[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

[obviously an uncorrected proof]

Gill, or Gell, of Kennaa


The first member of this old family was John McGill, who was entered for the property of Kennaa in the parish of German in 1542. He was succeeded by his son, Finlo, who died about 1593, then followed by two John’s dying in 1618 and 1679, respectively. After them came Finlo who dropped the ‘Mac.’ After him came John (born 1696, obit 1759) who married Mary Quirk and had issue John (born 1725, obit 1797). He married Ellinor Mylchreest and had issue John (born 1746, obit 1836), and Henry (born 1766, obit 1824). John had issue James, who died sans progeny in 1834, and John, the younger brother who changed his name to Gell. John did not succeed to the property as he, like his brother, died before his father. He married [Margaret] McHutchin and had issue (1) John of Kennaa, who married … Mylchreest and had issue John … married … and had issue. (3) Capt. Philip Gell (born 29 Dec 1827, died 1898) who married … Mylchreest (born ?) and had issue Philip and Dr. John McHutchin Gell who married Mary Rudd and had issue. (2) James (born January 13, 1823, obit [1905]?). He was made Attorney-General in [1866]…, and was knighted in …. He was one of the most distinguished men who was ever at the Manx Bar, and has an unequalled knowledge of Manx law. He married Amelia Marcia Gell and has issue John (died …), Ann, James Stowell who married, Amelia, William who married … , Vicar, and has issue, Hugh Stowell (died 1898) married … Anderton and has issue.


Returning to Henry, who was customs officer and Harbor Master at Peel: He married Marcia, daughter of the Rev. Henry Corlett, Vicar of German (born May 19, 1764, obit July 9, 1821), and had issue, among many others, Joseph, a 10th son, born March 19, 1810.



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