Archideaconal Will 1714 #11, Arbory, of Catherine Corrin (als Cubbon)

From MM RB525 / LDS 0106210

The last will and testament of 
Catherine Corrin als Cubbon who departed this
life the 5th of Feb 1714/15 who being in good
and perfect memory first committed her
soul to God and her body to Christian 
burial. Itm she left to her youngest
daughter Ann ten shillings a quarter
of an heifer, a sheep, a mutton and her
part of the little house belonging to the
miln. Itm she left to her son Hen ten
shillings. Itm she bequeathed to Alice
Corrin thirteen shillings legacy. Itm
she left her son Jno all the purchased
lands and houses after his father (Rich Corrin)
death provided he stay at home wth his
sd father and deserve it. If not his sd 
father is at liberty to dispose of it
to any of the rest of the children
Itm she left and bequeathed her loving
husband fifteen shillings legacy
All wch will she declared before us
but mentined no executor of the sd
will. The witnesses declare that the
testatrix further declared the child that was
[] to have the land must pay the above legacies
to the other children after the father's death who
is to enjoy the executorsp during his life together
with the lands & houses wch said lands & houses are to be declared
defered (as above mentioned) & likewise the d[]
these goods, & the father consents yt his p[art]
of the said heifer & the lands shall pass to []
child yt has the mother's part, as before
[] Corrin my mark
[] Scarf my mark

Feb 15 1714
The witnesses have deposed the contents of the
mother's will, only Ann Corrin does not []
legacy left the husband being 15s wh[]
[] the court in form of law & hath []
pledges Dan Callister & John Costean
Probatum est & solvit

It is possible that a petition found in Episcopal wills relates to this will

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient thus burial date not confirmed



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