Summary of Wills - Braddan post1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explanation of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1800   A 7       SKILLICORN   Mary                     made 19 mar 1800 w/o james;son george,dau elenor,cath
1800   A 8       KILLEY       John                     d 6 nov 1799;douglas;sis mary quark als killey execx;witt hugh quirk
1800   A 10      MACAWEE      Patrick                  formerly kk michael;son philip,dau leonra quayle,dau jane cain,dau margt kelly (w/o robt) execx
1800   A 13      COWLEY       Esther      OATES        made 13 jan 1800;widow of philip;son john + wife margt (houses in 2 at garden tenented by john cotcher,john neil,john cown + john quirk; + house adj late john kissack's house now occ by marry bown);dau jane quine als cowley;gdau ann,margt cowley + others
1800   A 14      CHRISTIAN    John                     declared 10 mar 1800;house in which he lived to revd hugh stowell + nich christian for use of poor
1800   A 17      WATERSON     Esther                   [full]
1800   A 20      CALLOW       William                  made 25 jul 1797;s/o wm callow late of douglas decd;bros george + silvester;
1800-1 E         CHRISTIAN    Philip                   d jan;petn john cowley + wife margt als christian names next of kin philip christian,cath w/o anthony lewthwaite,jane christian kk bride,ann + eliz christian douglas;will but also decree 6ch philip,cath,jane,ann,eliz + margt; will names house in douglas sandside,adj wm kneal west,back st north,road to dropping well east,street leading to market lanr south
1800-1 E         CURPHEY      Jane        Camaish      d 27 feb 1800;ch wm + john ua fa wm;inv
1800-1 E         FINCH        John                     d 11 apr 1800;bach;douglas;sis elizth bankes als finch,the ch of wm christian(douglas) decd in right of decd mo another sister (they all relinquish to coultry cannell),coultry cannell(douglas) by another decd sister admr;husb wm
1800-1 E         KEY          Margaret    QUINE        d nov 1799;widow douglas;ch isabella jones als key,cath kewen (?) als key,margt swib ? als key (isable + margt off island);pledges john key douglas, robt key marown;
1800-1 E         KINREAD      William                  declrd 9 jun 1800;labourer douglas;names margt w/o robt fayle exex
1800-2 E         CREBBIN      Hester                   made 16 aug 1800;widow;douglas;prev jw with husb dated 8 jan 1797; daus hester whiting,cath crebbin,isabella grice,jane crebbin,elizth crebbin + mary crebbin;son Paul + friend Robt heywood execs;Paul crebbin capt in HM Marines; husb was Wm Crebbin mercht douglas;Heywood lately decd by aug 1800
1800-2 E         EVISON       Ann         HARRISON     d 12 Dec 1799;douglas;3 ch John townley Evison, Mary Ann Evison + Charlotte Evison jt execs - ua - their fa John sworn;pledges John Clague (innkeeper Douglas) + John Gelling (sumner ? Braddan)
1801   A 11      OATES        Thomas                   [full]
1801   A 13      LAWSON       Judy                     w/o anthony;douglas;dau alice (house) exex
1801   A 15      COWLEY       Margaret                 made 23 dec 1800;cregenarroo (otherwise lagnemucly);son wm (awhallen);dau margt exex;gson thomas radcliffe (if he stays with aunt margt to work land)
1801   A 16      WATTERSON    Margaret    curphy       dated 4 mar 1801;douglas, names bro's son Thomas Curphy(clerk of Braddan);sibs wm curghy,thos curphy;sis's dau Jane Kewley als Quine;names Hester d/o Charles Kewley, mary quine als mason, cath d/o Wm curphy, mathias s/o thos curphy;names Jane Quark(w/o john) als kelly als Curphy + eleanor curphy als cowin jt execs
1801-1 E         CANNELL      Coultry                  d 15 may 1801;ch margt,elizth(off island) + jane(ua) jt admrs;pledges robt cannell + Wm Christian (both douglas)
1801-1 E         REDFERN      Mary                     [full];
1801-1 E         REYNOLDS     Frances     mcclear als bell d ireland;petn by son alexander mcclear that mo had left  2 trunks in care of jos shaw + wife jane;decree states of droghedra 6yrs ago only ch alexander
1801-2 E         CAIN         Margaret                 dated 22 apr 1801;douglas;dau isabel,jane(house,shed + small yard) exex,margt;decd husb john
1801-2 E         CORKILL      Robert                   dated 16 jul 1801;douglas;son-i-law alexander cottier;wife judith exex
1801-2 E         KELLY        John                     d 28 jun 1801 coast of west indies;ch john,margt,ann + cath;wife ann;petn states 4 ch ua (one at trade in Liverpool)
1801-2 E         LEES         Job                      merchant;halifax yorkshire;dau mary,elizth;exors james dobson(london grocer) + charles George(yeoman Halifax)
1801-2 E         Lyon         Ann                      see wm
1801-2 E         Lyon         William                  travelling chapman;petn by alexr Rigg (douglas);wife ann;no next of kin on island
1801-2 E         MOORE        Philip                   formerly of the Hills d leghorn;mercht;no goods to inventory
1802   A 5       OATES        Isabella    GELLING      [full]
1802   A 6       QUIGGIN      John                     [?bur Bra 18011225 age 93] ballagary;dau jane,margt;son john,thos exec
1802   A 7       OATES        Ann         CHRISTIAN    [full]
1802   A 17      LEWIN        Alice                    dated 4 Mar 1801;Douglas;names Thomas radcliffe(Douglas) exor; Witt Charles Radcliff + John Alexander(also pledges)
1802-1 E         CREER        Isabel      FAYLE        d 7 nov 1801;ch john,danl,jane,elizth,isabel + margt + paul,robt + thos quirk c/o decd child mary quirk ;
1802-1 E         MOORE        Elinor                   d mar 1802;late douglas(milliner);robt moore shopkeeper appointed as no next of kin appeared
1802-1 E         QUIRK        Mary        CREER        d 14 oct 1801;ch paul,robt + thos;husb paul (app admr) inv;
1803-1 E         CAINE        Judith      SAYLE        d 21 may 1803;ch john,jane,elinor,cath + judith
1803-1 E         CLAGUE       William                  d mar 1803 in dublin;mariner douglas;ch wm, ann, esther + elizth - all ua wife Ann sworn admx + guardian
1803-1 E         SKILLICORN   Elizabeth   black         9 apr 1803;ch john + Margt Skillicorn(w/o Wm Jackson) jt admrs
1803-1 E         WATSON       Richard                  d abt 5 years ago;formerly of Douglas but late gunner's mate on H M S Romulus; wife Christian admx
1803-2 E         CORLETT      James                    d 23 sep 1802;son john_james - ua;wife elizth (pregnant) - admx + guardian;
1803-2 E         COWLEY       Patrick                  dated 27 may 1801;lagg-ny-muckley (or creg-y-narvoo);dau margt cowley exex
1804   A 16      CREER        John                     made 21 mar 1804;shoemaker douglas;dau elizth (eldest w/o john cain),margt (w/o robt kelly), jane,cath,christian + elenor;son wm (eldest),robt (tools);wife margt als hampton
1804-1 E         Bonvillett   Maximilian               next of kin maximillian taviene of dublin;lewis genester attorney 
1804-1 E         LEECE        Sophia                   w/o wm see braddan will
1804-1 E         LEECE        William                  [full] 
1804-1 E      w  LEWIN        John                     dated 21 jun 1803;sis mary williams;mo alive;wife emmy exex pregnant
1804-2 E         CREER        John                     d may 1804 on board african ship Governor Whitworth of Liverpool;bach;fa thos;bro philip
1804-2 E         KEWLEY       Robert                   dated 24 Aug 1804;joiner, Douglas;ch James,Judith (exex);wife alive;witt Susanna Kennaugh, Alice Kewn
1805   A 6       QUINE        John                     [full]
1805   A 19      COTTIER      John                     dated 20 mar 1805;formerly Ramsey now Douglas;bro's son(now heir of Narradale Lezayre);dau mary(w/o peter moore) exex
1805-1 E         BACON        William                  dated 28 may 1805;fa john_joseph;sis Mrs frances grier(+4 ch),christian(w/o saml bristow);wife cath exex;claims
1805-1 E         cavindish    christian                [?in BL's index][bur Bra 18040313 as als cannon] dated 10 Dec 1801;Douglas;ch Margt(eldest dau + w/o Tho Kearin);son-i-law Thos Freer (+wife Ann - all her property etc) exor; Sumner charges John Cavindish(Kk Micael), Wm Cavindish(Douglas), Charles Cain(Kk Michael), Wm Carin(Kk Michael) + witts Thos Cowin + Quayle Stowell;
1805-1 E         CHRISTIAN    Isabel                   dated 22 Aug 1804;Douglas;ch Elizabeth(house in Douglas wherein lives Alice Cottier), Jane(house in Douglas wherein Daniel Quiggin lives), Edward(£5), Wm(£50);husb Daniel Christian exor;
1805-1 E         CURPHEY      Robert                   petn by widow Jane [m as wdw Jane Kelly ?als Gelling] that Robt found dead on highroad nr Kk Braddan on Thurs 25 Apr;ch John, Robt, Wm, Richd, Jane, Elizth + Margt jt admrs - 4 youngest ua + others too tender yrs - widow admx in trust
1805-1 E         KNEALE       Judith                   dated 21 Oct 1804;widow, Douglas;gch Isabel (house in douglas bounded by John Kewley Ballnaird on north, street on west, John Quirk's house on south + sea-shore on east) + Judith Watterson(c/o John Watterson my son-i-law exor)
1805-1 E         LEWIN        Margaret    cottier      jw John + Margt als Cottier;dated 17 jun 1803;ch John(house etc in Douglas situate in lane adj Capt Clarke's garden at our decease), James + Robert(that part of premises called the workshop), Catharine Hartstrange als Lewin(household goods in house + shop) - Margt dead, 
1806   A 8       CREER        Thomas                   dated 26 apr 1805;ch robt,edwd,wm,thomas,danl,paul,philip + elizth;wife mary als caralaugh exex
1806   A 13      CREER        Robert                   dated 10 nov 1790;Awhallin Boldin;sis jane,cath kewley,isabel;bro robt,john,james;wife amy exex
1806   E         BONNYMAN     Mary        RADCLIFFE    w/o Alexander Port e chree;6 ch George, Radcliffe,Mary Ann Eliza Jane Abigale and Betsy Bonnyman ;1827 James Curphey h/o Eliza;1827 Jane Abigail Rankin als Bonnyman and Andrew Rankin rcvd 50;
1807   A 14      OATES        Elizabeth   CUBBON       [full]
1807   A 17      CREER        Elizabeth   KELLY        dated 17 dec 1806;jt will robt + eliuzth als kelly;ballamodey;son matthieas(heir);dau margt hampton,cath collister
1807   A 23      CREER        Paul                     dated 22 jan 1807;dau cath cain,ann hutchen;son-i-law john fargher;gdau mary gelling,jane hutchen,john,jane + margt fargher;son john + son-i-law john fargher exors; john fargher dead by 1807 - wife jane exex;john creer (ballaoates)also appointed sis jane fargher als creer his attorney
1807-1 E      jw CAINE        Daniel                   dated 20 dec 1806;danl + isabel als knipe;son John (decd - sons wm + john);ch of Paul Knipe(decd - john,james,isable,jane + margt);1812: john knipe acks from Jane Knipe exex of Isabel caine exex of daniel;
1807-1 E         CAINE        Thomas                   dated 29 Jun 1807;son James; wife exex
1807-1 E         COLQUHOUN    John                     rev john colquohon; no relns apply; Robt key admr
1807-1 E         CORLETT      Judith                   douglas;Esther clark als moore(w/o joseph) exex;pledges Rev John Bridson marown, Wm crebbin;
1807-1 E         FORDE        John                     d 22 mar 1807;drowned Douglas harbour;admr John Davis esq douglas
1807-1 E         GIBSON       Catherine                see joseph
1807-1 E         GIBSON       Joseph                   late of London wife Cath (also decd) - long wills;acct of sale of house in Douglas to John Quayle(Douglas)
1807-1 E      w  KELLY        Robert                   dated 26 jul 1806;wife elizth als stevenson exex;ballawillin;dau elinor,cath,elizth(youngest);son Robt(eldest),mathias,wm;1826: daniel kaneen h/o elinor,wm callow h/o cath;John Kneen(maughold) h/o elizth;son Robt decd many yrs ago   only child Wm kelly acks from (step fa) Isaac Kendal h/o elizth
1807-1 E      jw QUAYLE       John                     John (master + mariner) + Elizth als fitzimmons; Dwelling houses and premises Douglas and in Castletown;ch wm,elizth (w/o Robt  Banks),isabella (not 22)
1807-1 E         RONALD       Robert                   dated 11 dec 1800;wife elizth;unnamed ch;witt Nichs christian + alex McClure;claims
1807-1 E         SPARKS       John                     some time ago perished by sea;mariner;petn by natural ('maternal in decree) sister hannah wilson;docs inc attest to birth of john + hannah of  stoke damuel devon;john son of abel sparkes decd + elizth who then married charles wilson mariner (now decd)
1807-1 E         TURNER       Samuel                   'desire to be buried as privately as possible in same grave my .. child that died last Summer.' Eliza Thomas exex;
1807-2 E      jw CAINE        Thomas                   Thos + elinor cain als moore;ballahutchin;dau jane grandin als caine [#11721 m etienne Bra 17831209];gch stephen, john + jane grandin (resid exex)
1808   A 14      KEWLEY       Catharine   CREER        dated 4 dec 1807;douglas;son robt(eldest),philip,wm,patrick,daniel (exor);dau elizth cain als kewley;sis isabel creer;gdau cath cain
1808   A 18      BRIDSON      Jane        corrin       [full];made 5 dec 1807;formerly ballavarkish Arbory;son Paul [?bapt],dau Ann Perry
1808   A 27      FORBES       Alice                    dated 16 may 1806;husb edward (douglas merchant);witt edwd forbes junr, james moore;
1808   A 28   ds KEWIN        Catharine   KAY          dated 20 nov 1806;only ch margt + elizth;house in douglas(adj edwd caley ,john kelly + street);elizth ua;codicil 9 jan 1808 john+jane kelly to be guardians + elizth to to taught trade of mantua maker;
1808   A 36      WOODS        Elinor      COSNAHAN     date 5 mar 1800;dau elizabeth;
1808   A 37      FANNIN       Elizabeth                [Douglas]petn by dau Elizabeth that mother (widow of Peter Fannin) left her exex - her only sibs George + Sarah also support petn;Will dated 19 Jan 1808;ch Sarah (eldest dau), Susannah (if she recovers from her present illness), Elizabeth(exex - for care + attention given to me for many years), George; [Susanna bur Braddan 18080129 as spinster; Elizabeth bur Bra Bra 18140308 [?if Douglas St Georges where mother buried] ]
1808   A 45      CALLOW       Margaret    QUAYNE       jw dated 8 april 1808;husb robt;dau isabella left 40 to support other3 - jane,margt + mary;robt died shortly after margt appointd dau margt(w/o thomas cowley exex)
1808   A 45      CALLOW       Robert                   see margt -
1808   A 47      GELLING      Isabella                 dated 17 apr 1808;Ballamillaghyn;sis Cath Cubbon als Gelling, Elizth Kewley als Gelling;niece Cath Gelling(d/o late Wm Gelling), Cath Scarf als Kneal, Ann Quine als Kneal, Margt Gelling(d/o John Gelling), Margt Gelling(do Philip Gelling);bro Thos Gelling;fa John Gelling exor (who relinquished in court to her sibs - John(abs), Philip, Wm Kewley(h/o Elizth) + Cath Cubbon; acks by  James Scarf(h/o Cath als Kneale), John Cowin (h/o Ann Quine als Kneale) (all Lonan) - cath cubon, elizth kewley, Margt Pierson, Margt Gelling, Cath Kissack also ack
1808-1 E         HAMPTON      Mary                     dated 13 nov 1801;non-cup;husb matthias;Ballaquiggin;son nicholas,simon(exor);niece mary (d/o wm bridson malew)
1808-1 E         HEYWOOD      Robert                   dated 11 jan 1808;son calcot (how brewery adj Holme's fishhouse - pt of nunnery how  + other land) (considerable land),john_joseph(bermahague + ground of burnt mill nr shore);first wife margt (her 2 dau hester (decd)+ margt (margt thomson)+ decd son tho);dau jane + elizth(not yet 21);serv thos wood;to be buried in vault next to wife elizth;codicil serv wm christian
1808-1 E         KINREAD      Christian   cowin        d 19 aug 1808;ch john,james, thomas + ann
1808-2 E         BREW         Arthur                   [in bk 2]Douglas;perished by sea 7 Apr 1807;only child Wm(absent from court);wife Isabella sworn
1808-2 E         STOWELL      Elizabeth                dated 1 jun 1800;husb thos stowell (advocate douglas);unnamed ch;
1809   E         BROWN        Henry                    dated 29 May 1809;late of Bonsal Derbyshire but now Douglas;clerk [curate] of St Matthew's chapel;unnamed bro's children;2 unnamed daus; wife Margt (of Bonsal) exex - Wm Lewin, Philip Quayle + John Harrison admrs in trust; leaves to singers of St Matthew's chapel such musick books as they used to sing by in sd chappel to be at discretion + possession of Wm Lewin(Douglas)
1809-1 E         GARRETT      Philip                   dated 24 Jan 1809;weaver, Douglas;names Thomas Quayle(who lives in my house - my interest in a herring fishing boat 'Peggy' of Douglas);gson John Kneen exor;bro Wm (Andreas + his son John to be guardian of John Kneen till reaches 16)
1809-1 E         LOGAN        William                  d Sep 1808;master + marriner Douglas;no issue;father Robert;wife Christian als Cowin;sibs Robt(eldest bro, Maughold), John(abroad), Jane(w/o John Quayle now abroad), Christian Agnew als Logan, Ann (w/o Philip Quayle, Douglas), Elizabeth (w/o Samuel Dyrers)+ Mary(w/o John Christory, Maughold) jt admrs - all relinquish in favour of wife - annexed agreement  in wch wife reliquishes any settled property from Wm's father Robt;[m Christian Cowin Bra 18000306 - both of the parish]
1810   A 10      CAINE        Frances                  [Douglas]widow;ch Judith(exex -w/o Thomas Cleator, house carpenter, Douglas - dwelling house in Douglas), Thomas(gold ring + 5s)
1810   A 16      CLARK        Joseph                   declrd 5 jan 1810;lieut JC;wife exex;unnamed ch ua [see SSS Oct 1821 11 + other deeds]
1810   A 20      FARGHER      Quayle                   [Full]
1810-1 E      d  DOUGLAS      William                  d 13 Oct 1809;court appts Mathew Smith admr
1810-1 E      d  fayle        Thomas                   d 21 Dec 1809;wife Ann (court appts her admx in trust)
1810-1 E      w  KEWLEY       James                    dated 5 Jan 1804;Douglas;unnamed wife exex; Witt Cathrine Lyons, William Kewley (also a pledge with Christopher Karran)
1810-1 E      d  THOMPSON     Ann         kneale       d 7 Jun 1810;ch Elinor + Eunice Kneale, Anna Thompson jt admxs; Elinor Kneale at age but requests admin committed to Wm Kneale + Thomas Cowin;Petn by Wm Kneale(Grawe, Kk Lonan) + Thos Cowin (BallaCowin Lonan) states that in 1800 appt guardian + supvs of Elinor + Eunice Kneale (daus of James Kneale decd), widow then married John Thompson(then an ensign in Fencibles) and with husb were possessed of a considerable quantity of goods at her death part of which were then property of Elinor + Eunice - John Thompson is currently selling + disposing of goods.;claims
1810-1 E      d  WHITTAM      Thomas                   d 18 Oct 1810;late of Liverpool;court decrees son Thomas Whittam admr;petn by son Thomas Whittam (Douglas) states 4 sons + 2 daus - widow who was 2nd wife but that father was considerably indebted to him
1811-1 E      w  BARROW       George                   d jul 1810?;Douglas;wife Ann;John Leigh + William Redding exors;unnamed ch give admin to mother;pledges George Callow + Thos Cleator (both Douglas)
1811-1 E         BLACK        John                     d beyond seas;fa wm admr
1811-1 E         CORLETT      William                  petn by bro Edwd (douglas)that d 13 dec 1810 whilst in H M Navy (known as William Bell) - edward only surv bro + next of kin;
1811-1 E         CUBBON       Catharine   gelling      d 11 may 1811;9 ch wm,john,thos,robt,james,jane(w/o matthias cain),cath,ann (w/o rchd cowley)+ margt
1811-1 E         KARRAN       Elizabeth                dated 16 apr 1811;now douglas but late liverpool;sis ellinr colvin(w/o james colvin kk marown) exex
1811-1 E         KEWIN        John                     d 8 yrs ago beyond seas;sibs thos + cath(w/o john kneale)
1811-1 E         KEWLEY       John                     curate douglas; d 3 Nov ;ch John, Ann, Elizth, Susannah - all ua - mother supv;pledges John Caesar Gelling + her Bro George Stowell;
1811-1 E         McCLURE      Alexander                dated 10 jun 1811;son john(exor ballaview),wm,james,robt;dau eliz,margt,cath,jane,emilia charles;wife cath als fayle (5 ch by her);petn son john;1825:dau cath (her step fa john shimmin)acks exor in trust thos fayle;1823:dau margt acks;1829 dau jane acks
1811-1 E         QUIGGEN      Robert                   [poor copy];dated 6 jun 1811;dau ann(house);son john,daniel,henry;wife exex
1811-1 E         QUINE        Elizabeth   cowin als clucas dated 17 feb 1807;widow;sis jane morrin;gson john lewin(c/o esther lewin als cowin - all houses etc purchd from david cottier douglas - main st on east,robt kelly + john cowley south+west,lane + philip cowley on north lds rent 1d - exor);gdau elizth,esther,sophia,sarah + margt lewin(d/o thos lewin)
1811-1 E         ROBINSON     Elinor      smart        d dec 1810;douglas;petn by Robt Kay creditor that no one has taken admin;douglas
1811-1 E         SCOTT        Nelson                   dr;bach;d 26 may;an_jane scott d/o decd bro admx but ua - his mo too infirm thus friends asked that dr philip garret be admr
1811-2 E         CROW         Richard Thomas           d 17 jun 1811 in Ireland;ch george, ,richd,susannah(w/o Wm Galbraith),louisa + juliet;John Morton h/o an unnamed dau testifies as to George etc who reside Ireland.
1811-2 E         HUTCHIN      Elinor      quine        d 18109; only ch Isabella exex ua - fa Thomas
1811-2 E         WHITTAM      Thomas                   d 10 oct 1811;bro john,nathyam + george;sis elizth Marthars als whittam,margt laughton als whittam;wife elizth exex;will dated 14th Oct
1812-2 E         HASLEDON     Margaret    calvin       petn by Philip Cain + wife Cath that Cath's siter Margret was married to a George Hastleton of Douglas and died about 2 years ago leaving a  daughter, that George Hastleton has not since made an inventory + may leave the Island embezzling the goods; reply dated 8 Dec 1812 from George apologising stating wife d about 3 yrs ago, that he was a widower abt 9 months and then needed a companion to maintain child and that between doctors fees, drugs and funeral costs he has paid some 13 or 14 but being a native of great britain and a stranger he is ready to submit to court;;court appts George as admr ; pledges Philip Cowley (Douglas )+ Philip Cain(Onchan)
1812-2 E         KEWLEY       Catharine                dated 9 May 1812;spinster, Douglas;mother Cath Kewley exex
1813-1 E         EVISON       Isabella    banks        d 8 jan 1813;only child Anne Evison admx - ua - gfather Wm Banks sworn guardian + admr-in-trust;pledges Thomas Cowin (onchan) + Robert Banks(Douglas);inv;accounts
1814-1 E         CROUGHAN     Alice                    [part of will very dark]d 22 jun 1814 ;sibs Ann Clucas als Croaghan [m Wm Brew Lon 18031203](dwelling house in Strand St purchased from Mary Lhewney - house to pass to Ann's children)), Jane Brew als Croaghan (dwelling house in Douglas  a new house [rest too dark] - to pass to her daus Eleanor + Jane Brew, sons Philip + Thos Brew left 22) exex, Daniel (2 daus Cath + Margt) - petn by Jane Brew (w/o Philip) + friend Thomas Croaghen that husb Philip Brew seperated 3 yrs ago and left Island + not heard of - probate granted to her
1814-1 E         CROUGHAN     Daniel                   d 5 aug 1814;wife Margt;dau cath + margt croughan jt admxs - they pass admn to mother Margaret;margt's petn states Danl left a will and daus ua
1815   A 3       KELLY        John                     d 12 jan 1815;will dated 16 Jan 1815;son Patrick Kelly exor
1815   A 7       CAIN         Judith                   [Douglas]spinster;liverpool;niece jane christian d/o thos christian (h/o of her sis Jane)liverpool;
1816   A 4    dg WOODS        Ann                      dated 25 feb 1803;ballanair;dau ellinor woods;other ch thomas,john,jane + anne;
1816-1 E         TEARE        Daniel                   d oct 1815 beyond the seas;late of jurby;next of kin william cowley(right of wife jane), bro james teare, thomas quine + thomas cannan petn
1816-1 E         THOMSON      John                     d 14 Apr 1814;sometime of Douglas;ch Richd + Mary (w/o Robert Oates) jt admrs
1816-2 E         CORKILL      Thomas                   dated 18 Jan 1811;Peel;ch Edward, Margt Kerruish, Matts, John_Thos, Robt_Quayle;nephew Thos Craine;wife Cath als Clague exex
1816-2 E         CORKILL      William                  d 9 Feb 1816;ch Wm, John, Edward, Elizth - jt admrs - wife Elizth admx in trust;pledges Edmund Kissack + Wm Clague (both Marown)
1816-2 E      w  HAMLETT      John                     dated 2 jun 1816;Spring Valley Cottage Kk Braddan - currently residing with Francis Butler esq;wife Hannah exex;
1817   A 12      WOODS        George                   [Douglas]dated 27 Feb 1817;ch Mary, George, Sarah, James + William (5s ea);heir-at-law(whatever can be got from Robt Quayle of Castletown in consideration of estate of Ballawoods Malew which belonged to my father James Woods); wife Ann als Maxwell exex; claims inc from exors of James Shaw;
1817   A 14      BANKS        Matthias                 dated 10 Mar 1817;cooper, Douglas;only son John(house bounded on east by a lane dividing it from Mrs Stowel and on north by a lane dividing it from the old poor house);dau Ann, Elinor + Cath (equal shares in my other house prev occp by Thos Woods but now by my son-i-law John Henderson?);wife Ann als Casement exex
1817-1 E         ALLEN        William                  perished by sea apr 1817;;only child Jane an infant;wife Jane sworn admx + supv; bro John Allen also sworn supv
1817-1 E         BREW         Philip                   d Apr 1816;formerly of Douglas but for several years resident of Hull;5 ch - John, Philip, Thomas, Ellinor + Jane Brew jt admrs - all ua - wife Jane sworn guradian + supv
1817-1 E         CAINE        Ann         killip       d jan 1817;inf ch John admr - ua gfa john killip supv;husb danl
1817-1 E         CAINE        Robert                   d 9 jul 1817;mother margt (widow) admx;pledges Wm + John Cain (both douglas)
1817-1 E         CLARKE       Jane                     made 18 Feb 1817;husb John Clark(shopkeeper, Douglas) exor;ch Ann, Jane, Eliza, John
1817-1 E         CORLETT      William                  d sometime ago;douglas;stepfa wm redfern ? admr [wm redfern m eliz corlet Bra 18080903 - no ch -? = elizth corlett als creer]
1817-1 E         DODGSON      Jospeh                   dated 16 Feb 1804;formerly Carlisle, Cumberland;wife Dinah exex;ch Mary_Ann Dodgson;Dinah refused in court - court appoints Wm Green (merchant, Douglas) - petn by Joseph Allenson(Whitehaven) creditor;inv
1817-1 E         KELLY        Patrick                  douglas;prin creditor John Caine admr-in-trust;
1817-1 E      d  KEWLEY       Jane                     d sometime ago;husb Wm (Kk Santan) admr ; petn by Wm that residing in England not able to take out admin
1817-1 E         McKeown      Robert                   d 9 jul 1817;late of Douglas;wife jane;ch robt, john, [Matthew], + agnes jt admrs  - all 'too tender years' wife appt admx [note Matthew became a mormon emigrant - states s/o Indian Army capt Robt McCune]
1817-1 E         MOORE        James                    d sometime ago;watchmaker, Douglas;creditor James Mylchreest (who petn's) admr
1817-1 E         STOWELL      Elinor      gawne        d hollintide;sis margt (w/o gilbt cannell) admx
1817-1 E         SWIFT        Mead                     dated 11 Apr 1811;late of county Westmeath, Ireland but now Douglas;ch Ann_Dorothy (plate etc), Richard;sis Frances Jones;landlord Charles Scott;inv;petn by Philip Moore + wife Ann_Dorothy (d/o Mead Swift)
1817-1 E         WATTLEWORTH  John                     d sometime ago;only surviving next of kin son Charles Wattleworth admr
1817-2 E      jw BRIDSON      Mary        ridgway      dead; jt will with husb paul;(d/o thomas ridgway)
1817-2 E      jw BRIDSON      Paul                     see mary
1817-2 E         REDFERN      Ann                      dated 28 Apr 1817;jt will John Redfern(butcher, Douglas) + wife Ann - mutual exec;property lately built dwelling house near market place Douglas, house + premises opp the post office in Douglas, a house + premises in lane leading from King St towards Thomas St + a B+S on a house lately built by Geo Woods decd for 230; ch Thomas Redfern, Margt Harris(w/o Samuel Harris); ch + John appt execs
1818   A 12      CREETCH      Mary        CREER        dated 18 aug 1811;ballachoane;son danl,robt;dau ann (exex),mary,jane
1818-1 E         LAWSON       James                    baker Douglas;ch james,john,thos,robt,ann + jane (some ua);wife ann als moore exex;wife refuses as effects won't cover legacies + will undated;
1818   E         ADAMS        Elizabeth                d 7 Oct 1817;will dated 28 Nov 1815;jw George + Elizabeth;Douglas;dau Ann+ Jane(dwelling house + bake house between them) jt exex; names Judith Kelly (our sister that lives in Kk Michael - to have house room);ch George, James, Morris, Eluzth; Ann + george off Island
1818-2 E         TATE         Godfrey                  d Oct 1818;Douglas;nephew Godfrey Tate + Robert Douglas (in right of wife Jane niece to Godfrey)  jt admrs as both only next of kindred;pledges William Banks (Douglas) + Robert Fargher(Ramsey);Godfrey Tate petns - states died intestate + without lawful issue
1819   A 12      CAUGHERTY    John                     [Douglas]ch John;, James, Henry, Jane Nickel, Rossanah Caherdy(land in Malew called Baantckyn? Renney + Moaney Moadey  equally to daus - Rossana also has a meadow in Rushen + is residuary legatee)bequest to trustees Methodist Chapel; John Gawne h/o rossanna sworn exor
1819   A 14      BROWN        Deborah                  dated 6 Aug 1818;widow;Douglas;son Wm Brown;sibs Sarah Mylechreest(Douglas - dwelling house);nephew James Mylechreest(workshop next door to dwelling house) exor;niece Mary Keown, Martha Gelling, Sarah Mylechreest;
1819-1 E      w  ALLEN        John                     dated 26 Apr 1819;boot maker Douglas;wife Isabella + Thomas Moore trustees
1819-1 E         CREBBIN      Paul                     Douglas;bach;carpenter d Jan 1819;court appts James Dixor(h/o Isabella Crebbon), Frek Sauders(h/o Elizth Crebbon) + Hester Whiting(widow + sister of Paul) + issue of Mary Dixon decd jt admrs - Hester sworn
1819-1 E         CUNNINGHAME  Andrew                   Douglas;perished at sea Jan 1819;ch Robt, John, Agnes, Helen, Margt + Jessie jt admrs - ua - wife Jane sworn
1819-1 E         DIXON        Ann         SWAN         Douglas;d Dec 1818;only child Wm Dixon admr - ua - husb Wm Dixon sworn; inv
1819-1 E         KELLY        William                  dated 30 Sep 1818;wife Isabella als Gell (life interest in all my concerns in Douglas) exex;bro Robt Kelly(my concerns after death of wife)
1819-1 E         KILLIP       William                  dated 9 Jul 1818;son wm (1/16th share fishing boat 'jane+mary' douglas (euan Lewin master),john,thomas,edwd,robt;dau jane;wife esther als cross exex
1819-1 E         McBRIDE      John                     Douglas;bach;perished at sea Jan 1819; co-partner Wm Flemmings Grayson admr
1819-1 E         QUAYLE    d  John                     Douglas; d 23 Jan 1819;ch Wm(off Island)+ Jane jt admrs; Jane sworn pledges Alexr Robertson(Onchan) + Philip Quayle(Douglas)
1819-1 E         QUINE     w  Paul                     dated 15 Apr 1819;gson Wm Quine;dau Margt Gelling als Quine exex
1819-1 E         RIGGS     d  Margaret                 Douglas;d 18 Mar 1819;no reln on Island - prin creditor Wm Bancks appt admr
1819-1 E         STEPHENSON   David                    petn by  Wm Stephenson(Douglas) that David Stephenson d jun 1815 in Quebec Canada; decree states bachelor;admin granted to fa Wm Stephenson
1819-2 E         CALLOW       Silvester                dated 1 jan 1808;shopkeeper douglas;niece jane callow,amelia callow;bro george callow exor (declines wm banks + john lawrey merchnts but declare can't find any personal effects)
1820-1 E         CORLETT      Hester Hild              dated 5 May 1820;husb Robt exor;only ch Margaret
1820-1 E         CUBBON       William                  d 12 Apr 1820;bach;mother Cath Cubbon admx
1820-1 E         GENESTE      Lewis                    petn by Lewis + Wm geneste that fa Lewis died some time ago (aug 1819) + mo Cath (cath callow) exex who declines acting execx;signatures Lewis (now Revd),charles,emma,wm,max,geo + eliza sophia geneste; joint will dated 9 jul 1812 states dau cath by former marriage (who has annuity from death of her fa by will of her sister late Hester Delaprine);son john,lewis + wm (co-partners in business);other ch Charles (advocate Braddan), Maximilian, Francis, George, Jane, Emma, Elizabeth, and Ann not yet 21;codicil names sister Cath norman
1820-1 E         JOHNSON      George                   petn by prin creditor Ewan Gill (advocate) that Georege Johnson late douglas went beyond seas and since died states that James Hollingsworth(Douglas) was appt agent; court appts Daniel Christian deputy sumner genl as admr
1820-1 E         KEWLEY       James                    [in 1820 not 1819]d 15 Apr 1819;ch James + Wm - both ua - mother Christain als Quinney als Fargher admx in trust; uncle Christopher Sayle + Christian also sworn guardians
1820-1 E         SHARPE       Sarah                    d 9 Jun 1820;only sister Mary Tyson exex;creditor Edward Kennaugh(Ramsey) - petn by Mary that she is 78yrs and not capable to travel fropm Douglas to Ramsey + asks for probate in Douglas Court;
1820-1 E      jw WEBSTER      Eleanor     jump         d 27 Apr 1820; petn by Mary Webster(Liverpool); jw with James dated 16 Dec 1819 but without witnesses and no exor; Will gives property etc in 4 equal parts to 3 daus Elizabeth, Mary + Margery Webster + niece Margery []agay; Court appts Wm Dawson h/o Mary_Anne
1820-1 E      jw WEBSTER      James                    d 24 May 1820; court appts ch Mary, Elizth + Margt jt admxs - Mary sworn
1820-2 E         CRAINE       Margaret                 d 29 Mar 1820;ch Hester, Robt(only son) - petn by Patrick Kewley(h/o Hester) appt jt admr with Robt
1820-2 E      w  FAYLE        Thomas                   dated 26 Sep 1820;ch Isabella(w/o Robt Kelly), Thomas(my part purchased lkand + all intack), Jane, Elizth, Ann, John, Wm (last 2 to be put to trade); wife Ann exex
1820-2 E         HOGARTH      Joseph                   d 2 Sep 1819;Douglas;bach [? widower];left issue son John Joseph - too tender yrs + his gfa John Hogarth sworn guardian + admr [John Joseph s/o Joseph + Cath Callow m Bra 18170419 + bur Bra 18190124 bapt DSG 18180201
1820-2 E         redfern      catharine   small        made 13 Sep 1820;sis Margt(w/o Thomas Cannell + ch Jane + Cath);names Isabel Rigal, Ellenor Gibbons;names Robt Cannell(Douglas) exor;Witt Lucy Cannell, Elizabeth Karran
1820-2 E      w  RIVOLTA      Joseph                   [in 1820 - ?in 1823]dated 26 Jul 1820;of Italy but now resident Douglas;wife Elizabeth;nephew Anthony Rivolta(32 Brook Street, London) - all my property in Douglas + Italy - jt exor with Elizabeth (who in court relinquishes to Anthony);petn states d 5 Sep 1820
1821   A 11      CORKIL       Margaret    cain         [Douglas]dated 27 Jan 1821;gch Margt , Mary John Wm + Elinor Oates; sibs Wm Cain(+w Elizth), John(+ son John), Elizth Creer; names Cath Morrison(d/o Thomas Morrison tailor);sis dau Elizth Creer, Jane Freer 'brothers dau Cath Morrision(m/o sd Cath Morrison) exex inc my house in Bigwell Stpetn by Thomas Morrison that d Margt Corkil widow d 2 Dec 1821 + that wife Cath named as exex - couter petn by ch of Wm Oates + Rose Oates  late decd by guardian John Oates + Jane Oates that their gmo had expressed her intetion that they would be execs and that Thos Morrison + wife had insinuated themselves on Margt whereas Cath Cain had taken down will and asked Thomas Cuphey a neighbour to read will to Margt sometime in Oct  - that early in Nov Margt showed signs of insanity and was confined to bed - court accepots will
1821-1 E         COWLE        Charles                  dated 26 Aug 1820;Ballabrebbag;dau Alice + Elizth jt exexs
1821-1 E         WATERSON     Samuel                   d may 1820;bro thomas w.wife margaret;next of kin summoned Maria Waterson, Margaret Waterson and Nessey watterson
1821-2 E         LEWIN        Alice                    dated 13 Sep 1815;ch Wm(5s),Margarett(w/o Edmund Creer - 5s),Elizabeth(w/o Thomas Corkil - 5s), Esther(w/o Robert Creer - 5s),Ann(house where she lives + also house where John Killey lives) - exex;
1821-2 E         MOORE        Thomas                   d Feb 1821;bach; duggist, Douglas; sibs Elinor, Elizth, Ann, Margt - mother Elinor sworn
1822   A 15      CRAINE       Elizabeth                dated 12 april 1819;husb wm,ballacottier;son wm (heir),thos exor;dau jane (w/o robt kelly marown + gdau jane,margt,ann,cath + elizth);sis isabella kneale(w/o john douglas),amelia (w/o wm preston malew)
1822-1 E         CREER        Patrick                  d 26 mar 1822;ch jane,ann,cath,elinor + betsy[elizth];wife elizth
1821-2 E      d  BRIDSON      Judith                   d 6 Jan 1821;ch Elizth + Ann jt admxs - too tender yrs their father Thomas Bridson sworn
1822-2 E         HAMPTON      Matthias,                dated 9 jan 1810;dau eliz;son mathias (eldest + exor), simon,nicholas;bro gilbert;names thos lewin, wm crain money to repair preaching house kk braddan;
1823-1 E         BEEDON       Hugh                     dated 21 Oct 1822;late of Whitehaven;exex widow Mary Beeden;copy of English decree - IoM pledges George + Thomas Redfern (both Douglas)
1823-1 E         CAINE        Elizabeth   CREER        d 11 jul 1823;widow;no issue;only bro(eldest) wm creer(douglas)
1823-1 E         COSNAHAN     Hugh                     petn by Georgina Cosnahan that Lieutenant Hugh Cosnahan d 1 Dec last in England leaving 2 infant children surviving vis John_George_Herbert and Catharine_Maria ;decree names ch as admrs but ua - widow Geogina sworn - paternal uncle Michael Cosnahan supv + guardian - pledges Capt Wm Tennison + Michael Cosnahan 
1823-1 E         LEWIN        Robert                   d 29 Apr 1823;ch Robt, James, Jane, Mary, Eliza, Margt, Anne, Elinor, Cath + Sarah jt admrs - some ua; wife Elizth + Robt(heir) admrs in trust
1823-1 E         NICHOLL      William                  petn by widow Jane Knicle;d Nov last;only son resident in England admr but widow Jane sworn
1823-1 E         ROBINSON     James                    d 8 Apr 1823;late of Douglas;wife Jane;only ch Mary(w/o Joseph Whitehead) admx - Joseph relinquished to widow Jane;
1823-1 E         THOMPSON     James                    [?bur Bra 18230518]mariner;only ch Daniel_edward - too tender yrs - wife Elizth admx in trust;pledges Wm Hampton (farmer Onchan), John Kelly(baker, Douglas)
1823-1 E         WHALEY       Thomas                   petn by Philip Garrett(surgeon, Douglas) that Thomas Whaley d abt 24 Oct 1820 considerably indebted to petitioner - decree states d 27 Oct 1820 after other creditors called to court wch decreed sd Philip Garrett admr - claims total abt 400 + another 350 claim by honbl Mary Whaley [bur Dsg 18201029][= Thomas Whaley s/o Thomas 'Buck' Whaley ]
1823-2 E         CAINE        William                  d 2 nov 1823;late master free school douglas;bach;sibs david,elizth,patrick(in Liverpool),ann,margt(w/o stephen kneal),elinor,jane + alice decd(+ch)
1823-2 E      jw KEWLEY       Philip                   jt will dated 8 Jan 1798;Philip Kewley(cooper, Douglas) + wife Jane; mutual execs; petn by Jane that she is nr 80 and cannot travel to Ramsey -noted Philip bur 17 Sep 1823 [age 90]  but no will presented to court nor did any person attend to sue out debtors
1824   A 8       OATES        George                   dated 26 Oct 1822;late of Grancruttery but now of Douglas;sibs Wm Oates, Ann Moore(widow), Elizth Oates;landaldy Elizth Christian exex(w/o John Christian)
1824-2 E         KEWLEY       Catharine                [?als juke/duke bur Bra 18230615 age 83 widow of James ]ch Wm, Elizth, Jane (w/o John Cubbon)exex; pledges Robt Cubbon + Samuel Quine
1825   A 4       OATES        Margaret                 dated 27 Oct 1820;widow James oates;formerly Knockaberry; 'old + infirm';ch James, John, Robt,Elinor, Margt (w/o Tho Quirk) exex
1825-1 E         BONNYMAN     Alexander                petn by Jane als Radcliffe widow of AB late of Port E Chree; 10 ch;property in trust (long recital)
1825-1 E         CORKILL      Jane                     petn by Danl + Edward Christian(onchan) that Jane Corkill, widow, Douglas d 12 Jun leaving a will: dated 23 Sep 1823;Jane Corkill, widow of Mr William Corkill (douglas of Manx Coffee House)names Elizabeth Gale als Kewley(formerly of Lane lhewney?),Cath Woods als Quinney widow, Dr Arden (50 that comes from London), Christian Freer, Cath Nickel als Cowle, Elinor widow of Daniel Cain;30 to poor;(vicar + warden St Mathews) + 5 to manager of soup dispensary; serv Elizabeth Christian;cousins Daniel Christian(Cleps) + Edward Christian(Ballakilmartin) exors;
                                                           exors are to put a tombstone on my grave + also one on my father's and also to put incription for Thomas Butt + wife Mary  on sd stone;Mr Chas Arden to be residuary legatee;Witt Jno Quirk, John Taggart;James Charle Arden surgeon claims 3
1825-1 E         LAWRENCE     Elinor                   d Aug 1825;dated 15 Jun 1825;widow;;dauElizabeth - Ellinor Weatherell to be guardian + exex
1825-1 E         PEARSON      Eunice                   Petn by dau Eliz Pearson, late of Carlisle but now of Malew[tho that may be just a temporary stay in Castletown whilst recovering debts]states that mother d some years ago leaving a will dated 15 Apr 1802 but proved Carlisle 14 Jan 1820 - Will states widow, late of Carlisle;mentions property in Castle St Carlisle;ch Elizabeth Pearson(exex), Henry; In petn Elizth stated needed Manx admin to recover debts but does not specify these but states mother was entitled to certain premises.  Eunice would appear to be Eunice Burton who married Samuel Pearson Braddan 17610602 
1825-1 E         QUIRK        John Snr                 d 16 jun 1825;son John;gch John + Wm Quirk,Cath_Margery Quirk + Margt Quirk(both d/o John Quirk) jt exexs - Robt Cannell + John Cowell sworn;wife Cath;
1825-1 E      jw THOM         James                    d8 Apr 1825;jt will James + wife Margt als Johnson als Brown;unnamed ch;mutual execs;[m Bra 18201111 - no ch]
1825-2 E         CANNELL      James                    d Sep 1825;petn by widow Esther Cannell - ch Isabella, Margt, Robt and James - court appts widow admx - pledges Robert Cannell + Robert Lace
1825-2 E         EVISON       Isabella                 petn by Godfrey Tate that will of  Isabell Evison of Douglas mother of his wife Ann Tate has not yet been perfected + wishes to become admr - court agrees [see decree 1813]
1826-1 E         Crain        William                  dated 23 jul 1822;ch wm, jane kelly als craine(w/o Robt Kelly marown), thos (exor);gdau jane, elizth, cath crain(all d/o Wm), elizth + jane kelly(both d/o Robt + 3 other daus)
1826-1 E         KILLEY       Sophia      kewley       petn states d 27 apr 1826;w/o Wm Killey (Brewer);will: dated 13 apr 1826;ch Elizth(w/o Richard Irving Jackson) 300,margt, sophia mary_susannah, Jane (400 ea),philip(100);husb Wm exor
1827-2 E         ARCHER       Matthew                  [watchmaker]
1828-1 E         BANKS        Christian                dated 13 Jun 1826;relict James Banks;ch James, John, Jane(w/o George Callow), Christian (w/o David Giles - he is to have no part - John Banks of Howstrake appt trustee) exex; dau-in-law Elizabeth Banks;
1828-1 E         CREBBIN      Thomas                   dated 1 May 1828;1st lieut Royal Marine Corp;sibs Lewis + George(dwelling house in Lezayre now occup by Danl Mylrea + purchased from Wm Kaneen deed dated 15 Nov 1827), Jane_Margt Dawson als Crebbin, James, Henry, Wm, Emma Mylrea [w/o Dal Mylrea];
1828-1 E         SPITTAL      John                     petn by bro Alex Spittal states he + wife wife Dorothy made jt deed dated 13 Jul 1820; admin given to James Spittall; codicil to deed in case he predeceasesd wife gave her estate of Ballalough(Marown) + dwelling house etc in Church St Douglas 
1828-2 E         BRADLEY      Charles                  d some time ago; wife Cath admx
1828-2 E         COSTEAN      Thomas                   d sep 1828;bach;surgeon; father Thomas(Peel) admr
1828-2 E         CUDD         William                  d 24 Feb 1828; Lt Wm Cudd RN;wife Eliza Cudd admx;inv
1828-2 E         CURPHEY      William                  d 16 May 1828;nephew Thomas Fargher + Thomas Cowin jt admrs (by right of their wives); inv + sale
1828-2 E         HOOP         Margaret                 widow + relict John Hoop(Douglas); nephew Andrew Smith; niece Margt Leece als Smith(w/o Wm Leece) exex
1828-2 E         KARRAN       John                     d 21 Sep 1828;court appts Peter Proctor(in right of wife Cath) admr
1828-2 E         LOGAN        Christian                dated 12 Aug 1826;Douglas;sis Cath(w/o Thomas Gawne of Kk Patrick) + niece Elizabeth Kulin jt exexs; Cath to protect Eliz + send her to trade; pledges John Logan + Wm Quayle
1828-2 E         MYLCHREEST   Sarah                    dated 13 Sep 1828;Douglas;ch Mary Keown + Martha Gelling (both Liverpool), Sarah Radcliffe; son-i-law Charles Keown(Liverpool) + John Duggan exors
1828-2 E         QUAYLE       Thomas                   dated 4 Oct 1828;Douglas;names Anthony Lewthwaite exor
1830-2 E         COWLEY       Jane                     dated 7 aug 1830;husb wm exor;ch thomas,wm,danl,margt(w/o edwd corkill);tho cowley acks 'inc legacy my fa left me' (?2nd marr)
1830-2 E         CUBBON       Robert                   dated 5 May 1830;Douglas;ch John, Robt, Thos;wife Jane exex
1830-2 E         RONEY        Frances                  [?bl misfiled in 1820][burial misindexed as Ronan]d 26 Oct [1830];ch Richard, John + James - ua; husb Roger
1832   A 14      CAIN         Ann                      dated 3 dec 1831;Douglas;dau cath(eldest - ua),elizth;son jabez;husb john exor
1831-2 E         CAIN         Robert                   d 16 Jul 1831;d 'beyond the seas';no issue;wife Elizth admx
1832   A 15      COTTIER      Elizabeth                d 5 jan 1831;husb Thos (miller Pulrose mill) exor;dau margt (+ other unnamed ch)
1832   A 16      CAIN         Catherine                dated 7 jun 1831;husb hugh(tailor Douglas) exor;gdau margt + cath clague(c/o thomas + Jane) - house Fancy St wm Kewin on north, street south east,sd Thos Clague South west + Robt Kelly north west + purchased by me + husb from Delaprymme decd)son John( dwelling house Atholl St now in tennancy of Samuel Barber(late Richd Curphy on North,- Christian on South and a lane called St George's walk on Northwest) - he to pay his two dau cath + elizth 10); (all houses
                                                            to remain hugh's until his decease
1832-1 E         BYNE         George                   dated 19 mar 1832;douglas;dau emily(w/o capt barton tennison) ;son francis_basil exor;serv isabella bridson,ann boy;
1832-1 E         DUMBELL      Jonathan                 in petn by son George W dumbel died sometime before - court note that case to be heard dated feb 1832;orig will dated 15 sep 1815;gentleman,paddington in poulton near warrington;wife ann davies(mentions a marriage settlement in which 5000 settled on her);
                                                           wife + friends Thomas Patten Wilson (wootton park staffs) + Ralph Richardson(kinsale, co of Flint) jt execs;codicil dated 15 jul 1826;gives ralph richardson now of Greenfield hall  Flint + thomas pattern wilson now Thomas wilson-patten;also mentions estate of Ditton, Lancs, left by goidfather John Watkins;by robate son hugh dead (as are other execs than wife);
1832-2 E         CLEGHORNE    George                   dated 20 mar 1832;douglas;dau sarah;son george,john [?bapt] ;wife sarah exex (she petn aug 1832 that gc lately dead;pledge edward cain [?burial - wife sarah kelly als cain m john kermode ]
1832-2 E         FELL         James                    dated 7 sep 1832;ch john,margt collister als fell exex(refused - sumner christopher karran appt)
1833   A 6       GARRETT      Hugh                     dated 27 aug 1833;mariner;port-e-chree;dau ellen(w/o wm bell),margt (w/o thos cain);ch of present marriage;wife margt; pledges danl leyland + john kelly (also guardians of ch hannah + rebecca) [?1st m to
1834   A 4       CAINE        Isabella                 w/o john cain boollyvane;seven sons john wm robt philip thomas daniel & james ;two daus isabella w/o robt kissack elizabeth w/o john kneal;husb exec; will dated 22 oct 1828 signed x
1834-1 E         HAMPTON      Ann         KELLY        d 25 feb 1833;w/o thomas exor;ch elizth,ann,jane,thomas,wm;dau-i-law ann hampton
1834-1 E         QUANE        John                     [full]
1834-2 E      jw REDFERN      Elizabeth   corlett als creer dated 25 Jun 1832;jt will William Redfern(sailmaker, Douglas) + Elizabeth als Corlett als Creer ;mutual bequest of dwelling house, out houses etc in Potery? Street Liverpool, a dwelling house, yard + premises in Concert Court or Street Liverpool + all or any other premises in Liverpool, a dwelling house on or near the Quay of Douglas bounded by rent of late Thomas Moore on north, street on east, Andrew Kelly on south and quay on west; Wm Redfern the survivor sworn exor
1837-1 E         Bridson      John                     petn by Edward Christian + James Corkill creditors that John Bridson of Douglas died sometime ago - decree names Christr Kerran as admr 
1837-1 E         DOUGLAS      Robert                   dated 19 Oct 1837;late Co Down but now Douglas;wife Elizabeth als Elison? (house in James St - half occp by me + other half by John Carstorphin?) exex;ch Wm, Robt, James; petn by wife states ch ua
1838   A 8       RADCLIFFE    David                    dated 11 nov 1837;bro George (5 due from club towards funeral costs) exor
1838-1 E         CORKILL      Hugh                     left Island 15yrs ago + not heard of - presumed dead + without issue;eldest bro John Corkill(Lezayre) admr
1838-1 E         GELLING      John                     dated 19 jan 1837;jt will john + isable;sons john,robt,wm,thos + richd;dau mary,margt,sarah + isabella;mutual executors
1838-1 E         GELLING      Thomas                   dated 25 may 1833;jt will thomas (ironmonger) + elizth als wilson
1838-1 E         KINREAD      Ann                      petn by James Kinrade that sister Ann died some time ago - court appts him admr;estate 2 7 6.5s but costs claims etc exceed
1838-1 E         Leece        John                     saddler;douglas;petn by john leece Ballamona?(braddan) (father)+ Thos Creer(the Howe Braddan)(bro-i-law)
1838-1 E         MILLAR       Robert                   wife mary sdmx
1838-2 E         BELL         John, junr               father John Bell(Douglas) admr;
1838-2 E         KEWLEY       Robert                   petn by Thomas Kewley (one of next of kin) - admin granted to Thomas

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