Directories can be a valuable source of information for the 19th Century - the following attempts to list those known - some guidebooks included lists of tradespeople. A noticeable gap however is from 1863 through to 1881 when no directory would appear to have been published.


Directories of the Island were published in:

1811 Holden Directory of British Isles - includes Isle of Man

1824 (+1826) James Pigot City of Dublin and Hibernia Provincial Directory ... The whole concluding with a correct Isle of Man Directory Manchester
1825, 1826/7 Pigot & Co's New Commercial Directory of Scotland includes IoM
1837 Pigot National Commercial Directory of the whole of Scotland and of the Isle of Man
1843 Pigot & Slater General and Classified Directories ... of Liverpool and Manchester ... to which is added a directory of the Isle of Man
1846 Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland ... to which is added a Classified Directory of the Isle of Man
1852 Slater's Commercial Directory and Topography of the Isle of Man...
1857 Slater's Royal National Commercial Directories of the Isle of Man and for the Important towns of Liverpool...
1863 W. Thwaites Isle of Man: its civil and ecclesiastical history... Sheffield
1881 Brown Brown's Isle of Man Directory 1881 Douglas
1887 Broadbent, S.K. & Co. Residential and Trade Directory [Douglas], Douglas
1889 Rockcliff Bros Ltd Porter's Directory, Liverpool
1892 Broadbent, S.K. & Co. Residential and Trade Directory, Douglas + Ramsey
1894 Brown Brown's Isle of Man Directory 1894 Douglas
These contain list of businesses and from 1881 lists of householders and the rateable value of the property.


Listing of Tradespeople in

1836 Quiggin's Guide (Douglas Only)
1839 Quiggins Guide 2nd ed (mostly Douglas - possibly list updated to 1841)
1843 Cannell's Guide (Douglas Only and probably dates from c.1841)
1848 Quiggins Guide 3rd ed (mostly Douglas)
1852 Quiggins Guide 4th ed (mostly Douglas)
1862 Leech's Guide and Directory (main towns)
1883 Smith's Commercial Directory of the Isle of Man ;
1892 The Century's Progress
1900 Mercantile Manxland

post 1900 the only directory was found in NMP Manx Year Book

1938 - NMP MYB trade directory


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