[From Cannell's Guide, 1843]


We purposed, at first, confining our Directory to the " Tradespeople," but we were induced to add the members of the different Professions


Bluett, J. C. St. Barnabas' Square.
Craigie, L. Athol Street
Dumbell, G. W. St. George's Street.
Fleetwood, E. C. Parade.
Haining, T. Athol Street.
Head, E. G. Mucklesgate.
Howard, T. North Quay.
Kelly, Robert. Fort Street.
Kelly, R. J. Fort Street.
Quirk, James, H.B., St. Barnabas' square.
Stephen and Quirk, Market Place.
Wilson, Sen. St. Barnabas' Square. '


Robinson, J. Athol Street.


Armstrong, J. Market Place.
Dixon W. Parade.
Jones, R. Fort Street,
Lane, L Factory Lane.


Boscow N. Church Street.
Bridson T. James's Street.
Bridson, R. Great Nelson St.
Cain, E. Sand Street
Cain, - Duke's lane.
Cavendish W. James' St.
Christian, W. Sand Street.
Clague. T. Great Nelson Str.
Corkhill, E. Bigwell Street.
Cottle, - King Street
Craughan, J. Sand Street.
Graves, Mrs. New Bond St.
Kinrade, H. Chapel Row.
Lawson, E. King Street.
Curphey, W. Chapel Row.
Moore, S. Lord Street
Moore. W. King Street.
Quinn & Co. Bigwell street.
Shimmin, R. Bond. Street.
Stevenson, J. King Street
Thompson, - Factory Lane


Dickie Wm..(Commercial), Prospect Hill.,
Forbes, Edw. (Joint Stock), North Quay.
Holmes, J . South Quay.


Castle Mona Hotel.
York Hotel Parade.


Bridson, C. Sand Street
Cottier, W. Parade.
Costain, - Castle street.
Gelling, Mrs. Market Place.
Lewthwaite, J.'Bridge.
Lewin C.North Quay.
Quayle, T. Queen Street.
Stephen. J. Church Street


Cain J. Great George Str.
Dillon, W. North Quay. .
Jefferson,G. Duke Street.
Quiggin, J. North Quay.


Cain, J. Great George strt.
Dillon, W. North Quay.
Stewart, B. Church street.


Braid, Jos. Market Place.
Cain, R. Duke Street.
Careful, W. Gt. George. St.
Clague, T. Fancy Street,
Collister, E. King Street.
Comish, W. Sand Street.
Currun, W. Lord Street.
Corlett, J. Great. Nelson Str.
Cubbon, J. Thomas street.
Gelling,T. Sand street.
Gick, W. James Street.
Holte, T. Duke Street.
Kelly, R. Lord Street.
Kelly, J. Duke Street
Kermode, 3. Duke Street.
King, W. Great Nelson Str.
Quiggin, James Church St.
Quiggin, John, Do.
Taggart, W. James Street.
Tate, - Prospect Hill.
Ward, J, Duke Street.
Woods, R.. Fancy Street.


Best and Co. Castle Hill.
Garrett and Son, Bark St.
Kayll, J, Castle Street.
Kelly, W. Bigwell Street.
Killey, P. Castle Street.
Radcliffe, J. Back Street.


Cain, R. Wellington Square.
Carran & Quiggin, Prospect Hill
Christian, J. Sand Street.
Cowin, E. & D. Prospect H.
Cowle, J. North John street.
Morrison, J. Finch Road.
Robinson, J. & H. Athol St.
Thorbourne, W. Victoria Pl.
Kelly, J. Wellington Square.


Astnell, Walter, Church st.
Davis, H. Duke street.
Douglas, J. Water-Lane.
Hampton, J. Fancy street.
Moore, J. Sand street
Quayle, P. James street.
Redfern, T. James street
Redfern, G. Duke street.
Sayle, W. Sand street.
Spencer, - Sand street.
Tear J. Duke street.
Kewley, H. Fort street.


Bell, J. Castle street.
Cleator, C. North Quay.
Cowle, T. Lord street.
Edgar & Caley, Prospect hill.
Maxwell, J. Athol,street.
Moore, P. Peel road.


Cashen, P. South Quay.


Atkinson, W. Duke,street.
Butterworth, -North Quay.
Corrin R. H. Duke street.
Gell, W. Quay.
Kelly, R. G. Market Place, ,
Moore & Co. Market Place.


Orrnerod, P. Duke street.
Swales, Thomas, Fort street.
Thompson, W. H. Duke st.


Bell, W. Fort street.
Cannell & Petty, Castle st.
Date, J. & Co. Parade,.


Callow, Miss, Duke street.
Christian, W. Sand Street
Greaves Mrs. New Bond st. ,,
Jordan, Mrs. Lord street.
Oates, Miss E. Gt. George street.
Shilpley, J. Duke street.


Clague, N. Sand street.
Hogg, John, North Quay.
Torrance Gavin, Duke street


Hamilton, J. Duke street.


Boscow, N. Church street.
Whiteside, H. South Quay.


Cubbin, Messrs. Duke street
Hallawell, - King street.
Harris, S. Custom house quay .
Luckman, F. Lord street.
Nowlin, Wm. Duke street.
Smith, Mrs. Duke street.
Stephen & Kissack, Duke st
Wilson, Messrs. Duke street
Wood, M. Duke street.


Cannell, Miss, Moore's place
Caren, Miss, John street.
Cain, Miss, Bigwell street.
Crebbin, Miss, Duke street.
Clague, Mrs. Shaw's Brow.
Clarke, Miss Drumgold strt
Collister, Mrs. Church street.
Cottier, Mrs. George street.
Cowley, -Miss, Fairy ground.
Craughan, Miss, Sand street.
Fenton, Miss, George St.
Heywood, Miss, Factory lane.
Healis, Miss, Church street.
Inche, Misses, Hanover st.
Kennaugh, Misses Queen st.
Kerruish, Miss, Church st.
Killey, Mrs. Athol street.
Kneale Mrs, Drumgold st.
Kneale Miss J. Wellington square
Kewley, Miss, Hanover st.
Lewin, Miss, Fancy street.
Morrison, Miss, Mucklesgate.
Quayle, Miss, St. George's P.
Quayle, Miss, Victoria place.
Quiggin Miss, James st.
Quirk, Miss, Cambrian Pl.,
Smith, Miss,. Shaw's Brow.
Stephen, Misses, Gt. George street.
Tattersall, Misses, Athol St,
Watterson, Miss Factory lane
Wallace,, Misses, Sand street
White, Miss, North John St.


Grandin, S. Church street.
Wright, G. Great Nelson at.


Bevan, J. Duke street.
Kewin, T. Factory lane.


Jolly, John, Peel Road.
M'Clean, Mrs. Sand street.
Preston Mrs. Post Office L..


Marked thus* are Also Provision Dealers.
*Bescow, N. Lord,street.
*Cain, D.,New Bond street.
Calvin, J. Duke street
Clarke A. King street.
Clarke,J., Quay.
Cowen, T. Church street,
Clague, N. Sand street. ,
Clague, Mrs. Chapel Row.
Crebbin, Messrs. Duke street.
Craughan, Miss Duke street
Duff, W & Co Duke street.
Duff, R Market place
*Fell J. Castle street
Heelis, L & S. Chapel Row
Hogg J. North Quay
*Killey J. Queen street.
*Killip, - Church street
Laurence H. Duke street.
* Laurence, D. Sand street.
Lewin, James, Duke street.
*Magrath, J. Duke street.
*Moore P. Sand street.
Radcliffe. J. Sand street.
*Roney; R. Duke street.
Roskell, R. & J. Market pl.
*Shimmin R. Great Nelson street
Torrance. &:Co. Duke st.
Thompson. W. H. Duke st.
*Thompson. W. H. Sand st.


Killey. P. Lord street.


Bretw. R. Quay.
Cubbon,.R. James's street.
Fielding, J. North Quay.
Hampton. - Sand street.
Kewley. C. Factory lane.
Moore,J.. New Bond street.
Owen, R. Quay.
Sloan, W. Duke street.
Younghusband, J. James at.


Callow, T. Lord street.
Cannell, R. King street.
Kerruish, J. Duke street.
Kinrade, T. Queen street.
Luckman, F. Lord street.


Holmes, J. South quay.
Hogg. J. North quay.
Stowell, H. Post Office lane.
Quiggin, W. & Co. Bridge,


Wilson. -Fort street.
See also Blacksmiths.


Crelley, T. (King's Arms,) Church st.
Heron, G. (Castle Mona).
M'Kenzie J. (York), Parade.
Nelson, J. (British)-Market. pl,
Poole, W. (Albion), Parade.,
Robinson, (late Redfern's),. James street.
Scruton. W. (late Cloke's), Crescent.
Statham, T. (Victoria) Quay.


Braid. T. Moore's Court,
Cain, P.. Queen street.
Lewis W. Mucklesgate.
Miller, Mrs. Drurie's lane.
Lane, L. Factory Lane.
Saqui, J. Steam-packet quay.


Clark, A. (Union), King st
Cleator, C (West Middlesex.), North quay.
Dickie, Wm. (Caledonian), Prospect Hill.
Dickenson, J. (Pelican, &c.) Stanley Terrace.
Duggan, J. (Marine), Quay.
Harris, J. (Standard Life Assurance,). Mount Pleasant.
Moore, James & Son, (Sun), Factory lane,
Whiteside, H. (Clerical &c), South Quay.


Gelling, Mrs. South quay.,.


Gelling, Mrs. Market place.
Ormerod, P. Duke street.
Shearwood, R.,Duke street.


Lemon, A. & M, Duke street.


Blake, J Post Office lane
Corteen, R Peel Road
Jefferson and Kayall, Duke st.


Braid T. James Street
Cain P. Queen Street
Dale, J and Co,. Parade.
Hensley, - Castle Mona
Hunter, J. Prospect Hill.
Jowitt. G. South Quay.
Quirk, P. Great Nelson Street.
Robinson, - Fort Street.
Starkey, P. Sand Street.


Andrew, J. Stanley Terrace.
Bateman, Mrs. Prospect Hill*
Brittain, John, Mona Ter.
Callow, G. Duke Street.
Cannell, R. Great Nelson St.
Carran, W. J. Mona Terrace.
Clague, T. Great Nelson St.
Cobb, Mrs. Castle Street.
Corteen. R. Peel Road.
Cotyle, R. Lord Street.
Cretney. J. Athol Terrace.
Creer, Mrs. Athol street.
Cubbon, Mrs. King Street.
Curphey, Mrs. North Quay.
Curphey, J. Thomas Street.
Curphey, Miss. Mona Terrace.
Curphey, - Great Nelson St.
Currin, Miss, Quay.
Davis, John Peel Road.
Duff, Mrs Finch Road.
Edgar, Edward Athol street.
Ferguson, Capt. South Quay.
Garrett, J. Castle Lawn.
Gawne, Mrs. James Street.
Gell, R. New Bond street.
Greaves, Mrs, Mona Terrace
Hannah, Miss, Castle Lawn.
Harrison, Mrs. Hanover Street.
Hart, Mrs. Athol Street.
Howarth, R. Thomas Street.
Imeson, C. Stanley Terrace.
Jolly, J. Peel Road.
Kelly, Mrs. Mona Terrace.
Kennaugh, Misses, Queen St.
Kermode, J. Duke's Lane.
Kerruish, J. Duke street.
Kneale, J. Crokked Lane.
Kneale D. Great George st.
Laurence, Mrs. Duke street.
Maxwell, J. Mona Terrace.
Meldau, Mrs. North Quay.
Moore, Mrs. Sand street.
Moore, Miss, Athol street.
M'Quillian, Mrs. Peel Road.
Oates, R. Athol street,
Pearson, Mrs. South Quay.
Penrice, J. South Quay.
Quayle, Miss, St. George pl.
Quine, Mrs. Gt. George st,
Redfern, J. Athol street.
Sandford, N. Mona Terrace.
Steward, 9. Factory,Lane.
Tattersall, Mrs. Athol street.
Tear, Mrs. Athol street,
Vernon, W. H. Crescent.
Walls, W. New Bond street
Whiteside, H. South Quay.
White. J. Mount Pleasant.
Williams, Mrs. Parade.


Duggan, J. Quay, (Wines, Spirits and Tea.)
Fleetwood. E. North Quay, (Wines, Spirits and Tea.)
Green, H. Parade. (Wines, Spirits and Tea.) ,
Harris, S. Quay, (Wines, Spirits and Tea. ),
Jefferson G. Duke street. (Wines, Spirits and Tea.)
Matthews and Son, Quay(Wines, Spirits and Tea.)
Moore, and Co. Bridge (Timber &c)
Quiggin, W. and Co. Bridge (Timber)
Spittal A. New Bond street (Wines, Spirits and Tea.)


Buscow A. Church street.
Dalrymple, J. Union Mills.
Donaldson, R. Ballaughton.
Lewin, R. Corran's Mill.
Tate, J. Nunnery Mill.


Marked thus * sell Toys.

Bonneyman, Miss, Athol st.
Cain, Misses, John street.
Cain,Miss, Great George's st.,
Callow, :Miss, N John street.
Carran, Misses, Fancy street.
Clark, Misses, Sand street.
Clucas, Miss, Castle street.
*Coole, Mrs. Lord street.
*Craughan, Miss, Duke street.
Corran, Miss, Duke street .
Cretney', Miss, Athol Place.
Currin, Miss, Quay.
Currin, Mrs. John street
Davies, Mrs. Sand street
Hart, Miss, Duke street.
Kelly, Miss, Church street.
Lane, Misses, Well Road.
*Leuthwaite, Miss, Duke st.
Meldau, Miss, North Quay.
Nicholson, Mrs. Sand street.
Quiggin, Mrs. King street.
Quilliam, Miss, John street.
*Robertson, Miss, Duke st.
Stewart, Misses, Church st.,
*Taggart, Misses, Duke strt.
Tate, Mrs. Sand street.


Ashworth J. (P. Methodist), Duke street.
Brown, R. (Kirk Braddan), Braddan.
Cannell, J. (St. Matthew's), Stephen's place.
Cannell, .John,'(Methodist), New Bond street.
Carpenter, Wm. (St. Barnabas'),. Finch Road.
Drake, T. R, (Curate ditto), Gt, George's street:
Craine, E. (Kirk Onchan), Onchan.
Hartwell, F {St. George's), Finch Road.
Day, F. BI. (Curate ditto); Finch Road.
Haining, S. (Independent), Athol street.
Heys, Robert, (Methodist), Harris Terrace.
Jobling, T. (P. Methodist), Athol Court.
M'Lean, W. (Scotch Kirk), Finch Road.
Magrath, P. (R, Catholic), Athol street.
Stevenson, Henry,(Mariner's Church), Harris Terrace.


Wallace, J..R. George street.


See Page 71


Bell, C. Port Street.
Caren, J. Prospect Hill.
Crelly, T. Church street.
Fell and Son, Peel Road.
Gill, Matthew, South Quay,.
Gill & Nicholson, Church st.
Hudson, C. Fort street.
Quilleash and Kaye, North Quay.


Cookson, -Castle Lawn.
Hulme, J. H. Finch Road.
Hutchnson, - Finch-Road


Garrett, J. Castle Lawn
Moore, R. Duke street.
M'Kenzie, W. Prospect
Tyson, T. Shaw's Brow


Adams, G. Hanover street.
Gelling, Mrs. .Market place
Wallace, Henry,George's st.


See page 71.


Biffi, S. (PianoForte,) Strang.
Davis, J. (Organ & Piano,) Athol street,
Webbe,J, (Piano, Singing, &c.) Finch Road.
Williss, Miss, (Piano & Singing,) Finch Road,


See also Grocers and Bakers
Anderson, T. Drumgold St
Bevan, J. Duke street.
Cowle, E. Sand street.
Curphey, P.Hanover street.
Egan, W. Duke street,
Kelly, Miss, Drumgold st.
Kelly, - Great Nelson st.
Kneale, - Drumgold street
Muncaster, Mrs. Factory lane
Moore, N. King street.
Sanrey, M. Bigwell Street.
Shimmin, R. Sand street.
Shimmin, Miss, Fancy street.


Baines, W. Parade.
Bell, Mrs, Duke street.
Bridson, - Quay.
Callow, W. Peel Road.
Christian, Mrs New Bond st.
Clarke, T. Quay.
Clague, J, King street.
Clague, J. Drurie's lane.
Cowen, T. Duke street.
Cowen, W. Sand street.
Coven, Thomas, Chapel row
Cowell, J. Sand street.
Crellin, John Mucklesgate.
Cubbon, Miss, Post Office P.
Dixon, Mrs. Quayle's lane.
Edwards, John, Sand street
Fell, Mrs. Hanover street.
Forster, G. Bigwell street.
Gell, M. South Quay.
Gelling, Thos. Chapel rove.
Hennedy, M~ Quay
Hensley, - Castle Mona Lodge
Kelly, W. Drumgold street.
Kelly J. Quay.
Kinrade, T. Queen street.
Love, Thomas, Mucklesgate;
Lowe, A. Gt Nelson street.
Mitchell, - North Quay,
Mvlrea, Mrs. New Bond st.
M'Clelland. Queen street
Proctor, J. Lord street. '',
Redfern, W. Quay.
Robinson, Mrs. King street,.
Sayle, - Sand street.
Seddous, S. Quay,
Skillicorn, J. Lord street:
Skillicorn, Mrs. Fairy ground
Spring, Mrs. ditto.
Starkey, P. Sand street.
Stephen J. Church street.
Taubman, C. James street. '
Tatlock, J. Bigwell street •
Topliss, W, North Quay.
Wallace, Mrs. Sand street.
White, J. Queen street.
Younghusband, J. Quay


Aiken, J. & Co. Woodbourne.
Craughan, A. Duke street.
Moore and Co. :Bridge,
Quiggin and Co. Bridge.


Corran, W. King street.
Cubbon, J. Market Place.
Kennaugh, C. Sand street.


Aiken, J. and Co. Baths;.
Kermode and Co., Quay.
Moore, P. North Quay.


Aiken, J and Co. Baths.
Moore and Co.. Bridge.
Quiggin, W. & Co. Bridge.
Wiiliamson, ~- Tongue:


a . See page 67.


Elliott, - Athol street
Garrett & Harrison, Athol st.
Greer, - Athol street.
Nelson, T. Quay
Oswald, H. R. Finch Road.
Quine, W. Church street.
Sayle, - Athol street.
Scarff, H. Athol,street.
Spencer, F. H. Athol street


Marked thus *- are also Drapers.

*Corran; J. Duke street.
*Creer, W., Duke street.
Cain, R. Lord street.
Cain; T. Muckles Gate.
Cain,`D. Lord street. .
Cain, J. Thomas street.
Cretney, J. Thomas street.
Curphey, J. Thomas street.
Gambel, J. Sand street.
*Hales, J: Duke street.
Kelly, R. Factory lane.
Kelly, - Sand street.
*Kerruish, H. Duke street.
*Kneale, J. Duke street.
Kneale, H. Barrack street.
*Morrison, G. Lord street.


Haining, J. Prospect Hill.
Kelly, W. Hanover street.


Bevan. J. Well Road.
Cain, T. Finch Road.
Corran, Mrs. Thomas street.
Craine, C. King street.
Gell, R. Back street.
Kennaugh, C. Sand street.
Killey, P. North John street


Armstrong, Mrs. Market Pla
Cannell, Rev. J. Woodbourne Terrace, (Grammar.) .
Cannell, C. Bath Place.
Christian, Miss, B. Castle st
Cool, Mrs. North John street (Infant.)
Corteen, R. Peel Road.
Costain, Miss, Athol street.
Cretney, J. Athol street, (National).
Cubbon,W.Post Office Place.
Cubbon, J. Society Lane.
Clucas, Misses, Fort street.
Dutton, Misses, Marina, - (Boarding )
Dutton, Miss E. Athol street, (Day and Boarding.)
Forrester, W. Shaw's Brow.
Garvin, J. H. A.M.. Oak Bill, (Boarding).
George, Mrs. Victoria Terrace (Day and Boarding.)
Hodgson, Miss, Athol street, (Day and Boarding.)
Imeson, C. Stanley Terrace.
Kneale, Mrs. Athol street, (National.)
Steele, Alex, Crescent, (Day and Boarding).
Stowell, Misses, Prospect H. (Day and Boarding).
Thomson, Misses, Athol str. (Day and Boarding).
Vernon, W. H. Well Road, (Wes. Methodist Day).


Green, I. King street.
Mills, J. Duke street.
Mills, J. Barrack street.
Seddons. T. Quay.


Bevan, James, Duke street
Green, H. North Quay.
See also Milliners.


Qualtrough, T. Lord street
Tear, R. Queen street.


Clucas, W. North,quay.
Cottier. W. Duke street.
Curphey, W. Duke strt.
Muncaster & sons Factory Lane.




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