Reconstructed Arbory Burials 1701-1730

The Arbory Parish Registers are seriously deficient - no marriages or burials before 1729 and a major gap in baptisms between 1675 and 1729 - these dates are too early for any duplicates to be found in Bishop's transcripts. There are also no lists of confirmations.

The actual register is a single volume, recently rebound, in which several sections of earlier registers have been incorporated. The opening paragraph to the early baptisms states that this is a copy made c.1729 but only the first set of leaves are present. It would appear that a complete register has been lost at some period.

The preface on the first page reads:

A true coppy of the register book of Kk Arbory
beginning from the ministry of Sr John Crellin &
continued thro' the time of the Reverend Mr Samuel
Robinson & Mr Robt Parr the succeeding viccars wch
is faithfully extracted & compar'd with the originals
by Edward Moore of Douglas to whom the curacy of
this parish was committed by the right reverend
father in God Thomas lord bishop of Sodor & Man
Anno domini 1723

Most wills of the period were dictated on the death bed and usually contain within them the date of death, such wills and decrees of administration for intestates, were handled by two courts which rotated around the sheadings - the episcopal court (usually headed by a Vicar General though the Bishop - Thomas Wilson at this period - would become involved in serious cases) and the Archideaconal court. Although intestates could be handled in either court, at this period most seemed to be handled by the Episcopal Court which met two, or more usually, three times a year whereas the Archideaconal court met once.

Prior to the wills and administrations is a page giving the date of the court, lists of jurymen and names of the defuncts - against each name would generally be a '+' or a '-' — the '+' indicating that the defunct was handled by that court (ie a will or decree will follow), the '-' indicating that the defunct would be handled by the other court. A third category of defuncts for which no mark is given are either those whose affairs will be dealt with in a later court or for those, generally indicated as paupers, for whom no property needs be considered - sometimes these lists of defuncts are the only mention of the death of such individuals. The list of defuncts in the Episcopal courts is generally the fuller but sometimes additional information is given in the Archideaconal court list (eg an additional 'als'). The usual dates for these courts were May/June, Oct/Nov and February (remember the year then started on March 25) - the court circuit is indicated as suffices -1,-2 or -3 to the year. If no death date can be determined then the date of the first appearance of the name in a court record is given indicated with the prefix 'by'.

The handling of married names is not consistent - widows (possibly those long since widowed) are often given under their maiden names; the will or decree usually indicating by the names of their children their married name. Those where the will indicates a different name than that in the list are shown '*'d in the table below.

The notes on the wills are a summary of people mentioned in the will - all too often the name of a spouse is not given, sometimes this is included in an attached inventory or account - several of the wills are transcribed elsewhere.

It should be remembered that Manx law was considerably different from English law - the two parties in a marriage could both have wills and leave property independently, the children of the deceased were generally the executors unless the will explicitly gave this task to the spouse. Any descent of property was fixed by law and thus such property is seldom mentioned in a will, though purchased property (as opposed to inherited property) could be disposed of by will. As the heir at law was fixed it was often the case that the other children were made executors of the personal property. Parties could be excluded by the legal device of bequeathing them sixpence or more. If any child was under age (14 years) a supervisor from the deceased spouse's family (usually an uncle) was appointed to act for the child's interest.

The LDS film number is given for ease of reference; this is derived from that given by Brian Lawson in his index to the wills, for the Archideaconal wills these correspond to the Manx museum films in the RB series, however the Episcopal films in the EW series would appear to somewhat different. The Archideaconal wills, arranged by parish in the usual clockwise order, are numbered, those in the Episcopal court, also arranged in parish order are not so numbered. A new index to these Episcopal wills was prepared over several years by volunteer workers and they assigned page numbers to the pages as found on the Museum Microfilm, however the actual pages are not labelled so the page reference acts as a relative reference to more easily find wills.

The Manorial Roll for Arbory may provide additional information.

[note this is work in progress - some of the earlier Archideaconal wills remain to be summarised.]

Text missing or unclear in the wills is indicated ' []' - sometimes I have interpolated my guess at the reading. dau-i-l = daughter in law etc, gdau = granddaughter etc

Name   Als
Will Ref
(LDS film) notes on Will
A 1701 #29
0106208 18 march;husb john comish;dau marjery;supv william cluag
NORRIS Nelly  
A 1701 #30
0106208 of Beemakan (ie friary);husb William Norris;nephew Wm Kageen
MOORE Thomas  
A 1701 #31
0106208 10 dec 1701;sons john,thomas;dau alice;wife alice cubon
BRIDSON Isable  
A 1701 #32
0106208 wife to henry of ballaglonadated 4 apr 1701;3 children all under age
E 1701-1
0991715 date 18 sept 1701;son wm,dau ann clark;dau isabel clark;husb davy cubon; former husb willm clark;children of this marr under age; 17 May 1723 Cath Cubon wife of wm bridson recvd from father david cubon
25 Dec 1700
E 1725-3
0106371 no decree found - 4 children John, Wm, Ellin & Catharine ;2 sisters absent
7 Jun 1701
E 1702-1 #051
0991648 only child Elizabeth Quirk
26 May 1702
E 1702-1 #052
0991648 Eldest son Sylvester Crellin (who has children), son Robert; d-in-l Eliz Crellin als Cubon, sister Isabel at Douglas
12 June 1702
E 1702-2 #094
0991648 3 children Isabel, Joney & John
3 Nov 1702
E 1702-2 #094
0991648 2 children Willm & Christian
c 10 Feb 1702/3
A 1703 #12
0106208 mother alive, step-dau's Ann Clark, Catherine Cubon,Elliner Cubon;Isable Clark (not spef); Bro's son Robt Shimmin; bros unspec; child on her bearing; witnesses Thomas Cubon, Wm Quail;
3 Feb 1703
A 1703 #13
0106208 son William (underage), 3 uncles Dan Nidderagh, John Cottingham, Thomas Quinney; inventory
by 10 June 1703
*? Alice CORRIN
E 1703-1
0991648 widow , bro John Corrin, sis Jony Corrin, Cath Corrin her bro's dau
14 Sept 1703
QUIGGIN William  
E 1703-2
0991648 dau Isabel (left houses in Castletown), dau Am, son William
by 1703
COWLE Anthony  
E 1703-3
0991648 supposed to be dead; half sister Anne Keigg
3 Nov 1703
E 1703-3
0991648 husband Henry Norris; only child Elizabeth, next rel Revd Mr Cosnahan & Capt Charles Moor, ; Mrs Margt Moor + []to maintain admx during minority;
4 Nov 1703
E 1703-3
0991648 (inv states death 15 Nov);husband John Maddrell ,son Henry & dau Christian Maddrell next reln Rich Clague, William, Catherine & Anne, Tho , William jnr ,Ellin, Isabel, & Anne Clague;
by 23 Feb 1703/4 WILLIAMS Cath  
  no indication that a will exists
31 Dec 1704
A 1704 #4
0106208 dau Cath,unm, but she is dumb, her bro John Corrin thus appointed jt exec.
c 28 nov 1704
A 1704 #5
0106208 ;of ballakilpatrick;eldest son un-named;son william +2 sisters eliz & ann;wife alive;all children under age;inventory
8 Apr 1704
E 1704-1
0991648 husb alive; bro Thomas Quiney, sis Isabel Kegg als Quiney;
14 Aug 1704
E 1704-2
0991648 husband John Corrin; sisters son Edward Goldsmith,
c 12 Apr 1705
CORRIN William  
A 1705 #31
0106209 daus Ellinor, Jane & Kathrin ; son Richard
A 1705 #32
0106209 wife Eliz, gdau Alice Costen;3 children William, Mary & Catherine; witneses Thos Costen , Wm Quooil;
A 1705 #33
0106209 husb William, dau Ann Waterson, son John
6 June 1705
CUBON John  
E 1705-1
0991648 of baroole; 6 grandchildren John, Robt Tho , Ellen, Nicholas & William Quaile, John + Robt at age; recpt 10 Aug 1728 Robt & Wm ack from John, 27 Feb 1729 Thomas acks recpt, 20 June 1730 Jo Farrant husband of Ellen
17 Oct 1704
LOONEY Thomas  
E 1705-1
0991648 wife alive; sis Jane Looney, bro Jon Looney, 2 children - Jo Quaille of Ballatrollag supr; the childrens step father Thos Cubon by 1708
24 Oct 1705
E 1705-2
0991648 dau Isabel Costen, son William Costen, sister Eliz Corrin, bro Willim Corrin; was intending to marry Nicholas Quaile
1 Nov 1705
*KEWN Elizabeth CORRIN
E 1705-2
0991648 husband Henry; 2 children Jo & Margt Kewn; uncles Tho and Wm Corrin; husb had 2 children by former wife;27 April 1719 Margt Kewn paid
c. 28 Apr 1706
A 1706 #30
0106209 son Wm;sister Mary;bro Nicholas, bro-i-l Robert Gelling;Witnesses: John Costen, Anne Cubbon alias Corrin.
by 5 Jun 1706
COSTENE Margaret  
E 1706-1
24 June 1706
E 1706-1
0991648 2 children by ye latter husband John Bridson - Robert & Thos(both in minority),2 daus by former husb Dorothy & Nelly (?Ellin) Maddrell
15 Jan 1705/6
CUBON Jane  
E 1706-1
0991648 Husband alive; 2 children Jane & Thomas under age Husb sworn as no relation appeared
3 May 1706
E 1706-1
0991648 youngest dau Anne other Eliz; d-i-l Jony Geyll als Lowey; Anne Costen als Keigg; eldest son William;20 Oct 1718 Robt Quaile husb of Eliz Gell
by 5 Nov 1706
CLARK Dorothy  
E 1706-2
0991648 husb alive; son Wm; d-i-l unnamed; gson Thomas Cubon half of what his father is indebted for, gdau Jane,
c. 1703
CORRIN Thomas  
E 1706-3
0991648 died in eng 3yrs ago; only bro Henry Corrin
c 25 jan 1707
COSTEAN Christian  
A 1708 #11
0106209 gson Robert Costean;gdau Alice Costean,son Robt Costean,mention dorothy comish,witnesses Tho Cubon, Wm Kinvigg;Oct 18 1736 Robt Costean acks legacy
c 10 nov 1708
FARGHER Philip  
A 1708 #49
0106209 wife Margt Costean; sis Ellen Quirk als Fargher; mentions Mr Parker, Nicholas Corrin in Rushen, Christian Corrin, Wm Karran in Marown
22 Apr 1708
E 1708-2
0991649 husband alive;only child Catherine Juke ,
by 3 Nov 1708
E 1708-2
0991649 husband Thomas Nelson; Nelly Comish widow, 4 children Isabel, May John Thomas; step dau Isabel; 22 Oct 1725 Isabel & Mary only surviving admrs pd by father
2 May 1708
E 1708-2
0991649 dau Jony Cubon als Shimmin, pledge Jo Waterson Rushen & David Cubon Arbory
by 28 Feb 1709
MADRELL William  
A 1709 #4
0106209 Filed under Malew; Wm Maddrell of kk Arbory; s-i-l John Quayle of Ballatrollogue + dau Joney Maddrell;cuts off all others by deed of gift dated 26 Nov 1696 (Wm to live with the Quayles)
E 1709-1
0991649 heir Ann Waterson; half heifer to excr Isabel Quail, also Catherine & Eliz Waterson, Gilbert Waterson
by 1709
QUARK John  
E 1709-3
0991649 sons of John Quark of cross-wilkin ?, being out of island above 16 years supposed dead, sister Mary Fox, husb Jo Fox
by 1709
QUARK William  
E 1709-3
0991649 son of John Quark - see John Quark
by 7 Jun 1710
DOUGHERTY Elizabeth  
  pauper, no will
5 Sep 1710
CLUAIG Nicholas  
E 1710-3
0991649 wife Ann Kneale, bro Robert Cluaig, bro William, father alive,2 children one 'upon her bearing' 27 Feb 1710 wife to nurse youngest child for 1 year for which court will award reasonable satisfaction; 7 May 1719 Wm Cubon relict's husband
5 Feb 1710/11
E 1710-3
0991649 husb alive; only child Anne under age, next rel Jo Waterson her uncle,
by 3 June 1712
A 1711 #19
0106210 noted as mother of Wm Cubbon in marriage contract with Margaret Karran.
24 Sept 1711
CORRIN William  
E 1711-2
0991649 of colby, wife Isabel; eldest son John, 3 sons abroad William Thomas & Henry, , gdau Jane Callister at Ballacraiggen , dau Majery
6 Nov 1711
CUBON John  
E 1711-3
0991649 of Ballacrejeen dau unm Ellin Cubon 'at age', bro Robt Cubon + wife (never named) agrrement between bro + sister re division of flax crop and weaving looms
3 Jan 1711/2
MADDRELL Charles  
E 1711-3
0991649 wife alive; 4 children John, Catherine, Jony, Matthew all excpt Matthew at age, pledges James Maddrell & son Robt Maddrell; 4 Mar 1724 Jony Maddrell acks
3 Mar 1711/2
E 1712-1 #615
0991649 only son Wm Cubon
E 1712-1 #616
0991649 Major Stevenson's relict,
E 1712-1 #616
0991649 son late major Stevenson d. about 10 years ago; 4 sisters Mary, Jane, Catherine & Margaret
21 Jan 1711/2
E 1712-1 #617
0991649 2 sons Thomas + Samuel, Thomas a long time of island (26 yrs according to mother's decree) and not heard of, pledges John Waterson schoolmaster + Robert Radcliffe of Red gap.
7 May 1712
ROBINSON Bridget  
E 1712-1 #618
0991649 widow of Rev Sam Robinson
9 Jun 1712
E 1712-1 #621
0991649 inc marriage contact of dau Catherine with William Shimmin of Kk Malew dated 8 June 1705 ;
E 1712-2
E 1712-2
KINVIG William  
E 1712-2
E 1712-3
21 Feb 1711/2
A 1713 #26
0106210 dau Ann Corrin; half given to son [lost in binding]Corrin + Isabell his wife now to go to Ann; mentions rights in Allystyne ?
by 9 Jun 1713
CLOAG [Clague] Thomas  
E 1713-1
0106367 sister Ann Quiggin,sister Catherine, bro Wm .
by 4 Feb 1713
PARR John  
E 1713-3
0106367 Deemster; daus by previous wife Mrs Ann Bridson (husband Henry) & Isable Norris; wife Jane, sons Thomas (now in London) & Robert, daus Dulcibella & Frances; gdaus [unreadablr ? Eliz Norris], Ann Bridson,gson John Bridson
4 Mar 1712
CAIN Mable  
A 1714 #9
0106210 only dau Katherine;bro Wm Cain,sister Margaret;witneses George Harrison, John Moore
3 Jan 1714/5
A 1714 #10
0106210 eldest dau Catherine Maddrell als Cubbon;dau Christian Carine als Cubbon;dau Jony & Margt executors; witnesses Catherine Waterson, Christian Quayle
5 Feb 1714/5
A 1714 #11
0106210 husb Rich Corrin,youngest dau Anne, son John,
4 Aug 1714
LOONEY Gilbert  
A 1714 #12
0106210 wife alive; on the borders of Balladool;
c. 1712
HINLEY Edward  
E 1714-1
0106367 bro John;sis Margaret Hinley als Cain, sister Ann Hinley
10 Oct 1714
E 1714-2
0106367 2 bros John & Tho . sister Jane; inventory in the mother's
1 Feb 1714/5
E 1714-3
0106367 only child John under age - supv uncles Gilbt, Henry, Tho [Gell] + husband; in return of inventory of crops get names Tho , Hen, William and Gilbert
12 Jan 1714/5
E 1714-3
0106367 only dau Margt
9 Apr 1715
MOOR Alice  
A 1715 #13
0106210 widow;g dau Ann;eldest son Thos Moor,gson John Moor;son John exec;with Catherine Claug, Rich Harrison
16 Nov 1715
A 1715 #14
0106210 bro John Waterson, goddau Issabel Moor,linen to Ann & Jane Moor; Thos Moor's wife, John Moor's wife,sis-i-l Margt Waterson; father alive,
16 Dec 1715
A 1715 #15
0106210 husb alive;3 dau Jane Eliz & Mary;3 other chlidren Richard, Wm. George; Richard & Wm of age
3 May 1715
E 1715-1
0106367 husb alive; 2 dau Jony & Ellin, s-i-l Margt Cubbon, s-i-l Catharine Clague;2 sons Wm & Thos;
1 Apr 1715
E 1715-1
0106367 bro John Stevenson of Balladoole, sister Griffith, Mrs Murrey of Angle street Dublin, sisters Katharine & Margaret Stevenson; witnesses Katharine Hingley, Jane Corrin
1 Aug 1715
E 1715-2
0106367 husb alive; gdaus Jane & Catherine Cubbon, gdau Joney Cubbon, eldest dau Issabel Maddrell, son Giles (married)Cubbon (? = Wm),servant Margt Kinvigg ;stepsons John & David; dau Margaret; 3 sons Thomas, Wm & John Cubbon executors
14 Jan 1715/6
E 1715-3
0106367 sister in Dublin; decd sister Isable Norris, bro John; as only one witness to will a decree to bro John & sis Margaret (who was in Island last summer [presume that in Dublin ?]), note 1716 that her effects did not cover funeral costs
12 Dec 1715
NORRIS Henry  
E 1715-3
0106367 wife alive[Isable Parr]; dau Eliz; Ralph Norris claims for executrx
22 Jan 1715/6
A 1716 #21
0106210 husb alive,son Wm Costen + his wife,gdau Ann;gson;daus Ann and Issabel exec,
24 Jan 1716
A 1716 #22
0106210 kinsman Wm Quaile +wife Christian Quayll als Geyll,2 dau Jane & Kath ;gdau Joney Maddrell her mother Kath Waterson;
31 Dec 1716
A 1716 #23
0106210 wife Jane alive - claims to be 80;son William,dau wife of Rich Corrin,witnesses Henry Corrin & Ann Corrin (husb & wife) but collab by Ellin Dougherdy who said he had forgot to exclude children, Margt dau in Ireland
20 July 1716
BRIDSON Thomas  
E 1716-2
0106367 only dau Cath Cubon als Bridson
11 Feb 1715/6;
E 1716-2
0106367 husb alive, children;4 children Wm Anne Tho & Mary
29 Jul 1716
KEIGG William  
E 1716-2
0106367 wife alive [? Margaret Keig als Duckan],;son + heir Wm, other children inc 3 youngest girls, Wm Cubbon + John Keig supervisors; two eldest daus Cath & Margt sworn in court; memo gives names Wm, Catherine snr, Margaret, Ellin, Jane & Catherine jnr - by 8 may 1724 Margt Keig now married to Nich Woods 9 may 1727 Rich Moor husb of Cath snr; 25 June 1728 Ellin pd
12 Mar 1716/7
CUBBON Robert  
A 1717 #20
0106211 of barrowl, ? daus Joney, Cath & Jane if they be alive;son John,son David xec;witnesses ann clark, John Cubbon
18 Feb 1715/6
HINGLEY Christian  
A 1717 #21
0106211 widow;dau Margery Cain in Dublin,son John; mentions Robt Parr, Cath Kenish
21 Apr 1717
A 1717 #22
0106211 wife alive;son John,,eldest dau Ellin, other children Ann, Joney & Phillip;4 children sworn
20 Apr 1717
A 1717 #23
0106211 sis Ellin,executor Robt Crellin & wife;witnesses Rich Corrin, [] Moor,
9 Feb 1716/7
CUBBON William  
A 1717 #24
0106211 dau [A?]lis Cubon als Clark,son Nich; exec Robt Gelline
15 Jan 1717/8
A 1717 #64
0106211 husb alive but not named ;sis Issab Quiggin,bro Wm Quiggin + wife Ann;dau Ellin,
20 Feb 1717
E 1717-1
0106368 3 children Wm, Isabel,Anne
25 Jan 1717
E 1717-1
0106368 husb alive ; 2 sons Wm & Philip, Wm at age, uncle Jo Cubon (? is she Cath Bridson als Cubon )
20 April 1717
QUILL Jony  
E 1717-1
0106368 widow, 4 children Rich, Ann, John & Ewan, only Rich present
19 Oct 1717
COONILL William  
E 1717-2
0106368 bro John sis Margt
19 Jun 1717
E 1717-2
0106368 of colby,wife alive;son & heir Henry; 2 other children Cath & Ellin;daus under age
15 June 1717
CORRIN William  
E 1717-3
0106368 wife alive; sisters Jane & Isable, 2 children Rich and the child "now on wife's bearing"
1 Nov 1717
DUKE John  
A 1718 #4
0106211 4 children John, Henry, William & Jane; youngest dau Katherine executor;witnesses John Carine James Mcboy
16 Apr 1718
A 1718 #5
0106211 sis Ellin,son Robt
22 Sep 1718
CUBON Ann Corrin
E 1718-2
0106368 ?error in als; d c ; husb alive, dau catherine, 3 sisters;dau jane and the child then on her bearing;child John cubon noted as heir apparent
20 July 1718
CURGHEY Gilbert  
E 1718-2
0106368 d c ; wife alive, sister, 4 children none named (but would appear to be Wm Henry Edward & Gilbert); John Costean and Wm Duckan overseers (? husbands of sisters ?);12 feb 1718/9 Henry Curghy one of excrs rcvd from bro Wm ; widow has goods of Edward & Gilbert
25 Mar 1719
SCARF John  
E 1719-1
0106368 youngest son richard, dau Ellin,son John,dau []n dau Majery,dau mary; witnesses Patrick Credeen + John Watterson (decd) - testimony that testator intended to get clark to sign after death of John;Anne another dau having had a marriage contract;Wm Samsbury m to Ellin, John & Majory out of island; John Stole husb to Mary;Ann Corrin als Scarfe; John Stole shoemaker of Ballisally
31 Aug 1718
CARINE William  
E 1719-2
0106368 son Henry,son Richard, son John
9 May 1719
CLAGUE Catherine  
E 1719-2
0106368 husb alive,son + heir unnamed, rest John, Catherine, Isabel & Ellin; Cath & Isabel at age
27 Jan 1718/9
E 1719-3
0106368 husb alive;2 children Wm & Paul;next rel on mothers side her bro Paul superv; 24 feb 1740 Wm & Paul ack to have rcvd legacy from father
by 21 Oct 1720
QUAY Robert  
  sailor; no will
by 17 May 1720
HARRISON Richard  
A 1720 #13
0106211 father George, uncle Thos Crellin,3 sis Jane, Eliz & Mary, bro George;wife Mary, dau Christian; bro Wm;
25 Apr 1720
A 1720 #14
0106211 sis Ann Corrin;Ann Lowey,son Nicholas Curlet
by 17 May 1720
A 1720 #13a
  agreement dated 1716 (? intended as her will ?)
by 17 May 1720
  a dumb woman pauper, no will
by 17 May 1720
COSTEAN William  
A 1720 #16
0106211 of ballakilpatrick, wife alive;gdau unnamed, son Henry
28 Oct 1720
CORRIN Henry  
E 1720-2
0106369 2nd wife alive, gdau Dulcibella;son Henry from 1st wife (relations appear bad)
27 Aug 1720
E 1720-2
0106369 husb alive, sis Ann;dau Joney, bro Wm; witnesses Ann Scarf + Jane Moor
26 May 1720
E 1720-2
0106369 only son Wm;
by 14 Feb 1720/1 KILLEY Ann  
  pauper; no will
c. 1 May 1721
KEWN Henry  
A 1721 #10
0106211 wife alive,son John exec ;children Margt, John & Joney; John absent thus wife & children sworn; with [] Taylour, Gilbert Waterson
8 Apr 1721
GEYLL (GELL) Margery  
A 1721 #11
0106211 husb alive; father & mother alive to rcve what they were obliged to give in marriage contract;sister Margaret;sis Elis (Alice ? Elir ?) bro William, s-i-l unnnamed;memo to the midwife[ looks as if died in childbed] ;witnesses Eliz Curlet John Claug
QUAYLE Nicholas  
A 1721 #47
6 Dec 1721
DUCKAN Averick  
A 1721 #48
0106211 husb alive,goddau Mary Gawn,witnesses Issabel Maddrel, Margt Madderell
28 May 1721
CLARK John  
E 1721-1
0106369 d ;son John,son Tho ,wife alive,son Wm,- excrs Isabl, Wm, Jane, Cath, + Cath jeney (junr in later acct) & Marjery; Isabl eldest sworn; Cath jnr & Marjery appear under age; 11 Mar 1729 Isable paid, 11 Feb 1737 Jane paid
8 Sep 1721
E 1721-2
0106369 d ; shift to Corry Coole,dau elizabeth, sister in ireland, 2 children Eliz + richard; husb alive, wit ann Corrin, Ellinor Waterson als Claigue, execrs under age father + Wm Qualtrough sworn; codicil mentions a step-daughter; legacy to rich from aunt Ellen Corrin; q prev wife Cath Corrin as strnge divisn Anne Corrin, Henry Corrin, Alice Corrin
10 Sep 1720
E 1721-2
0106369 only sis Mabel Tear (her husb also alive); husb John alive
28 Oct 1721
E 1721-3
0106369 d ; husb John alive, sis Margt Quiggin; child now on her bearing; no reln on wife's side appeared in court
A 1722 #13
0106212 will dated 24 aug 1716;son Wm Calling,
3 May 1722
CORRIN Elinor  
E 1722-1
0106369 nephew Richard Corrin, her part of colby miln, nephew's son Wm, sis-i-l Jane Corrin, bro Rich Corrin, his youngest son Richard,his dau Jane, his daus Anne + Eliz; bros Wm & John
8 Apr 1722
CUBON Jony  
E 1722-1
0106369 died in Dublin; only bro Thomas, sisters Alice & Catharine
25 Jul 1722
E 1722-2
0106369 of the friary, 2 daus Ellinor & Jane,
9 Feb 1722/3
A 1723-1 #7
0106212 ;husb Finloe Cannell, son Thomas,dau Margery (given land on which to build a house);dau Elinor,dau Anna;gdau Margery; ;4 children Margery, Ann, Elizabeth & Alice execrs, Ann + Eliz absent
c 5 Apr 1723
CUBBON Thomas  
A 1723-1 #8
0106212 wife Alice alive;eldest son Richard,son John, Rich + Wm costean to share a heifer,son Robert when he comes to age, bro Thomas;sons John, Thomas Wm & Robt exrs; Robt under age, Tho & Wm absent; witnesses Wm Kinvigg, Wm Quayle
30 Mar 1723
A 1723-1 #9
0106212 given as als Harrison in claim, dau Margaret Waterson,dau Christian Watterson als Comish; 4 daus Ann, Jane, Margaret & Majery; wit Robt Parr, John Clague;Ann & Jane abs; pledges Jo Costean, Jo Waterson
E 1723-2
0106370 ?
LACE Stephen  
E 1723-2
0106370 ?
7 Aug 1723
CLAGUE William  
E 1723-3
0106370 wife alive; son John,other child Tho & Alice; Alice sworn +wife) as exec
31 Aug 1723
E 1723-3
0106370 no family named, acct implied a dead brother
27 Apr 1723
HARRISON Nicholas  
E 1723-3
0106370 3 children Cath, Margt & Tho ; Richd & Wm Harrison supervisors,wife alive - acct gives her as Kartar Harrison als Woods, note attached 26 Mar 1726 Catharine is dead
5 Nov 1723
MOORE Catherine  
E 1723-3
0106370 son Henry, son Robert (who has children)
20 Jan 1719/20
KEGG John  
A 1724-1 #25
0106212 wife Bahy Kegg;dau Elinor, dau Ann; Margaret Crellin;dau Margaret Kegg; witnesses John Costean, William Waterson;
21 May 1724
E 1724-1
0106370 dau Ellinor,son Philip, dau Anne, dau Jenny,son John, gson Patrick Kermod,
11 Feb 1723/4
E 1724-1
0106370 no relation except Jo Stevenson of Balladoole who refused admin
6 Mar 1723/4
SHERLOCK William  
E 1724-1
0106370 only son Wm
21 Feb 1724/5
CUBBON Elizabeth  
A 1724-2 #116
0106212 husb alive;son Thomas,dau-i-l Margery Cubon;dau Jane;son Wm dau Isabel; witnesses Thomas Moor, William Kinvigg
3 Nov 1724
KEIGE Jane  
A 1724-2 #117
0106212 bros & sisters;mother [?name lost in binding];witnesses Nich Curlett, Isabel Gellin;
15 Jan 1724/5
KEIGE Mary  
A 1724-2 #118
0106212 husb alive [name unreadable pos willm]dau Elinor;gson William Credeen,son Philip,dau Mary;,son Willm witness Ann Quiggin
5 Feb 1723
A 1724-2 #119
0106212 widow Wm Harrison (d 1705);eldest dau Jane (her eldest dau Alice [Costean]), daus Mary + Catherine, son William
21 Feb 1723/4
COMISH Elinor  
A 1724-2 #120
0106212 dau Ellinor,dau Catherine,dau Isabel,bro Heny,;winessest Willm Kige, Isabel Quiggin
20 Feb 1723/4
KINVIGG William  
A 1724-2 #121
0106212 (? day as dif to read);wife Joney alive, children Ellin, Jo, Robt; supv of Robt Jno Kinvig of Castletown to sell land 22 oct 1736;pledges Jon Quaile junr of ballatrolleg; Jo Costean boallymoar
12 Jan 1723/4
KINVIGG Isabel  
A 1724-2 #122
0106212 husb alive ;may quiggin, son willm, dau catherine;4 children willm daniel, silvester & catherine exc (all of age);wit henry bridson, Ann quirk; pledges jon costean, henry bridson
1 Aug 1724
COMISH Catherine  
E 1724-2
0106370 d ; 3 children willm henry catharine, Wm Quoole + cath his wife + brother Henry comish to have crop;christian comish enters a claim
23 Jul 1724
E 1724-2
0106370 d ; gson jo kinvig execr being under age next reln Wm Kinvig; childs mother also sworn; wife alive; in acct childs gfather Wm Costean
25 Nov 1724
CUBON David  
E 1724-3
0106370 d ; 2 dau jane & jony;wife alive; jo kelly husb of jane cubon.Wm cubon of Ballabeg claims 20s
31 Dec 1724
MOORE John  
A 1725-1 #16
0106213 of ballablack,wife elinor; sons Richard & John, dau anne; 5 children thomas, henry, jane elinor & catharine; wife sworn who is deliver ye goods to ye four exec at age;one child under age; wit & pledges edw moore John clague
25 Mar 1725
KINVIG Catherine  
A 1725-1 #17
0106213 husb Willm; gson Steven Kinvigg;d-i-l Ann Cannel,2 sons Wm & John, 2 dau elizabeth & catharine exec;witnesses gilbart waterson, John kewn
25 Mar 1725
KINVIG Catherine, jnr  
A 1725-1 #18
0106213 father William,s-i-l Ann Cannel; 2 bro Willm & John;sis Eliz ;witnesses Willim Gell, isabel Cluckas
22 Dec 1724
E 1725-1
0106371 dau Christin Caveen; Wm & Cath other 2 children are married & have not appeared;Wm aquits, Cath Quoole also acquits
1 Feb 1724/5
E 1725-1
0106371 dau Jony Costean exec who being in ireland b-i-l Mich Curlet; 27 Jul 1737 Jony Costean came to be paid
10 Mar 1724/5
E 1725-1
0106371 gson John Kinvig; next relns Tho & Jo Clark overseers; Margt Clague claims lodgin etc 48s during 11 weeks sickness; 23 Oct 1725 John Kinvig rcvd from overseer
c 5 Apr 1725/6
A 1725-2 #106
1 Aug 1725
E 1725-2
0106371 son Wm a qtr of miln; Wm's sisters Eliz & Mary; son George other qtr of miln; 25 oct 1726 Wm Cubon enters for his wife's marriage portion.
10 Nov 1726
A 1726 #16
0106213 son John, dau Isabel Cottier (who has dau who was confirmed i.e over 14),dau Jony; gchildren John & Catherine Comish;son John Comish (?son-i-l or was she married twice);legacies to Jony Cubon & Margt Cubon.witnesses Christian Sansbury, Christian Comish.
16 Jul 1726
CAVEEN Thomas  
E 1726-2
0106371 son Wm,son John;gson Thomas Murphy ? [blotted and line dif to read ?curphy];dau Cath;dau Christen [Christian]
14 Aug 1726
CANNON Isabel  
E 1726-3
0106371 dau Hugh Canon & Isabel Canon als Shimin late of Peel; next rel uncles Robt, John & Wm + aunt Eliz Waterson als Shimmin
9 Dec 1726
E 1726-3
0106371 wife alive ; son Wm; bro Jo Fargher rcvd a marriage contract;
25 April 1727
CURLETT Thomas  
E 1727-1
0106371 wife Ann Corlett als Quirk;2 children John & Jane; children underage;John 2 sheep bought with his christening money [thus less than 4 yrs ?].
by Jun 1726
E 1727-1
12 Jan 1727
E 1727-3
0106371 sons Robt + John
25 Nov 1727
KEIG William  
A 1728 #46
0106213 sisters unnamed;mother Margaret Keig;witnesses Ann Keig, John clague
7 Dec 1727
CUBBON Catherine  
A 1728 #47
0106213 bro rich cubbon,2 gdau Mary & Eliz dau of John Kelley & []; dau Joney; witnesses John Quiggin, Jane Clarke als Waterson
6 May 1728
CUBON Giles  
E 1728-1
0106372 son Wm
QUIGGIN William  
E 1728-1
21 May 1728
E 1728-1
0106372 son of Samuel Wattleworth, vicar of Kk Arbory
25 Jan 1728/9
GELL William  
A 1729-1 #28
0106214 of Balla-kilpatrick, wife alive, only son unnamed, 5 dau Kath, Jony, Anne, Jane Margt; Cath of age; in inventory son named Hen
9 Feb 1728/9
COSTEAN William  
A 1729-1 #29
0106214 of ballakilpatrick;wife alive - Catherine Costean als Waterson, son John Costean, mother dead (legacy to son John ?) four children Margt, Jane, William & Henry, witnesses Daniel Waterson, Isabel Cluckas; in decree John Costean former wife's son; 9 Feb 1729 Henry Gell supv of John son of Wm Costean enters a claim for sd Jon for 22s
25 Jan 1727/8
A 1729-1 #30
0106214 husb Henry Waterson;bro John Duckan , witnesses Wm Sherlock,Wm Hudgin; pledges Jon Costean, Nich Bridson
14 Apr 1729
A 1729-1 #31
0106214 Isable Clucas, dau Elinor Clucas, gdau Elizabeth given purchased fold known as giarry-atchinin; brother's wife unnamed, only son Henry Costean; witnesses John Quayle, John Clague
19 Feb 1728/9
KEGG Bahy  
A 1729-1 #32
0106214 d ;Matth Quirk, Tho Quirk (quick ?); niece Eliz Taylor; q by witness that something left to Henry Duke; witnesses John Quayle, John Costean (signed); pledge Jon Costean + Nich Bridson
3 May 1729
(bur 4 May 1729)
E 1729-1
0106372 husb Henry alive ;3 dau Isabel, Jony & Cath;
bur 24 May 1729
BRIDSON Robert  
E 1729-1
0106372 of Arronnock;excluded bro John Bridson, sister Elinor Shimin;croft house to William Cubbon,sister Dorothy Karran,
bur 27 Apr 1729
E 1729-1
0106372 son Wm,son John,gson Charles Fargher;gdau Margt Fargher;Mrs Mary Tyldesly widow,dau Elinor Clague,servant boy Wm Quayle,John son of Thomas Cannell, Thomas Cannell's wife;witnesses Thos Cannell, Margt Kinley
1 Mar 1728
E 1729-1
0106372 only dau Cath wife of Ewan Stephan of Jurby,
14 Apr 1729
KINVIG Elizabeth [als Waterson]
E 1729-1
0106372 children John & Margaret; ? as bur reg has 14/15 May for burials
14 Apr 1729
KINVIG Thomas  
E 1729-1
0106372 children John & Margaret
(bur 16 Sep 1729
E 1729-2
0106372 husb Robert alive;3 youngest sons John Richard & Robt;other two William & Patrick
by 4 Nov 1729
KEWN William  
  no will;
Jul 1729
(bur 13 Jul 1729)
CUBON William  
E 1729-2
0106372 wife alive,step dau ellin clague; children unnamed; Jo & Tho Cubon with Robert sworn supv;in acct October 1729 'yet due to child that is living namely Margaret'; funeral charges for child Joney died about [lost in binding] weeks ago;17 Oct 1738 Jo & Tho uncles acquited Anne Kinley als Kneal of all inventory due to them by death of the sd children
by 4 Feb 1729/30
E 1729-3
0106372 relict Henry Corrin of colby;bro's dau Majery Callister;will debars nephew Nicholas Corlet
7 Jul 1729
(bur 9 Jul 1729)
E 1729-3
0106372 husb alive 2 children John & Eliz; underage uncles John & Matthew Maddrell;


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