Jurby Marriages 1757-1771

The following is my reading of the 1911 official transcription.

After 1757 witnesses were required - often one was the parish clerk (Wm Sayle for the start of this period) but in Jurby it seems family and friends often served (and as they could not write used an 'x' to sign); the act also required indication of marital status (widow etc) but it would appear 2nd marriages were rare in Jurby (or record keeping lax?)

The additional information, including previous names for widows, is in the notes section. Certain entries are also found in other parish registers - shown as =Ger etc.
btp = both of this parish (often the formula AB & CD of this parish was used - it is not clear whether both or only the woman was) - all marriages were by licence unless indicated

Date        Male                             Female                       Witnesses                                        Notes
22 May 1758  CLARKE        Patrick       CORLETT       Alie            john teare;wm clark                                     btp
27 Jun 1758  CHRISTIAN     Robert        WADE          Margaret        john wade x;robt kewley x                               btp
27 Jul 1758  KNEEN         Stephen       GAWN          Margt.          paul gellin;wm sayle                                    sk andreas;mg otp
11 Nov 1758  MYLVORREY     Adam          CORLETT       Cath            john lace wm clark                                      am otp;cc andreas
24 Apr 1759  CALLEY        Michael       KELLEY        Margaret        stehen kelley x;wm sayle                                mc lezayre;mk otp
 5 Jun 1759  KELLEY        Stephen       KELLEY        Margaret        david skelly;wm sayle                                   banns;btp
25 Jun 1759  KELLEY        John          CLARKE        Cath            john clarke;jon lace                                    btp
28 Jun 1759  GAWN          John          QUAY          Isable          wm christy x;wm sayle                                   jg bride;iq otp
 1 Aug 1759  WADE          John          CHRISTIAN     Anne            thos crye x;robt christian                              btp
 7 Aug 1759  CLARK         Daniel        CHRISTIAN     Margaret        wm sayle;john clark                                     btp
25 Nov 1759  CAINE         John          KELLEY        Margaret        patrick brew;wm sayle                                   btp
11 Dec 1759  CLEATOR       John          VONDY         Joaney          daniel gelling clerk;jon lace                           jc andreas;jv otp
11 Nov 1760  TEARE         William       CANNON        Catharine       wm sayle;wm christy x                                   cc otp
23 Dec 1760  COWLEY        Thomas        TEARE         Jane            william kewish;wm sayle                                 tc ballaugh;jt otp
30 Dec 1760  KELLY         Thomas        SAYLE         Margaret        john lace;james caine x                                 tk kk german;ms otp
24 Jan 1761  MYLVORREY     John          CORLETT       Mary            jon lace;dan teare x                                    [=bal];mc otp
 4 Apr 1761  KELLEY        William       QUARK         Anne            dan teare x;wm sayle                                    aq otp
22 Aug 1761  CLEATOR       William       CREDGEEN      Mary            wm sayle;jon lace                                       wc andreas;mc otp
 5 Dec 1761  STOLE         Patrick       KILLIP        Cath            wm sayle;wm kinread x                                   btp
20 Feb 1762  CROWE         John          CHRISTIAN     Mary            thos clucas x;wm sayle                                  btp
22 Jun 1762  MCNAMEAR      John          TEARE         Mary            patrick teare x;wm sayle                                btp
23 Jun 1762  KEILLEY       William       MYLVORREY     Jane            charles lace;thomas crellin                             wk peel;jm otp
10 Feb 1763  KERUISH       William       NIDDERAGH     Joaney          wm sayle;robert kelly                                   btp
 2 Jul 1763  BREW          John          KELLY         Joney           john corlett x;john kelley x                            btp
 2 Aug 1763  MOORE         Richard       CHRISTIAN     Ann             robt moore mercht;wm christian gentleman                rm douglas;ac ballamore otp with consent parents
 2 Aug 1763  MOORE         Robert        CHRISTIAN     Catherine       ja wilkes clerk;wm christian,margt joyner               rm douglas;ac ballamore
 7 Jan 1764  CRAINE        John          KNEALE        Bridget         pat kneale x;phil crain x                               jc ballaugh joyner;bk otp
29 May 1764  KNEALE        John          CORLETT       Joaney          john killip x;wm ratcliffe x                            jk otp;jc andreas
 4 Dec 1764  CORKISS       Daniel        CANNAN        Mary            robt christian x;wm sayle                               dc bride;mc otp
 9 Feb 1765  MYLCHARANE    Edward        KEVISH        Mary            david caine x;jon corlett                               [1765 signed off - igi has 1764]btp
14 Feb 1764  CORLETT       John          CRYE          Elizabeth       jane corlett x;anne kneale x                            btp
16 Feb 1765  TEARE         John          CRISTRY       Alice           james teare;robt clucas                                 jt andreas;ac otp
28 May 1765  BREW          Stephen       KILLEY        Margaret        dan teare x;wm sayle                                    sb andreas;mk otp
13 Jun 1765  BREW          Patrick       STEVEN        Bessy           wm sayle;john lace                                      bs otp
14 Dec 1765  KELLEY        David         MYLVORREY     Jane            dan lace;elizabeth crebbin                              jm otp
29 May 1766  CRYE          Thomas        CRYE          Catharine       elizabeth crebbin;john corlett x                        cc otp;
13 May 1766  WILSON        Robert        JOYNER        Isable          john crosby;william hare                                rw corporal queens regt now otp;ij douglas
 6 Feb 1768  TEARE         Thomas        TEARE         Isable          john teare x;danl cleator x                             btp
 5 Apr 1768  CHRISTIAN     David         KANEEN        Catharine       john cleator x;thos bettle x                            btp
27 May 1769  STEVEN        Patrick       SAYLE         Anne            thos stephen x;john cormoad x                           btp
11 Nov 1769  CAMAISH       William       CORKILL       Isable          david caine x;john garrett x                            btp
24 Feb 1770  GARRETT       John          QUAYLE        Catharine       john corlett x;john steen x                             btp
27 Feb 1770  SAYLE         Daniel        KAIGHIN       Jane            wm kaighin x;john christian x                           ds andreas;jk otp
21 Apr 1770  TEARE         Thomas        KELLEY        Anne            david caine x;pat caine x                               btp
 2 Feb 1771  BREW          James         CREBBIN       Elizabeth       edwd christian;wm crebbin                               jb andreas;ec jurby
 9 Feb 1771  KNEALE        Columbs       ROGER         Catharine       robt kelly;john mcferson                                ck andreas;cr otp

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