Jurby Marriages 1757-1810

These are transcribed from the the 1911 official transcription (Still to be checked against the original Register); these entries, in conformance to a recent Act of Tynwald, provide more information - they give the parish of both parties, whether by banns (apparently very unusual - possibly they were chosen by the very poor to avoid the cost of a licence) or licence, the signatures or marks of both parties, and two witnesses.

Marriage partners and witnesses were required to sign the register - A few witnesses also signed with a mark. The choice of witnesses is also interesting, in many parishes the parish clerk was a common signatory but not it seems in Jurby until late 18th Century - Andrew Joughin [aj]

Date        Male                             Female                       Witnesses                                            Notes
 2 Jul 1757  GARRETT       John          CRISTRY       Margaret                                                                jg kk bride[heading is 1757 but there is a ? against it in 1911] 
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