Summary of Wills - Braddan 1750-1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.Some 75% summarised [1141/1423]

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1750-1 A 2       BRIDSON      Thomas                   made 19 jun 1749;dau mary(house douglas);wife elizth als stevenson;
1750-1 A 3       CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   d 10 apr 1750;chjohn + nelly;wife exex
1750-1 A 4       KELLY        Marriot                  art marr 28 jan 1739 wm crain + wife ann als clague braddan obo dau cath and margt kelly marown obo son john; 
1750-1 A 5       KEY          Catherine   KILLEY       husb ewan;names anne moore;mo alive;sis isabel;neice cath moore exex
1750-1 A 6       HIGGINS      Elizabeth   peil         son philip;dau mary,jane;husb philip (house) exec
1750-1 E      d  BYRN         Garrett                  d May 1750 in Dublin - for some years resided in Douglas - prin creditors Mr Wm Murrey, Mr Philip Finch + Capt Paul Bridson;claims Thos Artur 120 ;Island creditors claim preference for natives
1750-1 E      w  OATES        Thomas                   d 9 may 1750;sons Robt + Wm(youngest sons), richard(heir);dau esther exex;wife(croft + house called small croft for life);1767: Robt Creer h/o esther
1750-2 A 26      CORKIL       Peter                    [b reg has b'creggan]d 9 Nov 1750;ch Wm(10s), Richd(10s), Esther (14s) - all ua - uncle Henry Looney supv (along with their mo);wife exex; 
1750-2 A 27      ALLEN        Margaret    BRIDSON      [full]w/o john;fa + mo alive;un-named sibs
1750-2 E      d  CARRICK      Bryan                    d end Jun 1750;Douglas;prin creditor John Christian admr
1750-3 E      d  CARan        Thomas                   [full]d 6 nov 1748 on HM Ship Deal Castle; fa Henry
1751-1 A 2       PENNANT      Mary        MOORE        dated 26 Feb 1750/1;relict Edward Pennant, late of Rhyill, County of Flint Wales but now of Douglas;ch Edward (my doamond ear rings + brilliant hoop ring + his father's picture set in gold), William(rose diamond ring);cousin Mary Holt(loose diamonds, diamond ring + clothes);friend Philip Higgins(gold repeating watch) exor;pledges Thos Christian gunner + Anthony Calister (both Douglas)
1751-1 A 3       CURGHEY      Dorothy                  dated 19 Nov 1750;Douglas;sis Jane Moore als Curghey exex - Jane dead before probate her admrs Thos, Elizth. Ann + Jane decreed admrs
1751-1 A 4       FAYLE        Catherine   KINNISH      d 9 Feb 1750/1;husb John Fail (Douglas) exor;sis Joney,Mary(+ ch Margt,Elizth,Cath, Thomas(+ his wife), John,Alice);
1751-1 A 5       CORKILL      Margaret    KEWLEY       d 11 Mar 1750[?1750/1];ch Jane, Cath, Thomas,Edward - ua - supv John Kewley(BallaFreer) + John Stevenson (uncles by mo's side);mother alive;sis Ellinor;maidsert Mary Kelly;husb exor
1751-1 A 6       KILLEY       Robert                   dated 19 Mar 1750/1;ch John, Robt, Philip, Isable, Elinor + Jane (last 3 jt exexs);pledges Ewan Kerruish + Christopher Fitsimmons (also witnesses);
1751-1 A 7       KINLEY       Margaret                 d Feb 170/1;Ballaquayle;unnamed sister on sandside owed her 11s;son Robert Christian exor - Ewan Kerruish(Douglas) to have care + tuition;
1751-1 A 8       BRIDSON      Jony                     recites agreement dated 6 Sep 1736 [SSS May 1747 50] by which Jony settle all effect on Henry (son Robt) + Jane Bridson at her decease - they to build her a house;by 1751 Henry + Robt dead - Jane Bridson exex - pledge Mr Thomas Christian(Ballahutchin)
1751-1 E      d  CORRIN       Ann         CREECH       d 22 mar 1751;3 ch James Mary & John (all ua) uncles Robt Creech,jnr, John Quine;husb John (?ack is John Robt Creetch); fa Robert Creetch;
1751-1 E      d  COWLEY       Philip                   d beg dec 1750;3ch Elizth,John + Cath;wife cath als christian;ch ua Patk cowley,john cowley,wm Cowley + John Goldsmith (bros's + bro-i-law to philip)
1751-1 E      d  GILL         William                  left Island about 12 yrs ago;d some time past in River of Seville, Spain;mariner;s/o Wm Gill late of Braddan;sibs Robt, Thos, Edwd, Wm [?2 wms?], Eliz jt admrs - Edwd (only one present) sworn;
1751-1 E      d  GORDON       Abraham                  d 9 Apr 1751;prin creditor Richd Hampton admr;
1751-1 E      d  KELLY        Ellinor     QUIRK        d 19 Feb 1750/1;only sis Ann Christian als Quirk admx
1751-2 E      d  SIDEBOTHAM   Peter                    d 13 apr 1751;hm officier within this isle;douglas;admr john gill c'town;many small claims (inc wm corlett apothecary for letting a vein)
1752-1 A 3       GELLING      Thomas                   dated 20 mar 1750/1;ch daniel (age 16), jane,letitia;wife alice exex;pledges Thos Christian ballahutchin marown, thos Christian gunner douglas;
1752-1 A 5       CAIN         William                  d 13 jan 1752;ch daniel,elizth,mary (exex) [note there is also a 2nd copy mislabelled #7 same contents except date 15th ]
1752-1 A 6       CANEL        Ann         KELLY        d 1 nov 1752;ch margt + ann(ua)(jt  exexs house + garden on sandside of house), cath(to be given 20s by 1st 2 daus), John(to be put to trade),james(6d);
1752-1 A 7       CAIN         William                  d 30 dec 1751;wife ann exex;ch wm, david + ann
1752-1 A 8       CHRISTIAN    Robert                   dated 6 jan 1752;aunt mary crannill exex(w/o John Crenilt); John Crenilt acks to have rcvd from Ewan Keruish guardian of robt all goods due by will of mother margt Kinley (her inv is included)
1752-1 A 9       LEECE        Isabel                   M/c Robert Moore + Christian Hampton - SSS May 1744 49;son-i-law robt moore exor;dispute with nicholas leece - robt to pay 20s to nich's sister's ch
1752-1 E      d  CREAGH       David                    d 14 oct;douglas;son martin refused;tho christian douglas appt;wife alive;claims;inv
1752-2 A 36      CREER        Alice       QUINE        d 16 apr 1752;son robt,thos;dau jane (exex),isabel,ellinor (yongest)
1752-2 E      d  DESMARETTE   Abraham                  [badly torn ] no relns ;inv
1753-2 E      d  McYLREA      Robert                   d abt 4yrs ago on board HM ship of war the Worcester (attested Canterbury dated 13 Apr 1751);only bro Thos Mcylrea admr
1752-3 E      d  CANNEL       Philip                   d 19 jan 1750 at anguilla west indies;due goods by death mo nargt cannell als christian (ep 1736-1);fa wm;only surv bro john cannell admr(but abroad) - fa wm refused to be admr - prin creditor john christian appointed
1752-3 E      dg CANNELL      William                  dg wm(carpenter douglas) + wife elizth als ratcliff to son joseph(now of Peel);two sons charles + hugh already have part house + garden on sandside;
1752-3 E      d  CANNELL      William                  d jul 1745 in jamaica;due goods by death mo nargt cannell als christian (ep 1736-1);fa wm;only surv bro john cannell admr(but abroad) - fa wm appt
1753-1 A 3       WATERSON     Isabel      QUAY         d 29 nov;2  ch un-named ua ;step-dau margt waterson;husb robt;pledges wm cottier braddan,philip cannell douglas;1776 dau esther acks from Mary Waterson (?2nd wife) + states other child died ua
1753-1 E      d  CANNELL      John                     perished in a well on sand side on 8 Feb 1762;bro Wm + Thos jt admrs who relinquish to his nephew Thos Cannell + obo his nephew's son Wm Cannell;inv
1753-2 A 24      COWN         Elizabeth   KINLEY       d 19 apr 1753;husb thos;sis mary kinley;dau ann quilliam als cown (house douglas) exex
1753-2 A 25      CREECH       Dorothy     CORRAN       d 12 jan 1752;son robt (flat lately purchsd john corrin),gilno,danl;gch (ch of john corrin);dau isabel,joney,mary;gch john + mary corrin;husb alive
1753-2 A 26      LUTTERAL     Mary        FITZGERALD   w/o richard;douglas;owes 1000 to abrhm tobin;bro-i-law john lutteral + husb execs;witt edm fitzgerald,aba Tobin;
1753-2 A 27      BRIDSON      Margaret                 d 1 feb 1753 ;douglas;niece ellinor taggart exex
1753-2 E      d  KEWLEY       Ellinor     KILLEY       dated 22 May 1753;only dau Isabel - ua - uncle James Killey supv;husb John;pledges Willm Caralagh (kk Braddan) + John Kewley(kk Marown);Isabel dead by dec 1755 - next of kin to Ellinor by mo's side Elizth Killey
1753-3 E      w  LEWN         Alice   KEWLEY als fitzsimons als christian  dated 25 Sep 1753;Douglas;names John Christian;unnamed sibs on Island - names bro Tho Christian;dau Jane Kewley (ua) exex;John Kewley (Ballafreer) + sd Thomas Christian to be supvs of Jane;husb Wm Lewin named in court decree that by inv(dated 18 Apr 1748 in Arch) of Jane's father Wm Lewin to pay over various mortgages
1754-1 A 2       WATERSON     Margaret    moore        d 18 Dec 1753: husb alive; son Christopher exec; son Robert Waterson; granddau Margt Croghan; grandson Thomas Waterson; granddau Margt Waterson; servant Esther Cowin;  pledges Mr Thomas Fargher & Mr. John Moore of Balnyhow.  Daniel Croghan & wife Isabel enter a claim against exec of Mgt
1754-1 A 3    dg karraLAGH    Ann         kewish       douglas;son-i-law john gawne houses etc
1754-1 A 4       SAYLE        Edward                   d 22 mar 1753;bro thos,michael;sis ellinor,margt;wife margt;stepson john kelly s/o margt sayle als bridson;inv + sale
1754-1 A 5       KEWLEY       Mary        COWLE        d 6 dec 1753;son john;dau margt (who has ch),mary;dau-i-law margt kewley;son wm exec;john kewley marown h/o mary,wm caralaugh braddan h/o margt + john kewley douglas ack
1754-1 A 6       BERMINGHAM   Andrew                   douglas;dau isabella;wife cath als guest;witt robt moore,ewan callister jnr,ambrose wilson,richd wilson jnr;joseph barwise claims 25 + many more;petn by wife that she is prevented from leaving by claims;inv much spirits+ book debts
1754-1 A 7       ALLEN        John                     [full]
1754-1 E      d  QUINE        Jane        LOONEY       d 1 Nov 1753;ch Robt + John Quine jt admrs - ua - uncles(mother's side) Wm, Thos + Henry Looney supvs;husb alive
1754-1 E      d  SIMPSON      Benjamin                 d beg jan 1754;douglas;from yorkshire;ch matthew + ann - both ua but no relns on island;wife mary als deacon (pregnant);1755: mary now w/o henry jackson - court notes debts exceed estate and only assets are house + backside which court allows to be sold/mortgaged
1754-1 E      d  WALSH        Edward                   d 18 dec 1753;shoemaker;only son edward - ua aunt cath servise als walsh + gfa(mo's side) thos bridson supv;wife ann als bridson;
1754-2 A 33      INGOLDSBY    Mary                     douglas;son wm,james;dau margt,ann (6d),ellinor,esther
1754-2 A 34   jw MERRIDEW     Robert                   wife sarah als scot;;inv sale;wife petns that after a year & a day affter settling all claims she should be able to leave - joseph barwise grocer whitehaven proves a claim - many claims
1754-2 A 36      CLAGUE       John                     wife eleanor;no provn for ch ellr,john,cath,isabel,wm + henry all at age
1754-2 A 66      KELLY        William                  art marr dated 7 oct 1751 john gill onchan obo son wm + wm kelly braddan obo dau anne;
1754-2 A 67      CALLISTER    Anthony                  d 7 jan 1754;douglas;5ch henry,hugh,anthony,ann + elizth;wife elizth als chapp'ol ?
1754-2 E      d  JOYNER       Robert                   mariner late douglas d coast of africa on board the 'little faster' of Liverpool(cropper cmmndr) decree admin from Rev Abel Ward (archdeacon chester + rural dean warrington)sibs john(abroad - poa to Thos fargher),charles + ellinr(w/o john mcCoy)
1754-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    John                     dated 19 mar 1754;douglas;friend wm grahams exor;effects will not pay debts + funeral - however court recovers 32 cash from thos fargher malew
1754-3 E      jw CORRis       Margaret    CHRISTIAN    dated 21 sep 1753;jw silvester + margt;mo cath cath corris;syl survived wife but by deed of gift  18 sep 1754 settled effects on bro thomas
1754-3 E      dg CORRISS      Silvester                dated 18 sep 175?[lost] douglas;to bro thomas;other sibs john + margt
1754-3 E      w  COWLE        John                     d 25 jun 1754;cooper;dau elinor cowle by 1st wife(w/o john cowin who in 1757 acks from thos corkill - names 1st wife as bahy);4 ch by 2nd wife bridget, ann, margt + john; all ua; wife jony;bros wm + charles cowle to be guardians;inv;1769: ann cowle acks from uncle john cain kk michael;1769 bridget fizackerly als cowle w/o james f. of liverpool acks from uncle john caine + john teare
1754-3 E      w  CREER        William                  d 26 aug 1754;bro robt,john,james;sis jane,anne,cath,isabel,margt;uncle thomas; (sheep given to most);fa exor
1754-3 E      d  GORDON       Alexander                d 14 mar 1754;house painter;no relns;inv displaced incld small parcel gold leaf + a sign
1754-3 E      w  HAunTON      Robert                   d 10 oct 1754;wife jane exex;son george (+ his only sister isabel)
1754-3 E      d  KELLY        Catherine                d 3 may 1748 in kk lonan' d/o thomas + jane als clark due goods by decease of fa + mother - only sister of whole blood jane kelly admr;pledges John Cowle(Lezayre) + Adam McBooy(Kk Michael)
1754-3 E      w  KELLY        Margaret                 dated 25 apr 1754;douglas;friend philip higgins (house);cousin margt kneal;names margt watterson d/o robt waterson;friend marriot smith exex
1754-3 E      w  QUALTROUGH   John                     dated 12 Jul 1754;wigmaker;douglas;dau jane ua uncles wm + ewan qualtrough;wife alive
1755-1 A 1       BRIDSON      Jane        CORLET       [full];
1755-1 A 4       QUILLIAM     Jane                     d 4 jan 1755;only dau elizth mansfield;bros john + philip quilliam 
1755-1 E      d  COWLEY       Dorothy     CUBON        d 10 Dec 1754;ch Dorothy + Margt jt admxs - both ua - uncles (mo's side) Thos Cubon, Robt Cubon + Gilbt Cubon supvs; husb Patr Cowley; decree notes that Gilbt has his own + sister Isabel's share of goods
1755-1 E      d  FEARON       Samuel                   d 10 Dec 1753;late of Liverpool;no reln within Isle - prin creditor Phil Higgins admr; inv includes 2 mapp books + 'print copper plates'
1755-1 E      d  FITZIMONS    Edmond                   d 25 Dec 1754;late Douglas;no person accepts admin - genl Sumner Capt Daniel Lace appt;inv
1755-1 E      d  WHITE        John                     d 14 Jan 1755;shopkeeper;no person accepts admin - genl Sumner Capt Daniel Lace appt;inv
1755-2 A 28      KISSAG       Elizabeth   QUIRK        Deed of gift [= SSS Oct 1745 34] dated 21 Jan 1744/5;Wm Kissack + wife Elizabeth als Quirk give to son John Kissack half dwelling house, backside + garden in Douglas adj Mr Charles Wattleworth on west, John Kelly on north, Thos Moore + Silvester Kewish on east rent 9d - other half to be possessed at death of longest survivor;Witt Ewan Kerruish, Christopher Callow x; son John exor
1755-2 A 29      BRIDSON      Alice                    [full];
1755-2 A 31      COFFy        James                    d 30 Mar 1755;ch Sarah ua;wife Martha als Beat exex
1755-2 E      d  COWLEY       Dorothy                  Orphan;d abt beg May 1755;d/o Dorothy Cowley als Cubbon - uncles + aunts Wm Cubbon, Thos Cubbon, Ro Cubbon, Gilbt Cubbon + Isable Oates als Cubbon
1755-2 E      d  COWLEY       Margaret                 Orphan - see Dorothy
1755-2 E      d  CREER        Catherine   TURNER       d 9 Feb 1755;only son John Creer admr - pledges Wm Faile + John Quilliam(both Marown)
1755-2 E      w  KELLY        Averick     CREER        d 4 may 1755;dau-i-law marjory Kelly;gdau Elinor kelly,bahee cowley;gch via Robt Kelly (inc Mary  d/o robt kelly + mary cowley Bra 17461228);son thos,johnwm;son-i-law john quine
1755-2 E      d  KNEALE       Jane        CASHIN       d 4 Jan 1755;only child John Kneale admr - ua - uncles John Quine + Daniel Callister supvs - pledges Nichs Quirk(Braddan) + Thos Skillicorn(Lonan); husb Nichs Kneale;1779: John Kneale acks John Quine + Philip Callister(exor Danl Callister);inv includes 1 10s 'in hands of gmo"
1755-3 E      w  CUBON        Esther      CORKILL      d 18 Oct 1755;ch Wm(half crop, 2 plough beasts + gear), Cath, Elizth, Patience (exex)
1755-3 E      d  KEWLEY       Isabel                   d 14 Apr 1755;orphan d/o Eleanor Kewley als Killey - goods in mo's will Ep will 1753 bk 2; next of kin Elizth Killey admx;pledges John Oates(onchan), John Kewley(Braddan)
1755-3 E      d  QUINE        Daniel                   d 15 Aug 1755;ch Mary, Samuel, Jane + Edwd jt admrs - last 3 ua + Mary incapable of admin but supv  - wife sworn
1756-1 A 5       COWLEY       Catherine   FLEXNEY      jw John + Cath Cowley als Flexney;ch John + Wm (dwelling house between them at death of longest liver - south or kitchen end to be John's Parlour end Wm's garden to be divided), Mary (yard at west gable + garden running from south east corner to Lake hedge),Judith;John Cowley widower sworn exor + states property will descend as per will
1756-1 E      d  KISSACK      John, junr               d 19 Jan 1756;merchantsis Isabella(sworn admx), Susanna(w/o Gilbt Kaighin) + Rachel jt admxs;inv;mother alive;claims inc Dr Gillespie + nurse for 5 nights - funeral expenses 'being looked on to be something extraordinary for a person of the deceadant's fortune'
1756-1 E      d  LONGFORD     James                    d 13 Jan 1756;late of Ireland;no person appeared to take out admin - genl sumner Capt Danl Lace appt
1756-1 E      d  MURRAY       Alexander                no relations within this isle; died falling overboard 'Lady Charlotte' of Liverpool (Capt James Oates)
1756-1 E      w  REILEY       George                   dated 18 Jan 1756;Douglas;ch Edward Ryley, Nancy;wife Ann exex but fearing effort + that debts exceed estate relinquishes to her ch;inv;claims pays 50%
1756-2 A 24      ROGERS       John                     complicated deed of gift
1756-2 E      w  CASHIN       Thomas                   d 3 May 1756;of Kk Conchan;sis Joan Creer als Cashin + Elinor Cashin jt exexs but if wife was with child sd child to be exec;names Wm Kelly
1756-2 E      d  CORLETT      William                  d 14 Mar 1756;apothecary Douglas;only bro John Corlet admr - but abroad thus aunt Ann Watkins als Corlet sworn; inv
1756-2 E      d  HARRISON     Robert                   d 1747 west indies;s/o isaac harrison + mary als heywood;due goods by decree of parents bk 2 1739;john davys h/o ann morison next of kin on fa's side(goods by fa) + thos heywood,eliz murrey,margt green + ellinor Heywood next of kin on mo's side
1756-2 E      d  KEWLEY       Elizabeth                see wm
1756-2 E      d  KEWLEY       William                  wm + elizth c/o wm kewley(arch will 1748) + mo (bk 3 1753) d in minority wm 13 mar 1747,elizth 15 feb 1748;only suv sis jane kewley - ua john kewley(ballafreer) + thos christian supv
1756-3 E      jw CALLOW       Jane        MYLREA       George + jane callow als mylrea;dau Mary stuart w/o charles (douglas prop lately purchased from admrs Ewan corlett);bro John Mylrea
1756-3 E      d  CORRIS       John                     d 23 Oct 1756;mason;ch John, Thos + Cath Corris jt admrs - all ua - uncle + aunt Thomas + Margt corris supvs; wife alive; 1757: Jon Sandforth becomes pledge for his mother Margt Corris
1757-1 A 4       TARLETON     Edward                   late of liverpool;dau jane;wife mary als skinner;inv detailed room by room;petn by pledges that wife 'a stranger' since married david taylor;claims inc 50 by [dr] abraham vianna
1757-1 A 6       CORKIL       William                  d 22 Jan 1757;gdau Jane Corkill;son Thos(exor)
1757-2 A 29      MOORE        Mary        KAGHIN       [full]made 4 feb 1757;neice emalea [amelia] halsay,mary brew als halsay,mary hutton als kaghin;names margt kewley als garrett (+son wm),susan kaighin als kissage (dau isable),cath gelling als kelly (dau cath fayle),cath corlett als christian,ann corlett als gelling;silvester halsay [halsall] exec
1757-2 A 33      MOORE        Edward                   Douglas: 3 sisters Elinor quoen[?] als Moore, Cathrin & Margaret Moore; wife Catharine Moore als Caine; pledges Thomas Moore & Simon Halsall (both also witnesses)
1757-2 E      d  BRIDSON      Elizabeth                d 24 jan 1757;only dau ellinor
1757-2 E      w  CALLISTER    Thomas                   dated mar 1740;thomas (glazier) + wife hester als feagan;2 ch born after will esther + thomas no reln on fa's side;inv
1757-2 E      d  CORRASS      Catherine   kennish      dated 20 feb 1756;widow;ch john + margt;1757 margt acts as supv of ch of bro john ch (orphans)
1757-2 E      w  HORSFALL     Mathias                  dated 12 apr 1757;shopkeeper;wife sarah + her dau sarah pikerman (w/o alexander pikerman)
1757-2 E      d  KELLY        James                    d 14 jun 1756;only ch james ua unc+aunts wm + robt kelly + robt craine h/o cath kelly;wife christian;inv
1757-2 E      d  KILLIP       Thomas,jnr               perished by sea beg nov 1756;prin creditor john stowel jnr;inv 13s 8d
1757-2 E      d  SMITH        Marriot                  friend philip higgins (house rent wm cannell on north,john []on on south,capt edwd fletcher on east lds rent 2d)
1757-2 E      d  WOODS        Francis                  carpenter,co of lancaster;d 12 apr 1757 douglas;sons wm + john ua unc john woods;pledges thos cannell kk mich + john garret lezayre;inv
1757-3 E      d  BELL         John                     perished by sea off coast of england 1 nov 1756;only ch james ua unc john corkan;wife alive;pledges wm caine miller polroish + ro bankes onchan;inv [?john bell + cath corkan 2 ch Ewd 1750 + james 1752; ?marr]
1757-3 E      d  BERRY        James                    perished by sea off coast of england 1 nov 1756;no person appeared
1757-3 E      d  CANNELL      John                     perished by sea off coast of england 1 nov 1756;ch john + isabel;no admr appears;wife alive;inv
1757-3 E      d  CANNON       Charles                  d 14 jun 1757;3ch john,chas + christian;inv
1757-3 E      dg CHRISTIAN    Mary        christian    dated 1754;see thos
1757-3 E      dg CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   dated 1754;only ch thos
1757-3 E      d  CLAGUE       John                     d 11 jun 1757;aghallan;son john,wm (had dowry);wife alive
1757-3 E      d  KEWLEY       Daniel                   mariner;departed 40 yrs ago;1737 deed assign to uncle edmd kneale who died 1747 with son wm admr
1757-3 E      d  KEWLEY       John                     d 10 jul 1757;sibs robt,thos,esther + mary;wife alive
1757-3 E      d  KILLIP       Thomas,jnr               perished by sea off coast of england 1 nov 1756;only ch david ua uncle thos craine kk andreas supv;wife cath;inv
1757-3 E      d  RADCLIFFE    David                    perished by sea off coast of england 1 nov 1756;no person appeared;wife alive;inv
1758-1 A 3       KNEALE       Philip                   [full];d 17 jan 1758;douglas;son wm (his half sis letitia neal) exec;wife alive
1758-1 E      d  FISHER       David                    perished by sea on coast of england 1 nov 1756;mariner;no relns appear;prin creditor wm quayle;wife alive;long inv (pt displaced to start of book)
1758-1 E      d  KELLY        Margret     CORLET       d 7 jul 1758;sibs wm + ann corlet (w/o john kelly);inv
1758-1 E      d  KERMODE      Ann                      d 14 jun 1757;sibs patr,jane + margt kermode;john kelly h/o jane;pledges thos cannell carpenter + patr cooile porter both douglas;
1758-1 E      w  LEWNEY       John                     d 24 jan 1757;daus margt + cath exexs;wife alive
1758-2 A 38      LAWSON       Richard                  d 1 apr 1758;douglas;son richd (land north of island),patk,david,john;bro james,david;dau joney execx (w/o anthony lawson);wife alive
1758-2 A 39      HALSAL       Margret     KELLY        [full]d 14 feb 1758;douglas;son philip;dau cath mallin als kewley,mary brew als halsall;husb simon
1758-2 A 40   w  FAYLE        John                     [damaged rh corner missing]dated 12 Jan [];ch Thos(the Leney Roie rent 4d, intack called Couldin 3s), Ann, John, Jane, Wm, Alice; wife Mary
1758-2 A 41   w  QUINE        Margaret    QUIRK        d 28 Mar 1758;ch Thos(her pt of crop, + his son)); son-in-law Thos Clague exor; names Ann Clague, Isabel Cowley(ua)
1758-2 A 42   w  CALLOW       Isabel      MOORE        d 8 Mar 1758;ch Isabel(her pt of house on sandside);husb Robt Callow exor;
1758-2 A 43      BREW         Joney                    [full];d 1 feb 1758;nephew john radcliff;nieces margt + esther radcliff;cousin john quark;nieces margt + joney keroon (ua) (kk braddan) execxs (d/o john keroon)
1758-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    David                    mariner d 8 yrs ago coast guinea;only sis mary christian (w/o gilbt hampton)
1758-2 E      d  CLAGUE       William                  s/o wm clague will 1738;d 22 feb 1740;two bros john + thos clague
1758-2 E      d  GAMBLE       John                     merchant;d 5 mar 1758;sons wm + walter ua no reln wife jane;inv
1758-2 E      d  GELLING      William                  left isle 30yrs ago;only bro paul;
1758-2 E      d  HAMPTON      Catherine   KELLY        d christmas 1757;only son thomas
1758-2 E      d  HARRISON     John                     mariner;d 18 yrs ago coast scotland;goods from mo 1727 ann kewley als cooper;sibs chas,ann,joseph + wm kewey with mary christian als harrison jt admrs
1758-2 E      d  KILLEY       William                  mariner;d 27 mar 1758;3sis jane,isabel + elinor;wm kermod h/o jane;ellinr colleish als killey;inv
1758-2 E      d  MURREY       Robert                   d dublin;merchant;no relns ;prin creditor george moore peel
1758-3 E      d  CARROL       Arabella    MARSHAL      d 4 jun 1758;only ch elizth ua aunt jane livingstone suprv;inv
1758-3 E      w  COTTIER      Catherine   CREER        d 17 sep 1758;dau margt;husb philip;step_dau elinor cottier;son robt + dau margt execs;thos kelly h/o margt
1758-3 E      w  KELLY        Dollin                   d 12 sep 1758;all charity money collected for him in church to john quine + his wife;dau ann exex;names john carran + wife
1758-3 E      w  KELLY        Robert                   daus margt,elizth + jane;son john, matthias;wife exex;robt creer w/o elizth,wm caine h/o margt
1758-3 E      d  KEWLEY       Ann         BREW         d 13 aug 1758;ch wm,james + margt ua uncles wm kneale + john brew;husb john
1758-3 E      d  PERKIN       John                     d 23 sep 1757;formerly north wales;died by fall of piece of timber on his head;no person appeared - wm christian dpt gnl summer appnted;inv
1759-1 A 5       MOORE        Catharine   CLUCAS       [full]made 9 nov 1758;widow;douglas;dau cath merryman;gdau cath kowen;dau ellinor cannell,margt moore execx;pledges patk corlet + charles cannell;
1759-1 A 7       KISSACK      John                     [full]tobacconist;douglas;daus isabella,rachel + ellinor,susanna kahin;gdau bella kahin;
1759-1 E      d  COWLEY       Ellinor     CAINE        d 7 Nov 1758;ch cath, john, ellinr, thos, margt, isabel + jane jt admrs - last 4 ua;husb John;inv 3 4s
1759-1 E      w  CRAINE       Alice       KENNISH      d 27 sep 1758;husb alive(her part of purchased land called the Cowan);ch John,Ann + Ellinor;step-dau Margt Craine;dau ann + Ellinor jt exexs;witt William Gellin x, Margt Waterson als Curphy x;
1759-1 E      d  FINCH        Elizabeth                d 8 dec 1758;sibs michael, cath Taplin als Finch, Margt Christian als Finch(w/o John Christian) jt admrs - 1st two abroad John Christian sworn;pledges Capt Wm Christian Kk Maughold, Matth Christian Douglas
1759-1 E      d  GAWN         Ann         GARRET       d 14 jan 1759;ch john,ellinor + margt jt admrs - all ua uncles + aunts by mo's side Danl Costean, Philip Skillicorn, Danl Garret, John Garret, James Garret + Alice Garret supvs;husb Anthony;inv
1759-1 E      d  KILLEY       Richard                  d 17 dec 1758;only dau Ellinor admx;pledges John Christian carpenter, Matth Christian butcher (both douglas)
1759-2 A 41      CREER        Patrick                  d 26 dec 1758;dau mary,jane,ann,marjery;son wm,robt;wife alive
1759-2 E      d  ACTON        Richard                  d 14 feb 1759;daus mary + elizth both out of isle no one appeared prin creditor thos moore;inv
1759-2 E      d  CREAGH       Martin                   d 23 may 1759;uncle patrick creah
1759-2 E      d  FAYLE        John                     d 23 jul 1758 on hm ship the bedford at care briton n america;ch ellinor + margt ua aunt cath fayle;pledges john gelling + paul fayle;wife cath
1759-2 E      d  FLETCHER     Jane        STEVENSON    d 16 apr 1759;2 ch grissel + mary_ann ua uncle john stevenson;inv + sales
1759-2 E      d  GRAHAM       Joney       QUINE        d 11 feb 1759;ch margt, ann + john  ua aunt eleanor stevenson als quine supv;husb wm;pledges john cannell + phil quine;inv
1759-2 E      w  QUIRK        Margery                  d 17 may 1759;son thos quiggin;names judy kneal;husb nich quirk;pledge john stole pc
1759-3 E      w  BAIRD        William                  wife margt als cannon; (houses in douglas);bro alex;1759 alex braid dead + heir in scotland;
1759-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Margaret                 d 27 jun 1759;widow;names thomas mcnaughton exec
1759-3 E      mc COWLEY       Catherine                mc wm gelling obo son wm + cath cowley widow obo dau cath;
1759-3 E      d  CROAGHAN     John                     perished by sea 24 sept 1759;4 children john wm ann elizth, 3 later underage - wm croaghan uncle;wife alive
1759-3 E      d  HEAD         William                  d 29 aug 1759;ch peter + henry ua uncle by mo's side george yoward (no reln fa's side) refuses;wife elizth
1759-3 E      w  HEYWOOD      Thomas                   nunnery;wife hester als reeves;son peter (eldest);names cath watkins als looney of c'town;son robt,thomas,john,calcot;substaial claims
1759-3 E      d  HOWARTH      Sarah       SEDDEN       d 1 jul 1759;ch robt,john + sarah ua but no reln apear;husb wm;inv
1759-3 E      w  LACE         Philip                   d jan 1759;douglas;dau jane carring;gdau jane carring execx ua;inv
1759-3 E      w  PENNETHES    Jane                     daus elizth slater als pennethes, judith;husb raymond
1759-3 E      d  SAVAGE       Robert                   d 7 sep 1759;only ch margt ua uncle by mo's side thos cannell (none on fa's side within isle);wife mary als quayle;inv; 1766: petn by mary boarding als savage als cannell claims ignorant of law names claimers robt brown + gerge shemeld brewers
1759-3 E      d  WHITESIDE    William                  d 7 dec 1758;sibs robt,edwd,anthony + cath (last 3 abroad);inv includes much spices etc (grocer ?) 329 + owed 622 (list of debts - many merchants etc)
1760-1 A 4    jw COSNAHAN     Margaret    Csar        [full]rev Joseph + Margt;dau jane;son julius;margt had twin daus (margt + ann) but very weak;robt ceasar (uncle mo's side) supv
1760-1 A 6       ALLEN        Henry                    [full];douglas;bro richd;wife jane als oates [m Onc 17561124 ?no ch]
1760-1 E      d  COOILE       Thomas                   perished by sea 3 nov 1760;ch margt,ellinr both ua next relns fa side patr Coole,john garret(h/o mabel cooile),cath Clague als cooil,wm Quayle(h/o joney cooile);wife alive
1760-1 E      w  GELLING      Paul                     d end aug [1759];son nick;wife isable exex;witt + pledges Richard + John Gelling
1760-1 E      d  HIGGENS      John                     John Higgens d 1747 west indies,mariner;wife Ann als Japson d Dublin same year;only ch Wm a transmarine - uncle Thos Higgins(doulas) sworn;pledges Naths Banks,robt corlet smith both douglas;reprt of jury can't find any effects except land passed over to Thos by deed dated 26 sep 1744?;
1760-1 E      d  LEECE        Nicholas                 d 10 jan 1760;bro robt;[full]
1760-1 E      w  LEWES        Benjamin                 of whitehaven;wife isabella;fa nathienel lewes of Parton;dau isabella
1760-2 A 50      QUALTROUGH   Anne        DAWSON       douglas;friends philip cannell + john kelly guardians to dau jane;
1760-2 A 51      BRIDSON      Christian  [als taggart] [full]d 18 apr 1760;only dau ellinor;son christopher
1760-2 A 53      BRIDSON      Catherine                douglas;sis elizth brew;niece margt craine;servsnts jane caley + christian quark;bro capt Paul Bridson;[full]
1760-2 E      w  CANNELL      John                     dated 26 jun 1754;douglas;mariner;kinsman mr wm quayle(houses mortgaged to him - he paying 30);2 bros coultry + wm_charles(ua) jt exors
1760-3 E      w  CAINE        Margaret    STOLE        d 25 jul 1760;sis alice,mary;son john(house when he reaches 16) - uncle + aunt patk kermod + alice stole supv;husb dan exor;
1760-3 E      d  COOKSON      Charles                  d 20 oct 1760;late of Leeds;d Douglas;prin creditor James Mellin
1760-3 E      w  CREER        Isabel      FAYLE        d 10 sep 1760;husb gilbt exec;ch danl,thos,wm,paul,philip,john
1760-3 E      d  CUBON        Charles                  d 3 may 1760;only bro john cubbon admr - reliquished rights to son-i-law Robt Quirk
1760-3 E      w  KELLY        Ann                      d 16 oct 1760;sis isable creer (cow called glassag);names wm johnson(cow called stately);bro wm,robt,patk (+patk jnr);mo alive;bro-i-law thos quine
1760-3 E      w  KEWLEY       Ann                      d 6 sep 1760;names cath creer,mary kerruish,margt crellin,thos kelley miller kk marown;john creer marown exec
1761-1 A 24      CORLET       Bridget                  made 9 Mar 1761 a few days before her death: Jane Quorke widow (exec)
1761-1 A 25      WATKINS      Ann         CORLET       bro Patrick Corlet (md); bro Robt Corlett (has son Jn in London); bro Thomas Corlett (dau Cath who md James Corlett in Balyxxx; dau Mgt; son Pat; son Wm)cousin Francis Shoggerow; miece Mary Cannell; niece Ann Mylevorrey; nephew Thomas Corlett; niece Ann Richmond; niece Isabel Burton; nieces Ellinor & Elizth Corlett; niece Mgt Callow; nephew Wm Corlett; Alice Crow md to Garrett; Mgt Quine wife to Jn Quine;
                                                       niece Cath Xtn wife to Nich Christian; nephew Wm Corlet; neph Richd Hancock (son of Peter & Alice Hancock); niece Mary Corlett; Mgt Curphey wife of Richd Curphey; cousin Ellinor Woddey in C'town; Patrick Cowle he uncle's son; nephew Wm Corlett; cousin Ann Quine; Elizth Cannell dau to Jn & Mary Cannell; Mgt Quine wife to William Jocken
1761-1 A 26      KELLY        Margaret                 last on film
1761-1 A 27   jw CLARK        John                     dated 14 mar [?year v faint];jw john clark tailor douglas + margt als curry;son danl;gson danl clark,robt clark(two small houses sandside for some yrs lett wm creer + wm cannell;),gdau margt clark(our dwelling house;
1761-1 A 28      ROANTREE     Margaret                 dated 8 apr 1756;widow,douglas;gch frances,alexander + george glaster; (their mo frances w/o alexander);no reln on island
1761-1 A 29      STOLE        Isabel      KNEALE       d 16 mar 1760;cath corteen d/o edmond corteen - ua fa appt but dead by probate his bro thos
1761-1 A 30      CREER        Daniel                   d 2 nov 1763;son john(ballalough marown,ballacain braddan);wife jane als cashen;dau jane;neighbour john freer guardian;inv
1761-1 A 32      Kelly        Alice       KEWLEY       d 25 feb 1761;ch john,wm,nicolas;husb wm exor;witt thos kelly,alice wainwright;john shimmin one of next of kindred on mo side + philip cottier s/o wm cottier uncle to testatrix object re one witness near reln reach agreemt with wm - the objectors sworn guardians;inv;depositions inc from elinor teare who bought some burnt gineva + sugar for her (0.5d worth)
1761-1 E      d  CORRIN       Matthew                  d 11 feb 1761;periwig mkr;only bro george (abroad);fa john;prin creditor john christian 
1761-1 E      d  RUSSELL      Edward                   d 13 feb 1761;house painter;no rels appeared james kelly summner
1761-1 E      d  VASHON       Simon                    d 29 mar 1761;douglas;no relns;prin creditor robt ceasar...(long decree) inv
1761-2 E      d  CURGHEY      Jane        CARALGH      d 24 may 1761;ch wm, thos,robt, jane(h/o anthony gawn), richd, & isabel;,margt(w/o christopher waterson had m/c)
1761-2 E      d  KELLY        John                     d 10 jan 1761;chjohn admr,wm(had m/c),mary(w/o john freer)
1761-2 E      d  KILLEY       Isabel      CAINE        d 1 nov 1760;ch robt,edwd both ua uncles john + philip caine;husb robt;inv
1761-2 E      d  QUIRK        Elizabeth   MOORE        d 23 dec 1760;ch thos,ann,john,cath + robt - all ua uncles john + thos moore + thos corlet with cath sayle als moore supvs;husb alive
1761-2 E      d  CORTEEN      Edmond                   d 6 may 1761 by fall at douglas quay;ch cath + ann ua uncle thos corteen supv;wife alive
1761-3 E      w  BeRTON       Thomas                   sons wm,elias + george;wife elizth berton discoll execx;debts etc
1761-3 E      d  CANNELL      Hugh                     d dec 1760 at gibralter,mariner on board ship errington capt barrows master;;bros joseph + charles;pledges john cottier douglas + john caine hatter of peel;
1761-3 E      d  CLAGUE       William                  d 1 Feb 1761;Ballacutchel;ch Wm, Robt, Ann (w/o Michl Quayle), Cath, Margt + Isabel jt admrs - Thos(eldest son had m/c);pledges John Stole senr + Thos Cannell(Carpenter) both douglas
1761-3 E      w  FINCH        John                     dated 24 Apr 1761;ch Elizabeth, Jane, Margt (1 guinea ea), unnamed son + heir(to give 40 to each dau when possess);'whereas my circumstances cannot allow to make better provision for my said daughters, and that my estate is free from any incumbrance except a setting of a part .. given to our brother and Paul Kelly for a term of years in order to defray sevrll debts which we have contacted - it is my request that the sd persons not to be disturbed or molested of the said setting untill the sevll repaid' ; wife Elizabth Finch als Corlet exex; Court notes son John (the heir) + dau Margt ua - guardians to be sworn
1761-3 E      d  FISHER       Rebecca                  d 4 Nov 1761;widow;no relns appeared - Capt Thos Moore prin creditor admr;inv
1761-3 E      w  FITZsIMONS   Isabel      moore als ?  made 4 Mar 1761: 4 children Wm & Christian & Elinor & Elizabeth Fitzsimons; 2 eldest dau Sophia Clark als Moore & Cathrine Moore (Ewan Keye's wife left her a legacy earlier); husband Christopher Fitzsimons (remd to Isabel xxxx; son in law Daniel Clark; son William Moore
1761-3 E      d  JOHNSON      William                  [full]d 16 sep 1760;dau jane + elizth;john joseph Bacon h/o jane
1761-3 E      w  JOYNER       Esther      MOORE als KeLLEY [full];douglas;husb richd;son richd moore (shop + concerns),peter moore (tuck miln - al;dridge's miln);dau esther moore (house wherein james Mellin lives),margt joiner
1761-3 E      d  QUIRK        Margaret    QUARK        d 1 Aug 1761;ch Paul + Cath jt admrs - both ua - uncles(mo side) Phinloe + Robt Quark supvs;husb Paul;inv
1761-3 E      w  WaRrINER     Richard                  mariner formerly of Lancaster;sis eliz dixon widow;inventory 3 parcells play parts sold to mr johnson; 11 wiggs, 13 play pamplets
1762-1 A  3   w  LEWN         Ann         CLAGUE       d 20 dec 1761;dau jane;husb tho;names cath + elinor  d/o robt lewin;son paul (+wife),matt (+wife) execs
1762-1 A  4   w  JOYNER       Thomas                   [bur 17 nov 1761]joyner douglas;dau margt (abroad),elizth harrison als joyner(house + seat in douglas chapel by her mo's will) exex w/o james;pledges thos fargher malew + john christian cooper douglas
1762-1 E      d  CREER        Patrick                  perished by sea 22 dec;3 ch cath ann esther all ua;uncles wm + robt creer; hugh cannell h/o ann creer, richd shimmin h/o majory creer + jane + mary creer to be charged as supv; petn by wm + robt that debts exceed estate excluding dwelling house; (main debt 15 to wm kelly);
1762-1 E      d  KELLY        Catherine   CHRISTIAN    d 9 jan;6 ch ellinr thos robt cath wm john all ua uncles tohn thos robt christian + robt lewney h/o ellr christian; husb robt
1762-1 E      d  LEWN         Robert                   mason;d by fall from douglas quay; 6 oct;6 ch robt ewan cath thomas, wm christopher;eldest son alledged to have dowry  by contract;wm xtphr absent;
1762-1 E      w  MOYLAN       Mary                     of Cork;sis cath moylan;witt richd lawson peter benett ?;pledges thos cannell carpenter, ja harrison stationer both  of douglas
1762-2 A 30      LEWN         Robert                   [follows from 1761 on film];d 1 feb 1762;ballagarry;son robt(heir),ewan;dau anne,elizth;wife margt exex
1762-2 A 31   w  CREER        Joney      COWLEY        d 24 feb 1762;names mary cain,margt kneen,jony kelly,ann cowley;dau-i-law elinor creer;gdau jane creer d/o danl;son patk (+ daus jane,ellinor),robt (+wife);gson john creer;husb wm exec
1762-2 A 32   w  CALLOW       Christopher              [full]d 24 mar 1762;cooper douglas;wife margt als corlet;un-named ua ch; sis Elizth + margt callow supv;pledge Joseph richmond + Patk corlet both douglas
1762-2 A 33      STOLE        Catherine   [corkill als d 27 Mar 1762;son Thos Corkill;gch Thos, Jane,Cath + Edward Corkill;dau Mary Christian als Corkill exex (w/o Matthias Christian) [m John Stole Bra 17390203 as Cath Corkill als Corrin, 1st husb Richard Corkill m Bra 17200123]
1762-2 A 34      CLAGUE       Ellinor     MCYLREA      d 7 Apr 1762;ch Jane exex, Margt;husb alive; names Cath Clague
1762-2 A 35      FAYLE        John, senr               dated 7 Sep 1759;Douglas;ch John(+ wife Jane als Kelly);names Thos Cannell(married to gdau) exor;names John Feal (Ballalaugh),John Callow(old sumner), Margt Quay(Ballacragin) [Thos Cannell m Jane Fail bra 17530807]
1762-2 A 36      BARRET       Esther                   d Apr 1762;Douglas;cousin + friend Gilbert Tear (Douglas) exor;names Elizth Quilling, Roger Hoit[Roger Hide is a witt?], John Christian(BallaCallow), Esther Garret;
1762-2 A 37      SLATER       Elizabeth   PENNETTES    [lh margin lost on film]dated 25 Jan 1762;bro Peter Pennattas exor;mentions chancery court action in Ireland re will of mother
1762-2 A 38      CLARK        Alice       GARRET       dated 28 jan 1762;father alive;sis-i-law mabel Garrad;sibs John + Daniel Garrad jt exors, James(6d),unnamed sis(w/o Danl Costean);names Mary Mcylvora,Jane Bridson,Ann Kergeen (a horse for drying clothes)
1762-2 A 39   w  SHEMELD      George                   dated 15 may 1758;george + sarah als freeman als pane;dau sarah freeman (property in dublin);sons george + josiah shemeld
1762-2 A 40   w  MOORE        Margaret                 [full];Douglas: sister Ellinor Cannel (2nd husb Charles Cannel[md 1757]; 1st husb [Tho] Kewin[md 1745]); sis Catharine Merriman; nephew Thomas Kewin; niece Catharine Kewin
1762-2 E      d  ASH          Frances                  d 30 may;only ch eliz ua no rels nichs kewley stepfather of decd;inv + sale
1762-2 E      w  CAIN         Ann         GAWN         douglas;date 16 may 1762;son wm garden adj robt creer's house + thos stevenson's concerns;son david + dau ann colwell als cain gets house;
1762-2 E      w  CALISTER     Adam                     d 13 sep 1761;douglas;dau elinor christian;wife alive;son unnamed;court decrees ch john elinor + christian jt exec ua but no reln appears; pledge philip kelly taylor douglas;inv
1762-2 E      d  CONNOR       Ambrose                  late of douglas merchant d at Rush co. dublin 12 june;indebted;3 ch;prin creditor capt james oates;large debts;long  inv + sale - large amount of tea;petn by hugh connor of douglas that ac made a will + appointed thomas arthur + himself as exec - response states AC also dealt in brandies using money advanced by james oates
1762-2 E      w  CONNOR       Thomas                   date 27 may 1761;douglas;dau ann (not ye 18);dau cath, son john;wife alice;1786 cath connor acks from henry nelson ( pledge replacing charles stuart)
1762-2 E      d  COWLEY       Mary        KELLY        d 1 jan;only surviving child margt
1762-2 E      w  CROMWELL     Richard                  date 26 nov 1756;quarry master + marriner;wife margt; late of liverpool (+ deanery of Warrington)
1762-2 E      w  CUBON        Joney       GARRET       douglas;d aug 1761;niece joney garret, niece margt garret;husb thos;dau ellinor kewn;dau christian cubbon now out of island;nephew david cooil
1762-2 E      d  FAYLE        Mary                     douglas, spinster;d 20 mar;surviving bro + sis did not appear;thos stole principal creditor, inv + sale
1762-2 E      d  GOLDSMITH    William                  douglas d 31 may;3 ch isabel ann cath all ua robt dal goldsmith + wm quayle h/o ann goldsmith supv;inv
1762-2 E      w  KELLY        Ann                      gdau ellinor clague;son robt;gdau margt clague;son wm + daus;dau mary;dau cath;gdau cath quay;wm quay's son robt;son thos exec
1762-2 E      w  STOWELL      Mary        GENESTE      made 11 may 1762;w/o john shopkeeper douglas exec;dau esther (not 21);sis cath geneste;bro's sons lewis,john + danl geneste;lewis jnr uncle supv
1762-3 E      d  COWIN        Robert                   d 28 oct 1761;2 ch mary margt cowin;robert waterson h/o mary; margt off island;inv;jury of inquiry
1762-3 E      w  CREER        Gilbert                  d 30 jul 1762;son danl,thomas,paul,wm,john philip
1762-3 E     jw  FINE         William                  [full]wm + doorothy late douglas now Ballahot;dau jane hynes(white lyon inn Douglas),sarah clark (concerns laxey),christina kelly,ann, (now wife of Thos Durie)elizth moore;son-i-law john clark
1762-3 E      w  PENETTES     Raymond                  dulas;son peter + other ch; and if he should go to france my right to what my father left me; also any share if any of wife's fortune currently at court in ireland;;mother judith penettes;
1762-3 E      w  STEPHENSON   Daniel                   major merchant's will long inv much correspondence
1763-1 A  4   w  BREW         Mary        HALSAL       [full]w/o james douglas;dau cath (mary's fa's concerns) ua bro-i-law of mary Wm callow supv;serv maid ann shimmin;names margt quinney;pledges matth christian butcher + danl cannell (also witt)
1763-1 A  6   w  LEWN         Robert                   d 10 Jan 1763;ch Robt - ua (no relns appear mo supv);wife exex
1763-2 A 34   w  CANNELL      Ann         MOORE        wife of Philip Cannell the elder of Balykermeen: son William Corran, son Paul Corran, son Robert Corran, son John Cannell, Margt Cannell
1763-2 A 36   w  HAMPTON      John                     [full]d 23 mar 1763;son john,robt,wm,thos + joseph execs with dau cath;wife ellinor als bridson;1770 wm cretney h/o cath
1763-2 A 38      CREER        Robert                   dated 29 Mar 1763;ch Robt, Elinor (exex)
1763-2 A 39      LEWN         Thomas                   d 23 Nov 1762;Creg-e-cowin;ch Robt(eldest - had m/c),Wm, John, Thos, Gilno, Danl, Paul, Matthias, Jane - last 8 jt execs, John, Thos + Danl abroad - other ch relinquish admin to bro Robt
1763-2 A 41      MADDRELL     Marjery                  mc robt maddrell + esther woods [SSS May 1740 51];robt madddrell exor
1763-2 A 43   w  CURGHEY      Margaret    CUBBON       d 12 January 1763: sister Joney, husband John Curphey, sister in law, mother alive
1763-2 E      d  CORLET       Edward                   mariner died havannah in island of cuba aug 1762; sister whole blood Bridget Corlet wife  of Thos Maddrell; mother Isabel dead; Cath Corlet sis of half blood
1763-2 E      d  CURGHEY      Daniel                   d 16 nov 1762;clerk douglas chapel;ch robt,wm.elizth;robt+elizth abroad;
1763-2 E      d  MURREY       Robert                   left island aug 1756 + shipped himself onbaord mercht ship of glasgow + not heard of since - presumed dead;wife isabel als stole believes him dead;only ch john admr ua - no relns on fa's side
1763-3 E      d  CAINE        Catherine   KILLEY       d 3 mar 1763;sis margt,ann  + isabel killey + fa charles Killey (exor of her bro edwd killey who survived her)
1763-3 E      w  CHAMBERS     Richard                  deed of gift dated 19 Nov 1759;  to wife Margaret Chambers als Nicholson (exex) all estate (otherwise unspecified) at his decease ; Witt Corne? McKeogh, Michl Dowd
1763-3 E      mc FINCH        Margaret                 = SSS May 1756 53 - m/c of John Christian + dau Margt Finch;accepted as will of Margaret Finch - John Christian sworn exor
1763-3 E      w  KELLY        Margaret    CALLOW       d 10 Oct 1763;ch John, Jane (both under 21); husb Wm exor; bro's son Edwd Calow
1763-3 E      d  OATES        Robert                   [more tba]Nicholas Kerran,taylor,Liverpool one of admrs - PoA to Robt Freer - one witness Edward Kennagh,mariner on sloop called 'New Success';
1763-3 E      w  SHEMELD      Sarah       PEAN         relict george shemeld,brewer;sis mary jackson;uncle josiah bryon merchant dublin;john bell h/o sarah freeman;
1764-1 A  2   w  HAMPTON      Elizabeth   QUINE        [full]d 10 nov 1763;son mathias,nicholas,robt;dau margt,isable (+ch),cath exex;pledges husb  thomas + robt cottier marown;
1764-1 E      d  CANNELL      Jane        KELLY        inv;husb patk
1764-1 E      w  COWLEY       William                  dated 24 mar 1760;waever douglas;wife ann als ravenscroft;son john (off island;dau elizth,jane,mary;son wm exor;pledges nichs quirk braddan,john clark douglas carpenter
1764-1 E      d  EDGECOMB     John                     mariner;perished by sea coast wales 1 dec 1763;no relns appear no effects found
1764-1 E      d  KELLY        William                  mariner late douglas;d 30 jul 1762 on passage guinea to jamaica;4 sis christian(w/o john clark),cath,ann + elizth;
1764-2 A 27   w  CREETCH      Robert                   made 22 mar 1762;ballacoan;son robt (eldest),dnl;gson danl,john creetch;wife mary exex
1764-2 A 29   w  HANTON       Isabel      CANNELL      d 1 jan 1764;douglas;husb nicholas;niece cath forbes,jane cowley,eliz cannell;sis elizth cowley als cannell,mary cannell;bro john (+ wife);sis-i-law jane cannell;son john exec
1764-2 E      d  CAINE        Ellinor     CORRAS       d 8 may 1764;only dau ann kewn als corras admx (w/o wm) reliquishes to kinsman robt brown (deed has wm kewn jurby ,rb douglas re sister elinor cain als corras
1764-2 E      d  CURGHEY      Jane        LEWN         d 23 Jan 1764;no rels appear - Paul Kelly prin creditor
1764-2 E      w  DRUMGOLD     James                    late of dublin, dau jane ua,wife jane als stowill;uncle john stowell as no rels fa side
1764-2 E      w  TEARE        William                  1st on gl714;merchnt douglas,6 ch wm, john,robt edw thos george;wife charlotte;large claims  john murray, joseph smith + eliz smith als murray, revd thos murray, transmarines staples & crawfield of dublin, thos greg of belfast
1764-3 E      w  CAINE        Elinor                   d 14 aug 1764;sis margt;;ch john,james,philip + anne - + ch out of island thos,paul + wm;names elizth clague;hus thos exor;pledges john kelly(of mill in marown) + john cain(his son)
1764-3 E      d  CANNEL       William                  d 18 may 1764;cooper;ch coultry + wm jt admrs
1764-3 E      d  CREER        Henry                    left isle 14yrs ago + d at goree Coast of Guinea 5yrs ago;s/o john creer + alice als battersby;prin creditor margt clark(douglas) described as widow - made stricted search but could find no effects
1764-3 E      w  Kane [Cain]  Catherine                dated 14 may 1760;husb john exor;unnamed ch (6d); ann d/o son Robt
1764-3 E      d  Kelly        John                     d abt 1 yrs ago on coast of guinea;native douglas late mariner on board "hope" of London(john teare cmndr);sibs robt,thos,wm,joney + elizth
1764-3 E      w  KEWLEY       John                     made 17 jun 1764;labourer douglas;ch james,margt,isabel,wm (croft lonan) wife isabel als myloroi ? exex
1764-3 E      w  WILKINSON    Ann                      dated 24 aug 1764;nunnery mills;husb john exor
1765-1 A 4       LEWN         Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d 20 Nov 1764;Ballarga?;ch Robt(qtr of intacks + half he had by death of father), Ann,John,Margt, Elizth, Ewan + Alice jt execs;names Margaret Fatle? (Algare 10 due from Jane Lewin);unnamed gch; pledges Robt Lewin + Wm Corran;1770: Robert Kelly h/o Elizth Lewn + acquit Ewan Lewn + Robt Lewn h/o Alice Lewin
1765-1 E      d  ARNOLD       Sampson                  of county of suffolk;richd yerborough chf creditor
1765-1 E      d  CHARLES      Elizabeth   LewHELLIN    w/o capt wm charles mariner;one ch cath ua;uncle william lewhellin abroad fa roger lewhellin appt as exc to eliz lewhellin and her dau eliz charles
1765-1 E      w  CLARK        Sarah       FIENS        w/o john;6 ch john,jane, james, joseph,edward & thomas
1765-1 E      d  CRAINE       Elizabeth                formerly of kk braddan, late of dublin died march last;bro & 3 sis by whole blood john crain, jane curghy als crain, mary leech ? als crain, joney craine;sis by half blood catharine kelly als craine;
1765-1 E      d  GAWN         Anthony                  perished by sea 12 nov;3 ch margt & willm by prev wife;wm by a later;all ua uncle john gawne;inv
1765-1 E      d  MAXWELL      John                     d 1 nov;2 ch  james eliz ua ;mo eliz;principal cred wm merry (?meiry), petn that wm m intended to depart - pledges wm kelly douglas, cooper, danl clark peel;long inv - snuff
1765-1 E      w  WILSON       John                     John Wilson baker;petition re simple will;wife isabel  (Isabel Kermode m Bra 3 Feb 1751/2) appoints john quillin ;bro  thomas wilson malew says john totally deprived of reason during last illness long court case between bro Thomas Wilson
                                                      and wife - witnesses Thomas Key taylor & schoolmaster age 56 ,Frances Cain (Frances Rose w/o Charles) aged 23,  lived next door;Ann Lowee aged 35 prev servant now washwoman; Hugh Alexander bro-i-law to John Wilson;John Moore mason aged 35;John Crebbin labourer aged 26 of Castletown but resided in Douglas 4 years;Thomas Stephan shopkeeper aged
                                                      42 near neighbour;Thomas Caine mason aged 40;Patrick Roxborough mason aged 28 neighbour;Robert Kissack boat carpenter aged 40;Nicholas Quirk, yeoman Braddan aged 41 said Thomas Key was licenced schoolmaster in Braddan but NQ and other  wardens had presented him for neglect of duty
1765-2 E      w  BRIDSON      Joseph                   student & temporary reader kk bride;parents alive fa john bridson
1765-2 E      d  CORRIN       James                    only ch james ua uncle wm;wife dorothy ?
1765-2 E      d  CURGHEY      Robert                   perished at sea on coast of england 1 nov;only ch jane ua thus john curghy, pat currghy margt curghy & john fargher uncles & aunt
1765-2 E      w  WANDESFORD   Osborne Sidney           wants to be buried onchan;;son christopher of dublin, wife cath; mentions benfits from finding longtitude - cousin  tho ramsden upper brook st london;dau lucinda; mentions serving maid jane cotter; james morrison of douglas gardiner; richd lawton & maxamillian bonvillett of douglas;inv many books
1765-3 E      dg CANNEL       Elizabeth   RADCLIFFE    w/o wm carpenter;wife eliz als radcliffe;d-o-g of 1749 to son joseph now in peeltown;two sons hugh charles;lands on sandside both of 7d lord's rent
1765-3 E      d  CANNELL      William                  carpenter; d 18 dec;3 ch  wm thos jane;aunt jane cannell on fa side;;wife alice
1765-3 E      d  LEWN         Robert                   robt jnr granted at york; of ballacreetch;late a sailor from Liverpool dying on coast of africa - later 1770 petn asks for this to be voided as based on false info
1765-3 E      d  NORRIS       Mary        COWLEY       4 ch john richd margt eliz;john of lawful age;husb john;pledges robt corlet smith robt cowle cooper both of douglas
1765-3 E      d  QUINE        Ann         COTTIMAN     6 ch robt wm john jane margt ellinr;robt wm of lawful age;husb patrick
1766-1 A 1       McKNEALE     Rose                     d 20 jan 1766;ch mary,john;husb john exor
1766-1 A 2       KELLY        William                  d 16 nov 1765;douglas;wife exex
1766-1 A 3       QUILLIAM     John                     d 4 dec 1765;douglas;ch wm,isabel,jane;son-i-law  jon(?sam) cashin;dau-i-law jane sharlican;son robt exor
1766-1 A 4       GELLING      Dorothy                  dated 11 jan 1764;widow david gelling knockatroddan;son paul,john christian(by former husb);best friend john christian cooper douglas with whom now dwells + his bro-i-law henry thompson exors
1766-1 A 5       TAYLOR       William                  dated 24 sep 1765;douglas;son antikell now in dublin(inc my maps and prints);margt wittan exex;inv (inc carpenters tools + wood + parcel old books,maps tc
1766-1 A 6       MOORE        Richard                  [full];douglas;fa-i-law thos christian (jurby);wife Ann;(?unborn ch);bros Robt + Peter,sis Esther Crebbin (w/o Wm crebbin)
1766-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Ann         CASHIN       3 ch wm ellinr eliz all ua; uncles john corkill, wm cashin, ewan karran, wm cannell;
1766-1 E      d  CLARK        Elizabeth   CHRISTOPHERS only sis mary christopherson resident out of isle;widower john clark
1766-2 A 44      KILLEY       Charles                  d 7 feb 1766;unnamed ch exors - court states thos kermod h/o margt, wm gelling h/o ann,edwd taggart h/o isobel
1766-2 A 45      BYRN         Hester      [kermode]    d jan 1766;widow,douglas;bro john kermode marrown (to give her son thomas a new pair of shoes yearly during his apprenticeship);only dau margt exex ua uncle john kermode;no reln of fa on island;inv;bur kk marown 
1766-2 A 48   jw CORLET       Catherine   CHRISTIAN    [full];patrick + cath als christian;dau cath,ann,margt corlet als callow (younger)
1766-2 E      w  CRAIN        William                  petn wm twice married 1st catherine cannon by whom dau cath m. john kelly of kk marown;  2nd ann by whom 4ch john jane mary & joney;s-i-l patrick curghy;long court case
1766-2 E      w  QUALTROUGH   Jane                     phillip cannel in whose care i am;
1766-2 E      d  THORNTON     Richard                  d 2 yrs Jamaica;mercht late liverpool but possessed of effect on island;prin creditor Nicholas Christian
1766-3 E      d  ASPENEL      Margaret    FAYLE        sibs john jane mary alice;thos kelly h/o jane
1766-3 E      d  BRIDSON      Thomas                   douglas mercht sibs wm paul eliz cath anne & jane
1766-3 E      d  CALLISTER    John                     mariner;s/o robt died coast africa brig sarah of liverpool capt joseph ward;uncles ewan & henry callister; henry callister resident in america;affadavit by clement chambers now of douglas mariner
1766-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Nicholas                 late of douglas mariner perished by water in Thames london 3rd jan last;2 ch thos & nicholas both ua; ewan christian gfather;wife margt
1766-3 E      w  KELLY        Robert                   son robt;  mathias;dau joney cath mary w/o james crow;margt Avrick;son patrick;r1771 ichd hawkins h/o joney kelly
1766-3 E      d  KEWLEY       Margaret    CORLET       3 bros edw wm thos
1766-3 E      w  STEVENSON    Ellinor                  w/o paul;son john,son wm;dau anne;gson wm;gdau cath;ann wm's dau her gtgdau;dau margt extx;robt gelling h/o margt
1767-1 E      d  GELLING      Ellinor     CHRISTIAN    d 2 feb 1767;ch thos,john + cath - all ua uncle rev John Christian supv
1767-1 E      d  KARRAN       Mary        CASHIN       d 8 may 1766;son robt,ewan jt admrs but unable to secure pledges;husb Ewan;1766: sons discharge father as rcvd 3
1767-1 E      d  QUIRK        Philip                   d 5 dec 1766;sibs john + jony(w/o wm kissack) jt admrs
1767-2 A 27      GELLIN       Isabel      MOORE        [Full] d 30 Mar;sons Nicholas,Robert; dau Isabel w/o Thomas Oates [#10831 but ?bapt]], Esther w/o Wm Moore ; gdau Cath Oates
1767-2 E      d  RICHARDSON   John                     d 16 jul 1767;douglas;ch john,agnes(w/o John Fearon) + ann(w/o wm hardwick);dau margt(w/o wm shaw had m/c)
1767-3 E      d  CAROON       Dorothy                  spinster;2 sis margt + joney (judy);john gelling h/o margt[m Bra 17670228]
1767-3 E      d  CLARK        Thomas                   douglas;d 4 sep;only dau anne w/o robert looney [m Bra 17560420]
1767-3 E      w  CLEATER      Stephen                  house carpenter douglas;bro john claytor
1767-3 E      w  FERGUSON     Robert                   off St crowx shoe maker ;legacy to danish church + hospice of sd isle;will mentions four negroes ;  william charles mariner + master of brigatine Wolf of Douglas + thomas young mate of sd vessel said that rf shoemaker of st croix  wanting to return there was passenger from Port of christian; died on board; oginally from whitehaven but made fortune in st croix
1767-3 E      d  KEWLEY       John                     d 20 jul;only ch elinor kewley w/o thomas corlet
1767-3 E      w  KILLEY       John                     bro henry's 3 ch john christian + margt;landlord john kelly, wife judith & dau cath lewney;names mary wilson + others; nephew henry killey
1767-3 E      d  McCREA       Alexander                d new york;12 jul last;;only ch john McCrea ua + no reln on island - wife eliz mccrea als christian; pledge thos christian of ballahutchin her father,wm cottier kk braddan clothier
1767-3 E      d  MURREY       Robert                   native of douglas; resides in dublin died there some years ago (1750) creditor george moore - possibly  still some goods outstanding;charlotte tear relict + exec of wm tear late of douglas who was sole legatee + exec of will of wm murrey petns that robt was indepted 320 to her;property called beary kk german;
1767-3 E      w  OATES        Joney                    d 7 feb 1766;gdau esther kewley [?ann oates + wm kewley];un-named daus;dau-i-l margaret oates;son james
1767-3 E      dg SAYLE        Margaret                 widow;douglas;dau ellinr kelly;house + concerns in douglas;sons jo + robt,dau margt jean,sis ann dawson
1767-3 E      w  STEVENSON    Paul                     d 16 jul 1767;son wm;dau ann killey als stevenson;;son john exec
1767-3 E      d  WILKINSON    John                     miller nunnery miln;petn by creditors;inv + list of debts 700 but inv only 144 with 28 clear after rent + wages
1768-1 E      w  CLARK        Isabel                   dau margt clark exex (her bro john)
1768-1 E      d  GELLING      Margaret    KEWLEY       d 30 sep 1767;ch thos,david,margt - last 2 ua;husb charles;inv (gives margt as als kone ?)
1768-1 E      d  KELLY        Ann                      d 12 jan 1768;ch john + margt(w/o phinloe clucas)
1768-1 E      d  KERMOD       Ann         HUTCHIN      d 13 feb 1768;son john (transmarine)(wife barbara sworn)admr ;dau isabel(w/o thos stephen),christian(w/o chas moore) had setts
1768-1 E      d  MOORE        Philip                   d 8 oct 1767;ballavair;unm ch philip,richd,john,margt,ann + cath - all at age;wife margt als corkill;annexed agreemnt;1786: john,margt quirk als moore + ann quirk als moore ack 
1768-1 E      w  QUILL        Jane        SAYLE        d 28 jul 1767;douglas;gch charles creer,jane + mary creer jt exexs
1768-2 A 49      MOORE        Mary        [Birkett]    [full]
1768-2 E      d  CURGHEY      Margaret    CAIN         d 30 apr 1768;ch james, wm.jane,cath,margt,isabel,esther, anne + elizth (last 3 + wm ua);husb thos;inv
1768-3 E      d  BAKER        John                     d 11 aug 1768;douglas;no next of kin appear;alice martin atty for prin creditor john martin;inv sale
1768-3 E      d  CRAINE       Christian   KINLEY       d 14 apr 1768;ch wm(abroad) + ann(w/o chas cowle),other h john + ellinor(w/o john clague) already provided for;robt clague admr in trust + prin credr of wm craine also sworn
1768-3 E      d  STEPHENSON   Catherine   KELLY        d 18 oct 1768;8 ch wm,john,cath,margt,jane,elizth,ann + ellinr (last 4 ua)husb john
1769-1 A 1       CREER        William                  [badly damaged will]d 19 nov 1768 ;son wm;dau elinor;wife cath
1769-1 A 2       FAILE        James                    dated 3 Feb 1767;friend Robt Lewin(Ballagey, Braddan) exor cutting off any relns with 6d;
1769-1 A 3       LAWSON       Leonora     C[]          [damaged] dated 30 nov 1768?;2 ch [richd]+ thos;husb exor;ch ua only surv ch richard - uncle thos cubbon (peel)
1769-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Margaret    FINCH        d 17 oct 1768;douglas;ch john,michael + jane - all ua ;husb john;pledges gilbt teare(douglas), john stevenson(miller Braddan)
1769-2 A 31      QUANE        William                  [#6 xd thru]d 10 mar 1769;ch john,isabel quilliam als quane (both are paid mo's legacies),margt calow als quane exex (w/o Robt)
1769-2 A 32      CAIN         John                     [#7 xd thru]declrd 19 mar 1769;ch john,thos,robt,charles,cath;bro wm cain exor
1769-2 A 33      BRIDSON      Thomas                   [#8 xd thru]d 21 mar 1769;douglas;ch margt(dwelling house + 12s to repair house),isable (w/o danl cain)+ emma jt exexs; names John lowney + ch,david quayle
1769-2 A 35      KELLY        James                    d 9 Nov 1768;ch Willm, Patrick;names Catherine Curghy, Elinor Cosnahan; wife exex
1769-2 A 37      GELLING      William                  [#12 xd thru]d 12 feb 1769;ch wm,john,esther + cath;wife cath als cowley exex;(will dated 3 jun 1769)
1769-2 A [37.1]  QUAYLE       William                  [13]d 13 feb 1769;ch thos + 3 other unnamed ch ua (as thos eldest sworn supv);wife cath exex
1769-2 E      d  CAINE        Jane        COTTIER      d 2 sep 1768;ch wm,john + margt, alice(w/o james kelly) had sett;husb wm
1769-2 E      d  CANNELL      Isabel                   d nov 1767;spinster;only sis margt moore als cannell admx
1769-2 E      d  CORLETT      Patrick                  d 5 nov 1769;douglas;ch cath(w/o nicholas christian), anne(w/o Joseph Richmond - he beyond the seas) + margt(resident Ireland) jt admrs;nicholas christian relinquishes to Anne;pledges nicholas christian = John Cowle(fidler) - both douglas;
1769-2 E      d  FINCH        John                     d 25 Jan 1767;Douglas;sis Isabel Corlet (w/o Michael Finch) and Elinor Finch(w/o Hugh Cosnahan) jt admrs - Michael Finch + wife beyond seas + admin at request of Hugh Cosnahan commited to Thomas Stowell;
1769-2 E      d  HUTCHIN      Christian   COTTIER      d 17 may 1769;ch paul,john,margt + isabel - last 2 ua;husb paul
1769-2 E      w  SAMPSON      Ellinor     murray       d 7 aug 1769;dated 8 apr 1769;douglas;relict michael sampson;dau jane holland,susanna curphy(w/o john - exor);witt thomas durie,john clark + edward moore;
1769-3 E      w  GENESTE      Lewis                    wife hester;merchant douglas;son lewis (eldest);dau cath norman w/o johnathan;boats (cumberland based coal trade) Grey-stock, the Mary Gould and the Brother
1769-3 E      d  KEWLEY       Margaret    LEWN         d 21 jul 1769;only dau ellinor kewley(w/o thos corlett)
1770-1 A 3       HIGGIN       Philip                   douglas;eldest dau mary (dwelling house wherein patrick tobin lives inc brick stable);dau jane (own dwelling house);wife sarah;will torn [] higgin one of execx daus died before probate
1770-1 A 4       HUNTER       Catherine   knipe        dated 11 dec 178;douglas;house in ramsey;sis margt nuttes douglas widow;nephew john cotter;niece margt lewn als cotter w/o john
1770-1 A 5       BEARD        Mary        [corlet]     w/o robert;parents wm + eliz corlet [?Wm Corlett + Elizabeth Stanley];dau elizabeth(eldest),ann;son wm [can't find bapt];bro alexander corlet;inv
1770-1 A 6       KELLY        Marjery     kenneen      dated 24 dec 1769;w/o thos;5 daus marghery,bridghert,elinor,catharine + margtt;gdau ellinor cowley
1770-1 A 7       COSNAHAN     Ann         CORRIN       [full]
1770-1 A 8       CREETCH      Simon                    d jan;son robt;dau alice w/o wm cannon;witt frances + james oates 
1770-1 A 9       CROW         John                     d 6 nov 1769 in lonan;of kk braddan;sis isabel,margt;names widow of patrick cubbon kewage;niece ellinor crow;;bro wm;wm caistel h/o margt crow
1770-1 E      d  BROWN        Margaret    COSNAHAN     d 16 june;daus margt + eunice, other dau Anne now wife of thos stowell already provided for [?bapt of ann ?c.1738]
1770-1 E      d  BROWN        Robert                   d 29 dec 1769;daus margt + eunice ...
1770-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Robert                   liverpool;wife esther daus cath + christian;witts thos kneal + thos cashin + john crosbie (?of liverpool);uncles wm + thos christian to the orphan [?bapts of ch]
1770-1 E      d  ERSKINE      Ann         CHRISTIAN    d 20 jun 1769;2 daus ann + elizth erskine
1770-1 E      d  GELLING      William                  d 10 nov 1769;4 ch john,charles + elizth gelling + cath clague als gelling (w/o robt) [m Bra 17671205];other ch wm gelling + ellinr w/o john darey (? davey)  already provided for [m Bra 17621026] ;john + elizth abroad inv;petn states elizth now at service in Holland;
1770-1 E      d  STOLE        Isabel      CORRIN       d 9 nov;only son thos stole;pledges nichs quirk braddan + wm cubbon kk marown
1770-1 E      d  WATERSON     John                     d 6 dec 1769;son christopher;other ch robt + isabel already provided for;
1770-2 A 32      MccANDLISH   Ann         clark        d 8 apr 1770;w/o thos blacksmith at the brow of the hill in kk braddan;bro edmond clark (ramsey),james;sis margt clark
1770-2 A 33      KARRAN       Elizabeth   kewley       d 18 apr 1770;ch eliz,john thomas;husb philip
1770-2 A 34      QUIRK        Nicholas                 dau cath (mortgage in john kelly joiner's house situated on sandside);wife execx
1770-2 E      d  KILLEY       Catherine   GELLING      widow ;left to george callow,smith, all estate;witt andrew connor + john bridson
1770-3 E      w  BRIDSON      Mary        COTTIER      son wm;mo-i-law jane als kewin;husb thos
1770-3 E      w  GELLING      Catherine                d aug 1770;dau jane (her gmo margt cannell);names margt cannell + margt quayle;husb charles exec relinquishes to dau jane ua thus uncle hugh cannell guardian;inv;1789 jane murphey als gelling acks
1770-3 E      w  KERMOD       Patrick                  d 11 aug 1770;douglas;wife mary als stole
1770-3 E      d  QUAY         Dorothy     [norris]     mar art agreed between wm quay douglas + mary keig rushen  re her dau dorothy norris dated 15 nov 1743;ch relinquish to fa wm - philip + mary keig als quay,esther + cath
1771-1 A 1       CUBBON       William                  d 5 jan 1770;son wm;daus elinor,ann,christian,margt;gsons wm + jn quay;gson wm cubbon;wife alive
1771-1 A 2       MOORE        Peter                    will 1767 intending voyage west indies;of Douglas, Peter jnr;sis Hester w/o Wm Crebbin
1771-1 A 3       PATTERSON    Isabel                   w/o robert (exec);made 23 dec 1776;
1771-1 A 4       CURGHEY      Elizabeth                [Full]
1771-1 A 5       MOORE        Christian   hampton      widow of the Bodreney, Braddan, died 20 Apr 1776: son John Moore; son Robert Moore; dau Cath Hampton alias Moore (md Joseph Hampton) [see Archd will 1775 #8 Braddan of Robert Moore]
1771-1 A 6       SHIMMIN      Mary        clague       d 21 feb;balla-garry;mo elinor clague;inf child philip shimmin;wm shimmin;patrick cowin + margt clague uncle + aunt on mo's side suprv;petn by husb that one witness jaine quiggin is a feeble sickly person who may not survive; sumner served patrick cowin h/o alse clague (sis to ms) [mixed up are some 1787 acks wm + ann hasting rcvd aunt margt christian re gfa thos christian marown
1771-1 E      w  KERMOtt      John                     dated 29 apr 1770;cordwainer,douglas;wife barbara exex
1771-1 E      d  TAGGART      christopher              wife elizth als christian;ballacrink;d.o.g dated 10 apr 1769 son danl christian who is to maintain couple
1771-1 E      w  WEIRE        Robert                   dated 9 nov 1768;nunnery mills;wife cath;2ch since making of will both ua but no reln;inv,sale;petn by john heywood  rw owed 82 rent of ann rent 101 8s brit
1771-2 A 29      FARGHER      Elizabeth                w/o paul; douglas d 17 mar 1771;2 sons phillip + james
1771-2 A 30      CRAINE       William                  tayler douglas;wife joney
1771-2 A 31      FREER        Bahee                    bridget;son john;husb jno;
1771-2 A 32      CARRALAGH    Isabel      curphy       carrolly;son richd,thos,john,wm,edward (exec);witt joney quine als moore,dorothy looney als corkill
1771-2 A 33      FAILE        Nicholas                 d 16 mar 1771;sis alice fayle;names ann + cath cannell,ann fayle,thos key;left to alice cannell als fayle his quarterland of ballachuinck to maintan his sis jane fayle and land to descend to her eldest ann cannell (her sis cath);1771 wm cannell h/o alice
1771-2 A 34      CLARK        Margaret                 douglas;d 22 mar 1771;bro john;
1771-2 A 35      HOLDEN       Christian                w/o wm of douglas;made 29 mar 1771;niece christian kerruish;names aluce quayle w/o thos;
1771-2 A 36      CANNEL       Isabel                   tromode;son-i-law thomas cowley h/o elizabeth;dau mary young;son john cannell exec
1771-2 A 37      LEWN         Jane                     gdau jean (jane) radcliffe;son john (if he comes for it)step dau alice lewn (bequeath to her from fa wm);thomas radcliffe exec
1771-2 A 38      KEWLEY       Gilbert                  d 17 apr 1771;gson john corrin;son robt;names danl colvin;gdau jane corrin;son-i-l james corrin + dau jane;
1771-2 A 39      MORRISON     James                    gardener;son john,matthw,lewis;dau leonora,kitty (cath) ua;wife margery alive;inv
1771-2 A 40      CORKIL       Peter                    d 16 mar 1771;douglas;thos corkil ballaughton exec
1771-2 A 41      KILLIP       William                  mariner;d dec 1770;son wm ua;wife ann als quayle;
1771-2 E      d  BODAUGH      John                     perished by sea 26 mar 1771;5 ch chas,jane,thos,john + wm ua uncle wm boddagh;wife mary;inv
1771-2 E      d  CAINE        John                     perished by sea 26 mar 1771;douglas;sibs james,ann,mary + margt;fa thos;inv
1771-2 E      d  GELLING      Ann         KELLY        d 3 dec 1770;douglas;3ch john,philip + ann;philip on voyage to liverpool;husb john
1771-2 E      w  KEWLEY       John                     d 10 may [?march as edge v dark],labourer douglas;wife jane (dwelling house) exex
1771-2 E      w  MURRAY       Elizabeth                relict wm murray;nephew john heywood
1771-3 E      de ADAMS        Margaret    mowells als kelly  husb james;dau (by former husb) margt mowels ;sis ann kelly dublin
1771-3 E      w  ALLINGHAM    Archibald                nephew jas bevanes;sis ann bevans exex;friends robt quayle + michael collins;inv + cash from long list for his practice in  his lifetime
1771-3 E      w  BRIDSON      Paul                     son wm,paul;dau jane,cath
1771-3 E      w  CLAGUE       Christian   [killey]     d 22 aug 1771;husb thomas exor, douglas;ch john,robt,thomas + wm;mo + fa alive;sis jane,margt killey (appointed supv to ua ch);
1771-3 E      d  HAMPTON      Nicholas                 d 26 jun 1771;only son john
1771-3 E      d  KENNIAGH     Edward                   perished by sea on coast ireland 17 mar 1771;4ch john,ed,wm + joney ua uncle thos kenniagh;wife cath;inv
1771-3 E      d  KILLEY       Henry                    d 17 mar 1771;only ch jane ua uncle wm kelly guardian;wife jane;inv
1771-3 E      w  LEWN         Jane        KELLY        d 7 may 1771;son robt(eldest),john,ewan;dau margt,elizth;husb robt
1772-1 A 3       McCANDLISH   Alexander                d 28 dec 1771;serv maid cath cowley exex;apprentice edwd gill;witt james kayll + robt quillin;claims;petn by cath that sumner devoured 12 bottles of ale remaining from funeral + locked up house apart from kitchen giving cath difficulty in feeding pigs + cow;inv inc bellows,anvil, horseshoes 39 14s + sale 45 + funeral costs
1772-1 A 4    dg GELLING      Catherine                made 17 jan 1772?;widow now douglas formerly ballavargher;to dau ellinor darcy ?[dorsey] + husb john both of douglas
1772-1 A 5       Key          Catherine                dated 28 jan 1772;sis cath cannell;cousin joney key;sis-i-law cath key;bro christopher;mary hampton + cath her dau;;bro thos key exec
1772-1 A 6       LEWIN        Jane        creer        d 2 feb 1772;sons thos,robt + john;dau elizth,margt,mary;husb gilno exec
1772-1 E      w  BRIDSON      Paul                     capt paul;son wm,paul;dau jane,cath geneste;witt Christopher fitzsimons + hugh cosnahan;[full]
1772-1 E      d  CAINE        William                  d 17 nov 1771;4ch wm,john,alice + margt;james kelly h/o alice + wm craine h/o margt
1772-1 E      d  COWLEY       William                  d 18 nov 1771 by fall off quay in douglas;7ch wm,thos,patk,john,isabel,jane + robt all ua uncles patk,thos + robt cowley;fa thos cowley (also prin creditor);wife mary;inv,sale + some dispute re fam selling goods
1772-1 E      d  FAYLE        Elizabeth   KEWLEY       d 29 oct 1771;6ch john,thos,mary,elizth,cath + isabel all ua uncles thos + patk kewley;husb john;inv1799: philip quayle h/o elizth,alex mcclure h/o cath;patk crain h/o mary,nicholas christian h/o isabel
1772-2 A 42      CREER        Catherine   cannell      d 2 jan 1771;douglas;mary creer w/o thos creer exex
1772-2 A 43   jw ADAMS        George                   george + mary als kenny mutual execs;dau bridget adams als mcannelly;son john(exor) ,maurice,george
1772-2 A 44      CORLET       Elizabeth   stanley      w/o wm corlet douglas baker;made 12 nov 1771;gdau elizth beand ?;son alexander corlet exec but is blind - husb wm guardian;inv
1772-2 A 45      KELLY        William                  d 8 feb 1772;douglas;wife margt;son robt (to have shelter in my dwelling house),thos exec
1772-2 A 46   ds CANNEL       Thomas                   dated 10 nov 1766;house carpenter douglas to phillip cannell
1772-2 E      d  CORLET       Margaret    CUBBON       d 18 mar 1772;ch edwd,willm + thomas
1772-2 E         GELLING      John                     d 30 jan 1772;sis margt,ellinor,mary + jane;fa richd;margt + ellinor beyond seas
1772-2 E      d  HALSAL       Silvester                d 19 mar 1771;douglas;only dau emma w/o wm Callow execx
1772-2 E      d  KELLY        Philip                   d 17 jan 1772;ch danl + anne
1772-2 E      w  QUINE        Judith                   d 4 may 1772;dau judith,margt,elinor;son thomas,wm;husb john exor
1772-3 E      d  BELL         Elinor                   d 29 may 1772;douglas;spinster;sibs john,thos + jane;inv
1772-3 E      d  CORRIN       Alice       CORAGHAN     d 12 sep 1772;ch wm,john,ellinor (2 latter abroad);inv
1772-3 E      w  CREECH       Mary                     d may [?1772]dau esther w/o john cross;son-i-law wm cannon h/o alice exor (they looked after her in her declining days)
1772-3 E      d  CUBBON       William                  d 26 jun 1772; sis ann,jane,margt,dorothy + cath;fa gilbt
1772-3 E      w  CURGHEY      Richard                  d 7 jun 1772;son john,peter,james (their mo dead - her money went apprentice fees);wife's neice mary cowley who he brought up,her bro patk cowley;son-i-law thos callin (books + capenters rools);gsons richd callin,kames kelly;wife exex
1772-3 E      w  GELLING      Alice       CHRISTIAN    dated 8 aug 1771;douglas;gch charles,margt (exex)+ christian cannon;dau ellinor;margt cannon out of isle fa john
1772-3 E      md GRAHAM       nichola                  jt will john with wife nicholai ? dated 30 sep 1771;nailer now of douglas;wife dead no issue;pledges wm callow shopkeeper + walter beaty both douglas
1772-3 E      d  HAMPTON      Mary        CHRISTIAN    d 30 sep 1772;ch margt (w/o john freer)+ cath(w/o thos quirk)
1772-3 E      w  ROGERS       Elizabeth                dated 30 apr 1772;douglas;son wm(house etc in whitehaven + seat in trinity chruch whitehaven);dau ann stowell w/o john ,jane whiteside jt exexs;ack by robt whiteside of town of air
1773-1 A 3       CAIN         Charles                  d 31 dec 1772;widower,douglas;surv son charles(house + matthews croft in braddan);son-i-law james kelly ;dau jane (to have pt of charlse's house)
1773-1 A 4       CHRISTIAN    Matthias                 d 1 jan 1773;douglas;bro edwd (+ his ch);servs jane corkill + jane christian;wife mary als corkill exex;1775: edwd christian (of bemaghag but later of london) f/o john christian + margt w/o robt kayle acks
1773-1 A 5       Cowell       Charles                  made 26 dec 1772;sons charles,thos,richard exec
1773-1 E      dw CANNEL       Margaret    QUINE [? als d 24 jan;6 ch by a former husband [?John Quine] john cath isabel mary jane + wm ;wm fargher
                                             kelly]       h/o cath[?m Bra 17710508];husb danl cannell [?m Bra 17630215];inv; there is a disputed will as one witt patrick cowley too near of kin
1773-1 E      w  CROAGHAN     Ann         [?clague]    dat 16 may 1772;w/o wm;dau ann,son wm,dau mary,judy,son john,danl [?can't find 1st 3 ch]
1773-1 E      jw HEMMINGS     Esther                   dublin;jw with husb paul;pledges matths kewley + jon cannell cabinet maker both of douglas
1773-1 E      d  KNEALE       Elizabeth   BREW         d 19 oct;3 ch robt [?can't find]  hugh + margt kneale;robt of la;husb hugh;inv
1773-2 A 29      CARROON      Catherine   brew         decld 18 feb;gdau margt gelling;dau margt;dau joney caine als carroon w/o wm exec;
1773-2 A 30      QUAY         Philip                   d 6 apr 1773;wife alive;son robt
1773-2 A 31      CREEAR       Margaret                 made 14 mar 1773;w/o john creer labourer douglas;dau margt;sons john + wm + dau mary execs;pledges wm crellin + james kelly both uncles both marown;
1773-2 A 32   w  OSBOURNE     Mary                     husb thos exec
1773-3 E      d  CLAGUE       Ellinor     KENnISH      ballageary;d 21 mar;4 ch philip thomas isabel + esther;robt lewin h/o isabel,wm cowley h/o esther
1773-3 E      w  MYLREA       Thomas                   douglas;son philip, edwd;dau margt,mary,ann;wife alive
1773-3 E      w  STOWELL      John                     pc braddan;son george's 2 eldest george + thos when they reach 15;son thomas;dau jane drumgold;dau ann garrett's 2 ch john + cath garrett;;gdau jane drumgold;son john;ewan garrett h/o ann;
1774-1 A 6       CANNEL       Philip                   d 27 nov;douglas;names peggy kelly who lived with him exex;
1774-1 A 7       CURpHEY      William                  d 28 nov 1773;douglas;sis cath(all his books) ;names s/o james curphey(manks + eng prayer book);mo mary christian als cubbon exex (w/o john)
1774-1 A 8       QUIRK        Nicholas                 dated 29 dec 1768;mariner;ch thos,gilbt,anne;wife cath als christian exex
1774-1 A 9       WILSON       Isabel                   d jan 1774;widow;bro john kermode(marown) wfe ellinor;nephew john,thos,robt,wm kermode;niece margt ,dorothy alexander,margt byrn;sis joney alexander exex
1774-1 A 10      KERMOD       Patience    moore        d 28 jan;husb robt(middle);dau margt + esther(w/o john cannel + elizth(w/o wm leece) jt exexs
1774-1 E      w  CAINE        Catherine                buried 19 aug 1773;fa john cain exor;mo alive;sis anne,margt,jane;names jane creer,isabel lutharel;sibs john,elizth
1774-1 E      d  CREER        Thomas                   d 23 mar 1773;daus margt + jane (la)
1774-1 E      w  SEARLE       Charles                  d 29 apr 1773;hm atty genl;rev james wilks exor;inv detailed by room inc books;debts greater that assets 30%;
1774-2 A 62      GENESTE      Catherine                w/o lewis [full]
1774-2 A 63   jw CANNEL       Nicholas                 dated 23 may 1757;nich + elizth als moore douglas
1774-2 A 64   jw SHARP        David                    dated 23 may 1757;david + elizth als moore
1774-2 A 65   jw PickerMAN    Alexander                wife sarah;son robt;dau sarah,isabella;ua ch isabel,cath + alexr, no reln on fa's side appearing;claims over 200
1774-2 A 66      CREER        Catherine                d 28 oct 1774;ballamandey;dau margt,ellinr ,elizth, isable;gson gilnoe quine;son wm exec; pledge john creer (witt) + robt bro to execr;
1774-2 A 67      LAWSON       Leonora                  made 27 nov 1773;dau christian clark,cath,elizth,ann (+her eldest dau) execx;names Mrs callow, cath grey nancy's youngest dau;
1774-2 A 68      FAIL         Jane                     staymaker, douglas;gch (ch of jane cannel)husb john fail (tho a poor disordered man);ann + thos cannell two eldest gch (their fa thos)
1774-2 E      w  Caine        Jane        creer als cashin d 27 jun ;husb thos caine shoemaker;will made fortnight before death;dau jane creer;son john creer;husb exor
1774-2 E      d  CALLOW       Ann         SAYLE        d 27 mar 1774;husb thos d 1 apr 1774;ch peter,john,ann,mary(w/o thos callister had set);agreement
1774-2 E      d  CALLOW       Thomas                   [will damaged]+wife Ann died abt same time;3 unm ch peter,John + Anne;dau mary married
1774-2 E      w  CLAGUE       Thomas                   bur 17 sep 1773;ballagary;son thos (if he come),philip exor
1774-2 E      se CUBBiN       Thomas                   dated 21 nov 1763;douglas;to son-i-law william keoan(h/o ellinor)(house etc adj to mrs flaxney on south,john cannan? on west,street north,john finch east pays ld rent)
1774-2 E      d  KILLEY       Ellinor     [blank]      d 2 apr 1774;only dau margt kelly now resident in north america;first cousin philip cottier douglas;inv
1774-2 E      d  quirk        cath        looney       petn of thos quirk that her ch elizth hawk als quirk,john,isable,philip,gilbt + thos made jt admin when cath died 1744; the ch ua;eliz d feb 1755,john 15 may 1755,phil 5 dec 1766,isable under name ann quirk admin taken out in dublin,gilbt unheard of for 10 yrs supposed dead abroad;petn seafarer lately come home (power of aty to wife jane als moore)
1774-2 E      d  TAGGART      Jane                     see john
1774-2 E      d  TAGGART      John                     john + jane c/o james taggart (will 1750) with 3 sibs had right to property(rent farthing+half farthing), d jan 1750/1;prop  deed 30 oct 1762 -> wm callow+ jas brew ;wm taggart cordeman served as next of kin
1774-2 E      w  WILLIAMSON   John                     dated 3 may 1773;bach;shopkeeper douglas;of north britain;exex ann corlet widow wm corlet blacksmith with whom he lodged many years;inv
1774-3 E      w  BREW         John                     d 15 jul 1774;douglas;wants burial in old church yd kk lonan;son wm,thos,james exor;dau jane
1774-3 E      d  CAINE        Hugh                     ??not in mm index
1774-3 E      w  CRAINE       Robert                   d 1 jun 1774;ballagharrey;son robt,thos,wm;dau esther + christian,cath + mary jt exexs;wife mary;
1774-3 E      d  CRY          Daniel                   ??not in mm index
1774-3 E      w  GARRET       John                     bur 29 sep 1774;ch cath,philip,jane;wife jane exex;ch ua uncle wm + robt garret
1774-3 E      d  HEYWOOD      John                     d may 1773 at grenada on board ship John belonging to this island;had goods under fa will ep lib 3 1759;sibs robt,thos + calcot (thos + calcot beyond seas)
1774-3 E      w  KELLY        Margaret                 d 4 jul 1774;dau judith garret als kelly;son thos(half a house) exor
1774-3 E      w  KELLY        Patrick                  d 17 jul 1774;douglas;wife margt exex
1774-3 E      d  TAGGART      Joney       christian    d 18 aug 1774;only ch margt;husb thos
1774-3 E      w  WILLIAMS     John                     ??not in mm index ?conf john williamson
1775-1 A 5       CANNEL       Mary                     d 23 dec 1774;husb john;tromode;dau elizth,jane + margt exexs;niece cath forbes
1775-1 A 6       COWLEY       John                     d 24 nov 1774;douglas;son wm;wife isabel als kewin + dau esther exexs
1775-1 A 7       LEECE        Isabel      KISSACK      [full]
1775-1 A 8       MOORE        Robert                   son John Moore, grandson Robert Moore; dau Catharine Hampton als Moore, wife Christian [see Archd will 1777 #5 Braddan of Christian Moore als Hampton widow]
1775-1 E      d  CAMAISH      Abigail     hyde         d 26 nov 1774;only ch cath camaish ua;uncle (mo side) thos hyde;husb alive
1775-1 E      w  CORKILL      Jane                     jt will husb john;dated 15 apr 1774;son thos;(qtr pt seat in douglas chapel + houses);dau elliner,margt,cath
1775-1 E      d  CRAINE       Margaret                 d 17 jan 1775;spinster;sibs robt,wm,john,ann + elliner;inv;petn to sell small piece ballneclybane braddan to pay expenses
1775-1 E      w  KEWLEY       Alice                    d july last;douglas;wants to be buried peel;names mathias kelly douglas,alice kelly als geal;cousin robt kelley exec;inv
1775-2 A 39      KELLY        William                  d 23 feb 1775;santan;son john(eldest),wm;dau cath,isable;wife christian als fitz[] exex + pregnant
1775-2 A 40      CLARK        Margaret    mylchreest   d 9 mar 1775;husb john exor;douglas;sis mary;bro danl;mo alive;son matthias christian(? illeg) to be set to trade
1775-2 A 41      WATERSON     Robert                   [full]
1775-2 E      jw ADAMS        Mary        Kenny        jw george + mary als Kenny (see 1772 will in archdiagonal wills)
1775-2 E      w  ARTHUR       Thomas                   [full]
1775-2 E      d  OATES        James                    d 21 feb ;cronk-y-berry;7 ch - james, john, wm, robt, ellinr, jane + margt jt admrs - last 5 ua James + john sworn;pledges Thos Watterson tromode + john kewley ballanard;wife alive
1775-3 E      d  CAMAISH      John                     d 6 sept 1775;nunnery;no relns appear;prin creditor james spedding (atty george oates);inv
1775-3 E      w  CANNEL       Philip                   dated 26 jan 1764;jt will philip(carpenter) + jane als kelly;ch thomas,elizth + john
1775-3 E      w  CORLETT      Ann         lewin ?      d 1 jun 1775;husb thomas exec;dau ann quirk
1775-3 E      w  finch        micheal                  mariner formerly liverpool,now douglas;ch john + cath;execs friends wm bridson + hugh cosnahan (also  appt guardian) [laerge oversize will diff to read on microfilm]
1775-3 E      d  GAWN         Elizabeth   KARALAGH     d 12 jul 1775;ch philip,wm,john,cath + richd (last 3 ua);pledges ewan garret + geo adams both of douglas;inv
1775-3 E      w  KILLEY       James                    bur 19 jul 1775;dau margt killey (ua);wife mary als christian exex;bro wm killey guardian to child
1776-1 A 8       CUBBON       Gilbert                  declrd 12 may 1775;dau ann,margt,jane,dorithy,cath(w/o john corkill);wife cath exex;dau margt also acks 40s left by john fayle
1776-1 A 9    jw CANNELL      Robert                   dated 20 feb 1775;robt + ellinor als hingley;petn by ellinor that had a posthumous ch  ellinor uncle john kewley + margt cannel guardians+ couldn't attend court - pledges richd hingley her fa + wm quirk lambfell;inv states tromode onchan
1776-1 A 10   jw KARRAN       William                  dated 14 sep 1774;wm + isabel als brideson;douglas;unnamed ch
1776-1 A 11      MOORE        Margaret    cannel       Douglas: brother's dau Jane Cannell; friend Marriad Forbes als Cowley [md to Robert Forbes]
1776-1 A 12      BREW         Catherine                [full]
1776-1 A 13      QUIRK        Catherine   christian    dated 20 jan 1776;son edwd forbes exor(houses in doglas where w/o thomas quirk lives);names john callow(wife ellinor cannel?)
1776-1 E      w  CANNEL       Margaret    MOORE        dated 27 Jan 1772;deed of gift to eldest son Coultry Cannell (SSS Oct 1775 32) accepted as will; 
1776-2 A 51      CANNELL      Philip,snr               d 15 feb 1776;ballakermeen late douglas;son phil ?(heir),wm;,john exorgch wm + chas cannell;niece mary kelly
1776-2 A 52      CANNELL      Thomas                   d 20 feb 1776;son hugh;wife margt als kneen exex;names robt kelly wearing apparel
1776-2 A 53      DAY          Daniel                   dated 16 mar 1776;son john,george;names mary nicholon als crellin w/o john;witt jno corbett + andrw connor;geo day in england john crenilt commonly called john ncholson prin creditor
1776-2 A 54      STEVENSON    Ellinor                  dated 13 jan 1775;widow;niece ann graham(dwelling house,shedd etc);3 gtnieces margt,ann,joanna hampton;ann beyond seas nich hampton her bro-i-law sworn;inv
1776-2 A 59      RADCLIFFE    Ann         bridson als moore [full]
1776-2 A 60      Cubbon       Robert                   Douglas, cooper, died April 1776: wife Mary Cubbon als Corlet: sons Wm & Thomas who were in foreign parts; Mr. Peter Moore and Wm Cubbon their nephew of Braddan as trustees.  (Robert died 1776, before wife Mary) 
1776-2 E      d  CANNEL       Ellinor                  d 8 Apr 1776;orphan d/o Robt Cannell and due goods as per will will father bk1 1776 - next of kin by fa's side aunts Elizth(w/o John Kewley),  Jane + Margt Cannell jt admrs
1776-2 E      d  Corkill      jane                     [undated or date lost at top of page];Douglas;ch Richard Karran, Jane Karran;names Isable Karran [?dau] exex (half of house]; Isable noted as not of age - court appoints uncle(mo's side) Patrick Quayle as guardian + supv of other ua ch;husb Wm Corkill;1779: Richd + Ann ack from Patk Quayle  [?m Wm Corkill(of Braddan) San 17730206 as Jane Karran - no ch?)
1776-2 E      d  KELLY        Thomas                   d 12 Jun 1776;Doon;ch Margery(w/o Michael Kaneen), Ellinor (w/o Ewan Lewn), Catharine (w/o Thos Lewn)+ Margt(w/o Thos Hampton jt admrs;another dau Bahee having rcvd a marriage dowry
1777-1 A 3       PATTERSON    Isabel                   w/o robert (exec);made 23 ec 1776;
1777-1 A 4       CURGHEY      Elizabeth                [full]
1777-1 A 5       MOORE        Christian   hampton      widow of the Bodreney, Braddan, died 20 Apr 1776: son John Moore; son Robert Moore; dau Cath Hampton alias Moore (md Joseph Hampton) [see Archd will 1775 #8 Braddan of Robert Moore]
1777-1 A 6       SHIMMIN      Mary        clague       d 21 feb;balla-garry;mo elinor clague;inf child philip shimmin;wm shimmin;patrick cowin + margt clague uncle + aunt on mo's side suprv;petn by husb that one witness  jaine quiggin is a feeble sickly person who may not survive; sumner served patrick cowin h/o alse clague (sis to ms) [mixed up are some 1787 acks wm + ann hasting rcvd aunt margt christian re gfa thos christian marown
1777-1 E      w  FAYLE        Elizabeth                bur 19 oct 1776;gson paul faile(price of house she sold john kelly);gdaus elinr + eliz faile;gdau ann caine;son-i-law philip caine exec
1777-1 E      w  KEWLEY       Jane        christian    d 8 jul 1776;widow,douglas;cath christian w/o nephew thos christian;dau margt edmondson als christian,ellinor williams als christian execx;[
1777-1 E      w  KEWLEY       Margaret    garrad       d 28 apr 1776;gsons john + wm kewley;son wm exec;nephew wm garret;j1795 john + wm ack from step mo margt kewley widow and relict of fa wm kewley;husb wm
1777-2 A 8    jw LEWN         Philip                   philip + joney als goldsmith;son philip;dau margt cubon
1777-2 A 9       KEGG         Thomas                   d mar last;exec robt kelly
1777-2 E      w  CORKILL      Thomas                   ballafletcher;wife alive;son thos,john,peter;dau jane;gch thos corkill + jane kelly;son wm exec;robt kelly h/o jane
1777-2 E      w  CUBBON       Jane        kinley       d 10 jun 1777;widow,bealy vare;son wm (wife + ch wm,john + jane);dau ellinor fargher (her ch james cretney + elinot cottier);dau ann quay,christian cowin,margt brew;names edward caralaugh's son edward;sis-i-law isabel oats; names jane bridson,elinor clague + isabel brew;4 daus excx;john quay h/o ann,thos cowin h/o christian;1785 james cottier h/o ellinor cubbon als cottier;petn margt brew als cubbon widow
1777-2 E      d  GRIMES       William                  d 1 apr 1777;ch margt,ann + john;nich hampton h/o margt
1777-2 E      w  KARRAN       Henry                    made 20 apr 1777;daus margt,ann,ellinor;son robt;step ch elesebeth  + george hampton;wife jane execx
1777-2 E      d  KEWLEY       William                  d 26 feb 1777;only ch wm
1777-2 E      w  KILLEY       Ann         waterson     d 27 may 1777;widow,douglas;gdau ann kermode;names thos ratcliffe;niece cath watterson;dau margt,isabella execx;edwd taggart h/o isabella
1777-3 E      d  CORRIN       Mary                     d 27 apr 1777;ch jane + margt cneen
1777-3 E      d  CRAINE       Ann                      d 1 apr 1777;ch john,jane(w/o  patk curphey) + mary
1777-3 E      w  CREER        William                  dated 19 may 1777;wife margt exex;10s to wm shymmins who lodged with him when comes to age;
1777-3 E      w  FINE         Dorothy                  dated 6 jul 1777;'jt will fully paid';
1777-3 E      d  HAWKINS      Judith      kelly        d jul 1777;w/o richd jenkins (on board hm ship Ranger);her bro robt supported her;other relns wm kewley h/o cath,patr kelly,thos cubbon h/o mary kelly;inv
1777-3 E      w  KELLY        Robert                   dated 23 jul 1777;ballacubbin;bro thos,wm;sis mary cowin als kelly,cath craine als kelly;wife margt als kindley exex
1778-1 A 6       BELL         John                     wife Sarah, sons Jn, George both underage; brother's dau Judith; Ellinor Teare is sister's daughter
1778-1 A 7    jw KEWISH       Edmond                   made 26 jun 1776;edmond + jane;douglas;son philip (eldest),danl;dau jane
1778-1 A 8       MOORE        Philip                   douglas;wife mary exex
1778-1 A 9       COWIN        Richard                  d 5 dec 1777;sis alice cubbon als lewn;niece ellinor,elizth cubbon;goddau elinor caurgage in kk michael;nephew wm cubbon exec
1778-1 A 10      CUMMENS      Catherine   corlet       d 30 oct 1777;w/o wm,douglas shoemaker;ch david,isable collister als cummins,esther christian als cummins widow,margt cowley als cummins,elinor cummins + ary cummins;witt christopher fitzsimons + wm xhristian
1778-1 E707   d  KARRAN       Thomas                   d 12 apr 1778;ch john,wm + robt;2 latter ua;wife margt admx;inv
1778-1 E711   d  Gelling      Margaret                 d nov 1777;only ch cath;ua thos cannel,john quirk,wm corlet,mary norris + chas norris uncles by mo'side;husb wm;petn that thos cannel m cath norris,wm corlet m isabel,margt m wm gelling of douglas;wm gelling put child to nurse but   left island leaving affairs confused;inv
1778-1 E729   d  BAIRD        margt       cannon       dispute + witness statements;john lewin wheelwright,wm callow shopkeeper douglas;bro thos cannon(+ son john + chistian sis to john);niece margt cannon,john cannon s/o  charles cannon late of douglas,christian cannon d/o charles cannon,elizth kewley d/o paul kewley,paul youngest s/o paul kewley;nephew john cannell(+ son thos);sis cleague of crosby;3 daus of niece goldsmith + many others (all out of 200 held by mrs dorothy fines);paul kewley of the eary exor.  husb wm will was 1756
1778-1 E742   d  mccrea       elizabeth   christian    d liverpool oct 1777;widow;fa thomas,gentleman now douglas but late ballahutchin but too old/infirm  his dau margt christian
1778-1 E745   w  cowle        wm                       made 22 apr 1777;son john,wm,patk,charles;dau patience,elinor moore,jane,anne
1778-1 E748   jw cubbin       richard                  dated 19 feb 1770;richd + wife margt als lewin;;ch wm,thos,richd;ch ua uncles john cubon,wm cubon + john shimmin;
1778-2 E      w  CAINE        John                     dated 27 jun 1778;dau mary,elinor;gdau elinor brideson;wife elizth als halsal exex
1778-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   dated 24 sep 1778;late ballahutchin marown now douglas;son mathias;gson nicholas christian (s/o margt);gda jane + elizth cashin?;dau cath + margt exexs
1778-2 E      d  FAYLE        John                     d aug 1777;only ch jane (w/o thomas cannell)
1778-2 E      d  finer        Thomas                   d 9 aug 1778;no relns appeared prin cred danl cannell;thos finer gfa & jane ward aunt of the ch of thos finer sworn guardians;inv;
1778-2 E      d  LEE          Grissell    fletcher     d bristol 2 jul 1777;w/o capt john lee;ch john_edward lee + cath_jane lee;ua;pledges john taubman snr c'town esq + edward fletcher gfa of ch - both are sworn guardians
1778-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Leonora     redfern      wife of thomas quayle peruckemaker douglas;petn by thos states he has been ill + one of witts mrs cath cowley midwife had been out of town;
1778-2 E      d  QUIRK        Thomas                   departed isle 13yrs ago + not heard of;bach;fa john
1779-1 A 4       GRAHAM       Mary        clark        niece mary clark,cath + margt kelley;bro john clark;bro-i-law john kelley(jurby) exor;inv
1779-1 A 5       CRAINE       Mary        corkill      made 28 nov 1778;ballaglonney;son robt,wm,thos;dau esther,christian,mary + cath(exexs)
1779-1 A 6       TEARE        Philip                   Douglas: sister Margt Mylrea als Tear (md Wm Callister by Feb 1780), wife Ellinor Tear; bro James Tear; sister Mary Croaghan (daus Betty Crohane, Ann Crohane), cousin Thomas Corlet in Castletown
1779-1 A 7       QUINE        John                     dated 13 feb 1779;balluig;son wm;dau joaney;gch john quine,joaney quine;dau margt + elinor exexs
1779-1 A 8       KEWLEY       Joney       corlett      d 3 mar 1779;son robt;niece jane quine als corrin;son [?in-law] james corrin+wife dau mary als kewley exors
1779-1 A 9       McCONNELL    John                     dated 14 mar 1779;of co. down but now of douglas;wife margt als mynayree? exex
1779-1 A 10      QUINE        Thomas                   dated 10 feb 1779;the plaice braddan;dau cath;gson john corkill;wife elinor als cannell exex
1779-1 A 11   jw CHRISTIAN    Jane        black        dated 21 jan 1747;philip christian + wife jane als black;house etc in douglas,ballachrik onchan;unnamed ch;philip dead 1747/8;eldest son philip
1779-1 A 12      LAWSON       Charles                  dated 27 dec 1778;douglas;marinerdau ann (6d),isabel(6d);wife exex;ch ua
1779-1 A 13      MOORE        John                     Pulrose;[full][incomplete on microfilm]
1779-1 E      w  DURIE        Thomas                   1st on film gl720
1779-2 E      w  CANNELL      Daniel                   gch danl cown [? can't find],wm kennagh;in case son john comes to island;two daus husbs wm kenniagh [h/o cath]  + john cowin [h/o dorothy];
1779-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    George                   douglas;fa nicholas of rushen resigned exec to anne christian als duggan sd intestates's ?[unreadable ? wife - there is a m Mal 17771116 to an Anne Elder ?]
1779-2 E      d  CLAGUE       Ellinor     clarke       3 ch ellinor, alice + margt;pat cowin h/o alice
1779-2 E      w  CLARK        John                     son thomas,dau ann,emmy;wife cath
1779-2 E      w  CORbETT      Elizabeth                w/o john corbett douglas;son john,dau maryann,dau cath;widow isabel ?
1779-2 E      w  COTTIMAN     Catherine                son richard if he comes home shall by being mothers exec have the right & property of the 3 daus of aforesd of charles stuart 1 page (looks like 2nd page of will) husb charles decd dated 20 oct 1779; [the transcription of burial reg gives her age as 91 - there is a marriage of a Charles Stuart to a Cath Cottiman  Bra 08 SEP 1761 + family  but no obv bapt of a richard;
1779-2 E      w  COWIN        Margaret                 now of douglas; sis elinor christian als cowin;sis esther killey;sis elinor christian's dau elinor execx
1779-2 E      w  FAYLE        Ann                      made 26 sept 1774;names john faile ballneleaney,isable kelly (if she would stay with her and after her demise stay with bro wm some time);sis joan,isabella,alice;bro wm;sis's dau ann cannell ;names thos  + elizth faile,wm kneen;bro thomas exec
1779-2 E      d  GELLING      William                  6 ch john robt wm margt anne + jane ua; uncles charles gelling, robt clague [?h/o cath gelling] + john davey ? ;inv
1779-2 E      d  MORRISON     Margery                  3ch lewis john cath;inv [?8 ch bapt]
1779-2 E      w  QUINE        Margaret    clague       d 8 june 1779;eldest son robt;son john;husb robert (refers to his son john + her son john )son thos,dau margt,ann,mary joney;1790 danl kewley h/o mary  [fam 30033]+ wm cowley h/o ann [?marr]ack;1813 margt lewin als quine acks [?2 poss marriages]
1780   A 8       QUIGGEN      Jane        caine        dated 17 feb 1779;ballagary;son thos(heir),john;dau margt,jane;husb john exor;lower cowhouse to younger ch
1780   A 9       FRANCIS      Margaret    curphy       uttered 26 nov 1779;douglas;sis cath curphey exex in trust;husb anthony(if he would come home)
1780   A 10      GELLING      Isabel      craine       dated 15 mar 1778;ballaclyleany?;son ewan,thos,robt,john;gson wm gell;dau elizth,jane,cath;husb alive;ch john + jane exors
1780   A 11      FAILE        Nicholas                 dated 2 nov 1779;ballawillan;wife christian exex
1780   A 12      KEWLEY       Ellinor     quayle       dated 9 nov 1779;ballanard;dau ann,elinot,isabel;husb john;son john exor
1780   A 13      LEWIN        Robert                   d 14 jan 1780;dau margt quayle as lewn,jane craine als lewn,elizth creer als lewn,cath cowley as lewn,elinor cowley als lewn,esther shimin als lewn,isabel lewn;wife isabel als clauge;son thos exor;house + mill
1780   A 14      MOORE        Thomas                   dated 10 nov 1779;son thomas;dau ann walker als moore,jane quirk als moore exex(w/o thos)
1780   A 15      KNIPE        Margaret                 d 28 feb 1780;douglas;husb john
1780   A 16   jw Grave        Ann                      john + ann;eldest son john (estate called greenhead in thrimby in parish of moreland co of westmorland);3 sons wm,matthew + betham;2 daus jane + ann
1780   A 17      KELLY        Jane        kermott      douglas;dau jean;unnamed other ch;husb john;
1780   A 18      GELLING      Paul                     gdau cath gelling;step dau margt cubbon (house sandside douglas);gdaus margt + cath gelling;son wm
1780   A 19      CREEYER      Robert                   son thomas exec;daus margt + eliz,dau isabel;wife eliz
1780-1 E710   w  BREW         Stephen                  late shoemaker douglas;impressed on the Esther cutter in douglas harbour 2 apr 1777;unle + aunt alexr stward + easther his wife [esther tear m Bra 17560629];lands in jurby (hard quarter);bro philip + wm,half sister judey; petn by alex wife's nephew , letter from thos garret that Stephen died portsmouth 4 mar 1780;charged philip brew fencible ramsey
1780-1 E716   d  cowley       daniel                   d 26 feb 1780;ch thos,robt,john,danl,jane,ellinr + cath (6 ua);wife cath;unles thos,robt + patk cowley;inv
1780-1 E719   d  TAYLOR       John                     d 21 mar 1779;douglas;nephew john gammel refused to act;creditors appt thos cannell,edw mullan,james brown,paul kelly
1780-1 E721   w  QUILLIAM     Robert                   douglas;son john;wife ann als cowin;son wm (still apprentice);dau ann,isable; (house sandside formerly robt goldsmith's adj joseph kewley on south) son robt;dau alice
1780-1 E724   w  CHRISTIAN    Mary        cubbon       d 6 may 1780;douglas;husb john;dau cath w/o thos cagin (exec);gdau ann cagin
1780-1 E726   d  TAGGART      William                  d 1 jan 1780 (late dec in petn);abbeylands,ch matthias,thos,wm,james,john + isabel ua,wife alice d/o john quine;uncles john,robt + james taggart;inv
1780-1 E732   d  GENESTTE     Catherine                d 30 nov;no issue;husb lewis exec
1780-2 E379   w  CUMMINGS     John                     [start of 1780]watchmaker douglas;bro arthur cummings of dock head surry coal water;exec in trust robt heywood douglas;old serv alice wainwright;witt geo booth,philip finch;inv [displaced] inc watches + their makers
1780-2 E 400  w  CORKILL      William                  d 20 sep 1780;douglas;ch john,thomas + wm;wife margt als fargher;pledges peter + thomas corkill
1780-2 E401   w  CHRISTIAN    Alice                    d 11 may 1780;douglas;dau-i-law mary christian als carran;dau-i-l isabel christian als callister;sis ann cashin als cain;husb john;sons hugh,john
1780-2 E403   d  GELLING      Margarett                d 5 dec 1779;spinster;fa richard
1780-2 E404   d  CANNELL      Joney       creetch      d 28 oct 1779;husb thomas
1780-2 E405   d  HOOK         John                     d 18 nov 1779;prin creditor john gelling douglas;inv [parly torn]
1780-2 E411   js RICHMOND     Jospeh                   dated 4 oct 1768;wife ann als corlet;house in douglas rent 3/-;petn by widow that he died in northfolk virginia in 1765;no issue as he was a seafarer,she lived in England and has been sick for 10 yrs;
1780-2 E420   d  hayes        Elizabeth                court case summons elizth kissag + cath lucas;francis wheelhouse appoints wife ann wheelhouse als barker  as attorney re elizth heyes + joseph heyes (witt james + francis de la prymme) elizth wheelhouse m/o ann married joseph hayes of douglas and lately died intestate
1780-2 E421   p  tear         nicholas                 petn by margt martin kk andreas over 80;half bro nicholas tear bach attained a great age lived with her + deeded his effects;summner charges wm callister + wife margt callister als tear, mary croughan als tear
1780-2 E423   w  faile        christian   kelly        made 27 mar 1780;ballawillan;bro wm kelly;son robt faile
1780-2 E424   w  CORKILL      Ann         moore        dated 13 jan 1780;son john,thomas,peter;dau jane;dau-i-l wm's wife;son wm exec
1780-2 E425   w  AUSTeN       Thomas Bowe              late of lastacton co wicklow;charles kavannagh snr + Edwd Mullan  of douglas trustees;wife ellinor als gawn;bro wm fynte ? austen;inc
1780-2 E433   w  COWN         John                     made 17 nov 1780;ballacarroone;wishes burial in mo's grave in peel;exec wm faile creg-whine marown;wm faile passes exec for 17 to thos kelly kk german + wm cowin peel
1781   A 5       KELLY        Robert                   dated 17 nov 1777;son richd;gson edward;son wm,robt
1781-1 E      d  CHRISTORY    John                     d mar 1781 at anguirs ? in france;bach illeg s/o wm christory + cath gelling;deposition by wm quirk mariner;wm christory dead mo cath gelling als clague admx + robt h/o cath ;pledges nicholas hampton + robt quark douglas;petn by robt clague;deposition by wm quirk that he was in prison with him at tuigeions ? from which he was removed to angeirs ? where died
1781-1 E      w  COWIN        Edward                   dated 7 sep 1780;douglas;eldest dau elinor (old house backside + garden),ann jean,isable,margt;son edwd,thomas;wife jean;1787 thos loony h/o jane
1781-1 E      w  CRAINE       Robert                   ballabrunt;son robt,wm,thos,john,james;dau ann ,margt,cath;bro-i-law thos kelly;wife  exex; dau cath ua;1784 john cubbon h/o ann;1784 mary widow + admx of robt craine jnr;
1781-1 E      d  FAYLE        Christian   clague als kelly d mar 1780;widow + execx of nicholas (arch will 1780);ch thomas clague by former husb + robt fayle by latter jt admrs;thomas off island,robt an idiot court appoints wm kelly braddan bro to christian prin creditor;inv
1781-1 E      d  FAYLE        Nicholas                 [see christian]
1781-1 E      w  KELLY        John                     d 31 may 1781;algare;niece cath clague (half sheep grazed moaney caraghyn - other half to william fayle who lived with him) exex;wife jane kelly als clague;nephew john freer;
1781-1 E      d  KELLY        Robert                   d 14 jul 1781;douglas;ch nathaniel,paul,thomas + curghey all ua excpt nathaniel (too young) widow lucy asmx;gfa paul kelly sworn guardian;pledges paul kelly + mr george oates onchan;petn by lucy
1781-1 E      d  KERMOD       Esther                   d 18 sep 1780;douglas;ch john,elizth,jane,ann martha + lucy only belizth at age;edwd fa agrees to put 5 guineas at interest for each ua ch;ch gfa john bridson malew + elizth sworn guardians;pledge john bridson + robt quark douglas; inv
1781-1 E      d  KEWLEY       Susannah                 d 27 feb 1781;only ch john kewley
1781-1 E      d  QUARK        William                  d 20 may 1781;ch wm + john both ua;wife isable admx;pledges robt + danl quark uncles ;insufficient effects john to tuition mother,wm to uncles;inv  2 19 11d
1781-2 E      d  CANNELL      Thomas                   d 17 mar 1780;7 ch thomas,wm,john,ann,elizth,jane + margt;some ua;norris clague h/o ann;wife jane;
1781-2 E      d  CLARK        Christopher              bach;formerly douglas;d on board hm ship penelope;fa daniel
1781-2 E      w  corkill      William                  d 4 sep 1781;douglas;sons thomas,peter;dau isabel;wife alice als cannon exex
1781-2 E      d  COTTIER      William                  formerly douglas;d on board hm ship penelope;3 ch wm,margt + mary all ua;wife margt;philip cottier uncle guardian
1781-2 E      d  GAWN         Stephen                  formerly douglas;d on board hm ship penelope;only ch jane ua;wife jane
1781-2 E      d  GELLIN       Margaret    caroon       d 12 aug 1781;7 ch john,thomas,robt,wm.patrick,jane + ann;all ua john caroon + john gelling gfa guardians;husb john;pledges philip creer + patrick gelling both marown;1785 john son arrives la chooses john gelling + robt corlett both braddan supv;inv
1781-2 E      d  JAMES        Joseph                   bach;d on board hm ship penelope;fa thomas james 
1781-2 E      d  KAMAISH      Jane        kermod       d 26 sep 1781;only child elinor ua;bro edwd kermod,half bros thomas + wm cannell supv;husb john camaish
1781-2 E      jw MULLAN       Edward                   douglas brewer;wife mary als mcnameer;sons thomas + edwd
1782   A 5       CREERE       John                     made 26 dec 1781;algaar;son robt,wm,james,patrick (+ his son john),john;dau margt carneen[?danl keneen h/o margt #20373,mary corkill [wm corkill h/o maryb#10786];wife jane als cannell
1782   A 6       CLAGUE       Catherine   cooil        dated 27 apr 1779;gch isable cowley[?#20267];dau mary,margt,jane,isable,joney;son wm,john exor(off isle mariner in hm service - wife anne exex)
1782   A 7       WHITE        Abigail                  mutual dg sis mary + abigail dated 18 oct 1766;
1782   A 8       MERCER       Margaret                 niece elinor mercer capel st dublin;mrs booth of douglas,miss labat;mrs margt thomson exex;pledges john cannell cabinet maker,john millar gentleman
1782   A 9       KEWN         John                     dated 4 apr 1782;son john(land rushen),thomas;dau elizth;wife margt als cowley exex
1782   A 10      ALEXANDER    Joney       kermod       dated 12 feb 1782;douglas;dau margt(hse c'town) exex
1782   A 60      quirk        wm                       dated 4 oct 1782;douglas;son robt,wm;dau ann(house + concerns - to fall to her son wm corlett) exex,dau margt(did not recive mo's legacy);inv;expenses
1782-1 E      d  CREER        Jane        CANNEL       d 25 may;4 ch Patrick,James,Wm ? + robt
1782-1 E      d  CURGHEY      Ann         GOLDSMITH    d oct last;2 sisters Joney Lewin als Goldsmith widow + Eliz Christian als G widow;eliz infirm petns that her dau Margt Cubbon widow be appointed;pledge Wm Quayle HB Douglas + john Kneale snr Kk Lonan;petn by Eliz Quayle of Douglas spinster stating Ewan Curghy + wife Ann + son Ewan owe 8 8s; Ewan died some years ago, son did not appear; note by Dan Mylrea Kk Bride that Eliz christian infirm + insane;
1782-1 E      jw FARGHAR      Catherine   [callin]     ? petn by husb wm; she d oct last
1782-1 E      jw FARGHAR      William                  douglas;with Kath als Callin;un named ch;jw of Kath with wm;dau Ann;wm farghar alive
1782-1 E      jw KAvannagh    Charles,snr              jw wife Christian K als Strong;son charles;dau Mary Gee als K;dated 10 may 1781;Charles is dead;pledges John Taylor of Foxdale mine in Kk Pat + Thos Mullan Douglas;claim by Thos Christian admr in trust of Wm Lawson a transmarian decd sister ? 14 12 10d
1782-1 E      d  KILLEY       Edward                   perished by sea nov last;only ch Elinor
1782-1 E      d  KNEALE       James                    s/o Philip + Elinor Kneale douglas;d abt 22 dec 1739 a minor;application by John Christian h/o Ellinor kneale sis to James;
1782-1 E      w  LEWIN        John                     dated 27 jan 1780;dau eliz;gdau margt christian;dau margt;son robt,wm;3 ch wm mary + margt;son john if he comes;john oates h/o mary;edwd ?emnd Quine h/o margt;
1782-1 E      w  MULlYE       Catherine                douglas;husb Charles;
1782-1 E      w  QUAY         Thomas                   of Douglas;2 daus Cath + isable;wife Jane Quay als Keig
1782-1 E      d  QUAYLE       Thomas                   of Douglas peruke maker;d 20 Oct;9 ch john george henry joshua robert william margt ann + leonora; john ann + george off island;henry josh robt + wm ua;pledges Joshua + George Redfern uncles by mothers side;petn;inv - long
1782-1 E      w  QUIRK        Catherine   kelly        d 29 apr 1782;son robt;dau Mary;mother Elinr Kelly;husb Robt
1782-2 E      w  BACON        Jane        johnson      dated 28 jul 1781;husb john joseph bacon douglas exor;names mrs judith connor for care during illness
1782-2 E      w  CANNELL      Ellinor     cashin       d 28 may 1782;w/o wm douglas;son thos,edwd;gch (of wm cannel smith + h/o ellinor cannell)margt + jane cannell;dau ellinor(w/o wm);gdau elinor kameash;husb exor
1782-2 E      w  COFFEE       Martha      smith als beal dated 14 aug 1780;son wm smith;dau debora browne als smith widow exex,sarah mylchrist als coffey
1782-2 E      d  CRAINE       Robert                   perished by sea 4 oct 1782;ch wm + james ua;wife mary als quayle;wm,thomas + john craine + ann(w/o john cubbon) uncles + aunt by fa side
1782-2 E      d  CUBBON       Charles                  perished by sea 31 jul 1781;mariner;ch john + charles ua;wife cath ;pledges peter mooore carpenter + thos creer both douglas
1782-2 E      w  DELGARDNO    Catherine                made 22 aug 1779;dau mary dalgardno;niece cath ball;
1782-2 E      d  DUFFIELD     Mary                     d 26 jun 1782;spinster next of kin refused admin;prin creditor john curphey douglas
1782-2 E      w  GELLING      William                  dated 14 apr 1782;balla clybane;son ewan,thos,robt,john(husbandr gears);dau elizth,cath;son john + dau jane execs
1782-2 E      w  GRAVE        John                     dated 19 aug 178[];sadler,douglas;son john(house + tools) exor,wm,matthew,boatham;dau jane callow als grave,ann;no witts but wm quayle hb affirms hand
1782-2 E      w  KARRAN       Isabel                   declrd 20 apr 1781;douglas;husb john;dau cath;unnamed son;wm kewley h/o cath off isle
1782-2 E      d  KARRAN       Margaret                 d 21 jan 1782;ch john,wm + robt;robt only on isle too too tender of yrs thus thos quine + anthony merrin appt;inv
1782-2 E      d  KENNISH      William                  bach d jamaica sept 1781;fa hugh
1782-2 E      d  KEWLEY       Ann         garrett      d 15 aug 1782;ch robt,john,elzth (w/o john kelly)+ patk(+ james + ann who had m/cs);inv
1782-2 E      d  KILLEY       Phillip                  d 22 nov 1781;ch robt, philip, elizth,isabel ,susannah - wife elizth admr;bro wm + bro-i-law john gelling supv;inv
1782-2 E      d  KISSAGE      John                     perished by sea feb 1782(decree states dec 1781);mariner douglas;petn by simon corlett santon as next of kin within isle but there were brothers abroad;inv;effects sold by wm kelly tailor douglas
1782-2 E      d  MOORE        Letitiah    MURRAY als sampson d ireland 1780;wm callow obo sir george moore who had claims agt robt murray mercht in ireland;no relns in isle;
1782-2 E      d  OATES        Thomas                   perished by sea 1 oct 1782;bach;fa richd
1782-2 E      d  QUAY         John                     perished by sea 4 oct 1782;ch patience,esther,margt + elizth all of la but consent to mo patience as admr
1782-2 E      w  QUAYLE       John                     dated 3 may 1782;schoolmaster,braddan;wife mary als carran exex
1782-2 E      jw TEARE        Dorothey                 dead - see gilbert
1782-2 E      jw TEARE        Gilbert                  jt will with dorothy als graham;dated 31 jul 1782;tailor douglas;dau margt barton als tear;2 daus;gson thos barton;son-i-law john wattleworth exor after decease of both
1783   A 4       CLAGUE       John                     bur 23 dec 1782;2 younger ch margt + wm;rest mary jane john + elinr;wife alice als kewley
1783   A 5       CRAINE       John                     dated 25 dec 1782;dau isabel,son john exec
1783   A 6    jw JOSEPH[levi] Robert snr               dated 25 mar 1782;robt levey joseph + margt levey als kinnish,douglas [note no 'christian burial mentioned'];ch wm,robt,john + philip,sarah + margt;claims inc maximillian bonvilette, john ware a transmarine, jacob shanns ? a  transmarine for 120;inv insignificant
1783   A 7       MOORE        Philip                   [full] Rector of Kk Bride + chaplain of Douglas - relns widow Elinor Cannel + Elizth Black of Ramsay, nephew John Moore Ayr, Edward Moore merchant Douglas;
1783   A 8       GELLING      Paul                     of douglas;dau ann,son john,philip
1783   A 9       COWLE        Charles                  ballacottier;son john,charles;dau ann,isabel,son james,wm;gdau ann cowle;wife ann cowle als caine
1783   A 10      CORBETT      John                     douglas;dau mary-ann,cath;names mrs ann lewn;son john (off island);landlord james kelly;john corbet of ireland +  daniel mylrea + thomas mullan both of douglas indebted  100 to james kelly + mrs ann lewn d 21 jul 1783;
1783   A 11      MARTIN       Alice       gellin als smythe  widow of douglas;dau jane gelling ballahutchen marown;witt john cannon,matthew simpson;
1783-1 E      d  CANNELL      Joney       GARRETT      d 8 dec 1782;ch john + ann both ua;husb hugh;inv
1783-1 E      w  CLAGUE       Thomas                   d beg may 1783;bro (George?) dau mary;fa jon + mo mary execs
1783-1 E      w  CORLETT      Thomas                   dated 5 aug 1782;joiner douglas;ch ? wm,edwd,mary,charles,robt,lucy + elinor;son thos,john exor;wife alive;inv;widow refused to swear oath as to inv but sumner was informed by neighbours
1783-1 E      d  COTTIER      Isabel                   d 25 feb 1783;ch robt + isable both ua;husb thomas (his fa thomas pledge);wm + ann callister uncle + aunt by mo side guardians
1783-1 E      w  CRAINE       Mary        CAWNE        dated 2 oct 1782;hub john;dau isable;son john exor
1783-1 E      d  CRAINE       William                  d 24 jan 1783;shoemaker douglas;ch wm,thomas,margt + jane all ua;wife jane als corkill refused admin;george oates prin creditor;ch uncle thomas corkil by mo side;inv
1783-1 E      d  CURGHEY      Susanna     SAMPSON      d 29 dec 1782;ch john(abroad),edwd,euan,susanna,alice_letitia;most ua;husb john;wm murray gt uncle by mo side supv;inv
1783-1 E      w  FAILE        William                  bur 9 jun 1783;niece ann cannell(w/o thos quiggin);nephew wm,robt cannell;bro thos faile,john faile;sis jane,alice cannell als faile exex(w/o wm);
1783-1 E      w  KISSACK      Isabel      clucas       dated 17 nov 1779;widow john kissack tobacconist douglas;dau isabella exex,rachel,ellinor,susanna keahan(?kaighin) als kissack;gdau isabella keaken
1783-1 E      d  MADDIN       Ann                      d 10 feb 1783;widow;no relns appear;prin creditors lucy kelly + margt taylor;
1783-1 E      d  OATES        John                     d 15 jan 1783;capt john bebaloe, bach;sibs wm,cath(w/o richd allen),jane(w/o rev thos quayle)
1783-1 E      d  QUAYLE       francis                  dr francis quayle departed this isle 80 years ago;petn by john curphey + charles holland (ireland)
1783-1 E      d  QUIGGIN      Ann         KEWLEY       poa dated 12 jul 1783 from john s/o thomas + ann to fa ;douglas;john bound for sea;decree displaced d 22 jan 1783;ch john + elizth jt execs;inv
1783-1 E      w  WATTERSON    Thomas                   d 19 sep 1782;son john;wife cath exex
1783-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   mariner;d 16 mar;5 ch wm,thos,eliza,cath + christian;christian ua;pledge anthony mcclean ? douglas;inv  17
1783-2 E      d  KELLY        Thomas                   d 7 sep without issue but widow claims pregnant;fa patrick decreed exec;1808 thomas kelly s/o thos dec  acks from mo jane;petn tk married half a year fa patrick disposed of some goods (inc selling to his own children) inv 13
1783-2 E      d  KELLY        William                  mariner d 26 nov 1782;only ch wm kelly, ua;wife cath;inv 10
1783-2 E      w  MOORE        Philip                   beeal-evear;bro richard,john;names john cowin currently living on ballakinish land;sis jane (her son wm); names christopher gick (s/o wm);sis caths dau esther;mo alive;sis margt + ann execx;1786 acks from margt moore als quirk + anne moore als quirk
1783-2 E      w  quinney      margaret                 douglas d 17 [torn] 1783;unnmd sister 'if she come for it' mo alive;robt oates husb of mother;bro thos;  names philip cottier,margt callow,emilia callow;quayley crebbin;
1783-2 E      w  QUIRK        Isabel                   bro paul quirk;elinor mcgrea
1784   A 20      CANNELL      John                     dated 10 nov 1783;bro wm,philip,thos (exor)
1784   A 21      RATleff[radciffe Catherine   cowley       dated 7 dec 1783;douglas;son thos;dau esther;mo margt ;husb john exor;pledges wm mylrea + thos kimmen labourers douglas
1784   A 22      KEY          Thomas                   made 24 mar 1783;son + 3 daus (unnamed);wife isabel exex
1784   A 23      QUIRK        Joney                    made 25 jan 1784;sis's ch;bro thomas quirk (wife cath) exors;pledges john creer shoemaker + wm quayle weaver both douglas
1784   A 24      GEALE        William                  dated 29 feb 1784;douglas;wife elizth (+ 3 ch);ch ua;pledges james corrin mariner + james gell labourer both douglas
1784   A 25      QUAYLE       Elizabeth                dated 23 jan [1784?]spinster;douglas;deed of set to nephew john kewley;he to feed her etc
1784   A 26      OATES        James                    [full]
1784   A 27      KANE[?kneen] Thomas                   jw thomas + cath als killip;schoolmaster;douglas;son thos,wm;witt robt clerk x(s/o john clerk castlepond ballaugh sailed with john clarke in herring season but now engaged with capt parish cmmander small brig belonginto to a fish house in liverpool),  jane wattleworth x
1784   A 28      GOLDSMITH    Mary        craine       d 4 apr 1784;dau anne,elizth;husb thos exor
1784   A 29      CAINE        Dollin                   jw dated 14 aug 1783;dollin (mariner now douglas) + mary als neale;son wm;dau mary;ch ua;claims,inv,accts
1784   A 30      KELLY        Matthias                 d 6 apr 1784;shipbuilder douglas;son wm(not 21),mathias (houses etc inc garden on lake + house shoreside)wife exex;ch uncle (by fa side) robt creer supv;claims (significant amounts)
1784   A 31      KELLY        Matthias                 made + declrd 6 apr;d 7 apr 1784 son mathias exor;wife alive;2 daus
1784   A 32      KEWIN        Patrick                  bur 13 apr 1784;strenaby;son thos(youngest - property in andreas),patk(abbey land prop - sis cath + alice);dau anne;wife mary als karran
1784   A 33      KELLY        Catherine   karran       bur 14 apr 1784;son wm(eldest),thos,robt;dau anne,ellinr;mathias corran kk braddan to be supv of thos + robt
1784   A 34      COTTIER      Isabel                   d 17 apr 1784;master robert kelly (?skelly);names elinor cottier;sis's 2 daus;bro thos cottier exor
1784   A 35      LEWIN        Thomas                   d 23 apr 1784;mo alive;son robt;(mill houses + land);unborn child;wife margt als creer ?;pledges her fa robt creer + ch uncle by fa side robt cowley (also supv)
1784   A 36      QUAYLE       David                    d 20 apr 1784;weaver douglas;ch jane,wm,elinor,elizth,ann;wife cth exex;pledges thos cannell + wm quayle both weavers douglas
1784   A 37      QUAYLE       Mary                     d 1 jan 1783;will made 10 dec 1783 ?;dau margt(youngest);husb exor;pledges charles cain barber,wm cottier tucker;
1784   A 38      JOHNSTON     James                    d 1 [] 1784;camlork;son wm,alexander lowrie;dau joan,jane ?;mr alexander lowrie exor also sworn guardian of the children
1784   A 39      KEY          Christopher              d [] apr 1784;son john,robt;dau joney quine als key,jane cu[][?cubon]als key;wife cath als radcliffe exex;pledges john key + thomas radcliffe; [then misplace ? petn by christian bridson wdw wm malew
1784-1 E      se CAINE        Judith                   douglas,spinster;kinsman charles cain;mentions plot 10yrds in breadth  20 length hill quarterland ballakermeen on highway to peel 0.5d lords rent;fa john caine
1784-1 E      d  CALLOW       Margaret    fayle        d jul 1784;ch robt john james
1784-1 E      w  Callow       margaret    cowil        douglas;widow;son wm;daus elizth callow,margt cannell (w/o daniel)
1784-1 E      w  callow       william                  son thos;? if ch by present wife;daus isabel,ellinor;wife ann als kinread
1784-1 E      w  CANNELL      William                  dated 12 dec 1783;son thos;dau isable + ellinor;wife(my present wife earlier ?2nd) ann als kinread
1784-1 E      w  CORLET       William                  made 1 may 1784;wife jane;pledges robert dall baker + john cain shoemaker douglas
1784-1 E      w  COWLEY       William                  garyween;wife esther als clague;eldest son wm;son john;bro pat's eldest dau isabel;gdau elinr quine;daus elinr,anne + jane;3 ch philip,isabel + esther
1784-1 E      d  GELLING      Philip                   mariner;d england sept 1783;ch paul,margt too tender yrs;wife margt
1784-1 E      w  HALSAL       Catherine   [kneal]      made 28 aug 1781;gdaus margt + cath Callow, jane, sophia, Elizth + amelia Callow;gsons george,wm,sylvester;nephew or kinsman wm + joseph garrett;son-i-law wm callow h/o amelia exec[#11512]
1784-1 E      d  KAYLE        James                    d 27 may 1784;no relns appear;prin cred robt cowley;
1784-1 E      d  KERMODE      William                  d 7 jun 1784;fa robert
1784-1aE      d  MURRAY       Elinor      quayle       d 1730 but no will or admin;applicnts john curphy (+ also obo charles holland) by right of wives susannah + jane daus of ellnor sampson devisee of john murray - re quayles house in douglas;;john murray sole legatee of susannah his wife and only ch of ellinor murray;dr francis quayle - his only sis mrs ellinor murray (d 1730)her only surviving ch john murray - his wife sussanah (d 1731)-john d 1741 house to dau ellinor sampson in trust for her daus susannah + jane sampson;susanna m john curphy ballakillingham,jane with charles holland ireland
1784-1 E      d  REED         Richard                  d sep 1783;prin creditor paul kelly;wife cath (can't raise pledges);pledges wm cottier tuck miln braddan + john creer shoemkr douglas;
1784-1 E 944  d  kARRAN       Ewan                     otherwise carroll;mariner d west indies;letter from bro thomas (also or carroll) on hms Alfred;only ch thomas (als carrall) ua wife ellinor
1784-1 E 945  d  christian    margt       christian    douglas;d 6 apr;ch thomas + cath christian;husb wm
1784-1 E 947  d  LAWSON       William                  perished by sea 16 jan 1784 (of coast of Ireland);wife Jane lawson als christian (?pregnant)7 ch wm (abroad), Cesar, Thomas, Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret + Cath (all xct wm ua);ch gfa Thomas Christian slega by onchan + uncle Thos Hampton (both by mo's side there being no relns by fa in this isle);inv + sale
1784-1 E 965  d  ALLEN        Robert                   formerly douglas;late of london (taylor);d 7 nov 1783;mo cath fail als allen als corrin [?#10241 h/o john faile];sis ellinor karran + margt finan ? [?tinan] [?illeg s/o Henry Allen + kath corrin Bra 17490221]
1784-1 E 970  d  RAWLINSON    Robert                   formerly ulverston;bach;mariner;perished by sea dunsfannaghey on coast ireland 7 jan 1784;fa mathew of ramstead nr ulverston;pledges john lown + william kelly (gracy)
1784-1 E 971  d  FAYLE        Paul                     d  23 feb 1784;prin creditors john cannell + john skillicorn (onchan)
1784-1 E 997  d  KEWLEY       William                  d 6 apr 1784;bach;fa wm
1784-1 E 998  d  KELLY        William                  [full] - long inv;petn goods insuffient to pay debts
1784-1 E 1010 w  QUINE        Elinor      cannell      eldest son edwd;dau jane;eldest dau margt,mary,elinr;gdau ellinr quine;gson john corkill;dau cath execx [full]
1784-1 E 1012 w  KELLY        Margaret    cowley       boalilshaggil;made 28 apr 1784;son wm (3 young ch thos,pat + james [#10478]);gson wm kelly;sons thos + robt,john;dau margt;husb wm
1784-1 E 1014 w  CORRIN       Dorothy     clague       dated 29 mar 1784;names wm croaghan,judith quilliam,mary smith;mary killey;gch isabel corrin;son james corrin [?bapt]
1784-1 E 1017 w  CLAGUE       John                     wife mary clague als fayle;unnamed ch
1784-2 E      w  CANNELL      Alice       FAILE        [rh margin very dark on film + not very readable]dated 29 jun 1784;Ballawillin, Braddan; ch ann(left legacy from uncle Wm Faile), wm ,robt; husb Wm(her half of estate lately purchased from Thos Kelly pt of Ballawillin rent 6s 2d deed dated 9? jan 1771he paying 44 between sons [?SSS May 1776 63] ) exor;pledges Robt Kelly + Wm Killey(both braddan)
1784-2 E      d  CLAGUE       John                     perished by sea beg summer 1784;ch jane, ann + lucy_ann jt admxs - all ua;wife ann als bridson
1784-2 E      d  COWLEY       Mary        CUBBIN       d 16 jul 1784;ch wm,thos,danl,john + margt - all ua(except wm);husb thos
1784-2 E      d  DOUGLAS      Dinah       [huddleston] d aprl 1784;only ch margt douglas exex
1784-2 E      w  fawcett      George                   dated 2 jun 1784;douglas;wife cath als brew exex
1784-2 E      d  GELLING      Thomas                   perished by sea 15 jan 1784;ch thos,charles,james, ann  + fanny - all ua;wife jane;inv 1/4 of baot + 1/4 oyster dredger
1784-2 E      d  KELLY        Catherine   CANNELL      d 16 Oct 1784;Boailshoggil;ch Wm, John, Thomas, Patrick, James, Cath, Elizabeth + Margt - jt admrs - only Wm + Cath at age; husb Wm + ch at age guardians; pledges Robt Kelly + Wm Kelly(both Braddan); inv (her half 22 16s)
1784-2 E      d  KELLY        Gilbert                  d 5 Nov 1784;sister Ann (w/o Wm Gell) admx; pledges Robt + Patrick Kelly (both Braddan)
1784-2 E      w  KEWLEY       Robert                   dated 14 Dec 1784;Ballachroink? ;ch Robt, Ann,John,Patk,Elizth,James(exor)
1784-2 E      w  Weldon       Michael                  jt will michael + Mary als Lounon(?lonnon);tobacconist;dau elizth mcnamara;mary's sons Patk + hugh launon + dau ann mathews als burn als launon(her son henry burn by former husb),margt Kammell als launon
1785   A 5       FLETCHER     Edward                   dated 11 nov 1784;ballafletcher;gtgdau carolina lee;names capt john lee,john edward lee,wm + edwd callister;sister mary callister;names sarah quirk als callister,wm+robt kelly,edward callister;dr patk scott claims;
1785   A 6    ds FLETCHER     Jane                     dated 14 mar 1785;widow capt ed fletcher;gtgch john edward + caroline jane lee;
1785   A 7       GELL         Philip                   dated 9 mar 1785;capenter kk german;dau margt ua(house rent);aunt jane cannell(my chest);cousin isabella cannell(house in douglas) exex,philip simpson,cath quine als quirk;john gill kenna guardian
1785   A 8       GARRET       Mary                     d 26 dec 1784;husb wm exor ;10 ch wm,philip,elizth,john, hugh,paul,mary,ann,robt + suttcliffe?;1801 mr wm garret late of ballabroij lez;1800: hugh acks from mrs mary garrett widow + relict of fa wm
1785   A 9       KEWLEY       William                  dated 15 dec 1784;son robt,john;wife esther als kelly + dau cath exexs;son-i-law john cain,charles cowle(h/o ann);dau isabel cain als kewley
1785   A 10      CUBBON       Alice       lewin        d 17 jan 1785;dau margt philips, elizth cubbin;son wm exor
1785   A 11      CAINE        John                     dated 18 dec 1784;dau margt,elizth,jane(her fa-i-law wm kewley of kk braddan),anne exex;son wm,john;wife mary
1785   A 12      LOONEY       Christopher              dated 4 feb 1785;douglas;with cath als christian exex;dr patk scott claims
1785   A 13      CALLISTER    Elizabeth                dated 29 apr 1775;dau rose;gson wm curphey;husb exor
1785   A 14   jw DANSON       Isaac                    isaac + sarah;three ch ua
1785   A 15      CoWLE        Thomas                   dated 13 apr 1785;mariner(mentions hm ships etc);douglas;bro richd(wife dorothy als skillicorn exex);witt george adams, thos quirk
1785   A 16      JAMES        Sarah       nicholas     dated 7 oct 1782;widow;dau margt(elder),ann,sarah mckinvin als james;gch james + elizth blair (?blain);ann + sarah exexs
1785   A 17      CREERE       Robert                   [full]made 20 Apr 1785;tailor;ch Edwd, Esther; wife Esther als Oates; Witt Edward Oates + Peter [?Patk] Callow both tailors Douglas;
1785   A 18      CREER        John                     d 21 dec 1784;douglas;son john,wm;dau elinor,margt execx
1785   A 19   jw KEWLEY       Alice       curran       wm + alice;wm weaver douglas;dau molly kewley
1785   A 20      MURREY       Ann                      dated 29 mar 1784;spinster;douglas;names mrs dorothy cowel;sis susanna walker now in ireland exex with dr john curphey exec in trust
1785   A 21      FARAGHER     Ann         cubbon       d 24 dec 1784;douglas;sis jane,dolly,margt;son thomas (ua) exor guardian john corkill kk german;thomas too tender yrs gfa thomas fargher exor;petn that witt cath curghey can't travel;petn by husb thos fargher junr that wife bequeathed to distant relatives to prejudice of him + child;
1785-1 E      d  COOIL        David                    d 16 Feb 1785;bach, Douglas;only bro Patrick Cooil admr
1785-1 E      d  CORKILL      Margaret    CASHIN       d 29 Dec 1784;husb John Corkill(Lough) ch Hugh, John + Philip Corkill + Margt(w/o Andrew Croaghan) - jt admrs but relinquish to father John Corkill; - notes Philip off Island; pledges Paul Kelly + John Corkil (both Douglas)
1785-1 E      w  COWLE        John                     [full]
1785-1 E      w  GRIMSHAW     Elinor                   Ellinor Grimshay, douglas;sis-i-law isable Kelly;names ellinor kelly, mary Kelly(+ dau ann);son wm grimshaw ua;husb exor;
1785-1 E      d  HAMPTON      Margaret    clague       d Nov 1784;husb Thomas (petn by next of kin Wm + Philip Clague, Wm Moore + Thos Quayle a very aged man who refused to take care + tuition of the 4 small children + want court to charge him + his son Thomas)ch Sandys, Adam, Gilbert + Carter jt admrs (Sandys + Adam at age + relinquish to next of kin mo's side);pledges Mathias Hampton(Braddan)+ Thos Crellin(Kk German)
1785-1 E      d  KELLY        Lucy                     [poor copy]widow;d 24 Jan ;ch Nathaniel, Paul, Thomas + [Curghy]; Paul Kelly gfa of children + eldest son Nathaniel sworn over seers of ua children [Lucy Curghy w/o of Robt s/o Paul]
1785-1 E      d  KERMOD       Edward                   mariner d at sea 27 dec 1784;ch elizth(w/o Charles Norris - a seafaring man), jane, ann, martha, john + lucy; Thos Bridson + john Cain pledges + guardians - petn by John Cain + Thos bridson states ch without fa or mother [mo'ther esther bridson  will 1781]
1785-1 E      w  KEWLEY       Isabel      CARRAN       d 28 Dec 1784;husb William(qtrland of the Thaur? formerly pt of Ballafletcher) exor;ch (surviving) Wm, James, Margt + Jane (the heir or eldest child being only excepted to whom she left Knockrule's meadow);her fa Wm Corran + bro Matthew Corran supvs of ch
1785-1 E      d  LEWIN        John                     mariner on HM ship Dictator; d 30 Oct 1784 Chatham - fa Wm
1785-1 E      d  LEWIN        Paul                     mariner on board hm ship Hannibal captured by french fleet d in prison 9 jul 1782 in "Hyder Ally's Country" - fa Wm
1785-1 E      jw WOODS        Thomas W J               dated 13 aug 1775;+ ellinor woods als cosnahan;vicar kk braddan;7 ch anne,Elizabeth, Margaret, Jane, Catharine, Elinor, and Deborah, 
1785-2 E      d  CHRISTORY    James                    bach douglas;d kingston jamaica 1784;mo cath clague als christory w/o robert clague exec;pledge wm clague his brother  + wm skelly kk lonan
1785-2 E      w  FINCH        Elizabeth   corlet       dated 26 Feb 1785;Elilzabeth Finch als Corlet;Douglas; ch John(5s), Elizabeth(one standing bed etc if she comes to IoM + resides with my son-in-law Coultry Cannell), Jane Christian als Finch (had marr dowry); son-in-law Coultry Cannell exor (+ all of her property);
1785-2 E      w  KNEEN        Robert                   made 25 aug 1785;smith;douglas;wife elinor als kewley exex
1785-2 E      d  O'KEEFE      Jacobus                  ireland;d 26 jul;no relns
1785-2 E      w  QUAYLE       William                  douglas joiner ...
1786   A 6       GELLING      Catherine                dated 24 jun 1774;jt will john + cath (als kelly - her dau cath fayle by prev husb);camlork;son paul(eldest),john,jas,richd,edwd;dau ellinor;names john s/o paul creer  ballyvargher;dau elinor exex w/o robert moore(peel);sumner charges james + edward gelling both c'town,richd gelling + cath faile,philip brew,john adams all douglas
1786   A 7       BRIDSON      Jane                     made 15 Nov 1785;spinster;Douglas;bro-in-law Wm Boates merchant;friends Misses Pilkington,Strange + Blackburn of Liverpool;Ann Bridson w/o bro Wm Bridson merchant (+daus Ann + Alice)
1786   A 8       STEPHEN      Thomas                   dated 7 oct 1785;shopkeeper douglas;son john(house occ by charles gelling, rent john cannon on east,chas cain west,street north),wm;gch cath + margt stephen(house occ wm fayle);dau cath(houses inc part on nunnery lake edwd forbes on east,lake south,street north 1/4d rent) exex;wife alive
1786   A 9       CAINE        Isabel                   dated 20 dec 1785;douglas;sis's child elizth caine;names margt nail,ann quayle;son wm;husb danl exor
1786   A 10      QUINE        Alice       [?creer]     dated 31 feb 1786;ballinge ?[?balliuge] onchan;dau margt cottier als quine,alice christian als quine,elizth,ann;son wm,edmd;gch edmd + elizth quine;gdau elizth;dau ann(w/o dal quark [Dan quark m ann quine Onc 17750627]) + eliz (w/o hugh kneale) exexs;wm cottier h/o margt;
1786   A 11      KELLeY       Henry                    d 3 jan 1786;dau ann stevenson als kelley;wife joney exex
1786   A 12      KELLY        Robert                   d 5 mar 1786;ch thomas + ann ch ua;wife eleanor als crellin exex
1786   A 13      FLaXNeY      Elizabeth   black        dated 28 dec 1785;niece jane kelly als christian exex (w/o john kelly);gniece elizth kelly;gnephew wm flexney christian;
1786   A 14      HeYWOOD      Margaret    joyner       dated 19 mar 1785;hudb robert;merchant douglas;
1786-1 E      d  BRIDSON      John                     douglas;shoemaker, bach d 14 june 1785;fa john;jb jnr had appointed george oates of glencrudjery with power of attorney
1786-1 E      w  CAIN         William                  bollinvane, braddan;son thomas, philip,danl,robt,john;wife isabel
1786-1 E      d  CONSNAHAN    Julius                   d aug past;;bro joseph;sis jane margt ann + cath;wife margret als moore;pledges frances de la pryme + james kelly attorny c'town;inv + claims (many non manx names)
1786-1 E      d  COWLE        Margaret    mylvoirrey   d 1 mar;without issue;husb arthur;
1786-1 E      w  CRINNILT     Mary                     douglas;sister judith quarke;gdau cath crinall;son philip
1786-1 E      w  FINCH        Matthew John             of liverpool;died at leghorn by will appointed hugh cosnahan + wm bridson execrs;cath cosnahan w/o john cosnahan of douglas sister
1786-1 E      w  HAMPTON      Thomas                   ballaquiggin;son sanders ?,adam,gilbert,eldest son mathias;dau isabel, dau charter ? ua execx;math hampton  + nicholas hampton half brothers to sd charter are sworn;inv
1786-1 E      d  MOORE        Thomas                   of douglas departed 19 yrs ago;eliz moore spinster sister died 15 yrs ago their sis ann + jane moore execx;wm walker h/o ann
1786-1 E      d  QUARK        Elinor      cannell      d 22 feb 1785;4 ch thomas robert john elinor;husb robt;pledges wm kelly +  wm quileish both of douglas
1786-1 E      d  QUAY         Jane        brew         widow of philip;son robt;sons john quay decd + wm quay having had settlements
1786-1 E      w  QUAYLE       William                  douglas;wife mary;dau ester fargher;son mark;dau margt stevenson;son moore quayle (prop in c'town +   douglas where john cannon lives + near big well formerly prop of wm cannell ;codicil mentions savage's  concerns douglas now in occp of philip garrett;inv room by room
1786-1 E      d  walkER       Ann         MOORE        d 11 oct;3 ch thos wm jane; wm ua ;husb wm;pledges john kelly douglas ships carpenter;thos corkill
1786-2 E      jw BLAIR        David                    ch james + elizth;witt john cain + george adams;dead
1786-2 E      jw BLAIR        Jane                     see david
1786-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     d 30 oct 1786;no rels appear;danl cannell douglas prin creditor
1786-2 E      w  COWIN        Elinor      cowley       made 11 may 1780;husb john exec;
1786-2 E      w  HEYDOCK      Roger                    made 5 apr 1784;wife sussanah als parr exex;son joseph;
1786-2 E      d  QUAYLE       Patrick                  late douglas;mariner hm navy d 5 yrs ago;only ch james;wife elizth quayle als kelly;pledges james kelly her fa + john mylchreest both douglas;inv
1786-2 E      w  QUINE        Jane                     made 19 aug 1786;husb robt jnr arderry exec;son thos;dau isabel;neice christian quine;uncles john quilliam + wm quine jnr;1811: isobel corlet als quine acks from fa robt
1787   A 11      CORKILL      Richard                  d 22 Nov 1786;late of Douglas, brewer;ch Thomas, Elizth, Cath (5s ea);wife Cath exex
1787   A 12      LOONEY       Dorothy     [corkill]    d 21 Nov;w/o Henry;son Thos + Wm;elinor w/o Thos [?m Bra 17850208 no ch]Isabel w/o Wm [?Isabel Curghy];witt Nich Quine + Wm Leece;
1787   A 13      GENESTE      Esther      [cubbon]     [full];relict Lewis geneste;dau cath norman [m Bra 17680806 ?bapt]
1787   A 14      KELLY        John                     dated 10 Dec 1786;John Kelly(smith, Nunnery Lake);wife Jane als Curphey (all my concerns at Nunnery Lake viz a house + garden);wife pregnant;eldes bro Tho Kelly;father-in-law Wm Curphey(Braddan) exor in trust
1787   A 17      COWEN        Jane        Taggart      widow,douglas;son thos,edwd [?bapt];dau Isabel (Liverpool),jane Looney als cowen (w/o thos kk conchan [mar Bra 17850616 ?no ch] ),margt (not yet 21),elinor curphey als cowen [w/o Edwd],ann (exec);names robt schoffield
1787   A 21      CAIN         Elizabeth   [?halsal]    dated 17 mar 1787;dau mary(house + garden) exex
1787   A 22      CANNELL      Elinor                   dated 27 Dec 1786;Douglas;ch Catherine Neal als Kewn(w/o John Kneale - dwelling house where she lives) exex 
1787-1 E      d  CANNELL      Elinor      KEWN         d 30 jan 1787;ch thomas + cath kneale als kewn (w/o john);
1787-1 E      d  CLAGUE       Paul                     d sept 1786;bach;fa thos of middle;sis ellinor (to whom thomas assigned rights)
1787-1 E      sa CLAGUE       Thomas                   see paul
1787-1 E      d  KELLY        John                     d 22 apr 1787;bach;fa wm
1787-1 E      w  KELLY        Margaret                 dated 12 jun 1787;husb philip shoemaker douglas exor;mo margt quiggin (4th part of house t sandside during her life);names jane kelly douglas;son john(house) ua
1787-1 E      d  MOORE        Robert                   d sometime ago - a mariner s/o john moore of 'quooil in chill' marown;petn by creditor samuel harris (who ten went to england + remained there sometime - on return finds robt decd + no will but property enough to pay debt) - harris obtained admin but not aware of formalities did not get pladges - 2nd letter appoints george wilson innkeeper + dealer + joseph shaw innkeeper + shopkeeper both of douglas;next of kin refused admin
1787-1 E      w  OSBOURNE     Thomas                   dated 23 aug 1774;any residue of estate left to Jonathan norman to be put in trust for son genesh until reaches age 21;petn by jonathan of douglas obo son;witt thomas norman carlisle to handwriting;pledges moore quayle shopkeeper + wm cummins shoemaker both douglas;
1787-1 E      d  WHITESIDE    Anthony                  died some years ago abroad;;petn by bro robert(merchant douglas) + edward whiteside, john_george nichols s/o cath nichols als whiteside are next of kin
1787-2 E      d  GRIMSHAW     Thomas                   douglas,widower,perished by sea  (in douglas bay 21 sep or in petn 25 sep;principal creditor john cain;inv
1787-2 E      d  CORLETT      William                  wm + joney perished by sea 24 oct 1787;ch alexander corlett + elizth baird rep of mary baird als corlett admrs;alex blind + weak in intellect,elizth of tender yrs - her fa robt baird;petn of john dinwoodie c'town state wm corlett otherwise corbett - jd representative mary corlet late wife robt baird;jd married elizth who was past 20yrs
1787-2 E      d  CROSS        Patrick                  d 25 oct 1787;douglas;sis mary cowley als cross;representatives of another sis jane caley als cross viz john,thos + jane;also joney cross rep of bro wm cross;
1787-2 E      d  GRIMSHAW     Thomas                   douglas,widower,perished by sea  (in douglas bay 21 sep or in petn 25 sep;principal creditor john cain;inv
1787-2 E      w  KELLY        Mary                     dau judy + son-i-law john stephen + (their son thos) (tann houses etc);dau lucy white lyon inn wherein robert twentyman lives + house we now live + that where wm callister now lives;gson paul kelly (house where widow curphy lives + that where peter holland lives),thos kelly (that house where robt bridson lives),curphy kelly (2 houses to west of robt bridson);other gch + property;sis isable cannell;husb paul exec (paul dead by probate)
1787-2 E      d  KELLY        Robert                   perished by sea 1st oct 1787;mo joney;sibs wm jane cath elith + margt
1788   A 3    w  BRIDSON      John                     d 2 dec 1787;glover douglas;son philip;3 dau ann,esther + jane;wife ann execx
1788   A 4       CLARK        John                     [full]
1788   A 5       CORLETT      Robert                   Douglas, deed made 7 Jul 1787: sons Thomas (with son John), John (with son James) & James, dau Jane Corlett 
1788   A 6       CANNON       John                     d 21 jan 1788;3ch alice,charles + elizth;sons thos + john;wife margt execx;one child ua
1788   A 7    w  BRIDSON      John                     douglas;made 26 apr 1786;bequest of concerns in douglas to john s/o george oates glancruchery onchan;inv [?john s/o george oates + joney tear #30154]
1788   A 8    w  HUDDLESTON   Thomas                   d 9 feb 1788;douglas;wife execx
1788   A 9    w  BREW         William                  douglas;son wm,robt.john;wife cath
1788   A 10   jw STOWELL      George                   wife susanna als robson;;made 15 jul 1782;mutual execs
1788-1 E      d  CAIN         Mary                     d 10 mar 1788;son wm;other ch had setts;wm callister claims 20 + acquires title from wm
1788-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   d before 1777;bro nicholas
1788-1 E      w  CLARKe       Margaret                 dated 13 july 1786;son wm;dau margt exex
1788-1 E      se CUBBON       Thomas                   dated 9 jan 1788;to nephew wm cubbon(boal-y-vere)(+Wm's ch john(house douglas where john kneal dwells adj robt whitesides on north),jane,cath,ann (w/o richd cowley) [see SSS Oct 1787 70]
1788-1 E      w  KELLY        Elizabeth                see robt - alive
1788-1 E      jw KELLY        Robert                   robert + elizth als lowney;5 daus elizth,ann,margt,isabella + cath lewn als kelly;
1788-1 E      d  nye          James                    d 23 mar 1788;only ch rosanna ua;wife ann
1788-1 E      w  OATES        Robert                   dated 8 mar 1788;douglas;wife ann als costean (lands etc) exex
1788-1 E      d  QUIRK        John                     d 30 dec 1787;ch philip,john,cath,elizth,esther + deborah - ua(or too tender yrs) uncle wm quirk;wife christian;inv
1789   A 5       WHITTEN      Margaret    quay         d 2 oct 1788;douglas;names christian quillam,judy clucas widow gart malew;,rebeccah clucas widow of the gart;half sister bby fa margt;names thomas s/o david clucas douglas + others; appoints paul kelly + james caelling bth douglas execs, rose kelly w/o paul late decd acts with pledge john cannell her son
1789   A 6       KILLIP       Catherine                d 19 nov 1788;douglas;names jane gelling,peggy christian,ann keine;witts jane rilley, kath jones;cousin john christian exec
1789   A 7       GARRET       Philip                   douglas;son philip (house in douglas where joseph shaw lives);wife lucy execx;inv
1789   A 8       CURGHEY      Isabel                   mrs;douglas;made 12 nov 1788;gson paul wm kelly;gdau cath law (execx but abroad),isable killey;gson thomas kelley;names daniel mylechreest
1789   A 9       COWLEY       Philip                   d 14 jan 1789;douglas;two houses on sandside + another nr mucklesgate;son john;wife esther oates;
1789   A 10      MYLREA       Catherine                made 23 jan 1789;douglas;names wives of  john quayle labourer,robt caine,thos quirk;names elizth quirk,wm callister  + more;names margt callister w/o wm execx
1789   A 11      QUINE        Robert                   names robt quilliam + wife,danl kewley + wife,robt quine,thos quine (sheep that lodge at glondyneenmunney);sister elinor;gson thos lewn;gson thomas quine,gson wm cowley;son john exec
1789   A 12      CORRIN       Daniel                   made 1 mar 1789;labourer douglas;wife mary (house adj robt oates on south,philip kelly on north)
1789   A 13      HEYWOOD      Hester                   made 20 dec 1787;relict of thomas heywood deemster of the nunnery;son peter john heywood;dau mary pasley,hester holwell;son calcott;serv judith bell;son robt exec
1789   A 14      FARAGHER     Philip                   labourer douglas;3 ch wm,elizth,ann;wife ann als cain
1789   A 15      GELLING      Elinor                   relict richd gelling hatter nocrule braddan;dau mary mcquire;dau eleanor mealy; (some probs with admin of husb's estate);gdau margt corlett;dau jane (w/o robt corlett) execx;
1789-1 E      d  CLARK        Thomas                   minor s/o john clark (lately dead) + sarah d 19 mar 1768;mo died 1765;petn by esther clark w/o patrick (mariner in foreign parts) asking that thomas's unpaid legacy be divided names other sibs john,james,joseph (h/o petitioner),edward,jane woods als clark,sarah;
1789-1 E      d  CLEATOR      Robert                   d 26 mar 1789;3 ch robt,ann + jane ua;;wife jane;inv
1789-1 E      jw CORRIN       James                    mutual exec unnamed ch;
1789-1 E      jw CORRIN       Mary        KEWLEY       w/o james;dead
1789-1 E      d  COWLEY       Jane        KEWLEY       w/o john
1789-1 E      d  COWLEY       John                     h/o jane;perished by sea 5 yrs ago off coast of england;only ch john cowley;pledge joseph kewley miller onchan,wm bankes shopkeeper douglas
1789-1 E      d  CREER        William                  d 2 oct 1788;fa paul creer
1789-1 E      d  GARRET       William                  d 21 oct 1788;bach;fa wm
1789-1 E      w  KELLY        Paul                     d 28 apr;petn by edwd watterson + rose kelly als cannel als waterson widow of paul re infant dau elizth;will - dau lucy (house where robert twentyman lives commonly called white lyon);dau judith w/o john stephen;gson paul wm kelley (house in onchan wherein his fa my son robt lived + died + adj house),gson thomas (adj houses to is bro paul);servt thomas taggart;present wife 3 houses inc one captn joseph clark lives;half sister elizth w/o peter holland;rest to dau eliz - if she dies half to child of present wife by former husb, half to children of son robert;large inv ,claims,sales [note PK 2nd marr to Rose Cannell als Watterson - Onc 17870814 - one child Elizabeth to 2nd marr ]
1789-1 E      d  KILLIP       David                    depted isle 22 yrs ago;bach;no intelligence rcvd;next of kin andrew craine etc (se thomas)
1789-1 E      d  KILLIP       Thomas                   petn by andrew crain that thos perished by sea 34 yrs ago, house in possension of widow cath killip als christian who died recently,petr right heir at law as no issue of thomas now living;thomas born andreas;wm craine peel charged; decree nephews andrew craine,wm craine;neices esther crebbin als crane + joney crane
1789-1 E      jw MOORE        Eunice      HINKS        w/o philip moore
1789-1 E      jw MOORE        Philip                   'of the hills';son-i-l james oates (prop in douglas - several described);son-i-l john james murray h/o dau ann;dau mary quayle w/o wm;son philip (abroad for some yrs);dau margt w/o thos moore deemster (inc house where cath kavanagh widow lives adj edwd christians concerns);
                                                           dau mary quayle w/o wm high bailiff; (inc house occp by senhouse wilson + brewery, malt house kilns etc on n.east side of road douglas ballakermeen, inc pumpfield which supplies water);dau  elizth oates w/o james of oatland (inc part adj to that occp by george + ross redfern);dau ann murray w/o john james murray ronaldsway but now of city of york
1789-1 E179   w  Caesar       Robert                   will names nieces with bulk to margt + her ch inc old house below town of douglas - 2 copies of will with diff codicils;[see earlier on film for petn + court]earlier petn + long court case between john jos bacon  + wife ann  & francis delaprymme + wife jane + wm barton tennison + wife margt;
                                                           claimers inc catherina kavanagh + christian kavanagh;robt ceasar d apr; 1789 all in case involved via wives jj bacon 'bought his libel' of a false will;witt were mathias bankes knew rc 40 yrs states jane delapryme is neice + heir at law to estate ballahick?,ann + margt are sisters to jane, that rc would sell ballahick? some 8 miles from douglas; 
                                                           acct of death of rc;robert was bro of decd john ceasar ;matt bankes? had no fixed profession,somes went to herring fishery +  kept a public house for 14 yrs;john clague is master + clague's hotel in douglas;another witt john cowin said he was husbandman for RC's farm  (prev john ceasar's) rc was taken ill on visit on sunday preceeding shrove tuesday;jane macnemmer maidserv of mrs jj bacon;dr patrick scott physician,john curry surgeon;
1789-1 E321   d  ASKEW        Hugh                     whitehaven;d feb last;norris moore,gtlman + thomas corlet ironmonger douglas jt admrs;pledges wm bankes,thos witham;letter of attorney from betty askew
1789-1 E331   w  ROSS         Donald                   petn from widow cath als christian - he was  master + mariner of a vessel (dolly ) trading dublin to West indies;d 22 aug;will states native of rossshire appoints thos + robt black admrs but letter from them refusing court apoints cath - witt of handwring nih christian chaplain ramsey + john cannell cbt mkr douglas;no issue;inv
1789-1 E338   w  BETham       Richard                  dau anne betham execx,son cambell betham;witt robt jelly + thos barber
1789-2 E      w  CANNell      Thomas                   dated 30 jan 1786;glover + butcher douglas;ch by former + current wives left 1s;wife elizth als myleworrey (house next mr stowells stable + mr cains hse exex[m elizth mylworrey Bra 17680703 noted as wdwr]
1789-2 E      w  KAYLES       Ann                      dated 15 jun 1789;wm wilson exor;kinswoman cath corlet;names ann(w/o paul cowley),margt creer,isabel cowley,margt dall,cath tear
1789-2 E      w  KELLY        Joney       KEWLEY       made 6 jul 1789;widow;son wm;dau margt,elizth,cath(crop if she pays rent on croft),jane exex
1789-2 E      w  KELLY        Judith                   dated 17 jul 1789;husb john(house in douglas currently in possn of dau mary(to get 5s when husb takes possn);dau cath exex,jane;son robt (both off island);1792: john cown h/o mary
1789-2 E      w  KELLY        William,snr              made 18 apr 1789;boailshoggil;son john,robt exor;dau margt(to be paid 20s each year)
1789-2 E      d  LESLIE       Robert                   of calctta east indies,gentleman d 1785;only ch norman leslie ua (age 9)- his mo mary ann robertson als leslie + stepfa david robertson;pledges john colquhoun minister dissenting congregation douglas + wm nelson mercht c'town
1789-2 E      d  MITCHEL      Israel                   bach;late of douglas d at sea;mo esther gawn(w/o philip)
1790   A 6       KELLY        Elizabeth                douglas;dau isable,ann, margt (prop in douglas divided
1790   A 7    dg CRIE         William                  douglas;weaver;to james gell labourer house adj rent henry cain north,widow moore east,street south robert kewley west chief rent 3d
1790   A 8       CANNELL      Thomas                   douglas formerly northwestdale (+ barke) kk michael;daus ann,elizth + isabel;son charles,thomas;son-i-law john quay;gson thos cannell;;son patrick exec;wife alive;inv + sale + extensive funeral costs buried kk michael;petn from patrick cannell states thomas married 3 times and that he patk left destitute
1790   A 9       TEARE        Margaret                 d 11 nov;spinster;several legacies to friends;wm cannon + thos looney execs
1790-1 E      w  CAMMISH      Robert                   d 26 apr 1790;douglas;appt rich caomish douglas exor(to take care of his bro in Liverpool)
1790-1 E      d  CORRIN       James                    d 19 nov 1789;douglas;dau margt(w/o james casement),joney Llord(w/o henry);son john;thomas,john,judith,jane + cath quine next of kin(in right of their decd mo);inv
1790-1 E      w  MAXWELL      Alexander                dated 14 jun 1789;douglaswife sarah exex;unnamed ch of the wife;sarah refused pledges thus court appoints charles crow lezayre prin creditor as admr
1790-1 E      jw QUANE        Catherine   TEAR         dated 12 may 1790;jt will john quane carpenter douglas;son john now in e indies;dau mary;dr pat scott claims 1 1 0;
1790-1 E      jw QUANE        John                     see cath
1790-2 E      w  CAINE        Isabel      KEWLEY       dated 16 jun 1790;husb john exec;dau ann,margt (both ua);sons john,thomas,wm
1790-2 E      d  CUBBON       Margaret                 d apr 1790;ch john,margt(w/o john craine),ann(w/o james craine),cath(w/o wm quayle);
1790-2 E      jw KEIG         John                     jw john + margt;mariner;john dead
1790-2 E      jw KEIG         Margaret                 see john
1790-2 E      d  KEWN         Elinor      OATES        d 22 sep 1790;ch charles,robt,james,jane,margt(w/o john clark);husb christopher admr;pledges john clark,george oates
1790-2 E      jw LAWSON       James                    james + cath als kelly;douglas;son edwd(eldest) (dwelling hse + workhouse + tools),james;dau ann lawson als callow (house purchased off paul kelly [see SSS May 1786 64]);gdau cath cool;dau jane cool als lawson,judy roscoe als lawson;gdau cath + ds dated aug 1790;cath to son james + son-i-law danl callow;james dead by 1790 son james ;1796 wm seale h/o cath lawson;1797 edwd roscoe (liverpool) acks ;
1790-2 E      jw WATERSON     Margaret                 see thomas
1790-2 E      jw WATERSON     Thomas                   jt will margt;dated 26 apr 1790;douglas;names ann corkan
1790-2 E      d  WILLIAMS     Elinor      CHRISTIAN    d 10 sep 1790;deed of sale by husb edward to christian kelly dated 15 sep 1786; christian kelly admx
1791   A 4       CANNELL      Thomas                   dated 16 jul 1790;douglas;wife elizth als boid exex (inc land in co down);dau ann,margt,esther;gson danl clark
1791   A 5       COSNAHAN     Elinor      finch        dated 12 jun 1782;douglas;;names mary callow widow;husb hugh exor
1791   A 6    jw Hampton      Alice                    dated 10 nov 1790;jw thos;ballnybunt;gch (c/o john quilliam + cath hampton);gdau (c/o oates clucas + isabel hampton) esther,margt + jane clucas;c/o evan gelling(anne,isabel + robt);son robt(eldest son robt,george + anne);son thos ( ch robt,wm + margt);gdau jane,elinor gell;son thos;
1791   A 7       CREERE       William                  dated mar 1791;son wm (ua house sandside douglas);wife cath als kneen;witt wm killey,john creer snr;
1791   A 8       CAIN         Hugh                     d 24 dec 1790;mariner;douglas;dau margt exex (spinster douglas)
1791   A 9    jw CANNELL      Jane        quirk        dated 16 jul 1789;jw with husb philip;ballakermeen;dau margt quark,cath simpson,isabel (houses etc sandside adjoining rent of john finch)exex
1791   A 10      CALLOW       George                   dated 10 jan 1786;smith douglas;son george (+ a legacy to him from uncle john callow maghenny drol ? co down);dau margt,jane (both had setts);wife margt exex
1791   A 11      QUARK        Margaret                 dated 9 oct 1790;son robt;dau mary (w/o thos fayle),elinor clark,margt;gch margt gelling(10/6 to pay her schooling);husb robt exor
1791   A 12      CREER        Margaret                 sis anne;neice Elizth cain;names edwrd creer;bro Patt,james(exec) creer;sis Cath + Isabel;
1791   A 13      CANNON       James                    dated 17 feb 1791;douglas;bro thomas;sis elizth cowl;bro-i-law thomas cain;nephew george cain;bro wm,john + charles;mo ann exex
1791   A 14      KEWN         William                  d 2 mar 1791;douglas;dau elinor;son thomas;unnamed gdaus;wife elinor als cubbon exex
1791   A 15      CREER        John                     dated 24 mar 1790;renscault;dau cath kelly,elinor,rebekah + jane;gdau cath kelly;wife jane als taggart exex
1791   A 16      CAINE        Jane        christory    published 4 jan 1791;douglas;dau margt caine(house exex;son thos whittam
1791   A 17      cubbon       margaret    quine        dated 7 oct 1790;douglas;husb thos exor;dau margt(w/o john cannell),mary(w/o wm clague),isabel,ann(w/o john crebbin)
1791   A 19      MOORE        Margaret                 relict of Philip Moore of the estate of Boilavard[?]: son in law William Jick or Gick [jmo has ? not Wm Gick md Jane Moore 4 Jun 1765 Braddan]
1791-1 E      d  BREW         John                     d 11 apr 1791;ch john,philip
1791-1 E      w  CREER        William,snr              dated 23 oct 1790;awhallan;son wm ua;bro robt (jt exor with thomas corkill ooilican);petn states son wm age 6;inv + sale
1791-1 E      d  CUBBON       Peter                    d 16 mar 1791;douglas;ch peter,esther,elinor,isabel all ua excpt esther;wife isabel
1791-1 E      d  CUBBON       Robert                   d gibralter 1782;bach,mariner;bro wm (exor of mo alice cubbon als lewin);sibs margt philip als cubon,mary,jane + elizth;fa patk d before 1782
1791-1 E      d  CUBBON       William                  d 4 sep 1791 at liverpool;formerly of kewaigue but late liverpool;petn by margt cubbon;decree names sis cath quay als cubbon,richard oates h/o sis elizth + henry kissack h/o sis margt;also robt hampton attorney of jidith quine(of co of lancaster)  - judith claims she is residuary legatee;all paties consent to wm stole ballacreggan as admor;several creditors;proceedings in court til 1795;accts
1791-1 E      d  HEYWOOD      Peter John               d 2 yrs ago;wife elizth + ch mary,esther,elizth + isabella cited by creditor wm leece of liverpool to produce will court decides d intestate and appts wm leece admr;claims totalling over 1000;petm states pretended conveyance to son james
1791-1 E      d  MOORE        Christian   KERMOD       d 15 may 1791;sis isabel stevenson admr(w/o thomas who relinquished right to dau ann)
1791-1 E      w  QUAYLE       John                     dated 18 feb 1790;wife cath exex;petndated 27 aug 1791  by hugh caine husb of cath als quayle als cain;
1791-2 E      jw COOIL        Isabel      crigill      see patk
1791-2 E      jw COOLE        Patrick                  dated 13 jul 1791;douglas;mutual execs;patk dead
1791-2 E      jw KELLY        James                    dated 4 jul 1791;douglas;son-i-law john clague(h/o elizth),nicholas fail(h/o ann);gson james quayle;son charles ;james dead
1791-2 E      w  KELLY        John                     dated 4 jun 1790;names mary cowin als lewney,2 daus of pat cowley;niece bridget cowley als kelly exex
1791-2 E      jw KELLY        Margaret    cain         see james
1791-2 E      w  KEWLEY       William                  dated 29 apr 1789;douglas;son-i-law john crane;dau bella;gson wm crane;dau mary exex
1792   A 4       Lewin        Robert,snr               balliargey;john (cow called briggin);dau margt morrison als lewin;dau elizabeth;gson john morrison;eldest son robt (exec)
1792   A 5       NORMAN       Jonathan                 d 17 apr 1791;wife cath;witt cath + hester geneste;court finds 3 leg unm ch  -geneste norman,shuttlworth norman + edithope norman
1792   A 6       QUINE        Isabel      CHURPHY      gson thomas watterson;dau mary watterson, jane kewley;sons samuel + edward execrs;edward off island
1792-1 E      w  CALLOW       Emma        [halsal]     made 10 dec 1791;douglas;son george (house and back houses at the Sandside which my Father Silvestor Halsal purchased from late Paul Kelley + other prop),son wm; silvester;dau eliz (house purchased from James Alexander);dau Mary Anderson als Callow ;dau sophey (h+c in douglas james + eliz taggarts house);dau amelia (corlett's old house);dau Jane Crebbin als Callow ;dau ann (ua);dau Cathn Genest als Callow 
1792-2 E      dg FincH        Philip                   [Full]deed of gift to Hugh Cosnahan
1792-2 E      d  LAWSON       Anthony                  d 31 mar 1792;3 ch Ann (w/o Thos Quirk), Alice and Margaret Lawson
1793   A 8       OATES        Richard                  [full]
1793   A 9    ds BREW         Philip                   dated 18 aug 1792;'commonly called phil balldreene' to dau marjery w/o saml budd mariner(phil baldrene's house douglas adj wm callow,street + bulwark adj sand)
1793   A 10   ds WALKEr       George                   dated 25 oct 1791;formerly 52 regt foot now pensioner kilmainham hosp ireland;niece elinor clark douglas spinster
1793   A 11      BRIdSON      Ann                      dated 24 dec 1791;relict  john bridson glover douglas;gch ann+jane,john(d/o dau jane + husb thos kelly);gch wm,philip,robt + james;dau ann + esther (both now abroad);gdau ann(d/o philip);dau jane exex
1793   A 12      WATTS        Ann                      names peter watterson,isable kelly,matthew sympson exor;dr patr scott claims
1793   A 13      HUDDLESTON   Mary        kermode als stowell dated 20 mar 1793;widow;sis son john cain;elizth creere w/o rob creere (exor),esther quiggin w/o wm,elinr kinread
1793   A 14      CREER        Finloe                   d 1 mar;bro Robert;names john callister (exec)
1793   A 15      CUBBON       William                  dated 4 aug 1790;butcher;ch cath,wm;wife pregnant ? exex;1803: saml hill h/o cath
1793   A 16      KELLY        Robert,snr               ballabrew;dau elizth,ann;gdau jane+elizth;wife elizth exex
1793   A 17      COWLEY       Thomas                   dau Isabel Cowley, son Thomas, wife Isabel Cowley als Corlet; children underage & John Cowley & Thomas Creer of Braddan are uncles of [son] John Cowley on the father's side
1793   A 18      BUCK         William Powell           dated 18 apr 1793; of norwich;wife lucy als kelly exex
1793   A 19      SAYLE        Thomas                   dated 26 jan 1793;son wm;dau jane;wife ann exex
1793   A 20   jw BEARD        Robert                   dated 1 feb 1793;robert + bridget;baker;dau elizth dunwiddie w/o john nailor,margt;nephew alexander corlet
1793-1 E110   d  STOLE        Elizabeth   GAWN         d 18 apr 1793;9 ch john,wm,james,thomas,george,elizth,ann,susan,cath ;some ua;husb wm admr in trust;claims (quite large amts)
1793-1 E112   d  SOUTHCOTE    michael                  d 10 mat 1793;ballaughton;ch henry,philip,eliza,emma ua;wife eliza + son thomas_john refused;crditors patk tobin + wm callow;claims (many);inv rm by rm;sale
1793-1 E142   w  KEWLEY       John                     d 22 may 1793;tenant pt ballafletcher;killed by overturning cart on his body;wife cath exex;unnamed ch;house in douglas;ch ua aunt elinor creer guardian
1793-1 E144   d  FAWCETT      Catherine                niece cath brew exex but declined;creditor john stowell admr
1793-1 E151   d  Fazakerly    Bridget                  d several yrs ago;next of kin refused;petn by creditor thos killy mason douglas
1793-1 E155   jw BOOTH        Sarah                    made 3 jun 1785;bro saml gamble dublin;dau susannah,elizth,mary kayles;gdau sarah fannin (not 21);court 29 jun 1793: george booth totally incompetant passes to wm afflick(+wife susanna booth) + james kayle(+wife mary (sole next of kin)) + elizth booth(w/o peter fannin now off island) being ch + next of kin; all agreed admin by alexander mcclure + robt moore merchants;petn by fannin + affleck states kayll refuses to give in will for probate - kayle + george booth partners in a brewery nr douglas which formed considerable part of george booths effects
1793-1 E173   jw BOOTH        George                   dated 7 dec 1790;wife sarah exex but died before him - admin by ch (see sarah will);statement
1793-1 E184   d  CAIN         Charles                  d 17 jan 1793;ch charles,john,thomas,james,rose + judith;some ua;wife frances admx;inv acct
1793-1 E190   d  ARMSTRONG    Margaret    hodson       d 13 jan 1793;ch george,lancellotte,wm,ann + isabella;husb wm admr;pledges george redfern + john atkinson both douglas
1793-1 E191   d  CHRISTIAN    Dorothy                  d apr 1793;ch philip,margt (w/o john cowley),jane,cath,elizth + ann;costs
1793-2 E      d  CoRRAN       John                     d jul 1793;bach;mariner onElizabeth of liverpool;fa paul;pledges rev nichs christian + rev john bridson
1793-2 E      w  CURPHEY      Edward                   Douglas;mason;ch Edward, Jane,Catherine +  Elinor;wife Elinor als cowin;
1793-2 E      w  KILLEY       Robert                   worded 12 oct 1793;douglas;dau elizth(his watch);son john;sis jane coningham exex(w/o james cunningham)
1793-2 E      d  QUINE        Esther      KISSACK      d 20 sep;arderry;only ch margt;agreement husb robt + guardians John Kissag, Charles Kissag and Samuel Quine (uncles) [fam 20083 - h/o isabel]  security Thos Quine + Thomas Lewin; will pledges john lewin  + thos radcliffe;
1793-2 E      d  QUIRK        Philip                   d oct 1792;bach,mariner;mo christian christian als quirk(w/o thomas christian);sibs john,cath,elizth + esther quirk;bro john ua uncle wm quirk appt
1794   A 13      CULLEN       Michael                  undated;douglas;unnamed wife;dau elizth exex
1794   A 14      GELLING      Isabel      creer        delivered 28 nov 1793;w/o philip (ballafletcher);2 ch wm + margt
1794   A 15      CALLOW       Ann         hogg         dated 15 oct 1793;jt w peter + ann als hogg;douglas;ann had title to a croft near laxey called crot-e-caley for wch she gets 8s/year;petn states peter master taylor + scourer of cloaths;petns court that he is owed considerable debts
1794   A 16      KEWLEY       James                    made 10 dec 1793;late of Ballachroink but now of Douglas;son Robt(eldest),wm,thos,danl,james,pattk,philip; dau elizbth kewley als cain;wife kath als creer
1794   A 17      CAINE        John                     dated 29 oct 1789;parakemaker ?;house(currently occp by james adams + mrs elizth christian);sis esther;nephew john cowley(s/o wm + isabel)(should he return) ;mo alive;friend richd gelling exor in trust
1794   A 18      LEECE        William                  dated 10 jan 1794;bal-ne-moaney;son robt;dau ellinor;isabel,margt;gdau elizth [];gdau margt leece [ill]timate d/o son robt;gson robt s/o wm;son wm exor
1794   A 19      Quirk        Thomas                   d 31 jan 1794;douglas;wife margt exex
1794   A 20      AIKEN        Jane                     dated 8 feb 1794;jt will john + jane aiken;douglas;dau ann true? frue ?;son charles
1794   A 21      TOBIN        Patrick                  [Full];
1794   A 22      CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   on a pre printed form for navy dated 17 may 1788;wife cath;possible children
1794   A 23      OATES        James                    [full]
1794   A 24      CURGHEY      Catherine   lovely       w/o wm ballacregga;son thomas,wm,richd;dau jane;gdau cath curghy;cath callister als creer my weading gown;jane urghy that lives with us;witt john callister, margt curphey als clucas
1794-1 E      d  CAINE        Charles                  d Kingston jamaica jun 1794;bach;lately chief mate on "Bridget" guineaman of Liverpool;mother frances cain + sibs john,thos,james(ua),rose + judith(ua); John,thos + rose off island;
1794-1 E      w  CALLOW       William                  shopkeeper;douglas;son george(houses on sandside bought from late paul kelley);fa-in-law silvester halsal (other property inc cornea mill maughold + right + title to  smack Earl of Surrey trading douglas/liverpool);dau margt anderson als callow,elizbth callow,sophia callow,jane crebbin als callow,amelia,cath geneste als callow,ann ( youngest);son wm,silvester;(other douglas prop inc Ballaceses house adj house where Mrs Drumgold lives)
1794-1 E      w  CALLOW       William snr              ballachruink;son wm,john,nicholas,james,thos,edward;dau cath callow;wife cath als caine
1794-1 E      d  Cannell      Catherine   kelly        husb john(shopkeeper douglas);ch thos + john ua - uncles wm kelly + thos gawn supvs;petn by husb that very great injury to have his small stock of shop goods inventoried,apprised + sold  thus he will take upon himself maintenance of ch + allow 10 ea when at age - next of kin agree.
1794-1 E      d  COTTIER      Ann         GARRET       d mid jul 1793;of douglas but died kk german;husb wm + son thos out of isle;son john declined to sue out admin;bro-i-law patk corkill(who petns that buried her at his expense) + alledged prin creditor appnted admr;pledges wm graves + ahab sayle
1794-1 E      w  gICK         Margaret    KILLEY als clucas dated 29 oct 1788;widow;son ewan killey (if he be alive & shall come 5/-)son wm killey exor
1794-1 E      d  HAMPTON      Thomas                   d 4 mar 1794;ch francis,robert,william + margt;wife margt
1794-1 E      w  LEWIN        Ann                      declrd 15 sep 1794;sis margt mesienge ?of ireland,alice lewin douglas (widow),elizth kelly;bro ewan lewin braddan,john ;petn by john lewin gives margt mylevorrey als lewin w/o john;
1794-1 E      w  QUAY         Esther                   d 8 sep 1794;late douglas;illeg ch elizth tarney (ua);sis patience cowle als quay,margt cowley als quay,elizth cottier als quay;margt cubbon + elinor key witts & guardian to child (they refused - uncle richard cowin + wm cowle sworn;fa of child thomas tarney sworn guardian;inv + sale
1794-1 E      w  WHITTAM      Margaret    parr         dated 12 jun 1793;husb thos (stay maker, douglas) exor;ch thos,elizth mitchell,margt,aley(alice),nathem(son),george_john, john_parr(eldest - coren mill tuck mill Laxey rent 7s 9.5d - she has  mortgage)
1794-2 E      w  CORLETT      William                  d 8 jul 1794;bach;niece Molly living with Nicholas Neale(h/o Mary);sibs Danl Corlett,margt craine als corlet,johncorlett,ann boyd als corlet,phiip;nicholas neale exor;[Nicholas kneale(wdwr) m mary corlet bra 17630524]
1794-2 E      w  KELLY        John                     made 16 may 1793;jk jnr neighrebeg;son philip,wm,robt,thos,john ;dau ann,margt cath ;gson john callow;wife isabel als brew
1794-2 E      d  kelly        margaret    cain         d 20 aug 1794;douglas;ch charles + elizth(w/o john clague)
1795-1 E      jd BEATTY       Sarah                    w/o wm
1795-1 E      jd BEATTY       William                  douglas butcher;petn by mathias simpson;joseph shaw + wife + walter next of kin no attrmpt to admin
1795-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Margaret    [curphy]     w/o daniel;douglas;son robtdau eliz,cath;gdau jane quilliam; house + back house
1795-1 E      d  CLARKE       John                     bachelor private in fencible; s/o margt clarke (widow of James Clarke at time of petn), her son thomas abroad in king's service;bros tho wm + sis margt, wm of tender years
1795-1 E      d  CORKILL      John                     [bur reg lough gardener - see SSS May 1792 54]d 2 Feb 1795;ch Hugh Corkill +  Margt (w/o Andrew Croaghan) jt admrs; pledges Wm Cubbon + Thos Keig(both Castletown)
1795-1 E      d  HARPER       William                  d 29 Jan 1795; douglas, 3ch joseph, thomas_charles and eunice amelia harpur ua - mo margt;inv + sale
1795-1 E      w  KERMODE      Edward                   dated 27 Feb 1790;douglas mariner;wife cath als christian exex;
1795-1 E      w  KISSACK      John                     dated 27 Jun 1793;douglas, mariner;wife Eizth; dau eliz , jane twentyman als kissack exex;2 adj houses in Douglas known as the Muckle's gate+ empty ground at the Muckle's gate + dwelling house near mkt place adj John stephan's house
1795-1 E      w  LEECE        Amelia                   spinster;neice jane leece;nephews wm robt + john;bro john of santan their father;neice elin drinkwater als leece;bro wm of liverpool;sis brew neice jane leece by bro wm;nephew john jones if heard of;witt grace amnestey, jane drumgold but proved by only 1 witt .
1795-1 E      w  QUINE        Thomas                   2 youngest daus jane + cath; owed money by death of mother their uncle john curren douglas;son john dau judy death of gfa james curran
1795-2 E      w  HYNES        Jane                     dated 2 Jul 1791;widow, Douglas;relict Patrick Hynes; sis Anne Durie (widow Thomas Durie) exex
1795-2 E      d  PROCTOR      Anthony                  [?burial ];no next of kin;prin cred alex mcclure
1796   A 5       KILLEY       Jane                     dated 17 aug 1795;w/o john exec;son john;dau jane,margt;ch ua
1796   A 6       KELLY        John                     dated 31 oct 1795;shoemaker douglas;dau margt kelly;son edwd,philip (whatever may arise fro execship of thos cannell) exec
1796   A 7       CURGHEY      Margaret    craine       made 16 nov 1795;douglas now in braddan;ch thos,wm,john,mary + margt;husb wm exec
1796   A 8       SMITH        Thomas                   made 5 dec 1795;publican douglas;wife elizth als kay;;ch elizth d/o of 1st wife,sarah with 2nd + ch ann,george,wm + margt
1796   A 9       JOiNER       John                     dated 7 apr 1795;tailer ? douglas;names cath woods w/o thos woods mariner douglas (house);esther w/o john camace;sis isabel (1/-);
1796   A 10      CURGHEY      Thomas                   dated 30 nov [];late braddan now douglas;wife esther als creer als oats
1796   A 11      ANDERSON     Margaret    callow       dated 26 mar 1796;w/o james now of douglas (house left by fa wm callow purchd from james alexander + other houses + stock in trade)6 sisters cath w/o lewis  geneste,jane w/o rev charles crebbin,sophia w/o wm leece,elizth w/o thos stowell advocate + spinsters amelia + ann;
1796   A 13      drake        james                    dated 1 dec 1795;native ireland at present in douglas;son hugh (eldest);other ch patk + mary;names deborah brown als smith (all effects in isle) exex
1796   A 14   dg McYLCHREEST  Christian   shimmin      son-i-l thos cain + wife grace;nephew charles lace late of ramsey;
1796   A 15      cannel       philip                   petn by paul bridson + isable als cannell his wife re philip + jane cannel ballakermeen both decd;
1796   A 16   jw CANNEL       Philip                   philip + jane als quirk;dau margt quark als cannell;dau cath simpson als cannell;dau isabel execx (houses douglas adj john finch) dated 10 jul 1789;jane died 1791
1796-1 E      w  CAIN         Thomas                   dated 9 Jun 1795;Douglas;ch Jane, Margt (+ children) + Cath; wife Jony exex
1796-1 E      w  CORKILL      William                  Decree states Wm Corkill, mariner (late of Workington) did by late will(English court - large format + unreadable on microfilm) appoint Edward Quine (Quin in one section - mother states of Douglas) , mariner(Workington) exor - he appearing in Manx court refused to act + court on her petn appoints Sarah Corkill mother of sd Wm admx; will mentions 1/32 share of one vessel + 1/16th pt of another - also noted that edward Quine had already collected money + disposed of assets
1796-1 E      d  COWLE        Isabel                   d 5 Mar 1796;Douglas;ch John, Elizabeth, Jane + Elinor jt admx - John + Eliz of afge but too tender yrs - their fa John Cowle admr + supv of the ua ch;, Wm Moore(uncle by mo's side) also appt supv; pledges Robt Cowle (his father) + Wm Cottier(both Marown)
1796-1 E      d  COWLEY       Thomas                   mariner, dept Island abt 17yrs ago - no accnt for 13yrs - next of kin mother Cath Kelly als Cowley als Lewin + sibs Robt, John, Daniel, Jane, Elinor + Elizth jt amrs
1796-1 E      w  CUBBON       William                  dated 26 Nov 1791;Knock Bane;ch John(20s), Margaret Crain als Cubbin(20s), Ann (w/o James Craine) + Catherine (w/o Wm Quayle)jt exex
1796-1 E      w  GALE         Elizabeth                dated 28 Sep 1795;husb William exor; ch Wm(eldest son), Robt, John(infant), Caterine + Elizabeth;
1796-1 E      d  HAMILTON     Elinor      Cooileish    petn by Corporal Dan Hambleton 2 batt RMF  that my Elinor d 22 Jan [1796] and because I may be called away on service make over all goods to 6yrs dau Ellinor now living with James Stowell (Lonan) - court decrees Elin admx + fa Dan supv
1796-1 E      d  KELLY        Matthias                 bach; departed Island abt 20 yrs ago - no account ever been heard - sibs Robert Kelly + Cath Kelly(w/o Edward Brown) admrs; pledges Wm Keley + Patrick Kelly (both Braddan); petn stated he was tailor, Douglas
1796-1 E      d  MOORE        Edward                   d Dec 1795;Douglas;ch Mary + Ann Moore - Ann ua + Mart too tender yrs - their mother Margt Moore admx + supv, James Bancks als supv; sumner also charged Robt + Jane Cain 
1796-1 E      jw SHAW         Joseph                   jw  of Joseph + Jane Shaw; dated 18 May 1796;mutual execs; dau martha (under 21)  [Joseph bur Dsg 17960531]
1796-1 E      w  STOWELL      John                     Douglas;(prop + ballacreetch, wine in cellar);son wm,john;wife alive;sis-in-law susannah stowell (+ annuity to cathrine cannon);niece jane brown (+her son john);niece cath cosnahan + son joseph (house barn etc erected on part of John vinches landside);niece susannah (brick house on bulwark built by her fa) + her son George Blewn;  Mary current wife of son wm;wife alive and objects to will;
1796-2 E      d  HAMPTON      George                   d 22 jun;ch robt,joseph,jane + george all ua;wife joney
1796-2 E 0767 w  KELLY        William                  [last on gl727]dated 25 Mar 1793;William Kelly(miller, Pulroish) - ch Jane, Mary + Catherine (6s ea), Thomas; Wife Joaney als Moore exex - she sworn + appt guardians of ua ch
1797   A 10      FARGHER      Ann                      dated 5 dec 1796;widow douglas;dau ann exex,elizth;son wm
1797   A 11      McYLCHREEST  John                     d 9 nov 1796;daus (unnamed);son-i-law john cowel[?h/o elizth];son danl;wife exex
1797   A 12      KELLY        Jane        clague       dated 20 nov 1796;widow of john kelly algare [?m Bra 17620810 ?no ch];niece cath kelly als clague exex(w/o john)[?m Bra 17860603]
1797   A 13      GREEN        Mary                     [bur Onc 17961218 als roberts] dated 7 may 1796;widow ballabrooie;dau mary w/o george hayley;wants quaker burial 'like my ancestors without the parade of paul scarf or husband;'? george died 20th june wife mary a stranger [bur noted at Bra 17970619]
1797   A 14      CLUCAS       Catherine   [garret als stephen] d 8 jan 1797(sunday);w/o nicholas abbey lands;son john garrett,wm garrett;dau cath garrett,elinor garrett; [m nicholas  Bra 17860228 ?no ch - cath garret  als stephen was widow philip garrett] m mar 17571214]
1797   A 15      CAIN         John                     dated 2 jan 1797;laborer douglas;dau isabel killy als cain,jean (house sand side douglas),margt cain,ann cain;wife margt exex
1797   A 16      HAMPTON      Jane        quayle       dated 7 jan 1797;son john,nicholas;dau isabel,elinor,cath + jane;husb john exor;ch ua
1797   A 17      BRIDSON      John                     dated 27 mar 1793;dau margt exex(w/o charles cowle [m Bra 17670303]),ann,elizth;gson wm+john cowle,hugh alexander [s/o james + elizth bridson m m Mau 17670712];son-i-law wm hanton(wife decd without issue
1797   A 18      KELLY        Robert                   dated 26 aug 1796;dau margt cowley als kelly(house - her dau margt + jean - w/o john exex);son john
1797   A 19      CUBBON       Margaret                 d 10 apr 1797;widow;bro's dau elizth gelling;names wm gick malew exor;claims
1797   A 20      QUAYle       Catherine   [?karran]    dated 3 dec 1796;dau jane kissagg;bro gilbt karran;sis jane karran;gdau mary mcgoungle;dau eliner fargher exex
1797   A 21      CURGHEY      Ann         killip       dated 20 mar 1797;husb richard exor douglas;son wm(eldest),richd,edwd;dau jony;gdau jane curphy;gson wm curphy;dau-i-law judy curphy
1797   A 22      QUIRK        Thomas                   dated 24 apr 1797;dau mary;wife cath als hampton exex
1797-1 E      w  cain         ann         cannell      d 29 may 1797;dau sarah;husb wm
1797-1 E      d  cain         sarah       pikeman      petn husb wm cain ship carpenter;3 ch robert maragret sarah all ua;wm cain gfa on father's side and cath pikeman aunt overseers
1797-1 E      w  CLUCAS       Hugh                     braddan;d 14 june 1797;wife jane als creere [m Bra 17931022]
1797-1 E      d  DRUMGOLD     Jane        [stowell]    widow;only ch jane brown als drumgold  [petition unreadable on microfilm]
1797-1 E      d  GARRETT      Daniel                   douglas;wife ann;ch john & danl; john off island, danl ua
1797-1 E      w  LLOYD        John                     of n wales but now of douglas;fa edwd lloyd
1797-1 E      jw McCLURE      Alexander                renscauilt - alive
1797-1 E      jw McCLURE      Jannet      mcgullough   dead - no fam info 
1797-1 E      d  PIKEMAN      Sarah       [horsefall]  widow;4 ch alexander, sarah, isabella cath;wm cain h/o sarah ];
1797-1 E      d  QUINE        Isabel      [?stephan]   douglas;only ch isabel;husb john;philip stephan gfa of orphan;[?m San 17950830]
1797-1 E      d  STARKINSON   Lawrence                 petitn by wife of peel ;husb departed life at sea leaving 4 ch john jane ann eliz; ls formerly of town of douglas but recently a carpenter on the 'Africa Ship Eliot Captain Man'
1797-1 E      jw StuARt       Catherine                alive
1797-1 E      jw StuARt       Charles                  died;4 ch john charles esther barbary
1797-1 E      d  TWENTYMAN    Jane                     no ch & no next of kin on island; husb robert [there is a marr  Joseph twentyman to Jane Kissack  Bra 17830522 - no ch found
1797-2 E      d  CAIN         John                     perished by sea some time ago;bach;formerly douglas late mariner on 'Niper' sloop of war;mo Franes Cain; sibs thos,james,rose,judith;
1797-2 E      w  CASHIN       Ann         cain         dated 6 aug 1797;sibs john,pat, hugh cain;names judy w/o anthony lawson;
1797-2 E      d  COSTEAN      Robert                   d 29 Jun 1797;ch Thomas, Margt, Mary + Jane - all ua wife Ann supv
1797-2 E      w  CRELLIN      Margaret                 dated 4 Oct 1797;douglas;sibs Matthias (eldest bro), James, Philip,Ann Lawson;mother alive;sis-i-law Jane Crellin(widow) exex
1797-2 E      w  HAMPTON      Nicholas                 undated;cooper, Douglas;ch Robert,Nicholas, Margt, Ann, Judith, Elizth, Cath ,Eleanor, Fanny(youngest dau my part of house etc);gch Wm, Jane + Margt Shortrige;cousin Jane Cain;niece Judith Oates;wife exex
1797-2 E      w  LAWRENCE     Thomas                   dated 6 jul 1798(?);douglas;dau elizth,eleanor;wife eleanor exex;bro geo lawrence surgeon,liverpool
1797-2 E      d  LOWRY        Hamilton                 petn by Wm Oates(Douglas) that Hamilton Lowry(Downpatrick) d Nov considerably indebted;decree notes no next of kin appeared - Wm Oates admr
1798   A 12      GELLING      Robert                   dated 8 jan 1790;ballaotes;son john(eldest),robt,paul;wife margt als stevenson exex
1798   A 13      CURPHEY      Richard                  dated 11 oct 1797;douglas;son wm(eldest),richd,wm exor
1798   A 14      CREBBIN      William                  [full]    
1798   A 15      CALLISTER    Mary        kelly        dated 28 aug 1797;douglas;son john;bro john kelly (balloosallagh jurby)dau elinor + christian exexs;mathias kelly h/o elenor,robt clague h/o christian
1798   A 16      crELLING     Margaret    fargher      dated 12 feb 1798;son philip;mo alive isabel;husb philip
1798   A 17      WATERSON     Christopher              sis isable; thomas watterson s/o nephew thomas ; wife margaret alive;names mary meson w/o james meson who d. abroad;neice esther watterson;names wm curghy s/o Thomas Curphy Croft  vaeth;isable watterson d/o nephew thomas waterson
1798   A 18      CLUCAS       Jane        CREER        made 1 jan 1790;widow;fa robert creer ballamoddey exec    
1798   A 19      KELLY        Ellinor     CORTEEN      made 29 mar 1798;w/o john kelly snr neighrey-beg;dau cath,ann (husbs wm creetch maughold + thos caine braddan    
1798   A 21      AGER         Ann         mylrea       dated 14 jul 1797;dau ann;husb john(off isle) + dau jane jt  exors
1798   A 22      CORLETT      Esther      [gelling]    husb John Corlett, son John, dau Margaret, dau Mary, dau Esther, dau Jane, son William, mother Catharine Gelling; 4 daughters, maternal uncles of the children William and John Gelling
1798   A 23      CORKILL      Thomas                   dated 12 may 1797;douglas;cath lyons + her son robt ballandine douglas jt exors
1798-1 E      dg ADAMS        James                    dated 22 jul 1782;baker douglas;wife cath als barber als service als walsh.;ch john,cath;gson james adams;witt andw connor;george adams
1798-1 E      w  BREW         James                    d 19 jul 1797;house in douglas called silvester halsal's house adj philip brew on north + street or steps on south to nephew george callow;nephew john brew; niece elinor + ameliah? stowell;witt peter moor,kermotte stowell
1798-1 E      d  CAIN         Robert                   d abt sep 1797;ch judith,jane (w/o thos christian)
1798-1 E      d  CANNON       Elinor                   d oct 1797;douglas;ch christian cannon,margt barry als cannon;pledges john adams,john christian both douglas
1798-1 E      d  CLAGUE       Ann                      d dec 1797;spinster;mo ann gelling als clague;sis mary (w/o hugh alexander),margt,jane clague;
1798-1 E      d  CORLETT      Sarah                    d 1 aug 1797;ch robt,john,thomas,william,joseph,ann,jane,mary + elizth; (elizth + joseph ua);husb robert
1798-1 E      w  CORRAN       Jane        banks        dated 27 sept 1774;jt will wm + jane als banks;son mathias(eldest),wm,john;dau anne
1798-1 E      d  COWLEY       Isabel                   d 4 may 1798;spinster douglas;sibs wm,john,philip,eleanor quine als cowley(w/o edward),ann carine als cowley(w/o henry),jane + esther;
1798-1 E      d  CRAIN        William                  d oct 1797;ch wm,john(ua),margt,cath;wife margt
1798-1 E      d  GIBSON       Jane                     d 6 feb 1798;late of dalton but d. in douglas;sibs anne gibson,elizth brookbank als gibson(w/o bernard brookbank gilleath?),john ginson(decd - ch wm,thos,james,george),cath (decd - ch john taylor,esther sudle als taylor,betty caton als taylor,ann jackson als taylor,margt taylor,jane taylor); pledges john clague innkeeper;john colquohoun dissenting minister both douglas
1798-1 E      d  MATTHEWS     Alexander                d 16 sep 1794 at quimper gaol france;ch john (ua) + lucy;wife ann;pledges thos quiggan,paul bridson
1798-1 E      w  ROGERS       Ann                      d 9 may 1798;douglas;friend christor briscoe;witt deborah gelling
1798-1 E      d  WHITEHURST   Thomas                   d 20 jan 1798;rev thos w. late of douglas;no next of kin resident;prin creditor wm armstrong douglas;claims inc dr pat scott + george redfern
1798-1 E      d  WILLIAMSON   John                     d 29 sep 1797;surgeon douglas;no next of kin appeared;robt cleland prin creditor (jw d. at his house(?hotel));inv inc medical books etc,sale
1798-2 e632   w  courtney     maria                    dated 23 Jan 1798;Douglas;4 ch thos,richard,ann + sophia_isabella;names thomas whaley esq exec;witnesses John Curry, Valentine Goold, Tho Stowell;pledges thomas dawson esq + john atkinson watchmaker both douglas;[court KkPatrick 27 Sep 1798]
1798-2 e659   w  cubbon       thomas                   dated 7 feb 1798;Douglas;dau mary clague als cubbon w/o wm ,ann crebbin als cubbon w/o john ,isabel exex;john clague w/o isabel 
1798-2 e656   w  cunningham   james                    dated 2 mar 1795;Douglas;wife jane exex [?jane corlett m Bra 17860215]
1798-2 e663   w  kermot       thomas                   dated 16 sep 1798;Douglas;4 ch ann,thomas,john + wm;names margt cubbon + margt lewin;wife exex
1798-2 e657   w  killey       thomas                   dated 23 jun 1798;Douglas;weaver;names james kelley patrick;sis mary cannell exex (+ her son robt)
1798-2 e666   d  rankin       catherine   [morland]    d 14 aug 1798;Douglas;4 ch john,charles,freers [bapt Dsg 17940503],dorothy;husb freers;pledges j g smith, wm kindson both douglas
1798-2 e665   d  sedden       peter                    d 21 apr 1798;Douglas;no next of kin - wife elizth
1799   A  8      OATES        William                  [full]made 13 aug 1798;bach;bro edwd exec;bro-i-law john gelling (draught + measurement books)
1799   A  9      CHRISTIAN    Catherine   kewing       dated 24 mar 1794;douglas;husb patrick; ch thos,dorothy,cath + elizth,ann + elinor;thos killey h/o dorothy,john kinread h/o elizth;inv;richd cooil h/o elinor
1799   A 10      CORLETT      Ann                      widow of Douglas, made 14 Feb 1795: dau Jane wife of John Smart of London; son Robert Corlett (wife Sarah); dau Ann Place widow; Ann Corlett wife of Wm Corlet (boatswain)   [Ann Corlett md 3 Jul 1758 St Peter Church Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, to William Place]
1799   A 11      CLUCAS       Miles                    [full]
1799   A 12      CALLOW       John                     dated 4 feb 1799;advanced in years;dau christian exex;5 daus
1799   A 13      CHRISTIAN    Elinor                   dated 3 nov 1798;douglas;dau margt (dwelling hse douglas where wm sutton resides with thatched house adjoining),elinor (hse adj to margt + old tholtan adj to garden purchased from john hair),dau mary (house adj the house I live in);son thomas (dwelling house)
1799   A 14      CREBBIN      William                  uttered 7 mar 1799;dau margt(eldest),cath (cow called stately),esther (youngest + exex);un-named only son;gch hannah + wm crebbin;
1799   A 15      COSNAHAN     Hugh                     [full]
1799   A 16      MORRISON     Thomas                   dated 11 mar 1799;labourer douglas;wife elizth als brownell exex
1799   A 17      CANNON       Catherine                dated 1 apr 1799;douglas;names margt + charlotte d/o wm fail douglas;names thomas cannon's wife;niece margt cannon exex
1799   A 18      WILSON       George                   dated 6 apr 1799;innkeeper douglas;wife frances exex;ch elizth,frances,john,robt,george
1799   A 19   jw FARGHER      William                  dated 15 oct 1795;mariner douglas;jt mutual will wife eleanor als quirk [m Ger 17800921 ?no ch]
1799   A 20   jw CAMAISH      Margaret                 dated 15 jan 1798;jt will husb john tailor douglas;gdaus margt + ann carron (c/o john + margt als cmaish),gdau cath carron;daus ann + margt;gch john,wm + cath carron
1799   A 21      CANNELL      Elizabeth                douglas;mo jane cannell (house currently occp by wm wilson known as mrs beands ? hse);unnamed sibs
1799   A 22      SKILLICORN   Joney                    Douglas: nephew Pat Brew, smith
1799-1 E      w  CANNELL      Margaret    FINCH        jw dated 13 aug 1784; husb coultry cannell;dau margt + elizth
1799-1 E869   w  KELLY        Jane                     dated 9 oct 1790;sibs john + mary gick;youngest step-bro john kelly (to be sent to trade);fellow servant peggy;step-sibs john + cath quayle;aunt ann christian (nr peeltown);mistress elizth moore exex (w/o edward)
1799-1 E871   d  SIMMONS      Thomas                   bach,mariner native england;petn by alexander leang that ts boarded with him until he caught smallpox of which he died after 2 weeks;
1799-1 E875   w  stOWELL      Jane                     dated 2 may 1799;w/o john exec;son john,james;sis judy curphey,isable stowell
1799-1 E877   w  CRAINE       John                     dated 30 apr 1799;son robt (heir);dau esther kewleys als craine;wife margt als cubbon exex
1799-1 E879   w  COOILE       Isabel      CRENILT      dated 17 may 1799;widow of patk;;names cath w/o matthew simpson + isabella bridson als cannell w/o paul;friend matthew simpson exec
1799-2 E      jw BRIDSON      William                  wm + ann als cosnahan both douglas;ch ann,paul,alice,john + hugh
1799-2 E      w  CANNELL      Margaret                 dated 2 aug 1799;mo jane exex
1799-2 E      d  COWIN        Elinor      CREER        d feb 1798;ch john, wm + margt all ua;husb danl;uncles philip + m creer
1799-2 E      w  CUD          Elizabeth   SKILLECORN   w/o john exec;un-named ch;
1799-2 E      w  GELLING      Charles                  jt will wife jane dated 23 apr 1798;mariner douglas;dau mary mcadams wdw frances mcadams mariner;(house strand st)
1799-2 E         KEY          Evan                     made 18 jun 1799;shoemaker, douglas;dau isabel (eldest, lands + houses strngford braddan), margt + elinor kewin,cath (house in douglas bounded by Philip Moore pulrose on west, john Kelly east);gdau eliz kewin (house robt corkil dwellks adj prop John Stephen + vacant ground adj Robt corkill);wife margt;nephews john + robt key;pledges ewan key marown, john key douglas
1799-2 E      d  THOMPSON     Mary                     d 23 sep 1799;ch frederick_craven_powney_walker,richd_barry,mary all ua;husb john
1799-2 E      d  WILSON       William                  decree dated 30 May 1799;d 12months ago;prin creditor James Kayll admr;
1799-2 E      w  WOODS        James                    dated 29 Apr? 1799;Douglas;ch George, Ann(w/o Charles Norris);bro-i-law patk Quirk;wife Isabel exex;claims

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