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REV. W. C. JORDAN, M.A., VICAR OF ST, GEORGE'S, DOUGLAS. The Rev. W. C. Jordan, M. A., who was inducted as Vicar of St. George's, Douglas, on November 16th, 1919, passed his boyhood in Birmingham, and was educated in the first place at King Edward's School, Five-ways, in that city. He afterwards entered St. John's College, Oxford, and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, graduating B.A. in 1909, and receiving his M.A. degree in 1913. He was ordained deacon in 1910 and priest in 1911 by the Bishop of Liverpool. Prior to being presented with the living of St. George's, he was curate of All Saints', Stoneycroft (1910-14), curate of Christ Church, Southport (1914-15), and Vicar of Widnes (1915-19). Mr. Jordan is a muscular Christian, and has earned a high reputation as an exponent of Association football. He played for Oxford University against Cambridge University, and was centre-forward for West Bromwich Albion in many cup-ties and league matches. He Was one of the Albion team in the English Cup semi-final at Bolton in 1907. He has also played in several matches with League XI.'s of Wolverhampton Wanderers and Everton and in the course of his career he has played for England in , amateur International games against Ireland and France.




Miss BEATRICE ANNIE EYRE is a daughter of the Rev. W. A. Eyre, a Primitive Methodist minister (now retired). She was born in Bradford, where the first six years of her life were spent. She also lived in other parts of Yorkshire until her father was stationed at Laxey, Isle of Man, in 1897, where he remained until 1900. Mr Eyre and family again resided in Laxey a second term. Miss Eyre, with her parents, also lived in Lancashire, Lincolnshire, and Cheshire. She has written many poems, the majority of which have appeared in the Isle of Man Examiner, and intends to publish a volume of poems. She has a great love for the Isle of Man.


Alderman John Kelly

(Alderman John Kelly, J.P.)

On November 10th, 1919, Alderman John Kelly was for the second time in succession installed Mayor of Douglas. Alderman Kelly is one of the oldest members of the Douglas Town Council. He was elected a Councillor as one of the representatives of Murray's Ward many years ago, and in course of time was elevated to the Aldermanic Bench. He was unanimously chosen as Mayor for the year 1918-19, and his mayoralty was one of great distinction. The armistice was signed within a day or two after his installation, and during his year of office Peace was signed. In the celebrations marking both occasions Alderman Kelly bore a prominent part. His re-election as Mayor for the current year was also unanimous. The Mayor was formerly a farmer on an extensive scale in the neighbourhood of Douglas, and he still takes a great interest in agricultural operations. He is a much respected Local Preacher in connection with the Primitive Methodist body.


 George Frederick Clucas
(Mr. G. Fred Clucas, M.A.)

Mr. George Frederick Clucas, of Cronkbourne, near Douglas, was on November 11th, 1919, appointed Speaker of the House of Keys as constituted at the General Election of 1919. The scion of an old Manx family, :Mr. Clucas graduated with distinction at Cambridge University and he subsequently qualified for admission to both the English and Manx Bars. Some years ago he was elected as one of the representatives of Middle Sheading in the House of Keys, but he resigned his membership on removal to England. Resuming his residence in the Island, he was in the Spring of 1919 returned unopposed to the House at a bye-election caused oy the death of the late Mr. D. Maitland, Speaker of the House; and at the General Election of November last he retained his seat, being placed at the head of the poll. Mr. Clucas takes a deep interest in Manx history, antiquities and philology. He is a member of the Manx Society and the World Manx Association, and during his residence in London he occupied the position of Chairman of the London Manx Society.


James Robinson Corrin

Mr. James Robinson Corrin, H.K., is a joiner by calling, and he resides at The Level, in the parish of Rushen. For many years past he has taken a great interest in the Labour movement, particularly as the movement affects the Isle of Man. He stood as a candidate for Castletown at a House of Keys bye-election, on August 28th. 1919, but was defeated by Lieut. J. D. Qualtrough. At the General Election in November, 1919, he was nominated in the interests of the Labour Party for Rushen Sheading. For the three vacant seats seven candidates were put up, and Mr. Corrin was returned at the head of the poll by 1,043 votes. In 1919 Mr Corrin was honoured by being appointed President of the Manx Labour Party. (R. Dowty, photo. Douglas.)

Mr Samuel Norris, H.K.

Samuel Norris

Mr. Samuel Norris headed the poll for North Douglas at the last General Election. By birth Mr. Norris is a Manchester man, but he has resided in the Isle of Man and has been intimately connected with Douglas life for about quarter of a century. Journalist by profession. he was formerly employed on the staff of the "Manx Sun," and he subsequently acted in Douglas as representative of Liverpool and Manchester papers. For many years he has taken an absorbing interest in Manx political questions, and it was in large measure due to his exertions that the Constitutional Reform agitation assumed an active state during the early years of the present century. Mr Norris, during the war period, was very prominent in advocating schemes for abatement in rents and rates, and for otherwise mitigating distress in Douglas.


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