Jurby Marriages 1697-1757

The following is my reading of the 1911 official transcription - I have not yet checked it against the actual Parish Register - there are some strange features in that many of the entries from 1692-1718 are transcribed twice in the register - it would appear that a new register was commenced in 1718 and entries from the old register copied across, however the new register lost its initial page(s) which would have indicated this.

Marriage entries after the middle of 1757 following the 1757 Marriage Act required witnesses and are transcribed elsewhere

Where additional information is given it is in the notes section, as is any 'als' information; otp = of this parish. In many cases as the forulaic A B & C D of this parish was used it is not 100% certain that only the woman was from Jurby, both parties coulkd have been.

The IGI has numerous 'patron submitted' [mis]entries - usually out by one year as the submitter was unclear about the 1752 calendar reform.

Certain entries are also found in other parish registers - shown as =Ger etc. Anything in [] is my interpolation, [eop] = end of page.

Date        Male                             Female                       Notes
13 Dec 1696  CLUCAS        John          KNEAL         Bahie           jc jurby;bk kk andrews
13 Feb 1696  CLEARK        Patrick       GAWN          Katherin 
28 Jun 1697  GRIPHIN       Richard       TERE          Anne 
10 Sep 1697  CLEARK        Daniel        CLEARK        Catherin        '9ber' cc jurby
20 Sep 1697  CONNELLY      Wm            BITTLE        Ann             '9ber' c
 8 Jan 1699  KAIGHEN       Charles       CHRISTIAN     Mary            [=Mic];ck michael;mc jurby
13 Nov 1700  MOORE         Silv          CRAIN         Ellinr          sm kk patrick;ec jurby [eop]
17 May 1701  QUAY          Robt          TEARE         Jean            rq maughold;jt jurby
18 May 1701  KNEEN         Wm            KORKILL       Jane 
15 Aug 1702  BERRAG        Dan           CALLISTER     Jony 
10 Jun 1702  GAWN          Tho           KNEEN         Jony 
 6 Sep 1702  GRIPHIN       Rich          KNEEN         Bessy 
24 Oct 1702  COWILL        Wm            GAWN          Alice 
17 Nov 1702  VANDY         Wm            KELLY         Ann 
 6 Feb 1702  GELL          Jo            KELLY         Margt           jg kk german;mk jurby
10 Jun 1703  GAWN          Tho           KNEEN         Jony 
22 Jun 1703  CORLETT       Rich          BIRRAG        Jony            rc kk michaell;jb jurby
 4 Sep 1703  DAUGHERDY     Dan           OATES         Arick           dd jurby;ao ballaugh
 7 Jan 1703  TEARE         Jon           KAIGHEN       Isbell          jt jurby;ik kk michl [eop]
19 Feb 1703  CAMISH        Jo            KELLY         Ellinr          jc kk andrews;ek ballaugh
 9 Oct 1704  CAIN          Patrick       TEAR          Alice 
19 Feb 1704  NIDDERAUGH    Dan           KELLEY        Catherin 
 4 Aug 1705  KNEEN         Jo            COWLEY        Alice           jk jurby;ac ballaugh
17 Dec 1705  BOARDMAN      Robt          TEAR          Ann             rb castletown;at jurby
13 Apr 1706  COWILL        Wm            CAIN          Ann             wc jurby;ac ballaugh
22 Jun 1706  CREDJEEN      Dan           SCALY         Margrett 
20 May 1707  KEIG          Jon           SKALY         Jane 
 4 Nov 1707  KILLIP        William       CROW          Margret 
18 Nov 1707  XTIAN         Dan           KEWEN         Bahie           dx kk andrews;bk jurby
 9 Nov 1708  NOWEL         Jo            STEAN         Averick         jn kk marown
16 May 1709  STEAN         Wm            GOLDSMITH     Isabell         ig of jurby
15 Aug 1709  SKLLICORN     Dan           MCYLCREEST    Ann             am of jurby
15 Aug 1709  CORLETT       Dollin        KELLY         Kath            dc kk michael;kk of jurby
 1 Feb 1709  STEAN         John          LOONEY        Alice           al of jurby
22 Feb 1709  CRISTRY       Wm            CRAIN         Isbell          ic of jurby
 6 Feb 1710  CHRISTIAN     Jo            CHRISTIAN     Esther          jc kk christ [lezayre] ec  of jurby
 4 Mar 1711  GAWN          Dollin        KELLY         Ann             ak  of jurby
 3 Jun 1712  STEAN         Phinlo        TEARE         Cath            ct jurby
 4 Jun 1712  BITTLE        Robt          CORLETT       Bahey           bc jurby
 8 Jul 1712  CLUCASS       Jo            TEAR          Jony            jt jurby
26 Jul 1712  LACE          Jo            CAIN          Ann             jl kk andrews;ac jurby
17 Sep 1712  GAWNE         Dan           CRAIN         Margt           mc jurby
 1 Nov 1712  CRISTRY       Jo            KELLY         Ann             ak jurby
14 Apr 1713  CLARK         Jo            CRIGGART      Jony            jc jurby
19 May 1713  COWIN         Wm            CRAINE        Margrt          wc kk onchan
 9 Jun 1713  MCYLVOREY     Pat           CRAIN         Ann             ac jurby
13 Jun 1713  TEAR          Jo            KEWLEY        Ellinr          ek jurby
18 Jul 1713  CRISTRY       Philip        CAMAISH       Ann             pc jurby;ac kk andrews
21 Jul 1713  MCSKALIE      Jo            MOUGHTIN      Mable           jm kk andrews;mm jurby
29 Nov 1713  CAIN          Wm            QUILLIAM      Ann             aq jurby
27 Jun 1714  MARTIN        Jo            BITTLE        Bahey           jm kk maughold;bb jurby [eop]
13 Jul 1714  KEWLEY        Jo            KELLEY        Joney           jo kewley lezayre;jk jurby
18 Oct 1714  CAIN          Wm            LOONEY        Alice           al jurby
 3 Dec 1715  GAWN          Tho           CRIGGART      Jony            tg ballaugh;jc jurby
 3 Jan 1715  KEEY          John          CAIN          Alice           jk kk andrews;ac jurby
14 Apr 1716  GARRETT       Thomas        CASHIN        Catherin        cc of kk xt [lezayre]
28 Jul 1716  KELLY         Tho           SKALY         Margt           ms jurby m. in balaugh
19 Aug 1716  CLARK         Thomas        CAIN          Mary            mc jurby
29 Sep 1716  MCYLCREEST    Jon           CORLETT       Jane            jc jurby
30 Oct 1716  COWILL        Jo            PATTEN        Elizb           jc kk andrews;ep jurby
11 Dec 1716  GAWN          Dan           KEE           Joney           dg jurby;jk kk andrews
 9 Jan 1716  CLARK         Wm            CROW          Bahey           wc ballaugh;bc jurby
 2 Feb 1716  KILLIP        Wm            KAIGHEN       Isable          ik jurby
 8 May 1717  ALLEN         Wm            COWIE         Jane            jc kk bride
21 Sep 1717  GAWN          Daniel        QUILLIAM      Joney           jq jurby
12 Nov 1717  KERMOADE      Wm            KILLIP        Jony            jk jurby
19 Nov 1717  CUBON         Edmond        KELLEY        Mary            ec kk patrick;mk jurby
 7 May 1718  GAWN          Dollin        BODDAGH       Margaret        mb jurby [eop + eos]
24 Jul 1718  BREW          Robt          XTIAN         Christian       [names from 1692 repeated] cx jurby
29 Jul 1718  MCYLVOREY     Thomas        CLARK         Bahy            bc jurby
19 Jan 1719  CHRISTIAN     Patrick       DAUGHERDY     Cath            pc kk andrews;cd jurby
27 Feb 1719  CAIN          Philip        CORLET        Cath            cc jurby
14 May 1720  KNEEN         Ewan          MCYLXT        Jane            ek lezayre;jm jurby
18 Jun 1720  CORMOADE      Daniell       CLARK         Ann             [=And] (patrick);dc andrews;ak jurby
18 Feb 1720  BREW          Jo            TEAR          Cathrin         ct jurby
22 Apr 1721  STEPHAN       John          KELLY         Jony            js kk michael
 6 Jan 1720  CORLETT       Gilcreest     BODDAUGH      Ann             [under 1721 but 1720]ab jurby
27 Jan 1721  CRAIN         Wm            CANNON        Kathrin         wc braddan;kc jurby
 5 Feb 1721  KILLIP        Wm            GARRET        Mary            wk jurby;mg lezayre
 6 Feb 1721  RATCLIFFE     Wm.           MCYLVOREY     Jony            wr blindman kk andrews;jm jurby
22 May 1722  MCYLVOREY     Jon           WOODS         Elliner         ew of jurby
14 Jul 1722  TEAR          James         CORLETT       Katherine       kc of jurby
17 Jul 1722  CANNELL       John          KELLY         Jane            jc onchan; jk  of jurby
28 Jul 1722  KELLY         John          MCYLCARAN     Katherin        jk  of jurby;km als killip lezayre
 4 Aug 1722  GARRET        Philip        KELLY         Margaret        pg ballaugh;mk  of jurby [eop]
 4 Aug 1722  STEPHAN       Ewan          GOLDSMITH     Katherine       kg  of jurby
18 Aug 1722  KEWEN         Wm            CLARK         Ellinr          ec of jurby
 4 Dec 1722  CHRISTIAN     Wm            KELLY         Ann             ak  of jurby
26 Jan 1722  GAWN          Philip        KNEAL         Margt           mk of jurby
 5 Feb 1722  CAIN          Hugh          KILLIP        Ann             hc kk andrews ak of jurby
 7 May 1723  CORLETT       Jo            CRISTRY       Cath            1723 not 1722?;jc kk andrews;cc  of jurby
30 Jun 1723  KELLY         Wm            TEAR          Elizth          et als xtian  of jurby
 9 Jul 1723  CORLETT       Thomas        KELLY         Averick         ak  of jurby
26 Nov 1723  CALISTER      John          KEWEN         Margt           jc kk michael;mk  of jurby
17 Dec 1723  LACE          Thomas        KILLIP        Ann             tl kk andrews ak of jurby
21 Jan 1723  CAIN          Daniel        BIRRAG        Cathrin         cb of jurby
28 Jan 1723  CHRISTIAN     Wm            BREW          Ann             wc kk bride;ab  of jurby
23 Apr 1724  KILLIP        Jo            NEAL          Mally           [=And];mn  of jurby m. in andreas
10 Jun 1724  CLUCAS        Wm            BODDAUGH      Jony 
16 Jun 1724  MCYLCREIST    Patrick       COWLEY        Elliner         ec als callister [added] [eop]
28 Jul 1724  STEPHAN       Phinlo        KILLIP        Ann             ak of jurby
18 Oct 1724  CREBBIN       Jon           KNEEN         Elliner         jc rushen ek of jurby
 9 Feb 1724  KELLY         Wm            CLARK         Grace           gc of jurby
30 Mar 1725  TEAR          Wm            KILLIP        Emmy            ek of jurby
 3 Apr 1725  KELLY         Wm            KELLY         Jane            jk of jurby
21 Jun 1725  MCYLVOREY     Patrick       XTIAN         Ann             ax of jurby
21 Aug 1725  LEWIN         Thomas        KELLY         Jane            tl lezayre;jk  of jurby
 7 Sep 1725  KELLY         John          KELLY         Margt           mk of jurby
13 Jan 1725  DOWAN         Stephan       CLARK         Isabell         [=And];sd kk andrews ic of jurby
20 Jan 1725  TEAR          Jo            TEAR          Margt           jt karlane;mt ramsey m. in kk braddan
26 Jan 1725  BREW          Patrick       CHRISTIAN     Emma            ec of jurby
29 Jan 1725  MCYLVOREY     Jo            CAIN          Mary            mc of jurby
14 May 1726  VANDY         Patrick       THOMASON      Dorothy         pv of jurby;dt ballaugh [eop]
 4 Jun 1726  CLERK         Patrick       GAWN          Jony            jg als criggert of jurby
 2 Jul 1726  CONNELAGH     Wm            CLARK         Mary            mc of jurby
11 Oct 1726  PARKER        John          CHRISTIAN     Hester          John parker of ireland cooper ?;= Bal;hc of jurby
13 Jun 1727  COWLEY        Patrick       CANNON        Ellinr          pc ballaugh;ec of jurby
15 Jul 1727  KARRAN        John          KINRED        Ann             jk maughold;ak of jurby
 6 Aug 1727  TEAR          Dollin        CRAIN         Jane            jc of jurby
 8 Aug 1727  CHRISTIAN     Jon           VANDY         Bridget         jc kk bride;bv of jurby
23 Jan 1727  CALEY         Jon           CORLET        Isabel          ic lezayre
17 Feb 1727  BAKER         Thomas        CHRISTIAN     Elinor          tb tyrone ireland;ec  of jurby
12 May 1728  QUAY          Philip        KNEEN         Mary            mk of jurby
25 May 1728  CAMAISH       Wm            CLARK         Cath            cc of jurby
22 Oct 1728  CORLET        Patrick       STEPHAN       Margt           ms ballaugh
17 Feb 1728  FREER         Wm            CLARK         Ellinr          ec of jurby
18 Feb 1728  KERMOD        Wm            KNEEN         Jony            wk kk andrews;jk of jurby
18 Feb 1728  CORLET        Thos          CAIN          Alice           same day tc lezayre;ac of jurby [eop]
16 Apr 1729  GOLDSMITH     Wm            MOORE         Margt           mm bride
10 Aug 1729  BITTLE        Mulnex        VANDY         Jony            jv of jurby
31 Aug 1729  TEAR          John          CORLET        Catharine       cc ballaugh
27 Oct 1729  WADE          Robert        CORLET        Catharine       cc of jurby
20 Nov 1729  CORLET        Thomas        CRENNYL       Cathrin         cc kk andrews
30 Nov 1729  LAWSON        Richard       CAIN          Ann             rl kk andrews;ac of jurby
 4 Apr 1730  VANDY         Wm            BODDAGH       Margret         mb  of jurby;?sis of Ellinor; 
 4 Apr 1730  MCNEMEIR      Wm            BODDAGH       Ellinr          eb of jurby
18 Jul 1730  GARRET        Wm            COWILL        Esther          wg kk andrews;ec lezayre
10 Oct 1730  CLEATOR       Wm            CLUCAS        Ann             wc kk andrews;ac of jurby
10 Nov 1730  KELLY         Robt          CLEATER       Margt           mc of jurby
24 Apr 1731  KNEEN         Ewan          SKILLICORN    Margt.          ms of jurby
30 May 1731  FLEXNEY       Wm            BLACK         Elizabeth       [=Mau];wf douglas;eb ramsey
28 Sep 1731  KELLY         Thomas        QUIRK         Mary            mq als patten of jurby
23 Oct 1731  LACE          John          CRAIN         Jony            jl kk andrews;jc of jurby [eop]
30 Oct 1731  KEWISH        Philip        SAYL          Margt           ms of jurby
27 Nov 1731  MOUGHTIN      Patrick       KELLY         Isabell         ik of jurby
25 Jun 1732  KNEEN         John          CORLET        Mary            jk kk andrews;mc of jurby
 9 Dec 1732  CASEMENT      Charles       CORLET        Kath            kc lezayre
22 May 1733  QUAY          John          SAYL          Ann             as als cowley of jurby
 1 Dec 1733  CHRISTIAN     Thomas        CHRISTIAN     Margrt Mrs      mc ballamore jurby
29 Jan 1733  CHRISTIAN     Wm            CALEY         Mary            mc of Lezayre
 9 Feb 1733  KILLIP        Thomas        TEAR          Ellinr          tk kk andrews;et als kewley
 9 Feb 1733  KILLIP        John          TEAR          Ellinr          eodem die
28 Jan 1734  SAYLE         John          CORLET        Jane            js kk andrews
12 Feb 1734  GARRET        John          CLARK         Catharine       cc of jurby
25 Nov 1735  CALOW         Edmund        MCYLREA       Ellinr          em als kewish
 6 Mar 1735  CRAIN         John          CRY           Cath            cc als brew  of jurby [eop] ?yr labelled 1734 but fits 1735 in seq
18 May 1735  CORLET        Robt          MOUGHTIN      Christian       rc ballaugh;cm jurby
 1 Jun 1736  COBON         Wm            XTIAN         Mary            wc marown;mrs mc jurby
26 Jun 1736  OATES         James         CHRISTIAN     Ann             jo kk conchan;mrs ac ballimore jurby
24 Aug 1736  CORMOAD       Patr          GAWN          Ellinr          pc kk andrews;eg of jurby
11 Sep 1736  MOORE         John          NIDDERAGH     Ellinr          jm lezayre;en of jurby
22 Sep 1736  STEPHAN       John          CLARK         Mary            js ballaugh;mc of jurby
 4 Dec 1736  CHRISTIAN     John          VANDY         Isabel          iv of jurby
21 Dec 1736  SALE          Gilbert       SKINNAR       Ann             gs kk andrews;as of jurby
27 Jan 1736  CROW          John          CHRISTIAN     Jony            jc of jurby
19 Feb 1736  LACE          John          TEAR          Cath            jl kk andrews;ct of jurby
 2 Jul 1737  CHRISTIAN     Thomas        GAWN          Alice           tc kk andrews;ag of jurby?no ch
27 Oct 1737  BREW          Thomas        CAIN          Grace           tb kk andrews;gc of jurby
26 Nov 1737  KILLIP        Simon         KINREAD       Christian       ck of jurby
 8 Dec 1737  NIDDERRAGH    Wm            CHRISTIAN     Esther          ec of jurby
10 Dec 1737  CREDJEEN      Daniel        CLARK         Mally           mc of jurby [eop]
 5 Jan 1737  KISSAG        William       QUIRK         Joney           wk kk conchan;jq of jurby
 9 Feb 1737  STEPHAN       John          CHRISTIAN     Margt           mc of jurby
13 Jun 1738  CLUCASS       Thomas        BREW          Catharine       cb of jurby
19 Sep 1738  KNEEN         Wm            GAWN          Mary            wk kk andrews;mg of jurby
17 Oct 1738  MCYLVOREY     John          KEWISH        Jane            jk of jurby
 9 Nov 1738  BREW          John          SKILLICORN    Margaret        ms of jurby
 2 Dec 1738  SKINNER       Wm            CREDJEEN      Marjory         mc of jurby
10 Feb 1738  KEWEN         John          KISSAG        Jony            jk lezayre;jk of jurby
 3 Oct 1739  GAWN          Daniel        STEPHAN       Cath            cs of jurby
 2 Feb 1739  CRAIN         Thomas        KARRAN        Ann             tc ballaugh;ak of jurby
16 Feb 1739  CRAIN         John          KNEAL         Bridget         jc ballaugh;bk of jurby
28 Sep 1740  SAYLE         Wm            LOONEY        Mary            ws parish clerk jurby;ml kk lonan
29 Nov 1740  COWLEY        Patr          CAIN          Jony            pc kk michael;jc of jurby [eop]
15 Jun 1741  LACE          Daniel        CHRISTIAN     Jane            dl andrews;jc of jurby
 5 Sep 1741  KAIGHEN       Daniel        GAWN          Cath            dk kk bride;cg als garret of jurby
 6 Feb 1741  KERMOD        John          STEPHAN       Ann             jk lezayre;as of jurby
24 Apr 1742  CORLET        Daniel        CORLET        Cath            dc kk andrews;cc of jurby
 9 Dec 1742  COWLEY        Nicholas      CALLISTER     Mary            nc kk andrews;mc lezayre
 9 Apr 1743  CLAGUE        Wm            CHRISTIAN     Catherine       wc boldill
29 Oct 1743  GARRET        John          KELLY         Margt           jg kk andrews;mk of jurby
12 Nov 1743  KNEALE        Daniel        CANNON        Isabel 
 7 Jan 1743  CLAGUE        Philip        CLARK         Elinor          pc kk braddan
28 Jan 1743  CHRISTIAN     Nicholas      KELLY         Margt           mk als clayton
12 May 1744  CORLET        Ewan          CLUCAS        Kathrin         ec lezayre
18 Dec 1744  CROWE         Wm.           KEWN          Anne            wc lezayre
16 Feb 1744  CLARK         John          CALLISTER     Catharine 
12 Jun 1745  CHRISTIAN     Danl          CHRISTIAN     Cath            [eop]
14 Jul 1745  CREBBIN       Wm            BREW          Esther          rev mr wc;mrs eb
 2 Dec 1746  CLARK         Danl          BREW          Alic 
23 Dec 1746  QUARK         Phinloe       QUARK         Isabl           pq lezayre;iq kk andrews
23 May 1747  KAIGHEN       Thos          KELLY         Jane 
20 Jun 1747  COTTIER       Thos          TEAR          Catherine       tc lezayre;ct of jurby
15 Dec 1747  QUAYLE        Philip        GAWN          Mary            pg ballaugh;mg otp
 5 Jul 1748  CLEATOR       John          CHRISTRY      Mary            ic lezayre;mc  of jurby
16 Jul 1748  CLARK         Daniel        KEEH          Catherine 
25 Oct 1748  COWN          William       CLARK         Margt           wc [ballaugh]
10 Dec 1748  QUAY          William       KERMOD        Isabel 
14 Jan 1748  QUAY          Philip        CAIN          Mary 
14 Jan 1748  TEAR          William       SAYLE         Margery 
 7 Feb 1748  FREER         William       STEPHEN       Jane            js als quayle
 5 Aug 1749  NELSON        Patrick       CAINE         Elinor          pn kk michael
20 Feb 1749  CORLETT       Wm            RADCLIFFE     Alice           wc of jurby;ar kk andrews;[eop]
17 Nov 1750  COWLE         John          SKILLICORN    Christian 
11 Jul 1751  CALLISTER     John          CONNOLLY      Mary 
30 Jul 1751  GARRETT       John          MCYLVORREY    Margaret        jg lezayre;mm of jurby
12 Oct 1751  GARRETT       John          KISSAG        Anne            ak als kevish [?kewish]
12 Oct 1751  KISSAG        William       GARRETT       Esther          [1752 blank - next 1754]
25 Feb 1754  FREEYR        William       STEPHEN       Jane 
 7 Jun 1754  BREW          Stephen       TEAR          Joany           sb kk andrews
21 Jun 1755  BODDAUGH      Daniel        KILLIP        Mary            db kk andrews
28 Jun 1755  KERMOD        Wm            CLARKE        Margaret 
12 Jul 1755  MCYLCHARANE   Philip        CAINE         Jane 
26 Aug 1755  HUGHES        John          CALEY         Margaret        mr jh
20 Sep 1755  CAIN          Patrick       CANNELL       Isabel          ic als lace of kk michael
23 Nov 1755  LAWSON        William       BREW          Christine 
 2 Jul 1757  GARRETT       John          CRISTRY       Margaret        jg kk bride[heading is 1757 but there is a ? against it in 1911] [eop]

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