Summary of Wills - Braddan 1700-1749

These are summaries of some wills [564/1035]for which a fuller transcription was not always made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1700-1 A 6       THOMPSON     John                     st gles mddx;;long will; wife Cath;dau Cath; 300 for poor of Kk Braddan inc Douglas;
1700-1 A 7       TAYLOR       Charles                  d 10 Aug last;no next of kin on island  - sumner appt admr
1700-1 A 8       REGALING     Margaret                 d 4 Jan 1700;ch Wm, John exor; inv 12s
1700-1 A 9       CLOAGE       Elinor      CREER        d 23 feb 1699;stepson wm cloage;stepdau isable cloage;dau margt(eldest)ellen,ester (w/o nichs kinnish by 1718);sis ann + wm creer suprv
1700-1 A 10      corkill      William                  [rh margin lost]d 15 Jan 1700;ch Patrick(purchased land from Mr Flecher), Thos;wife Mar[] ? als Coorled exex(to have house and leave betwixt the unmarried ch);witt William Careen, Margt Taggart
1700-1 A 11      CAIN         Isabel      CLAGUE       husb John;ch John, Patrick, Finlo + Robt - husb + Philip Clague uncle sworn; 1711: Patrick at age;1716: John Cain eldest son acks;
1700-1 A 12      CREER        Bahee                    d 13 apr 1700;son john(if he come);dau alice;husb robt
1700-1 E 387  w  ?Etson       Isabel                   [bur as Isable Etson - name lost on decayed margin of will];names Wm Kinsake? exor
1700-1 E 388  d  CUBON        John                     d 7 Dec last;sibs Wm, Tho, Isabel, Cath? + Ann jt admrs
1700-2 E      d  BARRY        Judith                   d candlemas abt 12mths ago in ireland;sis margt,ellin (only sis in island)
1700-2 E 466  w  HUGGIN       Thomas                   d 15 Jul 1700;Douglas;ch Philip(a toultan + garden called Chuves? toultan[tholtan] + garden at upper end of town), Wm (his dwelling house, outhouses + garden), Thomas (sworn exor as others in England); Witt Margrett Hutchin als Gharrett, Catherin Smith als Huggin
1700-2 E 467  w  MOORE        Jane        CANNEL       d 16 Aug 1700;bro Wm Cannell(1/4 of garden);ch Thomas, Robt + Elinor jt execs - uncle Wm Cannel sworn supv; owed money by Wm Corkill, Robt fayle + John Cottier(Marown)
1700-2 E 470  d  CRELLIN      Margaret    OATES        d 13 Oct last;ch Margt, Tho, Wm Henry + John jt admrs - no effect s (noted a wast house + housestead + small backside ) - only a mortgage held by Mr David Murrey senr + junr + Robt Murrey(of Chester) - admin granted to David Murrey junr
1700-2 E 472  w  CREER        Robert                   d 24 Jul 1700;list of debts owed him - nephew Robt Creer to take up debts and see him buried
1700-3 E      d  caveene ?    Joney       BREW         d 16 sep 1700;3 ch margt kathrine & wm caveen ? margt brew next of kin on mothers side - mb is a poor widow 
1701   A 8       ?            male                     d 29 dec 1702;4 ch thomas robt margt maria [top of will missing]
1701   A 10      FAILE        William                  d beg Feb last;only son Robt? admr
1701   A 11      FAILE        Margaret    HANTON       d 16 Jan 1700;ch Issabel, Margt, John Kenish, Wm Kenish, Robt Fail exor;gch Ann Kelly;maidservant Christian Cottier
1701   A 12      QUIRK        Thomas                   son-i-law robt kneen,john vinch,robt moore;son john;gch robt+ charles moore,kath moore,philip + john quirk,john vinch;wife elinor als waterson(quarter of miln)
1701-2 E      d  BITTLE       Anne        CAIN         d 14 Aug;4 ch Wm, Paul, Christian & Ann Clague (two eldest at least of la);husb alive ;inv 7; 
1701-2 E      d  FITZSIMMONS  Christopher              [full]d 26 may;douglas;no relns appeared;wife ellin;letter from sibs in ireland
1701-2 E 606  w  KELLY        Isabel      FAYLE        d 12 Aug 1701;2 unnamed ch + her sis Margrett jt execs;husb alive; Alice Kermod mo-i-law to Margt Fayle declared invlid witt thus the ch John + Ann Kelly jt adrms - next of kin  Margt + Robt Fargher supvs - court notes that Isabel's husb gave her an 'uneasy life' and that sis Margt took her into her house during her sickness thus awarded extra 15s legacy
1701-2 E 616  w  LOWCAY       Henry                    gunsmith;father dead;mother Margt Lowcay exex;unnamed bros + sisters;
1701-3 E 669  d  GELLING      William                  d lammas last [1 Aug];ch Wm + John Gelling jt admrs but neither appeared thus wife sworn
1701-3 E 674  d  COWNE        James                    [noted as exor + bro of Ann Cotch ]d 24 Jan last;only child Richard Cown admr - margt Cown next of kin on Island supv;wife alive
1701-3 E      w  COTCH        Ann         COWNE        d 14 sep 1701;sis-i-law jane cowne ;son james cotch very long out of island
1701-3 E      w  CREERE       Thomas                   d 17 may 1701;fa-i-law wm kelly;bro[?in law] john kelly;sis margt creer;mo elin kenish als kelly exex (as she had been so careful over him in time of long sickness)
1701-3 E 667  d  MYLREY       Joney       gellin als ? d 15 Feb 1701/2;ch Patrick, Ellin + Isabel Gellin, Jane Mcylroi jt admrs - all at age;husb alive
1702   A 5       CHARRAN      Catherine   bridson      [faint on film]dated 14 Oct 1702;husb Christopher Charran exor
1702   A 7       HUDDLESTON   Robert, jun              [douglas]d 6 Mar 1702/3;sibs Alexander, Thomas, Elizth, Jane;mother exex
1702-1 E 029  w  Kelly        John                     [Douglas]d 17 may 1702 father Thos Kelly  alive, 3 children Jane, Thomas & John, supv Thomas K, sister Mary, rcpt 18 dec 1721 from Thomas + John to grandfather thomas (inventory menions step grandmother)
1702-1 E 032  d  Christian    David                    [Douglas]8 apr 1702 - 3 children John, Adam & Jane, jane in england, widw alive Isabel; 
1702-1 E 034  w  Mcylvorey    Gilbert                  d 22 may 1702;master Robt Moore (who it seems was good to him in his sickness) - names Elizth Moore(d/o Robt) + many others; 2 unnamed bros + eldest sister jt execs
1702-1 E036   d  Gelling      George                   d 30 mar 1702 - only son John
1702-2 E      d  Hartley      Richard                  [damaged - single line at bottom of defuncts]d in Antigua 
1702-2 E 074  d  MOORE        Anne        QUIRK        d 1 nov 1702;5 ch eliz,cath,robt,cha + ann moor;1720 thos bridson h/o cath moor ack robt moore poleroish;1726 charles ack 4 paid to edwd moor of douglas for app fees;1720 wm corran h/o ann
1702-3 E      a  corrin       Anne        MOORE        agreement dated 1 jan 1702;widow douglas;ch alice,john at age + other ua;to edwd faile h/o dau alice als corrin (of ramsey) - edw acks to step-mo ann + stepsister alice
1702-3 E      d  CORRIN       William                  [no marker for bk 3];douglas;perished by water england 10 may 1702;ch alice,john,wm + cath;wife ann;inv;1717/8: alice read,alexr huddleston(h/o cath) ack
1702-3 E      a  FAILE        Edward                   ack see ann corrin
1702-3 E      d  KEIGG        William                  d nov 1702;ch isabel, christin + wm;all ua;wife alive; uncle jo Keigg
1703   A 4       CORLEOD      Jane        cubbon       [damaged corner] d 23 [];only child Alice exex - ua - father + uncle Wm Cubin sworn ;husb Patrick Corleod;1731: John Kenniagh h/o sd Alice acks 1 14s due from hands of Wm Cubben junr Kewage
1703   A 7       COULTRY      Robert                   dated 10 Mar 1697/8[noted at top proved 26 [] ];stepfather Jon Christian;names Robt Fletcher clerk, Will Kelly marrian[?marriner], Capt Rich hartley;kinsman Jon Coultry (+ his mo Averick Coultry) exor
1703-1 E      w  QUYNE        Margaret    KINISH       d 28 Apr 1703;ch Kath(eldest dau), Ann, Robt, Thos - Thos + Ann jt execs; gdau Alice
1703-2 E      w  FAILE        Alice       clucas       d 1 Oct 1703;ch Wm (exor), Mary;gch Wm Faile, Ann Faile, Nicholas + Alice Faile;dau-i-law Ann Knaile
1703-2 E      d  TAGGART      Walter                   d beg jun 1703;only bro by mo's side John Taggart admr(at present in Ireland) -his [?walter's] gfa Wm Crane sworn - goods in mo's inv
1703-3 E      d  Lewn         Jony        SKILLICORN   d 27 Jan last; only child Robt Lewn admr - ua - supv uncle John Skillicorn ;inv  + agreement by husb Thos Lewin in case child dies;1719: Robt acks uncle John Skillicorn;+ annexed  m/c[= Old Bra **** 24]
1703-3 E 262  d  HUDDLESTON   Robert                   d 3 Feb 1702;ch Robt, Alexander, Thomas, Elizth + Jane jt admrs - Elizth at age supv of ua ch;wife alive
1704   A 3       LEWN         John                     d 23 Dec 1704;bro John + Rich admrs
1704-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Jane        MOORE        dated 27 Feb 1684/5;sibs James Moore, Cath, Elizabeth;husb Philip Christian exor
1704-1 E      w  COWLEY       William                  d Jul 1704;step-fa John Moore;left goods to mother + bro Philip;sis Elinor
1704-1 E      d  KILLEY       Bahee                    d 27 Feb 1703/4;ch Nelly + Margt Quay jt admrs
1705   A 9       FAIL         William                  sibs Alice, Mary + Ann, James, John, Nicho(exor - being young his father sworn); father Wm Faile
1705   A 16      CREER        Paul                     [?chk dup # in 1706]d 21 Feb 1706;names Wm Lewin(+ sons Wm,Robt), Wm Creer(+ his blind boy); names Robt Creer + his sister; names Paul Lewin + his grand[son] Paul Lewin jt exors
1705   A 18      CORKIL       Margaret    Curlet       ch Patrick, John, Wm, Thomas, Peter, Dorothy exex;Witt Harry Taggard, Jane Kelley;pledges Henry Taggard + Thomas Corkill;[Full]
1705-1 E      d  CANNELL      William                  d 15 Apr 1705;ch John, Jane, Alice + Mabel jt admrs - Jane(upon agreement with step-mo) has surrendered her part - the mother + dau Alice sworn;inv 1 10s 6d
1705-2 E      c  COWLE        Margaret    CORKIL       m/c John Kewley + Marie Cowley (d/o Margt) accepted as will - dated 16 Aug 1704;John Kewley(tailor, Onchan) obo himself;William Cowle + wife Margaret als Corkill obo their dau Marie Cowle;to marry soon after;Cowle to give half goods at decease + 3 that is in mortgage for 1 daymoth hay in John Quirk's meadow;Witt Philip Cowley x, Willm Flexney; annexed note that Margt not present when contract made but gives consent in regard that they of all my children stand to look after me;
1706-2 E      d  CANNELL      Thomas                   d 14 Aug 1706;ch Robert + Jane jt admrs - next of kin  Philip + John Cannell supvs;wife alive;inv 2 5s;debts 10s to Margt Clague + 6s 6d to John Curghy (cooper);1708: Robt Cannell (s/o Tho) acks 11s 6d from step-fa John Bridson
1707   A 5       [quirk]      Mary        MOOR         [note names reversed in index];inc m/c Wm Quine + Magt Quirk;ch margt; quine +  paul quirk execs
1705   A 17      COWLE        Isable      CHRISTIAN    [full]
1705   A 18      CORKIL       Margaret    Curlet       ch Patrick, John, Thomas, Peter, Dorothy exex;Witt Harry Taggard, Jane Kelley;pledges Henry Taggard + Thomas Corkill
1706-1 E      w  CORKILL      Margaret    BREW         d 22 Apr 1706;ch Phinlo, Mary, Thomas(youngest) - jt exors - 2 at age but incapable - uncle Wm Corrin sworn;husb Finlo(her part of crop in Ba:Goan);Witt Margt Taggart, Jane Kelly; 1720: Thomas the youngest has now recvd his share 
1707-1 E      w  LACE         Esther      GRAHAM       dated 28 apr 1707;son john;dau dorothy;sis ann in dublin;husb john exor
1707-1 E 003  d  CUBON        John                     d 30 nov 1706;5 sis margt,ann,jane,ellin + christian(ua);wife christian als brew
1707-1 E 006  d  SMITH        Patrick                  d last of mar;ch elizth,ester (in ireland) + alice;wife alive
1707-2 E      w  BRIDSON      Catherine   KEWIN        d 18 Aug 1707;ch Jony, Henry (12d if there were so much free), John (12d);Husb John exor;
1707-2 E      d  CANNELL      John                     d 14 aug 1707;ch thos, robt + wm;wife alive
1707-2 E      d  CARALAUGH[careful] Patrick            d 20 aug 1707;ch wm,jane + jony;inv 6
1708   A 47      GELLING      Patrick                  dated 6 sep 1708;3 unnamed stepch;4 own ch paul,jane,esther + elizth all ua unlcle robt nowell;wife alive
1708-2 E      c  BARNES       George                   jw George Barnes + wife Ann als chubbin;no relns on either side - mutual exors
1708-3 E      d  FLETCHER     Thomas                   d at Gibralter abt a yr ago;hm ship Royal Anne;sibs Richd,Robt + John
1709   A 1       LEWIN        Alice       christian    d 15 nov last;ch Ann(half cow), Christian(20s);husb Robt Lewn(to give something to his poor gch - exor - to have her half of Ballachoan)
1709-1 E      w  ALMOND       George                   [full]
1709-1 E      d  MURREY       David                    perished by sea 10 jan;sibs john,robt,james,wm,thomas,margt + susanna (w/o Wm Sedden);pledges John Murray + Paul Gellin camloark;long detailed inv - much tobacco + 3pts of ship Rose;bro John in Liverpool;
1709-2 E      w  CUBON        Christian   OATES        w/o John Cubon - will 1717
1709-2 E      w  STEVENSON    elinor      PARR         d 14 aug ;unnamed ch;husb wm exor
1710   A 2       CORKILL      Margaret    lewney       [Douglas]d 26 Feb 1710;husb Wm(her part of a cow, colt + flax - a yard of linen for her to be buried in);unnamed - ua children; pledges Thomas Corkill + Wm Kelly;inv 1 7s 6d;1738: Wm Corkill acks his share of 1 7s + 6d viz 13s 9d from fa Wm Corkill(thus 1 2nd child)- m Bra 17071028
1710-1 E      d  FAVRE        John                     of essex street dublin merchant;perished by sea coast of spain jan 1708;only ch jane out of island atty wm flexney douglas;long court case
1710-2 E      d  GELLING      Elinor      OATES        d 6 oct 1710;ch john,margt + ellin - next kin mo side john + wm oats
1710-2 E      w  QUAILE       Margaret    KELLY        bur 28 jul;husb + ch half + half;husb robt;bro john;inv has margt kelley als quaile5 ch 2 ua
1710-3 E 374  d  McHOOD       Hugh                     perished by sea in Jul [?1710];ch Danl, John + Hugh jt admrs - all ua + no reln on fa's side in Island;wife sworn admx
1710-3 E      d  MOORE        Robert                   d 3 Feb 1710;sibs Tho + Ellin Moor jt admrs - Ellin in Dublin; inv in fa + mo's wills; Philip Moor security that Thos shall secure the office and be just to his sister
1711   A 3       CRAIN        Margaret    Cain         dated Whit tuesday 1711;Arderry;husb John Crain decd;ch Ann Quine als Crain exex, Elinnor(what Margt's husb left to her the sd Margt + her part of Ballacottier, John Crain(rest of lands
1711   A 4       KISSACK      Alice       Kelly        d 16 Feb 1711;made 2 years prev when sick;mother alive;bro Dollin;husband William Kissage
1711   A 5       CORKILL      Thomas                   bur 15 Mar 1701;ch unnamed son + heir to have half crop, Hester, Jony, Margt + Mary - daus jt exexs - ua - supv Pater + patrick Corkill; wife alive;1725: Wm Cubbon h/o Hester acks mother as do Margt + mary [see Old Bra **** 68 - wife Margt Corkill als Craine m Wm Corrin(Ballaughton)
1711   A 6       BITTALL      Patrick                  of Onchan;goddau Cath Corlett;serv to Mr + Mrs Robert Fletcher;sister in Jurby;currently working for David + Thomas Corlett Onchan;
1711   A 7       KERMOD       Jony        Christian    [Douglas]bur 28 Jan 1711;sis Ann;parents alive;husb John Kermod exor; one witness Edward Cannell gives deposition as going for England
1711   A 8       HUTCHIN      Henry                    [Douglas]dated 30 Jan 1711/2;bro[in law]Wm Curled (+ his wife Jane, ch Wm + Cath);sibs David(+ son David), Ann(exex); 1721: Wm Curleod acks bro-in-law Jon Kermod (husb of exex)
1711   A 9       Garrett      Judie       HOWARD       [Douglas]dated 20 Jan 1711/2;dau Agnes?, Elizabeth; husb Thomas Garrett exor
1711   A 10      CHRISTIAN    Margaret                 [Douglas]dated 28 Jan 1711;sibs Thomas Christian;nephew Wm Christian, Robt Christian(when he goes to sea),Wm Christian(?same as 1st mention), John Christian(my part of house);sis-in-law Averick
1711   A 11      QUINE        John                     [Douglas]dated 4 May 1711;sibs Nicholas, Robert, Thomas, Wm, Dorothy, Christian + Isabel;wife Alice als Coultry exex(dwelling house etc)
1712-1 E      d  BREW         Christopher              d 16 feb;ch tho,ann + ellin - ua uncle Robt supv;wife ellin als quay
1712-1 E      d  Hanton       Isabel      stean        d 15 apr;next relns robt,tho,john,margt (w/o robt craine)+ jane stean;husb alive;note that son-i-law wm craine has title to half goods by m/c
1712-2 E      w  CANNELL      Philip, snr              [Douglas]d 6 Sep 1712;wife Christian exex(4th pt of houses + gardens);dau-i-law Margt Cannell;ch Philip,John, Charles, Wm + Christian;gch Phillip Kelly, Robt Kelly
1712-2 E      d  GELLING      Henry                    [damaged rh margin lost]d 2 [];ch paul, mary; jt admrs;wife alive
1712-2 E      w  KINLEY       Thomas                   [damaged rh margin lost]d 3 jul 1712;dau isabel, christian + jane jt execs;wife alive; [another dau mentioned - name lost but had m/c]
1712-2 E      d  READ         Henry                    d h m ship 'the Swallow' abt 1 yr ago;native douglas;sis cath(w/o Tho Ratcliff), isabel(in ireland) + alice(w/o Wm Curlett) jt admxs;pledges john stevenson, david hutchin + edwd Killey all of castletown
1713   A 7       McYLROY      Isabel      ?quine       d 29 jan 1713;dau isabel,margt brew als myylroy;son wm;husb wm exor
1713   A 8       KERREY       John                     m/c john clague + dau elizth kerry;john clague exor
1713   A 10      MOOR         Silvester                [Douglas]declrd 12 Jan 1713;ch Robt Moor, Isable(ua?);wife Isabel als Clague(house + garden) exex;owes 10s to Capt Oates + 19s 6d to Robt Moor(Pulroish)
1713-1 E      w  CREER        Ann                      [rh corner missing];d 29 Apr 1713;ch Wm Clague, Ann Clague, Kath Clague;husb Thomas Creer exor;dau-i-law Christian Clague;names Averick Creer
1713-3 E      d  KELLY        Margaret    MURRAY       d 14 may 1713;ch robt,ellinr,john, charles + david - all at age jt admrs but young - uncle Mr Jo Murrey;husb wm;pledge robt moor, tho kelly
1713-3 E      d  MOORE        Ann                      ann, john + margt moore c/o hugh moore of douglas being out of island a long time not only aged  but thought to be dead - next relns c/o bro (revd) Mr James moore - cath, jane + john moore + c/o sis jane ratcliffe als moor - cath,elizth (w/o Wm cannell),margt,james.saml + elinr ratcliff;
1713-3 E      d  MOORE        James                    d in ireland 1690;application made by Mr Richd Lowder + wife Jane als Moor for admin;ch cath,jane + john;cath + john in ireland; (john described mercht of waterford, cath spinster same place) - recovered proptery pat of ballycubin(
                                                           meadow 2s 6d pt of a 4s rent) from wm kelly + ann kinley (chancery court 20 may 1714), qtr pt meadow called the Green nr Douglas (rent 0.75d) recovered from James Ratcliff (dublin)(chancery court 24 May 1714) 
                                                           - however consistory court under Bishop Wilson shows no right to other property claimed as descending from gmo Cath Moore who willed them to her gch (+ some sold) - court accepts intack 3d rent called ratcliffe meadow nr Douglas + ballacubon might be sueable; Complicated dispute between church + state
1713-3 E      d  MOORE        John                     see ann
1713-3 E      d  MOORE        Margaret                 see ann
1714   A 3       QUAILE       Isabel                   [full]bur 7 dec 1714;dau jane coultry(w/o john),christian(in ireland),margt;son robt(if he came);gdau isabel coultry,margt parr,mary,henry + alexander parr;maidservant cath corlet,jane [];husb alexander exor
1714-2 E      d  CREER        John                     d 27 oct;ch john,margt,thomas all ua robt creer,pat Creer + jane Creer overseers;wife alive;robt creer obo bro wm in england claims;inv;1718 widow remarried to Wm Mcnameer;1737: John + Thos creer ack from stepfa John Gremsher kk michael
1714-2 E      w  LEWN         Robert                   d 16 Jun 1714;Douglas;ch Robt (his shaper?, skinner or leather mangle and []), Mariot(20s), Ann(20s), Margt exex(his half of house + garden - she best deserves it);gch Ann Lewin; wife alive; 1714: Ann Harrison als Lewn acks sister Margt Lewine(Douglas) for 20s; 1724: Mariot Lewin acks
1714-3 E      w  CREER        Ann                      d 29 apr 1713;husb thos exor;son wm clague;dau-i-law christian clague;dau ann clague,cath clague;names averick creer, elinor creer,mariott clague;
1714-3 E      d  HeYWOOD      Peter                    native of this island but late of liverpool d 6 mths ago in Jamaica;sibs robt,nicholas,thos,margt,mary,ellin & elizth (w/o john christian)
1715-1 E      d  KEWLEY       Jane        HUDDLESTON   d 10 jul 1715;only ch elinr [?eliz as margin lost] - ua next of kin Alexr Huddleston supv; husb francis, a sea-faring man with a boat(not inc in inv); 1715: Wm Gell clerk + Isablel Kewley declare present at M/C [SSS Oct 1752 61 - tho marr 1714] drawn by widow Huddleston obo dau ;1752: decree that orig decree stands + that goods due Jane by death of fa Robt included in M/C
1715-1 E      d  WHITESIDE    William                  d 4 yrs agol;of whitehaven;xh margt,anthony + isabel admrs but no relns appeared in court;wife alive - has houses+ gardens in Douglas
1715-2 E      w  Cubon        jane        Gell         d 25 jul 1715;names ch of John dawson - cath, charles;sis ellinr cubon als gell(her ch John Killey, christian killey) exex;bro-i-law patk cubon;
1715-2 E      w  Guin[Quinney William                  dated 23 May 1715;d dublin;wife Alice als tagard(house + garden Douglas);uncle Philip Bridson(malew);some dispute re witnesses but accepted as last will of Wm Quinney or Gwin + wife sworn;
1716   A 5       FLAXNEY      William                  dated 11 Dec 1716;ch Wm(houses - he already has mo's part),Cath,Mary (daus to share crop of Knock-ne-shee + jt exexs - ua ),elizth;son-i-law John Claigue(ballaquayle);agreed with Robt Kinley re ploughing in Ballaquayle(19s 3d);1732: John Cowley h/o one of exexs
1716-1 E      d  LEWN         Christian   KEWLEY       d 20 Mar 1715/6;ch Wm + Robt jt admrs;husb alive
1716-1 E      d  LEWN         John                     d 19 Feb [1715/6];only child Philip Lewn admr - ua - uncles Wm + Robt Lewn supvs ;wife alive
1716-1 E      d  JOYNER       Robert                   heading dated 29 May 1716;Robt Joyner junr d in Guinea 15 Apr 1715 - sibs Charles, Margt + Amy jt admrs - security Mr Wm Murrey(Douglas)
1716-1 E      w  MURREY       James                    dated 12 Jun 1715;MA Trinity College Dublin; unnamed sib - equal devision of goods;Uncle Alderman Robt Murrey + his son John Murrey exors;Witt Eliz Murrey, Richard Vernon, John Tulston; - court noted that they only had a copy and that will had not been proved in England yet accepts as in accordance with 
                                                           Manx law - names sibs John, Robt, Wm, Tho, Margt Almond als Murrey + Wm Sedden (attorney + h/o Susanna Murrey) who appeared in court - pledge Mr John Murrey(merchant, Douglas)
1716-2 E      w  Flexney      Mary                     made 26 jun 1716;douglas;husb wm;son wm(houses in douglas);dau cath + mary jt exexs,elizth;sis christian;exexs ua
1717   A 7       HARRISON     Thomas                   mariner;perished at sea some yrs ago;ch john + mary - both ua - no relns on fa's side appaered nor known - wife alive;1725: mary acks from stepfa Wm Kewley
1717   A 8       KINLEY       Isabell                  bur 17 feb 1716;sis ann(+ 2 daus),christian(+dau),jane (exor);mo alive
1717   A 10a     QUINE        Ann         christian    bur 23 mar 1716;dau isable moor, margt(exex);husb thomas
1717   A 10b     corrin       Alice                    bur 21? feb 1716;son thos(+ wife);names margt corrin[?corris ](half goods as she had taken care of her),isabel Cowen(other half goods)
1717   A 11      STOALE       Catherine                [poor copy] bro John, Wm (6d ea); names various women gift of clothing;Anne Creer exex
1717   A 12      COTTIER      William                  aunt margt huddlestone als cottier,widow douglas, exex
1717-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Margaret    CALCOTT      d 20 mar;nunnery;only dau mrs leonora wood (w/o capt john);capt james christian obo bro ewan christian unrigg cumberland produced copy major charles christians last will in which ceryain milns in lezayre descend to his son charles christian + in case of his death to heir milntown thus benefits until michaelmas to estate;
1717-1 E      w  CUBON        John                     [full]bur 18 apr 1717;ch robt,jane;his 1st wife  christian als oates decd as he neglected to bring in inv ;wife alice als clague;john key h/o margt cubon sworn supv;inv;1724 jane acks from john key (via his son robt)
1717-1 E      d  FAILE        Ann         QUAY         d 29 apr 1717;only son john
1717-1 E      d  FLETCHER ?   Edward                   3 of admrs of fa rev mr robt fletcher d intestate after fa's decease;surv sibs richd,john
1717-1 E      d  FLETCHER ?   Robert                   see edwd
1717-1 E      d  FLETCHER ?   Thomas                   see edwd
1717-1 E      d  HARRISON     John                     d 26 dec 1716;ch eliz,winefrid;inv;wife elizth
1717-1 E      d  HAMPTON      John                     d 24 mar 1716/7;ch tho,robt,gilbt,alice;wife pregnant(dau christian);all ua next relns gilbt + ann hampton;inv;fa robt dead by 1728
1717-1 E      d  HIGGIN       John                     d onboard hm shi the chester abt 1699;sibs wm,thomas(in ireland) + philip
1717-1 E      d  MOORE        Catherine                d 30 nov 1716;widow poleroish;dau margt huddleston als moor
1717-1 E      d  OATES        John                     d 8 feb 1716/7;ch cath,ellin;pledges capt jo oates junr + james oates(bro)
1717-2 E      w  CANNELL      Catherine   BRIDSON      d 28 jul 1717;gson james oates;ch elinor,ann,isable exex;gch elinor,cath
1717-2 E      d  CANNELL      John                     d 7 apr 1717;wife jony (she + exors john christian to have half great garden where smithy built adam christian + exors of his wife dorothy cannell to have other half garden + houses + garden);
1717-2 E      d  CLAGUE       Christian                d 15 may 1717;only ch ann clague - supv wm,paul + ann clague
1717-2 E      w  McYLORY      Thomas                   d 26 sep 1717;wife ann;stepdau jony kelly;
1717-2 E      w  MOORE        Edward                   dated 4 apr 1717;son 
1718   A 14      QUAILE       Alexander                [full]dbur 23 nov 1718 ;made 8 jul 1717;dau mary,christian(her mo dead),margtjane;son robt;gch isabel coultry,john corlet,margt parr;son-i-law john parr;
1719   A 1       OATES        James                    made 25 feb 1718/9;glanchruttery;son james(heir),john;dau isable + jane exexs;bro robert caesar + cousin john oates to be supervisors;wife isable - her bro john bridson + capt paul gelling pledges;1727 james oates at la; 1735 wm corlet (kk michael) h/o isable oates acks from mo-i-law mrs isabel follet als oates
1719   A 26      GREY         David                    douglas;ch elizth,david;son-i-law thomas moor exor;[v faint on film]
1719-2 E      w  CLUCAS       Isabel      LEWIN        d 1 sep 1719;son Wm Corran(heir);dau Mary,jony,dorothy;husb Wm (jt exec with jony);Witt Alexander Cottier (sick at probabte), Wm Lewn (old + feeble)
1719-2 E      d  CREBBIN      Alice       STEAN        d 24 Jun 1719;only ch Wm - next relns Robt + Margt Stean superv (Jo + cath Steane also appt but absent);husb alive but not married for a year & a day  thus if child lives he get half of both parents - if he dies mo's goods only to next relns (her goods also inc  a quarter of her mother cath stean als gellin + fa robt);1740: wm acks from overseer wm crain h/o margt stephan + from patr kelly exor of robt stean;
1719-2 E      d  STEAN        Christian   KINLEY       d 14 Aug 1719;only dau Isabel Quine als Stean (w/o Nich  Quine) - accepted 20s from husb);husb alive
1720   A 40      KEMOD        Elizabeth   tyson        jt will dated 1 feb 1717;husb james exor
1720   A 41      LEEZE        Christopher              d 20 nov 1720;bro robt(dau isable, son john),wm,nicholas;maid ellinor brew;mo alive (bees at knockbane);sister ann;several legacies of bees
1720   A 42      CHRISTIAN    David                    dated 12 feb 1720;deputy constable douglas;bro wm(weaver douglas),robt;wife cath exex;wiit states wife unhappy with will leaving 6 to sibs to which he replied if you be noe satisfyed given them the house at ramsey and be quit of one another;agrmt between wm + cath touching house in ramsey to go to arbitratn by john murrey;elinor decd m/o david left houses to be shared between wm + robt;cath m. pat corlett by 1732
1720-1 E      d  CANNELL      Edward                   d 19 Apr 1720;Mr Edward Cannell(Douglas);ch Philip, Cath + Eubonia - all ua - supv uncles + aunt Patrick Cannell, Caesar Tear + Leonora Cannell; wife alive;Philip Moore(Douglas) claims 8;inv 31 3s; list of debtors inc some in Liverpool - total inv 453 14s 0d;buried in Peel (2s 6d carriage)
1720-1 E      d  CUBON        Robert                   d 27 May 1721;wife alive;ch Jane,Wm + Mary jt admrs - wife + aunt Ann Corkil als Cubon supv;inv includes crop 3 12s
1720-1 E      d  STAIN        John                     d 7 Feb [1719/20];only dau Isable (w/o Nich Quine)admx 
1720-2 E      w  CUBON        Elinor      CLUCAS       d 12 jul 1720;husb robt;son robt exor;dau isable;note on will gives ch isabel,john,thos,robt,henry,gilbt,dorothy + nicholas
1720-2 E      d  FAILE        William                  d 14 aug 172; ch john,james,nich?,ann,mary,alice + jane;wife alive;most ch ua;
1720-2 E      w  McHOOD       Elizabeth   SMITH        bur 19 sep ;widow;ch john(dwelling house),hugh(brewhouse),danl(eldest) - john corrin (court states next reln + adds alice corrin, cath huddlestone)suprv;half sis sarah white;sis esther smith;inv;1722 danl acks from ellinor corrin douglas;1722 john corrin mariner douglas;note from wm rushton about to depart  re widow mchoods youngest - boarded with cath kissag but turned in in such a poor condition
1720-2 E      d  MOORE        Philip                   d 13 aug 1720;ch john,isable,cath,ellin + robt;1st 3 at age;wife alive
1720-3 E      w  CREECH       Anne                     d 25 jun 1720;bro rt;names isable karran exex
1720-3 E      d  GELLIN       Patrick                  d 15 dec 1720;court decrees ch jt admrs but son Paul surrenders admn in court - genl sumner to make diligent enquiry re effects; Capt Paul Gelling (eldest son) later accepts admn
1720-3 E      d  LEATHLEY     Joseph                   late dublin d workington 30 sep 1720;only son john leathley
1721   A 3       CANNELL      Christian   fargher      bur 12 Apr 1721;husb Wm;ch Wm(eldest son), Margt(10s due from Patk Cannell) exors - ua husb sworn;her part of 40s due from Patk Cannell between 2 ch;mentions 12yrds cloth in walk-milln to clother ch; Witt Joney Kelley, Marriot Kelly; inv 4;Robt Kelly claims 40s
1721   A 39      CANNELL      William                  d 12 Nov ;ch Margt, Isabel, Wm, Philip + John;wife Margt exex
1721-1 E      d  CRAINE       Margaret    STEAN        d 16 Mar 1720/1;only dau Jane admx (other ch had m/cs);husb Jo: sworn
1722   A 3       FINCH        Philip                   d 3 apr 1722;douglas;ch Michael(6d), Alice Quaile(6d);wife Isable(his part house + garden) exex
1722-2 E      d  CANNALL      Jony        CROGHAN      d 28 Sep last[?1722];ch John + Thomas admrs - next of kin  Anne Croghan supv;husb alive
1722-2 E      d  KEWLEY       Mary        QUIRK        d 11 jun 1722;ch john,wm + anthony jt admrs - next relns aunts isable, margt + cath quirk supvs;husb alive
1722-3 E      w  RUSHTON      William                  watchmaker of Liverpool;sis ellinr,alice[?edge torn],mary;names thomas williamson wine cooper liverpool;friend capt woods;prin creditor wm oats
1723-1 A 3       CHRISTIAN    John                     d 17 jun 1720;mariner liverpool perished at sea in a Tyldesley Galley near gulf of Florida;only ch john - ua next of kin thos,jane(w/o wm christian),isabel,joney + mary Christian supvs;wife dorothy chipping;goods are mentioned in wills John christian + jony christian als cannell;
1723-2 A 81      LEWN         Robert                   d 19 Feb 1723/4;Ballargey;ch Christian Kelly, Margt;son-i-law Robt Lewn;nephew Wm Lewn;names Wm Lewn on tenement of Ballamainagh;dau Margt + gch Robt + John Lewn jt execs - gson Robt Lewn to let his gmo have benefit of half BallaChoan during her life; noted that Robt Lewn h/o Margt is sworn
1723-2 E      d  CANNELL      Isabel      CREER        d 23 sep 1722;husb john;ch john, Cath;
1723-2 E      w  CANNELL      Margaret    CLARK        bur 2 May 1723;sis Elizth Clark, Wm Clark;step-ch Margt Cannell, Wm Cannell;ch John (her part of 5 promised in m/c by her fa Patrick Clark) - supv Jo + Elizth Clark;husb Wm ;Witt Coony Cannell, Mariot Kelley;
1723-2 E      d  CORKILL      Thomas                   d 8 Aug [1723];sibs Phinlo + Mary (w/o Thomas Stevenson)  jt admrs;inv
1723-2 E      d  CREER        Jony        CLAGUE       dogift dated 27 dec 1720;renscalt;no reln to help except son John Lewn (douglas);other ch robt lewne, averick cassin als lewne
1723-2 E      d  LEWELLIN     John                     late of Douglas;perished by sea Jan last [1722/3]on coast of England;ch Roger, John + Mary jt admrs - ua ;wife Mary sworn;inv 4 ;claims by Mr Philip Moore + John Read(for wages)
1723-3 E      d  LEWN         Mary        COTTIER      d 9 Aug last;ch John + Christian jt admrs - ua - uncle Wm Cottier supv
1724-1 A 5       KELLY        Mary                     [Douglas]dated 4 Apr 1724;names Daniel Christian(weaver, Douglas) + his 3ch jt exors - ua (their parents sworn)
1724-1 A 6       FINCH        John                     d 16 Feb 1723;ch John('son + heir' - his part of team, 3 field horses + gears + meadow in Gneeb to pass as inheritance), Philip(younger son - brewhouse) exor; wife alive - she is sworn as exor tho at age not yet capable [note John by 1st wife - Philip by 2nd]
1724-1 A 10      LEWIN        Ann         cannell      bur 19 Apr 1724;ch Ann(in Dublin), Margt (+ ch Robt + Tho)+ Mariot(her part of dwelling house + garden between 2 daus- jt exexs) , Robt;
1724-1 A 12      CANNELL      John                     dated 22 Sep 1722?;ch Wm(money from gfa), Christian - John, Will, Thomas, Philip + Christian his 5 youngest ch;2 unnamed gsons; pledges the 4 bros ye one for ye other;
1724-1 E      w  CORKILL      Thomas                   dated 30 May 1724?;ch John(my half of dwelling house, backside + garden), Katherine(sheep jt with John); wife + son jt execs; [There is a 2nd versn of will shorter noted as sent from Rev Mr Curghey Vic Genl 11 Aug 1732 which states mostly same but John merely paying Kath 3 + no mention of giving her house room [but see SSS Oct 1739 26]
1724-1 E      w  CUBBON       Robert                   d 20 Mar 1723/4;ch Wm(eldest son), John, Tho, Robt, Gilbt, Nicholas, Mary, Dorothy + Isabel cubon(exex); gch Ellinr Cubbon; Isabel + Wm supv of ua ch;1730: Robt + Mary ack Isabel
1724-1 E      w  CREETCH      Gilnow                   made 12 apr 1724;dau jony(+her ch);gson james oates;son robt (money owed by john cashin),danl exec;son-i-law james oates
1724-1 E      d  IRVINE       Christopher              d 18 jun 1823; capt Christopher Irvine Castle Irvine Co Fermannagh;son Christopher; prin creditors Chas Moore + Nehemiah Kemp;inv including qty of soap;largest claim by Kemp (39 for travelling charges around england,ireland + scotland), some money due from mr John McClugton of newtown 
1724-2 A 86      MOORE        Catherine                Douglas;widow  Robert Moore;10 to Poor;son Edward(eldest - new house + gardens sandside ),Wm(exor - Edward + Philip to give conveyances,dwelling house, warehouse etc where she now lives + workground adj to rent Capt John Oates on 
                                                           sandside + pt of house bought from Michael Oates),Philip;Dau Margt;witt Anthony Halsal, Henry Moore
1724-2 A 87      KELLY        Mary        kewley       bur 14 Jan 1724;ch Robt, Patk,jony,Thos,Wm(exor) - some ua;stepson John Kelley;bro John Kewley
1724-2 A 88      CAIN         Robert                   bur 17 feb 1724;dau margt(eldest);other unnamed ch;wife cath als Karran exex;bro charles
1724-2 A 89      CRAIN        Ann         hampton      d 16 Jan 1724;ch Robt(heir - her part of crop), margt, isabel + Wm (5 between them);husb Wm exor
1724-2 A 90      LEWN         John                     [photo poor]d 17 Jan 1724/5;ch Robt exor; wife of John had d 7 Feb - the witnesses state that she left her part to her son Robt
1724-2 A 93      TEMPLETON    Margaret    cubbon       d sep last;only dau anne ua - uncle Robt Cubbon sworn;husb alive;inv 8 3s 7d + a gold ring
1724-3 E      d  KELLY        Ann         CAIN         d 26 Oct 1724?;ch Ann, Thomas, John + Wm;husb Thomas- ch uncles Wm + Philip Cain supv
1725-1 A 5       STAIN        John                     bur 1 Apr 1725;sibs cath, Margt, Jane; father Robert Stain exor (infirm - his dau Cath swirn); Witt William Kelly, Jo Kinley
1725-1 A 12      GELLIN       Margaret    kneale       d 14 jan 1724/5;camlork;son paul;gch margt + elinor gellin,elinor kewley;gson john gellin;dau elizth kewley exex
1725-1 A 14      FAILE        Jane        clague       bur 1 Apr 1725;ch John(heir), Jane; names Nicho Fail her husband's son;sibs Ann,John Clague; husb John Faile + her dau Jane jt execs - Jane ua - uncle John Clague supv
1725-1 E      d  CLAGUE       Margaret    MYLREA       d 31 jan [1724];ch wm,jane,thos, john,robt + paul;husb Wm (+1st 2 sworn);pledges Thos Mcylrea, Wm Clague;inv 7
1725-2 A 101     KNEAL        Daniel                   [full]
1726   A 5       CLAGUE       William                  d 6 nov 1725;douglas;wife elinor exex
1726   A 6       CAIN         John                     [1st on mm film]d 25 jan 1726;bollebane;son john(heir);wife chistian(step mo of john),patrick,finlo,robt,wm;gson john;dau margt +wm execs
1726   A 7       CALLISTER    Grace       clark        widow;douglas;dog to kinsman john clark douglas of house douglas(joining hse of edwd christian towards south,street east,john henrick west + north rent 1d) in exchange maintence dated 4 jul 1726;
1726   A 8       CROUGHAN     Mary        clauge       d 27 dec 1726;dau ann;gson john cannell;husb john exor
1726   A 9       KERMOD       Jony        CHRISTIAN    bur 1 feb 1724;husb wm;gchild mary brew,mary kermod;son wm
1726   A 10      CASHIN       Jony        lewney       bur 5 jan 1725;son wm(eldest);dau alice(eldest);husb wm exor;6 ch (unnamed)
1727   A 2       KEWLEY       Ann         cooper       perished by sea june last;6 ch jon (off island)+ mary harrison (by prev husb),charles,ann,joseph + wm kewley by present husb(these 4 ua);uncle+aunt(mo side)  nich kewley + aunt marjory smith supv;inv;husb wm
1727   A 20      KELLY        John                     [Douglas]d 1 Nov 1727;wife Cath als Looney exex;claims
1727   A 33      KELLY        Patrick                  [Douglas]an irishman;d 19 May 1727;Henry Moore prin creditor admr
1727-1 E      d  boardbank    samuel                   fragments ;whitehaven;d 26 dec 1726 ;wife martha poa to mr john stevenson balladoole;
1727-1 E      w  KELLY        Frances     CHRISTIAN    d 29 jul 1726;son james,henry;dau ann,jane;husb james ;note that james survived his wife but ch james,henry + jane appt 
1727-1 E      w  TEAR         Robert                   fragments ;father alive;?sister m to tho woods c'town;child ua;wife alive
1727-2 E      d  COOIL        Alice       GARRETT      d 23 aug 1727;ch david,patk ua next relns wm garret + john garrett
1727-2 E      w  McQUIRE      Richard                  dublin;son wm (banker dublin) admr;inc a claim by bishop (wilson) for 4 brit on acct of a mill with iron cylinders for wch mcquire promised to be accountable;inv include tobacco staves;petn by wm sharrock of c'town who acted as agent and seems to have been mistreated by admrs
1727-3 E      d  CORKILL      Catherine   ViNCH/finch  [full]d 5 apr;ch john,cath (ua)
1727-3 E      d  SAVAGE       James                    d 20 jul 1727;only ch john (out of island);wife ellen
1728   A 3a      quirk        patrick                  d 11 dec 1727;dau ellinor,ann jt exexs
1728   A 3       LEWN         Alice       quine        bur 7 mar 1727;ch alice,ann,mary;husb wm;uncle danl quine supv
1728   A 4       KELLY        Ellinor     lewney       d 11 Jan 1728;names Thomas Mylrea(s/o Tho of Douglas),Margt Kelly als Quirk(+ dau), Isabel Kelly ;sibs Robt Lewney(+ dau), Margt Lewney;bro-in-law's poor children Mary + Isabel;husb Wm Kelly exor
1728-1 E      w  GELLING      David                    d 13th day 1728 [?month] at house brother;late liverpool;wife dorothy;fa capt danl gelling;ch paul + christian (house liverpool) ua;bro john + thos overseers;thomas to go to liverpool asap;john in dublin;pledges capt paul gelling,philip kissag
1728-1 E      w  KELLY        Elizabeth                d 26 apr 1728;names john quirk h/o margt kelly;dau jonney cannon kk german;gdau margt kelly;gdau joaney kelly kk german exex
1728-1 E      d  KELLY        Mary        CORLETT      d 18 oct 1727;4 bro tho,robt,tho + patk;4 sis jony,alice,ann,isable
1728-2 E      d  CRAIN        Gilbert                  d 5 may 1728;[sunday in Ballaugh church at time of divine service]mariner, of douglas;only son gilbt admr - ua uncles danl + patk crain;wife margery;inv inc house in douglas
1728-2 E      w  CREER        William                  d 11 jul 1728;wife exex;witt robt hinley x,elinor hingley als topmpson x
1728-2 E      d  KERMOD       William                  d 4 oct;only son wm
1728-2 E      d  MOORE        Marriot     LEWN         d 6 oct;sibs robt lewn, margt Mcylrea als lewn,ann harrison als lewn jt admrs;husb alive
1729-1 A 5       JOYNER       Margaret    Mc YLROY     d 24 mar 1728/9;douglas;husb robt exec;son charles (h/o joney);dau margt cosnahan,emma mcclaire ?[full]
1729-1 A 7       HOWLAN       Mitchell                 bur 15 apr 1729;son wm(younger),david,john;dau christian,isabel(eldest)
1729-1 E      w  CAIN         Elinor      KELLY        [corner missing]; dated 16 Jun 1729;husb Henry;ch Jony, Jane(w/o John Quiggin by 1741), Tho, Henry + Christian;Husb Henry dead by 1741;inv
1729-1 E      d  CUBON        Philip                   d 28 jun 1728 on board HM man of war the Lenax;sibs robt + gilbt(abroad + ?if living) + barbara browenet als cubon (w/o hugh) jt admrs
1729-1 E      d  WALDRON      George                   [full]d london jun 1728;hm officer;stepdau susannah cliff refused toaadmr; sub sumner Danl christian to handle;in debt prin creditors John Murray,John Sanforth,Wm Murray
1729-1 E      d  WILSON       Nathaniel                d 25 sep 1726 on board HM man of war the Lenax;s/o wm wilson;sibs edwd,wm + elzth (last 2 in ireland)
1729-2 A 89      AGLIONEY     John                     dated 3 dec 1729;servant nicholas fitzsymons[;claims etcfull]
1729-2 A 90      NASH         Edward                   [full]
1729-2 A 94      QUINE        Gilnow                   bur 14 dec 1729;ard-ary;son-i-law robt creer;gch thomas quine,wm cannon,elinor cannon;dau jane + son john execs
1729-2 A 95      QUINE        Ann         CRAIN        bur 9 nov 1729;sis (of arylveen);husb gilnow
1729-2 E      d  LEWN         Mary        KINREAD      d 16 sep 1729;only ch ann;husb alive
1729-2 E      d  FAIL         Elizabeth   MOORE        d 3 Sep 1729;only son John Faile admr;husb alive; pledges Joh Fail + Robt Lewn
1729-3 E      d  GOLDSMITH    Elizabeth   KELLY        d beg Oct [?1728]; ch Jon + Alice Goldsmith - both ua mo's side uncle Tho + Jon Kelly supv;husb alive
1730   A 3       Kelley       John                     bur 25 Jan 1729; left goods to wife + child - witnesses testify that he said if child died wife was to have his part of goods
1730   A 28      QUINE        Alice                    dated 4 Dec 1727;Douglas;nephew John Coultrie(cooper,Douglas) exr
1730-1 E      w  CALLISTER    John                     bur 16 sep;douglas;wife exex;unnamed ch;one witness was rev anthony halsall who sends a sworn statement from Liverpool
1730-1 E      d  JOYNER       Charles                  d 14 dec;ch jon,robt,ellinr + charles all ua uncle charles cosnahan jt supv with wife jony als clucas;claims;inv;debts - court allows widow to mortgage houses
1730-1 E      d  MOORE        Henry                    dd 16 nov;ch robt + ellin admrs next relns charles + jane moore supv;wife alive;inv inc 1/8 little mill at onchan
1730-2 E      d  CAIN         William                  d 4 sep 1730;only ch (posthume) tho uncle philip cain;inv;unnamed wife
1730-2 E      w  CREER        John                     d 16 jul 1730;balemody;son wm;son-i-law john cown (? h/o margt);gson john cown;witt wm collingham,christian kelly als lewn
1730-2 E      w  SAVAGE       Elinor                   dated 15 may 1730;douglas;relict james savage;son john exor but dead in ireland wm clark + wm tumolty ? execs
1730-2 E      w  SAVAGE       John                     dated 14 aug 1730;portaferry ireland (curate of ballaphillip testifies);mariner;uncle wm clark + cousin wm tumolty ? execs;witts john pollock,nathll carvon,hugh mcguffog;annexed is note from elizth christian who had illeg child by john henricks decd whose exor was john savage
1731-1 A 3       MURREY       Susanna     patten       [full]dated 11 feb 1730/1;d 18 mar 1730/1(about 8 o'clock evening bur sunday 21 mar)husb john exor;born warrington (40 to newly erected poorhouse);sibs thomas,hugh,wm,dorcas;ch john,wm,thomas,robt,elinor,susanna,elizth;
1731-1 E      d  WATERSON     Thomas                   d 28 sep 1730;dau esther;depositions by John Kewley(onchan) re Thomas Watersons intentions for dau Margt + Hester after death of his two sons(one Wm) - Margt was provided for by contract + was his intention to settle lands on youngest dau  (ie against law of inheritance as  lands bought by Thos fa Thomas senr) Waterson replied that if his fa made a bargain for lands and he Thos junr bought them then Thos junr could will them;another deposition by Robt Kewley
                                                            (Ballanird Onchan) confirms Thos intentions to leave land to dau Esther;John Kermod(cotter [cottager] on lands of Thos Waterson) states that Friday before his death Thos said he did not design his lands fror Gret people but he had paid 5 for the lands bought by his fa.
1731-2 A 28      GELLING      George                   [full]bur 29 dec 1731;son thomas;dau jane;wife's son john crain;wife bahe exex; wm cain + john kewley to be suprv.
1731-2 E      d  CREER        John        WILSON       d 23 aug 1731;ranscult;ch alice,martha,esther,john,wm + zachararias;esther non compis,john,wm + zach ua,alice in england;wife cath als turner;inv etc;(mention of change of seating in kk braddan as widow pertns that kept out of old place); marriage was in Liverpool c.1721/2 in the 'old church' by mr bell where john creer was known as john wilson (or creer wilson)(james corlet mariner of ramsey 'gave woman as father or friend'), they lived in liverpool some years [full]
1731-3 E      d  CORT         John                     1st on gl703 cont
1731-3 E      d  SMITH        Elinor      MCYLREY      2 ch john ellinor
1731-3 E      d  VICRY ?      James                    late of city of Dublin, prop in douglas;son james (strange hand)
1732-1 A 2       KELLY        Thomas                   d 17 feb;[rh edge very dark + some names ?]son phil (prcl in ballagraive),richd,thos,wm;dau jane?,anne,cath;sis jane;maidserv cath caine;nephew john kelly s/o bro robt to pay unto his first wives children (refused in court);some ch ua uncle mo side john clark;robt kelly opp valuation of house (bill dated 12 mar 1724) - court finds only a quarter pt due to children;jane kelly w/o john kelly ballagraue overseer rich + jane;inv;;1734 jane kelly widow;xd  thru petn by thos kelly that being young was misled by aunt into not contesting some of debts
1732-1 A 3       KELLY        Jane        clark        buried 24 dec 1731husb thos;son richd;dau cath,jane;stepdau ann;ch of ann cain(inc thomas)[see thomas above]
1732-1 A 4       OATES        Ellinor     CANNELL      made 7 yrs ago [1725];gson james oates;dau cath cannell als oates (w/o wm),ellinor lewin als oates[full]
1732-1 A 5       CANNEL       Margaret    cottier      dau alice(+ her ch),elizth;gch paul + elizth ;husb hugh exor
1732-1 A 6       LEWN         Robert                   d 3 mar 1731/2;gch ann,edwd + john;gson robt lewn;son john exor;wife alive
1732-1 E      w  CoRLETT      Peter                    bro ewan;eldest dau cath;dau isabel,jane,youngest alice;sibs thomas,ewan,robt margt & mary corlett;wife cath;legacy to poor of ramsey
1732-1 E      d  CUBON        Margaret    QUAY         5 ch anne margt robt patrick jo
1732-1 E      d  GREgg        Hugh                     d in douglas, no rels; detailed inv
1732-1 E      d  KELLY        Margaret    CREER        4 ch mary steen ?, margt patrick; husb robt alive
1732-1 E      d  SMITH        Michael                  mich & philip departed life sometime ago beyond the sea;2 sis mariot & isabel [now in ireland]
1732-1 E      d  SMITH        Philip                   see michael
1732-2 A 59      CORLETT      Mary        callow       [?bur]douglas;d 15 nov 1732;husb thos [m Bra 17290625]
1732-2 A 60      GELLING      Paul                     [full];d 2 jan 1732/3;capt paul gelling;wife eleanor als taubman;son john,thomas;dau ann,mary cannon als gelling
1732-2 A 61      KINNISH      Catherine                w/o john
1732-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    David                    mariner d 15 aug 1731 4 ch philip margt ellinr christian;wm cannel h/o margt (not 100% readable),inv
1732-2 E      w  HAMPTON      William                  bo james, robt,sis isable;wife christian
1732-2 E      w  KEWLEY       Daniel                   of douglas d 20 aug 1732;wife ann,son daniel
1732-2 E      w  KINLEY       Ann         CREBBIN      s-i-l wm kelly,gson wm kelly;dau christian,ann,jane;s-i-l john crain
1732-2 E      d  QUAY         Philip                   d 4 jul;2 ch philip margt wm quay h/o margt
1732-2 E      w  QUINE        Nicholas                 d 31 jul 1732;son & heir john;dau ellin,jony;s-i-l thomas hampton;gdau isabel cokhill,wife alive, s-i-l paul corkill;sons nich & robt execs
1732-3 E      d  CANNELL      Elinor      YOUNG        widdow,2 ch philip eubonia;iou to coz margt knipe
1732-3 E      d  CANNON       Margaret    CASHIN       d 12 nov;5 ch robt wm thomas john cath(ua);husb robt
1732-3 E      w  CashiN       James                    2ch wm & jane;wife alice cashin als lewin;bro in kk maughold;stepson john quine
1732-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Robert                   d 29 sep 1732, glover; bro john christian;inv
1732-3 E      d  CORLETT      Ann                      orphan d/o peter;3 ch cath isabel jane
1732-3 E      d  KELLY        Matthew                  matthew not mathias in will;2 daus ellor corrin & margt kewley;
1732-3 E      d  LOWTHER      Gerard                   late rector of bowness cumberland d 28 may;son rev henry lowther;claims by john cowley taylor douglas,doctor jenkinson + many other small claims
1733-1 A 5       COTTIER      Daniel                   d 29 feb 1732/3;wife margt;4 ch robt thos christian + isabel
1733-1 A 6       QUINE        Jane                     d 3 dec;husb thos d 5 jan following;5 ch elizth,robt,paul,mabel + margt (last 2 ua);1730 robt acks from eliz gelling als quine
1733-1 A 7       QUINE        Thomas                   bur 31 jan 1732;dau margt + 3 younger ch;wife margt;+ funl charges for 1 of ch;
1733-1 A 8    jw KERMET       James                    wife cath als voughtin [moughtin]
1733-1 A 9       CREER        Ann         STOLE        bur 23 mar 1732;dau margt,ann;gson robt creer;names margt cown;son wm exec
1733-1 A 10      GELLING      John                     [full]
1733-1 A 11      GENEST       Margaret    GARRET       [full]
1733-1 E      w  CANNELL      Mary                     tromode;son john;dau christian;other ch thos & philip
1733-1 E      d  CANNELL      Robert                   cooper;5 ch margt jo mary isabel robt;thos cannel uncle
1733-1 E      d  KEWLEY       Robert                   d 24 mar son robt, + posthumous ch on wife's bearing (wife sussana kewley);petn by bro john of ballanird braddan;
1733-1 E      w  kILLEY       Mary        CARRAN       d 14 may 1733; husb james;next reln eliz curran in ireland;dispute between isabel hughes als carran & james
1733-1 E      d  LEWN         Robert                   only dau ann cannell als lewn
1733-1 E      d  MURREY       Thomas                   of chester d 1726;only ch thomas ua uncle wm murrey
1733-2 E      d  CANNELL      Margaret    KEY          d 20 Oct 1732; ch Philip, Thos, Robt + Wm (1st 2 at age);husb Philip;inv
1733-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    John                     cooper;fa adam christian;unnamed sibs
1733-2 E      d  COWN         Christian   KISSACK      d 11 aug 1733;ch mary,margt
1733-2 E      d  CURGHEY      John                     rev john vicr genl;d 6th oct 1733; 2 ch rev mathias & mrs eliz curghy;articles of agreement between john and wife annals christian (mentions articles of marriage oct 1709)
1733-2 E      w  KELLY        Catherine   COWLEY       Douglas;d 16 Sep 1733; bro John Cowley(dau Ellinor), other unnamed sibs;husb John exor
1733-2 E      d  KELLY        Jony        CAIN         d beg aug 1733;ch john,margt,robt,thos + wm some ua elder son not capable of tuition of ua hence uncles thos + wm cain;inv
1733-2 E      d  KELLY        Patrick                  [not Marown]d 17 Sep 1733; ch Robt (noted of Braddan)+ Margt jt admrs; wife Cath als Creer; 
1733-2 E      w  LEWN         Margert                  d 12 aug 1733;ballarghey;gch john,edw,ann;son robt;sis christian;sis dau margt;names many others;son john exor
1733-2 E      w  MOORE        Robert                   pulrose;son john(heir + wife eliz in santan),peter (shopkeeper douglas);wife isable exex; dau patience kermet ?,margt (w/o john watterson;niece leonora ,dina huddleston;stepdau isabel cannell w/o robt cannel;stepson thomas more; 1st wife ann quirk - ch robt + cha are dead thus dau have no right as more male ch - anne corran by virtue wills bros robt + chas has no title;inv - 
1733-2 E      d  QUINE        Gilnoo                   d 10 aug;ch tho + anne;uncle + aunt jo + issab quine + robt creer;wife alive;inv
1733-2 E      w  WATERSON     Robert                   john kewley married to relict has taken charge of children;pledge john kermod shoemaker douglas;eldest son thomas;daus margt ellinor
1733-3 E      d  BRIDSON      Margaret    QUAY         d beg mar 1732 5 ch robt thos ann ellinr margt
1733-3 E      d  COWLEY       Mary        CLAGUE       d 28 sep 7 ch ellinr jane margt philip robt wm tho
1733-3 E         KiLLEY       Elinor      QUIRK        dau ann Garrett als killey w/o wm
1734-1 A 3       LEECE        William                  made 18 apr 1734;ballanamona;gch robt+ ellinor (ch son wm leece),ann (d/o son robt;)son robt + wife dorothy execs
1734-1 E      d  CARALAUGH [c Jane                     Jony + Jane Caralagh died the former 20yrs ago, the latter Jun 1723 - only bro Wm Caralagh (also dead) - his 3 ch Philip(out of island), Ann + Elizth(ua) - Anne + mo Ann als Kewish admrs
1734-1 E      d  CARALAUGH [c Jony                     see Jane
1734-1 E      d  COWLEY       Isabel      corkill      d 5 apr ;4 ch wm mary patrick john
1734-1 E      d  JOYNER       William                  only bro john
1734-1 E      d  KELLY        Thomas                   d Island of Jamaica abt 10mnths ago[court dated 10 Sep 1734] bro Patrick Kelly + sis Cath(w/o Wm Cottier) jt admrs
1734-1 E      d  QUAY         John                     d 12 april 1734;7 ch wm dorothy thos isabel cath mary john + mposthumous on wife bearing
1734-1 E      w  WOOD         Leonora                  nunnery;ch robert heywood, ellin heywood,margt green,mary harrison,eliz christian;son thomas heywood exec
1734-2 E      w  CORLETT      William                  smith douglas - house 
1734-2 E      d  CREECH       Catherine   CUBON        d 11 oct;son daniel; danl's bro-i-law James Oates (cronk y gerry);danl alleges bro robt had contract (robt refuses to confim)
1734-2 E      w  FITZSYMON    Elinor      CHRISTIAN    [full]d 4 oct 1734;douglas;husb wm exor;child on her bearing not mentioned
1734-2 E      w  KEGG         Thomas                   died in lezayre;of douglas;sis mary garrett;fa richard;inv
1734-2 E      d  KELLY        Mary        LEWN         d 2 Oct 1734;only child Ellr Kelly exex - ua aunt Ann Fail als Lewn supv;husb Robt Kelly
1734-2 E      d  KELLY        William                  miller;ch cath + wm; their mo decd;ua pat kelly + paull kissack h/o mary kelly pledges his bros in law jon key + phill kelly;widow's bro wm; complaint that mother refused board due to her [new] husb wm cain
1734-2 E      d  KNAKILL      Elinor      kelly        d 25 jul;ch james + ellinor ua aunt margt kelly; husb philip;inv including 2000 hoops
1734-2 E      w  QUARK        John                     cooper; unnamed wife execx
1734-2 E      w  QUINE        Thomas                   d 5 sep;nephew nicholas quine;wife joney als callow;will dark + edge worn
1734-2 E      w  SHARP        Jane        CHRISTIAN    d 9 Oct 1734;sibs Isable Skillicorn;kin Thomas Christian, Jane Quark, Margt Christian;son David Sharp (her part of house + backside - [see SSS May 1738 85]) - sd son had a son;husb John Sharp
1734-2 E      w  TAGGART      Isabel      Garret       husb chris taggart;dau isable
1734-2 E      w  WOOD         John                     dated 20 feb 1733;nunnery;stepch robert heywood, ellin heywood, margaret green, mary harrison + Elizth Christian;stepson thos heywood exor;wife alive
1734-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   d end oct 1734;ch mary,robt + david(ua);wife alive;dau Elizth(w/o john fail) by prev wife acks;
1734-3 E      d  CLARK        Edward                   perished by sea 29 aug 1734;bro john + thos clark;wife alive
1734-3 E      d  KISSAG       Catherine   KELLY        d 29 oct 1734;ch by prev marr John + Cath bridson together with Cath Bell + Wm Kissag by latter husb;
1734-3 E      d  KISSAGE      William                  d 27 oct 1734;ch wm(abroad) + cath(w/o john bell) jt admrs
1735-1 A 4       KELLY        William                  [Douglas]dated 31 Aug 1731;ch Elinor(w/o James Gell), John(dwelling houses); wife decd;servant Margt Cannell
1735-1 A 5       GELLING      Jane        CANNEL       d 16 apr 1735;dau cath,jane exex;son wm,thos;ch of son-i-law robt craine;gson evan gelling
1735-1 A 6       McYLROY      Margaret    CORKILL      d 30 Dec [1734];ch Wm Kewley(eldest son -Onchan), Gilbt(+ wife, Kk Braddan) exor; gch Robt Kewley, Esther Kewley[assumed gdau];1739: Robt Kewley acks uncle Gilbt; 
1735-1 E      d  BIRD         Edmund                   [much missing - only lh side page]ch Edwd,edmd + Margt jt admrs - ua - no reln within Isle ;wife to have tuition;inv 4 10s but claims exceed same
1735-1 E      d  COWN         Alice       STEVENSON    [fragments only]decree dated 20 May 1735;4 ch Robt.,..[phillip?]p jt admrs;husb alive; Tho Ste[] supv? with father
1735-1 E      d  GELLING      John                     [rh margin lost];d jamaica 173[];native [douglas?];ship Queen Car[] of liverpool;bro charles,paul + wm(abroad) jt admrs
1735-1 E      w  GELLIN       Margaret    KNEAL        [much missing - only lh side page]d 3 May 1735;widow;dau-i-law alice Gelling;son P[?paul] (dwelling house in Douglas) exor, John Gelling
1735-1 E 001  d  KELLY        John                     [in fragments]2 ch Mary + [] - ua supy James, Mary + Cath K[];wife alive;inv [most lost but but mentions house near strand adj John Gell 0.5d? rent - see SSS May 1724 35 for sale]
1735-2 A 41      CORKILL      Ann         CUBBON       bur 14 Feb 1735;husb John;ch Jony(a dumb girl); Witt Robert Curghey x, William Cubon x; inv inc 2 cows, 13 sheep
1735-2 E 010  d  KILLEY       Dorothy     GAWN         d 17 sep;Douglas;ch richd,charles + jane - nearest relns mo side (uncle)Tho + (aunt)elizth gawn;husb charles ;agreemnt between supvs + husb;inv
1735-2 E 014  d  KELLY        Marriot     TEAR         d 12 Jun [?1735];ch by former husb Robt, Ellinor + Isabel Cowley jt admrs - ua next relns Wm Stole(h/o Esther Tear, Kk Maughold) + Philip Tear(h/o Margt Hogg, Lonan) overseers; husb Wm - overseers on fa's side was Wm. John, Thos, Jane, Margt + Ann Cowley
1735-2 E 016  w  KEWLEY       John                     d 1 Jul 1735;wife Margt als Cain;ch William, John + Margt jt execs;
1735-2 E 017  w  FAILE        Robert                   dated 5 Sep 1735;wife Ellinor(exex);grandson John Fayle(Braddan)
1735-2 E 018  d  KELLY        Catherine   JOUGHIN      d 14 Sep [1735];sibs John, Margt, Jony + Alice jt admrs - husb to effects (tho not married a year + a day)
1735-2 E 019  w  CANNELL      Ann         KELLY        d [] sep 1735;ch Robt(eldest - her part of purchased land called Ballavoilin), Wm(youngest);Husb Patk exor
1735-3 E 135  d  LACE         David                    by oath of Ewan Kennish(Douglas) that David Lace(s/o Wm Lace, Kk Bride) d some years ago in Dublin;sibs Philip + Wm admrs of goods that fell due by from mo Kath Lace als Christian (will Arch 1697); Philip , Wm + bro Dnal are decreed admrs of all other goods - Wm out of country;
1735-3 E 136  d  READ         Henry                    joint - siblings - John + Henry Read s/o John Read(Douglas) d 20 yrs ago - aonly sis Alice Curlet als Read admx
1735-3 E 136  d  READ         John                     see Henry
1735-3 E 137  d  KILLEY       Jane                     d 1 Feb 1735;ua d/o Mrs Dorothy Killey; sibs Richd + Charles admrs, goods secured in mo's inv - admrs also ua
1735-3 E 138  d  KELLY        Robert                   d end of Dec 1735 onboard H M ship The Norfolk in river of Lisbon;sibs Philip + Mary jt admrs - Philip in Ireland, Mary absent;mo Christian Kelly sworn;pledges Richd Quirk + Joseph Cannell (both Peel)
1736-1 A 3       KINNISH      John                     d 7 nov 1734;gdau mary kinnish (house called folly + half seat in douglas chapel);son robt exor (transmarian - mary appointed as didn't appear but sworn in Aug)
1736-1 A 4       KELLY        Jane                     beneficiary: dispute Wm Oats admr jane + elict+exx thos kelly gfa jane re will 1702;janes sibs thos+john;janes parents dead as she acks 1721;
1736-1 E      d  CANNEL       Margaret    CHRISTIAN    [Douglas]d 1 Oct 1735;ch Wm, Philip, John + Alice? - all ua - no relns appeared ; husb Wm;agreement by Wm Cannell (+ wife Margt als Moore) gives in surety house + garden in Douglas adj John Cottiman to pay legacy thus releasing Wm Oates + Jon cannell from their bond as pledges
1736-1 E 201  w  McBOOY       William                  d 9 may 1736;douglas;stranger from dublin;landlord Mr Thos Wilson;bro patk(any goods after paying debts)
1736-1 E 203  d  CLANcY       Martin                   douglas
1736-2 A 34      CLAGUE       Margaret                 d 29 jan 1736/7;sis isable taylor(w/o thos) exor;names ann cannell
1736-2 A 35      STEPHEN      Margaret    CALOW        sis cath hyland (in dublin),joney corlet(ballaugh);bro in kk lonan;son wm exor;quit claim by john callow + wife margt for 20s;
1736-2 E      d  CAIN         Margaret    KINNISH      d 24 Aug 1736;ch John + Ann Mcylrea, Jane Paul + Esther Gellin with Hugh Cain jt admrs - Jo Mcylrea being abroad 19yrs - the rest sworn
1736-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     d 10 Sep 1736;merchant Douglas;only bro Wm Christian admr; widow also sworn;claims inc Wm Cubon 40 17s,Wm Murrey 17 1s 4d(Brit)
1736-2 E      w  CLAGUE       John                     d 14 Oct 1736;weaver,Douglas;names John Killip(Schoolmaster, Lonan), Jane Kewley(KnockRule),John Clague(Ballaquayle), Edwd Killey(soldier), John Killey, Phil Quirk(Kionsleau);left 10s towards Braddan School house;names Isabel Kneal als Killey exex
1736-2 E      d  CLOSE        Elizabeth   CLARK        d 1733;only child Wm Close admr - ua - uncles John + Tho Clark supvs;1747: William Close acks recpt 3 8s being inv of father + mother's goods; 1750 Wm acks 98s due from mothers' goods
1736-2 E      d  Corkill      jane        crane        d 8 Sep 1736;ch Jo + Peter Corkill jt admrs;pledges Xtophr Taggart + Jo Caroone
1736-2 E      w  COWN         Isabel      Christian    dated 7 Jun 1736;;ch Phillip Cown(abroad);gdau Jonney Curphey(her half of old house);son-in-law Ewan Curphey + wife Isable her exors
1736-2 E      w  GARRETT      John                     d 3 Oct 1736;the Kew;ch Jony (w/o Christopher taggart) (appted exex by court, Mary(described by John as dau but court states jony was 'only dau';mentions goods in Maughold or Lezayre
1736-2 E      d  GELLING      Paul                     d 12 sep 1736;camlork;dau ellin gelling (w/o Richd gelling) admx as heir John Gelling had a m/c [see SSS May 1728 53 wife Cath Kelly];annexed agreement dated 1 oct 1736 between John + richd Gelling (both braddan) re effects of Paul Gelling + Ann Gelling als Cannell decd; Richd to have all the coin(gold + silver) + also  300 + boulstes ? + all sheep due by death of fa-i-law + goods in his possession in Knocketroddan;John to have all other goosds + 15; to share rents due from tenants + cotters;
1736-2 E      d  GELLING      Thomas                   decree dated 2 oct 1736;ballaquirk;d without issue;sibs wm, john, robt craine, jane all surrender admin to relict Ann;
1736-2 E      d  KERMOt       Hugh                     perished by sea mid jun 1736;only dau isabel - ua uncle philip kermot;wife alive (her bro christopher taggart pledge);?wife elizth as she is involved in sheep joint between hugh + christopher taggart decd
1736-2 E      d  KERMOt       William                  perished by sea mid jun 1736;only bro philip;pledges edwd sayle + john stoale parish clerk
1736-2 E      w  KILLEY       Ann         CAIN         d 22 Jul 1736;Douglas;only dau[unnamed] (her part of house + garden), Gilbt, James;husb Gilbt Killey
1736-2 E      w  Lovely       jane                     dated 6 [lost in binding] 1736; Douglas;bro Thos Moor(Ballabeg, Lonan);ch Thos Carr, Christian Lovely, Alice banks - tuition + care of Cathrine to Thos Moor; husb Thos exor;
1736-2 E      w  MOORE        Ann         BIRKETT      w/o philip moore
1736-2 E      w  MOORE        Isabel      CALOW        d 18 Jul 1736;Douglas;sister Kath; only child Isabel exex; Husb Tho Moor
1736-2 E      d  MOORE        Robert                   d 6 Oct 1736;ch Wm + Cath Moore jt admrs - ua + no reln on father's side mother sworn;gfa Wm Clucas + uncle(by mo's side) Ewan Killey supvs;alledged widow is pregnant if so posthume jt admr
1736-3 E      d  CREER        Ann         FAILE        d 6 jan 1736;ch ann,wm,jane,robt + john (?ua as no relns on mo's part);husb wm;1762 john,robt + jane ack from wm creer awhallan;
1737-1 A 4       KELLY        William                  d 25 feb 1736;ballabrew;son robt;gch margt,robt,thos,wm,john kelly exor
1737-1 A 5       GELLIN       John                     ballamillaghyn;son john;dau margt + elizth;wife exex;jony quiggin sues for wages;1752: john cain h/o elizth
1737-1 A 11      KELLY        Jane        MOORE        [Douglas]dated 12 Feb 1737;husb John exor ;two (unnamed) ch (her part of house) - uncles Wm Bridson, John Moore + Hen Moore overseer; 1748: Cath Kelly(dau) acks from step father Richd Lawson all due by death of father + mother;inv;in charges note of childs funeral
1737-1 E      d  BENNETT      George                   [full];
1737-1 E      d  CUBON        Ann         CREER        d 18 dec 1736;ch robt,barbara brownett als cubon;
1737-1 E      d  KNEEN        Robert                   d 27 Feb 1736/7;ch Wm ,Esther?, Isable + Ellin jt admrs(1st 2 at age + sworn) - goods of youngest in hands of uncle Wm Kneen;wife alive
1737-2 A 39      HAMILTON     William                  dated 18 nov 1735;douglas;son gustavus harrison,george,frederick;dau jane,elizth;wife mary exex - she surrenders to john kissack;inv;claims in dr thos jenkinson
1737-2 A 40      QUAY         Bridget                  d 29 oct 1737;bro john quay;
1737-2 A 43      HAMPTON      Ann         SCARFE       d 2 jan 1737;bro rich(+ dau);names ellin sansbury;son wm exor;husb john
1737-2 E      w  CANNALL      Margaret    BREW         d 17 Jun 1737;will dated 25 Jun 1737;widow,Douglas;ch Wm Cannell(Liverpool), Isable Cannell(Douglas) exex;step dau Margt Cannell(Douglas);gdau Peggy Murrey;names Cath Callin, Isable Quark(both Douglas)
1737-2 E      d  KELLY        William                  [Douglas] dated 19 Oct 1737;Wm Kelly(s/o John + Jane als Moor decd)- sister Cath sole admx - goods in mo's inv
1737-3 E      w  ALCORN       Archibald                dated 5 jun 1737;of Whitehaven but now in Douglas;names elizth Peel d/o Mary Peel widow Whitehaven, wm High (mercht whitehaven);cousin Jane Patterson(the Hey ? near Whitehaven);landlady Mrs Kerruish;Names Sussanna Patterson(the Hoy) exex
1737-3 E         HAILE        Hannah      McALLAGH     pauper
1737-3 E      w  KELLY        Mary                     dated 23 Oct 1737;sis Cath Cannon;sis-in-law Jony Kelly exex; bro James Kelly
1738-1 A 7       GELLIN       Elizabeth   QUINE        d 14 feb 1738;names mabel quine;husb john exor
1738-1 A 8       FAILE        Robert                   Algare;ch Robt, John,Wm,Thomas(other sons to take care of him if he came to Island), Margt, Jane,Mary + Isabel - unnamed youngest child(his best cow to whom would take care of him for 2 yrs);gch John Kelly's eldest dau; ch John, Wm + daus to be exors;unnamed maidservant; court states daus Margt, Jane + Mary at age + sworn with Robt Fail + John Kelly as supvs
1738-1 A 9       FAILE        Jane        QUINE        d 8 mar 1738;algare;dau isabel;son wm;ch jt execs ua next relns uncle john quine,wm cannon h/o isable the aunt(onchan);husb robt alive;some problems these ch are by a second wife court orders overseers to deliver goods to half bro robt fayle;
1738-1 A 10   wm CANNEL       William                  d  - no issue living, wife alive
1738-1 A 10   m  LEWN         Anne                     marriage contract dated 24 Mar 1732/w
1738-1 A 11      HANTON       Nicholas                 d 2 apr 1738;sibs thomas + ann execs;mo alive
1738-1 A 12      CUBBON       Patrick                  d 31 mar 1738;john corkill exor;
1738-1 E      d  CANNELL      Philip                   d 12 jan 1737/8;ch john,mary,tho - next relns robt,john,wm + tho cannell supv;wife alive;inv incs many 5 + 10galon hoops
1738-1 E      d  CLAGUE       William                  d 9 mar 1737/8;ulican;ch wm,john,tho - next relns robt lewn,tho,robt + paul clague overseers;wife christian als kelly;agreement;inv1760 thomas acks stepfa nichs fayle re death fa wm + bro wm;1755 john acks stepfa
1738-1 E      w  CLARK        John                     dated 11 may 1738;stranger;wife margt;names wm allan temple bar sailor  exor;phil moore senr + junr merchants ;john brown chandler claims;debts etc inc money owed by john christian liverpool;
1738-1 E      w  CREER        Robert                   d 25 apr;wife ann als kirmeen?;ch cath,ann ua next relns wm,tho,nich + ann creer supv;inv
1738-1 E      d  CUBON        Robert                   d 6 sep;sibs gilbert(abroad 20yrs),barbara brown als cubon;
1738-1 E      w  KERMOD       John                     d 30 apr 1738;sis cath;wife exex;only ch margt surrenders admin to stepmo bahee kermod als cottier
1738-1 E      d  McGUIRE      Ellin       COSNAHAN     d 23 nov 1737;ch malcom,jane,wm,charles 1 abroad other incapable unles john cosahan + patk lace;inv - 3 13 4d;
1738-1 E      d  pICKERSGILL  Matthew                  presumed dead out of island in france 15yrs;sibs james(dublin),mary
1738-1 E      d  QUILL        Hugh                     d 25 jan 1737/8;ch mary + jony;wife alive
1738-1 E      d  RYAN         Timothy                  d 24 aug;mercht douglas;no reln christopher pellet(of dublin) prin creditor but witts claim will in dublin;inv;accts - long case
1738-2 A 75      CORKILL      John                     d 10? Nov 1738;ch Joney(dumb girl - a cow in lieu of mo's goods - also his part of house, exex), Ann; Sibs Wm + Dorothy(w/o Robt Curghy) to be supvs of Joney;wife alive;1739: supvs threatened with prison unless they give bond of 3 to perfect the inv
1738-2 E      d  CORKILL      Richard                  d 15 sep 1738;ch thomas + mary;inv
1738-2 E      w  GELLIN       Elinor      TAUBMAN      d 2 jun 1738;son richd;dau ann corlet als gellin exex (w/o robt)
1738-2 E      d  GELLING      John                     d 13 oct 1738;sibs wm,jane + cath(w/o pat craine)
1738-2 E      w  QUINE        William                  d 6 may 1738;unnamed sibs;gch d/o thos clague;wife exex
1738-2 E      w  SMITH        Thomas                   d 5 may 1738;wife margery als coopper exex;inv
1738-3 E      d  CANNELL      Robert                   d aug last[?1737]sibs Philip, Wm(ua) + Thomas jt admrs; inv in mo's(margt Cannell als Key) will abt 7 yrs ago;father Phil
1738-3 E      d  CONOLLY      Patrick                  d dublin beg sept 1737;no relns
1738-3 E      d  CRAIN        Catherine   GELLIN       d 14 Jan 1738/9;ch Christian, Wm, Margt + John jt admrs - ua - next relns Wm Gellin (uncle)+ Finlo Stephen supvs; husb Robt Crain (of Kk Lonan by 1743); inv etc
1738-3 E      w  STOLE        Frances                  d 30 Aug [1737?];gdau Jane(house + croft in Santan), Ann;gson George;son John exor
1739-1 A 6       CANNEL       Margaret    CLAgue       dated 17 Mar 1738/9;gch John Teaff ? (sheep in the Howe), Elin;stepson Thomas Christian;dau Margt(to enjoy house in douglas where she now lives), Mary + Jony jt exexs;witts disagreed court names James Cottier, Jony Kissack, Wm Cannell ;
1739-1 A 5       LEWN         Jane        CLAIG        d 30 Oct 1738;husb Robt;bro John Claig;5 ch inc John(eldest son - half crop + team of Creg-y-Cowin - intack), Margt, Jane(the 2 eldest daus); Witt Patrick Quine, Elliner Claig als Kinnish; claims inc from Margt Lewn, Alice Lewin, John Lewn , Wm Cannon +  Philip Christian
1739-2 A 36      TOBIN        John                     periwig maker douglas; half to Mary Greenwood, children patrick, francis & mary all under age, no relation of deads part - mother mary greenwood
1739-2 A 37   dg CHRISTIAN    Edward                   dated 3 may 1737;(court may 1737) + wife isabel,bolrenny to son robt
1739-2 A 38   jw CASHeN       Margaret    MOORE        see wm
1739-2 A 38   jw CASHEN       William                  dead;dated 17 nov 1737;dau jane(purchased land marown),elinor(w/o wm corrin by 1775);son thos(prop douglas);wife pregnant at making;allows for differences between wife + heir to strenaby;had ch by former wife john,margt,mary(w/o robt kelly)gilno,alice + philip;pledges wm lewn taylor
1739-2 A 39      COMISH       John                     d 14 nov 1739;nephew edwd wainwright;bro-i-law john marjeen;dau jane + ann exexs
1739-2 A 40      KELLY        Margaret                 husb philip exor;names joany kermod,wm nowall
1739-2 E      d  COWLEY       Robert                   minor d 17 mar 1737;sis isable + elinor;inv annexed to robt cowley + wife marriod wills;1763 philip creer h/o elinor acks from robt cannell h/o isabel;
1739-2 E      d  HARRISON     Isaac                    [no burial ?]d 5 Oct 1739;only son Robt (at age) - pledges Mr Wm Moore + Mr Anthony Whiteside; affairs are somewhat perplexed + debts may be desperate - widow allowed 12months
1739-3 E      d  CASHIN       William                  mariner late of Strenaby, d 4 years ago in Dublin Bay;sibs John, Margt, Mary (w/o Robt Kelly), Gilnow, Alice & Philip
1739-3 e      d  Corlet       john                     mariner s/o Wm Corlett late of Douglas, perished at sea about 3 years ago;sibs wm,robt, peter, cath(w/o John Cubbon), & Jane;pledges John Cannon Cooilshellagh, Wm Quayle soldr
1739-3 E      d  EMOZ         Walter                   d 30 sep 1739;capt walter emoz;ch walter,jane,elizth & mary;1st two out of isle other 2 ua;wife alive;pledges Thos Christian gunner, John Stole parish clerk
1739-3 E      d  MOORE        Ann         LEECE        d 29 nov 1739;two unendowed sons Robt(abroad) & Nicholas admrs
1739-3 E      d  MURPHY       Dennis                   d 19 nov 1738;fell into the great mill at the upper end of the town;ch john,mary + jony;john+mary abroad;wife alive;pledges John Stole parish clerk, John Callow sumner
1740-1 A 3       HAMPTON      Ann                      d mar 1739/40;bro thomas exec;mo alive;manservant thomas cowin;
1740-1 E      d  KELLY        Catherine   CAINE        d 25 Mar 1740;only ch John Kelly admr - ua -uncles(mo side) Thos + Wm Cain(of marown) supv; husb John Kelly;inv; 1755: John Kelly at age + acks
1740-1 E      d  KNEAL        Isabel      KILLEY       d 1 May 1740;only son Silvester admr (abroad )- 1742: goods due him in hands of father lately dead - Ewan Kerruish by deed impowered to take care - annexed will Silv Kneale senr epios 1742-2
1740-1 E      d  McYLREA      Margaret    CAINE als kinnish d beg 1739;ch Hugh, John, Cath, Margt + Ann - John + Ann ua - father appt;inv
1740-1 E      d  SMITH        Marjery     COOPER       d 20 Jan 1739/40;3 ch ua - relns surrender admin - court appts John Stole(parish clerk) to dispose to best advantage of creditors; inv
1740-2 A 70      MOOR         Charles                  bro pat,bro pat's dau jane;bro robt;wife mary;codicil bro pat's son thomas the little house where the loome is + half garden after wife's decease
1740-2 A 71      KERMOD       James                    of douglas;d abt 9 years ago;bro john kermod of kk lonan
1740-2 E      w  CUBBIN       Margaret    COrKILL      d 30 Aug 1740;ch Joaney - exex - tuition to her sibs;sibs Dorothy, Peter;mother alive;inv inc land set at 15s rent;costs
1740-2 E      w  KELLY        Marriot     cowley       d 24 May 1740;friend Margt Kelly (w/o Robt Kelly)exex
1740-2 E      w  Killey       ann         corrin       [inserted bottopm of page]d 4 Jul 1740;ch John, Edwd, Thomas, Wm(abroad) + Robt Killey(abroad) jt admrs - 1st 3 ua - their father sworn
1740-2 E      d  KILLY        Gilbert                  d 27 Oct 1740;mariner perished in Douglas bay;sibs James Killey + Ellinor(w/o John Kewley) admrs; inv
1740-3 E      d  SHARP        John                     d 5 Dec 1740;only son David a sailor out of country admin committed to relation John Cubbon(Douglas) - noted that Edmund Cubbin + wife Margt were next relations but incapable of manageing hence their son John Cubbin appointed - wife alive;inv; key asset is house + dispute as Cubbon wishes to sell half house but John Kelly[2nd husb of wife Christian als Quark - who is 2nd wife of John ] is to pay 7s pa to Cubbon + keep house in repair ; 1750: David returns and claims admin
1741-1 A 18      KELLY        Mariot      TEAR         ch Thomas, Ellinr;husb Richd exor; Thomas dead by probate (Elinor his admr)
1741-1 E      d  CALLOW       John                     d 28 jul 1739;infant due goods from will  mother isabel callow als quine;fa edwd;margt sis of decd isabel'dec states isabel of douglas upper house (ie house next to street)
1741-1 E      d  CANNELL      Elizabeth   corlet       d beg mar 1740/1;ch robt,elinor,ann all ua uncle thos corlet + gilbt kewley;pledges wm quirk taylor,christopher kinley;husb wm;inv
1741-1 E      w  JENKINSON    Thomas                   dated 23 apr 1741;dr surgeon(chyrurgeon), douglas;son john;wife edith exex
1741-1 E      wd KILLY        Charles                  dated 2 feb 1738;ballabroij;son richd (house 4.5d rent + house bought chas cowle 1d cottage + other land + share pew with mr philip moor douglas chapel);wife decd dorothy,charles;bros peter moore (douglas)+ thos gawn(rushen) to be supv;
                                                          court noted significant changes in life richd s/o dorothy als gawn dead, dau elizth by margt als maddrell;peter moore dead;pledges thos radcliffe knockaloe, wm qualtrough kiontraagh;mo pledges john quale controller,wm curghy
                                                           c'town;1750 john cottiman sworn supv ch of mr chas killey;claims inc james read barber;1755 elizth at la chooses step=fa robt kennedy of c'town;
                                                           petn by widow margt that charles had 3 ch by dorothy 2 sons + dau jane who died young + chas has perished by sea in his voyage to england;court case due to death of common parent between whole + half blood ch;charles jnr chooses uncle ricd joyner as supv
1741-1 E      d  OATES        Isabel      stole        d beg apr 1741;ch john,thos,isabel + esther;pledges john kelly algare;robt kelly virginia
1741-1 E      w  OATES        Jony        KNEAL        d 3 may 1741;dau esther;sons robt,wm,thos,andrew,richd,paul;husb thos exor;inv
1741-2 A111      STEVENSON    John                     douglas;wife Amy alive;pledges thos christian ballahutchin + john cowley tailor;long inv shop goods very varied sugar,rice,gloves material ...
1741-2 A113      CASHIN       Averick     LEWN         d 11 jan 1741/2;gson edward kermode;dau anne,margt, mary;sons wm philip;dau ellinor kermode als cashin execx w/o robert
1741-2 A114      QUILLIAM     Margaret    QUAYLE       douglas;d mar 1736;3 ch ua wm isable jane;husb john; his son robert; mentions house
1741-2 A115      CURLET       William                  d 29 oct ;eldest son wm; house + smithy;wife exex;neighbour poor John faile;overseers robt,peter + jane corlet
1741-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    William                  d beg apr 1741;soldier;ch david,elizth,margt,ellinor + wm(3 ua);wife alive;pledhes Edw sayle + wifes bro Thos Christian
1741-2 E      w  CORRIN       William                  dated 14 feb 1738;liverpool,mariner;wife martha(property in douglas);dau ann;peter rainford(liverpool gardiner),John wilson(roper liverpool) + thomas aspinwall(gentleman liverpool) exors
1741-2 E      w  CORRIS       John                     dated 16 May 1741;Douglas;ch Wm,Thomas, John + (?dau) Margt jt execs
1741-2 E      d  COWN         Daniel                   d midsummer;ch robt,edw,wm,cath + isable;inc
1741-2 E      w  KEWLEY       Alice       COOPER       d 29 aug 1741;son thos,john;husb nicholas exor
1741-2 E      d  KEWLEY       Robert                   d beg aug 1741;balla:nyed;only bro john;fa robt decd;wife alive + ch ua
1741-2 E      d  McYLREY      Catherin    MOORE        d 43 yrs ago;husb john left island 40yrs ago no decree etc;had 2 surv dau margt w/o robt joyner,jane w/o richd killey both decd;court decrees Chas Cosnahan who had a deed of gift from Robt joyner + rich killey h/o cath + execs of jane;
1741-2 E      d  MOORE        Peter                    perished on coast of england 9 jul 1741;ch robt,richd,peter + esther - all ua uncle john moore pulroish,john moore balnahow + robt kermod h/o patience;widow to settle whitehoe on heir;inv [full]
1741-2 E      w  STEPHAN      Philip                   d 6 sep 1941;ch cath,john,isable + philip(4 youngest) unle wm stephan overseer;dau margt;wife isabel exex
1741-2 E      w  TAGGART      Jony        GARRETT      d 28 may;husb christopher;nephew ewan garrett;john john exor
1741-3 E      d  CORKIL       Margaret    CORRIN       d 30 Oct  [1740?];ch Margt, Cath + Isabel jt admxs - ua; husb John Corkil smith; 1752: all 3 ack from fa;inv etc
1741-3 E      d  KELLY        Margaret                 d Jul 1741 in Dublin;d/o Robert Kelly(late of Douglas);admin made at court 3 Nov 1741 but mistake in that she had no only sis Jane Kelly surviving; nearest  reln Elinor Kneal(a minor) d/o Phillip Kneal and her only sister Elinor Kelly decd - Philip sworn admr
1741-3 E      w  LEWIN        Alice       brew         d 17 Oct 1741;ch Daniel + Eliner;husb Wm Lewin exor;witt Robt Lewin, Patrick Quine
1741-3 E      mc McYLWRATH    John                     inc m/c SSS Oct 1741 42;son-i-law charles wattleworth admr
1741-3 E      w  MURREY       John                     john murrey merchant;long detailed will 
1742-1 A 5       CANNELL      Margaret    CUGHEY       d 22 feb 1742;dau margt;husb john [full]
1742-1 A 9       McHOOD       John                     douglas;bequeathes to christopher adam's son john (ua) the brewhouse;aunt sarah white;wife ann
1742-1 E      d  CLARK        Thomas                   d 20yrs ago in West Indies;mariner,late douglas;sibs John,Margt Quill als clarke(w/o James) admrs
1742-1 E      d  KELLY        Thomas                   [Douglas]d beg feb 1741/2;ch Thos, John,esther, Anne + Philip jt admrs - all ua - uncles Danl, John, Wm + aunt Ann(w/o Wm Gawn) supvs; wife alive; inv
1742-1 E      d  WELSH        Ann         Corbett      d 3 apr 1742;ch john,thos,edward,cath;husb laurance;(john + thos abroad, other ch too young)
1742-2 E      w  CREER        Thomas                   d 20 sep;names mary w/o john quay;ch isable creer;bro wm + sis anne (w/o wm kelly)execs
1742-2 E      w  KELLY        John                     d 24 Jul 1742;wife Margt als Shimmin exex;ch John (profit of Bauldin miln to keep him to school);bro-in-law John Shimmin;wife Mary(lnterest in estate until John reaches 14);mention's child by 1st wife - his wife margt to be supv of both John + that child; uncle Wm Kelly supv; inv; noted that corbs due to John Kelly present heir of Ballaquine in hands of Margt but agreed between Margt + Robt Lewn(Ballaquine) that corbs are to be delivered to sd Robt ;1742 Wm 
                                                           Kelly overseer dead - Robt Kelly (Ballabrew) next neighbour to farm of minor sworn overseer there being no relation capable of charge;1745: Robt Lewn sworn overseer; noted that profits of Boaldin miln hath been built recently + current held by Tho + Wm Cain two of overseers - profit so far 12s to be added to inv
1743-1 A 6       KNEAL        Mary        callow als HIGGIN douglas;son john callow;houses + house oh her fa wm higgin decd;present husb philip kneale + 3 ch youngest philip;  son wm kneale;her step dau elinor kneale;houses adj philip lace;1759 cath kneale dau acks from half brother john callow;philip youngest dead;
1743-1 A 7       CAINE        Joney       QUINE        son charles;his sisters joney jane isabel + margt;mentions houses;husb charles
1743-1 A 8       QUINE        Isabel                   widow;dau joney cain als quine;d-i-l joney quine als moor;charles cain h/o joney dec'd + john quine h/o jony
1743-1 A 9       CUBBON       William                  kewage;4 daus cath patience eliz margt;son wm,wife ester
1743-1 A 10      QUAYLE       Isabel      kneen als ?  dau mary;gdau cath quayle;s-i-l wm quayle;son john kneen
1743-1 A 11      OATES        John                     made 18 jan 1841;douglas;sis corlett (+nephews/nieces);bro james (+wife);niece isabel oates;nephew george oates;bro geo tollett,charles tollett;mo isabel tollet + sis jane oates exexs[full]
1743-1 A 12      KELLY        Ellinor     CALLY        douglas;neice ellinor cally not yet 18;husb patrick alive;bro thomas out of island;bro patrick
1743-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Robert                   d 2yrs ago;mariner;s/o Daniel Christian decd;sibs david(beyond seas),mary(w/o Gilbt Hanton);inv is a right to houses in Douglas
1743-1 E      d  COTTIMAN     Thomas                   perished by sea abt 6 yrs ago;late douglas;ch thomas,jane - ua;wife Elizabeth
1743-1 E      d  KELLY        John                     Ballakewish;d 5 Apr [1743?] ch Wm, Esther, Robt, Philip + Margt jt admrs - Wm + Esther at age + sworn overseers; wife alive pledge John Stoale + Wm Kelly her father
1744-1 E      d  KELLY        William                  d 9 Jan 1743/4;Ballaquine; only sister Jony Kelly admr
1743-2 A 75      CALISTER     Margaret                 dated 11 apr 1742;douglas;relict John Callister;son Robert (brewhouse, little house called the stable + backside+ garden all in Douglas - he to pay sibs - exor),Anthony(10), Henry(8),Ewan(pewter + clock in his kitchen or dwelling house),Thomas(5s), John (if he or his lawful issue come for it  5s)
1743-3 E      d  BRUNNETT     Isaac                    d 18 may 1743;sibs James,mary mercer als brunett,cath;mo rachel als chargeh[full];
1743-3 E      w  CANNELL      Thomas                   [poor copy] d 20? Jan 1743;dau Isabel (ua) - next reln John Cannell overseer;cousin Thos Watterson;wife Jony als Maddrel exex;pledges Richd Gelling + John Stoale schoolmaster
1743-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     perished by sea above 20 yrs ago;sailor;s/o John Christian late of Douglas;left half great house in will John Christian(1716 lib 2 epis) which is to descend to Thos Christian (s/o of John snr); Thos Christian decreed admr
1743-3 E      d  CLAGUE       John                     [poor copy]d 25 Mar ?1743;Balla [];ch Wm, John, Robt, Edmund?, Mary + Margt - Wm+ John at age but not capable - wife Elizth sworn
1743-3 E      d  CORLETT      Isabel      CLAGUE       d 15 Nov 1742? [?1743];only child Cath Corlet admx - ua - uncles Wm + James Clague overseers; husb Robt Corlet;
1743-3 E      d  CREBBIN      Margaret    KELLY        d 15 Dec ?1742;ch Harry, Margt + Mary admrs - all ua - uncles Wm Kelly + Patr Gell overseers ; husb alive
1743-3 E      w  CRETNEY      Richard                  d 22 Aug 1743;sibs Margt Knical, Henry Quayle(in England);Thos Key exor;names many  inc Ann Cowin als MartinIsobel Leece(Bal:Moaney), Ann Corlet (all in her hands);ann corlet widow claims
1743-3 E      w  CROUGHAN     Ann                      d 29 may ;douglas;bro wm,john;sis cath cubon als croughan exex;
1743-3 E      mw CUBON        Edmond                   d 30 July ?1742;ch Jony (if she return to Island), John, Jane(+ shelter in house if needed), Charles(his half house) exor
1743-3 E      d  CUBON        Esther                   John + Esther c/o John Cubon - goods from mo Cath Cubon - d in minority - admr father John Cubon
1743-3 E      d  CUBON        John                     see Esther
1743-3 E      d  FAYLE        William                  d 21 May 1743;ch John, Mary + Wm jt amrs;court notes that Daniel Kneal son-i-law recvd a cow upon his marr to Margt Fayle a dau
1743-3 E      d  JOYNER       Jony        CLUCAS       d abt candlemas last;late of Douglas;ch John, Robt (2 abroad), Charles  (ua)+ Ellinor - uncles Capt John Clucas + Wm Clucas + aunt Isabel Fargher supvs;pledges Rev Paul Crebbin + Thos Caine(Ballalhei kk Michael);inv 7 12s exc house + garden - petn by John Clucas(Santan) to be able to sell house
1743-3 E      d  KELLY        David                    d abt 2 yrs ago;mariner on board Centurion man of war;s/o Mr Wm Kelly,late douglas;only surviving bro Mr John Kelly,mercht Peel;
1743-3 E      w  SIMPSON      jane                     [part very dark on film]jw Hugh + Jane  dated 24 Aug 1741;late of Penrith, Westmoreland;noted that made will 5 yrs ago + he + wife being now in Douglas make this a codicil - 3 daus now living + a gson;dau Elizth,Lanit[] (eldest son), Tho (+ son Hugh);Hugh Simpson survivor + exor of Jane Simpson sworn
1744-1 A 4       CREBBIN      Ann                      d 15 feb;sis deborah,margt;fa henry exor [full]
1744-1 A 0       CREER        Jane        GELLING      d 8 mar;dau elinor,jane,susanna exex (w/o wm cashin - 5/- for extraordinary care of decd to his sibs? thomas (thomas creer in ack) +elinor);names john fletcher
1744-1 A 1       FINCH        Catherine   CORLETT      husb Philip;ch Jane Corlett(feather bed),Isabel Corlett, Thomas Corlett, Kathren, Isabel, Jane, John + Ellinor Finch - these ua;her late husb Peter Corlet;
1744-2 E      d  CANNELL      John                     perished at herring fishery 19 sep 1744;sis isabel,mary + margt(w/o danl garrett)
1744-2 E      d  clark        david                    native douglas;d dublin dec 1743;next of kin margt halsall als kell(w/o simon)half sis by the mother
1744-2 E      d  CORLETT      Ann         cottiman als CLARK als freer  d 10 apr;son john freer,wm cottiman jt admrs
1744-2 E      d  MARSH        Elizabeth   LINDAL       perished at sea april last - no children or reln;inv
1744-3 E      d  CAINE        Hugh                     departed island 10 yrs ago no certain acct;s/o Daniel Caine late douglas;fa left him certain houses etc which in case of his non return pass to relns esther gelling(w/o John) + cath kneal als caine - they to pay 4 to his kinsman Thos Caine Ballaugh
1744-3 E      d  CRY          Daniel                   perished by sea apr 1743;ch john,mary,margery + anne all ua but no reln appeared;wife martha als Dagnal
1745-2 A 56      JOYNER       Margaret    OATES        dated 28 jan 1744/5;douglas;son thomas;dau elizth(half seat in douglas chapel);step-dau margt (my husbs dau);husb thomas exor[full]
1745-2 E      d  CLAGUE       Thomas                   left Island 4 yrs ago d Liverpool 12months ago;s/o John Clague late douglas decd;half sister by fa Isabel Clague admx
1745-2 E      d  COGHRAN      Jane        MATHEWS      d 15 may 1745;dau hannah(w/o Joseph Johnson),jane + cath;husb cornelius;pledges George adams + john Corbett;in petn name cochran
1745-2 E      w  LEWN         Jony        FARGHER      d 30 Sep;ch Ann;husb Robt exor; 1748: Anne Quine acks stepfa Robt Lewn due by death of mo Jony Quine als Lewn als Fargher who died abt michelmas (29 Sep) 1745;
1745-2 E      d  SMITH        George                   d 13 yrs ago;late of douglas;wife mary als hendricks
1745-2 E      d  WITHERS      Philip                   left island 20 yrs ago - d jamaica 16yrs ago;late douglas;no relns on island - mary clague(liverpool) widow John Clague prin creditor;
1745-3 E      d  CALLISTER    Catherine   BRUNEtt      d 10 nov 1745;late of douglas;only ch John - no reln on Island except grandmo who is absent thus husb Robt sworn;several claims in Mr Philip Moore for 46, Phil Finch 36 ..
1745-3 E      w  CREER        Robert                   d dec 1745;dau ann craine(w/o wm),isabel garrett(w/o philip)
1746-1 A 2       CHRISTIAN    Adam                     dog dated 31 jan 1732/3 to wife margt als black;property in douglas;unnamed ch
1746-2 A 23      CALLOW       Edward                   d 10 dec 1746;smith,douglas;bro son Edward callow(ramsey - all working tools);wife mary als cannell exex
1746-2 A 27      LEWN         John                     d 17 Jan 1746/7;bro Robt exor;friend Robt Creer;names Wm Kewley(serv to Robt Waterson), Margt(w//o Philip Christian);niece Ann Lewn d/o bro; Witt Philip Karren x, Wm Christian; pledges Thos Cain(Ballalheij + John Quilliam of Marown; also exor objects that witnesses are cousins german
1746-2 A 28      LEWN         Jane                     d 25 Jan 1746/7;Douglas;niece Margt Kinley;sis Mary;stepdau Jane;husb John exor
1746-2 A 29      CAIN         Philip                   dated 9 dec 1746;sibs John(loom),Thomas,cath,wm,mary(3 ch);fa john Cain exor;
1746-2 E      w  MOORE        Philip                   [Full]d 30 Aug 1746;
1746-2 E      w  QUINE        Cathherine               d 18 Jul 1746;child Isabel Cowley - ua;sis Jane(w/o Thomas Clague);mother Margt Quine + Thos Clague) sworn + also for maintenance of illect child;
1746-2 E      d  WOODS        Henry                    perished by sea beg mar 1745/6;mariner late of Liverpool;prin creditor rebecca mucklwrath(she having fathered an illeg child on him);pledges Wm Oates(Douglas) + Nichs Bridson(arbory)
1747-2 A 33      CLUCAS    Mary Christian COTTIER      d 6 jan 1742/3;ch philip,wm,nicholas,cath,ann + leonora;husb philip exor;
1747-1 A 3       LAWSON       Ann         CAIN         declrd 20 mar;hus richard exec;ch eward,richd,john,patk,david,jony + ann
1747-1 A 4a      KILLEY       Ewan                     [full]d 7 apr 1747;coloonys;dau isabel (eldest + heir),cath ua;wife mary als kermod;christopher fitzsimmons + john killey (bro) overseers;dispute between John killey + Mary;ewan key uncle sworn overseer; Mary married to John Moore Poolroish by 1754 inv
1747-1 E      d  CREER        Esther      KNEEN        d beg apr;only dau ellinor ua;aunts isabel + elinor kneen suprv;husb john
1747-1 E      d  KELLY        Robert                   [damaged]d 27 May ;Doon;ch Thomas + Mary jt admrs - ua - nearest relns uncles Wm + Thos Kelly; goods in hands sd Wm Kelly who gives pledge his bro Thos; 1778: Thos acks his uncle Wm
1747-2 A 22      OATES        William                  [full]douglas;nephew wm moore s/o capt moore Lonan,john s/o capt oates onchan,wm oaters (dead by probate exec james);wife dead + buried kk braddan;son james + dau margt (w/o william teates)execs
1747-2 A 23      OATES        William                  [full] mariner Liverpool;s/o wm Douglas;died on voyage to africa;bro james exec
1747-2 A 24      OATES        Robert                   died at sea on Neptune jamaica to Philadelphia;bro wm;other manx on board John Cannell + Patrick Corlett;[full]
1747-2 A 32      REEVES       Mary                     [full]dated 15 feb 1746;widow,douglas;son robt,wm,thos (in liverpool);son-i-law thos heywood (of the nunnery)h/o hester,son-i-law john beaumont h/o elizth;dau rebecca,deborah,amelia;sis margt reeves
1747-2 E      d  CANNELL      John                     d 26 sept 1747 at herring fishery;ch leonora,wm(abroad),philip,john + paul (last 3 ua) - leonora supv + admx;inv
1747-2 E      d  CANNON       William                  d 26 sept 1747 at herring fishery;sibs john,thomas, + cath;pledges john cain conchan,wm lewn taylor;
1747-2 E      w  HIGGINS      Margaret    CREER        d 6 oct 1747;douglas;son john (if he come),thos exec;gson john callow;gdau cath kneal;names margt smith;gch wm,philip + cath kneal
1747-2 E      w  KELLY        Catherine   CLUCAS       d 12 oct 1747;son wm,thomas ua;husb thos exor;no relns on mo side
1747-2 E      d  KENNEDY      Archibald                d 8 july 1747;late douglas;prin creditors pass to john callow sumner of douglas;;claims;inv
1747-2 E      d  QUEELING     Mary        Kennish      d 27 jun 1747;ch alice,john,robt + elizth;all ua uncle mr john christian kk maughold;husb robt;inv
1748-1 A 5       GELLING      Esther                   husb john;ch margt + charles execs; ch ua uncle paul gelling;inv
1748-1 A 7       HAMPTON      Gilbert                  made 2 apr 1748;weaver;douglas;son robt, nicholas;names danl cannell onchan;step-son philip lewin;un-named gch;wife alive
1748-1 A 8       KEWLEY       William                  [1st on 580];d 7 jan 1747;wife alice als christian;serv bridget cottier;ch wm, elizth + jane all ua + execs;guardians of jane = john kewley + thos christian who 1754 ack from step-fa wm lewn;inv + sale
1748-1 A 9       KELLY        John                     d 17 feb 1747/8;bro-i-law john calow;nephew patk cowley;only dau cath (house at upper end douglas);wife christian als quork step-mo to ch;witt paul bridson  + paul quork;
1748-1 A 10      KELLY        Marriot     KEWLEY       d 23 jan 1749;husb wm;dau jane,ann exexgdau margt kelly;
1748-2 E      w  GELLIN       Ann         MOORE        d 1 sep 1748;balnalaughin;dau margt + elizth jt exexs;son john;pledge john gelling + Thos Caroon(wittness)
1748-2 E      w  MOORE        Isabel      GELL         d 11 aug 1748;poleroish;dau margt(10, silk gown + best table cloth + napkin), isabel;son philip(heir), peter, robt;sis alice, margt, patience; names Elizth cannel, rev joseph cosnahan;husb john exor;witt barbara moore, isabel christian
1748-3 E      d  CANNEL       Jane        KEWLEY       d midsummer last (dated 30 jan 1748) - ch john, jane (ua) jt admrs; husb Nichs Cannell supv
1748-3 E      d  COWLEY       William                  d in H M Ship the Lion man-of-war abt 1747;father Philip Cowley(Braddan)sibs whole blood - thomas, margt (w/o nathl corrin)+ jane(w/o daniel creetch);sibs half blood Paul + Isabel Cowley
1749-1 A 5       CHRISTIAN    Elizabeth   savage       douglas;dau elizth;son rowland;husb robt exec;inv
1749-1 A 7       FINCH        Michael                  son michael (houses,brewhouse etc);daus cath,margt,elizth (harties old hose adj old house + garden belonging john corrin);wife margt exex
1749-1 A 8       PEAT         Arthur                   nephew arthur peat,henry peat;niece cath peat;names dorothy peat;pledges john king butcher + john slater
1749-2 E      d  Carson       Hugh                     d 22 Aug 1749;an irishman;ch Wm + Jane Carson jt admrs - ua - no reln (on fa's side on Island) - their mother Anne Carson als Canailagh sworn
1749-2 E      w  COSNAHAN     John                     vicar Braddan;fa buried Santan;son hugh (if he die without issue),joseph (revd);son-i-law robt brown;dau cath,ellinor,ann;wife alive;Rev Saml gell h/o cath,thos woods h/o ellinor
1749-2 E      d  COWLEY       Mary        CAINE        d 13 Oct? 1749;ch Thomas, Daniel, Robt + Christian jt admrs - all ua - uncles + aunts Wm,John, Thos + Cath [Cain]  sworn overseers;husb Wm Cowley;pledges John Corjeage(Balla-Killey) + John Quiggin (later changed to Robt Lewin Ballachreetch + Robt Cannell);inv
1749-2 E      d  FLETCHER     Thomas                   left Island 20yrs ago - no account for 10yrs assumed dead;cooper;s/o Capt Richard Fletcher late of Braddan;only bro Capt Edward Fletcher admr;inv included a small parcel of intack worth 2d + Lords rent;
1749-2 E      w  KELLY        James                    d 14 Aug 1749;ch Wm, Margt + Christian jt admxs;cousin Patk Kelly;wife alive
1749-2 E      w  KELLY        Margaret    FARGHER      d 21 sep 1749;husb simon Fargher exor [m Onc 17171218 ?no ch]
1749-2 E      w  KERMOD       John                     decree dated 16 Oct 1749;ch John, Isable;wife Ann exex
1749-2 E      w  KEWISH       Silvester                d 9 Jun 1749;sis Ann Gill(Peel);wife Cath als Cain?[faint on film ?calie] exex;gdau Margt Halsall;pledges Simon Halsall + John Corkill
1749-2 E      d  KEWLEY       Thomas                   left Island 10 yrs ago - d New York May 1748;ch Leigh Kewley (now in Island), Wm (in hands of mother in Liverpool) jt admrs;Leigh in tition of gfa Nicholas Kewley who is sworn; [see also SSS Oct 1761 36]
1749-3 E      d  CANNELL      Isabel      CANNON       d 1 aug 1749;ch isabel, cath,wm - all ua - no relns on mo's side appear; husb Wm;cath dead by 1766
1749-3 E      w  COWLE        Patrick                  mariner ;fa john ;bro james (off island);bro-i-l wm cry
1749-3 E      d  CREER        Mary        CORRIN       d 2 feb 1749;ch John,margt + mary; ch uncles John Corrin,James quark + John Looney overssers;husb john;1782: danl kneen h/o margt,wm corkill h/o mary - fa John now  decd;
1749-3 E      w  LEWN         John                     d 15 Aug 1749;mason, Douglas;wife Mariot als Cown(house during life then to dau Jane);ch Jane(paying to exors stepmo Mariot 40s on possession), Robt(20s if he came for it); states papers in house showing all his ch that were abroad had been paid; wife + Jane jt exexs

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