond                   d 8 apr 1733;poledooey;ch edmd(heir), edwd,margt + mary;all at age + agree as to estate tho Margt reserves what came to her by death of gmo Margery quark als casement;claims
1733-3 E      d  CAIN         Jony        SAILE        d beg Nov 1733;husb John Cain;ch Margt(w/o James Fargher) + Jane Clark (by prev husb) + Robt (by present husb) jt execs - supvs Margt Fargher + Bahee Sale(sis of decd - ?are both sisters or is 1st the half sister to Robt] - James Fargher + widower John Cain sworn; - John cain quits all pretensions to croft in Andreas reserving right of his son Robt in case of death of other admxs
1733-3 E      d  GARRETT      Catherine   CURLETT      d 9 Nov 1733;husb John Garret;sibs Thos Corlet + Ann Gellin(w/o Robt Gelling Kk Malew)) admrs;dispute between John Garret(Lezayre) + Gellings - agree that Thos Corlett + his sister + Robt Gelling agree to pay John Garrett 3s + acquit themselves of any right to crop of corn + sheep un Kk Maughold - Garrett to pay any subsequent bebts
1733-3 E      d  QUAYLE       Philip                   d 25 jun [1773];ch philip + jony;next rel on fa's side wm quaile supv;1734 wm quackin step-fa [wm quaggin m ann quayle Bra 17340818]
1734-1 A 34      KINREAD      William                  d 25 mar 1734;bro john (+ch isabel);wife isabel;gch phil kinread jt execs
1734-2 A 72      GARRETT      Bahee       CALOW        gson wm , richd,maths cowle;sis bessy,isable,margt;serv tho kermode;niece mary  + isable callow;;m/c dated 30 nov 1731;John Kneale(aust) obo himself;bahee Garrett(?grest) obo dau margt;to marry before 7 dec;Garrett to give feather bed,incalf oow + half execship after her decease (margt's fa dead);witt thos coule,daniel crow x,hugh black (accepted as will bahee garrett - john kneale exor)
1734-2 A 75      KINREAD      Philip                   d 15 apr 1734;son robt(croft on carrin side),philip;dau isabel,margt;wife [?joney]
1735-1 A 31      McYLCARANE   William                  d 22 mar 1734/5;son phil;dau margt; (?states 2 ch but states 'son Jon & dau')wife ellinor;bro thomas;bro-i-law philip kewish to be supv;
1735-1 A 34      CORLET       Ann         CROW         d 23 feb;mo alice crow;husb john corlet;unnamed ch ua
1735-1 E      d  CROW         William                  d 31 Mar [1735];the Curry;only son Wm admr
1735-1 E      w  GARRETT      Mary                     d 7 May 1735;cousin Phillip Garret(to put a coffin on him), Wm Garrett(land - for taking care of him);
1735-1 E      d  KNEAL        Patrick, sn              d 21 Feb [1734?];dau Margery(w/o Edmund Kneal), Jony + Elinor(w/o Pat Killey) jt admxs
1735-1 E      w  NEIDRAGH     William                  d 9 May 1735;names Joney Kisage(all small things in house except looms);his illeg ch Ann Neidragh(4 when at age - if dies then Jony kissage to have 3);sis Bahie, Ann + Mary;bro-i-law Wm Christian(h/o Cath) exors;pledges Thos Cain BallaLhei + Jon Corlet Dollin;annexed agreement between Wm Christian + Joney Kisage(mo of illeg) - will pay Joney but she not to demand any further maintenance
1735-1 E      d  NIDDERAUGH   John                     d 17 Mar [1734/5];sibs Wm, Bridget, ann, cath + Mary(abs)  jt admrs;Wm dead by probate - husbs of 3 sus Wm Lace, Wm Christian + Thos Corlett sworn;pledges John Corlet Balnahown, Thos Cain B'lei Kk Michael;inv
1735-2 A 63      KNEEN        Marriot                  d 17 dec [1734?];ch Wm(10s more than others + her sheep on on the Nairey), Cath(w/o Wm Calow), Margt (last 3 jt execs), Edmand(6d);her dau's dau Margret Mahood;witt John + Wm Crow;
1735-2 E 093  w  CLAIG        Mariot      STEPHEN      d 1 sep;son thomas,john;dau joney exex (w/o wm killip)
1735-3 E 167  d  GARRETT      Daniel                   d 6 or 7 years ago;s/o Danl Garrett; sibs Wm, Mary + Philip(lately decd - widow + only child) jt admrs
1735-3 E 168  d  DONERALe     Arthur                   ?Donerall
1736-1 A 23      CURGHY       Mary        BOYD         d 10 jan;ballnakarkey;dau jane(+ dau),cath(w/o john tear);gson ferdinando;son ewan exor,john omitted + appt jt exe but appears later had a m/c;gch ann,jane,isabel,cath esther curghey,margt,mary tear;inv, costs,claims inc timber for tuckmiln
1736-1 A 24      KNICHEL      Mary        QUAYLE       d end mar 1735/6;dau mary;gch wm,mary knickle,wm + john quayle;son wm exor
1736-1 A 25      CHRISTIAN    Hesther                  d 19 dec;ellanbane;sis (ballavarran's wife),ann;neice pat mclevorry's dau,mrs mary christian(ballamoare);dau-i-law christian christrian als cubbon(?w/o john);gch standish christian exor (her bro the atty genl to be guardian);capt qm cubbon sworn overseer who makes complaint about fa john christian who lands in prison.(excerpts from lib canc 1733)
1736-1 A 26      COTTIER      Thomas                   d 12 jan 1735;sis joney,mary;bro john exor
1736-1 A 27      Kinread      Averick     Kissage      d 30 nov 1735;son phil exor,robt;dau isabel,margt
1736-1 A 28      CHRISTIAN    Alice       CASEMENT     d 2 jan 1735;son robt;dau alice(had m/c);bro tho(his dau cath);dau alice;husb john exor
1736-1 E      d  CURGHY       Elizabeth                d abt 2 yrs ago;orphan d/o Robt Curghey (below the river); bro Wm admr - goods in decree of mo + fa's will 
1736-2 A 56      KNEEN        Ann                      d 2 nov 1736;sis mabel coraige als kneen;only ch esther griffin (lands bequeathed by her fa richard kneen) exex
1736-2 A 57      CORLETT      Doncan                   d 22 jan 1736;dau isabel caley als corlet (w/o john);gch patr,jony caly,danl corlet,mary corlet(d/o  tho),alice,joney + ann corley;only son tho exor
1736-2 E      w  CALLEY       John                     d 11 Oct 1736;west Ballacally;ch Ewan exor, Isabel(exex to his wife + that her husb John Moore was very conentious + 'kept a great deal of do at law' );gch(unnamed youngest s/o Jon Moore, Jon,Edmd + Ewan Cally, daus of Wm Killip; names John Moore(44yds of fine linen clothe to cover debt + if Moore should strife at law then his wife cut off with 6d);
1736-2 E      d  CORLETT      Alice       CAIN         d 15 aug;ch danl,alice,mary,jony + ann all ua uncles david cain + rchd lawson;pat cain gfa orphans (+ his son david to maintain alice);1752 alice acks from stepmo mary corlet als clark exex of husb thomas re legacies from mo alice als cain + gfa doncan corlet;mary corlet + danl corlet ack same
1736-2 E      w  CROW         Edmond                   [rh edge v dar];d 10 Aug 1736;unnamed sibs - owes sis Margt []s 8d;names Wm Kissage(owes him 24s, several other debtors named;fa + mother execs;
1736-2 E      d  CRY          Catherine   CHRISTIAN    d 26 Jul 1736;only dau Mary Corlet admx - pledges Jon Corlet(Claddagh), Jo Corlet(Ballamannagh)
1736-2 E      d  FAILE        Mary                     d 3 Apr 1736 (in Douglas);sibs Tho, Wm, James, Ann(w/o Ewan Crow), Margt Isabel, Cath Fail jt admrs
1736-2 E      w  QUAYLE       William                  d 13 Jul 1736;son-i-law Pat Kneen;names Jon Killip + his ch;gch Mary + Isabel(both c/o son John);ch John, Elinr + Elizth(both satisfied re mo's goods), Isable exex
1737-1 A 29      CORLETT      Margaret                 d 1 Mar [1736/7?];husb John Corlet exor;ch Henry, Nicholas, Elizth, Thomas Allen(in Dublin), Bridget, Margt;pledges John Corlet junr + Nicho Kewley [?both parties on 2nd marr? John Corlet m Margt Allen als corlet  1700 - see Old Lez Bun2 13] ]
1737-1 E      d  CALOW        Margaret                 d 6 May 1737;only bro Wm Calow + two sis Elizth + Isabel [these are inserted] admr;Philip Kneen h/o Elizth also sworn
1737-1 E      d  CROW         Bahee       CALY         d 31 Jan 1736/7;only son John Crow exor [?shld be admr] - pledges father John Crow + neighbour John Corlet;
1737-1 E      w  KELLY        Christian   BODAUGH      dated 27 May 1737;names Kath Killip(d/o Jon Killip), Christian Kelly, Jon Fayle(Kk Braddan owes her 21s 5d),Elinor Bodaugh,Wm Kelly(owed 13s), + sevl others inc Tho Cannell (who was behind with her for roof of the house);Jon Killip has half her goods after decease by m/c;appts Christian Killip(d/o sd Jon Killip) exex - ua - John Killip sworn;
1737-1 E      w  KINREAD      Isabel      CALY         d 14 jun 1737;names jane kinread,ann quaile,mary kinread,isabel kinread;gch philip kinread;john crow (sis son);cousin jon kinread who lived with her exor
1737-2 A 89      CALEY        Ann                      [part lh margin lost on microfilm]dated 23 May 1737;east Ballacaly;ch Philip Garrett(money in close-vark due her),Wm Garrett?, Cath Garrett, Ann Kermod exex
1737-2 A 91      GARRETT      Patrick                  d 9 Apr 1737;wife Christian als Crow exex; son? Jon [reads io his Jon Garrett];names Tom Killey (the colter + limestone hammer)
1738-1 A 66      COTTIER      William                  d 7 Mar 1737;ch David(his part of purchased land), Thos, Wm, Kath, Margery + Isable;wife Ann
1738-1 E      d  CALOW        William                  d 6 may 1738;only dau margt corkill als callow;
1738-1 E      d  CORLET       Margaret                 d 24 apr 1738;only dau margt (lost her sight - aided by john gill);husb tho
1738-2 A 107     Kissage      Philip                   dated 24 Mar 1737;son Robt,ewan, dau anne, wife alice exex
1738-2 A 109     Kinread      Anne        Joughen      d 11 aug 1738 hus thomas, son william, dau anne, kath, jane, jane exec
1739-2 A 91      Christian    Robert                   d 20 dec 1739 in Ballaugh;gch john,isable + jane corlet,margt christian;dau margery christian exex;note kk michael 10 jan 1739 - a sickly time in ballaugh
1739-2 A 92      Kneale       John                     d  2 Jan 1739/40;sibs wm,mary,jony(sibs jon + robt corlet);cousin patk kneale;father edmd exor
1740-1 A 64      CURGHEY      Robert                   d 9 Jan last [?1740/1];sulby;dau jane,wife bahy
1740-3 E      w  COTTIER      John                     d 26 may 1739;sis mary cottier;only sis ? jonney cottier exex
1741-1 E      d  COWLE        Thomas                   perished by sea on coast of England 25 Jan 1740/1;late carpenter Liverpool;father Thomas;sibs Wm, Ellinr Kneal als Cowle jt admrs;
1741-1 E      w  CROW         John                     dated 27 May 1741;ch John(eldest son), Ewan + Ann; wife Kath als Lace exex
1741-1 E      d  GARRET       Mary        CASEMENT     d 12 feb 1740/1;ch charles,mary,bahee(had dg to some lands) [full]
1741-1 E      d  GARRET       Mary                     d 18 mar 1739/40 in Liverpool;bro's by fa John + Wm Garrett; fa John;pledges Wm Kissack + fa; [full]
1741-1 E      d  KERMOD       Margaret    QUARK        d 25 Mar 1741;only son John admr - ua - uncle Edward Quark;husb John Kermod (who with agreement of his father John Kermod is to settle lands free of any oblogation on John) - also Wm Christian (a reln) B'Chruinck is sworn [?supv];inv
1741-1 E      w  SKILLICORN   Ann         CURLETT      damaged will;d 27 xxx 1741;sons danl,ewan,thomas;dau margt,ann;husb john
1741-1 E      d  QUARK        Edmund                   left Island 5 yrs ago - reported perished by sea 4 yrs ago;sibs edward,mary
1741-2 A 153  c  KISSAGE      Ewan & wife              m/c ewan kissage + cath kewne = NSS May 1734 52
1741-2 A 154     CURGHY       Mary                     d 10 Feb 1741;ch Esther, Daniel, Dorithy(inc 18s due from exors of [] Garrett), Jane Moore, Robt, Mary;gch Jon? Moore
1741-2 A 155     KELLY        Elizabeth   SCARFF       d 28 Jan [?1741];husb Wm Kelly(small parcel of land known as Khimmer? Ghlass) exor; unnamed ch - one child Mary dead by probate - 6 17s 6d - 9s 1d funeral costs for Mary to be divided amongst children;1751: Ewan Kelly admr to sister Christian Kelly acked rect of 6
1741-2 A 156     KINREAD      Elinor      KEIG         declrd in Nov last a few days before death;ch John(heir of lands), 3 unnamed daus;unnamed husb(land during his life);1749: Margt exex of John Kinread (exor of Ellinor Kinread) has paid the 5s legacy to Isable one of daus; also paid to Ann Kinread the aunt for use of Margt another dau
1741-2 A 157     CROW         Ewan                     d 28 Jan 1741/2;ch Elinor(eldest dau), Cath;wife Elizth als Kneale exex; no relns to ch goods to exex + nearest neighbour witness John Corlet sworn overseer;1764: Thos Martin h/o Elinor Crow, Ewan Crow h/o Cath Cath Crow - henry Quayle h/o exex
1741-2 A 158     KNEALE       Bahee       QUaRK        d 6 Feb 1742;sibs Cath + Jane Quark;sis-i-law Elenor Kneale, Mary Kneale, Margt Kneale;ch Elizth, Dan; husb John exor;
1741-2 A 159     KNEALE       Patrick                  sibs Edmond, Robt, Ewan + Cath;
1741-2 A 160     KISSAG       William                  only son Wm(his working tools);wife Elizth exex
1741-2 A 161     KEANY        Margaret    SKILLICORN   d 20 Dec 1741;sibs Wm Skillicorn(lands in Curragh during lifetime then to her gsons), James Skillicorn;ch Kath Corlett(w/o John Corlett), Anne Cottier(w/o John Cottier) - jt exexs;gch John Corlet, Dolin Cottier, Esther + Anne Cottier;
1741-2 A 162     CURGHEY      Robert                   d 23 Nov;sibs John, Ewan,Cath, Hester;tenant Philip Kneen(5 yrs of land + a yrs rent free ie 26s);son Robt(abroad + not to reap any profit til he returns - if no return then to Robt senr's sibs); Ewan abroad, John Curghy + Philip Tear (h/o Cath) + Thos Casement)h/o Esther) exors in trust for Robt;inv + claims
1741-2 E      w  CAIN         ann         CALY         d 12 jun;dau jony exex;husb pat;
1741-2 E      w  CAIN         Catherine                d 5 jun 1741;husb john;sibs jane,ann corlet; wm jt execs
1741-2 E      d  CALEY        Ann                      perished by water end oct 1741;bros john,wm 
1741-2 E      w  CALY         Thomas                   d 14 Jun 1741;ch Wm(his part of lands),John,3 unnamed daus;wife Margery exex;pledge Ewan Caley + John Tear(Ballaugh);Witt Philip Stephan (noted as sworn on his deathbed) + Ewan Christian x; John acks Revd Wm Caley; daus Mary, Jane + Margt ack
1741-2 E      w  CALY         William                  d 9 Sep 1741;nephew John Caly(intack callked Close-e-crain - he to pay sister Jane 4 +40s eas to sis Margt + Mary Caley), Wm Caly (exor)
1741-2 E      w  CANNELL      John                     d 3 jul 1741;only sis jane cannell(feather bed ballakioage) exex;sis ?cath;bro thomas,danl(+son danl);sis-i-law cath cannell;list of debtors;[full]
1741-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Nicholas                 capt;late of Ramsey;dau Margaret (w/o Deemster John Taubman) Margery(w/o John Frissell) and Esther [full]
1741-2 E      w  CORKISH      William                  d 15 aug 1741;dau elizth,ann,cath;wife margt als cry exex;ch uncles ewan kissack,john corkish + harry corkish supvs;1765 james radcliffe h/o cath acks from mo-i-law margt kegg als corkish
1741-2 E      w  CORLETT      William                  d 20 Aug last;'distinguished by name Wm Corlet-ne-Cleanaugh;ch Cath(eldest dau), Margt, Mary, jane, Charles(his part of sheep in Gill), Thomas, Patk, Jon;wife Mary als Kneale exex (houses + lands to descend to whatever son she thought fit); pledge Mr John Corlet (Balnahown - also sworn supv of ch),Arthur Cowle; Wm Caley(h/o Cath Corlett) acks 5 legacy
1741-2 E      w  CURGHY       esther                   d 20 Sep 1741;sibs Wm, Margt,Amelly(sister - exex)
1741-2 E      w  CROWE        Edmond                   made 26 jun 1741;unnamed ch;wife (Loaney-vane during life) exex
1742-1 A 50      CORLETT      Thomas                   d 26 feb;glentramman;ch thos,edmd,cath execs;sis isabel,cath;bro edmond;mentions m/c thomas curlet + mrs isable norris (his second wife - thomas was stepson);
1742-2 E      d  KINREAD      Jane                     d 17 oct 1741;sibs wm (ua),anne;fa thomas;inv
1743-1 A 62      KISSAG       Robert                   made 26 Feb 1742;ch Thomas, Robt(working tools) + Joney jt exors;wife alive
1743-1 A 63      CORLET       John                     d 15 Jan last;ch Silvester, Cath, Mary, Jony exex
1743-1 A 64      QUAYLE       William                  d 7 Feb [?1741/2];wife Ann;sibs Cath Cowley, Tho Quayle;bro's son Thomas Quayle exor;names many debtors + small legacies inc Alice Cain als Garret, Easter Griifin, Robt Quayle, John Quayle ..
1743-1 A 65      KNEEN        Patrick                  d 7 Dec [?1742];ch John(gears + next crop),Ann, Mary;wife Joney als Quayle exex
1743-1 A 66      KNEALE       Jane                     d 6 Apr 1743;ch Patt, Mary exex, Ann, Joney;gch Pat Quale;witt Kath Crow als Lace x, Issable Quale x
1743-1 A 67      BURTON       Blackett                 [also in epis 1743]d 25 Feb last;ch Dorothy(w/o Joseph Pateson, Paperscastle Cumberland), Tho, Isabel;wife Isabel exex
1743-1 A 68      KEIG         Richard                  noted Philip Kieg owed 5s;son-i-law Wm Garrett exor
1743-1 A 69   w  CASHIN       Ann                      made 12 feb [1742/3];bro thomas cashin;niece margt garret;bro-i-law phil quayle exor;names thos kelly(ballacoirraig),eliz kieg,robt kissag;[full]
1743-1 A 70      CORLET       Ellinor                  d 12 Feb 1742/3;ch Mary, Christian(w/o John Kelly), Margt Crow(eldest - elinor's share of Claddagh or John Corlet-e-claddyr estate), Thos;husb Wm exor (he surrenders to Thos on condition Thos gives him bedclothes)
1743-1 E      w  FAYLE        Thomas                   d 18 oct;son james;gch thomas,ann;dau christian exex
1743-2 A 83      CORLET       Isabel      PARR         d 18 Jan inst [?1743/4];will made Sep 1742;maidservant Mally Nidderaugh;names Ewan Crow(+ dau - at that time a serv in house);neighbor Margt Clark(widow), Elinor Curlet;cousin Ann Bridson;nephew Wm Bridson;ch Cath Curlet, Tho Curlet(jt exor with her cousin Robert Curlet;Thomas surrended his pt of exor to Mr Richd Hinley but reserving his part of house + lands;
1743-2 A 84      Kenney       Ann                      d 17 Jan 1743;nephew John Bridson(+ wife + ch - Ballaugh - her part of 30 in Callow's Close);names Margt Colvin;husb John Kenney exor; [court refers to him as John Kennish]
1743-2 A 88      KISSAG       Alice       KEWNY        made Sep 1742;widow of Robt Kissag; ch Thos, Robt(20s consideration money pd for croft at Mullen lewn), Jony Kissag exex;unnamed gchild;Thos Kissag acks bro-i-law Thos Corlet (h/o Jony) legacy to gchild;inv
1743-2 A 89      KINREAD      Joney       CLEATER      d 22 Jan 1743;sibs Stephen, Thos(+ wife Ann), Margt, Jon Cleater exor;nephew Jon Cleater;sis-i-law Margt Cleater, Ann Cleater;names Joney Lace;unnamed husb(her share of the oldest mare [!!]);
1743-2 A 91      COWLEY       William                  d 13 Jan 1743/4;sibs Thos(+ daus Mary + Cath), Elinor, Ann;wife Jony als Kneale exex
1743-3 E      c  CROW         Ewan, snr                m/c son ewan crow + eliz kneal dated 20 May 1734;court may 1743;Ewn jnr died before father - m/c accepted as will Ewan snr + dau-i-law Elizth + 2nd husb Henry Quayle sworn
1743-3 E      d  KELLY        Thomas                   d 13 Mar 1742/3;ch Christian, cath, Ann, Elizth + Wm jt admrs - all ua - uncles Mr Edw Christian + Philip Corlet(Ballamoaneh) to take tuition of Cath + Ann;eldest ch with two youngest with widow;pledges Jon Corlet Claddagh + Wm Lace vitchell
1743-3 E      w  KISSACK      Elizabeth   Lord         d 9? Jun;son Wm Kissack  - ua - Thos Garret (h/o Jane) supv;bro John(+ wife),Jane (to have tuition of child);names Jane Crow,Lenora Kelly
1743-3 E      w  McYLCARANE   Thomas                   d 14 oct 1743;ch (youngest) cath,thomas,john;son wm(eldest);wife jane als callow;wants Edward callow overseer;1763: john acks from bro-i-law phil stephen
1744-1 E      w  CORKILL      John                     d 28 apr;reyntray;names saml cottier(+dau turf in close-e-nollan);only dau margt(ua);wife margt als calow;names joney w/o wm calow
1744-2 A 58      GARRET       William                  d 18 jan last;dau joney garrett,margt(w/o thos kewney),ann corlet (w/o ewan) exex;gson ewn corlet,paul kewney
1744-2 E      d  CROWE        Robert                   d end May 1744;ch Patrick, John + Thomas jt execs - all ua - uncle Danl Crowle supv;wife Margt - pledges Wm Garret (Rox? - released as pledge in 1745) + Wm Cleater (her father); John Crow dies ua by1760;Margt married Thos Quayle (?also decd by 1760);inv
1744-2 E      w  GARRETT      Elizabeth   COTTIER      d 20 Feb 1744;ch Ann, Kath, John(eldest son) - other unnamed ch inc 1 ua;husb John(land - qtrland + intack - to be passed onto son John) exor; sis Christian
1744-2 E      w  GARRETT      John                     d 20 sep 1744;ballacottier;son wm (roof old house + pauls? + stones towards building a house),jon;dau mary(?marg) decd;son jon + isable garret execs;wife alive
1744-2 E      d  KNEAL        Ewan                     d end Jul 1744; ch Wm (ua), Isabel + Mary jt admrs; wife alive
1744-2 E      w  KNEALE       Richard                  d 19 Oct 1744;ch Margt(eldest dau), John(abroad - good in hands John Kneale Ballachrink)), Eleanor + Isable - all jt execs - Wm Quayle + Jnohn Kneale husbs of Eleanor + Isable; pledge in Wm Garrett(B'garret)
1744-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Isabel      FAILE        d 6 Jun 1744;ch Wm, Ann (+ 2 ch); husb Henry exor;names Catrine Stevan;
1744-3 E      d  KELLY        William                  d mid summer 1744;late lezayre;ch ewan + christian - ua aunt Margt (w/o John Garrett) sworn;1755: christian dead ewan acks from John Garrett
1744-3 E      d  MARTIN       John                     d 30 nov 1743;only son John
1744-3 E      d  STEPHAN      Ellinor     CALEY        d 10 nov 1743;ch john, ellinor + margt;
1745-2 A 51      CROW         Joney                    d 2 dec;dau ann,isable,jane + alice jt exexs;gdau isable Burten;husb thomas
1745-2 A 52      CROW         Joney                    d 8 nov;husb wm;gdau joney crow;dau margt;son john jt exec with margt;
1745-2 A 53      COTTIER      Catherine   COWLE        d 24 Nov 1745;husb John Cottier (infirm and not able to travel);ch by former husb Charles + Cath Christian ;ch by prsnt husb Mary Cottier exex; 1749: Cath Christian acks James Clark(Glantraman, Lezayre), 1751: Charles Christian acks James Clarke [James is h/o Jony Cottier
1745-3 E      w  FAILE        Bahee       CASHIN       d 1 jun ;dau christian(w/o John corlett) exor;names others;witt grace killip als gill x,ann kermoad x;
1746-2 E      d  CORLET       Edmund                   d 25 Oct 1746;Capt Edmund Corlet Glan Tramman;sis Isabel (w/o Edmund Kneen)+ Catharine(W/o Wm Crow - had m/c) jt admx; claims inc Cath Curghy for bed, bedclothes + wages
1746-2 E      d  GARRET       Elizabeth   suttcliffe   d 13 mar 1745/6;ch Elizabeth, Anne, Margt, Philip, Wm, Ewan + Alice jt admrs - all ua but no relatn on mo's saide within dioces;husb John Garret supv etc - pledges Rev Wm Bridson(rector Ballaugh) + Thos Corlet(GlanTramman); 1760 Elizth d/o John Garret(late Ballabroij) acks bro Philip exor of John Garrett decd, Ann also late decd; 
1746-2 E      d  GARRET       William                  d beg May 1746;clothier late of Lezayre (court held in Kk Michael - ? death off Island); sis Ann garrett renounced admin - John Kneen sumner sworn; claims;inv 3;
1746-2 E      d  KNEEN        William                  d abt 12months ago on board 'Mercury' of Liverpool upon coast of Guinea;ch cath, john + patk (ua) - aunt Jony supv jt admrs;court notes that Wm had abjured Island for certain misdemeanors +left no goods - wife survived him + left will;1749: John upwards of 14yrs old made choice of John Christian to be his guardian
1747-1 A 16      KILLIP       John                     d 10 mar;son john (purchased land nappin);dau christian exex,margt;wife alive
1747-1 E      d  COTTIER      Jony        SAYLE        d 11 Feb 1746/7;only son Philip admr; husb alive
1747-1 E      w  CURGHEY      Ellinor     COTTIER      d a fortnight ago [court dated 19 Jun 1747];sis Cath Garret;names Ann Christian, Margt Christian (w/o Huan Christian) exex
1747-1 E      w  Quayle       Jony        Kneen        d 10 May 1747;bro Wm Neen;husb David Quayle;names Edward + Wm Neen (if they would help her husb put a coffin on her);
1748-1 A 96      GOLDSMITH    William                  [full]
1748-1 A 97      CLATER       Jane        CORLETT      d 19 Feb 1747/8; husb John Clater;ch Elizth(eldest dau), Wm, Margt + Robt jt execs - all ua - overseer uncle John Christian; sis Margt;1755: Elizth at age sworn supv + chooses uncle Philip Cleater + Chas Joughin as guardians; 1762 Elizth, Margt + Robt at age + ack John Christian; various claims etc John Christian + with Margt state owed 4 left by mother Margt Corlet and payable by Jane + John Cleater; petn by John Cleater that Margt Corlet d 17yrs + left lands to husb Philip then to fall to Jane who d 4 yrs before father Philip and thus never possessed lands + as John remarried prior to Philips death he lost any widowright
1748-1 A 99      CHRISTIAN    John                     d 10 Mar 1747;names Bahee Cormode als Christian;ch Margt, Isable (6d ea), Edmd(exor)
1748-1 A 100     GARRET       Catherine   COTTIER      d 21 Mar;unnamed ch(abroad), Mary(who stayed with her at home) exex;
1748-1 A 101     McNAMEER     Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d beg Apr; nephew Robt Kerrish;unnamed husb + his son John; sis Jane Kerrish + Ann Christian jt exexs
1748-1 A 103     GOLDSMITH    Leonora     COWLE        [full]
1748-1 E      w  KINREAD      Catharine   KEWN         d 16 jan 1747;disputed legality of will;sons ewan + thos;pledges john cowle + danl cowle schoolmaster;w/o john;inv 
1748-1 E      w  KINREAD      John                     d may 1748;son john (eldest);dau ann,margt,isable;wife margt exex;younger ch elizth + thos omitted + wife pregnant;
1748-2 A 133     KEIG         Elizabeth   GARRET       d 12 jan last;w/o john;son wm (eldest)thos,john, (pay other 4 ch);dau elizth isabel

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