Episcopal Wills 1715-2 Arbory, of Jane Cubbon als Bridson

(from MM EW29 / LDS 0106367)

This is affirmed by the subscribing witnesses to
be the last will and testament of Jane Cubbon als
Bridson, who departed the first of August 1715.
First committed her soul to God, and her body
to Christian burial. Itm she left & bequeathed
unto her loving husband an horse and this year's
profit of the bees. Itm left unto her grand-daughters
(viz) Jane & Catherine Cubbon her part
of the bee-hives that was in the garden at home.
Itm to her grandaughter Joney Cubbon a kid.
Itm to her eldest daughter Issabel Maddrel a
petticoat, a smock, a hood, a goat for Christmas
3s that were in her own hand and a wheel.
Itm left her son Giles Cubbon all the gares she
brought out of the farm, a door she borrowed
of him, a barrel, half a hive, a sheep for
Christmas and a through ? that was in his own
custody. Itm left her servt Margt Kinvigg a petticoat.
Itm unto her two grandsons
Philip ad Wm a lamb betwixt them
Itm to Giles's ife a petticoat & westcoat
Itm to her stepson John her part of a calf.
Itm to her daughter Margery all the remaining
part of her wearing cloathes & linen.
And lastly appointed her three sns (viz) Thomas
William and John Cubbon her true and lawful
exrs of all her goods moveable & imoveable
and she cut of the rest of her children wth the
legacys beforementioned
[in a different hand - that of the court]
She further bequeathed to
her stepson David Cubon her pt of
the beehive wch he had
carv'd himself.
testes John Cleark my mark 
Robt Gelling my mark - jurati
Probatum est & solvit 1s
The exrs sworn in court in form of law.
Pledges to pay all debts & secure
the office are the witnesses to the will
19 July 1716 David Cubon enters a claim agt
the exrs of Jane Cubon als Bridson, for 15s
& half a heiffer & craves the law

[Immediately preceding this will is the following petition - not clear that it relates to this will
it is possible related to an Archideaconal will of Catharine Cubbon als Corrin which mentions purchased lands
The name I have read as Korrin but ?Kowin - the 'i' is dotted in both usages but the middle letter(s)
looks like 'rr' but might just be 'w']
To the reverend Mr John Curghey and Mr William
Walker Viccar Generals of this Isle
The Humble petition of Tho Korrin  of Kk Arbory
that a little after midsummer last one Catherine
Chubbine alias Korrin Aunt to yor petitioner departed
this life and in her sickness sent for one Thomas
Chubbin to be one of ye witnesses to her will who
accordingly came and the woman that look'd to her
in her sickness being present heard the declaration
yt she yn [then] made as to ye settlement of her will soe
far as the lands purchased by the disceadant to be left to yor
petitioner that is to say her part of it and yn was stoped
by the family of the house and went noe farther
and the wittnesses yn prsent hath since declared to
other persons if the sd lands now left yor petitior
but however instigated, since, are not willing to
make oath thereto
[]here [] as the sd wittnesses and the
day charged by the Mr Walker
power to apear at the court in Douglas
hee humbly begs that the court would
be pleased to force ym to oath as to ye
trth of what they heard from the
disceadants mouth as to ye lands wch hee
conceives the laws will alow wch done hee
as in humble duty bound shall ever pray

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient so burial date not certain.



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