[From IoM Examiner Annual 1919]

Mr. W. Williams

MR. W. WILLIAMS. The adoption of Income Tax by the Legislature of the Isle of Man in course of the year 1918 necessitated the opening of a new Government department for assessing and collecting the tax. The position of Assessor, requiring the combined qualities of delicacy and firmness in administration, is occupied by Mr. W. Williams, from Hendon, N.W., who has had 42 years' experience in the Imperial Inland Revenue Department, his rank in later years being that of Superintending Inspector of Taxes.



The Rev. Samuel Davis, of Laxey, was born at Millom, Cumberland, and educated at the Barrow-in-Furness Secondary School; subsequently trained for the Primitive Methodist ministry at Hartley College., Manchester. Mr. Davis was for some time assistant-master at Burlington School, Kirkby-in-Furness, under the late Mr. Lewis, who won high repute as the composer and editor of children's songs: Mr Davis came from Kettering to Laxey in July, 1918. Outside pulpit work he is chiefly interested in music and elocution.

Rev. Samuel Davis


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